May 11, 2012: Jack “magically” returned as a Facebook friend symbolising the complete SURRENDER of military forces


Summary of the script today

10th May: Jette physically sees the creation of our New World identical to what I write about in my scripts

  • Darkness continued giving me sufferings today and I was told that it is my mother’s thought about whether or not I am crazy as the ignorant doctor says is part of this plan to bring out “everything” of my inner self. The work now is to bring all darkness on “right keel” after I have soaked out ALL ENERGY from darkness (!), which you know is to become “perfect light” of our New World, and negative feelings of my mother and aunt – and later also a growing network of high school students – together with “extreme exercise” and no sleep every other night at the moment taking on “extreme darkness” makes this work possible without killing John, my mother or father!
  • Short stories of POOR BEHAVIOUR of a young man harassing me, Obama decided to DARE following me supporting gay marriages also making him “rebirth of cool”, the return of Henrik Sass Larsen to power is a symbol of my rebirth and “return to power”, the “secret world” is still “soaking up” and destructing “secrets” – but in vain, a larger network of young people were attracted to Jette’s group of pictures of our New World and it separated people in believers and non-believers accusing me to be mental sick (!), Jette was “hit” with darkness almost deciding to stop commenting her pictures, but she decided to continue also showing a “scrimp jump” of Tasmania symbolising “creation made out of darkness”, the gate to our New World opening, Angels love music and more, Jette physically sees the creation of our New World identical to what I write about in my scripts, darkness cannot return to “nothing”, some believe that I suffer from schizophrenia at the same time as others know that I am creating a New World, the Trinity is the creator of the game I am going through to save everyone and to create our perfect New World, meeting Fru Larsen for the first time, I am going through my final exam converting darkness to light before I will open up the eyes of my new self, it seems as if I am welcome to meet the Liberal Party of Helsingør again and we are being “carpet-bombed” by strong darkness now.

11th May: Jack “magically” returned as a Facebook friend symbolising the complete SURRENDER of military forces of the world

  • I did not think it was possible but I had an even worse “nightmare” of a night crossing my tiredness limits by staying awake when being LOW – my worst tiredness ever, pure torture (!) – and when I “slept” for a short period, I was given a STRONG dream of darkness using Paris Hilton as a Devil in disguise of my “old nightmare”.
  • I did not think it was possible but work to comment new pictures of Jette on our New Earth made me stay awake all day and night, and I was happy to see a couple of hundred young people visiting my website today including a growing number of people showing faith in me, which was the goal of this exercise, because this faith together with darkness of my mother and aunt, Inge, as examples – and my own energy – is what made me go even deeper than ever before.
  • Finally, I received an email from my aunt, Inge – thank you 🙂 – telling me that my father is now hit with cancer in his back, which he is going to receive “treatment” for if the doctors can, and she let me know that my father has abandoned me because “he cannot take (as he call it) your superstition” without understanding that he and the family misunderstand me when they “cannot” read and understand – and then she asks me NOT to write this about him (!); she decided to support my father of darkness instead of me as the son of light, but LOVE to my father opened her to share this information herewith extracting DEEP information of darkness :-).
  • I was happy receiving an email from Meshack telling me that he is placed in Northern Kenya together with Spanish people helping Internally Displaced Persons, and also visiting the Dadaab refugee camp, and he told me that it is impossible to communicate via telephone there, so I do hope that the team will not be “able” to agree via emails how to communicate and share money.
  • Helena is now no longer a Facebook friend, but I am still subscribed to her – did she had enough of me (?), and to my surprise, my old “best friend” Jack has now “magically” returned as a Facebook friend after having been “totally vanished” on Facebook (at least to me) for more than two years. It seems that his old and deleted Facebook profile has been recreated by my spiritual friends, and now when he is back, it means – as I was told – the complete surrender of all military forces on Earth to Obama and I. I could not send a Facebook email to Jack, I was blocked by spiritual darkness, so Jack and the military still does not want to communicate with me?
  • Jette brought many pictures of the globe today with some of them showing the infinity I am working on to transform into light, the Old World still watching me, the same necklace of darkness on the globe as I was showed in a dream this morning with Paris Hilton as the Devil in disguise, A HUGE amount of darkness is being transformed to light, the heaven ship with all life of the world, a young man scorning me yesterday apologised to me today after having obtained faith, and I received an incredible amount of darkness of newly arrived young people harrassing me for the sake of harrassing me, and this increased faith of some and lack of faith of others is also what helped me to dig even deeper into darkness inside of me.
  • Short stories of Danish TV2 preparing the population that the world will not go under anyway (!), Helena and a friend love “comebacks” and look forward to their hero returning (i.e. me), Jens from Selvet showed the newly created portal to our New World dreaming about what is inside, today is a “fantastic Friday” with the arrival of “my hero” Batman, Sass-Larsen again symbolising me turning around the down-trip of the world, the “King of the forest” went outside “the forest” to make “nothing” into the creation of “everything” of our “new forest” and we brought home the gold, which is what “makes life the most precious”.


10th May: Jette physically sees the creation of our New World identical to what I write about in my scripts

Extreme exercise/energy together with extreme feelings of family/friends convert the WORST darkness to light

I slept pretty well until 07.30 this morning and I only had this dream:

  • I have arrived to a small city in South America, which I know is dangerous and known for its violence – and I am a white man here (!), it is now too later for me to go to the exam, and I am visiting a man in his record store, I feel like Michael Jackson and want to dance, and when we leave, I notice two street lamps in front of the store without light, and we are a group of people walking on the dark street, I walk with my girlfriend in the hand, we are afraid to be knocked down and are on our way to the bus station.
    • South America is here “darkness” and in this dream because most of Jette’s pictures of Earth has shown South America. Being late for exam is to go over time delivering our New World, but as long as there is still darkness as this dream shows, we can only push time in front of us to make ALL lamps shine (!), and we know is there time or no time in our New World (?), and yes there is NO time, but darkness is what “time” is about and darkness there still is, so in practise let me just say that I have decided that I am NOT finished, and we know the feeling is NOT right now when we are still creating more life. The girlfriend and bus, i.e. making love, is still darkness wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”.
  • I woke up to the song “hit me baby one more time” by Britney Spears and the lyrics “When I’m not with you I lose my mind, Give me a sign, Hit my baby one more time”, and I was told that this is darkness because of my mother’s reactions after reading the wrong “verdict” of the lazy and ignorant but still better-knowing doctor telling me that I am “crazy” and yes “not easy” for you, mother (?), and when it is not easy for you, it is not easy for me, and I do believe there is a connection here with my not sleeping because the feelings of my mother makes it possible to go even deeper inside of me.

This morning I was asked “what is the time in London” (?), i.e. “the home of God”, and I saw the watch being approx. 10:30 and I was told “liberation has not reached Denmark yet” meaning that I have decided voluntarily to continue my prison of sufferings to bring out more from darkness.

