May 26, 2012: The tunnel to our eternal creation/energy is now in place finalising Genesis, which will create EUPHORIA


Summary of the script today

25th May: We are doing history these days changing the anchor from darkness to light at the cradle of civilisation

  • I used the day to stay awake except from a couple of hours, and more life is being saved at the moment where the frame of Karen is being set up at this anchor, or “cradle of civilisation”, and I was told that changing the anchor of the Source from darkness to light is historic because this is normally only done once for every creation, but now we do it again as part of our recreation.
  • Short stories of Bill Clinton sending me darkness and my “old nightmare”, Mitt Romney being part of the worst darkness, which is, Yvonne from the Golden Circle saying that what I do is how to stop my “old nightmare”, I invented and reinvented life from the same place, the cradle of life, do NOT believe in doctors working for money interests of the medical industry instead of truly understanding/curing you.

26th May: The tunnel to our eternal creation and energy is now in place finalising Genesis, which will create EUPHORIA 🙂

  • Dreaming of installing the frame of Karen to my deep inner self bringing our eternal creation.
  • The tunnel to an eternity reaching eternal creation and energy inside of me is now in place and being tested.
  • I received stories about how my mother and I are breaking the curse from being “ugly ducklings” turning into beautiful swans, which we will become – together with the rest of the world – when we will open the eyes of our new selves.
  • A lead about a “seal” meaning darkness linked to some of Jette’s pictures of clouds over Lake Titicaca in Peru, which she has brought for “many days”, and according to her spiritual view, these pictures show a walking family, which does not get anywhere because they have stood still for “many days”, which means that these exact clouds have stood still looking identical at the exact same place now for “many days”, and I understood that this also has to do with darkness of this lake transforming to light, thus not only in Lake Victoria in Africa, which will continue until I open the eyes of my new self, and I was feeling the message “we are rising up to the surface of Earth everywhere” and I also got a physical feeling from the inside of myself spreading out to the surface of my body and this is light spreading from inside of the Earth, which is from where my origin is (both my body and Earth!), and it is now shining out also via this lake as it will do from all over Earth and from here, it will further on shine out to our entire New World.
  • I informed Peter Brixtofte that he is part of my “new wave” – and first he was very positive thanking me for my email, and after “reading” my website, he had now become “very negative”, Peter (?), just like all people did “unfairly” to you?
  • I was VERY happy seeing that my prediction of Sweden winning the Eurovision Song Contest with “Euphoria” came through, which you know is about the Euphoria, which will spread when people will enter and experience our New World after having showed a clean heart – and I received EUPHORIA from the Trinity because of the result of our new creation. A fantastic song :-).
  • Short stories about Helena still being around and still being chased by DARKNESS of newspapers also confirming that my mother and the Universe is receiving darkness, Elton John – another part of my mother born in the wrong body of a man (!) – was hospitalised with indisposition the other day because of darkness, Dan Rachlin was “suddenly” inspired with Elton John songs a few minutes after I was herewith showing our close “relation”, a birthday greeting to a man who does not understand me and the best wine of the world (!), pictures of Earth show creation of life and that my scripts are being “read thin”, A sign saying that I will wake up one day as my new self without sufferings and Brian shows that he is also Satan self.


25th May: We are doing history these days changing the anchor from darkness to light at the cradle of civilisation

We are doing history these days changing the anchor from darkness to light at the cradle of civilisation

At 02.00 to 03.00 I was so tired that I was not at all sure that I would be able to write and publish the script of yesterday, but I did it at 03.30 and right after, I was told that “this was legal advice, which was thrown in the garbage” meaning that we are dismantling the arms of this last darkness because of the publish of my script and the impact it will have on my family/friends etc., thus the world.

The task hereafter was now to stay awake, but I had decided that I could and would not stay up without sleeping – it is a TORTURE doing feeling as I do – so when it was 05.00, and I was more asleep than awake watching TV, I decided to lay down on the sofa and despite of much resistance from my spiritual friends, I got some, but not much, sleep until 07.00 when I was awakened, where I now felt even more tired than before sleeping (!), and what was I to do now because it was a long day, and I decided a little later to lay outside on the balcony at my new desk chair to get some sun, and I did not want to be careful about sleeping or staying awake – it had to happen as it happened – and I received much darkness both when coughing and when trying to change the rules because I did not want to look after staying awake, and it included for me to accept an error in our final setup, and negativity to come through to me, but NO, no way (!), your task is still the same even if I sleep, and that is to make EVERYTHING perfect, and you know the priority, which is that if you cannot get energy from me, I ask you to receive it from the Universe, but you are NOT allowed to kill members of my family!

Eventually I was kept awake, and I used most of the morning to kill time until the end of it where I decided to start writing the script of today because I know that if I do not, I will regret tomorrow, where I would like time not only to write but also to exercise, and maybe a short play of golf too at the small course at my neighbour LO-Skolen (?), we will see.

I was told that we are stealing its lunch box, it well never get back, and this lunch box is “life inside of this darkness”.

