April 22, 2012: I am now in the middle of everything at the castle of Soria Moria as the shining star of the Source


Summary of the script today

21st April: I am now in the middle of everything at the castle of Soria Moria as the shining star of the Source

  • After publishing my script “yesterday”, I retrieved the key from darkness, and the keys between John and I, which where swapped were reversed back to normal becoming our old selves again. This was the climax of creation (!), and as the Son I have a gold key of everything, my mother has a silver key and my father a bronze key.
  • Dreaming of being so tired that I am about to faint out and strong darkness is doing everything to bring back the key and to kill me while sleeping.
  • I had a new day having to fight extreme tiredness crossing new pain limits to fight the new darkness potentially still killing me (?) coming to me via John. The darkness returning to me thought that it had defeated me receiving my key of gold, which it had not, and now it is waking up to deed understanding that it was cheated by light. I am now in the middle of everything at the castle of Soria Moria – as the shining star of the Source – which everything will be connected to.
  • Short stories of me being the only man in the world, who could handle extreme darkness coming to me these days, the Arcturians give good advice to man to cleanse yourself and lift energy, my nephew Tobias could not control his feelings and could also not read/understand me thus bringing me darkness, Rikke also “helped” to bring me a “heavy head”, I liked Mærsk McKinney Møller for being able to “make us do what we should even better than what we believed or thought that we could do”, a symbol of the cake of my new castle in the middle of our New World and I was very sad to see that Karen visited my website searching for “sick” and “mentally ill”, which is what she still believes I am when she “cannot” read and understand me, which would have been EASY also for her to do.

22nd April: The gate to darkness is closing, but before this, we created an infinity of previous worlds as parallel Universes

  • Dreaming of preparing for the party of celebration with energy becoming critically low, my sister is making my continuous work “impossible” to do, darkness is closing down and I have cleaned up “perfectly” inside of darkness.
  • It is becoming late now with the gate to darkness closing (while our New World is opening), but I have decided to keep continue my work right until the end to bring out everything I can from darkness.
  • New impulses of our New World will first come to me, then to my mother.
  • “Life is the greatest thinking experiment imaginable, there is now no code of life, only ”an illusion”, which is held up by faith”
  • I used the afternoon and evening partly working surpassing a growing feeling of disgust/tiredness as preparation to dig deep inside of myself again to bring out “the most beautiful part to put on top of the tower of my castle”, and this is life of the spirits of my mother and father holding the “game over” sign itself. I could not do this work without darkness of Karen being brought to me.
  • I continued working surpassing the dark blockage of my sister reaching yet another level, where I go back in time to uncover even more information inside of darkness of previous worlds (before the Big Bang) in order to create a loop to infinity of all previous worlds, which will develop in parallel worlds to our New World, which also “brings forward oceans of extra Indians (“original people”)”.
  • Short stories of Robin Gibb becoming better because my hand is over him – “a miracle in line with the return of Jesus” as a man was inspired to say (!) and a giant rat as a symbol of the enormous amount of darkness, which was let out Easter Monday to open up for “the two others in (the supermarket of) Føtex” :-).


21st April: I am now in the middle of everything at the castle of Soria Moria as the shining star of the Source

Bringing back the key from darkness and reversing the keys between John and I back to our normal selves

Right after publishing the script of “yesterday” at Hotel Marienlyst, I was told the words “this is wrong” again, and also “the last code is you, which we have to erase, we have to admit”, and I received the feeling to be awake until 04.00 to 05.00 to “consolidate” what I had written (to let people read it).

And I was told “yes, now we will swap key between you and John”, “darkness received a key, which we have now taken back again” and also (if I had not succeeded doing this) “darkness would never be able to take the gold key, but it would be a mess and look strange, but nothing is impossible” (to swap later, however it sounded as “almost impossible”), and I received BIG SMILES for what I had done.

When coming home to Hellebo Park, I was told “this is radio FREE Europe” and the end of the showdown between titans, and also “it is great having you back again, but first we will go a longer way around going back to the plan of cleaning up remainings of darkness” – and fine to me, and some day I may get a normal sleep again?

I was shown gold in front of me at the New World and told “this is the gold we now can see again”, and I thought that for this reason it was also good that John did not die.

I was told that this also released another lunch pack (i.e. life) for the spirit of my mother, and I was shown and told “let us see if there can be more inside of the French Hotdog” (i.e. “hapsdog”) as a reference to darkness still wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”.

I was given symbols telling me that this moment of time was the climax of creation.

I was told “isn’t it what we say, Gold, silver and bronze” and I felt for me, my mother and father as the Trinity, and I understood that these are “keys” for how much of the New World or everything, which we will be able to see/be.

I was also told that being John was also the reason why my energy was so low after Easter Monday, and that John had died if my energy had not been transferred to him.

Dreaming of strong darkness doing everything to bring back the key and to kill me while sleeping

At 04.30 I decided to get some sleep hoping for it to be a good sleep, but it was very poorly and last only to 08.15 with a couple of dreams too:

  • I am out having dinner with Kim S. at a restaurant and he tells me that my glasses mist over and that I must be tired, and I am about to faint, and then I decide to float together with the whole table, so he will understand me.
    • This is what I am, TIRED to the point of losing my consciousness.
  • In Helsingør a large group of Muslims run with my holy cloth, which is able to produce miracles when treated right, but they blaspheme it and shout out loud “kill him” trying to awake the power of the cloth to go against me, but God tells me to follow the blinking star and then I will show you where you can hide it safely. I manage to get the cloth back, but three Muslims have spotted me and follow me, it is impossible to stay clear of them, and they are so aggressive that they are almost knocking me down.
    • Muslims are here very strong darkness trying to get my key back while sleeping, and even though they are close, they don’t succeed, which is also why it was only light and short sleep not making me fresh.

I am now in the middle of everything at the castle of Soria Moria as the shining star of the Source

When I woke up it was with the feeling to stay awake the whole day if possible, which was not the nicest view when feeling completely down already when waking up.

