April 5, 2012: Happiness is easy with LOVE and DEEP FEELINGS without sufferings – as you will get in our New World


Summary of the script today

4th April: Happiness is easy with LOVE and DEEP FEELINGS without sufferings – as you will get in our New World 🙂

  • Dreaming of Madonna not only being into me but also to darkness of “money and sex”.
  • Russia also played a serious part destructing mankind/life, and we are replacing lost information because of Russia’s wrong actions. We are “only scratching the surface” of what Russia and the world did to control and keep down mankind. My sister’s acceptance of me is what makes this “the last elephant” come alive.
  • Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin did not only discuss Europe’s post-war reorganization at the Yalta Conference in 1945, but also how to “control mankind from going against us”, which was the foundation of the secret government of the USA!
  • I went to the cycle store this afternoon to get my bicycle after repair of the puncture, but instead of receiving a bill of 80-100 DKK, I was asked to pay 450 DKK including a new tube and tire, which I had NOT asked for. I gave them a proposal of where we could meet, but they were inflexible and played offended because of “my behaviour” telling them that we did NOT agree on this and that I cannot afford paying this sum. They did their best to cheat me without having a poor conscience, and at the end they brought back the cycle to how it was when I delivered it – but they stole my old tube (!) – and this is to encourage everyone having done the same cheating customers to repent your sins, and it was also a symbol showing that coming through my way passing “solid darkness” of the last part of my old self is “impossible” and that I cannot continue my “cycling journey” in here, but yes I can because I have decided NEVER to give up!
  • Danske Bank did not “dare” doing the right thing to cancel my debt and instead they have decided to put my case to rest for another two years. It seems that nobody can do what is right as long as I am my old self.
  • Short stories of new documentation of the official world visiting my website in secrecy, “the bald chef” was close to dying helping me to bring energy, people included in my scripts have been negative at me instead of following/supporting me, the United Nations have choosing Denmark (again!) as the happiest nation in the world, which is STILL wrong because you don’t know what happiness is, which is a life with DEEP INNER FEELINGS/GLOW, LOVE and without unhappiness (sufferings), which you will get in our New World :-), finally the Unicorn was discovered but as a disappointment for some not understanding that darkness was the fuel of creation, Michael Hardinger has still not returned as a Facebook friend, a story confirming “negative and evil humour” of today and when met with “2012-theories” of what will happen to be read on the Internet, my answer was “some is true and some is not”, and I will NOT read or comment it because I focus on my own work/creation, and more about Danes discriminating the flags of other people.

5th April: My mother asked me NOT to write about her gifts, which I have to do to avoid becoming attacked by darkness

  • Dreaming of being inside the deepest part of “Old God” but not being able to bring this part of “him” alive yet.
  • I went with my mother to Helsingborg, Sweden, as planned walking a very narrow road to make it on time, where we had some where nice hours together, and where my mother was very kind to offer me to pay up to 1,500 DKK for a new, used mountain bike, to pay for much smoked salmon, lunch and also a new wind jacket, which was really “far too much” for her to do. My mother saw how spiritual darkness worked on my mobile phone first removing the signal of it before it returned, which made her think “is he God”?
  • I had dinner with my mother and John, and also Bettina and Søren where I spoke of the importance of communication and controlling your negative feelings, which my mother did not understand before Søren fully agreed with me, and I told them the definition of happiness as being LOVE, DEEP EMOTIONS and no sufferings. I received much sufferings including the start of also taking on John’s pain after his new “treatment” yesterday, which will bring me a nightmare too. My mother asked me NOT to write about her gifts to me, which made darkness immediately prepare my “old nightmare”, and to avoid this, I do the ONLY RIGHT THING, which is to write openly, directly and honestly about her gifts not to offend her or John, but because no one is going to remove my freedom of speech.
  • Short stories of Michael Hardinger now showing “partly” as my Facebook friend but not being included by the counter, wrongdoings and fightings of politicians bring much sexual abuse of children worldwide, a symbol shows the link between me and Joseph Fritzl, Helena keeps being a weapon of darkness symbolising the threat of my “old nightmare” to be carried out and James Bond now drinks beer of darkness, which I have decided that I will not.


4th April: Happiness is easy with LOVE and DEEP FEELINGS without sufferings – as you will get in our New World 🙂

Dreaming of Madonna not only being into me but also to darkness of “money and sex”

I slept from a little over 22.00 yesterday until 05.00 this morning being surprised that I was not woken up with dreams during the night, and it makes me somewhat less tired today than for a long time really, and here is the dream I woke up with followed by information given to me while I continued lying in my bed for some time before standing up.

  • Madonna is living in the Southern Part of Sweden, where she holds concerts and speak with people expecting something special from her, but she only speaks of money now receiving 10 million dollars, that selling records is not as lucrative as it used to be, and her husband is a porn producer. And something about commercials have not become less because we have one less player of music.
    • Madonna is “into me”, but still Madonna you are surrounded by darkness in terms of money and sex (it’s no good to film your own sexual escapades!), and maybe you would like to follow me by sharing your surplus of money (above normal life) with poor African people in Mali for example (?) and to live a normal life also in terms of “sexual behaviour” (?) and yes this is part of what it takes to truly show a clean heart to come “into me”.

Russia also played a serious part destructing mankind/life – we are “only scratching the surface” of what the world did

Half awake I was told/shown that an email from Russia to me as a reply to a script of mine telling that “total abstainer is not something Russia has invented”, and “no drinking” means “no darkness”, so Russia has not invented “no darkness”, which will have to be understood as the opposite then, that Russia also has played a serious part in this subversive business of what I call “the secret government” controlling/surveilling/destroying mankind and life self.

I was given the song “Blue moon” and where the lyrics are “Blue Moon, You saw me standing alone” I was given the special lyrics “Blue Moon, You saw me rising from Kentucky”, and I wonder if the secret government of USA is also located in Kentucky (?), and yes “Blue moon” ends with the lyrics “Now I’m no longer alone, Without a dream in my heart, Without a love of my own”, so this is what we are approaching.

I was shown a Russian kitchen (addition to our “bathroom” to create life), which is starting to become visible, however it is still full of insects and it has empty Coca Cola bottles placed on the table, and I am told that the whole kitchen will have to be replaced.

While receiving this vision I was also given the beautiful song “scratching the surface” by SAGA, because this is what we are doing here also in relation to the Russians, who have stated “moving” on themselves and here I am given the name “SS20”, which is both about Soviet nuclear missiles as well as “SS” being a reference to “NAZI-darkness” also making this monster of Soviet and now Russia, and I was given the lyrics “Scratching the surface, You better come up for air, A new experience to get you there” and that is really my message to my Russian friends too, which is to “come up for air” and that is to “get out of darkness” and put down ALL OF YOUR WEAPONS TOO (!), and yes “Scratching the surface and you can’t get away” is what SAGA sings, and this is what you know too in Russia, so you might as will give up all of your activities, and that is to surrender and be prepared to tell The Naked Truth 100% objectively about what you did and why you did it, and yes ALL OF IT, my friends!!!

My sister’s acceptance of me is what brings this “the last elephant” of solid darkness alive

I was shown my sister haven written the first 3-4 pages of an exam paper and the rest of it is a crib from someone else, which may be my words she has overtaken as the “right answer” and I keep hearing “you better come up for air” from the SAGA song, which is also for my sister to “get out of darkness” and do the same as the Russians etc. to tell the world what you did in relation to me and why you did it, and I was told that her “waking up” – now starting to see me again on Monday – is what makes the elephant of this the deepest darkness wake up, and yes because of her “acceptance of me”.

