April 26, 2012: I have transformed into my new self, the resurrected Jesus, but for now my cover is still my old self


Summary of the script today

25th April: I have transformed into my new self, the resurrected Jesus, but for now my cover is still my old self

  • Dreaming of what could look like destruction but truly is about cleaning the remaining pieces of the Old World, I am now alive as my new self but the cover as my awakened self is still my old self and I am continuing my work to transfer remaining parts of the old world not as my old self but alive as my new self and I repeat: I am now not living as my old self, but acting as my old self being my new self, I’M ALIVE :-).
  • Together with a crowd of spectators, I “welcomed” Queen Margrethe to Helsingør today, which I saw as a symbol of my mother as the Queen arriving to receive her New World. It was a nice event to watch, and I wonder what the regents and the Mayor saw and thought of in relation to me?
  • Darkness had to obey and follow me as the creator of it, thus staying alive when this is what I asked of it; darkness is now more non-aggressive than before and is now led by the Trinity of the New World and not the old!
  • I ask Anders Breivik to repent his actions of killings in Norway in 2011, and ask the rich world to do the same because it was darkness of the rich world, which made Breivik a killer when it “could not” help refugees of Dadaab (!) – and all of the extreme negative thoughts of the world against Breivik was sent to me to absorb too in order to enter darkness.
  • I was truly HAPPY for the first time in a very long time because I did not die as my old self of a heart attack, and because I did my best work bringing the best creation for an eternity.
  • Karen still bleeds because of me and thinking that I am gross, but also still loves me again thinking “what if Stig truly is the Son of God”.
  • Short stories of Michael Hardinger and Helena returning to me as Facebook friends after they had “left” me because of spiritual darkness symbolising my survival (not dying as my old self of a heart attack) and transition to become my new self, an inspired Kristian from Politiken “reads me too”, receiving the key of everything, the MP Lykke Friis very visibly symbolised the Devil of politicians, Barcelona also lost the semi final of the European Championships symbolising that I could not continue living as my old self, the love to people and life as Jacob Holdt shows is what is coming to people of our New World and also a short communication I had with Pia Christmas Møller, now previous MP and chairman of the Conservative Party.

26th April: I am almost without tread as the cover of my old self and am receiving the flesh and blood of my new self

  • Dreaming that I am almost without tread as the cover of my old self thus making my awakening as my new self “close”, resistance to me from my old colleague Søren F. was also killing me, Rasmus Seebach knows about me but when you don’t support me publically you are also playing against me, I am locating more “cakes of creation” hidden well inside of darkness, which is becoming less, I am finding more love of my mother inside darkness to benefit our New World, my mother is suffering because she knows that I am suffering and listen and understand people so you can tell others objectively what was said.
  • Many people today do not DARE to speak out the truth in fear of how people will react, which is WRONG, and I encourage people always to speak out the truth directly, honestly and objectively, and to make sure that you will understand and come to agreement instead of the opposite – and to agree on details from the beginning instead of only high level information.
  • I am now receiving the flesh and blood of my new self, and told that I will start to receive new visions of our New World during this process.
  • I am opening “the absolutely last nut, which includes the documents self for creation”, and life can best be described as the opposite of nothing. I went through this journey of mine requiring extreme control to pass negativity of nothing to recreate life, which is similar to how life was originally created. And it is now that “your thinking process and feelings for the entire world will be transferred as the last also including the original grain of sand as part of everyone’s consciousness of the future”, which will remove all desire of “wrong behaviour”. “We will receive the original Source with undiminished strength” and “we have now received the ENTIRE recipe of life, which makes our new fantastic Universe possible as originally thought of”.
  • I was VERY happy to receive a short email from Elijah bringing warm greeting from his family and home village, which I felt very directly also making me stronger as my greetings to him and the family/village does too.
  • Short stories of a comic strip predicting that people will leave religions of the world and join me, a book on knowing and healing stress, after the heaviest rain and thunder (sufferings) of the world, the sun of our New World follows including all love and warm feelings imaginable.


25th April: I have transformed into my new self, the resurrected Jesus, but for now my cover is still my old self

Dreaming that I am now alive as my new self – the resurrected Jesus – but for now my cover is still my old self!

As mentioned, finally at 23.30 I went to bed after having gone through my worst days ever without or with only very little sleep, and except from a “cheating” dream at 23.45, I slept until 10.30 only remembering short dreams before waking up.

  • I am in a house and need to visit the bathroom because I have a little faeces on my hand – which I don’t want any to see – and both bathrooms are busy, but then one becomes free when Søren from Aon leaves, so I can enter and clean my hands.
    • I woke up with a bull physically pulling me from my right side (!), and this was the feeling because I was shown the bull and I was physically moved (!), and I thought with this dream, am I now asked to continue staying up without sleep, because I thought – because of how tired I was – that the faeces meant destruction and Søren was the IT-manager of Aon, so I was now destruction the “IT-system” of the world, but yes, it was “cheating” because I was on my way to clean my hands, and we don’t have an IT-system anymore because we simply “are”. And I was so tired so I decided to keep sleeping anyhow.
    • I was given “what a swell party this is” by Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby, which is another of those “I love it” songs, and party means celebration you know.

  • I have received my blue bed, which is placed inside a room, and the bed is to my surprise placed inside a see through plastic container filling the entire room and almost matching the room 100% accurate, but there are still a few spaces here and there to be filled out.
    • The BLUE bed is my new self and I am kept inside of this plastic container with my awakened self being what is outside this plastic container, and when there is no more outside, the plastic will be removed and I will be and be awake as everything.
    • I was given “fat bottomed girls” by Queen, which was darkness speaking?
  • I am shopping for a fine New Year lunch together with a man, and I buy three large packages of salmon – two roasted and one smoked – and at the cash desk I am careful to divide the goods very accurate into two different bags, which is monitored carefully by the man with me, and I feel that my family has had much salmon throughout Christmas lunches, and I was wondering if I should also have bought a Greenland halibut, and on my way home, which is to Fair Insurance, I am running and then gliding in my fine business shoes on show/ice, which there is not much of anymore.
    • New Year is traditionally about celebration, also in my dreams, and the celebration is about the now three fishes of the Trinity and not only my new self, and yes that is because as my new self, I am everything including the two others, and yes I found them in Føtex (!), and when I am gliding in fine shoes towards Fair Insurance, it is to say that I am as my new self, i.e. the shoes, on my way to remaining parts of our Old World, which was not transferred as my old self, I’M ALIVE as my new self – but acting as my old self in order to remove the rest of darkness, and in other words, this is done according to my wish recently to being able as my new self to enter darkness not losing the rest of it, and it may take some time, but who cares about that (?) and yes in our present world no one seems to care when you don’t communicate with me, but to our future, it is “worth Gold” to save every little thing.

