May 17, 2012: EVERYONE has to show a clean heart and read my scripts before the New World will be opened to you


Summary of the script today

16th May: EVERYONE has to show a clean heart also carefully reading my scripts before the New World will be opened to you

  • Dreaming of darkness, which does not exist, attacking me (!), I am living in what appears to be the Old World even though it is the New World and sacrifices of people of other civilizations given with much LOVE.
  • EVERYONE including my “special friends” (“servants”) have to show a clean heart including careful reading of my more than 5,000 pages before the New World will be opened to you, which will NOT become boring :-).
  • Short stories of Helena “receiving” my dream of the Eurovision Song Contest making her want to see it (!) and confirming that she is another part of my mother as part of the Trinity giving birth to “original people” of our New World (!), I survived family/friends etc. who were more interested in their own “not serious” sufferings compared to mine, I “forced” creation of the New World upon the world, who “ordered” me to destruct the world, a new book about work and management called “unboss”, I was HAPPY that David decided to follow my wish to transfer money to Meshack without conditions, I became friends with the most indomitable Christian debater, Moses Hansen, who might believe I was send by God as an answer to his prayers of survival (?), darkness coming from the Theosophical Fellowship not believing in me (?), an inspired and funny story “Jesus is too gay”, Jette now also receives “spiritual darkness” when posting new pictures, Rikke has faith in me, when I see Lisbeth and other “rich” Facebook friends symbolising the rich world continuing to spend money on themselves “forgetting” about the poor world, it makes me feel disgusting, Helena met the most powerful man in the world – a tanker with big driver’s license symbolising me being the most powerful man in the world “driving” all New World’s and more.

17th May: Pictures of Google Earth show the incredible strong light of the Source and my scripts containing “a long story” 🙂

  • Dreaming of darkness messing up my room because I sleep and I can almost not score any more for light, but still ”the fish” of my inner self is with me, and we are setting up Karen’s frame of the Universe´, which will match darkness of deep levels of me to come for an eternity.
  • The day started as a calm day where I “just” had to finish my script of today and yesterday, and to overcome MUCH tiredness and exhaustion to update my website with new information of the Trinity etc., but during the day darkness kept on pouring in bringing MUCH new work to me by Jette bringing MANY new, important pictures and messages of light, and sadly Elijah complaining and not understanding his own misunderstandings.
  • The spirit of my mother was “all the way out there” to help collecting me, and I see how my old lifeline to darkness is now being pulled away opening for an endless Source of PURE LIGHT.
  • Tiredness, teasing (harassment) of young people and spiritual darkness has made it a “challenge” to Jette to bring important pictures of Earth to help me finalise our “perfect creation”, and I sent her protection of “Blue eyes” helping to motivate her continuing work.
  • Afterwards, Jette brought MANY good pictures with some of them including symbols, which only she understands, and I encouraged her not only to tell about the symbols but also what they mean to her. One picture clearly showed the incredible bright light of the Source, and others again showed my scripts as clear “pictures” on the sky also including the messages that my scripts are being deciphered by others (the official world) and ”it is a long story” – more than 5,000 pages (!) to be precise, which you will have to read as part of showing a clean heart in order to open our New World to you.
  • I received a very complaining email from a MISUNDERSTANDING Elijah bringing forward his old complaints about how he had to stop his business in 2009 because of me, and now he has run out of patience because “nothing has come up yet” with what I do. These misunderstandings in me and impatience has now taken over again making him believe that I am using him/the team to “satisfy my needs” (!) and he simply “cannot” understand that I send money to help them out because I care for and love them very much, and he still believes that I send money to bribe him (!) – yes, this is what he wrote (!!!) – not “understanding” that it was his own recent threats to start legal actions against me to remove his name from my writings if I did not continue to send money, which made me ask him if he is bribing me, and this is what he somehow twisted around meaning the opposite to him than the true meaning of it even though it should be simply impossible for him to misunderstand my clean heart, my love for and wish to help the team with families (!!!) – and because of this, he has now renounced to receive my money because he does not want to receive my “bribe” – incredible what “misunderstandings” can do (!) – , but I will NOT follow his “wish” but will continue send money to the entire team to be share between David, Meshack, John and Elijah (and if Elijah will not receive my money, it is up to you to decide who to receive it) and also because of this that “I don’t want to be drawn or my name to appear on your scripts”, and behind this cover of a “simple minded man” not being able to understand and to control his temper  is “my best friend” having a TRUE heart and much warmth/compassion, which is what I love him for and continue to encourage him to show and that goes also in relation to me, Elijah, because the only one shooting with sharps is you shooting at me because of your own misunderstandings. When you READ my scripts, you will understand that “normal life” together with a whole New World of immense joy is coming your way helping out all of your village, all Kenyans and the entire world – so will you please find and show me your patience and faith, which you almost lost on the way because of your own limitations.
  • Short stories of “One love, One life” coming in great variation, the MP Joachim B. Olsen being a “prügelknabe”, the Economy Minister “killing” me when she is realising her Old World Order instead of supporting me and our New World Order, Helena believed I was a TRUE man being confident and not playing up to her, Kasper if one of my Facebook friends sending darkness to me potentially “flogging” the spirit of my mother, I was very sad hearing about the death of Donna Summer today and also to learn that Helena did not care at all, which is the attitude she also showed me and the darkness, which killed Donna (!) and despite of strong darkness, underneath this is a TRUE feeling of joy because we have the key, and I FEEL LOVE, which will lead to an eternal SUMMER of light for everyone.


16th May: EVERYONE has to show a clean heart and careful read my scripts before the New World will be opened to you

Dreaming of living in what appears to be the Old World with “darkness” attacking me even though it is the New World

I slept from approx. 22.30 to 08.00 this morning with a few dreams only.

  • I am at a camp school in Africa, and I am somewhat afraid of the black people outside the camp if they may enter and beat me up. I am laying a floor and am attacked by a dog, and even though the attack feels very real, I understand that it is only imagination because the dog is not even there.
    • The fear of being attacked by Africans may be about potential negative reactions of the LTO team to me, and the floor is still about the floor of our New World, I am laying, and the dark dog is not even there, because our New World is only about love and light, but still it attacks me and it feels like darkness, and to me this means that our physical world will continue doing WRONG actions of darkness even though there is no more darkness (!), which is to say that you have to read, understand and follow my website and scripts before the TRUE character of our New World will open to you, and when you will experience this, you will NEVER again return to what you did at our Old World.
  • I see Dan Rachlin at a café in Gentofe speaking about the Eurovision Song Contest even though it is 11 years since he saw it the last time, something about a machine and physical exercises. Later I am outside following a UFO on its way flying to the cemetery, and I see my old colleague/friend Preben (from DFM and Aon) passing me on cycle without saying hello, and I follow three people on bicycle cycling to a new café at Frederiksberg hidden inside a backyard up on 1st floor, and even though it has old furniture, I can tell that it is popular and the coffee is outstanding, and I open my brand new laptop, which includes a new commercial CD from the radio station The Voice, and I am playing Electric Light Orchestra on the laptop too, and then I see Dan Raclin entering saying hi to everyone, he is very popular with all people knowing him, and he come over to see what I do, and I shown him my new computer, The Voice CD and he wants to watch Electric Light Orchestra, but he cannot remember the name of any of their songs, and I ask him if he does not become tired of always doing the same work (music in radio and TV and as a DJ).
    • Café´s and coffee is about “love”, which “music” is too, and Dan speaks of love even though he has not listened to music for a long time or remembers the songs of Electric Light Orchestra, which is saying that this man is NOT what he says he is (!), these days I have been thinking about my old colleagues/friends Kim S. and Preben, who also decided to abandon me in practise not “feeling like” continuing to play bowling with me making me very sad, and I was thinking that when Kim S “could not” understand me and my scripts, it made me the most sad of all because he is “clever” enough to do so, but of course he is far too lazy and selfish to do what it takes and yes when it does not bring him money (!), and back to the dream, I am inside an old café looking like the Old World, but as the laptop says, it is indeed the New World, and Dan must be very happy to have such a “fortunate” life with everyone loving you, Dan (?), but it is surely not everyone, you “love”, is it? The UFO on its way to the cemetery to me means “sacrifices of the Universe”, and yes I do NOT like it but I know that it is part of “the game” too and on long term, this will not matter – it is only now that it hurts, and here is my favourite song of all songs of the Eurovision Song Contest, and yes EVER (!), and one of the best Swedish songs ever (!!!), and yes this it to say that we all do these sacrifices with the greatest LOVE :-).

