April 30, 2012: Our perfect new creation has now been approved by the entire world and it will be received with euphoria


Summary of the script today

29th April: I am ending creation in a very narrow window before the end of time and waking up as my new self

  • Dreaming of the class room self (controlling my journey) being dismantled, delivering my book to my father ending my work and the train journey of my father and his family, all life inside of darkness is now saved, completing the creation and structure of our endless New Worlds, Naser Khader does not like being “depicted wrongly” as darkness in my book, but this is what you also are (!), I have difficulties finding more darkness but there is still some more work to be done and the world will “start believing now that we can be who we are”, people of our New World.
  • This morning with a very short notice of time, I was given the chance to get to Allerød 36 kilometres away to get my new bicycle, if I could wake up my mother and John, borrow their car, make sure they had cash at home to pay for it as my promised birthday gift and to overcome “spiritual darkness” making phone calls and GPS navigation “unstable”, and I passed all “challenges” given to us by darkness and went together with John. I had prepared well enough to find the location and make it on time before the seller would go to Tivoli symbolising that I was able to do the final part of creation before I will open up the eyes of my new self with time ending. I received confirmation that our creation of an infinity of New Worlds has now succeeded and ended. I bought the cycle, which is a “Mustang” symbolising my original white horse of “original people” and “everything” of the world, which I have now retrieved in a new and modern edition of my original self, the resurrected Jesus. This event has been planned for me for “ages” knowing that I would come here if I would succeed going all the way creating and eternal world of infinity.
  • I cycled my first tour in the forest on my new cycle for maybe 10 kilometres, which was to drive into and test my new self and New World, where I received one “perfect” feedback after the other and also to bring energy to hoist the last ship of the spirit of my mother at the deep bottom of the sea without killing neither John nor Robin Gibb or anyone else.
  • Short storied of the official world NOT reading my scripts carefully, Helena inspired to say that when I will open the eyes of my new self, it will remove darkness (of all negative feelings/temptations) from her and the world, Robin Gibb is making a “remarkable” recover because of my decision to save him and being stronger than darkness, Søren Pind with inspiration saying that we have brought in “aeroplanes” with express pace to be washed becoming our infinite New Worlds and more.

30th April: Our perfect new creation has now been approved by the entire world and it will be received with euphoria

  • Dreaming of working hard to produce energy, having removed darkness, total victory of light, marketing my scripts makes more people believe in me to bring more energy, no one but me would be able to continue doing my work, still strong darkness wants to bring its sexual torments and destructions to me and rich people thinking of themselves bringing darkness to poor people of the world.
  • There is now ”almost no darkness remaining” and the last of it is ”very close to a turn around” and the last part of the spirit of my mother inside of darkness told me “we are now soon ready to leave this place”, so we may end all creation and start our New World in a matter of days now, unless ….
  • I was not allowed to sleep in order to bring energy to save the last part of the spirit of my mother inside of darkness. All “shool boards” I have gone through are now gathered at the Olympic Stadium, where I will open up my eyes to taste the world. I was told that it is a condition to realise creation that the world follows me, which made me very nervous for the next 15 minutes that it would not do enterily making us sacrifice part of creation or wait until the world would be able to support, and then I was told that when there is no more darkness, there is no resistance to my arrival in the world, which goes for this world – without being “able” to tell me – as well as our new endless line of worlds. The last part of the spirit of my mother inside of darkness does not have enough energy to become “nothing”, so she has decided to go against her will to become part of our New World. This is the final approval of the creation of our perfect New World, which will be received with ”euphoria”.
  • I continued working, which brought the dismantling of more connections of darkness to me and moved furniture from darkness to our New world. There is a whole new kingdom inside of this and an equally as large Jesus as the Jesus we have already resurrected. The depth of what we bring out from here is also the depth that all New World’s will receive.
  • Short stories of ants (of darkness) becoming chicken (creation) and fish (me), the football player Torres now being “reborn” because I am reborn, Helena felt like a Queen because the last part of the spirit of my mother is on her way in and and on this Swedish “VALBORG-evening” celebrating the coming summer, I sent my greetings to Sweden with Shu-bi-dua’s song “the whale VALBORG” to celebrate eternal life of joy and happiness coming, Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen became the best restaurant in the world for the third year in a row symbolising that the Trinity has carried out a “perfect creation” of our New World and a story of Manchester United symbolising that the Nazi’s thought they terminated Jews.


29th April: I am ending creation in a very narrow window before the end of time and waking up as my new self

Confirmation that we will have an endless number of new Sources for an endless number of New Worlds

Right after publish of the script of yesterday, I was shown a car now receiving its first of four wheels, which I understood was about the progress of the work to transform an infinity of darkness into light, so it looks like taking four and not six days at the moment – and I am here given a vision of Jane, Helena’s friend, with the two speaking of me, and yes “a difficult catch” was your first thought, and what is it now (?), and yes “difficult” for “good friends” to tell, when they don’t communicate, right, and yes “hi hi hi” is still what I get, so “still interested”, and yes amazing right?

Also after the publish of my script of yesterday, I started looking at the few amendments to my front web page and the first was about the question of having only one or an eternity of new Sources, and when answering John the day before yesterday, I was told when writing that “I am told here that we have decided to have One Source only until you will become your new self Stig and decide on how the world will develop in the future (with the opportunity to have an eternity of Sources)”, and when looking at what I wrote the other day on my website, it says that “at the end of April 2012 when locating and cleaning the absolutely last darkness inside the original egg of creation at the middle of everything, I was given the “recipe” on how to locate and create Sources of energy everywhere instead of only having one Source of the Universe, which I accepted to be created, thus creating a New World also with an endless number of Sources of energy, which can all be traced back to my original self”, and when reviewing this, I have decided to keep my first decision with an endless number of Sources too with everything being “traced back” to me believing that this was the right and logical thing to do, and I can only say that it was strong darkness of John, which brought the other information to me, and no I am not shaking on my hands when writing this – it was “wrong” when my spiritual friends said “we have decided to have One Source only” because this is not how the game is when I am the one deciding, that’s why (!) – so my dear friends, this is the decision, and yes PLEASE DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST WORK, and please let me know if I do not take the only right decision, but I do believe this has to be right, and yes when using logics it is :-).

Dreaming of coming to the end of my journey dismantling my old self and finishing the structure of endless New Worlds

Finally, at 02.20 I went to bed having done everything today, which I had given myself a deadline to do tomorrow thinking that this would be beneficial to do for creation, and I slept not well until approx. 08.00 this morning making me tired today, and a few dreams too:

  • I am in the class room of a school where someone says that “you have taken my chair”, but I say no, and look at the chairs, which in front of our eyes without anyone working on them become dismantled piece by piece into smaller and small pieces, which will be included in something new instead. The female teacher is very attractive and borrows my mobile phone, which I show her how to use because she cannot find out with instruction.
    • The is the class room self transforming into light, and yes my teachers where the spirits of my mother and father – here with the first still showing herself as part of my “old nightmare” – and that is those inside of darkness using their last energy to speak through me what is “clean” in order to create a New World before the darkness of us would destruct anything, and since we succeeded, we are now dismantling the last parts of our old selves.
  • I have written a book about my father’s and his wife Kirsten’s lives, and Kirsten says that she loves especially two chapters of the book, where one is written by me and one by another, which she does not know because if she knew, she would not have liked my chapter. The book is now printed, but I see that a couple of explaining texts to pictures include typing errors, which I manage to correct at the last moment before I hand over the book to my father coming to the kitchen, where I am. Later I see that I have been allowed to put a “snail” – a Danish pastry – on the barrier at the end of the railway line, which includes this book of mine, and to my surprise I see how the locomotive arrives and a couple of times drive directly into the barrier without breaking first, but is stopped by the barrier, and I hear someone saying “what can we do to help” and hear the answer to put up stop signals to be seen from the train. I see Kirsten’s daughter Jeanette being out with my mother, and how immensely popular with me, my mother is.
    • This will have to be about the love/hate feeling to me, which Kirsten also posses – at the same time (!) – and my book is my scripts, which are now printed, which will have to be about “the end” coming “very soon” and here I deliver my work to my father – the spirit of my father – saying “I did it”, and this work of mine also included the train journey of my father and Kirsten to reach the other side, and even though we are now at the end of the line, they have not “fully understood” who I am and would have continued driving the train (against me) if only they could, and the pastry is you know “creation”, which is to say that they were part of creation too together with my other family/friends etc., and Jeanette’s COLD refusal of me was so strong that it brought me very close to my “old nightmare” as the dream also says.
  • Half awake I was told “there is now not one single Rembrandt in the lake”, which is about everything now being removed from inside of darkness.
  • I am writing a song with one line being “my father says thank you to all happy people”.
  • I am together with Camilla to a David Bowie exhibition where we receive a “nice Bowie song”, which is included in a diagram where I see how boxes at one level connects with boxes as the level beneath it and we are now at the end level, where we will not need connection lines from these set of boxes, which we will therefore give the final finishing touch. At this exhibition I see people who have also seen me in the supermarket, including Kenneth meeting me in meditations.
    • David Bowie is still the symbol of “God” and these boxes are about the structure of all of our endless New Worlds, which we are now giving the final touch, and we are now exhibiting what we created from the food of the supermarket.
  • Naser Khader is interviewed to TV in “High Holbæk” an early morning by the football journalist Carsten Werge, and Naser does not like that he is depicted wrongly in a photo on the backside of a book.
    • This will have to be about Naser “not understanding” that you are part of darkness, when you “cannot” speak openly about me to the public (?), but this is how it is, Naser. It was “impossible” for me as my old self to be “discovered” by the world because of WRONG communication and attitude of people not wanting to understand or to spread the news of me, which you were also part of.
  • I am in a small apartment waking up one morning and I cannot find my dog, Don, becoming unsure whether or not it is still alive, but I find it underneath some clothes.
    • Yes my old beloved dog is still alive, and we know the game of converting darkness to light is still not over, but “almost”.

I woke up to two songs at the same time, Grease by Frankie Valli and Greased Lightning by John Travolta, where Grease is “the word” and “the place” of our New World and I received the lyrics “we start believing now that we can be who we are”, which is about what the world will do; it will start believing in me now that “we can be who we are”, which you know is people of our New World because it was “impossible” to get the Old World to “start believing” in me – I have showed you via my scripts (!) – and yes I feel my sister as a girl/young woman here with “darkness almost good” telling me with a “not too bright” voice “could not be done without my sister too”, and really darkness being/acting as my sister telling me this – and “Greased Lightnin’” is about the lightning of darkness – also this night with a large hiccup symbolising destructions – creating the energy required, and yes if I have not written it before, I also LOVED Grease, both the movie and the music, and Olivia & John were my idols when I was about 11-12 years old when I saw this movie, and yes I was in love with you too, Olivia :-).

Buying a new cycle within a very narrow time window symbolising the end of creation before the end of time

This morning at 09.18 I noticed when looking at my mobile phone that it had rung at 09.15, which I did not hear, and I could see that it was from the seller of the mountain bike, which I called several times yesterday without coming through, and I called back this morning, and he told me that he did not have time to show me the cycle this afternoon when he would go to Tivoli in Copenhagen (!), and then I asked him if he had time this morning or evening instead, and sure he had, this morning for example and yes – helped by me as I hear – and “what about 11.00” (?) and yes “fine by me” as I told him, and of course on condition that I could borrow my mother’s and John’s car as I also told him – in order to get to Allerød 36 kilometres away, which my mother and John had agreed yesterday that I could today – so this is what we agreed (after I had to call him up once more because our line was suddenly cut and yes by spiritual darkness!) with the option that I could call back if I could not make it.

So I called my mother and John, and the phone rung many times before my mother picked it up, and she said that they were sleeping, and normally they don’t sleep that long – my mother is normally up between 07.00 and 08.00 – but today they did (!), and “can I come at 10.20 to borrow the car” (?) as I asked with the time now being 09.30 and eeehhh, not much time and “we first need to get up” (!) and “do we have money in cash at home” (?) (the price of the cycle was exactly 750 DKK as my mother had set as the maximum!), and yes they had the cash, and it was fine to come, so this was alright to do with short notice – this also had importance to work carried out at the spiritual world at the same time as I did this as I here feel – and my mother even called back a little bit later saying that John would like to follow with me, which of course was fine by me, and yes to come and pick me up at 10.15 – and eeehhh by the way, did John have a set of clé hexagonales (?) because I knew the seller of the cycle was 1,82 metre tall and since I am 1,90, the saddle would probably need to be raised by approx. 4 centimetres, and yes he had (!), and we know in the mean time I checked the address and wrote down the route direction in case John would not bring his mobile GPS (mine is not working, I only use my mobile for calls to save money, and my printer is still out of order – to print the directions – due to spiritual darkness you know keeping it out or order since 2009!).

And yes, I like to be on time, and the seller had to go to Tivoli, so he would probably also not have much time to wait if we would be late – “a very small hole of time to finish our creation” is what this is about – and John arrived a few minutes late at 10.20, and decided to use time to key in the address on his GPS mobile device, and yes I decided to “be calm and take it easy” even though I had written down the directions feeling sure that we would not need a GPS, but finally he got it, and I told John that we now had 40 minutes to do a 45 minutes drive (this is what Google had told me when checking at home), and John ALWAYS keep speed limits (!), and yes after 1-2 kilometres, we had to stop, because his mobile device had not received contact to any satellite, so we had to do this again, and yes I could have started to become stressed, but I told myself once again “take it easy, if you arrive late, you will call the seller a few minutes before 11.00 and tell him that we will be 5 or 10 minutes late, and things will work out”, and yes this created contact to the satellites, which was more than anything to “please John” because it would be “impossible” for him to drive without this GPS navigation system, and yes, this is how we got off, and I quickly saw that the expected arrival according to the device was at 11.01 quicker than what I had learned from Google, and yes everything looked fine, so we were on our way.