When I woke up and found that darkness was still coming at me – it was before writing down and understanding the dreams – it made me think and conclude that I have the watch – also when I was told that I had to stay up all night once again – which darkness could not retrieve to end itself, and we therefore – in principle – have all the time in the world, Louis and yes it is about Armstrong here and not Clark, but let me tell you that Clark is the strongest of all, and yes a “superman” underneath if you ask me, and what would Electric Light Orchestra be without Louis and some of his compositions for example for the Eldorado album (?), and yes thank you Louis, I LOVE WHAT YOU DID, which is also here a feeling of the new the spirit of Karen telling me.

I was told that “you are now ready but we have decided not to wake you up before all darkness is removed” and I was told that my mother is not a pitchfork whatever that might be, and yes stealing from the farm may be about stealing from the world, and we know love of my mother to me was decisive for going all the way, and I was told that to my mother I am still a bleeding trauma, but not to my father, because in my father’s eyes, I am dead (!), and I was told that this is also why it is possible for me to be inside of darkness.

I was told by the spirit of my mother that “you have no idea how glad I am to be here”, which is about the surviving part of the last part of her, and I told her “we are not done yet, we are going to have everything with us”, and I was told that you decided to break the silence at the end deciding to bring EVERYTHING over – “not without my lamb” as the spirit of my mother told me – and I heard words like “fantastic” and “amazing”, and was told that this is why we concentrated and succeeded doing this, and “we are the happy Christmas pigs” (“lykkens pampjulegris”), this is how we feel”, and we can now concentrate to pick up everything, which also includes to beautify the world not only with the layer from one of the Trinity, which yesterday was about, but all of the Trinity and much more.

During the morning I was shown how more furniture and submarines from darkness was moved into our New World, and I was told “there was also a full restaurant” and “this is too good to be true”, and I was shown an extremely small hole leading down to a room with a layer cake on the bottom – this is the entrance to the last room where the explosion was, to the egg – and I was told that every little thing of the spirits of my mother and father will now be saved, and also that the small hole symbolises that I managed to send money to my LTO friends to help them survive as one example of all of my decisions to keep the Devil away, and I did this well enough to open up all the way into this, the most holy of all, the cradle of life itself. And I was told again “you cannot walk in here and say that everything will be light; we cannot emphasize this enough”.

I received feedback like ”there was also nothing more inside there” and “there is also not anymore on the bridge of the ship”, which is about the continuing control for content inside of what used to be darkness.

I received one of my favourite songs by Danseorkestret “Jagten på den store kærlighed” and the lyrics “jeg synes, du har så meget klasse” (“I believe you have so much class”), which I understood was another way to say thank you for what the work I have done, and it also made me think of Karen believing that this is what I have when all comes to all (!), and I thought that we will (soon) depart in the hunt for the great love as Jørgen Klubien sings – and when writing this I am given a strong taste of fish, and yes Karen as my new self, I will still have “class” as you have too – and yes I feel as if this song could have been written for us, and this is truly what makes songs the best, when people can relate to them.

I was also shown yellow – of the spirit of my mother – all around me with a little bit of light red – of darkness – here and there.

During the morning I received small visions, which are now very clear giving me the feeling that we can now see and save these small pieces of information, which we could not before. also received almost imperceptible pain inside the outermost of some fingers and the feet, which is about the same, to clean up the content of almost invisible darkness, which we could not do before.

“I feel good” today after receiving sleep again, and I updated my script of yesterday before leaving to receive the Danish Queen at the Royal Quay of Helsingør on her way from Copenhagen to her summer castle in Fredensborg not far from here.

The arrival of Queen Margrethe to Helsingør as a symbol of my mother as the Queen arriving to receive her New World

On my way cycling to the quay of Helsingør, I was shown beer cans being removed from this the royal quay – remaining darkness to be removed – and I thought that this is the Queen, the symbol of my mother, and she is arriving in Helsingør as the symbol of our New World herewith symbolising the Queen arriving to receive her New World, and while writing these words, I was shown and felt what I first thought was a Viking, but then I understood that it was Holger Danske – or Ogier the Dane in English – and alright I will bring a picture of you too below the castle of Kronborg, where you sit in the basement, and I know, this was to say that with the birth of me (!), it has woken up this statue.

Together with approx. 500 else on the other side of the road next to the quay, I enjoyed the Helsingør Girl Guard playing to receive the Queen, and the beautiful view to see the Royal ship entering the quay, and the Queen and Prince Henrik stood at the bulwark of the ship on its way in, and I wonder if you noticed me standing visibly to you on the other side of the road (?), where I took some photos, which I however have decided not to bring because the photos below from Frederiksborg Amts Avis are much better, but when I took pictures, I was told “you are not the only one taking pictures” – local newspapers and TV were here, so did you get some fine pictures of me too, which may be an “even greater story” to you than the arrival of the Queen?

And the “fine” men and ladies of the city of Helsingør had met to welcome the Queen even though this was “only” for a few minutes before she and Prince Henrik would continue their “journey” to the Royal Palace of Fredensborg, and we know Mayor Johannes was of course the man in the lead to receive the regents, and a part of this was to face the crowd asking us to bring nine cheers for the Queen, which we did, and yes Johannes you are looking directly in my direction, so I wonder if you noticed me and also if you thought about “the potential danger” I could bring because I am “dangerous” as another potential Breivik, am I not (?), so now Johannes, you can speak to me with the “city king” of Per Tærsbøl and the other city council members including the MP Hans Andersen.

But with the arrival of the Queen, at this moment of time I received a large “package” from darkness (coming to me via the lower parts of my legs) and I was told that this includes “much more love”, and I thought that this is exactly what the Queen symbolises to me.

