April 10, 2012: John was almost killed in an attack when the New World opened to the deep inside of me, but I saved him


Summary of the script today

9th April: John received an attack from darkness almost killing him when the New World opened to the deep inside of me

  • Dreaming of bringing more life of darkness alive, the reminiscence of darkness is brought by people wrongly being afraid of me, I bring energy to Camilla and her family because of their “fear” of me, the world has decided to stage political debates instead of standing forward informing about and supporting me (!), the Danish Foreign Minister was the most popular politician 1-2 years ago and now the Danish public/population has decided to cut him down as the next victim in line, I still have to run to catch the train and I am close to overtake the last bag of darkness, and the mediums Janet Parker and Billy Cook do not believe in my spiritual skills because of their own poor work.
  • On our way to Easter lunch with Sanna, Hans and their nephews/girlfriends, I was told that this would be about connecting our New World with Stig as my new self inside of the Source, and this happened when the New World opened up into this part of me releasing a LOT of darkness, which had to go somewhere, and it brought John an “indisposition” shaking all over and falling down, where we feared that he would die right in front of our eyes, but he came back and when the ambulance checked him, everything was fine again. I did not bring John traditional “first aid”, but I kept on saying “John is NOT to die”, which was stronger than the darkness released, which is what made John survive, otherwise he would have died today. Much darkness was also absorbed by my mother becoming VERY sad/fearful together with the rest of the family. The darkness of John not having faith in me has been “this close” to killing me, so today I saved John with everyone showing their great affection to John, and when he was killing me, no one understood and no one showed me any affection. instead of being a sad day, it was indeed a HAPPY day because “this is the greatest of everything, and then to be able to do this without a death as the result” and also that “the best of all worlds is now gathered inside of here where everything started, you have no idea of what this means”.
  • Short stories of Danes wrongly “shining” over the positive mentioning of the UN and now a British paper saying that Danes are the most happy people, Jens from Selvet admits to not being “normal” (!), I support the editor-in-chief of BT about to reveal a “great spy” in Denmark and I tell the newspaper to release the name of the spy, an inspired message from Helena confirmed that John would have died today if I had not saved him and Selvet told (me) to never give up :-).

10th April: We are inside of the Source widening the road to me still using energy of darkness, which still wants to destroy

  • Dreaming of constantly attacking darkness to score, i.e. to open of the solid darkness as we did yesterday.
  • I became somewhat nervous about John again when my mother did not call back and I felt her being “completely down”.
  • We are now inside of the Source – with the most fantastic, new motor of silver of our New World – widening the road to me still using energy of darkness, which still wants to destroy.
  • Short stories of old Facebook friends, who decided to desert me, who now show “halfway” again with help from my spiritual friends, Jens Rohde gloating over “political opponents” but symbolic speaking of entering our New World, Kenneth laughing when not understanding that he was darkness self, large media of Denmark do not like to write about the “great spy” acting as “wimps” as they do with me too, all deleted and “sensitive”  files/information will be recreated if necessary to inform mankind of the wrongdoings of the Old World, Al-Khawaja is a Muslim freedom fighter on hunger strike in Bahrain, who used to live in Denmark, and the question is if he fights for a true FREE society or a new Islamic state, which made “feelings” of Danish politicians run over today, I encourage the world to support and follow this freedom fighter too to bring FREEDOM TO THE WORLD (!), and has Bettina and Søren decided to ignore me with silence?


9th April: John was almost killed in an attack when the New World opened to the deep inside of me, but I saved him

Dreaming that the world has decided to stage political debates instead of standing forward informing about and supporting me

I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 06.45 making me less tired than the previous days, and just by looking at how the weather would be this Easter, I could tell that I would be suffering much – not often that it snows in Denmark during Easter (!) – which was to finalise our creation you know and the weather is now improving again, so I am feeling somewhat better today, and so it is here, and here are some dreams from the night:

  • I have gone sleeping at my home in Snekkersten, and then I remember that I have not given my dog, Don, something to eat this evening, and I therefore stand up again, and am surprised to see that the light is switched off everywhere, and in the kitchen I fall over a duvet, and inside of it, it feels like there is a human now attacking me, and when I experience this, I hear my old school friend Søren D.N. saying “there you see”, which is because he has experienced this too.
    • Snekkersten is darkness, dog is darkness of man and forgetting to feed the dog – which I have ALWAYS dreamed about – literally means that I have forgotten to bring life to darkness of man, which will have to be bring light and life, which is then what I continue doing according to the dream, but not without difficulties, because darkness attacks me in the kitchen, which is where life is given, and when I woke up I was given the feeling that this is indeed reminiscence of people being wrongly afraid of me, and what I might be able to do, and Søren is an example of these people fearing me, not because of me but because of their own misunderstandings, negative views and “incapability” to read and understand me.
  • I have established a joint account with my girlfriend, Camilla, where both our salaries enter, and we will share what is left after paying expenses – despite of differences in salaries – as suggested by her brother Christian and his wife Sofie. And I am about to drive in my sport car.
    • Money is about energy and this dream says that I also receive energy from (and give to) my old girlfriend Camilla (1994-2001) and her family, and eeehhhh I remember that I put in most money on the account, so maybe it is vice versa saying that because of their “fear” of me, I am giving them energy!
  • I witness staged political debates – staged by Jørgen Schleimann (previous CEO of Danish TV2) – and I see the MP’s Villy Søvndal, Steen Gade and Holger Nielsen from the Socialist People’s Party speaking about different political subjects, and I decide to levitate in front of Villy, and I tell him “it is also about Energy policy” and he looks at me and asks “do you levitate just by lifting your feet” to which I say “yes”. And I see a list showing the expenses per month per average family all over the world with Denmark topping the list with families spending the most, and the list is to receive inspiration about the level of “normal life”, and when Villy sees Denmark, he believes this is the right level.
    • This is sadly what the world has decided to do instead of standing forward information about and supporting me, they play an act to the world as if nothing has happened, and here it is “top politicians” from the Socialist People’s Party of Denmark acting, and that is even though I levitate – i.e. work on my scripts – right in front of their noses and I tell that “energy policy” is the most important, which is truly to bring FREE ENERGY to the world – as the world has known about for more than 50 years (!) – and still their “fascination” is about “how do we get the most money for ourselves”, and yes can you tell me why this sickness is allowed to continue by a whole world knowing about me and my wish to spread normal life to the world, and yes it goes beyond me!
  • I am working on my scripts and include information in a table of when I start and finish every writing, and I think about doing the same for the notes being the foundation of the writings. Inside of a hotel people cannot speak about my scripts, I leave and when I return, I see the behead corpse of Villy Søvndal being pulled out.
    • I got the feeling that Villy do believe that my scripts are far too detailed/long – this is often how “leaders” wrongly think (the detail is as important as the overview, and really if you don’t know the detail, you don’t know the true overview!) – and while I am working, the Danish Parliament, media and population is beheading Villy. 1-2 years ago, Villy was one of the most popular politicians in Denmark after World War II, and now it is his time to become “sacrificed” by the impatient and blood thirsty Danish public, and yes this is how it goes when darkness plays the game, but you will survive too, Villy, and this is how you help the process of creation through your sufferings, and yes “how much can a man take” (?), which other people don’t care about when only thinking of themselves (!), do you see the pattern?
  • I have slept a little over me in Snekkersten, I see three bicycles in the outbuilding, but I decide to run to the train, I am going to Copenhagen, I have brought a train card with one clip with me, and inside the train I see a leather bag, which a woman is not using and I decide to use this instead of my plastic bag, but first I have to empty the leather bag from lots of pens etc. at the bottom of it, and when I do this, the woman regrets and tell me that I cannot use it because my books can rub off on the bag.
    • So I am still in darkness and still have to do my best to catch a new train coming, the “one clip” is really what I have in reality when using the small train here without clipping as long as there is no ticket inspector, and this bag is the bag of the spirit of my mother overtaking by darkness, which I am “close” to convert to light, but still darkness is fighting me – and yes the last darkness to put on the roof of OUR HOUSE, this is it really.
  • I am at a spiritual course run by the mediums Janet Parker and Billy Cook. They don’t believe in my spiritual skills and believe wrongly that a book I have read gave me wrong messages. Afterwards I speak with a loud voice telling them that “I am disappointed with you, you did POOR work and speak on a very slight foundation, you could do so MUCH better if you did your best work, I speak to you with ONE voice, which is higher than all other voices, I thought you could show me some understanding here, but no you could not, but still I love you” (!), and I see how Billy was “funny” in the 1990’s and how he ran with other men attending his courses.
    • So Janet Parker was “not able” to understand me despite of the clear messages of her clairvoyant reading to me in 2006, and that is after our emails in 2011, where she decided as Janet without spiritual messages that I had to be wrong, and is this the message you have spread about me at Stansted, Janet (?), and if this is so, do you understand how important it is that you understand people, which in my case also is to READ me – and yes Billy is a man “loved” by all, and homosexuality is not uncommon among mediums/spiritually gifted people, who are in “deep contact” with their emotions.

If I had taken “short cuts” not doing my best work, I would not have found my last castle and the last “hole” of it

I decided to start writing at 08.20 today and after writing the script so far, I had time to do a little cleaning etc. before my mother and John came at 12.30 to drive for Easter lunch with my sister and her family.

A couple of “not important” stories, which I decided not to write down yesterday, but here they are.

When I was told about Prince William potentially overtaking from me, I was given feelings of “me” instead of “ours” by darkness as so many times before – the Source is “only me” and not “us” – and again I had to tell myself to SHARE with everyone is what is RIGHT.

I was told that if I had not succeeded to fight as I did in order to find and enter my last castle and the smallest hole of it, I would have received a voice telling me “ha ha you cannot fine me”, and this would be darkness and I do believe it would kill “me” as I here am told with surprise by “some darkness” still remaining, but you know it would require my acceptance, which I would NEVER give, so this life would probably be “parked” underneath me as I was told before.

And I was also told that taking a “short cut” instead of following the long way home doing my best with (almost) all stories I have been given even though this required for me to take it easy when being the most stressed to be able to “remember” what to write – and also “words” coming to me, which I would ONLY remember by taking it easy without stressing – and also to find information on stories coming to me when being on my extreme edge instead of just jumping over them, and yes I jumped over very few, but decided to take the long way home with most, and I was told that this attitude was crucial in order to get here – so there you have it, a few, small and “not important” stories, but you got them anyway.