EVERYONE has to show a clean heart including careful reading of my scripts before the New World will be opened to you

I started working at 09.30 and continued until 13.35 before I had written the last parts of and published the script of yesterday, and this morning I was again given the song “nobody’s child” by Traveling Wilburys, which is still what I am – I have no parents (a part of me at least), but am the parent of all life.

When I was working on the final chapters of my script yesterday, I thought that it is quite an “entertaining” (to use the word of young people harassing me) situation that I know and imagine life at our New World, which we are creating for everyone, while my family/friends etc. still fight with their negative feelings not understanding what all of this is about (but focusing on themselves) and other people around me believing that I am crazy not at all understanding what is coming their way – and yes this is the play, I had to decide playing this play myself doing my best not to (follow incredible strong feelings to) become negatively affected by other people acting wrongly and the darkness, which these people sent me – and yes not to speak about the world continuing their “Old World Order” design while this New World is created for them, which they “simply” cannot stop doing, and yes does any of you have the imagination to pretend what is coming your way?

During the afternoon I was feeling physically tired not feeling like cycling at all later and not at all to stay up for most of the night again – if I can and decide to do this again, which I am NOT sure that I can or will do any longer, we will see – and I was also tired of writing and yes it is still a full time work and I am in control of my scripts, and it takes an extra exertion to update my website and “my sufferings”, which I decided not to do yesterday, but let us see if I cannot at least get started on this later today.

At some point speech rolled in over me including information that volcanoes and other natural disasters are subjects to darkness, and also a “secret congressional hearing about faith in me”, which I understand you have had, and yes I am not going to take Obama away from you, as I am told here, and apparently you are quite popular in the U.S. Congress too, “my friend” :-).

I was told that we were willing to break into Bank of America if you did not stand here, and I was shown myself standing on the path outside an American building being this bank, and I understood that it was about Obama, who would take over from me from where I left behind if I “lost it”, but when I was strong enough to go through it all, this was not needed – and I was shown a book being read, which is also what you are doing in relation to my works, Obama (?), and I was told “what about your special friends, will they wake up too with you” (?) and I do believe I have written this somewhere, and unless light “above me” with my power of attorney finds this “necessary” to do, the rule is simple: EVERYONE HAS TO SHOW A CLEAN HEART (see how on the front page of my website) before you can follow me and experience our New World and that also goes with both Obama, and my mother, father, Karen and everyone else, so you better get started improving your behaviour and work and also to read my more than 5,000 pages and yes you could have decided to read them a long time ago, and when/if you did not, now is the time, my friends, and when you are done with this, you will “score a goal” and open up the eyes of your new self, which will NOT become boring and that includes the reading of my scripts on contrary to what most people believe today :-).

For a long time I have been given thoughts/visions about Lama Yönten and the feeling about coming there as the new Buddha, which was “not easy” for you to figure out?

I received a strong pain to my left foot, and a vision of inflammation running out – I was feeling the inflammation of my mother’s finger, which still bothered her the other day – and I was told that this is also what could have happened in connection with the explosion of the Source at Easter 2012 and that is in order to bring energy for the rest to survive, and yes for content of life to bring the ultimate sacrifice, which would have been termination to save everything else, but NO, I will NOT accept it. And I was given this pain when seeing my mother reading my script of yesterday, and yes focusing on herself and her “hurt feelings” or on the incredible happiness coming to our New World (?), and yes you better think twice!

I continued working until 17.05 on my script today before I had finished it so far including the short stories, and from here I took a short break before cycling, which I was starting to become motivated doing – but still it is not “optimal” conditions to exercise every other day and to not sleep much every other night having much work to do – “stress” just under the surface is NOT good for exercise making you perform poorer, and we will see how this will continue, and when writing this I was told by a female voice that she is the most happy about the fact that I did not become tempted by darkness to watch porn on the Internet, which may have been the most difficult test of all, and yes “one of them”, let us say that.

I did the cycling, which was both “good” and “difficult” doing today because of tiredness/”stress” and I did 16.5 kilometres today in times between 2:29 and 3:42 per kilometre, and after maybe 2/3 I was told “we will now not go bankrupt”, which is to stop the game because of lack of energy, so we are still carrying on, and yes Michael will learn to play rock, i.e. show true love, too – and darkness is still strong enough to almost speak physically out of my mouth, and just the feeling of this pressuring to get out is making me feel “completely wrong” and yes a torment is what it is, but of course NOTHING compared to my sufferings of this around the clock in 2006-07.

During the cycling I was also given many “feedbacks” of people to what I have written, but that is to my script of today, which was not yet published (!), and later I was told that this is how closely I am monitored and that there are STILL people/systems monitoring me against my wish!!!

I was told that “we are now cutting out the heart” and I was shown a dark cover in front of a heart consisting of light only being cut out and removed, and this is what the energy I provide now is used for.

I was told that we are now retrieving the absolutely last of “everything”, which here is the absolutely last and also least part of the spirit of Karen, and I was also given the words “who would have thought that”.

I was also asked if I repent my actions as one of those typical selfish and rich people of the Western Culture only thinking of myself and that is before I started changing especially when leaving for Kenya in 2009, and YES, I DO – and thank you for helping me to think of this, which I had not included, as I remember, in my repent in 2009, and I do wish that others will be inspired from this doing the same.

After a later dinner, I started working at 21.00 on first my memo “my sufferings”, where I included the story about Rico “the Zombie” symbolising me more dead than alive and also the latest “verdict” of the Commune/doctor believing that I am crazy, but “you just cannot see it” (!!!), and while I was doing this work, I was both receiving more darkness (speech and visions annoying me) and told “I told you that he would make it”, which is about whether or not I would be able to continue lasting while doing “impossible” work, which also includes to prioritize these days, and yes I “forgot” about the videos with Benny Hinn when I did MUCH work for days, but I also started seeing a video from his tour to Ukraine in 2011 and felt how this gave more energy, and we know not easy to come through this journey all the way to “the final dot” without giving up or going “bankrupt” on the way, and let us hope he/I will continue.

