April 16, 2012: The STRONGEST darkness of “the last Buddha” finally decided to give in because we MUST enter!


Summary of the script today

15th April: I have NEVER been this EXTREME tired/exhausted before to bring out the deepest level of my inner self

  • I had my WORST night and day ever until 16.30 where I received a few hours of sleep. I have NEVER been this EXTREME tired/exhausted before, which was necessary to do to bring out the most of the deepest level of my old self inside of me. I am giving EVERYTHING I got crossing old time high pain levels.
  • The spirit of my mother from this the deepest level inside of me (I believe!) was converted to light during the night, and with her help and the help of ALL light – which I have converted from darkness on my road – the spirit of my father at this deep level told me later that he will also come out now, which may take “some time” to do?
  • Despite of the WORST tiredness/exhaustion/(not being!) ever, I decided to swim and to drive to Fredensborg not buying a new bicycle (!), to Hornbæk for a walk and later to visit my mother for coffee and also to write the script of today, which however was only possible to do after a few hours of sleep.
  • We started the recreation of what was lost of “the last Buddha” the other day and I was told that “you will never come to regret this”, which was because of my decision to bring my worst pain ever. “The fight will be about whether or not we will be able to recreate and get everything out, which will continue tomorrow
  • TIME has now been transferred from darkness to light, which will STOP time.

16th April: The STRONGEST darkness of “the last Buddha” finally decided to give in because I decided that we MUST enter

  • Dreaming of Hans Engell being part of darkness knowing about but not speaking publically about me, I have brought out parts of life inside of this the most solid darkness of all, but it takes my worst sufferings of all to bring out more with the question being if I can, “everything counts” in this “construction time again” (all that I can do really), darkness has been clever making it impossible for me to get any higher (or deeper) concealing the key of eternal New Worlds from me.
  • I am facing my strongest opponent ever with the question being if I will be strong enough to save everything inside of darkness of this, and if I am not, I am told that my “old nightmare” will be carried out by this darkness performing as Darth Vader from Starwars and killing me or my mother as the result.
  • In Helsingør I pushed a car, which could not start, and we did not get it to start meaning that we are still missing the keys of the last Buddha to get our New World of perfection started, but because I do my best work and actions including exercise when walking home from town, I was told that the last darkness of the spirit of my father has decided to give in, which is also and mainly because I have made the hardest kick in football telling that this is what we MUST do not matter what making the whole world help me. ”This corresponds to land on the dot made by a fountain pen after having written more than 5,000 pages” – we are now emptying the last of darkness to complete my tour around the circle.
  • I informed Benjamin Crème, who has predicted my arrival for decades, and Share International about my impending arrival as the Son of God encouraging them to read and understand me, and to help inform the world about my arrival and our New World, and the first reaction I received from his colleague was “the Language of the Heart is where the Lord lives, not in you or any Man”! This “brainwashed” man did not have to read me to tell me where the Lord lives, which according to him is certainly not with me.
  • Short stories of the tragedy of BT pursuing the Church Minister Manu Sareen without wanting to understand anything else than your own agenda (?), I received a shock when the greatest business leader ever of Denmark, Mærsk McKinney Møller died because of strong darkness these days, where I have only saved “half the shoe” of the last Buddha, Mærsk was lonely on his own days because he was “so high up” that no one “could” treat him as a normal human being, which is also a reason why people leave me lonely and I had ordered a subscription to a newspaper and received electronic confirmation but I was “deleted” because of their darkness not writing about me!


15th April: I have NEVER been this EXTREME tired/exhausted before to bring out the deepest level of my inner self

I have NEVER been this EXTREME tired/exhausted before to bring out the most of the deepest level of my inner self

After publishing my script of yesterday, my “most impossible night ever” started where I had to stay awake, and I was told directly “now you can choose for your mother or you to die if you cannot stay awake”!

I was shown the statue of Holger Danske invisible and becoming visible, and I was told “this is also what your mother waits on”, which is for me to become my new self.

At 04.10 when watching this video of Benny Hinn, I received strong darkness telling me ”no, you will not get the key”, which was darkness fighting to hold on to his, but it will not succeed also because of the effects my scripts have, because what I write is what will become reality, and I was told that this energy of Benny Hinn will help me if I should fall asleep, and yes I am truthfully incredible tired now not sure at all for how long I can stay awake – and I received the feeling that I am now receiving the strongest darkness also because of the energy of Benny Hinn, and it was very strong using its normal weapons.

I was told that if I was to give up on my road, “we would throw in everything at the end asking you not to give up” and also “is this what we are doing now” (?) with the answer being “yes” (!) and still I have decided to take it easy continuing to say “everything will become light” and refuse all strong attacks of darkness more or less just like that.

I was told “we can now see everything which we have ever poured inside this darkness, which is now returning to us” (“energy”). This is “life”, which is “not being”, which is now being converted to “being”, and the energy inside of this is what fed all wrongdoings of the world, and without this, there will no longer be wrongdoings of the world – other than what “poor habits” may bring.

I was told “we don’t have to say that this is also impossible to do and guess who was sitting inside of there welcoming us, another part of the spirit of my mother being very surprised for us coming there” (which I saw and heard) and now only the spirit of my father of this place remains and we will receive help from everyone else saved on our way including this last part of the spirit of my mother as she tells me.