I was shown myself behind a dark curtain and when it was opened a little, I looked out into light (of our New World), seeing a game of chess and I was told “we could bring in a chess piece if required” and that was really to say that the strategy of what we do is put together by the New World and my new self.

My monitor continued blinking this morning, and I understood that it was about nervousness of my family seeing me again.

John was almost killed in an attack when the New World opened to the deep inside of me, but I saved him

My mother and John came to collect me after 12.00 and on our way to Sanna and Hans for our Easter lunch I was told that “this is also a sort of a test to see if the last will work” and I was shown a small elephant and its keeper walking on a road with the keeper asking “have you seen Stig” (?) and someone points at me and the keeper says “him there” (?) and I was told “we just have to connect you properly”, and this is what our Easter lunch was about, to connect the elephant of our New World properly with Stig as my new self inside of the Source.

We – my nephews and their girlfriends were also present – had a very fine lunch as usual with ”everything” you can imagine mainly prepared by Sanna and Hans, but my mother had also brought food, and we had a nice lunch also including talk about (expensive) holidays, new electronic gadgets (I-pads!), new kitchen etc., which is what “interests” people here and as usual it made me sad listening to when thinking of people having (next to) nothing and I was thinking that my family cannot help the poor as a symbol of the whole rich world, which cannot (truly) help the poor, and I received the smell of sulphur from a match lighting when taking a note of this, which is to say that this is “darkness” potentially burning down the house inside of me (!), and my family was also inspired to speak about a bidet, which I understood was about cleaning the absolutely last darkness including the threats of my “old nightmare” – this is what it was about.

I was also told that if I had not continued constantly to say for many months “you are heartfelt welcome” to the New World entering me at the Source herewith surpassing darkness wanting me to do the opposite, my sister would never have welcomed me again (after the Christmas “episode”), and this is the influence to her – and the world – because of my decisions to do what is right. At the table, I was also told that I am the only man alive from the Old World and that all of my family members – and everyone else – are living inside of our New World (their souls), and also that “we are only playing a game” (including “old behaviour” of people not “knowing better” and not bringing people the feelings of our New World before showing a clean heart).

Shortly after lunch when we were still sitting at the table, suddenly John started shaking and “losing it” in such a way that all people around the table thought that he would fall down on the table and die (!) and that is because this is really what he was, he was dying, and he said that he became “warm” in his head and also dizzy, and he truly made all people frightened, but after having received the worst look in his eyes, it was as if he got it together again, and he was encouraged to go to bed to lie down, and Mia (Tobias girlfriend) and Hans held John from each side following him to bed, but after only a few steps, suddenly John lost all power in his legs and fell down to the floor, but he was still supported by Mia and Hans, and when lying there with people thinking and fearing the worst, people agreed to call the ambulance straight away, which Sanna did, and in the maybe five to ten minutes only it took for it to arrive, John had come back and was now almost impossible to keep down until the ambulance came because he wanted to get up, and I told him that it was good for him to receive a check-up hoping that this would make him understand and to accept lying down these few minutes.

The ambulance came with two men – from Falck in Hørsholm – and minutes later three doctors (including one on training) also arrived from Hillerød Hospital (further away), and the Falck man did several tests including EKG, blood pressure, blood sugar etc. and asked John control questions to be sure that he was “back”, and he sure was, he was perfectly alright now, and they concluded that he had also received no coronary, only a “indisposition”. Everything was fine by now after he had lost his memory for maybe one minute at the table and when standing up/falling down on the floor – he did not understand what he was doing lying down there because he had lost his memory of what happened (!) – and he had also wet his pants when receiving this “attack”; everything let go on him (!), which was really showing that he was dying.

My own reaction was to look at John and wait to see what would happen, would he get “back in control” or would he lose it dying in front of us (?), and as I later told the others, I did NOTHING and that is in relation to use the knowledge I received from the first aid course I went to at Falck in Lyngby last year, and maybe people “remembered” this (?) – “Stig did nothing, he could really have helped out” (!) – but the first thing I did do when seeing John shaking all over was to repeatedly saying over and over and over again inside of me “John is NOT to die” (!), and this was for me to be stronger than the attack of MUCH darkness, which had been released and now suddenly had to find somewhere/someone to absorb it, and I was told that if I started speaking against this darkness – I receive the disgusting voice of it, remember (?) – I would receive a heart attack myself, but no, I would not dream about speaking negatively against it, which is really more accurate to say (I have NEVER done this!), because I can always speak positively against it telling it what is right and wrong, and this is how it is my family that John did NOT die, and this had nothing to do with the ambulance or anything else; John received first aid coming directly from the light of me deciding to be stronger than this “much darkness”, which was let out here, and yes it was let out at the same time as the elephant and his keeper (the symbol of our New World), remember (?), decided to open the door to this solid darkness at the deepest inside of me using the good vibes and love of the family as foundation, which I was now part of again, at the exactly right time, and yes this was to connect the New World with me inside of the Source, this is what it was about.

