April 28, 2012: I am becoming dressed as my new self by the innermost of creation bringing me the finest appearance


Summary of the script today

27th April: I am becoming dressed as my new self by the innermost of creation bringing me the finest appearance

  • Dreaming of darkness still fighting to win back the watch to create a new explosion, I am preparing the last empty frames of the movie of our New World and if I sleep too much, it may mean that I will come too late to bring all life with me.
  • I received the sword and admission of defeat from the last King – is this level now really “the last King”?
  • I told John from Kenya that it is WRONG not to have the courage to be honest speaking the truth directly and in his case why he decided to completely stop communication – and I brought a message from Dalai Lama speaking about the importance to be honest for the community to trust you.
  • Finally, John decided to break the silence telling me that it has taken a long time for him to write for “some reason” – please tell the truth directly (!) – and also that life is not easy and now his mother has also passed on, which made me sad to hear. John “decided” to receive much sufferings when stopping to communicate with me brought via the sacrifice of his mother, which is what also helped us through the worst darkness in history.
  • I am becoming dressed as my new self made by the innermost of creation – the absolutely last darkness transformed to light – bringing me the finest appearance.
  • We saved every little thing also bringing us knowledge in our New World about how life was created in the first place, which was not a given thing that we would bring.
  • In our New World, I will send thoughts to the next level, which will also think its own thoughts and send our thoughts to the next level etc.
  • The absolutely last darkness was not as strong today but sent me very strong feelings that it has given up after having delivered it reproduction facility, and is now changing into light too.
  • Short stories of Michael Hardinger now not a Facebook friend once again because of darkness, and one of the finest chef cooks showing three fish symbolising that the Trinity is ready, the darkness and strong, misunderstood disgust of Karen in relation to me creates the finest restaurant (i.e. life) of the world, “here is he” is both about the coming statue in front of the Cultural Yard of Helsingør symbolising me and about my birth as my new self, Brian is incredible tired receiving a sign of how I feel, Lene believes she does not have any clothes symbolising that I am now becoming dressed myself, Lars Løkke has started a school for boys with problems at school, but is he able to discipline them (?), Helena hurts and “everybody hurts” really, the environmental “superstar” Bjørn Lomborg asked how to end poverty, I gave him the solution spreading “normal life” and write that he was a VERY DANGEROUS man to the world (!) and I finally received an “invitation” (“order”!) to meet the Jobcentre the 8th May.

28th April: An “infinity of darkness” destructs parts of the Universe to be transformed into an infinity of New Worlds

  • I fell asleep and dreamt about destructions and sacrifices of the Universe feeling that we have reached the end of the world at the same time as MUCH new life is created, this huge amount of darkness is the reason why Michael Hardinger again was removed as my Facebook friend, I am still inside of the New World with the Universe sacrificing for darkness coming in to be transformed to light, more dream symbols of meeting “the worst darkness” but also that when this is over, the absolutely finest food and wine symbolising life of our New World is waiting for me.
  • In the beginning of the morning I was feeling way down because of the worst destruction ever of the Universe of the night and when feeling an infinite amount of darkness coming in, but I understood from a message given to me yesterday that this darkness was anticipated and that I could do nothing to avoid it, this is what it takes to transform “infinite darkness” to “infinite light”. We could not do this without having removed the power of darkness; “we have removed its power and as a consequence we can relatively easy come through it”.
  • Later “a whole factory of eggs” (i.e. New Worlds) was on its way in. We can adjust darkness ourselves, and darkness was switched to maximum volume this night in order to enter and to create light everywhere. Destructions of our present Universe in 2011 and 2012 because of darkness created what I first called our New World II, which is the physical material, which is now used to create the beginning of an eternity of New Worlds. It was the spirits of my mother and father through my old self, who created our Old and New World now combined as our New World and it is my new self, the resurrected Jesus, and the spirit of Karen who is creating the endless New Worlds with the first one finally being created today. When this work is done – not knowing for how long it will take – I will open the eyes of my new self. We will be able to travel physically between any place in any world of our endless New World with the power of thought.
  • A long inspired thread of Helena was full of inspiration when her Facebook friend Kim told her the truth about her behaviour, which she could not stand hearing thus throwing him out as a friend, and her friends supporting her even though Kim only spoke the truth, which you know is the same as my family/friends etc. did, and yes every single one of them, amazing right?


27th April: I am becoming dressed as my new self by the innermost of creation bringing me the finest appearance

Dreaming of darkness still fighting to win back the watch to create a new explosion

Not long after the last update of the script of yesterday, which was also truly not easy to get done and published, I went to bed at approx. midnight, and woke up at 08.40 with a few short dreams only.

  • I am together with my family and I see how my watch swell up and that is about to explode, and I hurry to bring it into a safe room, and I am shown an old roll of a cinema movie, and see that picture miss in some frames, and it is my job to make these visible.
    • Is darkness still trying to get the watch back while I sleep (?), and this is what this dream says, and I am still preparing the movie of our New World developing the last pieces of information we recover from the Old World.
  • I am playing with a very little bear – a young one, but it is still strong – and something about people who cannot get their children looked after, and I am therefore going to collect Christian and Sofie’s child Josephine at the kindergarten at Helsingør Commercial School at 18.10, and I sleep in the afternoon asking to be woken up in good time, but I am first woken up at 18.00 making it impossible for me to collect Josephine in time, which makes me angry with the system, which promised to wake me – and I did not hear my own alarm too – and Fuggi tells me that it is my own fault.
    • The bear indicates only little darkness remaining, however it is indeed strong, and is the dream to say that if I sleep too much, I will not be able to collect all life in time (?), and right now when writing this, I feel tired – but it will probably become better later in the day – and I do not foresee myself being awake day and night for a new period of time, this would be too much, so we will see what will happen.

Receiving the sword and admission of defeat from the last King – is this level now really “the last King”?

Before continuing with the script of today, I will bring a few visions I was given late yesterday evening when they came to me in a rapid pace, where it was impossible for me to write down all – I was beaten almost below the floor and fighting with my outmost to stay up because of much work over my normal limit, incredible pressure of constant speech coming to me and negativity, which still wanted me to swear at and reject all and to make me lose my temper, which is really to put a strain on me again and again and again without breaks regardless to how low I feel – and as examples I was shown a sword coming to me through my left eye, which I understood as the sword of this darkness and I was told that “there is no one else than you, after we had spilled the Coca Cola bottle, to ask us to soak up and clean everything” and also “this was your/mine role combined, the spiritual and physical part” and I was happy that my spiritual voice came to me also telling me clearly “us” and not just “you” because the truth is that we have worked from both sides, and this was to say that this attitude is what John from LTO should show, instead of hiding behind a “wrong humble face” and being afraid to speak out the truth.

