May 15, 2012: Our physical and spiritual worlds become ONE with eternal physical life and endless consciousness and love


Summary of the script today

14th May: Elijah is no longer asking for bribes but renouncing to receive money “if money is the issue and the subject to divide us”!!!

  • Dreaming of saying goodbye to my “old self”, love changes everything, I brought darkness with me to our New World (as our future energy resource) and we are still creating more life.
  • I received an email from Elijah telling me about the situation in Kenya with Meshack, which I do NOT want to dragged into – the team, Meshack and his family is to sort this out – and the “strange” part was that the other day, Elijah threatened me if I did not continue sending cash help, and today he renounces to receive money “if money is the issue and the subject to divide us”, and the only thing I have told them is to share this money equally not withholding the money for Meshack setting up conditions, which I have not approved as the sender, which does NOT make me a dictator – it is common sense that I as the sender will make the conditions, and there are none!
  • I receive more traffic with some people fearing me thinking the worst and others believing in me but being silent.
  • Short stories of waking up before I will go-go, a new TV-programme where “experts” guess about which participants are “crazy” and normal just like people guess about me these days, Niclas and the meditation group still sends me darkness, it requires feelings of people believing that I am crazy for me to enter and expand the forest of creation, is Obama gay in order to support gay marriages (?), and new pictures of Earth including the messages that the strongest darkness I have met is now down-at-heel, the wedding between mother and son NOT becoming reality, people these days asking “is Stig crazy or normal” (?) and about “the ideal man” of our New World living in pact with spirit and matter.

15th May: Our physical and spiritual worlds become ONE in our New World with eternal physical life and eternal and consciousness and love for all

  • Dreaming of being approved by India when they discovered that I love people – after having received darkness from them, I am only doing this “game” as my old self with the smallest margins and we are now setting up a system reusing the energy it takes to clean darkness before it enters me and the world as light to do our “ultimate best” creating our Source of energy, and my spiritual friends will soon become “unmasked” to the world when showing themselves as WE are through out physical counterparts.
  • I was told that “there will be no spiritual world when we will open” our New World meaning that there will be no separation into a physical and spiritual world in our New World when our physical and spiritual beings will become ONE where everyone will achieve endless greater conscious than today – “ask and you shall get access to our today expanded library” – including endless deeper feelings and I was shown my spiritual friends bringing flowers meaning that everyone will also receive endless greater love than today, and not least an endless physical life without death, which has not been possible to create before now because of the strength of darkness of our Old World breaking down physical life, and by means of “thought” you will be able to change “appearance” in your new, eternal life.
  • I was shown myself arriving at “the middle, where everything is united”, and I was told “I am heartfelt welcome”, which is both about me accepting all darkness of an eternity to enter me, and for all darkness to accept me entering it, “this is how we found each other at the end”, which is “everything, which was and everything, which ever could be”.
  • I was shown a dark spirit of Karen returning from darkness after having created life everywhere of our New Worlds, and I understood that I was the creator with her as the designer of these New World’s, and that the Trinity of our New World is my mother, father and I, in our New World’s it is Karen, I and our Son and for all New Worlds created inside the New World of my mother and father and New Worlds created inside of Karen and I, the Trinity of each New World will become the creators of this world with their offspring being the creation J. All New Worlds – all of them – are linked to me being the anchor of everything as ONE LOVE, ONE LIFE.
  • Short stories of new Facebook friends not understanding thus leaving me, Ritt Bjerregaard loving her ”apples” – there will come many this year and two Danes MIRACULOUSLY surviving a plane crash in Nepal symbolising that I survived the explosion of the Source at Easter herewith creating our eternal Source of light/energy of this world.


14th May: Elijah is no longer asking for bribes but renouncing to receive money “if money is the issue

Dreaming of saying goodbye to my “old self” and love changes everything

I slept from approx. 22.45 to as long as 09.40, and it is still my spiritual friends controlling how long I sleep, and to me this was to say “two more days without sleep” and I had really hoped to wake up early, but this is how it is and a few dreams too:

  • I have said goodbye to Peter A. at Fair Insurance, and I am now at a party for Fair, I am eating liquorice, and meet Søren H. and Susan from Fair, and Jacob from Acta, and I say goodbye to many people knowing that this will be the last time I will see them. And something about Jesus and flowers in front of me.
    • This is about saying goodbye to being my old self – now only on the surface. Liquorice is darkness given to me from others, the people here may be thinking of me, and when I say goodbye to them, it is the end of working together, and I know that then you will normally never see your old colleagues again, which makes me sad and it makes me think to tie a yellow ribbon around the ole “oak tree”, which we can call “good work colleagues”, who would really like to see each other again, but for most people it runs out in the sand because no one today has the discipline to follow up! – And we will see for how long I can continue “being” my old self.
  • I woke up to “love changes everything” by Climie Fisher, which is both a 80’s-song I LOVE and about what truly happens, when LOVE changes the world and everyone’s life.

  • I had a dream about an old sexual fantasy given to me by darkness, and it happens inside of Tivoli, which you know is about darkness I have brought with me to our New World, but now controlled as our future source of energy (!), and I see Clement Kjersgaard visiting a butcher, where he is preparing food, and I tell him that the cheese can only keep for five weeks, and preparing food is still about creating life.