I took minute by minute and hour by hour during the night to come through – the clock was VERY slow – and I was absolutely certain that no matter what, I would not be able to swim this morning, I have rarely been more certain on anything, and every minute was a nightmare for me to come through because my low energy and hard work already at 22.00 yesterday evening made me very exhausted without life energy as you can imagine, and to keep awake this night truly became the absolutely worst I have ever gone through – in terms of tiredness – and at 06.10 I was absolutely sure that now I could not postpone sleep one more minute, but instead of going to bed, I thought “maybe I can take a long bath half-sleeping, and be able to keep awake until 12.00 afterwards”, where I was to go to Fredensborg to get my bicycle, which I was also almost sure that I would not be able to make (and if I would try, I was sure that driving there would be “life dangerous” because of how tired I was), and when I entered my bathroom to get ready for the bath, I was given a soft, light and kind voice of the spirit of my mother from “the highest place” – this is how she sounds when she is light not playing a game with me because of darkness – and I was simply told “this time, give EVERYTHING you have in you, it is needed”, and normally I have “distributed” my energy going to my extreme limits, but also trying to keep some energy not going (way) above my normal limits because “there is also a day tomorrow”, and here I was told to give “everything” I had, and let me tell you that “tiredness” is a concept not covering the deep feelings of darkness/not being as I was bearing here, and I did not think it was possible, every minute was the worst hell to go through, but this kind voice made me decide to cancel my bath and go back to my computer actively “surfing/wasting time” because I was sure that sitting in front of the TV would have destroyed me making me sleep quickly.

Time slowly became 07.00 and 08.00 where I was still going through my worst crisis of “tiredness” ever – the worst torture imaginable – and I had no idea of how to come through this, I was very close to being in despair, and I received lyrics from the song “lovesexy” by Prince – “2night we make love” etc. – which was a “promise” by darkness of what it wanted to do with me if I could not stay awake, which I fought to do also receiving “compulsory thoughts” to go to sleep at the same time (!), and when receiving this, I was also coming deeper and deeper into losing consciousness including the feeling of consciousness for seconds leaving me together with the feeling of “now it will happen”, i.e. for me to fall over, and yes I was deeper than ever before – also because this is what was needed in order to get into the deepest inside of me.

At 08.20 I was told that “the key will not as such disappear (if I should give up now), but it will become increasingly difficult to find”.

I was told that when I mentioned Japan not that long ago in relation to wrongdoings of secret governments, they could also “easily” had decided to kill me and all it took was a little insecurity of mine, which would have created the same with them and this decision to be taken.

Approx. at 09.00 I started feeling somewhat less tired coming through the absolutely worst crisis ever, and when I was taking a bath, I was shown this part of the spirit of my father inside of darkness in an arm chair surrounded by booze and loose ladies, and we fought directly on words for some time and I told him that “I am stronger than you, you will all be light and happy about this”, which eventually made him say “alright, I will come now”.

I was told that Camilla’s brother Christian yesterday first came with darkness in his mind, but that it shifted on the way into “faith” (also because I did not “lose it”, otherwise this might not have happened), and I thought that this is probably his first visit since the beginning of 2010 to my website?

Later I was told by ”my greatest opponent ever”, the darkness of the last Buddha, “good you have your distinction visible so I can see who you are”, and I was also told that I would not have come through this by sleeping, and I would not have decided not to sleep without the kind voice of the spirit of my mother helping me.

These days I have been given the name of the old Norwegian “spy”, Arne Treholt (on behalf of the Soviet Union), and I understand that there is a connection between him through the Soviet/Russian system going all the way to me.

During the morning when feeling somewhat better, I decided that I could “kill more time” by going to the swimming hall (!), which I then did at 10.30 on my way to Fredensborg at 12.00, and when arriving at the swimming hall, I was told “he CAN bring me the key, but don’t want to” (still) and that is just because of arriving here, and I was now to do exercise being in the worst condition I have ever been in – this beats my running in the Easter of 2009 (I believe it was?), where I had to do a minimum of 10 minutes of run after not having slept a full night – and I felt how I was heavier in the water than ever making me feel like sinking, which was the feeling given to me by darkness, but I decided to swim all I could – giving you the best that I got in this game too – and I swam until I received a cramp in my leg, which made me smile because a couple of hours before I had been given a cramp in my leg, which was a sign about my decision to swim until I simply could no more having to interrupt it because of receiving a cramp in the leg!

When swimming I kept on telling my spiritual friends to “do everything it takes to make this come through”, and with “everything” I do mean everything including to bring lives as sacrifices to bring energy and even my own if needed, but of course only if needed because I am still the best protected, and have NO intention NOT to come through this alive (i.e. not dying physically before becoming my new self), which is the same about my mother, father/John and Robin Gibb (!) in that order, so we will see what happens, and yes the more energy I give voluntarily the less sufferings of my family/friends etc. and the Universe and vice versa.

I was told that “changing the code inside of here to “plus” may sound strange, but this is how I have organised it” and this was really to answer the question “how can life, which is “not being” have a code”, but this is how it is, and the code was “no life”/negativity until the original creator received a “bright idea/feeling” to change into the opposite as the first one of the “eternal nothing” including the same code.

I did not buy a cycle from a man from Iran, but he showed me a NICE and POSITIVE attitude as I almost NEVER see from Danes

I made it through swimming, and did a little shopping too while having the car, and shortly before 12.00, I met the nice man in Fredensborg again, and I was surprised to see what he had done to lift up the saddle of the cycle, which was to mount a new and wider saddle stick on top of the original saddle stick, which was completely stuck at the frame of the bicycle, and I tried the bicycle for a short round around the parking place, where it seemed fine to me, and I was “this close” to buying it, but I decided to take a final round both to check the gear, which worked very fine, and also to lift myself up and down the saddle to test its strength, and when I returned, we saw how the inner saddle stick had lost its strength almost breaking physically, so I decided not to buy it – and this might be a symbol telling me that it is impossible for me to continue my journey, but I will NOT accept this (!), we have to continue NO MATTER WHAT (!) – and I told him “if you can get the old saddle stick out and replace it with a new, I am still willing to buy the cycle”, which he might decide to follow up on Tuesday together with the repair shop (as our original agreement!!!), but it looked as if he has lost his motivation, so we will see if he will call me or decide not to do anything more, and he was very kind indeed telling me how sorry he was for making me drive in vain, and he offered me a cup of coffee and to pay for the gasoline as a consequence (!), which I however did not accept, and this came from a man of approx. 60 years old having a slipped disc with pain and having used probably “some time” to make the saddle work crossing his back pain, and now that it broke today (because of the damage we gave it the other day trying to lift it up with a strong tool), he will not be able to sell the bicycle at all herewith losing the total price of 650 DKK (!), and it made me think that if this was a typical Dane, he would probably not have done his best crossing his back pain to make the cycle work, and had he, he would NOT have offered me coffee and to pay my gasoline after the break of the stick, but blamed me for destroying it, and yes this is the difference of ATTITUDE of people, and I truly liked this man so much that I decided to tell him of my first impression of him – “a man of integrity to be trusted” – and my thought was that I should have offered this man (from Iran, who has been in Denmark for 21 years also having “wounds on his soul” because of the Iran/Iraq war!) to pay for his damages (the same as his positive thoughts in relation to pay for my “damages”), and when both show a good attitude, you will much easier be able to meet in smiles instead of the opposite when people show a wrong and selfish attitude as most Danes do without thinking (!), and without understanding just how much the culture has destroyed them, they “cannot” see it, and it takes examples like this for you to start understanding.

