April 12, 2012: One new Jesus/Stig after the other is being born and delivered to our endless New Worlds


Summary of the script today

11th April: My road to “perfect happiness” passed through sufferings of John, who was close to die, and my mother

  • Dreaming of being overtaken by the darkness hitting John, the design of the light of the Source has been changed, John was almost dying last night, this darkness is coming from John self and also from the Commune believing that I am not “ready for the labour market”, his sufferings help creating an even better New World, and while creating my new road, I am finding more life without darkness discovering me.
  • At bath I received darkness wanting me to be careless about whether or not John would survive, but still I decided that “I want John to be well”, and it was first after bath when my mother called – and when I wrote down the dreams of the night – that I understood that John was now hospitalised after receiving a thrombosis in the lung yesterday night, which was close to killing him. So more darkness is given to John fighting for his life, and surviving because this is what I want him to do being stronger than “extreme darkness” – and I was told that my father is also fighting for his life, and here goes the same, I want him to survive too. Darkness is NOT going to kill neither John nor my father.
  • We are in extreme need of energy and suffering much – I look forward to the end of our PERFECT CREATION – and I kept on receiving “inhuman pressure” this afternoon and I still walk and feel like a living dead , but still we will continue doing ALL WORK before entering our New World
  • I was told spiritually that John was not getting better, which my mother confirmed in the evening, and I was told that my “impossible journey” home to my castle “Soria Moria” of perfect happiness passed through these sufferings of John and my mother.
  • Short stories of the “personal filter” of Helena making it “impossible” for her to read, understand and support me, the business leader Flemming Østergaard spoke of “logics for battery hens” asking people not to speak of “delicate matters” of other businesses in public with the only problem being that he is WRONG because the community has BRAINWASHED him (!) – but he decided to NOT read and understand me telling me that I don’t read and understand him (!!!), the Danish government tries to keep important information on the “great spy” etc. a secret, which is WRONG, strong darkness these days also caused a strong earth quake and Helena was cursing as a symbol of my sister, who does NOT like my writings on her.

12th April: One new Jesus/Stig after the other is being born and delivered to our endless New Worlds

  • Dreaming of one Jesus/Stig after the other being born and delivered to our endless New Worlds, it is the spirit of my mother giving birth to these editions of my new self and the spirit of my father inside of darkness being the creator of everything, military organisations have secret organisations including corruption from suppliers, there is still more life inside of darkness to be saved, there are still more layers upon layer of God as his deepest level inside of me and darkness is destroying these layers when opening them, but I am asking to use the “recreation tool” to also rebuild these layers perfectly, and John did not know that he was “sick”.
  • The Church Minister Manu Sareen was caught by the newspaper BT claiming that he has “cheated poor children” in India when he has not given a children’s home the promised 3 DKK per sold book of his. The marketing material of the book promised to give 3 DKK per book without limitations, but Manu says it was only of the first print, but still he has now decided to pay for all books sold! Is the true story really that he “cheated children” or that the “marketing material was wrong”? This is about doing your best work to find the ONLY objective truth, to stick to that, to repent and correct if necessary, for people to understand the truth and give other people a chance to improve their communication, behaviour and work instead of being impatient wanting to cut down people as the media and population sadly still wants today. Finally, Søren Pind accused Manu to be a “pathological liar” – is this what is objectively the truth, Manu, or is this also to go too far? I am disgusted by stories like this!
  • This evening I also sent Karen a birthday email wishing her my absolutely best and sending her all of my love, and I told her that we will get together with the end of darkness and arrival of our New World with pure joy and happiness and no sufferings, which is what I write about on my website, and yes this is to re-wake her feelings to me and also faith in the one I am.
  • Short stories of my old colleague Jesper bringing me a story on Facebook even though he is NO LONGER my Facebook friend (!), which was about “a dead person in the forest” symbolising the dead of God because of lack of understanding/communication/responsibility of people, the “red government” decides to initiative investigations going “against” their political opponents, which they cannot do when it potentially goes against themselves (!), I published my “Nazi-question” to Søren Espersen to the MP Fahti El-Abed and to Naser Khader, which made Naser invite me to become Facebook friends, later Søren Espersen decided that he did not want to answer me (!!!), and my sister may have read and misunderstood my latest script about me saving John also becoming negative at me now not communicating with me but influencing our mother in her most difficult time against me, and yes “difficult” it is (!), a symbol showed that Søren Espersen is REALLY a racist (!) and we have created the absolutely best photo equipment to make sure ALL people will “develop” and follow us to our New World.


11th April: My road to “perfect happiness” passed through sufferings of John, who was close to die, and my mother

Dreaming of darkness hitting John, which almost killed him last night – and is helping to improve our New World

I went to bed at 22.10 yesterday being very tired, and approx. at 05.45 I was told that I would not be able to sleep anymore, but this was not true, I fell asleep again and stood up at 08.10, and at 05.45 I had said “keep me awake if necessary”, but still I was allowed to sleep making it possible to continue writing today without being too tired, and a couple of dreams too:

  • I am driving in front of another car showing the road home, and I drive around the speed limits, but when we are coming close to home, the car behind me overtake me with high speed – it is “young hooligans” driving in an old pimped up car. Later I am in this neighbourhood, where I will walk a new way home approximately knowing the direction of my home, and I pass a school, which I can almost not find the exit of, and I arrive to my surprise at dense city buildings in Hellerup, and also the basement to an IRMA supermarket, but I know that I will find my way home.
    • When starting to write down this dream, I was told that this was the darkness overtaking me, which I could not absorb myself, thus hitting John, and I am on the road again trying to find a new way home, which may be about the new path we are creating, and it is no easy road, but I will find home.
    • Here I was shown the new path we are creating and everyone being connected to me, and I was told that this work will continue until the beginning of next week.
  • I have received help to change the setup of light in my apartment. It is now 19.30 and I think of calling Kim S., but decide that I will first call tomorrow. I am together with Kim S., Pernille S. and her father Jørgen, I pet Jørgen’s dachshund, and Jørgen tells me that he was about to die last night, he is old and an acknowledged head of an office, but still he has been told that he is not “ready for the labour market”, and I tell him that the same applies for me, and he says “thank you for loan” and returns two Holfi pre-amplifiers of very good quality, which I have given him as a present earlier, but I am told it was a loan only, and I think that this will create an even better sound of my system.
    • Apparently the light of the Source – of the final design of my car – has been changed, and here Jørgen is a symbol of John, and when I pet his dog, it is a reference to John being in darkness not seeing the light of me (!), and when he says that he was about to die last night, it may be exactly what John was (this is written after I was told this morning that John is now hospitalised, see later), and part of the darkness hitting him is coming from the Commune, which apparently still believes that I am not “ready for the labour market” – which I was told the other day without writing it, and it is now a long time since I have heard from the Commune, and normally they should invite me for new meetings, but I have heard nothing – and with these sufferings, John is bringing me energy to further improve the system of our New World.
  • Someone wants one to do the worst job, which no one else wants to do, upstairs and he has recommended me to lead this work.
  • I am at a school and have brought a large bundle of keys, I am waiting for the lift of the kitchen to arrive, but I understand that it is busy, and I take another instead, I see a whole row of almost luxurious school rooms to my right, which are empty and I decide to enter them, and open the window so I can smoke here hopefully without others discovering me, and I see Kresten F.W. (from DanskeBank-Pension) coming with people out in the hall, and if they look carefully through a piece of glass in the door, they could discover me in there, but they don’t see me. I have the clock in my pocket, and when I see it, I understand that I am late for class, and I arrive 25 minutes late at 09.25, and the teacher says that we will have an English test tomorrow, which we will do at home and we are asked to carry out and return the test before 17.00.
    • The school is still my journey to the other side including to write my teachings/discoveries to the world through these scripts, I have the key to continue this road, and here I find a new row of school rooms, which can only be “more life” to be saved, which is what the busyness of the kitchen is also about, while I walk through the darkness, i.e. the smoking, and I do this without darkness, i.e. Kresten, discovering me