I continued exercising, but I am LOW because of much work and little sleep for a long time

I worked from approx. 10.15. to 16.00 to write and publish the script of yesterday, and I had almost no negative speech/attacks.

I saw my aunt reading my previous script this morning, and at 15.10 I felt sadness and more darkness coming to me and I was told “now your father is informed to”, and this might be right or wrong, but the feelings is exactly what came to me, I literally felt how darkness now pressured on to enter me – still based on WRONG doings of people, and yes the RIGHT feeling is to have nothing to hide, and it is darkness given you feelings wanting to hide, and yes I know because I am both light and darkness, you see.

At the end of the day I decide to cycle to the swimming hall – nice with variation when exercising – and when I was cycling there, I felt how “everything is negative” making me feel and think negatively or let us say wanting to make me think negatively, because I have decided that I will not, but I kept gliding forwards on the saddle, which I do when I cycle on this cycle not wearing my cycling trousers, and it is truly annoying (I will look at it when I have some time and energy to do it – the same as my Christmas playlist, but it is NOT prioritised!) – and I also had strong wind against me, and when this “resistance” came to me – also feeling John from the Union Frie Funktionærer here because you don’t believe in me, John (?) – I could have decided to give up, which I did not and then I was told that when I will stop this game, all of the new life or new editions of myself, which I have created, which I still feel the dark side of, will turn around and show me their light side, and when I was swimming I felt that I can now swim longer because I am coming into better form (starting from scratch!!!), and I was told that the longer I can keep this going, the deeper we will anchor into darkness, and the more gold we will be able to extract in our eternal future, and yes I am ready to continue until December 2012, if nobody stops me before that (!) – this is how strong I feel today compared to April for example, where I was truly low – and we will see what happens.

On my way home I did a little shopping at Aldi, and I have been driving with a plastic bag full of goods on the steer, but today when I had put the plastic bag on the steer and started the cycle, the bag had to swing into the front wheel of my cycle with the result that it “cut” a few potatoes almost making it impossible for me to continue my tour, yes a “quite dangerous” situation and that is if I had been cycling with normal speed and this happening, but as luck was, nothing happened and after buying a new bag, I could continue my journey home, and yes this story of today was given to me already yesterday when one of the impudent young people at Jette’s group, Nikolaj, wrote (as included in my script yesterday) “det er det samme vi ser med Stig, han har været på en tvangsmedicinering hvor han havde indset det, men efter han blev ”sluppet løs” holdt han op med at tage sin medicin, og dette er resultatet. Kartoffel”, which is about Nikolaj saying that I was on forced medication – he has dug deep but without understanding the truth (!) – and when I stopped, this is the result and then completely without any connection, he writes “potato” as the last word (!), and yes here was the connection that these young people were almost stopping me when succeeding to make some people believe I was crazy (reducing the amount of subscribers with a handful, and only by doing my best, I would be able to make enough people believe in me that I could continue my journey and yes as my new self with the cover of my old self, and yes EASY to understand when you are a regular reader.

I was truly very tired of both working and being awake this evening not feeling good about having to continue doing this, and it is as if the script of today is designed for me because it is not very long, and we will see how much or little sleep I will get tonight – I am LOW, David.

I was shown happy people riding the rollercoaster inside of darkness with the sun to the left and I understood that ALL darkness is becoming light, and I was shown “content of darkness” now being a Christmas tree with Christmas balls on it about to be uncovered, which is another sign saying that we are “close” now, and for days I have also been shown a new spiritual vision through a very thin cover, where everything spiritually becomes as visible to me as my visible sight.

After late dinner, I worked a few hours to complete this script, and was happy when it was done having the feeling that “take yourself together doing the last few things now, and not to relax too soon”, and yes I received “the last darkness” sometimes putting on some pressure to make me “lose it”, but I was in control most of the time – but tired (!) – and yes the feeling is now again “only a short time” before everything is finished, but then again, I have met many games, and we will see for how long I can keep this going.

I completed work at 01.45 “tomorrow” being happy with what I have done under the circumstances, and I still have a few things to do to my memo on my sufferings, which I have not prioritised as highly as my scripts, and I might decide to do some of it this night, but first I need to relax somewhat, and then we will see.

At 01.45 I would take a few pictures to Jette from Google Earth, but the programme had by now been hit by spiritual darkness making it impossible for me to show the clouds as I included I the standard setup yesterday (!), and right after this I was shown a military wagon, which was followed by a beer wagon, which I understood is darkness given to me because of the military and Jack not “daring” to communicate with me directly to confirm my story of the other day, and yes MORE WIMPS making me sad, and yes Jack, how can you decide to ignore your old best friend (?), and yes I receive some cautious spiritual smiles because of what is coming, but I don’t know that yet.

Later the programme worked again, and after sending pictures of the day to Jette, I decided also to upload this script knowing that it will probably be easier doing now than later and of course depending on how much or little sleep I will get – and when I wanted to write an additional paragraph, it was impossible for me to do because every time I wrote just one character in the WordPress editor, a new window of a dating site opened, which is the menu darkness wanted or “could not help” presenting for me, and yes I had to write the paragraph in word and afterwards paste it to the WordPress editor to make it work!

Elijah is no longer asking for bribes but renouncing to receive money “if money is the issue and the subject to divide us”!!!

