May 7, 2012: Opening “the cradle of love” looking into an eternity of love after having finished the tunnel leading to it


Summary of the script today

6th May: Finishing creation of a system automatic releasing an infinity of depths and love from my inner self

  • Dreaming of Elijah not having any energy, I cannot continue my school, which will make the next level of the Trinity die (apparently, but NOT accepted!), I am bringing in the worst darkness of its kind, which will further help improving our communication system, it is truly “impossible” to keep on playing football against darkness now – but I tell it that EVERYTHING IS NOW POSSIBLE TO DO VIA THOUGHTS (!), I have no more energy, which I can get from the Universe, but I would rather not, it is lack of energy making this task difficult, darkness brings me “blinking red warning signals”, but I have decided to continue bringing in more life from deeper levels of me, family/friends etc. smile/laugh of me because of my humour and love of people and people receive a “special feeling” every time I walk into a room.
  • I decided that it is darkness making things look worse than they are to scare me off, including putting John back on hospital, which made me sad (!) – it was negativity of my mother together with extreme darkness, which almost killed him – but still I decided to stay firm saying that I will NEVER give up to darkness, and eventually I was told that because of this, I am welcome to enter, and I was shown a new landscape completely full of winter/snow everywhere, until we will also get this implemented as part of our New World.
  • David was kind immediately to communicate with me informing me that he still has Meshack’s share of money, which he has not “been able” to send Meshack now when he is in North Eastern and not answering his telephone! – So I asked both David, Meshack and the team to communicate and to agree how to continue communicating, receiving money and stay together as a team.
  • When I was cycling 24 kilometres this afternoon I brought the last energy required to bring all of the light of this “giant crocodile” to me – the greatest light ever – and I am now facing the next level, which is even more aggressive already starting to give me burning feelings around my private parts – but I will NOT give up, come on!
  • I was held awake this night and shown that there is MUCH more love at deeper levels inside of me still to be released. We have used the last days to create an eternal opening to the inside of me and create a system to automatically keep on going deeper releasing the next level of darkness of an eternity of levels at the same time releasing me from my prison of sufferings. This is about myself receiving myself after having set up this programme, and until recently there was a risk that this would not become true. Now we only have to start the engine of our New World.
  • Short stories of Helena sure to find the treasure of the rainbow (more gold of creation), Messi decided to take matters into his own hands by beating the world record of most scored goals ever in a season symbolising infinite life of our New World, a new picture of Earth shows “me” sitting in my mothers loving and protective arms, I ask Peter Mogensen, Kristian Madsen and other people of the media to start using your energy supporting the New World instead of the old (!), Kenneth from the meditation group shows that he said NO to me and that he and the group “feel good about it”, the famous politician Jan Trøjborg died today to bring energy – and more.

7th May: Opening “the cradle of love” looking into an eternity of love after having finished the tunnel leading to it

  • This night was a new test for me to work and stay awake this time to finalise the creation of our new automatic system entering deeper layers of my inner self for an eternity, and I worked with more notes to my script of yesterday until 01:50 and stayed awake until the morning, where I however was so extremely tired that I had to have 2-3 hours of sleep, and despite of very aggressive darkness, it was not let in. This darkness is made to create a tunnel leading in to a giant Pyramid containing an infinity of deeper levels of my inner self to enter for an eternity to come.
  • Before my meeting with Lisbeth from the Commune tomorrow, I sent her an email informing her about how I normally am as a human being when not being “interrogated” by her (!) and what “mental diseases” are – and I hope that she will decide to learn instead of pushing forward the canons of darkness to shoot me!
  • This afternoon we were opening “the cradle of love” – i.e. the great Pyramid including the infinite layers of my inner self – looking into an eternity of love after having finished the tunnel leading to it.
  • We are improving “our most perfect work” to my inner self to remove sufferings and we are entering new, deeper levels.
  • I was thinking of filming my TV for you to see how ”spiritual darkness” works when distorting the sound and picture of it, but when I decided that I was too tired doing this (!), I was “helped” by “spiritual darkness” distorting the sound and picture of DR1 live news programme at 21.00 because of darkness of politicians (when it comes to “economy” and “irresponsibility”) and media not reporting about me.
  • Short stories of Helena being the sleeping beauty on the castle while we make sure my inner self does not escape while I sleep (!), Lord Kuthumi (“Master of the wisdom”) smiling saying welcome to “the little new” and will I get all of me with me “in full height”?


6th May: Finishing creation of a system automatic releasing an infinity of depths and love from my inner self

Dreaming of receiving “blinking red warning signals” from deeper darkness, but I have decided to continue!

I went to bed at around 23.00 being VERY tired to say the least, and I slept until 07.30 with what I remember as “threatening dreams of darkness”, but before writing them down, I don’t know what the messages of the dreams, and before writing I have the attitude that “one way or another we will go through this, and I will enter this darkness converting it to light no matter if I have the key or not”, and also that this darkness is sending out the worst threats and lies as I have ever received, and this will have to be about being STRONG (!) – and Messi scoring four goals yesterday (see later) is really a strong sign too that I cannot be all wrong in the decisions I take – and let us see as a small test if this is also my attitude after writing down and understanding the dreams.