This was the advertisement on www.dba.dk of my new mountain bike symbolising my new self – a great improvement to my old cycle symbolising my old self

On the Royal Road out of Helsingør I was very surprised when I heard a “strange” sound from his device, what on earth was that (?), and yes a warning noise telling him that he was driving quicker than speed limits (!), and yes John does NOT drive too quick, so he slowed a little bit, and it happened a couple of times again, and yes it was no “ugh horn”, it was really a “moo horn” with the sound of a cow mooing (!), and yes it made me smile because as you know, the cow is the symbol of my original self, and we were now really on our way, and we had a pleasant ride (also on time) together, and his GPS worked fine until we reached Allerød (which is where we needed it!), where it suddenly lost the connection to the satellite again, and yes would John “allow” us to continue driving the last piece of road on my driving directions telling him how to get there (?) – this is about getting the last part of the spirit of my father out of darkness without knowing the direction having to trust in my new inner self guiding him (!) – and yes, this was alright for John without keying in the information once again on his device, and I told him that we were now heading towards a roundabout and had to get out of the second exit, but John could not see any roundabout, and yes “where is it, Stig, was it the one we just passed, which could be a roundabout even though it did not look like a roundabout” (?) and we know, John does not have the same kind of orientation as I do, but no, it was not as I told him and then I saw the roundabout, and as I told him, it was the second exit, and then a new roundabout taking the first exit out, and yes got that too, and then finally it is the fifth side road to the right, and when we drove there on Rønneholt Parkvej, I was totally amazed, because I saw one row house after the other after the other after the other of the exact same type of houses as we lived in in Rypehusene 98 in Albertslund from 1972-76, and here the houses seemed to continue “forever”, and this was the symbol telling me that we have now created our endless line of New Worlds – “smart isn’t it” (?), which is a feeling given to me from the movie “slå først Frede” (“hit first, Frede”) meaning that the only way I could defeat darkness was to keep hitting darkness without allowing darkness to hit me even once (!), and it is in this movie somewhere that Morten Grunwald with surprise in his voice tells the crook of darkness Poul Bundgaard “that’s very smart” (I LOVE that scene), when he is saved by his orange when Poul is about to kill him with a knife, which is a symbol of the Source saving my life from darkness “many times”, see?

And we arrived right/ride on time, which I like much you know, and the seller was ready with the cycle, and “can I try it” (?) and of course I could, and it drove fine – this is testing my new self you know – and the seller said that when cycling on it, he felt as if he had his “rear up in Heaven” (because Heaven is what we are approaching very fast now), and as expected the saddle needed to get approx. 4 centimetres up, and yes John brought the tool – all of these special keys needed – and he had the right key to do this final adjustment of the cycle symbolising the final adjustment of my new self, you see (?), and I tried it once again, and yes “perfect” it is and all of the 21 gears worked perfectly too together with the wheels/tires and the rest of the cycle, and as the seller wrote in the ad, “very little used” and to me it was AS GOOD AS NEW, and consequently I decided to buy it, and John was kind to pay the 750 DKK as his and my mother’s birthday gift to me – thank you very much indeed :-).

So this is how we made it right on time when riding on time itself to finish this our last and greatest creation before the end of time, and yes a very small “open window”, but it was there, and we made it, and I wished the nice man a happy afternoon and “take a tour in the roller coaster if you dare” as I also told him with my spiritual voice.

And yes, what is the brand name of this cycle (?), and we know it is “MUSTANG”, and suddenly it hit me after I later read Berlingske over lunch being very attracted to their article about the new Ford Mustang – made as a new car in retro style like “the good old Mustang” – which is that “Mustang has to mean something”, so when looking up Mustang on Wikipedia here, it says that “a Mustang is a free-roaming horse of the North American west that first descended from horses brought to the Americas by the Spanish” and also “Mustangs are often referred to as wild horses” and even that they are used by native Americans, and in other words, this is my “white horse” transporting “original people”, which is now back, and this white horse of mine is “everything” of our New World, and it is as Berlingske says below “the boss is back”, “I’m back after I have gone through the burning fire of Hell to save the world finding my old self on the other side, which you know by now is the resurrected Jesus as my new self, and yes bearing the name of Stig.

The new Ford Mustang built with a retro design symbolises my original self, the resurrected Jesus, being back as my new self as Stig – “the boss is back” on his white horse of everything

When we drove back, John, had keyed in the GPS device to show the direction home (!) – he TRULY likes to drive with this device switched on – and as he said when we drove out of Allerød “it is strange that it can get a satellite connection now when it could not before at the same area” and yes it was “very strange”, John (!), and here it is what I call “spiritual darkness” messing up my electronic devices, which of course is difficult for you to believe in (?), and am I just “unlucky” with all of my electronic devices one after the other not working or only working partly (?), and yes “not easy” to tell when people have a “strong voice” of their own, but here you saw how it looks like, John – and I am given a couple of LOUD digital drop outs to my TV running in the background when writing this, and yes “there is absolutely nothing wrong with my TV, it is only spiritual darkness making it difficult for it – as a symbol of my old self – to work” and how difficult is this to understand, if you listen and simply decide to believe in me?

On our way home I was told “believe it or not, this event was planned for you since childhood” (when I was living in the similar row house like this in Albertslund), and I am here given a vision of my self as a boy, and my next stop will now be “Paradise” symbolised by the Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen thinking of where the seller was heading this afternoon, and “paradise” as in becoming my new self opening the eyes to our New World, and who would like to join me (?), which was the meaning of what I told the seller when asking if he dares to ride the roller coaster.

When I arrived home, I met an elderly lady living below me on the 3rd floor, whom I have spoken to a few times, and we started speaking for example about where she comes from – she is from the Danish island Lolland – and even though she suffers from the same “I love to speak about myself and I cannot ask questions” syndrome as what most people here do making 98% of the conversation about her, I did tell her that this brought me my most precious memories of life when being together with my mother, sister and Ole in Bikuben’s (the savings bank, Ole used to work for) cottage houses almost all of them located on the islands of Lolland and the neighbouring Falster, and we spoke of music, and she said that she loves classical music, and I encouraged her to play my favourite piece of classical music, which you know is Dvorak’s 9th Symphony of the New World and to think of me while playing it, and yes she knows this piece very well, and so well that she could tell me that the 2nd movement, my favourite, is included in the movie “the snake pit”, and she told me that this was about a “crazy” lady recovering, and I did understand the symbols here, which turned out to be – when I later looked up this movie and song based upon the 2nd movement – that I am “going home” to my New World after recovering not from being crazy but from the “extreme voices and suffering of darkness”, which my sinning family/friends etc. symbolising the world brought me, which will bring me and everyone the joy of life as I remember from going to the cottage houses on Lolland-Falster – and I can imagine how beautiful and emotional this movie is with the climax coming with this beautiful song.

Not long after returning home my mother called me, and she was very happy to hear about the new cycle, and it is really “as good as new”, mother, as I told her comparing it to when I got my used sofa table in 2009, which was “the absolutely best I could get” and a “fantastic buy” (because I had done my best work), which was the same with my new apartment in Helsingør (since moving in there has been no similar apartments to get), and yes a coincidence, mother (?), and no it was not, because when I cut through darkness, I was given these “rewards” as symbols meaning exactly this: “Well carried out work”, and this is what happened again today because I have continued doing my best job without giving in to darkness.

And my mother was so happy so she said that she would call back this evening to hear how it was to drive on the cycle this afternoon, because I told her that first I would work, which I did until 16.30 today before taking a break when finishing this chapter (without editing it yet), and then I would take a ride, and we know my mother could not know that going through the day today was also “very difficult” to do because of the tiredness I feel not having any energy to do my work and certainly not to take the cycle out for a ride, but now the time has come to test out this new bike, and I will probably go for a ride of a few kilometres in the forest just to test it, and then to come back to continue working until I will finish the script of today, and yes I also did not think that I would have much to write about and to do today, but my agenda had been prepared for me, and so it is and NO, I still do NOT like others than myself planning my own agenda and that is when I act responsible of course.