Right after sending my script to LTO this afternoon, I was shown a helicopter above a city – with the feeling that it is lifting up the entire city – and the helicopter is me, and someone is crawling around on the outside of the helicopter trying to turn it around and make it fly the other way back, and yes this is about Elijah, whom I needed faith of to stay alive and to resurrect my old self, Jesus, as my new self, and now he is in doubt about me again, and why is that (?), and yes because of his old “love of money”, and he threatens me NOT to remove the money I send him, but he does not mind the team removing money from Meshack, and yes BLIND is what they are, and every time I write blind, I think about the song by Mauro Scocco, which is not to be found as a video on the Internet – and by the way, I am surprised that my head does not scratch as much this month as I had feared it would, and you may remember that the more it scratching, the more my LTO friends are suffering.

“This is my message, if you feel you wish to continue helping us the better , but without making all the threats of pulling your cash help! At this position, i stand to say that, if you wish to continue sending your help do it as you have been doing. Let Meshack come forward and take his cash help, all what is writing you is stories my friend! If take out the cash help next month, i will request you delete my name in all your scripts failure to which i will seek legal advice”.

And once again, Elijah was “chasing” me this afternoon when he sent a new CONFRONTING email to me (!) – but is also included much love, which I appreciated much and return to him – and yes Elijah, the story is that I sit in Denmark saving as much as I can to be able to send you money each month to help you out, and it is almost impossible for me to make you satisfied no matter what I do (?), and let me say it out STRAIGHT and LOUD, I will NOT be the victim of your quarrels with Meshack and to be blamed by you – I have told ALL OF YOU clearly to communicate and sometimes it may be Meshack not communicating and other times you/David not answering his emails, and I will NOT be dragged into your “circus” of problems not being able to do the most simple thing, which should be to remain intact as a team and not to let money separate you, and I have kept telling you that as the sender of money, I decide whom is to receive this money, and there is NO change in my wish – there are NO conditions (!!!) – and then it is NOT up to you, David and John to hold back a money transfer to Meshack as he has requested. He has told you that he prefers the money to be sent via M-PESA and he will pick up the money when he can – when he comes to an area with cover in North Eastern Kenya – and it is NOT for you to deny following his and mine wish (!), it is truly no longer than this, Elijah, and then it is up to Meshack to be responsible telling his family, the team and also me why he decided to “run away” as he apparently did, and for all of you to communicate and remain friends, is this completely impossible for you to do?

And dear Elijah, this is NOT about dictatorship as you claim herewith making me very sad, this is about your lack of responsibility both in connection to me as the sender of the money and Meshack asking you to transfer his share. It is common sense that I as the sender will decide the conditions to receive this money, and my conditions is that there are NO CONDITIONS, and then it should be piece of cake for you to follow my wish and send the money to Meshack without demanding him to come to Nairobi because of other reasons, which is without importance in relation to my money transfer to ALL of you, so please don’t mess up things, take wrong conclusions and make me look as the “bad guy”, because the “bad guys” – despite of how much I love all of you – are the team not following my wish as the sender. This should be straight forward and simple logic for everyone to understand.

After receiving your previous email I said that you had lost much credibility to everyone but me (!) and that it would be difficult/impossible for you to regain what you lost, because you decided to threat me when saying the words below encouraging me to keep sending help as I have done (to David), that Meshack is making up stories (I don’t want to be involved in this not knowing what is true and wrong!) and then you say “If take out the cash help next month, i will request you delete my name in all your scripts failure to which i will seek legal advice”, which I understood as you threatening me that if I take out my cash help to you, you will not approve being mentioned in my scripts (!) – is there any other way to understand your words (?), because I cannot see it differently – so here is first what you wrote:

“This is my message, if you feel you wish to continue helping us the better , but without making all the threats of pulling your cash help! At this position, i stand to say that, if you wish to continue sending your help do it as you have been doing. Let Meshack come forward and take his cash help, all what is writing you is stories my friend! If take out the cash help next month, i will request you delete my name in all your scripts failure to which i will seek legal advice”.

Based upon this, Elijah, I wrote to you in my script that “you have now showed the WORST side of you to the world saying that you only support me and my scripts when you receive my cash help, which is to say that you are accepting bribes, which is NOT what I am giving you“ and how could it be otherwise?

And now in your email below you say “if money is the issue and the subject to divide us, then i would kindly us you not to consider me in your cash help my friend!”, so now you are doing the opposite of what you told me in your previous email (?), and eeeehhh Elijah I did not see that coming (!), but it does tell the world clearly the truth about you, which is that money is not the issue between us (!!!) – did you get that, mother and family (?) – which I therefore THANK YOU very much for Elijah – did you understand that this was praise (?) – and furthermore you also say “it seems money is the issue, i would love to kindly ask you to sent your cash help to whoever you feel needs it. To me NO CONDITION! If receiving your cash help was bribing me to accept your wish, then i think we have been reading things from a different script”, which is more of the same kind, and now you are thinking that I should be sending you the money to bribe you (?), and yes Elijah, where do you get it from (?) – it was you demanding bribes from me (!), wasn’t this what you said in your previous email (?) – because of all people you should know that I am NOT and have NEVER been bribing you because the ONLY reason why I send you money is to help bringing food on the table for all of you and I did believe that all of you and I were able to separate money and integrity in relation to my scripts and your faith in me.