Starting recreation of what was lost of “the last Buddha” – “you will never come to regret this”

So it become no deal today – but maybe on Tuesday (?), I will not give up and hope that he will show the same attitude – and from there, I decided to drive home again, and was encouraged to drive a tour to the “holiday city” of Hornbæk approx. 15 kilometres from me when following the the beach road north, and yes to “kill more time”, which I then did, and I decided to go for a long walk there despite of light rain and much exhaustion making me unstable on my feet, and I was told “you will never come to regret this; you will receive a memory of this as your new self”, and even though I “do not exist” (!), I was given the understanding that I will still become able as my new self to remember my life as “old Stig” and that is in general and not only this episode.

Inside a supermarket in Hornbæk I again received Shubidua’s song “branden på muddergården” (“the fire on the mud farm”), and I was also told “det haver så nyligen regnet” (“it has rained very recently”) as a sign of “much sufferings”, and I was told “this is the phase we have now reached, recreation of what was lost in the fire” (happening the other day when I first received this song by Shubidua) and I also received a BIG FISH coming to me from inside of here (another part of my new self as Stig/Jesus) and I even received “good-natured teasing” (which I like too) and told “we look forward to this”, and I was told that we have now made a record quick change of coding of darkness, and on the other hand, during the night I was also told that I needed to drive my new cycle (in the forest) exercising for one week before I would have brought enough energy to do this coding, and yes game, game, game (!) is what this is about, and if it takes five months to do the coding of all of this darkness, it should not surprise me, and this is then what we will do, but we will NOT do it at the level I have been on today, because this is what kills people, and I cannot bring many of such days feeling as I do!

The fight will be about whether or not we will be able to recreate and get everything out, which will continue tomorrow

When I came home, I killed more time in front of the computer and later in front of the TV, and tiredness was now “a place in Russia” as we say here – do you say that too (?), but if you are in Russia, you may say something else (?), and yes just wondering of course – and at 16.30 I was “not living” anymore deciding that now I had to take a couple of hours on the sofa before returning with the car to my mother at 20.00 this evening as agreed, otherwise I would NOT have been able to visit her, and when I laid down, my spiritual friends told me “you have to go to your most extreme”, and yes this is what I have decided is my “most extreme” – I have NEVER gone to this limit before (!) – and I was able to get some sleep until 19.30, which made me somewhat more “fresh” herewith being able to visit my mother at 20.00 as promised, and yes I had absolutely NOT thought that I would be able to visit the swimming hall, Fredensborg, (Hornbæk) and my mother today after such a night, but I did it!

My mother is still strong, and we had coffee and a chat, and John is still at hospital recovering, and he does not like visits because he is not feeling very well, and today and yesterday not even from my mother (!), but I do understand that he is indeed recovering, and yes because of the energy I produce and also send him – and I have now been told several times without wanting to write it, but here it came again so here we go; I was told that the support I give my mother in relation to John is what helps her coming through, and we know despite of how I feel myself, and yes this was the content, so this is what I write.

When I was home again at 21.20, I was told that “the fight will be about whether or not we will be able to recreate and get everything out, which will continue tomorrow”, and at 23.00, I decided – against all odds, which I also thought would be totally impossible to do today – to start writing the script of today based upon my notes, which I had been “wise enough” to write down despite of extreme tiredness, and this is how I at 01.00 also decided to do a script of today, and yes it is not always easy to continue working after having given “EVERYTHING you got”, and this is simply what this game was about.

TIME has now been transferred from darkness to light, which will STOP time

At 01.25 when doing the edit of this script, I was told by (previous) darkness of this part of the spirit of my father that “I have no watch anymore” and also that this is because of this work I am doing now, and yes it has been transferred from the red drawer of darkness to the blue of light, and soon it will stop together with the end of darkness, which we will first “empty” first.

My old friend Britt has now returned as a Facebook friend after deleting me – with a little help of my spiritual friends 🙂

I was encouraged to look for “who has returned” on Facebook, and I thought that this would probably be Michael Hardinger but no he has not returned yet, but Britt she left me becoming “invisible” to me on Facebook now almost 2 years ago, I believe!, and of course this is with a little help from my spiritual friends because neither I nor Britt have forwarded a new invitation to become Facebook friends (as mentioned, she has been “invisible” to me on Facebook because she was one “reporting” me to Facebook?). And besides from her picture as you can see below, which has now “mysteriously returned”, I can also enter her profile now, where I can also see under her friends that I am stated as one of her friends, and I truly don’t believe you saw this coming, Britt (?), and what are you thoughts about this small miracle (?), and that is if you understand and think of it at all?

Later I understood that this is the symbol of the spirit of my mother inside of this the most solid darkness of all becoming liberated, and yes now we only have to get Michael Hardinger back as my friend symbolising the liberation of the last part of the spirit of my father.

Approx. 2 years after Britt decided to leave me on Facebook, my spiritual friends made her come back as a “small miracle”


And at 02.00, I had also written this script now being “tired” again, and I could decide to “empty myself” one more time, but I do hope this will not be necessary, and I will “soon” go to bed, and to let you know the outcome in my script of tomorrow – and yes, I found no inspired enough stories on Facebook to bring today!