John was indeed close to dying yesterday night, and again this morning I told darkness that “I want John to be well

I was shown and told that “darkness is now almost not larger than the pen writing” (my scripts), and this is the darkness creating the road to me instead of using the fuel for “destruction”.

The first thing on my mind this morning was John, and how he was doing, and when I was at bath, I had not yet spoken to my mother and I had also not yet written down the dreams above – it was first when writing down the dreams, that I understood what they were about, which is often the case here – and I kept on receiving the question about John and “how I would feel if he should not make it”, which was really about whether or not he should survive – it included the strong feeling given to me from darkness that “I don’t care”, which I had to be stronger than to overcome, and as a consequence I kept on saying that “I want John to be well”, and it was first at 09.40 when my mother called that I understood what this was about and also the spiritual messages coming to me yesterday of my mother being “completely down”, because here she told me that John had had a very poor night yesterday and in the morning, she and Bettina drove him to Herlev Hospital where he was taken in for treatment of a thrombosis in the lung, and yes he was “very weak”, and when writing this, I do understand my dream of the night that John was dying, so there was still more darkness coming to him after our visit to Sanna and Hans the day before yesterday, and yes I have only told the truth as I received it including the Van Morrison song “back on top”, and this is indeed what I believe John is (or will become), because I have told the very strong darkness (again this morning) that I don’t want it to kill John, but to keep him alive and for John to become well again, and this is really “the game” we are going through now with extreme darkness pouring out, which we are doing out best to absorb according to my rules, and I was thinking that this is also why it was “impossible” for me to start working yesterday, and I do believe that if I did not continue doing my work, it would not be possible to keep my rules including to keep John alive and this is how it is – and this morning I was also told that my father is also fighting for his life, which I don’t want it to do (!), and “what do I know” when I am not told by Kirsten and also not by Inge (?) – and I am thinking that Kirsten would not even tell me if my father died (?) because I have not “deserved” it because of my “wrong BEHAVIOUR” according to you not understanding who treated whom wrongly!

During the morning I was given the feeling of Bettina – also understanding that she is an “important special friend” – and I understood that prolonging the sufferings of John also making Bettina (and Mette) suffer, makes them absorb darkness as part of this game absorbing the solid darkness, which was let out when the New World entered my deep inside, and I noticed this morning that my telephone again did not work, and I had to switch it off and on before the signal returned, and yes “no communication from my mother” is what it is about – I was unsure of whether this was my physical or spiritual mother, but it just may be both – and when I tried to switch on Danish P4 radio on the Internet (I never got the FM antenna to my tuner to work properly), it did not “want” to connect too, it was stuck on 6-7 percent when connecting, and from the picture below you can see that it was stuck on 6 percent (the circle, which normally counts up to 100 within a few seconds), and I had to close it down several times, before I was “allowed” for it to connect again, and once again I was told that this is about “lack of communication from your mother”.

The radio was “stuck” not switching on
symbolising lack of communication of my mother

We are in extreme need of energy and suffering much – I look forward to the end of our PERFECT CREATION

At bath I was also shown a wide path being made through a forest – at least the beginning of it, I could not see the end of it – and I was shown the forest around it and was asked maybe 10 times with much strength to decide if this forest is to be removed too, and despite of this much pressure I kept on saying “it is up to the light to decide”, and you may remember that “forest” symbolises my original self/creation, so apparently we are creating a road through this forest, but it is NOT the intention to remove the forest itself.

I continue receiving the strongest and most direct sexual speech/”offerings”, however they are kept mostly behind the “curtain” and I keep on saying “no thanks”, and even though I have not written about it previous days, every single day here – because of much negative pressure coming against me, especially when not writing – feels like having to go through a marathon triathlon making me completely exhausted when going to sleep at night also with the feeling “now I can relax when sleeping” and yes also making me “fear” yet another new day when wakening in the mornings, and today when I have been working concentrated, I have really not had much sufferings and also not been much tired – despite of this work itself and a little during lunch – but it may come later when I will finish writing.

I was shown a ship sailing through a sea full of ice, and I am fishing with no more line on the wheel – this is where we are now, no more energy – and I saw myself falling over board with the ship coming back to get me, and I understood that we are in desperate need of energy now, which is what this is all about.

I worked from 09.00 until lunch to finish the script of yesterday and to upload this too, and during lunch I received strong feelings of “desperation” including the feeling “what am I going to do”, which to me brought me questions about the length of my sleep, if I should also do this or that (small things I have not done so far including to write to Benjamin Crème telling him who I am – if he will understand (!) – or to watch more Benny Hinn videos bringing more energy etc.) and these were strong feelings coming to me from my “family/friends etc.”, which will have to be feeling of my mother etc. in relation to John, and the only thing I can decide to do is to be stronger than this feeling telling myself to “take it easy” and yes to continue the “long and steady pull forward” and NOT to be overtaken by desperation with the risk of giving up, as I also feel very clearly just underneath the surface, and so it is, let’s move on and please remember to do your absolutely best work my spiritual friends and that goes also in relation to the path you are creating now.

And yes Stig as so many others you are really waiting for the end of our PERFECT CREATION also ending the sufferings of the world and that is everywhere, and yes that will become a day of celebration and a day to thank all for bringing your sacrifices.

I was also shown a forest to my right side and the path being made, and I entered a long tunnel, which we are digging through solid darkness, and inside of there I saw the church of Grundtvig – it has a very characteristic and beautiful design – where my mother and father was married, and I understood that the spirit of my mother is also in there helping to dig this road.

I was also given sudden pain to my left foot and angle, and yes you are NOT allowed to destroy anything of our spiritual world to bring energy, I ask you to follow my rules the best way you can, and to use my top rule of “coming through no matter what” only in emergency situations – and later when this was repeated, I was also given the direct understanding that it is strong darkness let out, which wants to destroy inside of the spiritual world, but no my friends, you are NOT allowed!

I was told by the spirit of my father that he will also have to turn around as part of his last actions (being “reversed” as the last of the Old World), and he told me from inside of darkness that he is the one giving me heart attacks – I received another small attack here as I do now and again – and he also gave me a smell of Frankfurter sausages symbolising my “old nightmare”, and we know “come on and give me the best you got” (!), is really what this is about because this is what we will bring to the world as we agree on, and yes I feel lots of smiles and even he inside the last darkness now understand what all of this is about.

