April 8, 2012: Finishing the rebuild of the last part of Old God and automatic creation of endless New World’s


Summary of the script today

6th April: My mother brings energy to materialise the last part of Old God making only one or an endless line of New Worlds

  • Dreaming of receiving much new work, which is “impossible” to do and to spread before tomorrow.
  • I almost did not sleep and received some information NOT to use nicotine chewing gums when stopping to smoke, I am no one, do not exist but I am the missing link of history binding everything together, I was asked to finalise my scrip of yesterday, which was “impossible” to do and going to bring me much sufferings, the game we are going through now is for my mother to being able to control her negative feelings about my decision to publish information about her gifts to me, which she truly does NOT like at all, this is to bring energy to materialise dust of the darkness of the man the most inner of myself, this is about “take it or leave it” when it comes to bringing the last part of my inner self alive (making only one or an endless line of new worlds) before we will “test the work foetus position”.
  • I worked all night long to finish and publish my script of yesterday again and again feeling like falling into unconsciousness, i.e. to die, but faith kept me going, alive and made me do this work, my most difficult script ever to write and publish, which was required for me to bring energy for this rescue operation bringing the destroyed last part of Old God alive.
  • Dreaming of the MP Søren Espersen working on a speech and darkness planning to do an attack on me.
  • I truly don’t like to write the scripts about my mother these days, but I only want to tell the truth, which should be acceptable, and when speaking to her on the phone, I told her that this is what I have done, which did not make her happy, but she accepted it, and I can still look for a new bicycle, however now at a lower price.

7th April: Finishing the rebuild of the last part of Old God and the automatic creation of endless New World’s

  • Dreaming of having rebuilt the last part of Old God not knowing if the code of life is in the right order.
  • Instead of entering our New World on the other side now, I decided to test the rebuilt of the last part of Old God before ovulation, which included seeing his new, beautiful room for the first time and to correct some errors.
  • Later I was told that “there is nothing better than this” and “now it is only a matter of how much we can amplify it” meaning that the greatest force of me inside of the smallest hole of my last castle should be saved by now, thus also our endless New Worlds.
  • I was happy receiving a new email from Meshack wishing me a good Easter Holiday and telling me that he and his family are doing “okay” – despite of skyrocketing prices in Kenya. I told him how much I am looking forward to welcoming LTO on a visit here as part of our coming normal life, reunion and continued collaboration. And we shared our heartfelt thanks for mutual support – money and faith/friendship.
  • I was happy to see my mother and John again this evening after my mother has accepted me to be open about gifts, and we watched the VERY BEAUTIFUL 25th anniversary concert of the musical Les Miserables, which during the highlights of the 4-5 most beautiful songs simply was breathtaking giving both my mother, John and I the deepest feelings, which is what was needed to “bring him home”, which is the final part of Old God inside of me after resurrection/rebuild.
  • Short stories of prisons today deteriorating inmates instead of TRULY helping to bring people back to life with new hope and motivation, Coca Cola Zero and thousands of products including a dangerous substance and Helena became “pale” when Søren Pind threatened her to become a story of the gossip magazine “Se of Hør” – you ain’t seen nothing yet, Helena (!), Helena was inspired to address her “dear mother in Heaven” being “another part of the spirit of my mother”, politicians of Denmark decided in the 1990’s to delete “sensitive” intelligence information of like-minded politicians – but still EVERYTHING will be brought to the knowledge of the world of this and other “deleted information” of the world, Naser Khader brings holiday pictures of historical places in relation to Jesus and maybe he will take some pictures in Denmark and bring information of a new birth (?) and the Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal tries to save his political life as part of the game with his and many other’s true wish for me to wake up to wake up the world.

8th April: I am connected with Prince William at the Source (via Prince Charles) and he is connected with Princess Diana

  • Dreaming of David Trads and others knowing about who I am, darkness fed by the Commune and my mother (!) wanting me to destroy life, but I use this darkness to clean the floor or our New Worlds of endless life, darkness tries to seek me up, but it is likely not to succeed, I keep on bringing love to the world despite of darkness wanting me to do the opposite, a special relation between Prince William and I brought via Prince Charles and I am looking very much forward to end my “nightmare of creation”, thus also my sufferings.
  • I received confirmation that we have now created ”endless life of energy as we hoped”, where “my life is your life”. “We are now all made by the most unique and pure substance inside of there”. We received the most valuable gold tooth of the pawnshop (the last part of my inner self) just before closing time. All New Worlds are now connected as “islands in the stream” where “we rely on each other”.
  • I met Prince William at the deepest inside of the Source, we are connected here and also in physical life through his father Prince Charles, and I was shown how Prince William is connected to his late mother, Princess Diana, who is yet another part of the spirit of my mother. If I did not make my journey, Prince William would have been the best alternative to take over from me.
  • Dreaming of Brian A. searching for the answers, which my scripts bring him (if only he wanted to read and understand), the MP Søren Espersen having less energy also relaxing when working and I am about to put on a new roof of our New World ending the creation of our house of our New World.
  • I was told that “this is simply about the completion of the assembly of the two halves of the world, which we now will put the roof on”, which is after “we have now tested everything, there are no errors in the new code”.
  • Short stories of the Church Minister not being “able” to communicate with the church and also NOT being “able” to tell the truth about God blessing all people including homosexuals, I was happy receiving hearts of love from Käte and Jette, so I am not all alone after all, Pastors of the Danish church believing the Easter made them tired/exhausted (!), Jimmy has started feeling our new “parallel Universes” in meditation (!), the MP Nicolai Wammen is a good ambassador for me :-), Helena represents darkness still not “protecting my basis human rights” and I still believe that NGO’s of Geneva are tools of darkness!


6th April: My mother brings energy to materialise the last part of Old God making only one or an endless line of New Worlds

Dreaming of receiving much new work, which is “impossible” to do and to spread before tomorrow.

I went to bed at 22.45 yesterday, but had extreme difficulties falling asleep and I knew this was sufferings coming to me because of John’s treatment, and apparently I received a little sleep because I had this dream:

  • I have a few days off work but am called to work as a temp for another work at a office, where the other employees are off too, so I am the only one who has to print out and fly 15-20.000 member leaves tomorrow, which is “impossible” to make because of lack of time, so we will see what I will be able to do. A female supermodel receives a business card from the owner of the model agency about a “hot male model”, whom she is very interested in.
    • This is simply to say that “much work” is coming, which is really about doing more scripts within a short period of time and to spread these to the world, and “we will see what I will be able to do”, is my attitude to be “relaxed” doing my best without “losing it” and being satisfied with this no matter what – and the female model being very interested in the male model is you know still about the threat of my “old nightmare”.

My mother brings energy to materialise the last part of Old God making only one or an endless line of New Worlds

The clock was here 00.30 and I was utterly and completely destroyed just wanting to sleep – almost at any price (!) – but I started receiving some information being half awake, and would I ignore this wanting to sleep, or would I go against my extreme tiredness and disgust doing more work because it was required to do (?), and yes “I can only do my best” came to me herewith deciding to do just this, and this is how I started write down some information I received, in the beginning pretty confusing:

Today is the lesson of the true analogue world” was the first I was told, which I understood was about my original self inside of me.

Still half awake I was told “the story 1968 of the 2 year old girl without a culture” and “without a culture” were the key words because I was given another VERY CLEAR old dream – maybe 10 to 15 years old – where I was driving around in USA, and this was because I told mother/John and Bettina/Søren yesterday that I very much like different cultures of Europe when going from one country (or region) to another instead of USA where you have a large area with the same language and “burger- culture”, which I know may not be entirely true, but I do believe you will agree that USA do not offer the same variation in culture as you see in Europe (?), and this is really my point, variation brings quality of life for everyone.