And the only thing making me sad once again is people being “unable” to communicate, listen/read and understand and when this is basis, one person speaks in East and the other answers in West making understanding “impossible”, and yes again Elijah you were the example showing this with your temper and “inability to understand” making communication with you impossible, and instead it became a lot of words, i.e. “TALK TALK” – but let me say what I started by saying, I LOVE YOU, THE TEAM – all of the team – and also your family VERY MUCH, so will you please put away the negative words and focus on LOVE, friendship and UNDERSTANDING each other, and then do as I ask you to do as the sender, which simply is:

WHEN I SEND MONEY IT IS TO BE SHARED FOR ALL FOUR OF THE TEAM WITHOUT CONDITIONS (!!!), and if you “cannot” do this, I will NOT send money to you, it is as simple as this, and still you were “unable” to follow my wish complicating things completely unnecessary wasting my time and energy when I had absolutely no time and energy, Elijah, and holding back money from Meshack, who was probably in great need to receive it. Please do NOT do this again. Send the money to Meshack, confirm the transfer to me and do your best to make up and stay as friends without letting money be an issue between you, and for you Meshack to communicate with your family.

Here is the email from Elijah today:

Dear Stig,

It is now very clear even after a deep explanation that you have also failed to listen and this makes me more bitter even when i try to explain the whole truth to you. Does it mean we do not know all what we are saying? Do you understand that nobody is making condition to Meshack?  I spent the whole day on Saturday explaining to Meshacks brother about his whereabouts which i have no idea up to now. You seem to know better where is he is yet you are miles away from Kenya?  The whole family is worried about Meshacks whereabouts and you are the first to know he is working in Northern Kenya.

Stig, i do not want to be drawn in this whole episode about Meshack. It is up to him to make his own choices. If indeed communication is a problem and he cannot make a call, how will he receive the cash help, when only M-PESA services are limited in Northern Kenya? Does this make sense?  Is this what we call open and direct communication? Why is that every time issues crop up, it is Meshack who is  unhappy?  Put yourself to the shoes of the old man in the village( Meshacks Father)  who has constantly been asking about him, with some of his family members not seeing for many months?

My position remains and will remain clear, if money is the issue and the subject to divide us, then i would kindly us you not to consider me in your cash help my friend! I will and will always repeat this to you my dear friend Stig, you also failed to understand whom i am when you visited Kenya! I trust myself and have all it takes to move on from where i am! I am doing more than i expected to do and will continue focusing my strength to reaching the very many needy and deserving children rather than engaging myself in individual talks with no solution. Why should we waste our time talking about  Elijah, David, Meshack or  John while out there , there are millions of people who need our help? Are we the only people suffering? Is this our calling?  I this what LTO was formed to do? Discus individual characters and behavior?  We seem to have lost our focus, and i want you to understand  that i will  not sit to see this happen?  I don’t want to be drawn to the issue of Meshack again. It is up to him to decide wheteher he will communicate to his family Members or not.

I am the leader of LTO, and i will continue to work closely with like minded individuals and organization in achieving our goals. Remember, we are more divided than you found us my friend. I am taking the first steps and will pick from where we left. Stig, it seems money is the issue, i would love to kindly ask you to sent your cash help to whoever you feel needs it. To me NO CONDITION! If receiving your cash help was bribing me to accept your wish, then i think we have been reading things from a different script. For me , i will and will  say it again, i feel ,it is the high time we lived a world free of dictatoship, a world free to choose and air our opinions , a world to be listen and  not dictated on what to do!

Have Unconditional Day My Friend!


I receive more traffic with some people fearing me and others believing in me but being silent

For a long time, I have received normally between 50 to 100 visits per day to my website, but since I was “discovered” by an expanded network of young people some days ago, the number of visits has grown much as you can see from this graph:

Today, one of the visitors included my link at this board for people interested in cars and speed, and under the headline “something to laugh about …”, I am made a laughing stock – just like the TV-programme “Natholdet does, and let me tell you that it truly makes me very sad to see STUPID and CRAZY people put me down like this completely wrong and unnecessary, and yes a couple of examples of what was said and really only by very few compared to the number of visitors coming from this place, so maybe some of you also decided that “he might be right” (?), but fearing to write this because of potential reprisals from these kind of “dumb” people.

Han er jo 100% f…. crazy og klar til den lukkede. Forhåbentlig bruger han tiden på at sidde og skrive omkring hvor ond hele verden er, frem for at gøre skade på andre. Det er decideret skræmmende” (“well, he is 100% f…. crazy and ready for the closed department. Hopefully he uses the time to sit and write about how evil the world is rather than hurting others. It is decided frightening”), and yes this man puts the words on, which MANY people have thought about me – remember that “it is all inside of your heads” (?) – and here I think of my old class friend Christian, who is one of these fearing to send me an answer and accept me as a Facebook friend, or am I wrong, Christian?

And also “he is completely barmy” and “he is completely blank” – and yes it does not take much from ignorant and lazy people to conclude wrongly when they “cannot” control their negative feelings?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena brought this FAVOURITE song of mine by Wham, which it was since the first day I heard it – it was simply something special – and yes George, this is about waking me up, and that is to open up the eyes of my new self, and since Helena brings it here, it may mean that it will not take as long as until December before you will see me (?), and I am here given the taste of DEEP vintage Champagne, and yes this is what we have already done, and still I see into darkness, and yes let us make the absolutely best Champagne ever, and to do it even better than both Krug, Bollinger and all the rest :-).

