May 5, 2012: The Southern Hemisphere showed the birth of our New Earth made without limitations of laws of physics


Summary of the script today

4th May: The Southern Hemisphere showed the birth of our New Earth made without limitations of laws of physics

  • Dreaming of my key for the New World being safe, but I am still digging deeper into darkness.
  • Yesterday I was shown how the spiritual world will follow decisions/thoughts of my mother as the leader of the New World, and it continued this morning, but I had to interfere temporarily removing her as the leader making myself the leader until she will become responsible following my basic rules without thinking, acting or deciding negatively – but her positive/objective thoughts and decisions are to be followed by the spiritual world.
  • Strong darkness wanted to make me believe that I have not saved and transferred all souls of our Old World to the New World, and that I would continue suffering for five years until all people of the Universe have faith in me with the risk still to eliminate life, and it came to me incredible strongly breaking all “rules” of the game so far, but I decided NOT to believe in it because all life was transferred to our New World in 2012, and should I be wrong, which I don’t believe I am, I have asked light to help me and NEVER to allow any life to become eliminated. I do believe everything will be ready from me in 2012, where I will open up my eyes “suddenly”, and the rest should be “piece of cake” from here with everyone quickly believing in me with the help of the media and politicians!!!
  • My Facebook friend, Jette, shared the meaning of pictures of the Southern Hemisphere with me starting the 1st May with “the beginning birth of the New Earth to the right, there are labour pains” culminating with my birthday yesterday with “an angel protecting a kneeling knight, who delivers a victim, the old Earth”, “the traffic of the New Earth protected by powerful angels…because you will always deliver a soul – before you get a “new” soul – or the cleansed condition! 🙂” and late today, she saw “father, mother and child” as in the Trinity. I understood these visions of Jette as confirmation of “impossible structural changes” to Earth and the Universe, which are made now in our New World where we are no longer limited by any laws of physics. Jette is a “special friend”, i.e. “servant”, of mine, who saw these pictures with a combined physical/spiritual vision, and she received energy of Christ during this process.
  • I was happy receiving an email from Meshack, who together with his family are doing “okay”. He is now a volunteer for a “Christian organization” helping the refugees in “North-Eastern”, is this the same as saying that he is a volunteer at Dadaab for the Lutheran World Federation? He told me that David has NOT sent him his share of my transferral, and that David now does not communicate (!), which of course is WRONG, and I have asked the team to communicate and stay friends, and to tell me who to send ONE TRANSFERRAL to the 31st May, and if you “cannot” communicate and agree, I will send you nothing!
  • I continued receiving strong darkness this evening coming from “smaller and smaller boxes” including “greater and greater Indians” and I received “burning love” from a voice inside of darkness telling me that “this is how to do it”.
  • Short stories of BBC bringing a story of Hitler’s “messiah complex”, YouTube giving me a warning claiming that my Neil Young video includes content of “the Daily Show” (!!!), Mads saying that Obama goes after the throat (of the Devil, Romney!) and “It runs in butter for the Béarnaise King” is both about a fine restaurant and me becoming the king spreading light everywhere, and when will I open up the eyes of my new self (?); when all darkness is absorbed or when the world will know about and have faith in me?

5th May: My new self and our New World continuous to grow when absorbing and using the fuel of even more darkness

  • Dreaming of driving up the trees of creation, which may take five years to do (!), as my new self producing energy of the Source I don’t have to produce energy manually as I did in the Old World, support of the world has helped me set up “the kitchen of future life” and showing my feelings is how I have played the game to defeat darkness.
  • I received an inspired visit by VERY nice people of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who told me that they preach the gospel until “the end come”, and that we do live in the “end times” before God will intervene creating Paradise. I decided to tell them about my “spirituality”, my website and more than 5,000 pages of scripts and that we are now not any long at the “end times” but “the first times of our New World”, and that all religions will be replaced by the philosophy of God called “One God, One People”, and I encouraged them to read and understand my website, and preach my words with the question being if they “can” do this or if their “old faith” is “too strong” to start believing in me!
  • I received symbolically my throne as the King and I continued my journey deeper inside of me for now bringing more sufferings, and I asked the spiritual world to create a system continuing our road deeper inside of me “forever and ever” also removing my sufferings as “side effects”.
  • I am the only one of the New World receiving darkness (!) – it is now up to the world to change/improve your “poor habits”.
  • I have opened for an “infinity of trains” going deeper into my infinite self creating deeper and deeper blue/gold, but it comes with immense sufferings, which I do hope will decrease so I will not “lose it”.
  • Short stories of why my class friend Stone said “cheers” at our confirmation in 1980, my new self and our New World is continuing to grow when absorbing and using the fuel of even more darkness, I am continuing to improve our New World creating “super-dishes” of life, the writer of leading articles and his newspaper Politiken also belongs to darkness as long as they do not DARE to write about me, Medina saved a strange dog, which is about saving more life when going deep and deeper inside of me, I recommended a well-known business executive of Denmark not to waste his time on the old system of Denmark but to help me spreading my words of our New World Order, an inspired story saying that I become ”deeper and deeper” and I love Americans being outgoing but not their superficial attitude.


4th May: The Southern Hemisphere showed the birth of our New Earth made without limitations of laws of physics

Dreaming of my key for the New World being safe, but I am still digging deeper into darkness

I went to bed at 23.15 after quite a stressful and spiritually “negative” day and slept until 07.00 – still somewhat tired today – with this dream as the only I could remember.

  • I am together with four black people, the key is safe, and an incredible beautiful black lady has a good eye for me. I go home, forget my duvets and meet fashion people. Two gay men wants to force me against my will, but I refuse and when I run from them, one is shooting an arrow at me, which hits me in the thigh.
    • My key – of the New World – is safe against darkness, but still darkness wants to force its sexual game on me, and to me this means that we are digging deeper into this darkness.

I removed my mother as the leader of the New World until she will become responsible following my basic rules

Yesterday, my mother asked me if my computer works, and I told her that it works “fine”, which is not “excellent” you know, but “fine”, and this morning when switching on the computer, I heard from the bathroom the fan of the computer creating a loud constant noise for a couple of minutes, which made me think “this is strange, it never does that”, and when I walked to the computer, I saw that the monitor was still dark even though I had switched it on, the computer was now apparently in disorder (!), and I understood the connection to my mother and her question yesterday, and I could only say “no, I am the strongest”, and then instantly it made the computer to “decide” to reboot itself – without me touching anything – and now it started up normally again.