  • Elijah is desperate for money and asks me to receive more, but I tell him not to ask me anymore. He is working at a workshop without money, and he is desperate and want to commit suicide.
    • The dream says that Elijah is desperate for money, but “money” is a symbol of “energy”, so are you feeling low on energy too, Elijah, and so low that you are not thinking of “suicide”, but to break relations to people, as I do believe this means?
  • Something about being in school, the long break, where three frogs are being smoked, and they will not survive. I was away from school and first returns at 12.10, and cannot enter the classroom to get my books because the class started at 12.00.
    • Three frogs are a new potential set of the Trinity deep inside of me, and here the dream says that I “cannot” continue at school herewith not saving these “frogs”, and yes have I allowed you to cut the lifeline (?), and no, I have not, and my message is clear, I will NOT accept you dying, so one way of the other you are becoming light too.
  • In Kenya I see the naked chassis of a boat being removed and driven away from a house, and a truck with another chassis of a boat is driven by another truck in the other direction, but it passes the house, and I follow it to make it return, and I have to go through obstacle race on the return, where the dark people of this boat run much faster than I, and I even have to run at the ditch next to the track to run even faster, which saves time but also brings the risk to being killed, but nothing happens to me, and somehow the darkness has only used 4 out of 12 balls to return, which is good, without catching me, and I see Hans showing a new sound calibration system, which is in stereo and works perfectly.
    • The chassis of a boat will have to be the foundation of a world, and here a new hidden world deeper inside of me, and when one is driven away and another is also there, does it mean that we still have a reserve world when needed (?), and to bring this next level to me seems to be difficult, but you know I have not given up, and will NOT give up, so this one will also return and become part of us. And I was told that using “only” four balls is because of the exercise I have done.
  • I see a baseball game on a football ground, and the ball is thrown up for Robbie Williams to hit, but he stands oblique to the ground making him hit the ball oblique. Later we are playing football on this ground – “Germany” is part of it – and it is almost impossible to play on this ground because of very high grass, but we are fighting our outermost but it seems “against all odds”.
    • It seems that Robbie Williams is part of this invisible game too, so how is it going with your interest in UFO’s, Robbie (?), and maybe also me (?), and when we cannot play football, it says that it is impossible to continue, but let us pretend that EVERYTHING is possible just using the thought without any limits, because this is what I believe we are in our New World, and when there are no limits, I don’t understand why it should be that difficult to enter a deeper level of me, so this is the attitude I ask you – my inner self – to continue using, and NOT to be afraid of anything!
  • Something about only receiving one French fries, a porn store and I am on my way home but without money for the train, and I do know that I can call my mother, who can send me money, but I don’t like doing it.
    • This seems to be darkness once again telling me that it will not let me in – but we will see about that, I know and feel how I still receive darkness so something is telling me that I am still on the right track, and yes borrowing money from my mother, is to receive energy from the Universe doing this.
  • I am living in Espergærde and on my way to work in Copenhagen, but I know that I cannot park in town without paying parking fees, which I don’t want to pay, and instead I plan to park the car outside town for free and to use the bus from here, which will make me arrive at 08.40 and not at the formal meeting time at 08.30, which my colleagues will probably not notice.
    • It seems that “energy” is a vital part of this game to enter deeper levels of darkness, and I don’t have money, i.e. energy to park in town (of darkness), but I can take the bus going there, which is to go through more torments potentially bringing me my “old nightmare” and yes this is what the dream says, and to still make it on work.
  • I am driving to town with an incredible amount of money in my purse. I am driving together with Ole R. (my colleague from Aon), who is the reason why I have received a parking ticket of 410 DKK, which he pays to me. I see a beautiful but “vulgar” lady and my mother, who is also with us in the car, says “who wants to shoot a series of pictures with her”. We are now temporarily parked in front of Østerport train station in Copenhagen, I have “an old fogey” with me in the car too, there are some chairs placed in front of the station at the path, which I want to collect and to continue our drive, but Hans asks all of us to get a chair, and I understand that we apparently are going to eat here, and I see that Søren Pind is also with us in the car.
    • The money in my purse is the energy I truly contain as my new self, Ole R. was my old colleague I wrote with in the beginning of 2009 sending me “blinking red warning signals”, which was darkness making it “impossible” to believe in me, and this is darkness again sending me “blinking red warning signals” not to enter this darkness, and my spiritual friends told me that they did not “dare” enter this, and I have not been a coward throughout my game, and have NO intention to start now, so come on darkness, give me everything you got, because I am going to make you come with me too. And I do hope that the world will understand my thinking that I do not like people being “vulgar” when they do not present themselves naturally, but are dressed and “show off” “cheaply”. Being at the station is where we receive more people “coming home” to our side, and it seems that my sister’s husband is with me helping to get room to receive everyone – and Søren Pind is also with us in the car, so thank you for believing in and also supporting me, Søren (?), and I do wish that you had the courage to communicate directly and openly with me, I am sure we would – and later will – become the best friends.
  • My family is gathered and smile/laugh of a good heart when I am there too, and my old school friend Søren D. N. is there too also smiling much. Isabelle has bought the half of a toilet from Niklas, and shows me a fashion magazine from Russia with ladies and clothes, which does not fall in my taste. I am joking about mortgage deed and about selling it.
    • I hope this is about the family liking my sense of humour and love of people, and I was told that Søren D. N., who left me as a Facebook friends a few months ago, saw my birthday greetings to Stone, who he is a friend with, and that this made him smile. The dream says that Isabelle is still attracted to me, but I am not attracted to her the same way as I don’t personally find Russian ladies the most beautiful in the world, and please remember that this is only my personal view the way I am built, and to me the most beautiful girls come from a few countries of southern or south eastern European countries, and then Argentina.
  • I woke up to the song and lyrics “Every time that you Walk in the room” by Sanne Salomonsen, and I understood that this is about the “feeling” people get when I walk into a room.

I decided NOT to give up to threats of this darkness, and finally it gave in letting me enter a whole new landscape

And yes, this was it, darkness sending out STRONG warning signs, but no, I will NOT accept darkness telling me to stop, I am the one in charge, so therefore we will continue saving even more inside of darkness, and as my new self, this should be easy to do because the thought is our “weapon”, right?

And I do believe and hope that this is darkness “bluffing” when playing its cards making the threat greater than it is – we should be in control of it (?) – which the story with Meshack and David below tells me, because this is not “so serious” as it could have been.

But I became VERY SAD when my mother called saying that John was not feeling well and is now at the local Helsingør Hospital for observation, and my first thought was that I was sad that my mother – and John of course – had to go through more of this (I was told that my mother thought that she could not take anymore, that she had reached her limit, but there is always a higher limit to reach, and this is what I decided for us to reach to create even more perfection of our New World, this is how it is), and also that I did not get time to do exercise yesterday, and since we need much energy at the moment, it seems that more energy is taken from John, and I can only say again that I don’t want John to die and that is NO MATTER WHAT (!) and even though this made me very sad to hear almost removing all of my motivation to continue working /exercising, I still want us continue going deeper into my self, and yes this is how it is here, Stig, and apparently this is how it is when the empire strikes back, and we do know all of us how it will end, which is with “the good guys” winning.

Later in the day, my mother called and said that John is doing well under the circumstances, and his blood pressure had fallen making him very tired, and he needed blood transfusion, and yes why just now (?), and I was told the answer, which is that when having pizza with my mother the other day, she also mentioned “to kill” in some “innocent” connection, but this is what darkness took quite literally, and then it used negative thoughts of my mother, and this is how my mother – without knowing or wanting it – was about to kill her own husband because of the most aggressive darkness yet, and yes the only reason why John survived again was because I decided to take over not accepting negativity of my mother to be decisive for the world!

I was also told that this is what was needed to bring darkness forward, to let my mother show the way for it, and when it was here and not to late, I took over to transform it to light, and so it is.