Tobias became so shocked that he started crying – he is a very good and sensitive man deep inside – and everyone was shocked including myself for a little time, but I decided that “John is not to die” and then I had faith that he would not die also removing my shock almost instantly, and so it became, but it was very clear that the whole family was chocked for the next 1-2 hours, where John decided to take a bath and get a long nap now that he was “back on top” again , and now when I receive this fantastic song by Van Morrison, I am given the feeling that this is why I told my sister later in the afternoon when listening to the new CD with Leonard Cohen, which we like much, that she should also listen more to Van Morrison, which I am sure she will love as much as Leonard Cohen when first getting to learn his music, and yes she IS listening to my old Van Morrison CD I made for her as she said, and this was the sign to say that John would get “back on top” again, and that is sooner rather than later, Jools, because by this time he was indeed “back on top” again :-).

After John had gone to bed and we had said goodbye to the Falck men and doctors – thanking them for a very fine service and well done job (did you remember to tell your ambulance manager at the station as I asked you?) – and when the worst stress had taken off, my mother now received a VERY strong reaction also crying because there is nothing worse for her to lose John (except from her children), which would also make her alone, which is a thought she cannot bear, and we had to comfort her, which my sister especially was very good at.

During all of this, I was also given the ACTIVE thought (really the same as a spiritual message) that my family reacted strongly here – if John did not know he was loved, these strong reactions showed him, as I told him – and that NONE of the family has reacted on my “close to death” experiences, and we know I have been a “living dead” for years and as a recent example when I wrote my script the other day, I wrote about how I again and again was very close to fainting and dying, but this is the difference, the family does really not understand that I am and have been close to dying for years (?), and at least do not show their understanding and support as what they here did with John, and this is what makes me a lonely man not being “able” to speak with my own family or “potential girlfriend” (!) about my experiences, which you may say are not “quite unimportant”?

This sudden attack on John also made me think of a documentary I saw on TV a couple of weeks ago about how a man suffering from cancer became a “vegetable” not being able to do anything before he died, and I have thought several times since “what if John suddenly became the same”, and now I understood that these thoughts were given to me because of this “planned” attack on John today – and I might add that for weeks I have now seen expressions of my father in John, and this is the same as when the spiritual world has showed me thousands of times when giving people voices or expressions of other people for a short period of time, for example as what Sanna also received “an instant of a second” today (see later), it was no more than this.

And I was also surprised that no one decided to ask me what this was about, and I was thinking that I have received this spiritual feeling myself often, when I have suddenly been made as dizzy as John also almost falling over and dying – I know the feeling, John (!) – and also a feeling of receiving “killing electrical impulses” coming from the outside, and yes from “spiritual darkness” sending this, and “darkness” is here the sins of mankind represented very directly by lack of faith, love of money and wrong behaviour/communication of my own family, and this is how it is when we are all connected because if you decide to do what is wrong, you send out darkness also giving these deadly “indispositions” killing people suddenly from “out of nothing”, and yes “waves in the air” is what it is.

During this I heard “no, no not into the small hole” and that was darkness having to give up the deepest and smallest (which at the same time is the greatest) part of my inner self, and I said as my reply “yes, bring in everything” (of this small hole inside of me), and later I was shown two halves of an Easter egg closing and I was told that “we are now inside of the Easter egg”, and that is the creation of our New World, which came home here at the most precious inside of my old self, and I was told directly that this strong release of darkness today was because we had to cross the strong resistance of Karen and my family to me (representing the world), therefore, and I was also told that “no one will die now” (to sacrifice in order to bring every little thing home), and I could not help smiling when I later shortly was given the expression of Regner from CWC (the Christmas Calendar of “De Nattergale”) at the face of my sister, when we later sat in the sofa having coffee and we were all relaxed again, and also when Niklas spoke of a “murer” (“bricklayer”) and “could not help” saying MUUUUURER with MUUU being the same as “muh”, which you know is what a cow says (in Danish that is), and as everyone will know, a cow is about my original self at the deepest inside of me and Regner from CWC is also symbolising me, and of course, I was the only one to see this, but if we could speak openly about my experiences in my family, we could all have laughed at this, because instead of being a sad day concentrating on “just how close John was to die”, it was indeed a day of happiness bringing our New World inside of the deepest inside of my self at the Source and yes without having to destroy anything with the darkness releasing as a result of this.

Later I was told “this is the greatest of everything, and then to be able to do this without a death as the result” and also that “the best of all worlds is now gathered inside of here where everything started, you have no idea of what this means”, and I was told that there is still a thin membrane of darkness around me.

During the afternoon I also spoke to Hans understanding that he indeed got started up with the project with gymnasium schools in Egypt sharing best practise from Danish gymnasium schools, and I wondered just how much politics and religion mean to these people making it “impossible” for them to work efficiently fearing how it may “look” to work together with people from Denmark, and Hans and his colleagues have again and again been confronted with the Danish Muhammad drawings being asked about their view on these, and they have explained about the freedom of speech in Denmark but also that they believe the drawings show lack of respect towards the religion of Islam, and I told him simply that “Muslims have been brainwashed making them unable to understand what is right and wrong, and it is WRONG telling people not to draw the face of Mohammad” and even more wrong if someone was to say that you cannot draw my face!