Later I felt Nefer again and also that she is entering me or returning to me, and I was told that she is another part of Karen (!), so there you see (soon that is).

I finished working on the memo, editing my website to include the same information of “my sufferings” there and also uploading it at 00.30 to Scribd and my library – and from here I decided to take a break after haven been “on” since this morning, and yes I could decide to continue working with additions and amendments to the front page of my website, which may take 2-3 hours to do and that is even though I am starting to feel tired, and really because there has got to be some meaning with the madness, you know – this is it for today!

During the evening I received many “too complicated” visions and speech to what I am able to explain, which as examples was a level deeper on “creation” and also that people receiving healing from Benny Hinn as example in reality ALSO shows selfishness when receiving the limited but “fantastic” light, and yes this was another way to soak out my energy at the same time as helping people, which we always like to do – but we could not help all, and these people decided to prioritize themselves in front of “everyone else” – and it was also a way to empty our energy to become “nothing” in order to reconnect with the Source in 2010 and from there build our New World, which you know is history now – and just saying that I am receiving information, which I am not able to bring here, because I cannot explain it.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Isn’t it FUNNY that Helena “has a strange desire to watch the Eurovision Song Contest” after my dream this morning (?), and yes, you might understand that we have a very close relation, which she does not “know” about yet, and she also says “hope that it appears pretty clearly that I am one of them with keys”, and yes it appears very clearly because as another part of my mother, you are part of the Trinity too, Helena, isn’t this funny (?), and as part of the Trinity you are truly one of them with keys for everything, and the “dark” Søren said “let the THOUGHT pass, otherwise I will take the key from you”, and here he shows that the key, Helena, is that our THOUGHT is now what is the key of everything as I have written about before (we have NO strings/limitations of our New World), and Martin wondered if “walking with keys” is her new Indian name – not very often people “feel like” bringing a comment like this (!) – and “Indian” is to tell you that we are now ORIGINAL PEOPLE again, which is what the world will “discover” when the New World will open to them after showing a clean heart, and Helena replied that at her last Indian test her name was “Helena horse belly”, which to me is about “horse” being everything and “belly” is about being pregnant, which you know is to say that Helena as another part of my mother is the mother of all life of our New World, and can I say it more clearly than this (?), and yes when people will read, they will understand, but still not many having the patience to do today (?) – and Martin also showed his dark side when saying that his Indian name is “dancing with circular saw”, or should we say his “unclean” side from here knowing that there is now no more darkness in the world but only people “not being clean” yet when they have not showed a clean heart, and yes this is what we will do.

  • Dan said that here that he is a SURVIVOR and the link goes to a video clip with a young man having survived “some sufferings” at a TV show called “Survivor”, which however is “NOTHING compared to you” as I was about to write, Sinead, but let us say nothing compared to the old man of the clip symbolising me having survived incredible sufferings at a NAZI concentration camp, which the young man “simply” cannot understand and he keeps on speaking about his sufferings without understanding, which you know is not very different to what my family/friends etc. did in relation to me never truly understanding the degree of my sufferings, and now when we speak of it, this is also what the famous clip of the “he-men” of Monthy Python from the Hollywood Bowl is all about everyone “bragging” about their sufferings in order to receive compassion from others, which you know is what I gave my family/friends etc., but none of you were “able” to give me compassion for what I went through (?), and yes this WAS the story, my friends.

  • Helena was inspired once again when she said that she was told that “I looked like a force-feed goose with a giant liver” and she then asks “a piece with foie gras” (?), and this is about the goose as a symbol of creation, which poultry means to me, being force-feed, which is to say that I decided on your behalf to save the world having most of you against me not understanding me, believing I was crazy, acting wrongly etc., which would have terminated us all if I was to give in to the desire of the world (!), and it is also to say what I have been thinking for years now, which is that foie gras is NOT a good idea to produce/consume in our New World because I do NOT approve of force-feeding ducks and gooses and I had to accept that myself because I LOVE foie gras too, but there is NOTHING you can do about it because it is WRONG to produce “food” like this, but you will probably find other good food to enjoy in our new world, and yes this may give some of you FOOD FOR THOUGHT and yes “imagination” can do much in our new world for example creating a taste just like foie gras if this is what people would like, do you see?

  • I know that the CEO Lars Kolind is a “special friend” of mine, and here he invites his Facebook friends to a release party on the new book “Unboss” – I like the sound of it 🙂 – of his and Jacob Bøtter written in co-operation with “100 visionary personalities from the whole world” and it is about “work and management, you have not seen the likes of before” and “it questions everything you took for granted. Did you think that the purpose of a company is to make money? No, they are first and foremost to be of value. They will become movements, which will change the world” and this is all I know, but my guess is that this book contains valuable information about the attitude to work.

  • I was HAPPY to receive confirmation from David that he decided to follow my wish to transfer money to Meshack as you can see below, and please know that you always need to communicate – listen to and understand each other – but also NOT to block the freedom of others, which is that people have the right to decide over what belongs to them, so please do NOT block the freedom of people deciding on their behalf (!), but you can always give your advise, and this is what this story was about. Thank you for deciding to follow the decision I took on how to spend my money, which is to share with the team without conditions, and now it is up to Meshack to make his family and the team happy again to communicate and to tell about his whereabouts and plans – and for all of the team not to bear grudges about what was said, and that is to excuse when you have done wrong, understand and forgive rather than being stiff and inflexible.

  • Yesterday, I “fell over” by far the most incredible, indomitable, positive and also radical Christian debater in Denmark, Moses Hansen, whom I decided to send a Facebook invitation, which he was nice to accept by simply telling me the words of the world in relation to me, which is “You ARE accepted, Stig”.

  • And today I understood that he went through a surgery this morning receiving a pacemaker to his heart, and I do wonder if the source of his “heart problems” are the same as I (?) – darkness wanting to kill him/us – and I decided to tell him that “a whole new life is on the way to you, Moses – in a whole new perspective”, and yes Moses, I do wonder if you will be “able” (almost “æble” in Danish, which is “apple” you know) to “understand” me when you are in love with the Bible, which may remove your “ability” to understand me – but later I was told how do you believe this man of faith reacts in a critical time of his life that “Jesus” is now coming to him, and yes do you see, Moses?

  • Despite of his situation not yet feeling better after the surgery, he continues to write and talk about his agenda over the coming days believing that he will be able to make it, and that is because as he says here “I will never ever give up”, which made me smile and tell him “exactly my words, Moses, never give up, way to go!”.

  • Inger Marie from Theosophical Fellowship was nice at my birthday to invite me to return to their meetings, but still it is “not easy” for you to understand me, Inger (?), which is what this picture shows, which you decided to share with the world and me for me to understand that it is because a fox means “darkness” symbolising you and your lack of understanding, and here the picture could say that darkness pollinates the “flower of creation/love” to help creation to expand to “everywhere”, and yes this is what happened – and I wonder how you truly feel about my Facebook postings because they should not be that difficult to understand (?), and also what Jan and Martin from Theosophical Fellowship have decided to tell you and the others about me?

