May 9, 2012: Receiving “an eternity of keys” to all levels of darkness inside of me becoming part of our New World :-)


Summary of the script today

8th May: Receiving “an eternity of keys” to all levels of darkness inside of me becoming part of our New World 🙂

  • Dreaming that I am still under surveillance of the “Old World” – WRONG (!) and that I am working for darkness when accepting to always being connected to the darkness of deep levels of my inner self.
  • When entering the deep levels inside of me, I enter the levels of the spirits of my mother and father as creators.
  • On my way to meet with the Commune, I was given “an eternity of keys” to all deep levels inside of me – the programme and “thoughts” worked, and all of this will become part of our New World :-).
  • I met with Lisbeth from the Commune again, and by now she had received the “verdict” of Jytte, the doctor, on me after she finalised this with a three months delay the second last day before she stopped working as doctor! Despite of doing my best telling the doctor about what spiritual communication is, this doctor decided – based upon her WRONG text books and WRONG journals on me (!) – that I suffer from schizophrenia (!!!), which no one can see – even including children from kindergarten (!) – when they meet me or work with me, but this is what this CRAZY system believes I am, amazing right (?) with the truth being that they are RAVING MAD not being able to “understand” what I have shown them so many times before through my behaviour and work. Lisbeth thought that what I say and write in general makes sense, but still she “cannot” accept me as the truth, and she also knows that schizophrenic people are normally not positive as I am, but still she does not understand ….!
  • During this experience, I was told that we are now about to be ready to the “big day”, the NEW YEAR’S DAY, which is the day when I will declare my mission impossible over, and we will start “the show” of our New World.
  • I continued working and staying awake as long as I could to convert the gift paper (of our New World) of darkness to light too.
  • I received the health declaration prepared by the “doctor” and after the meeting I read it with the conclusion of the doctor being that I am “chronically mental sick” without self-insight (!) based upon a WRONG statement from an ignorant doctor in 2008 – amazing, right? The doctor says that I don’t put forward “psychotic statements” and am “well speaking and well-formed with a good memory”, but still I am crazy (!) with unrealistic thoughts of my working capacity with the truth being that the doctor suffers from ignorance, an unrealistic perception of reality and compulsory thoughts (!) making up that I cannot use my education to work and not fall into an office milieu!!! The doctor recommends a psychiatrist to “evaluate” if my “schizophrenia without hallucinations/delusions” (!) can be improved by forcing me to take medication – RAVING MAD is what she and the system is!!!
  • Short stories of Helena wanting to play “doctor games”, i.e. to make my “old nightmare” come through, because of the doctor Jytte declaring that I am “crazy” (!), Helena also speaking words of wisdom, which is always good when “mother Mary comes to you”, Helena was also able to control her “temper release” not becoming tempted by the cake table symbolising me not being tempted to become my new self before finishing creation 100%, Jette brought a series of pictures of our New Earth including a symbol of the journey I went through to come here, celebration of this birth and she said that “when you can everything as everything you have become everything”, a LARGE ship symbolising the ENORMOUS SIZE of our New World and I was HAPPY to hear from John in Kenya already again.

9th May: The New World is ready to “take pictures” of people showing a clean heart to TRULY enter our New World

  • I was awake the whole night and day receiving MUCH darkness also passing this “torture of Hell” to reach deep and convert it, to stop the “kill me” command and bring out and “tightening” the entire library of “everything” of all levels, which by now cannot return to darkness. Still there seems to be more work to do making it perfect and “as good as new”, but we are “almost there”.
  • I really don’t know if my father is still alive, but I do believe he is, and my aunt “cannot” make herself write it to me (!), but she called me, however I “could not” answer the phone even though I tried.
  • Short stories of “the world’s greatest laugh attack” because of the JOY of our New World, the WRONG politics of the Social Democratic Party believing in “rights and duties” soaked out the blood of me (!), congratulations to Dave Gahan turning 50, “scandals” of the top of the Social Democratic Party, the New World is ready to “take pictures” of people showing a clean heart to TRULY enter our New World, there are an incredible number of a million-billion flowers (i.e. “lives”) of our New World and the celebration of life of our New World with even more still being created.


8th May: Receiving “an eternity of keys” to all levels of darkness inside of me becoming part of our New World 🙂

Dreaming that I am still under surveillance of the “Old World”

I went to bed at approx. 23.00 and slept until approx. 07.30 and I feel “almost alright” in terms of tiredness today and I am starting to feel the “good feeling” you get when exercise is starting to work spreading “good things” all around your body, and yes in my case it is all over the world and quite an “interesting” thought to deal with, but not now, because now we have a few dreams and still several hours of work here at 16.20 today after updating the script of yesterday this morning and having my meeting with Lisbeth from the Commune – and yes one more of those long minutes, which I had hoped I had finished, but no – and yes here we go (and I truly feel strength of the spiritual world “pushing” me positively when writing this :-)).

  • I see how hidden video surveillance of the police also films the dressing room of women, and when they stop one camera and say that they have stopped their actions, they continue filming in secret with another camera, which I however also discover and something about “other part of Anna” and “my CD’s at the library”.
    • This is about darkness of the world, i.e. the police, which sent me wrong sexual fantasies (!), and it seems that the police, i.e. the world, says that it has stopped filming me, i.e. surveilling me, but this dream says that you have not, and how many times to I have to tell you that I mean business this time, and yes all of your actions will be revealed to the world, and have you prepared how you will repent and what you will say to the public? – And this darkness is what leads to the nice music of warm feelings/love of the library of God, which we are about to have re-established.
  • I am working at the military where I hand out health declaration forms to Americans asking them to fill them out, and they know that if they have a poor health, they will be dismissed, and I do believe it was the Americans saying “we can’t see much” and also “this is part of the strategy to support the military”. I am working at my computer, and listen to the radio of my mobile phone, which is difficult to hear, and I can only hear it when I turn the mobile phone correctly with the speaker in front of me.
    • When I am working at the military it is to say that I have decided to always be connected to darkness of the inside of me, and is “we can’t see much” the feedback from the world not being able to see what Jette can see of pictures of the Earth (?), and I am guided by my spiritual voice continuing to do my work.
    • Later – after my visit to the Commune – I understood that this dream about a health declaration is connected with the health declaration of “my doctor” claiming that I am crazy, and her “wild accusations”, and I worked together with the military, i.e. darkness, as I worked together with this doctor of darkness, and in case the declaration shows that I have a poor health, I could have become dismissed by darkness, and this is really what happened, but as luck was, we have a New World of light ready for you anyhow.

When entering the deep levels inside of me, I enter the levels of the spirits of my mother and father as creators

When I was strong, and thought of Karen intimately – and ONLY Karen – despite of darkness still coming to me wanting to tempt me both strongly and very directly, I received the secret message/reward that when going into deep levels of my inner self, it is the levels of the spirits of my mother and father, the original creators of life and “everything”.

Receiving “an eternity of keys” to all levels of darkness inside of me becoming part of our New World 🙂

Finally came the hour to meet the Commune once again, and as usual I was NOT looking forward to it – not because of Lisbeth as a person, but because of the system, its crazy rules and how the hole rotten culture has brainwashed these people to do what is WRONG – and I tried to reduce my discomfort from going by telling myself “see this as entertainment knowing that we are “almost home” now” (with creation).