I was told “only 30-40%”, which is about how much information of this “solid darkness” we have received, and I was told that “it is not impossible to get the rest” and I was shown how we are pulling a very large piece of “solid mass” centimetre by centimetre towards us with a risk for it to fall down and with the light just behind it – and I keep hearing “scratching the surface” constantly.

I was shown and told “it is a very small, massive piece, which is missing, but what a piece” (the same as the piece missing of the Champagne bottle the other day), and I was shown a large wooden packing including wine and an “automatic fishing rod”, so saving this is still connected with our “automatic creation of future life” as written about before and I was told that this is “part of the 6-0 victory”, and this could give me much pressure of responsibility on my shoulders once again, but I decided to remove this pressure by telling myself that doing my best will have to be good enough no matter what.

I was shown the European Parliament and told that “none did anything to oppose the order coming from above” and this order was to “keep quiet” to the world about me (!) and I understood that it came from the secret government (!), and later I was told that when I have written WIMPS (!) about the official world not “daring” to announce my arrival or even to communicate with me directly, I have also been addressing the secret government.

I was shown the crown prince Frederik of Denmark and told that “Pingo (his nick name) cannot let go because he has not been allowed to show feelings as you do”, and I received the feeling that he is reading me too, so how are you doing, Frederik (?), and besides from admiring you too because of your ability to smile and be “popular” and being an extremely good athlete, I do understand your sufferings when you cannot speak as you would like to (difficult to find the right words, which is coming to you from “above”) and all of the “trouble and bøvl” you have received from the media etc. because of this, and yes you love “the julekalender” too and this is also with a reference to Frederik knowing its meaning in relation to me (the mix of Danish/English, which is how I write my notes partly being the foundation of my scripts), so here are some very good LAUGHS from the 70th birthday party of Frederik’s mother, Margrethe, with the performance of “De Nattergale” (“the nightingale’s) from “the Julekalender” and yes their name in Danish is also a reference to being “crazy” so there you have another connection to me because of what people thought of me – and I was shown Margrethe here, so hi, hi, hi to you too because this is what everyone soon will do replacing the silence of the official world today, and yes when everyone says hi that is and this is when “it is good to be a Nissemand” :-).

The Yalta Conference in 1945 included how to “control mankind” resulting in the secret government of the USA

I heard “spaciba” because there are also Russians being happy for the cleaning up all of their mess too and I was told “not to mention Japanese conditions”, so evilness of secret governments are all over the world.

I was told “this didn’t start at the Yalta conference taking the decisive moves towards bringing mankind into the dark hole, did it?” and I was shown how a very thin sewing thread almost breaking has held mankind from falling into the large hole of eternal darkness, and I was told “it was not only medicine, which was invented there, but also “how do we control mankind from going against us””, which was a subject on “political level” then, and it is from here that the whole “MJ12” program of the secret government of USA was born and I was also told that “they had hoped for a more quite development, but nevertheless this is what they created”.

Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin did not only discuss Europe’s post-war reorganization at the Yalta Conference in 1945, but also how to “control mankind from going against us”, which was the foundation of the secret government of the USA!

The result of the Yalta conference was the secret government of USA called MJ12, which was authorized by President Truman.

The 1947 letter, purported to be signed by Harry Truman, authorizing “Operation Majestic Twelve” (secret government of USA).

I was shown a boat (part of our creation) coming through a wall and I was told “it is not like Jeopardy, it is being rebuild with all original information lost over time” and this is what is “impossible” to do because of time pressure with the New World pressuring on, and yes “keep it back until we are done” is the message, we know, Stig, and I was shown “a new ancient Egyptian document”, which is more information about the cradle of creation coming in because of doing this work and I was shown a very small rocket lying on a circle of stones at the water next to the beach and I was told that we are working on what is on the outermost of the inside of this rocket, which is the outermost of darkness, and I was told that the feeling of secret governments of “I believe it is about time to run away” is coming closer and closer – and here I am told that they know EVERYTHING I do including what I watch on TV (!) – and the closer this feeling comes to me, the more lost information of this “boat of creation” I receive, and again this is connected with my scripts bringing reactions making me come even closer and this is what is emptying the line of darkness around the wheel of a fishing rod or darkness around the inner rim of a car.

I start the days pretty early at the moment, thus also today starting to write the last parts of my script of yesterday at 07.00 and by 08.45 I updated my published script starting to write the script of today, and still the day started very difficult where I kept on receiving a talking voice, which just kept on talking and it was just like Karla on “Huset on Christianshavn” on DR1 TV yesterday, who kept on speaking while her husband Egon was watching football on TV, and it drove him completely mad wanting to do everything he could to make her silent, and yes this is the feeling I have had not for a few minutes but for years to constantly suppress my spiritual voice acting like this – where you can add extremely NEGATIVE/PROVOCATIVE on top of this – and had I for one second only acted like Egon did shouting as his wife when he finally could not take her eternal speech, it would have started the destruction of the world (!), and let me say that I LOVE this tv-series as one of the best of the world ever, and that is even though it is very political incorrect with drinking, smoking etc., but it SHOWS true characters of people and not least love of people.

So I thought that I was waking up to yet a new “completely impossible” day – the last days have truly been “the absolutely worst” to come through – but I was surprised when starting to write today, that most of the negative speech of darkness was removed and I felt much more energy than yesterday almost making my life worth living again – and writing this script “very easy” to do (!), and yes try to imagine having “a ton of darkness pressuring you down in an eternal negativity coming against you always”, this is what it is about and this is what normally makes life impossible for me to enjoy and even to “come through”.

I was shown a valley from above and also a completely round and perfect hard yolk of an egg, which is what we are looking forward to as our New World.

And I keep hearing “it makes sense what he writes” in relation to my father “understanding” that I might not be “all wrong”, thus being the One I am.

I was shown old-fashioned reel-to-reel tape being repaired for scratches etc. and I was told “I believe we have the recipe to do everything now”, which is about you know making everything “perfect” of the last darkness, and yes I repeated today “we will stop time and the New World as long as it takes for you to do this work” and “take all the time you need”, which is what it requires to do this, and yes for me to continue writing as I do and have “always done”, because when I do this, I continue working as my inner self too making this tape “brand new” again.

I was shown a cylinder of light where I have entered and I am now inside a room with the worst Devil standing next to me nicely (because I don’t react negatively to the darkness coming to me – and the world) showing me a large book where the content has been cut out, but I see this small room and understand that the content of the book is in here, I have entered the deepest room of all.

I decided to look through most of the documents I have made making up my books no. 1, 2 and 3 in order to see the total number of pages, I have written, and when I add my website too, I have now written more than 5,000 pages, and yes I don’t understand it myself too, I am just writing you know.

