May 24, 2012: Reaching the END OF THE LINE with darkness knowing how to switch off darkness and switch on light


Summary of the script today

23rd May: Reaching the END OF THE LINE with darkness knowing how to switch off darkness and switch on light 🙂

  • I was awake all night working and all days too to empty the last darkness of the “roll of darkness”, and this darkness in the form of the last darkness of the spirit of my father now knows how to switch off darkness and also how to switch on our light, it is the same man doing it after changing from minus to plus. I am reaching the END OF THE LINE of darkness and it’s anchor, which is from where I will connect to our new endless source of light.
  • I received news from John and agreed with David to try locating Meshack and I encourage Meshack to COMMUNICATE to remove fear of his family and the LTO team about his wellbeing.
  • Short stories of Michael Hardinger showing that my father and John are still fighting for their lives, Helena and Brian made me fear that I could not continue holding back darkness from bringing destructions to the world, Helena is now persecuted by the Danish Boulevard press and she “refuses everything” (about a “famous boyfriend” or …?) and said that as a consequence she would delete her Facebook profile, which it looked like she had done later, which to me was also a symbol of my mother dying because of her feelings because of John’s sickness and my revelation of her call to commit me to mental hospital in 2009 (!), Jette saw on Earth darkness entering light (the anchor of darkness changing to become the anchor of light) and saw/said that “the old King is dead, long live the new King” and FC Nordsjælland became Danish champions in football symbolising my victory, which will make “many more” than “25 and one drum” to follow me :-).

24th May: Farum (FCN) became Danish champions giving Peter Brixtofte rehabilitation and symbolising the end of the Old World

  • I was told that I will have to continue for 5-6 days trying to not sleep every other night, which I do believe is impossible for me to do. I was attacking darkness of my mother to get deep enough to do a complete cleansing of the rim of darkness before it will become the rim of light, and my sister and mother are indeed sending me MUCH darkness including so much work that this alone almost broke me down.
  • The small football club FC Nordsjælland became Danish champions to bring rehabilitation to the previous VISIONARY mayor Peter Brixtofte in practise starting the club/stadium and predicting that they would end in the Champions League, which they now do (!), and Peter was brought to a fall by the Danish media and politicians focusing negatively on Peter’s negative sides instead of his positive side motivating him to continue creating the best results a mayor has done in Denmark and to help him improve on his bad sides. This victory and GOLD symbolises the end of the Old World of mediocrity, better-knowing, selfish and NEGATIVE people and the start of our New World.
  • Jette’s pictures of Earth indicates that Lake Victoria/Kenya in Africa is physically where my anchor is located, she showed how I am suffering when transforming darkness to light, the Trinity encourages man to read my scripts, she sees another birth of a King, which may be related to Obama being another part of me, a picture showed that ”there is truly coming light on your script” and “people from all over the world are studying it”.
  • Short stories confirming that my heart is embraced by love, lifting up the world and improving quality because of faith, I was WISHING that Helena would not delete her Facebook profile, which she has not done even when attacked with much darkness (!), Soluna – the Danish artist of the Eurovision Song Contest – is now sick symbolising the feelings of my mother after “my attack”, I do NOT like giant business produces identical and boring products only focusing on money because I love products of local quality and characteristics, Berlusconi wants to return as another Jesus Christ and it may be true that he is a “special friend” of mine disguised as the worst darkness (!), a “blind link” from Ekstra Bladet shows “the impossible road” to create life, which is only there because of faith that it is there, I encouraged Lisa to bring my regards to the Pastors of Lyngby asking them to READ and focus on my scripts instead of the Bible, Thomas Rode and Michael Hardinger brought references to “monster darkness”, which is what we are facing these days and is my sister still defending herself to my mother instead of supporting me?


23rd May: Reaching the END OF THE LINE with darkness knowing how to switch off darkness and switch on light 🙂

Reaching the END OF THE LINE with darkness knowing how to switch off darkness and switch on light 🙂

Early this morning when I was still working on my script of yesterday, I was told “we were surprised to see that it does not say “sweetheart” but “nothing” inside of the bubble, which we knew was waiting for us”, which was the reason why we prepared ourselves by giving you the story about your sister and mother for them to help absorbing the potential outburst of darkness of this bubble, and yes we know the next question is if you will now decide to delete this chapter about your sister and mother, and no I will not, but I wish that it would never have been necessary to write in the first place because of their WRONG attitude, which I told them about so MANY times, and it truly makes me sad having to write it, but you may understand that the ONLY right thing for you to do now, Sanna and Mother, is to give me your apologies, and for us to continue being family based on the deepest love between us, which is truly our foundation underneath all of this, and yes it ALSO goes in relation to my sister, and I can really only ask you HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE now after this (?), and I kindly ask you to be positive/objective and NOT negative because this is always the BEST thing to do :-).

At 06:15 I heard a sound of twigs in the kitchen (!) and I was told that It is now like softly walking down thin branches for this inner part of the spirit of my father, and a little later also that “it required a strong push to break me lose”.

I was also told that “It was only you who could stop him Stig, he could have been 6 years old”, meaning that darkness could have grown if it took me over, and I am not completely sure that I believe in this, but this is what I was told.