When I later was in bath, I remember that my mother used the word “kill” yesterday, and even though it was “innocently”, I understood that she is now the leader of the New World, and the spiritual world will follow her decisions and thoughts, and this is where I decided “no, this will NOT work out – I don’t want people to die because of wrong or negative thoughts/decisions of my mother”, so I decided that I will be the leader until she is responsible – keeping my basic rules – and when she does, she will become the leader again, and yes this is how I need to start from the top using my (new) principle to remove the responsibility of people as long as they are not responsible, and to teach them to improve (follow my basic rules!) and afterwards to reinstate them, but when it comes to positive/objective/right decisions of my mother, she is to be followed, and yes this is the power I have as the highest in the hierarchy, that’s why.

Later I was told that “this is from where darkness could get out to the world” (through my mother), but no, darkness will have to deal with me and with no one else!

I was shown a library with many books and was told “because of your decision, your mother will not get access to the library”, and I replied “no, this is wrong, the library is open to anyone”, and that is to people who can access it, which requires spiritual openness, and with the increasing energy of light and reducing darkness of our New World, more and more people will get access – and this also goes to all of you out there in our Universe, and thank you for giving me the feeling of you, and yes “easy to forget you when I don’t know you, but happy that you will never forget me” as they told me that they will not and yes positive words followed here because of the result of my journey, but I do believe I have brought enough of these in my scripts.

I was also thinking that darkness cannot eliminate life – but it can still create physical damages to the Universe including physical loss of life, if needed – and told that the power to create has been removed from darkness (in our New World it is only possible to created what is “positive”), and I thought that this should mean that darkness as a consequence will reduce or maybe even remove its sexual speech and torments (which was used as the weapon trying to destroy the world, and when it cannot anymore, there is no use of this weapon), we will see.

Compared to yesterday, I did not receive much negative voices and stress today, but I felt how my desire to cough increased much, which is the effect of John’s chemotherapy, which is not only destroying him from the inside but also me as it also happened when my mother received the same “treatment”, but of course “difficult to understand it is”.

This morning I was motivated to play music by Tøsedrengene (“the WIMPS” – do you see why?), which was a HUGE Danish band of the 1980’s, and when I looked into my CD box containing all works of this fine band, I knew it was for me to find the album called “tiden står stille” (“time is standing still”), which you know is basically the idea of our New World – we will see how this will work out later when more of it opens – and while we are at it, let us play what is the greatest hit of this band, and also an encouragement to the official world to follow, which basically is to “sig du ka’ li’ mig” (“say that you like me”), which you may like to do when you have decided no longer to be a “wimp” but an Indian?

I was shown a typical Danish beach and receive a thimble so I will not continue to hurt because of darkness.

Is all life of the Old World now saved/transferred so I can open up my eyes or do I have to continue suffer for five years?

I was asked “will the last darkness be converted to light when people will obtain faith in and follow me” (?), and I was given the answer “yes, this is basically the head rule no. 1 from now”, and “things will only get better from here”, which is about my sufferings.

And it seems that I am in my dark corner until people will have faith, and the more faith, the more energy will be produced of our New World, which is what will make all people improve – and the more, the easier it will become, and all of this sounds fine, but what is inside of darkness now (?), because did we not transfer all life as souls to the New World as I was told after everyone had been me for 9 months (?), and if this is true, what is now remaining inside of this darkness (?), and yes I don’t get it, but I am sure that light will make me understand this later – and I was told that if I should give in to darkness, which became stronger this afternoon, and my tiredness/exhaustion stronger – thus my defence systems weaker – the life inside of darkness would become nothing, no code of darkness or light, but didn’t I just conclude that it is now impossible to eliminate life of our New World (?), and yes I don’t get this now, but probably later.

I also felt my aunt Inge and even more my father Peer and much darkness coming in because of Inge considering what to answer me after my email to her yesterday, and I was thinking briefly “my father has not died without anyone telling me, has he” (?), and I decided that Inge would at least have told me, so I do believe he made it too, but I am never really sure.

I received more input that if I “lose it”, I will lose darkness and what is inside of there now (?), and I was told that it also would mean the end of life, that people would physically die together with their soul dying, and I decided that I simply do NOT believe in this, this must be darkness speaking to me, and yes we are all now in the New World, but what is inside of darkness now after having created a perfect New World? And what happened to the strong feeling of “controlled darkness” if I should “lose it” herewith stopping? This could only be a game maybe saying that there is (practically) no darkness left now, but a STRONG one of its kind!

During the afternoon I decided to do a “short” cycle tour, and I had found out that I could use the “Endomondo” programme, which I downloaded already in 2010 to my mobile phone, because there is FREE access to the GPS satellites, which are used to track my road and pace, and once again I was very happy using the cycle as exercise tool both on road and in the forest (much better than in fitness rooms if you ask me!), and it is truly challenging when driving the small forest paths requiring “the right balance” (!) – feeling the chef Rene Redzepi from Restaurant Noma here (still symbolising the best food, i.e. life, imaginable – and this short distance became 19,2 kilometres when coming home, which I did in 57 minutes, which is not very quick, but for me it was VERY good, and I tried to stand up when driving uphill like in body-bike/spinning at fitness centres and this kind of interval-training should be the best there is, and “interval” it truly is when one kilometre took me between 2:06 and 4:35 minutes depending on the terrain I cycled through.

When I returned home, I met a man and a lady maybe 20 years older than I (?), and they had be cycling for 30 kilometres (!) so “maybe I should follow you to come in better shape” – do you remember (?) – and they had bought the best meat and eggs at a farm new Borsholm a few kilometres from here, which was really a sign that I am still going in the right direction.

At the bath after cycling I was told about the lifeline to the last darkness is “where we hid all life”, and still I wondered about this because I do remember that in the Easter of 2011 all life was led back to the Source to bring energy for the final showdown between light and darkness, and this was used to create a New World, and nine months afterwards in January 2012 all souls of the Old World was brought to life again in our New World (to be read from my front webpage) when they started being integrated with their new souls into one new soul, and yes this is what I believe in, this is what was the “first story”, which could be wrong, but I don’t believe it is, and even if you have created a story, where darkness would say “if you don’t believe there is life inside of this darkness, there will be nothing to transfer, because then there is none”, I can only say this, if there is more darkness, bring it to me, and if it takes 1, 3 or 5 years to bring the rest, this is what it will take, and yes you gave me diarrhoea at bath and a red feeling of darkness destroying life, and NO I will NOT allow you – and if I am wrong, I know that when doing my best, I will get the right answer sooner than later, and it is on this foundation that we continue bringing more from darkness if there is more to bring – let the light decide (!) – and if there is no more to bring, you will stop, and yes I know that it is also connected with my faith, but this is how we do a double binding on the shoes – leading both ways (the spiritual and physical world) – and that is just to be sure of course, and I do believe this has been one of the worst attacks of darkness creating a whole new type of game, and yes “come on, bring me the best you got, you don’t stand a chance, you will all become light” as we still say here.