On my way cycling there I was shown and received “an eternity of keys” to the eternity of layers inside of me, which made me HAPPY to receive now understanding that I will NOT wear a coat of darkness for an eternity, but that my inner self based upon my actions and energy provided have entered this “eternity” of levels of me with this new programme and “thoughts of being” and I was told “not one single layer has resisted” – thank you for fine job carried out (!), and I was told that this is also due to the thoughts of Meshack and the LTO team accepting and not rejecting me (!) – and I was told that the whole line of the Commune, my mother, family/friends etc. resisting me is what made it possible for me to go through all of this.

The verdict of the system/doctor: “Stig is schizophrenic”(!), which even children from kindergarten can tell is WRONG!

The meeting started with Lisbeth collecting me at the reception as usual and when I saw the small yard from her office including a few trees and a blooming cherry tree in white, I told her that this is truly VERY BEAUTIFUL, and yes it started the meeting in a positive tone because positivity spreads, you know, Lisbeth (?), and it made her tell me that she likes having this view (instead of sitting on the other side of the building) and also that a bird has made a nest in the tree right in front of her, and it is now laying on eggs, which may or may not yet have hatched, and yes I liked seeing that too, which she could easily hear on me, and did you feel my positivity spread to you, Lisbeth?

After this I asked how the employees are doing after the “axe assault” a few months ago (?) and if it was as terrible as I can imagine (?), and it was really as Lisbeth said, the worst in her 38 year old career, and she told me about how one of the employees had used the arm to protect himself, and that he may receive permanent damages to the arm (I am not sure about that, he will heal :-)), and also that employees in need received psychiatric crisis assistance, and yes what did you offer the assailant after you had assaulted him with your wrong behaviour and demands making him so desperate to do this action as he would normally never dream about doing (?), and yes I told Lisbeth that I was SAD to hear about this because of people not being able to communicate and understand (!), and that is no matter where this happens as I said (!), and it made Lisbeth say that she had read my script right after this assault – because it interested you to hear what I had to say about this, Lisbeth and that also goes for others from the Commune (?) – and do you understand what I say that you are assaulting people removing their freedom and making them desperate (?) but as you told me “we only administrate the law” (!), and yes, I knoooow, but it does NOT mean that you have to be “unable” to understand people as you “cannot” with me as example!

Lisbeth also told me that she has no time to read my Facebook as I had encouraged her to do in my email yesterday (!), but she had printed out my document on “mental diseases”, which she however did not believe in as I understood her.

I was excited to hear if Lisbeth had received the “declaration” from the doctor I visited in January (!), and what it would say, and before she came to it, I used an opportunity to say that my agenda for today was to ask her to move me back to match group 1 (“normal working capacity”) – as all people instantly can see that I belong to BEFORE they know about my website (!) – and to give me an apology on behalf of the whole system for how wrongly it has treated me, but no, I was not to get that because Lisbeth said that she had indeed now received the “verdict” of this doctor, Jytte, and Lisbeth told me that she called her, and Jytte decided to do this “declaration” the day before she stopped working as a doctor, so was it difficult for you to decide what to do, Jytte, and what are you thoughts about facing me again (?), and yes “just in case” that I am the one I also gave you the impression that I am, and yes underneath your “cover” of course, and that is “inside of you”!

And then Lisbeth read up a few lines from this declaration saying that I suffer from schizophrenia (!!!) – which according to Wikipedia is “a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional responsiveness. It most commonly manifests itself as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction” – and is this really how you believe I am, and how I showed myself to you, Jytte (?), and I do believe that every “lunatic” by looking at me and being together with me for a few minutes can say that the lunatic indeed is you, Jytte, because this is NOT me (!), and my thoughts are THIS IS POOR WORK AT ITS WORST (!), and yes you are a doctor, which “the system” trusts in, and you decided for this conclusion???

And Lisbeth could tell me what was written by the doctor that I am NOT able to take on office work because of my “condition” (!!!) – eeehhh, how do you know, Jytte (?) and isn’t it both “funny” and “strange” that at our meeting 3 months ago you told me without any doubt in your voice that “you have a full working capacity”, but now I have lost it three months after because you changed your mind (?) or because you lied to me at the meeting (?) – and yes I told her once again that I have showed you in practise working my best and having good relations with all people most noticeable in Lyngby-Taarbæk at Brede Park and Falck, but also in Helsingør at the IKU job course, and let me repeat this I HAVE SHOWN YOU IN PRACTISE THAT I HAVE FINE RELATIONS WITH ALL PEOPLE AND WORK BETTER THAN ANYONE (!!!), but still you “cannot” understand, thus making me “crazy” and unfit to work (!!!), and this is here where I can only ask you ARE YOU COMPLETELY RAVING MAD (?) not being “able” to understand that you are wrong (?), and yes ARE YOU COMPLETELY DEAF AND BLIND (?) and that also goes for you so called “intelligent” people with a long education (!), and yes, this goes far beyond me, not even kindergarten children would be able to make such a mistake, and yes I do wonder how many of the small children at the kindergarten next to Brede Park, who saw me working, smiling and speaking to them, who thought that I was crazy and not able to work (?), and yes Lisbeth and Jytte, this is sadly the case, U2 are examples of crazy people cocksure believing that you are right (!), and yes you cannot see that we are now very close not to Judgment Day, but NEW YEARS DAY, which is the day when I will say “fine, this was the end of my journey, let us put it all on and start the show of our New World”, and let me use this powerful song by U2, one of my favourite songs of theirs, which made a HUGE influence on me in the beginning of the 1980’s and still today, and yes my friends, I was on the edge, but decided right, so we took “everything” with us, which you know too – yes U2 (!) – was quite important work for me to do, and YES Bono & Co., I love when you ACT as rock stars as you do on stage here, this is PHENOMENAL :-).

And Lisbeth told me “if only I could, I would like giving you permission to do your own work” (!), but no this was “completely impossible” for you to do (?), and again she said that if I can get a job “just go out and take it”, and yes back to square one again, Patrick (!), because we have been through this “discussion” so I decided not to enter it again.

I was thinking and also saying to Lisbeth “do you remember when I told you that the doctor had told me that I clearly have my full working capacity, which you will be able to read from her declaration unless she had a hidden agenda ” (?), but “a hidden agenda” was what the doctor decided for – let me here say that this is the ABSOLUTELY WORST you can do to me (!!!) – and yes were you scared of my potential reaction at our meeting, Jytte, if you told me that you believed I was crazy (?) – so better to follow the principle that “our lips are sealed” (?) – or was it first later, three months after, when you had “forgotten” your impression of me from the meeting and what you told me (?), and yes it makes me wonder how people can work as poorly as you, and I asked Lisbeth if she had read my script including the minutes of my meeting with the doctor, and no she had not, so this was not as interesting for you to read about, Lisbeth, when it was a script about me, and not about the Commune?

I told Lisbeth that this is about the “subjective verdict” of people, which also included her own belief of me “talking too much” as a sickness – what was the name of this “sickness” again (?) – and IKU believing that I was a loner when I never said anything (!), and yes how clearly do I have to paint it for you (?), can you see your own “incapacity” because or your “inability” to understand anything else than what you “want” to understand?