I was given the song “Luka” by Suzanne Vega and the lyrics “You just don’t argue anymore”, which I understood was about darkness not going against me, and almost I should say because I also received the supplement “without a fight”, which I understood was to fight the darkness in order for it to stop “arguing”. And this is a song I have heard so much over the years that it had made me tired of it, but still it is a nice song, and really a symbol saying that I don’t like darkness but inside of it, there is much “very nice”.

After having started writing the beginning of the script of today, I decided to take the 09.30 train to Helsingør to go to the library to improve my published script of yesterday, and that is because my internet was still not working, and I saw that the “BLUE sensation” of AG Copenhagen really had won over FC Barcelona in handball yesterday with as much as 29 to 23, which you know is “impossible” to do because Barcelona is undefeated in the Spanish league and not a team you will “just like that” win over with a margin of 6 goals, and now I hope this is enough for the return match coming.

The library opened at 10.00, and when going there I received a physically uncomfortable pressure to my chest (and still also some to my spinal column making me think of what the Commune may be up to, if anything (?), and you are still hove-to because of the “Breivik-like axe attacker”?), and I used the time until 12.30 working concentrated to update my script with maybe 20 to 30 links, which I could not do at home with my internet not working, to read what was now MANY updates on Facebook and to bring some of them in my script too and yes I was happy doing this work to lift the quality of the script, and I was of course VERY tired doing this work with low energy, and I was told that “you survived another heart attack” because I worked, and also “you were expected to do this work without sleeping” (as I did in the night) and yes thanks for “helping” me to bring these stories too, and I decided that I did not believe in them, but I never really know, and just maybe I would be dead as my old self had I not worked.

I sat “on an island” of 6 computers, and for approx. 1½ hours I had company just on the other side of the table by the most negative, sighing and complaining man I can remember seeing, and yes when working by himself on the computer he obviously could not stand his work making him speak negatively a few words here and there, constantly sigh, and his attitude was so full of impatience and negativity that it was supposed to infect me, and finally when he left, it gave me some relief because people like this “poison” their surroundings, and they don’t even think about it.

When I was about to have done this work, I heard “so I don’t even wear the gold watch, you say, this is what I believed I did”, and “I am about to wake up to deed”, which is the last Buddha waking up after being returned to me, and after having believed as darkness that he had received my key of gold, which he had not, and I also heard him saying “I have recognized many defeats, but none being “cheated like this”.

Later I was told that “this is poisonous waste”, which was strong darkness entering me to be “detoxified”.

What used to be darkness now gradually waking up also told me with a “good feeling” that “you are dum”, and I was told that there is also “endless love” inside of this darkness, but it is nothing compared to the sum of all light, which already is.

I received a well known song I cannot remember the title and artist of, but they sing something about “in the middle of”, which is really to say that I am now directly in the middle of everything, this was my road to Soria Moria, and I am now the castle of everything.

I am so physically broken down with my entire body aching and being much more sensitive to pain than what a body normally is – it takes nothing to receive a scratch or physical pain, which feels like 100 times stronger/deeper than normal, and I still receive “burning sensations” to my skin and at the moment quite often – and after having walked much the last days and that is much more than I normally do, it has brought much pain to what I will also call for my “sensitive legs” because of the same phenomenon, which you know is also about spiritual darkness is attacking me.

I was told about my decision to “sleep” this night that “we had hoped to get more our of darkness” (I still believed that what I did including the work today was good according to my standards!), and later that “it is not very easy to do, but we divided you into atoms, and have now collected you again”, which was about John and I being “swapped” to cheat darkness to attack John and not me on that Easter Monday.

After updating of the script of yesterday, which was part of my plan to do today to let me “dig deep” inside of myself of this darkness now returning to me, I was again given the song “Luka” at 13.00 (when I read newspapers at the library), and again the words “some kind of fight” and I was told “it isn’t over now, is it” (?), and I heard myself saying “yes, yes”, and darkness told me “no, no”, so let us say that it is “about to be over”, and I wonder for how long I will fight this, maybe for days.

I was told “you decided that everything should be perfect without any terminations; this is how it became and this is why it was so hard on you”, and I still received pressure to my heart from the outside making it physically shiver, which it “normally” does often because of the same reason.

I was shown myself sitting on the toilet of an almost open train driving “very fast”, and I was told that “it drives so insanely fast that you cannot imagine it”, and that is still the train to the other side bringing and converting darkness to light.

I was also told that what I have done will make fun of all physicists of the world, who will tell that it cannot be done physically to enter “there”, but still we did “because you did not know better” (as Stig).

I was told that my key is now out of reach of this darkness, and that is after having done this work too, and I heard the new part of my new self asking and I confirmed that “you will be fine here” and “you are welcome” (which “he” seemed to remember me saying from darkness), and I was told that his feeling was that it first was cold to enter but it is now becoming warming.

I was also told “it is impossible entering here saying “hände hoch” (which John Wayne always said as the sheriff on German television when I was a child) “and then we said “bomb””, and I was shown a blast spreading from the inside of an aeroplane, and I understood that this is what happened Easter Monday; when entering the deepest of this darkness, it pushed the button, which brought an explosion of darkness to my family and to the world.

I was at this hour during the early afternoon truly “completely broken down” by work, and even more so by constant negative speech and visions of much strength, which I had to decide whether or not I wanted to write down, and it brought much stress not being able to relax when being this tired, and it was “far beyond” what I can normally take.

I was given the Lionel Ritchie song “you are my destiny” and the lyrics “this mighty love between us will keep us together” and also “laughter in the rain”, which you know is light sending me happiness through the “rain” of my sufferings, which will have to be about joy of our New World including love from my one and only coming to me.