So what this is about is really for me to decide if we are done with all darkness now, or if I have to suffer FIVE YEARS more, and yes I do believe I have told you about how I feel, and yes with a “double binder” it is impossible to be wrong, because the light will ALWAYS tell me the truth at the end, and should I be wrong, we will simply continue for five more years, and yes I am NOT as Stig going to tell you when to end the game, this will simply happen automatically when there is no more darkness, and this will be the day when I will open up my eyes, and yes we still have the game about whether this will happen gradually or suddenly, and right now I do believe it will happen suddenly and that it will be here in 2012, but we will see.

I also wrote this chapter “forgetting it”, which is a little bit different than the new above:

This is the question about whether it will take me five years of suffering or if I am done now, and let me be clear, my priority is to continue suffering for up to five years to get every single one with me, but I do believe that I now have every single one with me in our New World and that it is only a matter of “starting the show” to let everyone believe, which should not be very difficult when the media and politicians will decide to speak openly about “their secrets” and not least what they will see.

The Southern Hemisphere showed the birth of our New Earth made without limitations of laws of physics

Jette decided to share this picture of the Southern Hemisphere from yesterday with me apparently including a “secret message, and as I wrote to her, I could not “see” anything but clouds, but when I asked her what she could see, she told me that it is an angel protecting a kneeling knight, who delivers a victim, the old Earth, and I still could not see it even though she also explained me how to look (can you see it?), but I believe her, and the knight might be me, you know …. :-).

After receiving this message from Jette, I was shown a large king coming to me spiritually and told that he is released because of Jette, and because I decided to be open and ask instead of the opposite trying to be clever on things I don’t know of (as so many sadly do today because they believe they are “weak” if they do not, but the sad truth is that they are indeed weak when they do).

This inspired me to start asking her what other pictures, she has brought recently, meant, and the following should be the same, but gives an overview “the kneeling right to the right of the middle and the angel right to the left, if the frieze could be turned, you would see the new birth behind the angel to the right”, so this is about a new birth, and it is from my birthday yesterday, where I had both my 46th and also my 1st birthday, and I guess there might be a connection here as I am told with a smile :-).

And this is the same – with a “larger” old Earth.. all the old Earth, maybe, as Jette said.

Here Jette says that we are “further on the frieze…the connection of the story…or more correct the traffic of the New Earth protected by powerful angels…because you will always deliver a soul – before you get a “new” soul – or the cleansed condition! 🙂”, and here she talks about our new soul, which is really the combination of the creation of a new soul of each individual in a New World and now combined with the old soul of the Old World, which was transferred in January 2012, and yes our new soul is perfectly “pure”.

This is a picture from the 1st May to which Jette says “powerful – as in many thousand years old dripstone and the beginning birth of the New Earth to the right, there are labour pains, which “sing” here and there in the bottom and to the left in the picture”, and I felt the spirit of my mother as the mother giving birth while writing these lines.

I asked her how she sees this, physically on the picture or combined with a spiritual vision (which I often do my self for example when seeing UFO’s where I see the UFO on the sky, and then I am given a spiritual vision in connection with the UFO making me see “some more”, which is not there physically, but you know a vision given to my spiritually, just like when you dream, but of course are awake), and she answers “the powerful – is physically in my thought – firm and strong – in co-operation with the spiritual, which is (experience) spirit, it gives a whole and a meaning – also in connection with your “awakening” undertaking”, and as I understand her, she is given the same type of seeing as I – a combination of physical/spiritual vision – but she can see something I cannot, and I can see things, she cannot, this is how it is.

After receiving this, I received a spiritual feeling and vision of a long dog in my hall, which I physically walked into – and I was told that the “birth” Jette speaks about is for not cutting the lifeline of the dog, and again is this really where we have hidden “everything”, and is the message I received in January about the transferral of all souls to our New World not true, or can both be true, and I don’t know, but these pictures speak of our new birth, I know that I am born as my new self, and when I am born as my new self, everything is born including all new souls, and yes I know that I am born as the last, which tells me that all individual souls could be transferred in January 2012, which is still what I believe in.

Jette also sent me the following picture of clouds, where she sees the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard (see the fine, thin glasses on the sharp tip of the nose and the small mouth, right over the middle), and out of focus are other “writing people”, and I asked her to let me hear from her when seeing “something important”, and I told her with my spiritual voice that she through this process receives energy of Christ as a coming servant of mine – thank you, Jette :-).

Later, just after midnight at 00:22 she saw this “father, mother and child” and I still cannot see it myself, but there may be others who can see it (?), and if you can, you are watching the Trinity including my new self as the Son.

And when I am thinking, to me this is about the structural changes of Earth and the Universe, which I have written about for days, and you know doing impossible changes according to physics, which can only be done because there are no limits in our New World where everything is directed with thoughts without laws of physics limiting us.

I also remember that I have received a déjà vue these days about “Earth sacrificing its life”, and I told myself “never”, which this also just may be the result of – receiving spiritual smiles here 🙂 – and yes Earth will have to become in its greatest shape ever, which also goes to all of our New World and all New Worlds in fact, and yes “we’ve only just begun” creating a future of “insane beauty”, which some may still say today (about you) – and when watching this beautiful song right now when finding it, I thought of Karen Carpenter as “an angel” and a comment at YouTube says “nobody could sing like Karen. she was one of a kind, an angel sent to us from Heaven”, so this was a sign to tell me that there are indeed angels helping us, and I only know that they are around me and help bringing darkness to me to be cleansed as I am here told and shown, and yes THANK YOU VERY MUCH all of “my angels” too :-).

Meshack is now a volunteer helping refugees at Dadaab (?) – and David has NOT given Meshack his share of my transferral!!!

I was happy this evening to receive a new and kind email from Meshack, and first and foremost that he and his family is doing “okay” – and also that you shall be reconnected later with the other children you took care of and had to let go.