Later I was shown and told that this is like throwing a LOT of snow down from the hill (I was shown the maybe 20 metres high hill between my apartment and the beach here) as a bomb without anything happening – this is what was released here, and John absorbed this darkness, but not only John, because the fear of all of the family also absorbed much darkness, not least the fear and sadness of my mother without which this could not have been done.

I was also shown and told that ”we have moved everything inside of the whale” and this everything is a long orange juice machine with an endless number of taps, which is another symbol of all New Worlds now being inside of me as the whale of the Source being set up to tap light and energy for an eternal and endless worlds of the future to come.

The fight about whether or not I was welcome, stopped right after John’s indisposition. There is now no more darkness trying to make me stop the arrival of the New World telling me again and again and again, because the New World has now arrived passing this darkness.

John has lost his hair because of the chemotherapy he received, which is giving me my “special coughing” here just when writing about it, and he decided to cut off all hair making him bald, which made me with a direct spiritual voice for 1-2 weeks telling him that he looks like a special forces soldier and I was shown a dark car coughing out water from its exhaust, which were both symbols of John’s darkness with the car being him, and the water being the suffering he went through when receiving his indisposition, and I was also shown a giant bird – much bigger than I – on its way into me with John sitting on top of the bird trying to stab it with a dagger, and I was told that it was darkness of John when not having faith in me and who I am, which was “this close” to kill me, and the “name of the game” is that John was killing me because of his “inability to understand me” also influencing my mother against me making it impossible for the bird of our New World to enter the deepest inside of me, and the only way forward was to release and absorb the darkness self when entering, which would have killed John if I had decided not to save him, and yes an old rule of mine is “not to kill any of my special friends” as John is, and that is unless the spiritual world cannot do otherwise in order to continue our journey forward, which is what killed Asger from Den Gyldne Cirkel and Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston as examples, and here I was strong enough together with the family taking on all of this darkness being let out – and yes, there you have the explanation to what happened today; I saved John with everyone showing their great affection to John, and John was killing me with no one understanding and no one showing me any affection, which is not difficult to understand, is it?

I was also told that I have hit darkness on the cheek with my small fish for a long time, and today darkness decided to hit back with a large club as in the fish slapping dance of Monty Python.

I am still inside a thin membrane of darkness and need “a little bit more” help from Karen as Dr. Hook

John woke up at the end of the afternoon and was still fine – the darkness had now been released, you know – and I drove the car home and we were home around 19.00, and I decided that I was too tired to write the chapter above today (first doing it “tomorrow” instead).

I was shown strong darkness rolling as a rock in a tunnel – just like in the movie of Indiana Jones – as a symbol of this attack of darkness today, and this evening I felt “everything” being even closer around me than usual giving me very strong spiritual experiences, and I also felt Helena “levitating” all around me and I received incredible strong sexual attempts/offers, which I could easily refuse, and I understood that this is the last thin membrane of darkness around me still fighting me, and I was told that “there is a match inside of here for self destruction, which we will have to dismantle with the help of Karen”, so we will see if I will be able to re-wake her positive feelings to me on Thursday when sending her birthday greetings.

I was shown a rescue boat now being pulled a long way up the wide stairs of the castle and I heard “cannot get any higher”, and I could only see and tell that “yes you can”, there is still more stairs to walk.

For a short time I saw with the eyes of Peter Thomsen, my old class friend from Espergærde, and I was told that “he is important” and I understood that without him and his father, who used to be the General Secretary of the Danish Refugee Council, I would not have been able to go through my mission revealing “NGO businesses” from the inside (when mentioning Peter’s father in my “interview” with DRC to become a volunteer in 2009, this opened the doors for me!).

I was shown a dark room with the doors open to light rooms on each side of it, where papers are being attached to the walls as if to say that these rooms now belong to light – and I am still inside of the deepest room of darkness, so we made it through, but there is still “a little bit more” to do, which help from “Dr. Hook” (“Dr. Karen”!) will bring me.

This evening my TV did the same as yesterday, which is that I switched it on while I was sitting in front of my computer knowing from previous days that it has taken it maybe ½-1 hour before the sound switched on without distortion (!) holding for the most of the evening, but now there is no sound at all on the TV when I sit in front of the computer, and when I a couple of hours later maybe sit down in my sofa to watch the TV, both yesterday and today, the sound “suddenly” switched on (!), but unfortunately it did not keep all evening still switching on and off and something in between really.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Here are examples of people “shining” because of the UN survey putting Denmark on top as the most happy country (including the mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, and the Church Minister, Manu Sareen), and this news is on the front page of “all media” here today, who swallow this “good news” and cannot get enough of it (!) – almost like presents at Christmas, but there is a limit, you know (!) – and news of this kind truly makes all Danes so happy, so happy – it is really good for the (selfish) ego and WRONG conception of people here – because, as I have mentioned before, the truth is that Denmark is one of the most unhappy places on Earth (!) – with a material normal life, which is what makes people wrongly think that we are happy (!) – and “no one” can see it, they truly believe that this community is the best to live in in the world and they cannot see that it is what is INSIDE of people, that matters to become happy, and when you contain darkness of the Devil, you will NEVER become as happy as poor people containing light of God! And the story of how Danes wrongly “shine” is the same every single time because surveys like this have MANY times wrongly placed Denmark in top, and when you read my page about normal life, you may like to tell me if you still believe that Danes – and people from the rich world – are the most “shiny happy people” on Earth?

