April 24, 2012: Receiving “the key to all of the energy you require” and entering the original egg of creation


Summary of the script today

23rd April: Receiving “the key to all of the energy you require” and entering the original egg of creation

  • Finalising and publishing my script of “yesterday” this night followed by staying awake crossing my most extreme limits was to receive “the largest of them all” from inside darkness, who had decided to die and to disappear together with a great part of the energy of the Source (vital to create eternal automatic creation of previous Universes), which I would not accept forcing him to stay and to bring me “the key to all of the energy you require for this” and to become part of our New World.
  • I went to the library to work crossing extreme tiredness, and later I received my old cycle back now fit to ride again as a symbol that I did the impossible to survive and defeat the explosion of darkness at its most inner and secret room.
  • I had to continue working the night being more down than ever in order to do the final walk to enter the “egg” at the middle of everything after deciding to take it over from darkness – “no one enters there, survives and overtakes it from an enormous strength of darkness”. I have NOT allowed darkness do die, and as the result, the last darkness is – by itself (!) – changing to light to follow my rule to survive, which is the only way to survive in our New World.
  • Short stories of receiving the kiss of death to bring out the last dough for the cake of creation etc.

24th April: Creating new Sources of life everywhere instead of only having one Source of our New World

  • Despite of very hard work and very little sleep, I did not sleep all night again making me go through extreme sufferings in order to be stronger than darkness around the egg at the middle of everything, and this afternoon I succeed entering the egg after again bringing everything I got, and eventually I experience my inner self inside of there behind all darkness.
  • After reaching the original egg of the Source, we found that there are enough “original pieces” of creation remaining to make everything of our New World as beautiful as the most beautiful house you can imagine.
  • New and even more important content of darkness is on its way in including the recipe of how to create new Sources of life everywhere instead of only having one Source of our New World, which we started creating this evening hoping that I will be strong enough to make it come through before my critical need of sleep sets in.
  • A short story of Medina having a funny dream about a “chickenduck”, i.e. our New World combined of the old and the new.


23rd April: Receiving “the key to all of the energy you require” and entering the original egg of creation

Darkness wanted to leave/die but I forced it to stay/survive and bring me “the key to all of the energy you require”

These are notes from the night without sleep (!) after publishing my script of “yesterday” at 02.30 at Hotel Marienlyst, which I started writing at 07.30 being very tired – I had no sleep during the night – almost having crossed my critical 2nd extremely tired period, and if all goes well, I will take the small train at 09.00 to go to the library to improve my script of yesterday and to read Facebook updates, which I expect I will do before 12.00, and hopefully still have “energy” to reach home even though I ran out of energy a long time ago.

On my way home from Hotel Marienlyst I was told that “this is the fight about the watch” meaning that if I could not stay awake continuing to absorb darkness without giving in, I would risk losing the time key to darkness again.

I was also shown a knife being very close to cut over a liquorice string, which is the now very thin string of darkness, and I was told that it is now almost impossible to avoid, and my reply was “you will not get me to approve this” and “please continue doing your absolutely best to avoid this”.

I received a quite hurrah for what I did here – it has to be consolidated now – and I was given Whitney Houston’s Song One moment in time and the lyrics “I will feel eternity” followed by a exclamation mark, which you know is about the eternal creation we have prepared for these world too.

I was told “it isn’t the largest of them all, which you here received with authority, is it” (?) and I was remembered that the smallest room include the largest part of God, and I felt him coming to me from my right.

Still on my way home I was shown that my inner self behind me cannot follow my pace any longer and I was told “maybe we will see each other in the next life” and I felt my inner self leaving together with a sun (i.e. a great part of the energy of the Source) – and I am feeling Karen here because of her importance doing this creation – and instead of accepting this, I said “no, I will NOT allow you to do this” and also “I want all of you without exception”, and then I was shown a huge guard dog at my right snarling “dangerously” at me and I was told “you said without exception”, and later I was told that this was part of the game to go through this task.

When I entered the door of my apartment I was told from a voice with the feeling that it came to me from the bathroom “good you came, I was just about to kill the cat” (i.e. “light”), and I was shown a man of darkness with a knife just about to do that, and then I was told “or is it a dog” (i.e. darkness).

I was thinking throughout yesterday evening and also this night “where will I get help to be able to dig even deeper”, which is about the potential opportunity also to reach the next level of my inner self, Old God, but I am told clearly that this will become “impossible” to do, so let us see.

I was reminded that I for a longer time have received the word of “the flood”, which was immediately followed by strength of darkness putting words in my mouth to accept remaining life inside of darkness to die, and it was truly strong and took much for me to correct again saying that “I will NOT allow you”.