A cycle store cheated me apparently making continuous cycling impossible symbolising solid darkness at the end of my journey

I continued working until I decided to take the small train to town at 16.00 to collect my bicycle at the cycle store “Henrik’s Cykler” on Stengade, and I had planned afterwards to cycle to the SPAR supermarket in Snekkersten to buy minced meat on offer this week, but little did I know that other people again forced me to change my plans because of their wrongdoings and selfishness, and we know I had expected to pay between 80 or 90 DKK for the repair to patch up the hole of the tube of my back tire and maybe even 100 DKK, and I was sure that it would be “absolutely no more than this”, but when the assistant brought me the bicycle, he showed me the tire itself and how it had a small hole and therefore he said that they also changed the tire itself (!), and I was surprised because I had NOT asked for this, but I thought “alright, if it is no more than 50 DKK, I can accept this”, but then he told me the price, and yes HANG ON (!) because it was now 450 DKK (!) and yes FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY DKK (!!!), and I was almost falling back over when hearing this, and yes it was 250 DKK not for patching the hole of the tube, but for replacing it with a new tube (!) and then 200 DKK for the new tire, and it made me tell him “this is NOT what we have agreed, I asked you to patch the back tire” – and when this is written I cannot remember if I told them to “patch” or “fix” the puncture, but of course I meant “patch”, which is how it “normally” is when you ask a cycle store to “repair” a puncture and you will have to specifically agree if a new tube is to be inserted (as I did the first time last year with my mother at the other cycle store on Esrumvej, where we agreed to change the tube – but he told me several times “we did this to be kind” (!) and yes also “played” offended because of my behaviour (!!!) and furthermore he said “I told you the price” (!) and yes this is really what he said (!!!), and I wonder how it was possible for him to tell me the price before knowing that he would replace the tire itself (?), and it made me tell him “don’t tell me that you gave me a price because you do know better that you did not” (I would NEVER have accepted such a price) and also my economical situation, which is that I am on cash help and have (after going to Sweden with my mother tomorrow) maybe 500 DKK left for the rest of the month, and that I simply cannot pay what they ask (should be apparent to them!), and also that as a buyer and seller you always have to agree on the price, which this is a good example of, and I thought to myself “what do you do now” (?) in order to find a solution, which both they and I could accept – instead of “insisting” to be right on your “own interest” not being able to agree as so many people do today (!) – and I thought, alright I did NOT ask for a new tire, which I will NOT pay for, and what about meeting in the middle on the puncture for both parties to pay “half damage”, and I told him that if a patch normally is 80 DKK and a new tube (including wage) is 250 DKK, I will pay you 165 DKK, and yes I thought this was reasonable and acceptable to them, but now I had not only this assistant (or apprentice as he told me he is also telling me that he knows how it is to have almost no money) against me not trying to listen and understand me (as I asked them to do also telling them that I understood them, but “deaf” they were!), but also a Thai lady as his superior and a “senior man”, and the Thai lady showed an attitude of “shaking her head” of me – “we only wanted to be kind to you” as she repeated (!) – and the senior man told me that it is impossible today to get a puncture patched anywhere, and also that they are “not allowed” to do this (!), and when I told him that this is what I do every single time at the cycle store at Esrumvej (where I do believe I pay between 80 to 90 DKK for a patch), he let me know that what they do is wrong (!), and yes this is really what he told me (!!!), so when I could not pay what they asked and they “could not” accept my not unreasonable proposal (?), I asked them “what do we do now” (?), and yes the apprentice to my surprise suggested to bring the cycle back to how it was when I delivered it (and then receive no payment at all for their work as I told him, and yes where is the logic in that?), which was to change the tire back to the old and to remove the tube, and I saw no other options than to accept this also thinking that I would go to another place to get the patch (!), and he told me that I could come back on Saturday to get the cycle (Wednesday today) and yes this is what he told me (!!!), which was also unacceptable to me, and now I told them that I depend on my cycle, and this is the same as stealing my cycle for five days (including the two days it took to do this “repair” until today), and this is exactly how it was, but this was “too much” for the Thai lady to listen to again shaking her head and telling me that “you cannot put it like this”, and yes it made the apprentice finally lose his patience with me saying “come back in half an hour, and it will be ready”, so this is what I did, and yes I received my bicycle as it was when I delivered it two days ago – so I thought at least – and I decided to be kind to them after having had to accept their very wrong behaviour without becoming negative, which is how it normally would be (I had to “bite in me” the negative feelings coming to me), and yes I was met by the Thai lady and we wished each other a “happy Easter”, and it is behaviour like this, which is killing me (!), because what did I meet (?), and yes a bad lot of people cheating when trying to get as much money out of me, and when they were “exposed”, they play offended (!) and obviously they have done this so often that they have no poor conscience anymore – or what (?) – and could not dream about giving me an apology, and yes my friends, this is what I ask you to do, to apologise for your WRONG behaviour and not only to me but to all people you have cheated, and yes this goes out to all people of the world having done the same – and yes when it comes to “making money”, nothing is “sacred” today, everything goes, and you know, the act of the Devil (!), and this is the WRONG behaviour I ask you to walk away from.

And I understood what this was about. This was the symbol telling me that these days it is “completely impossible” for me to continue cycling forward on my journey, and that is because of the solid darkness I meet on my way, and here you saw how it also looks, but I will accept no one to stop me, and it suddenly came to me that in order to continue on my journey, I had to bring darkness myself to enter the solid darkness, and this is why I was inspired to do my “risky behaviour” on the Internet, and yes part of the plan to get every little thing with us.

I was really very sad because of this experience of people cheating and also because I remember this exact store from all the way back to the end of the 1970’s and beginning of the 1980’s, where I often used its free air pump in the morning when going with newspapers, thus I have always liked it, but today this positive view was completely destroyed – yes this is what you do NOT want to see in the future my friends.

After this experience, I decided to walk to the close by Michael’s cykler asking him if he do patches on punctures, and yes of course he did – I have NEVER heard about a cycle store NOT doing patches, this is what ALL stores do (!), but maybe Henrik‘s cycler fell for the temptation only to offer to change the tube instead of finding and patching the hole in the old tube and then to charge 250 DKK for an easier job instead of 100 DKK for a patching (?) – and when I asked how much they charged, it was 100 DKK, and how long would it take (?), until “Saturday”, and I told him “this is too long for me, I will find somewhere else” and yes fine by him (he was closed the next two days, therefore), and I therefore decided to WALK RIGHT BACK first the two kilometres to the cycle store on Esrumvej and from there the 1.5 kilometres home, and that was instead of doing the nice cycling tour to SPAR in Snekkersten as planned (!), and when I walked on my way to Esrumvej, suddenly it stroke me that there is probably now NOT a tube inside of the tire, and when I checked, I was right, of course they had thrown out my old tube giving me the cycle without the tube and without telling me (!), so in practise they not only forced me to cancel my plan, they also made me do this walk (not having much energy, you know making it “difficult” to do) and they also STOLE my tube now making it more expensive no matter what to get my cycle to work again, and I thought that I can decide to pay for a new tube and for this store on Esrumvej to insert it (I don’t like doing it myself because of the back wheel gear, which I am not comfortable with knowing that it will give me troubles to work again when putting the wheel back on), but also that I might decide to save the money knowing that a repair cost is not included in my small budget, and yes I entered the store asking how much it is, and they charge 200 DKK here making me decide NOT to do this “repair”, but I will continue my journey and yes that is because I CAN – still thinking of you Obama – and again I was sad because of the WRONG behaviour of Henrik’s cycler.

Yesterday my mother offered to drive me to the store today to get the cycle, and had she done this, it may have meant that “we” had decided to pay the store the full amount, so I was just thinking about how small things have an impact of the result of things.

On my way back home, I was told that “we have spread butter on endless sandwiches because of this exercise”, and I was shown a truck full of chicken trying to escape, which however does not succeed one single to do, not even this last one we are saving now.

This is how other people made me waste two hours from 16.00 to 18.00 stealing from me instead of helping me out.

When I came to the outside of my home at Hellebo Park and looked up on the sky, for the first time ever I saw an UFO in daylight, which made me smile, and I took a photo of it, however my camera was not good enough to catch the only little sight I was given, which to others would look like an aeroplane, but not to me, it flew too slowly, did not have a white stripe after it, and furthermore it blinked its light at me once strong enough to see clearly also confirming that it indeed was an UFO – and yes “we are on the right track” is what it meant to me.