  • Jens from Selvet brought “unusual self-knowledge” through this message saying that this applies for most administrators of Selvet – not being “normal” (!) – and yes it sure does, Jens, and I do look forward to the day when you will understand the true extension of your “lack of normality”, which is about lack of “ability” to understand and to take the right decisions.

  • The editor-in-chief of the newspaper BT – one of the few of this kind in Denmark being active on Facebook – brought this story about a “Danish great spy close to exposure”, which is about a well-known and living Dane, who was spying for East Germany against Denmark, and so far there is no name or details on the story other than his name was found in the old Stasi archives (the part of them, which was not destroyed) and that he did “bad things”, and I told Olav that this is a good story to stick firmly to until the WHOLE truth come for a day and of course to go after the ball and not the man, but to tell the truth very directly, openly and honestly, and also to bring an open-hearted interview with the man to let him tell the world why he did it, what he precisely did (in detail!) and if he repents his actions, and yes it seems that the newspaper of darkness, BT, may become the newspaper of light as my “collaborator”, wouldn’t it be good, Olav & Co.?

  • When I came home from Sanna/Hans, I saw that BT had also asked if it was alright to publish the name of the “great spy” as Søren Pind has demanded, and besides from rude comments of people (about Søren) behaving the worst as many do, I decided to tell Olav and the newspaper that bringing the name is part of being direct, open and honest, but that their purpose should NOT be to pursue people but to help everyone to understand from this story.

  • Helena liked to watch TV about “the white stone group” (a Danish resistance group from World War II) and she gave the quote “father has to die from you. Some of us have to die to make other live. I die in honour, you are not to cry”, and I saw this in connection with the destiny of John as the “father” today, and that is unless I decided that he was to live!

  • Selvet simply said my words “Do not ever give up”, which were words coming “conveniently” to me this evening bringing me strength after having been through an emotionally tough day and received strong darkness including sexual attempts.


10th April: We are inside of the Source widening the road to me still using energy of darkness, which still wants to destroy

We are inside of the Source widening the road to me still using energy of darkness, which still wants to destroy

I went to bed at around 23.00 yesterday sleeping until approx. 07.40 this morning where I only dreamed about playing football, where I am constantly attacking trying to find a hole to score, and then I score (which is how we attacked and entered this solid darkness yesterday) – and something about a Formula 1 champion, the captain of a ship catching a beautiful catch, and before awakening I simply remember being inside the most powerful and clearest light.

This morning I thought that I had time to take a long bath, which I did until 11.15, and for some time, I received an incredible desire “simply” to accept the destruction of this and also this little thing, almost with an overbearing smile, but NO, I had decided that NOTHING is to be destroyed, so I had to remove myself from this temptation, and to do what was right, and I was shown myself driving forward in a tunnel, and I was told that “we are about to widen the tunnel towards you”, and I was thinking of the tunnel I was shown the other day with everything else now being painted white, and yes I am NOT going to destruct anything inside of this darkness, and I was told that they discovered something from the time of the Inca Civilisation inside of there. I was also shown a building on the corner of a road and told that the New World has arrived from the road on the left of me, and it is now driving out the road to the right of me to improve this road.

This morning I also felt Karen and was told “it is impossible/possible to go out with Stig again”, which is about the double feeling of Karen to me.

I was shown the most fantastic large motor made of silver (the motor of energy of our New World), and I was shown from above looking down a steam train with what felt like the last smoke leaving the chimney on its way into a tunnel of the mountain at the same time as a large wave of darkness filling everything glided in over everything, which is really a symbol saying that we made it to the other side, which will also remove my sufferings, but ONLY when EVERYTHING inside of darkness has been converted to light, and yes this is still my wish.

After bath, I felt my tiredness and really “mental exhaustion” from working like this every single day, and I had absolutely NO motivation to work today, it made me disgusted just to think of having to start working, but I also knew that “I just have to get started”, so this is how it was that after lunch I decided to work approx. 5 hours writing the last part of the script of yesterday including the script of John and the script of today – my arms are “tired” of working, and I am almost coming to my limit where I physically cannot continue writing – and I had a BIG sneeze saying more sacrifices of the Universe, and furthermore my eyes were somewhat blurred today too, but a short script of today it was, which was not the worst feeling as I do.

I was shown the spirit of my mother now being inside of me in a new way and she was giving me pain at the outermost of my fingers – but I felt light – and I was shown myself looking out of the window of an apartment at the same time as a tong of darkness wants to bite me, and I was given the understanding that this is also for my mother to learn how it was for me to be a prisoner of darkness making my life a constant hell to live, which may not be “easy” to understand if you “cannot” imagine how it is when reading “my sufferings” – and my daily scripts – carefully, and may think in moments without faith in me “this is how it is to be crazy”, but no, mother, this is NOT how it is, this is how it is when darkness of my own family/friends etc. including you are attacking and killing me around the clock!