I was SAD to wake up to more darkness – will it ever take an end (?) was my feeling – and I was given the song/lyrics “rock me again and again and again and again” by Human League, and yes this was to say that I have NOT given up, but will continue again and again and again when we all will move up in the new super league of our New World, and this is what will create positive “hysteria” of everyone.

I was asked “this is not the powder room is it” (?) and also “no, we have to been walking the wrong direction then”.

I was shown a giant carrier ship being brought on its right keel – it is “infinitely long” – and it also has a train on it and I was asked “have you seen your last train” (?) – is this my last train of suffering to reach the other side (?) – and yes I don’t know, but I do know that the last train goes to London (!), and that is since 1979 and according to you, Jeff :-).

I was told that my mother’s thought about whether or not I am crazy as the ignorant doctor says is part of this plan to bring out “everything” of my inner self, and that is to reach the greatest depth of me.

For a couple of days, I have been inspired to bring Beethoven’s 9th symphony to my classical playlist on Spotify, and when I did it this morning, I understood the message of “ode to joy” as the last movement of it is called, and I decided to write this Facebook posting encouraging people to listen to this marvellous piece of music symbolising the impending new life of HAPPINESS coming to all people :-).

When I was listening to and watching this music, I received incredible strong feelings – just seeing the PASSION and JOY of Bernstein almost makes half the pleasure, remember Lisbeth from the Commune how this works (?) – and almost tears in my eyes, which is both because of JOY coming to me and also because of the feeling of my mother in relation to me, and it is not easy to have a son, mother, which the system says is crazy (?), and who do you believe in, me as your son, or the incapable system working both SLOWLY, POORLY and WRONGLY as I have shown you over and over again (?), and yes mother this is what your fight is and has been about; if you believe in “authorities” wrongly telling you that I am crazy – Sanna, John and here the public system as examples – or do you trust that I am completely normal as the good old Stig, which you can see simply from being with me (?), and yes LOVE and UNDERSTANDING between mother and son is what is stronger than all of these WRONG authorities opposing me, which my mother has ALWAYS listened to and followed without questioning in her life – this lies VERY deeply in her (!) – and it was my role to go up against all of these, and still to have my mother at my side, not easy (!), because if she was not, there would be no world, but since we are still here, my mother has me in her heart, and yes just underneath her surface/façade she knows that I am speaking the truth about whom I and she are, and yes, it is as easy as this, but it takes much work on very little energy to do.

I was told “we are not going to have clotted blood, right” (?) – no, we are not (!) – and this is what this is about, to go through more sufferings to bring EVERYTHING inside of me on even keel again.

During the afternoon I was shown more furniture being moved inside our New World and told that it is sadness of my mother making this possible.

I was rather surprised when I from darkness at my right angle was told – this is “easy” for my spiritual friends to do, i.e. to speak to me and give me physical marks to my right angle as if the speech came from there – “no one is going to die” and I was shown people playing football, which was ALL darkness being with me with a common wish to survive converting “everything” to light, and yes Stig “it is STILL not good enough”, which is what I continue saying, and that is as long as I feel and know there is darkness and we are using this to make everything perfect.

During the morning I was thinking ”will I have to go through another night and next ay without sleep tormenting myself” and I was told ”yes, not no” (!), and I truly do NOT like these nights and following days, they are as terrible as you can imagine, and yes I can only do my best, and can I really motivate myself bringing even more energy (?) – besides from cycling again this afternoon, which is NOT easy to do with “stress” too with much work, much exercise and little sleep all above my normal limit, and I am already now cutting my face just because of how disgusting the outlook of the night and tomorrow is.

I was told “so there is no bill for gasoline in our New World” and “no, he has soaked up ALL energy”, which this is also about, and to bring FREE ENERGY to the world.

I received a new call from my aunt this morning, and the same happened today as yesterday when she also called and that was that I scrolled down the window to answer the phone, but the window continued to be “closed”, which was spiritual darkness preventing me from speaking to my aunt and to hear news about my father – also because of darkness keeping my aunt from writing me (!) – and instead I wrote her the email below kindly asking her to send me a short email instead telling me how she and my father are also because in principle he may be dead, which I wrote to her that I hoped she would reveal to me, but no, I did NOT receive an email from her today (!), and I was told that this is “the worst task” my aunt has experienced writing to me about my father, and I here get pretty strong feelings of “I don’t want to work” trying to make me stop working, which are feelings given to me from my aunt who does not want to write me, and this is her darkness also to “”help me” go deeper inside of darkness, because of the negative feelings, which my aunt has in connection with this, and dear Inge, how difficult can it be for you quite simply to send me a short email telling the truth as it is (?), and do I have to tell you how sad and disappointed you have made me (?), and yes this should NOT be necessary to tell you, and the same goes with both your son and all Kirsten’s children, who “simply cannot” do the RIGHT thing to WELCOME and to communicate with me, and yes WIMPS are what I call people like that, and I wonder how “proud” they are over their WRONG behaviour letting me down completely without other reason than their ignorance, negative feelings and fear, and yes just like everyone else, and WIMPS (!), but I told you that already.

I worked from around 08.00 to 14.30 to read updates on Facebook, write and publish the script of yesterday taking longer than expected, but I decided to work as I always do with my scripts (which is “good” but not “good enough”!), and first hereafter I could continue working on my script of today.

During the afternoon I received a quite strong feeling of people following me on Facebook – I had approx. 60 of a larger network of high school students etc. visiting my website today (see the short stories later) after they had seen that I had registered myself with Jette’s new Facebook group or “event” of the New Earth – and the feeling I received was clearly nervousness of me but also anxiety about our New World.

These days I receive a few times the absolutely worst sexual speech crossing all limits of “good behaviour”, which you know is about this the worst darkness still entering me.

I continued working until 16.30 and kept on waiting to cycle as I had planned to do today because I wanted to do more work first, and I felt how my motivation became less with time, and also that I felt “too much work and too much exercise” and normally I would take more time to get back in form, but still – because I know what this is about, to bring energy – I decided to stand up from the chair, and when I did that I felt just how much my legs were hurting because of previous cycle tours, but they only need to get warm to remove the pain – a “good pain” as we say here Bjarne Riis – and yes to continue climbing my Col du Tourmalet, and I even have three of the big blades on my bicycle, Bjarne, which is for each of the Trinity, and you know too?

The pain quickly disappeared and I looked out the window seeing that it was raining, which really was also not helping on my motivation, but I decided as I have often done before – when running – that it did not matter, it would only make me take off my glasses, so this is what I did, and when I started, I felt just how much harder the now wet and heavy forest paths were to cycle on (before changing to asphalt), and I thought this would become a shorter tour, which it did, but not much, I cycled 20.3 kilometres with kilometre times between 2:04 and 4:08, and I feel how I am now becoming “addicted” to this exercise liking it more and more, and we know Stig, this was not the easiest thing to do, but this is how it became.