  • Mikael Wulff’s site felt inspired to write this “crazy” story that “Jesus is too gay”, and yes they were inspired from my story of Obama being gay, and this is really to confirm that Obama is another part of me.

  • Jette brought a few pictures today, but she has a growing backlog of pictures I sent her, which she has not yet commented, and I do believe she should have more time tomorrow so we will see, but here she speaks about more scrimps and she speaks about darkness and playing ping-pong, or table-tennis, which is what I normally do with darkness, a game, you know and she also had spiritual darkness when the text disappeared and returned and the picture jumped over the one she just had uploaded, and yes Jette, this is how it is also here. And I can add that the interest from young people has now decreased very much with NO comments to Jette’s page, people registered with her site decreasing from 31 to 27 and with total visits to my website decreasing to 93 today, and I might add that the last days I received a new feeling of darkness, which was that with the “many” visits I have had the last days “don’t read my personal scripts” (!), and yes this is darkness.

  • Rikke is VERY tired with her sofa and red wine hitting her, with the wine here meaning “I believe in you, Stig, you have hit me”.

  • Lisbeth truly likes to live the “sweet life” spending money on holidays, shopping, restaurants/café’s and golf as examples and today was a “good work day” for her with “new glasses, new golf irons, putter and a driver” and this ignorance of her in relation to me and my LTO friends just thinking of herself as what all other Facebook friends do too – and almost 100% of the rich world – is like holding up a red cloth to the bull with me being the bull, but I CAN NOT give in to my inner feelings of just how wrongly this is, and how it makes everything inside of me turn around and my blood boiling, and that is because I simply feel hurt, sad and betrayed by all of my “loved” family/friends etc., who “could not” help us as a symbol of the rich world not “being able” to TRULY help the suffering, poor world.

  • Helena’s humour is nothing less than outstanding and that is at least in my taste, and here is another example where she writes that she “has just met the most powerful man in the world. Beat it!!” and Jesper thought that she was with Søren Pind in Washington DC, but no, she was not, because she “has just met man with big driver’s license and traffic con” and the reason why she reacted was because “he screamed me rusty into my head that it was HIS work area”, and this man with the big driver’s license is a symbol of me having the license to drive the big truck called the “New World”, and Thomas asked if it was Obama’s gastroenterologist (“the branch of medicine whereby the digestive system and its disorders are studied”), and this is a reference to the “digestive disorders”, which Helena and her friends have given me too because of their lack of faith in me meaning “darkness leading to destructions of the world”, but no, she laughed and said no because she said “POWERFUL man. As in man with license to drive carriages, orange clothes with cons. Cons …”, and driving carriages to me will have to be New World’s attached to the original New World, orange is the spirit of my father and cons can only be a reference to doing a strike in Bowling here giving me the driver’s license to drive all worlds connected to me, and Peder said that now when John Wayne is dead, it has got to be “the Rock”, and John Wayne is the most well known cowboy of all times – as an actor at least – and as you will remember, a cowboy is the Devil, who is now dead (!), and her friends wanted to continue guess who this powerful man could be, but she ended by saying that she was “at the petrol tank in her own car where a tanker also should tank, and spread, Much … And long…”, and this tanker – full of energy of the Source – which your friends could not guess who was, Helena, was simply me, and yes this is also how it is to be inspired and how a story can “spread”, and it was also in connection with a thought I had some time ago when I heard about “the most powerful man in the world”, which Forbes Magazine work out and as you can see from the list below, Obama is the most powerful man in the world, but did you not forget about one (?) because without me, Obama would not be able to do his work and vice versa, and this is consequently also the story about the thought I had that I should have been on that list and that is if the world had not decided to be silent of me.

  • These days I am thinking if Fuggi completely gave up reading my scripts, because I have not seen him for a long time, and yes it should be pretty easy to point him out even if he has changed to a new IP-address, because I have very few continuous readers coming back to all of my scripts, and I wonder what happened, Fuggi (?), did you lose patience or faith in the end (?), and how does it influence you when you now can see from Facebook that people have started supporting me? I also think of Jack and Christian, who so far “could not” send me a reply, and I wonder why that is, Jack and Christian?
  • Just an old thought: Besides from FC Barcelona and also FC Copenhagen having sudden “difficulties” at the end of the season, the Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki could also suddenly not keep her ranking among the world’s best falling down the list almost in a free fall, and the Danish Icehockey team at the World Cup was “the best ever” and they played very good matches, but could not score enough goals almost making them relegate unless they did as I wrote about a long time ago, which was to win over Letland (Latvia) or the “easy country” as it means directly, and yes “sådan er der så meget”, i.e. “this is how there is so much” or something like that as we say in Danish, and yes do you believe in “more between Heaven and Earth” and yes these are examples of this “power” making or breaking people, or you could call it “luck” or “unluck”.
  • A message from some days ago, I don’t believe I wrote down: The last countries first “gave in” when they understood the degree of “impossible physical changes” to Earth, which was only possible to do because “we have no strings” now.
  • Mikael Wulff brought this on his site recently about a man from the Jehovah’s Witness arriving on an unannounced visit asking “hello, I am from Jehovah’s Witnesses … Have you found Jesus” (?), and yes indeed he had, because Jesus stands just behind the window, and on contrary to the real life situation a couple of weeks ago where Jehovah’s Witnesses visited me without being “able” to “discover” me because they “could not” listen/read and understand, which this drawing is inspired from, here Jesus does not want to show himself.


17th May: Pictures of Google Earth show the incredible strong light of the Source and my scripts containing “a long story” 

Dreaming of setting up Karen’s frame of the Universe, which will match and bring energy for an eternity to come

At 02.00 I decided to try taking a new sleep/nap on the sofa of a “few hours”, but I had the WORST sleep with darkness bothering me much, and when I woke up at 03.00, I knew that my ultimate limit was reached, I could and would no longer continue sleeping as little as I have done every other night, so I decided to go to bed – but still thinking “sleep less than normal” – and this is how I slept until 07.00 with this dream:

  • I am working at the Freeport and have been to big Christmas Parties, where I made a mess of the room. I see how General Electric receive guests and I wonder what I am still doing here. I play indoor football having Jens Jørn Bertelsen from Esbjerg FB on my team, we are behind with 22 to 28, have the ball much but it is almost impossible to score, but with difficulties we still manage to score a new goal.
    • Sleeping is making darkness work, which has messed up, but I do hope we will “do our best” to get it sorted out one way or another and yes on basis of the energy I bring you, and even though our team now have difficulties scoring/winning, I have Jens Jørn from the Danish 80’s national team, which you know may be the best football team ever (even though they did not win anything, and yes life is not always fair just as how it happened to me, see?), and Jens Jørn comes from Esbjerg, which is as west as you can get in Denmark, hence the note a couple of days ago about this with a reference to fish, i.e. to me, so things are still looking fine – despite of this sleep.
  • When I woke up I was shown a frame being laid upon me and I was told that this is the frame of the Universe, which Karen brings, which is now being installed and will match for an eternity to come, and also that “so far no damage has been made to it” with a reference to how I am doing when it comes to work, bringing energy and also sleep.