I was also thinking today that I received MUCH darkness yesterday and that the story of Titanic may be a result of this?

Before going to bed, my Internet (and TV on the same connection) went off-line, and I understood the message, which is “no connection” when sleeping, but I cannot stay up all day long without sleeping, I have to sleep, but I gave it a new go staying up to approx. 03.30 or 04.00 I believe, where I simply had to go to bed.

I received the feeling “he has shown no signs of being “crazy” by being delirious” and I received the feeling of my mother in this connection, and yes her thoughts of me because this is how I am – completely normal as everyone else and normally not speaking at all about my spiritual experiences, and yes when I do not, no one can see that I am “crazy” and that is except from the Commune, who is the crazy part here because of their “inability” to understand even though they have a high education!

Just before going to bed I received the song “advokatens vise” by Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics “han har jakke og vest og frakke, haaan er meget smart”. (”he has jacket and vest and coat, heee is very clever”), which is about a lawyer, and as everyone knows, lawers are tools of the Devil, so this is darkness being “very clever” probably doing its best to keep its key from me.


16tth April: The STRONGEST darkness of “the last Buddha” finally decided to give in because I decided that we MUST enter

Dreaming of clever darkness concealing the key of eternal New Worlds from me, but “everything counts”

I slept from approx. 03.30/04.00 to 07.30, so I am not given much sleep in a try to defeat this darkness too, and I had a few dreams:

  • I woke up after having had a short dream including Hans Engell (political commentator and previous chairman of the Conservative Party) and I cannot remember the dream, but I woke up with the words from the Shu-bi-dua song “Hans Engell is very smart” and I received the feeling “he knows too”, and as long as you don’t break the silence, Hans, you are also a man of darkness, and I received these strong and special pain inside of my right fingers, the outermost of them.
  • I am at the bookstore of the Espergærde shopping centre, I have brought one of my shopping bags, but suddenly remember at about 18.00 that I have forgotten the other bag, and the store closes at 17.30, but I hope they will still be there and open for me, but when I come back, I find the store completely covered by a LARGE amount of snow, and I understand that they will soon drive out with their truck.
    • The shopping bags are “life inside of this darkness”, and the darkness has apparently closed the door so effectively with snow that only by giving my greatest pain, I will be able to enter, and time is running out, Neil, because the last content of this world will become out of reach for us when its truck drives away, and I can only say that I will be able to enter this, and yes the key is really the result of the large and complex equation of the reactions/behaviour of the world and my own, and it seems that this “door” is “impossible” to open, but we will see – maybe you can help bringing some energy out there to do what it takes to get this done?
    • I woke up to “let’s stay together” by Al Green – the song I connect with Karen – and it is with the love of Karen that I am doing my best to save what is inside of here so we can all stay together, and I keep seeing (the darkness of) Darth Vader and also Michael Hardinger, and yes Michael Hardinger has not returned to me yet as a Facebook friend, and I wonder if his life is also at stake going through what we do now, which I don’t hope because the feeling is that he will first return when I have saved every little thing of this darkness too.
  • I have a couple of lines of notes, which I simply cannot read and I remember being so tired in the night when writing it down, that I could not even look at the notes again to see if I had written them down so I could read them, and no I can not read them, but it is about someone who knows who I am, and being at school bringing a bear with me, which is to bring darkness on my journey.
  • I am together with the band Depeche Mode for a period of 14 days, where I will play the keyboards and give them my advice. They work normally as everyone else meeting in the morning and starting rehearse songs, which I play on too, and I tell someone that I have written one of the songs of their third album. Martin tells me that it is hard doing concerts, and I see how we have a weekly meeting about the band just as every other business would do. Martin tells me that he is glad having me as a member of the ban, and I tell him to let me know if they believe I speak too much (give too many advises). Later I am at a nightclub, where Martin has met a lady, and I tell the lady that “goodnight lovers” is my favourite song thinking of her and Martin, and Martin says that I really mean it and it is not only something I say, and I say that it has such a beautiful choir and a myriad of “instruments” playing (meaning a lot of detailed sound effects), and Martin says that it has no instruments at all (thinking that synthesizers are not true instruments).
    • This is to say that the direct inspiration, Martin Gore as the main song writer of the band receives is coming directly from me, which you know is my inner self, or “God”, and again I felt that Martin’s sufferings is helping me/us, and when looking at the songs of their third albums “construction time again”, I think of “everything counts”, which will be about “everything counts” in the creation we are doing now with everything we can save from inside of this last darkness.

  • I have checked the timetable of the train and am arriving at an office where I take the elevator up, and I notice how the whole content of my elevator is moved to the other of two elevator shafts because our own is busy further up, and when we come to the other shaft, it is so narrow that I make it bulge, which they other people do not because they are slim, and because of this, the elevator cannot drive up. I meet another employee who is a clairvoyant, and he says that a fish has taken two keys, and I follow this very large fish to the bathroom, where I see a large number of fish swimming in water on the floor, and I walk through the water with bare feet to follow the large fish, and I talk about how touching the fish takes some practise (it is a new feeling touching fish alive) and I lose the large fish not knowing where it is.
    • This is about the “clever lawyer” of the Shu-bi-dua song, i.e. darkness, which has changed my lift from light to darkness making a further ride up impossible to do, and it is also because of my weight, that darkness is even stronger than what it would be because I eat more or less as I like not thinking of darkness, which I was told about (also) yesterday being a “problem” to make it through darkness, and I can only think that had I not decided to do this in 2009/2010, I would probably have received even greater challenges to come through, and yes I don’t believe it would have been possible to keep the discipline not eating “fat” and to work as hard as I have done. So we will see if I will somehow find this fish again including the key, and I am surprised to see all of these fish, which is really “Sons” and probably a sign of endless New Worlds. And I was told that my sister is also of influence in this.