The Royal Ship ”Dannebrog” on its way in to the Royal Quay of Helsingør

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik with the Mayor of Helsingør, Johannes Hecht-Nielsen

Helsingør Pigegarde (”Girl Guard”) played nice music welcoming the regents – with Kronborg Castle in the background

Ogier the Dane from Kronborg Castle is now waking
up for deed with the birth of my new self

After this “event”, I cycled towards the swimming hall, which I had planned to do in the morning, and when I drove up the hill of the Royal road, I first felt good meals and wine, and then I was given the feeling of Prince Henrik, which are passions of his, and I am often given feeling of other people like this when they are thinking of me, so I wonder Margrethe and Henrik if this indeed was what you were (?), and the vision of Henrik was by the way followed by the vision of a lightning striking as a symbol of darkness, and yes you do live a nice luxury life, don’t you Henrik, and you could not dream about helping me and my LTO friends out because it is “impossible” for you (?), see?

I also received the lyrics “a place in the sun”, which I thought was by U2, but apparently not, but who is it with (?), I can hear these lyrics with Sun being dragged out as in Suuuuun, but not the rest of the song, and I was also given the lyrics “a face in the crowd” over the same song, and again I took this as a sign of how Margrethe and Henrik thought about me, and that is if they indeed saw me at all?

Darkness had to obey me as the creator of it – and I was HAPPY for the first time for long for not dying and for doing my best

I was told that “here we found the handle of the door”, which I understood was to the door into the last room – or freezer or “egg” – and also that there must have been some damage after the explosion (even though I did NOT give any approval for an explosion ….!), and I thought “fine, let us clean up everything and do our absolutely best”.

I was told by remaining darkness “it is still you, who have created me, I am therefore bound to obey you and not to kill myself”, which is what it wanted to do the other day, and I said that we will save everything and bring a code of “new life” (“plusses”) to it.

And I felt the spirit of my mother in this darkness almost as herself in a non-aggressive way, and I was told that it was also important for my road here that I decided to give my mother the telling-off a few months ago, when her hearing had left her, and this will have to be the greatest telling-off I have given in my life, and also my last!

It is now the Trinity of our New World guiding me because I am not living as my old self anymore, which is also why I am given “strong feelings of love shining through”.

I did a new long – to me – swimming at the swimming hall, and was shown as one of more things how a pipe of darkness leading in to the pool was removed, and I was given a feeling of Anders Breivik – the Norwegian killer of 2011 – and understood that he was fed directly from the most inner of all darkness, and I told him (with “inspiration”) to “apologise for your actions and say that it was darkness leading you”, and I was met by objections “but what about my manifesto and …” and I was given a wrong movement exactly when hearing this when swimming, which almost made me inhale water (“drowning” because of darkness coming against me here), and I decided to cut through saying that “there is no but, do as I say, and apologise”, and I do believe that these words will come to him as new thoughts, and also that you will be strong as a man to tell the world press exactly this, to repent what you have done and you can add that the darkness leading you was not yourself but darkness of man, who “could not” follow my request to help and save the bleeding victims of the rich world symbolised by the refugees of Dadaab, and yes there were NO LIMITS to the sadness and thoughts of good will of the rich Norway and Western World in relation to “a few” victims of Norway (done by “the most evil man” imaginable, who you could only taunt), and the anger towards Anders Breivik (I don’t understand how he survived this, and yes anger gone through him to me for me to absorb as I am here told with a smile from the spirit of my mother, do you see my dear world how this connects?) and “it all falls back on you” because you “could not” help the desperate, starving and screaming refugees of Dadaab (or the poor world in a larger picture and that is TRULY!) as I had asked you to, and because of this, it was darkness of the rich world, which was transferred to Anders Breivik making the rich world self the killer of your own people, and I can therefore only encourage rich people of the world to include in your repents that you “could not” help desperate people from suffering immensely and dying in Africa and elsewhere while many of you continued to live a (sinful) life in abundance.

I have noticed how two “psychiatric reports” on Anders Breivik reached opposite conclusions as you for example can read here – with one declaring him unbalanced and psychotic and the other the opposite (!) – and even though he is driven by darkness (of man) giving him WRONG thoughts (this is the “diagnose”!), he is able to reason and argue as a “sane” person, and yes I was just thinking of the comparison between him and I with the system also wanting to declare me crazy because it does not know better (!), and maybe you want to read my scripts to find out the truth (?), which should be easy for you to do (?), and yes this is also about exhibiting “classic teachings on psychiatry” as a lesson to the world.

Psychiatrics disagree about whether or not Breivik is “sane” or “insane” – read my scripts and you will get the truth!

Later I was told that Breivik lost the fight to darkness (of man) and in this respect he also worked as a protective shield helping for darkness not to enter me, and you may remember that if darkness had overtaken me, I would have done much more terrible things to the world than what Breivik did (there is NO comparison), so do you think you will be “able” to forgive Breivik instead of singing hate songs to him (?), and yes it is simply your own darkness, which was stored in this man, which had to get out.

On my way back from the swimming hall, I had thoughts about food additives for example to make food last longer – “vital” for most industry and consumers (!) – and I also thought about a fence made of processed wood boards at Karenvej 4, which I saw with my mother how ramshackled this looks today, and another fence made by natural wood including its bark at Kofoed Anchersvej and how new this still looked like (they are from the 1970’), which I also saw with my mother, and first I wondered why I was given these symbols, and then I was told that it is about leaving things “natural” as they are, and that is NOT to deteriorate things as nature has made, but I do believe “processing” is good, but always to do it with great care and respect for the nature.

When cycling, I was given yet another of my favourite songs by Shu-bi-dua, which is “basuner og engle” (“trombone and angels”) from their fourth album (no. 4 to 7 were their most “golden period” to me with no. 4 being among the greatest sellers ever in Denmark) and the lyrics “og det var bedre
end at fyre en fed” (“and it was better than to smoke a fat”), and this really has two meanings with the first being “better than to smoke hashish” and the other being “better than to dismiss a fat man” (!), which it also means in Danish (!), and yes this song to me is about me entering our New World without being “dismissed”, which is without being killed as my old physical self, and yes “who should have thought that” because this was my destiny, for the Old World to kill me, but of course only if I was not stronger than the world, so this is what I decided to be because I did not want to die even though I put my life at stake – this was the balance – and this is also the song, where “the shubbers” sing “I en helt ny verden, fuld af gode ting, går vi du og jeg, og den er pingeling” (”in a whole New World of good things, you and I walk, and it is excellent”), and this is really what our New World is :-).