And when doing “extreme exercise” compared to how I feel, I also received “extreme darkness”, and when I had the rain and wind against me and was climbing uphill on wet and heavy paths slowing me down – this is “tough” and the best exercise I know of – I received the strongest darkness yet letting me know that this darkness is infinite and that I will never be able to save all of it having to give up sooner or later, why I might as well give up now, and yes in extreme situations meeting extreme persuasive powers of darkness it is easy to forget that this is indeed what I am doing, to get EVERYTHING with me, so it wanted me to truly give up, but NO, I decided to bite my teeth together and not to give in an inch – which we do not do in Denmark where we have centimetres, but still you are getting (to) the point, my friends …. – and I was told as one of these secret messages you know that the true meaning of Michael Hardinger leaving me as a Facebook friend – not his decision, but spiritual darkness almost deleting him, but only almost – is a symbol of the physical being of the spirit of my father through my father and also John, my mother’s husband, being close to become “deleted”, which is dying as you know from John lately, but what about my father, Inge, and yes I am sad to see how WEAK you are not being “able” to tell me the truth, but you do know that I LOVE YOU too, and only speak out the truth openly, directly and honestly, don’t you? I also thought that Helena as another part of my mother was also “deleted” by spiritual darkness a couple of times, which showed you that my mother was close to dying too because of the influence of John almost dying, and yes “it cannot be that bad, can it” (?), but yes it was, this is what this says – but HELENA is now back and has been for a while, but one of her friends lost his life, which I understood was darkness trying to hit her, but took her friend instead because of my rules (!), and I wonder if Hardinger also has a story to tell, and he is still “almost deleted”, so John and/or my father are still struggling, but no, you are NOT allowed to kill any of them to bring energy!

At the end of the cycling tour, where I also gave my best not being that far behind in pace of three “young athletes” on mountain bike (almost half my weight) overtaking me making me quite happy to see, I received an even stronger and “more than extreme” power of darkness wanting me to accept killing my father as a condition to go on using the same argument that he will not survive anyway because I cannot get into all darkness, and the words of acceptance were very directly put on my mouth – and you have to imagine a power not only speaking to you, but “demanding” that you do this influencing both your mind and feelings with the power of MANY people at the same time and also so strong that it wanted to speak physically out of my mouth (giving me physical feelings of my mouth almost opening and speaking by itself, or by darkness directly, for a long part of this tour), but still I know what is right to do, and when this is the case, NOTHING is going to make me change my mind, so therefore I said NEVER (!) once again. I was also told when cycling “if you can heal, it is your power standing behind Benny Hinn”, so there you have it, I am only using a stand-in :-).

I was told “you don’t need an antenna to communicate now” (spiritually) and yes this is the closest way we can describe the ”revolutionary” new communication form, we have invented using one of MANY NEW inventions found inside of this place called ”the Pyramid”, where we still are, and yes WE WILL NOT GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE WE HAVE CLEANED UP THE TINIEST OBJECT YOU CAN FIND, and yes Stig, this is how it is.

At 00.50 I received coughing together with a vision of throwing up water from a swimming pool, which is about more darkness wakening up.

I received more visions and now slower but still difficult to see – also including memory of what I just saw leaving me almost instantly before returning – for example about Muslims not yet taking me in, about something laying in the water in front of our “Royal ship”, which to me says that time has now been slowed, but there is still information inside of darkness, which we almost cannot see and bring with us, and we know “we will wait until we can go deep enough to get this out”, and this is what I hope I can help doing one more time.

At 01:45 I started becoming seriously tired again almost not knowing my living advice for how in the world I am going to cope another night without sleep feeling as I do, and again it will be the worst torture, and I am not at all sure I can do it, but we can try, and yes not having the same strength as I had before.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This morning I woke up to this email from Facebook informing me about a man I don’t know writing a word I don’t approve of with the single goal to annoy/harass me (!), and when I opened the comment on Facebook, to my profile picture, Michael had deleted the comment knowing that it would only be me reading it through the email sent by Facebook, and I can see that he is from Denmark and a young man, and I wonder if he is friend with the High School students and have had enough of their talk about me (?) – and furthermore I was told that this is part of the worst sexual torments I have to go through here at “the end”, but you may agree with me, Michael, that this is POOR BEHAVIOUR?

  • It was a BIG story around the world that Obama decided to support gay marriages, and I wonder where you got it from (?), and yes I know it takes MUCH more courage to do this with conservative and reluctant Americans than with more liberal Danes. “Way to go” (!) is really the term I have been looking for in English.

  • And the newspaper Information here believes that this may make Obama “cool” again, and so much that they say “rebirth of cool”, and yes “rebirth” is the right word with Obama being another part of me, and yes WE ARE REBORN, so you got the “information” right, Information (!), and not in the WRONG throat as when “reading” about me the first time?

  • “The short newspaper” – yes, this is the name of it, and it is not even a paper, but this is how it is (!) – told the news of Henrik Sass Larsen returning to the leadership of the Danish Social Democratic Party after he was “judged out” by darkness last year, and that is as a symbol of “the saviour” (as they also call him in the headline below) returning now being reborn. And the other story is about the Police director “sleeping and not wanting to be woken up”, and you do know that police is my symbol of darkness, and this is about for example politicians and media not wanting to wake up from their Old World, which they “love”, and to be confronted with their wrongdoings when entering our New World.

  • The short newspaper also had the story of a machine, which they recommend to the Danish Intelligence Service (!), because “it does not only grind paper and documents making it unrecognizable. The Machine soaks up everything” (!), and this makes me think that this is what darkness makes the official world do – to grind your “secret papers” – and the more you do trying to hide and protect yourself “soaking up”, the more darkness you bring me, and the deeper I can also go, and by the way, you don’t need to destruct anything because a copy of everything – or everything self really – is kept on “the harddisk of Heaven”, which the world will see.

  • I decided to “go”, which is the same as “like”, to the “event” of Jette on Facebook of the new Earth, which made some of my “high school friends” of faith interested and starting to ask questions what this group is about, and I told them that this is Earth self showing information about the new creation, and I could see from the number of readers to my website referred by Facebook (more than 120) that this was becoming a story spreading to a larger network of young people making a total of 7 others today “like” the event too, but it also made Wayne below be “the anchor” of non-believers, who had quickly decided that I was NOT to be trusted making him write “Wow, Stig! Have you yet again forgotten to take your medicine”?