I was told that “if we had had energy before, we would have done this a long time ago” (to save the world and all life), and then I was told “herewith is the key to all of the energy you require for this” (all endless New World’s of parallel universes), which was darkness giving me this key, and yes this river boat is “immensely small”, but includes much more energy than the last saved river boat.

I was told “Gert sent his regards from inside the bunker, do you want me to help him out”, which I understood was this the last darkness now changing to lift offering to help bringing out the next level, and I said “yes, thank you”.

I was told that “such a final declaration was never written at Yalta”, you cannot and also that “we better go home with this all of us” meaning that their exists no written documents about the creation of a secret government.

I now had to stay awake not to lose the key again to darkness, and at 04.00 I received my 2nd immensely tired period including negative speech going to my ultimate level, and the next hour was again among the absolutely worst I have ever gone through, which I ONLY did because I knew what was at stake, which I decided that I don’t want to lose, and almost at 05.00 I was shown plates being spread with butter looking like a sun, which was to say that we were now setting up eternal light/creation for all of these parallel universes.

I was shown yellow – the colour of the spirit of my mother – bringing out a new dark man, and I was told that if the “game over” sign will come before saving this darkness, the plan of how to treat darkness is now ready and “consolidated” after being included as my 4-point plan in my previous script.

I was told “that text is not used for anything, throw it out” and I was also told that it was not the Libyan constitution but a text from the Bible, and I said “no, keep it”) .

I was told that presents from my mother also have an importance here because I could do with less (as I have explained her) and the logics is that the more I receive, the more darkness I have had to fight, and that is even though I have decided to accept to receive more gifts now than if I had a normal life where I would pay for my own needs.

At 05.15 I was shown a B&O gramophone of the 1950’s and told that “this is how far we have come with the updating of all worlds”, which is much closer to our time than the 1770’’s.

I was told that it still smells like a gas chamber here with gasoline too because this room was set on fire a long time ago.

At 06.30 – and afterwards – the direct feelings of “strong temptation” (given because of wrong behaviour of Falck as I was told, and I guess others too) to go to bed to sleep increased VERY much, but I decided to try to make it without sleep to be on the safe side, and I had “more than enough” to fight/absorb negative speech coming to me bringing me on my edge.

I received the song “knuden” (“the knot”) by Shu-bi-dua, which is another of my big favourites, and the lyrics “når jeg holder fester, så kommer der ingen gæster”, and I was told that “it is written for people like us” feeling my mother and I, but I thought mostly about myself being forced against my will and nature to become in-going (see “my sufferings”) and also the lyrics “er lavet af Gud”, which I am you know me and I was given the understanding that this was more inspiration about me given to Shu-bi-dua.

At 07.00 I was told by darkness awakening “we should have been used for sex, and not this” and also with the feeling that “it is good that this changed”. I was also told that “for every hour now we will come a golden moment closer”, and I was shown an Italian pizzeria, with all chefs cheering and flagging with the Italian flag (celebrating), and the only one not doing this is me having a dough in my head still working. I was also told that this new creation of endless automatic creation of parallel universes will be tested the next couple of days where I am not to “lose it”.

At 07.45 I was shown myself riding inside an ”indoor tube” with a pacer pacing my bicycle forwards, which is about the spiritual world doing everything it can to keep me awake going way beyond all limits up until this point, and every time I think of sleep, I receive strong feelings to continue constantly.

At this time I was also told “that picture hangs askew, and that we are now in the phase of correcting errors of this new setup.

I was shown the Pompidou of Paris and heard “I would not mind him to hurt” as an example of the negative words I receive here with darkness wanting Sarkozy to hurt because of what he did to me, and even though I was on my extreme edge, I could only say “NO” (!) – as I keep on doing to darkness you know – als because this would take energy away from the final parts of this creation.

I also felt the spirit of my father telling me that he is proud of me, which is nice to know when I have no family/friends here, who can speak with me.

I am about to enter the original egg at the middle of everything – doing more impossible work bringing me there

After going to and returning home from the library, I decided to do nothing the rest of the day, to get some hours of sleep and to go to bed at midnight, which I was however not allowed to do, and with what may be my greatest disgust ever, I started at 00.10 to edit the first chapter of the day and write the short stories until 00.50 before starting to write this chapter, and yes the longer I can stay awake the better, and no I cannot stay awake for long, I gave EVERYTHING I had, so we will see.

I continued writing the first chapter until shortly before 09.00 when I walked the small train, which is where “Max the cycle repair man” called me, and we agreed to meet at 11.15-11.30, where he would bring the cycle, and I thought it was fine being able to do my update of the script at the library – my Internet was still not working – giving me time to return with the 11.00 train, and I was told “this is how to do it” also in relation to the Led Zeppelin song and the man in the swimming hall.

I was told by the spirit of my mother that “this is the wedding ring, I don’t want to marry the Devil”, which was part of the game all the way to the end.