If I am not able to save everything inside of darkness of my strongest opponent, it may kill me or my mother

I felt surprisingly “alright” when I woke up, but it did not take more than 1-2 hours before I felt how extremely tired and emptied for energy that I am, and still I was told that running/walking instead of cycling would also help me (“not as impressive as yesterday but don’t you believe if he walks/runs that we can get the factory started again”, and “yes” was the answer), but I do feel that running is “impossible” to do, but I may be able to do a walk later, and yes somehow it would be easier to cycle, but I still don’t have any, and yes this is how it is, and we will see if I will get one or another cycle during this week.

This morning I was given the song ”Drømmeland” (“dreamland”) by Shu-bi-dua and these two verses:

”Nu er der lys på Mælkevejen – og Mars og Pluto går sig en tur, de ser en stjerne fødes, – og Pluto gør op ad en mur.”, which is about the birth of a star (a New World) while the planet/dog Pluto is barking.

”Man skulle bo på indlandsisen, – hvor natten varer hele dagen”, which is about living on the ice cap, where the night last all day and probably because when I am sleeping these days, darkness takes over ”stealing cakes” of possible creation (”men når jeg sover er jeg gangster – strømer eller det der er værre, Og så stjæler jeg kager”).

And this song was followed by another Shu-bi-dua song, “Melankolini” and the lyrics “det er rart med lidt åndelig føde, Mine damer og herrer, værs’go og spis!” (”it is nice with some spiritual food, my ladies and gentlemen, please eat”), which to me was a sign saying that despite of this, we will save everything inside of darkness (“please eat”), and then again I was told “or was it please flush” (?) meaning to flush out this life (?), and yes it depends on the level of pain and exercise I can take on me.

When I started the day and still felt the coat of darkness covering me I thought that despite of the dreams, this will have to mean that we are still converting darkness to light, and at bath I decided again – confirmed really – that if I am not able to handle all darkness as my old self, I will as my new self be the only one being able to access darkness with a new strength, and yes making all of our New World unable to enter darkness, but let us say “a part of me, which will be able to do this”, and yes I don’t know what you can and cannot do, but I have given you my wish – as a back up plan – for you to enable me to do this even when I am my new self or to “come up with an even better solution” because I will NOT give up on what is inside of here if I cannot access it before becoming my new self, and yes this is how it is, and please do your absolutely best my friends to make this come through, if possible.

This morning I heard on DR P4 radio at about 10.45 an “expert” telling about how it is possible to obtain/understand sound as sound waves, and yes he has not had crackling bacon rind since he was a child, but will now consider buying some – symbol of more life to be saved (!) – and I noticed him saying that what may be the traditional conception of people/doctors of people with “schizophrenia” is that they hear “voices, which are not there” and yes “as only they hear”, and it is first when hearing this “definition” that I remember that this is how traditional people/doctors misunderstand what “voices” are about, because it should be quite clear to you when reading my scripts that “voices inside of your head” is communication with a spiritual being as clearly as speaking with a physical person (?) – which can be either darkness or light coming through giving either sufferings or the opposite – and I thought that it is simply amazing that a whole traditional system all over the world have this wrong conception what this is truly about, and yes they don’t know or want to know what it is about and they don’t know how to “treat” it, but still they “know-all” and bring a “treatment”, which is sickening/killing people as I have written before, and yes the reason why I write this is because my Scribd-document “To Helsingør Commune: STOP HARASSING ME and accept my FREEDOM to speak and work!” was “read” 11 times yesterday, where it normally most days receive 0 visitors with a maximum of 1-2 (!), and this might be the Commune, which simply “cannot” understand, but are still looking at “my case” (?), and yes they are completely “nuts” down there, and we know “up there” is really the right to say here in Helsingør because it is uphill to the Commune, which it also is because of the darkness they bring me because of their ignorant better-knowing, and yes I have been given some speech about the doctor I visited a couple of months ago and “what to write about me” (?), and yes we will see some day, and maybe the Commune has received the “verdict” of the doctor on me, so I will be called in for a new interrogation (?), and I received the taste of a pill here, so you are still thinking of drugging/killing me completely without knowing what you do?

I was also given the feeling of darkness inside of me and a feeling of shivering, and herewith the understanding/feeling that this is the darkness, which was almost killing John, and this is what his “indisposition” was about, and absolutely nothing else, and yes darkness because of the sins and wrongdoings of people self.

I was told yesterday and again today that my scripts is what made Karen write so shortly to me and also keeps her away from seeing me.

I started the day by washing my clothes, and when I took the elevator down, it stopped shortly on the third floor without opening the doors, and when it reached ground level, it did not open the door at all, which was a clear demonstration of spiritual darkness because it never does this normally, and really because of the dream of being in an elevator with “its own life” this night.

I wrote most of the script today before lunch, and I was told that – if I cannot bring out all life inside of darkness inside of me – that it will bring me my “old nightmare”, which will be carried out and that it will kill my mother or me as a consequence, and it wants me to take a decision, and it is coming closer because I have been giving feelings of the darkness of Darth Vader around me all morning, and yes this is as disgusting as it gets, and I have only one answer, which is that I will not negotiate with darkness and my old rules will apply, which is that my mother and I are the best protected of all, and I wish for both of us to survive this, but still my top rule applies, which is “make this come through no matter what” and in this situation I also bring my old life as Stig if this is required in order to continue to the next phase, but yes I will NOT allow you do kill anyone including my mother and myself, this is how I want to play the game, and yes if this makes me sad (?), and yes I cannot tell you how much, and the question is if I will survive a few days only (?), or will I be strong enough to continue the game, and yes cross the finish line of the racing game giving me another round (?), and I was given a small heart attack and told “we don’t know for how long we can keep this away”, not nice (!) but on the other hands, it requires that this darkness will get my approval to carry out my “old nightmare”, which it will NEVER do, and should it try doing it anyway, I will put in EVERYTHING I got to avoid it, and yes I still believe in myself being stronger than this, so come on and take me, if you can (!), so we will see what will happen.