Removing the large dark pot of darkness and seeing the door to the other side from inside the final room of solid darkness

During the evening I was shown a hand holding me around my neck inside of this small room (darkness of my old self trying to keep my new self back), and then I was shown a door at the opposite wall of this room, and I understood that this is the door leading to “the other side” and that is really the door located at 12 o’clock position of the 360 degree wheel, and this is the door I will enter when we CAREFULLY have looked through every little thing inside of this room finding and building 100,00% of the part of my old self spread all over inside of here, and yes this is the decision I took, we are NOT leaving this room before we have done our absolutely best work, and yes we have all the time in the world knowing that there is a long way to December my friends (!), but it will probably not take more than “some days” to do this exercise if I am not wrong based on experience, and then the true question is if there will come new exercises before we will open the door to the other side?

I was told that I have drawn out optimal energy from my family, who have suffered much because of my development and writings – which Steen Kofoed has too because I am shown him here – and I was also told that the world thought that I would have given up a long time ago, and this includes Obama as I have been shown several times, but NO I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and that is as long as I can, and when I still can, I will do!

”Time after time” I receive déjà vues of old dreams, which were so strong and vivid that they almost made me “happy” when experiencing them when dreaming that is because I have “forgotten” about – never remembered before – most of these dreams, and then when I am retrieving the memory of them, I recall just how strongly they were, and this is about “retrieving memory” of the last part of my old self in the process of rebuilding “me” as we do now, and this dream from “many years ago”, which may be 10 or 20 years is about the department store of Magasin at the King’s New Square of Copenhagen – the finest store in Denmark – which has a secret entrance as I remember it to an old apartment, where the fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-75) used to live (in the dream that is), and I was alone inside of there, it was now a museum but looking as it looked like when he was alive, and it was located at the right corner of the building when looking from the King’s New Square, and yes I liked being in there and “there was something special about Hans Christian Andersen”, this is all I know today.

I was inspired to watch “time after time” by Electric Light Orchestra above, and the video made a strong impression on me, so I wrote this message on YouTube.

I was shown a “Buddha entrance” and a spring mattress inside of this room and was told “this is where all of the spring power is” and later I was asked if darkness has freedom, and I said “yes you can do whatever you want to, but you cannot avoid being transformed into light” and apparently this was the key to what followed when I saw and heard darkness with a shock saying “no, don’t remove the dark pot” and this is large dark pot hanging over fire, which is now removed because it cannot be heated up anymore as I was told.

I was also told that in order to lose this last part of my old self, it would require for darkness to destroy it because it is already inside of me, and then suddenly I was given a strong, physical pressure to the bones beneath my neck, which was darkness trying to break the bones symbolising darkness trying to destroy the last part of my old self – and yes Stig, for a long time I have thought that our “Old World”, which is really the newest there is before the creation of our New World, will have to be more modern than all previous worlds before it, which we saved last year, since we do not already have this “automatic technique of endless creation” and we know Stig, this is about “what could have been created”, so this is really “science fiction” of both the Old World and all worlds before it, and yes now I also got this one on my list :-).

At 20.30 I was again fighting against extreme tiredness lasting until after 22.00, where I went to bed again – and yes today was a better day with less darkness, but still not very easy to come through because of “the game” of the day with work and darkness of a greedy cycle store.

Danske Bank did not “dare” doing the right thing to cancel my debt – they have put my case to rest for another two years

Today I received the following letter from Danske Bank (who has not yet “figured out” the change of my position and address), and they say that they CANNOT cancel my debt (!) but because of “unstable economical conditions” as they say – there is really nothing unstable over my economy, which has been poor very stable because of lack of faith/support of people (!) – they put my case to rest fro another two years under condition of unchanged economical conditions (!), and yes it must have been “difficult” for my old bank to take this decision because “is he crazy or is he really Jesus” (?), and instead of doing “either/or” you decided to put yourself in the middle and yes “to wait and see what will happen” as what my family/friends etc. and the whole world has decided too (!), so nothing surprising in this, but still it is WRONG of you to do, why can’t you decide to do what is right as long as I am still my old self (?) and the right thing to do would here be to CANCEL MY DEBT, DANSKE BANK as I told you to do, but you “could not” (?) and this goes out to all other banks etc. of the Old World, CANCEL THE DEBTS OF THE OLD WORLD as part of the transition to our New World Order and “normal life.

Ending the day with these short stories incluiding “Happiness is easy with LOVE and DEEP FEELINGS without sufferings – as you will get in our New World”

  • I brought a link to my book of March at Scribd in the script I published yesterday morning, and as usual links in my scripts brings a larger number of readers to the link than visitors to my script (!), thus also here where my book at Scribd (the green line below) received 38 reads yesterday with 5 and 9 the two days before, and the increase of more than 30 should be “impossible” because my script including the link published yesterday only officially received 6 visitors (!) as you can see below (how can 6 visitors become more than 30 clicking the link?), and yes the good old story of the official world reading me in secrecy not showing as visitors on my WordPress site with some of you deciding to click my link even though this means that I can document your secret visits, and yes just like this once again.

  • Some time ago I was given the name of “the bald chef”, who is a quite famous chef in Denmark, and I understood him as being a “special friend” too not thinking more of this until today where I read this from BT – not “B.T.” anylonger, just my thoughts (!) – saying that he had a bleeding stomach ulcer, which was “this close” to killing him, and yes we had to bring out “much energy”, so this is how it is, Carsten.
    • I became Facebook friends with the editor-in-chief of BT, Olav Skaaning, the 9th March where they were about to launch the new design of their newspaper, which they now have done and I have only seen it on the Internet, and let me say that when looking at the design, you have succeeded to create the best looking and most appealing layout I have seen yet of a newspaper, and it makes me think “now I would like to see the idea of level 1, 2 and 3 be carried out” so I can dig as deep in the information as I would like to instead of only seeing stories including level 1 and 2 information often with the newspaper NEVER coming to level 3 because you “don’t have time” and yes so it is, and yes yes yes – feeling Obama here too sharing my view on the media – and I was also thinking that this is a symbol of BT transforming from my previous symbol of the Devil self (reading BT was “being eliminated”) into something good too, and yes becoming my true loyal friends too helping to change and improve the world (?), and yes Olav & Co. you are important too as opinion-formers of the community helping people to learn how to behave, communicate and work based upon “real stories” of people, systems and businesses, and yes this will become your “real re-launch” as I told you below in my Facebook invitation to you that I am looking forward to, so WHEN will this come, “my friend”?

  • I was told about Rolf at Brede Park, who was my lazy dictator when I did slave work for the Commune at “his park“ in 2009 and 2010 and that was what did Rolf do for a long time (?), yes complained about me writing about him and others of the park and how wrongly he believe my writings are, but without saying that I only wrote the truth of his and the others’ wrongdoings, and what did Falck in Lyngby do after I did slave work for them too (?), did they complain about me to the Commune also asking for compensation without relating to what I wrote on them and follow my advises to improve (?), and yes this is what they did – and this is at least what I was told, and because of this, you can read it here.
  • Søren brought a link to the Daily Mail here reporting that the citizens of Denmark once again are the happiest in the world (!), and as usual they don’t know what happiness is about, and in the article they brought a picture of Nyhavn in Copenhagen and wrote that “Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark, where citizens are the happiest in the world, the report found” and also “Not happy: Women shop at a market in Tsevie, Togo, Africa. Togo is the least happy nation in the world, behind a long list of other countries in sub-Saharan Africa”, and this does not correspond to what I replied to Søren saying that “this is as usual wrong as it appears from my site about “normal life” below” and “you meet MUCH more happiness and joy of poor/hungry children and parents in Africa than you will ever see here. You can see this in their eyes and smiles, it is no longer than this”, but apparently the United Nations cannot “measure” what is inside of people, which is about God or the Devil making people happy or unhappy, do you see (?), and yes here again you see an example of the “opposite world” not knowing what it talks about!