At 09.45 I was told that he is now walking over to the other side – to the new lifeline to the Source – if it is really what you want, and yes this is really what I want :-),and I was told that he does not realise what the time is yet.

I was told something about also going through this task without whining because of physical unbearable pain, which would be given to the Universe and to my physically, which could have been the result one of the times working during night if I had not worked.

I was told “I am not about to switch off now and know how to switch on the light, am I” (?), which is exactly what he is, and I was told that this is also because my mother decided to read my new script – including the story on Sanna and her – 1½ hours after I had published it and then again once more later in the day, which is very rare that this happens.

I was told by this darkness – and also that this is indeed the last darkness before becoming my new self (!) – that “well, we are going out fishing, and there is not going to be any white fish flour” (?), which would have been how light would have looked like after a tour in the “chaff cutter” of this darkness.

I was told that “we have also not planted out sun oil for the children before now”, which I understood was a protection against UV-beams of the sun first being found now.

I have received the words “wet pants prank” often these days, which is what this darkness would have done; to give me sexual torments MUCH more than just trying.

I was told that we will come up with our own road name – ”no road in here” – in the holy halls.

I was told that this is about the small elephant growing up to become an adult elephant “and now you only need me to finalise it all” as the spirit of my father asked me, and yes LET US GET STARTED – “it will not be boring”.

For days I have received the thought that my closest family in relation to the cancer Old God my father and John are now so “far out” that they have started hoping for me to open the eyes of my new self to bring them full healing and recover.

And I was told that “this is the determining moment, which we have waited for”, which will have to be about me opening up the eyes of my new self also bringing our connection to our new self.

At 16.00 to 17.00 I somehow passed an “impossible tired crisis” without sleeping, and as usual it was pure torture going through, and I really had decided that now I simply had to lay down on the sofa and get “some hours of sleep”, but “somehow” I managed to go through this even though I had “given up”!

I did not have much negative and sexual speech today and just to avoid receiving this constant stress pressuring me down, was a relief, and Michael Hardinger was with me as a Facebook friend most of the day, and my TV is now almost “normal” again, so there was indeed negative energy inside of this “bubble” at the “roll of darkness”. These days I am still given this old physical pain inside of my fingers.

I felt tomato sauce around me – knowing and symbolising that that I am “soon” opening the eyes of my new self – and I felt like a naked skeleton completely emptied from my old self of darkness, which is really coming to the END OF THE LINE and here the line of darkness, where I am reaching the ANCHOR of it, which this is about.

I received the song “Spanish Harlem”, and I understood “Spanish” as good and “Harlem” as part of New York as the opposite, and really that a ROSE OF LOVE is coming from out of darkness.

I watched the end of an exciting stage of Giro d’italia on TV, and Scaponi reached a cramp at the end of the stage setting him behind approx. 30 seconds from the small group of leaders cycling quickly, but despite of his cramp making it impossible for him to keep up – symbolising my tiredness making it impossible for me to stay up today, this is the meaning of this “picture” – he managed to GET BACK and to follow the lead all the way to the goal line, and yes just like me when I decided NOT to give up before reaching the END OF THE LINE 🙂 – and I do like to see people of PASSION, which also goes to you Rolf Sørensen as the speaker and former pro cyclist, and I wonder what you know about me from your tour at the castle with the other stars (?) – a recent TV programme on TV2 here – and what you share with others (?), and yes this is an example of how the news about me spread all over the world, and I keep being told that now this or that group of people speak about me, but I have decided that I will not keep bringing you information about this, and also not the feelings of people knowing about me, for example Pia Christmas Møller many times (!), and Iben Hjejle, whom I feel here, and yes another “star on the castle” recently together with Rolf, and Rolf said some inspired words afterwards, which he has from his father and I believe they were “as the stork come with a frog – as easy as nothing”, and this is what it is about, my rebirth coming from “out of nothing” as the stork and frog symbolises.

I received pain to my lower left leg and was told that this is like removing the graft of vine, which was given in order to survive, and it seems as if the plague of grapevines worldwide (from the 19th century) was a symbol showing the end of the world coming, and that we symbolically only managed to survive by grating vines on resistant American roots, which was for light to fight darkness having me and “so many others” in mind, and it made me think that in our New World you are going to “taste wine”, which is to taste life “the way life’s meant to be”, and it is really only a matter of short TIME now :-).

I was told that “it is not peanuts the peanut shield you are taking on now” and this “peanut shield” is the invention of the spirit of Karen you know transforming “eternal nothing” into the energy Source of our eternal future.

I was also told that we could continue working with undiminished power when I decided not to sleep during the afternoon.

I was shown dark threads still attached to the rim, which has to be completely clean before we attach it to the endless line of light, and I was told that to do this requires that my family and I are COMPLETELY down, which you will understand that my story of my mother and sister of yesterday “helps” doing, and this is also connected to the story of Helena today, see the short stories below.

I was thinking this evening about the doctors and Commune, who were “so bright” that they believed that I had Schizophrenia, which is “accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction”, and the world will come to understand the truth from people I worked with (including the Communes self!), which is that I was not only working better than the rest (!), but also that I socially made a “positive impact” on many people, and yes amazing what “wrong power” can make people do.