Darth Vader from Starwars symbolising darkness, which
wants to carry out my “old nightmare” and kill me

My mother called me and said that she was not happy reading about my small heart attacks when we were driving the other day in the car together, and I told her as it is that I have had thousands of these (without the family reacting/understanding what it is about) and that it does not frighten me to drive, and she will have to decide herself if she wants to continue driving with me, and yes I have now been told that darkness wants to finish me off and of course through a heart attack, and what will happen to this darkness if I cannot dig deep enough to get it out, and yes will it “explode” and give me a heart attack as part of it (?), or will it simply follow my plan B, which is to be “packed in” completely surrounded by a coat of light covering it to be dealt with later (?) – yes to make a draw, where I cannot defeat it, and it cannot defeat me because I will NEVER give into it and am the best protected of all together with my mother (!) – and yes isn’t it exciting (?), and my dear mother, have you thought about how close I have been to dying for years (being a living dead means that you only live because you have decided to live!), which you know is not very different to how close John has been to dying lately (?), and just wondering I am as usual.

I watched a new miracle service video with Benny Hinn again today and I thought that “he and the energy of all these people combined is going to help me being stronger than this last darkness” and also that this will help replacing energy I do not produce myself cycling in the forest, and I soon felt a relief to my right angle, and also how this made darkness come even more forward, so “good it is” and if all of this will be enough (?), and yes I don’t know, but I have NO intentions to accept destruction or my own death, only as the last option of all. I was shown a small parking house of darkness and I was told “you will not get it” (the key), and I told him “I am going to get EVERYTHING” and I also felt how he was showing himself in the red colour of darkness with his hand reaching all the way into and grabbing my heart and it was as if his grab became weaker with this video, and yes he does not stand a chance!

The STRONGEST darkness of “the last Buddha” finally decided to give in because I decided that we MUST enter

At 15.00 I decided to go to town to buy a subscription to Spotify at the store of Fona, and by chance when I walked in town at Fiolgade turning right at Sct. Olaigade, in the beginning of this street was a lady, who could not get her Audi started, and she was looking for “strong men” to push her car trying to get it started, and one man was ready and I was the only other coming, so what was more natural than to offer my help – despite of my low energy – and this is how I first for the next approx. 150-200 metres pushed this car together with this man and the woman in the car trying to start it maybe 10-15 times, but in vain, and suddenly the other man told me “I left my computer behind on the street” and I told him “you better get back and get it before it is too late”, which he then did, and now I thought that the pushing was over, but the lady had no intention to stop and “by chance” another new man suddenly appeared as a helper and we pushed the car the last 100-150 metre down to Sct. Anna Gade without getting the car to start, and finally I asked the lady to park at a free place and “the best of luck” from here.

And when this was going on, I understood that it was a symbol about getting our New World started with the help of the keys of the last Buddha, and when this car could not start, even though it was close, it meant that I don’t have the keys and that is “yet” at least.

I had taken the train to town, and was encouraged to walk the approx. 3 kilometres home, and I decided to visit the library first to read the newspapers and borrow some music DVD’s, and when I walked with this plan in mind – also accepting to write this evening to Benjamin Creme from Share International, who has predicted my arrival for many years (which I have been encouraged to do for weeks without prioritizing it, but now I was told directly that this is a “key” for me to do) – I now started receiving much more positive speech including “this is the most fantastic of all” (what will come with the last part of the spirit of my father) and I heard darkness saying “I don’t want to” and the reply “there is nothing to do, he (i.e. “me”) does not want to give in”, and I felt that in order to come through this the most inner of my inner self, I have to break all resistance to me from Karen (as she also has) as I was given as example of all of my family/friends etc., and I was told by the spirit of my mother that “he also has the key to my room, which is why he has two keys”, and also “we have called off the hunt” and I felt that this was in relation to giving me a deadly heart attack (which also will have to call off the hunt in relation to my mother as a possible victim too), and I thought that I do hope this is right, but also that it was a sudden change of events and that this could be a game of darkness self cheating me.

But the positive messages continued and I started to believe more and more in them, also when I was asked “isn’t it Captain Fantastic coming there”, which I understood is a symbol of this darkness of the spirit of my father, and Captain Fantastic is one of my favourite songs by Elton John, so here is the symbol of this man becoming cleansed from darkness.

Inside of the library reading the newspaper, I was first given three physical sounds on the shelves and the frame of the building right around me making a small room and I was told “this is because you are protected by me inside of here”, and I understood that this “protection” is by darkness self because this is my Old Self – still wondering about the part of the Son, but then again when this is a part of me we have never opened before, it makes sense that it is the whole Trinity I meet here – and it was followed by a forth sound right afterwards and I was told “and not by me outside”, which was our New World speaking.

I was shown and told that ”this corresponds to land on the dot made by a fountain pen after having written more than 5,000 pages”, which is about the impossible task finding this the most inner and smallest but still greatest part of God.

I was told that ”this is the parking place of the eminences” and I was shown a dark car arriving at this small one-place only really and I was shown that he is now coming to me being forced out of darkness because of my work and actions, and I was told that this is only possible to do because I cut through saying that I want this to be done NO MATTER WHAT, so this is what we do, and that is not without diarrhoea as a symbol of destruction of the physical world but “not that much”.

Earlier in the day when I was wondering about the risk of being killed via a heart attack as I was told, I told myself that with all of the energy of life inside of darkness I have saved, I have to be stronger than the much energy inside of this the last darkness, and I told myself “and then it is only to stand firm”, and I was told that this is about shooting my hardest shoot in football ever, which is also why I received the symbol of Peter Lorimer – the man with the hardest kick in football – a few weeks ago.

When walking today and also yesterday, I have felt the darkness of this man rushing after me trying to follow my page, and then I was told that this is actually my self as Stig doing my outermost trying to hang on to my old self at the most inner part of me without being shaken off, and I kept on saying “you are welcome” instead of the opposite, which darkness still wants me to say, and again I am given a nice smell of food (i.e. life) here.

I continued to receive pretty strong heartburn and also pain to my behind telling me that I am still converting more darkness to light, which is still “not nice to do”, but it has to be done.