I was told that my mother’s lack of communication with me but communication with Sanna is what brought more darkness to John.

I was also told that the path, which is made is to make the last part of my old self come through to the red door leading into light and the logics should be that the New World is now inside of me, and yes “what is this path/road about” is a question I have had because why do we need to widening the road when the New World is inside of me (?), and is it so that it is only the anchor of all worlds, which are inside of me now and in order to bring out energy to all worlds, we need a wider road (?), and yes I who knows (?), and I don’t even know myself as part of the game, and I am really only writing what comes to me, and one day or another, I will also understand how it fits together.

I kept on receiving “inhuman pressure” this afternoon and I still walk and feel like a living dead

I went to town at 15.00, and inside of the store “Tiger”, I was given a symbol, when a lady wanted to buy an item for 20 DKK claiming that this was the advertised price outside on a box, and the assistant told her that it was 50 DKK, but asked her colleague to go out and check, and the colleague came back saying in shame “dummeslag til mig self” (“stupid slaps to my self”) because of her “stupidity” putting these items in the wrong box with a 20 DKK sign, and the lady was then allowed to buy the item for 20 DKK, but the “stupid slaps to my self” was a symbol of the darkness John now receives because he was “not able” to read, understand and support me, and we know “quite stupid” this was!

When I walked the pedestrian streets in town, I noticed – as I often do – for every breath that I took, that I felt the “atmosphere” of Helsingør, and yes there is a special atmosphere of every country, city and home and “that’s a lot” (!) (I am given the expression here of the “stupid” Swedish inventor in a TV programme of the 1980’s and really because of “the spirits are in good spirit now”).

I bought cheap wine at the Spanish Winehouse – I simply LOVE the smell of wine when coming in here, just like when visiting a wine producer – and this time, I noticed that they had a wall with the most fantastic and rare wine in a locked shelves, and I noticed four old vintages of “Vega Sicilia”, which is one of the best Spanish wines, and I spoke to the nice assistant of these wines – maybe 100 rare bottles in total of different producers (?) – and he told me that they are now no good anymore because they have been stored for 20 years there in WRONG conditions (too warm and too much light) and also that the oldest vintage of Vega Sicilia they have is from 1939, and when we spoke of this, I understood the message, which is to NEVER treat “wine of creation” wrongly in the future destroying it, and yes which is basically for you to keep my basic rules, and “what is your best bottle in the store” (?) as I asked him and yes he believed it was the top wine of Torres “Mas La Plana”, which I bought myself when Camilla and I visited Torres (close to Barcelona, Spain) in 2000, and yes I told him how impressive I was of Torres’ big production facilities, and he added that despite of this they produce very good wine, and we know a symbol of our New World when doing what is right to do (!) – keeping my basic rules will make the wine of the world both bigger and better – and I am wondering how many visitors this Spanish Winehouse receives of people buying their cheapest/poorest wine and still being a wine lover knowing about Vega Sicilia and the top wine of Torres (?), and yes there you see and that is when both they and I will see :-).

The modern wines of Torres in Spain and production facilities producing much quantity and quality is a symbol of our New World growing when people will keep my basic rules

In town, I still felt myself walk like an Egyptian, which in my case STILL is to walk like a living dead, this is still how I feel even though I am not tired today, and simply to say that this feeling is deeper than tiredness, it is a matter of “to be or not to be”, and yes I am here, but I am not there, which is to say that I am living without an individual soul and now almost also without my “old self” in the form of the old spirits of my mother and father only being “very little” on the other side.

I went to the library to read newspapers, and when sitting there I was shown the dark side of me standing directly in front of my face with a door separating us, and I was told “what do we do now” (?) with the easy answer to open the door, but I could only repeat the same message as so many times before, which is that when ALL darkness is absorbed, you can enter, which may be done in the same process really. Minutes afterwards I was shown a small dark man arriving and saying with a childish and quite funny voice “don’t forget me” and I heard darkness repeating with a “post rationalizing” voice “shall not enter before saved everything inside of darkness”.

While sitting at the library, I felt the “inhuman pressure” constantly coming to me and onto me and I was also given sudden pain to my right foot – sacrifices of the Universe – which would make most people give up here and now, but I said “no, I will keep on waiting for 4 months, if this is what it takes” and we know to bite the pain in me because we are not leaving before ALL work is done, and yes you can send out this to the world, this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME task and I have decided to give it my best go really, and here I am given “go” because the next note on my phone says what I was told, which was “urrgh, this means that we will have to walk all the way back”, which was darkness standing at the door not liking to return, and YES THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS, I don’t want you to rush and to oversee life on the way, BRING EVERY LITTLE THING TO ME :-).

On my way home with the 17.00 train, I was told about people – both famous and old “friends” of mine – who have seen me in dreams, so I should be “familiar” with some of you at least.

John is now getting better – my road towards my dream castle passed through these sufferings of John and my mother

At 15.45 I was told “the news about John not going to die has now reached the hospital”, which I understood as a confirmation that John is now getting better after my repeated message in bath this morning.

I was also told that my mother is the one feeling the worst of all now, and of course this is because of John, and it also means that she brings much energy, but I do hope that this “game” will not last very long, but then again, do whatever is necessary but don’t kill any of my “special friends”, and this is the old rule we are following.

In the evening, my mother called and said that John is now getting better herewith confirming what I was told earlier, and I told my mother to be strong because she is the one suffering the most because of how John’s “sickness” influences her at the same time as she has to be “on” in relation to Mette & Bettina, and to keep the others of us updated, and I told her that I would like to keep her company so she will not feel lonely, and this is how it is we agreed to see each other Friday or Saturday.

After this call, I felt how the darkness/negativity coming to me decreases, and I understood that this was my influence on my mother calming her down, which then again reduced darkness, which you know is also sent to me because of her strong feelings, fear and “desperation”.

For a few days I have also been given the name “Soria Moria” and told that this is in relation to my mother and John these days, and this famous Norwegian folktale (in Norway at least) was given to me the first time in 2007 when I worked for the Norwegian (cheating) company Acta, which had “the dream of Soria Moria” as the goal for their customers investing, and at least they were on their road there, which is what all people will do when they will show a clean heart, and I will show you my castle of Soria Moria, which is the symbol for “perfect happiness”, and as you can understand from the folktale, it was not very easy for me to find it, and it also went through the road of sufferings of my mother and John these days.