Finally, at 21.05 I decided to go to bed thinking that this will wake me up early tomorrow so I can finish early and exercise and also enjoy the nice SUMMER weather, which seems to go on forever and ever here :-).

Receiving news from John and trying to locate Meshack also encouraging Meshack to COMMUNICATE

Once again I was HAPPY to receive news from John – NICE to have you back as my TRUE friend, John 🙂 – and apparently you did not receive my reply to your previous email the 15th May because you do not truly read my scripts, John (?), and you do remember what I have told you “to read is to keep faith” (?), and if you do not, you easily risk losing faith when “negative thoughts and doubts” will come over you, and when I read your remarks to Danish forests and cows, it made me think of how is the situation with livestock in Kenya after the drought (?) and also how is the situation with drought itself (?), is it still going on or over and how is it effecting the lives of people (?), because I have not read news of it here, and I bring you and the team my chat with David below hoping that this will help finding Meshack, and I don’t know what is “troubling” Meshack so much that he could/can not communicate with the team and his family, but let me tell you, Meshack, that it is ALWAYS better to get it off your chest instead of biting the pain in you, and I can only ENCOURAGE you to communicate again, because when you do not, you will make people fear that you have died – which is also a fear coming to me and that is because I receive the fear from people caring for you in Kenya (!) – so will you please do what you know is right to do?

Here is John’s email – and yes John, you can read my reply to your previous email in my script of the 15th May.

Yes Stig,

I hope you received my email sometimes last week.

I could not imagine you have such beautiful forests in Denmark and also big cows like the ones i have just seen. But am just wondering what the cows are doing in the thick forest or its a ranch?

Anyway am fine with my family in spite of  challenges here and there. We can give up at all,life must move  with hope that darkness will soon disappear from the face of the earth as you say.

I have not seen meshack for sometime now but i understand he is well.In case i meet him soon i will tell him to communicate to you urgently since you are very concerned.


Here is the chat I had with David today.

And I do wonder why Elijah is now “not busy” to tell me about his emotions after discovering that you were wrong about me (?), and “not easy” to “crawl onto the cross” to admit this as we say here, which is what your strong and negative temper as DARKNESS brought me, and that is as in “cross” meaning “killing me”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Hardinger kept on changing status from being and not being my Facebook friend, and I can only do my best work continuing to decide that my father and John will survive, and that is if they can, which I hope.
  • Helena is preparing a “war game” here when saying “one croak more and I will fire canons and not small spread shots, so back off now”, and a “croak” is from a frog symbolising darkness, so if she receives just a tiny bit more darkness, she will lose her temper sending out the worst darkness to the world, and this is simply the situation I am in, where darkness is the STRONGEST ever, and if I cannot take this, I may show myself as Ferdinand the bull losing his temper, but I do hope I will be strong enough to also go through this.
    • Hardinger was back and he decided to say “three part negotiations”, which happens now between employers, unions and the government (including such a CRAZY thing to remove bank holidays to increase production, and I have already given you the solution, which is for everyone to work much better than today, but this is “impossible” for the government to ask even though this is the only right thing to do?) and here he continued by saying “look up talk about sausages”, which is the same as saying that the Trinity will now face my “old nightmare” to be carried out, and this is said and shown with much confidence, but it still requires my approval, which you will NOT going to get!

  • A few hours afterwards Helena decided to break the silence (with a hidden message “about me to her friends) when she said what is “troubling” her, which is that she has received news from the newspaper Ekstra Bladet and from her employer (!) that you continue, and I do NOT know what this is about, but it seems that Ekstra Bladet is now bothering/stalking Helena, and why is that (?), is it connected to Søren Pind or maybe her new boyfriend (who is it?), and she says to the newspaper “I don’t want to talk with you, and I will not confirm anything and I don’t want anything other than you to stop”, and she really just wants to be left in piece as she says with newspapers interfering – just like my mother in relation to her fear about becoming known to the entire world, you know, which this is about (!) – and she is so sad, that she feels that “I am forced to leave this media, so nothing more can happen via this channel” and then she says, that this evening she will delete all content, friends and her “indispensable” Facebook communication channel (!) and “throw away the key” (!), and her friends reacted with sadness that she cannot be left in piece by the media attacking her through all channels, which you know is what darkness do, so also here and simply because this is the fear she expressed the 1st April when she and Søren Pind “acted” a play as sweethearts and that the media would start writing about them (!), so this is what she is now experiencing, and yes I do not know what it is about myself, but she may truly be sweethearts with Søren (?) or another famous person, which is “very interesting” to the media, so they will do “almost anything” to get it confirmed (?), and other of her friends simply asked as I do, what is happening (?), which made Helena ask “I wonder how many fake Facebook profiles the editor-of-chief of Ekstra Bladet has” (?) and later say that “I have done nothing wrong, I have just been involved in something, which I believe my mother should remove”, and her mother is dead, and I do NOT hope that her cancellation from Facebook symbolises what may be how my mother is feeling these days, when both John is going through his worst period ever fighting to stay alive, which is making a HUGE impact on my mother, and now my revelation of what she did because of my sister influencing her negatively in the autumn of 2009 to get me trapped behind bars receiving the stamp from the official system “crazy forever and ever”, which is the same as “terminated from life” you know (!), and yes the symbol of Helena cancelling her profile is the death of my mother the same was as the cancellation of Michael Hardinger as my Facebook friend means the death of my father and John, but as you know I have decided that they are NOT to die, and this is what I also asked for in relation to my mother this evening worrying about how my mother feels and how sad and also “alone“ she is (!), and yes this is NOT nice for anyone to go through, and as you know feed because of the fear of my mother to become world famous because of who she is, and yes there is NOTHING worse than this in her mind!

