May 3, 2012: The New World has now gradually started with my rebirth and production of energy of the Source


Summary of the script today

1st May: Saving the last part of the spirit of my mother and turning her around preparing for my wake up as my new self

  • I continued working and staying awake all day being IMMENSELY tired – it was pure torture (!) – to save “the last part of the spirit of my mother” inside of darkness and turned around too. After saving one level of darkness, another keeps opening, which becomes increasingly difficult for me to reach, and when I cannot reach it anymore, these levels will become “nothing”, which is without a code of both light and darkness. At this time it will be impossible to resist the blue of me, thus opening up the eyes of my new self. This is symbolised by FC Lyngby being forced to relegation, which is a situation we have always feared, but cannot avoid.
  • Short stories of receiving support from high school students in relation to my rebirth and Helena being “happy in the lid” symbolising the spiritual world being happy with our work.

2nd May: The START of producing energy of the Source to the world through my personal production of energy

  • Dreaming of the game saying that it is both impossible and possible for me to continue reaching darkness.
  • It was difficult connecting with darkness today with light being so strong so it almost broke through, but because I had asked the spiritual world to go to its outermost exertion continuing the game (holding light away) combined with my decision that I don’t want anything to die, we kept the game going bringing out more life from inside of darkness, which was also helped when I watched a new video by Benny Hinn with energy from his services spreading to me.
  • I cycled 29 kilometres today and was told that with FAITH and energy coming from exercise I can keep going (bringing content from darkness to our New World), which to my surprise (!) may mean that I have work for months to come also giving me a chance to become in better shape and lose weight.
  • I was given a déjà vue that this is the Source that I am starting up, and that it is a condition for me to exercise in order to bring energy to the world.
  • Rico, the “Zombie-boy” from Canada was on DR1 TV today. He has decided to look like a dead man alive to show the world of my sufferings being a Zombie more dead than alive from 2006-12 because of darkness of man forcing me – and another clip showed of the importance that I do my best cyclin/exercising to spread the energy of the Source together with my love and “halo” to the world.
  • Short stories of Helena as another part of my mother also being is creation, Søren Pind and Morten Bødskov are inside of George Foreman almost knocking me out, the attitude of Helsingør Commune to me has been coloured by the wrong attitude of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune in me registered in their journal, my monitor (i.e. deeper versions of my old self) “cracks” through an inspired message, an old business relation left me on LinkedIn now not so positive about me anymore (?), there is no more energy of my old self, Holger Danske has woken up as I said in April – the newspaper says that it is so (!), and the story of a taxi symbolising “my arrival” and “a sweet lesson on patience” asking the world to be patient until I will open my eyes as my new self.

3rd May: The New World has now gradually started with my rebirth and production of energy of the Source

  • Dreaming of facing the strongest darkness I could not face before without becoming hurt, I am “pure love of God” being all people of the world, who consequently are the same, my mother will bring flowers of love to the world, “the top of the pops” of Denmark knows about me, I may receive a big portion of energy from the Source if I can keep darkness from it and Karen will contact me because she “cannot keep away”.
  • Today was my birthday and I was happy that my mother decided to give me a good day sharing breakfast with me at my place, shopping and later the “best pizzas in the world”.
  • We are using darkness as fuel and “thoughts without boundaries” of our New World to do structural changes to the Universe, which would have been “impossible” to do in our Old World, which is saving the most lives of all.
  • I was happy receiving birthday greetings confirming that people have not totally forgotten about me – some people not follows/believes in me, and others do not follow/read and consequently “cannot” believe in me.
  • The New World has now started with my rebirth and my production of energy of the Source meaning that NOTHING will become eliminated – it is now only a question of “time” before all darkness will become light.
  • Thoughts and decisions of my mother will become reality in our New World because she is the leader of it (!), which two examples showed today.
  • Short stories about sunshine being invented by a man, ”God loves all people, also you Brian Mørk”, Jimmy does not believe that I spread the same same ”love, happiness and humour” as Kenneth from the meditation group (?) thus deciding not to send me birthday greetings, I showed Helena an example of a miracle of a suffering man because of the sins of mankind helping her to believe in me (?), the creation of our New World of light “stands out here knocking on”, more support for the previous President of the Maldives and some of the most famous crop circles of people of other civilizations.


1st May: Saving the last part of the spirit of my mother and turning her around preparing for my wake up as my new self

Saving the last part of the spirit of my mother and turning her around preparing for my wake up as my new self

Since I did not know if yesterday would be my last script, I included the night and the morning working at the library in the script of yesterday, which I will continue here starting to write this at 20.25 in the evening after I have not slept all day.

I finished at 11.00 at the library being happy that I was able to do this work staying awake – only accepting my pain – and after I had finished I was asked about “endless depth” of our New World and if it isn’t possible to send a thought into deep as it is to send thoughts out wide to create New World’s and I was told “if it only was as well, but no”, and I was asked if I wanted to continue if we can get deeper, and despite of how hard I know this can become, I knew that the right answer is yet because it is “once in a lifetime” opportunity you know, and for the next minutes I was told about the world waiting on me including financial crisis (in Greece and elsewhere), wars and hunger etc., and I could only repeat that I am not busy, if I can save more, this is what I will do.

And I thought that I should be able to get more out of darkness because we are in control of darkness, and should have good time before the end of time, and then I was given the lyrics “meet me at Zorba” from a Gnags song, and when looking up the movie Zorba the Greek as I understood it was about, it is bout to tell Greece and myself that we will receive a whole new life with love and joy and happiness will shine through …. :-).

And I was now walking in town – in the very beautiful weather – and thinking that I will also now take the humiliation of the Commune the 8th May with me also because I am curious what they are up to now, still not having figured out the truth?

My inner self said “it will also give me time to learn something more” (growing older than high school), and I did not know if this was the light or darkness speaking to me, or if I will wake up as my new self the next time I sleep.

I used a couple of hours in town sitting in the sun and returned home at 13.00 feeling how amazingly tired I was, and I told myself that I would get a nap under all conditions this afternoon, but then again the voice told me to “give everything” in order to dig as deep as possible, and with this, I went through new torture from 13.00 to 17.00, where it was really the same as having someone carrying out physical torture on you when I fought to stay awake not being able to do anything than focusing on this still with my head being moved spiritually in sudden jerks, and it was first about 17.30 to 18.00 that I started coming over this the worst tiredness also being able to write these lines, which I would never have thought I would be able to do, and most of the day I felt seriously like dying with strong thrown up feelings and attacks of fainting physically making me almost fall over

I was told that the deeper levels of darkness now will become even more difficult to reach, and I was told that if I cannot, now Meat Loaf and later Mick Jagger would be in the danger zone to die as sacrifices, but since God gave you everything, I will NOT allow this :-).