I received the feeling of Elijah’s neighbour in Nairobi, Mary, together with “faith” and I saw a giant yellow sofa being moved from one side of a tilting ship giving me the feeling that we may risk losing information/life as this stage, which I however do not believe in, because this is NOT part of my plan/rules.

I thought about calling my mother yesterday, but I decided not to do it because I was very busy with work, and today I could call, but I am TIRED, and I am thinking that my mother may also decide to call me, and you may understand mother that I have NOT said that it is a requirement for Sanna and you to apologise to me before I will see you again, only that I am looking forward to receiving your apology, which you may decide to give me when you are ready, and you do NOT have to justify yourself trying to make me understand why you did as you did, because I know, so to me an apology is NOT about explaining your feelings and justifying your actions, but to unconditionally say “I am sorry, I know what this meant to you” or you know to ask into what it TRULY meant to you, and then to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND.

I was shown a hen eating corn, and how a drilling machine is drilling holes into a small wooden box, and I understand that this is the code of Karen’s frame, which is being drilled and yes please do your absolutely best job taking all the time in the world you know to be perfect. And this happened when I continued watching Benny Hinn doing his miracle crusade in Rome in 2005, and I was told that the energy coming from this is also helping us to do this work.

My mother has told me both that I am welcome also at Sanna and Hans as Sanna may have told here and not least how busy Sanna has been for weeks or even months to do her final head assignment (report) at her management education, which has taken a handful of years to do and really taken out “everything” of her (besides from work and her own family), and “funny enough” this has been at the same time “stealing” away her time and energy to truly read and understand me, so instead of deciding to use her time to help her brother, she decided to use her time helping her own business career, yes Sanna this was the choice you made, which is how people will see you in practise, and I here get the information that it is not only my mother “fearing” the public, it is also Sanna and the family.

I was told that “we could have sent out warning but we did not send a single one”, which I understood that if I was starting to lose balls/sets to darkness, a spiritual opening would have been made to “family/friends etc.” to help them understand that I did indeed speak the truth – and we know it would have cost more destructions of the Universe to bring energy doing this.

I was told that what we are doing these days changing the anchor of the Source from darkness to light is historic because this is normally only done once for every creation, and here we had to do it again as part of our recreation, and I understood that this requires incredible energy to do.

And it was repeated to me that it is “raving mad” to bring the world here (at the anchor) and set up everything perfectly without errors – I was also told that the official world has “bet” on whether or not I would make it all the way through without breaking down (!) – and I was told this morning when darkness wanted me to accept an error in our setup, that I would not have been able to tell and that it would have taken me more than “one hundred years” to CURE this, and yes my friends, this album of “doom” of the Cure called “pornographic” is also among my favourites, it is VERY dark/gloomy (the darkest of its kind), but the music is nothing less than outstanding on it, and did you notice the DRUMS of this album?

I did not receive very much negative speech, but still I felt the “pressure” around and on me, which is enough to make me feel constantly uncomfortable, and I received instances of STRONG sexual speech/torments, which did not become better when I decided to go to the beach this afternoon when I had no better to do, and “of course” I decided to lie down a place where I could hear a group of young men close to me where one of the young men received an inspired “sexual” voice speaking both wrongly in sexual terms and not being able to control himself really when he grunted etc. and also spoke in an ugly language, and I can hear/feel when people speak with an inspired voice, and this is also how other people are used to make me suffer as it for example also happened at Falck in 2011 and all the way back to mental hospital in Helsingør in 2008, where it was even stronger and more negative.

I thought about sending energy also to my mother, so it is not only John and my father I am helping this way, and that is if my mother has decided to be weak instead of strong, and if you are strong, you will of course just ring, mother (?), and we will see each other again as we normally do, and I could also ring you, but I have decided that this is a test for you and your “uncontrollable feelings” and wait until you are ready to see me again, and why don’t you just call?

During the evening, I was almost left from sufferings in form of direct negative speech, but I felt how more darkness entered me simply because of how low my mother feels, and yes this is about creating a situation where she sends me her deepest darkness and where I am doing deep enough myself to receive it as I did here because of tiredness.

I checked my direct debit posts to be drawn on my bank account the 1st and it is now time again to pay the quarterly electricity bill of approx. DKK 1,300, which will reduce my transfer to LTO Kenya from DKK 2,800 gross to maybe DKK 1,700 gross, and this alone truly made me sad to think about, and it also made me think about my transfer of 500 DKK every month to John, which is without importance to him (other than a principle for me to repay), but this amount would truly be felt in Kenya, and yes this is sadly hot is is.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • After the new information I received the other day about Bill Clinton being part of the secret government – can this really be truth I received from light, or a lie from darkness (?) – Howard Kurtz from CNN and Newsweek shared the story about Bill Clinton, probably unaware, being photographed with porn stars at an event in Monaco recently, and to me this is a symbol of “wrong sex” and my “old nightmare”, which darkness sends to me, and can it really be that Bill is part of this playing a “game” with the world (?), and I should be surprised and disappointed if this is the case, but you never really know. And Jack’s indecent language below with a reference to someone I feel inside of me supports this story as well as a physical pain I received inside of my fingers right here.