I was shown a large number of nicotine chewing gums, and I felt the Formel B restaurant in Copenhagen – and just saying that nicotine chewing gums, plaster etc. is NOT a good idea to use to stop smoking, because this is just going from one addiction to another. There is one way, and that is called a “cold turkey”, which is really the best and fastest way to get out of addiction, as I did my self in 2009.

I was shown an empty dark ferry and a chair being placed “all the way out there to the right of the ferry” where I will be placed as the mate.

I was told “you are like the missing link of an orchestra/history, you are no one, do not exist and you bind all of this together, which lacks and now you stand in front of this task” and I was asked to stay awake the whole night writing and publishing my script of “yesterday”, and to stay up “tomorrow” – i.e. today – as long as possible, and I decided that I would continue to take notes until 01.00 at bed knowing that I also had much to write on my script of yesterday.

I was told that doing this work is “to avoid a tour on hospital next week” and also “because the family is now starting the chain saw” and I did not know if this was true or just a threat – but lying here being “destroyed”, it felt as if it could be right and it was NOT very comfortable to hear – and I was asked “what do you choose” (?), and yes I chose to do my best not to be afraid of anything and that is no matter what – and when writing these lines now today at 17.55, I am given much heart burn too and still “indications of the cough” because of John, which however has not (yet) come all the way through.

Something about “I have always done this” and I was shown water rising inside of an IRMA supermarket (i.e. my sufferings of what I was about to do), and I was told that I have prepared this game perfectly today by asking my mother to control her negative feelings yesterday, which is the foundation of this “game”.

I was shown “my right shoe only” thinking “where is the last part of me” and I was told that I need a powerful reaction of the family to wake me up, and also “you tell (your mother) that this is only about small things, but it is projected up as Jerusalem’s confusion in her mind” (the thing about being open of her gifts to me and that is because of her strong feelings you know).

I was shown two men playing a white and black piano next to each other and next to the wood, and they are about to start a fight about which piano to play and I understood that this fight will determine what the last part of my inner self will become.

I received yet another old dream about being at the offices of Coloplast – my mother’s old employer – and I was told that this is about pride of my mother (“don’t tell John and others about my gifts, they are NOT to know”!) as it also was when my mother did not have one single day of sickness when working for Coloplast for more than 20 years, also receive a prize.

I heard darkness asking “how do you stop this” (?) witnessing that light is now activating my “atomic bomb” of my mother against me with power once again in order to bring energy to materialise dust of the darkness of the man to the right of me as I was shown.

I was shown and told that this is like a row of cash dispensers (i.e. energy), which were stolen and stamped to bits and pieces (by darkness), which are to be recreated, and this work can only be done with me being tired.

I was shown beautiful nature of mountains, which was what Bettina said yesterday when speaking of USA, and I was told that she now knows that I was not crazy as my mother said, but “the wisest man in the world, she feels, because even Søren understands, values and acknowledges me like no one else”, and I understood that meeting Bettina and Søren yesterday was also important and “good that I did not cancel dinner because of tiredness”.

I was shown my self – the last part of my old self – as the inside of the ferry, which now will be send up flying to make it land ashore.

I was told that “time is now so late so this attempt has to be done, take it or leave it” and I said “take it”.

I was told that the now previous President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, is also part of this, and I saw how he has been placed outermost on the right wing of the plane (i.e. “of suffering” after he had to resign as President in February 2012) – and I remembered a posting from the MP Lykke Friis in February who visited the President together with Søren Pind in 2010 saying after his resignation that “he will be missed”.

The president of Maldives until February 2012, Mohamed
Nasheed, “will be missed”. He is also part of “my movement”
taking on sufferings after he was forced to resign

For a long time I have been given the name ”Mrs. Madsen”, who used to be my Danish teacher for one year only in the 9th grade I believe, and she was very strict giving me low marks not understanding my skills (!) – but also because I was too in-going – and I was given her name here again and told that “a dictatorial teacher is teaching me”, and yes the one keeping me awake asking me to do hard work once again, and I was told “hereafter we will test the work foetus position”, which you know is about the final birth of my new self.

I was told that “this is the difference between bringing one or the rest of the shopping trolleys, which will disappear” (if I fail), and this was a “threat” of losing all new endless worlds if I cannot save the last part of my inner self, and was this a threat of darkness in order to bring energy out of me (?), and I don’t know, but this is what I do believe it is.

And I was told “because the dark Lamborghini does not stop when it has started, which is why you have to control this game, not vice versa”, so will I be met by an “eruption” or can we control the darkness continuing for it to pour in in a steady flow?

I was told again about my mother’s attitude, which is that she believes that I have not deserved to go through the sufferings I go through, but it is her own negative feelings bringing fuel to much of my sufferings, which will now start again as I was told.

Working all night long constantly about to fall into unconsciousness, i.e. to die, but faith made me come through

During the night writing my script of yesterday I was shown the castle of my deep inner self and told that only if I come through this, all of our new endless worlds will become real, which is really to put on maximum amount of pressure on me, because I am fighting to be able to finish writing and publish my script of “yesterday” before I will fall over because of tiredness, and I am thinking and hoping that I am right that if I fail, energy will be brought from the Universe sacrificing to make the plan of endless New Worlds come through no matter what, and yes this is what I do believe is the case, and yes quite strong heartburn given to me is part of doing this work.

I was shown myself running on old fashioned roller skates and a barbell being removed and I was told that “a big bite has already been eaten from the apple”, i.e. our New World.

When I was close to finish my script early in the morning, I was given the strongest smell of pipe tobacco – darkness at its strongest against me – and a little later, when I was minutes from doing the “impossible publishing”, the worst of all I have ever written, I received the nicest and strongest smell of a bakery baking cookies, which you know means “creation”, so we are still on the road.

During the night I had to overcome “falling down”, which is really being closer to fainting and dying than ever before – again and again and again constantly – and that is the same as dying, but faith held me up again.

For a couple of days, I have heard a few times how a sentence has tried to be spoken starting with “you are charged with ….”, and the sentence was never spoken out, and this morning I felt that it was darkness wanting to finish it by saying “and you are sentenced to death” (as my old self), and no my friends, this is STILL not how we play here – no “eruptions” coming here giving me a one way ticket to death, but control over darkness bringing us all an eternal ticket of life.

At 06.30 this morning I published my script of yesterday, and I was as mentioned more broken down by work than at any time before, this was the hardest of them all, and I also decided to send this promised email to Søren and Bettina giving them the links to download Spotify and to find my playlists, and I also brought them the link to my script of yesterday about what makes happiness and yes “you can probably write a book too about relationships, Søren” (?) as I asked him with inspiration yesterday, and he believed that he could, and Bettina had some comments about this, and yes I wonder if my little recipe here is what they can use in their own relationship – and here is the email I sent:

Dreaming of the MP Søren Espersen working on a speech and darkness planning to do an attack on me

After this I had to try to stay awake as long as possible “to do my best”, and the foundation was that it was impossible to keep awake after finishing my script of yesterday, but with the greatest difficulties, I continued to stay awake until 11.05 going through MUCH pain (including to fight darkness constantly trying to make me shut the door when saying “you are not welcome”) before I gave in deciding to get some sleep, and I “slept” until 14.15 making me somewhat less destroyed when waking up so I could continue also writing the script of today, and I had a few dreams:

  • The MP Søren Espersen is working on a speech for a project organisation working professionally despite of poor working conditions, and I see myself sitting inside of the closet.
    • Søren receives inspiration from the man sitting inside the closet, which you know is me inside the “toolbox of God”, i.e. God self.
  • I am the manager at work not getting as much work done as I would like because I am tired. I am told by employees that two previous employees have now started working for a correspondence column of the newspaper Ekstra Bladet, and it is only a question of time before they will start writing negatively on insurance cases of our company, which they have worked on themselves. My old friend Henning W. is about to resign and leave, and before he leaves, I ask to talk to him, and he tells me that he is unhappy with me because I have not given him the allowances he was entitled to. I fear myself to become dismissed because I have not worked hard enough.
    • This is about darkness planning an attack on me, and did I not work hard enough all night to do my script of yesterday (?), and I can only say “I did my best”, and it does NOT get any better than this, and when this attitude, I can only be happy with what I done, so darkness, come on and get me if you can (!), and I don’t believe you have what it takes to shake or even destruct the last part of my inner self, and yes we will see what parts of this game is true, but I have NO intention to lose or to give up, and when this is the case, I normally come through, which we will probably do on this one too.