And I told her that I have explained both herself, the doctor and the system over and over again the truth about me, and I have done it to my best being both serious and careful, and instead of being understood, this system has shown me just how DREADFUL it “works”, and when my explanation of receiving spiritual communication does not appear in the doctor’s text books or as a “normal” experience in her practise as a doctor, she could only conclude that I am “not normal”, and when you hear voices, everyone knows that you are “crazy”, right (?) because this is what “voices” are about, isn’t it Lisbeth (?) and also you, Jytte (?), and yes NONE OF YOU KNOW (!!!), but still Jytte believed that “he is probably schizophrenic, because this is what my text books tell me” (!), and yes the story is truly as ridiculous as this, and the truth is that it is the whole “traditional system” of doctors etc., who are crazy when they decide to MAKE people sick (!), and yes “the opposite world”, you know (?), and we know it took this “doctor” maybe 30-45 minutes when meeting me only once to declare me crazy not understanding that I have perfectly normal relations with all people and have had always, and NO ONE not knowing about my website, would ever believe that “there is something wrong with me” – on the contrary (!) – and yes Lisbeth said that “I do believe in you” (!!!), and do you see, Lisbeth, how foot-dragging you were not being able to believe in all of the RIGHT STUFF I told you sticking to the wrong belief all of the time, and this is also about Karen and me where she was just as wrong as Lisbeth here believing that I was “sticking” to her, and you know with the feeling that I was the kind of “unpleasant people impossible to get rid off”, amazing RIGHT?

And I continued thinking of why the doctor decided to lie to me at the meeting, why it took her 3 months to do this report finishing it the second last day before she stopped (?) and also why she decided to stop working (?), and did anyone pressure her having a interest to make me officially “crazy” (?) and yes I don’t know, but you will probably find out the full and true story one day, and also maybe that the doctor actually liked speaking to me and really did not know what she was doing?

And when I continued telling Lisbeth – with my strongest presence and expression, which normally will “make all people understand”, this is the strength of it (!) – that I am completely normal and that I am making this VERY clear to everyone simply by showing myself and working my best, Lisbeth started thinking again and yes “it sounds fine everything you say with charity, good behaviour and so on, and normally schizophrenic people are negative”, and yes you have noticed by now that I am not negative but ONLY positive/objective (?) – after you also started by having negative thoughts and fear of me (!) – and how “normal” is it for “people like me” only to be positive and wanting the best for all people (?), and yes one thought leads to the next – apparently still a little darkness remaining – because now she started saying “but you hunger for recognition” (!), and yes Lisbeth “what makes you believe that” (?) as I asked you, and of course a man writing 5,000 pages MUST have a great hunger for recognition, right (?), but NO, WRONG (!), as I told you because ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN WRITTEN COMPLETELY UNSELFISH WITH THE ONLY AIM TO HELP PEOPLE (!!!), and how difficult is this to understand (?), and yes do you see what I was up against, darkness self sending negative thoughts to people who were not strong enough to do what it takes to “understand” the truth.

I told her that all of this started with a small misunderstanding when my sister and I visited two “doctors” in 2008, and now the whole system is misunderstanding me because of the pile of information on me – here two meanings, also what “the not lazy world in relation to digging information out on me” and that will have to be the media preparing for the BIG DAY (!) – included in journals etc., and this is simply what has happened to MANY people before me, “the incapacity of a crazy and bureaucratic system”, which could use years only to make things worse not understanding the main points!

I told her that all doctors and also Lisbeth can decide to believe what they want – different subjective “verdicts” (!) – and also if you want to force me to take medicine, and when I said this, Lisbeth said “no, not me”, and yes she obviously “needs” to have doctors declaring that I am crazy before she will demand me to take medicine (!) – and when I told her as written in the document I sent her yesterday that psychoactive drugs are dangerous, she told me “I believe there are doctors, who can tell you that they are not” (!) and this is from a Commune giving people the “dead sentence” to take medicine without knowing or wanting to know just how dangerous it is, this is how things SADLY work today, talk about “better-knowing ignorance” (!!!) – and now she has a doctor saying that I am indeed crazy, and I was told that darkness coming from my mother the other day made Lisbeth consider ordering me to take medicine already now but when I took over again, Lisbeth left this thought, and now she has decided to send me to a “shrink” (!!!) – talk about humiliation – and yes I wonder what this shrink will conclude (if I ever get to meet him/her), and if he/she will reach the same verdict as the “shrink” of Helsingør Hospital in 2008 saying that there is really nothing the matter with Stig, which you know a growing part of my family/friends etc. also noticed on the way, and yes just by being together with me or, when they were not with me, via my Facebook postings, and yes everyone can see it, but not this crazy system, amazing right?

I have now again shown you how NOT to work in the future of our New World with this being the worst petty officials having to have an opinion on something they don’t know about, a “subjective opinion”, which is all you have, do you remember, Jytte (?), and this “subjective opinion” is what she used to conclude that I am crazy, herewith potentially destructing me and removing me from the labour market, and yes as I said SHE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE about this, but in the end she decided that the “overwhelming evidence” of the MISUNDERSTOOD journals on me was stronger than the truth, which I told her, and if you had not had the journals and text books, Jytte, would there have been a chance that you would have trusted in what I told you (?), and yes is the answer I receive, so there you have it once again, people determining on behalf of others NOT being qualified to what they do and NOT doing what it takes to get a FULL picture of people, and FULL picture here is to go for 100,00% perfect and to achieve it, and yes we can now start dismantling the picture of Helena, who would have been used as the cover of my “old nightmare” if you had not asked for anyone else, but no I was stronger than ALL OF YOU, and yes “the lunatics have taken over the asylum” with “the lunatics” being sane people like me and “the asylum” being the crazy Old World (!), and yes “were having all the FUN”, really – thinking of what is coming – and that goes for all of us :-).

In continuation of what I wrote before that neither the doctor, Jytte, nor Lisbeth know what “voices” are, I decided to ask Lisbeth “do you know what voices are” (?), and no, she did not as she said, but when you have “voices inside your head”, you are crazy, right, Lisbeth (?), and this is what I told her is “common practise” of the traditional system because as they say “you are the only one hearing these voices, ergo you have to be crazy” (!), and yes this is truly how low you can get guessing without understanding that this is indeed spiritual communication coming to people from the outside.