The last part – I believe (!) – of the spirit of my mother inside of darkness told me with sadness in her voice “you aren’t going to hoist the last ship and to turn it around”, and yes I am because we are going to get EVERY LITTLE THING with us including the last part of you.

Cycling my new bicycle in the forest testing my new self and New World with everything working perfectly

So at about 16.45, I decided to put on my old cycling clothes (I had a Bianchi racer in the 1990’s, which I used quite a lot) – instead of wearing my normal clothes as I considered because I had NO motivation nor energy to do this cycling – but I had to do it also feeling that bringing energy as the dynamo as I still am is important (to save the lives of others to come all the way home with everything you know, and yes John and Robin Gibb are/have been the closest to give their life, but I decided the other day that I will NOT allow you to kill John under no circumstances!), so away I was cycling, and yes how long would I go (?), and we know I just wanted to do a test drive to get to know the cycle, get used to how the gear works etc., but when I first got started, I got committed, so one kilometre took the other when cycling in the forest, and I was told that this was about testing my new self, and I heard people reporting “perfect here” one after the other and I was told “because you have said that everything has to be perfect”, and yes I have – again and again and again also the last couple of days when I have said over and over “do the absolutely best you have EVER done before” (!) – and I was also told that my new self has now grown to be a high school student, still not grown-up, but I do believe the world will not be disappointed even though I am not fully educated and not showing my full potential as my new self when I will open up my eyes.

I was VERY happy driving around the forest seeing new lakes, houses, farms and beautiful nature and I felt like being on an expedition in the forest symbolising my new self being on an expedition getting to learn our New World.

I passed this lake in the forest of Teglstrup Hegn with trees on a small island with a white nuance (not very visible here) symbolising my deepest inner self – it was beautiful 🙂

When I cycled I was told that darkness used energy to make people disagree/fight everywhere – both in politics, business and private – and to give people all kind of negative feelings with one desire only, which was to use this destructive energy to reach its target to become “a city in Russia”, which was a symbol I used recently about “becoming nothing”, and I felt how the most inner of the spirit of my mother when cycling here gave me strong power to make me accept her to become “nothing”, but no, I will not (!) – despite of all of the energy you use trying to fulfil your wish because the only thing I can promise you is that I will NEVER give up on you also making sure that you will “turn around” and become part of our New World – and I heard “does he pull her up himself without the need to kill anyone” (?), and yes this is what this energy means, to pull up the last ship from the deepest bottom of the sea without John or Robin Gibb as examples dying, and I was told that this last part – I hope – of the spirit of my mother will help to beautify our New World even more.

On my inspired cycling tour, I passed this workshop for US cars in Nygaard with a copy of the statue of liberty making me smile because when I will open up my eyes as my new self if will bring FREEDOM to myself and the world 🙂

When cycling, “by chance” I also passed a works of Kobberdammen, where I thought I could drive back into the forest again, but I could not, and it said that it had video surveillance, so if you want to see me on my first cycling, you should have the chance from here, my friends.

The workshop had this white original Ford Mustang, which became my symbol of the original world, which I succeeded to get with us as part of our New World – my “white horse” 🙂

I don’t know for how long I went in time and distance, but I believe I drove approx. 10 kilometres in and also outside the forest, and I LOVED IT – much better than with the old bicycle.

I continued receiving words like ”this is what is raving mad” and that is for me to go through what I go through here at the end of my journey, and yes I dont like bringing you more of these kind of messages, but I decided that it would be of interest to history.

And I kept on working most of the time until 21.00 this evening, which was NOT what I felt like doing when waking up this morning, but this is how it became, and now I do hope I will be able to relax, but I will probably receive more messages, which however first will be written down tomorrow morning, because it is now closing time, Leonard :-).

I still received a little ”electrical shocks” or impulses to my heart coming to me from the outside.

I was told that “Les Miserables” (which I watched together with my mother and John a few weeks ago opening up for much love and feelings) also created the road to the endless whale (which I have been shown visions of the last days), and not to Rolling Stones (sexual torments bringing destruction).

I was asked “is there anyone who can tie a wound” (?) – about the spirit of my mother coming up from the deepest deep sea.

I felt darkness as a fog entering me physically from above and I was told that this is darkness creating dark thoughts and feelings to the world, which is now about to become cleaned, and I imagine that this will also become the removal of all sicknesses of the world including the worst kind, which is (cancer, aids, sclerose etc.), and that people will start to wake up with “hangovers” thinking “what in the world made us so cold, careless, negative and controlled our behaviour making us tempted to do what is WRONG thinking of ourselves instead of helping people dying on the streets to survive”.

I received a strong and sudden darkness entering me making me “jump up”, and I was told “it is a wounded patient you receive

I was told ”we have begun the last and decisive ascension” and I was shown red roses and other flowers arriving but also being inserted to a bucket full of water, which is meaning “much love, which is suffering much” as part of this ascension.

I was also told “who says that it is the spirit of your mother and not the spirit of Karen inside of there” (?) and first I thought “alright, if you say so” also thinking that the spirit of Karen is the mother of our endless New Worlds, but then again, it has to be the spirit of my mother bringing dark thoughts and feelings to this world, right?

And this led to some pretty strong attempts to let me accept “sexual temptations” since it was now the spirit of Karen and not the spirit of my mother inside of this darkness, and I decided that NO MATTER WHAT, love making as a physical person requires a physical person to do it with, and yes it was not difficult to refuse this.


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • For a couple of weeks when opening my computer, I have received this error message saying “problem to read page – the connection was reset” when opening my Firefox browser with the administration module of my website being one of several windows, and yes normally there is no problems to open this and it also fixes itself when “trying again” – and this is only now that this “problem” occurs and only on this site, not my other windows – and I was told some days ago that the meaning of this is “difficult for the official world reading me in secrecy to read my scripts carefully”, so my dear world, will you please do better and read carefully what I write in order to understand?

  • Hardinger is still not back, but Helena is still here, and after sending a signal yesterday changing her status to “in a relationship”, she said here that “the blood alcohol level can now leave entirely, so I can get to Copenhagen”, and here she is using a symbol meaning “now darkness can leave me” – I am tired of it (!) – and how does darkness leave her (?) (receiving two hiccups here of sacrifice and creation), and yes her friends wanted to know what she will be doing in Copenhagen, which she did not ant to tell directly, but Birthe thought that she would be visiting Tivoli, i.e. my new paradise of a New World (!) – and finally she admitted that she is going to visit a “handsome tall guy with a beautiful, beautiful voice and a heart of gold“, and to me Helena, this simply says that you will visit me in order to get rid of your darkness, and this is what will happen when I open up the eyes of my new self, do you see? Update April 30: I was told April 29 that Helena would go to Copenhagen to be briefed by Søren Pind about me, who I am and my writings also on Helena, and I decided NOT to write this because this was too far out (in the country, Michael!), but I thought “this sounds so crazy that it might be true”, and I only write this now because I was told “you will do us a favour writing it” so now it is done.

  • The music magazine NMW Magazine reported that Robin Gibb is “making a remarkable recover” about to leave hospital, and yes “I’ve Got To Get A Message To You”, Robin, which is that I do believe that I have the capability to heal people after all, and that is when I do not give up, because otherwise darkness would have taken you, Robin, that is really the message . And let us celebrate this with what I do believe is my mother’s and mine old favourite songs of Bee Gees, the amazingly beautiful “how deep is your love”.