My mother accepts me to write the truth about her gifts, which she will now reduce

When I woke up, I again had the feeling, which I did not write yesterday, which is that I do not like writing these scripts at all (about my mother) and the “complications” I am drawn into because of her and John, and yes all I wish is for everyone to have good relations and simply speak the truth, which is so much easier than what I see here once again, and how happy I would be for people including my mother and John simply saying “you are absolutely right, this is simple logic to understand, and of course we support you” and yes I have not heard this so far!

I was asked by darkness “can we destruct the remaining information” (?), and the only answer I could do was “no, you do not have the freedom to do this”, so this was an example of darkness not having freedom after all, and we know I make it do the opposite of what darkness wants to do because of what mankind feeds it with, and this is also to take away its freedom, and it cannot be differently, because I am the one deciding the road, and the road says 100,00% light everywhere, and that includes everything inside of you of this solid darkness.

My mother called me telling me that she has seen a fine used mountain bike of 750 DKK on the Internet, and I decided to tell her that I will not accept receiving this gift if I cannot speak and write openly about it, and I told her about my writings of the truth of our tour to Sweden yesterday, which I could see that she had not seen before calling (and after the call it did not take her long to open and read my script of yesterday) and also that “you will have to decide if you want to give me less gifts now”, which she told me that she indeed may decide to do (!) and that is as she said because John wants to give all children the same, which I told her was wrong because we do not have the same (the other children are well off!), and even though my mother truly did not like my writings of the truth at all – “it is not of interest to other people” (!) – she finally accepted me to write this in open, and also that I can still look at a new bicycle, but now the maximum amount is 750 DKK (!), and we still have an agreement tomorrow evening, and apparently it was darkness “beating the drum” yesterday warning me about the worst to come, but when you say as you did here that you do understand why she has done as she has (giving me gifts in secret) because of John and that you know she only shows her big heart when giving gifts, it is easier for her to understand and yes I asked her to tell me if she also understands me wanting to tell the truth, which she did not answer – as most people have NOT done during my journey – but she accepted it, and yes we are on the road again, Finn and Jacob – and Willie too, and I was told that my mother’s acceptance hereof was a condition :-).

I was shown and told that darkness wants to get underneath the bread (creation of this last part of me) of the bread basket to destroy it from there – and yes my reaction was “it will not be permitted to do this”, so I am (hoping that I am) removing the freedom of darkness telling if NOT to carry out its plans, I am dismantling it when changing it into light – and I am still hoping for no sudden eruptions coming later, and we will see.

Just writing the script of today feeling as I do was almost as hard and disgusting as yesterday with throw up feelings, and at dinner time, I had written the draft of it, but after dinner I was simply too tired to continue doing the edit and summary of it.

For a couple of days, I have been given the vision of my old colleague at GEFI, Liselotte, who was a very ingoing and inhibited woman not being able to express her feelings/views, which made me sad to see also imagining the sufferings this brought her, but she will probably show her true self in the future :-).

I was shown the town hall of Copenhagen with a focus of it being inspired by the town hall of Siena, Italy, and I was told the name of Dario Campeotto, which I have been given for days (an Italian singer living and being famous in Denmark, who has a love for “the best cars” symbolising the best New World), and I was told that I have not been given these Italian symbols just for fun because this is where we are headed, which is towards joy and happiness as Italy means to me.

I felt Whitney Houston with me to my right telling me that “it was not that bad to be married to Bobby Brown, it is first when you are dead that you can see it”, and I understood that this was in relation to the much cocaine, Whitney still took at the moment of her death, and that this is because of poor influence from Bobby Brown, which Whitney was not strong enough to resist.

I felt how two strong hands grabbed my lower legs as if saying “we have him”, and around 21.00 I was INCREDIBLE tired again, and I kept fighting my tiredness until 22.20, when I finally went to bed.

Ending the day with this short story only:

  • The website http://heltnormalt.dk/ of Mikael Wulff asked the question below “when do you discover spelling mistakes in an email” (?) with the blue part of the circle covering 98% of it saying “right after you have sent it” and the last 2% “before you send it”, and inspired this was because this has been my thought often when I have sent emails or postings/replies on Facebook, where I have NOT been good enough reading and editing before publishing bringing various mistakes/spelling errors as the result, which TRULY annoys me, and “tiredness” is often my excuse, but still it is NOT good enough – do better, Stig (!) and the world!


7th April: Finishing the rebuild of the last part of Old God and the automatic creation of endless New World’s

Dreaming of having rebuilt the last part of Old God not knowing if his code of life has been made right

I was allowed to sleep from 22.20 to 03.45 this night including this dream:

  • I have started working at a new office, where Anders Fogh uses me to read and edit a long report, he has made, and I am sad that he misuses me not using my true skills, but because I am new, I tell him “I can learn much from you”, which I believe I can, but I don’t tell him that I believe he can learn much from me too, and he shows me spelling errors in the report, which I did not see when editing it. I am now going through the report with someone else, it feels like Anders Fogh has transformed into Lars G’s friend Lars L., and I show him an illogical order of page numbers in a paragraph and ask him if this is truly the right order, which it may be or may not be, and it makes him think that we will control this before sending out the report. I was told that a large number of paper talons with answers will return tomorrow and be delivered by a truck, which will unload the talons into a sorting plant, which will distribute the talons according to answer. I am together with two men and a very sexy dressed lady, which makes the two men bring sexual comments to her, which she likes to hear, and we are going to replace the sorting plant with a new, which will bring us some answers now and we will receive the rest tomorrow, and the first information it gives is that it seems as if we will receive two identical answers, which we will have to save with the same file names calling them version 1 and version 2.
    • This new report – maybe about 100 pages – is the result of the rebuild of the last part of my inner self, which apparently was not easy to do because in which order do we place all of the lose pieces found everywhere inside of this room of darkness (?), and the first answer is that it seems that the code is fine and when receiving two identical answers, is this to say that we have made a copy to be sure (?) – and the sexy dressed lady is of course a threat of my “old nightmare”, and also a message not to become “disturbed” in the future at work because of sexual temptations. When I woke up from the dream, I also received the words “you will be beaten up”, which may be what darkness wants to do.

Testing the rebuilt of the last part of Old God before ovulation and seeing his new, beautiful room for the first time

During the night/morning I was told that there is a chance that the information (rebuilding of last part of Old God) will keep and a risk that it will not, and later I was told “this is about what will be sent to Heaven and to Hell”, and I said “no, nothing will be sent to Hell no matter what” and that is to go for 100% when it comes to the right code of life, and come back if you cannot and we will go for the second best, but “everything do mean everything to be sent to Heaven with nothing to go to Hell”.

I was asked if we can open the door (to the other side) now, and I said “no, I want you to test everything to be 100 percent sure that every little thing works 100% perfectly” and that is because there is no road back when we first have left this room, so therefore we will stay here as long as it takes to get the ONLY 100,00% right solution and if necessary to do the work over and over and over again, and again I was told that we are only here because my mother decided to accept my decision to being open and still for me to find a new cycle symbolising our new and better means of transport of the future.