  • Some hours later Helena posted this message now to the newspaper BT, which obviously is also now “on her neck” – yes with a reference to a stamp and a letter, which is TRULY about SURVIVAL you know 🙂 – and this is how newspapers like Ekstra Bladet and BT participate to make SO MUCH TROUBLE IN THE WORLD because of their DISGUSTING attitude and behaviour – and Helena asked them to stop chasing her and “I refuse everything” (!), and why have you suddenly become so exciting to national “gossip newspapers”, Helena (?), and yes I wonder who your boyfriend is? – And you might notice that she had cancelled her picture, and a few seconds after this message, I tried to enter her profile, but I received a message that the link is not working anymore making me believe that she had now cancelled her profile, and also that my mother is feeling “very poorly” this evening too.

  • Jette saw ”a primate with long experience entering the light”, and this primate, a monkey, is the anchor of darkness self changing from darkness to light, and I told her that I feared that this darkness would explode causing damage to the Universe, this is the feeling I had today and that is if I could not continue living as darkness with only little remaining, and for this energy to explode instead of being absorbed, and it truly made me concerned for some hours.

  • Here is an example of the triangle of the Trinity as you can see other examples of in Jette’s Facebook group, and here it is about “the dimensions interfere” and “the transparent becomes invisible in the triangle of the Trinity”.

  • Here she says ”now, now, this went quickly…the old king is dead, long live the new King”, and I told her that the old King is “the worst darkness of all” because of sins of mankind, who is about to become our new King, and also that Jette receives this message more quickly than I because I am still going through this transition, but apparently I have come far enough for her to see it on the globe, and yes I cannot see it, but she can!

  • I had a vision about an old and very famous Danish duo, Nina and Frederik – and half a day later, Jette was inspired to bring one of their songs, which to me is about ”eternal life”.

  • It was Helena’s messages and also this message of Brian ”helping” me to think about possible damage to the Universe because of the release of energy from the “bubble” or anchor of darkness, because Brian says “consider throwing the monitor into the ocean – and to follow myself” and TV has been an old symbol of darkness to me and really “a projection of life”, and here it could mean to “throw life into great suffering”, and somehow Brian and Samja had a “play” going on between them with Brian telling her that she is a “little pig” – you know that this is to tie the tale of the pig (!) – and Samja telling him to “wake up”, and him to say “if I become more calm, I will pee”, which is really about creating life, wake up as your new self and that we did this when going through threats of my “old nightmare” (converting darkness to light), and yes this is what it says! And let me say that “losing it” potentially letting my temper out on the world truly made me feel DISGUSTING today, but thank God, nothing happened :-).

  • FC Nordsjælland became Danish champions in football this evening – see more in my script of tomorrow – and Dan said that “it will look good in the future with more than 25 fans on home ground and one drum”, which made me think that I only had VERY few people following me helping me to create our New World, and now when we have won the GOLD, there will come “many more” having faith in me.

  • Finally today, Ayoe decided to accept my LinkedIn invitation, and I wonder why it took her so long.


24th May: Farum became Danish champions giving Peter Brixtofte rehabilitation and symbolising the end of the Old World

I was attacking darkness of my mother to get deep enough to do a complete cleansing of the rim of darkness

I was surprised that I slept as long as from 21.05 until 08.25 this morning WITHOUT being woken up during the night (!) – well, I was really tired but nevertheless – and I only had one short dream having a room at a hotel where the key has been changed no longer fitting the lock of the door, but with the help of “a friend” (in London maybe?), I manage to take out the last key from the reception (there is only one room, which is not taken) and I copy this key, which matches the lock of my room, and this might be about darkness still trying to cut me off, but with a little help from Ringo and my friends, it may work out anyway.

And when sleeping as long as I did here, it brought unpleasant memories back to the pattern of the last period where I tried to keep awake every other night making me sleep a few hours longer the other every other night, and I do not hope that this is what is now necessary to do again, because I do NOT feel in form to do this again, which is truly as unpleasant a torture as it gets, but later in the day I was told “no more than 5-6 days like this and we are finished”, which I understood finished changing the anchor of darkness to become the anchor or light, and we will see about this, and yes I fear that this might be right, but I cannot and will not go through the same sufferings as yesterday, so maybe I can take 2-3 hours of sleep on the sofa (?), we will see.

I worked from the morning – as I do EVERY single day, which is after breakfast and a bath, but ALWAYS starting work directly after this – and continued until 14.30 to complete the script of yesterday, which I had only written some of yesterday when being extremely tired.