I was shown a red king arriving from my right and standing in front of me saying “I admit to my defeat as the last King”, and afterwards I was first shown the Danish King Christian 10 (1870-1947) and then King Frederik 9 (1899-1972), who enters the rollercoaster in Tivoli and I continue seeing new kings arriving from a mountain road, and this is what I feel because when I have saved (one part of the) king, the next (part of the) king comes to me followed by the next and next and next, and how many layers can there be (?), I thought we had brought in the last.

I was also shown beer crates (of darkness) coming towards me, and I was shown fish full of life, followed by a large drain pipe pumping out the absolute last water (of sufferings).

I was told that Mærsk McKinney Møller also came from the extreme right (of darkness), but of course born with good values, “or what”?

I am becoming dressed as my new self by the innermost of creation bringing me the finest appearance

And now continuing to this morning, where I received a loud hiccup followed by another large hiccup, which was to say that the Universe is still sacrificing and that we are still progressing with creation, and I was told “the largest in the world” and that is about the hiccups, which is both of them.

I was told that “you have a heart of marzipan” (“never give up”) – and of course Lübecker Marzipan is my favourite and Lübeck is also the town with the most beautiful Christmas market I have ever seen (I saw it in the middle of the 1980’s).

I was told and shown that we need two worlds to turn around the last dark lotus flower of my mother.

The constant pressure and speech trying to make me swear etc. continued in the beginning of this morning, and I cannot express how tired I am receiving this and how close my feeling is to give up, but so far I am still keeping up.

I was told that “the world would get a shock seeing you running around half-naked, we also have to dress you”, which I understood was to say that I have now received flesh on my body (or is it, because I have not been given visions of our New World yet), and am about to getting dressed.

I was told ”we were not about to throw out those two duvets, were we” (?) and I saw how these duvets are now on their way in (after they were on their way to the “eternal hunt fields”, do you say this in English meaning the end of everything not coming back?), and they belong to the spirits of my mother and father after completing the creation of our New World.

I was told “yes, there is now no more darkness, what do we do then” and I heard the answer “we will wait for him to be ready” (to open up the eyes of my new self) and yes I will first wait to be absolutely sure that there is no more darkness, and as long as I still feel darkness – as I continue doing (so it was a little early saying it) however little it is, we are not ready, and yes 100% is 100,00%, so “not yet” is the answer.

And I was told that what could not be done on my journey according to physics was done “without the code of life” where there are no limitations, and I was given this information after having felt how “people of the world” are thinking about this too.

I felt and was told “yes, it is us (the absolutely last darkness), who is bringing you your clothes” and that is for my new self being the last one to become perfect with everything before me at the New World being perfect.

I was told “we can now look in the closet and know who we are” and also “can you feel a déjà vue now”, and yes this is what I was given, because I felt now a déjà vue of another scenario where we had survived but had lost information about how we were created in the first place (and yes this is the information I receive also thinking about the recipe of the original creator – who was saved from darkness but not from the inner core of creation because he was terminated many creations ago – which I received in 2011 and used to resurrect the soul of Jesus from “nothing”, but this will have to be “something more”, and this is all I know today, and I am bringing you the information exactly as I receive it), but no, this is not how I decided to play this game, and yes I was told – what I may have written before – that if I had decided to relax instead of working, it would have made the train to the other side stop giving darkness time to enter, check our code and try even more to destruct us, and we know Stig darkness has a gear I have not even tried, where it would truly have been impossible to be stronger than it leading to termination, so this is why it was good that I decided to keep on working.

I was told that the much information I received in streams is information released from darkness.

The importance ALWAYS to be honest telling the truth directly with a warm-heart – with John from LTO as the lesson

When I sent my script to LTO yesterday it was with two opposite feelings of joy and sadness because of Elijah and John, which made me write this:

Dear all,

Here is yet another new script.

Thank you so much to Elijah with family and the village for your email and greetings making me VERY happy, which is what I return to all of you – and also what I would like to share with you John.

Maybe the team will help John to understand that it is NOT wise to keep your “secrets” to yourself not communicating and to help John send me an email? What you are doing now, John, is both WRONG culture of many Kenyans, and WRONG personal behaviour – the only right thing to do is to speak the truth openly, directly and honestly without being “afraid”. Why have you decided to make both yourself and I sad because of lack of communication? Please speak the truth, this is what a TRUE gentleman of strength does, and you do remember how much I care for you too, don’t you, John?

I was happy to have a short chat with David again today and when he said that he is going to see Elijah and John today, I asked him to ask John what his “secret” is in relation to me, and no, I do NOT feel sure that John will be “able” to tell the truth, maybe he will decide to keep “hiding” it thinking that this is for the best, John (?), but it is NOT, it is causing our friendship to end – and I also wonder if “laziness” simply may be it, and that I am “speculating” unnecessary because of his silence?

I read this fine posting by Dalai Lama today talking about the importance to “act transparently, with nothing to hide!”, and as he says “if you are honest, the community will trust you”, and this is why “honesty” is included in my short basic rule of communication (“speak direct, open and honest”), and when people like John does not “dare” to speak out the truth, it causes harm to friendships, and this is what I try to teach you, John, and I do know that it is not “easy” to change “everything you have in your bag” from “wrong culture of Kenya”, but if you do not start to change, you will never change, so please start following my basic rules, it should not be that difficult?

And finally at 18.00 today, John decided to send me an email – thank you my friend, and yes better late than never – and first of all, I am very sad to hear about the passing on of your mother and when I am writing these lines to you, John, I am told that you took on your part of darkness when you decided not to communicate with me and I kept on following up on you, and I am here told that this was the result, the passing on of your mother, and I am sorry that I have to tell you this, but I tell you directly how it is, which is exactly as I am told this spiritually when writing, and also that “without your sufferings we would not have come this far”, which is also part of “the secret” to pass the worst darkness in history released Easter Monday. I send you my heartfelt condolences thinking of how you might feel with your loss thinking of how I would feel myself losing my mother, and I do understand that your life besides of this has NOT been easy, which also makes me sad thinking of the rich and selfish people here, but still I am sad to see that you decided to excuse your long period of no communication with me with difficulties to access email when I have seen that you have been active on Facebook, and I do wonder what “some reasons” may cover over, and it is at least not to be honest and speak the truth directly, which truthfully makes me sad, John, but I do hope that this will be a (positively meant) lesson to you NEVER to stop communication among friends, always to be honest and speak the truth directly – which you can ALWAYS do when you are warm-hearted as I know you are (more than most I have ever met) – and yes I have decided NOT to stop my communication with you the 1st May as I would otherwise have done if I had not been hearing from you. Thank you so much for being brave to start communicating again, and to do it in a difficult time for you, and I do feel and care for you. Trust me, God is with you and will NEVER forget you for the sacrifice you brought to help us through right until the ultimate end, and yes John these are words I receive directly from the One Source only, and I am told here that we have decided to have One Source only until you will become your new self Stig and decide on how the world will develop in the future (with the opportunity to have an eternity of Sources), and finally John, please bring my warmest greetings to your family and friends. I look forward to hearing from you again.