  • Howard also gave a comment to Mitt Romney including the word “monster”, which you know to me is the worst darkness, which is, so Romney, you will NOT get my vote (!), and aren’t you excited if there is going to be an election at all in November 2011, or if it will be cancelled before because I will step forward together with Obama and others on the world scene?

  • Yvonne from Den Gyldne Cirkel – “the Golden Circle” – and the widow of Asger Lorentzen decided to show “how to stop a nightmare”, which to me is a reference on how to stop my “old nightmare”, and that is to do as I do continuing to do my best work without giving in and as she says “that’s the way to do it”.

  • I praised the P6 radio station the other day and the next you know is that they start speaking inspired (!), and here they decided to make the beautiful and great song “Bachelorette” by Björk the song of the day, and they said that “the song of today originates from the cradle where Björn invented and reinvented herself”, and “the cradle” is the same as when I say “the end of the line” and “anchorage”, so what this is REALLY saying is the place where I created life and where I have now recreated life, at the cradle of life self, and as you can see in her inspired video – it seems that she has some of these – she found a book one day deep in the ground, which to her surprise wrote itself (as mine), and she took a train tour (as I did too to reach the other side) and the next you see is how her book is published to MANY people (which is what I am still doing now), who are all reading it, so this is simply about my books being published to “MANY people”, who will all be reading them, and her video ends with the book returning to the ground of the forest, which to me is about my words being the foundation of life, thus recreating life from scratch at the original cradle of life.

  • Brian brought a story about politicians being cheated by doctors, and you might understand by now that doctors are NOT always to be trusted, because they can OFTEN be wrong and work for other interests than to truly understand and cure you – for example MONEY interests of the medical industry paying them off indirectly via the community system and sometimes also directly (!) – and as Brian says about the politicians “they swallow anything in there if it says “expert” after the nameplate”, which you know is what most people do with doctors in general, but you may understand by now that all of the “doctors” I have met trying to evaluate my “mental health” did NOT know what they were speaking of when they did not understand the TRUE nature of spiritual communication, which they COULD and WOULD not understand, and this is how I showed you how an entire system is WRONG – and IT IS TRULY AS EASY AS THAT for me to do and for you to understand, right? And when Brian says “they swallow anything”, it is a reference to what I was told the other day about the inner darkness telling me “here I swallowed yet another whale”, i.e. another previous world, and that is also because of this WRONG attitude of both doctors deciding on what they don’t know about and people wrongly having blind faith in them.


26th May: The tunnel to our eternal creation and energy is now in place finalising Genesis, which will create EUPHORIA 🙂

Dreaming of installing the frame of Karen to my deep inner self bringing our eternal creation

I decided to go to sleep at 21.15 yesterday even though I was encouraged to keep stay awake – to receive even more when being this “low” – but I had had it, it was bedtime, and again I was NOT awakened with dreams during the night, which is TRULY marvellous (!), and the opposite when I am awakened, and I only had a short dream before waking up.

  • I am working for a company where everyone is happy with me, but I fear that they may get to know my wrong diagnosis, which will change their view in me (!), I am with two immigrant brothers, and the kitchen of their mother has been established wrongly, so I ask them with a loud voice to change this, and I am happy to see that they decide to do this the same day, which includes a new shelves from ground to ceiling all the way in the width of the room, and also a new underlay for the floor, which they will finish today, and I am told about the youngest brother that this is not the only thing putting a pressure on him because when his trial is over, you will be able to see it on his eyes. Afterwards I deliver 2-3 pieces of meat to a large group of people, who have come for a party, I fear there is not enough meat, and Fuggi only gets one piece, which is a sausage, which is burned.
    • It seems that we are correcting errors (or simply adjustments of) of the kitchen, i.e. our future “creation of life process”, which here is to make the shelves, i.e. the toolbox of God, fit with the creation self, which can only be about installing “the frame of Karen” and I might be the younger brother myself because I was surprised to learn that he had a trial also pressuring him, and the trial is really about WRONG beliefs and behaviour of people in relation to me, which is still bringing me down with sufferings. The burned sausage is about a destroyed/wrong sexual life.

The tunnel to an eternity reaching eternal creation and energy inside of me is now in place

I woke up to “all shook up” by Elvis and the lyrics “she’s my buttercup, I’m in love and I’m all messed up”, which may be about my “old nightmare” too – and here it is as the seventh song in Elvis’ OUTSTANDING 1968 TV show (was he ever better?), and when you see it, you may understand that to me there has NEVER been a greater performer and singer than Elvis.