  • But he decided to delete this comment again and to replace it with a link saying what schizophrenic is, and if you don’t know better and are in a rush – for example as my “doctor”, who just “had to finish” the report on me not being very motivated to do this “hate work”, thus making you take quick and wrong decisions (?) – this is what you will wrongly decide, and he received some “likes” of other people, but Gustav asked him to stop, and I decided to say that when he “cannot” read and understand, and decides because of his (ignorance), and negative compulsory thoughts, he becomes exactly what he accuses me to be; crazy and again showing “the opposite world” to you,

  • Before this, Jette asked me to comment on these pictures, and she said that she could with her fantasy mislead more than guide – and I had seen that she has posted many pictures without comments – and the pictures alone does not work without her comments telling me/us what is on them (!), so this is basically what I told her and to TRUST in herself and write what comes to her, nothing more nor less (!), and on basis of this, I will comment some of the pictures when I have energy to do so.

  • Again, Jette explained how she sees these pictures, which is an ability coming to her after “countless prayers” to be used to “something sensible” in this world, and she uses her “imagination” to see things, which is really about an expanded ability to see what others cannot see, which is what my spiritual friends help her with.

  • As an example – more are to be found as her group – she showed this “scrimp jump” west of Tasmania (Australia), and I told her the “scrimp” is a symbol of “making love”, which is “to create” and Tasmania is about “the Tasmanian Devil” brought in my script the other day herewith “confirming” my story of using darkness as fuel for our creation, do you see (?), and yes not very difficult if you simply show patience and read and understand.

  • Apparently this afternoon – after the postings above – Jette’s new Facebook group to my surprise was apparently emptied for her MANY postings of pictures, and I was told that this is because I was wondering if I should go cycling, and just wondering made all of these posts disappear because of stronger spiritual darkness, and I was also told that this is the same phenomenon as I saw when I “was” (not was!) Facebook friends with Michael Hardinger where I wondered why he kept deleting his old posts, but he did not, it was darkness catching up on him as this is also a symbol of, and yes “dear darkness”, you are welcome and I will gladly transform you to light, and bring my energy to help doing this.

  • Jette said that this picture shows the gate to the inner of Earth, which I told her corresponds with the creation of the entrance to our New World – the tunnel to our great Pyramid – as I wrote in my latest script, and she continued saying that “now we only have to slow down time – so we can do everything we have to do”, and first it made me tell her about “no time” of our New World and that we only have time artificially now until I will end my journey when time will disappear (and I don’t really know if this will be by this time, or maybe first when all people have showed a clean heart?), and later I received visions far too quick for me to see, so I was inspired to decide exactly what Jette had suggested, which was to slow down and also turn back time, because I am NOT leaving the Pyramid before we have EVERY LITTLE THING with us, so please soak up EVERYTHING of darkness, my friends and SEARCH with everything you got, and yes I can handle it, and no, you are NOT to kill any of my family members to get energy, I will bring what I can through exercise etc. and this is what you have to do with together with “other sacrifices” you may find necessary to do.

  • Jette brought MANY pictures today at her page, which I recommend you to visit and here I will leave you with this picture of a “windsurfing angel”, and she says “it cannot go quickly enough to get to the party” to which I was inspired to say that ANGELS LOVE MUSIC, so I brought Roy Orbison, and “windsurfing” is what you do on water, and “water” is a symbol of my sufferings to make all of this real, and I told the angel always to do your best work without working too quickly, and it should help by “forcing” time of darkness backwards as mentioned before.

  • Helena was much inspired again first when saying “do you know how difficult it is to do nothing”, which is about darkness, which by now cannot return to its previous state of “nothing”.

  • She was also inspired to say “why do I automatically think of schizophrenia when others think of “new worlds” (?) – don’t you believe in me (?) – and this is indeed a very good question, Helena, which is a question I can put forward to the doctor Jytte and Lisbeth from the Commune believing that I am suffering from schizophrenia at the same time as others know that I am creating a New World (!), and Søren says what it is about, an “industrial injury”, which is what I have said both about the doctor and the Commune, and yes “wrong culture” and text books brainwashing them!

  • Helena also showed these THREE children playing a “strange game”, and Helena said that “the picture speaks for itself. Either there are 3 trunks with snot or 3 children with game pieces in the sinus”, and the “trunks” refer to an elephant as you know is the symbol of God, and God is the Trinity of the Father (creator), Mother (holy spirit of the world) and Son, so she is speaking of the Trinity being the creator of this game I am going through to save everyone and to create our perfect New World.

  • Here Helena said that she put on her running dress exercising in the rain – just like me – and she sends out her thoughts to all people without a job (which is what I “officially” am) and she says “well done, take courage and hold out, you are tough.”, which was a message to me to “hold out” taking one more night without sleep, Phil, and that is because I was considering earlier in the day if this was necessary to do once again.

  • These days many politicians speak about whether or not to boycott the coming European Championships in Ukraine – which is to stay away, and that is because of their abuses of human rights, and I did not intend to get involved in this, but I decided to bring this post of Søren Pind disagreeing with the Prime Minister (who supports to go), and I do because of one thing, and that is because I was told about “Fru Larsen” (“Mrs. Larsen”), in a “wrong” message I received for my mother approx. 6 years ago, and then suddenly, here is “Fru Larsen”, who can only be a coming “special friend” of mine, and she says “how can sport (entertainment) be more important than human rights” and Birgitte brings a video urging Ukraine to cease the cat and dog massacre, and all of this – abuse of human rights and politicians not being able to meet and speak – is what also made the cat of light and dog of darkness to fight in this “showdown” of the end times as you have witnessed, and let me say how disappointed I am with the world acting as an Old World and not the New World we are now, and yes it is of course WRONG to abuse human rights, it is WRONG to not communicate, it is WRONG not to state very directly that abuse of human rights is wrong (especially if you go and show a smile to the leadership of Ukraine), but if you go and decide to communicate VERY openly, directly and honestly what you think about human rights and to do it BOTH to the leadership of Ukraine and to all media there, you may be able to get a better effect?

  • MANY inspired postings today – and I don’t even bring all, but “many” – and this is about a brilliant “fully-functioning transformer”, which is also what our TRANSFORMER is when transforming darkness of the Pyramid to light, which is makes our PERFECT DAY :-).

  • The TV2 news anchorman, Johannes, was at his decisive exam before the baptism of a new Danish Princess, which he and his colleague Crone will cover on TV, and this is about my exam before the baptism of my new self when opening up my eyes, and the exam is really to go through a test (converting every little thing of darkness to light) to see if I can my material, and yes everything I have learned through my journey is coming in use here to be stronger than the strongest darkness.

  • DR TV has for weeks shown different editions of the very popular “Circus Revue”, which made Dan say “relax, they are carpet-bombing us as hell”, and you are right, Dan, this is what is happening right now when I am being bombed by darkness everywhere around me, which is from family/friends etc. symbolising the world, and “circus” is in itself a symbol of darkness, and just to show you how strongly it comes at me now.