  • Søren said that his little brother has made his “airport express” to work and had the inner of his dishwasher to work, and in my dictionary an “airport express” is to bring a lot of potential aeroplanes of darkness, i.e. New Worlds, in express pace to the washer to become light, thus waking up as our infinite New World, do you see, Søren (?), and yes still silent he is, and “tough” he is too, because he continues his normal job/act with nothing to be seen on him despite of the stress I bring him, which you know Søren is to help this last part of creation, don’t you (?), because you are not so stupid that you don’t understand, right?

  • I received an email with this request from Mark from the UK to become friends, and I don’t know him, and the funny part is that he has not send me this request, because if he had, it would have been visible to me under “friend requests” in Facebook, but there was NONE requests to me, so this is about light wanting me to join with Mark, and Mark later did an inspired posting of butter, which is to say that we have now spread butter on all bread creating light everywhere.

  • A few short messages: I was told that the ”torpor” and dilutions of my close single men neighbours have also kept me down; darkness trying to hit me in order to help me enter darkness but instead I have decided to lift them up too.
  • For days I have been given a vision of a boy/man I had forgotten about – as I have with most from my growing up (!) – which is a boy/man by the name of Stefan, and I can only remember him as “very quiet” – did he have some kind of “handicap” too (?) – and from where do I know him (?), was he attending Tibberupskolen, where I went a few months in 4th grade (?) or was it a parallel class of Mørdrupskolen where I went from 5th to 9th grade?
  • My old colleague from Danske Bank, Per S., finally today (!!!) accepted me as a Facebook friend – why did it take you so long, Per?


30th April: Our perfect new creation has now been approved by the entire world and it will be received with euphoria

Dreaming of working hard to produce energy, having removed darkness and bringing total victory of light

I went to bed at 23.00 and slept somewhat better until 07.45 this morning, which should make me feel less tired today but I am still very tired in fact – and a few dreams.

  • Poor notes here but something about working at Danske Bank Copenhagen together with two colleagues, and we have much work to do. I meet my old friend Thomas H. who tells me “hi, you look much better now; you had fat in your skin before”.
    • I am still working hard for Danske Bank to produce energy, and I have no more fat in my skin, with “fat” being nothing/darkness, which is what we have removed when transforming it into light – but “some” still remains as I am told here receiving a little “electricity” to my heart.
  • Sweden has defeated Russia in Icehockey by 38-0, which is total victory of light over darkness.
  • I am working for Danske Bank Freeport branch, but am arriving one morning to the neighbouring and larger Østerbro branch, where I first take a bath, and afterwards speak telesales with them, and agree to receive a visit by them the next morning at Freeport to teach my colleagues on telesales, because it is good to work together and know each other as we agree. Next morning I am 15 minutes late, we have started working for a new season, and I hurry to the cash desk to see if I am assigned to this post today, but I am not, Benta and Henning take care of this. I see a stripe in the floor from which I can tell that Henning W. and Maria have had an affair. Henning is about to set up a new colour printer, which he has on trial and he says that it gives a better resolution than our old, but our manager and also I are not interested, and we agreed to connect our old and fine/cheap colour laser printer. Henning has decided to clean the archive, which makes me happy to see, and he has thrown out 80% of everything, which makes me happy because we now have a good overview of the archive.
    • This is about bringing more energy as long as I have not opened the eyes of my new self, and “telesales” is about marketing of my scripts, which bring in more believers helping to increase energy level.
  • I see people trying to jump up several metres and come so high that they can smash down a ball on the other side of a several metres high tree obstacle, but it is impossible for all to do except one who can jump higher than everyone else and really smashes the ball down on the other side.
    • This someone is me deciding to continue my work, which is really what would have stopped everyone else but me.
  • I had a dream about a group of people at a party about to cross my basic rules on sexual behaviour.
    • Strong darkness wanting to do this, but NO, I don’t want it!
  • I am levitating and looking in to a two storey high row house, where I am searching for something, and I notice the big size of speakers inside all of these homes, and something about a meal called “liquorice in Kenya pot”.
    • The loudspeakers are about rich people thinking and speaking loud of themselves, and liquorice is an old symbol of darkness, which is what they bring to Kenyan people symbolising poor and starving people of the world, and that is because most rich people simply don’t care about poor people, who are allowed to scream and die, which is not even enough to wake them up.

There is now ”almost no darkness remaining” and “we are now soon ready to leave this place” (of darkness)

I started working at 09.00 doing the script of today and updating the last of the script of yesterday.

I was shown a large timberyard with some tree planks standing next to a GIANT ship, and the ship is our New World and the timberyard is the remaining darkness – I thought we had emptied it but it is never easy to be wise on – and I was told with a careless voice “why continue” (?) – also meaning that the ship of the world is now so big so what does the last few planks mean (?), and I could only say “you don’t know what you talk about being influenced by darkness” and “you will become happy to be part of the ship”.

At bath I was surprised to receive a sudden great pain to my heart, so there is still some strong darkness in there, and I was truly tired in the morning the first hour doing this work, which gave me many temptations to stop work and yes simply to sleep as I have felt so often before, and it really takes much to overcome this feeling and continue, because I know the rhythm will come after a couple of hours, and I really have a plan to work until lunch, and to cycle this afternoon first to town to transfer money to Kenya, then to the swimming hall and then to do some shopping – and when coming home there will probably be more stories waiting for me, and if time and energy allows it, I still have more to do on my Spotify music lists, and “much more” is the right word, and this is more or less the priority every day.

I thought that now I have become reborn but I am still “my good old self” as Stig – feeling no changes at all – and I was told that “we have played you thinking of how you were” and I received many feelings, and yes Stig, you have still not “felt” your new self “truly” because you know you have another feeling than what you still feel, and yes “when I open” I will feel it, and yes feeling my old Stansted friend Renee here too, so are you starting to understand who I am, Renee after we finally became Facebook friends.

I was told “you have never been asked to choose “is this life to be saved or terminated””, and yes this is the power I had as a normal human being, and the picture of this is the German executioners at gas chambers doing exactly this, deciding who to live and who to become “terminated”, which is what they thought they were doing, and yes when creating a New World of “the right people and races”, but as mentioned before, this was only a “cover”, because in practise it became me as the successor to carry out this task, and we know saving 100% of everyone is what was the goal from the beginning and this is what it became.

The last couple of times I have been given feelings of Søren Espersen, Pia Kjærsgaard and Peter Skaarup from the Danish People’s Party thinking that they are thinking of me – with “why us” (?) being the theme – and the answer is what I was told here that you are the directly successors of the Nazi movement, and had I lost my fight to darkness, you – as my coming servants of light – would instead have become my fellows in crime starting the execution of the world, which would have created the clash between the Western and the Muslim world in the biggest “clash of the titans” also leading to World War III, and I was told about this party that you are thinking that the “white race” is superior to Arabs, who you believe are “dum people” (?), and yes direct feelings of darkness given to you. Later I was told that after some time, you would not get enough pleasure of only “killing an Arab”, and the only “cure” for you would be to kill everyone you could, and yes this was part of your “DNA”.

After lunch I decided that I first wanted to watch this Benny Hinn video before going to town etc., and when I watched this, I was given the clear vision of the spirit of my mother and told that it is in fact her being the last – I hope – inside of darkness, and I was told that “she knows it now”, which is that she will become more happy alive than not to be, and when watching this Benny Hinn video, I see a silver cross, which is what is brought out of the darkness of this the inner part of the spirit of my mother – and this is how strong the energy of Benny Hinn and these people are.