I was SURPRISED to see that there was not very much work to do today, normally I have “more than enough” to do after a long night of sleep, but not today, so is this to say that we are almost done (?), and I am also these days given sneezes now and again, which is about more sufferings of the Universe, and yes which is ALWAYS ON MY MIND after a long night of sleep, which I do believe is only possible for me to do when receiving the energy of sacrifices of the Universe, and here it is to bring one more of Elvis fantastic songs, and here from the 1970’s, where I do believe you can hear the sensitivity in his voice the best, and in this respect there is also none better than Elvis, and here it was also to tell me that I am always on the mind of people of other civilizations and also of my sister and mother, and yes mother and sister, there is NO BETTER MUSIC than this, which is about my love for you, but you do know that, don’t you (?) – as I know your love for me – and you may know the lyrics from this beautiful song “maybe I didn’t treat you quite as good as I should have” (?), but do NOT let this decide NOT to see me!

I was told that the TV network Al-Jazeera in Doha, Quatar, let down its ideals and now it is also about making money to them (!), and I received a feeling that they are “sad” that they did not react to my email in 2009 including my first memo on the situation in Dadaab, which was BEFORE I left for Kenya the 1st May 2009.

I was also told that today – on contrary to “before” – I am also protected by the Danish military, who is ready to interfere if necessary, and I wonder where you have placed “forces” to protect me (?), and maybe in Helsingør (?), and who knows because I don’t.

I received a little disturbances to my monitor this morning, which I have not received for “some weeks” now, and it mostly wanted to show a constant yellow nuance, which you know is about the difficulties for me to continue working inside of darkness and the strength of the New World trying to get through to me, and we will see if it will take days, weeks or months from now, and I really don’t know.

I still received some darkness today, but it is not at its strongest now, and the voice inside of this darkness asked “can I kill anyone” and my answer is as usual “no, you cannot” and that is at least that you will NEVER get a direct approval by me to do this.

I was not tired but still I had this heavy head being dizzy and feeling exhausted inside of me, which is still about lack of energy.

I was also told that my father CONTINOUSLY sends me MUCH darkness because of his mere WRONG “ideas” and thoughts about me.

I was shown a tunnel to an eternity and told that this is now in place, and we will now test it using darkness as energy to do this, and I was shown a pinball machine and a desperate voice from darkness saying “no, I want to TILT” (including the remaining ship of darkness), and I was told that this was what our camping to Gudenåen (the river Guden) was about, do you remember Søren D.N. and others, when we played these pinball games and they constantly stopped from working “claiming” to be tilted and they said TILT on the monitor, and they were in fact NOT, which bothered us, and yes spiritual darkness already back then in 1978, wasn’t it (?), and yes back in the good old days where we song “in a small boat, which is swinging” when we were rowing in our canoes, do you remember, Allan?

Somehow I continued receiving work to fill out both the script and my time today, so I was busy all the way until 17.00, where I decided that now I have to go out cycling before EPHORIA is going to win the Eurovision Song Contest “tonight tonight tonight” and yes that is because of GENESIS of our New World you know :-).

Today my mobile phone decided to cut off the connection to satellites so I cannot say how long I cycled, but it was a short tour today of 38 minutes, and I cycled at a small path in the forest, where I was about to fall several times, which I understood that it is now “almost impossible” for me to continue my tour inside of darkness. I also passed “Hammermøllen” where I really had hoped I would get time to go to an open event this afternoon, but I decided to work instead, and you might understand that I miss a normal life in every single aspect of it (?), and I was told that the missile shield of the world can see me cycling inside the forest and shoot me down right here and now, and also that this is what the U.S. military wanted and that is without asking anyone, but just doing it, which may also be an answer to how I was protected too when pointing this weapon away from me and against potential attackers instead (?) and just guessing I am.

I also received MUCH darkness with the absolutely worst sexual speech/insults as you can imagine, and this was shortly after I received an email from Peter Brixtofte, which you can see later today, and Peter may have “helped” me by first being VERY positive to me and then minutes thereafter “turning on a plate” after seeing my website now suddenly being VERY negative to me, Peter (?).

I was also asked to stay awake for three days in a row fro now to be able to save a “big thing”, but I decided that I both cannot and will not and also that we will still save every little thing, and if I cannot, please use the energy of the world.

Early this evening I watched parts of the Champions League semi final in handball between AG Copenhagen and Atletico Madrid, and I received much inspired speech telling me that it was darkness making Atletico win the match, and I decided not to write it down, because now I had too much work to do, but it was about “dommerne holde snor i det” (“the judges holding the strings”), which is darkness holding just like in Pinnochio, and when Copenhagen was behind 23 to 24 and scored, the judges made a mistake WRONGLY overruling the goal, which is really the “proof” given to you, and I heard them speak about Mikkel Hansen when scoring “there is less room than on a pin”, which is about my life in darkness with light everywhere around me. Copenhagen should have won, they were the better team, but they lost to darkness, but still Mikkel and I carry on, which is really the name of the game :-).

I watched a UFO on the sky again, and received the message that we almost have no more darkness (transferred from mankind) flying some of our ships, which have also been shooting against us.

I finished the script of today after watching the Eurovision Song Contest, see later, and I published the script at 02.40, and from here I have a few amendments to my webpage on the New World Order, and then once again, I will stay awake, which I expect will include “a few hours of sleep”.