  • The Member of both Parliament and the local council of Helsingør, Hans, wrote that he was going out bowling with the members of the Liberal Party in Helsingør, and I asked him to give my regards to my old colleague Jacob, and also Ole L., if he is still a member, and others I may know from when I was a member of the local board at the end of the 1980’s, where Ole L. was the chairman, whom I had a pretty close contact to back then, and I decided to send Ole a Facebook invitation, and I was happy to see that he was open and welcomed me, and here Hans says “it was really funny, and you are also welcome the next time”, which may be to say that also I am welcome to meet the Liberal Party of Helsingør again, and you are not even “mad” at me (anymore)?

  • This is another inspired message from Information about Helle Thorning Schmidt receiving a “kinder egg”, which is “really three things at the same time” as they say in the commercials of these, and yes the spirit of my mother giving birth to our New World with a “BLUE pixy” next to her (i.e. me) and a pile of car decks, and “car” is a man, so when you have a pile of decks, you have the key to create life, and if this is something “we can play with today”, Information (?) or if it is a “disappointing egg” (of creation) (?), and yes let me say that none will be disappointed!

  • I was happy to see that Yvonne S., the widow of Asger Lorentsen, finally after four months decided to accept my Facebook invitation, and is this about “slowness” or because you have started believing in me?


11th May: Jack “magically” returned as a Facebook friend symbolising the complete SURRENDER of military forces

Bringing out the worst darkness through the WORST sufferings, faith of young people and darkness of my family

After the writing of the script of yesterday, my REAL trial started when I had to keep awake as long as possible, and I truly felt that my foundation was now weaker than before, this is normally how it goes in a “series of extreme load”, and after killing time until 06.50, I was so exhausted that I could not continue watching the monitor and be active, so I sat in front of the TV knowing that I was now facing “my worst nightmare” in terms of tiredness once again, and this time it was even worse than yesterday, and I did not believe it was possible, but I pushed my limit of what I can take to an extra, new point, and it goes beyond description trying to explain just how terrible this was – also including heart pain on top for some of the time – but I knew that this is the worst darkness of all making me decide – voluntarily – to give my most ever, which is also not very easy to do when you were beginning to think that it was about to be over, and even though I was watching TV lying on my back on the sofa, where I normally cannot fall asleep, after a couple of hours, I do believe I had a short sleep of maybe 1-2 hours, which surprised me, and I was given a dream about two cars being nominated to become the “car of the year”, and it is a red BMW sport car winning, and each of these cars have a beautiful lady attached, and it is Paris Hilton belonging to the BMW, and she thinks that I am more interested in the other lady, but I am not, because Paris has a charisma of “elegance” – can you see that, my reader (?) – which I find attracting, and she is hoisted up in a crane, above the car, connected to a necklace to show the victory, and afterwards we cannot stop kissing in the French way, but we don’t make love, and this car is RED as in “darkness” and Paris is the Devil in disguise wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, and this is how darkness is strong here, but no, you are NOT allowed.

I woke up at 10.30 being completely and utterly beaten thinking that it would be totally impossible to stay up, but somehow I got over to my computer, and Jette had decided to bring new photos at this time, which I found inspiration to start commenting, and this is really what kept me up and gradually made my tiredness less, and with this short sleep and “new motivation”, I followed her Facebook group for several hours to do my best commenting postings of people with the purpose to help people obtaining faith in me, which succeeded :-).

I experienced how I was not “allowed” to enter her group briefly – spiritual darkness – and also how my shelves gave a LOUD cracking sound from it and I was shown darkness inside of it, which tells me that this is truly the worst of all darkness I have met.

I felt when receiving darkness the potential reaction if I by now should decide to enter it (lose it), and was also told that “if you send us back to Hell, we will simply return” with the feeling that there is no place for darkness to return to and that everything will come through my “washing machine” when I am ready as I for example was when resuming the writing of the script today at 15.30 after having been busy following Facebook for hours, and to bring my comments helping people in here to believe, which was the task I was given, and yes as mentioned I succeeded, and I feel smiles behind darkness and really not behind it because I here see that it is the same people acting as darkness, who are people of the New World, which does not make things easy for them, but yes this is what you decided we should be able to do too (to receive darkness), so this is what we did, but only for “me”, so this is me, my own inner self, the Son, including Obama as I feel here, who is doing this.

My mother called, sounded nervous the first minutes – because she has read that I am now ”officially crazy” (?) and/or because she understands the signs of my scripts of whom I am (?) – but when you forgot about this when we spoke as mother and son as we have always done, you forgot about your nervousness making us speak exactly as mother and son again, and this may mean that my sufferings will start to be reduced, and when writing this I receive the feeling of a knife to the inside of my throat and told that this is because of the reactions of my mother and aunt, Inge (see later), which was expected.

I kept on working most of the afternoon and evening with the stories below – much darkness means much to write – and at some point I was shown four water pipes meeting in a connection and I understood that the handle of these pipes in the middle will now be turned to make sure that there will not be spilled more water, i.e. sufferings for me and my family/friends etc.

It was a LONG and tough day, especially to continue writing until maybe 22.00, where I could have continued to working for some hours to finish and publish this script today, but I decided that “this was enough, I had done mine”, and to finish the rest tomorrow.

My father has a new, “serious” cancer – my aunt “opened” up for darkness because of my LOVE to my father

When I published my script of ”yesterday”, I received the old problem with the connection to Messenger Connect being disabled, which I have written about is because of lack of faith – or simply darkness – of my aunt, Inge, and here it came again because of the darkness she sent me yesterday, when she “could not” send me an email.

And then this morning, Inge overcame her ”inner demons”, which had “prevented” her from writing to me because it was more “important” to protect my father from being published in my scripts than to help me bringing the truth to the world, and yes this is how darkness of a sister can help hurting her brother, whom she loves, and of course without knowing it and yes the good, old story of how people hurt each other when they “only want the best” – and yes Inge, you cannot see it yet, and none of you understand that if it was not for the energy I brought to you for a long time, you would have been dead a long time ago – and yes she writes that after my father had removed 2/3 of his stomach last December because of cancer (and before that in his lungs), he has now received cancer in his back, which he will now start to receive “treatment” for if the doctors “can”.

And she writes “he says, that he does not speak with you because he cannot take (as he call it) your superstition”, and yes AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF DARKNESS is what my father sent me all of my lift not least during recent years, and yes talk about a misunderstanding (!), and then she asks me “please don’t write about him in your script”, and this is what is PURE DARKNESS, Inge, when you “defend” my father of darkness instead of supporting the Son of light so to say, and I can only say THANK YOU for sharing this information with me, but as it goes with everything else, I will decide what to bring and not to bring, and by chance I want to bring the truth, and because I bring the truth, you were “very close” not even wanting to share the information about how my own father is with me, and you were almost taken over, Inge, by all of the “authorities” surrounding you including my father/Kirsten and your own son telling you that I am crazy without having a clue – once again ignorant but still lazy, better-knowing and negative/fearful people, and yes this is MY OWN FAMILY, who “could not” understand me and instead abandoned me (!!!) – and the only way I could get through to you was to tell you straight out that I love my father and should have a right to know as his son how he is, and this is what made me come through to your heart, otherwise it would have been “impossible”, and for you to overcome darkness to receive this information is simply a symbol saying that I reached ALL THE WAY INTO THE DEEPEST I COULD REACH to bring everything with us – and yes BASED ON LOVE, and this is what I want you to remember, Inge, that I understand and appreciate your love very much, and you will soon find out that things are as I have told you, that all of the family on my father’s side tormented me as the Devil self because of their misunderstandings and WRONG behaviour speaking WRONGLY and negatively about me behind my back, a true disgusting behaviour!