I was told that my blood sample given to Helsingør Hospital – was it in January (?) – was “fiddled” with (spiritually) to make the blood sugar values apparent “acceptable”, and I was given the understanding that if the doctors had done their work properly, they would understand that for me to do my work as I have done is “impossible”, and yes I was “freed” as capable with this sample, which at the same time – when digging deeper to see what it truly contains – shows that I was indeed “incapable” to work!

At the library, I decided to start by reading Facebook updates since yesterday, and also to check the number of my friends, and to my surprise I saw that Helena is now no longer my Facebook friend again, and now she also appears as a friend on my list without a picture and without counting her as part of the total number of friends, and I cannot enter her profile because it say “This account has been deactivated. Only you can see Helena on your friends list. You have the option to unfriend Helena.”, and this is now the second time as this has happened for Helena – to become “unfriends” with me without her doing anything active the same way as it has happened twice for me with Michael Hardinger too, who is still my “unfriend”, but appearing the same way as Helena, and still Jack too!

I continued improving my script of yesterday to make it “perfect under the conditions”, and I was told “it is completely wild what we dream about”, which is about the opening of this darkness and the opportunities it gives for our New World, and I kept on hearing the song “in the middle of nothing”.

On my way home I was also given the song “Would I Lie To You” by Charles & Eddie – a song I like very much – and the lyrics “everybody’s got their history“, and it was with the feeling that “just maybe” I will die a fierce death after all, and it has truly been frustrating these days – and a long time really – continuing to meet new deeper layers of darkness doing my absolutely best and hardest to absorb every little thing and I am still facing a “fierce death” after going to my extreme efforts. Darkness also told me strongly “you are going to give up” as if this is 100% certain as part of the game, and my game is to say “no way” (!), because when it has not been able to take me over until now, how should it start being able to do that?

I was also given “my destiny” by Lionel Ritchie and the lyrics “I’m so glad to be around you – forever”.

I was told that USA has carried out DNA manipulation tests on living human beings as part of claimed “UFO abductions”, and that humans died, and I was told that USA has reached the conclusion that it is likely – as I said – that birds fell down dead from the sky as a symbol of the “code of life” not working anymore as a result of these “tests”.

Just when I came home, I met Max on the parking place with my bicycle, and he told me that the tire I had bought was a little bit too large (so he kept the old), and the tube I brought him to insert at the back wheel (which I received from John) was to small (!), but still Max had made my bicycle work inserting a new tube himself and also tightened some spokes, and despite of this, he decided to keep the offered price of 120 DKK, and when I gave him 200 DKK, he returned 70 DKK and he told me with inspiration “70 return in return as gold” because of the colour of Danish 10 and 20 DKK coins, and the message was of course “gold” as in the gold of God.

And this was a symbol of returning my old self continuing my journey and I was told that “you did the completely impossible to survive this tour creating eternal creation everywhere as our highest wish” and also “now there is no more darkness”, which I was told by the voice of the spirit of my father from the right, which you know is from darkness itself apparently waking up.

When I arrived at my apartment and looked at my Internet/TV box, it made me smile, because I could see all lights on it now blinking correctly meaning that it had “decided to fix itself” (!), and yes there was of course nothing the matter with it other than extreme spiritual darkness “destroying” it for a few days, and later I also switched on the TV with the picture being back on but no sound at all (!), and when I tested a DVD where there was sound on, I understood that it is indeed not the TV having “problems” with the sound, but the TV signal, and when I decided to update the firmware of the separate TV box, the sound returned and I was told that this is a symbol of my new self now working.

I was told around noon “how do we get wind in the sails” (?) and received the answer “through your energy, nothing much is required, you can just sit and relax”, which is the only thing I could do by now being far beyond my limit.

I was told “your work creating the New World is in itself a proof to the world not to give up but to do your best work – the results speak for itself”.

I was told that my father’s cancer developed quickly after receiving the much darkness Easter Monday and that he only avoided death with a small margin, and I of course don’t know when no one tells me, but this is what I am told. I was also shown a deep ear plug into my father’s ear making it impossible for him to listen to and understand me, which is how it always has been.

As a child I bit my nails – I could not “help” it because of “negative power” given to me, this is how it works – and after I as grown-up have been in pretty good control over this, I started biting a few nails again in 2010, and the last couple of weeks it has spread to all nails again, and yes I am NOT happy with it, but just another way that darkness attacks me.

I was now way beyond “extremely tired”, but I was kept on being motivated to continue staying awake and I was told that if I was to stop now, “it will seem wrong to your mother” (as her coming new self), and because of this, I decided to continue as long as I could with every minute feeling like an eternity, and my whole body was feeling “way beyond extreme impatient” without being able to calm and that is because of extreme tiredness.