  • The other Søren was inspired to bring a link to a MP of Liberal Alliance, who after heart problems have figured out that “as long as I am not unhappy, I am kind of happy”, and this is really to say that HAPPINESS IS A LIFE WITHOUT UNHAPPINESS, and this is what EVERYONE will receive in our New World when all “negativity” of darkness has been removed, see (?) – and yes I can decide myself as I am told, and I have chosen to continue being in darkness.

  • Berlingske also brought the story of Denmark topping the “happiness barometer”, where I brought my reply also saying that this is about “a true feeling/glow within”, which people do not have here (which they “cannot” understand!) where people are more happy to get a new TV than to help a child in Africa to survive, and yes this is exactly what I have done (!), I still have an old Sony TV from 2001, which is NOT one of these thin widescreen TV’s, and I did NOT buy a new widescreen TV because every month I prioritized to help African children to survive.

  • And this theme about “happiness” of today inspired me to remember the old “lykken er” (“happiness is”) comic strips, and when I searched for these, I found this website bringing a picture of one of these including a text saying what happiness is, which is all about LOVE (to your partner, family, friends and everyone), and I liked it very much, which is why I bring it here :-).

  • And with this little recipe, HAPPINESS IS EASY and yes I love to TALK TALK ABOUT THIS, and listen to this song by one of my favourite groups, it is a TRULY magnificent piece of music and message to mankind – “happiness is easy” :-).

  • Mikael Wulff brought this comic strip saying that “when it against all odds succeeded to discover a Unicorn, it was something of an anti climax”, and yes this is what the strip says, but connoisseurs will know that this is about “darkness being the fuel of creation”, which is really what this says, can you see it (?), and yes “connoisseur” has been discovered too as I was told, and this was an old profile name I used when I was on the dating portal of www.dating.dk until approx. 2004 (meeting Karen and Henriette here), and I never deleted it, so the world apparently found it.

  • Michael Hardinger has so far not returned to me as a Facebook friend, and I wonder when this will happen, and “suddenly” is my best guessing, so we will see, and yes because my influence on him through my scripts and Facebook postings is important for this work too as I understand.
  • Ole Krohn is another of my new Facebook friends – he is a business reporter on Danish TV2 news – and here he says the same as I experience, which is the “wave” of comedians trying to be funny using lavatorial jokes, patronizing comments etc., which made both Henrik (yes, that Henrik, who had to eat his own hat now “a long time ago”!) and Peter below agree with Peter being sad of “the negative and “evil” humour” and yes it is TIME FOR A CHANGE as Bob Dylan could have said :-).

  • Jette brought this link as you can see below on my timeline, and after I had read it, I wrote my answer telling her that some is true, some is not, and some is because of “internet-rumours”, but one thing is sure, which is that the official world know about UFO’s, the Judgment and my coming with a New World and New World Order, which will come shortly now when the absolutely last part of creation is done as she can read from my scripts, and when I wrote this – and hours afterwards – I received some of the strongest heartburns I have ever received almost making me give up in itself, which is simply to say that STRONG darkness has infiltrated “rumours” on the Internet about 2012 and what will happen (“everything goes” when imagination is free), but as mentioned, some of it is true, and yes if I want to go into detail with this (?), and NO, I do not, I am busy writing my scripts and “surviving” to do the last creation, and I have deliberately NOT red messages/”theories” like this to avoid darkness from using it against me, and yes to be as pure as possible, you see?

  • Omar also wrote about the Danish flag rules discriminating (almost) everything else than the Danish flag, and that is when it comes to other “national flags”, which are forbidden to flag with in Denmark – and I do believe a majority finds this perfectly all right and most of these are “right-wing” voters – and here Omar says that non-national flags are not part of the prohibition, so you cannot hoist a Somali flag, but a pirate flag is alright (!), and you are absolutely right, Omar, the pirate flag “came to you” to tell the Danes, that you are working for darkness when discriminating other people/flags than your own, and I told him that he is right and simple logic to bring freedom to people, and I asked him if he found God on his way with his “funny TV-programs” testing the limits of humour of different religions, and if not he might be on his way, and yes “no answer” was the “reaction”.


5th April: My mother asked me NOT to write about her gifts, which I have to do to avoid becoming attacked by darkness

Dreaming of being inside the deepest part of “Old God” but not being able to bring this part of “him” alive yet

I was surprised once again to be “allowed” to sleep all night long until I woke up at 06.00 this morning, and even though I am still not sleeping normally, it made me also more fresh today than what I normally am – and I only remember a dream of earlier in the night, when I was “close to” Gitte from Danske Bank, Espergærde (1984-86), who was a beautiful girl – you know what it is about, yes symbolising my “old nightmare” still – and just before waking up I had a dream where I entered a nightclub in Copenhagen, which was difficult to do because of many people waiting to come in, and there was a huge bar inside of the club and I was looking forward to Kid Creole to play two songs on the large screen, but I was disappointed when I saw that it was a video playing and not a live performance, and yes the bar is “my home” (of God) and Kid Creole is about “tropical music” (love of God), and here love of my deep inner self for coming to liberate “me”, and just saying that we are on our right way, but we have still not collected enough pieces of this part of my old self to bring me alive, and if you promise not to tell anyone, I will here bring one of my favourites of the Kid and yes bringing me “good memories from another time where I was also not happy” (1982), and this is exactly how it is.

When I was in bath I felt and was shown darkness of my old self putting two fingers in the eyes of my new self on his way in to me and it include the words “kill, kill”, and yes the darkness of my “old self” truly has to be dum because it is not my new self but himself as my old self he will kill with this attitude and yes this attitude is still given by my family/friends etc., thus the world behaving wrongly.

I was also shown a menu card, which can be unfolded for an eternity, and this is the menu card, which was destroyed by darkness inside of this small room, and it is when recreating this part of my old self, that we will get access to automatic creation forever and ever, this is what is inside of here.

I continued hearing the characteristic bas play of a song over and over and over again, which was not enough to recognise it (VERY annoying as usual, but no, not to become negative), and it was followed with the lyrics “I really, really got to let him know”, which is obviously about something my spiritual self wants to tell me, which will probably come to me later.

Again this morning I received less darkness speaking negatively to me, and yes when the coat of darkness is lighter and I am less tired, it makes me feel just like living again (!) and it also brought me motivation to exercise, which I however did not have time to do today. Later I was told that India through meditation have brought me this energy and that is “because they knew that I needed it” as I was told, and the Indian palm leave including information on me, which I wrote about weeks ago was mentioned to me as a message, which was received in India.

These days I continue to receive two loud hiccups after each other, which is you know a symbol of saving life, and for days I have also received a little pain only to the absolute outmost of a few of my fingers, and the pain is about “destruction” but now this pain is both less than before and now only located at the outermost of my fingers confirming that we are really working with the thinnest possible layer at the end of our Old World, which is what is hurting, but no, I will accept no destruction.