I was shown myself in a small bullfight ring full of bulls wanting to fight me, and I was given a dark cloth from behind the ring itself to sneeze in, and I was given the feeling that I am now facing the worst darkness of all with no one to help me, and yes “de’ bår dæjli” (slang for ”that’s lovely”) is the best I can say, because I do believe that we will get a Tivoli season ticket for the whole year around no matter what happens now – and that it is only darkness trying to bring me fear wanting to blow up the last part of darkness, which is NOT on my agenda, and I make the calls here!

I decided to publish the script already today at 17.50 to make it “work” already today because of people reading it.

I became somewhat nervous about John again when my mother did not call back and I felt her being “completely down”

Later in the evening, I was encouraged to write down that I have never lost my patience asking the constant negative voice/feelings of darkness to stop or even ”shut up”, which is also part of the road coming here.

After thinking of it all day long, at 18.15 I wanted to call my mother and John to hear how John was doing, and again there was no signal on my phone, and I was told that this means “no communication with my mother”, and again I had to switch off and on the phone before it jumped back on, and when I called, there was “no answer”, and it made me wonder why they did not pick up the phone bringing me some nervousness about John, which I decided to push away, but it was with me all evening also because my mother did not call back – and I was told several times during the day that my mother is “completely down” today because of John.

As an example I was told this evening “now we meet again, and you have been through fires to come here, and if I start losing my skin (?)” – I felt the spirit of my mother and a strong wish for me to confirm what to do, for her to lose her skin and this is  one of MANY questions put forward to me with a potential of putting forward even more questions if I should start answering them, and my standard remark as I also used here is “I have NO opinion about this” because it is still my wish that you let the light decide because it knows much better about what to do.


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today the phenomenon of ”friends no longer being my friends still showing on Facebook” expanded, when I to my BIG surprise suddenly first saw my old very good friend Britt Nordahl, who decided to leave me as a Facebook friend in 2010 after I published my scripts – “he must be crazy” (!) and she really “reported” me too making her completely “invisible” to me, but now she is “half back” as you can see below without a picture just like Michael Hardinger (who however did not decide to leave me, this was spiritual darkness, you know!), and what was even more “funny” than Britt returning, was that of all people, my old best friend Jack has now also returned halfway (!!!), and this is “very special” indeed, because Jack simply deleted his Facebook account in 2009 or 2010 – and that is at least as what I know of (also thinking here that I have heard that it is not possible to delete your account?) – but this is how it was when he suddenly was no longer my Facebook friend back then, and when I tried to find him, he and his old girlfriend too were simply not visible on Facebook any longer as you also can see in the following Facebook emails between us in 2009, where my name is blue and “clickable” with his being black and “not clickable”, and when I search for his name today on Facebook as you can also see, I receive NO results, so either he is NOT on Facebook or at least invisible to me, and I was encouraged to ask “is there anything you would like to tell me, Jack”, and yes people thinking of me here with Britt and Jack as examples, and when I looked through this list of my friends, I counted a total of 45 rows of three people giving a total of 135 friends, but the counter still only says 131 friends, and besides from Britt and Jack, it is also Michael Hardinger and a new English friend I received some weeks ago, who read my Signs III page, which she decided to bring a reference to on her own Facebook wall and to become friends with me, but it only took a couple of weeks for her to leave me again, but still she is also thinking of me (?), and yes this is Carol below, and for both Britt, Jack, Michael and Carol the same happens when I click their names, which is that I receive an error message telling me “This account has been deactivated. Only you can see Carol on your friends list. You have the option to unfriend Carol”. And let me say that old friends do NOT normally show up as they do here, they are normally simply deleted and not visible any longer as all other “friends” deserting me – except these – still are not, and a little game made by my spiritual friends it is.

Britt left me as a Facebook friend in 2010, but now she has returned “halfway” with a little help from my spiritual friends 🙂

Jack is also on his way back also after leaving me – and Facebook (?) – in 2009/10 🙂

A new English friend Carol, who left me again after a few weeks, is also on her way back 🙂

  • The MP of the European Parliament, Jens, was “funny” when asking if anyone has tickets for a couple of good seats to the country meeting of the Socialist People’s Party during the weekend, and besides from gloating because of others unhappiness – not good to do, Jens (!) – he was also symbolic speaking about entering the cinema, which is to enter our New World as this is about, and inside of there, you will get no cola of darkness, Jens, so maybe you will start showing a clean heart by supporting me in public?

  • And now we are speaking of darkness, Kenneth from the meditation group could not help laughing when writing a healing workshop telling them about all of their identical figures of their account number, and then he receives three sixes in a row twice, 666, and yes a “good laugh is what I received there” and we know 666 is the symbol of darkness, do you see, Kenneth?

  • A blogger on BT criticises large media’s decision NOT to write about the great spy, and I was thinking “wimps” and also that this may be a symbol of the same wimps not daring to write about me, and yes who is this “public person”, is it a politician or someone else (?), and I don’t know, but it seems as if “powerful opinion-formers” do NOT want to help, and WRONG is what it is!