On my walk home I was told “do you know what Lambda is” and I did not, but when reading about it now, I understand that it is Greek letter and in numerals, it has a value of 30, and furthermore Lambda can mean – as one of many meanings – “the empty set in mathematics, though other symbols are more commonly used, such as Ø”, which is good enough for me herewith telling me that we are emptying the last darkness making the whole circle complete.

I decided to walk home via the beach road and then Nationernes Allé (“the avenue of nations”), which to me is a “very special” small road located close to where I lived from 1986-88 (Ndr. Strandvej 4) because of its very unique houses, which you do not see anywhere else in Denmark, and its fantastic location right to the sea, and I thought that to me, this road symbolises the gathering of all nations in our New World, and from here, I walked via the beach itself home until Højstrupvej and walked the almost 100 steps up the hill in front of my apartment, and yes giving me good exercise, which is what this was about, and when returning home at approx. 17.30, I “just” had to write this new chapter, and to publish my script, write to Benjamin etc. before we can also call this a day.

Later I was shown the stairs up to 1st floor and I felt this part of the spirit of my father standing around the corner waiting to come down bringing ALL of your furniture without exception – he has tried to make exceptions, but no (!) – and we will see when he will get started doing this job transferring everything to our New World too – and he told me that he will start by untying his own ropes, and I understood that “he is the furniture”.

When this was done at 19.45, Helena had posted an inspired message saying that she will watch “klovn” (“clown”) tonight, which is a very successful comical TV series showing embarrassing moments of one of the main characters, who “cannot behave properly” – inspired these comedians are – and even though they cross my line in relation to some speech and sexuality, it is some of the most intelligent “method of upbringing “ humour I have seen, and this is what Helena invited people to watch tonight, which her friend Helle accepted, and yes “a giant latent giggles is knocking on” as Helena says, and yes this is the SMILES just behind the façade of the game I am still going through.

This evening I was surprised that I was quite fresh despite of lack of sleep and hard work the last couple of days.

When I was preparing to publish this script I was told “it is like seeing him enter the living room” and I heard speech in the background informing this part of the spirit of my father of my journey passing one and another obstacles on the road here.. And at 20.45 the script was published.

Informing Benjamin Crème and Share International about my impending arrival as the Son of God

As promised, also done at 22.00 when I sent this email to Benjamin Crème and his organization Share International in the UK, USA, Germany and Australia:

Dear Benjamin Creme and Share International,

I have been advised by the Voice of God speaking to me from my own inner self to send you this email informing you about my impending arrival as the resurrected Son of God appearing as the Maitreya Buddha as you can read from my website at https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/:

I encourage you and your colleagues to read and understand my website, and to help me inform the world about my arrival, i.e. my re-birth as the Son of God after having lived a life as a normal human being receiving spiritual communication since 2004/06 helping me through my journey to save everyone, which includes the creation of a New World of pure gold and happiness as the gift of God to man.

I will not write my story in this email, which you can find at my website including more information about our New World, how to show a clean heart to enter it, the key to understand my more than 5,000 pages of scripts, basic rules on behaviour, communication and work, our just New World Order and World Government, a “normal life” in both material and human sense coming to all people, guidelines to media/politicians/businesses, my sufferings etc.

I can inform you, Benjamin, that you have been a victim of spiritual deception of darkness the same way as I have been myself as an inevitable part of our journey in a world full of darkness (which however has now almost all of it been converted to light as part of the creation of our New World), and you will understand that I am Danish, have lived my whole life in Denmark, am born in 1966 and have not appeared on any television interviews (as yet), and my recommendation for you is to tell the truth to the world as I have, which is about light telling you the truth and darkness (of man) telling you deceptions, but you have communicated everything as you have received it, and in this sense you have only told “the truth”.

One of my main messages is for man to improve his communication and understanding, which you will understand when I tell you that I have been on-line on the Internet for more than 2 years without man being “able” to “find” me (!) simply by reading and understanding me and to share my information with the world (man did not have the patience to read and understand me, do you?); however the official world know about me but have decided to keep my arrival secret in order to “protect” its own wrongdoings!

It is my sincere hope that you and your colleagues will be “able” to read and understand my website and scripts, and to help informing the world about my arrival and our New World. Should your endeavours bring you to Denmark, I should be much delighted to meeting you.

Take care – and please send my best regards and deep thanks to everyone involved helping to inform the world via your work. We will ALL enter a bright and happy future at the new Golden Age of an eternal now of our New World, and I look forward to meeting you as my new “special friends”.

Kind regards,

The first reaction from Share International: “The Language of the Heart is where the Lord lives, not in you or any Man”!

It did not take more than approx. half an hour before I received the email from Antonio from Share International below telling me where the Lord lives, because he knows for a fact that it is certainly not with me (!), and he is “able” to tell me without even opening and reading my website (!) – I had no visitors from Australia in this period of time – and the “funny” part is that he is a dedicated follower of Benjamin Crème (which you can see when searching on his name), but apparently also so BRAINWASHED by the wrong spiritual messages, Benjamin has received that he does not even want to read and understand me, and yes this man is eagerly awaiting my arrival, but not this way, because this is “impossible” in his mind, and there you have it once again (!), and so the question is really if Benjamin self will be able to read and understand me and to admit to the world that he has received wrong information, which he has transmitted to the world, or will he be too “proud” to admit this being afraid of lose his face and “reputation” (?), thus not being able to inform the world about precisely who I am when he is given the chance after having worked for this cause for decades, yes who knows (?), and I am also understanding that this in itself brings more darkness to me, which is good in order to get everything out inside of there, and I was shown and told after this experience “then I better show you what is inside of my mountain”, which is the “dark mountain”.

Benjamin Creme has worked for decades to make people believe in him about my arrival, and the exciting part will be if he will now be able or “unable” to believe in me telling him the truth and also if he will believe in me and yet do not tell the world because he “cannot”/”will not” admit to the spiritual deceptions, he has received being “too proud to lose face”, and we know “a potentially very good story” this is.