I still had to absorb darkness and to be careful not to “lose it” even though it was not very strong today, and I was told that it can still hurt me much if I should come into this situation, which I have decided that I will not, and yes “the game” is that now I am my new self and can do as I please – including to give in to the temptations of darkness to bring “relief” because of the power it still brings when it is really more “forcing” than “tempting” – but I have told myself that I will NEVER do that, Meat!

I was given a Deja vue about the further in we come, the more breathtaking beautiful creation will become – and yes I am given visions of Queen Margrethe when writing these words now at 22.05 in the evening and minutes ago it was the crown Prince Frederik, and yes news are spreading fast at the Royal family?

I returned home at 17.00 starting to write the script, and when writing this, I am truly HAPPY for the first time in a very long time because I did not die as my old self of a heart attack, and because I did my best work bringing the best creation for an eternity (I would not have liked to know in a future of a much smaller/poorer world what we had missed because I did not do my absolutely best) and also because I am not given much sufferings when writing this and despite of everything, I feel how I am coming into better form – because of swimming, walking and now cycling again – and yes as I did as my old self and driving the generator of the world 🙂 – and I might add here that I have been impressed with what my spiritual friends have been able to do to make us come through on basis of the energy I provided, and I have thanked them for doing this fine work.

I was shown a dog being washed by a car washing machine and I was told that “this is the dog you met the other day” and that was on my way home from Hotel Marienlyst with the big dog of all remaining darkness snarling at me.

I was given a little heart pain today, and a couple of big pains to my right foot symbolising the refurbishing of our final New World, and I was told that Obama also feel that we have found a treasure room.

I have three times today received a little speech about the creation of automatic creation of New Worlds of our previous worlds but without being told the result of the test, so either the test is not finished, or otherwise I should take this as “part of a confirmation” and yes I receive STRONG coldness here and I see an igloo made of snow, and I think of GREENland, and more sufferings will lead to warmth of GREENland, so this seems not to be in place yet, and what we would risk losing if I cannot continue and finalise my journey, and “it may take five months” and better to be ready for this instead of giving in to the impatience of darkness, which has kept on telling me stronger and stronger until recently that it would “now” be “game over”, but it is not, and that is not yet!

At 21.30 I was given some more darkness and pressure to my chest with negative voices, which at the same time was to say that “we have now raised the mast of a ship”, which you know is to bring in and clean even more content from darkness.

I was shown an old and small bar designed as in the 1970’s and placed in the corner of a private house, and I was told that “we have placed you at the outmost of the house in the corner”, so this is where I live with darkness being allowed temporarily to be apart of our New World before it truly will become part of our New World as light and yes we know waterproof shutters between this bar and the rest of the big house, so nothing will happen to what we already have created if I should “lose it”, but it will probably mean the termination of this darkness self, but no, I will NOT accept that, and yes, do you see (?); what would happen if I lost it becoming negative myself and darkness asked for my permission to kill itself and I would still say no (?), and yes this is a detail I will not go into.

Karen still bleeds because of me but also still loves me again thinking “what if Stig truly is the Son of God

I was told that Karen still bleeds because of me, but inside of her, she also still loves me, which is despite of the fact that I have received the word “louche” or “gross” (“klam” in Danish) a couple of times today also understanding that this is what darkness still makes her think of me, with love being underneath this misunderstanding of hers, and later I was told about a thought of hers “I have had sex with so many men, and what if Stig truly is the Son of God”, which I was told because “I have just turned up the volume of this again”, and does it give you a potential poor conscience for not being with and supporting me Karen, but contributing to bringing me the worst sufferings imaginable “cheating” on me when you “could not” understand me?

I was encouraged to include this information, which is about when I lived in Hørsholm, where I at the end of one of my main running routes as you can see below sat down on the bench in front of Danske Bank at Rungstedvej just opposite to where Karen lives in an apartment building on the 3rd floor, and I was told that just sitting on this bench is what made one feather into five hence, when Karen and “her men” believed that I was stalking her (!), and yes this happened to be a running route of mine before meeting Karen (I moved to Hørsholm in 1996 and first got to know Karen in 2003), and just because I met Karen and she met others after me, it did not mean that I cancelled this running route and my habit to pause for breath at the end – and yes running a route of this length, 4.5 kilometres is what to me corresponds to running a marathon (as I have described earlier) – before I walked the last road back up at Rungstedvej, and sometimes I also ran maybe half of this road.

Even though I was MUCH more fresh today – not tired – it still took time to write the script with the game being to “disturb” me with this and that trying to remove my concentration, but I decided to keep on until I found my concentration and wrote the entire script today instead of postponing, and yes 1st priority is what my scripts still are, and NOT good if I had started losing some scripts – and I ended the work of today at 00.55 taking longer than I thought, and I was shown a white Merlin doing magic to transform the last part of my old self into my new self, and yes I am not even there, but because this is what you asked us to do, this is what we decided to do.

At the end of the evening, darkness had built up to become stronger, and so strong that I felt how close it was to take over my physical speech and now also stronger negative speech again.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This first thing I saw this morning on Facebook, which made me VERY happy to see, was that Michael Hardinger has now, as predicted, returned as a Facebook friend of mine (I have missed receiving his updates), and it was really to say that I am now my new self with Michael being “another part of the spirit of my father”, and when he was not my Facebook friend, I was not living as my old self, even though I decided to be alive, and yes the same as receiving three chances to get a new bicycle, which I missed meaning “certain death”, but no, I decided to survive and to bring a imperceptible transition to become my new self, who I am now (so in this respect I did not “survive”, but in the terms of not receiving a heart attack you know), but you know without being my new self yet on the surface. And by chance, he decided to bring a picture of the queen smoking, which is “better than to smoke a fat” (?) (“funny” that he decided to do this, this morning, when I was to “meet” the Queen and would receive the song about smoking, i.e. “not being dismissed”) and really about more darkness to absorb, and from the morning, I noticed that Helena has not returned yet as my Facebook friend, which is what I associated this with.

