May 29, 2012: Removal of the last darkness will remove “indisposition” and all sicknesses, “it changes history of our future”


Summary of the script today

27th May: Receiving the absolutely last “creation of darkness” and the “tools of creation” after finalising creation

  • Except from a couple of hours I also kept awake this night and day trying to overcome extreme darkness doing some work, playing golf again (!), I felt ALONE AGAIN NATURALLY making me sad, the new tunnel has now been tested and it works perfectly, I was reaching a new all time deepness of extreme tiredness from where I was receiving the last of the visible part of the spirit of my father, which includes the “invention” of darkness self, which is NOT part of the infinite levels of “nothing” inside of me. This is the last part setting us completely free from risk of darkness forever and ever, and I also received the “tools of creation” itself after finalising creation.
  • Short stories of pictures of Earth showing my scripts inside the strongest light and that it is God as the Trinity being the co-writers together with me as a physical human being, the same clouds continue to stand still over Lake Titicaca lake, Robin Gibb did not die of cancer but because of sudden darkness giving him “side effects” of radiation treatment, Peter Mogensen is looking forward to our New World and ”loneliness is the bridge between feeling alone in the world and being one with all that is”.

28th May: Removal of the last darkness will remove “indisposition” and all sicknesses, “it changes history of our future”

  • I had yet another night and day with only few hours of sleep and much tiredness.
  • The saving of the last visible part of darkness of the spirit of my father is at the same time the birth of the spirits of my mother and father, and I was told that “it changes history of our future and what we can allow ourselves to do”. Removing this darkness from man now will also remove simple mindedness, indisposition and laziness from everyone, and without this anchor of darkness becoming light, it would not be possible to bring healing to all people.
  • Short stories about the importance to understand what my scripts say and NOT what they do NOT say, the importance of and coherence between repenting/apologising and giving forgiveness, the road of Barack Obama also included sexual torments and George Michael “never thought that my saviour would come”, but he did :-).

29th May: USA used Greenland to surveil the world, and the Bermuda Triangle symbolised the end of the world

  • Dreaming of Elijah’s negativity with me, which is saving life (!) and my attitude to continue my school of sufferings as long as I can.
  • I still receive much darkness/suffering and I felt very sad to be alone again with people for one reason or another not speaking with me. In relation to remaining darkness “we are now at the edge of the volcano crater” with everything else inside of the crater being cleansed by now and HAPPINESS of life just behind the act of darkness.
  • Short stories of Helena still being here, Dalai Lama using my words in a Facebook post, Brian is “unlucky” and is still sending me darkness because of his “fear” to coming out supporting me, Tanwir is still devastated about the loss of his father showing the world the depth of true feelings, a selection of Jette’s pictures showed me as Clark Kent/Superman, an angel saving life, the library of “everything” is open to the world, the official world “hiding” like an ostrich and continuous fight between light and darkness to save life inside of darkness, and a selection of new pictures showed that USA used their Thule base in Greenland as darkness carrying out surveillance of the world, historic losses of the Bermuda Triangle of ships and planes also symbolised the end of the world and today you can only be protected by light against “sicknesses” on your computer if you do not use virus protection programmes.


27th May: Receiving the absolutely last “creation of darkness” and the “tools of creation” after finalising creation

Receiving the absolutely last “creation of darkness” and the “tools of creation” after finalising creation

After publishing the previous script at 02.40, I sent it as usual via email to my LTO friends in Kenya including this message saying that their most important task was to read me, but even though they had “plenty of time”, it was “very difficult” for several of you to read and understand in order to keep your faith, and that was when laziness and prioritisation of not using much money on Internet Cafes took over from you my friends (?), but still you made it this far, and if you are reading this, Meshack, let me tell you that I do understand that you are suffering, but you are making all of us suffer when deciding not to truly communicate about your plans.

Dear all,

Here is yet another new script, and the better you read it, the better you understand the signs, and the easier it will be to keep and also to increase your faith. This has been your main task – to read and understand me, how do you think you did (?), was it “difficult” (?), could you afford it (?) and could you TRULY find time and money if you REALLY had to (?), and yes there was NOTHING more important for you than to keep reading to keep your faith to help me with creation, and I anticipate that you will give me different feedback on this, and as usual the DIRECT TRUTH is appreciated much.

I kept on working until 04.00 to amend my webpage on the New World Order to exclude mandatory pension schemes and disability and health care insurance plans because we will receive eternal physical life where work without retirement always will be part of a normal life, and where there will be no sicknesses nor consequences of accidents to my understanding (I do believe that everything can be healed and recreated “just like that” when there are no strings binding us) and when there are no risks, there is of course no need for insurance.