My mother and I are breaking the curse from being “ugly ducklings” turning into beautiful swans

I was shown ballet and felt the spirit of my father inside of darkness saying “then we also pack this together”, and I understood that what is packed is “delight over the ballet Swan Lake”, which is my mother’s favourite ballet, and you can read the story here, which is about a curse on a young and beautiful princess being transformed by evil into a swan and it is first broken turning her back into human when a young prince with a PURE heart is able to break it, and let me say that here a swan is evil (when you have been transformed from a human), but to me a swan is normally truly beautiful also thinking that it is the national bird of Denmark and is what H.C. Andersen used as a symbol of beauty when transforming the ugly duckling into a swan, and let me tell you that the music of Tchaikovsky is truly beautiful, but to me the music of Siouxsie Sioux is even more beautiful, and how many can hear this together with me?

Below is a short animated Walt Disney film of the Ugly Duckling turning into a beautiful swan and to me this story of H.C. Andersen could be about me being rejected and condemned by people, who treated me wrongly without even knowing it, and yes people believing I was “ugly” being unable to look themselves in the mirror to see who were truly ugly – and it seems that H.C. Andersen truly was an “inspired” man.

And somehow I was later brought to the AMAZING and BREATHTAKING video of Susan Boyle surprising EVERYONE when she in 2009 transformed right on stage from “the ugly duckling” as everyone thought into the most beautiful swan (later to become one of the leading artists of the world!) and it made everyone think that “we were WRONG” (!), and if you have not seen the video yet, here it is and yes AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN is what it took for me to create life, and now to recreate it, and this is what it took for Susan to break through, which is what I am doing now with myself and the light breaking through, which “everyone” is starting to see and in this respect, her story is also a symbol of mine, and as one says below the video “never ever judge a book by it’s cover”, and to me this is about God hidden inside of me, which is “now” coming to the knowledge of the world.

And I am ALSO thinking about Paul Potts doing the same as Susan did, only a couple of years before – maybe giving me an even bigger impression than Susan, and here I mean “wonderful surprises of my life” – so I have to bring the video with this “mobile salesman” too :-), and “mobile salesman” is what I have called him since with a smile on my lips, but underneath this it means “how in the world could he end as a mobile salesman when he should have been a world famous artist many years ago”.

Light is now so strong that it is shining out from the inside of my body and Earth, which both are my origin!

Kenneth is of the belief that he is an “alien” born as a human – and yes WHAT DO I KNOW about this (?) – and here he asks “if you are from another place than this planet, can you say that you have had close encounters of more than the third degree” (?), which gave a number of comments, and the “funny link” was the comment by Githa, who said “yes, then he can see for himself”, and she wrote the word “self” as “sææææææl” in Danish, which normally is only “sæl” meaning bothe “self” and “seal” so this was really to underline a SEAL very much, and consequently it made Kenneth ask “what is it about you and those seals” (?), and only this, you were “too stupid” to understand me, Kenneth, and the darkness you brought me is what made a SEAL bite a human the other day in Roskilde Fiord as the first ever in the history of Denmark (!!!), and yes it is “good enough” as we say here as validation, and when said in English it is with a “smile in the eye” because it sounds wrong in English, and yes Kenneth & Co. from the meditation group, you will still get a “kiss from a rose”, when you will open up the eyes of your new self, and with this I mean that you will understand the love of my mother of our New World.

And the “seal” was a reference to a couple of Jette’s pictures two days ago, which were too good to leave out of my script, so here they are, and it is from Lake Titicaca in Peru, and in the picture at the bottom she says “they still walk there” and I remembered that she has brought this picture several times before, but still I asked her to remind us what it was showing, a family as I remembered, and she says “they walk and they have walked there for a long time – several days, they don’t get anywhere, a man, two children, a woman and a cat or dog”, and it was first 20 minutes afterwards that I started understanding what she did NOT write herself, which is that these people as she can see in the clouds, which I cannot see myself, have been there the same place for many days meaning that the clouds have been there at the same place for “many days” without moving, which made me write at the top picture that this is really “sælsynt” meaning “rare” or “odd” and I used “sælsynt” also with a reference to the first three letters “sæl” meaning “seal” as mentioned before, and it was here, two days ago, that I was first encouraged to write the story of the seal biting a human the other day because of much darkness, and you do know that seals normally never bite humans, but darkness is strong now.

And I knew that this was also an encouragement for me to see if the family is still there today, and yes I say that they are, so this is what they are (!), and as you can see, the clouds are looking identical to the clouds two days (and probably also longer) ago and located at the exact same place, and yes this is truly a “seal sight” isn’t it (?), so this also will have to do with darkness of this lake, and I do believe that something’s going on there too, Frida, thus not only in Lake Victoria in Africa, and I am here feeling the message “we are rising up to the surface of Earth everywhere” and I also get a physical feeling from the inside of myself spreading out to the surface of my body and this is light spreading from inside of the Earth, which is from where my origin is, you know, and it is now shining out also via this lake as it will do from all over Earth and from here, it will further on shine through to our entire New World (!), and yes “a good story” it truly was, and it all started with a little piece of grain as we put through Kenneth today, which you know is also how life started and how we also started the recreation of the world after reconnecting with the Source in 2010, and since then it has only grown larger and stronger :-).