Finally at 15.10, I had had it (!), I decided that this was my ultimate new limit and I decided to sleep on the sofa, and to do it even though my spiritual friends continued to do their best to stop me for example by giving me the lyrics from Shu-bi-dua’s short “song” “jeg er fluen” “Jeg er ikke skabt til noget stort derfor sætter jeg mig på en l…” (“I am not created for something big, which is why I sit on a s…”) warning me against destruction because of sleeping, and also a face with a man having more black than white teeth telling about the strength of darkness, but still I had had it, this was the best I have ever done giving everything I had, and with this, I was “allowed” to sleep until 19.00, where I dreamt of being in a Fitness Centre recommending them to start cycle routes, which they would like to do and they tell me that they will always start from the station, and new cycle routes is simply “more sufferings” coming when continuing my journey as my old self.

I was told that “you are not dead and have not received four new lives” and really that I am in a “no mans land”, and I continue receiving a “understanding voice” from darkness, which is telling me that darkness knows that I have come to set it free, but still it also behaves as darkness too with negativity etc..

After my sleep I received less negativity, but I was still completely broken down feeling physically “more than wasted”.

I was shown a giant UFO and told that “the time comes closer to when the world will see the first landing of a super UFO without riots or disturbances occurring”, and I said “fine by me” feeling an enquiry for my approval as the “commander-in-chief”, and yes I am looking forward to this, and truly hope that Earth will welcome you warmly with leaders of the world standing forward and the media bringing the story to the world for everyone to see and understand.

I was told that “this is power we should have used killing you, and you have decided to continue no matter what, which is then what we do, no one is to die, it is as simple as this” and also “who is inside there (at the Source) completely lonely and deserted” (?) with the answer “Stig as his new self, who the world and family/friends etc. could not accept” and this is behind this “last darkness”, however little or much it really is by now.

I was told that Michael Hardinger and Helena – now not being my Facebook friends twice – symbolise my old self “not being” any longer in order to come here after having transferred (almost) all of me to my new self. I was also told that my task will be to be confident that I by now am my new self as a requirement to wake up as my new self, and I am not in doubt of this, but I will NOT do anything before the last darkness (of my old self) has been absorbed.

I was told “finally we cannot help saying congratulations” and at the same time I received a cracking sound from the kitchen, “which this is a symbol of”, i.e. to transform all darkness everywhere into life; this was the task you did not know about but took on you when deciding not to give up.

I continued thinking about the probability of darkness giving me a fierce death as my old self, and I told myself that I will NOT give in to darkness and it is simple logic that when there is no more darkness – and energy to keep me going as my old self – I will automatically become my new self, and this is because I keep on being encouraged to decide to become my new self, and yes there are NO changes to what I have told you before, which is NOT before all darkness has ceased to exist.

I was told about the axis Helsingør-Helsingborg (Kärnan) and “what is it really right here” (?) since I live here and this place has been prepared for me for centuries, and yes Jerusalem is the centre of the Universe and so far I was only told about Helsingør that “here is where I breath”.

I received darkness coming to my right ear telling me “we have come to say goodbye”, and I replied “only for you to become light”, because I will not accept anything else.

For some time I have been told that it is important what I experience now – everything small and large – and the answer came here when I was told that when I will open the eyes of my new self, what I will see is what I have received of sense impressions lately, when my new self mostly imperceptibly has entered my physical self.

I was shown a plate with ice cubes being pushed to darkness and returned with the cubes melting, which also shows “warmth” at darkness!

I was shown a layer cake being pushed to me, and I want to give a piece of the cake to anyone, but everyone says no, and what do we do when the world does not want me as “old Stig” (?), and yes then you will get me as new Stig, and I was shown and told that we have started writing “Stig” on the cake and I was shown a shaken hand writing the letter “s” of Stig and told that “it is a little bit difficult when you almost not are”, which is what I am almost not as my old self anymore when I am only “running on ice” really as in “sufferings”.

I was also told that “you have asked the world to close down, and how does the world react to this” (?) and yes with throw-up feelings, so it is “not easy” for you, leaders of the world, to do what I ask you, and look around you and tell me if you are proud of what you have created (?), and when looking, it should not be difficult for you to accept to step down as I ask you to do.

I was told that if we are to emphasize one thing as the most important you did (of my journey), it is the healing which Kim did, and Kim is the man from the housing association in Lyngby, whom I met in 2010 at the summer party, who gave me critical healing, when I was NOT living right after having connected with the Source, and I was told that hereafter comes (my friendships) with Lotus and Georgie because of the importance of these ladies.

For some time I have been told about “the life annuity”, which I dreamt about years ago, and this annuity was the cash help I received from the Commune as my old self, and in my new life it will have to be a normal income when working as a “consultant” developing the world.