  • Kristian is “busy” writing leading articles of the newspaper of Politiken including the one today about “three party agreements” symbolising the Trinity to me, which made Andreas say that “you are on fire today” with fire being “darkness”, and this made Kristian say that he is “butter on a roll”, and you may remember the picture I gave you a couple of days ago about spreading butter on bread meaning to set up eternal light/creation for all new, parallel universes, which this says that we are still doing – or have done (?) – and this is what it means, and Kristian, this is to give you a symbol of inspiration, and I was told “he reads me too”, so you may be able to write some “clever” words about me too?

  • At 17.00 when returning from the “meeting” with the Queen and afterwards the swimming hall, the first I saw was that Helena is now also back as my Facebook friend as predicted (!), and this made me as happy as when Hardinger returned (I missed her postings too), and it told me that my old self – the spirits of my mother and father of the old world – was successfully transferred to our New World, and that I’m alive as my new self underneath the act as being my old self, and isn’t life fantastic (?), which are the words coming to me. And here she encourages people to support the preservation of a school, which made me think to let us keep the school of life with my scripts as foundation NEVER again behaving, working of communicating wrongly as in the Old World.

  • Jette brought this picture of a key on the foundation of orange, which to me is the key of life, the key of everything and that is 100% without losing anything to darkness.

  • Lykke is “completely crazy” about football, and was getting ready to Bayern Munich playing against Real Madrid in the Champions League semi final this evening (which Bayern won after a “crazy drama”, and sadly I cannot see these matches now when I no longer have TV3), and she wondered if she could find a “pirate Sally patch” with the Bayern Munich logo, and I wonder why you thought of wanting to become a pirate, Lykke (?), but you may know that a pirate to me for years have been one of the strongest symbols of the Devil himself, and it is indeed the Devil, who created “politics” with people not being able to communicate and to create “monsters of bureaucracy” including corruption etc., and this is truly what you now symbolises in the “finest possible manor” – and I still receive WARM smiles behind this darkness, and yes you are part of “this movement” too, Lykke, and I am also told that this is also to bring more darkness to me, so come on, Lykke & Co. “show me all you got”!

  • Kim was really angry/sad after Chelsea yesterday evening won over Barcelona herewith reaching the final of the Champions League, and Kim said that this was a “rebound of dimensions”, and people supporting Chelsea love to be defensive, uninspired and to destroy the game and still look at yourself saying “yes – well done”, and yes Kim, this was inspiration given to you to say that darkness, which you so precisely described, was stronger than Barcelona standing for the opposite, and I now understood the symbol – I was told the explanation – that this is the same as the three times I could have bought a new cycle, which is to say that darkness WAS stronger than me “killing” me, but still I managed to continue without being killed as my old self and instead I have now changed into my new self, and yes it did not even hurt.

  • Just a couple of small thoughts/experiences: My TV now brings “normal sound” from the moment I switch it on, which it has NOT done for a long time (but still with a few digital drop outs because of darkness, which I am often given a directly feeling about connecting directly to the drop-outs when they happen), I have noticed how I am beginning to receive Facebook updates from Obama, Pink Floyd and others, I keep feeling my old friend René these days, so are you thinking of me, René (?), I had a visitor from Hong Kong to my website, and is Hong Kong the same as China when it comes to censorship of the Internet by the Chinese government (?), my cousin Jan has apparently decided to ignore me totally and it seems as if my aunt Inge, Jan’s mother, may be the only one on my father’s side having some faith in me with all others on this side having ignored, humiliated and left me because they “could not” read and understand, I sent a LinkedIn invitation to Simon, our old student helper in Accent/Fair, the other day, and I was sure that he would accept it, because I believed he had a good impression of me then, but he has ignored me so far (did you read about me first, Simon, thus deciding to ignore me?), and for days I have again received the words “American conditions”, which is about Jacob Holdt as another part of me showing the face of how people of our New World will become, and here you can see him in a clip I found with him together with Søren Espersen of all people, where you can see his love shining through, and in his movie/book of American Pictures you can see it even clearer when he is together with “lost souls of America”, and you can find a portrait video of him here.

  • The other day, I invited Pia Christmas Møller, now both previous MP and chairman of the Conservative Party, to become Facebook friends, and I was happy to receive her answer remembering a meeting we had at her office approx. 10 years ago where I gave her some advice on how to receive a better public profile, which simply is to show more of her private self – for example via Facebook – and I have known for a long time that Pia is also part of “my movement”, which is also why I wrote to her, and when she still has not started working after leaving the Parliament at the last election last year, I decided to tell her today that if she follows my postings on Facebook, she might get an idea or two about what she wants to do in the future to show her heart to the world, and while writing this, I am given strong physical pain “here and there” on my body, and I am told things like “she knows”, and is this true, Pia, that you are also playing an act knowing about who I really am?


26th April: I am almost without tread as the cover of my old self and am receiving the flesh and blood of my new self

Dreaming that I am almost without tread as the cover of my old self thus making my awakening as my new self “close”

I went to bed at 01.30 “pretty sure” that I could sleep, because I have the watch, don’t I (?), and darkness has been made less aggressive, right (?), but there was really only one way to find out, and that was to find out (!), which I did and since I woke up at 08.20, the answer was “yes, I could sleep”, and furthermore with a few dreams, but that’s really nothing new.