Later I was shown a little of a large and new, beautiful room after it has been refurbished, and I was told “this is where I live”, and I was told that the only road forward to this room was for me NOT to accept the darkness of my mother wanting to keep things a secret.

I started doing the edit and summary of my script of yesterday at 05.00, which I finalised at 06.25, and I was told that when I was doing this work, tests of our new creation was carried out – and I had the feeling of some nervousness because it is not nice to not know what apparently is crucial for a whole line of endless New Worlds, if it works or not, but as long as I keep working, the chances are that we will get it to work eventually.

At 06.00 my monitor kept blinking for seconds and I was told “this does not work” and I could only say “alright, please carry on until it will work”.

Later I was told “caterpillar” and asked if it was alright for darkness to return to the rocket of NASA (?), and my dear friends, the light will give you the answer, and the answer is that everything of you will become light giving you the cure from this dark rocket of NASA, and yes we will do this 100%, so therefore you will get this 100% song from the Cure being one of many favourite songs of this favourite band of mine.

I was told that the spirit of my mother is about to have ovulation, which will have to be giving re-birth to this my most inner self after recreation.

There is nothing better than this” and “now it is only a matter of how much we can amplify it

I was told “Fender Stratocaster” (a famous guitar) and “there is nothing better than this”, and this was the result of testing and I was told that this is because of my feeling of being happy with my work etc. not missing anything.

At 08.40 when I was looking at sales ad’s for mountain bikes and reading/understanding what is the right cycle frame size for me, I was told and shown that “we are now only cleaning up” and I saw that it was “tools of darkness” being cleaned up.

At 09.35 I was told “now it is only a matter of how much we can amplify it”, i.e. my deep inner self.

I was told that I could have decided to make some die in order to make other live, but I would not hear of it, and later that if I had decided to sacrifice life on my journey, the world would have seen it the same way with crowds of people falling over dead (“no life code”, i.e. eliminated) as dead birds fell down from the sky,

I was told “it will be impossible to believe that you have swallowed the whole whale yourself” and I was given an old favourite song, car wash, which here is about cleaning the world from darkness.

I was told that the force of Hell seeks me everywhere, and I felt the power of it as I do most of the time, and I was given loud hiccups and told that this is why sacrifices of the Universe were necessary, and also that my sister has been switched on as the Source letting out darkness until the end, where she sends it and I receive.

I was shown a small castle difficult to find – the castle we have been working on for weeks now – and now to open the smallest hole of the castle, and again I was told that “the smallest insurance company contains the greatest force of all”, which is the “original being/creation”.

I was so tired after having looked through all relevant bicycle ad’s – both physically and mentally – that I had throw-up feelings just thinking of continuing, and I decided to take a break thinking that I will follow up on which cycle to buy – or to repair my own old bicycle (another bicycle than the one from John, and yes the one with the broken back wheel from 2010 in Lyngby) as I agreed with my mother when speaking to her – later in the day and maybe even tomorrow instead.

I took a nap of maybe one hour and I woke up to Kajagoogoo’s “Oh to be ah (jetsetter)”, which I liked much in the beginning of the 1980’s and here it was simply “to be” and “jetsetter” could be the jet of darkness I have given to all New World’s as the life brining action.

I felt the yellow of the spirit of my mother around me – sometimes it is silver and both colours do you know – and I saw myself lying down with darkness now only being part of me with everything around me being yellow and I was told “in practise this is what remains” meaning that we have cleaned the castle and the small hole of the last part of my inner self, and still I received the strongest sexual speech and approaches, which I could only say “no thank you, I have decided NOT to accept this”, and this is really all it takes, you just have to believe in it.

I watched TV during the afternoon really needing to relax and was given some pressure to finish the task of the bicycle, which may be connected to doing the last finish of the task of getting my new “means of transport” to work, however I only see this as a symbolic act, and it will be tomorrow that I will follow up on this.

I had the feeling that now this last part of me is also in place – thinking that I have not yet received the final feedback, which is first tomorrow (?) – and that I am “done”, but I told my self “be careful not to believe you are done, because there is still several months until December” (and I have seen new tasks coming to me with “surprise” many times before, which just might happen again), and that is if December 2012 indeed is the true end of my journey together with the end of time (according to the Mayans it is), and that is if I decide not to end my journey before or simply has ended the journey because there is nothing more to do, so we will see.

I was given the song ”sitting in a room” by Hotel Hunger and the lyrics “come on baby baby help me to forget, come on baby baby cause you ain’t seen nothing yet” and I was asked if I want to improve my own and everybody else’s memory as the next task, which I accepted not knowing if this is indeed needed because we have saved “everything”, but if it is, it is fine by me :-).

Meshack and family is doing “okay” – and we share our heartfelt thanks for mutual support

I was VERY happy to receive a new email from Meshack also this month making me feel closer to him and his family again – thank you very much for writing, Meshack :-).

I am happy to hear that you are “okay with your family”, and let me tell you that these days, I do not go through one day without thinking of the day where we will reunite, and where I will show you life as it is here – “I will also show this to LTO” is a common thought here – to bring smiles back on your lips also because of receiving a better life in a material sense and simply for us to reunite.

And I do look forward to the day when both climate and prices of commodities will be “normal” making everyone receive a normal life, which will come as part of our New World, and until then, I can also only hope for the best, Meshack, without knowing what will happen. Also thanks very much for the information on John. It really makes me sad not to be hearing from him, because I think that he and his family may be so low and suffering so much that he cannot write me, but then I see that he communicates with others, and it makes me wonder if he has lost faith in me, and then again, if this is simply what laziness does to a man having the whole day to do nothing, which makes him do nothing as the result (?) not only making himself but also me suffer as the result. This is what lack of communication also does.

Thank you for your thoughts about the even less fortunate than you, and also for your Easter Greetings, which I return to you and your family including my heartfelt thanks for your continued support without which I could not make this journey of mine to save the world and bring my new self alive.

Take care my friend and all the best to your family and friends :-). I do hope you are doing okay also with accommodation (?), and I am thinking of your newborn and all of your children, any news of what happened to them?

Later: I felt very physically how I received “the strong feeling of the spirit of Meshack coming to me” because of his email, which I felt made myself even stronger, and this is what communication and positive thoughts do to people, so this is also what I do to you, your family, children and LTO. This is ALSO why communication is very good.

Here is his email:

Good Easter Holiday

Hi there, my sincere hope that you are doing well apart from that small misunderstanding with the guys who were repairing your bicycle. Am okay with my family and they have told me to say hi to you. Rains have started here and it is our prayer that they will continue to be a blessing for our country which has seen prices of basic commodities skyrocketting beyond the reach of common man. The issue of John has been a thorny to us and i keep wondering why he should always be pushed to write to a friend but we will still try our best and lift him up. Thanks for your continued support to us and i pray to God to add more blessings upon you so that we can all be able to help the less fortunate in the community.

Lastly, i take this opportunity to wish you a good Easter as we wait for the resurection of our saviour Jesus Christ.

  Be blessed

The deepest feelings of my mother, John and I when watching Les Miserables helped to “bring him home”, i.e. Old God

This evening I was happy visiting my mother and John again, and especially happy that my openness about the gifts of my mother did not bring any negative consequences, which I would like to thank both my mother and John for, which is really to be able to “control negative feelings” :-).

During the fine dinner, where we had a very well tasting lamb because of the Easter, I felt an “incredible happiness” just outside the prison of darkness I am still inside, and I had to continue saying that you are “heartfelt welcome”, which is for the New World to approach the darkness of me, which is absorbed/transformed to light at the same time and I felt that the New World is arriving really around the bones of me, this was the feeling.