My old lifeline to darkness is now being pulled away opening for an endless Source of PURE LIGHT

This morning I continued working to finalise my script of yesterday and to start writing the script of today, and I was tired truly feeling exhausted after having given my everything for a long time, and the spirit of my father came to me with a serious voice saying “you have never complained or not done your work – you have been a dream working together with, thank you”.

I knew that I also had to do what may be the final update to the front page of my website, and I was so tired in the morning making this work seem impossible or very difficult to do, but I thought that I will probably be more fresh doing the work this afternoon after finishing work on the scripts this morning.

I decided to publish my script of the last two days at 13.30 with the feeling that “this is now done” also knowing that I will do a few updates later – and yes, this was my feeling before I later in the day discovered that darkness had brought me MUCH new work to do – the more darkness, the more work you know – because of the MANY pictures Jette published, which I had to comment on her page, and bring some of in this script too and also because of Elijah, who ”lost it” once again COMPLAINING negatively to me ONLY and acting like a fool (!) solely because of his own misunderstandings (!), and yes this could bring me down, but no, I have decided to do all of this work ending it tomorrow morning before I will continue on my agenda to also finish the last amendments to my website.

And before starting to do this work, I felt incredible tired here this afternoon and it was a torture to keep on working with the feeling “can I really do the work to my front web page too”, but there was only one thing to do, and that was to start doing it, because it does not get done by itself (!), and when I started this I was given the smell of modelling wax – “building material” (!) – and was told that “when you write this, we can start following this principle”, and I started by writing the information about who the Trinity is of our original New World (my father, mother and I), our endless New World’s (I, Karen and our Son) and all other New World’s created by people as creators in their own right (the father, mother and offspring) and that all have a rest of my father, the original creator, inside of them, and I half heard that with this, we can also throw away the last sexual sufferings/speech given to me, which would be given to you (as my “old nightmare”, but only if I accepted it!) if you did not do this, and I was told that “it would not be very bad”.

I continued doing this work until 16.00 updating the page everywhere with information of the Trinity, and I could see that this is a bigger job to do than expected (I also have other amendments to do after this), it requires that I go through all of the front page carefully once again, but I can see the end coming to this work feeling that I am in control of it despite of my great tiredness and not least impatience given to me making it “impossible” to concentrate and that is before I decided that this is what I would be, concentrated (!) – and by 16.00 I felt so much in control that I would “take care” of my “heavy head” – dizziness etc. and I was shown the director of the NGO DanChurchAid here also bringing me darkness – so I decided to stop working and to go for a walk, continuing work later.

I was told more about what this works mean, that we don’t have to go to the bathroom to clean out what you had written wrongly before (about my father, mother and I being the Trinity of all worlds), this is the importance of it, for the website to include reality. And then I was shown that there is now (almost) no road remaining before I reach the light of my new self – for me to come home and open up my eyes.

I am given so much darkness/work these days that it is almost impossible to do everything I would like to do, but I told myself today to prioritize watching Benny Hinn knowing and feeling from experience just how much energy this brings me, and in stages, I watched this video of Benny visiting Ukraine, and when I started watching, I felt this “shot of energy” reaching me and I was shown and told that it is like pulling a sweater of darkness over me, this was literally the feeling I got, and this is the remaining “eternal darkness” inside of me and the frame converting this to “eternal light” created by the spirit of Karen, which is implemented as part of me, which is “the last work before we will switch it on”, and I was told “thank you for not forgetting” and that is about Benny Hinn – and here I can tell my mother that if you can get John to watch this video as example (and the same to Inge in relation to yourself and not least my father) – and many more are to be found on YouTube – it will bring you the same healing energy, which totally cured MANY people from the worst “sicknesses” as you can see from the video, but of course it is a matter of trust/faith and if you do not have the same as these many thousands of Ukraine’s so clearly have, you may not like to follow this encouragement, and instead you decide to go through the HELL of “traditional treatment”, which you know is not only hurting/”killing” yourself but also me because I take on your sufferings very physically too.

When watching the video I was also told that we re-use some of this healing power for the spirit of my mother returning, and I was told that she has also been “all the way out there to collect you”, and it was darkness forcing her to pass on threats of my “old nightmare”, i.e. sexual torments/speech, and I was given the taste of an Orange – the symbol of Old God part of our New World – and heard “welcome back”, which you know was from the spirit of my father to the spirit of my mother returning, and I was told that “we had no doubts that you could do it, but it would be rather tough” which is exactly how it was – not knowing what may and will come from now – and I was given feelings to my right angle saying that it will be more about the physical world now than in the left, the spiritual world, which I feel now, and yes good to be home and we know Stig, when I only think, there is only one conclusion, which is that this is a game because everything of our New World is part of our physical selves, which has just not yet been opened to me and to everyone else.

I was told that that sending the spirit of my mother out on this tour was to take a “calculated risk” to make everything 100 percent perfect, I received another small heart attack, was told that LTO are indispensable in this “game” of creation (using Elijah and the others for this, which some of you “cannot” understand ) shown GREEN of the Trinity disarming the spirit of my mother, and I was told that the heart – the PURE SOURCE OF LIGHT – is intact after this tour to the worst darkness, and “worst darkness” it is when I have had even more people against me than before and I was given the Union Frie Funktionærer as example, which is about John and Carsten, whom I connected with on LinkedIn some weeks ago, you know.

And while remembering it, some days ago, darkness wanting me to accept the final result 7 to 1, but NO, I will NOT allow darkness to score a goal, and I don’t even want to go into what this could have meant of negativity, because the easiest and most simply is really to do a clean cut all the way, and yes Stig thinking about removing the “lifeline to darkness” as I see being pulled to the left of me here at the same time opening to PURE LIGHT only of the Source.

It has been a “challenge” to Jette to bring important pictures of Earth to help me finalise our “perfect creation”

Yesterday Jette brought this message where she talks about “spiritual darkness” where “the text disappeared” and “now is has returned – and the picture is jumped over what I just had uploaded… now you know” and this is spiritual darkness influencing her computer the same as it happens here, which I have tried to make my mother and family understand through MANY examples but “difficult” to understand it is when you do NOT want to understand (!), but it made me tell Jette that the same OFTEN happens here for example when I could not send her a Facebook-email yesterday.

And later yesterday I sent her a new email – now via Facebook working again – including more pictures and I had started becoming a little nervous if Jette would continue bringing pictures, because she had not brought as many as I thought she would, so I asked her if she will continue bringing more, and when I was writing this email, the Facebook email itself jumped up and down approx. 10 centimetres on my screen, which was another example of spiritual darkness, and I caught it in the picture below where you can see the distance from previous emails and my new email, which I was writing, and NO it is NOT NORMAL to have this distance between emails because normally there is only the distance as you can see between my previous email and her, and as mentioned my email literally jumped up and down on the screen like this “now there is no distance, now there is, now there is not etc., and I included this picture to Jette and mentioned other examples of devices of my home constantly being hit by darkness and told her that there is NOTHING to worry about.