I was shown a well and a sword coming out of it including a light bulb.

In the afternoon I drove to the city and transferred a gross amount of DKK 2.300 and not DKK 2.800 because I had an extra heating invoice to pay too, and I went swimming (almost giving up because of exhaustion and constant “pressure” from darkness on me) and returned home before 16.00 now with time for my self, which I have not had much of the last days, and I was encouraged to send a part of the text from my front web page to LTO in Kenya with the purpose to make Elijah read and understand it, which I understood was of importance to help the last part of the spirit of my mother to return and to make “the last part of me”, and yes I don’t know what is right or wrong in these messages but since there was nothing wrong with the suggestion, I sent the text to Kenya.

I was told in connection with having done what is impossible to do because of “laws of physics” that if I had decided to be satisfied with winning 5 to 1 – to stop my journey some months ago – this would have killed a “considerable number” of people in connection with the pole shift of Earth as I understood it, but you know I am really not given much or any information on this because this is not my purpose to bring as old Stig, others have this mission.

I was told about Lisa – my old colleague from Fair and now Pastor in Lyngby – that the “role” she has been given is to be with the Pastors in Lyngby speaking of me as “crazy” (?) without reading me (!), and knowing from our past and from Facebook that I am “completely normal”, or what, Lisa (?), and what do you tell others about me?

For days I have received the feelings “do we really have to publish everything” (?), which is about the Old World thinking of what will happen in the New World, and yes my friends EVERY LITTLE THING (!), everything of your actions (secret actions of governments and businesses) in the Old World will be published.

On TV news on DR1 one of the journalists said in a sentence “very close to a turn around”, which is about the absolutely last part of the spirit of my mother being very close to turn around the last from minus to plus, so we can start our New World.

This evening, I had MUCH less negative speech and stress than for a long time making it possible to receive some relaxation.

I was shown a HUGE rocket almost on its way into our factory, and it is huge because it contains the behaviour of the world, and I was shown and told that speakers of darkness on the streets are being dismantled with lightning speed.

I was shown only a little crack of darkness and felt the drunken sailor inside of there and told “he does almost not exist anymore”.

I was told with Søren H. as example, who “could not” understand me that I was the last one, who was not overtaken by darkness meaning that I was the last hope for mankind and the Universe to bring survival.

During the day I felt how the last part of the spirit of my mother continued entering me, and this evening I felt her inside of darkness telling me with a serious voice “we are now soon ready to leave this place”, so we may end all creation and start our New World in a matter of days now, and that is of course unless there should be another surprise coming to me and you never really know … :-).

Our perfect new creation has now been approved by the entire world and it will be received with euphoria

I started to write this chapter at 01.00 after first writing the short stories from Restaurant Noma after I was not allowed to sleep being told that more energy was required to help bringing the last content of darkness to safety by taking notes for a little more than half an hour for this chapter, which also includes notes taken the last couple of hours before I went to bed.

I was shown a guitar (i.e. “tool of creation”) and violin being put through a hole followed by a dark person, who is also about to come through, but not quite yet (because it has to follow the end of the month when I have finalised and published my last book as I was told, and this is what I have decided for “a long time ago”, and “wished loosely” is better really), and I see Batman in the cave (of darkness) of this person, and yes I am still nervous about how it will be to become my new self – even though I now am my new self (!) – and really to wake up, feeling what it means to be everything and not least to become public to the world from one day to the next together with my family/friends etc. also wakening up. I was also shown a big face of a person of another civilisation – an extraterrestrial as you normally call them, which they do not like to be called – and “we are still here”, and for a few minutes I had very uncomfortable heart pain again.

(When starting to write this chapter my monitor blinked like crazy (!), and then stopped, and right now spiritual darkness changed my open window from my Microsoft Word document to another document without me touching anything, which it has now done MANY times the last couple of weeks as one of those other small things of “messing up”, and I was here given my cousin Jan in a vision).

I was told as I have been told for days that no lifeline to darkness however thin it is will be cut over, it will simply dissolve when there is no more darkness.

And then I was told what the “big secret” is about because “it is one school board after the other, which you have been through on your journey, which is being rolled into the Olympic Stadium”, which is “where you will get the first slice of the orange” (taste our World) and yes “aren’t you/we excited about what it contains” (?) because one cannot really get into it without the creator, so we are without really being.

I was given several unimportant visions including seeing one cow after the other on the savannah and from one of them I saw a God dressed in white – as Gandalf in Lord of the Rings – coming to me standing on the low part of the mountain, and I was given some uncertainty as to whether or not it would be required to write down these unimportant visions to save the last of darkness, but they were truly unimportant so I decided to say “I am the one making the calls, I want everything to be saved even if I don’t write this down”.

I was told by darkness “Stig stands on top of our list; we do everything we can to exterminate him, but there is now nothing to do” and I saw my name being stroked out as the result, and I was also told “I was caught by my own traps”, which is about light being more clever than darkness using darkness of man as our fuel to save the world (extreme sufferings of the physical world created extreme strength to our spiritual world creating the road through darkness), where darkness thought that it would be the end of the world, but that’s life you know.

I went to bed at approx. 23.30, and when I was still not sleeping at 23.50, I was given this direct feeling I know so well by now meaning ”please be ready to take notes and afterwards to stand up and write them down without sleeping”, and yes even though I have had plenty of hours of sleep, I have NOT had good sleep truly still making me tired and still exhausted from my marathon work recently, and when I was told that this would require me to be awake all night long and to go to the library at 10.00 to produce and publish the PDF version of this book of April, my first strong reaction was that “this is IMPOSSIBLE to do”, this is how tired I am (physical exercise the last days has also been “too much” compared to what I had to give also making me tired), but then I thought quickly “it is not that many hours to wait, so maybe I can do it” and yes combined with extreme flexibility from experiences of my journey, this is what I decided to see if I can do once again and maybe and probably the last time I do this – and now when editing this at 03.45 being extremely tired, I will have to cross my extreme tired limit to make this, and we know “unpleasant” is NOT the word.

I was shown a number of chairs being placed in a circle, and “once more and you can sit down in the chair”, which I felt will be as my new self in the highest of these chairs, and I was straight way given feelings of anxiety (can I do this and what are the consequences if I cannot?) and “once more” to make it right and take on the world by working all night long once again, Lionel – and maybe I can get a spandau’er in the morning, and yes the new ones are as good as the old :-).

I was shown an iron from old days ironing through a wet dishcloth, and I understood that this is the final press of my new clothes, which I will wear as my new self.

More difficult to see visions – also because of tiredness making me almost half sleep (I was extremely tired already around 22.00 not being able to keep my eyes open) – including fitness teachers not arriving on time, which I thought meant “lack of energy”, and people partying in an apartment with an open window, where I stood in my pants and undershirt waiting to receive my clothes.

I was asked “haven’t we got through this yet” and I was shown people skiing, and I was told “for Stig everything is possible, is it also with us and the world (?), who has to follow me to realise creation” and I was told that “this is what those school boards mean, and now we will see if there is sufficient power of the world to bear what you have created, and if there is not, we will have to ask what you want to do without”, and this made me very nervous to hear, and straight away I asked “NOTHING (!) – then better wait until the power is sufficient”, and I was given what felt like a long period of wait now being nervous about what to expect before I was shown the character René from the TV series ‘Allo ‘Allo, which I loved watching, and I saw him rising up from the side of a road having a yellow star attached to his back – maybe even thrown at and now stuck to his back – and what does this mean (?), have you won (?), yes not one has rejected you all over the world, write this now and you will continue (encouraging me to stand up and write this down), or stay here until 00.30 to hear the truth if you can – I was both tired, impatient and I was kept on my edge with a potential diarrhoea almost making me go to the bathroom – and I decided to stay again being nervous that I would receive another verdict and what to do about it.