I was shown myself in a room on my way towards the central egg (still dark), which you have decided to take, and I was told that my words “I will accept no one to die” have made remaining darkness itself to develop to light of the New World, which is really to follow my rule to be alive and this is done because this is how powerful we are as the New World, which changes everything to our new rules, and I received this message coming to me from my right, which is from darkness self awakening/adapting to light on its way in, and this brought relief to me making me believe that with this “process” we will be able to dig deep enough to bring every little thing with us. And I was told that inside of there (the egg) is a new home for me, which may also include a surprise, which also means that everything without exception will “be” instead of “not be”.

And here it was 23.45 and I was on my way to bed still feeling utterly destroyed after haven given “everything”, and I thought that I did not have to continue working (hard), because it goes without saying that I could not work now because of how I felt, but this was only in my mind because I was told that “this requires for you to work tonight and to keep awake”, and it was TRULY impossible for me to do and even to think about doing, and while I was still on my way to bed I was given a “joint encouragement for you to give a last great exertion”, and after lying maybe 10 minutes in bed, I decided to stand up to write this chapter, which is now the worst chapter I have ever written, but here at 03.00 I am also coming to the end of this first draft, which was truly “impossible” to do – just like entering the egg, this is the connection – and the egg is the same as the “freezer” from where the button of darkness was pushed Easter Monday, and I was told “no one enters there, survives and overtakes it from an enormous strength of darkness”.

When lying in bed on my way to stand up again, I still felt darkness around me including strong temptations to carry out my “old nightmare”, which however does not scare me knowing that I am stronger than you to refuse it – so it has not become light all of it yet.

I was also told “we have tolerated torture to bring you here” (in front of the egg) – when I have been sleeping, especially – and now it requires for me to do the last walk through this work (designed to do just that), and yes to stay awake too, which may become even worse thinking that I may only be able to do this for 1-2 hours after finishing this, we will see.

When I thought about and felt everything on me feeling even stronger and more disgusted than ever to write this chapter thinking of giving up and telling myself over and over “I cannot do this“ (but thinking at the same time “but I will do my best to do it anyway”), I was told “you don’t know what it means to be able to write directly from the Source” and I was shown Indian children with feather pens writing from the Source, and yes against all odds, and that is the worst of them, Phil, I am doing this work, and that is because it is right to do, not because it is pleasant to do.

I was shown the Black Man sleeping, and told “yes it sounds crazy but we have also made darkness sleep when you sleep”.

At 03.10 when doing the edit of this chapter, I was given new taste of fish and later BLUE around me, which is telling me that darkness around me is becoming part of my new self too, and at 03.40 I had also finished the edit and summary of it, now “only” having to stay awake, which is truly the most disgusting part.

And I was told by now that if I don’t do this work, there would keep being a red napkin (of darkness) on the large dinner table to annoy my mother, which is what would “seem not right” to her, and also that sacrifices of the world, which I received just here again very uncomfortable through sudden pain to my right angle, is not able to do this alone, it requires the work I have just done here.

I was told that “it is not a fortress you have defeated because it is really not here, but still it is here because we can feel it”.

I decided to publish the script already today at 04.20 in order for it “to work for me too”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jens spoke about ”an offer of death kiss to the government”, which is ”almost as evil as it gets – like sawing through the legs of Villy/Helle with a dough scraper”, and the kiss of death is what the most extreme darkness gave me, which was really “as evil as it gets” (including “politicians” like you, Jens) and this is only because we are bringing out the last dough (darkness used as ingredient for creation of our “cake”) with a scraper, and yes “inspired” it is, Jens, you see?

  • In continuation of my story of Peter Hansen the day before yesterday, I bring this posting by Jimmy to the Facebook group of the meditation group, which was brought on my timeline but clearly indicating that it was posted to the meditation group, and this is what lacked in Peter’s message – and also other messages to the group of that day – fooling me.

  • It is the birthday of my sister today, and I decided to send my greetings to her with a common favourite song, and later she “liked” this, and I do NOT like the f… word.

  • For days I have been told about MANY of my LinkedIn contacts reacting to my postings of scripts there.


24th April: Creating new Sources of life everywhere instead of only having one Source of our New World

I had to suffer much to be stronger than darkness to enter the egg of the Source meeting my new self

After finishing my script of “yesterday” at 04.20, the task was now to keep awake, and I had a new extreme tired crisis no. ? between 05.00 and 06.00, where I could not keep my eyes open – constantly trying to make them stay open – where I experienced the same sufferings as I have done only that last couple of weeks when my tiredness has been the worst ever, which includes that when I close my eyes and would sleep if I did not sit down, my head is after some time suddenly and literally thrown by a spiritual force either forward or backward, which is VERY uncomfortable and I also receive physically “grunt” noises coming through my voice when this happens as also never before and to me these are signs of life (“pigs”) because I am fighting tiredness not going to sleep, and this crisis was also at the new all time worst together with the worst of previous days, and gradually when it was 06.00 I became a little more “fresh” – or less beaten – and I decided to stand up being active and also to go to bath to help the situation, and between 07.00 and 08.00 when I was again dangerously close to sleep, I decided to sit at my balcony reading the paper while receiving the cooler air together with the sun shining, which helped me stay up too.