I was also given the feeling that this game also includes a play with my father’s health, and I am really still having a “heavy head” when working (dizziness etc.) and yes we know, “we don’t tell” and the question is how deep can I go (?), and yes “all the way forever and ever” is my answer, this is STILL our goal!

I was told “corpse cremated, don’t I look beautiful”, which was the voice inside of darkness, which I could also only understand as a threat of not coming closer, but it had no effect.

I was also told that we have passed the climax of creation and will now break the ”pain limit” in order to continue this creation.

I was reminded to include a symbol from the other day when I was out shopping with my mother buying so much that I could almost not get room for it in my relatively small refrigerator with a small freezer box, and I understood that this is life on its way in, this is how packed/condensed it is inside of here.

Finally, at 13.50 I was told by a dark voice of a new part of the spirit of my mother “well is it you again, and you have decided not to give up, yes you are welcome to enter then, but there is not much to see” but what I saw what winter/snow everywhere making me think “very much to be converted to light”, and yes we are now inside of this, which we had to “break into” using much energy once again as I was told, and stronger FAITH than ever created the road.

I received the feeling of Obama, and yes difficult decision to strike Osama Bin Laden, but how could I tell that I did not wanted him killed (?), yes a MUCH more difficult decision to take than you think, and I could only say once again “GODT GÅET, OBAMA” (!) – and what have I translated this with earlier (?), “well walked” is the direct translation, but let us say “this is how to do it” and then it doesn’t get any better 🙂 (!) – which I understand is a mutual feeling we have, and I also feel here how Obama would have liked to be white because of the racism he has experienced also from “completely normal people” not “knowing” that they are racists, just like the Danish MP Søren Espersen.

The “problem” between Meshack and David was not “so serious”, they only have to communicate!

Based on the information I received from Meshack yesterday not imagining that the story could be different to what he presented to me – with my spiritual voice making me write as I wrote – I decided to write this to the LTO team this morning when sending my script to them:

Dear all,

I know all of you are experiencing great difficulties, but one thing is more important than anything else, and that is for the LTO team to be an UNBROKEN TEAM not losing your friendship because if you do, this is the work of darkness working directly against me and creation!!!

This is how I kindly ask all of you to see the chapter of today called:

Meshack is now a volunteer helping refugees at Dadaab (?) – and David has NOT given Meshack his share of my transferral!!!

As you can see from this chapter, I will NOT send you money again before you have agreed and told me who will be “responsible” to receive my ONE TRANSFERRAL ONLY per month and to share the money with the team without becoming tempted to use the money himself. And for you David, this is a WAKE UP CALL (!) – please understand that I mean business when I KINDLY ASK YOU TO COMMUNICATE BOTH WITH THE TEAM AND ME – and to do it openly, directly and honestly, remember (?) – ON THIS SUBJECT, because you do know that SILENCE is only what a Devil will do in situations like these, don’t you? This is about taking responsibility, being STRONG and showing yourself as a man of God! CAN YOU (?) – and you do remember the answer, don’t you?

Take care all of you – I look forward to hearing what you decide, and I do hope you will also read the script below in general, because there are still important stories of our progress.

And not long after I had send this email, I was HAPPY for David showing that he truly is both strong, responsible and also cares for and wants to continue seeing Meshack – not having used Meshack’s share of the money, but experiencing “communication problems” as you can see from our communication here, and it truly shows the importance ALWAYS to look at a story from two sides to understand the full truth, and also for the LTO team to overcome their “difficulties” communicating agreeing on how you will continue communicating, transferring money between you and also to keep the LTO team intact – and yes I do look forward to hearing from you when you have all communicated again hopefully confirming that you as a team stand united stronger than ever, with the last part also including the message that this is what we do just underneath of this act with an darkness working right now as aggressive as the Tasmanian Devil, but as everyone knows, Bugs Bunny is weaker but much smarter than this Devil making Bugs Bunny win, and yes this is the true story about this rabbit, one of my favourite cartoons, and maybe my favourite of all, together with Tom and Jerry, and of course “all of the other fantastic cartoons too” :-).

So it seems that this “problem” was not as serious as it looked like, but a threat of darkness, and I do hope the same is the case with my mother’s John on hospital, so he soon can return home and become “fresh” again.

Receiving a “giant crocodile” of darkness with the greatest light ever, and now “challenging” the next even worse darkness

I worked most of the time from 09.00 to 15.15 on the script of today, and from here I took a small break before I would continue the plan of today, which also included a cycle tour, and to update the front page of my website too, and yes to come back on top being full up to date, which I have not been fully, only “almost” for a few days.

I received less negative voices today than yesterday, which was truly extreme, but I still felt somewhat tired.

I was shown myself standing on a very small balcony delivering a baby in through the neighbour window and I was told “this is how it is, because you are here and not there now” meaning that I am in our New World, but can still enter Old World.

I had absolutely no motivation to exercise this afternoon, but still I decided that I would cycle a “short” tour, so this is what I did when I cycled 24,3 kilometres with kilometre times between 2:18 and 4:38, and when I first got started I also started to enjoy it, but still this was my most difficult tour yet, but during the tour I was shown and told about “the finest China bowl” entering and also “be careful” because this was truly a treasure, and later I was shown a garden light arriving together with the question “where do you want to place it” (?) – and while writing this I am told about both the female journalist from Aftenshowet (and also Sporløs) the other day and the actor Lisbeth Dahl knowing about me as examples (!) – and my answer was as usual “the light will decide”, and I was also told that this is the strongest light ever, which you know is the essence of digging deeper and deeper, and I was also shown a giant red crocodile entering me, and told that this was this level of darkness now defeated, and if I want to continue to the next, and yes of course, there is nothing to fear (!), and it is under one condition, which is that I will under no circumstances sacrifice members of my own family and if you cannot meet this, I ask you to stop the game, and yes this is how I have decided to protect my closest “servants”, and it did not take long before I was given strong burning feelings around my private parts, which was to say that this is the worst opponent yet I am facing, which will use the worst sexual sufferings/torments yet, and we know I have decided as a principle that I do NOT want to give up, so come on, give me the best you got, and we will see how my “actors” will decide to carry out this game, so I wish you the best of luck, my friends, and let us see if we can handle this one too :-).