I was told by darkness “we now know what you did; to divide into many individuals sending one after the other after me”.

Hi Stig my friend,

Yes it has taken me too long to write to you due to some reasons but all in all am fine together with my wife and children. Only that my mother in all passed on this week and we are organizing her burial to take place next week. Life has not been that easy for me and so i travel a lot here and there for some part time jobs since i have to raise school fees for my children. Accessing email sometimes is very hard for me but today am in Nairobi so i decided to write a few lines to you.

I still trust God that suffering will one day come to an end because God did not create us to suffer but to enjoy and be happy. I strongly support your views and aspirations that darkness cannot continue overshadowing our lives, GOD will make away where there is no way and his children will have the much needed comfort.

I will be communicating more often now that am in Nairobi. Please continue supporting us and we shall never forget you for being part of our lives.

Thank you my friend.


And finally, thank you to David and Elijah for helping to speak with John this afternoon – and I also had you, Meshack, in my mind and I was missing to be together with all of you :-).

In our New World, I will send thoughts to the next level, which will think its own thoughts and send our thoughts to next levels

This afternoon I cycled to the swimming hall again and when coming to Vapnagård/the Swimming hall and on the border to Snekkersten, I felt how the atmosphere is different here, as I know from years back, and yes Snekkersten has another atmosphere than Helsingør, and “how does it feel” (?), and yes how does a chicken taste (?), and we know impossible to explain with words, but I do like the atmosphere of Helsingør better than of Snekkersten.

I was told on my way there that we decided to start my being as my new self to follow my wish to absorb the remaining darkness instead of doing it later where we would have created new parts of the Universe, which we would risk losing again because of destructions and yes better to do it now.

I was told the other day that if we had not saved everything, future development over millions of years would lift us up, but I don’t know if we would ever be able to develop endless Universes if we had not saved the most inner part of creation.

I felt the last part of the spirit of my mother giving me the finest clothes imaginable and how it was attached to my surface.

Earlier in the day I was given thoughts about my inner self sending thoughts to every single individual of the world and whether or not this would be a good idea to do in the future, and I did NOT like to take a decision on this thinking that “the light knows what is best to do”, but I thought that it is logic to me that every single individual thinks his own thoughts instead of I thinking the thoughts of both you and me, and with this thinking we came to the conclusion that I at the top of the hierarchy will send my thoughts to the next level, which will also think and send our thoughts to the next level etc. and for me to have access to all levels, and I also thought that if individuals may not be able to handle this responsibility, we will for a period of time remove this freedom and help the person in question to become responsible again before this right will be returned and later when I was in sauna, I could not help smiling when four men spoke about the magnificent season right now of garfish fishing in Helsingør, and they spoke of recipes on how to prepare this fish, and one man thought and spoke about making it in jelly, and I understood that this was my thought from lunch being transferred to him because I had cod roe, which I was surprised to see had jelly around it, so there you see my friend – and yes coming closer with the return of John from LTO as I am told here, and yes I also felt how his warmth penetrated the remaining darkness coming directly to me.

I was also told that darkness could not find me and decided to attack John instead of me because I have clean thoughts on contrary to John, and the last part of darkness – I am clearly shown that this is the end of it – showed me a dark cross and told me that it had my name on it and “if only I knew that it was you” and also about how he had hit others.

I returned at 16.30 where I heard “basuner og engle” by Shu-bi-dua again and now the lyrics ”først med dig er det hele begyndt” (”first with you, everything has begun”), and this is about my new self, you know, and yes I LOVE the chorus of this song with “a whole symphony”, and we know heaven did not fall down as the lyrics also say, because we created a New World instead.

I received some darkness later and still a couple of mild heart attacks, but it is as if darkness has lost the power to carry out negativity if I should decide to enter this, and yes being inside of this darkness feels like being inside a fog, very physically, and everything of it is negative as its foundation trying to make me the same, however it was not strong today, but with a “complete giving up feeling”, which is what darkness has done and this is what I hope will continue being the case also through the night, and we will see.

I heard a dark person saying to me – feeling the spirit of my mother – “I will now go down to the dressing room to change”, which is about the last part of her becoming light too.

I was told that “it is like a salmon on its way home to spawn, it knows that it will die, this is how we feel not knowing what we will get”, and yes the voice of the last darkness speaking to me seriously on its way to become light too, and that is my clothes, which you know is the surface of me and how I will appear to the world after this darkness has become light/me, and yes the absolutely worst is what will become the absolutely best, this is how it is.

Later I was shown myself walking on a beach with a salmon in my hand and with much water from the sea (“darkness”) washing in over me, but I kept concentrating on the salmon and kept jumping over these waves coming in not hurting me, and I was told “we know that we have hit you, this is what our analyses show, but you have now removed our ability to reproduce (the duvets) and then there is no way back” and this “reproduction ability” is what I used as the washing machine against the strong wish of this darkness, but that’s life my friends, and we know BLUE EYES.

When waking this morning, I thought that it would become a short working day with a short script only, but still the stories rolled in making me write many hours today first finishing the script at 21.00.

I also still receive some spiritual darkness to my water boiler, a little to my TV (but almost do drop-outs now) and I am still waiting for my floor lamp to start working, so I can also use electrical appliances – besides from myself – to see when darkness stops.

I felt less electrical shocks to my heart this evening than for “a very long time”, which is about the tentacles of darkness bringing me these becoming less.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was surprised to see that spiritual darkness again this morning had removed Michael as a Facebook friend (?) – not long that the stayed this time around – and I was told that his return was a symbol of my new self returning, and now he is gone again, and this morning I was told that “we are super pleased with work (my scripts) every day, which is why we decided to take a tour further back to see if there was more, which there however was not” and I was told that this is the explanation why he is not there again, but only “half” as you can see, and I wonder if this is the full truth, or if it is because of the fight over the watch during the night, which removed part of the last pieces of my old self once again now with only Helena remaining, and yes we will see how this will develop over the coming days.

  • Thomas, the chef cook from Restaurant Kong Hans (among the absolutely finest of Denmark), decided to show three fish and saying that the cook trainees are holding a meeting, and I was told that these fish simply symbolises that we are ready as the Trinity.