I was told “so now he has eaten all life and has decided for EVERYTHING to be perfect, which no one is going to believe in” which is about me saving (“eating”) all life, and that when people will understand what I went through, people will react like this, which is “impossible” for people today, because even though my mother, family and the LTO team as examples understand that I am suffering, none of you have the imagination – or knowledge from careful readings of my writings – of just how deep these sufferings are/were.

The beginning of the day continued not with much negative speech, but I was still feeling like throwing up feelings because of much work and negative feelings given to me.

I saw that my mother for the third and later the fourth time now has read my previous script about how she and Sanna tried to commit me to mental hospital in 2009 against my will and I was told ”we cannot play defence” and also ”we would not be able to convert the game now”, which is about the way I play against darkness, which is NOT to defend but to attack, and here I am “attacking” darkness of my mother – NOT my mother, but darkness (!) – with one purpose only, which is to get deep enough to completely clean the rim of darkness before it will become the rim of light, and I do hope that my mother will not decide to understand that I only write the truth not being insane, and that this is NOT about bothering her, but to make her understand and also to focus on the love of the family and not the opposite, because WE ARE FAMILY.

Late this afternoon I decided to cycle, which I was looking forward to, and I cycled for 24.95 kilometres, and often and normally when exercising I receive “secret messages” of light as a “reward” for doing what is right to do, and here I believed I received such a message when I was told that this is not my third arrival this time around (where I only know that I was here as Hitler too, who became overtaken by darkness), but only my second, and that I was not supposed to be able to defeat darkness now, and that it would require a World War III including the use of atomic bombs for the world to absorb darkness and for me to return a third time before I would be able to save the world, and when I questioned this when coming home, I was told in bath by a serious voice of the spirit of my father clearly still inside of darkness that “it is the truth”, and I thought that if I had been taken over by darkness, this is what Obama probably would be too, and then there is not a long way to think an alternative scenario with USA fighting Russia and China because of “power” and money, and what would happen then?

But I still had a list against this including the déjà vues I receive of “good things” coming this far and nuclear weapons not being able to explode (!), but still this new information might be the truth, and yes what about my webpage on the Doomsday Scenario (?), it I want to change it because of this information (?), and no, not yet, maybe later, and I might keep it as it is with a link to this script and an extra paragraph explaining the coherence, and I might one day decide to change it in a greater detail depending on what happens from here, and yes we will see – it is NOT a priority to do today, but later when I was reminded that 2012 is indeed the end of time, this was the decisive factor for me to decide NOT to believe in this information, and I understood that darkness is now so strong that it for the first time – to my knowledge – gave me wrong information, which normally is secret messages as my reward, and you know because of the strong feelings of my mother and sister.

Later I felt new powerful darkness coming in and I also received pain to my behind, and this surprised me, but again this is about my mother, who keeps reading my previous script and send me this darkness.

I was kept on my most extreme limit of what I can bear doing of work, which is “extreme darkness” coming to me, and I have noticed how my Spotify programme will “almost” not play music, but still it plays after a “thinking pause”, which I understand is about my mother not wanting to see me because she is unhappy because of me, but only on the cover, and I wonder who should be unhappy because of the actions of others, and just wondering I am.

The darkness feels pretty strong now but much less than two days ago, which I also saw on TV, which did not have many distortions, but during “Euphoria” from the Eurovision Song Contest, it received a strong distortion, and I was told “here I swallowed yet another whale” and “this is what is inside of here, we are finding the remaining of our old selves from previous Universes

And I was shown the Icelandic star handball player of AG Copenhagen now playing table tennis showing a GREAT temper, and I was told that this is my sister’s try to change the rules of the game because of what she tells my mother apparently defending herself, which is bringing me darkness, but then again, this Icelandic player is a good symbol for me, and this might be strong darkness telling me a lie.

I received the taste of the traditional buns, which my mother used to bake, which is about creation because of the work I do – and this was given to me when I decided to continue and finish my work today at 22.30 instead of starting to relax now, which would have been the easy choice to do, and first by 03.30 I had published the last two days of scripts with the feeling “I did it”, but I cannot make this night and tomorrow without sleep, we will see how it will go.

My head was scratching very much, and I was given thoughts about Meshack, who is suffering with lack of money?

Farum (FCN) became Danish champions giving Peter Brixtofte rehabilitation and symbolising the end of the Old World

As mentioned yesterday, the “small club” FC Nordsjælland (“football club of North Zealand”) in Farum won the Danish championships for the first time after FC Copenhagen suddenly could not get the last “few needed points” to become champions, yes, that’s the way it is when my spiritual friends interfere – and Paul was at Farum Stadium yesterday bringing “proof” – is this what you think I am doing now, Paul, bringing proof about my self via Jette’s pictures (?), but you have not decided to support me actively and to again to become “my best friend” as you were a couple of years until you decided that I was “too much” because of my spiritual experiences (!) – and Politiken wrote congratulations and also “there is now free Petrus for everyone on Restaurant Sepp”, where Petrus is one of the finest and most expensive wines of the world, which the previous mayor, the “world-famous” Peter Brixtofte, loved a little too much, and when he could not separate what was right and wrong to do and his economy with the economy of the Commune, he was DESTROYED by the media and politicians despite of having been the “most visionary” mayor in Denmark, which EVERYONE loved, and yes we will come back to this.