And this morning Jette wrote to me that this is “extensive to our both” and also that “I feel tiredness and teasing”, “but now less”, so negativity of the young people and much work was getting to her and she also said “have learned to shut my house end windows and ask for blue protection”, which I understood was her concerns of this darkness, which was getting at her but it would not be good for our final creation – because of the faith, which her work and mine when commenting is bringing to others (!) – if she should decide to stop this work or if I would not be strong enough to do this work commenting on top of my work writing my scripts, which is not very easy to do really, and I thought about BLUE protection, which is to be protected by me, and then I thought that I will send her LOVE, which is what “Blue eyes” by Elton John means to me (do you remember mother how we listened to exactly this song ALL OF THE TIME when it was included on the sample CD following my Philips CD303, which I won in 1984 (?), and yes this was the only CD we listened to again and again and again until I started buying new CD’s) at the same time as “blue eyes” is the nickname of not only Frank Sinatra, but also me, and this is how I sent this video clip to me, which made her so happy that she decided to bring the video herself on Facebook, and with this, I hope that it helped motivating her to continue doing MUCH work today, which is exactly what she did when she brought MANY pictures coming up to date again – thank you for NOT GIVING UP, Jette, which is the RIGHT attitude to show – do NOT ever give up :-).

Pictures of Google Earth show the incredible strong light of the Source and my scripts containing “a long story” 🙂

In the following, I will bring a few example pictures from Jette’s Facebook group, where you can see many more – she published many today 🙂 – and here she writes symbols like “a man holds the legs and the person being held blows for the wind” etc., which does not mean anything to me because I don’t receive messages like this, and she had more of these today, and I understood the true message, which is to say to Jette “trust in yourself” and write what it means to you because nobody can tell from the symbols itself, so this is what I encouraged her to do.

Here is another about ”an eye reads the letter from the Universe”, where “letter” to me is about “survival”, and she says that mother and son are brought up from the sea, from sufferings, and that the sea is a reflection of the Heaven, to which I added that this is what the sea will become when we are through with our suffering work.

This picture and also the picture above are from previous days, which I have sent Jette, which she had time to comment today, and I did notice this particular picture when I captured it and simply because of the incredible bright light, which it shows, which to me clearly is about the PURE LIGHT of the Source, and Jette had an intuition saying that something covert happens underneath this and again I could not decode her symbols but I wrote that there is indeed still much darkness, which I receive but underneath this darkness is 100% pure shining light – and the real story is that darkness is the Source of light/energy and we are setting up this system to generate this pure energy forever and ever without bringing sufferings – and with this energy, everyone will also receive endless deep feelings and love and that is when you have shown a clean heart and the New World truly will open to you.

The following three pictures are from today – a little after 18.00 – which Jette found herself, she is now back home having time, and as she says here we have a “transparent letter – can be read from both sides – a new page is ready to be written – several persons are interpreting the written” as Jette says, to which I said that this could be a reference to one of my many pages, which it is and it also gives the message as I have been told and written myself before, which is that the official world have people to decipher my scripts, and you may be able to understand this one, my ladies and gentlemen (?), and yes this is not that difficult to understand, is it (?) – and I am given many spiritual smiles when writing this, and yes you cannot see my attitude when writing, but let me tell you that it is either positive/objective, sad or happy (depending on how people treat me) but NEVER negative (!), which should be easy for you to tell, right …?

Here Jette says that ”it is a long story”, which it is and “more than 5,000 pages” as I tell her and also that it is part of showing a clean heart to carefully read these to reach our New World, and I also ask here “funny that Google Earth shows these pictures, right”.

Jette says that “the story gets all over Earth and is read here near the Southern Pole in the strong light”, and I tell her that the official world has read me and has faith in me, but do not DARE to tell the world about me, and it is the understanding of my scripts and my sufferings (including the sufferings my family/friends etc., thus the world), which the world brings me to for being silent (!), which is the reason why I can remove darkness opening to our Source of light/energy.

Earlier today, at 11.22, I took this picture myself, which already at this time showed the beginning of the letter/script, which is what Jette saw approx. 7 hours later in the pictures above – and I was happy seeing that my Facebook friend and old colleague from Fair Insurance, Jeppe, this way “broke the silence” by saying that “I like this”, which is also showing the world that you have faith in me, Jeppe – or at least this is what I believe it is.

A misunderstanding and temper Elijah STILL believes that I want to bribe and misuse him – nothing could be more WRONG!

Reading Elijah’s new email below and all of his misunderstandings, wrong conclusions and temper simply makes me VERY sad, try to understand instead of try to misunderstand me, Elijah, I am your best friend and most of your conclusions are wrong simply because you still “cannot” read and understand me. I have NEVER meant to bribe you – this is the impression you gave yourself to the world – but only to help you, the team and your families, and after three years, not four, you have not understood the meaning of it all, and how close we are to a completely new life making all of your negative reactions on me a shame. You are treating me wrongly, and you cannot even tell.

It is my wish to continue sending money to all four of you, and when David gives you your part, you may decide if you want to give it to the other three of the team or to give it to your family if you – because of your misunderstandings – cannot take my money, and Elijah, how many times do I have to say that I have never ever sent bribes to you (?), and you see this is the old game about “who can understand” and you continuing to say “you have never understood me and you have made my/our life miserable”, and yes Elijah you did not understand that your sufferings were to help me save the world and create a new life as God’s gift to mankind (?) and also that your sufferings were small compared to mine – and this is how we can go on for an eternity, for you to complain, Elijah, based on misunderstandings, and me trying to make you understand by repeating myself over and over again, as I as example also can do with my mother and father, which is equally as impossible for me to do, because all of you are born DEAF (!) and will do everything you can to make me understand your misunderstandings believing I was the one treating you wrongly where the opposite is the case. You can decide to take my money or refuse it, but you will always have my friendship because I know that behind your façade is the man, I love so much, and this was the man I asked you to show, Elijah, but it is not easy when you cannot control your negative feelings, is it (?) – and yes SAD, Elijah is what you make people when you act like this, but still I will give you and your family all of my love.

And I might add that I will decide what to include in my scripts, and when I believe information is important – as your misunderstandings and WRONG treatment of me in your email is – I will bring it, and why did you not follow my request in my previous email to you to understand how our new life will be, which was to focus on the script of the 15th including this story and not the 14th May including my answer to your previous email, and yes because you are basically self-satisfied, that is why. I will continue having you on my email-list looking forward for you to understand your misunderstandings, and yes Elijah that is once again!

– And this episode with Elijah is EXACTLY why Dan Rachlin was inspired to bring the video clip yesterday as he did showing a man constantly complaining and only focusing on his own small sufferings (in comparison, Elijah!), not wanting to understand the true nature of the man he spoke to, who is symbolising me and my sufferings, which was and still is “the worst sufferings a man has ever gone through in history”, and yes, Elijah it is “not easy” when you “cannot” understand, but what you actually did here again was to help bringing me the absolutely worst darkness together with “everyone else” opposing me here at this “game”, which is really what it is about.

So below I bring Elijah’s condemning and negative email, which is not your true inner self, Elijah, but you just “could not help it” – and then it is just a shame that it is based on a completely WRONG foundation, which you know is what the world is doing too when it keeps on misunderstanding each other and show their temper and negative feelings.