  • BT wrote about Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen – the best restaurant in the world and on Monday it will be announced if they will keep this title for the third row in concession, almost like Barcelona winning or not winning as I feel here with people still knowing that they are the best in the world (!), and yes maybe they will move down on the list, but I do hope they will stay up as the best and here they have launched new “spices”, ants (!) (read the review by Søren Frank here saying that this is indeed the best restaurant in the world) and I don’t believe I have written about “spices”, but they have been a symbol too for me for darkness (dried spices) and light (fresh spices), and here this restaurant has decided to serve ants on top of your crème fraiche, and when I saw Nadia below saying “gross”, I understood that this is what Karen still thinks of me (!), and yes “ants” and other insects are old symbols to me of the absolutely worst darkness destroying my sexual life, and here Karen too, which this is about – but still it is with this darkness that we are creating the best restaurant in the world, do you see the opposites (?), which has been a major theme of my road to bring us here, and Charlotte shows herself as a dog saying “too alternative to me”, which to me is about Karen being a “dog of darkness” when thinking that what I write is “too alternative for her”, see?

  • Update April 29: Here is the front page of Berlingske of April 27 with Søren’s headline “Kan De lide myrer?” (“Do you like ants”?), which is “freely” taken from the TV series “Kan De lide Østers” (“Do you like Oysters”) by the famous Danish writer Leif Panduro, and why do I write this (?), and yes only because “oysters” is both an old symbol of mine meaning “making love” and also when you put a “foreign body” into an oyster, you will get the most beautiful pearl, which is my picture on how to create life, and yes my friends, this is the symbol of the spirits of Karen and my inner self “making love” to create our endless line of New Worlds, and yes as a matter of fact I do like oysters, but I am not sure that I like ants symbolising Karen’s and my lack of love in physical life where we could not get it to work herewith symbolising the reversed physical world compared to the spiritual world, do you see?

  • My local newspaper, Helsingør Dagblad, was inspired to bring this story – as the city was “inspired” to become a city in the first place, for Kronborg Castle to be build, for Hamlet to make it world famous via “hamlet”, for the Cultural Yard to be build and for my placement in this “cold corner” of Denmark/the North (!), where I still am (two meanings!) – and now it is about the very beautiful statue of the sea boy “Han” about to become “completely finished”, where after it will be placed in front of the Cultural Yard below in the beginning of June, and yes this symbolises the final creation of me as my new self, and you may understand that the Cultural Yard was not “completely finished” when it opened in 2010 with the kitchen and the front of it first being finalised later, and yes we are now finalising the statue symbolising me and the front of the Cultural Yard so it and I will become as perfect as possible.

The sea boy ”Han” at a steel foundry in Germany will become finalised in June 2012 🙂

Helsingør Dagblad shows the location of the statue in front of the Cultural Yard and says that the statue already now creates attention abroad – you aint seen nothing yet 🙂

  • And here is the front page of the newspaper as I “shot” (to use a word they know at the paper when “shooting” me with silence, ignorance and censorship) later in Kvickly supermarket in Prøvestenscentret and the headline says “Helsingør Dagblad can show the first pictures” and “here He is” and yes this is both about the statue and my new self being “born” these days, you see?

“Here He is”, which is both about the birth of the new statue and my new self, the resurrected Jesus

  • Brian started this thread yesterday by proclaiming that he is “incredible tired and without energy” and then he adds “exciting really, because there is so much I want to do. So the challenge is probably to seek the energy, where it is hidden”, and yes we are dragging on Brian’s energy too to help us through, and maybe you will remember the signs you were given, Brian – here showing you my tiredness – about me but you could not read, understand and come back to me as promised? And you may notice Hanne talking about a leek “to get him going”, which you know is what my mother decided to do when she bought not only salad for me but also vegetables including leeks, which this is about, and that was to help bring me extra energy when I desperately needed it, and you may understand from their “talk” including sexual undertones on the leek that it also symbolises my “old nightmare”?

  • My old class friend Lene said “did anyone say that I did not have any clothes, it cannot be myself”, which is about my situation when I don’t have much clothes these days as my new self, but I am still becoming warmer as I feel the remaining part of the spirit of my mother from darkness telling me with warmth knowing that her days as the worst darkness ever is about to be over.

  • Lars Løkke established a fund some time ago to help boys having trouble in school etc., which I decided to tell him was a good idea, and when I quickly looked through the website here, I did not read about “manners” and “discipline” as part of the tools to help these young boys, which made me encourage him to include this when this is the background of the “problems” of these boys and young men, and I wonder if you have what it takes, Lars, to help teaching “manners” to people (?), and yes just wondering I am – and of course based upon your “love” of the “responsible Danish people” or do you really believe yourself what you have preached so many years when being the hunter for votes?

  • Helena was hurting today after a burial, thus playing “everybody hurts” by R.E.M., and since I simply LOVE this song, I had to bring it here, and yes I still remember the beautiful blond Charlotte – wasn’t that her name (?) – whom I held in my arms at the Submarine Nightclub once in the beginning of the 1990’s, when she was VERY sad and yes she was one of the beautiful ladies I was “in love” with, and I wonder what she thought about me (?), and no we did not really know each other, but we were there together MANY times.

  • Bjørn Lomborg is a Danish author, academic, and environmental writer. He is an adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School, director of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre and a former director of the Environmental Assessment Institute in Copenhagen. He became internationally known for his best-selling and controversial book The Skeptical Environmentalist – and he called the greenhouse effect “a myth” “extremely doubtful” “helping” countries not to do what was necessary to help the climate crisis from melting down the world (!), and here he asks about the “smartest solution” to end hunger, and now when you ask directly, I will give you a direct answer – you were a VERY DANGEROUS man to the world, and you became world famous because the world liked to hear what you said not having to do anything against the climate crisis about to terminate the life of everyone (!) – and when it comes to ending hunger, I have given you the solution, which you may like to help me spread to the world (?), and just wondering if you will decide to be silent too?

  • Only a couple of minutes after posting my reply, I saw the first people starting to “read” my webpage on normal life and my Internet connection was lost as you can see below – at the lower right corner – and really because this is what attention of a “dangerous man” to the world brings.

  • I was happy that our old student helper Simon today decided to accept my LinkedIn invitation – better late than never – but I was sad that he “could not” send me an answer, and is it really so that approx. half of all people do not read messages included in Facebook and LinkedIn invitations as I already discovered in 2009 (?) as included in my first book.
  • I received an “invitation” for a new meeting at the Jobcentre the 8th May – finally (!) – and I wonder if they have decided to order me on medicine, or to give me freedom understanding by now that they are wrong (funny by the way that the Jobcentre believed I speak too much, and that the Job search course last autumn believed I was a loner not saying anything (!), and both believes that this is “not normal” because it is what fit into their WRONG and CRAZY agenda!) or maybe Lisbeth will continue being “unable” to understand – despite of how wise and educated she is – and send me to the shrink too (?), or else I will simply have become my new self also on my cover making it visible for everyone to see, and then Lisbeth may understand that she was wrong?