  • BT wrote here about the cancelled files on Ole Sohn and other politicians at the Danish Intelligence Service; that they may be able to be recreated through the U.S. or British Intelligence Services, which Denmark exchanged information with, and I understood that this was also to say that ALL “sensitive” information of the Old World, which is deleted, will be recreated (as long as it keeps my rules of sexual behaviour) and I was told about the Starwars project in space (of USA and other countries) and eeehhh “it will not become realised” and “we might as well conceal everything then” and my dear friends, there is NOTHING you can conceal, so you better stop hiding, everything will come for a day.

  • A man from Bahrain, Al-Khawaja, who used to live in Denmark, moved back to Bahrain to fight the dictatorship of the royal family and regime to gain freedom, which brought him a sentence for life (!), which made him go on hunger strike now for more than 60 days, which has created attention and much writings in the newspapers here and Danish and U.N. top politicians trying to intervene, but still this man is on hunger strike and from the article from Politiken below you can see that he is still conscious and now he does not want to drink too, and when facing an overhanging risk of dying, the MP Søren Espersen – and my new Facebook friend – now starts to question this man and his motives, if he is really fighting for democracy or a new Islamic State, which has made Naser Khader and others react strongly, as you can see further below, and the reason why I write this, is because I was told the other day, that this man is sent by me fighting for FREEDOM of Bahrain, the region and the world.

  • Here is what Søren wrote on Facebook, which is a press release including a question to the Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal if Al-Khawaja is fighting for freedom/democracy or an Islamic state.

  • This made my other new friend Fahti react strongly saying that Søren Espersen is demonising everything Arabic/Muslim including the Arabic spring fighting for freedom, and let me say here that I love FREEDOM for all, but I do NOT like new Islamic regimes based upon the Koran to take over because that is really to change from one dictatorship into another, which no one can be happy with, and here Ali below was inspired to write a very direct attack on Søren Espersen calling him a “spoiled” child, who expects to be able to act as it wants to, and apparently people believe Søren is far “too much” and I suppose also at the moment, when Al-Khawaja is dying and we know even “tasteless” is what you believe he is (?) – to me the most important is to know the TRUTH and that is no matter when, where or what (!) (I don’t know myself if he is fighting for freedom or an Islamic state) – and Ali continues writing about Søren’s “narcissistic split personality” and “Hitler-typical behaviour” (!), and I don’t know if Søren has anything against Arabs simply because they look differently to his “ideal” of an “Arian race” (?), and if he does, he truly has a “Hitler-typical behaviour” (I was told that “Hitler” was brought up here with “inspiration”) and is he does not, if he truly likes all people the same no matter how they look and come from, and only wants freedom without suppression from one or another kind of dictatorship, I agree with him (!) – and let me say that I have indeed noticed his great LOVE of Israel, and without knowing anything more than this, I believe you should always look at and treat all people the same with a GOOD balance and that goes also in relation to both Israel and all Arab nations.  Ali also gives a reference to this article in BT from 2003 saying that Søren Espersen from 1988-1992 was included in the members card index of the Danish Nazi Party as a “B-member”, which Søren could not explain himself – he did not know why he was included in the archive – and since the man keeping the index had died, there was no clear conclusion on whether or not Søren was a member of the Nazi – and the question I would like to ask you, Søren, as you ask about Al-Khawaja, is if you have sympathy with Hitler’s “racial policy” or if you like all people regardless of how they look and where they come from (?), and yes I only want the TRUTH to be told to the world, and only ask everyone to tell the TRUTH openly, directly and honestly.

  • And Naser also doesn’t understand what goes on in the head of Søren Espersen – do you have sympathy for Islamic regimes, Naser, or do you prefer people living in true freedom (?), this is simply the question Søren asks – and Naser says that he knew Al-Khawaja from when he lived in Denmark as a “leftwing and secular freedom fighter”, and Naser cannot understand how Søren can suspect Al-Khawaja to be an Islamic, and if this is the truth, Naser, the answer is that Al-Khawaja simply fights for freedom NOT wanting an Islamic but a secular state, “whereby a state or country purports to be officially neutral in matters of religion, supporting neither religion nor irreligion. A secular state also claims to treat all its citizens equally regardless of religion, and claims to avoid preferential treatment for a citizen from a particular religion/nonreligion over other religions/nonreligion.” – And to me, more than anything, this is about telling and understanding the truth, which will make life much easier for everyone (also for you Søren Espersen?), so you don’t have to “speculate” unnecessary, and if Al- Khawaja truly is the FREEDOM FIGHTER, Naser says he is, there is every reason to support his efforts to remove the dictatorship of Bahrain, the region and elsewhere in the world, so what are you waiting for?

  • Lisa, the new Pastor, sent our her “curses and oaths” using a very ugly language because a stone made a scratch to her new car, and I thought “is this what you would expect from a Pastor as a role model” (?), and no, it is not (!), Lisa is as “corrupt” as a human as “everyone else” of the Old World (“dirty dog”) – and she wrote that “nothing was hurt except from her injured bank account”, and yes Lisa, lack of faith is what steals away my energy, see?

  • By the way, I have NOT received an answer to my email to Bettina and Søren the other day, and I wonder if you will simply ignore me not sending a reply, and not having any motivation to visit me despite of what you said, so it was only a “nice gesture” of your and nothing else (?), and yes I am only wondering as usual!



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