I had a very nice tour to Sweden with my mother, who paid for everything including a new jacket and bicycle

After checking updates on Facebook and taking my bath, I worked on the last part of my script of yesterday from 08.00 to 10.45 (the chapter of the cycle store), and then I was on my way to meet my mother at the small ferry of “Sundbusserne” in Helsingør at 11.15 to go to Helsingborg, Sweden, as we had agreed to do, and because I did not have my bicycle, I had to take the small train, and yes I had checked the timetable knowing that the train now only leaves once per hour from my local small station of Højstrup and that is at ’02, which was the time I took the train yesterday, and yes I had checked to see that it would enter Helsingør at 11.11 giving me four minutes from the station to Sundbusserne on the other side, which was enough, and yes this train “never” comes late (for the Danish railways to learn from!), so this was the plan, and when I was on my way out the apartment, I noticed that my mobile phone now did not work, it said “only emergency calls”, which I thought was strange because it has never done this before, and it should really say “Lebara” in the display (the name of the tele provider), and I thought this was yet another symbol of spiritual darkness trying to stop me – the same as with Michael Hardinger apparently not being my Facebook friend anymore, but only apparently – so while walking the five minutes to my local station, I switched off and on the phone hoping that it would “jump back on”, which is exactly what it did, and yes why do I write this (?), and only because at 11.05, the train had still not come, which made me wonder, and when a young lady also waiting for it asked me when it would come, it suddenly stroke me that it is a holy day today, and therefore the timetable was probably different (!), and yes this is exactly what it was – it would now first arrive at 11.32 I believe – so what was I to do now (?), and yes “by chance” my telephone was now working when I needed it (!), so I called John asking him if my mother had left for the ferry, and yes she had, and when I explained him that I was stuck on Højstrup, he was very kind offering to come and give me a lift, which he then did, and yes this was a symbol showing just how narrow my road going through this solid darkness is because my mother would be waiting on me becoming nervous when I would not show up and I would not be able to call her because I knew that she would not bring a phone, which she normally does not, but I was there at 11.20 with the help of John, thank you, and yes she said “you are normally always on time”, so “a little nervous” she had become but nothing more than this, and yes also here saying that there is still connection between my old and new self continuing my journey right until the end walking this narrow path.

Because of my mistake knowing the train timetable but still don’t knowing it because of the holiday – this is about “catching the train before it is too late” – I was thinking of another of the best scenes of Olsen Banden (“the Olsen Gang”), where Egon, the leader of the gang, has build a whole genius plan around the time table of the Danish railways, and when he realises that he had been looking on the winter plan I believe, which had changed into the summer plan the day when the gang was to carry out the plan, he had to think and act quickly to change his plan and make it work, and I have started writing this paragraph at 01.15 “tomorrow” having to change my plan really (instead of sleeping) after finishing the paragraphs above before I went to my mother and John for dinner, see later in the script – so here is Olsen Banden with their genius plan with Egon knowing the whole timetable by heart.

After calling John, I was given the characteristic singing “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes” by David Bowie – one of only a few songs standing out to be elected as David’s finest work of all time – and I was told “turn the music on”, and when looking at the lyrics, I see they also contain “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strain), Ch-ch-Changes, Just gonna have to be a different man, Time may change me, But I can’t trace time”, which is about taking on strain because time is going to change me, and I better do my best work before this will happen.

On our way over Øresund with the 11.30 ferry, I told my mother about the story of the cheating cycle store, and first she offered to pay for a new tire and tube – the approx. 450 DKK – but then she thought that it would be better for me to look for a used mountain bike, maybe 1-4 years old, where she as part of my birthday gift (my birthday is the 3rd May) told me that I could look at prices of up to 1,000 DKK and even 1,200 or 1,500 DKK (which is much more than an ordinary birthday gift, but my mother means very well knowing that I only have very little), if this is what it takes to get the right bicycle, and it made me happy for her to think of me this way, and I told her that I could use this cycle to train with driving it in the forest instead of going to spinning at a Fitness Centre, and we agreed that I would look at sales add’s of private people on the Internet over the coming days – and I also understood this symbol as replacing my old cycle to get a new one driving much better, which is to continue my journey also receiving the last part of my inner self.

When we arrived to Helsingborg after the short 20 minute sailing, the first we noticed, was the nightclub/concert arena/restaurant called “The Tivoli”, which we looked at, and I thought and said that this building looks like a “historic part of the harbour”, and I was also thinking of “Tivoli” (in Copenhagen) being a symbol of the paradise of our New World and that this part is a missing piece of our paradise, and this is the last part of my old self, which we are fighting to save and this nightclub, was also a reference to the nightclub I dreamed about in the night.

We did a long walk around the marina and inner town of Helsingborg also buying three pieces of 200 grams of very cheap smoked salmon on offer at the ICA supermarket, which my mother was also kind to pay for even though I had money to pay with myself, and yes we had to have a ICA card to get the discount, so the assistant sitting at the cash desk was kind to use his own card making us “loyal customers”, and yes thank you “my friend”, and it was indeed us visiting you today and “a lot of fish” is of course a symbol of “a lot of my new self” :-).

We walked maybe 3-4 kilometres also looking for a restaurant to have lunch, and we really walked further than we had energy for, and I felt that the longer we walked, the more darkness came to me for me to absorb, and yes I felt darkness coming on more and more as the result, and finally we found a nice place receiving a fine, cheap lunch, which my mother was also kind to pay for – and I was spiritually told that my mother in one and the same person is both sending me the absolutely most darkness (concerns, feelings, misunderstandings going against me) and light of all because of her immense love to me.

This was the last day with “fine weather” (the Easter will become very cold here) with a blue sky and sun, and even though it is getting colder, it was still around 8-9 degrees and nice to walk outside in the sun, and when I saw nice looking girls and couples, I felt a very deep longing for a normal life including a nice girlfriend/wife/family, and I cannot tell you just how deep this feeling is and how sad it makes me living a life not worth living also in this respect.

Today and yesterday I have received the name of the town Cagliari of Sardinia and the only thing I know about this town is its football club, and I am thinking of a club at the bottom of the Italian Serie A league in the risk of relegation – and when checking now, I see that they are “almost secure” this season, and yes “don’t you know other things” (?) and no I don’t other than Sardinia should be a beautiful island, and island is a symbol of me, and that will have to be my old self, the last part of me, which may look like in danger of relegation, but this symbol tells me that there should be no danger after all?

After lunch my mother wanted to look at a store with men’s wear, and I told her clearly that if she thought of buying more for me, she would NOT have to think about it, because I would not accept it, but then she said that it was for her and also for John, it was fine by me, so we found the store, and my mother found and looked at wind jacket’s for men and I thought she was looking for one to John, but then she asked me to try one of them, and I told her very clearly a couple of times – as the nice and service assistant heard – that I was NOT going to accept a new gift, but because the price was fair with an extra 20% discount costing approx. DKK 475, I accepted to try it on and also for her to buy it to me to replace my old wind jacket, which is not looking as fine as it did when it was new maybe 10 years ago.

We had some very nice hours together in Sweden being alone together as mother and son as we have almost never been before, and I felt how darkness had now become pretty strong at the end of our tour, and when we sat at the ferry terminal waiting a few minutes for the ferry back I looked at my mobile phone and again it said that only emergency calls were possible to do, and I showed it to my mother telling her the story about my phone not working this morning, but then only a few minutes before I needed it to call John, suddenly it worked again (!) – yes NEVER happened before – and after I told her this, I looked at my phone again and now it showed the provider “Lebara”, and yes it was working again, and I showed it to my mother saying “there you see, this is what happens all of the time” (also with my TV, computer monitor, water boiler etc. being “victims” of spiritual darkness as I am myself personally), and I was told that “this was a sign” and that is for my mother to understand, and when we were on the 15.00 ferry on our way home, I kept hearing “is he God, is he God, is he God” (?), and I understood that my mother was thinking of this “sign” she had just witnessed on my phone – and my mother also bought and paid for two packages of Zoega’s coffee for me, which by far is the most popular with us :-).

My mother was kind also to invite me coming for dinner this evening, and I was happy to accept, but I also thought that I was by now tired – I don’t have much energy despite of how I felt this morning you know – and I knew that I had more work to do at home and would have to go to my limit also being able to take on this evening including dinner, but still, I accepted.