28th April: An “infinity of darkness” destructs parts of the Universe to be transformed into an infinity of New Worlds

An “infinity of darkness” brings great destructions to the Universe when transformed into an “infinity of light”

Shortly before going to bed at 23.15 I was shown a mouse trapped inside a glass bowl – more darkness – being given to a 6 days racing cyclist, and I was told “do you want to cycle for 6 days without sleep to save this level”, and yes I was surprised, because there was “no more darkness” or only little and now this (?), and I knew that I could not do as asked and consequently I gave the message “I cannot, but I don’t want anything to die”.

I was also shown the Vatican Church possessing “secret information”, which they don’t want to publish, which still is bringing me electric shocks to my heart.

I was shown that I am now walking together with darkness inside the cave of the dark mountain, and I was asked “for how long do you want to be here” and yes there is only one answer, which is “until there is no more darkness”.

I heard “have you received access” (?) and heard the answer “yes, we have received the most important world cup tickets, but not tonight, he is tired” and also “there will come no more wonderful opportunity than now … to say goodnight” (the meaning changed during the sentence), and this pressure made me think “what is right and wrong to do – trying to stay up working or to sleep” (?), and I felt with myself that I did not have what it takes to stay up one more night, Phil, and I did not know if this was a game because there is no more darkness (?), so I decided to sleep.

I was told “can you continue bleeding without some people know about it” with the answer being “yes” and I understood this as my sufferings in relation to the mainstream world not knowing about me.

I met my dark side and heard “you are him, which all energy was led to using it involuntary to terminate the world” and “I don’t put you off, do you want to help him/me out; then it takes a giant exertion”, and I decided to say “I don’t believe in you”.

I was now in bed trying to sleep but was bombarded with speech and visions including “there was another watch here and one here – feeling like more – which we will blow within the next hours, unless you ….”, and again I had to go up against this constant bombardment not being convinced to accept life to be terminated, which I felt that it wanted, so I kept on saying “everything is to live, and I will NOT stay awake a whole night, and I will NOT become negative”.

I received so much information, which I decided that I would and could not write down, but I took a few notes including “we have been down into the deep chamber, which included a bomb we have not seen before, what are we to do about it” and I was bombarded with questions like that where I could only give the same answers as I already had given and also “let the light decide”.

It continued with “it is about consuming one full beer every minute if nothing is to happen”, “it was in connection with the dismantling of the reproduction facility itself that we found more levels of you, and if you cannot take it, the Universe will handle it” , and I feared what would happen to the Universe and how much would be destroyed because of this.

I was shown a very large and bleeding fish mixed with a marzipan ring cake and told “there is yet another level of bliss’s inside of there, what do we do” and yes “follow my rules”, which is the prioritised list of 4 points from a couple of weeks ago to let me as my new self handle this or the Universe and only if we cannot, we will have to accept loss of life, but my attitude is that “I will accept no loss of life”!

I was told “there is an infinity of darkness, how do we solve this” (?) and the questions kept on coming, and the answer was “to transform this to an infinity of light”, which I really thought we had done but apparently not yet.

And it kept on trying to make me stay up the whole night, but I decided that the game is that I cannot stay up for six days in a row, and I am still broken down from the extremely hard days I had recently, so I decided to sleep, and this is then what I did, and with these dreams.

I had a VERY surprising night after having first been told that there was now “no more” – or only little – darkness, because I was BOMBARDED with darkness and received the greatest pressure to stay up for 6 days, which was required, which of course was impossible (especially after my recent greatest exertion of my life), and this was about transforming an “infinity of darkness” into an “infinity of light”.

  • I am in the supermarket of Føtex, and I feel people speak with fear about what will happen, I feel war underneath the surface of the dream and “the end of the world”, and in the dream itself I saw how “veal fish” and “ham fish” was displayed for sale (opened fish including nice meat of veal and ham, which is about life inside of my new self as everything.
    • The dream speaks of “serious destructions” of the Universe, which feels like the end of the world, but this is the cure towards an eternal New World, at the same time as it opens up to MUCH new life when the beginning of “infinite darkness” is transformed into “infinite light”.

  • I received a diarrhoea and had to go to the bathroom and was told “I will only become God if people want me” and also that I now meet the full intolerably attitude of Karen in relation to me, and I met an incredible amount of pressure for me to take part of this fight against darkness, and all of this information was more than I could bear almost making me desperate, “what am I to do” (?), and I felt bad when received a bombardment of information, which I did not write down – much darkness coming. Eventually I feel asleep again.
    • After very unstable flying, we have now crashed. I have sent a fax to Michael Hardinger instead of to another number, which I first thought of. The electricity had been removed, lightning strike and people at the office is afraid.
  • This may be why Michael Hardinger was removed as my Facebook friend, much darkness coming in again, which is not lightning making people of the Universe afraid.
  • I am in a Tivoli in Næstved at a customer arrangement together with telemarketing agents, and a speaker has a very long introduction where he thanks his sponsors, one of them is Arbejdernes Landsbank, which makes me say “I know them” and also “tomorrow we will do a race”, and I am told that the lawyer of this company makes “odd co-operation agreements” in a very formal, legal language.
    • Tivoli is to say where we are – our New World – telemarketing is “spiritual communication”, the bank I know, which is a sponsor is sacrifices of the Universe bringing energy to do create an infinity of light instead of darkness with darkness symbolised by the lawyer.
  • I meet a group of people at Vapnagård in Helsingør using a megaphone advertising for new telemarketing agents using words like “we kill”, I see how they use tape for a bicycle and I notice a good looking girl.
    • Vapnagård is and has always been a socially tainted built-up area here symbolising “the worst darkness” wanting to kill and also bring me my “old nightmare”.
    • I received the Shu-bi-dua song “Costa Kalundborg” and the lyrics “Der er sket en forurening af den ydre atmosfære så meterologerne har lovet at vi nu får bedre vejr”, which is about “pollution of the outer atmosphere”, i.e. much darkness.
  • I am at a party together with Søren Frank and others, and I would like to get to know Søren, but he does not bear speaking/writing with me, but I know that I will see him later.
    • Søren Frank is the reviewer of fine food and wine you know, and here he is to say that after this nightmare of darkness washing in over me, I will meet the absolutely finest wine and food again symbolising the finest life of the finest New World.
  • Something about “Helsingør Castle with a few changes compared to the present” and I hear and saw something like “instead of chocolate, you will take …”, which to me sounded like a code, which made me think that this is NOT how the New World is, and it put pressure on me whether or not I am to open my eyes as my new self now because if our New World without a code, which is the right answer to fight this eternal darkness, only will start with my new self opening the eyes, I will open up my eyes, but if this means that there is per definition no more darkness to absorb because I cannot fight it as my awakened new self (only consisting of light), I will NOT open my eyes, so what is right to do (?), and I said that “if opening the eyes to my new self means that it will absorb ALL darkness, you are welcome”.
  • I slept with a feeling of wanting to sleep all day giving me poor conscience – and I have decided that I will sleep as long as I am allowed having full confidence that the light will adjust this, so it did not give me a poor conscience anyway – there was a meaning with it.
  • I am together with my/our two old dogs Cas and Don, and I have never pet them this much before – symbolising that darkness has never been stronger than this.
  • Meshack tells me about one of my webpages showing a song called “bad” by the Eagles, and asks me if it should not be reversed, and when I look, I see that I have forgotten about this page, that the design of it is not updated and has a wrong internet address.
    • This may be to say that I have a few changes to my front page with the main being that we will only start up with one Source of our New World, which I have on my list to change because my website gives another impression.