The folktale Soria Moria is about a wanderer on an impossible journey to his dream castle of perfect happiness symbolising me as Stig, the wanderer, on my impossible journey home

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena thought it was “cool with an adjustment of the smoking law” and she said “put on filter in both ends”, and “filter” is really what is inspired here, because it was your “personal filter” making it impossible for you to read, understand and support me, Helena, even though I am the answer to what you are seeking

  • And when we speak of “filter”, which is a word I have used for MANY years when speaking of people handling information so it becomes distorted or even untrue after having been a tour through their “ignorant but still better-knowing” minds (!), Flemming was speaking of a TV programme called “football without filter” (symbolising what people will do in our New World, i.e. to speak and understand objectively without a “filter” distorting the truth), where he wants all other people to keep quiet about what another football club – or business – should do in this or that situation, and again I can only say that this is WRONG because I do believe in freedom of speech, Flemming (!), but you have to do your absolutely best work speaking objectively on basis of solid information instead of what most people do today, which is that they speak of what they “believe” without knowing, this is really the difference, so I am sorry, Flemming, you were also not right in this question. And more inspiration was at the end of his post, where Carsten Werge – the journalist with the before mentioned programme – called Flemming a WIMP for not attending the programme, but as Flemming says, it is “logics for battery hens” and yes these are EXACTLY my words (both WIMP and the hens), therefore really (!), and the only problem, Flemming, is that yours and so many others “common logic” is WRONG, and that is because of the community BRAINWASHING you for MANY years, and yes I gave you the recipe here again to speak directly, honestly and truthfully and to combine this with ALWAYS doing your absolutely best work, which you may understand by now (?), and it goes without saying that if you DO NOT KNOW, you are NOT to act as if you do know!

  • After publishing my script “tomorrow”, I sent this message to Flemming telling him that he is “brainwashed”, and that FC Copenhagen has always been my club (he was the President/CEO/Chairman of the club for many years) and I gave a referral to “the best goal in history”, which at least is how I remember it, the goal of Henning Jensen in 1976, which I was inspired to write because of happiness of coming this far :-).

  • Later Flemming decided to send me an answer, and yes as an important business manager, he will of course do his work properly trying to read and understand, will he not (?), and eeeehhhh, Flemming – got you (!) (I feel laughter from inside of darkness sending these words, this is how it is) – no, he decided to become annoyed telling me straight out “come on, read the content, you mix apples and pears in one large pear soup” – and much “soup” these days, wont you agree (?) (“soup” is about becoming my new self), and yes why was it “impossible” for you to understand, Flemming (?), and is that because you were BRAINWASHED without being open for this being the right answer (?) and you believed I did not read and understand you (?), come on (!), and yes I don’t want to mix apples with pears, because APPLE in clean form is the symbol of our New World and yes because it is the best “computer”, which is! (please read about my view on “Apple Computer” elsewhere in my scripts).

  • Søren said that the government does not want to investigate the cases of “deleted information” of the Intelligence Service and not either the greatest spy case etc. indicating that the reason is because of “fear” of what the answers will bring in relation to the government itself (!), and the “short newspaper” – yes, this is what he calls it – of the political commentator Ralf Pittelkow and his wife, the previous MP and minister, Karen Jespersen, writes here that the Prime Minister did not want to help the historian to get a full clearing of the “great spy” by following his wish to get access to a CIA archive, which would require the Danish government to ask the Americans for the historian to get access, and yes my thought is BUREAUCRACY, and I have told you before, which I will repeat here again, which is for ALL governments, intelligence services and government departments (and businesses) to put out all of your information in public, which is to let the world get FREE ACCESS to all files and to remove the “secrecy stamp” from ALL files, and yes because OPENNESS is how God works, and “secrecy” is how the Devil works or very soon “used to work”, and yes HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE, and Helle, please stand forward taking your own decisions without the system telling you otherwise (!), don’t work for the Devil but for me, and please start by showing a good example by getting access to this information and everything else on archive!

  • The strong darkness, which was let out, also caused this earthquake and this time I was glad to see that it was not followed by a tsunami as here in 2004 or last year in Japan, and it also absorbed much darkness because of the great fear it gave people remembering the disaster of 2004.

  • When I read this from Helena cursing because of a lady from the island of BORNHOLM – i.e. my home – beating her in the word game of Wordfeud constantly and demanding more chocolate now (!), i.e. “selfishness”, I was given the feeling of my sister and yes she does NOT like to read about herself in my writings and that is when it comes to “chocolate”, and we know her selfishness in relation to money – and yes Sanna, this is what this says, and this is the only thing I write, and had you decided to support me both because of what I do and in financial terms, and even better to support the LTO families, I would have written this, and in this case you would not have received this symbol via Helena, this is how it works, and you really decide yourself, you see?

  • Søren brought this link about “sick elephants in circus” and he said that he does not like circus having wild animals on the programme – and yes I do NOT like animals to be mistreated at all – and besides from seeing suffering animals, circus is simply an old symbol of mine of “darkness”, which makes God as the elephant sick, and what is it here that makes God sick (?), and yes politicians like you “not able” to communicate, agree and work together, so there you have it.

  • In continuation of my script of yesterday, I decided to ask Søren if he sympathises with Hitler’s “racial policy” or if he likes all people the same no matter how they look and where they come from, and I wonder, Søren, if you DARE to send me an answer, or if “no answer” also will be your “policy” to the world (?) – I hope you will surprise me positively.


12th April: One new Jesus/Stig after the other is being born and delivered to our endless New Worlds

Dreaming of one new Jesus/Stig after the other being born and delivered to our endless New Worlds

I went to bed at 23.00 and slept until 07.00 – it is truly nice being back in a normal day rhythm – and I first had a couple of visions followed by a couple of dreams, which I bring here because you cannot really tell the difference because there is no difference other than receiving these visions being awake or sleeping.

  • I see the King of the spirit of my father lying in bed, and I am brought into the bed itself through a hole, and I saw 2-3 people of gold receiving me and telling me “we are right here” and I saw how they received one Jesus after the other for our endless New Worlds and they said “you have not arrived yourself yet”. I was also shown the bed of the spirit of my mother and underneath it, I saw soapbox cars driving out – still the race between light and darkness – and I saw my mother delivering a child meaning that she is the one delivering all of the new Jesus’es/Stig’s.
  • I was shown a man sitting extremely close to a corner watching TV and cursing but at the same time also sending out the football world cup trophy in gold, this is the last part of the spirit of my father – Old God – inside of darkness controlling all of this creation on basis of my behaviour and decisions as Stig, and when I say that the light will decide, it is the good side of this man of darkness, which goes against his nature of darkness, but when there is a will, there is a road as you can tell.
  • A young man is told by the military that he has no experience, but still he is hired, and he speaks to a man of high rank and he breaks the strict etiquette by not being humble but VERY direct, which would normally gets him fired, but instead the high rank officer decides to smile and to use this young, but clever man to help him and others of the military with their personal needs and investments, and he even manages to get a deal including secret kickback commission, which makes his “manager” so thrilled of enthusiasm that he recommends the top civil servant to make sure that everyone of the system “benefits” from this.
    • First of all, I don’t like hierarchies making people unequal with some being more worth than others, and here it is simply to say that military organizations cheat with public money receiving return commissions from suppliers, which is CORRUPTION when the money falls into the wrong purses, and I was told that the military – also in Denmark – has an ordinary organisation and then a secret organisation to maintain “personal interests”.
  • Something about Jack in 1996 believing he/we were the best chess players, and he is with the spirit of my mother and is surprised – and about Kasper from Excellent speaking a whole day on business ideas, my dog Don is not there and I ask him to remember paper blocks ruled into squares.
    • Kasper would not have been the business man he is today without the structure and influence I gave him through our weekly meetings when I worked for Fair Insurance and worked together with him, Thomas and Sidsel in Excellent approx. 2003-06.
  • I see a test of cars braking, and a SAAB 9.3 is braking fantastically winning the test, but the camera does not catch it before it has stopped. We have ordered 21 different fork-lift trucks at a company, which offers a fantastic service to receive the order from many different sub-suppliers.
    • Is it good or bad that a Swedish car of joy and happiness is stopping (?), and here the feeling of the dream is good even though the camera did not get it, which then will have to mean that there is some life, which has not been “photographed”, which you know is “not being saved” yet, so the feeling of the dream was not as the message of the dream, which is really not that good, so we will still carry on also saving this life, and yes what do you use 21 forklifts for (?), maybe to transport much from one place to another?
  • I am visiting David Bowie and see that he is living OneTwo steps away from being exactly in the middle of everything, which looks like a bath, and I see that he has four rooms/cabins – I do believe Jack went into one of these feeling at home – and in front of this the most fantastic art painting creating the most fantastic look of the letters “Bowie”, which are used in the painting, and when I ask of this painting, which not many do, Bowie lifts off one layer of this after the next, but when he does this, I see some very strong machines looking like washing machines, but they suck up everything with an incredible force, which halfway destroys these paintings. Later we meet an adviser telling us that we have a good chance to receive compensation from the insurance company via an International committee, which will be put together.
    • Bowie is the symbol of God, here my deepest inner self, and it seems as if there is still layer upon layer inside of me still not revealed, which darkness of Jack and the “suck machines” of darkness try to destroy, but we will bring our “resurrection tool” to recreate/rebuild everything exactly as it was, and yes you don’t have to tell us, 100,00% perfect is what we will now do, and yes more cleaning up my lady and gentleman, and yes these are the two inside of me doing this job – and of course against the nature of darkness forcing us to do otherwise.
  • I also had a short dream about being together with my mother telling me that John did not know that he was “sick”, and when John later arrives, he is surprised to learn that he was “sick”.