  • In a new TV-show starting tomorrow, I believe, ”experts” will decide, which participants of the show are “mad” and who are “normal”, and the drawing below shows Henrik Sass, Søren Pind, the instructor Jørgen Leth and the reality star Sidney Lee “known for being known” (not for his “intelligence” I might add) and I cannot see who the last person is, but the expert says “and you say that one of them is normal” (?) and this fits together with many people at the moment asking the exact same question about me “is Stig crazy or normal” and yes difficult to tell for many of you?

  • 3 hours after publishing my script today on Facebook including the link to the script itself, which I clearly remember because I had to choose between one of four pictures to show, I noticed how my link had been removed by spiritual darkness, and I already noticed this phenomenon the previous time I published a script, and yes it seem that there are people amount my Facebook friends still not liking what I write since this is what darkness do to my link – and I had to publish it again.

  • Cathinca from the meditation group asked Niclas of the price of a new workshop “sådan circus” (using “circus” as Danish slang for “approx.”), and it was really to show me about the continuous darkness of Niclas, who has not forgotten entirely of me (?), and the meditation group.

  • Helena had had a “wild day” saying that it “requires a mother’s mother” before she will ride her mountain bike im the “great and totally crazy forest, where everything is too steep” no matter how she turns it, and then she quarrels with herself whether or not she dares, and decides that she dares, and we know “funny” that she should decide to use the word “mother’s mother”, which to me is about PURE DARKNESS, which is what we use in the “great and totally crazy forest”, which is to say also here that Helena thought I was crazy and with that pure darkness, she sends me, I am able to cycle in the forest to expand it even though it is very steep, and we will see for how long this will continue.

  • Politiken brings the news that Obama according to the Newsweek magazine is the first gay President of USA, and when reading the article, it says that a tall story in the U.S. is that you have to be gay to support gay marriages and as everyone knows, Obama is happily married and not gay, or … (?), and yes read my scripts (book 2 I believe) about other sexual temptations and torments of Obama making this headline true.

  • Jeppe is editor-in-chief for a new lifestyle magazine in Aalborg, Denmark, called “et cetera”  and here he shows the BIRTH of this magazine with an old-fashioned checklist with each colour/symbol showing the process of each page of the magazine with “HEART” meaning “approved by printing house” and 164 hearts is the birth of the biggest magazine of Aalborg, which also is a symbol of my birth receiving 100% approval and everything based on LOVE ♥♥♥.

  • A few examples of pictures, which I found today and sent to Jette because Jette was busy most of the day as she will be also the next two days, but still she managed to find information on the pictures, which to me was only clouds (!) and I did not know what they were about, if any, but this one showed a down-at-heel wolf, which to me is about the strongest dog, i.e. darkness, I have met here at the end saying that it is now becoming weak, and she also wrote about a doll-theatre, which is about “the play” or “game” as we have gone through merely acting as light and mostly darkness tormenting me and the world.

  • In this one, I did not understand all, but the most important to me was about the deserted bride sitting with her head hanging down hoping for the man still to arrive, which is about the wedding between mother and son NOT becoming reality to avoid giving darkness a win, and yes because this is what I said, there will be NO WEDDING, which is to deny darkness its wishes (of destruction).

  • Jette says that “the expression “are you completely round in the square” also fits in here”, which to me is both about people asking the question “is Stig crazy or normal” (?) these days and also about Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man about “the ideal man” of our New World living in pact with spirit and matter.



15th May: Our physical and spiritual worlds become ONE with eternal physical life and endless consciousness and love

Dreaming of setting up a system reusing the energy it takes to clean darkness before it will enter me as light

After publishing the script of “yesterday”, I watched some TV, and whenever darkness has tried to make me “scared” – still many times – I have swept it away deciding that I don’t want to be scared, but it had collected strength, because suddenly I received the biggest heart attack I have ever had, which still is not killing me, but it made me scared for maybe five seconds, and it was with “kind regards” from my own father, who still cannot understand and cannot control his feelings and anger about me, and yes this is sadly the truth, but I do hope you will be happy to survive because of the energy and love I send you, father?

I also heard the strongest negative speech of darkness but now just around me not being able to enter me making me think that I am protected through the new system.

I was shown a giant ship coming and with it the worst darkness attacking me with a giant axe (I literally saw how a person ran towards me with the axe above his head ready to strike me), but also finding ”me” inside of darkness bringing me out, and with the feeling ”in the last moment”.

Later I received the “feeling” of extreme darkness pressuring on me trying to make me scared to finish my work (!), and I was also shown a big truck, i.e. New World, entering from darkness.

At 04.00 I decided to sleep on the sofa to get “a few hours” – as I have done lately every other night – and before sleeping I received the strongest wishes from this New World on its way in for me not to sleep and the feeling that it would not survive, but no, the energy I cannot provide, will be provided by the Universe and I could not stay up anymore without sleeping, so I was “allowed” to sleep on the sofa until 07.00 still making me extremely tired when wakening up, and I had a few dreams.