And as I had explained the doctor, and also the Jehovah’s Witnesses here the other day, I also explained Lisbeth that it is LIGHT and/or DARKNESS transmitting information via “expanded senses” to people making them feel people/events as clearly as seeing, having “dream visions” when being awake and a spiritual voice speaking to you inside of your head as clearly as two people speaking physically to each other, and yes HOW DIFFICULT IS THIS TO UNDERSTAND (???), and “impossible” to most apparently, and I told her that the same way as there are invisible radio waves in the air, which you cannot see, but you know they are there, there are invisible “spiritual waves” connecting us all, which is why when you walk in the room – this is what we saw coming the other day – and this room is full of people celebrating your birthday with a surprise party, genuine happiness and birthday cakes (this is about the true light of “me/all of us” waiting for me), all of this positive energy spreads to you, and the same when you enter a room of negative or fighting people will make you sad and feel bad, and then I told her about what gives people a “mental disease”, which is simply when they receive negative energy of others misbehaving and/or being in “the wrong room” including negative vibrations in the air as what Georgie as example could feel – I am told here that “she could almost cry now knowing who you are” – when we visited Christiania (an “affected” area of crime etc.) in Copenhagen in 2006, which made her want to leave, and yes when you receive too much of this, this is when darkness eventually will take you over making you make things up, which does not exist or make you scream because of the nightmare you receive from voices and visions of darkness, and yes was this difficult for you to understand and believe, Lisbeth (?), and once again you were “wiser” telling me that this is simply what communication does (!), and yes I explained to you what happens, but “no, I don’t want to believe” is still your attitude (?), and also still not easy to believe in me when you don’t believe in God (?), and I told her to remember this, you are going to believe in me with 100% certainty because I know what comes to all of us (!), and again she told me that she will not (!) – and also that “it is your fate to write this” (!), and yes Lisbeth, you were directed by the same spiritual world or “God” as you don’t believe in making you say this, and you also said “it is about believing”, and again “you took the words right out of my mouth” (another of those handful of “the greatest rock songs of the world”!), because this is what you were told (!) and it is indeed about believing and this surprised even yourself (!) making an “uncomfortable” situation for you when suddenly you were losing the “argument” about who is right and wrong (?), but then it was “good” that you could use your old argument “when 99% of all people believe the opposite of you, you have to be wrong” (!) – and yes Fuggi, you could have said this too (!) – and I could only tell her that the majority of people (doctors, and “ordinary people”) are uneducated when it comes to these matters, and still they believe that so called “alternative people” are crazy and they are right, and they will do everything to push down their misunderstandings over the head of others, and yes not least me, and I told her that if she had decided to seek for example clairvoyants etc., she would have started receiving other experiences making it easier for her to understand me, and yes she was brainwashed by a wrong culture, and she “could not” see it herself, but still everything I told you made sense to you, right Lisbeth (?) – but you did not want to “agree/accept” – and it also included my information to you that God does not want man to split up and into many different religions but to stay together as One People with One God and One Philosophy and to have one world instead of more than 200 countries potentially fighting each other when they “cannot” understand and have military power to use, and yes this is the work of darkness wanting to destruct, and this was also not difficult to understand (?), but still difficult for you to accept believing in (?), but you were not totally rejecting me, because “if our Lord exists ….” was one of your sayings, and yes I spoke to your consciousness underneath your will deciding not to believe in me herewith also influencing you.

And “why has God not stopped children soldiers and all evilness of the world” (?) and yes a good argument (!) by MANY people not understanding the truth as I told you, which is that God and life originated from the energy of darkness/nothing, and that we are now as part of evolution dissolving all darkness making all evilness, wars, negative thoughts and hate impossible to have in the future, and yes this is God’s gift of life to man, our New World, and is this difficult to understand (?) – and yes it makes me wonder how “led” people can be, and that is also in Danish (!) and that is even though this is not what they wanted to be.

And yes, Lisbeth had heard about the Mayan’s and the end of their calendar in 2012 being the end of time, and I could only tell her that this is now not the end times because after being “this close” to destruction, we have now started the “first times” – and I decided to use the beginning of this to do the final creation, which we could not do in the Old World, see?

Lisbeth truly understood what I was saying about our New World – this is what I am writing about on my website as I told her – and it made her think of a lecture she witnessed with the writer Simon Steenholm speaking of his book “Gulddrengen & Indianeren” (“the golden boy and the Indians”) with the golden boy symbolising me and the Indians how people originally were created, and she told me that after this man had lived a life with money, women and drugs (!), he lived for 8 years with a tribe of Indians, who only gave praise, and I understood that this was the only thing they could do (being “positive”) because they could not think negatively when being far away from and protected against the evil modern world around them, and she spoke of a long house – several hundred metres long – which had burned down, and they had to rebuild it and how they opened the house the first time, and I was spiritually told that this is the picture of the burn down of the spiritual world, which has now been rebuild.

After a little hour – much longer than what you are “allowed”, Lisbeth (?) – we ended the meeting and I told her that at the end of the meeting, it was no longer an “interrogation” but simply “ordinary talk” between friends, where I also no longer needed to “explain myself”, and Lisbeth even said that we had had a “delightful talk” liking me as a potential friend now, Lisbeth (?), and yes I am not as “bad” as the doctors claim that I am (?), and I was told that Lisbeth is also the prisoner of the system when getting to know me and also starting to believe in me without wanting to say so – with others of the system meeting me only once or a few times believing that I am crazy because of my website (!) – and this is the gift people receives when listening to me over and over again making me break through their impossible barrier of resistance, but when people are only exposed to me once or a few times, they will NOT believe in me all saying “you are crazy” and that is except from LTO and very few other people here (Jette and the high school students), and yes not even my own family had what it took to understand me but the LONG TERM EFFECT OF REPETITIONS is what it took to finally get through, see?

And apparently the message of this story is that I am not to get a BLUE STAMP from the Commune saying “completely normal”, which is the same as saying that the Old World should have ended without the creation of a New World making all life instinct by now, but this was not part of my plans, therefore.

As you can see from my script of the 13th January 2012, the doctor concluded that “you are fully capable to work” – there was NO DOUBT in her voice at this meeting, because it was clear to her as it is to everyone, unless you are “crazy” (!!!) – and you can click the link above to read the full minutes of my meeting with the doctor or read the summary here, which she obviously had “forgotten” about when she had to make up her mind 3 months later when doing the paper work:

I visited my new doctor to what I believed would be a MEDICAL check, which however was 99% talk and 1% medical check (!), and the talk was about my sickness history and MUCH about my “social well-being” because the check was related to my “mental hospitalisation” in 2008, which she knew about before my meeting, which had influenced her negatively on me, so I started from a BAD starting point, where I had to do my best for her to change her mind on me, which I believe I did – unless she did not tell me the truth (!) – because after speaking about my work life, spiritual experiences, which I can “separate” from my normal life as Stig (!), previous mental hospitalisation, medicine, social well-being etc., she concluded that I was intellectual, very committed, fully capable of working and functioning as a “normal man” – unless you did not tell me the truth – even though she believed I spoke much (because we spoke about me and not you today, which was “easy” for you to understand?), and she will now send her “report” and recommendation to the Commune, which will probably be that I can work normally without medication, which may come as a surprise for you Lisbeth, or maybe not when feeling after?

Right after the meeting when I came out I was told that Obama received a STRONG outflow of energy from me because I had “spoken myself warm” as Lisbeth said, and yes “I gave everything I had” also in this matter.

I went straight to the Kvickly supermarket to buy rye bread, which was in a small plastic bag, and since I had no other things to carry, I thought that I could twist the small bag around the steer of my cycle and drive home without problems, but then suddenly I was given the thought of Jytte, the doctor, and immediately thereafter I drove over a hump making the bottom of the bag to open and all bread to fall out on the path, and this was to say that the WRONG behaviour of this doctor – lying, having a hidden agenda and doing POOR work – is what makes life impossible to maintain.

The health declaration of the doctor says that I am “chronically mental sick”, but she is the one being RAVING MAD!!!

I asked Lisbeth to receive a copy of the health declaration she had received from the doctor about me – made on basis of a short interview and then my “history” of journals of a ROTTEN system (!) – and according to her and my journals, my condition is now “chronically mental sick” – tragicomic, right (?) – “without self-insight in his mental sickness” (!!!), and yes this is based upon “papers of former doctor where it appears that he has been psychotic with hearing and vision hallucinations since 2004”, and this is from the “surveys”, i.e. interviews of me by my doctor(s) in my sister’s presence in 2008, and yes this is how one little misunderstanding grew large enough to become the truth as a “chronically condition” because of lazy, ignorant and still better-knowing doctors (!), and this is what could have wiped out the world!