FCN is an INSPIRING team of champions focusing on producing their own players to be successful instead of buying them, which is exactly my attitude

Here BT writes about FCN being “inspiring champions” because they are a small club not using money to buy players to become successful, but create them themselves, which you know is the attitude I like from Barcelona, and yes now I see why Chelsea won the Champions League, because to me they have been the worst club when it comes to buying expensive to get success sometimes only having foreigners playing on their team, which is NOT natural, because football to me is about your local team of players playing against other local team of players, which you have developed yourself, and we know darkness was incredible strong so it prevented Barcelona from winning, but to my surprise this is also why FCN became Danish champions; to tell this story.

And here comes the main reason why FCN became champions, which started when Jens Rohde said that “I know that you almost can get behind political bars to say it, but I cannot help but especially congratulating Peter Brixtofte with the championship” and according to Wikipedia here, Peter “is best known as the former Mayor of Farum. Criminally convicted following a corruption scandal, he is currently serving a prison sentence” and also “He was quite popular and Farum was generally considered a successful municipality thanks to its success in finding jobs to the unemployed, particularly immigrants. It was held up as a good example by Liberal politicians during national elections”, and “quite popular” is a clear understatement, because Peter was LOVED everywhere by media, politicians and the population and was used as a positive example of the best Denmark had to offer when Danish people spoke about Denmark to foreigners, and all of this ended suddenly when Peter became a victim of the newspaper BT’s smear campaign with the one purpose to destroy the man playing on the inner beast of people, and this is exactly what happened when he was forced away as Mayor in disgrace, and also given a prison sentence, and below I write that this was also a “play” between good and evil, to see if the Danes would decide to be POSTIVE helping Peter to stop what was wrong but to encourage him to continue creating remarkable results as Mayor as NO ONE else (!), which was clear to everyone (!), or to be NEGATIVE deciding to remove him as Mayor and to destroy him, and to cut a long story short – the spandau’s are on their way, my friends (several meanings here) – BT followed by the entire media decided to be NEGATIVE selling “sensational news” of “expensive red wine paid by tax payers” etc. being what they loved to have as headlines to sell newspapers, which was their main interest (and not about how Peter or the city of Farum was doing), and when they succeeded to turn around the public opinion on Peter from one day to the next, ALL POLITICIANS decided to turn their back on Peter and that is in principle from one day, where they “loved” him, to the other, where they could no longer stand him (!), and yes this explains more about the mediocrity, better-knowing, selfish and NEGATIVE Denmark, who “could not” do what was RIGHT to do in this case, and when FCN now won GOLD this year, it is because they have God on their side to share the story I have shared here also symbolising the final showdown with the Old World and its wrong and negative behaviour, which will be replaced with a new time, where we don’t need politicians in the European Union in Brussels or Danish politicians in Copenhagen as examples, but one New World Order and New World Government, and it would suit all of you to stand forward supporting Peter and I and to give us an apology for turning your backs to us.

In my text to Jens, I decided to write that Peter – when looking at his positive doings – sailed “the beautiful ship” better than everyone else, and with “ship” I meant Farum Commune as part of the world, and I wrote “ship” because I had just seen this large cruise ship, the AIDAblu, from my balcony, and isn’t this a beautiful sight (?), and yes I am thinking of FULL REHABILITATION to Peter and I.

Peter Brixtofte, who created Farum and FCN now becoming champions “sailed the ship better than everyone else” – here the beautiful ship AIDAblu seen from my balcony

But there are still many people remembering Peter for the good things that he did – he has now served his “punishment” (!) – and BT here showed a happy Peter Brixtofte after the victory yesterday and the headline says “Brixtofte celebrated as folk hero after FCN-victory”, and Peter was so visionary that he in practise CREATED this club/stadium giving everyone the clear vision that FCN would come to play the Champions League, which made everyone back then refuse him as a ”mad man”, but today when his club fulfilled his visions/ambitions he is a HERO of the people because “he is not crazy” as people say as you can see from the article of BT here, and yes Peter, I might say that “WE ARE NOT CRAZY”, which this is about :-).

Peter was destroyed in 2002 by the newspaper BT, other media and politicians turning their back to him, but now with the victory of FCN, he is celebrated as a “folk hero”

Yesterday evening on Aftenshowet on DR1 TV – shortly before FCN became champions – the former editor-in-chief of BT, Peter Brücmann – was interviewed and the reporter said hereyou have been occupied much with the Farum-case and Brixtofte-case, and it really landed on your table back then” to which Peter with pride in his voice said “it started at my office back then”, so Peter Brüchmann was the man deciding/appointed (!) to lead the campaign against Peter to bring him down as part of the plan of darkness to bring me down, and still to this day, Peter Brüchmann cannot see that what he did was WRONG – but it was, Peter, because the task is to GO FOR THE BALL, NOT THE MAN (!) and have the attitude to ALWAYS HELP instead of destroying (!) – and furthermore he said that “this is also a circle, which possibly will end if it ends like this fairytale as it can do; then it becomes a focus on Farum, which both draws the circle from the scandal but also the positive, which is to be said”, which he also writes about here, and to me this story is indeed about adventures of H. C. Andersen – the best, which is (!) – and about ending the circle of darkness to start the new circle of light, this is what GOLD is all about, and the TRUE scandal, Peter, was what you WRONGLY did when deciding to destruct the man instead of helping!