I felt physically so miserable and dizzy that I was wondering how much my body can take without dying believing that I was here maybe on my worst stage ever (?), and then again I thought that I will be kept on the edge without dying by my spiritual friends as I have seen so often before because of my actions.

At 09.00 I was told “you don’t need much more before you will be completely home”, and later that I have also given energy to Al-Khawaja, who is still on hunger strike in Bahrain with “bureaucracy” keeping him in his prison, which might kill him, and I can also only hope that people will decide to rescue him, and yes because I do NOT like “martyrs, there is no such thing in my book!

At 09.45 I decided to cycle to town to read more papers at the library and do a little shopping with my last money, and when sitting at the library I was shown a deer and given a feeling of very old and ORIGINAL cave paintings of deer in French caves, and I understood that this was a symbol saying that I made it all the way to the egg too, which I was here entering. Later I was told that it is like sitting at the patio yard of Hotel Imperial in Copenhagen – a nice place making me think of “jungle” and “home” – but still without being able to enter the Imperial cinema, i.e. our New World, but “close” it is.

I was told that I only entered here because of will power because darkness wanted to disappear completely together with “the sun” as I experienced the other night on my way home from Hotel Marienlyst, where I only kept it staying because of my will power/strength.

I was told that there are now no more goalkeepers (of darkness) defending the egg, but I still felt darkness around me and also how it brought sexual speech/torments/”temptations” to me, which I may have rejected 100 times today (?), and I heard “is it going through” (?) and “yes, the canal is built all the way in”, which is really the road we have been working on for some weeks now, and yes “now I understand better” what this road is about, which is to the most inner part of me :-).

I was told that the explosion inside of here Easter Monday was really the Judgement Day weapon, which darkness had saved in its most inner room, and my thought was “good that we had transformed (almost) all darkness around it to light, so it did not bring great(er) sufferings to the world

I returned home from town at 11.30, where I decided to watch Benny Hinn doing healing at a LARGE meeting in Brazil (to further help on bringing energy, which Karen is also soaking out of me!) as you can see below, and instantly when watching, I felt how coughing as I have started receiving again the last couple of days (because of John’s treatment) disappeared (I literally felt how it was removed from my throat) – and to my family/friends etc. reading this, you can watch this video as I do and receive healing energy too helping with your “diseases” – which also goes for you John (!), and Inge and father too (!) – and you might understand that it is the power of God completely curing people from even the most serious diseases as there are many testimonies of in this video – which is a power I have not yet been given myself (as far as I know, but then again I might have here thinking of my meeting with Braco in 2010 and that I was told that I was here given the gift too) and the reason why is to protect me from darkness, which is why the power of God has been divided between a number of people being “parts of God”, which we have been collecting and will join at our New World. You can also watch Benny at 1:02:00 saying with his spiritual voice – as he receives the same way as I (!) – that “the coming of the Lord is very very near, much nearer than you know” and later at 1:04:20 he says “I have news for you, Jesus Christ is coming back to Earth” (!), which I indeed am, and the healing power of Benny Hinn is a sign itself given of my arrival.

I was told that the sudden pain to my right angle and lower leg is not only about building new houses because of destruction of the Universe, but also about alterations made to our Universe.

I felt German white wine made on the Riesling grape right before me, because this is the wine of God – and later I was told that Champagne will also do :-), and this is of course to arrive at the egg itself, and I was told that I am not all home because there is a loop inside of the egg, where there is still darkness, which I will have to go through before wakening up as my new self.

I was told that we continue looking for more life/information inside of darkness, and I was thinking that I am also waiting to receive information of the test of the new automatic creation of previous universes, which would take a few days.

I was told that it has been “impossible” to keep me free of sicknesses (from darkness) while going through my journey, but still this was part of my rules, and this is then what we succeeded to do (with the exception of the sickness of no energy at all in 2009 in Kenya, where I could not move, which was killing me)

For a long time, I have sometimes felt my mother as she walks walking inside of me when I walk, which is pretty easy to do because as my old self, “half” of me is made up by the spirit of my mother and the other half by the spirit of my father, and you do remember that I as Stig have no soul and “do not exist” (?), which is “other than an experiment”, and “my soul” is what I am receiving now as the resurrected soul of Jesus.