And I was also happy hearing that you have decided to help the refugees in “North Eastern”, and to me this means the refugee camp of “Dadaab” – is that where you are, Meshack (?) – which is truly EXCITING and that is to receive news from you about how the refugees are compared to the newsletter we did mainly in 2009 – How it feels like to live “A Living Hell On Earth” abandoned by the World! – and what you experience when walking in the camp, which I hope you are doing also speaking to people to hear their side of the story (?), how are they doing, starving, suffering, fighting to stay alive, no hope and dying as we wrote about (?), I would be VERY interested to know, and also to hear which organisation sent you, which just may be the Lutheran World Federation (?), and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear (!) and also what they have asked you to do for them (?) – I hope you will write back “soon”, Meshack – and also to give my best “comfort” to all including the “hope of a new and better world coming”.

When it comes to MONEY (!), I am VERY sad to hear – but happy that you decided to share with me – that you have NOT received your share of the money from David as I have sent to feeling “sure” that he would be 100% reliable and NOT tempted to disappoint the team, and I can only guess that when David had your share of money on him, the temptation to use it was too great for him, and now he feels sad about what he has done, and instead of communicating, he does what the Devil does, which is to be silent (!), and David, you do know what is the right thing to do, which is to STAND UP and show that you are responsible for your actions, and that is to TELL me what you “could not help doing” (?) and to apologise to Meshack for your actions and for the two of you to STAY FRIENDS, which I have told you all along is IMPORTANT not only to you, but to me too (!), and that is NOT to let money (as the tool of the Devil) separate you (!!!), and when you do not communicate, you are working directly for darkness wanting to separate you, so this is truly what I ask you to do, David, and that is to get in touch with Meshack NOW (!) and to show me that the “love” and friendship between you is stronger than darkness – do you see the parallel to my story with the Devil trying to find a weak spot on me, which also goes through you (?) – and that is for you to communicate and to decide what you will do now when the money probably is spent, and will you decide to do instalments to Meshack, David (?) – don’t agree to do what you may not be able to keep, I don’t want to be told later that you were not able to keep your promise – or will Meshack decide to accept an apology from David and keep him as his friend without receiving his share of money?

And will the team still have faith in David receiving and sharing my money, or will they decided to give the job to one of the others (?), and you may remember that Elijah was too tempted with money making the team decide to give David the task, and to me, Meshack’s email tells me that he does not have faith in David continuing this task, so this is another example of people of the New World not being responsible, and when you are not responsible, you will have to TEACH people to become responsible, and give them a new chance later, and let me say this clearly to both Meshack and the team. I am NOT going to split my monthly transferral into two or maybe even four transferrals because this is completely unnecessary bureaucracy and also reduces the net amount after (far too big) fees to Western Union, so I will therefore give the team of Meshack, David, Elijah and John this task: Please communicate and decide in May, whom you want to give the task to receive ONE TRANSFERRAL ONLY from me the 31st May, and if I don’t hear from you before this, I will NOT send you any money, so it is really up to you to show me that your team is strong enough to go through this “challenge”.

Thank you very much for your email and continued support, Meshack; please give my absolutely kindest regards to both your family, the refugees and also the “Christian organization”, and if it is indeed LWF, they may remember that I did not show up in Dadaab in May 2009 (sending them an email that I had new plans), because I prioritised to work together with LTO instead, and when they read and understand my website, they will also start understanding why I did as I did – and yes I am thinking of bringing “normal life” from man to man in our New World and to dissolve organizations like this when they are no longer needed.

So here is his email:

Hi there, My hope that you are doing well. First and foremost am okay with my family. As concerns other children i was taking care off, i let them go because i could not take care of them due to hardships we are facing. I am still with you and as i have been telling you i will continue supporting you in your work and it is my hope we shall reach our destination together. Last month i moved with a christian organization as a volunteer to north Eastern helping with the refugees and i might be with them for the next three months. What has amazed me is that since you send the cash i havent recieved my share and have always communicated with David to send me the money but up to know am still waiting and my question is why should he with hold my money when it should be shared to us all?.  It would have been better if he communicated with me and tell me the reasons as to why he has not send the money but my patient has run out and since after writting to him several times he has not responded, i think it would be wise next time to send me my cash rather than passing it to him to avoid such kind of thing happening. We all are in need of money to survive but it hurts when the money comes and you are just kept in darkness and i have vowed not to ask him about the money again.

God bless you for your continued support to us and be assured that i shall walk with you to the end.

  Kind regards

I continued receiving strong darkness coming from “smaller and smaller boxes” including “greater and greater Indians

For weeks I have received the word “HK”, which is a Danish union of office employees, and I know that this is connected to how Falck still feels about my memo for them (!) – yes I have received NO thank you yet (!!!) – and this evening I was told that Helsingør Commune does not want to send me out in “activation” because they don’t want to experience the same as Lyngby-Taarbæk experienced because of my “disgusting” memo for Falck, right (?), and yes people are truly not very receptive and grateful here!

The “kill, kill” voice continued this evening, but not worse than when I was watching the Danish movie “Anja and Viktor – burning love” on TV2 this evening and the scene where Viktor is welcomed back at the fire department after his leave – with the firemen playing in a horn orchestra to celebrate his return – I was told by a voice of “burning love” inside of darkness “this is how to do it” (meaning that it doesn’t get better than this) with the symbol that this is how darkness is playing for me, clumsy, but full of love knowing what the New World will bring, and NO, I have promised myself NEVER to desert what is inside of darkness, and when this is written, I am given great pain to my left angle – symbolising destruction of the spiritual world – but I don’t believe in it, to me this may be a game, an act with light not speaking much in this phase, which is perfectly alright, using the final and strongest darkness to finalise the structural changes of the Universe.

I received BLUE entering me with the message “alright we will continue” as if I am now receiving my new self without darkness still keeping me “imprisoned”, and not long after I was shown a dark farm transforming into a wheel barrow of coins and told that this is what it “could” become – and I also received very uncomfortable heart pain again – and somehow this is connected with what I was told or was it dreamt (?) the other day that I was fighting darkness to receive a large amount of energy (?), and yes I have no intention to give up this fight – including to stop doing my writings, which is also not easy these days – so “come on with it, and yes ALL OF IT” (!), because we will continue until we have retrieved ALL energy from darkness. And I felt the spirit of my father and I was told that this is darkness coming to me in blindness being led by my new self and also “remember” (?), which apparently is “the game” we are continuing after I was told this the other day when I went with John to buy my new, used cycle.