  • I have locked myself out of my apartment, and will have to get spare keys at my mother, and I only wear socks, so I will have to be careful not tearing them down.
    • It is no problem to get the key from my mother, but I don’t wear any shoes as the cover of my old self, so the “thread” to become my new self is really as thin as possible, and this is the thread we are making thinner by the day until there is “nothing” left.
  • I meet my old colleague from Fair, Søren F., on Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen, and we say “hi”, and I hear Søren tell his friend that “Stig has never been lazy”, and right after meeting him, by mistake I swallow a large portion of coins, so my stomach bulge and I need to go to the hospital straight away to survive.
    • Søren F. is also a very special friend, and with his resistance to me – he “could not” read and understand (!) – he was killing me very directly, but I made it.
  • I am together with Rasmus Seebach and a couple of others, and we sit around a meal, but there is not room for all of us to sit, so we will have to sit in turns, and Rasmus has started playing golf and is very excited to speak to his “mentor” about this, because he like him much, and he does not care about speaking to or playing with me because I am not as exciting as his mentor. I have received a new small and smart car, and Rasmus a new and smart van.
    • I was told weeks ago that Rasmus Seebach has told Lionel Ritchie about me, which I don’t know but you know was told about, which may be a reason why he is in this dream, and when Rasmus does not like to communicate with me – support me publically with your support, Rasmus (?) – he is not playing golf with me, but against me, and furthermore this attitude of his (in the dream) sticking closely together with people you “admire” and “look up to” and the opposite with people you don’t know or don’t want to know or even speak to is not an attitude I like, because in our New World the idea is really for you to be motivated to speak to and be together with everyone – and yes we know there may still be people you will like more than others, but you will like all people.
  • I am working at the third floor, where there are no cakes, but I have found out that on the second floor in the customer service department, they have cake everyday and even though they try to hide it, I know where it is, and until recently they had two managers of this department, Michael J. (from Fair) and Kresten F.-W. (from DanskeBank-Pension), and at a meeting with Kresten I am told that he is now appointed to service director and Michael has stopped, and I wonder why I am the last to know, and I feel “threatened” by Kresten. Rikke (the blond from the sales department of Fair) opens a new booth, and she suggests to record and sell my CD’s with Christmas music of Whitney Houston, but another tells her not to when saying “you are not following the beat”.
    • This is where I work, still inside of darkness, doing my best to locate even more “cakes of creation” even though they are hidden well, and the resignation of Michael tells me that darkness is becoming less at the same time as love is increasing because of what we recover from inside of here, which the Christmas CD is about, and it is also saying that this is “love of the spirit of my mother”, we are finding; that I am thinking about making a new playlist to Spotify called “Christmas music” – hoping that I can find and get an “identify music” function on Spotify to work so I can play my 2008 Christmas CD’s, which I don’t have the written content of anymore, and get Spotify to find the songs for me – and yes this task is NOT prioritized, but just maybe I will start doing it one of the next days, but ONLY if I get time and energy do to it of course, and finally it is also to say that it made me sad that the new generation at the death of Whitney Houston “could not” listen to her because it was “out of fashion” with new music being the only thing being “in”, and yes CLASSICS will never come out of date, because what would the world of today be without Mozart as example (?), and yes find the right balance between new and old, you know, but don’t write off music of last generation – or other culture – as “old fashioned”, because you just may learn something valuable about life :-).
  • My mother is on her way to bath, and I tell her “please find my pain and suffering”, and later I am with John and mother, and John asks a question, which I have given the answer to my mother about before, and it surprises me that she did not bring my answer to John as I told it because she apparently did not listen and understand, and I start by saying “I told you, mother” and also “please understand that I only tell you this objectively, not to hurt you”, and then I give the answer to John too, which is that I did not change the tires of the car because it would become too expensive compared to my budget.
    • My mother is hurting much because she knows about my lack of sleep and energy, and the dream is about listening and understanding objectively what people say, so you can tell others the truth without guessing or leaving out information, you could have obtained if only you listened, and here the dream is about tires for my car, which is really also telling me that I have almost no tread back of darkness as the cover of my old self, but in reality it was about the tire I bought for my cycle, which was a little bit too big to fit, and I wonder if my mother listened to and understood this as an example and if she was able to explain John why I did not get the new tire on the cycle. And I am thinking that when I finally will get a new cycle – one of the next days if I am not “disturbed” again – will be the symbol of my awakening as my new self, and we know, will I last until my birthday, and that is the question, and yes not about “to be or not to be” but about “who to be or not to be”, you see?

Many do not DARE to speak the truth of fear to people, which I always encourage you to do!

I received ”popmusikerens vise” by TV2 from the morning including the lyrics ”jeg holdt mig uden for enhver diskussion og blev aldrig rigtig uenig med nogen” (”I kept out of any discussion and never really disagreed with any”) – and you can include “holdt altid min kæft og sagde ingen imod fordi jeg lærte at krybe før jeg kunne gå” (”always shut up and did not speak against anyoe because I learned to crawl before I could walk”), and this is about what many people do today as I have written much about before, which is that they do not DARE to speak up, which is VERY WRONG because the idea is to speak the truth very directly, openly and honestly – always meaning well of course – and for people to understand and agree (do NOT leave in misunderstandings!), and if you cannot agree, consider to bring others, who can help you and yes another principle of to bring everyone a GOOD LIFE, and I was given my old friend and “gentleman” John from Kenya as example, and you are the best example I know of of a man who is brainwashed by your culture, where you “cannot” speak out the truth directly, because what if it would “hurt” the receiver to hear (?), and John – and also the team – I tried to tell you when I was with you in 2009 that your culture is wrong, because what is it you “cannot” tell me John (?), which I may become “sad” about when hearing – is this how you think (?) – and is it because you don’t read my scripts and have lost faith in me because of influence of your family (?), and I don’t know, but what I do know is that what you do is VERY WRONG, and that is even though you only mean good. And I was also encouraged to write that most people can agree today on high level information, but when you get into detail, which you often first do when there is a “problem”, suddenly you cannot agree anymore and start fighting each other, and here it is that I say that it is always better to agree in detail from the beginning, so you will NOT misunderstand each other later for example when an employer will dismiss an employee or vice versa.

Locating and saving even more life from inside of darkness also making “my heart feels free”

This morning I was also given speculations about how hard darkness will attack me now when I am my new self, and also about how busy I will become, and I do believe that I will receive the amount of darkness, which my family/friends etc. and the world is sending me – as I can also “motivate” them to do when needed – and on the other hand, I am now in control of time, so there should be no risk for darkness to close down now other than it automatically will close down when there is no darkness anymore but only light, and in this respect, I do believe that I will be in charge over time for darkness to follow my pace and not vice versa, and we know only from a logical point of view of course.