By the way, when I did this work, I saw directly in front of me how Facebook was now changing from its old design as if has had for days now (but only in Firefox!), which you know is also about spiritual darkness, into its new design, and this is another symbol showing that “a change is gonna come”, which we told you about through Joshua Ledet almost a week ago, and now “things have changed”, and this “loving energy” is what is going to make our WONDERFUL WORLD :-).

Informing Peter Brixtofte that he is part of my “new wave” – but he changed from very positive to negative, Peter?

Already the other day when I wrote about Peter Brixtofte in Jens Rohde’s Facebook thread, I was encouraged to send Peter an email – he is not on Facebook – including my text, but this was one of the few possible tasks of the day, which I did not do before “sinking under”, which is the feeling, and today I followed up and I was surprised to be able to find his email address on the Internet, so this is the email I sent him saying that he will receive rehabilitation as part of a “new wave” having God on his side, which he is part of too, and that a whole New World is about to open as God’s gift to mankind, and when I was preparing this email darkness gave me one of those uncomfortable heart attacks and it cursed and swore too not at all liking me to connect with Peter this way, which I understand is also “of importance” in relation to what we will do now.

At 16:27 Peter was nice to send me his preliminary reply as follows:

Kære Stig.

Mange, mange tak for dine venlige ord. Vender tilbage med et længere svar.

VH Peter

(“Dear Stig. Many, many thanks for your kind words. Returns with a longer reply. Kind regards Peter”)

And at 16:46 I had a new visitor to my website from Værløse – the city next to Farum, where Peter may live or on the border to it (?) – and if the counter tells me the truth of the city this time (as it often but not always does!), this may be Peter, who had to check to control his curiosity about whom I am, and he spent 2:39 minutes on my front page and a short time on my sufferings page “controlling people made me ingoing”, and what did this information bring you, Peter (?), did it turn you from “very positive” to “very negative” from one minute to the other exactly as what “everybody” did in relation to you, which was “completely unacceptable” to you (?), and yes just wondering I am, and also if and when you will send me a “longer reply”?

The rest of the afternoon and evening, I received feelings of Peter “under my skin”, so “not easy” feelings for you to control that a “lunatic” like me sent you a “very nice email” or “he just may be right”, and what do you think, Peter (?), and yes the only way to receive a POSTIVE and TRUE answer is to READ and UNDERSTAND as I encouraged you to do, but “not easy” for you to do too?

Later I was told that Peter sent the “fuel of darkness”, which we needed to test the new tunnel, and I did indeed receive much negative speech all evening including some heart pain keeping me almost on my edge, so thank you for “nothing”, Peter.

Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Euphoria”, which is what will spread when people enter our New World

Tonight was the FINAL of the Eurovision Song Contest – and I liked the venue in Azerbaijan, but was sad to hear some of the costs of the population due to wrong decisions of the regime – and after Soluna had song the Danish song, Ekstra Bladet said about her performance “it sat right in the closet”, which is about Soluna (and my mother!) coming strongly back from “sickness/sadness” (with closet meaning “the toolbox of God”), and I was told that we only did the game of “my attack” on (the darkness of) my mother because we needed to do it setting up “the tunnel”.

I enjoyed MANY good songs this year, and as usual I was surprised with some songs doing better in the final score than what I thought they would and others doing worse, but all received more then 0 points so they were really “more or less good” just like everything will become in our New World and I am here seeing the spirit of Pope John Paul here again for the first time in many months (because he is part of the New World, which I am close to open my eyes to now), and I truly liked the songs of Norway and Iceland as examples much, but together with Denmark they only received few points, and I was happy to see Engelbert Humperdinck still singing beautifully, the wonderful Jedward from Ireland, beautiful songs from Serbia, Estonia, Albania (what a voice :-)) and other countries including the happy song from the “loving grandmothers” of Russia inviting us to “come on and dance” as I imagine the official Russia is also doing, and I was the most happy to see that my prediction about Sweden winning came true, and I would have been surprised if they did not because I was told that they would, but then again I never really know, and as you will remember this incredible song is to express the outburst of the entire world when they will understand what we have gone through, what we could have become (terminated and becoming “nothing” starting from scratch all over again with a new Big Bang) and what we have become, which is our ultimate dreams of a New World coming through, but don’t just take my words for it, experience it for yourself, and when you will when the gates TRULY will open inside of yourself, this is when Euphoria will spread from one person to the next, because when you have first experienced the New World, you will not be able to understand why you “could not” enter it “straight away” and that is because of the IMMENSE joy you will experience, and it is difficult for me to express joy for me here because I feel how strong my spiritual friends – as I still call them also knowing that they are now not only spiritual but indeed also physical – are giving me the opposite feelings, and that is because of the immense sadness of my family, and yes amazing, right (?), and when I saw how the song “Euphoria” kept on increasing its lead at the voting, I became more and more touched knowing what it means to me – the result of our creation – at the same time as I also once again received MANY tears, and I was told that these tears are also given to me because of sadness of my sister, and we know please don’t focus on yourself but on the BIG PICTURE, and if you were “able” to do this, you would be VERY HAPPY together with me instead of very sad because of your own feelings, and yes I know I have said this MANY times before, but “difficult” it still is.