I returned home at 14.20 and now “all I had to do” was to stay awake the rest of the day, which was really much easier said than done, because from 15.00 to 18.00, I received another of those “extreme periods of tiredness” almost as strong as the last two within the last week, but maybe a little bit less, which however was still a “terrible experience” to go through to – and yes MUCH deeper than what people knowing about the phenomenon of your eyes automatically falling down, which this also included, and again it is about my entire body feeling 100 times (or something like that) more tired than the worst of what people normally feel, but I decided to fight this feeling and from 18.30 I also decided to write down my many notes of the day in this chapter and I do believe that I herewith decided to write being my most tired ever crossing a limit I never thought I would be able to cross, and this will have to be the best I can do because I really “
got to get you into my life” (an old favourite), i.e. “every little thing” inside of this darkness being released to me.

I was told more about the feeling of darkness of me entering the last room and I heard a scream “NO, NOT THE SECRET ROOM IN THE FREEZER”, because this is where we had the bomb (which exploded), and when opening this, we knew that it would be the end of us.

During this afternoon I truly felt like fainting because of extreme tiredness, and when I could not keep my eyes opened, I kept receiving “jump up” feelings with the feeling of dying every single time, which is truly not nice, and yes I know this feeling well, tried that many times before but not writing about it much.

During this I also received strong marks around both my left and right angle, and I was told “this was this truck, then – and also bus, because there was also a bus”, and this is about the vision I received a couple of days ago (?) with a new truck (i.e. “world”) arriving, and I am not sure if it was followed by a bus (i.e. “making love” or at least darkness wanting to bring my “old nightmare”), I felt that it was, and here I was told that it was, and also that this world is now in place at our New World.

Later I felt a leader from people of other civilizations inside of me, and it made me feel like saying “I look forward to seeing you”, which is exactly the feeling he gave me because this is what all people of other civilizations are doing also in relation to me.

I was told that ”Kødbyen” (”the meat city”) of Copenhagen has been and is transforming into a new area of cafes and nightclubs where people eat/party at night, and I understood that this is a symbol to “celebrate life”, with “life” being “meat” symbolises.

As a new experience, I was also given very strong pain to my right knee – not only the lower part of the leg – and my reaction was “yes, everyone is welcome here”, which was to people of other civilizations, which will have to be about “connecting to me”.

I was shown a dough being rolled out, and told that “this is the original, which made (the supermarket of) Føtex”, which is to say that I am now in the middle of everything, which is from where life originally originated.

I was told that “no one will be killed” (from inside of this darkness) and “we are still here all of us, and then it is simply you, we are connected to”, and this is as true as it is said, nothing more and nothing less.

And I was given Lionel Ritchie’s lyrics from “Say you, say me” “believe in who you are, you are a shining star”, which is about my final design being the shining star as the Source of the world, so let us bring this wonderful song once again making it as much as “three times” today for Lionel Ritchie – what a surprise 🙂 – (it is coming to me because I played Lionel Ritchie for my mother when she visited me the other day) and almost four that is when thinking of a certain lady, and did I tell you that this lady, which almost is, includes my deepest feelings of love, which this song does too :-).

And I ended writing this chapter at 19.50 deciding NOT to do the edit and summary today – I was beyond any border ever making me feel like “the worst” – and yes happy to do extra work I was too, and I felt “Nazi darkness inside of me on its way to the washing machine”.

In the evening, for a period of time I was given constant cracking sounds coming from the waste bin and it was with the feeling of either bringing up steaks from the pin, i.e. life (the more, the harder/deeper I work/go), or to let waste be waste, which is “the game” at the moment, and yes I have decided for 1: Save every little thing, and if not possible 2: Save every little thing using energy/sacrifices of the physical Universe corresponding to the energy I cannot bring myself, and if not possible 3: Save remaining darkness encapsulated for me to save as my new self, and if not possible 4: Accept that we will not bring every little thing but that I did “my best”.

I was reminded that this month it is one year ago I was with my mother and John at the amusement park of Bakken, where all darkness was released and it has taken approx. one year to do this creation.

Later I was told “yes, this is then the blue whale we are bringing to you”, which is to attach all of the New World to me, which I understood is what is bringing me much physical pain in my knee etc.

I felt Karen and my family/friends etc. and I was shown and told “it is like a warrior ship full of slaves rowing, which has now arrived”, which is to bring my family/friends etc., thus the world to me even though it did not want to follow me.

During the evening I received more heart pain and I felt that it was coming from darkness of people of other civilizations (infected by human darkness they were), so there are still more darkness also of these people to convert to light.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Lars G’s old friend Lars I was nice to reply today that he also does not have Lars’ contact details (I have decided not to call Lars now because I cannot afford it (!), should he feel like talking, because this will make us talk potentially for a very long time as we always used to do), I was happy that Kirsten’s daughter Victoria decided to write “tak” (“thank you”) to my birthday greetings (better late than never, and “never” it become when I never sent thank you cards to the guest of my confirmation when I was 14, which was because of “lack of energy” and of life experience more tha anything, but wrong it was and poor conscience it gave me), I have NOT heard from Inge’s son Jan (!), did I write that I have (again) received the feeling of my old music teacher Holm from school in Espergærde and that is still “under my skin” where these feelings come, and I was told that he knows who I am (he went to become a full time Monk at a monastery many years ago), and I also often receive the feelings of Jack, which I understand as “thinking of me”.
  • Kenneth from the meditation group brought the video below about the only man in the world who can swim with a polar bear, which is simply to say that I am the only man in the world who can handle extreme darkness coming to me these days, and as Klaus says this is really “a teddy bear that wants something” as we say here, and yes he believes it is funny saying that “no, no you cannot run into the living room and shake again, I don’t want stains on my flat screen all the time” and yes isn’t it amazing what “inspiration” can make people say because here he says that he does not want the bear of darkness to shake water from it on his flat screen, which is the same as saying that he does not want to suffer, and as a true man of darkness, you are not suffering much to help me take on the burdens of darkness, are you Klaus (?), and just wondering I am again, again.