And later I saw a VERY large ship of ancient design arrive at harbour with spices and I heard “where do you want the Italian vegetables”, which is saying that we have now started unloading the content of this place/”mountain”.

All evening the game of darkness was that he did not want to give me all, and I kept telling him “everything”, and he kept asking me “when do you want this to be done”, and I kept saying that “take your time, the most important is that you do it perfectly” , which is also with kind regards to a busy world focusing on time – often “as quickly as possible” or “here and now” – and here you have the reason why (counting down to zero, this was part of it) where the right answer is not the time, but the quality and yes PERFECT is what I want, and we know really want (!), and then it will be up to the light to find out how long this will take.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The tragedy of the pursuit of BT against Manu continued today (!) – this is how it looks like to me when BT continues bringing new “undocumented” stories on Manu – and now it is about how much or little he received in fee writing his children book and also about hospital equipment, which was not sent to India as Manu had hoped, and I will NOT go in detail with these stories, but to me it includes everything of the wrongdoings of the now soon Old World, which is poor communication when the newspaper and Many cannot speak/communicate/understand the ONLY truth but BT can only hear their own voice/agenda and Manu the same, and with this story, it seems that Manu is right, but you never really know with newspapers like this (!), and it is about poor work moral of Many apparently in general not doing what is right to do because it is “too complicated”, so BT and Many, will both of you please do your absolutely best communication trying to understand before making yourself understood and also to do your absolutely best work not concluding before you know for sure what is the objective truth and also not to “jump over where the fence is at its lowest” just because this is what most people do today – you have to IMPROVE and do MUCH better than what you do today, which this again is a good example of.

  • I was shocked when I saw the news of the death of the most successful business man in Denmark EVER, Mærsk McKinney Møller, at the age of 98 (!) – only three days after he was still “alive and kicking” at the annual general meeting of his old company Maersk (AP Møller) – and yes together with his father, they created the largest shipping company in the world, which is not what you would expect from a small nation like Denmark (?), but this was also a symbol of me and “our world” (!), and I have said for years that I do hope Mærsk McKinney Møller will survive to see the day when I will become publically known to the world, but no darkness as I am here told took him before making this wish come through, and yes you might add “one of the top managers of the world ever” as I am told here, and yes “here is to pay tribute to you, Maersk” and I am here given a vision of a traditional salute by a sailor to honour you and your work (even though you were not always right when interfering with something you did not know about, for example the Opera House of Copenhagen, which you paid for and also partly designed going against the design of the designer!).

  • Here is the front page of the website of the newspaper Ekstra Bladet, and yes it calls for the biggest font size to bring this news, this is how important he has been for Denmark and the world too creating this large business – and yes I wonder what he knew or did not knew of the “secret world” in his position.

Mærsk McKinney Møller, who died today, and his father created Maersk, which is the largest container shipping company in the world and a symbol of “the world” itself

This is one of the large container ships of Maersk, which is a well-known sight on the sea and their containers a well-known sight on highways/motorways all over the world

  • Facebook and the news was FULL of this story today, but I found that this posting by Lykke said more than anything else in relation to my story, when Mærsk one summerday had seen her high-heeled sandals asking her “can’t you afford entire shoes?”, and yes “funny” is what it is, but I am sure that he meant exactly what he said (he was a very conservative man), and here it means my status, which is that I have saved part of the shoes (i.e. life) of the last Buddha but not all of them.

  • Søren wrote this feature article about “Mr. Møller” – “A great son of Denmark has passed away” – and a couple of lunches he has had with him, and at the last lunch a few months ago Søren had asked “Mr. Møller” about his life to which he was told “do you know what, Mr. Pind, I am lonely because I am not such a person, people will drop by to visit” and this is how a man with the greatest respect was made lonely by people not “daring” to treat him as a normal human being, and yes my friends this is what Denmark and world is doing with me too, and it should be obvious to you that I am a mere human being, lonely because of you and with the need of human contact too?

  • The 5th April I saw an offer to get a trial subscription of the newspaper Berlingske for one month of 25 DKK and I received the confirming email below, and normally it only takes a couple of days before a subscription will start, but when I had not heard anything the day before yesterday, I decided to send an email to the customer service of Berlingske as you can also see below, and they promise to give you an answer within 24 hours, which I like to see (to shown and keep service level agreements you know), but when I now after two days still have not heard anything (!), I decided to call the customer service department today to check, and yes for days I have been told “this is a good story”, and the man I spoke to checked my address, and no, NO SUBSCRIPTION had been entered on my name/address – I do believe this normally works automatically so when you get a confirmation as I did below, it will automatically enter your customer system (?) – and what about my email to your customer service department, which you also confirmed the reception of, is this also not visible in your system despite of the confirmation you sent (?), and yes SPIRITUAL DARKNESS is coming to me when writing this chapter, which is simply to say that Berlingske has also decided NOT to push the button to bring its first article about me, and yes DARKNESS is what you bring me, and yes which button is this, the red or green one (?) as I see someone being confused asking me here, and yes the answer is still that you too did what was wrong together with the entire world, which normally should be the red button, but it was the green button for me to continue my journey digging deeper and deeper into darkness, do you see (?), and yes Berlingske, now you can bring this story in your paper too, and yes I do still like your newspaper much (with all of my reservations about the media in general of course), and I have to say that of all Danish media on the Internet, I like your website the least, and we know a true “turn off” it is to me. And yes the story ended with the man manually keying me into your system (!), so unless this will also disappear into nowhere – “nothing” you see (!) – the subscription will start on Wednesday, and yes I look forward to receiving a broader newspaper. By the way, not that many minutes after my phone call, I was told something like “understood and registered”, which I have received many examples of before without writing it, which is about the surveillance I am the victim of making “people out there” understand and register what I do, and if I like this, and NO I don’t, I have told you so many times before!

Despite of receiving confirmation of a newspaper subscription, I had become “deleted” in the systems of Berlingske by spiritual darkness because of their darkness not writing about me!

  • I decided to write this reply to Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, because I had promised to do it when there would come a good opportunity, and this was today, so here it is:



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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