Yes, I was already feeling completely broken down physically when receiving this email and strong darkness was trying to do it to me mentally too (as you can understand when reading my scripts, Elijah!), and then this happens, and we know it did not make me feel better, on the contrary, Elijah – and I thought that love and happiness was the name of the game, but not when you “cannot” understand, which is what this entire “game” of Meshack and money was about making you think that I acted wrongly, which I did not, without understanding that you were carrying the ape. And I do wish that Meshack was in town so he could READ and UNDERSTAND and help you Elijah to understand too that my only aim is to help you, and that your sufferings are helping me to create a New World with normal life for mankind, which should not be very difficult to understand?

And the worst is that you make yourself feel poorly and also speak negatively about me to others (?), and I can only encourage you to do what you should have done in the first place, which is to SLOWLY and CAREFULLY read my scripts about you, and then you should be able to understand that the only man who has treated the other wrongly, is yourself, Elijah, but do you think you have the PATIENCE to do this and the OPENNESS to admit your wrongdoings (?), and yes I am already suffering much also today – try to imagine the worst coat of darkness being pulled over you with tiredness, negative darkness etc. – and then Elijah brings this on top also making it “necessary” to write this as a reply to his completely unnecessary reaction and email, and yes just wondering I am.

I also thought about some of Elijah’s words in previous emails such as “i will declare my stand in supporting you  to bring normal life to the whole world”, “do not worry much over me. I am preparing a way for you” and also “I learned not to complain but to wait for normal life to come” (!) and this might be the essence of this, which is that Elijah has now run out of patience, and when he “cannot” anymore, it opens up for his enormous pressure and negative feelings against me – also releasing/removing much darkness, Elijah as a spiritual voice tells me with much calm here, and that is your TRUE inner self speaking, because the man you decided to show me in your email below is NOT the man, whom you truly are, and do you remember when we took the bus home from town where you often were impatient because of traffic jam and I told you to be patient (?), and this is what I kindly ask you to be once again – everything you have ever dreamt about and MUCH MORE THAN THIS will come to your entire village, country and the world, this is what “normal life” is about, a NEW WORLD is what I have created also with your and the team’s help, and this is what is worth waiting for – and yes, Elijah, creation takes the time creation takes, and the longer, the better the result and when you READ and UNDERSTAND my scripts, you will know what this is about, and you do know “inside of you” that I only speak the truth about whom I am, don’t you (?), and you should realise that I have NOT “bossed” you, only asked you to share my money with Meshack without conditions, which is MY decision – this is all there was to it, which however was “impossible” for you to do because of a number of reasons without importance to my decision, and yes I am not deciding about your money, but my money, do you see?

Dear Stig,

You will never be at peace with yourself until you stand up to understand me.  You will never accomplish your mission if this is way to judge people.

When you visited Kenya i was working hard and running a profitable business.  My business was thriving well, until at a point when you requested me to stop running my business and focus on helping you realize your own dreams, which have up to now nothing has come up yet  I listen to you, i was making my own money, helping pay off the office bills and to some extend supporting LTO projects, since then, and this was after your visit, we have lost our office, we have lost our focus, we have lost like most of us and me in particular my business contacts .I would like to make it very clear my dear friend that,  it is now or never, you seem to be happy just reading what i term as mere complains and arguments about people holding back your money. There is no way i will continue focusing my self on the little help we get from you, forgetting the many suffering in my country. You are at bitter with what you are doing and if i can quote what you wrote, “sitting down in Denmark trying to save money to sent to us, which you cannot satisfy my needs”. I am happy that this discussion has come to this far making you open up on what you feel you are doing to us. To me, i can only say that, you only came to kill our potential making all sorts of criticisms and bringing in to our minds the poverty mindset that without your help we are  dead!

As from today  my dear friend, i want to relive you of sitting  more down Stig,” please  my friend  “do not consider me for the next  help as you sent your cash help”! I will work out my own way out. I will focus on my business and continue with my mission to help as many people as possible, without complaining and even putting restriction on the help i give them! And as  i had mentioned before, i am making this appeal to you again ‘  please keep away my discussion and the   use of my name in all your scripts, if this to you means you were bribing me , then i don’t want to receive any more bribes! 

Yes ,we may be poor  Africans or Kenyans as  you saw when you visited, but  i tell you ,we are more rich in our hearts than any one else in this world. We have families that we share and love each other, we have good neighbors who care too, poverty is just but part and parcel of us. My very humble request, please, continue sending your scripts  and cash help to my dear colleagues. I have no issues with my friends. My focus is to realize our objectives as an organization based  on our  vision and mission .

You have failed to listen to me, you want me to believe that your help is a solution, which is going only to four people! What about the millions of Kenyans who are suffering? It is now almost four years since you left Kenya. We gave a lot of  promises to many people back in the village. Some of the poor children when you visited who were in Form one  as of the are now sitting for their exams? What help have we given them so far? We have only been seen like fighting for your cash help which as i write from now, would not like to be associated with my friend. Enough is enough!  I will suffer with those who are suffering and will rejoice with those who are rejoicing!

We have fallen off as a team, with no office to operate, we have lost our focus and for many only wait to write to you when the month is near or  just  over  to create issues yet literary we are doing nothing. I will work hard to regain all that i have lost. I will work hard to get LTO and our activities back to course. Starting with this letter, i kindly request not show or write my name in any of your scripts! If love of money is all what is in me, then i would be happy to love what i work for!

Finally, i request  to be given all the time without any due interference to focus on why God asked me to form this organization. I don’t want to be drawn or my name to appear on your scripts. As  from today   do not bother sending me your scripts Stig!
Wishing  you all the best in your accomplishments!


PS: Elijah, when you quote people, the fundamental thing to do is to quote accurate and focus to understand instead of focusing to misunderstand because you quote me of having said “sitting down in Denmark trying to save money to sent to us, which you cannot satisfy my needs” and I don’t know from where you got this and what it means to you – that I am thinking of my needs and not yours (?) – where the true quote of my script the other day is “I sit in Denmark saving as much as I can to be able to send you money each month to help you out, and it is almost impossible for me to make you satisfied no matter what I do” and the TRUE meaning, Elijah – TRY TO UNDERSTAND AND NOT TO MISUNDERSTAND (!) – is that I do my absolutely best to save here in order to help you there because I care for you and LOVE YOU (!), but when you have decided that you “cannot” understand it is impossible for me to make you satisfied no matter what I do, this is the true meaning of it, and when I say that you are wasting my time and your own, this is simply the truth, because you are wasting your “calories” on your own misunderstandings and selfish thoughts (!) just like most of the world does, and you can decide to throw me a new negative email, Elijah for telling the world the truth about you, which you do NOT like, or you can decide to be the WARM and CARING Elijah, which is the man I love and encourage you to show – what will you decide to do (?), to oppose me or to follow me?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The TV2 news journalist Rasmus is in Nepal to cover the “miracle” survival of the Danish couple from the plane crash the other day, and here he walks in the streets of Kathmandu and says that he was last in Nepal 19 years ago walking the same streets but looking very different with long hair and a guitar on the back, and then it comes when he says “same but different” (!), which is what I wrote the other day with “One love, One life” and that we are “ONE – but we’re not the same”, which is about VARIATION of life included in creation, i.e. the guitar as symbol, and yes this is how inspiration also came to Rasmus.