I was shown a man striking and hitting with a black slice (kitchen tool) both laughing of joy and bleeding from his teeth at the same time, and again I did not know if I should believe in joy or “disaster”, but I was given my old words “I simply don’t care – we MUST come through this” and also my attitude to reject being married in the train (with the spirit of my mother in disguise as darkness wanted me to do), and I was told “can we then say congratulation” followed by “yes, not no”, and I was shown a line of people holding each other’s hands and told “we are an unbroken bond with no Captain Hook to dance with, or what” (?), which was to say that we are now 100% light without any darkness (meaning that creation is approved), but I was shown exactly Captain Hook being part of this line of people holding hands, so what was I to believe in (?), and yes the anxiety was really not very nice to say the least, but when writing this, I see that Captain Hook is the last part of darkness deciding to be part of this bond of light, which is to become light itself.

I was shown this darkness hiding in a large public wardrobe but becoming smaller and smaller, until it becomes nothing, and then I was told that when there is no darkness, there is no resistance to my arrival in the world and therefore “puff-puff, go ahead”, and “green and not read for the entire world including all Universes

And when writing this – on my edge – I feel the yellow colour of the last part of the spirit of my mother about to enter me.

I was told that the Danish “queen of pop” Sanne Salomonsen (below in one of her most beautiful appearances telling about what my family/friends etc., thus the world, did to me) does not understand what she sees (symbolising my mother receiving visions), and after yet another break still making me nervous, I was shown people looking at art (paintings) at an exhibition without speaking to me, which was unbearable, and I was led to a court (of the world), and I was told “you are NOT convicted, which they could not tell you”, so the world watched my exhibition and decided to follow me, but it “could not” communicate with me.

I was told “you made it impossible for the world to reject you by removing darkness”, and also “thank you to Jette for your faith” – I have not written about how strong darkness tried to make me reject you because of your Facebook postings asking people to support the Red-Green alliance and also bringing posts and language, I could not support, but I decided to reject all of this darkness looking at the bright sides of Jette instead J – and I was told “and then we will go to Schlager festival with Euphoria, who do you think will win this” (?), and that is because I watched the warm-up TV programme at Swedish TV this evening bringing songs of different countries participating in the coming Eurovision Song Contest at the end of May, and this evening also included the Swedish own contestant “Euphoria” by Loreen, and yes “you can guess twice what this “euphoria” is about here at the end of time”, and the song is truly so “pure” and fantastic that I agree with the five Swedes of this programme giving their own song the highest character of five times five as the only song they judged, and yes “perfect it is” and that is our New World, which the “euphoria” will be about.

I was shown myself as darkness looking into a professional kitchen, and I was shown and told that there will be no dark baking sheet for me because I have cleaned up the whole road without exception, which means that “I have not tasted the glory of victory, which is also why I cannot break the lifeline no matter how thin it is” as darkness told me.

I was told “there are no crocodiles in the King’s dam” (there was a pool in front of the works next to Kongedammen, where I drove yesterday, and I was told that the nail file (I don’t have nails to file!) was thrown out together with weapons of darkness, and I was shown MANY weapons being thrown out.

I was shown an aeroplane, which used to be a helicopter, now filling the entire area of a triangle of the Trinity.

I was shown and told that “there sits one black man among a large number of red lumberjacks, who is him you speak with now, who is not eliminated, which had made 100% creation impossible”, and I understood that this was about the sketch of Monty Python of the lumberjack, who was hit by darkness and not understood by the others, and this is exactly what this beloved sketch of mine shows – thank you very much, Michael & Co. 🙂 –  which is original people of the forest (i.e. God) being “destroyed” by sexual torments of darkness, which we will now remove too when I will open up the eyes of my new self.

I was shown a reel-to-reel tape repair set followed by an angel shooting an arrow to a tree symbolising the spirit of my mother, and I was told that Sanne Salomonsen until Friday last week went out on town and that she is a symbol of the spirit of my mother, who has now decided to support me because she cannot afford – i.e. there is not enough energy – to be “nothing”, which she now realises, and I was shown her sitting on the floor of a very large and dark gymnasium with a very small toy parking house including a small petrol station and I am given her feelings of sadness when writing this because of the destruction of this making it impossible for her to do anything else than to follow me to our New World – “then show me where it is” as she says negatively here still not convinced that life is better than being nothing, and this is how strong even this the last fuel of darkness is, and yes “it never gives up” as for example Japanese kamikaze pilots never did when sacrificing their lives trying to bring victory of “the empire” and that is unless we make it as here when removing its energy – and earlier she showed another attitude when she said “don’t you come to get me now”, and I was told that this will become the last (work and writings?) if you can stay awake and create/publish the PDF file, and if you cannot ….

I was also told that “you have no ambassador remaining” with “ambassador” being a reference to what I called Michael Hardinger once and here meaning that he has become “invisible” to me on Facebook again, and it is consequently only the last part of the spirit of my mother remaining from darkness, and I was shown how darkness was used to receive new black cars from a wheel of light on the other side sending in these new cars, but now they are constantly returned to light, and I was told that doing this work writing this chapter and staying awake is to bring energy for the spirit of my mother, so she will not break here at the end.

When writing this chapter, I was shown how ”the sexual connection between me and darkness of the spirit of my mother” was cut; we had to go to the extreme end to do this, otherwise my “old nightmare” would have been carried out, if I gave up before this.

And in connection with support of the world, I was told that “even Sinn Fein has decided to lay down their arms supporting me”, so this Irish political party were not as “innocent” as you pretended to be in relation to the IRA.

Finally, when I wanted to update the publish of this script at 04.15 with this chapter, my Internet connection again was hit by spiritual darkness, so I will have to also do this update from the library, and now I will have to “kill time” not having TV or Internet working being extreme tired, and we will see how this will turn out.

Continuing to work and stay awake to bring out another new kingdom and as much additional Jesus as we have already resurrected!

At 05.40 I was both extremely tired going through TORTURE once again at the same time as I had been thinking intimately of Karen and “only Karen”, because if I do not, it will make this connection of darkness to this last person inside of darkness active, and instead of creating, it will bring destruction, and yes let us just say that this is and has been one of the most difficult challenges to go through, and after this I was happy to see that the Internet was now working again after I had showed that I am the strongest, so now I can update this chapter, but I will still have to wait to go to the library later, because this document is too big for my software programs to convert it to PDF, which only the library program, which I don’t have, can do.

Later I was told that we are dismantling more connections of darkness to me, and that the spirit of my mother is entangled in a complicated net of darkness.

I was shown a giant squid coming through the door to my apartment and this part of the spirit of my mother told me ”it is just me arriving”.

I was told that because my father’s wife Kirsten also has given up on me, I can enter this last darkness without resistance – even though I do meet darkness wanting to kill itself.