  • I am in India together with Kim S. and Per-Henrik (from GE Insurance, Norway), and Per-Henrik is ambitious wanting to become chairman of the board of the company, and Kim lets him know that this is impossible for him to become, and we are at a place with two Indians, and they want to give me the most honourable job, which Kim S. knows, and they present the idea for me, which is to have my own store at a well-known pedestrian street, and I am tested there, and it is about whether or not a dog will like me, if I have “dog-pleasing abilities”, and I am a little nervous but happy to see that the dog likes me, and it makes them approve me and also offer me all the women I would like, and when I go up against them, which people normally do not because it could be considered an insult (!), it makes the top man scold the employee offering me this, and I know that I played high, but I here see that it was worth while, and I also think that it will probably not be me to work at this store fixed at one point for the rest of my life.
    • What I know of Per-Henrik, he was not the strongest communicator in terms of being outgoing and having the ability to win people for your thoughts, which I believe is an important skill to have to be a top manager/mentor, and he is really seeking the job, which is mine to be the chairman of the board, which you know is above my mother as the leader of the world, and is this dream to say that I did a high play telling people straight out of their wrong doings, which made it “difficult” for India (and others) not being accustomed to people telling the truth straight out, to understand that I only spoke with love when “raising” people (?), and yes as it was difficult for my family/friends etc. to understand me, the same it was for the world – and when India offers me “sexual indulgence”, it may be because of the darkness they sent me when not believing in me, but at the end they saw that I love “dogs”, which is people and even though they are/were infected by darkness.
  • I am cycling through a place, where it is easy to be killed because of a dangerous road, after my meeting with the Indians, Kim S. asks of my advice (detailed questions about salaries) 10 minutes before he will do a presentation for Pension Industry managers, and during the meeting, where Kim gives an extremely bold presentation going into details, which no one else would do, the CEO of PFA Pension André Lublin tells him that water vapour reduces the contribution to pension funds, which can be increased by one percentage point by removing this vapour, and after the meeting Kim returns smoking a HUGE cigar as if in celebration of the result, and I am smoking a very bad smelling pipe, and when we enter the car, Lars G., who is also with us, cannot stand this smell, and he finds my pipe tobacco, which he throws out, but he cannot find the pipe cleaners. Later I see a lady working on an aeroplane, and she says that normally they just dump the water, and I see a bus driving towards the aeroplane, and it includes Jack.
    • I am still going through this game as my “old self” on surface without being “killed” even though it is only on small margins I can do this, and “salaries” is about “personal income”, i.e. energy, and he presents the world of pension managers for a solution how to avoid spilling water for nothing, which is about our new system, where it takes energy to remove sufferings of darkness before it will hit me/us, and instead of just letting this energy go to waste, it seems as if my spiritual friends are setting up a new system reusing this energy to create a 100% contribution, which is to get out “every little thing” from the Source and I was told “only because you have asked us to make everything the most perfect of anything you have ever done”, and yes the big cigar of the spirit of my father, here symbolising both my father and John, and my pipe as the Son is about the “big sufferings” we go through to make this happen.
  • I woke up to the beautiful song “Shandi” by Kiss from their unmasked album (the only one I know and like by this band) and I heard “because we are lovers” and also the lyrics “here’s another mess I got myself in”, which is the mess of darkness still trying to tempt me as if it was made for lovin’ me, and it actually gave me the strongest feeling in relation to the old comedians Laurel & Hardy – with Hardy always telling Laurel here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into and we have had many of those by darkness and temptations of the Devil you know – whom I also LOVED as a child and still do when I now see them again, and yes I was told that Stan Laurel always scratching his head bottom, when he felt the most in trouble is symbolising my head scratching and the most when my LTO friends are in trouble and I also received the words “believe it or not”, and I was told that “we will soon be unmasked”, when WE will stand forward showing ourselves to the world – and here I speak on behalf of my spiritual friends about to become ONE with me/us showing ourselves fully – and this is what Laurel & Hardy is about, to be happy as for example when Hardy plays with his tie, and yes we know what we are doing and we are confident :-).

As the original creator, I am “nobody’s child” as the only one of the world – and I am also the Son of my father and mother

I was shown myself entering a living room where everything is white but the TV was black as the only thing, which is about the transmission of darkness self, which we are setting up a system so “every little thing” looks like “perfect light”, even though it is in nature original darkness, and I was told by the spirit of my mother behind the game “you cannot imagine how happy this makes me”.

I was also given “nobody’s child” by Traveling Wilburys – love that one too – and yes because my original self as the original creator is really “nobody’ child” and still at the same time, I am the child of my father and mother.

I have continued receiving visions of Nefer, my old colleague from Aon, and at the moment about her saying to others “it was wrong what I said about Stig”.

This morning I continued receiving strong “kill, kill” commands because of darkness sent to me, but also with the added message “this will soon stop”.

I worked with the script until lunch and even though I am truly tired, I decided to clean up the apartment after lunch because it really needed it, but I made this a priority 2, when I had to use all my attention on my writings to be able to do these at all recent days, so now this is done too, and I am updated on the work on my script at 13.00, and yes I have stomach pain and also pain to my spinal column, which indicates that Lisbeth from the Commune is thinking of me and yes “am I doing the right thing” (?) and NO, you are not, Lisbeth, but you are pushing more darkness to me, so thank you for the pain you bring me – and I understood that she is reading my minutes of our last meeting as I sent her, which is hurting her and especially the part where I ask if you have become “raving mad” not understanding what you see and hear about me – and by now I may decide to do some updates to my memo “my sufferings”, which will require crossing severe pain limits or I may decide for a break doing this tomorrow instead, we will see, and I have sent pictures from Google Earth to Jette, so we will see if she will continue to be disciplined bringing these pictures with her comments later, and if she does, this will bring me more work to comment these and bring some of them here, and so it is.