  • I was surprised to receive this posting by “Peter Hansen”, who is no Facebook friend of mine, but still I received it the same way as I receive postings from Ole T., who is no longer my friend and that is with a little help from my friends, and he brings a chapter from a book called “We The Arcturians: A True Experience”, which is a book from 1990 (!) containing spiritually channelled messages from another people of the Universe, which is presented like this at Amazon: “The Arcturians, speaking through Norma, have sent Earthlings a gentle message regarding their purpose for being here. They claim they are here to assist Earth as it enters a New Age of spirituality. They cannot interfere with the free will or decision-making process of any Earthling, but are here to educate and help raise the vibrations of all who choose to journey to the new dimension the Earth is entering”. I decided to send Peter the message that I received his posting as a “sign” even though we are not friends, and encouraged him to read my website and also to become friends with me, which he may or may not decide to do (?), and Nemo, who likes this, is by the way a member of the meditation group, so “the world is little”, you know. 

  • Peter looks to be new to Facebook having only 15 friends, and from his list of friends you can see that I am not one of them, and since he did not post his posting to my timeline, which would have been shown visibly that it came from him, it simply tells you about another “small miracle”, with someone we would like to bring in.

  • Here is a review of the book of the Arcturians, which is almost the same as “the actuaries”, and yes people who have “figured it out” :-).

  • After reading the FB-updates to the meditation group, I saw that Peter had posted his status above to the meditation group, and that this is really what connects us, but normally Facebook shows on my timeline clearly when it is messages posted to the meditation group, which was not shown to me here, and yes this was what was truly “spiritual interaction”.
  • Tobias was angry on his girlfriend Mia, which he decided to let the world know not being able to control his anger (and language too), yes letting darkness out, we know all about it, and his friend Jonas spoke of a “golden lady”, which was inspired for the spirit of my mother and he used a symbol in relation to her, which also means my “old nightmare”, and Tobias said that he has it from him, and yes Tobias, I don’t mean to hurt you, only to tell the truth as with Karen, Sanna, my mother etc. and that is that you sent darkness to me too because you “could not” read, understand and support me, and this is simply what this shows, but I do know that we love each other as family members, which we of course still will do despite of this message.

  • Rikke thought that her head felt “a little used today” after an evening out on town yesterday, and yes Rikke, this is what my head feels like all of the time when your selfish behaviour (instead of supporting me and my LTO friends) together with the behaviour of my family and friends brings me my “heavy head”.

  • Mærsk McKinney Møller was buried today and Lars Løkke attended the service and here, he brought the words of the Pastor on Mærsk as I agree with: “He had an ability to make us do what we should even better than what we believed or thought that we could do”, and this was the motive power of Mærsk as it is for me, which is TO DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST using all of your potential and to keep developing throughout life. Thank you for bringing this, Lars :-).

  • My old colleague Pia had made this “creative” birthday cake for her daughter, which she calls “princess castle”, which I saw as a symbol of my “Soria Moria castle”.

  • I had this visitor to my website today coming from Rungsted, and if the city is right, which it not always is, only “sometimes” (!), this visitor might be Karen, and when Karen “cannot” read and understand, but is “forced” by her ignorance, but still better-knowing mind, she might still think that I am crazy, because “of course Stig cannot be Jesus” – or can he (?) – and you can see some of her search strings below (“sick” etc.), and this attitude is really the same as asking for ERASURE of the world! Karen and my sister both have incredible strong voices giving them “monopoly” to tell others what is the truth just because they say so (!) – and often doing it in a condescending tone – and I was told that both do know that they behave WRONGLY and also don’t like to behave as they do (!), but difficult it is when this has become your habit. And let me say that if this is Karen, which I do believe it is, her wrong behaviour and laziness to read and understand truly makes me very sad – and here my heart is shaking again – and I feel humiliated because of her attitude, and yes this is the right feeling because what she does is wrong to me, and Karen may feel humiliated by me for telling the truth of her (?), and Karen, eeehh, if you had read and understood me, you would “gladly” had brought this sacrifice of yours (read “my sufferings”) without feeling humiliated, and this is really the difference, see? – And isn’t it funny that she “could not help” also searching for “UFO” (?) herewith telling that she does believe in “more between earth and heaven”, but when she cannot read, she cannot understand the truth of herself and me, but “the feeling” of me, Karen, may be strong enough for you anyway? Later I was told/give the active thought that if Karen had read and understood me, she would have chosen me a long time ago, but now it is “isn’t it a pity that a man writing these lovely words to me is crazy” and yes SAD isn’t it, and I here receive the word “tragicomic” with much smiles from our New World being extremely close to me, and yes look at him, he is still working!

  • I was sad to hear that Barcelona lost to Real Madrid this evening, which was likely also the loss of the Spanish championship, and yes darkness was extreme today, so there you have the reason as I was told, but still Barcelona should have won …..! – But I have NOT given up on Barcelona winning the championships, which will now TRULY call for a miracle, and I am fearing that this might be a symbol that I will not be able to get everything out of darkness, and if this is the case, I can only refer to my list of priorities of what to do hoping that a plan B will help to bring out everything


22nd April: The gate to darkness is closing, but before this, we created an infinity of previous worlds as parallel Universes

Dreaming of preparing for the party of celebration with energy becoming critically low

Finally at 22.20 I decided to go to sleep and I slept until 07.25 telling me that I have now passed the worst of this darkness returning to me, and I am feeling less tired – but still not normal – today, and a couple of dreams too:

  • I am preparing for a party ironing my shirt in the darkness of a hall, Pernille S’ father Jørgen arrives, he is critically ill but says that he is fine, my mother and Sanna are there too, my phone calls and when I pick it up planning to both speak and fly at the same time, I accidently hit Sanna, which means that I cannot fly.
    • Jørgen has for years been a symbol of “money” and “money” a symbol of “energy”, so is Jørgen both a symbol of money and of energy(?), which I also thought the last time he appeared in a dream, and if he is, it means that we are critically out of energy, which will have to fit well when coming to the end of my journey setting the final details of our New World up, and “phone” is spiritual communication and flying is to work and it seems that I cannot do both now because of low energy and my sister according to this still opposing me when speaking on the phone with my mother (?), and at least for not supporting me directly, so I wonder for how long I will be able to continue working (?), and if I surpass this too because I say that we must.
  • I meet my old school friend Christian G. in the parking basement, and he does not have much time, he is busy but he tells me that he is about to go bankrupt with his father’s company, he drives a fine car and I drive my old BMW 520i (from 1988). At my work at Mørdrupskolen, I have found a new way to arrange things on my desk, which makes it “perfectly clear”, and next to the space of my desk, I have a small room to the right where I can also work and I have two jackets, one for when it is very cold and another for when it is warmer. I am sad that Søren H. has stopped working here, I miss him, and I am walking or running a long tour once a week to visit my mother and John, which brings me energy.
    • Christian will have to be the last darkness, which is now about to close down (also because I cannot dig any deeper?), my old car says that despite of not having much motor power, it still drives as fine as always (doing my work), I am still at school, i.e. my journey, and I have now arranged myself perfectly (cleaning up inside darkness) so I can go through the worst sufferings coming to me (using the warm jacket), and my mother and John brings me energy when I meet them.

The gate to darkness is closing – impulses of our New World will first come to me, then to my mother

I was shown Hans saying “is Stig not well now” and my sister answering “yes, there is nothing wrong with Stig”.

I was given the song “det er sent nu” (“it is late now”) by OneTwo, which is about “the city is closing the gate”, and it is now “the last chance” and not to fall for the temptations of the Devil as this song means to me, but to give it another go to bring out more from darkness by bringing everything I got.

I was shown a store on the shopping street of Stengade in Helsingør closing, there will be no more scrimps (i.e. sexual torments in my case), and still the pizza in the oven is not ready, which is also a sign saying that the gate to darkness is closing while the pizza of our New World is about to be brought forward.

I was told “India”, “appendicitis” and “Indira Ghandhi” and I was shown myself entering through a harp of an orchestra, walking back and entering once again, and I was told “you simply do not do this”, which to me meant that India has read and understood that I walked through darkness of the last Buddha twice, and I wonder if “appendicitis” and the famous previous Prime Minister may be to say that there is something rotten in the political system of India?

I was told that “Georges Duboeuf goes well with Chicken”, and this is because Georges Duboeuf is a famous merchant/producer of Beaujolais wine, which Søren Frank in Berlingske yesterday I believe said is a wine, which “goes well with chicken” (together with Burgundy wines), and here it means that “everything”, i.e. “wine”, goes well with our New World, which is our creation, i.e. “chicken”, and yes the “boef” part of the name was underlined to me and “boef”, or “bøf” in Danish is “steak” and here the symbol of life, or in other words, “everything” (previously “nothing”) was the creator of the world and all life, see?

I was also told “there is no tax deduction”, which means that we will get a New World, which is 100% everything without darkness having erased anything – and yes because this was my decision despite of darkness trying its best to make me destruct everything or as much as possible of everything.

I was given the revolutionary song “rappers delight” by Sugarhill Gang and the lyrics “you dont stop”, which is and has been my attitude all along – not to stop because of darkness forcing me – and I also received the words “now what you hear is not a test”, which is about our New World now arriving, and I was told “first for you, then your mother”, which is about opening us up to new impulses, to your new selves.

I was told that had I not visited my mother and John the other day, when he returned home from hospital, the darkness, which he brought with him (from Easter Monday), would soon have given him a new attack when receiving “the usual impulses” from his everyday life (!), which would make him become negative and open up to this darkness, but now when I received the final part of it to handle, nothing happened, and that is with him as well as with me, because I know how to handle darkness not becoming negative! I was also told that this is why I received the words Siamese Twins the other day, because of John and I “melting together”.

I felt a lot less tired today after sleeping better, the last days have truly been tough going through, and then I was given the vision of more “dark furniture” on its way in to the right of me – and also “orange” inside of it – and I was asked if I want to continue receiving this, and yes “hold back the New World until we are finished with darkness” – and yes keep the store on Stengade open (!), it is not too late now (!) – so bring it on, and yes I know that this will bring more sufferings coming my way, but I will not regret this decision either in my new life, and yes I can only do my best, and how deep can and will I go this time (?), and we will see when the night comes :-).

After starting work of the script today at approx. 08.00, I took the small train at 10.30 to town to continue work at the library – my internet still does not work – and I continued working my absolutely best until 15.00 also using much time to find and bring links, to read all Facebook updates and to bring several of them in my scripts of yesterday and today.

While working, I heard a large group of people arriving and a man speaking about this wonderful library/cultural yard, and quickly I could tell that it was the old “city king” of Helsingør, Per Tærsbøl, speaking to this group of people on tour, and he and the group passed me three times, and when you looked at me, Per, could you tell that you were looking the King (?), and that I am not only a fata morgana, which is something you believe is there, but is not, and then you saw that I am in fact “alive and kicking”, and yes what about bringing this amazing song by Simple Minds, which was my favourite with them for MANY years, which means “one of my favourite songs of all” and yes because I am still “alive and kicking”, that’s why.

So now Per Tærsbøl may bring this “information” on me to the city council (?), which Søren from the meditation group, who I “met” the other day in the small train – but you did not like to say hello, Søren (?) – also did to the meditation group, thus bringing more darkness allowing me to dig deeper bringing out more life.

Many times, I have been told this, but this is the first time I write it, which is that in 2009 in Kenya, I described in detail how the moon was physically about to break down (!) – not our new planet of “Niburu” as I was told then – which was also helping the world to understand who I am simply because I wrote with great accuracy what I saw, which matched your sightings (?), but still you “could not” tell the world that the world was about to physically break down (because I was dying), and yes do you believe it was right to keep this information secret (?), which it of course was NOT, because only the Devil would decide to do what you did!

“Life is the greatest thinking experiment imaginable, there is now no code of life, only ”an illusion”, which is held up by faith”

These are notes of the afternoon and early evening, which I am writing down at 20.50.