Doing an impossible work day with much work and still feeling like a “dead man walking/working”

While having my breakfast after 07.00 and before going to bad, I read updates on Facebook giving me an idea of the amount of work coming to me from the morning.

When wakening up and starting the day, I was again given my “coat of darkness” over me and pressuring me down, which almost makes me give up because I am TRULY so tired of this coat as a man can become, but still my willpower is stronger when I tell myself to ”keep on for four months more if necessary” and also that ”this should be piece of cake to do thinking of how long you have done this” so this is what we continue to do.

At bath, darkness still wanted my approval to kill John, but no, this is not how we work here – and you will also NOT get approval to kill my father.

When I started working I had first received quite strong temptations to do something completely different also thinking that I did not have very much work to do, but this is now written at 15.15 after having done my best under the circumstances writing an “impossible” chapter about Manu Sareen – because what is the truth and what is not (?), I cannot see it (!) – and also most of the short stories including the “dead person in the forest” and about my sister, and yes it was “simply impossible” to continue working after lunch because of the impact of pressure of darkness making me feel physically wrong/down and yes still as much as a “dead man walking”, but when I decided to work concentrated, I thought “this will be tough, but I can write the full script of today doing my best, I can also write to Karen (as I have not done yet) and I can publish my script and also inform Manu Sareen and Flemming Østergaard about my stories of them, and yes I was told that the plan for me was to get a new bicycle by now enable me to get exercise in the forest, and yes Stig, this is not no. 1 on my prioritization list as my script it, so when I will get time “one of the next days” (I hope, but don’t know), I will follow up on this, and then the energy I give by doing this work, will have to do, and this is still how it is here.

And before writing to Karen, I decided to publish this script at 16.10 because “then it is done” and with this, I can focus on my email to her, which I will bring in a later update this evening.

I was tired and felt the pressure of darkness and could almost not take myself together to write the email to Karen, and when I was about to load my batteries also doing this, I was told “and then I will take it from there”, and yes I reached the 12th April without stopping my journey, and what is my new goal knowing that each day is a true hell to come through, and yes what about setting the 3rd May – my birthday – as my new goal, and ambitious is what it is, but still “piece of cake” because this is what I tell myself.

I continued working on my email to Karen and to update this script until 19.40 this evening, and yes a long day, but I did it because I decided to do it.

Afterwards I did a few updates with the answers of Søren Espersen and Flemming Østergaard, and I was told that the darkness in front of me is now so dense/solid that I cannot come through it without positive feelings of Karen and also my mother to me.

Sending Karen all of my love, best wishes and telling her that we will get together in our New World 🙂

Here is the content of the email I sent to Karen at 19.10 this evening – better late than never (!) – with the key message being that I send her all of my love together with the beauty of the most beautiful song imaginable – “bring him home” from Les Miserables, and that we will get together with the end of darkness and arrival of our New World with pure joy and happiness and no sufferings, which is what I write about on my website, and yes this is to re-wake her feelings to me and also faith in the one I am.

And I might add that I am NOT good at writing poems, so I decided to write as I normally do, which is what I am good at, and I was told that Karen has NEVER received letters/emails from anybody as mine, and this is “what opens her up”.

Kære Karen,

Det er nu atter en gang den 12. april og hermed din fødselsdag, og på trods af alt sender jeg dig hermed endnu engang mine bedste tanker og hilsener på og for dagen samt ønsket om ubetinget lykke og glæde i fremtiden, som også indebærer et liv befriet for lidelser.

Jeg så for nylig 25 års jubilæumskoncerten fra musicalen Les Miserables med min mor, Lona, og hendes mand, John, og vi blev alle betaget helt ud over det sædvanlige på grund af dens enestående skønhed, vidunderlige sange/sang samt utroligt, flotte scene-show, og jeg tænkte, at ”dette er ligeså smukt, som de smukkeste passager i Madame Butterfly”, og jeg kunne ikke undgå at tænke tilbage til den aften for snart mange år siden, hvor du og jeg sad i det Kongelige Teater og så Madame Butterfly sammen, hvor vi blot kunne holde hinanden i hånden, som så mange gange før, og så var dette styrken på vores kærlighed, som ikke behøvede fysisk kærlighed for at blive forstærket – dette var min følelse, og det er denne følelse og ånd mellem os, som jeg fortsat savner.

Og det er med denne følelse, at jeg – som min lille gave til dig i dagens anledning – bringer dig linket til ”Bring him home”, som er den smukkeste af mange smukke sange fra denne måske den smukkeste musical af alle, og her i en så gennemført sjælden og smuk udgave (det fås ikke smukkere!), at jeg spontant fortalte min mor og John ”tænk, at en mand kan synge så smukt”, og jeg kunne heller ikke undgå at tænke ”tænk, hvis Karen og jeg kunne tage hinanden i hånden igen, og opleve denne musical sammen, for eksempel i London”, og ja, så ville jeg virkelig være ”kommet hjem”.