This declaration now states that I am “chronically mental sick” without self-insight (!) based upon a WRONG statement from an ignorant doctor in 2008 – amazing, right?

From the box of the declaration called “objective survey” (!),the doctor says about me “at first completely normal appearance and contact”, but still I am “crazy” according to you, Jytte (?), and yes why is that (?), and eeeehhh because “mentally the conversation showed that the patient has unrealistic thoughts about his working capacity without being concerned about what to live from” and “believes megalomaniacally that his book and webpages are so interesting that he can live by people donating”, and this is OF COURSE totally unrealistic (when you have not and does not want to read and understand), isn’t it, Jytte (?), and OF COURSE I suffer from Megalomania – “a psycho-pathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence” and “an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs”, and then it is without relevance that “besides from his lack of sense of reality, he does not put forward psychotic statements in the form of vision of hearing hallucinations, and does not feel persecuted, but treated unjustly and wrongly” and also “he is well speaking and well-formed with a good memory”, so what you are saying is that I appear to be completely normal, but I got to be crazy because of my website, and yes what does this say about me (?), and only that I am completely normal, and what does it say about you, Jytte, and other “practitioners” (?), and yes that you are RAVING MAD (!) and suffering from compulsory thoughts and delusions (!), and yes the opposite world, remember?

The doctor says that I don’t put forward “psychotic statements” and am “well speaking and well-formed with a good memory”, but I am still crazy (!) with unrealistic thoughts of my working capacity (using my website as income generator)

Here the “doctor” says that I don’t want “treatment” because I don’t have insight in “sickness”, that I am not a danger to myself or others, and she cannot say if my “condition can be improved by commitment to a mental hospital on “yellow papers” (which according to my memory from my 2008 memo to the Psychiatric Hospitals requires that I am in risk of being “killed” if I am not forced, so I don’t understand why the doctor speaks of “forcing” me as an option?) – and then this “petty official” with a complete unrealistic perception of reality (!) writes that (he) “will not be able to use his academic education because of his mental disease” (!) and I cannot recognise the part about not wanting to work theoretically, and also not that (he) “would not be able to fall into the work milieu at an office” (!), and yes this is truly what she writes, and not easy to decide what to write when this is part of the last work, you just “HAD” to do (to be understood both in English and Danish), and yes “botched job” is what we call it here, shame on you too! (And as mentioned, you can see my minutes from our meeting in January from my script of the 13th January 2012, where she concluded with NO DOUBT that “you are fully capable to work”, but now she had “forgotten”?).

The doctor suffering from ignorance, an unrealistic perception of reality and compulsory thoughts (!) made up that I cannot use my education to work and not fall into an office milieu!!!

In her “prognosis”, the doctor says “seems to be in a very stationary phase of chronically schizophrenia”, and I wonder how she can believe this (?) – other from the old journals, which is “easy” to read and understand, right (?) – and she believes there is a need for “re-evaluation by psychiatrist also in relation to a possible improvement of his non productive schizophrenia through forced medication, but I don’t believe so”, and yes this is what this doctor truly writes, and yes we know COMPLETELY IGNORANT AND IRREPONSIBLE is what she was (!), and let us see what we normally call amateur work like this, and yes here it comes – just like Egon in Olsen-Banden reeled off his long list of words telling just how POORLY his friends work when they cannot think and do the most elementary work (!) – and to me it is about laziness, ignorance and still “we know all”, and yes Jytte, do you see what you made yourself guilty of (?), which was to give God the sentence that he/I/she is crazy, and that is because you are lazy and brainwashed by a wrong culture of text books and other doctors instead of doing what I encouraged you to do in order to understand me, and you really knew absolutely nothing about what you were writing in this declaration, right (?), but you were “forced” to do it because this was part of your work, which really was for you to help make or break people, and yes it gives me throw up feelings seeing such POOR work deciding the destiny of other people.

The doctor recommends a psychiatrist to “evaluate” if my “schizophrenia without hallucinations/delusions” (!) can be improved by forcing me to take medication – RAVING MAD is what she and the system is!!!

Misunderstandings of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune in 2011 and my personal doctor in 2008 – how many errors can you find?

I also received a copy of two other documents, which Lisbeth from the Commune has received, and the following is the request of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune to receive a “status declaration” from my old personal doctor in Hørsholm, and I do believe this was asked for in 2011 (or maybe the end of 2010?), and I don’t want to comment the misunderstandings of this now other than to encourage you to compare the information of this document – and the full journal of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, which I have not received/read myself – with the content of my scripts for example the PRECISE minutes of my meetings with the Commune.

Please compare the misunderstandings of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune here in a document from 2011 with the precise information and truth of my scripts!

As I understand the papers, my old doctor from Hørsholm did not answer the request above other than sending a copy of the medical certificate below, which was used as foundation of my completely wrong and unnecessary imprisonment at the closed mental department of Hillerød Hospital in 2008, and I also don’t want to comment this any further here, because I have already done so in my letter to the Psychiatric Centre from December 2, 2008, and I encourage you to compare the precise information of my scripts with information you can find at hospitals and doctors about me, and then ask yourself the question, who do you think worked accurately and who worked wrongly being “unable” to understand the truth because of their own limitations?

The “medical certificate” from 2008 used as foundation to use force placing me at mental hospital – see how many errors you can find compared to my precise statement here!

I continued working and staying awake to convert the gift paper of darkness to light too – without darkness trying to escape

During the afternoon/evening I had periods where I felt that almost no darkness now remains, and yes we are coming very close to the condition I said I want to achieve before I will approve the start of my new self and our New World, but there is still the feeling of darkness, so we are not there yet, and I was told that “we now only have small adjustments to the picture we have hung up”, and I wonder for how long this will continue.

I was given the understanding again that “now is the time to add to the story if you want to” for example when my car was removed by the police in Saint Tropez in 2000 (with Camilla on holiday) as a sign that we were also close to termination back then (!) and a burning experience I have had for months now all the way inside of my chest in a vertical line, also “not nice” really.

I was first working until 20.40 writing the first part of my meeting with the Commune without the “documentation” of doctors, where after I had dinner and watched Bubber & Co. on TV2 as “stars on the castle” being impressed with just how honest this man decided to be about the wrong-doings of his life, which made him strong in the eyes of people, see (?, and yes a “special friend” he is.

I continued work at 22.00 thinking that I would write the short stories of the day too before going to bed, and I was told that I have to finish all work today and to publish it, and by this time I decided to say that “I don’t believe in you”, because we have cut through all darkness.

I was told that I my gift is wrapped into gift paper of darkness, so do you want to receive it now (?), and no first when there is NO MORE DARKNESS, and yes isn’t this wonderful (?), so we will continue playing the game and that is even if it takes days, weeks or months to do from now, and I don’t care, perfection of creation takes the time perfection takes, therefore!

My spiritual voice continued saying throughout the evening that it is true that I have to publish my script today to make it work because there is still darkness to be fought, and yes it might be true, so I might do what I can, and I was told that this is to make darkness of gift paper become light too, and I understood also to stay up as long as possible, and I was fresh all day because of the energy coming from my exercise and better sleep, but at around 23.00 suddenly tiredness came to me very strongly, and I will decide to follow the advice of the voice to continue working until I have written all of my script of today (“impossible”) and published it, but I don’t know for how long I can stay awake, which we will have to see. And part of the game was to make me feel that I am now finished, but not quite, you see, there is still the gift paper, which needs some work, so good to have a will to change!