I was told that extreme negative thoughts and contempt of Karen to me made me receive her extreme feelings “asking” me to think the same of my mother, which was “life dangerous” to the world, and I have been fighting this feeling of darkness coming so strongly and directly to me for years now knowing that it is WRONG, and yes THOUSANDS of times having to do the opposite of what was given to me without falling in even once and we know this is only a little part of the total story, but not an unimportant part, because the extreme opposites – negative and positive – is what brought energy helping to save the world.

After dinner we watched most of the almost three hours long 25th anniversary concert of the musical Les Miserables, which my mother and John had borrowed from their neighbour (on DVD), and this was the first time ever I watched this “one of the most popular musicals of all time” after having known the music since the 1980’s (do you remember Dorte, from Danske Bank Rådhusplads Branch, how you were kind buying this CD to me in London?), and what an INCREDIBLE show and performance it was, and it made me say that “this experience is as great to me as the opera Madame Butterfly” and we know it does NOT get any better than this and I was thinking that this ranks on top together with the best of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story.

And when we watched some of the best songs – I Dream A Dream, One Day More, On my own, Bring him home etc. – song and played as beautifully as it gets together with a breath taking stage show of hundreds of people including costumes, the choir and light show – it made a great impression on all of us, and I was very HAPPY that John was also watching the show so we had this experience together, and to me, this was about leaving the prison of our old lives to make a new tomorrow bringing a New World and better life for all of us, and the musical highlight came with the performance of “Bring him home”, which left us all amazed, this is some of the best music and show I have EVER watched, it is world class, and my mother and John felt the same.

And “bring him home” was to me this evening to bring home the original part of old God inside of me after resurrection/rebuild, and during the show I was shown how one painting after the other (of New Worlds) have now been created, and later I was told that incredible positive feelings of the Trinity through my mother, John and I made the ovulation of the spirit of my mother, thus the creation of this part of me together with all New Worlds, this was what this was about :-).

I was told that the risk is now that if I give in to darkness, these paintings can be destroyed or alternatively “a part of me will be sacrificed” to save all of our New Worlds, and I was given the understanding that this is what will happen if negative speech or sexual temptations of darkness overtakes me, and “a part of me” will be to sacrifice life of this world, which will die/dissolve – just as the dead birds falling down from the sky – if I am not strong enough, but I have no plans to come into this situation, so let us continue with “one more day” of my journey to see where it will take me and all of us, and one more day it is then :-). And later I was given the active thought “is this really true”, because we have an old system “saving” everything we do, so I do believe I can say that with this creation, our most fantastic scenario of a New World should be safe.

I was happy to see that my mother’s finger has now also recovered and is without inflammation, which is really to say that we are indeed saving every little thing of what was and what could have been created.

I still received darkness and negativity during the evening, which was not strong at the beginning, but it became stronger where I had to continue opposing what darkness wants including to stop the New World arriving and also for me to decide on doing “this or that” as part of my journey, which is truly a daily issue here, but I keep deciding “let the light decide because I don’t know” and still, if I did not do this, I would NEVER have made it to here.

I was home at 22.20, and I felt how strong darkness still puts a pressure on me when it comes to me from the right bringing me physical displeasure (feeling “warm” inside) and a desire to make me swear and shout out negative words, so I wonder what can now be inside of this darkness when we have saved the last part of what could ever be made (?) – and yes a good question it is, and this is a part of the game itself now giving me strong desire to stop the game because we are finished, aren’t we (?), and no, I have to be patient seeing what will come now over the coming days, and “as long as there is darkness, we are NOT finished”, this is how it still is here, and I will give in to NO pressure, which is coming to me from the outside world, and here I received Villy Søvndal as an example bringing me this wrong desire.

At 23.40 I decided to go to sleep and I was told ”it doesn’t get any easier from here, just so you know”, and yes thank you for telling me, and it was both nice to know and then again it was not, but “patience” is the name of my game accepting more sufferings to come to me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The other day, I watched part four of ”restaurant behind bars” below, which is the TV programme on DR1, which the famous chef in Denmark, Claus Meyer, runs in order to help resocializing inmates, and he is looking for passion and enthusiasm in people (as I do too), and it stroke me to see first of all the hard climate in prison with people thinking of themselves instead of working together, NO UPBRINGING PROGRAMMES, which is VERY MUCH needed to teach inmates of proper behaviour (!!!) and then how “impossible” it is for the inmate Steen in this chapter to mobilise passion (even though he wants too) after having rotten up inside of prison for years only bringing him lower and lower removing both hope, values and dreams instead of doing what is right to do by truly HELPING people by understanding/using them and their skills and to design a road back to life giving quality advise/work/assistance and to help people truly becoming “good people” instead of what appears to be the case today “once a criminal, always a criminal, and we don’t care, we want to hurt you because you have hurt people, and you have to learn from your punishment” (!) and that is not truly to be helped getting back to a life worth living, and yes the world has MUCH to do to help not only victims (don’t forget these too) but also criminals (who need as much human care as victims!) to get back to life back to reality through an individual and tailor-made road (!) and to motivate them to show passion and energy instead of the opposite, which is really to bring HOPE to people – and this goes not only to prisoners, but to all people all over the world today living without hope of a better life.

  • In connection with my story of Coca Cola including deliriants to make mankind “slow”, Selvet brought this information today about the Cocal Cola Zero product also contained “Aspartam”, which – according to this information – leads to brain tumours, blindness, genetic damages and much else, and this substance is included in 9,000 products all over the world including medicine for children (!), and yes “what have the world done in order to prioritize power and money” (?) is what this is about once again, and DISGUSTING it is (!) and here is the video of Aspartam mentioned by Jesper in one of the comments.

  • In one of Helena’s many Facebook postings – this one about playing with the RED pieces (of darkness) in my old favourite game “Stratego” – her friend Annette said that Helena became “pale as a test pilot” because of his April fools joke including to sell the story of Helena and him as sweethearts to the gossip-magazine “Se og Hør”, which was really more than she could bear (!), and yes as Søren says, Helena, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” (!), because you will be on the cover of most magazines all over the world, you just do not know yet!

  • And Helena and her friend Kim here shares the information, which will make her “extra interesting” to all media of the world because she was here inspired to address her “dear mother in Heaven” saying that she knows she some times speaks a “little ugly”, but she brushes her teeth, and yes it made Kim bring her one of my TRUE favourite songs by Pink Floyd/Roger Waters, which of course is “Mother” – (listen to the studio recording of this through a magnificent stereo system, and there you have it, also the symbol of the mother of our New World :-)), and yes all of this was simply to say that Helena – as Vivian, Michella and Sidsel before her – is “another part of the spirit of my mother”, so a totally new life will come to you too, “my friend” and nothing more than this.

  • Søren Pind is fighting a fight to tell how appalling it is that the Danish Intelligence Service on order of the Justice Minister in the 1990’s deleted files of the Danish cold war history including information on Danish politicians of the same “colour” – including Ole Sohn (!) – as the then Justice Minister, and apparently it is only Berlingske, which DARE to write this story in Denmark, and yes I can only repeat what I have written before to NOT destroy historical information all over the world in order to trying to protect yourself, and only WIMPS will do such a thing instead of standing forward and telling things truthfully as they were, and yes this evidence will be brought to the information of the world even thought is “does not exist” physically on Earth today, but it will be recreated and the same goes with EVERYTHING else, and I just thought you like to be reminded. Here is the link of Søren today.