Later I was told that my aunt – and father’s family – are also scared to death about me as some people are in Jette’s Facebook group and you know a “normal” feeling for both family/friends etc. to go through before remembering that I am only “the good old Stig”.

I also thought that it was “strange” that I have now given my absolutely warmest regards to my father (and Kirsten and also her children, and also Inge’s son, Jan), but I have received absolutely NO regards in return, and yes do you see the “one way direction” of positive energy?

Meshack is helping IDP’s in Northern Kenya – and cannot use the telephone making “problems” with the LTO team

And hi there to you too, Meshack – once again making me happy for you to write, and this time maybe the longest email you ever sent me (?), thank you very much! – And I was happy hearing about what you do, this is what friends share with each other, and you or working with Spanish people, and yes then it will be no “hasta la vista” (i.e. “bye bye”) from here, but the opposite (this is also information given to me about darkness NOT leaving with energy, but remaining with us and our New World), and I am happy for you to come out and help people like this thinking that it will also be an experience to you – even though this is not about sharing “normal life” yet – and I am both happy that you also visited Dadaab, and still sad about their destinies because the world “could not” help, and my thoughts also go to the Internally Displaced Persons you are helping, and if you believe you can bring them my best regards, which you know is “the love of God”, I should be happy. I am also thinking what this means to your family life, and wonder how your family are without you (?), and all I can encourage you to do is to communicate your best not only with me but with your family and the LTO team too – and when it comes to the other part of your email, it truly makes me SAD that the team is not able to “meet” you and “meet” as in “agree” and to decide what to do and then JUST DO IT (!) – and I decided to send these words to the team:

Dear all,

Please see the email I received from Meshack today – thank you very much, Meshack 🙂 – and I kindly ask the team to communicate and sort this out, do you really need my help doing this?

David, did you not send Meshack an email after our chat the other day (?), and if Meshack kindly asks you to send money to him, is this not possible for you to do (?), and did you not understand that he was not able to receive phone calls from you, and then it did not make things better when you, David, “could” not answer him via email. Was it “concerns” of Meshack, which made it impossible for you to do the right things sorting this out?

I kindly ask you to sort this out now, and to make me proud of you – and please inform me about your actions and progress.

Thank you.

When I write this, I receive one of those small heart attacks because of the darkness the LTO team sent me, when you “could not” do what should be easy for you to do (?), and this was also part of “the game” for me to enter as deep into darkness as possible.

Here is Meshack’s email:

Hi there, hope you are doing well and the same is with me. I am with an organization called IPI and working with other volunteers from Spain who will be in the country for the next three months. We are based at longarayan and in most cases we work with IDPS who camp in schools due to cattle rustling which is very common here.Last month we managed to take non-food items to the daadab camp which is abit far and poorly accessible due to bad roads and what i saw was exctly as we had written in the dadab memo although the situation is changing because there is some resemblance of peace in Somali though this might deteriorate again due to hostilities betwwen South Sudan and Sudan because refugees from South are flocking in the camp. I have been engaged as assistant  project officer and work closely with the project officer and the Project manager and mid this month we shall be taking some medicines in dadab camp. Here communication is non exixtent and if you want to communicate you have to travel almost 200 kilometrs to access internet or make a call and that is what have done for the last two days yet even the services were not available and you have to spend more than four hours trying to see if you will succeed and today i was vey happy because though i spend almost an hour the signal was abit strong though kept disconecting.

I was amazed by David mail that i do not communicate yet i was the one who wrote mails to him first and he did not reply and communication should be two way traffic and to me this was a lame excuse because i fail to understand what communication is and since when did mail cease from being a means of communication and for him to say he wants to see me in person. What sense does it make for me to travell a distance of hundreds of kms to Nairobi when infact i had given him instructions on what to do with the cash and since when did you start sending money with such conditions as he is saying? the logical thing to do he should have done as i had instructed him to do which was the case even before i came and we used to communicate via mail and he used to do as i had told him and it is simple as that and to me the rest is just but a red tape and beauracracy which i am not ready to submit to. If i try my best to drive hudreds of kms without assuarance that i will succeed and when i do like today and some one says you do not communicate to me that becomes the highest order of hypocrasy. Here people do not know the country they live in because every one is law unto himself so the area is one of the least developed in Kenya.

To me there is nothing to talk with David if he cannot do as i had told him and better his consience lead him to do what he deams fit because if you send money without strings attached i fail to understand bearing in mind that technology came to ease communication yet some one wants you to travell a two days journey instead of doing what he used to do.

  Kind regards.

Jack “magically” returned as a Facebook friend symbolising the complete SURRENDER of military forces of the world

This morning I noticed a change to my number of Facebook friends, and I looked at the list and first I was surprised to see that Helena was not showing as a friend neither on the alphabetical list below (where she should be listed between Hans and Helle) and the standard “random” list, where she a couple of times for a few days has been listed as “half” (without a picture), when it has been spiritual darkness – and not herself – “half” removing her, and then I saw that JACK IS BACK (!!!!!!) as you can also see, and you may remember how he was completely removed in 2010 not only as a Facebook friend but totally from Facebook, at least he was NOT visible on my system and has NOT been since – totally vanished (!) – and that is until a few weeks ago, where I showed you – to my surprise – that he had now returned “half” with only his name without his picture at the random list the same way as Helena and especially Michael Hardinger, who is still showing this way now for “some weeks”.

After more than two years, where my old best friend Jack was
“totally vanished” to me on Facebook, he has now “magically”
returned with the help of my spiritual friends

But when I returned to the main area of my Facebook site, I was surprised to see that I still received postings by Helena and how can that be (?), and when I put the mouse over her name, I saw the reason, which is that we are now no longer Facebook friends, but I am still subscribed to her (!), and is this how it works if a person had had too much of you and decide to remove you as a friend – but not reporting/blocking you – and when this person has accepted to have subscribers, you will still remain as a subscriber (?), which means that I can continue seeing her postings, but she can no longer see mine, and was it really Helena, who deleted me having had enough of me (?) – maybe also influenced by her sceptical friends (?) – or is this also spiritual darkness playing a game (?), and I don’t know, but my guess is that she removed me as a friend also after seeing my postings to Jette’s group, which I believe is visible to my Facebook friends (?), and at least some of the postings?