Den smukkeste sang fra Les Miserable ”Bring him home” i en usædvanlig sjælden og smuk udførelse – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaI9BPKhExk

Nu hvor jeg skriver dette, og skriver lidt længere, end jeg have forestillet mig, kan jeg også sige, at jeg tænker, at det nu er mere end 8 år siden, at jeg fik ondt i maven, da jeg så dig første gang uden at vide, hvor denne kraftige og for mig ny følelse  kom fra, og ved din kommende fødselsdag i 2004 blev jeg så åbnet spirituelt, og fik hermed klar besked om vores forbindelse, og senere blev jeg åbnet endnu mere og fik så fortalt flere detaljer om os (jeg modtog både lys og mørke, men lærte at forstå både lyset og mørket samt vores skæbneforbundne relation, hvor mørket var stærkere end lyset, som hermed forhindrede os i at kunne ”holde” hinanden ud!), og dette er ganske enkelt årsagen til, at jeg trofast har sendt dig disse fødselsdags- og julehilsener hvert år; fordi jeg ved, at der kommer en dag, hvor lyset i dit hjerte vil sejre over mørket i dit sind (ganske enkelt fordi, at mørket nu er tæt på at blive fjernet ikke blot fra dig, men fra verden!), og det er lyset, som altid fik dig til at række hånden frem til mig, når jeg rakte min hånd frem til dig, og dette er den rene kærlighed, som er både dybere og stærkere end ”kødets lyster”, som er mørket, der trak dig i anden retning end mig, hvor sandheden er, at vi med lysets kærlighed, hvis vi virkelig ønskede det og besluttede at kæmpe mod mørket, ville have opnået den største glæde sammen også fysisk ved at overkomme den største ulyst til hinanden, og dette ikke blot hos dig i forhold til mig, men også hos mig i forhold til dig!

Desværre evnede vi ikke dette dengang, og jeg har derfor trofast ventet på lysets fremkomst lige siden velvidende, at jeg ikke var en del af dine planer så længe, at mørket var stærkere end lyset, og alligevel, så var jeg altid en del af dig, Karen, og dette er den smerte, som du har gennemgået i forhold til mig, for på den ene side har du ikke kunnet udholde mig, som var mørke følelser sendt til dig, som du ikke kunne overkomme, og samtidig har du igennem årene også fornemmet denne ”særlige kærlighed”, den åndelige og således ikke den fysiske, som på den anden side har tiltrukket dig og givet dig ægte smil i forhold til mig, når du en sjælden gang har kunnet frigøre dig af ”mørkets lænker”, og det er dette ”ægte smil”, som er sandheden om dig, om vores relation og om mig, og det er dette, som vil komme til dig og os med fornyet styrke, når vi sammen vil gå ind i en Ny Verden fyldt af glæde, lykke og kærlighed renset for lidelser/mørke, som er det budskab, jeg skriver om til menneskeheden på min hjemmeside. Dette er en historisk tid, vi har gennemgået med ”uendelige lidelser”, som vi nu er meget tæt på at tilendebringe, som betyder, at vi er tættere på end nogensinde, Karen, og dette er altså tættere på ”lyset”, som ER vores (alles) Ny Verden :-).

Indtil denne dag (snart) oprinder, hvor også dit sind vil give efter for dit hjertes rene følelse, ønsker jeg dig som nævnt alt det bedste – jeg kan ikke sende renere ønsker til nogen end de ønsker, jeg hermed sender dig – og jeg beder til, at det også må gå din familie og dine nærmeste det godt, og så glæder jeg mig til den dag, hvor jeg ser den Karen befriet for lidelser og ”facade”, som jeg kunne se inde bagved, da vi sås for år tilbage, for det er hende, at jeg elsker af hele mit hjerte, og hende, som er min skæbne ligesom, at jeg er hendes.

Indtil dette øjeblik kommer, er du ALTID velkommen, hvis du igen måtte ønske at se mig som ”din bedste ven nogensinde” – som din ”guardian angel”, husker du (?) – og dette er helt uden ”særlige forventninger” (helt!!!), og altså, hvis du, ligesom jeg, igen måtte ønske at opleve den nærhed og ”åndelige kærlighed”, som er en del af os, men det kan altså ikke helt udelukkes, at vores hænder helt automatisk vil mødes igen :-), og hvis du måtte ønske at besøge mig i min nye lejlighed i Helsingør, kan vi nyde denne udsigt sammen over sundet til Sverige.

Solopgang from min lejlighed over Øresund til Sverige

Take care og hils din familie mange gange :-).

Kærlige hilsener fra

PS: Måske du endnu husker den smukke ”Un bel di vedremo” fra Madame Butterfly?

Did the Church Minister “cheat poor children”, have a poor memory or was the marketing material of his book wrong?

The Church Minister Manu Sareen was today “caught” in a new case, where he according to this story of BT is “cheating poor children”, and when you read the article, it says that Manu promised to give 3 DKK for every sold copy of a children book of his, to a children’s home in India, and even though the book has sold in 7,832 copies, which should give a total donation of DKK 23,551, he only gave 2,000 DKK in 2009, and according to BT, Manu underlines that he has also given 4,000 DKK to “other poor Indians”, and because of this article he has now transferred the missing 21,000 DKK to the children’s home.

BT launched the story of the Church Minister ”cheating poor children” of India when not paying 3 DKK per sold book as the marketing material of the book promised

So what is up and down on this story (?) and yes “by chance”, I am subscribed to Manu on Facebook, and after the break-out of the story, Manu says below that the article may give the impression that he has “cheated poor children”, which “of course is not true” as he says (!) – and yes I really don’t like when a newspaper story is saying one thing and the main person of the article says the opposite, which makes at least one of them wrong (!) also making it impossible for people to find out what is the truth and what is not, do you see (?), which is why I simply like the media to tell the truth 100% clearly and of course the people involved also to tell the truth 100% clearly and for both to do this 100% objectively without focusing on “attacking” or “defending” as you do (soon “did”) today in our Old World, where it is about “protecting your personal interests”, and let us see what Manu really says here, and first he says that “I have unfortunately been very forgetful”, which to me is the same as saying that he has done “poor work”, and he says that he sent 2,000 DKK to the children’s home “soon thereafter” – according to BT, this was in 2009, is this “soon thereafter”, Manu (?) – and in 2009, you say that you suddenly remembered that you had to “owe” more money and because your father was going to India, you decided to give him 4,000 DKK to help other “poor Indians”, thus not keeping your first promise to help the children’s home – to me, this is again POOR WORK (!) and to “jump over where the fence is the lowest” showing a POOR WORK MORAL, and this man is a Minister (!) – but I do like to see that he regrets not being careful enough to give the right amount, and giving 4,000 DKK to the wrong people. He continues by saying that it is only the first print of the book, which includes his statement to give 3 DKK per sold copy, and this first print included 3,000 copies making a total sum of 9,000 DKK, but what is the truth of the “original intention/promise” (?) – was it to give 3 DKK of all sold copies of the book as the marketing material apparently said – according to BT – or only of the first print (?), and yes this is how careful you have to be when working and here when writing about this story as a newspaper and commenting on as Manu Sareen does and that is in order to find the ONLY truth, which there can be only one version of (!), and Manu decides that because several websites say that he gives 3 DKK for every single sold copy of the book he will give the total amount of DKK 23,551 to the children’s home, which he has now done, and with this, he hopes that everyone will be satisfied …., and yes my friend, what was your intention originally (?), was it to give 3 DKK of every sold book (?), and if it was, your own negligence has caught you showing an attitude to the world, which I do NOT like, and if it with your hand to your heart was not the intention, I can only recommend you to stick to that not letting “public pressure” make you decide and do otherwise, and I can only think that if BT did not bring this story, you would probably never have followed up yourself –because of negligence/laziness or did you really want to keep the money yourself (?) – and do you still believe that you did not cheat children when you reached this conclusion (?) – just wondering I am – and this also makes me think of the enormous amount of “mistakes”, which are never “caught” by the media, and when this is the case, people don’t care to follow up and correct what they should have corrected a long time ago, and that goes both in matters like these and not least wrongdoings in relation to how you have treated or cheated a family member, a friend etc., and I encourage everyone to think VERY carefully when you repent to make sure that you will repent everything and also to make things good again, which Manu here did as an example, but did you do the right thing, Manu (?) or did your memory make you forget your “original promise” – what is really the truth?