  • I could not help smiling when seeing the video from GodVine below as you can see here, where a dog has messed up and it knows it, thus walking with a poor conscience to the bathroom and closing the door (!), and yes just like mankind knows that it has messed up, and so far has not “been able” to stand forward taking responsibility and showing yourself as you are instead of being selfish WIMPS.

  • The Danish Foreign Minister and chairman of the Socialist People’s Party, Villy Søvndal, is trying to save his political life as chairman with this feature article in Berlingske trying to redefine what “responsible socialism” is about, but what he and I are really looking forward to is the day where we will all wake up to a New World and new life, and until this happens, this is part of the game played by Villy.

  • Naser Khader is bringing “holiday-pictures” of historical places in relation to Jesus these days, thus also today, and I decided to thank ham for doing so and encouraged him to take pictures in Denmark telling about a new birth (!) and he did these pictures and stories as a Muslim (!) and that is even though he is a “Muslim in doubts” as you can see from the picture of his website below, which used to tell about why he is a Muslim in doubt (I believe he has now cancelled this chapter, but here it is), and it has to do with his faith in basic rights of freedom, democracy, and aversion to kill in the name of God, and here I am given the smell of “Paris buns”, which is both because of Naser’s doubts as a Muslim, and not least when returning home from my mother this evening (I write this at 23.05 and have not yet written the chapter of my visit at my mother and John this evening), and here it is to say that my mother has now laid her buns, which is to give birth to the final piece of the spirit of my father, and yes this is what the immense love of my mother this evening was about, and it is indeed unchanged even when John now knows of our plans to get a new bicycle, and yes it must be nice to get it out in the open because there is no need for secrecy. And Paris Buns are my mother’s and our old favourites, and here it is also a reference to Les Miserables, which we saw this evening, and yes there is NOTHING better than this music when we speak of musicals, and these where my deep feelings, these were my mother’s deep feelings and these were also John’s deep feelings when we watched the amazingly beautiful song “bring him home” and with these feelings from the Trinity, this is exactly what we did, bringing the final part of the spirit of my father home :-).

  • The article made the commentator David Trads say that Villy now sounds completely like the liberal Claus Hjort Frederiksen, and Alexander below says that this is “Nazism” and not socialism, and yes, “I know where you come from”, Villy (!), and Hans further below is inspired when talking about consumers and “only a matter to WAKE THEM UP” (!), and he repeats “they only had to be woken up” and Niels ends up by saying that “revivalists is what is missing”, and do you understand that this is about the wish of Villy and “many with him” for me to wake up as my new self to wake up the world and yes to save you from more sufferings, and there you have it!


8th April: I am connected with Prince William at the Source (via Prince Charles) and he is connected with Princess Diana

Dreaming of a special relation between Prince William and I through Prince Charles

As mentioned, I went to bed at 23.40 yesterday evening and at 03.20 I was woken up not being allowed to sleep any longer (!), and I received these dreams and other information making sure that I would not be unemployed neither today.

  • I did not write down this dream, but when waking up I remember a dream of being together with David Trads and others, who know who I am, and they speak to me as any other human being making me happy, and I believe it was about how to help me with getting the world to know me.
  • I live in a fantastic apartment together with two others, and I hear noise at the front door, and finally the door is breaking in, and in comes armed policemen making my roommates frightened, and they want to know “who is Stig” and demand to be shown my newspaper and gun, and I tell them that I don’t have any gun, but I see them entering my bedroom where they look through my new newspaper Politiken, which I have just started to subscribe to, and they try to find the gun inside of it, however with no luck, and I tell the policemen that I have read reports from psychiatrists on me with them being afraid that I will use guns, and I say “these are the people being raving mad, these are the people you have to check up on, you will find nothing here, unless it has been planted with me”, and my mother is also present asking me to be quiet, and I tell my mother “no, I tell the truth”, and I walk to the hall and kitchen, where I meet two policemen looking much like each other, which I tell them and I ask if they are related, which makes them smile because they are brothers and they tell me that not many can see this, and inside the kitchen I see MANY people brought by the police washing the floor and I see a large number of big refrigerators and freezers out there, and I am happy thinking “it is incredible how much room I have in this apartment with many people at this part of the apartment, and still there are also room for many people at the other part of the apartment”, and I tell the people of the kitchen to wipe the floor because otherwise it will be slippery.
    • The fantastic apartment with plenty of room is our New World, and here it is the attack from darkness coming, and they want to use the newspaper and gun – if they could find it – which are symbols of wanting to destroy life, and this darkness is brought by people misunderstanding me, and here is a reference to the official system of Denmark through Helsingør Commune still thinking that I am crazy and also “dangerous” (?), and as the dream says, you are the ones being “crazy” needing help to wake up – which is what I bring you – and it also says that when my mother wants to quiet me not going up against the darkness of the Commune, she is really working on their side against me, thus bringing me darkness and sufferings. And the dream says that it is darkness cleaning the floor of our New World, and the large number of refrigerators and freezers are “endless life of endless New Worlds”, and yes there you have it, do you understand (?) because the dream cannot be understood differently!
  • The other day I noticed that the Technical Museum in Helsingør has moved to a new address, and here I received a dream with a man asking “does the Technical Museum not lie here”, and I tell him that they have moved, and even though it is late, they are still open so they can still see the exhibition, and I notice how he eats chips, and how slow he is to understand and act.
    • I understood the museum as our New World, which is still open for creation with darkness – of this man – potentially visiting, but it is not likely because of the slowness of darkness and its misunderstanding not being able to find me.
  • I had a short dream, where I kept on playing music (i.e. love) even though the force is for me to do the opposite and I was told because of my mother’s sceptical attitude.
  • I speak to a young Prince of the United Kingdom, he is going to become married and the newspapers show his coming wife topless. The Prince listens to me even though he is busy, I feel that his father, Prince Charles, is there too, and I tell him that my “sweetheart” is Bo (from dahlberg) even though we are only friends, which is how it became. He tells me about someone, who has been measured to have the hardest kick in British football, and I tell him that they have not measured mine.
    • This will have to be about Prince William – more is to come below – and our connection through his father (after his recent visit to Helsingør), and even though I have written before that being topless for example on the beach is perfectly fine if this feels natural to you, it does NOT mean that I expect to see topless ladies everywhere in the public room, and certainly not as entertainment in newspapers like this (this is also temptations of darkness offering to use his good looking wife as a cover of my “old nightmare”!). And the special part of the dream about Bo from Dahlberg will have to be part of this story connecting the British Royal House with me with Bo being part of this connection too (Bo has a VERY strong connection to London via his work and business relations). And having the hardest kick in football will have to be about kicking through the strength of darkness, and in reality I wonder if you ever found one hitting harder to a ball than Peter Lorimer did in the 1970’s?
    • I woke up to a well-known pop song including the word “hidden”, but now I cannot find it, and it was something about “return what was hidden”, which is still about resurrecting the last part of my old self.
  • Kim S. is the CEO of our large company, and instead of thinking of me, he has decided to appoint Jan C. (from Fair) as manager of the large customer department, and he has done this because he does not believe that I can lead, but that I am a specialist, and he does it without knowing that Jan is not a good choice as a new manager because of the poor work, he does, and it makes me happy that I am going to stop working here in a few months.
    • This is still about our Old World, where I am still “trapped”, and I don’t like being here because of the injustice of darkness, but it is necessary for me to continue being here as long as there is more work to be done, and the dream simply tells about my feelings these days that I cannot wait until this “nightmare of creation” is all over, thus also my sufferings.

My life is your life” – “we are now all made by the most unique and pure substance inside of there

The time was now 03.20 as mentioned, where I was kept awake, and from here I received some information with the first being “we see what we have created, which is endless life of energy as we hoped” and I heard “my life is your life”, which I understood was to share my inner self with all life, and I was also told “we are now all made by the most unique and pure substance inside of there”.