I was told that it is and was a condition to have my mother oppose me right until the end to create energy between our opposites, and I was also told that “of course Stig was not Hitler” (!), and ever since she has been dreaming of Hitler, but when you cannot write down dreams and speak about them, mother, it makes it “impossible” to understand, and I was also told that my mother was born to be alive transmitting darkness from others to me, and “others” is mainly Sanna, you see – and I remember how “born to be alive” was the biggest summer hit at one of the summers at the end of the 1970’s when I was on my beloved summer camp in Jægerspris, which truly is one of the best things my mother ever did for me, to send me there :-).

For some time I have also been told that John appreciates speaking “normally” to me as a “best friend”, and this is also the feeling I get.

I was shown a dark whisk being cleaned, and I was shown a normal whisk made of steel next to it and told that we are all light, and this was to say that we are only “imagining” to be darkness, which is how we set this up.

I was shown a very strong sexual symbol and a dark trumpet playing and told that darkness is now/still pressuring with FULL STRENGTH.

I was told that when Boris Jeltsin as a single man stopped the revolution of Russia, it gave “tears of joy” to my spiritual friends, and that his act symbolises what I have now done, to make the whole world follow me.

My TV is now working perfectly again except from a few strong distortion signals given to it because of darkness coming at me, which is also still giving me what feels like the last heart shocks I will receive.

Our physical and spiritual worlds become ONE in our New World with eternal physical life and endless consciousness and love

I used the afternoon and evening to relax and to fight staying awake, which was still not easy, but a torment to go through, and in the evening, I was told just like that that “there will be no spiritual world when we will open” our New World and eeeehhhh did I hear you right and was this a message from light or darkness (?) and then I was told in fluent “Jutlandish” (people living in Jutland, Denmark) influenced by Helena recently on her Facebook profile, which I don’t have the skill to write “Og så det ikke engang løwn” (“and then it is not even a lie”), and I am given the taste of fish here, and let us say “Vesterhavs-fisk” (“fish from the western sea”), which is as west as you can get in Jutland, Denmark.

And I remembered back to the concert with Cæcilie Norby together with my mother last year and I may remember wrong but wasn’t it there that I decided that there will be no separation into a physical and spiritual world in our New World (?), and yes afterwards I believed this could take thousands or millions or years to reach, but you did well when you could do this in only approx. one year my spiritual friends :-), and what will this mean (?), and yes everyone will in physical life achieve endless greater conscious than today – “ask and you shall get access to our today expanded library” – including endless deeper feelings than today and I was shown my spiritual friends bringing flowers meaning endless greater love than today, and when writing this I can only conclude from simple logic that you will not physically die in our New World because there is no other place than here were your eternal soul can travel, so you better get use to the idea that everyone will live forever physically and not die as we did in the Old World, which was really to give in to the power of darkness making it “impossible” for us to stay alive for longer than what you saw – and I am thinking that people will be able to “change appearance” in our New World, but I don’t know more about this, so this will have to come to everyone as a pleasant surprise, and yes you can THINK about much in our New World, and as you know the distance from thought to action is only short :-).

Arriving at “the middle, where everything is united”, which is “everything, which was and everything, which ever could be

I was shown myself arriving at “the middle, where everything is united”, and I was told “I am heartfelt welcome”, and first this meant to welcome the spirit of my father, whom I felt as “slow” in terms of his mind because he is coming from darkness, and later I was told that this is really mutual because I am also “heartfelt welcome” into an eternity of “darkness becoming light” because I told the right answer weeks – or months (?) – ago that I am the Trinity, which was another riddle, I passed.

In another vision, I was also shown myself arriving at the middle of everything, which is a tree with a round bench attached to the trunk of it, and I see the spirit of my father sitting there as an old man without energy, and yes the secret is that we will first start our New World including its endless energy when we have finalised creation getting everything with us.

Again I received a “strong” heart attack however not as strong a the previous, which again is related to my father sending me these strong feelings/darkness, and I have felt my father’s mother much lately, so darkness this is about.

I was told that I decided for my family not to die, which was the reason why famous musicians from Beastie Boys and the Blues Brothers recently died to bring energy.

I was told that “the worst of all will come now”, and I understood this as being a reference to my fright, still (!), to become my new self – or wake up as my new self, but I know that it will become a blessed feeling of liberation without pain, only the opposite.

I was told “this is how we found each other at the end”, which is “everything, which was and everything, which ever could be” and that is because “I am heartfelt welcome”, see?

The Trinity (creators) of our New World is my mother, father and I, and of our New World’s it is Karen, I and our Son

I felt my inner self and saw a dark spirit of Karen returning from darkness after having created life everywhere of our New Worlds – and this is you know what is on top of the New World created by the spirits of my mother and father – and I was asked “who is the Trinity of the New Worlds” (?) and reaching the answer that it is “I, Karen and our new Son”, which is our creation and I understood that our Son is “meant to be”, and now “he” is born as our New Worlds – and you do remember that I kept on thinking intimately solely about Karen throughout my journey (?) – and “he” will also be born physically when Karen and I will “get together” as ONE LOVE and give birth to our Son in our New World.