I was shown a saw given to me with the message being “we are now not going to saw over the Lady, who will remain 100% intact“.

And I was shown an egg from a Croque Madame – love those (!) – moving from the sandwich into the see, and then I saw a shower head streaming out much water, which was a way to say that “if you decide to go through more sufferings, we will make sure that no new eggs will return to darkness”, which is about its ability to change.

I was shown a mop which is now going to be used in a completely white room where I sit in the corner in an area filling the point of a drawing pin, which is to say that there is nothing much darkness remaining.

I was given the feeling “it is now becoming the end of being Stig as I used to be – I will “now” become my new self (whatever that means) and known to the entire world“.

And by the way, my TV works PERFECTLY this evening for the first time ever here in Helsingør being completely without distortions both to the picture and the sound, and I do wonder when Hardinger will return as a Facebook friend, which this to me indicates that the time is coming.

At 01.50 when working on the chapter of the doctor’s health declaration, I was told that “this work is to make sure that darkness will not fall back”.

At 02.30 I received a small heart attack – only a small one – and I heard the answer given to darkness that “no, there is not going to be “nothing” included in our New World”, and I saw how a bricklayer was smoothing the wall of the kitchen closing all holes to darkness to avoid flowers from the closet to be thrown by darkness to the floor.

At 02.50 I had written and uploaded the chapter on the health declaration – receiving the taste of a lovely Wales bun here – and I was told that when resistance of my sister disappeared, it opened up for my last journey and I heard “do you really play the guitar with that spade” (?), which may be a double meaning (guitar being a “spade”) but here it is about this last darkness now becoming less dangerous, and apparently we had to get the meeting with the Commune well over with and the writing of this script done and published as part of this plan consolidating and ending this part of creation receiving the keys to all infinite levels inside of me.

At 03.30 I was shown a box of big red speed markers, which we are also collecting from darkness now, and the box is now almost empty except from the last couple of markers, and these are what darkness could have used trying to create a new and “unbreakable” code for us not to enter, but of course it would require your approval to do so, and I received stronger darkness this evening/night writing this information, and yes demanding (?), and not that much, but “quite tough” and yes now I will try to keep awake for “some time”, and I wonder again for how long I will keep, and if it will be a couple of hours or maybe half or all of the day coming.

Later I decided to send this email to Lisbeth informing her about the minutes of this script, and yes “impossible” for you to believe in me, Lisbeth, but still I make sense to you?

I was shown a LARGE suitcase being closed with darkness sitting on it trying to keep it from being closed, and I was told “it is now packed and ready” and that is for us to bring an end to my journey. And at 05.00 I felt how this the last person of darkness from the top of the suitcase started to enter me, and by now I was so tired and had so much impatience all over my body making me sit loosely on my chair and feeling so disgusted that this was my ultimate limit for work.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena is “now with a compass saw” asking “who wants to play doctor games tonight” and then follows a very direct talk about people wanting to “shake” her, i.e. make love to her, but also that these people withdrew to which she replies “chickens” (!) – putting my words in her mouth also here (!) – and what you see is what you get, which here is more inspiration about the doctor, Jytte, working so much for darkness that it could have made my “old nightmare” starring Helena and giving “less than 100%” of our New World coming through, so I do believe you have to be both deaf and blind if you “cannot” understand this “inspired reference” to my meeting with the Commune today (?), and this posting of Helena came before my meeting with the Commune.

  • Helena also expressed words of wisdom, which I liked much, when saying “what you are, be completely and fully, and not by the piece and partially”, and yes this is exactly what Mother Mary would say, but LET IT BE for now … :-).

  • This posting of Helena came after I returned from the meeting with the Commune and she says “take control of own temper releaser and move in a light vacuum next to the cake table”, which you know is to be in control not throwing yourself over the cakes, i.e. our New World, before it is time (!), and when I read this, I had all of the light SMILING at me just behind an EXTREMELY thin membrane, which is what is separating me from the ETERNAL EVERYTHING (of the “cakes”) after having decided “we might as well do everything now, now that we are working anyhow”, so this is what we did and that is instead of giving in to temptation to give up to receive the comfort of wakening up as my new self without sufferings :-).

  • Jette brought a number of new pictures today, and I have decided to comment some of them, and you can see all at her new Facebook page called “the new Earth is born” – thank you for a very good initiative, Jette 🙂 – and here she says that it started for her the 3rd May when she saw the knight delivering what she learned was the old “soul” and hereafter it became quicker – seeing what I wrote as she says, and “now there is no more doubt – only faith – and for all wanting proof, here you are, they are here”! – and she continued saying in the following picture that “here is the small new been born” – on my 46 years birthday being no. 1 in the new series of numbers.

  • Here is a picture of the 7th May where you can “see the beautiful crown centred in the top ¼ of the picture – think to be allowed experiencing this” and the clear connection umbilical cord in the lower left ¼ of the picture, and “the fine big angle in all of the height of the right side – fantastic”.

  • Here we are today with a “beautiful heart above a beautiful angel” – and I keep receiving smiles because of what you do, Jette, so here are some for you 🙂 🙂 :-).

  • Later “a beautiful crown a clear face and a fine Tibetan mutating into Lord Kuthumi Agrippa – my hero”.

  • Here she writes “party fireworks – after the establishment of the new Earth’s DNA”, and yes it seems that the New World has started celebrating, and yes we will save a piece of cake for you because this is really a “piece of cake”, what you have done :-).

  • Here Jette writes “Nils Holgersen … maybe comes to say hello” (in “half-Swedish”) and Nils Holgersen is a story from 1906/07 by the Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf about a boy being transformed into a tomte and taken on an adventurous trip to change for the better to change him back to normal size, which is simply to say that this is the journey I went on, to change for the better, for me and the world to create a new beginning, and this is the story, which I – without knowing about it – was already told about and wrote about in my book no. 1 in 2008, maybe?

  • And this evening Jette wrote a “spiritually inspired” text about “your true home is where you are without limitations” as examples saying “in the real reality you are free of your limitations”, “I the world of dreams all options exist”, “some will never give up before they have achieved their wills”, “believe in dreams and make them to your truths in the world of reality” and “when you can everything as everything you have become everything” – and thank you very much for bringing this beautiful text, Jette :-). I decided to send her a reply saying that our new normal condition is that EVERYTHING EXISTS and not the opposite at the same time (!), and that I “soon” will push the button to start our New World for everyone to clearly experience. (Later she told me that the text is not hers, but she decided to bring it here because it is beautiful).

  • Stadil informed about his work at Hummel – including much “entertainment”, Christian (?), and yes not always easy to decide what to do when idealism and “business interests” conflict as the media the last couple of weeks have written about – and here he brings a picture of a cruise ship which in matters of size puts everything into perspective, and yes this is the symbol of the ENORMOUS SIZE of our New World, and also after seeing this in a vision the other day.