I was told “this is the fastest object ever measured” and I was shown a small orange car in two different shapes, and I was told that we are considering the final form of the car, i.e. my inner self, and I was told “this is a little like a motorway, which never ends” and also that “it is a little like a pawnshop about to close where we received the gold tooth as the last proof/object” (just before closing time that is, Leonard :-)) and the pawnshop is saying that I have borrowed much energy of the Universe being able to do this creation.

I was given the also incredible beautiful song “on my own” from Les Miserables, which is what I still feel like being, and I was told “you are forgiven”, and this was the spirit of my mother bringing me absolution after my “risky behaviour” on the Internet the other day.

I was given the chorus of “Islands in the stream” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton – I spoke with my mother and John yesterday after seeing Kenny’s 50th anniversary show on TV, and we could not recognise Kenny now compared to 20 years ago but his voice is still the same 🙂 – and here the chorus is about all of the islands of our endless New Worlds because “that’s what we come” and that “we rely on each other” and besides from this, I have always loved Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton too even though this is not my favourite genre of music.

“Islands in the stream that is what we are, No one in between how can we be wrong?, Sail away with me to another world
And we rely on each other, uh huh, From one lover to another, uh huh”

Here they are in an older recording, where Kenny looks as he did before.

I was told that the information I received about “negative code” was real (with the risk of damaging our New World), which now have been removed with the creation of this inner part of me, and also “we are now not as tormented because of debts, but we still have a deficit, and we therefore kindly ask you to stand up to write this down for us to continue on” and when I write this, I am also told that when LTO decides to communicate with me, they bring me, thus the creation of our New World energy, as we need very much, and when they do not – as John for a long time has not done as example – they do not help with creation as they could have, so my dear friends, this is ALSO why communication is important.

I saw and was told “thank you all the way out to the first singer of light closest to the water” and this was with a reference to Les Miserables of yesterday – there were MANY good singers.

I was told “you took the highest ladder of all even without love of Mother Theresa”, which is about doing “the best creation of all” and yes more information about lack of love from Mother Theresa will probably come, and I am here thinking of the Russian lady and her husband I met on my way home in the plane from Geneva in 2009, who “could not” keep in contact with me and this because I was told that she had Mother Theresa inside of her.

I was told “we now have a number of things we need to install”, which might be true, but it might also simply be because this is what I have guessed myself as one of the coming tasks to do with our New World coming close to the bones of me now.

I was also told that ”this is the risk when dividing the world in two halves asking me to BRING IT HOME” and yes about the risk of losing this the most valuable “gold tooth” of all, but so far so good, Bryan :-).

So this was a good resurrection to bring here on this Easter Sunday now being part of my new self, and yes “the stone is gone”, Søren, as you wrote on your way to church :-).

I am connected with Prince William at the Source (via Prince Charles) and he is connected with Princess Diana

I saw myself taking a step closer to the light with the feeling “to control it”, and I felt Prince William here, and I was told “meditation” as I understood he is doing in order to come all the way inside of the centre of here and that he is also feeling me, and I saw a connection from the feet of Prince William to his late mother, Princess Diana, and I understood that the recent visit of Prince Charles to Helsingør was also to bring a connection between his Son through him to me, and even though I did not feel well enough to meet Prince Charles in the streets of Helsingør, our connection was strong enough to create a band between Prince William and I, and I was told that “Prince William was the best alternative we had to overtake your role, Stig” (if I could not continue my journey).

Prince William together with Kate – he and I are connected at the Source and now also via Prince Charles, and he is connected to his later mother Princess Diana

What is the last darkness to be used for now when there is no more “furniture” to move from the Old World?

I worked on the last part of my script of yesterday from 04.30 to 07.00 and on the script of today so far from 07.00 to 10.25 (where I received a stronger, uncomfortable cough and STRONG heartburn again because of the “treatment” of John), and yes “difficult” is still not the word, but it has to be done, and now I am as tired as yesterday where I decided that I was too tired to buy a new cycle, and yesterday I told my mother and John that today I would call on ad’s on a mountain bike, and if I find one, I am free to borrow their car this afternoon, and yes this is not meant to be easy, which it certainly is not, but then again, now I have made most of my script of today – and will have to get it published later – but most of all I will now have to fight tiredness as good as I can, but I cannot make it all through the day without a nap, and I do believe I will take a long bath first and see how I am doing afterwards, if I will make a new cycle today, or wait or even decide to get my own old cycle repaired instead, we will see.

While working I was also thinking “what is the last darkness to be used for now when there is no more “furniture” to move from the Old World” (?) and I was told this is to prepare the world for my arrival, and so far I am not given “convincing” answers about the coming tasks, and it did not help much when I was shown a kitchen now being painted white all over and then I looked up a channel where I only saw broken tree, and I was given the understanding that this is about “connecting me”, but I am not to be connected to somewhere/someone else, because I am the centre with everything/everyone connecting to me, so we will see what will truly happen from here.

I was told that all of the work I do now is “also about his father crying over him”.

Before taking a bath, I decided to publish my script so far, which I did at 11.00, because “then this is also done now” thinking that it will not become easier to do later in the day, and I had to go to my almost most extreme doing this too, and by now I can say that I will NOT buy a new cycle today, it will have to wait until I am more fresh also making sure that I take the right decision, and not the first, the best.

After publishing my script I received a taste of fine wine, and I was told “it is first now that the wine is pouring in my veins”, which will have to be the result after our new creation.

I decided to call my mother and John both to say thank you for a fine evening yesterday, and to say that I will NOT follow up on a new cycle today being this tired – to remove their expectations and potential “nervousness” waiting for me to follow up today as I told them yesterday that I would (have liked) – which is really the same as all of the times I decided that I could not run when crossing a certain limit, and I spoke to John, and he was still very enthusiastic about Les Miserables from yesterday telling me about the last 45 minutes, which I did not see before I left.

I received the beautiful song “lost in the fire” by the storm, with the very sad/negative lyrics – for example “I hope you’ll learn, The hardest way to burn” – at the same time as I was told “you are home”, and the game put on me now is “what is true” (?), and why do I receive this negativity  – reminiscence of the strongest darkness (?) as I was also suggested.

I was also told that we are on our way towards ”the absence of everything else than being”, which you know is 100% good.

When I continued saying “you are heartfelt welcome” opposing darkness wanting me to say the opposite, I saw silhouettes of “the actors” and told ”we can almost not come any closer without revealing who we are”, and if this means that we are approaching ”the end of darkness”, i.e. the real game I have set, you are as I say “heartfelt welcome”, but if there is more darkness to absorb, I am sure you will follow my wish to wait until it is all over and then it is my game “let the light decide based on my wish to absorb 100% of all darkness”.

I was told again that ”what is the smallest, is the largest”, which is about ”the smallest”, which we have just saved.

I felt my stomach rumbling and from inside of this rumbling I was given the voice (this is also how it works sometimes!) “Karen will let me out”, which will have to be about re-wakening positive feelings of Karen to me, which will bring out the last darkness of me, and I have been given the inspiration of what to write to her as my birthday greetings at her coming birthday the 12th April (about “bring him home” etc.).

As another ”bid” for what we are going to do now, I was shown and told ”we are bringing all Indians now” (“original people”), and yes in case you are not here, you are very welcome, but everyone should be in our New World, so I can only say that I did not see this coming, and yes Mick, I do like this expression :-).