Peter Brüchman was the man on BT starting the smear campaign in 2002, which brought Peter Brixtofte to his fall as part of the plan of darkness eventually to destruct me, but it failed and both Peter and I will now receive full rehabilitation

The Trinity encourages man to read my scripts and ”there is truly coming light on your script

Jette has decided to do her absolutely best bringing MANY pictures in her Facebook group, which of course is good, but it is also “helping” to bury me giving me an extra load of work on top of all other work, which I receive at the moment, which you know is because of the strength of darkness coming to me, and MUCH WORK is absorbing much darkness, this is the connection, and as usual I will bring some of the most important pictures here.

This is about “a whole ring around the whole” with the “whole” being Lake Victoria in Africa, and I replied that I am cleaning the last part of the anchor of darkness before this place, which I physically connect with this lake and Kenya, will be connected to eternal light of the Source, and I am thinking of this place as the cradle of birth.

Here Jette says that a tall man is pushing a greyhound towards the sea, and it is like he is sitting on the toilet, and I tell here that a greyhound was following and barking at me behind a fence when I was out cycling two days ago, and that this is given to Jette to show this connection with the dog being darkness, which is bringing me sufferings with the toilet being my “”old nightmare” of darkness wanting to force the spirit of my mother disguised as a beautiful lady to be with me, which would have destroyed the world.

Here the dog pushing man has become script, which to me is about darkness becoming light.

The arrow (the triangle) indicates that here is something we ought to look at – Stig’s script”, which made me reply that this is what God as the Trinity encourages people to do.

Here Jette asks ”what is now this – yet another birth” (?) and she asked for my help “are we to receive many King children” (?) and I told her about “other parts of me” to protect “me” from darkness, mentioning Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston as examples hereof, who sacrificed their lives in order to bring me energy and to save me from darkness.

Here Jette said that ”there is truly coming light on your script”, which should be clear for anyone to see, and she said “all around – as you told me people from all over the world are studying it”, and I said that I was happy for her to receive confirmation on this and said that it is a noticeable view with the “coat of clouds” with everything around it “opening up”, also in continuation of my feeling the other day that we are “opening up”.

Here a protected lady hands out her child to more, smiling figures of Christ/Pastors, the children enter to become baptised, some of them are small devils (!), and everything happens on Antarctica, and not around it as it has done before, and I told her that we are at the deepest darkness, where we are saving the remaining parts of our previous selves/Universes from the Devil of darkness, and the “coat of darkness” is becoming smaller.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael is still here, and today all of the day (!), and here he says how a song “catches one around the heart”, which I understood was a reference to the feeling I received the other day when “I felt a physical encircle of my heart with the feeling of “Sweden” – i.e. joy and happiness”.

  • Jan, my old colleague from Fair, is going on LONG and EXPENSIVE summer holidays, which you know is fine by me if poor people of the world is NOT suffering but when it is, this is the kind of careless behaviour, which makes me sick to see and that is EVERY SINGLE TIME (!), and Jan has now entertained us through his drive across USA, and when I read here that he visited a restaurant in Boston receiving the “most fantastic salad” that it was because I have started eating salad (!), and I also understood that the reason why, which was that Gordon Ramsey had visited the restaurant last week to lift it up, is because people are starting to believe in me lifting us all up, and this also goes with you, Jan?

  • Yesterday, I was thinking and also “WISHING” that Helena would NOT delete her Facebook profile, and when I today tried to enter her profile, I was surprised that it was still there, so it was spiritual darkness closing her profile yesterday and yes “almost killing her” on Facebook as symbol of my mother almost being killed because of “my attack” telling the truth about her and Sanna’s actions in 2009, and Helena has now decided to “guard” her profile the best she knows, which is to remove her profile picture and make it impossible to see any information on her, and the only thing which is visible to me is a message of her’s from the 11th May WISHING a “good weekend” in “genuine Jutlandish” to one of her friends, and with this she brings a picture of ALL THE BEER you can imagine, and you do remember that beer symbolises darkness, so I guess there was darkness inside of the “bubble” at the end of the line, and that is was good that I decided not to delete my chapter on my sister and mother trying to commit me to hospital in 2009, and yes for them to help me absorb the outburst of this darkness instead of letting it out as destructions to the world, and yes amazing what kind of information you can get out of little information like this, but this is what was planted for me to see and understand.

  • In my chapter the other day about my sister and mother wanting to commit me to hospital, I told them that they “should’ve known better” and I brought this song by Soluna, which she performed the same day at the Eurovision Song Contest, and today Ekstra Bladet reports that “sick Soluna cancels everything”, and this is darkness of my mother spreading because of how she feels, and it really shows you how my mother is feeling because of this chapter of mine, and that is SICK, but you do remember mother that it is about being STRONG and really to pull the bull by the horn, and yes this is what we are doing with us being in control over the bull – the spirit of my father at the anchor of darkness – instead of letting the darkness onto the world.