The worst destruction ever of the Universe was anticipated and only possible to do after removing the power of darkness

I woke up at 08.30 and was truly very tired both physically and mentally after receiving the biggest surprise yet of my life, which really could make me feel down, potentially depressed and deciding to stop working (at least today), but “no, I will just write my script first” was what I decided before taking a long bath, which I may do after writing this, and yes “better to be sure to write my script, which is still first priority”.

I felt an infinite amount of darkness coming in, which made me wonder if this will last for 6 days or the 5 months I have been talking about, which also may be 6 or 7 you know, and also about what kind of darkness the Commune will bring me when meeting them again the 8th May – this may indicate “the absolutely worst” – which I have NO desire to do, on the contrary, but as part of the game I will of course do it, and to never lose hope and faith as I am here told, and that is really to kep following my road and my own rules, and with this we will come all the way back (to light) as I see and hear Darth Vader self (!) on his way over to my left side of light, and really on my left side of light (!), and yes because I am only light but still have accepted to take in darkness through my washing machine, which is practically how this works.

It did not take long before I thought of what I was told yesterday that we will start taking in remaining darkness now instead of later, where the creation of a new physical structure of the world would risk becoming destroyed, and I understood that this was really given to me to prepare me for this destruction coming and I am here thinking of how the Universe looks “far away from here”, and I can only send you my absolutely best thoughts and tell you that this is “impossible” to do but I have decided to go through these sufferings for all of us to get a future eternal world of happiness with absolutely no darkness anywhere.

I also thought that this is part of the road of God because my spiritual friends knew that I could and would not work for 6 days and nights in a row, so this destruction was calculated for.

I was told “we have never frozen more because you could do nothing as you said” and also “we will receive the greatest kiss anyway”.

I was told that ”everything has to survive, which is why this is so hard”, and I thought that we can only do this with the energy of our New World.

I was told “it is not with that on (strong darkness) because we have won, we ”only” need to spread light to an eternity, which we are doing now”, and I understood that we have defeated darkness when coming to “the end” also removing its “duvets”, and this is a condition in order to spread light all over an eternity, which otherwise would be impossible to do – “we have removed its power and as a consequence we can relatively easy come through it” – and when writing this chapter I continue receiving visions of famous American actors saying that “we are right behind you supporting you no matter what you decide to do” (because of who I am)

I watched a new Benny Hinn video and was told that the Vatican knows about the wonders of Benny Hinn but “cannot” recognise it, and is it because you don’t believe or don’t want to admit to it because it does not fit your agenda (?), and yes this is a church I do NOT approve of because of your secrecy and hidden agenda.

I was told that our New Worlds of an eternity in the beginning only will consist of thin Burgundy wine (everywhere around us), which we will improve in the future as one of our most important tasks.

The spirits of my mother and father created our New World and the spirit of Karen and my new self create endless New Worlds

I still received some negativity but not as strong and it became less during the day when I became wiser on what had happened during the night, which I was told more of when I after lunch took a long bath for the first time in a couple of weeks, where I was given this information.

I was told that there is now a whole factory full of eggs – I was shown a running transport belt with one egg after another – on its way in, and that this was only possible to do from within the original egg of creation.

I was shown a dark thermometer and told that we can adjust this ourselves and we adjusted it to maximum in order to enter, isn’t it funny (?) and then I understood that it was yet another act I went through the night – and here feeling Janet Parker again, and yes do you believe me now, Janet (?), but you “cannot” come back to tell and support me?

I was shown a guitar (tool of creation) in incredible speed flying through a dark tunnel in a mountain, which at the same times completely opens and shows a new landscape around what used to be a tunnel, and I was told that this was only possible to do because I decided not to give up also this night.

I was told that it is not everywhere that Hell is identical and I was shown a man scratching the bottom of his head thinking “hmm, how will I start this aeroplane engine”, and then it started and this is also what will make variations between worlds.

I was shown the highest marzipan ring cake imaginable with a king’s crown on top showing that I am on top of everything, and I was shown Indians waking up – “original people” – being confused “eeehhh, who are we” (?) and told that this is how to start a New World – and I am given the taste of fish again here because this is the man creating you – and “good luck to all of you”, and I was told that this is what the New World II was about, and that this creation is made by you and Karen, and I now better understood that the destructions of the Universe first creating our New World II in 2011 is what now have received even more destructions of the Universe, and all of this physical material is what will become the beginning of our endless New Worlds, and yes created by my inner self together with the spirit of Karen, and I was also told that we could not have done this without the physical Karen possessed extreme both aversion and love to you.

I received some thoughts about what would happen now if I should give in to darkness, and I decided that this decision of endless New Worlds is a irreversible decision and not even if I later should decide to change it, it is impossible to do because this decision is now anchored with all life, which I cannot change myself as one individual of many, and in order to test this, I was given INCREDIBLE strong feelings NOT to receive any more messages – I was TIRED (!) and wanted to relax, not to sit in the bathtub continuing to be disturbed and write down – and the pressure was “insane” wanting me to say “I don’t want any more messages”, which to me would be the same as saying “no to any more darkness coming”, and it took my absolutely strongest will power to keep this and my decision is again “I will write whatever I find important to write or am able to write – I will NEVER ask you to stop speaking”, and “unfortunately” most of what I received here was important so there was no relaxation neither today and neither when I felt I needed the most.

I was shown a large holder of dirty plates being washed up extremely quickly and I was told that when the last plate is washed up, I will open up the eyes of my new self – and I was shown a rotating device of glasses turning from darkness into light of the kitchen to be washed up, which was another way to say the same that we are cleaning off darkness in an incredible speed creating light everywhere.