I was shown myself standing on the quay looking up at an ENORMOUS ship, which has arrived to collect me, and I am shown the ship with and without darkness, and the question is if there is still more darkness to work with, and yes the answer is a clear YES, because I am also going through hell these days with darkness all around me and inside of me, and this is the strongest sign I have because as long as there is darkness making my life a hell, we will continue the fight, and that is even if it may take five years!

And I was shown a square box maybe a little bigger than a shoe box, and inside of it, a box, which may have been 1/100 the size of it, and I was told that we are continuing to enter smaller and smaller boxes including greater and greater Indians – “original people” – and that is through the spirit of my mother, whom I felt clearly here.

I was shown an actor and a sport man – the Danish football player Bendtner – as examples and told that they know about me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • BBC brought a story here about Hitler having a “messiah complex”, which you may understand when he believed that he was saving the world and creating a new kingdom not realising that he was overtaken by darkness, and yes you do remember that “he” was my previous self overtaken by darkness of mankind, thus not becoming the messiah, but the opposite.

  • A long time ago I uploaded a Neil Young video to my YouTube account, and today I noticed how it had received a warning saying that it is “blocked worldwide” (!), and the “funny” part is that this copyright warning claims that it includes content of “the Daily show” (!), which should be the first time I have seen this in a Neil Young video (!!!), and this is as WRONG as it gets – I do NOT like copyrights at all including all of the bureaucrazy around it – but I don’t want to fight the Old World using its old rules about this (step 2 below and forward). It will become FREE one day, and then the whole concert will be available to the world. I don’t want any “administrators” to delete my YouTube account as the risk because of this, so I deleted the video knowing that they are WRONG and I am RIGHT also thinking about how our New World will become – and by the way, YouTube, I have three other videos, which your system claims “matched third party content”, and in at least two of the cases, you gave WRONG information about what should be the “third party”, so maybe you would like to do better than this?

  • Mads brought this post about the new ad of Obama, where Bill Clinton speaks about getting one chance to make the right decision, which Romney would not have done, and then Mads concludes using my exact words for years when I have faced darkness of Communes etc., that he goes after the throat, and that is the best way to deal with the Devil, so this was another inspired message of yours, Mads :-).

  • Another great chef of Denmark, Rasmus Oubæk, decided to change his gourmet-restaurant Oubæk from a Michelin-starred restaurant to a steak-bistro restaurant in 2006 – and new restaurants too, which the following review from Berlingske is about, and yes it says “It runs in butter for the Béarnaise King”, because a “Béarnaise King” is what he has developed into, and when you read my scripts from previous weeks about the meaning of “Béarnaise” (the end of creation with my rebirth as the king), you may understand where he received his inspiration from, and “runs in butter” is about spreading the light everywhere to an infinity of New Worlds.

  • Helena wrote “heart botany” with the flower meaning love, and I am here given a second of “shake” to my heart, which is to say that love comes through the sufferings I/we go through, and Søren was inspired to ask when the smokehouse will open, and Helena says “soon, but first we have to fish”, and this is about when my “new self” will open, and I am now alive, but still show my old self as my cover, and the question is if I will become my full new self when there is no more darkness to absorb – whenever this may be – or if it will follow faith of the world requiring the media and politicians to “break the silence” about me (?), and we will see.

  • I received a new “public medical card” with mail today because, as it said, that my the business of my doctor has received new owners, so the doctor, who carried out her “medical survey” of me – or let us call it “subjective judgment” based on her questions and my answers (!) – a few months ago, has stopped working as a doctor, and I wonder why (?), and also what she has decided to write in her journal about me, and also if it included subjective and wrong judgments, which the system then base its wrong decisions on (?), or if I will be able to go through this impossible road through this system without receiving the final judgment “he is crazy” (?), and yes just maybe there is a chance, and what do you say, “wise Lisbeth”?


5th May: My new self and our New World continuous to grow when absorbing and using the fuel of even more darkness

Dreaming that support of the world has helped me set up “the kitchen of future life”

I went to bed at 23.15, and I received the thought “what if I am now not allowed to sleep once again having to work all day and stay up all day”, and just the thought of this “nightmare” is almost impossible to control making me potentially very negative, which I have to actively be stronger that – this is a feeling I have had many times – but I also thought to myself that “we are in control of darkness, which should mean that this will not be necessary to do again”, and I wonder if I can do this feeling as low as I am actually doing these days, and yes with the effects of John’s chemotherapy now being stronger with me giving me the feeling of a sickness under my skin together with tiredness, but no, this is NOT going to stop me, so let us continue writing, and yes it is now 16.00 after having worked most of the day updating my script of yesterday and also having had two not scheduled visits today – but first a few dreams.

  • I am going to drive up the trees with my wagon even though she has said no all along, while I have been waiting on her, and now only she and Denis remains, and it will be a five hours long tour.
    • I am now in the New World driving “up in the trees” as my new self (?) to see and learn about every little thing of creation (?), and I do this even though I don’t have Karen at my side, but she – and Denis – will come to me, and is “five hours” the same as five years with continuous sufferings (?), and we will see, I am NOT sure that I will be able to take this, but on the other hand, I have decided NEVER to give up, but FIVE years ….(?) and yes connected with getting every single being with me to “release” my new self.
  • I am seeking work at Danske Bank, but no branch will employ me because they are dismissing people, they are more than enough to take care of the work, and this is how it is everywhere.
    • Danske Bank is about manually creating energy of our Old World, and now they don’t need my help anymore when I have become my new self producing energy of the Source.
  • I was shown a large exhibition area, where Korea has set up very modern and good looking kitchens with FINE tidiness, and I see another area, which has worked for a long time to set up their large area of different kitchens, and I see that they have almost finished and will open soon, but also that their kitchens do not seem to have the same “fine tidiness”.
    • Kitchen is about producing life, and all of these kitchen will have to be our new “life plants”, which is also connected with Korea – both South and North or only South (?) – supporting me.
  • I woke up to “the gambler” by Kenny Rogers, which may be my favourite songs of his, and I was given the special lyrics “you gotta show your feelings”, where Kenny sings “”If you’re gonna play the game, boy, you gotta learn to play it right” and this is how I play my game right, which simply is to show my feelings, do you see?

I started the day with receiving two hiccups and I was told that “I have not done a tax deduction, cut in you”, which was the voice of darkness awakening telling me this, and apparently this is what still would be the result if I decided to give up, which I would feel as physical pain, and physical pain is the same as destructions of the Universe.