I also amended the previous line “There will be no countries, manmade kingdoms and religions in our New World” into “There will be no countries, manmade kingdoms and religions in our New World, but you are free to keep cultural areas, names of locations and different flags” herewith giving the world the freedom to “organise” into different/natural “cultural areas”, so we as example will not lose “exciting national sport matches”, song contests etc.

The game was now again to stay awake, which is truly a game, I do NOT like at all, and I managed to kill time until 07.15, where I decided that I will not try to go to my ultimate level of tiredness, which is so full of sufferings that it hurts very much and this is even though I was told “if you knew how important this is, you would do everything you can not to sleep” (for three days”), but no I cannot do this, and when I laid down, the voice of darkness told me “What about me then (?), I will now not get with you” and I said “no you are coming too as everyone else, this is only a matter of how deeply the anchor is located”, which is what I believe in, but I don’t know for sure also contributing much to a difficult situation, because what are the consequences of my actions (?),and eventually I received some sleep until 10.00 where I was woken up again, and I wonder what this decision meant to the world in terms of sacrifices and the final setup of the Source, or is it only testing now?

My Firefox Internet browser has for days a few times “decided” to close down right in front of my eyes, which is looking like some of the same spiritual darkness I had in 2010, which you know is about “extreme darkness” of family being sent to me, so my sister and mother, do you think you can “find out” to do the right thing this time (?), or are your “poor habits” so immensely strong that you will keep doing the same errors and wrongdoings over and over again NOT communicating with me when you “feel” like you do, and you haven’t noticed, who is TRULY suffering of us and who are the reason behind, which is simply because you keep fighting me instead of supporting me when you “cannot” communicate and also not support me because your own “personal feelings” are more important to you than the “big picture” and to help your brother/son suffering much worse than you do – and that is BECAUSE OF YOU!

As far as I can see my sister has not read my scripts for quite some time, because you are so busy, so busy, with “more important work”, right Sanna (?), and are you starting to understand that NOTHING is more important than your brother (?), which has a double meaning also because NOTHING, i.e. darkness, is what you chose instead of me. But when you don’t have “time” and cannot admit to your wrongdoings, I might as well shoot a poison arrow after receiving your excuse, and a poison arrow is what you are and have been sending to my heart for years killing me without knowing it because you were “so busy, so busy”, and you are the best example of all – together with my father – of “better-knowing ignorance”. But you do know that I still love you with all of my heart (?), and why don’t you start from scratch reading my scripts from ABC all the way to Z (?), because if you had done this in the first place in 2008, you would have understood “pretty quickly” that I am only writing “the lexicon of love”, which would have helped opening your “look of love” but then again, we would not have been sitting here if you had.

I was told that my sister and mother too (?) are starting to realise that I went through the absolutely worst pain having IMMENSE fear of termination of the Universe with me for every second for years, while you were merely shaking your heads in disbelief over me, and how does that make you feel (?), and eeehhh, “not good” (?), and again this is NOTHING compared to what you brought me.

I have decided NOT to call my mother – nor my sister, which we have NOT done since the cut our contact in 2010 only seeing her few times in 2011 and 2012 WITHOUT any phone calls nowadays (!) – and the reason is that I want my mother to call me, have I written this before (?), and because this is how I will receive the largest amount of darkness, which is really the ingredient of the game now, but it makes me vulnerable to physical breakdown when I do NOT receive any human contact/love/healing other than when meeting my neighbours on the hallway, and this is also why I watch Benny Hinn videos, to receive energy – and do I have to tell you just how SAD this makes me because now I am ALONE AGAIN NATURALLY – nobody apparently wants to see me where everyone has decided to ABANDON me either because they believe I am crazy, have offended them (not understanding “the opposite world”) or fear to contact me because of whom I am, and yes I am AMAZED that I was “allowed” to go through the worst sufferings of any man WITHOUT my family/friends etc. communicating with and supporting me about what mattered to me (!!!) – and yes I almost do not have words for it, and I know how sad it makes my mother and my sister too, and it should be so easy to avoid this, but still it is “impossible” for you to do, and are you keeping from me because you are ashamed of what you did in 2009 trying to lock me behind bars of “mental hospital” or do you feel I was too hard on you when writing about this the other day (?), and yes not easy to tell when you don’t tell me.

Later in the day I was told “is it possible to imagine that they (my mother and Sanna) are crying because of your sufferings” (?), and yes it is possible, but the logical answer would in this case be – if you understood and acknowledged the degree of my true sufferings – that you would NOT abandon me once again, but stay with and support me.

For days I have also been told that I have succeeded or am succeeding to get family/friends etc. to believe in me, which was “completely impossible” to do with my father, mother and sister as the worst, but I can take MANY “friends” (and old colleagues, employees at the Commune and Church etc.) and say the same of them, and Bo from Dahlberg is probably the best of this – but Søren H. is not far behind (!) – and these are people I could shout to for days and they would still not be “able” to understand because of the IMMENSE BLOCKAGE they were born with to represent lack of faith of the world.