Dreaming of putting on a new roof of our New World to end the creation of our house

At 13.20, I had still not started my long bath – so I was “occupied” with something else instead – and I had now been fighting extreme tiredness again, which may be a feeling you become used to but certainly not accustomed to because at this deep level, it “takes out everything I got”, which you know is really the basic idea, and from here I decided to get some sleep, which I did until 16.45 receiving these dreams:

  • My Facebook friend Brian A. is working at an Australian newspaper doing a search using an advanced new system, where he can speak his search string, and I tell him that what he searches for is included in my scripts. A woman begs Brian not to expose her, but there is nothing to do, everything will come forward.
    • A newspaper is normally the symbol of darkness meaning “termination”, and an Australian newspaper may mean that “this is packed into a nice cover” but it is still darkness inside of our New World (Australia being a symbol of our New World), because Brian “cannot” read and understand that I am the answer to what he is searching for, but he is using a new system to search for, so maybe it is a “good newspaper” after all (?) – and the woman may be my mother?
  • A company by the name of “Espersen” has a driving force of employees all working in fine uniforms saying “Espersen”. They are underpaid, and together with others, they relax at a nice place on the island of Funen on their way home from Jutland to Zealand because the drive does not take as long as what their employer believe.
    • It seems that the MP Søren Espersen thinks of me (?), and that he does not work as concentrated/efficient as he could (?) and also that he does not have the same amount of energy as others, which seems to be the problem for others than me – and if I did not write it before, I do like the strength of Søren very much, I often have another standpoint that him, but I like him anyway, and he reminds me much of my good old friend Lars G., whom many of you really also know at the Danish Parliament (Conservative roots he has, and he was also about to be hired for Danish People’s Party approx. 10 years ago – his sir name is “Gadgaard”).
  • I meet John H. (manager from the Union Frie Funktionærer) and I ask him if it is not correct that putting on a new roof on the house will create a new insurance risk, thus also another price, which he confirms that it will, and I am herewith learning about the world. I try to put a pipe and tobacco into my briefcase, but it is completely full so there is not enough room. I am sad that my school – contrary to John H. – will not accept me as someone special and I understand that the reason is that the teacher does not see it and as a consequence does not inform the school about me.
    • John was a good business relation of mine when we started doing Income Protection insurance together in 2003 I believe for members of the Union, and he is probably also thinking of me seeing postings of my new scripts on LinkedIn, and here it seems that the answer of what to do now is given because I am about to put on the roof of our creation, to end my journey, and “insurance” is a symbol of the world and it is my new inner self, the resurrected Jesus, who is leaning about our New World.

So here is OUR HOUSE after going through all madness of my journey – and yes a TRUE favourite of mine and it was not easy to find, but it is right there in the middle of the street of London (symbolising my home) :-).

This afternoon, the fight on whether or not the New World is welcome (to continue forward towards my old self) continued and as I have also often said, I again said “you will NEVER make me say that you are NOT welcome” and with a decision like that, this is how it is. Access to my old self will NEVER be closed however little remains of me, which may just be a “reminiscence”. I also continue receiving loud hiccups as a sign of sacrificing of the Universe.

I used a couple of hours to update my script including most of the short stories below and publish this update at 21.00, and work is still not pleasant really.

Afterwards I felt a dark and light “original” man entering me, and I was told “this is simply about the completion of the assembly of the two halves of the world, which we now will put the roof on” and also “this is hat we use the last part of dark energy for” and I felt arms inside of this darkness, which is still you know not for “heavy boys” like me. And later I was told that “we have now tested everything, there are no errors in the new code”, which you know is quite a positive message to receive here :-).

I was again very tired this evening fighting to stay up as long as possible, and at the same time, the physical pressure coming to me from the outside was overwhelming and yes “you are still welcome”, but difficult it truly was – and I receive yellow blinks here on the monitor while writing this, so we are still on the right track.

I was told that the actors for a long time simply have been the spirits of my mother and father – and also that Jack thought that it was “hilarious” that I should be God, “but one had to take the decision”.

I was also told that the spirit of my mother did an extra ovulation, so we had an extra world as reserve stock, but this world is now put together with this one again – and having an extra world would have given us a second chance to do this final creation of endless New Worlds if needed.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • According to the Danish church, the Church Minister Manu Sareen has a “failing ability” to remember what pastors of the church tells him making statements “conveniently” fit with his own “interests”, which sadly is how many people do, but this is NOT good to create credibility, and especially not in an ultra-Conservative church, where 1/3 still denies to marry homosexuals with the blessing of God as BT writes below despite of the fact that I have told you that God does NOT discriminate people, and yes Manu, why don’t you tell the truth to the church that you have me on your side in this question instead of coming into these completely unnecessary problems when you cannot communicate (?), and maybe there are also some in the church who only or mainly are able to listen to what they want to understand (?), and just wondering I am.

  • I was happy receiving “two hearts” from Käte and Jette below making me think that I am “not all alone”, which is how I feel when people don’t communicate with me, but I know that there are “many” out there with me, however sadly “not able” to show yourself and your feelings (?), and yes I send Káte and Jette my hearts too ♥♥♥.

  • Yesterday the new Pastor Lisa wrote the Easter Sunday sermon with equal amounts of fear and happiness, and Anja said that the had to adjust hers with equal amouns of tiredness and exhaustion (just like me, Anja, but maybe not comparable after all) and Marlene believed that this has been a “great effort” to do, and Kim and Lisa brings you some examples of a pastor being “untraditional”, and I do like creativity, but also for people to show “good judgment”, which these are not all examples of.

  • Jimmy wrote to the meditation group that recently when meditating he has found himself in parallel Universes, and he asked the group if they know about this, and it seems that I am the only one understanding what he speaks about, when I told him that he is feeling the energy of our endless New Worlds, but maybe this is “not good enough” for you, Jimmy (?), because as usual his reply to me was “no answer”, and it is not easy to understand when you “cannot” read and that still goes to all people of the meditation group in relation to my scripts and at least as far as I can see.

  • Helena said that the dialect of Århus is “standard Danish”, which it is not, but she speaks of ordering beer in Copenhagen always “makes a hit”, and “beer” is about your darkness/ignorance, Helena, living a “superficial party life” making you feel “great” but not having “time” to read and understand me. The previous mayor of Århus and present MP for the Social Democratic Party, Nicolai Wammen, believes that Helena is an “outstanding ambassador for the language”, and I received the word “ambassador” several times this morning before Nicolai’s reply below without knowing what it was about, but when writing this, the only thing, which comes to my mind is that this is what Nicolai is in relation to me, and if this is the case, I thank you for (helping to) bringing me HOME (a 100 point song by Depeche Mode meaning MUCH to me :-)), and it made me bring Helena a quote by one of the lesser known songs from TV-2 about speaking a proper Danish (with the dialect of Århus!) with Steffen Brandt being an adorn for Århus (where he comes from) because of his beautiful language.

  • Helena did not comment this directly but later she said that she was one, which the “children radio” (a department of the Danish national radio) liked to have through “we will call Århus to ask Helena what she believes of the Geneva convention today” and she says that she still hates them today (!) and that someone should bring those monkeys a diagnosis and yes Helena, you do not have a nice language (!) and this was also inspired speech, which to me is about you not keeping the “Geneva Convention” in relation to me to protect my basic rights as a prisoner, and yes it is also your darkness (ignorance and lack of faith as the result), which keeps me in prison inside of (my last) darkness, and furthermore when you speak of monkeys in relation to Geneva, everyone will know that “monkey” is a symbol of darkness, and Geneva as one of the richest cities of the world is housing International Head offices of many NGO’s etc., which is truly the world of darkness in my mind with employees of NGO’s having traditional “business careers” with good salaries, travel and expenses accounts etc. instead of man simply helping man directly as I have written about MANY times before, and you can look at my library here to refresh my views on NGO’s as bureaucratic and expensive tools of darkness, where the world simply should have decided to eliminate all poverty and then to do it!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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