I was told that I am fighting against natural laws to bring in more darkness, and I was thinking “for how long can I do this”, and I was told that it will required endless hard work including excersice and less sleep (as I have done lately), and I know that I cannot continue giving what I have given, which is truly above my normal limit. And I was told “what will happen when we are not allowed to kill (by me) and we no longer can reach darkness, who will win” (?) and my reaction was to day “please invent a system to reach darkness, because I will NEVER directly accept you to start killing” (content of darkness self), and I thought that if it is truly impossible to get every little thing with us (still thinking of the vision of the spirit of my mother sitting with only a small toy parking house and petrol station), we will have to return later when we can and that is under conditions that it will not jeopardise what we will have built inside of our New World in the meantime.

I was shown and told that “you squeeze out the last of the spirit of my mother from the broom cupboard” and again “what will happen with the last if we don’t get it in” (?) and I was given the answer “it will not enter, and it will also not become darkness because we have removed the code of it, so it will become nothing as desired”, and I was truly not happy hearing what I was told, but I accepted this as a last way out under condition that you and I have tried everything else doing our absolutely best to save every little thing.

I was told that “then the time of blue will be too strong for us to be able to hold back”, which is about opening up the eyes of my new self , and I was told “we have now said the truth, and it is now up to you to decide what to do” and also “this time life inside of darkness will not pray for its life”, and I said that I now wanted to focus on saving the last part of the last part of the spirit of my mother, and I was told that it was now her recovered self I had been speaking to (in the lines above), but I would not be able to save the next level without being awake around the clock, and I was asked “what do you chose” (?), and I know that I will NOT now be able to continue staying awake, but on the other hand I will also not give up, so there was only one thing I could ask for, which was “bring the next level on”, and then I was shown a red Buddha being overwhelming happy of joy to be discovered, and I did not know if I would be able to save him, only that I would probably be able to stay awake – and now also writing this – until this evening, where I will sleep no matter what. And I was also shown this Buddha arriving in a large dark car and told that “I cannot get the spirit of your mother back, but I can say goodbye myself”, and I could only hope that light will be able to control the natural laws of darkness also saving this part of Buddha.

During the afternoon when I was half sleeping sitting on the sofa, I was shown disturbances between India and Pakistan, and also that I arrive once a week at my mother’s extra apartment, where she is not there, flying, which is about continuing my work.

After this conversation, I was not happy but thinking that it will follow my old rules and that I will NEVER directly accept a killing of live, but if this is what you must do after having tried everything else for us to continue, this is what you will have to do then.

I was given “I’m just a love machine” (and I would work for nobody but you) by the miracles, which was by the voice of this Buddha inside the next level of darkness, and later a both mature and serious voice inside of this darkness asked me “aren’t you rather free to clean me” (?), and the truth is that I am because it is pretty hard to do, by that I would never dream about not doing my best job here with life at stake – and I wondered if I will be able to continue this game or if I am really playing my absolutely last game by now, which is also why I write this for you to read it, if it was my last game.

I also hear about gifts being prepared for me, and I felt darkness being there, but not very strongly really except for a single heart attack, so these are not quite over yet – and

When I had dinner, the bottom of my head scratched like crazy, which is about me sending less money to Kenya again, making them go through a very difficult time again this month.

At 18.40 I felt a green crocodile of darkness entering me “because we cannot do anything else” because of my darkness, and it was followed by a loud hiccup too, and I also still receive some hurting inside of fingers and toes.

On Aftenshowet on DR1 TV here, Bubber said with inspiration ”forestil dig du har højdeskræk, og den der kran der står ved siden af dig; der skal du balancere derfra og hele vejen ud langs baren, sådan havde jeg det når jeg skulle i gang med det der, og jeg hadede det” (”imagine that you are afraid of heights, og that crane stands next to you, where you have to balance from there and all the way to there along with the bar, this is how I had it when starting with that, and I hated it”), and I was told that this is exactly about the situation we face now; for how deep we are able to dig to get out as many levels of my inner self as possible knowing that we cannot get all.

And I was told that this is also connected with the story of Lyngby Football Club today, which was taken the right from playing at the super league next season as you can see here – because their stadium does not meet requirements – and when Lyngby relegates, it is about losing life, which you will remember that we were extremely close to doing last season, and the difference between now and then is that we have now done a “perfect creation”, which we had not last year, which would have meant the end of the world or at least a very great loss.

I was told that “you have asked for more sacrifices of the world to help bring out more content of darkness, but we say no”, and here it was not a matter of whom has the right to decide because the spiritual world knows much more than me about this, and I can only say that if this was the voice of light, I will accept this, and if it was darkness, my decision still stands.

And I was told to write down these notes today also to get a chance to transfer this new Buddha before tomorrow.

This evening I was told “thank you” from the part of the spirit of my mother, who has now been saved from darkness, and I was told that when I thought intimately about Karen, was the moment when she was turned around, and then we had not imagined that you would go any further than this.

I decided to upload my short script of today already today not knowing what will happen now, and I was encouraged to keep staying awake, but when it was 23.00, I decided to go to sleep

Ending the day with these short stories:

Hip hurra det’ min fødselsdag det er i dag den dag, jeg kom frem og sa’e Jeg kommer langvejs fra, sig nu pænt goddag til mig.

  • I brought a link to my book of April, which made several of the high school students to like it and support me – “we are ready to follow you” – which made me happy, and I thanked them and wished them a beautiful day in the nice weather and also with my spiritual voice giving me “there will come many more of those”, and I knew this was from a song, and afterwards I remembered that it was from “hurrah it is my birthday” by Tommy Seebach saying that we should have many more of such days as today, which is about my birthday, and not only my birthday as old Stig the 3rd May coming up, but also my rebirth as my new self.

  • Helena started a thread by saying that she will be together with her new boyfriend – which made me feel my great miss of a girlfriend, Karen (!) – and this made her say “jeg er glad i låget” (“I am happy in the lid”), which was inspired from the old song “en glad idiot” by Shu-bi-dua, you know, where they sing the same, and really a sign saying that we are happy with how things are progressing.

  • Today, the 1st May, was the workers day, where “traditional workers” also in Denmark “celebrated” the day with much music, relaxation and beer with some of them listening to political speeches where the others of us were working – just like the sign of Liberal Alliance says below – and yes I do like to work instead of drinking beer and relaxing during working hours.