I was told that “this is what was inside of the original egg then; the potential creation of everything, which we first learned later – during my journey – when being everything” (which we rescued on our way), so this is why we were first able to do this now, and I was told that we are now receiving the strongest darkness ever, as mentioned, but we know how to handle it now.

I was told – as I have been many times before without writing it before now – that my scripts are analyzed in details by analytics, and yes, are you sure that you get everything with you when reading and also categorising? And I was told that the Vatican State is following me too in secret – receiving information from a foreign Intelligence Service (?) – and I was told and shown “this is the chocolate of the aeroplane engine, which makes it start at all” (chocolate is “selfishness” my dear selfish church, and you know this is darkness, and in this respect fuel for the engine starting New Worlds), and this is how my servants became to darkness on Earth to help me creating, do you see (?), and no, not right now, we just have to finish this first (before I will open up my eyes).

I was shown a great many cars at a parking place and told “imagine all of these cars as elephants holding exactly at the same position”, which was to say that all new Gods and New Worlds will get exactly the same starting point, but still they will develop differently because of “marvellous coincidences” and also skills.

We have now created a New World where “to be” as a physical presence is the normal condition of being, and we are consequently no longer a thinking experiment. We are!

And I was told that this is the answer, I am now my new self without a code, thus without limitations of creation, and still I have decided that as part of this new creation of mine, I should be able to enter remaining darkness to clean everything, so this is what I am doing, I am my new self as darkness cleaning the remaining part of me before I will wake up as light only, where I will and would not be able to enter darkness – and there are tight shutters between my light and dark side. This was the answer to the Gordian knot to create the final part of eternal and automatic creation.

I was asked “will you be able to think you right to where you would like to be” (?) and told the answer “yes, which will move you physically”, and I thought that this will probably help to ease traffic jam both on motorways and in the city 🙂 – including the removal of all noise and pollution as we know today.

I was shown an egg yolk and told that “we chose this area”, and this was the creation of the first New World (outside of this one).

I have noticed how the MP Fathi has been to Iceland the last couple of days, where the volcanic activities have fascinated him, and earlier today when I listened to a Spotify playlist by BBC6 – I LOVE playlists as a way to get to learn new music (but I look forward to adding individual information to each song, Spotify!) – I was completely taken when I listened to a new Icelandic band called “Of Monsters and Men”, and I thought that they do sound like the new Arcade Fire and also that there are years in between for me to get to know new bands as great as this, which made me listen to all of their songs with much joy on Spotify, and when I was in bath, I was asked “do you believe this was a co-incidence” (?), and then I put two and two together thinking of Fathi and volcanic activities on Iceland symbolising creation and here the song “love love love” by this Icelandic band “Of Monsters and Men”, which is really the same as saying that from the darkness of monsters and men, symbolised by politicians of darkness like Fathi, is where the love of light of our New Worlds are coming from, so please enjoy this fantastic new music.

And I was thinking that now when I subscribe to Spotify, I don’t receive any commercials without being able to switch them on, and when I did not subscribe, I continued receiving commercials, which I could not switch off, and I thought that both solutions are POOR and annoy me, and the best choice is – as mentioned a long time ago – to give people the individual freedom to switch commercials on and off, and I really see commercials as “a mean of information/communication” of course only speaking the objective truth.

I was shown how all New Worlds are being divided into the finest hierarchy in a diagram/organisation chart – in all dimensions – and I was told that this is the diagram we implement into everyone (to be able to move physically with the force of the mind), and I thought that “this will create some good holidays of people going to “new places” and meeting “new people” to say the least – can you see in front of you “where do you come from, I have never seen any like you before” 🙂 – and yes an endless variation of life, and I do wonder how we will communicate in the future and will we have many or only one language (?), and yes what about having “many” because variation is beautiful and for people to be able to speak “many”, which is to make communication between everyone possible, and yes taking the best of two worlds and mix it together as one, and yes shall be done (receiving many smiles here) :-).

I was told that we could not have created infinity if I had decided to leave the remaining darkness behind, that is if I had decided to be a “wimp”, and we know I decided to run a “calculated risk” to bring darkness, which has always been my way of thinking “when needed”.

I was reminded of what I was told a couple of days ago without writing it and yes “the spider we found at the bottom of the original egg”, which was more of the original creation, semen, which was also connected to the review of Søren Frank of Restaurant Noma eating ants, and yes the worst sexual sufferings in order to create the most beautiful Universe.

I was again thinking of what the Commune will do to me the 8th May, and I was told that my Scribd document on how to cure “psychiatric diseases” will help me, and I was given the understanding that the Commune has read this, and as a consequence you will not demand me to take “dangerous medicine”, which is potential a killer (?), and yes a potential killer is what Lisbeth was to me, this was her “role” – and the Employment Minister also do not like Communes forcing people to take “dangerous” medicine or “treatments” as she said herself some time ago.

I was shown the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva, which I visited in 2009 before going to Kenya, as a giant rocket changing into a beautiful church, which was to say that I have some very “special friends” within this organisation of darkness (!), which created an enormous amount of darkness/fuel and so much in fact that it was the closest of all I have gone through to kill me in 2009 (!) – and yes we are bringing light via darkness, that’s why.

And I was told that “it is now only a thought that there will be light everywhere” and then to anchor it with all life, and I was shown darkness coming in an endless stream through a very narrow passage between two mountains and coming to me standing on the side of the white mountain to bring light to all of it.

Finally, I was given MANY smiles because this creation cannot now be stopped and I was told that “we had to scare you” (during the night), and yes I do understand, and please continue whenever needed. I was also told that this was only possible to do because not once I have told the spiritual world to rush, but ALWAYS to do the opposite giving us time to do our absolutely best taking the time necessary, and if necessary to go back in time getting what we did not get first.

So this was that tour in bath and that Saturday afternoon, and it is now 18.05, and I will soon go to visit my mother and John again at 18.30, so I will do an edit of this chapter and the last details and upload yesterday and today of the script when I come home or maybe tomorrow, and yes I also have three updates to do to my front web page, and I will NOT stress myself, so the deadline is tomorrow, and I also have a used cycle to call on before going, so maybe I will soon be able to go out cycling in the forest as a symbol of my new self, yes we will see and one day it is :-).

I had a nice evening with my mother and John – with a handball match showing you symbolically how darkness works

I was happy visiting my mother and John this evening this time truly returning to “normal conditions” after everyone is not used to John being home and feeling fine, and besides from a good dinner and darkness being strong at me in the beginning – and also later, where I was afraid that it could overtake me again even though I had promised myself not to be afraid and to be on top of the situation, and that is because it truly has this strength, when it is adjusted to a high position, as I have experienced so often before.