  • The Danish dairy giant, Arla, was on TV the other day because they are now merging with a British and German dairy creating a monstrosity of a “company”, which has one goal as a director said, which is to “make money” (!), and I felt disgusted hearing this also knowing how they produce low quality and identical “mainstream products” for a HUGE market (just like Carlsberg and most industries like this) focusing on “the lowest costs and the highest return” instead of creating products of high quality and local characteristic, which is what I truly love, and because of my thoughts, Mikael Wulff was inspired to write a “not normal” story that Arla has now decided to merge together with “the Galactic Empire”, and the evil Darth Vader of this empire says “we have kept an eye on Arla and certainly believe that we share the ambition to monopolise the dairy production of the world”, so what did I tell you, it is PURE DARKNESS creation monstrosities like Arla focusing on money and removing local quality/variation, and Kenneth from the meditation group decided to share it as well symbolising that he and the group was part of the darkness sent to me.

  • Politiken reports that Berlusconi – “Jesus Christ of politics” – wants to return again again to Italian politics (!) saying “Only Napoleon has done more than I. But I am without doubt taller”, and it gives me a chance to say what I have thought many times, which is that Berlusconi may be a “special friend” of mine, who has acted as PURE DARKNESS of the worst kind as I write about on my page of Media & Politicians.

  • I was surprised to see yesterday that I was no longer subscribed to my local newspaper Helsingør Dagblad, which may be because they decided to delete me (?), and if they did not it was spiritual darkness doing it, so I decided to re-subscribe to them but I came to hit the “friend” button, and today they decided to accept my invitation to become friends, and yes “special friends” there too.

  • Ekstra Bladet brought this “crazy” link, which did not work (!!!), which made people wonder and talk, but Tobias was “wise enough” to ask people to “copy and paste” instead of clicking the link because it works this way (!), which Yannick did and he writes the warning message, which Facebook brings when copying and pasting the link, which I also bring in English below, and the “funny” part here is that he also decided to write “Only God and a good antivirus-system, can keep your computer safe, when there’s a ‘ghost’ in the mashine!“, and this is the simple truth as I know it because I have NOT had a antivirus programme on my computer since 2009 where God has kept my machine clean from viruses despite of spiritual darkness including viruses constantly attacking me (!), and to me this has the same effect as NOT eating pills (!), which I also do not like to do, and this is really about creating life and to follow the road from darkness to light – from “nothing” to “everything” – which is difficult and almost not existing, but it is there, we have seen it ourselves (!) as I am told – and this is what this link symbolises when going from the darkness of Ekstra Bladet (!) to light at the end, because this “blind link” really has an end because it leads to “original people” and here a children’s choir from East Africa as you can see below and also here, which has one goal, which is “bringing the sound of hope to America”, or let us say to spread the message of love and original life without darkness to the world, and that is instead of spreading the “ghost in the machine”, which is both a virus and also a very good album by the Police, and “police” itself is a symbol of darkness, and there you see, this is what was hidden inside of this message the same way as life apparently was hidden inside “a road, which is not there” but when you believe it is, it is indeed there, and this is why we are alive today.

  • My old colleague and now Pastor in Lyngby, Lisa, wrote that all churches of the deanery celebrates service on Monday, where “the incomparable Jørgen Demant” will preach, which made me ask her to give my regards (I know Jørgen from his services at Lyngby Church in 2009/10), and ask them if the Pastors are “getting wiser”, and that it takes TRUE OPENNESS and REALLY try to reach and understand my scripts – replacing the Bible – in order to understand, and she was nice to wish “God be with you, Stig” and to confirm that she will bring my wishes, and I wonder how “easy” or “difficult” it will be for you to explain them my message?

  • Thomas from Restaurant Kong Hans is about to finish a cook book, and “if nothing else, it will become MONSTER fine” as he says, and as you know it was darkness, who fed the Nazi-MONSTER as well as the “monster of Breivik”, and it was people like Thomas, who fed it, and yes you do not believe in me, Thomas (?), because you don’t have the patience to read and understand me (?), and how much do you influence star chefs and food/wine journalists of Denmark?

  • Michael brought a link to “a crazy goal on free kick” with a speed of more than 120 km/h, and yes we are SCORING “big time” these days, which is to “save life”, you know, and he also brought a link to a picture of Nazi’s with the text “never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”, which he said applies “in politics, economics, traffic and in private”, and also that “especially on the Internet, where anyone with an opinion can make one million people believe in anything”, which maybe was a reference to me, Michael (?), and it seems that the references of Thomas and Michael to this MONSTER is to say that this is the density of darkness these days.

  • Tobias decided to show his negativity writing “crazy, what a s… day”, and I received a feeling that he is symbolic expressing darkness, which is passed from my sister to my mother trying to “explain herself” these days, and I don’t know if this is truth, and it could be a wrong voice of darkness because darkness is truly very strong now, and it could also easily be the truth, so who knows?



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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