I was told that UK business life knows about me and is counting its Pounds, and I have received loud cracking sounds around my apartment with the feeling of darkness inside of these sounds, which is simply about the last darkness dissolving – and later I received yet another loud cracking sound and now with the feeling of the last inflammation about to burst, which will reveal the light and my new self behind it, which is another way of saying goodbye to darkness (or to cut the now very thin lifeline to darkness), and hello my old friend to my old resurrected self and our New World.

I watched Benny Hinn until lunch, and after lunch I decided to write this chapter, which was NOT on my to do list of today, but I did it because I felt that I could, and yes I have been extremely tired since my last critical phase between 05.00 and 06.00, but I have not had a new critical phase again, and I wonder for how long I will stay awake today, and maybe I will get some sleep this afternoon (?), and we will see about that.

At 13.30 I heard darkness saying ”who is the fat guy, dismiss him” (!) and also “who is inside of there”, and yes is it really your own inner self whom you are now facing inside of “the egg” of the Source behind all darkness.

I was given the beautiful song “Show Me Heaven” by Maria McKee, which is what I will be shown not that long from now :-).

Ending this chapter and the edit of it at 14.00 receiving DEEP and unpleasant moments several times per minute where I am almost receiving a “black out”, which is to pass out, and I do believe that I will not be able to stay awake for much longer now, and I do believe that what I did this night and today is also about my absolutely best work, and yes because I can, and not because I decided that I could not!

For a long time I have received words like “he is not stupid” and “he knows what he speaks of”, which is you know thoughts of my family/friends etc., thus the world, so “completely crazy” is not what a growing number of people now think of me because they know.

A couple of times the last days until my last visit at Hotel Marienlyst, I have also received wrong temptations to steal (!), which I of course would NEVER do, and now I understand better that this was darkness, which wanted to steal a great part of the energy of the Source from us.

The egg includes enough “original pieces” to make our New World the most beautiful imaginable

After receiving a new “the absolutely worst tired crisis” from 14.00 to 15.00 with the same “symptoms” as the last also making me believe that now again it would be impossible to continue staying awake, but somehow I also came over this, and when writing this short update at 15.45, I am now going to stay awake the rest of the day and then finally to go to bed tonight hoping for a good sleep and more normal days to come ahead of me.

I was told that “they” – i.e. secret governments – got to Ronald Reagan (a good story of the attempt to kill him too?) and also to Boris Jeltsin, but “after it was too late”, but not to me because they do not dare to go against Jesus Christ.

And then suddenly I received approx. 10 times of the strongest sudden pain to my right angle, which is truly the absolutely worst physical pain you can ever imagine making me want to shout out and also shout against who is doing it – but this is what I have to control, you know, so this is what I did – and I understood that this was about much sacrifice given to the Universe to free energy related to something, which was done here.

I was told that it was my own mother and family/friends etc., who gave me a BLUE eye, which included two meanings, both that their wrong behaviour and lack of faith brought me my sufferings almost killing me and here it was also to say that everything around me is now BLUE (because they did as they did!) – I am given the taste of an orange here as another old symbol of God – and that I am becoming the “BLUE EYES” of my new self, and to my new self I might say that “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” (!), and yes I simply LOVE this version of Frankie together with Bono :-).

I was told that my mother concluded that ”there is nothing wrong with Stig”, which is also of importance to our story.

And then I was told because you did not give up, as today, we will also bring a Maserati, which we did not know if we would be able to reach, but this is what it is when we are collecting details here and there, which is also connected with you not crossing the limit of sexual behaviour and your own rules, because this would have destroyed these “original pieces”, but now there is enough remaining for the creation of not only the most beautiful drive-in, but to make everything the most beautiful salmon colour, which is to beautify everything as originally thought of, which we however did not believe would be possible to do, and if you can hold it going for another couple of hours, we will try to set it up, and I was told that I can use the house in Cannes, France, which I watched at the same time as receiving this message, and it is the house, which the real estate broker Jan Fog looked at together with the potential customer Jill Andersen, which was the most beautiful house, which they had ever seen, where it was impossible to find even a small detail, they did not like, and I was also told that this is what the pain to my right angle a few minutes before was for.

Afterwards I decided to go for a walk in the beautiful weather and nature around me being happy to walk along the hill with the view to Sweden, passing the golf course seeing the life here thinking that this is impossible for me to take part of and that I miss it and back again maybe taking half an hour, and not because I am fresh, but because I want to “kill time” and to create as much energy as I can to help this “beautify process” the best way possible.

The parts of the spirits of my mother and father still within darkness stepped forward giving me a feeling of them almost without darkness and they told me that “we cannot make it out all parts of us, but we will always be with you”, which I understood as a goodbye, but how can you be with us if you will not make it (?), and just wondering I am, and yes I have NOT allowed you to leave, but I was told that this would mean that I had to stay awake all of the time from now to get everything out, and by now I have decided that I will sleep this night, and then we will see if my plan B works to save the last also, and if the light has even better options than what I made, please feel free to use it.