2nd May: The START of producing energy of the Source to the world through my personal production of energy

Dreaming of the game saying that it is both impossible and possible for me to continue reaching darkness

I went to bed at 23.00 yesterday and slept until 06.30 this morning making me feel better than the last days, but I am still tired “inside of me” – and a few dreams too:

  • My mother’s mother has fallen in my hallway next to the carpet, and it is as if she is going to be rolled into the carpet.
    • I am now feeling Janet Parker too, so we are on the same “line”, Janet – can you feel it (?) – and this about my mother’s mother is to say that darkness cannot no longer continue when and if I cannot go deep enough to reach it.
  • The front of the frame of my racer cycler has broken making cycling impossible – and I see how my furniture is removed.
    • More of the same, I cannot continue my suffering cycling to bring more darkness.
  • I have gone through with a colleague what he needs to develop of work including new concepts over the coming months – as if it is the same as I will do myself – and he is now writing this down in a letter, and when he is finished, Kim S. wants to meet him to tell him that this will be his “promise” and what he will be evaluated on, and this is what will save or dismiss him over the coming months.
    • I am the colleague and Kim S. is God as my old self, and on contrary to the first dreams above, this says that I will be able to continue working the coming months to bring deeper levels of my old self, and what is the truth (?) – this is the game – and the truth may also be about my own attitude of work from here, that is if I can continue going deep enough bringing out the best of me.

I had difficulties bringing more out of darkness with light now being very strong wanting to shine through

I woke up to a combination of darkness and light, with darkness of the Buddha from yesterday, who is still with me, bringing me the song Vimmersvej by Bamse – why isn’t there a GOOD version on the Internet of this one of the most important songs of my childhood (?) – which is really about an old and wrong fantasy of mine, therefore (!), and when I first decided that I would not write this down (which I did anyway), I was told “Highway 61 revisited” by Bob Dylan then” (!), and this is a song where God asks Abe to kill him a son, and to do it on Highway 61, and I can only see this in connection with killing the deepest parts inside of me (where we have never been before), which I cannot reach.

I also received more speech of gifts, and was shown yellow of the spirit of my mother of light, and I was told that the reason why I still receive darkness is because I asked the spiritual world to go to its outermost exertion combined with my decision that I don’t want anything to die, and when I was in bath, I was shown a small dark room with very aggressive darkness and Venetian blinds, which are about to be opened to the light outside, and it is only with the greatest difficulties that we keep them closed, and yes because this is what I ask you to do until you cannot do it anymore, and at bath I was also given a vision of another elephant of this Buddha on his way in.

I have been given the name of the previous football goal keeper Zubizarreta and the player Drogba for some days, which I guess will have to be to say that my football game is not quite over, and goal keeper is normally about darkness trying to keep me out.

I was told this was also regards from Gert: “I will now go to dig my self down” and NO MY FRIEND, you are going to stay here (!), and I was shown how my internet connection was now balancing between on- and off-line, which is what this is about; will I be able to go deep enough to keep this part of my old self alive too (?), and I have decided that it is my birthday tomorrow, and my mother will come here at 08.30 with breakfast, we will go shopping and later in the day have pizza at the square in Helsingør, and yes I am NOT going to stay up the whole night and go through my birthday tomorrow “dead tired”, this is a decision, but I will do my best besides this.

Later in the morning I watched this video of Benny Hinn and I asked for the energy brought from this event to me (!) to be used to dig deep after more of my old self, and after some minutes I felt how the grey of the elephant – this Buddha – returned also because of the sincerity of Benny Hinn as I am told, and later I felt the now rescued last part of this part of the spirit of my mother and she said “it is also me receiving him”, so she is helping too.

Even later I heard “what did you give for a ticket” (?), which is about the next Buddha wanting to enter, and I heard the answer “nothing, we are all here because of him there” (i.e. me), and I will see a new video of Hinn later – I have not forgotten about Braco and also Bay Revival – but I do experience a great effect from Hinn, whom I have decided to stick to for now.

I was encouraged to say that I have not had a cough today, and while I think of it also not bad sleep because of John’s treatment now five days ago, which should have come to me by now, so apparently this is over now, and I feel a low voice of the spirit of my father of light asking me “with the help of Hinn” (?), and so it is – and BIG SMILES were included :-).

I felt much positivity and smiles around me today – the light of the New World coming close to me – making it difficult to connect with darkness, but even though darkness and a negative voice was much less today, it was still there, so we are not over yet, but it seems as being very close, but we will see.

This is what I had imagined, that when there is no more darkness, the negative voices and feelings given to me will simply stop, and this is the feeling I am almost given today, and I guess that when I will go out cycling, I will feel more darkness again, we will see this afternoon.

I was told that we are now down sizes like matchbox toy cars – the smallest you can get (which I liked playing with as a child) – which you have decided to bring with you, and the less, the greater still matches so to say, and no light is allowed to come in yet, unless you cannot hold it back.

I felt the new Buddha becoming stronger with me just after I started watching this Benny Hinn video, which came after I had felt more negativity coming against me just because of watching this video, which is what this energy of Benny brings out of me.

I am now producing energy of the Source to the world through my personal production of energy

After writing the script so far and watching the Benny Hinn videos and lunch, I did not have more work to do, which is a new situation to me, but since it was beautiful weather again today and I have a new cycle, I decided that I could go for a longer ride cycling away from Helsingør and around Gurre Lake, so this is what I did.

On my way I was told with a serious and almost happy voice from my right (from darkness!) “do you need me” (?), which was from this, the new Buddha – “yes, you are welcome” (!) – and I had just before his voice felt a large lump of darkness coming to me, and I was told that this is exactly because of this cycle tour, which I did even though I have received pain to my muscles of the calf after starting to cycle on this new bicycle, but I know that this pain will go away when the muscles have gotten used to this new exertion.

I was also told that this is also what the feelings of the football players Zubizarreta and Drogba was about, whether darkness via the first (the goal keeper) or light via the second (goal scorer) would be the strongest.

I was told that with FAITH and energy coming from exercise I can keep going (bringing content from darkness to our New World) and also that if I don’t feel darkness, content of darkness will still be transferred, and I was shown by this new Buddha how he told everyone coming after him via the long dark lifeline of darkness “come on”.

I was told that it is all ages, which we first download now, and that we are going through the age of Vikings now – and a few days ago I wrote that we have received a new kingdom, and today I was told that this was the Incas being transferred, and this made me wonder because isn’t this darkness we are entering now, which we have never entered before (?), or is this simply fuel from darkness, which we are using to transfer these ages from “somewhere else”, where everything was protected against darkness if I should have lost it?