I have felt Cassius Clay some times these days, and also the feeling of him suffering in his prison not being able to speak but still having a sharp mind, and yes can you remember how he used to speak (?) and try to imagine having this as your “basic weapon” but not being able to use it, and yes darkness hitting him, which it also could have done to me unless I decided for a rule saying “you are NOT to make me incapable of working”.

I was shown more dark furniture on its way in, and I felt that it came from the encapsulated room.

I was told about the café I often used to work at in afternoons at the last time of my stay in 2009 in Kenya (not the café Kengelis, but the other next to the bank with armed guards), and I often sat inside of there alone having coffee and simply working as I still do writing, writing and writing (!), and I was here told that they also considered attacking me, but since I had already been attacked once and simply continued working, I was now “protected”, and I felt how the words on me circulated on the streets of Kenya – and how they spoke on phone with “others” about me – and that people today in Nairobi know who I was, and that I was back there as the One.

I was shown coffee cups, i.e. warm feelings, coming from darkness (!!!) knowing what’s going on really, and I had decided that I would continue working hard and stay up “long” to save more of this darkness, but I will only (be able to) rarely do what I did yesterday, so we will see how much or little I can give this time, and I wonder if I will be able to stay up part of the night, all night, and maybe some of tomorrow too (?) – and also to publish my script tomorrow at the library (!) – and yes I know the signs by now, which is the first tired period coming, which I just have to get over with, and later after maybe 6-8 more, I will receive an “impossible” approx. 3 hours tired period, where I need to activate myself and open the door to bring in cool air and maybe even to go for a walk not to fall asleep – yes, I do remember what I did in Lyngby too, which was also going to my extreme, and yes it was even more AWFUL than I can express and the same as this really, but still with the difference that I am even lower now compared to then making this even worse – and I am now writing the pretty long notes on my phone from the afternoon now, and at midnight I will (try to) take some more notes, and write them down – if I can because MUCH work is KILLING me and it turns everything inside of me to a disgusting feeling because this is far beyond “mentally impossible to do” feeling as I do and I receive the immensely strong feelings wanting to do everything I can to escape doing this work, but “the art” is really to surpass all feelings, natural laws and instincts and just do it :-).

I was told about the Monk of the Jerusalem UFO – temporarily made by darkness – and that “darkness was curious and had to get out to see what happened”, and I was told by good-natured darkness about to be converted to light that they can become mad that it was only me with much less power than darkness, which succeeded to wake them up.

I started thinking that the New World cannot get in place without saving or killing all darkness inside the middle of the Source, where we are now, but still there is a little bit more, you know, and I thought that I am pretty sure that darkness will NEVER succeed to get me to accept terminations as part of the game, and when this is the case, I do hope that no matter what I do, that the energy I provide myself together with the help of the entire Universe – thank you to everyone out there – will make sure that my goal to save every little thing will become real, and yes will the Universe be able to dig deep enough if I cannot (?), and yes the game is not easy, but I do my best.

I was told that ”life is the greatest thinking experiment imaginable, there is now no code of life, only ”an illusion”, which is held up by faith, which by now is already strong enough to maintain life”.

When I walked inside my apartment, I felt how I walked straight through the spirit of my new self, where the only feeling and vision I was given was that this is THE KING, and yes “a very good feeling” is what this man, my future self, brings me, so please come on, you are welcome, but don’t close off darkness before every little thing is saved, and yes I do hope that every little thing will go up in a higher unit as we say in Danish, and I wonder if you also say this in English (?), and yes who knows (?) because I do not!

I was told that the sufferings every single individual of my family/friends etc. has gone through – feeling as “completely impossible” for several of them – corresponds to the “power” they will receive as their new selves, and when I have received the sum of all of their sufferings, this corresponds to the “power” I will receive myself being on top of the cake really.

I was shown a war ship raised up at the same time as items were brought from the outside and placed on the deck of the ship, which is what we are doing now, i.e. raising up the last Buddha at the same time as the whole world of “everything” is connecting to me including my new self, and yes quite an operation if you ask me.

I received the words “this is wrong” several times again, and I understood that this is a reflection of the previous code of life compared to the completely natural and free feeling of just being without any limits.

I was told that my mother also could have become the CEO of Coloplast, where she worked for approx. 30 years because she is born with the skills – the same way as I and my father – and as was the case with me (and my father!), but even more with my mother (!), she was held down by her surroundings, which you know is by her mother and later men of her life, and yes mother, you are born to do so much more than the world wrongly “allowed” you to do. You are born as bright as I, but did not get a chance to show it, which brought you MANY sufferings of your life!

Already at approx. 17.00 I felt the DEEP inner tiredness of me coming strongly making it difficult to keep my eyes up, and yes the first tired period, which I just had to surpass, and it is the next, which is more than difficult to go through.

I was told “this is then the final, if you can go through this, you can put the absolutely most beautiful on top of the tower” (of my castle), and yes I will decide myself how much to bring, this is the game of this task.

For approx. one hour I received a voice continuing to say “kill, kill” (itself!) but not as dark as it often is – maybe because I have not come as deep yet, which will first come later when I am on my extreme edge – and instead of accepting this “request”, I felt and saw the last part of the spirit of my mother inside of there (she truly has many lives!) laying a pillow in front of me with a brilliant knife on top and she said “I cannot kill myself without your accept” and yes this is the remaining part of her after the greater part of her as part of the last Buddha was transferred recently, and I was told that only by using extreme will power not giving in to darkness one single time, this is possible to do, and here I experienced again what I have experienced often, which is constant provocative speech for hours in a row being impossible to stop (I don’t even have to try, which would be to play the hand of darkness!) and yes trying constantly to overtake my decisions/thinking and directly putting negative words on my tongue, which I still actively have to stop, and this is what I have NOT lost my temper to ever, which would have made this scenario and many previous scenarios impossible.