Also this morning I was shown my “helper” bringing in a large body of an animal – it could be a lamb or cow, I felt both – and I told him “you are welcome” and he told me that this is a survivor because I decided to say “stop cutting the trees”, and yes this is what helps me to make “my heart feels free” when darkness is removed from it, and I cannot “help” writing this because this is what Morrissey is now singing over and over again in his amazingly beautiful song “Dear God, please help me” from my Spotify top 100 list, and yes Morrissey this is indeed what I did and not only you but the world, so here it is, some of my favourite music, and another true 100 point song, and you may think I have many of these, but I don’t, and when it comes to Morrissey, I do believe I will be able to find maybe 5-10 making it all the way to the top and the others are between 0 and 100 points with most in the 80’s and 90’s, and yes this is how I see the New World, Morrissey :-).

I was given the taste of bacon rind (more rescue of life) and was also shown a HUGE crowd inside a traditional prison and I was told that “we have all been to prison and now we are all of us looking into the empty cells (of old darkness) as a museum”, which is about the New World – the spiritual part of it by now – looking into the museum of the Old World because we are now all living beings of the New World.

I spoke to my mother and was happy to hear that a follow up on the hospital of John showed good blood values etc., and he is feeling even better now, and I was told that this is due to the energy I have transferred to him to help him recover.

I was told by my own inner self – the new one you know – that “I have been told to keep you tired, but it is difficult when you are full of energy”, and that is because I am considering running this afternoon, and that is even though I feel a little tired compared to yesterday, and we will see if this is what I will do.

I used 2-3 hours this afternoon to update my front website including new information of April 2012 to the chapter “The greatest discovery/creation ever: We have created endless life and Universes with endless variations of God – the natural condition of the world is now “to be”” and also the new chapter “In April 2012, I transformed into my new self, the resurrected Jesus, and I will soon open the eyes of my new self” – and yes it is still important for me to describe our New World as it has been created for everyone to understand and have faith in, because it is with your faith, that this is what we will maintain – and I felt quite strong darkness coming to me because of this reason, and I am here given a vision of Jan, my cousin, who “cannot get over me”, and I also feel Helena here, which is to say that you are waking up the Devil Jan potentially bringing out my “old nightmare”, but this is exactly how it is to do this last creation, and at the same time, my internet connection to Spotify was lost.

At 17.00 I decided to go for a walk (I had felt a “critical need” for energy in this corner of the room, where I am) – running was too much when it came to the point – and I walked through the golf club, forest and beach again feeling the typical Helsingør atmosphere and also how this area and the nature is making me more calm than in Lyngby, and I was given the thought that I have divided plusses and minuses of the world after my best ability, and I was given Ozzy Ozborne as example, because he has truly made music and behaved including much both good and bad, and how to you separate that?

I sat at a bench at the beach enjoying the calm sound of the waves pouring in on the beach, and when I sat there, again I received extreme negativity with darkness being “very close” to overtake my will by bombarding me from all sides constantly with the aim to make me decide for something negative, but when I continued saying “wrong” and “I have no opinion on this” etc. without screaming, which is how strong it was, I also came through this, and I felt that this came to me being pushed by the New World behind it.

I was given an example where the voice of darkness could have told me that “this train will not burn, can I have a new”, and I could easily have accepted, and this could have continued and very easily have destructed invaluable pieces of creation/information, and again I was told that I could also have accepted for destruction to give me energy when I needed it, but no, NEVER!.

And then I felt this darkness to the right of me with a man inside of it telling me “a man much stronger than yourself says thank you for the fight”, and I had a little word game including “Yding Skovhøj” (a very small “mountain”) coming into “YS” and “your self”, because this is the man inside of this darkness, my self – a part of me – and I was happy that I decided to be able to absorb more darkness as my new self, because I would have broken down to lose any part of me.

I was also told by this voice of darkness that if I want to make anything clearer to my story, it is now “because I can see the end coming”, and yes it may take a few days – it feels like “here and now” – but I keep telling myself “five months” and yes just to be sure.

I have before been told that not one single board meeting of the Universe has yet been hold – we are waiting on your arrival – and I don’t believe I wrote it, but I was asked to write it now, so here it was.

I was given the feeling of my dark self buttoning up buttons of my shirt, and feeling sad, and I was told “this is not a goodbye to myself is it”, and yes you will have to come light, nothing else is accepted, “my friend”.

I was told that it was also a requirement for my mother to have both feelings of not believing and believing in me.

I am now receiving the flesh and blood of my new self, and I will start to receive new visions of our New World

During this evening too I received quite a lot of information to write down – I do look forward to receive a normal life (!) – and it started with the information that “it was yourself who had to decide to kill you” and “there is no one who could kill the creator without the approval of the creator” (!), and I was told that this was also why darkness chose John and not me Easter Monday.

I was told that it was myself who walked in alone through the last hole (of the deepest Buddha), and I was shown meat of a fish approaching me, and told that it is now the body and flesh of my new self, which will be placed upon me, which really made sense to me, because I have only seen the skeleton of my new self and not the flesh and blood.

I was told “you are now about to open the absolutely last nut (I was shown a peanut opening), which includes the documents self for creation”, and I received a scratch to my cheek, which I removed by scratching, and I was told that this is how small the original “grain of sand” is, which we also did not know before now how it entered (into the oyster of “nothing” as the picture to create the pearl of life self), but now we know, it is nothing less than a sensation because this grain of sand does also not exist, so life is the opposite of “nothing”, which is the best way we can tell it. And while receiving this information I was also given thoughts about my own impossible journey coming here, and I was told “you are your own worst enemy” – negativity of nothing inside of me wanting to fight me – which therefore demanded extreme control. In other words, you are the aeroplane fuel and …, and it created “something similar” to create life originally as you have now done again. And I was shown and told “you will here get the nutcracker and the silver cake knife, which is the most inner of everything, which you have used (for creation) against its will”.

I was told “we have created a New World without knowing what is inside of it because we need you to be able to see it, and yes we feel it, but do not see it”, and I understood that this is also how original creation was.

I was asked ”Danske Bank, how high will you go with a case with someone claiming to be Jesus” (?) – about my recent enquiry to cancel my debt to the bank – and I received the answer “yes all the way to Straarup (the CEO until very recently), and through him further out into the Danish business life, because “secrets” are impossible to keep”.