And when driving this tour, it became clear to me that the energy I provide as Stig will keep us going, bring out even more of darkness, and I was told that first when I am in a good shape, we will be able to reach and transfer the last, which may really take several months from now, and yes maybe even to December, and at the same time, this will become an opportunity for me to lose weight (to be able to show myself in a more slim figure than now to the world) and I thought under condition that I will be able to sleep and that darkness will not keep me fat, but when I am given less negativity of darkness – light knowing the code of it – maybe my metabolism will become better, which I wish also will be the case for my mother and Fuggi.

I was told today as also yesterday without writing it that my mother would like “rich people” to help me because she is not rich, which I understood as a sign of faith, and yes mother, the time of this will (soon) come, and I am growing day by day becoming my age spiritually as I am physically, which is my new goal, and yes I was given the feeling of my new LinkedIn friend Simon here – and I have been given feelings of many others recently, Anja from Aon, Thomas H., Mads S.M., Sidsel (who is still my connection on LinkedIn!) and others – and the feelings of these people in relation to me are helping me all the way home to my new goal.

While cycling I was also given a déjà vue that this is the Source that I am starting up, and that it is a condition for me to exercise in order to bring energy to the world (which will remove sicknesses etc.) and I do remember now from being a boy where I received visions/dreams about doing exercise as a condition to bring energy to the entire world (!), and this is really why exercise is a good thing to do my friends, because you create energy for the world (!), and I understood that when I do this, we will not need energy from others – for example from death of John or Robin Gibb as examples – and I am hoping that it will also reduce sacrifices and destructions of the Universe, and I was thinking that if I should not be able to create enough energy myself, there is only one way to get it, and that is via the Universe, and yes herewith changing the decision of yesterday was it (?) or the day before that.

I was also told that it will be in this phase that Karen will call me, and I cannot tell you how much I miss a girlfriend, nearness, understanding and support, both ways of course, and I received the feeling today that life will truly start now after having lived without living, this is what this energy means to me and with the negative voice and lack of sleep tormenting me.

I was told that without darkness of my mother’s mother, this would not be possible to do, and I was given the thought that negative thoughts, instincts and urges of people is what was killing/terminating us and that people did not know that this is what they were doing – take Lisbeth from the Commune as ONE of MANY examples (“I only mean well” not seeing/understanding how she was tormenting me because of her “misunderstandings” and wrong behaviour) of family/friends etc., thus the world – and this is really to tell you of the primitive and not intelligent force of darkness, which soaked out energy to itself in order to terminate us all to return to the stage of being “nothing”, and yes you did not understand the consequences of what you did, see (?), and yes NO, not yet, I have decided NOT to let the light shine through yet – feeling my cousin Jan in this connection too – and first when I know that it is right to do or we cannot do other, I will allow this to happen, so please be patient my dear world.

I received a couple of pretty strong heart attacks, and I was shown and told that the energy being used to put a white dog (man of light) into the bag (of darkness), is what is now returning bringing me this, and I received generally much more negative speech when doing this tour, as expected however not very strong and also the feeling that it is controllable darkness, so I feel (almost) sure that if I for some reason should “lose it”, we will come through anyway with help being brought to me.

I cycled 29 kilometres, which I was more than satisfied with under the conditions, and yes if this energy I produce also will make my life bearable to live not feeling (very) tired, I should be able to do a mix of running and cycling – and swimming if I can afford it – making me in a better shape, and we will see.

And I keep receiving information about “him or her” knowing about me, and here I was given the feeling of Peter Kær (a Danish TV presenter and entertainer) as example, and yes I will NOT write about all I receive, only give a few examples.

I was told that Eiljah will hurt when receiving the message that he will now have to wait for additional “months” before “normal life” will come to him, and yes I have given the team an understanding that there is a good chance that things will happen now – unless I will be surprised as I told them – and “surprised” is what I became today, and you do understand this, don’t you, Elijah (?), and yes GOOD LIFE is coming to you, but you will have to show even more patience, my friend – and that goes to the team too.

I felt Jack several times and was told that this is in connection with what I wrote about his late father recently.

This is the START of the Source producing energy/light to the world and automatic removal of the last darkness

On my way home from my cycling tour, I did some shopping, and as I have ALWAYS experienced, when I am exercising, it automatically gives me a desire to eat healthy, thus also today, and I decided to buy salad, tomatoes and mushrooms and I had tuna, scrimps and dressing at home so I made me a very delicious and healthy energy bomb for dinner.

I was told that today was the START of the Source including automatic removal of the last part of darkness – including the depth (!) – I was given three loud physical cracks at the kitchen and a vision of the spirit of my father sitting behind a rubbish chute confirming this (the last parts of him are on their way out) because “everything has to be perfect”, remember (?) as I am told, so this is really the best of a “new wave” of energy to the world with the principle that “what you give is what you get” in terms of love and positive thoughts/actions.

This is what it took to create an automatic system removing the last darkness, and the decisive moment was the other day when thinking intimately of Karen without taking the STRONG bait of darkness wanting to bring me my “old nightmare” disguised as the Devil do, which is to “let all of your dreams come through”, and yes I do believe you will understand such a small one.

The “Zombie-boy” looks like a dead man alive to show the world my sufferings being a Zombie from 2006-12

At ”Aftenshowet” on DR1 TV this evening, there was several ”interesting” items, for example about a “mind reader” predicting here that the two hosts in common would chose the king of spades when asking them questions about which colour etc. of the cards they would chose, and of course he had chosen this card himself in forehand, and yes this is the spiritual world doing the magic – but “he” is good isn’t he (?), and yes he does NOTHING, but he takes the credit for it, and people are dazzled and ask “how do you do this” (?), and we know it would not be good to say “I do nothing, it is the spiritual world doing everything”, would it (?) because the next time there will probably not be people willing to pay to see it done (?), and yes this is how the spiritual world are working with everything, which you see, think of and cares about, and that is EVERYTHING, my friends!

There was also the story of Rico, the “Zombie-boy”, from Canada here, who has decided to be tattooed all over this body to look like a Zombie, a skeleton, a corpse or a living dead if you will as you can see from the pictures below.

After the interview, the journalist, Louise, told her colleague and the viewers that she could not understand why Rico did not answer her question precisely why he decided to look as he did other than after 10 years he woke up looking like this (and also to do it for the girls!), and yes, there is a good reason for this as I am here told and that is because he has decided to do this to show the world how I felt like living as a living dead, a Zombie, for years – from 2006 to 2012 – still having to do my absolutely best job being more dead than alive in order to save the world.