When returning to Helsingør I had half an hour waiting for the small train to drive – my mother cycled home – and when waiting, I was given a light diarrhoea having to quickly find and use the men’s room of a nearby café and I was told “this is the worst, which may happen now”, but later when sitting on a bench, I was also given a vision of an axe cutting off my right foot, and it brought me the question “what would I do if I had to choose, to bear this pain to save the last part of my inner self or to give up saving myself for pain herewith killing the last important part of my old self” and I really don’t know the answer, and I would do much to avoid coming into this situation, and we know work can do much to make this wish happen, and this is what I have at least started doing here when it is now 02.30 “tomorrow” writing these lines, and yes being “completely destroyed” having to do “more than ever disgusting” work when feeling as poorly/tired as I do now and then having to stay up as long as possible tomorrow to bring as much energy as possible, and yes I don’t have much to bring, so we will see how this game will end, and I can only do my best and I am already about to fall over of tiredness by now – and I am here thinking “stick to your plan NEVER to give in to darkness and my “old nightmare” and “how strong can darkness be now coming against me during Easter, which I should be able to withstand” (?) and yes it will come from my mother and family, see the next chapter of today.

And I was shown three different colour light projectors and shown a thin cloth being removed from the yellow projector, i.e. the spirit of my mother of our Old World, which this is about to make our light as pure as possible.

Finally at 16.20, I was home where I truly only wanted to relax, but instead I decided to read Facebook and continue writing the last part of the script of yesterday and start the script of today before I left again at 18.20 taking the small train two minutes back to my mother and John.

Finishing this chapter and the edit of it by 03.10, being utterly destroyed – can I really make the script today before sleeping again?

My mother asked me NOT to write about her gifts, which I have to do to avoid becoming attacked by darkness

I returned to my mother and John for dinner, and the first my mother said when receiving me when she saw me wearing the new jacket was to whisper to me “don’t tell John” (!), and yes I TRULY DO NOT LIKE SECRETS LIKE THIS, and had I realised this, I would not have accepted to receive the jacket, which I really did not accept but was “convinced” to accept, and my true feeling is that if people had helped me receiving a normal life, I would not be in need to receive these “secret gifts”, but as long as I have as little as I do, I have accepted many of my mother’s many gifts even though I don’t like to receive these many gifts as I have often told her, but I also appreciate that she loves to give, which is also how she shows her true heart and love to me, but she does NOT have to show it with material gifts because the risk is that I will become spoiled starting to expect receiving, which is a feeling I would like to avoid receiving.

John received a new “treatment” yesterday and has now lost his hair fighting also fighting the pain the “treatment” brings him, and I was wondering when I will start taking on his pain too with poor sleep and “no energy at all” as the result as I also did the last time, and I had expected that the coming night when this is written would be where his “treatment” would bring me torture too as it really does being a nightmare to come through, and if I can (?), and yes maybe I can, we will see, but being on my most extreme edge of all scripts is what we talk about. And my mother said that she made sure that John received sleeping pills so he will not receive poor sleep again after this “treatment”, so now this is what he does not, but what neither John nor my mother knows, is what I was told here, which is that the better John sleeps, the worse my sleep will get, and yes so it is.

I felt how I started receiving pain to my neck and a special not nice coughing pressuring to come through, which was the same I had the last time, and I was happy hearing that Bettina, John’s eldest daughter would also come for the dinner, which she did, and one hour later, Søren also came back from a Yoga tour to Sweden joining us.

Before Søren arrived, I could not help noticing when Bettina smiled and told her father “it is not as if we lack money” and I wonder if you thought of me in this precise moment of time thinking that maybe I was not a “fortunate son” as you, and she spoke with her father of her loan in the apartment of almost DKK 400,000 and John said that she could making savings on interests if she borrowed the money from Søren, who obviously has this kind of money in savings (!), and yes Bettina can now take out her Efterløn (a social pre-pension saving arrangement), and her question was (as hundreds of thousands else in Denmark right now) “what is the most advantageous for me to do – to take out the money or to keep it in the arrangement” (?), and yes isn’t it “S’ Wonderful” that people not needing this money still only think of themselves in stead of for example helping me to save my Kenyan friends (?) or maybe to help me get a better life (?), and this is how it came to the point this evening where I gave Bettina some advise on what she can do and whom she can receive advise from in a greater detail, and yes “this makes sense what you say” as she told me, and that is right Bettina “I am glad to help you” (!), and at the same time, I was given PLENTY of darkness telling you where the right thing for both you and Søren to do – as many others of my family/friends etc. – would have been to read and understand me and to help my LTO friends in Kenya and myself by sharing what you have, but that was “impossible” for you to do even when we were dying (?) and again as a symbol of what was impossible for the whole rich, selfish world to do when the poor world was dying.

We had a nice dinner, where I as usual spoke fine with Søren, and at one point we were speaking of “relationships” and I told how important it is to control your negative feelings and to be able to truly listen, communicate and understand objectively to avoid misunderstandings, which is a recipe to receive a happy life, and I was sad to hear my mother again and again disagreeing with me (!) – obviously not fully understanding me, mother (?) – but then Søren decided to say “I fully agree with Stig”, and this removed the resistance of my mother to me and yes this is exactly the same when I tried to make my mother understand of the “attacks” of the Commune against me and other citizens abusing their power, and “of course they do not” was her reaction (!) not truly understanding me, but did it become easier to understand when I wrote about others on Facebook saying the same as me (?), and yes do you see via this example how important it is to understand objectively, and yes also NOT to let your negative feelings run away with you.

And we continued speaking and I told Søren and the others about happiness defined in my new script as being LOVE with DEEP FEELINGS without sufferings, and that the new U.N. survey putting Denmark on top as the most happy people in the world is WRONG, and I told about the difference of original Kenyan’s and Danes and said “when you look into the eyes of these original children/people, you see directly into the soul of honest and sincere people 300 times stronger than here, which was an eye opener of my life when seeing it” and also that people here don’t have the same deep feelings as Africans because of their selfishness (creating poor behaviour/habits and the Devil to become part of your life instead of God removing your deep feelings of life as the result) and that “it is impossible to make people here understand this, because they don’t want to understand”, and again Søren told me that he fully agreed with me, and that he was writing the same when he was younger, and he asked me what I would prefer, to be a Kenyan (even though he said “Ugandan”) or Dane, and I told him that I would probably prefer to be a Kenyan and that is despite of their material sufferings including starvation and having “next to nothing”.

Søren and I agreed all the way until “what will happen now” (?), where Søren said that “many books have been written about this, but the world will not change” and therefore he has accepted to adopt to the world (!) – this is in other words what he said – and I told him that we will now come to a time where time ends, and a new beginning will start, which Søren simply told me that he does not believe in, and that the world will continue to be as it is until it becomes “too painful” (he used a dog sitting on a drawing pin as the picture, which is as clear a symbol of the Devil as it gets, which I have often included in my scripts), and yes Søren, what you did not want to understand, when you decided that you did not “bother” listening to me anymore this evening, is that we have gone through this period now being “too painful” in order to continue life itself and that I am simply telling the Universal truth to the world, which is what will change the world, and yes you spoke of Jesus swinging the sword yourself, and asked me of the driving force of my writings, and even though you believed I was not “open” answering you, I was indeed when I told you “this is the sword I am swinging to tell the world of the Universal truth, read my website, and I would like to speak more with you hereafter” (the sword of Jesus/Stig simply means “communication” with my scripts to teach mankind being the result), and yes Søren, how can I tell you more directly that I am (becoming) the Son of God without using the words directly?

And when we spoke together here, I received much sufferings because of darkness coming in over me in waves – but also love – being brought to me from Bettina and Søren giving me strong feelings that I could “lose it” right here and in front of their eyes experience my “old nightmare” being carried out on me – this is what you bring me (!) – and the darkness is because of their decision to understand me “only until here and no longer”, and if you had decided not to “block”, you could simply have read my website/scripts to understand the full truth, which is that the Old World is now going to end and a new era will start with our New World of joy and happiness coming to everyone as my gift for mankind.