I was told “it isn’t us with the game over sign, which you are about to pull in, is it” (?) and I felt Karen strongly here as I do very often these days, and this simply tells me that strong darkness of Karen (together with love!) is feeding this, and I felt a very thin line between me and this darkness as the last line – or “tentacle” – between me and darkness, and this is the line I could have decided to cut or save weeks ago and I decided to save it wishing to have everything of the line to become light until there simply is no more line, i.e. no more darkness, and that is until I cannot continue work any longer, and I was told that this is what I cannot “now” because of the feelings of Sanna – I am feeling her “drowning” here, so “not easy” for you, Sanna (?) – with a reference to my dream of the night on her.

I was told that “it was US pushing the button, and we are the absolutely last of everything (with the game over sign) as a condition to transfer everything else”.

I felt how furniture now was moving from the right to the left side of me – from darkness to light – and it happened when I read the long and FINE article on Mærsk McKinney Møller in Berlingske today – a very good newspaper in many terms is my renewed feeling (!) – and really because I LOVE his attitude of quality and values and to make sure that everyone in the company knows and follows the values, which I am sure that Mærsk did better than any other business leader in the world (?), and in this respect, he is truly a role model, and yes doing exactly as I have always thought myself when I was sad seeing that all companies I worked for (!) and not even General Electric was “able” to do the same and “unable” to follow their own “values” as the result – a truly remarkable man is what Mærsk was, but he was born with the WRONG system making him and the company focus on profits.

Until 19.30 or 20.00 the darkness was not very strong but more like ”a nice voice” trying to cheat me to accept ”just a little bit of negativity” for example in my view of others, but no, I don’t want that despite of how you address me, and it is almost as if this ”gentle” talk is even more difficult to resist, because who can resist a ”nice voice”?

I felt both light and darkness of the spirit of my mother around me (of our New and Old World) and I was shown a raw joint of a beef on its way in (to become new life) and alternatively darkness holding around my heart if I am not strong enough to do more “impossible work”.

These days I still feel a “remote control” bringing physical feelings to my private parts as part of the torments/threats of my “old nightmare”, which I tell you is NOT nice, and also periods of constant “marks” to my right angle.

I was told ”I am not part of the Viking ship, am I” (?), and giving me “impossible work” surpassing my normal mental limits without becoming negative or refusing work – surpassing STRONG feelings of exactly this given to me – is and has been part of this game as one of the major pillars, which could make or break it.

For a long time I have been looking forward to seeing the managers and employees of the two lunch restaurants we used to visit in Kenya in 2009, and this really goes to all people I met in Kenya including Elijah’s big family, people on the streets and not least the families of John, David and Meshack, which I have not met yet.

Finishing this chapter including an edit and summary at 22.00, and feeling more than tired – but also in some good form because of my long walks (!), so now I will watch a movie borrowed from the library and see if I can come back doing another new chapter, which I do believe in this case will be the worst chapter I have done, and we know “if I can”.

Uncovering more information from darkness creates endless parallel Universes of previous worlds

At midnight I started to write down more notes given to me during the late evening now feeling tiredness as a “pricking sensation” just underneath my skin as I do most of the time in a varying scale, and I was shown the removal man Olsen (from “Huset på Christianshavn”) when starting to write down these notes just saying that we have now started the movement as described in the notes (below), and yes planning (writing the notes on my phone), carrying out the work (writing the notes to my script) and making it work (publishing and consolidating the work by staying awake) is how this process of creation works.

I wrote down notes of messages I received while watching a DVD with Ove Sprogøe, one of the finest Danish actors ever, and you do know that my Internet/TV box does not work, but now my TV sound works perfectly again, and yes “strange” don’t you think?

I was given a feeling of my sister right in front of me putting a dark blockage in front of me, and yes what then (?), and we know the answer is to show will power to remove this blockage, and I was told “in this case there is yet another level if you believe in it”, and we know as long as there is darkness, I will continue and the road of God is simply to do my work writing down the story you give me, so it cannot be easier than this, the difficult part is really to stay awake bringing you energy to do this, which is “impossible” to do.

I received new heart pain for maybe half to one hour, and I am so tired of this game and so exhausted that I felt on my extreme edge of giving up when receiving this, which automatically makes darkness more “alert” and I was told that if I was to stop now – to “lose it” – I would be shown the ship on its way in also meaning “the ship, which we missed”, and I don’t like that, and when this is the case, let us continue.

I was shown myself in an endless little room opening a hatch and outside (in the New World) I was shown a tree (of creation) and I was told that it will be impossible to enter darkness again when I am first in the New World.

I was shown a bow and behind it a bass and behind this in the next room a lady from the 1770’s at her make up desk (!), and I was told “we will go even further back in time”, and I said “fine by me if this is fine by the light”, and I smelled fish inside of this room, which I was told we will also empty and “only if you believe in it, otherwise it will become dark”, and yes my strategy as mentioned before (continue writing what you tell as long as there is darkness) is “bulletproof” in this respect, so let us continue.

I was told that “this is part of infinity, which we expand to a parallel Universe” and I was shown a loop from our marzipan ring cake being connected to a new marzipan ring cake and I was told “it is difficult to explain here, and on the other hand it may be the end now” (meaning that this story may not be true) and also what do you chose” (?), and we know I have nothing new to add, let us continue.

I was shown a number of visions only half and difficult to see, and I wondered if this is still content inside of darkness, which I am not able to see/reach, because I am not deep enough.

I was shown a Mississippi riverboat, which has been saved (the Last Buddha), and now there is an incredible small and dark riverboat on top of this, which contains this next task.

I was shown and told that we are back at a previous stadium (before the last stadium following it), where we can collect even more information (from darkness, after we saved these worlds (before the Big Bang) in 2011 when I lived in Lyngby) with the knowledge we possess today, so we are creating a loop to infinity of previous worlds, which also will be put in the lake, and yes only if you can, which includes to publish this and do my best tomorrow, and I was told “now they (the official world reading me in secret) must believe that I have become mad, because this is impossible to imagine now that all of us (our previous selves from previous worlds) have become ONE of our New World”, but no, if you imagine what these previous worlds could have become; this is what we are now creating, and that is an infinity of each previous world before us.