Rico, the “Zombie-boy” has decided to look like a dead man alive to show the world my sufferings being a Zombie more dead than alive from 2006-12 because of sins/darkness of man

Can you imagine how it was to live like a Zombie (?), and “no, it is difficult” (?), and yes this is why I have created this man to show you; to help you understand, because the way he looks like is how I felt inside of me from 2006 to 2012 with everything being darkness forcing me down to give up, so we all could be darkness, which is “nothing” or in other words to destruct the world and all life. This was the enemy I was up against.

Rico on DR1 TV today – a normal man looking the opposite of normal – who do you think this is the most scary for, people looking at him or experiencing this yourself from the inside?

The insects on his head symbolises “the worst sexual torments imaginable” given to me as the main weapon of darkness to destruct life because of unrestrained sexual indulgence and lust of mankind breaking broke the natural laws of life itself

There was also a clip with the MP Kristian Thulesen Dahl and the “world famous” in Denmark TV presenter/host Reimer Bo Christensen loving to ride their racer cycles, and Reimer Bo said here that “what happens now, as instance today, warmth comes from the asphalt, you start practising thread/pull, then it becomes like Salsa, and it becomes music, you are casted together with the bicycle, you thread and pull, and then you have to come music into your ears, and I give it everything together with my daughter’s favourite song “halo” by Beyonce, and you feel the cycle raking and you think they have laid this asphalt only for you; this is cycling!” – and this was inspired speech about what it means for me to cycle as I did today, which is to spread my energy and “music of love” to the world by giving “everything I have”, and this is how my “halo” will spread to the whole world – this was the secret message of this broadcast my friends :-). And Beyonce is truly a remarkable artist/singer, whom I both enjoy and respect much for doing her absolutely best, and this is a very beautiful song indeed.

Automatic creation works when creating New Worlds

During the evening I experienced how a spiritual power very physically grab both of my lower legs and I received the feeling of blue spreading, and I received the strong feeling that I was to take a standpoint about this, but since I did not know what it was other than blue is my new self of light, I could only say “let the light decide” and also “we are NOT finished working with and inside of darkness”.

This evening and also several times for days I have received the feeling of Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller with me, and that is to the right of me, which is “of darkness”.

I was unsure about whether or not I would be allowed to sleep and in this connection, I received the song “Costa Kalundborg” by Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics “Der er sket en forurening af den ydre atmosfære” (“a pollution of the outer atmosphere has happened”) , and I don’t know what this is about other than it tells me of darkness of the Universe.

I was shown a LARGE egg including a radio (creation with spiritual communication) coming in, and I was told ”because you have made automatic creation you know”, and when I was half asleep – VERY tired – I received the sentence “there is only one thing, which goes up, and that is prime numbers because its zero value is still the predictable value”, and I don’t know what this is about, but maybe some of your “wise guys” out there can tell?

When I was half asleep, I was also given extremely negative voices of darkness, so they are still with me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Three days ago Helena was a “tired little hen” and yesterday she went “to bed with the hens”, which is really to say that she – as another part of my mother – is the “hen”, i.e. creation.

  • The small and selfish school boys the MP Søren Pind and Justice Minister Morten Bødskov keeps on fighting here, and Søren even says below that he loves it – you are totally brainwashed both of you as I have told you (!) – and “funny” that Søren should decide to bring a reference to “the rumble in the jungle” – the best boxing fight in history between Cassius Clay (!) and George Foreman in 1974, where it was “impossible” for Clay to defeat the MUCH stronger opponent, but still he won – which I have used as a symbol of my fight against “impossible to defeat darkness” (both in my scripts and also “my sufferings), and if you believe Søren that you “sting like a bee” as Clay, I have do disappoint you, because both of you were inside of the “five metre high” Foreman consisting of all of you, who behaved wrongly and could not support me.

  • According to Søren, the Justice Minister says one to the European Union (about criminal foreigners) and the opposite to the Danish population, and I will NOT be dragged into these political games, I will finish this one here to tell Søren Pind and Morten Bødskov simply to work and communicate properly according to my basic rules to avoid these kind of situations, which is both bureaucracy, a waste of time and not pretty to look at – at all!

  • I used some time searching for old business relations on LinkedIn, and “coincidently”, LinkedIn decided to show me these two well-known employees from Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune as suggestions of people to connect with, and yes I tried with both in 2010/11, but they rejected my invitation (!), and I am here given the understanding that part of Lisbeth’s (from Helsingør Commune) misunderstandings in me is based on old journal notes on me from Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, and when these misunderstandings are written down, they have now become “the truth”, even thought they are not, and yes my best guess is that Lisbeth will now also send me to a shrink when meeting her again the 8th May, and yes Lisbeth is the kind of person, who can listen but still I cannot get through her “filter of darkness” making it “impossible” for her to understand.

  • As you know, my PC monitor often “blinks” to me in different colour nuances, which it has not done today, but it did blink anyway through an inspired message of Brian saying that “when the monitor cracks it is wildly annoying”, and this is here with the meaning “we cannot keep up digging deeper”.

  • Sune L. was a connection of mine on LinkedIn, but now no more when he also got tired of seeing my postings with links to my website, and he was one of more people, who was excited about me when I interviewed them for a position as investment adviser at Acta, but now you don’t have the same positive experience of me anymore, Sune (?), and why is that?
  • Helena has had her purse stolen, which is “an inspirational act” – life is FULL of them (!) – saying that there is now no more energy of the Old World, so we will see for how long I can continue without opening the eyes of my new self, and yes the longer, the better.

  • The local and free weekly newspaper Nordsjælland (“North Zealand”) “decided” to follow up on my news of the 25th April that Holger Danske – Ogier the Dane – has now woken up when they wrote this article with the headline “Holger Danske has woken up”, and it is about announcing a culture canon in Helsingør, which they say has reached the casemates of Kronborg Castle making Holger Danske shake the sleep out of the corners of his eyes and walk outside to have a closer look at the Commune “hit by canons” (!), and yes it has now been in the newspaper, so it can only be the truth!