And I can tell the meaning of Søren and I agreeing in the mind of my mother, who noticed when Søren and Bettina left at 21.30 that we always agree making it “easier” for my mother to understand me, and by the way, Bettina was inspired to burst out early in the evening “Jesus” (!), which Søren also did a little later, and yes Bettina and Søren, you were given my old name directly in your mouths, and I cannot remember that you ever before have spoken the name of Jesus in my presence, and yes “spiritual inspiration” brought you the name because this is the man you are looking at.

Shortly before I left at 22.00, where my mother and I sat alone without John, she told me directly NOT to write about her offer to give me a new mountain bike, and when she said this, the next couple of minutes, I was given the feeling/vision of Helena around her, which you know is darkness preparing my “old nightmare” using Helena as the “nice looking front” to carry this out as the Devil in disguise (but still ONLY if I accept it, which I will NEVER do as long as I play the game right!), and why is that (?) and surely not because my mother tries to glide through her surroundings as she has always done as a “way of life” with John not wanting her to give me more than the other children, which is WRONG, John, because of the very little, I have, which should be simple logic for you to understand and also accept (?), and yes this is exactly the reason, because what is it that she continues to ask me doing (?), and yes first she tried for a long time to order me NOT to write “negatively” about the family, which I did not, I wrote objectively, and now she (still) does not want me to write about the gifts she gives me behind the back of John, and yes mother and John, let me tell you that BOTH OF YOU ARE WRONG and that is for you mother to act as you do because of your WRONG attitude, John, and if you only had decided to do the RIGHT thing for her to bring me gifts as long as I have as little as I have, my mother would NEVER had asked me to keep this as a secret, and because of your attitude, without wanting it, you are bringing both my mother and I – and yourself when discovering it – completely unnecessary sufferings, and this is because of a misunderstood principle, which is NOT valid when people in practise are not equal, and the day when people are, your principle is fine.

And yes NOTHING inside of me can be destroyed unless the Devil makes me, which the Devil will NOT (!) – just a thought here – so when my mother asked me to remove my freedom of speech again, and I felt Helena with her, I knew that the only right thing to do when playing this game, which it still is (you have to look through all human feelings and behind the act to understand that this is what it takes) was to do the opposite of what she told me because NO ONE IS GOING TO REMOVE MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH (!) and this includes my own mother, and yes I do know, mother, that you are only doing your best to be kind to me showing your heart and love to me, but you are being used as a tool of darkness against me violating what to me is a fundamental principle and condition of life, which is FREEDOM OF SPEECH for everyone, and this is why I have to write this script of today as clearly as I do, and that is NOT to offend you, John or the family, but simply to tell the truth openly, directly and honestly, and then it is up to you and John to COMMUNICATE and UNDERSTAND what I do and to decide if you want to follow me, or if you cannot control your negative feelings, mother, which this is much about, maybe leading you to stop seeing me for a while again (because of writing the truth!) and please remember that when you cannot control your negative feelings in relation to me, you are sending me killing darkness bringing me to my knees including negative speech, sexual torments and lack of sleep making my every single second unbearable to come through, and yes “how is this possible, because it went fine in Sweden today”, and yes mother, I bite the pain in me all of the time trying to focus on the moment and to “be” instead of the opposite, and yes if you don’t want me to tell the truth about your gifts, I don’t want to receive your gifts – and yes, I am still looking forward to receiving a normal life in material sense (readers supporting me and my work) so I can buy what I need myself instead of receiving far too many gifts compared to what is good.

This is why the weather of the Easter will become cold here, because of how my mother and family will react on this, and do you think you can “bear” to be together with me on Monday for the planned visit to Sanna and Hans (?), or do you want to shut me out in the cold once more (?), which in this case AGAIN will solely be because of you and not me, do you see? And my mother really invited me back already on Saturday, and can you “manage” this, mother and John (?) – I only want to bring the truth and NOTHING else.

I was home at 22.20 being truly destroyed, and yes there was NO CHANCE that I would continue writing on my script because of how I felt, it would have to wait until tomorrow – and that is until I was “woken” up after midnight almost without any sleep at all having to finish my work of this script and to publish it before sleeping, and yes you will be able to read the full story of this in my coming script of tomorrow.

When coming home from this evening I was given the song ”one way ticket” by Eruption and I was told that this is to the moon to get out of here – for the last part of my inner self – and that is because I will NOT accept my freedom of speech to be removed – and does it mean that this ticket will also become my ticket to the blues of new loneliness because nobody can accept me speaking the truth?

Finally this script was published with the greatest difficulties of all scripts using my outmost willpower at 06.30 “tomorrow” morning, but I did it.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • When looking at the list of Facebook friends today, I saw how Michael Hardinger is appearing as a friend, but with his photo being made “invisible” (!), and he is NOT included in the number of 130 friends, so this is really the same as saying “he is there, but still he is not there” (!), and this is how it is with the last part of the spirit of my father inside of solid darkness, he is there but still he is not there (divided into pieces), and I do understand that Michael Hardinger is being used as a symbol of whether or not I will be able to save this last part of my inner self, and the day when he will show up again, I will have succeeded!

  • And when you look at the other list of Facebook friends in alphabetical order, it should show the same friends as the first list, but as you can see, in this list, Michael Hardinger is not included, and yes how “strange” does it get (?), and nothing more strange than this, this is simply spiritual darkness working because of the darkness I am facing these days.

  • Søren brought a link to a ”new case” in Denmark about the Intelligence Service deleting old personal information, which he decided to describe with the words “wam-bam” now with two left-wing political parties fighting making Søren declare to me “God, I love politics”, and do you really, Søren, because this is the worst I know of together with the media misleading people (!), and what is this about (?), and yes we know the words “wam-bam”, which to me being “crazy” about music, is “wig wam bam” by the Sweet, thus saying that this darkness of Danish politicians and here also the Intelligence Service fighting each other is bringing me darkness, and yes of the kind bringing “sweet” to children, and you know, sexual abuse of children, this is what these politicians do with their WRONG behaviour, and you should by now know the consequences of what you do (?), but still it is “impossible” for you to hold back because you simply love to fight each other the same way as primitive animals do?

  • And Søren continued to be ”excited” when bringing the next ”breaking news”, which was that it was the previous red government asking to remove files of red politicians and yes it truly made a very large “BAAAAAAMMMMMM” (!) for Søren, and yes MUCH SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD because of the extreme darkness of the last solid darkness inside of me and yes people showing poor behaviour, and isn’t politics (of the Devil) simply “loving”, Søren (?), and yes at the end it will become “wham bam thank you maam (!), when I will stand forward as my new self.

  • The other day I bought wiener schnitzels at a price I could afford at the Aldi Supermarket, and today Dan brought me the attention of Fritzl – you do remember the story of Fritzl and his daughter, Elisabeth, and how this is also related to me with Fritzl being another part of me (?) – and here the story is a restaurant which is not allowed to call a schnitzel for Frtizl, and yes this was a symbol linking me to Fritzl.

  • A couple of days ago, Helena posted a message including a “not nice” word of the private parts of a man, which she had used when playing Wordfeud, but she has not deleted this message again, which was another symbol of the strength of darkness in relation to using Helena as the Devil in disguise of my “old nightmare”, and here is more about Helena “dressing up” in a “yummy dress”, which makes some of the men “very interested” in her, and yes more of the same drawer really, and that is in relation to me and my nightmare.

  • My old colleague Vivi from Fair said that it is a catastrophe that James Bond is selling out because of a miserable commercial agreement, which will make him drink beer instead of Martini, and 007 is a symbol of me, and when I drink beer, it says that I will be forced to take in darkness, and NEVER my friends and this time never say never will NEVER be used, I will NOT accept it.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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