I felt Jack’s later father John several times this evening, and I liked him much but I also saw how he gave Jack poor manors as a male chauvinist when growing up, which is the same as so many other sons receive from their fathers, and both fathers and sons must change attitude to come to the understanding that everyone – regardless of gender, age, skin colour, profession etc. – stands equal in front of God and that man stands equal in front of man.

I was shown much crab meat approaching me as part of my new body, and I was told that it is not unlikely that I will begin receiving glimpses of new visions (of our New World).

I was told that the last I will be told about creation now is that it required other people to become alive (also the original creation!), and I understood that I will know everything when I wake as my new self.

I was also given the question “how do I get the absolutely last out of the closet” and I was told that it created two worlds, “not an easy process”.

I was told ”it is now that your thinking process and feelings for the entire world will be transferred as the last also including the original grain of sand as part of everyone’s consciousness of the future” – which will completely remove people’s desire for porn and “wrong behaviour” – and also “it will be here that we will remove our disguise as sharks”.

I was told again, what I have been told earlier, which I have been reluctant to write down, but it is that my mother’s adoptive mother was “pure darkness” (despite of her good sides), and a few minutes later I was told “also your father’s mother” (also despite of her good sides), and I was told that this was a try of darkness to stop me, and that my father’s mother was the reason why my father developed in such a way that I became undesirable for him (he always called his mother and took care of her, which he expected me to do with him too not questioning him, and when I did, he could not handle it), and it was also a try to avoid my father and mother from meeting and “this is how the fight (between light and darkness) can be led many levels back”, and I also felt Jack’s father here.

I was shown and told “you have just received the stamp “original creation made here”” because this is what we take with us to our New World.

I was shown Count Champignac from the cartoon Spirou et Fantasio, which I also loved as a teenager (in a period it was my favourite of all), I connected him with “creator” – and I saw Asterix and Obelix (strong because of the magic potion) running out from a small hut with strong light inside of it symbolising the Source and I was told “we will receive the original Source with undiminished strength”.

I was shown and told “we are about to restore all original boats not just as a museum” and “we have now received the ENTIRE recipe of life, which makes our new fantastic Universe possible as originally thought of, funny right”.

And I was shown the man from the Electric Light Orchestra album “Discovery” and told “you have not been discovered by the world, and if you had it would have been impossible to do this work in calm” – and yes I left out adjectives like “fantastic” etc., which I received when writing this chapter, but let me tell you that they were the biggest adjectives imaginable :-).

Receiving warm greetings from Elijah, his family and home village making me happy/strong – which I return with my love 🙂

I was VERY happy to receive news from Elijah again, and yes it doesn’t have to be long emails every time, because short messages can also lift me up, Elijah – which has been my welcoming song at my YouTube channel now for a couple of months, I believe – as you do here with the warmth of your inner self also spreading to the left and front of me as I both see and feel, and that is simply because you have decided to share love and warm feelings, which I also return to you and your entire family and all people of the village and also your neighbours, friends and people at Gachie including the church, and I do believe you still live in Gachie (?) because you have not told me otherwise, and just knowing that you are with me and support me as I do with you helps me to be strong and vice versa, and I cannot help thinking how sad it makes me not to hear from John and also how it weakens me, and probably him too, which I do believe is completely unnecessary, and yes John will be removed from my email-list to LTO the 1st May if he has not decided to communicate with me before – but I am sure that no matter what, we will find each other again as best friends of our New World.

Thank you Elijah for writing – I was HAPPY to be hearing from you, and do look very much forward to seeing you, your family and everyone else one day hopefully not far from now, which may be weeks or months, but I don’t believe it will be more than this.

Here is his email:

Dear Stig,

I have never been happy writing to you like i am today. My heart is full of joy today and i am privileged to have this opportunity to a word to you.

I have with me warm greetings from my family. Many more greetings from the village. We are all fine and thank God for this far he has brought us. You may not have heard from me for a while but trust me , i have been following and reading your scripts. Very soon you will be hearing more from me.

All the best Stig and my very warm regards to your dear FAMILY!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Mikael Wulff wrote about “religious fanaticism” on his website “all normal” that “people who eats apples are SICK in their heads” (!), and then he showed how “apples” has a much larger following than other “religions” of the world, and what he did not know when doing this (?), was that “Apple” here is not only meaning “a fine computer”, but the symbol of our New World and it is herewith a prediction saying that people will move away from old religions and to show their faith in me as One God and One People, and yes this is really part of showing a clean heart, so it cannot be differently, my dear friends, and yes also you Denis, and “it must be difficult for you to have a crazy guy following you and Karen, and the tragic part is that you cannot see yourself that you are the crazy part”, and we know just some inspirational words coming to me while writing.

  • Majken is a “business psychologist” I subscribe to, who together with a co-author has just released the book “stress-free in twelve weeks”, which tells about what stress is, what it does to your body and brain, and how it effects your way to think and act, which they say is a condition to know in order to change the influence of stress, and the book has received positive attention in media, and now also through a person stressed lady, who wrote that the book tells exactly how it is to be stressed – good that I am not and have never been in my life, when I decided not to get a nervous breakdown in GE Insurance and yes also Acta and other places, and that is not to mention my “worst employer”, which is the man inside of me making me write my scripts … 🙂 – and now this lady knows more about how to get out of her symptoms for example having her family to help her, and I was really happy to see this positive feedback, which too few does today where most people not being able to control their feelings are more busy with complaining and criticising – did you watch the British TV series of people in an airport attacking employees as example (including employees who often could not communicate as they should only making things worse)? – And this is also brought because I do not foresee a New World of people being stressed or lazy as the opposite, but you know finding the right balance in life.

  • Since Helena is now back, she is also back in my scripts, and here she wrote about cloudburst and wild thunder over Århus, which is much sufferings over our New World, this is what it means, and when it was at its worst, when she was teaching a school class, she said as a funny comment “alright, who will get coffee for me”, which two girls from the class then did to her surprise, and yes just a symbol saying that after heavy rain and thunder, here comes the sun and that is with all love and warm feelings imaginable, which the coffee symbolises, and yes this is what this little inspired and “innocent” posting means – and what better way than to bring two outstanding songs of both the Beatles and of history, and yes when listening to Beatles, they are also right there up in the top of my list :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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