Either Helena has decided to cancel me as a Facebook friend but not a subscriber, or is this spiritual darkness too?

I returned to Jack, and could I enter his site (?), and yes, I could – Obama (!) – and I thought “did he not cancel his Facebook site entirely” (?), and as mentioned he has NOT been visible on my system for more than two years, but I know how spiritual darkness works on my computer (for years when trying to find Fuggi on the Internet, I received NO Google results on him, and after I reconnected with him in the beginning of 2009, I believe, suddenly my system showed many Google results including his name, this is how it is!), and to be “sure”, I decided to do a search on Jack at a “non-infected” computer at the library a few weeks ago, and I received the same result as at home, which was a few results on him – including that he sits in a business board, which I believe is connected with the business of his late father – but he was NOT on Facebook there too, and when seeing his profile now returning, I thought that it had been recreated from out of “nothing” (!), and this was “confirmed” when I looked at his profile, because first of all it was the old design of Facebook (not the new timeline), but then again, maybe he had not changed it yet, but when looking at his “recent activity” I could see – as you can see below – that he became friends with a number of people, that he wrote on Rikke R’s wall and later that Knud wrote on his wall the 10th July 2009, and I thought “wait a minute – yes, we are still waiting, but that is on you and I see another part of me arriving not having to run anymore (!) – are all of these messages old messages” (?), and then I clicked the “recent” posting of Jack to Rikke R’s wall, and yes it was indeed an old – and NOT a “recent” message – because the date says the 27th February 2010 (!), and it was approx. at this time that Jack suddenly “pulled the plug” becoming invisible to me (you can find the exact time in my old scripts if you search deeply for it), so everything tells me that his profile was deleted and has now been recreated against his wish and the wish of the military (?), but then again, I have also heard that it is not possible to delete your Facebook profile but when checking now on Facebook, I can see that this is indeed possible (!), so to me this reduces the “chance” that all of this is a “spiritual act” and that his account has been working all along but hidden for me – also on the computer of the library – but I do understand the message, which is that Jack and the military was opposing me and “pulled the plug” herewith also killing me and leading directly to the end of the world because of their WRONG behaviour and actions.

All of Jack’s “recent activity” is from 2009/10 showing that this is the recreation of his Facebook account, which was deleted by Jack and the military because of “discretionary” reasons?

Some of his last activity was this posting on Rikke’s Facebook wall from February 2010, and shortly thereafter his profile became invisible to me

I was encouraged to send a message to Jack to see if he indeed will be surprised to see that his Facebook site is back (and then again it may work perfectly for him, who knows?), and first when I from his site pushed the “message” button expecting a pop-up window to turn up where I could write the message, NOTHING happened as you can see below where a moving bar of 1-2-3 continued showing with nothing happening, and this was spiritual darkness preventing me to communicate – because this is what Jack and maybe also the military does not want to do with me (?) – and when I entered my own list of messages, it was possible for me from there to get the pop-up window to work, and I wrote my message as you can see below (shorter than what I would do in a “normal life”), but when I hit the “send” button, absolutely nothing happened, it was blocked by my spiritual friends, so you don’t want me to communicate with you, Jack?

After this I was told what this was all about when I heard “it is not the complete and final surrender of military forces, is it” (?), which I thought that this may be it and I received the answer “yes, then it is”, so this is what it was all about – Jack abandoned me becoming invisible and now he is back because the armed forces of the world has decided to SURRENDER to me and the New World with no armed forced (!), and yes U2, my friends, are also a part of me and the New World despite of all of your WAR and wrong actions.

Young people harassed me for the sake of harrassing me to help me dig even deeper into darkness inside of me

I was surprised to see that I received approx. 400 visits to my website today from the expanding network of young people in Denmark spreading the word of me – and still they are divided in two groups, people who believe in me with a growing number registering on Jette’s page (now more than 30) and people who do not and both groups are showing “extreme” feelings helping me to go even deeper into darkness of my inner self – and this was not possible to do if darkness had had its way the other day making Jette stop to write what she sees, which would have happened if I did not motivate her using resources I did not have to comment many of her pictures, which you know – combined with visits to my website – made many of these young people believe in me.

There were MANY pictures and even more posts by many young people on her page today, which I again encourage you to visit, and here I bring examples of the content of today.

In this picture Jette said that “someone is watching” and that she sees a LARGE eye designed as infinity and that “maybe it is the oil being monitored”, and I wrote that to me this is about the darkness of infinity inside of me, which I am converting to light, and also that I am still monitored by the official world and also “secret political/business interests”, who did not share FREE ENERGY of people of other civilizations to the world in order to protect their own “interests” of power, money and sex, and this also included “oil” as their “weapon”, and what was more natural than to bring “somebody’s watching me” by Rockwell and Michael Jackson, whom I have a special “relation” to.

Here Jette says that a “woman’s hand” has succeeded to tame “the dog”, “the dinosaur”, the angel – it even has a necklace on and it seems to like it, and this is a reference to the darkness of the dog, which I received in the short dream I had this morning with Paris Hilton wearing a necklace and acting as the Devil in disguise, and I wrote about the story of how to tame darkness, to read its code, to reset it and bring it from “minus to plus”.

Here she shows “resting time for these two “spider’s legs” and to the right stands a “goat” with grown together horns, and it is stamping one of the 20 robbers of Ali Babba on the head etc. – also including bathing persons, and I told her that this is indeed the size of darkness being released from the inner part of Earth (me) these days, and the people bathing are me (and the world), i.e. suffering to absorb and convert this darkness to light.

This is an upturned champignon, which is like a heaven ship with a figurehead – full of people and the leader in the stem, which made me tell her that this is about “energy”, which is also given to me though salad and champignons (!), that the ship is “the world” here with all life on board, and I am leading it and in practise with the spirit of my mother as the new leader of the world.

I was happy to see that Wayne had decided to follow my encouragement of yesterday to read and understand my scripts and analyse Jette’s pictures, and he apologises for his doubt and scorn of yesterday, which made me happy to hear, and I decided to “like” his posting and later to emphasize that this is the right way to do it.

Here Jette writes about the wind surfer coming closer to the telescope with cheers coming from Earth and tornado clouds creating corkscrews, and a fat man to the right with other laughing of joy and happiness, and I told her that the surfer is me on water, i.e. suffering, to get closer to the telescope of the submarine, i.e. darkness, that the fat man is also me, and tornado clouds of darkness turning into “wine”, i.e. “everything” or “God”.

After a period of time the last days where most people – at least the people commenting – were believers or made into believers, this afternoon and evening, I received an EXTREME AMOUNT OF DARKNESS of newly arrived, ignorant but you know still better-knowing and also immature young people ridiculing and harassing me, and Jette too, only to make “fun” for themselves – as a principle going against us just for the principle of having fun without the least consideration to people, and yes PURE DARKNESS (!) – and this was truly an incredible amount of darkness coming through them to me to be washed – and here are a few examples, but again I encourage you to enter Jette’s page to read for yourself.