The Church Minister said that he only promised to pay 3 DKK per book “of the first print”, but still he has now decided to pay for all sold books – is he or the marketing material right?

After Manu’s public “confession” – or “half” at least, Manu (?) – BT decided to follow up bringing this story, and let us see if they were able to read and understand what Manu wrote, and yes, I am sad to see that BT only brings the conclusion of what Manu writes without bringing his full text – this is WRONG (remember the level 1, 2 and 3!) – and I am also sad to see that I cannot read the marketing material, which BT refers to, so everyone can see for themselves what he “promised” to do – at least according to the marketing material – and when BT asks Manu, he says that it was decided in 2007 only to give 3 DKK per sold book of the first print (!), and yes my ladies and gentlemen, this is really where my chain falls off, because what is up and down on this story (?), is it as Manu says that it was really only 3 DKK per book of the first print, which was to be given herewith making the communication of the marketing material and text of websites directly wrong (?), and if this is the truth, then stick to it and tell the truth that the marketing material etc. as a consequence was wrong if this is the case (!) – and if the truth is that the intention was truly to give 3 DKK for ALL books and that it was first later that this decision was changed without sending out new information to websites etc. (is this what happened when you changed publishing house as part of a new agreement?), I do believe it is right to follow the first intention to pay for all prints (which would then make you “cheat poor children”!) – and yes my friends, this is how deep you have to dig, and I am happy that BT decided to bring up this story, but you have to be very careful to work your best before you can conclude that the Minister has “cheated poor children”, because is this really what he did, or was the marketing material wrong (?) – and when you listen to Manu being “grilled” here in the “most reliable news media of Denmark”, the DR radio news (!), you can hear how people of the Old World chases the man instead of the story, when they continue attacking him, and yes it made me both sad and embarrassed listening to this – you can do so MUCH better than this (!) – and how difficult can it be to find the truth of this story, and is it really as you said, Many, or have you “forgotten” to tell important information (?), and if it is as you say, the story should be something like this “the marketing material of Manu’s book was wrong when it promised to send money of every sold copy because the original promise was only of the first print of the book”, and do you see how easily you can twist a story, if the newspaper or the person(s) in question do not work their best, are not 100% objective and do not take the right decision, which is what this looks to me, Manu, but I don’t feel completely sure about this based upon the information given, I really need more than this to be sure, but the conclusion is: PLEASE IMPROVE YOUR WORK AND ATTITUDE MY DEAR WORLD and you can use this story as example to tell how important it is to find and bring the truth and only the truth!

BT said that the Minister is now annoyed and regrets – but did he make the mistake as BT claimed he did or was the marketing material wrong? FIND AND BRING THE ONLY TRUTH!

DR news on Facebook asked people if the Manu case – including his regret and payment of the “promised” money – has changed the view of people of him and also if this should have consequences for the Minister (!) – this is about “do you want to cut down Manu” (?) – and many people are as always negative and impatient, and when the media has decided to bring the story that Many is cheating poor children – instead of helping them, which was really what he did despite of all – it makes most people decide that he is “incompetent” and should be “dismissed” as you can see a couple of examples of below, and you can find many more around the Internet (and Daniel is “one of those children you cannot reach” simply being “stupid” because of his view not to help India but to focus on Danes alone as far too many people sadly think today, and look at his language!!!), and based upon this, I ask all people to give everyone a chance to improve their behaviour, communication and work, which also includes yourself (!) because you really cannot dismiss everyone because most of you have also “corpses in the closet”, which you need to bring out, repent and correct if possible.

DR news wanted to hear if people want to ”cut down” the Minister, which is what negative and impatient people want – but was the Minister “guilty as charged” (?) – you CANNOT take right decisions if you don’t know the objective truth!

Later in the day I saw the following new story of BT with Søren Pind saying that “Manu Sareen is a rotten apple” and directly that Manu suffers from “mytomanu”, which is “mytomani” in Danish or mythomania in English, which is about people having a “sick inclination to state untruthful and often dramatic events” – a “pathological liar” – and is this what you are, Manu, or are you simply working with a poor work moral also “forgetting” what is the real truth – and my only message is to STOP THIS WORK OF A MAD MAN blaming and pursuing each other, and start finding the ONLY OBJECTIVE TRUTH. I don’t like seeing what I see, and it is quite interesting to see how Søren Pind doesn’t mind chasing others accusing them of the worst imaginable in a way which he does not like to be chased himself, but this is “different”, or what, Søren?

Come out and tell the truth, Manu, are you a “pathological liar”, or is this to “go too far” (?) as you also believed BT did – and yes, let us know the truth, do you often tell lies, and so often that you cannot remember what is the truth, thus making your lie the truth in your own mind (?), or is this as wrong as it gets (?) because you have only been “unlucky” when not being accurate in your statements (towards the Danish Church as an example) and that Søren Pind goes far above all limits accusing you as he does (?) – and if this is not true, I can imagine how sad Søren has made Manu feel – but what is the truth?

Søren Pind accuses Manu to be a “pathological liar” – is this objectively the truth, Manu, or is this also to go too far?

After publishing the script of today, I decided to bring the summary of my story on this and a link to my script to Manu and his readers.

Later in the evening I saw how other news channels on TV brought a short summary of this story of Manu, which simply was cut down to “Manu cheated Indian children”, and it made me SAD to hear that the media had decided this to be the fact not caring to look deeper into the details to REALLY find the truth – and again, is this really how it was (?), and one day you may want to tell the FULL and ACCURATE truth, Manu, not forgetting anything (?) and for the media to bring the full story both as level 1, 2 and 3 information instead of doing POOR work as you do today?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My old colleague from Acta, Jesper, decided to leave me as a Facebook friend a few months ago, but stilly my spiritual friends decided to show him to me today as if he was still a Facebook friend (!), and that is because he liked a story called “we found a dear person in the forest”, and when you find a dead person in the forest, it is really a symbol saying that you find “God dead in the forest”, so I decided to have a look at this story to see what it was about now that my spiritual friends had brought it to me.