  • I was HAPPY for my good old friend, John, to write me again, which was not “impossible” for you to do, John, and yes you just had to break the ice deciding to believe in me again (?), and is this it (?), at least this is what I am told, but I never know if this is light or darkness speaking, and I am thinking that maybe you did not read my scripts carefully enough to believe in it, but you decided to return also because of the summary I sent via email lately (?), and I don’t know, John, but I am sure glad to have you back :-).

  • I noticed today how I now had one less contact on LinkedIn – now 124 – and when comparing the new list with the old I had saved, I saw that it was my former colleague from Dahlberg, the lawyer Anders K. – now with the law firm Rønne & Lundgreen, who had had enough of my postings on LinkedIn, and yes “he must be crazy”, right Anders (?), but the only “problem” is that I am not!
  • As the last content of the script of today I decided to send a reminder email to my aunt, Inge, telling her that I am sad that she apparently does not like to tell me about how she and my father are doing, which she may understand that I would like to know – and when writing this, I am given much darkness, so this is what my father and his (new) family brought me all of my life really.


9th May: The New World is ready to “take pictures” of people showing a clean heart to TRULY enter our New World

I went through more “extreme torments” to reach deep inside of me and “tighten” everything of our New World

From 05.00 to 08.00 I was at my most extreme level of tiredness again, and we talk about my outermost level where I don’t know how I made it through, but after three hours of torture in the sofa, I “woke” up a little making it possible for me to continue the day now with a chance to go through all of it even though it still seemed almost impossible to do at this hour, but if I can make it to 12.00, I may make the afternoon too until dinner, and then I only have a short evening left, and so where the thoughts my friends …

At 08.40 I received a large white spirit of the same height as me telling me that I am all done now herewith tempting me to go to sleep, but I also still felt darkness so I decided to stay up.

I was given “as good as new” by ABBA together with the feeling that the world noticed when I brought this song some time ago, and I was told “you are my precious soul, you mean so much” and also that I am “a good as new” followed by the lyrics from the song “Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma my life is here”, and also “I have a dream” with a reference to the famous speech by Martin Luther King and it could also have been the beautiful song by ABBA with the same title, which I also remember with joy that Janet Parker liked to play at “ceremonies” at Stansted in 2005/06, and as ABBA sings “and my destination makes it worth the while, pushing through the darkness still another mile, I believe in angels, something good in everything I see, I believe in angels”.

I was given the rest of the “kill me” command but also told by the same voice of the spirit of my father of darkness “you have succeeded to stop me”.

At 12.15 I was shown that we are at the casino table at the library inside of the boat, which is darkness as I felt too, so what do we do from here, Stig (?), and yes be patient until there is no more darkness, that’s it.

And during the afternoon the “kill me, kill me” command continued and I heard conversation “you don’t bring the dagger, do you” and the answer “no, I have already delivered it, you know” (to me), which is about darkness not being able to convert bad intentions to reality because we have disarmed it.

This afternoon my aunt, Inge, called, but I “could not” take the phone, and this is what it does sometimes when I want to “scroll down” the window to answer the phone (it remains unanswered and there is nothing I can do about it), which is how you do it on this model, and she left a voicemail asking me to call back – probably easier for her to say than to write the status of how she and my father are also thinking that I will bring her email in my scripts, which still is NOT nice for you, Inge (?), and I wonder why – and since I have only 2-3 DKK remaining on the phone and cannot afford to buy more credit this month, I sent her an email asking her to call back tomorrow morning, when I also would not be as tired as today, and later I was told that “you are also a blood donor”, which is about the energy I bring – also through being awake today – to save John and my father, and I really don’t know if my father still lives because would Inge or Kirsten let me know if he had died (?), and this was also “the name of the game today, which darkness played on – could it really be that my father has died without anyone telling me (?), but no I did not believe in it also because I have asked for his protection, and yes he may suffer (as everyone) but NOT die (!) – and when you say A, you also have to say B to continue and end the game and when you keep on doing that you will get “ABBA” and the realisation of the dream :-).

For a long time, EVERY time I have just stood up and left the computer, I have been give information, which I “had” to write down potentially “imprisoning” me at the computer, and you know darkness annoying me at the same time as it is the road of God, and this time when I did exactly this I was given the words ”we take our time anchoring Titanic knowing that we have until the evening to do it”, which was my plan before I would sleep again, and yes I had to go back from the kitchen to the computer to write down.

I was told that if I had not been able to “motivate” myself to overcome darkness/tiredness to work, light would have used extra energy to help motivating me, which would have cost extra sacrifices of the Universe to do, but I don’t believe this happened once, and that is at least “directly” you know, because in practise it happened all of the time when I decided to continue saying “keep on, keep on, keep on” inside of me thousands of times, which was both my spiritual and physical self working together so to say.

I was also given a déjà vue including the information that if I had not have energy to write my experiences/messages good enough in my scripts, I would not always be able to influence people as I should, and it would be a fight for me to overcome what is impossible to do (to keep on writing), and yes we know Stig, we have not been there yet, because when all comes to all, I may have taken a few compromises not bringing “not important information”, but I have brought all important information – and more than this, Bryan (!) – thus influencing my family/friends etc. and the world my best way, and I could not do better than I have done, and that is with my hand to the heart, and so it is.

I was told as example that Helle Thorning Schmidt wants to apologise for not being “able” to support me directly also knowing – together with the world – the sufferings I have gone through, and yes she is playing a game to the public using the media also playing a game and the game is ALSO called “we continue working as the Old World as if nothing had happened also because we are addicted to it and cannot get enough of it”, and yes this is sadly ALSO why people “cannot” change.

Besides from ”killing time” I decided to cycle to town, go for a walk there and do a little shopping, and in the Spanish Winehouse I met an “invasion” of young, Swedish people who could almost not be inside of the store, and it made me smile and think of “VERY much life of our New World”, and I also decided to use a little of my not much remaining money to “relax” over a cappuccino at Café Charlie understanding that the “retarded” young man working there – with pride and doing FINE work – also called Stig is another “special friend” of mine, and that is because I was strongly led to this place again after having been to the Café Vivaldi several times in a row.

At this café I was now so tired that I was seriously thinking “will I ever be able to cycle back” (?) and also “I should not have gone to town in the first place”, and instead of just keep sitting there, I had to decide “you do not become less tired, so you might as well take yourself together and go now”, and yes I made it home again, but living like this is truly not the best feeling in the world, and later when I had returned home, I was told that the harder I work, the better quality of our New World, and I cannot do better than my best, and this was my best even though work today was only to “stay awake as long as possible”, and almost beyond you know.

I was told that it is Himmler tightening up “everything” of our New World and after this “we will open for you” as I was told, and I remembered that this is the man I was told a long time ago that Kim S. was in his previous life, and please remember that light comes through darkness.

During the afternoon and evening I was given the strongest and most extreme sexual approaches by darkness giving me physical feelings on my trousers trying to open them (!) – but I still have faith that I am stronger to prevent it (!) – and I understood that this is still the worst darkness of all, which I was told about on my cycling tour the other day; that it would bring me the worst sexual torments of all, and I understood that this is also what it takes – much energy – to “finalise” our connection with and transformation of all levels of darkness inside of me.

I was also given many thank yous from the spiritual world today for continuing work, and I was told that “this feels like breaking out from Vridsløselille”, which is the most well known prison in Denmark (where Egon from Olsen Banden always came out from), and yes difficult but not impossible to do.