By 17.50 I had also uploaded the script so far today, and from here the fight to stay awake will continue for as long as possible during the evening.

Creating new Sources of life everywhere instead of only having one Source of our New World

It is now 21.15 and surprisingly I have had no new extreme tired periods when sitting in the sofa this evening until now, which makes me write this new chapter because a new task is coming in, which I hope I will be able to also do.

First I was told that “the worst is that you will continue hearing them”, which is about the spirits of my mother and father, who according to this will continue speaking to me even after the door to darkness has closed making escape impossible (until I will decide to become my new self), and I decided to say “I don’t believe in you”, and later I was told “what he has told us since the beginning is that nothing is to happen to us, so if you are ready, I am too to do our jump”, and this is the game where I don’t know what will happen, but I do hope and believe that my spiritual friends will make sure that everything will be handled the best way possible. I was also told “haven’t we saved energy for this exact situation” (?), and again, I don’t know.

I was also told “thank you” because I decided to do my best working and staying awake (when I first had got used to it), which came after another period of hard work.

I felt how the spiritual skull of my new self was placed directly within my physical skull and I was told “we are about to make a perfect connection” of my physical self and yes my new self as the resurrected Jesus. I also continued receiving a period of unpleasant heart pain again, and received small pain to the absolute outside of the inner of my feet and fingers.

I received the song “den lille løgn” by Sanne Salomonsen and the lyrics “hans lille hemmelighed” (“his small secret”), about something “not important” happening now, and do you think he will figure it out (?), as I heard.

At 20.30 I was shown a large crocodile of darkness on its way in and I was told that it will take 2-3 hours to do, and I asked the “proud leader” of this as he showed himself to “keep on” doing this work not knowing myself for how long I would/could stay awake as the condition to bring this.

I was told that if the world had decided not to follow me, I would have received strong spiritual interrogations (much stronger than what I have received), which would have led to my punishment, which is still my “old nightmare” and destruction, and that is if I should not be strong enough to resist this.

I was shown myself hitting the ball the best way with the bat making the ball fly longer and higher than any could have imagined (my journey), and it included to do an automatic endless creation also of our previous worlds (before Big Bang creating this world), which I was told was “not expected” of me.

I was told that a relatively small group of my family/friends etc. have been controlled spiritually with their behaviour/feelings in relation to me herewith reflecting the reaction of the world to me. And I felt Søren H. as I have been given feelings of him sometimes lately, and not told anymore really, other than he is an important man to me too.

Finally I was told “if you do this (stay awake), the spirit of my mother will take the next large chunk of the spirit of my father” and “his small secret” is to make you sit in the Maserati, which I see changing to a Formula 1 car, and to become this part of the spirit of my father too. And I was told that there are snakes inside of each plate jumping out and creating something new, and I was told that this is about receiving the new recipe of this part of the spirit of my father in order to know where and when and “there is a whole new Source of life there, and another one there and we could keep on like this”, which is about creating Sources everywhere, and not to only have one through me, and yes this was the small secret, and this is what I have accepted to be created, and I hope you will be able to do this as you said making it possible for me to go to bed at 23.30, because I really need to do that as I now feel when writing this chapter being “difficult” to do because of how I feel.

I was also told that Ricki (my father’s Kirsten youngest son) has also made this fantastic setup possible.

And by 22.05 I had updated my published script with this chapter too.

At 22.30 I was so critically tired and falling asleep that my eyes kept closing even though I kept on telling myself that “now I MUST keep my eyes open” and then I found myself seconds later with my eyes closed thinking “how did the eyes close, I did not notice that” (!), and at 23.00 I was told that we are still not finished, and my plan was to hold on to 23.30 before going to sleep, and this last hour will have to be one of my worst hours yet, but I made it.

I was told what may or may not be true, but it was about Jack who is not the one he pretends to be, he is not even in the military anymore but a secret agent – and is this true, or the deceptions of darkness given to me?

I started receiving questions – or ”riddles” – in order to enter where I was now headed including ”who are you” (?), and I thought I am still my old self as the spirits of my mother and father and also my new self as the Son, so I answered the question with “the Trinity”, and was told “not passed”, which made me say “I set the rules, and everything here is to become light” thinking that this was a game of darkness, which I could not approve of.

Just before going to sleep I received a voice from darkness to the right of me saying “I don’t want to become martyr” and I said “I don’t want access to you to be closed, what we have not done yet, we will continue doing tomorrow” and I was told “this will be the end document yet”.

  • Medina was happy today telling about a dream of hers that if you mater a chicken with a duck, you will get a “chickenduck”, which she laughed much about, and yes a New World build from our New and Old worlds is what this is about.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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