  • My old colleague Jesper from Acta gave a comment to this post, which was shown to me even though Jesper is one of those who decided to leave me at Facebook, and it is about a taxi symbolising “my arrival” and “a sweet lesson on patience”, and this is really to tell the world that I am indeed now my new self, but please be patient until I will arrive, which I will first do when I cannot enter darkness anymore, which may be in days, weeks or even months, I don’t know, but PLEASE BE PATIENT, because the longer this process takes, the better result I will bring as part of our New World. And Jesper wanted to borrow 100 DKK from Franke because he believes he is a “good human”, and you do remember that “money” is energy, so this is what Jesper also soaked out of me when he “could not” understand me.

  • This is the text following the photo, which I liked very much.

A sweet lesson on patience.

A NYC Taxi driver wrote:

I arrived at the address and honked the horn. After waiting a few minutes I honked again. Since this was going to be my last ride of my shift I thought about just driving away, but instead I put the car in park and walked up to the door and knocked.. ‘Just a minute’, answered a frail, elderly voice. I could hear something being dragged across the floor.

After a long pause, the door opened. A small woman in her 90’s stood before me. She was wearing a print dress and a pillbox hat with a veil pinned on it, like somebody out of a 1940’s movie. By her side was a small nylon suitcase. The apartment looked as if no one had lived in it for years. All the furniture was covered with sheets.

There were no clocks on the walls, no knickknacks or utensils on the counters. In the corner was a cardboard box filled with photos and glassware.

‘Would you carry my bag out to the car?’ she said. I took the suitcase to the cab, then returned to assist the woman. She took my arm and we walked slowly toward the curb.

She kept thanking me for my kindness. ‘It’s nothing’, I told her.. ‘I just try to treat my passengers the way I would want my mother to be treated.’

‘Oh, you’re such a good boy, she said. When we got in the cab, she gave me an address and then asked, ‘Could you drive through downtown?’

‘It’s not the shortest way,’ I answered quickly..

‘Oh, I don’t mind,’ she said. ‘I’m in no hurry. I’m on my way to a hospice.

I looked in the rear-view mirror. Her eyes were glistening. ‘I don’t have any family left,’ she continued in a soft voice..’The doctor says I don’t have very long.’ I quietly reached over and shut off the meter.

‘What route would you like me to take?’ I asked.

For the next two hours, we drove through the city. She showed me the building where she had once worked as an elevator operator.

We drove through the neighborhood where she and her husband had lived when they were newlyweds She had me pull up in front of a furniture warehouse that had once been a ballroom where she had gone dancing as a girl.

Sometimes she’d ask me to slow in front of a particular building or corner and would sit staring into the darkness, saying nothing. As the first hint of sun was creasing the horizon, she suddenly said, ‘I’m tired.Let’s go now’.

We drove in silence to the address she had given me. It was a low building, like a small convalescent home, with a driveway that passed under a portico.

Two orderlies came out to the cab as soon as we pulled up. They were solicitous and intent, watching her every move. They must have been expecting her.

I opened the trunk and took the small suitcase to the door. The woman was already seated in a wheelchair.

‘How much do I owe you?’ She asked, reaching into her purse.

‘Nothing,’ I said

‘You have to make a living,’ she answered.

‘There are other passengers,’ I responded.

Almost without thinking, I bent and gave her a hug.She held onto me tightly.

‘You gave an old woman a little moment of joy,’ she said. ‘Thank you.’

I squeezed her hand, and then walked into the dim morning light.. Behind me, a door shut.It was the sound of the closing of a life..

I didn’t pick up any more passengers that shift. I drove aimlessly lost in thought. For the rest of that day,I could hardly talk.What if that woman had gotten an angry driver,or one who was impatient to end his shift? What if I had refused to take the run, or had honked once, then driven away?

On a quick review, I don’t think that I have done anything more important in my life.

We’re conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments. But great moments often catch us unaware-beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one.


3rd May: The New World has now gradually started with my rebirth and production of energy of the Source

Dreaming of being “pure love of God” with people being the same when being part of me

I went to bed already at approx. 21.45 yesterday evening and I slept with disturbances until approx. 06.30 this morning – feeling alright but still tired today – with these dreams:

  • I see Caroline Henderson and somehow I am a new edition of her, which is “pure love of God”, and first now I enter my father’s office on my way home with my cake. He tells me “well, you dare to face me now”, and he is almost knocking me out, but it almost has no effect on me now, I keep my composure, and see how a line inside of me is almost on its way out because of the pressure from my father, but I keep control of it, and while I am there I bring my energy to the cake and all of the surroundings. I drive around with others for music jobs and I am stopped and asked “who are you” and I answer “pure love of God – like Sanna”.
    • Caroline Henderson was one of the “pop divas” of Denmark until she became a “jazz diva” – a truly remarkable talent too – and I am she, and she is part of me, which is how it is to be everything, and in this meaning she is also “pure love of God” as all people are, and I do understand that the music scene of Denmark knows about me via Michael Hardinger, Sanne Salomonsen and others (?), and here I meet the darkness of my father stronger than ever, and even though darkness does its absolutely best to destruct me, I am almost indestructible now, and the cake is still our creation. And here Caroline sings a truly beautiful song very beautifully :-).

  • I am lying on the top of a bed being on a concert tour together with Depeche Mode and a Swedish cover band called “cover masters of Depeche Mode” and 10 other bands, and Depeche Mode has decided to share their songs also to be played by the other bands, which I like.
    • This cover band will also have to be about my inner self being “everything”, and here Sweden is still about “joy and happiness” and the music about my love to the world.
  • Something about Sanne Salomonsen being in my mother’s apartment singing “hon har blommor i sitt hår” (“she has flowers in her hair”), and there are Swedes too with beautiful names.
    • My mother is about flowers, because our new life is a flower, which is really a good sign, and yes “it opened up my eyes” to how our new life will be, which you will feel the more I send out my energy/love to the world.

  • I am visiting Dan Rachlin, Sanne Salomonsen and Kasper Winding, and they have seen my Facebook postings, which they believe are funny, and Sanna is washing trousers for free.
    • Sanne and Kasper were together on the recording of the “top of the pops” TV programme on Mallorca recently, and did you have a good chat with the cameras off (?), and in the dream I felt the attitude of Kasper as the attitude of my old friend Christian, who may be “influenced” by my Facebook postings too, but not saying anything – but some days ago, I felt Torben, his good friends, so maybe you are speaking about me but not with me? And I woke up to “kom nu hjem” (“come home now”) by Kasper Winding.