I was shown and told “there is no rat trap on this railway, which is why we bring everything making all wishes come through”, I was shown a kitchen roll almost becoming a newspaper (i.e. termination); this part of darkness was almost lost, but it is not because my message is that “everything in all levels has to be perfect”, and I was told that this is darkness of previous worlds, which we can now enter, which makes this creation possible, and I felt for a short period how my whole right lower leg was hurting, and I was told that “this brings forward oceans of extra Indians (“original people”), which are all of those who could have been created (in previous worlds), which we are now creating”.

I was told that this corresponds to cars in darkness, which are not there – but are still there, and again I was told that I first have to write and publish this before this creation will “make it”, so I was already previously thinking of taking a walk during the night to keep me awake, so I guess I will visit Hotel Marienlyst once more hoping that they will be as kind as the last time to lend me a computer. And I was told that “this is what we could have killed, but oh no …”.

I was shown a wall with a lot of cylinders inserted each symbolising a previous world, and I was told that we have to enter each to bring them eternal parallel creation, and that I have to avoid myself from being pulled away before having done this work, and I felt how inserting this eternity into one world will also spread to the others.

This is the top of the tower of my castle, and I was shown Obelix – being strong forever because he fell in the pot of magic potion as a child – pouring from his large pot of magic potion to Asterix, which will also make Asterix strong forever, which is to say that we are spreading “eternal creation” from our New World to all previous worlds before us, and when one has it, it will bring on the same to the next etc.

I was shown a king sitting on his throne right in front of me and I was told that “we are now as close that we can reach all levels through you”, which is then what we do, and again I was told that this creation will be consolidated through the deep level I will reach during my work writing and publishing this and yes staying awake, and for how long can I do this?

I was shown and felt how something was removed from my left knee, and I was told “we will just borrow this” (doing this creation) and I also felt darkness, which is probably only the fuel helping.

I was shown a room behind a door inside of the train including brown bags (more life/information), and I was told that what we are doing now is ONE of these several brown bags remaining, and I wonder what the others include (the information I cannot reach yet when not being deep enough?), and maybe we will see if I should be strong enough to return to this room. And this content of darkness is what we found when we double checked everything of darkness when doing our check.

I was shown “the dark monster” of “Men in Black”, who was about to escape bringing the smallest world imaginable inside a small piece of jewellery, which still includes “a whole world”, and only in the last second, he was stopped by the two agents doing “impossible” work defeating a much stronger opponent, and I was here told that what we are doing now can best be compared with this movie clip.

During all of this receiving these notes, I still had to absorb and refuse the wish of darkness to make me decide to stop access herewith (maybe?) killing it.

And I do still wonder what would happen if I did not do this, would the remaining life of darkness cease to exist, or will one of my Plans B work (?), and I don’t know, but in the game of this evening, it looks convincing to me that darkness will be destroyed, but we will see what happens when I cannot continue working like this – and yes are there only days or still “five months” remaining?

Finally I was told that “the game” cheating me to believe that the Facebook post of “Peter Hansen” had showed up on my page as a “sign” – as it truly looked like (!) – and to write this to him, thus the meditation group, will give the desired effect of more darkness coming from these people believing that I am crazy, and yes this was done to help you doing this work in case you would decide to continue.

Ending this chapter including editing and summary at 01.30, and now I will “only” have to set up the last two days of scripts using Microsoft Live writer, which may take approx. 15 minutes, then 20 minutes walk to Hotel Marienlyst (the cycle repair man promised me my bicycle not later than Monday, i.e. tomorrow, and that he would call first, and yes my work would be “too easy” if I had a bike I could use”), maybe 15-20 minutes to publish the script, 20 minutes back and yes let us say approx. 1½ hour, so maybe I will be back at 03.00 this night (?), and we will see.

I made it to the hotel and borrowed a computer next to the empty reception (!), and at 02.30 I had published my script, however not with the best layout because of the poor com-puter they have here and because I have to use Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is not as good as Firefox when publishing scripts on WordPress, so I will have to improve the layout tomorrow morning at the library, if I still can – and yes I was home at 02.55 again.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I have been wondering for days if I put in enough energy also helping to save Robin Gibb (?), and today I was happy seeing in BT that he has woken up from coma and show signs of improvement, and yes I do believe somebody put his hand over you, Robin 🙂 (also thinking about Andy Gibb dying from a heart failure at 30 ….).

  • Dan also read the good news about Robin Gibb posting it to his network, but still people don’t believe that Robin will make it, and Thomas says that “if he comes through this, it will be a miracle in line with the return of Jesus”, and just maybe this is the connection, Thomas and the reason why you were inspired to write as you did 🙂 – and yes “he should be dancing” of what is coming to him and all of us, so therefore, here are the Bee Gees again again.

  • Dan also liked the article “howzat for a rat” from the Sun – how are you doing over there in or is it at the Sun (?), difficult to tell for a Dane you know, and I am wondering when you will open up and tell the world about your dirty rat tricks to bring “gossip and sensations” (?) – and as you can see this was an ENORMOUS rat, which is a symbol of the last darkness we took in Easter Monday, and yes “sit, clever rat” as Dan says (I like his humour) and I don’t know from where Camilla got it, but you got it (!) and that was to say “but where are the two others (and don’t say “in Føtex”!). They lack if the Rat Pack is to be complete in number”, and what Camilla spoke about here was the (coming) world famous comedians Linie 3 (!) and their old show “where are the two others” (?), which was about the quest to bring the Trinity together you know, and where were the two others then (?), and as you know, they are in (the supermarket) of Føtex, which is what Linie 3 were inspired to say in this show from 1993 and what was explained to me in my script of yesterday, which is the same as “in the middle of everything” in the centre of the Source from where all life originates. This is where I found “the two others”, and this is about coming home for the Trinity at our New World, and I do wonder when writing this if Karen would not have been able to understand who I am if she simply had read me (?), and yes because she is of course not that stupid that she cannot read and understand if she wants to!

This giant rat is a symbol of the enormous amount of darkness, which was let out Easter Monday to open up for “the two others in (the supermarket of) Føtex” 🙂



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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