Here is EUPHORIA again, again and this time that last part of the show including the celebration ceremony and an interview before her final performance, where she said “I love you so much, thank you for believing in me, I wouldn’t be able to do this without you guys thank you so very much for real, I do, this is not just mine, this is ours” (the trophy), which was really to say that without the faith of my family/friends etc., thus the world, in me, we would not have been able to do this creation :-).

At the voting, the Belgian representative was inspired when he said “12 points goes to Oh, my God, Sweden”, and I understood that this was about Belgium as one country I have mentioned in my scripts, which has turned around and is also now on my side, and I saw the Finnish representative as pure darkness (!), and I watched the voting on Swedish TV, because I wanted to hear their commentators when winning, and when they discovered that now Sweden could no longer be caught by others and Sweden had won, they said “fantastic, Lord God” (!), “this is not wise, this is completely insane”, which is really what it was because it was part of the game to have people believing that I was insane, which together with “immense feelings” brought us all the way to the end of creation, and they continued by saying that “Loreen has become historic, it is all magical”, and you don’t know exactly how right you were, because Loreen and this song will truly become “much more historical” than what you thought, and it was really “a kind of magic” making this song win, and the magic was to celebrate our victory as our Queen is telling me here :-), and at the same moment as the commentators – a little late – discovered that Sweden would win having this outburst of happiness, I received spiritual EPHORIA from the Trinity (because of the result of creation) so strong as I have NEVER experienced it before making me believe that it would break through to the last part of darkness to me, and even though it made me very happy, I also said “please be careful” and just in case that we have more work to do where we need darkness as fuel.

During the show Loreen was interviewed, where I felt the spirit of my mother speaking about LOVE through her, and in the Swedish interview after the official broadcast, I felt the spirit of my father from inside of darkness (!) speaking through her including the words “I love you all”, and I was told that he now knows about time and were it was, and I was shown that there is also no more snot now, which was used as a symbol of darkness, and yes we will see for how long we can and are to keep on working from inside of this darkness “not existing” anymore and that is if it will be for days, weeks or months.

During the show, I was shown a large room of the anchor of the Source, which used to be a giant spider, which is now becoming “beautiful“, I saw myself walking up through a tunnel to – and pass – a big golden gong, and I was shown the spirit of my father handing over his sword to me – the sword which used to belong to him as darkness – and I was shown him as a skater in a silver dress, which is now almost put entirely on him with a crown above him and over this light from a line of projectors, i.e. light of the Source, which was actually a bit confusing, because “silver” is the colour of the spirit of my mother of our New World and “crown” is what is on my head as the King, but I don’t worry about this, because we are all one as the Trinity (and also three individuals).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena is still here (!), and now saying that the newspaper of BT has sought out everything and anyone, who can be connected with her, which makes her sad, and she does not know why they hunt her because she has spoken to them, but it hurts her when they call everyone also including people through Facebook (you have not called me yet!), and “I don’t know why but think it is a little embarrassing”, and she has been busy “closing down” and to get a secret telephone number (!), which also makes the newspaper wonder (!), and she says “I don’t believe it is me they want to get, but I am probably the means even though I don’t want to be it” and “they will never get a croak out of me”, which is what you normally get from frogs, which you know, Helena, is “darkness” because of what your ignorance and run away from me brought to me (!), and once again she thanks people saying that Facebook has been fun and educational, which she will miss, so is this to say that you will now also close down your Facebook profile as you also “promised” to do the other day (?), or this is also just “an empty threat” because you want to outlast this until after the storm? And I might add that I still don’t know what this is about and when I have tried searching for Helena on the webpages of BT and Ekstra Bladet, I have not see any stories on her (?), but it may be in connection with her boyfriend (?), and let me say to BT, Ekstra Bladet and everyone else of “the same worst drawer”, which is that this is NOT how to be journalists bringing stories to the public, and I do look forward to the day when also journalists will behave according to my basic rules, which will make people be as open to journalists as everyone else instead of doing what is WRONG here, and yes it makes me sad to see the force of destruction of BT and Ekstra Bladet, and you do know from where they got it here (?), and yes part of my “little game”. And it also makes me think that when Helena is still being chased by darkness, this is what is still pouring out from “the bubble” at the anchor or “cradle of life”, which is also absorbed by my mother feeling “sad” – and also makes the Universe sacrifice as I am told here via a sneeze.