Again I was driving both on roads and inside the forest, and at Hellebæk Kohave, I was happy seeing a flock of what looked like prehistoric oxen, which to me was cows with long red hair and large horns, and to me it is TRULY amazing and rare to see “original cows” like this inside of “my forest”, and yes just a symbol of “original creation” of course, and I wonder if these cows are what my neighbours on 7th floor say is sold as “the best meat” at Borsholm? I also saw an eagle sitting in a tree close to me and a deer standing in the side of the forest jumping when I arrived, and yes sightings like this makes me happy, and it was Tom from Brede Park, who taught me the fascination of birds, which I had not seen before he showed me.

I was shown a camp and a giant mouth of darkness behind it wanting to swallow for good this next level of darkness, which we now work to bring in, and I was asked if I want to continue creating a system for an eternity to continue going deeper, and yes thank you, please continue, and when I try to understand how we can continue going deeper forever, I am thinking of fractals where you can continue zooming in and discover new patterns and here worlds opening all of the time, and yes LET US NOT LOSE THIS OPPORTUNITY OF THE FUTURE my friends.

And this is “just” a video I “fell over”, about “the golden ratio”, which you might find interesting:

Finishing creation of a system automatic releasing an infinity of depths and love from my inner self

I tried to go to bed at 22.10 this evening being “very tired”, which is when my eyelids keep falling down, and I was happy with what I had achieved today including exercise, but I thought that I was too exhausted also to do the last thing on my to-do list to update the front page of my website with a couple of recent stories, and even though I was told before going to bed that I would not fall asleep, but work, I did not believe in it because we are still in control over darkness, right (?), but this is exactly what happened, and already at 22.15 I started receiving information in bed, which was difficult to receive because of just how tired I was, but before I will write this in this chapter, I have a few notes from the evening I will write first.

I was given the understanding that the content of the darkness I am now entering is “1,000 times larger” than the previous, and our tool to expand the Universe is necessary here when “the freezer” is already full.

Later I saw the finest white boat being uncovered underneath a tarpaulin and I felt a combination of “new red and orange” (darkness becoming light) floating in my blood, and I was not sure if this was darkness of the level I received earlier today, or if this was new darkness pouring in.

I noticed how my TV started bringing hundreds of digital drop-outs again combined with hundreds of “distorted faces” now and again (only the faces, and very precisely!), and yes this is my spiritual friends sending darkness to my “old self” and I am no longer my old self, which may be an explanation to why I noticed how spiritual darkness started doing this – I can tell because every time it happens, I am given a direct feeling or speech about this for example when I receive a “blinking” or told that “it’s only me” – without making me suffer much, and I was told “now you know why Michael Hardinger has not returned as a Facebook friend”, and yes when he vanished as a Facebook friend it was to say that I could not continue living as my old self, and when he is still away, I wonder if I am still living as a little bit of my old self within my new self, and yes this could be logic when thinking of it because before I was my old self with my new self inside of me, so why not vice versa (?) to have direct access to the remaining parts of darkness inside of me, but I don’t really know and don’t receive any help, but it does make sense.

I felt a small piece of darkness being transferred to me and I was told that we have chosen to transfer small pieces of darkness at a time as part of our new invention (to automatic go deeper and deeper forever).

I was shown a large and empty floor of a giant skyscraper and told that this is the next darkness we will transfer.

And from hereafter, it is notes I received from 22.15 to 22.45 while lying in my bed.

I was shown a lot of coffee cups with only one of them including coffee, saying that there is MUCH more love inside of me than what has been poured up now. I was shown Olsen-Banden (“the Olsen Gang”) leaving prison, which was to say that I am leaving the prison of darkness.

And I felt a complete opening around me, which is opening to the depth of me, and I was told that this is what we have done over the last days (create an eternal opening to depths inside of me.

I was told “there has been a swimming pool in your right corner, which has become smaller and smaller” (less sufferings to come) and I received a very light diarrhoea feeling, which was to confirm that this will also mean less destructions of the Universe.

I was shown sail boats of a harbour and shown one and told that “this is a model boat of what you have done walking into the mouth of the monster, tell it to implement a new invention, which is also what makes him reduce aggressions and become meek as a lamb without heart uneasiness as in Herning” (where Jan Trøjborg died today)

The “Tasmanian Devil” is a symbol of the aggressive darkness I have been shown these days when entering it to implement eternal opening of new layers of depth of my inner self to create an eternity of greater concentration of life/creation

And I was told, “but first this, who is your mother’s mother not angry with, yes your mother, and who is your mother…. are you ….” and the words did not finish, and I was told “lay down and sleep” and despite of my tiredness, I understood that this was darkness working, so I decided to stay up to continue taking notes until 22.45, which was my decision when starting, which I know from experience is what is the best to keep.

Here when it is 23.40 writing these lines, I am shown the Tasmanian Devil swimming in a large pool full of soap water, so he is still becoming cleansed, and I am doing this through the writing of this chapter, and yes will I have to stay awake afterwards (?), and yes I know the rules, which is first to finalise your work, if you can – the additions to my website – and I don’t know if I can, because I am truly feeling rotten when writing this, and yes then to stay awake, which I don’t know if I can do one more time, but I can try and see how far it will get me, and yes my back is “scratching with a VERY DEEP feeling”, which is as if you stroke me with stinging nettles, which keep burning, and yes this is the feeling I sometimes have without writing it.

I was quickly shown the body of an animal on the floor, I looked in through a small hole in the wall and shown someone being fastened to a torture bench/instrument, and I now received a much stronger feeling of diarrhoea, and I was told that at the end of the previous phase we asked ourselves “how do we secure against diarrhoea (destructions of the Universe) the next time” and I received the answer “through experience, patterns and predictions, but what if there is no pattern (?)” and I thought or heard “thoughts for an eternity” and I was told that this is the programme we enter, and then we have an “orange box” without having to play football (with darkness including sufferings and destructions), but first you have to write this, and I did not understand this but according to this information, it is not possible to “think” as the way of life/creation when we enter deeper layers of me, only what we have already opened up for.

I was shown a white city with balcony doors opening and I saw Luke Skywalker as me hiding in the shadow looking out and “how do we continue from here when now knowing what to expect”?

I was shown Jesper from Falck and told the lyrics “superwomen don’t know how to shit” from the Shu-bi-dua song “there is a dogshit in my garden”, which gave me the thought of Lisbeth from Helsingør Commune, which is about “predictions” removing destructions (so superwomen don’t you know …) and I was shown and told “this is how to wash denims of a whole city”.

I was VERY tired and could almost not see and not remember visions after a few seconds, but I was shown “beer commercials looking out an apartment” – darkness (!) – and also told that without Jette, we would not have made this tour.