  • And the story you can see the beginning of below and read here is about a couple finding a dead man in the forest (not knowing to start with if he was still alive), and then they call a total of five people at the police and alarm centre, but this couple was met by people who “could”/”would” not understand and not take responsibility doing the right thing to send out help/support immediately, and they are met by one excuse after the other until the police and an ambulance is finally sent, and yes this is simply about the story of people not being “able” to understand – just like Jesper – and to take responsibility supporting me, which is what was killing me, your misunderstandings and wrong actions, where it should have been easy for you to do what was right.

  • From my alphabetical list of friends, you can see that Jesper is not listed as my friend, but still I received his update!

  • In continuation of the story that the red government “cannot” support investigations, which may bring them into the soup themselves, they can indeed decide to establish a commission as they have now done to investigate the foundation for Denmark deciding years ago to be part of the war against Iraq (made by the previous government!) as you can see here, and this may take ten years to do – just like the Peter Brixtofte commission, which today has finished their work (!) – and we know this is bureaucracy of the worst drawer unnecessary to do in the future when everyone will do their best work following my basic rules, and my dear “red government”, what are you thinking of, is that to “chase your opponents and do everything not to be revealed yourselves” (?), and if you haven’t noticed, this is a fight of the Old World, which will stop now, which will include openness of everything!

  • I decided to bring my question to Søren Espersen yesterday, which he has not yet decided to answer – will he ever (?) – to the MP Fahti El-Abed and to Naser Khader, which they and their network may find interesting (?), but not easy to tell when no one tells me, and that is so far at least except from one of Søren Espersen’s own network, Jane, who wrote “Venter på kommentar – spændt” (“wait for comment – excited”), and I could not bring my question on Naser’s public timeline because I am not a Facebook friend with him, only subscribed to him (he has reached his limit of 5,000 friends), so I decided to send him an email with my question instead to inform him, and while writing this, I have just received a request from Naser to become Facebook-friends (!) – but no email/communication, hmmm (!) – so this tells me that my question may not be “uninteresting” at all and when Naser “cannot” communicate with me, but still shows me interest, it may be because he do know who I am (?), and yes not easy to tell when people “cannot” tell me, but “new information” came to me this way. Later Naser was kind to bid me welcome as his Facebook friend with these words “Du er meget velkommen som facebook-ven – bh Naser”.

  • Later Søren decided to answer me below with “No, I don’t want to be part of anything like this”, and yes this is what he wrote (!), and is that because my question to you is as “crazy/silly” in your mind as your question about Al-Khawaja is in the minds of others (?), or is simply because you “cannot” answer truthfully (?), and yes Søren, I will give you a new chance to answer this question to the whole world, and yes because I am sure the world would like to hear your TRUE thoughts and also repents? And isn’t it amazing that five people “liked” his answer and 0 – Z E R O – liked my question (?), and yes just wondering I am.

  • Right after I published my script of the 10th April two days ago at 17.50, I sent the email to my sister below thanking her for a lovely lunch yesterday, which “by luck did not get as dramatic as it could have been”, and I told her how happy I was to see them again and hoping that we will see each other soon again, and yes the story is really that already at 18.40, my sister opened and read my script of the 10th apparently being motivated to read what the headline “John was almost killed in an attack when the New World opened to the deep inside of me, but I saved him” was about, and yes she did not come back again reading the chapter “I became somewhat nervous about John again when my mother did not call back and I felt her being “completely down”, which I published later in the evening, and now I can only guess without knowing because no one tells me, but I did NOT receive an answer to my nice email to my sister and now two days later I have still NOT received an answer, and I am thinking what if my mother and sister spoke on the phone the 10th with my mother telling my sister about John being rushed to hospital in the morning, but not me (the symbol of my telephone told me that the telephone was not working in relation to my mother you know!) before the day after, and then it is “not difficult” for my sister to conclude that I am wrong claiming in my script that John was now “back on top” without her seeing my next chapter becoming nervous about John in the evening because of the signs given to me, and yes not understanding that it was the darkness of my mother and sister self not being able to communicate as open with me, which brought John the thrombosis in the lung, and yes did Sanna furthermore tell my mother about my “wrong” script claiming to have saved John’s life (?), and just wondering I am, and again she may believe that I am “far too much” writing the truth both about her, the family and John in my script thus making her decide to block me once again – not easy to handle your negative feelings and to understand who is right, Sanna (?) – and I am encouraged to write the truth here about myself too and how I also when visiting them the other day for Easter lunch asked MANY open questions to the family (which they did not to me), which they can not comprehend differently than being “very positive” – this is the same behaviour as Helene, Hans’ late mother, always showed and became “famous” for, but no one tells me – and this is how my sister is torn between my positive behaviour when being together with them, and my “negative” or “wrong” behaviour – and maybe still “craziness”, Sanna (?) – when writing, which really makes you both sad and angry (?), and with feelings like this, you are still influencing mother against me and that is even though she is going through her worst period ever (?), and yes this might be how it is like, but of course I don’t know when no one tells me, but this is what I am encouraged to write, so this just may be the story, and yes my sister brings me even more darkness through my mother because of her “inability” to understand and to control her feelings, and yet again, it may become a question of whether or not my mother will decide to see me tomorrow, Friday, or Saturday as we spoke about yesterday, and yes my mother read my script of the 10th this morning including the chapter, which Sanna did not, and my mother may even read this script too understanding even better that I have only written the truth as I have received it also about John, and yes when you read this script too, there should be no room for misunderstandings, but the question is if Sanna will also read this script, which I don’t feel sure about, because she really don’t read many of my scripts at the moment, and when she is “angry” with me, it also means automatically that she does not read me, but I may be wrong about this, Sanna and mother (?), and if I am, you are of course welcome to tell me and even better to write me, so I can bring the corrections you may have, see? Yes, this is what I am still fighting and that is darkness of my own family, and we know it is truly not easy to get rid of these misunderstandings and wrong behaviour, and if there is anything I like less than this (?), and no I cannot think of anything, this is as disgusting as it gets and it is totally unnecessary when people show a behaviour I could never dream of showing myself, which is truly also what is making me hurt.

  • Naser brought this post today about a TV programme on TV3 (which I cannot see) and he laughs about Linse’s many grains of gold: “He can just get a flat, him the ugly German …”, and when I read this I was given the vision of Søren Espersen, and here with a reference to German as in “Nazi”, and Søren, this is what is given to me, and is this why you “cannot” answer my simple question (?) simply because you don’t like people with another skin colour than white (?), and if this is the case, why don’t you just tell the truth and why this it (?), and maybe you will soon start receiving new feelings to understand the deception given to you as feelings of darkness.

  • The radio host, Alex, brought a picture of ”my new lumps of gold” and said “then I will have to do without “special retirement pension”, and yes these lumps of gold are the best photo equipment you can get as a symbol of the life we have developed for everyone at our New World, which you will enter when your “photo” has been taken as a symbol of receiving access when you have showed a clean heart, and yes Alex is one out of MANY THOUSANDS taking out his “special retirement pension” spending this extra money on themselves making his dream of “fantastic equipment” come through, and we know instead of sending this extra money to save life with a suffering family in Africa, Alex (?), and it is also symbolising a “large withdrawal” of energy of me in order to produce these “lumps of gold”, see?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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