When this is written, it is 07.00 ”tomorrow”, and the time until going to the library is really the worst you know making me in doubt whether or not I can do it, and I was kept on encouraged to do my absolutely best as if it is the last time I do this, and even to drive on my bicycle for a long tour and to keep awake as much of the day as possible, and just going to the library is “impossible” to do, which was underlined when I took a shower at 06.45, where I was very close to fall over – one or the other way -, more close that ever before, and to me it is a success if I make it to the library and back, and what I may be able to do on top of this, if any, will simply be a miracle.

I was told “I wonder if J. Edgar Hoover had a file on you”, and reminded to tell about Bo from Dahlberg suffering much because of me – not having the same strength as I – and also that I am naturally now drinking less red wine than before (as I have written about a long time ago), and that is approx. half, and I don’t need red wine, but I still enjoy it.

Also around 07.00 I was asked if I wanted to continue working because the next process would take ”hours” to do, and it would not be possible to change or regret it when first getting started, and I was truly exceptionally tired not sure that I would make it to the library, but I could only say ”bring it on”, which we then did, and I also thought that there has to be a back-up plan getting energy from the Universe if I cannot do this.

I decided to sit out on the balcony in the beautiful weather from 07.00 reading the last three days of newspapers, which I have not had the time/energy to do before now (when I also do not have energy), and to do it for open windows to get a little bit cooler air making me less, but not much, tired.

Finally I was told that I would also not be able doing this process without the meditations of Niclas and Kenneth from the meditation group, so thank you my friends.

And it is now 08.40 when writing this, which will be the last words of my script today, because I am now so tired that I need to get out on my bicycle not to fall asleep, and even though the library first opens at 10.00, the front hall opens earlier at 09.00, I believe, and there are also computers to borrow there, so I guess that I will publish this book between 10.00 and 11.00 today, and the question is if these will be my famous last words of my scripts herewith ending my journey (?), and this is the impression I am given, so I may see you soon with “new eyes” and if not now, you will receive a new script from me in two days :-).

It is now 10.03 and I am at the library, where I found out that the very fine and expensive Macintosh computers at the front hall do NOT have Microsoft Word installed – hmmmm (!) – so I had to wait from approx. 09.00 to 10.00 for the library to open, not making me less tired and I am also given a strong feeling to my throat about to break out in coughing because John had a new “treatment” Friday last week, which also “helps” me to dig deep (!), and hereafter I could use the PC’s inside of the library, which is what I do now.

I was told that inside of this darkness of the spirit of my mother is an equally large Jesus as what I have already resurrected, and later I was told “we discovered a whole new dark kennel” and also that there is a whole new kingdom inside of there too, which is also why we are careful doing our best job, right Stig (?) – yes (!) – to bring out this Universe, and I was told that the depth of what we bring out from here is also the depth that all New World’s will receive.

At the front hall I met the “sighing man” from when I was working here the last time (!), and I am now on the first floor and of all places, he decided to sit down right next to me sighing and complaining equally as much as the last time (!), and I will simply need to go to the 2nd floor to get some quietness when working.

A few minutes later: I am now at the second floor with quit surroundings, this is what it means to me when working, and I can now start creating the PDF-document and publish it, and then try to stay awake as long as possible – maybe until this evening – enabling us to dig as deep as possible also because I was told that we will lose what I cannot dig into, and we know ONLY if this is your absolutely last option of course!

At 10.35 when updating this script on my website I was told “and then he can also get the key to my head door now when he does his best work”.


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • “Funny” Dan said that he will do supper for the family this evening and “it will for sure be something with ants”, and yes this is what you brought me too, Dan, my “old nightmare” leading to creation instead of destruction when I absorbed it rather than going down on it, which is what Camilla was inspired to say when saying about ants that “they tasted like chicken”, and it continued when Camilla said that she has them primarily in her bathroom or bedroom, and yes this is what “ants” are about – making love to produce life – and that is because she much better like the “herrings” being there, with herring being the fish symbolising me, and “that’s the way it is” my friends.

  • After strong darkness made it impossible for Barcelona to win the most important matches this season – over Real Madrid and Chelsea – they are now back as their ”new selves” winning 7-0, and Torres from Chelsea became one of the most expensive players ever (”crazy sums of money in football”!) when moving from Liverpool to Chelsea and since it has been “impossible” for him to live up to very big expectations to him, but “suddenly” he has started scoring and a hat trick in the latest match making the headline below that “Torres is reborn”, and yes because this is what I am, and it started when Chelsea played against Barcelona with Torres scoring the decisive goal, and yes “that’s the way it is”.

  • Helena obviously felt like a Queen today when bringing Queen Margrethe as her profile picture, and yes “what a feeling” it gives her and that is to receive the last part of her on her way in, which you know is the spirit of my mother – and she spoke of “love is beautiful” and here when two people celebrate GOLD wedding together, and yes “what do you want more” (?), there isn’t more to get – and so you shall see!

  • My old Swedish colleague and friend Anna Karin brought the post below about a special Swedish tradition this evening, which I learned about when searching on the lead text underneath the picture ”Valborg”, and in Sweden it is about celebrating the end of winter and that summer is just around the corner, and I decided to send greetings to my Swedish friends “hinsidan” (i.e. “joy and happiness on the other side”), because this is where we are, just on the other side of “a little darkness”, and when we reach this, it will bring eternal joy for all, which is what the song about the whale Valborg by Shu-bi-dua symbolising my New World is about, and yes you threw biscuits at me (in the song), but the band and I came through all of your attacks, “and proud we rounded Helsingør” :-).

  • This evening it was decided by a large group of professionals that Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen for the third consecutive year is the best restaurant in the world, which Jyllands-Posten below together with all Danish media reported, and “my friend” Ole Troelsø, who is still my Facebook friend even though he is not my Facebook friend (!), was at the location in London of the election, and he decided to say “huddelihut” (my monitor has now decided to be in a “green” colour nuance and blinking twice, to say that its is alright really before switching back to “normal” as in “normal life”), which is what the Danish football commentator Flemming Toft said in 1992 when Denmark scored in the win of the European Cup in football against all odds, which is a symbol of my victory also against all odds, which is also why – as I now understand – the Swede above mentioned 1992, however he meant it in another connection, but here it is as in Victory three times in a row for the Trinity creating the best restaurant in the world, which is to say that we could not have made a better result when creating our New World, because it does not get any better than this, and I was also told from the last darkness that “we cannot stand being Captain Hook anymore”, this is what it means.

  • “Funny Dan” – I like his humour – also thought that this was good news for Denmark but “bad news for the ants”, and yes meaning the end of darkness including sexual torments and my “old nightmare”, my (coming) friend :-).

  • “The red devils” of Manchester United lost an important football match to Manchester City this evening, and David believes that United is not as good this year to which Lærke said that United will come back in the 2nd half when Rooney, Giggs and Scholes “will give it gas” as we say in Denmark when you really have to do your best, but here it was really inspired words to say that “the red Devils” of Nazi’s gassed the Jews, and as Michael was inspired to ask – to confirm my previous story from the other day – “Lærke, aren’t the mentioned people dead” (?), and yes “terminated”, this is what the Nazi’s believed they did to the Jews, which would be the same as the party of the Devil, Danish People’s Party would have developed into when “gassing” Arabs and others, and the difference this time around is that they would indeed become terminated as long as darkness had overtaken me and I would approve these actions, but we never came to this, thank God.

  • Diane from ABC News was also inspired to speak about a “rebirth” bringing freedom and this video link :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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