I was shown flowers made by dark fish eggs, which is about my transformation from darkness to light.

I was shown up and down forest paths and asked “does Jan H. (my colleague from DanskeBank-Pension) not come to offer you money”, and no he is not.

I was told that “there was a risk of yellow taxies to fall into the water in New York (new parts of Jesus/Stig from my inner self permanently dying) but not now, when they have been permanently secured”.

I was shown white birds from where I received beautiful music and I was asked “who gives you these and these beautiful tones” (?) and received the answer “yes, it is yourself receiving yourself after having set up this programme”, which apparently is necessary to do and yes “completely without heart pain” and I felt how darkness tried to give me heart pain and also that it did not succeed.

I was shown a large pipe soaking up all junk foot including M&M’s (chocolate), which I was told is also full of “medicine” to keep/calm people down.

I received a great pain to my left foot, “what does this mean – to destruct parts of the spiritual world or to borrow and return something” and I was told that we borrowed and returned “something” to be able to set up this process.

I was told that a journalist – now old – has written much about Reagan, but not what you wrote (the secret government making Reagan warn the world about a threat of war coming from space), and did it create an echo (“genlyd” in Danish) (?), but no people continued to “slingre ned af vestergade” (“reel down Vester Street”) and how difficult would it have been if the world really wanted to understand (?), and yes no one created the coherence, which you did (of information on my website).

I was shown a package of cigarettes of the brand “Look” given to Jesper from Falck, who does not wear headphones but sun glasses and I was told “we cannot understand, but do understand anyhow at our innermost when we are told the truth, which is also my secret”, and that is to create faith of people in me, and if not with their conscious self, then with their subconsciousness.

I was shown a giant store of tanks now driving into the workshop to become “something good” of our New World.

Besides from being immensely tired, I continued receiving some pain to the inner of my fingers and toes, and I heard constant cracking noises from the kitchen for a period of time telling me about new life entering.

I was told that part of the new system is that we know from experience how to react to attacks from darkness, which is what equalise them.

I was shown a tennis ball running up to a tree, which releases an eternal stream of nuts pouring out from the inside of the tree, where they were stored, which you know is about the content of my deep inner self becoming released in our New World.

I was by now so tired about to stop and break down, and I saw darkness opening (exactly because of this tiredness) and told by the voice of darkness “is it now you again and you have still not given up, and yes you are heartfelt welcome”.

I was shown the combination of my self and the spirit of my mother functioning as the driving shaft of a boat and told “now we only have to start it”, which you know may be to start everything of our New World ending with this final creation.

I was shown the entrance to a giant pyramid of darkness and told that it would be a shame to lose this, because “it is inside of there we have all of our storeroom”, which you know is about future development.

After doing a few amendments here and there, I decided to upload my this script already “today” – or that is at 01.50 “tomorrow” in order to “let it work” to consolidate our new creation.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena said that she was going to “the rainbow” today, which is a panorama view over Århus at the top of an art museum, and Helle told her “hope you find the treasure”, which you know normally is “gold at the end of the rainbow”, which to me is to find more life/creation deeper inside of me, and Helena was sure that she would because as she said “it is my rainbow”, and yes created by the spirit of my mother and we know when it comes to our New World (with all other New Worlds around it created by the spirit of Karen with my inner self).

  • The news paper of Ekstra Bladet wrote that Messi “ran amok” yesterday when scoring all four goals when Barcelona defeated Malaga by 4-0, and he has now scored 73 goals for the season – with two matches lacking – and 50 goals in the Spanish league alone, herewith beating the world record from 1925 of most goals ever scored in a season (!), and this is about a man, who would not stop, when the Old World could no more (with Barcelona symbolically not winning neither the Spanish nor the Champions League this season), so he decided to continue scoring goals and yes as many that he will never be forgotten, and you do remember who he is symbolising, and yes “father here” and “scoring” is as you will remember the symbol of “entering our New World” :-).

  • Jette was kind to bring a new picture saying that it shows “me” sitting in my mothers loving – protective arms and a lot of other protection and light, and yes I still don’t get it, but do believe that this is what Jette sees, and have you found others seeing the same (?), and yes all of you reading me but still not having the courage to stand forward.

  • Later Jette brought this picture of “heart formed protection of the little new”.

  • Later again, after midnight, Jette brought this picture, to which she says “carried on angel wings – or is it a Tibetan” (?) and also “notice the small crown on the head”, and as usual I cannot see it, can you?

  • The political commentator, Peter Mogensen, could also “not help” but writing that “some times you go through life being so SOAKED into your own world, that you don’t discover interesting things apparently trivial to the rest of the world”, and as Kristian yesterday this is about Peter, who was also SOAKED into darkness when playing the political game both when working for the government, and as a political commentator for Politiken and Danish TV2, and yes Peter and Kristian and everyone else, please STOP your activities in relation to the Old World and start using your energy to support and help bringing our New World Order to everyone. And Peter brought a lesson from a 47 year old man, Randy Pausch, who died of cancer in 2008 deciding to give one last lecture before he died including what he wanted to tell his children, and Peter says that this is not sad and depressing, but a piece of life and that you truly can learn from this man, and Peter’s personal learning from this is to “tell the truth, all the time”, which is really not a poor place to start, which is the same principle I have followed for years, because everything else is “insane” as you know.

  • And here you have the journalists Kristian and David strongly supporting a beer, i.e. darkness, and yes inspired it is and it is to show that you simply “love” the system of the Old World, and this is what you have to get used to, the system of the Old World is on its way out and to be replaced by our New World Order, and I do look forward to seeing you supporting our New World too, but you “cannot” right now (?), and if not now, when then (?), and yes there are NO poor excuses, you better get started my “gentlemen”, if this is what you are?

  • Kenneth was smiling much when he wrote “I have said no to a workshop called “you got to say NO! and feel good about it” – and I feel good about it”, and as you can see it made Inge laugh all over, and yes smiles all over for Kenneth, and this was inspired from the movie Anja and Viktor – burning love I saw on TV the other day, which made me smile (not many movies doing this), and really because this movie includes a workshop/course learning “weak men” to be “strong” telling their wives/girlfriends where to put the closet, and to me this is exactly the opposite of what is right to do, and the movie also showed the consequences when Viktor changed his natural kind character into a “strong and determining” character not caring for and listening to his girlfriend – thinking that this was truly what she wanted, but it was not, and they moved apart, and when I read this post, I also felt that the message is also in relation to me because Kenneth and the meditation group said NO to me, and they feel good about it obviously not missing me much, because you had the “loving and kind” Jimmy and Niklas to guide you and all of you to slurp this wonderful “loving energy” not understanding that it came from me and as the result of your “joy”, you were tormenting and killing me?