  • Helena brought a link to a story about the former elite athlete and now MP Joachim B. Olsen, whom I could have written several stories about as a “special friend” of mine, but I did not when I prioritised that I did not have energy and time to do so, but here he is and it is because he on Facebook tells the Economy Minister Margrethe Vestager “I hope you will get your Latte in the wrong throat”, which is really not very nice to say, Joachim, but this was his reaction to a new law of economical equalization between Danish Communes (bureaucrazy, you know!), which Margrethe did with the least possible majority, and Joachim has received the role to be everyone’ “prügelknabe” (i.e. scapegoat) – instead of being treated as noble offspring he is “punished” – having MANY people on his back for speaking his opinion out directly for people to understand (I do NOT always agree with you, Joachim), which some of Helena’s friends then do in their comments, and then Helena writes the inspired words about Margrethe Vestager that “there is a little Kill Bill over her, when she wears her gangster sun glasses”, which is about the darkness of Margrethe not supporting but killing me (!), because you are far “too busy” to realise your own selfish “dreams” – two meanings, Margrethe (!) – to change the Danish community into what you would like, and yes because now you have the power to do it, and then you don’t need me to interfere with your plans (?), is this how it is, Margrethe and yes “lack of faith” in me and the New World Order is also part of you (?) – and I don’t know, but this is what is coming to me, which may be light or darkness speaking – and the thread ends with Helle and Helena speaking about Henrik Sass being “beautiful …. wildly beautiful” and “the bad boy from Køge – looking healthy” (i.e. “very good”), and yes this is about Henrik still symbolising me, funny right (?), and Jane believes that he is too “trained” thus asking “will there never come any eruptions” (?), and as I was just told, this means “will Stig never send out darkness to the world” (?), and NO, I will NOT allow it (!) – see? Later I felt a “load” to my right angle/foot and told that I can release myself if I accept an explosion, and NO I will NEVER do that, Meat!

  • And here Margrethe Vestager is in the paper of Politiken today saying that her new “Robin Hood-reform became Vesterager’s wake up call”, and this is to use my words for you Margrethe and this goes to the full Danish Government and Parliament, and that is for you to WAKE UP and support me (!!!), and I don’t know what you have really done “behind the curtains” to help my arrival and the New World Order, but seen from your public appearance, you are using all of your energy, Margrethe (?), to work for the Old World Order because this truly “motivates” you “making you happy” (?), and we know this is the same as going directly against me sending me “unclean” energy, but this was “the best you could do” being blind?

  • In continuation of Helena’s threat before about her thinking that Henrik Sass looks “healthy”, this is saying what she believes (or was it “believed”?) of me – with “Hallelujah” being a reference to me and also a song, which my sister, family and I LOVE 🙂 – which is that I am a REAL man (not “making a pass on her” as her male friends continue doing, but being “my self” with confidence – and this is about finding the RIGHT balance doing “everything at the right time” and not “all of the time”) and “Hallelujah” was brought to her because of my Facebook posting yesterday including my previous script, which made Stone support me saying “Hallelujah”, and yes these are examples on how we are connected, and also how your “secret dreams” about me were delivered to the world, and yes “two meanings” also here, but “not easy” to write down and truly understand your dreams, and that goes with you too, Nønne (?), and yes two women both loving me and both leaving me when they “could not” understand me with selfishness and self-satisfaction being the reason in both cases, and yes sad, right (?), but still the only right thing to do for us to continue playing the game right until the end.

  • Kasper – from Excellent together with Sidsel – was “enthusiastic” when FC Copenhagen today met Horsens in the Danish cup final, and before the match he wrote “let us flog the yellow minced meat with reserve fat”, and when he writes “yellow” he believes that he thinks of the colour of Horsens, but as you and I know it is the colour of the spirit of my mother he speaks of, and you do remember that “fat” is nothing, so what he is saying is that he does not have faith in me herewith contributing to the darkness being sent to me which potentially will “flog” the spirit of my mother if I should lose it also meaning “loss of life”, see?

  • I was VERY sad when I learned that Donna Summer had died of cancer today, and Donna was number one on my list in 1979/80 – as example I remember how I was with my mother on Lanzarote in March 1980, where the only music I was searching for in stores was by Donna Summer, she was the ONLY one at this time – and the way I learned that she had died was not the way I liked to receive the message, and first I did not understand she had died but was wondering about the meaning of the following messages, where one of Helena’s friends says that Donna Summer believed that AIDS was God’s punishment of a sinful life (it was darkness self!) and asking “God knows what she believes of cancer now” (?), and I thought why in the world do these young people – not even born when Donna was on the top of her career at the end of the 1970’s – speak about Donna (?), and Helena first decided to focus on AIDS and how Oprah had shown a clip of two people having AIDS I believe being isolated because they were “extremely dangerous to society”, which was “back then” and “completely crazy” as she writes and that is with the attitude “because now we know better”, but still this is what people are doing to me, isolating me because of “fear” of me being dangerous (see my father’s family running away from me showing the WORST behaviour/fear as example and “more than this”, Bryan), and then Thomas uses words I don’t like, but it means that Donna brought out my “old nightmare” and “we can do nothing else than shake our heads and turn up the volume of Hot Stuff” as he says, and yes this threat of my “old nightmare” is darkness killing Donna Summer (!) and it is coming because of Helena’s lack of faith (and her importance as whom she is) and her lazy attitude where she does not care about what does not “interest” her and Donna’s death obviously does not interest her because she would much rather hear if there is live music in Århus this evening, which she then asks about and the story here is that it was the same indifference in relation to me, which Helena here shows in relation to Donna Summer, which sent darkness to me killing Donna Summer (also because I had decided that I do NOT want this darkness to kill any of my “closest special friends” of my own family), and Helena concluded herself that “God is on coke, I would rather listen to music” and this is indeed about God suffering because of your attitude and WRONG actions, Helena (!), do you see it, (?), and yes “hot stuff” it is and as you can see, several of the greatest music stars of the world had died during my journey – Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, others and now Donna Summer – and yes in order to protect me so I can finish the last bit of creation.

  • When I still did not understand what this talk of Donna Summer was about, I searched on her name including “cancer” and this is when the shock came to me when I saw that she had died, and here is the first article I read about it, and to me she was the Queen of disco, and yes there is NO DOUBT about it, and ENERGY is the key word here and this is what happens when I cannot bring enough energy myself for example when I decide to sleep!

  • I was happy seeing that Dan also loved Donna here saying how much disco fills in his life, and he always mention Barry White, Earth Wind & Fire and Donna Summer if people want to know how he wants a party (as a DJ) so sound – and yes “thank you for the party” is appropriate words, but I do believe that Donna will not be missed for a long time, and that she will be able to GET BACK on stage again in our New World :-).

  • Later Helena told the truth that she is “loaded with spread shots, so pack up you ….”, which is what the spirit of my mother is returning from “all the way out there” to bring me home (!) and then she uses the famous Monty Python quote “and now for something completely different”, which is to tell you about the TRUE feeling underneath all of this darkness, which is leading to CHAMPAGNE as she also says and yes where LIFE WILL BE GOOD for everyone, which is essentially the key here, which we already have Stig, which no one is going to take from us, but “it is good to continue as long as I FEEL DARKNESS” and yes this is what we translate into “I FEEL LOVE” to bring an eternal SUMMER of light for all of you, and we know “one of the best dance songs forever and ever”, and that is how it is :-).



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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