I understood now what of course is simple logic, which is that the Trinity of our New World is the spirits of my mother and father with me as their son, i.e. creation, and that in all infinite New Worlds on top of this, the Trinity is Karen and I with our Son as our creation, and for all New Worlds created inside the New World of my mother and father and New Worlds created inside of Karen and I, the Trinity of each New World will become the creators of this world with their offspring being the creation, and you do remember that we have created our New World with all individuals being creators in their own right (?), and yes we will have many grand children but we will NEVER become old – and yes BOWIE IS PURE ART (please focus on the song/expression/feeling and not the lyrics) :-).

I understood that all of our New Worlds – all of them – are linked to me being the anchor of everything, and yes ONE LOVE, ONE LIFE, which this is about.

And I felt with pain how the spirit of Karen returned to my left foot, “all set and done”, and I also received pain to my right foot because of the Universe sacrificing bringing energy for this, and I was told that darkness with the “kill kill” voice could have taken Karen, when I was focusing on saving John and my father, but I thought, no, I don’t believe so because Karen is protected by my rules too as a very “special friend” of mine, and I was told that the King could not return without Karen being the most exposed of everyone, and I was first given this information about the “diverse trinity’s” when Karen is returning after having finished and survived her creation of all New World’s, and yes to be more precise, I am the creator bringing the energy, but she is the “designer” and the new leader of these worlds – just like the New World was created by my father as the creator and my mother as the “designer” and the leader of it – and I was shown how everything now meets at the dot made by a pen, which is where I am uniting everything as “ONE – but we’re not the same” (i.e. “variation”) as Bono sings below :-).

After this information I was given one of Bob Marley’s most beautiful songs, “ONE LOVE”, which this is about – “let’s get together and feel alright” because “when the man comes, there will be no doom” ♥♥♥ – and I do LOVE Bob’s music very much, and I was also here given “ONE” by U2 meaning the same and that is “One love, One life”, and yes Bono & Co. you can still give me gooseflesh when listening to this song and watching you in this fantastic performance in Glastonbury many years after you created the song :-).

John: “The going is tough for us but we cannot give up, we must hang on even when things are tough

I was HAPPY that John got back to me – better later than never – writing this positive email despite of life being tough, but you are right, John, still we must hang on never giving up.

Thank you very much for sharing news about how you are doing, and I wish you the best of luck with your endeavours and all my best to your family, whom I love to meet the day when this will become possible. Take care, my friend :-). – And when I was writing this, I received one of those sudden high frequent and painful pains to my right angle, and was told that John also contributed doing this because of his behaviour not communicating with me (straight out), and I am also still having burning feelings to my “inhalation system”.

Here is his email:

Hi Stig,

How is Denmark and Europe in general. Am fine with my wife and children but school fees is a challenge because i didnt raise enough money in the last three months. Generally the going is tough for us but we cannot give up, we must hang on even when things are tough.

Am currently in Nairobi since no part time job has come up but am expecting something to happen before long. Am also planning to  venture into business  in the near future depending on availability of funds. Am not very sure of the kind of business to start but with money it will not be difficult for me to identify one.

Otherwise that is how we are at the moment my friend.


  • After my posting yesterday of my previous script on Facebook, one of my new Facebook friends decided to leave me, which was maybe that surprising, but what was more surprising to me was that my old class friend Lene also now had had enough deciding to leave me after having been exposed to almost 400 of my postings of scripts and “everything else” on top of this, and maybe the last strong and clear messages about whom I am finally made your cup pour over, Lene (?), and yes SAD because of this “inability” of her to read and understand and instead to waste her time playing games on the Internet.
  • Ritt Bjerregaard, the previous “almost everything” within politics, but you never became Prime Minister, Ritt (?), enjoys this “fantastic time” using almost all her power in her apple plantation, which is completely white and light red of all different apple flowers, and yes “I wonder if there will not come many apples this year” as she said, and I decided to use this inspired message as a symbol of our fantastic new “apple plantation” of a New World saying that my creation is as beautiful as her apples, and that she can look forward to tasting it.

  • I did not know whether or not to bring this story, but when I today slowly was told “Kath – man – du”, the capital of Nepal, in Danish meaning “cat – one – you” with “cat” being “light of people”, and later saw on the TV news that the two Danes, Andreas and Emilie, who MIRACULOUSLY, survived a plane crashing in Nepal yesterday killing 15 of 21 passengers, have now been transferred to Kathmandu, I understood that this was a miracle telling that I survived the crash or let us say explosion inside the last room of darkness making our “ultimate creation” a reality (if I did not, I do understand that we would not have made all this time around, but had to do a new creation later), and this is the same as saying that Barcelona did not win, but Messi did not care, he continued scoring to create another “miracle”, because this is what it is, that I survived incredible amounts of darkness being sent to me starting Easter Monday where my mother’s husband John absorbed much of it almost dying, and the rest from here is history :-).

The story of the two Danes miraculously surviving a plane crash in Nepal went around the world – it another symbol of the explosion of “the last room of darkness” – the Source (!) – at Easter 2012 almost bringing down the world, but not me!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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