  • I was also sad to read that a famous politician of Denmark, Jan Trøjborg, suddenly has dies, and this is how it is when you don’t want us to take the lives of your mother or John, we then have to take lives of other servants “close to us”, and yes “what did he die of”, as I was asked, and it does look like a heart attack when reading here, and there you have it, and have you noticed people suddenly dying also in sports recently, and there you have it again.
    • I liked nice words of memorabilia in relation to Jan given from all leading politicians of Denmark during the day, talking about his efforts as minister, mayor and friend, and I was confirmed later when I understood that he did indeed die from a heart attack when cycling and this is as Mayor of the city Horsens the day before a historic stage of the Giro d’italia is to be held precisely in Horsens, and yes as if to say that it is a “tough” race we go through now when meeting the most aggressive of all darkness also including the greatest reserve of energy of all.
    • Later in the day I felt Jan with me surrounded by darkness and he told me that his task is to help me bring more darkness, i.e. light/energy after transformation, to me, so there you have it, and you will understand that this was not a day of sorrow, but a day of happiness because of what we achieved. Thank you Jan, and yes I have probably underestimated you for very many years because of your personal appearance, and as you know this is often also a sign of darkness.

  • Lasse admitted that “I am really good to see the beam in my brother’s eye, but not the splinter in my own”, and this is very precisely what the Devil has done to people, so if you recognise/remember this feeling, you have simply been hit by the Devil too, and who has not (?) – I have too!

  • After the visit from Jesper and Bodil from the Jehovah’s Witnesses yesterday, so far none has decided to start reading the summaries of my webpages, so Jesper, you did not think this was “worth while” doing (?), and yes difficult for a Jehovah’s Witness to believe in Jehovah when meeting him (?), making Jesper believe the same of me as what many Danes believe of them, which is “crazy”, is this how it is, Jesper (?), or were you just too “busy” or rather lazy to read and understand me?
  • My aunt Inge has now had three days to write an email simply telling me how she and my father are, but is it “very difficult” for you to tell me the truth, Inge (?) since I have not heard from you.
  • I received a strong feeling from Mia Aa. (my old colleague from Aon) about me, which has to be because of people in the life & pension sector of Denmark speaking about me because she is not on neither Facebook or LinkedIn and consequently do not receive my postings of new scripts, and with my knowledge of Mia from Aon, it surprises me that she is now a deputy director at Nordea, and I wonder if “good looks” and a “good name” in Denmark (Aamund) helped creating the road for her, because in the middle/end of the 1990’s “there were not many home” as we say in Danish and yes that is on the top floor if you understand such a small one, and yes Mia too my friend :-).
  • I continue receiving feelings about people who have deserted me on Facebook, who would like to return as my Facebook friend “if only they could”, and today it was Tobias’ friend Emil I felt in this relation.
  • Today was the day when President Sarkozy of France lost the election to Francois Hollande and I was told that they carried out the election now when I had not shown up yet.
  • David brought this post saying how “coincidences” influence politics on high level. If Strauss-Kahn had not been arrested last year in New York, he would probably have become the candidate of the Socialists, which would have made Sarkozy continue being President, because the other “scandals” surfacing since, would have crushed him in the election campaign, and Flemming below guesses that the following “scandals” of Strauss-Kahn would probably not have been revealed had he not been arrested in New York, which could have made him the President of France today, and yes “small adjustments” (because I decided for light and not darkness when working as I feel here) to make Hollande – a friend of mine – and not darkness of the Old World of Strauss-Kahn or Sarkozy, see?

  • Even though my script of the 5th May was only read three times the 5th May, the link to our Dadaab memo on Scribd made the readers of this increase from between 0-8 per day for a long time to 31 reads (the green line below), and just another example of the official world reading me in secrecy, and I don’t get why you “cannot” stop this and do what I have encouraged you to do for such a long time, which is to stop all of your secrecy including your secret readings of me – also you Pia Christmas (!) – and to start being OPEN.

A link in my script of the 5th May to the Dadaab memo brought an increase from 0-8 to 31 reads the 5th May, and this is ….

… even though my script of the 5th May was only read three times the 5th May, so yet another proof of the official world reading me, which is NOT included in this that last counter of WordPress


7th May: Opening “the cradle of love” looking into an eternity of love after having finished the tunnel leading to it

Creating a tunnel to a giant Pyramid of an infinity of deeper levels of my inner self to enter for an eternity to come

After publishing my script “yesterday”, I felt sure that I could not continue doing my “few updates” to the front page of my website (events happening in May 2012), but I did – taking one small step after the other receiving help to “keep on and on and on” from my spiritual friends, and I finished it at 02.30, and I could also include the Zombie-man from the other day to “my sufferings”, but this will have to wait until tomorrow – and now I will try once again to fight “extreme tiredness”, and I am not sure that I can do this, but we will see – and yes I have received feelings of MANY people, and many famous people too, knowing about me, but let us say that I have stopped this game by not continuing to write about this.

I was told that “it is first with the inclusion of me that you have created this system”, which is you know the next level of darkness I work on now, and again I could decide to be afraid of not being able to do this as I could have been – and have been in periods – during my entire journey.

I was told ”come again tomorrow if you want to kill him”, which was a message to this darkness also knowing that its “chances to succeed” decreases by the hour.

I received the lyrics “Når du strammer garnet, kvæler du jo barnet” (“when you tigten the yarn, you will choke the child”), which is from the famous Christmas psalm in Denmark, højt fra træets grønne top, and I just received two quick and small heart attacks to say that this is what this darkness wants to do with me.

I was told “can we take out the earplugs” and “no, we are not out of the forest yet”, which is resistance of this darkness not wanting to listen to me, but there is nothing you can do.

I also received the beautiful song “holder øje med dig” by Søs Fenger and the lyrics “Fodspor i sneen, tomt ligesom før i entréen, så ved jeg du, går fra mig nu, så ved jeg verden venter”, (about “I know you leave me, I know that the world is waiting“) which is about the snow inside of this landscape of darkness, which wants to separate from me, but also that the world is waiting.