Telling Jehovah’s Witnesses that it is now NOT the “end times” but the “first times” encouraging them to preach my words

During the morning when working, I was given more work I had not seen coming, Mick (!), and it was when someone rang my door bell asking if this was apartment “144”, which it really was because I live on no. 1, 4th floor no. 4, but still they expected someone else to answer, but they told me that they were from the Jehovah’s Witnesses and asked to enter, and I felt how the whole culture of Denmark laughing and severely criticising the unselfish work of these people (not because of these people, but because of negativity of people themselves!) is also part of me, but not stronger than I can handle it, so I decided to be nice and to welcome them in pushing the button opening the door at ground level for them, and I did not know if they would come to my apartment or “the other” they were looking for, but they decided to come to me, and this is how I received a visit by the Jehovah’s Witnesses for the first time in my life.

It was a lady, Bodil, who I believed was now retired (?), and a man in his thirties (?), Jesper, together with his small daughter, and they refused to have a drink, and were not used to be welcomed in and sit down as I offered them (?), this was my impression from their reactions, but they decided to sit down after all now that they had come to me “coincidently” as I told them, and Bodil was nice to say that they were happy to be received by a “nice, young man” – thank you for saying “young” because this is what we are, “the young ones” – which is what motivates people, and yes I decided that I would NOT send these people away, which is what most people in Denmark do truly being “disgusted” by these VERY NICE and WARM people doing an important job as volunteers, and I here bring this version of the song “living dolls” by Cliff Richard because I was one of many also loving the humour of this TV-series “the young ones” now “many years ago” in the 1980’s, and because “this is how we feel” with “lots of smiles” underneath the cover of playing darkness, which is still coming to me strongly, as my new inner self tells me – and let us also bring “the young ones” with Cliff, who is truly among the greatest musicians ever even though he is not on my personal top 10 (but top 100).

I decided to ask them questions in the beginning and listen to what they had to say, and I opened with “why have you decided to spread the word of God as you do also knowing how people generally receive you” (with much negativity), and let me say that both Bodil and Jesper including his daughter were TRULY very nice people indeed, which you know is “way above average” of Denmark (!), and Jesper decided to answer my question by quoting Matthew 24:14 as follows:

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come”.

And with this, he – and Bodil – told me that this is what they do, to preach this gospel to the world, and I asked them “until the end of times” (?), which they confirmed also giving me examples of why this is the end of times (earth quakes, wars, hunger etc.), which will cause “God to intervene creating Paradise” as they said, and I could not help smiling because I knew by then that this visit was also “planted” by the gardener – God self – for these people to come to me to “preach” the word of God, and that my mission was to tell them that we are now no longer at the “end of times” but “the beginning of times”, which I will ask them to preach to the world, however I decided to wait telling them until they had told me some more.

Bodil decided to read the love gospel of Paul in 1 Corinthians 13 as follows, and when I heard this, I understand that “we now understand everything completely”, which was about the spiritual world now understanding everything of our world and creation, and to me this meant that “the first times” of our New World brings LOVE RESSURECTION to man.

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres”.

When we spoke of this, I was also thinking “how do I tell them my message so they will (get a chance) to believe” (?), and I decided to tell them that “I am interested in spirituality” and one of them had been mentioning “angels”, so I asked them directly if they believe or do not believe that Princess Märtha Louise of Norway speaks spiritually with angels, and when I asked them like this, they told me that they did not believe (!), which made me decide to give them parts of my story telling them first of my “revelation” the 12th April 2004 (seeing the eyes of God in the incredible strong light through the opening of a church dome), and telling them about how spirituality works; expanded sense impressions through visions like dreaming – “as the Bible is full of”, as I told them – feelings as clear as seeing, and also “spiritual voices”, which most people believe makes you “crazy”, but then I told them that this spiritual communication both comes in a clean form of light (as clairvoyants use, and when they do not speak the truth, it is often because they receive darkness without knowing it) and also of darkness, which is what makes people at mental hospitals scream in pain, when they are shown and hear the worst spiritual darkness imaginable – was this “easier” and “more logical” for you to understand (?) – and I confirmed when asked that I decided to not only follow God after receiving my revelation(s) , but to take God inside of me, and that I have written more than 5,000 pages since also including a New World government to answer Jesper’s question about how the world will become organised (“it is NOT the wish of God to separate people in different religions and countries” (but the Devil) as I told him), and especially the part of “One God, One People” – God’s philosophy without religions created by man – made them interested, and I told them my message, which is that we are now NOT at the end times, but “the first times of our New World”, which will create true joy and happiness when all negativity (thoughts and actions) will be removed leaving only love WITHOUT hate, and patience without impatience etc. as our New World, and this made them say that they do understand what I speak of when looking at the Bible, and Bodil said that this also corresponds with Revelation 21:1-4, and I do believe she was thinking of part 4 (the last full stop of the following).

“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away”.

And I told them that with our New World comes a new script, which will release the Bible and all religious scripts of the Old World, which they will also preach to the world, and that this is truly about faith, “do you believe or do you NOT believe when you read my website” (?), and I wonder what they thought when I told them this – is he sane telling the truth or did you also think “is this man insane” (?) – and the question is if this was enough “inspiration” for you to start reading my website (?), and yes Jesper gave me the book “what does the Bible really teach”, and I told you that I had read this book in Kenya (in 2009) using a few hours (at Elijah’s home), and the question is if you will do as I suggested you to do, which was to read the summaries of each of my approx. 30 main webpages maybe taking 5-10 minutes each or a total of “a few hours” to get a total overview of my messages – will you decide to give me the same as I gave Jehovah’s Witnesses (realising that your “special theories” are wrong) and afterwards to share this with Bodil (and the whole organization) and start preaching my words (?), or did you become “too sceptical” when I told you that there will come a time where you will not use old religious scripts to preach from (?), and did you truly understand what I told you, which is that you will come to preach my words as the new script, and yes HOW BIG IS YOUR FAITH after maybe a 20 minutes long visit (?) – how much did I influence you (?) and not vice versa (!) – and will you decide to call me, write me or visit me again with your questions as I offered you to do?

And Bodil asked me if I have read the Bible because she could not see it in my shelves, and I told her that it is in the shelves at my balcony, which I believe Jesper could see, and also the truth that I have read (passages of) the Bible when I as a boy/teenager went to the YMCA camp summer school for seven years in a row, I believe, but that I have not read it before or since, and this is because I had a mission to write my self and NOT to be coloured by existing scripts.