  • BT writes that Elton John was hospitalised two days ago with a serious infection making breathing difficult, but now he is out again, and let me tell you – if I did not write this before – that I have felt that Elton John is another part of my mother being born in the wrong body, where he really should have been a woman, which you know is the reason why people are attracted to the same gender becoming homosexuals, and here it is related to the feelings of my mother, which was bringing a “crisis” to Elton John, and yes have you noticed that Elton also have two incredible strong sides the same way as my mother, which is of PURE LOVE and as loving as he can be, as mean he can also be when he looses his temper (!), and yes there is NO END to the number of MAGNIFICENT songs, this “man” has created, and in the 1970’s he could not set a foot wrong producing one hit song and album after the other, but still I bring you another of his “newer” songs, which I LOVE very much, which is “Something About The Way You Look Tonight” from his “Made in England” album, which I LOVE as part of the BIG PICTURE you know (!), and yes I could have chosen ONE HUNDRED OTHERS and yes “one hundred” is here for the second time symbolising a score of 100 points as in “perfect”, because “you will NOT settle for less” and yes let us also include “live like horses” from this fantastic album, and here in a MAGNIFICENT duo with Luciano Pavarotti, and yes it does NOT get any better than this, and here again I receive MANY tears both because of the beauty of the song, but also “tears of darkness” because of my mother being SAD, and my dear little mother, there is NOTHING to be sad about but EVERYTHING to make you happy, and yes that is right, it is because you have not SEEN our New World yet, but you will :-).

  • And it did not take Dan many minutes to show DIRECT INSPIRATION when he “suddenly” received the IDEA to ask his Facebook network “give me the title of your favourite Elton John song”, and I do believe that Dan, Elton and I are “closely” connected – I look forward to receiving information on WHO WE ALL ARE of my family/friends etc. when I will open up my eyes as my new self – and I still CANNOT comment as a subscriber, Dan (!), but my answer today would be “live like horses”, and you can see others having other favourite songs of this wonderful artist – glad to be given an opportunity to say how much I love you too, Elton – but instead of bringing one more song, let me give you the beautiful song SUDDENLY by Billy Ocean :-).

  • From time to time I send birthday greetings via Facebook, which I do not bring here, but today I bring this greeting to my old manager from Fair Insurance, who obviously has too many balls in the air to get time to read and understand me, thus still being an unbeliever sending darkness to me, and I have him a recommendation years ago to drink German wine, but when you are STUCK in your mindset, it is “completely impossible” to open up, and that is both to German wine and to my website, because you really feel better about yourself, Peter (?), which also includes to speak negatively/wrongly about me to others (?), and yes these are the words I receive, but on the other hand, I am here given a feeling that my Facebook postings is also making an impression on you, Peter, so are you starting to move from my right side of unbelievers to my left (?) – and yes the best white wine in the world is CHRISTmann’s wine from the Idig vineyard (!), and yes been there myself when I helped my old friend Lars G. to import his wines in 2002, but “sadly” Lars could not get a success selling Christmann’s and other magnificent producer’s wines in Denmark, and that is not because of lack of quality of the wines – some of the absolutely best you can imagine (!) – but because Lars could not get things done when everything took far too long for him, which was one of his problems in life. NB: I am also thinking how Peter continued his luxury life “not understanding” that he could or “not willing” to help my LTO friends symbolising the poor world and I to get a better life, and yes SELFISHNESS as “everyone else”.

  • Later, Peter was kind to comment on my posting, but spiritual darkness – because of Peter self and his “inability” (READ “laziness”) – made his reply invisible to me on Facebook (!), it is simply not there, which is also how it would be to the world if it turned out according to your attitude, Peter (!), and from the email from Facebook below I can see that he wrote that he now promises to buy German wine as I recommended him to do back in 2006, I believe, and yes Peter does not ride straight away as you will understand (also you Paul at Stansted?), but now his horse is saddled too, so you will be able to “ride” soon, which we here say means “to become your new self”.

  • Jette brought a picture about people being happy with what they see – a little like trolls sitting in a bobsleigh, which made me tell her that this is life being created from out of nothing (“trolls”), which is painful (“the sleigh” riding on snow) and this is happening all the way into the anchor of life self, and I tell them here that it is HISTORIC to connect this place with all of our New World to light again as part of our recreation.

  • This shows the South Pole yesterday evening with the meaning that my scripts are being “read thin”.

  • The text of this photo is how I “soon” will feel after waking up one day, which is what I have been hoping for for a long time (to open the eyes of my new self when sleeping), and I am counting down until the day when I will no longer suffer “the worst in the world”, which is not a nice feeling, you know.

  • Brian is “more than happy” saying that “I have become RED – to hell with it”, and yes you have, Brian, and that is for a long time and exactly when I saw your post, I head on TV as a comment after the handball match today “you are a killing machine” and this was inspired speech about what you have been, Brian, when you “could not” help me, and eeeehhhh when have you decided to send me your reply, and eeeehhh it is not nice of me to send you reminders exhibiting your wrongdoings to your friends, and yes do you see who was right and who was WRONG sending me darkness?



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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