I decided to watch TV, which I did for maybe a couple of hours where I was told that “this will make it painless for you”, and also “you don’t need text for the TV because there will be no TV”, and I was truly so EXTREMELY tired – now also feeling the effects of physical tiredness after exercise – so I had this fight again with my eyelids constantly falling down and wanting to stay closed and during one of those moments, I saw something like “clicking a link when sleeping will bring the right way”, and this was my ultimate level of tiredness where I could not keep it any longer thus deciding to lay down to take “a couple of hours” of sleep, and I may have slept maybe 2-3 hours in total when I woke up at 08.45 after having had a couple of short dreams:

  • There is a very long line of people all the way from just outside Vapnagaard waiting to enter a nightclub, and Nazi’s push to get in, but they are thrown out, and inside of the nightclub I am dancing with Dorte, I believe (class friend from Commercial school 1981-84 – miss you too, Dorte, and your fantastic smile :-)) to lovely music also including classical music.
    • Even though I sleep and this is very aggressive darkness, it is not let in.
  • I see a property of several apartments on the Royal Road in Helsingør, where I could have moved in, and I see reviews on the Internet about the landlady; that she has made tenancy agreements with “somewhat smart fish rules”.
    • This would be a lower level of our New World if I would not be able to create the eternal connection to deeper levels inside of me.

When I woke up I was shown and told that this sleep dragged a little pollution on the top of the lake, and I was given the name of Lisbeth from the Commune, who may receive darkness in relation to me and her “strategy” for our meeting tomorrow, and I do hope we will be able to remove this pollution during the day and coming days.

Later at my shower I was shown and told that we will use this darkness to create a tunnel to this giant pyramid of depths of my inner self with this part of me also becoming the statue on the side of the very fine looking pyramid.

During the morning I continued receiving negativity of darkness wanting me to destruct and not to create this, but no, I will NOT give in.

I was happy to hear news from my mother when she told me that John is now home again, and this time I do hope that he will NOT visit any more hospitals as I told my mother, and she him, with a smile :-).

I was told “can he call me, and also me and me and me”, and yes we are setting up the eternal system to call new layers of darkness automatically for an eternity as you requested, and yes THANK YOU MY FRIENDS, and right underneath this game I hear/feel voices of light telling me “I know this is hard for you”, but hopefully not worse than I can send a letter to the man, David, who is also “following” me, and yes I like your humour very much too, but not your “selfish darkness”, my friend :-).

Opening “the cradle of love” looking into an eternity of love after having finished the tunnel leading to it

During the afternoon I was told “don’t tease him now, but isn’t he building the last part now after he spoke to his mother on the phone” (?), and yes, I am because of the love of my mother to me and her happiness for knowing my concern for John and also for my decision to exercise and to eat salad almost daily, and yes this is what it takes to open “the cradle of love” as we would like to call it because this is really all we can see for an eternity when now looking down into it for the first time.

I was told my this part of me of darkness now converting to light that “it is now my task to drag you up and down of this cradle”, and I have felt how this part is becoming my outer layer, and I was also told that “you are now encapsulated in darkness” (!), which is this part of my self, who will receive new and deeper sides of me/us, and yes which no one can tell because inside of me I am only light, but quite amusing that I will be surrounded my darkness, right?

I was tired during the afternoon, but not critically tired, and I was told how much it would mean for me to cycle to the swimming hall and to swim, and yes if I had a “normal life”, I could have bursted out “are you crazy” (?) – like you did, Anders Samuelsen (?), yes, there is a meaning with everything – and that is because I was really not in the mood so to say to do more exercise feeling as I did, but because I could, I decided to do it, and yes the “once in a lifetime” part you know.

Before leaving the apartment I heard “then you pour one litre down there without it says boom” and I was told that we have now started tested the most difficult development work you have ever asked us to do, and I was happy hearing that we have come this far, because this was also one of these “not easy” to come through, and I would be “more than sad” not to be able to do my best, and you too, Angela Merkel (?), and yes many lights in many homes, and have you started reading and understanding me, Angela?

I continued receiving LOUD cracking noises to my TV, shelves, the balcony etc. at the same time receiving visions of darkness being connected to these sounds, which is to say that there is strong darkness around me, but it deflects on many things around me, and not very much directly on/in me.

I was told that “it was her idea, not mine, to do it this way, and yes just think that we started as the smallest light imaginable and now we become everything”, which was the spirit of my father telling me that the “recipe” leading to our New World the idea of the spirit of my mother, who was also the one carrying it out.

I was truly tired before leaving, but from experience I know that it becomes better – feeling Kirsten’s son Ricki here (again that is!) – so it was really to get out of the door before it was too late (!), and yes I wondered if I would be able to do this, but I did it, and did a long swim in an almost empty swimming hall, and while swimming I was told that when I will wake up, this LARGE UFO will land on Earth to mark it helping people NOT to be in doubt about my arrival, which I was happy to hear, and when cycling there and the first part of the swim – and yes feeling Renee here too, and I am given the feelings of VERY MANY people thinking of me (?) these days – I was given pretty strong darkness also keeping me close to my edge, but when swimming, most of this darkness disappeared so I almost could swim in quietness both of other people and of darkness not speaking negatively to me.

I also did shopping in three supermarkets, and felt just how tired I was, but I told myself that “you can”, so I did it, and yes it helps knowing that I am not alone, because if I did not have my spiritual voices never leaving me alone, I don’t believe I would have been able to do the journey I did, and when I came home I was shown and told “you have just driven in after this tour” and “in” is inside of this “cradle of love”, and yes the great Pyramid you know herewith telling me that the tunnel leading to its inside has finished, and I was told “forever and ever”, so let us bring this fantastic song by the Greek singer Demis Roussos singing about “forever and ever”, and yes it is not all of it a “Greek tragedy” also thinking of the election of Greece yesterday!

Improving “our most perfect work” to my inner self to remove sufferings and entering new, deeper levels

In the evening I was told “now we just have to finalise by binding a nice bow to end the story”.

I was told that “now it is not a question of “no more darkness” before we will stop the game”, and yes Stig it is up to you to decide (when to stop) as I am given a clear voice saying, and yes I will first sign off when I have received reliable confirmation that you have done the most fantastic work you have ever done and cannot in your wildest imagination do any better and when I cannot feel darkness anymore despite of this new link to eternal darkness (!), and before this, we are not done, and yes I will see what happens over the coming days, if this is really the end, or if there – as usual – will come a surprise with something new to do.

Later I was told “if everything has to be perfect without the TV distortions/drop outs on the TV and to bring Michael Hardinger back as Facebook friend, then just wait and see …” and also “we only continue because you want it to be perfect”.