We decided to watch the return match in handball between Barcelona and Copenhagen, and Barcelona had to win by 6-7 goals to win aggregated, and here Copenhagen to me is light and Barcelona darkness, and both teams played well, and it was clear into more than half of the second half that Copenhagen was in control of the match being ahead with two and they looked like the winner also of the second match with the Icelandic players of Copenhagen in a specially designed role as the STAR PEOPLE (the speaker said about Ólafur Stefánsson that “det er ren gude håndbold, han spiller” (“he playes pure divine handball”) and this is indeed what he did :-)), but as happened with myself during the evening, darkness became increasingly strong and yes where does it come from (?), and of course from the great love and here also “resistance” from John and my mother to my TRUE work, and this is how Copenhagen suddenly could not get the ball in shooting on the post etc. and within not many minutes, Barcelona had come from behind with 2 to be ahead with 4 (!) and it was with Barcelona “bombarding” and “kog på samtlige kedler” (“all kettles boiling”) as the speaker said, which was to say that we have opened up for all kettles of darkness, this is symbolically how it feels like, the stress and burden not knowing what will happen if the darkness is stronger and I should give in (would it start destructing my new self was the question I put to myself), and Barcelona were now close to the aggregated victory when they still had time to get the last needed 3 goals, but because I decided to be calm, this is what Copenhagen also decided to be only losing with three at the end I believe, thus becoming the aggregated winner and now among the last four teams of the semi finals of the Champions League, and the speaker concluded that “it is over for FC Barcelona”, which I understood was the same as saying that “it is over for darkness”, but you know I am still given as much as I can take in order to clean it – with defence systems ready to help me (turn off darkness if needed!) – this is really what’s going on.

I returned home at 22.00 having a “controlled diarrhoea” as I was told where I made it right on time to the bathroom – making me continue to ride on time being in control of the black box you know – which is about coming destructions of the Universe this night when I will sleep, which will become more material for our coming New Worlds.

I knew that I had more work to do on my script of today and to publish it, which I decided to do finishing this work shortly after midnight, and I might take the few amendments to my front web page too, and then to decide to sleep, because this is the right thing to do, and yes I am shown Angela Channing from the TV Series Falcon Crest, which I have been many times over the years symbolising wine and “everything, which is” – here she likes to speak German, maybe also saying “hände hoch” to darkness (?) – and here it was with a reference to my old very good friend Angela from Fair, who was as ignorant as the ladies below in Helena’s thread, thus making this journey possible too, and yes she is a “very special” friend too.

And yes, Stig, these scripts are still not easy to write, and even though I have NOT edited them nearly as good as I should have – almost all of them (!) – I am still satisfied with my work, and that goes for every single script I have published, which is also why we are here.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This on the surface “innocent” thread of Helena included more hidden inspirational stories. She could not find her jewellery before going to a party, and asked her friends where she could have laid them, which made Jesper suggest to look at Søren Pind’s night table – or “make up table” as I normally call a table like this, which I have not figured out yet what means, but it is certainly connected with creation and here it is a reference to an affair between Helena and Søren, so there you have it – and Kim was inspired to say “One word! … D O N G” and I wonder why he wrote DONG, but to me it means that Søren knows more about the TRUE role of DONG than what you like to share with the public, Søren (?), and yes how infiltrated are you and the old government in all of the “secrecy” of the (secret( US Government when it comes to preserving the “enormous energy interests of the Old World” (?), and maybe you would like to say one day – instead of acting like a pretty-minded and spoiled little boy as you do at the moment together with the Justice Minister not acting much better than you when you fight each other, and yes a ROTTEN culture and POOR work moral and communication is what you show the world, and what about growing up and start to show a DECENT way of behaviour to be true ROLE models of the community (?) – and Kim was sure that Helena would be “pist” at him (a word game combined skiing with a word I don’t like to put into my mouth?), and he spoke very directly to her to “get a life” to exhibit that her “crisis” is not a “crisis”, which I believe he is right in, this is simply the truth, isn’t it (?), and it made Helena MAD on him saying “get off Kim. And remember your medicine” (!!!), and yes it doesn’t take much for people to become MAD when others like Kim – or me – simply speak the truth about their own wrong and spoiled behaviour, and who is MAD here (?), and yes Helena, this was also your role – well played (!) – and Helle believed that he was a “tiresome character”, and Helena said that “he has been kicked out”, and yes it took absolutely nothing for these ladies to lose their temper and abandon Kim, just like you saw my family/friends etc. doing with me, which this was a little show to remind you of.

  • And Helle agreed that it was good to get such a “refused cousin” out, and yes refused and even ignored is what I was from my own cousin Jan, and I wonder why you did not want to answer my nice email and Facebook invitation to you, Jan (?), and do you believe this is a behaviour you can be proud of (?), and what do you believe the world will think of you (?) and just wondering I am of course, and Claus brought a story about the importance to look the right place, which is really in darkness and not in the light in the story, despite of what it says, and it is the same with me, see (?) – and no, not yet (!) – and Helena said that “everything stands in one here”, which is about rain/crisis and this is about MUCH darkness now to say the least. And Jane wrote a misunderstood post, which could have been the words of Karen misunderstanding me “what a gross guy him Kim. He has thrown a friend invitation” and then she uses the f-word I don’t like, and how to you believe Karen reacted when I sent her a Facebook invitation last Christmas (?), and yes there you see (!), and no, Karen could also not see because of her inability to understand what is very easy to understand, just like these selfish young ladies, and finally Martin suggested her to look for the jewellery at the bathroom, which you know is the symbol of creating new life, or the bottomless black hole, which is the “lady’s bag”, and the jewellery is normally placed at the make up table, and when bringing it to the bathroom, you create new life, alternatively you bring it to the bag of darkness – my old symbol you know, the handbag of the spirit of my mother – when it will become noting of the bottomless hole, and yes Stig, you have decided NOT to be afraid of what would happen if you should “lose it”, so the best thing is really not to lose it just to be sure, so this is the tactics, and yes how do win a football match, and yes by deciding to score without the opponent scoring, which is the simple recipe I have followed all along, and really because this is the easiest road to take!

  • After publishing the script of today, I decided to reply on the posting of Helsingør Dagblad about the appearance of the new statue telling them that it is a symbol of the real meaning of “his appearance”, which is part of “the greatest news in the world”, and I wonder if they will cut my post as they did with my post on their website a couple of months ago.

  • After the publish I also decided to write a comment to Søren Pind to his blog posting on Berlingske in his fight against the Justice Minister Morten Bødskov, and I really wrote what I wrote earlier in the script for these two poorly behaved school boys to wake/grow up and become role models of the Community and to speak the truth, for example about DONG energy!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to April 28, 2012: I am becoming dressed as my new self by the innermost of creation bringing me the finest appearance

  1. jette says:

    much work for one person

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