This posting came after much of the negative comments, where I had been away from the computer to have dinner, and when I returned I saw that Jette had decided to delete much of the negative information (much or most of “dirty” sexual language of darkness, which is its weapon, you know, also revealing them, which I therefore don’t bring here), which was because Jette had lost her patience, and I liked that she has kept this information (to be used to discipline these irresponsible young people!) and I decided to say that when you are not responsible, you cannot claim freedom, which also goes with the freedom of speech.

Jette decided here to tell these young people that if they cannot behave – if they continue bringing impudent or impertinent comments, they will be thrown out, and she asked them to follow these rules just like at the boarding school, and yes she is right, when people are not responsible – and I mean from an objective point of view without misunderstandings (!) – this is what you have to do, and to teach them discipline you know, and I was happy to see that Wayne was here speaking up for me.

One of the new arrivals, Nikolaj, who ONLY wanted to make trouble for the “art of making trouble” (!) had “read” my previous script including the declaration of the lazy, ignorant but still better-knowing doctor saying that I am “crazy”, and what does Nikolaj then do when he only wants to “mess up” (?) – driven by darkness – and yes, you guessed it, he decided to almost in triumph bring the declaration and tell everyone “he is a sick man!”, and yes who could speak against him, because this was documentation, wasn’t it (?), and we know “he totally forgot my side of the story” and that is because it was not convenient to him!

He decided to lead the crusade against me – darkness still trying to destruct me because of it still being darkness – saying that this group is a proof of how a mentally sick person can get less intelligent people convinced about things he has made up, and here I had Johan speaking up for me, but still you get that this was the kind of people only wanting to destruct, which came for a raid visit to be “entertained” (!), and yes this is sadly also how the Old World worked.

I decided here to say that I went through the social system of Denmark to show the world HELL of people/dictators who TALK TALK without listening/understanding, which also goes for politicians and media – and I told them that when you first get a “stamp” saying that you are “crazy”, it is “impossible” to get rid of because all people will believe in the authorities of ignorant doctors instead of you, but maybe some of you decided to believe in me after reading this (?), and that is before several of you would give up your newly found faith in me, because of these “louts” terrorising me.

Finished writing the script at 22.15 today deciding to use a couple of hours tomorrow morning to finish the last part of it instead of now, even though I was pushed to do it, but no this is it, it is the end of a “monster Friday” too.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jette shared a link from Danish TV2 having found a “relevant” story saying that the world does not go under anyway – according to the Mayan’s – and this may be your way to “prepare” the public about me the same way as the recent BBC article on Hitler (?) – just guessing, you know – and more inspiration came to me when I wrote my answer below telling people just how close the Judgment Day of destruction came also because of people being fed up to hear about the Judgment Day coming in 2012 (!), and of course irresponsibility of the official world and each individual, but I am not sure that this woke many “readers” up?

  • Helena wrote about “the comeback of Henrik Sass makes Anders Samuelsen enthusiastic”, which made Helle say “my hero is back”, and Helena replying “in full gallop” (arriving on my horse of the New World) and she also said that “comebacks are always fantastic”, and inspired is what they were.

  • Jens from Selvet brought this picture and said that it was “a portal to your (coming) garden”, which you know is about the portal leading into our New World, and he imagined where it will take him, to the kingdom of angels, other civilisations, back to the past and more, and yes there are “no limits” :-).

  • Brian brought the message that this will become a “fantastic Friday”, which I understood positively thinking of my old word games with my spiritual friends in 2006 finding only positive words starting with “F”, so maybe the end of toay will become the end of my sufferings for now, and maybe for good (?), and Heinrich decided to tell him that he cannot call to tell anyone to let them know that he has a great day – it is as if he know that I don’t have more credit on my telephone, you see (?) – and also that it was “just a statement, Batman” (!), and it made Brian jump out in singing and with all of those “da da daa’s”, it first made me think of the German band TRIO and their song “da da da” , herewith being a symbol of the Trinity finishing (this part of) creation, but then I saw his long spelling of Batman making me think of Prince’s song Batdance and I received the lyrics from this song “If a man is considered guilty 4 what goes on in his mind, Then gimme the electric chair 4 all my future crimes”, which you know is what people did, making me guilty for what goes on in my mind, and let me say that Batman is indeed a symbol of goodness to me also after the visions I had some tome ago including Batman, and furthermore when thinking of it, he is of course a symbol of me :-).

  • Peter wrote this article in Politiken about the return of Henrik Sass Larsen asking the question in the headline “Is Sass Larsen Jesus” (?), and as he writes in the article that it is not a little too much to hope that Sass-Larsen – now in Jesus costume (!) – alone can turn around the down trip of the Social Democratic Party, and yes this is what he symbolised, that I turned around the down-trip of the world – and it made me tell Peter that “you are not entirely “crazy”, Peter” :-).

  • Jimmy here from Selvet decided to bring the following picture of Tarzan asking if you know where he can go (?), and as you can see from the picture, this King of the forest, can go outside the forest into “nothing” to make EVERYTHING of nothing “new forest” of creation, which is what we are still doing,

  • And he continued by showing the foot of an “elephant tree” and also a “crocodile tree” saying that both are threatened to be wiped out, and “elephant” is God and “crocodile” is Satan and forest is “creation”, so what this might be about is to say that everything inside of nothing – the crocodile becoming an elephant with the touch of my hand – was threatened not to be part of our New World because the darkness, supported by Jimmy and Selvet you know, did NOT want “to be” but “not to be”, but that is too late now, you know.

  • Dan decided to bring an old Danish “evergreen” called “are you on first name with the birds of the sky”, which is an old favourite of mine – and God giving me this song MANY times – and the late Poul Reichardt (one of the finest actors of Denmark ever, and sadly they don’t come like this anymore!) sings “Er du dus med himlens fugle og skovens grønne træer, så har du fundet ind til det, der gør livet allermest værd” (“are you on first name with the birds of the sky, you will have found into what makes life the most precious”), and yes this was the song, which my old colleague from Aon, Michael R., was inspired to KEEP ON singing over and over again in the bus, when all colleagues were going somewhere in the middle of the 1990’s, and it is simply about joining EVERYTHING inside the forest of our New World, which is what makes life the most precious, do you see (?), and NO, not yet, but I am close to being able to remove the last blinders as I am here told. And Stone brought what I found out is a PRIMITIVE song of the kind I don’t like – the way they speak about sex etc. – but the title of it is “we will bring the gold home”, which is really what we have done here, we have transformed NOTHING into EVERYTHING of our “new forest”, and the birds of FREEDOM will sing to everyone, this is what we can see, because this is how I am – my inner self speaking to and via me – and when I have this attitude, this is how the world will become :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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