After the visit from Jehovah’s Witnesses, it was almost impossible for approx. half to one hour for me to concentrate and continue working because I continued receiving strong thoughts about the meeting, and I understood that this came from Bodil and Jesper selves when thinking of the meeting, and yes it is not everyday that you meet “someone like me”?

Receiving my throne and continuing my journey deeper inside of me for now bringing more sufferings

I felt this morning sickness just under my skin, which is more a feeling of darkness than anything else, and I do believe it will disappear quickly again, and later in the day when my mother visited me, I understood that it is connected to John feeling bad because of the “side effects” of the chemotherapy.

I was also feeling energy STILL coming to me from tuna and salad I have eaten the last days, and I felt Tore S. from LWF and I in Geneva in 2009, and yes what are you thinking of, Tore (?) and is it that you “could not” follow me when I met you and your colleagues in Geneva showing the TRUE “nature” of NGO’s to the world, where “politics” and your own careers are more important to you than to TRULY help the poor people of Dadaab and the world?

I still received so much darkness with negative speech and tiredness that I still felt that “I cannot – I don’t have energy to do this” with the STRONG temptation to stop doing what I do, which would not be good, I know, so therefore I continue and when receiving the words as I did “the most important is that he accepted to receive sufferings for another five years”, I cannot tell you how depressive news this is to me, because am I really going to suffer as I do around the clock with the strongest feeling to give up and yes for an additional five years (?), and I hope not, but this is what I have accepted, and I do wonder when the world will decide to speak and write about me in public (?) – and for politicians and media to confirm what they know about me and now also the birth of our new Earth as I am told.

My mother also came for a surprising visit when she called me from the Prøvesten shopping centre saying that she had bought flowers for me for my balcony, which I thought about this morning that I missed – which is what motivated her – and not only did she bring two nice plants, but also a very nice chair for the balcony, which can also slide down becoming a comfortable deck chair, so I can lie down enjoying the sun here in the mornings (which I have to approx. 11.00), and when she was setting it up, I receive the words “throne” because this is what this symbolises, the throne of my New World :-).

Later I was told that “there is no end to that lake” – which is to continue doing deeper in levels – and I wondered how I can continue forever and ever to do deeper into this lake without giving up, and also without suffering as I do now, and I am sure that you will receive a solution for this my dear spiritual friends, and I do understand that we have created an automatic process going deeper, but so far it is still with much sufferings, and let us see what you can do?

I was told that “now we know who we are and why we use sex to reproduce ourselves” and also that “you had to find the answer to what is inside of the last darkness (deeper levels of knowledge/information with potential more life, which has never lived before), which was the key to continue the journey, so this is what we will do”.

Writing and publishing the last two days of scripts have truly also not been easy to do, and when I have been close to giving up, I have felt how darkness became even stronger ready to “punish” me (?), and when publishing it at 21.10, I felt how darkness was now easier to handle again.

I am the only one of the New World receiving darkness (!) – it is now up to the world to change/improve your “poor habits”

I was thinking about whether or not continuous darkness also comes to the world, but I quickly decided – and received confirmation of – that I have decided that it is ONLY ME of the New World who is able to receive darkness, which means that the world is no longer receiving darkness, and all of your wrongdoings and “negativity” is now solely because of “poor habits”, which you know is what I have asked you to improve.

I have also decided that if I cannot take these sufferings of darkness having to give up, it will either means destructions to the world or to stop the process, and should I decide to stop the process, my decision is also to secure that there is a road back to this darkness later. I had strong feelings to my right angle this evening also because of this decision.

I have opened for an “infinity of trains” going deeper into my infinite self creating deeper and deeper blue/gold

I received an INCREDIBLE amount of darkness – first a large wave of red, and later black – after answering “the riddle” to enter, and at one point, I was “almost breaking down” – but only “almost”, because I was in control – but nevertheless the spirit of my father of light stepped forward helping me saying “it is an infinity of trains you have opened up for” and I was shown a LARGE TRAIN coming together with the feeling of OPENNESS (of the tunnel where it drives) and I saw myself standing in the window of a typical South French home looking out on the big ocean, which also was a sign of “complete openness”, and I was furthermore told that “there is an infinity of yellow spiders in here”, which you know is about darkness becoming yellow as part of the spirit of my mother.

I was shown and told that “we integrate the speaker into the car as never seen before”, and I saw how the speaker became part of the chassis of the car, which is about a further improvement to our future spiritual communication become a “deeply integrated part of us”.

I was also told that ”we did not dare to open the door to the next level”, and I understood that it is my decisions, which continues to drive us forward, and later I was told that this will change us completely in the future, and when this happened, I received very uncomfortable heart pain again, which truly is also bringing me to my limit almost breaking down.

I was shown and told darkness saying “we have now also started laying floor into the next rooms” and also “I don’t know how you entered here”, and later I was shown how everything becomes deeper blue and deeper “pure gold” as the result.

For some time I have been given the question “how much sufferings/sacrifice can the world take” and “should I stop the process getting deeper into darkness to release the world” (?), and I have no button built inside of me, which says “stop”, I only have one, which says “keep on, keep on, keep on”, which I still and often say and yes for hundreds of times in a row, and that is to be louder than darkness trying to disturb me.

Darkness was incredible strong this evening making me fight my best to staying alive, this is how I felt it too, Robin (!), and I was CONSTANTLY receiving negative voices trying to find a small hole in to overtake me, and it changes “attitude” and “strategy” into “100 different kinds”, which I cannot explain to you here in detail, but after saying “wrong” to one attack, IMMEDIATELY afterwards it changes tactics trying to enter differently to receive my acceptance of something “wrong”, it continues testing all of my “defence systems” – and I here again feel the ENERGY of the salad I had yesterday evening, and I understand that this is also important for me to fight this darkness (!) – and I “simply” had to say “wrong, wrong, wrong” constantly all evening, and yes “easier said than done” when the darkness also controls my feelings trying to make me agree with him as the “natural” thing to do, but NO, he has NOT succeeded yet, and he will NEVER (!), and yes at least “I hope” because I was again wondering “for how long can I take this”, and yes I was on my edge both in this respect and also “just” to finish my work, but I did it – and I do hope that darkness will decrease with the end of John’s chemotherapy (he might stop now after the 3rd “treatment” not taking all planned 6) and with the key to enter even deeper levels of darkness, but we will see.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today was the birthday of my old school friend, Stone, and even though he did not send me birthday greetings – perhaps he did not see it was my birthday two days ago – I decided to send him my greetings, and Stone LOVES to fish, so I thought that maybe he had caught garfish, which the season is for now, also symbolising to bring the word of me to the family, and I say that he “likes” Ørkenens Sønner, who are truly the most wonderful and crazy comedians you can think of as long as they do NOT use “indecent sexual language”, which they do FAR TOO MUCH (!), but here I found a CRAZY sketch about Joseph and Maria arriving to a hostel in Bethlehem having some trouble to be allowed to give birth in the stable, and yes I smiled MUCH of this including the “disgusting star” leading the wise man to Bethlehem and more, and one of these is truly better than the next – a sign of quality. I also told him that I still remember how he, at our confirmation in 1980, when kneeling to the Pastor, turned around to the congregation, lifted the communion wine and said “skål” (“cheers”), and yes Stone the explanation comes here: “Cheers” is an old symbol of mine of “the drunken sailor” really, which is “darkness” wanting to destruct “the ship of the world”, and this is what it was about to do when both you, I and “many other servants” were captured by darkness, but what darkness did not know was that it brought us all of the energy we required to save the world, so there you see, you were “inspired” already back then, my old school friend – and yes I do look forward to seeing all of you of my old class again :-).