  • I am working at the trust company of Danske Bank, and a Swede asks to receive an offer on inserting millions also receiving offers from two American banks. Managers write about an attack, and the market is brutal without limits when it comes to attacking each other – and I wrote about it, but they don’t listen.
    • Inserting money from Swedes will have to be about bringing energy including joy and happiness from our New World – the Source, but it depends on the darkness symbolised by American banks attacking me, and in real life this will have to be about the continuous darkness of the financial sector, which still – even after 2008/09! – continues their disgusting chase on “profits” as if nothing had happened.
  • I first received the song “she is a maniac” from Flashdance followed by “power of love” by Huey Lewis and the News, which is both related to my mother with “maniac” being when she does not believe in me, and the power of love because no mother has a greater love for her son than my mother, and this is what has and still is pulling the load forwards when we are going “back to the future” :-).

  • A short dream about Karen visiting me because she cannot keep away, and we have a cappuccino.
    • Is Karen going to contact me soon (?) as I am now told again and this time via a dream.
    • I was given “Maria Magdalena” by Sandra, which I liked much as a pop song in the 1980’s.

  • I woke up to two hiccups, which you know is still about the combination sacrifices of the Universe together with progress of our creation.

We are doing structural changes to the Universe, which were impossible to do in the Old World saving MANY lives

Today was my birthday, and from the morning I felt how big portions of darkness entered me as part of the new automatic system, and I continued receiving negative speech, but again it was with the strong feeling of it being in a controllable way, because if I did not absorb it, it would stop temporarily as I was also given an example of, but I have decided NOT to show less will power now just because of this.

I was told that those who have read my scripts from the beginning of May 2009 from my old computer, which was stolen from me in May 2009 in Nairobi, do not understand why I have not showed myself yet to the world, but you will :-).

I was told again what I have been told before, so better to bring it this time, which is that royal families do look forward to become “normal people” like everyone else in our New World without kingdoms as we know today, and yes “believe it or not, Ripley”.

I was happy for my mother to arrive at 08.15 bringing breakfast, so we could get a good start to the day sitting at the balcony wathing the beautiful view over the sea to Sweden also with beautiful weather again today – and sadly John was too weak to come, and yes he is receiving energy from me, so he will become better when I produce more energy.

Afterwards we drove to Hillerød 25 kilometres away to do shopping today – many good offers in Rema 1000 (!) – and as usual my mother was happy to buy me different kind of gifts, thank you very much, and we returned home at 11.30, where I started to update the script of yesterday, which I continued doing together with starting the script of today until 14.50, and I could have decided to keep on writing, but no, I will try to walk/run now even though my legs hurt a little from the cycling yesterday, and we know I will meet my mother at 16.30, so a short run it will be and then write later this evening, and to publish late this evening or tomorrow morning, and yes then I will take it from there.

During the afternoon I was told “now we can almost not see the refrigerator anymore”, and this is here where I have to have faith in life still being transferred from darkness. Later I was told “no, there was still an access there”, which came when I had done my best work writing the chapter of the Zombie-boy yesterday, and yes taking my time instead of being impatient finishing as quickly as possible, and this is also the way in for the last darkness, and yes I cannot work differently to what I have done for MANY months now.

But the running was truly an anti-climax to yesterday, because I thought I could much more than I could, and just because I cycled 29 kilometres, it does NOT mean that I can run without problems, because I could NOT also because my running trousers automatically fell down, so I will have to get some better – if I can afford it – and to start running on asphalt and not in the wood as today, and to start up by 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes becoming better and stronger week by week – and when running I was given an immensely strong pressure when being told that everything depends on me to get the energy production of the Source up requiring me to exercise much better than this, “you are the only one who can do it”, and also that I only have a limited time to do this, and I felt how this pressured me, but there was also something wrong in this, which simply is that we do not have a pressure on time because with the start of our New World, we really live in a New World without time, but the world has not discovered it yet! (or else the feeling of this will become stronger with more of my energy coming).

So I was quickly back, and I was told that “you use us – darkness – as the fuel to do this” – and I don’t know what is done at the moment, but is it “simply” to change the poles, turning around the Earth and the whole Universe to become unified with the spiritual world (?), and this is what I understand it is. This is the operation, which saves the most lives of all – and that is all over the Universe, and yes when doing these structural changes to the Universe using our new tool called “no boundaries for our thoughts” (of creation), and again because I decided NOT to give up bringing everything with us.

I was happy receiving birthday greetings confirming that people have not totally forgotten about me

I was truly HAPPY receiving many nice birthday greetings on Facebook, which also confirmed that I am not totally forgotten by and given up on by old friends and colleagues.

Of all greetings I was the most happy to receive this very nice greeting from Niklas, who had decided to take time and do something more than the one-line greetings as most people sadly do today, and I was happy to see that he decided to do the same as I often to, which is to bring the favourite music of people as part of the greetings, and here he brought a concert from David Bowie’s 50th birthday, and as I wrote in my reply, this meant that “almost not an eye was dry” because of how happy he made me – and when you know, my dear world, that by doing your absolutely best not being lazy makes people happy, this is simply what I encourage you to do.

And here are some examples of other greetings with Vivi – my old colleague from Fair – saying “thank you for the beautiful weather” and Brian doing the same when saying “a day where the weather is fantastically beautiful, thank you for that”, and is this small signs of people saying “we believe in you, and this is how we have decided to tell it” (?), and this is at least how I understood it, which also made me happy.

And with these greetings – also from my sister 🙂 – I can conclude that people, who do not follow/read me on Facebook and/or my website/scripts, they “cannot” believe in me – for example most of my father’s family and Facebook and LinkedIn connections leaving me (!) – and people reading me on Facebook and/or my scripts have much easier to believe in me, and I am experiencing both groups now.

I was also happy receiving an “email postcard” from my aunt Inge and her husband Ove with birthday greetings and also regards for my mother, and I wrote back saying that I think much of how she and my father (and also Kirsten and Ove) are doing, and that I hope she will update me – and also to send my regards to all including my father and Kirsten, and also her son Jan even though he “could not” answer my email and Facebook invitation, which made me sad because I don’t believe I have done anything to hurt him, and yes Inge, is this what you regret, that your own son cannot understand and decides to ignore me instead of understanding and communicating with me?

I was sad yet again NOT to receive greetings from Karen, which is difficult for you to do Karen, when you do not want to be Facebook friends with me and do not have my birthday included in your calendar (?), and yes I may have sent you 8-9 birthday and 8-9 Christmas greetings, and eeehhhh how many did you send to me (?) – besides from one card and gift given to me personally when we “knew” each other – and yes, is it NONE (?), and what are you thoughts about this, Karen, does this make you proud or embarrassed (?) or both depending on your “feelings”?