After my TV sounded perfect yesterday, today it included more – but not much – distortions to the sound and picture, but instead of seeing darkness inside of these distortions as I used to be shown, I now see light!

I was told that doing what I have done required “extreme exercise” (compared to what I normally do and can do being as low/fat as I am) and that is in order to save me from heart pain and others from dying/suffering, and I was given some heart pain including “shocks” this evening, however not much compared to before, and I thought about writing this short script of today, but no I decided that this was my limit, I could not even write today (because the throw up feeling and “extreme impatience” because of tiredness made it “impossible” to sit down calmly and work), which you know is consequently my ultimate limit (so these lines are instead written “tomorrow morning”).

Direct TV was much inspired this evening, but I was too tired to write it down and it was “not important”, but it was about the daily live show of TV2 in Tivoli including Thomas Rode and two others about writing Blogs, where the host believed that you should NEVER write your feelings in public (!), which was words given to her confirming her WRONG belief, and of course to say that these are people of darkness going against me – TV2 and Thomas Rode, the chef – and later on DR1’s “aftenshowet”, a man from “the aquarium of Denmark” was interviewed, and he also spoke about the new beautiful building “the BLUE planet” of this place, which will be finished in 2013, and when he was asked of his dream without limitations of which sea animal to have “if possible”, he asked “a BLUE WHALE” (!), and yes a man from an aquarium said that “in his wildest dreams” he would like to have a BLUE WHALE (!), and how often would people as he give this answer knowing that it is “completely impossible” to have (?), but still this is what we got, the largest and most beautiful “blue whale” of them all, and that is of course a reference to our New World, and he received a gift from the host, which was a GOLD FISH, which will now move in to the BLUE PLANET together with the two others they already have – making the Trinity of Gold complete (!) – and yes MANY symbols and inspired speech on direct TV, but only these few stories made it through, and NO I will not accept the feeling you give me here to accept that we could not get all, because OF COURSE WE CAN, right Obama?

I was told that we have managed to get the mummy (of evil) out of the pyramid, and also that this is the pyramid of the Old World we are inside as I have written about before with all of it transforming to be part of our New World, and this Pyramid is the entrance to our New World, and I was told that I am now welcomed by all of it inside of there, which by now cannot return to darkness because a safety system has been set up.

I was also told that opening to this darkness also included a potential great risk to the world (if I should “lose it”), but I was shown the tallest man on Earth, a symbol of darkness being much stronger than I, who is now working on my side and the force driving everything, and I was shown “everything” being turned around once more and given the question if this is now what we will do once again, but I was told “no, we are now there” and “this was the last” and that it was about packing down the library of the boat after remove the casino of darkness.

I had this “physical pressure” on me all day also making me on my edge, but at 21.00 it was removed bringing me great relieve, and I was told that this was the last of the pyramid, and also reminded what I have been thinking about for years, which is that it would truly become beautiful for the Pyramids to return to their original glory looking “AS GOOD AS NEW”, and yes with their shining surface, and this might be how they will look in our future:

Will this become the look of the future of the Great Pyramid of our New World (?) – with the apple symbolising exactly this; our now perfect New World 🙂

And when writing this (“tomorrow”) I am told “we have built this building while you were “travelling” (on my journey), and this “perfect new pyramid” is just to say that our New World is now “perfect”, my friend.

I was told that what I am doing corresponds to rise from underneath the earth of the Pyramid and now to stand at the middle inside of it, and I am shown a guide leading me out of it to become Tarzan, the King of the jungle, i.e. our New World.

I cannot tell you how “incredible tired” I was this evening with absolutely “no energy”, and I was told that “the support of the world is of biblical dimensions” and also that I could not do this creation without the support of the world, and yes even though I am not happy for your silence, let me say that I am thrilled about your support, which I would like to THANK YOU for, and this was truly a very exciting moment in time for our “being”, and here you have the meaning of Michael Jacksons epic (?) song THRILLER, so here it goes and yes with “another part of me”, and do I hear any of you out there, who would like me to bring Michael back (?), and yes I feel “his” smile from light through the darkness still remaining, so first more darkness to handle and then Michael for the people :-).

At 21.40, I could not keep stay up any longer and decided to go to bed having to cross voices wanting me to continue to be awake and also some diarrhoea, but no I had to sleep, and that is even though this would lead to more destructions of the world as this told me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena spoke of a man talking on the radio, which made her laugh and say “thank you for the world’s greatest laugh attack”, and the JOY she expressed here is the JOY of our New World (hidden behind the act of trying to be dark) also including “the last part of me”, which is really “the trigger” here when all of this is no longer darkness.

  • More people being inspired to use the word “soak” as in “soak up” really, and here it is Politiken being “funny” when speaking about forest ticks on their “hunt for blood” and they say “they just soak up with no respect that the community consists of both rights and duties. Mette Fredeiksen (the Employment Minister) has to get on the ground now”, and isn’t this marvellous, because the Social Democratic Party is in that degree infected with darkness so Mette from that party continues to say “rights and duties” almost every time she opens her mouth, and she means something like this “you have a right as a citizen to receive welfare, but only if you take on the duties we command” and the truth is that this slogan is really what soaks out my blood with the forest being “creation”, and Mette & Co. when will you learn (?), and to turn away from the brainwashed and WRONG culture you are part of, and bring FREEDOM and QUALITY to people instead.

  • Today is the 50th birthday of “one of the truly great” of rock music of the New Wave, Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode, and I decided to send him my greetings too, and yes Dave, there is indeed, as you know, a Kingdom behind it all and God loves all, and I am just about to open the door to set you and everyone FREE – thank you for a great song, Dave, and yes you can write songs too :-). (I am so tired that I do spelling/typing errors, which I normally do not make, and here I made “Dave” into “David”, and I do hope you will forgive me, Dave, as I will/can forgive you for your wrongdoings).

  • Today, the Social Democratic Party of Denmark elected Henrik Sass Larsen as their new chairman bringing a remarkable come back to man, who was “judged out” (!) and “could not” be security approved by the Danish authorities, and as David writes below they also selected a vice chairman – Frank Jensen, the Mayor of Copenhagen – who also became “famous” last Christmas (thank you for this, George :-)) when he, according to the media, did sexual harassment to female employees at the Christmas lunch and they also chose a frontrunner, who slept with a 15 yar old at a party course, and he said that if this was an American party, this had been the end of it, but in Denmark people don’t mind, and yes this is about (sexual) “scandals” of some of my “special friends” – this is how darkness came to them – and furthermore also about the ability to forgive.
  • And Helena is also here now with a “genuine camera”, which she has decided to use as in “really”, which you know is a symbol about taking pictures of every single individual without exceptions showing a clean heart to enter our New World, and I see in front of me people who are already inside our New World as everyone is, but you will first “really” experience it when you have showed a clean heart.

  • Stig from my old client Green Credit (when I worked for Dahlberg) took this picture of a “Mini Paradise apple tree with a million-billion flowers on (at least)”, which again is a symbol of our New World and paradise with so much life that you almost cannot believe it.

  • Jette brought this picture – one of many – with the long DNA string around Earth, which she now sees as the party procession, and she says that “we have to remember that when we see something from above for example wearing a big hat – we only see hats – have seen some look up and some in oblique position”, which made me say that “hats” are symbols on the last “energy of darkness” converting to light to complete the creation, and yes this is how we can work together where she writes what she sees, which I can comment.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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