  • Helena said that she was on her way out to the “city of smiles” – as Århus is known as – together with hey loveliest foster child, “I don’t know who of us are smiling the most”, and later “he has grown”, which made Frank say that “as long as he grows, there is hope” and Helena replying “and furthermore, now he grows the right way”, and this is symbolic for the spirit of my mother SMILING for her Son, me as my new self together with our New World, is “growing the right way”, which is as Susanne says “lovely and life-affirming”, and Søren meant well when saying “have an ice cream on my bill”, but to me this was a “hidden message” for me saying that Søren is NOT my best friend today when opposing me – you don’t believe in me, Søren, and is that because of your own, strong and wrong voice or after reading me, and eeeehhh you did not “get around” to read (?) – and Helena said that he only eats candy/ice cream on Fridays and here “candy” is the symbol of more sexual abuse of children on-going (there is STILL darkness in the world), and he also spoke about “a garden game”, which made Helena challenge him for “bar tennis” at 15.00, which was to say that the spirit of my mother is helping me to reduce darkness, and yes I am truly a wondering wandering spirit because what is inside of this darkness (?), can it really contain more life of “previous ages”, which has not yet become part of our New World (?), and it may be, and one days I will know.

  • I was thinking that darkness may simply be “content of places we have NEVER been before, which is continuing to improve our creation”, and NOT about hidden life of the Old World, which HAS to saved, and yes this got to be it, this is what makes sense all 360 degrees round – yes, Stig this is what is making us “incredible and insanely happy” as I am told here, which is what Thomas thinks of me, as I feel, and Thomas – the master chef of Kong Hans Kælder – which this is about, wrote that he has started a new blog, which made me tell him that it is a good idea, and when writing to him, I opened up for potential messages with information given to me, and that is that he does not read and understand me, so I told him – with my spiritual voice helping – that it is a condition for people to understand your thoughts that they read (or listen), which I hope he will also get time to do in relation to me in between the “super dishes” he creates, and when I was writing “super dishes” I understood that I am creating a “marvellous New World” continuing to improve all of the time, and let me say that as Stig, I am really only working my best under the conditions, and on basis of this, it is my inner self of the spiritual world doing these “wonders” and yes as a symbiosis of the physical and spiritual world.

  • The writer of leading articles on Politiken “could not help” bringing this posting saying that he did not make all of the things he should have done today because “I was soaked into this book”, which told him that what he should have achieved was meaningless, and I don’t know about the book, but your inspired words tell me that as the writer of leading articles on Politiken, you have been “soaked into darkness” too making you do “nothing” instead of what you should have done, and the answer to what you and your newspaper should have done was to publish the story about me, and why don’t you do this, Kristian, instead of writing unimportant stories of following the agenda of the Old World – because we have now started the New World and really need to get going on our New World Order and to tell the world about me, so don’t you want me or do you still not DARE to do what is the only right thing to do (?), and yes “chickens” is what you are :-).

  • Medina wrote that she saved a strange dog from being run down on the road and delivered it at home of the owners, and to me this means that we are still saving life, which just is when going deeper and deeper and yes I am happy that you decided – this is for the spiritual world – to create a system forever and ever going deeper both automatically and without sufferings I cannot bear living with, and yes that is if this depth truly goes on forever with one new level opening after the other.

  • Lars Kolind is a respected and well known business executive of Denmark, who turned 65 today, and he decided here to write an article on the high marginal taxes of Denmark “wasting” his time and energy on an old system on its way out, so I recommended him to read our New World Order and to help me spread my words to the world, which may not be difficult for you to do, Lars, because you cannot disagree with me, can you (?), and all I ask of you is PATIENCE to read and understand, and for the world simply to do what it says, which cannot be very difficult, can it?

  • David Trads brought this story about his son, who would much rather have a Lamborghini instead of a Ford Focus – no surprise (?) – and even though I don’t like his son not to think about the environment, because I do like planting trees (!), it is here to say as Claus does “the kid is certainly not stupid”, which I have told you before is what I am told that people think of me, and Karin says that he becomes wiser with age, which you know is also what is happening here with my inner self becoming “deeper and deeper” so to say, and yes the Lamborghini is originating from a factory creating Farm tractors, which is where we are all origination, i.e. “the farm” as in “my home”.

  • Naser is in America at the moment here bringing a story about an outgoing passenger sitting next to him in the train making him believe that she wanted to date him (!), but no, she wanted her daughter to date him (!), and for a long time I have had the thought that I love Americans being outgoing also speaking naturally to strangers, which you don’t see among most people here, but I do NOT like the superficial attitude of many Americans not always meaning what they say and not listening when they express empty phrases, so take outgoing Americans and put GOOD VALUES and DEEP CONTENT with good communication skills and patience inside of them, and you have more my kind of people.

  • The last days and few weeks I have also received feelings of Christoffer – Mette’s son – receiving “spiritual experiences” of me, my old colleague Nefer now receiving my postings on LinkedIn and her attitude in relation to others supporting me when saying “what did I tell you about Stig” (?), my old colleague from Fair and “special friend” indeed, Michella, who thinks and speaks of me too at Gjensidige (?) (and darkness wanted to make her “kissing ready” for me, but no thank you!) and I felt my old friend Christian E. too.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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