The New World has now gradually started with my rebirth and production of energy of the Source

I had agreed to meet my mother at the square of Helsingør at 16.30 to sit down and have a drink in the sun and afterwards “the best pizzas in the world” at Tony’s Restaurant, and John was still tired not coming – but he had a good blood test again today not requiring a blood transfuse, and yes I told you from the beginning that I would become your “blood donor” transferring energy to you – and while we were sitting there at “the most cosy square in the world that I know of”, I received more spiritual information, which came after a day where “controllable darkness” had kept me almost on my edge, and it made me conclude that EVERYTHING is now part of our New World – including darkness not yet becoming light – and NOTHING can now be lost, it is only a matter of time before I have produced enough energy to absorb the rest darkness, which will gradually make the world a better place to be including the end of sicknesses etc., and we have all the time in the world because light is in control of time and the conclusion is really that when I have become my new self and the Source has now being switched on, we have now started our New World (in the small, but growing day by day) and we did it without the world discovering it – Earth at least – which is how I decided for it to be in order to save the world and myself for as much pain as possible. Had I as my old self died from a heart attack, it would have been visible and perceptible for the world!

And I had much darkness wanting to “kill, kill” but “kill what” (?), my dear darkness, because you cannot eliminate anything now when the New World has started, and I know that the Universe is still sacrificing because of darkness and the low production of energy from the Source to start with, but it is impossible to eliminate anyone, and yes this is what the “kill, kill” command has been about, the desire of darkness to totally eliminate life to return to the previous state of “nothing”. And the question is what will happen if I should “lose it” now, will it make more destructions of the Universe or will it simple be kept back because we know the code of it (?), which I am not sure about now.

I was told that “we would like to improve your life” – it is still a nightmare with negative speech etc. when it comes to me – at the same time as the world is hurting because of lack of energy, which was symbolised by my mother having received a spring finger and a swelled hand and lower arm.

We had a nice couple of hours together until 18.30 and truly the best pizza at Tony’s, and the nice female waiter remembered me from last year here because I praised their pizzas much, and I asked her to bring regards from “mother and son” to Tony, who was not there.

Thoughts and decisions of my mother will become reality in our New World because she is the leader of it!

Earlier today my mother had asked me if I wear a cycle helmet when cycling, and I told her that I do not because I don’t have any, and also that I have never fallen on my bicycle – and to me freedom is about being responsible for your own safety and the safety of all of us – and when I later cycled down to town to meet her again, a few metres in front of me, a cycling lady holding and cycling with another cycle next to her, crashed, and I was given the feeling of a connection with what my mother told about the helmet – to fall on a bicycle – and when we had sat down at the pizzeria, we spoke with the nice waiter about the price of tap water (if we had not ordered wine) – and the water costs nothing when ordering wine and 10 DKK when not ordering wine or other drinks, which to me is WRONG, because it does not correspond to the “true price” – and my mother spoke about Americans ordering tap water only at restaurants, and not many minutes afterwards, a group of Americans came and sat down next to us, and a long time after receiving their pizzas, they had not received any drinks making my mother wonder much because how can you eat without drinking (?), and then it turned out that the waiter had “forgotten” to bring them the ordered drinks, and yes these are two examples of our New World being my mother, and what she says/decides as the leader will become reality, and this is why mother that it is of importance that you truly behave and follow my basic rules – all of them – and NOT to be negative because what you decide and think (!) is what will be carried out, which you know is the same power as me, so please be careful about what you decide to think and do!!!

I was tired and tired of working and had NO motivation to work the whole evening to finish and publish the last three days of scripts, but I decided that it would be good doing it, so I did it (!) and that was by 22.50.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today Mads was wise when saying that “sunshine must be invented by a man”, and this is not only about sunshine, but about the Source creating the sun, and in this respect, you are right, Mads, it was invented by a man as part of the Trinity.

  • Dan Rachlin brought a link to this “the most entertaining debate on Facebook”, which was about Eline being inspired when writing “God loves all people, you too Brian Mørk”, and then she had to fight against non-believers attacking her making her the “idiot” for believing because who can believe in God because of different reasons (don’t believe in the Bible, God is probably a “loving energy”, who we cannot understand and “if Gud runs and decides, he must be a cold and dum “twerp” since he can let go all over the world” , and it made me sad once again to witness all of these ignorant but still knowing-all non-believers, and I decided to write a message to Eline telling her that she is right – God loves all people including Brian Mørk despite of how he treated me (!) – and I also encouraged her to read and understand my website telling her just how close God is to return to mankind, and I wonder if she will have the patience doing this?

  • Kenneth from the meditation group also had birthday today, so I sent him this greeting, and he returned with the short greeting “Hjertelig tillykke med dagen”

  • I was happy to see how Jimmy could let go of his positive feelings towards Kenneth sending him this fantastic positive greeting, but I am not spreading the same ”love, happiness and humour” as Kenneth according to you, Jimmy (?), which is why you did not have “energy” also to send me greetings (?), and yes you do know from where you received all of the loving energy you and the meditation group “soaked” in you?

  • Helena said that ”the time of miracles is not over, is it” (?) – apparently she was in the need of one – and I showed her an example of a bleeding Jesus statue showing the sufferings of one man because of the sins of mankind including “impatient” people, who “cannot” understand, and I wonder if Helena is starting to understand from my Facebook postings alone (when she “cannot” read my website) including this miracle that I am indeed the suffering man, the Son of God (?), but I don’t know when she “cannot” send me a reply.

  • Jette brought this big hen and saying that ”it is me standing out here knocking on the door”, which is about my TRUE new self, which is not opened to me as long as there is still more darkness to absorb in the corner of the room where I am sitting.

  • Søren Pind and Lykke Friis have arranged for the movie ”the Island President” about the now former President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, to be shown in a cinema in Denmark, where they will attend too to have a debate with the audience, and I liked this initiative supporting this man, which is simply what I wrote.

  • UFO Politics brought a link to a video explaining about “the Arecibo message” of mankind to the Universe being answered in crop circles, and I decided to share the video on my Facebook timeline asking people to use a few minutes to watch this to become wiser on people of other civilizations before they will show themselves to the entire Earth.

  • I was sad to see that a former very good business association of mine Kim Andersen from PFA Pension (and before that Danica) ”could not” accept my LinkedIn invitation and “could not” send a reply to me, but he was curious enough to look at my LinkedIn profile, and it seems as if I am both misunderstood and blacklisted by (part of) the life & pension industry in Denmark, and why is it so difficult for you to understand me (?), and oh yes, because you don’t do what it takes to understand, which simply is to read and listen.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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