I was told “what about the winter landscape” (?) – of this level of darkness we are working on now after having produced the “tunnel of love” really 🙂 (a TRUE favourite song by “Fun boy three”, which easily could have been us :-)) – and I was told that we will first start working on this landscape now using the new “automatic system”.

I was told “we are now making sure that it will not burn again” (deeper inside of me), and I was shown darkness of this part of me rushing around a conductor of an orchestra, and I thought that I want this part of me, “my self” and everything/everyone to be without sufferings and feelings of darkness, but only the opposite of love and warmth, and later I was told “we now receive the explosion of the next level” and also that “we copy its pattern”, and when we know the pattern of darkness, and brings it the opposite pattern, we equalise it and gets access, and yes sounds pretty easy, right (?) – but more complicated than that.

I was told that “this is the most perfect work we have ever done” setting up this system, and later this darkness/part of me said “they do look odd those entrances” (to new levels), and he speaks as “awakening darkness” normally does, which is with a childish voice, and I was shown a door opening inside a very small room located in a well, and the waiter from “Tony’s restaurant” of course (!) – as I see now – from Walt Disney’s “the Lady and the Vagabond” opens, and he brings out a pile of crates of drinks in bottles, and I now understand the connection between Tony’s restaurant on the main square of Helsingør producing the best pizzas in the world (!), this movie and me – the love of Tony producing and serving pizzas, i.e. God creating life, to the finest dogs imaginable, i.e. man as the creation of God, and everything based on LOVE – and yes isn’t life wonderful?

DR1 news anchor live programme at 21.00 was exposed to “spiritual darkness” because of irresponsibility/silence

I was thinking this evening to film my TV so you can hear the “digital drop-outs” to the sound and distortion of the face only of people (!), but I was TOO TIRED, but one thought leads to the next, so I was helped by my spiritual friends to show what “spiritual darkness” is about when “messing up” a little with the news of DR1 TV at 21:13, when the correspondent from Athens, Greece, looked “funny in the face” when being distorted (!), and did you notice how the sounds started “cracking” making the host break the item (?), and yes this is how spiritual darkness works “all of the time” here, and yes this is about “world economy”, which is truly one of “the worst weapons of darkness”, and here at its stronghold of irresponsibility of Greece (!),

The correspondent from DR1 news in Greece received “spiritual darkness” when his face was distorted and the sound started cracking for everyone to see/hear as it “always” happens on my TV – because of darkness of world economy and irresponsibility and here of Greece!

And the spiritual darkness continued when the next correspondent now from Brussels was interviewed, when he could not hear at all in the beginning when the sound had been removed from him, and then suddenly there was a opening for the sound so he could hear – just as I created an opening to my inner self – and he also became confused when suddenly the picture on his monitor disappeared (!), and the host Lillian took all of these “technical” problems professionally, you could see nothing on her, but is this “the worst nightmare”, which can happen for a host on live TV, and here at 21.00 with the whole family Denmark wathing live (?), and yes Lillian & Co., this is also what you have created; “my worst nightmare”, when you “could not” bring the news about me to Denmark and the world, and yes much darkness returning to you here spiritually, do you see?

Informing Helsingør Commune about how I normally am when not “interrogated” and what “mental diseases” are

As mentioned, I understood that this darkness is connected with the Commune and what Lisbeth may decide to do to me (send me to a “shrink”, or to force me to take medicine?), and how do I help my self in this respect (?) and yes by communicating the truth, and this is what I was helped to do already before the meeting when Lisbeth sent me this email today saying that they have had more problems with the system and she wanted to be sure that I had received the ORDER (!) to come for the meeting tomorrow.

And for days I have thought about the “wrong and one-sided” impression Lisbeth has received of me because of the system (and its journals of misunderstandings) including herself focusing negatively now for years to find out “what is wrong with him” (?) instead of simply “discovering” that I am a fully normal human being having fine relations with all people working my best and telling the truth (also in applications!), and I decided to send her the emails below first recommending her to read the Facebook birthday greetings I received from friends the other day and how I “normally” am when I am with people when not being in a artificial “interrogation situation” as with her (!), and afterwards I also sent her my document here on what “mental diseases” – or “psychiatric diseases” – are, how they are “treated” and how dangerous (potentially to life) psychoactive drugs are, and I wonder if Lisbeth eventually will be able to “understand” the truth even though she is also one of the most “will deaf” people I have heard and yes “I listen, but I have closed access for you to influence me”, but is this really the case, Lisbeth – don’t you believe that this is what I really am doing, and that you underneath your darkness is also one of those people knowing that I simply tell the truth, and that it was “all inside of your own head” that the problems were?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • After my sleep a few hours this night, Helena was inspired to write “what have I got my self into – muuuummmyy….”, and as Helle said “mother sleeps Tornerose (Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty in English) sleep”, and Helena said that she needs a coordinator helping her with overview, ice in the stomach and “knowledge of escape-proof”, which is really for us not to lose contact to my inner self when sleeping, see (?) – and yes because according to Susanne “they are all very dangerous”, and this is what darkness is before it becomes light of course.

  • I received a new Facebook friend today, who had not send me a request (!) – the same as last time receiving an email to confirm the friendship, but no request in Facebook itself (!) – and this time it was “Alexander S.”, who lives in Los Angeles and is a friend with my “old friend”, which is Jiro, my old “Devil’s advocate”, so she is apparently also a “special friend” of mine.
  • FC Copenhagen has only received 1 of potential 6 points the last two matches, and is now only one point in head of FC Nordsjælland in second place, and yes only a few matches remain before the Danish championship in football will be settled, and this is to tell you about immensely strong darkness I am going through.
  • Jette brought this new picture of Lord Kuthumi (“Master of the wisdom”) smiling saying welcome to “the little new”.

  • Later she brought this saying that she can see both the top of a head and a crown, and she brings co-ordinates and say “exciting to see if you get out in full height”, and I told here that to me, she is practically speaking Chinese, because I am blind when it comes to these pictures, but maybe she will come back explaining more (?) – and maybe this is related to getting all eternal layers of my inner self with me to our New World?

  • Later Jette said that this is the position on Google Earth “forehead, head top of head of the new earth” and you can follow yourself.

  • Here Jette speaks of “Angel of Celebration”, the new Earth is to be celebrated, and “notice the beautiful diadem”.

  • Here Jette says of a picture from May 5 “look just here with crown on the head, still connected to the old Earth with the umbilical cord to South America or right at the Southern point” and the information I am given is that Earth is the centre of the Universe and when I have established this umbilical cord to Earth, it is the connection to the infinite levels of my inner self.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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