Still I heard the voice inside of darkness – I wonder for how long this will continue and for how long I can continue, and let me say that it does NOT get easier over time fighting darkness feeling “destroyed” as I do – and I was told that remaining darkness wanted to kill itself and that in order to do this, it would require darkness to overtake me, which is why I was warned against becoming the Son of darkness, which I will NEVER become!

Despite of my short sleep, I was still immensely tired going to a deep level of pain – but not my ultimate level – and at 14.45 I was told “it is only once we ask you of this, where we collect everything” and I saw a number of lorries knowing that this is about collecting all worlds at the anchor of me, which I really thought that we had done and that we have now also created the final tunnel to eternal creation/energy (?), as I was told, but because it is a game, I never know, and here it is about staying awake as long as possible, and I do NOT believe that I can go through a new night without or with only little sleep, and it was also to encourage me to start doing something instead of nothing killing time because of how I felt, and eventually I decided to write this short script of today even though it is suffering much to continue working feeling as tired as I do.

I was told that the reason why Ekstra Bladet and BT are chasing Helena may be because of me, but since they are also chasing her friends and subscribers, I decided to write this off as a “message of darkness”, which it is, isn’t it?

I was told “we have now walked around and looked at it once, and there was nothing to report”, which is about the test of our new tunnel, which seems to work fine, and I was shown how people of our New World’s are connecting to me with a crown on top and I was told “you will decide yourself when you are finished”, and we know the day when I TRULY do not receive any more suffering from darkness.

A little later I was asked “so it is completely voluntarily that you take on more sufferings” and my answer was “yes” without knowing what this darkness will be used for; for one more test of the tunnel or a new invention, and a little later I was told that this is about getting the last of the visible part of the spirit of my father out and I felt him now as a white dog already haven received much light, and this is about making everything perfect inside of here for our future journey, but only if I am able to go to my deepest level of tiredness, and we will see for how long I can keep going and I do believe that it will not be for long, but I will give it a good try and maybe even my best, we will see and yes this is written like this because of how LOW I feel not being the best foundation to continue staying awake.

I brought five new pictures of Google Earth in Jette’s Facebook group, and I do understand that these pictures and our comments is helping more people to obtain faith in me, and I thought that the conclusion is that it is easier for people to read and understand short Facebook messages together with pictures and really because much of what I write, which people can understand, is the same as I write on my website, which however was “mentally impossible” for most people to start reading because it was “very long” and did not include many pictures (!), and yes SADNESS is also how I feel because of this.

I was told “he wanted you to believe that you had killed him and used his energy to open the eyes of your new self, but no, because this requires your approval”.

It was now 20.00 and I was told that this is “without doubt” the worst darkness I have ever gone through because of my mother, and I was tired to say the least, but still I had the desire to go out to play golf because of the fine weather and also because I had the time, and the fact that the small 9 holes par three course of my neighbour LO-Skolen starts only 100 to 200 metres from here, so this is what I decided to do and that is even though I could not afford to pay the fee, and of course it is wrong to play without paying but then again, it is also wrong that people “cannot” read and understand my scripts and NOT help me to get a normal life enabling me to pay the fee, and so it is, and I thought that I have not played a golf course probably since 2007 and not hit a ball since 2008, and now I am starting again, and I really had the thought especially in 2010 with the threat of termination of the world if I should ever get a normal life and also play golf again, and yes this is what I did today so in this respect it had a valuable symbolic meaning to me, “we made it through to the other side”.

And could I still hit the balls (?), and yes without practice I started at the first hole and hit the ball perfectly so it landed directly in the small lake next to the green (!), and yes even though I was TIRED without any energy, has put on much weight and has not played for 4-5 years, I had no problems to play on the same level as I used to do, which you know is a combination of good/no good from one strike to the next, but I enjoyed it very much in the beautiful nature even though I did not believe I had the energy to walk all nine holes, but I did it.

During the evening I was shown myself walking through one black ring after the other before I at the end meet the fourth musketeer of the spirit of my father, and I was told that this is like meeting an extra red (because of sufferings) Ogier the Dane trapped inside a small box (a New World), and this is as mentioned the last visible part of the spirit of my father of darkness.

I felt a dark angel over a beautiful lady and was asked “what is it about him, what will he take with him” (?) – if he was to leave into darkness of nothing – and told “a part of our origin”, and I felt how my head and heart was physically shaking on my inside because by now I felt how dark energy from the “dark speaker” of this the last visible part of the spirit of my father was entering me, and I was shown a airship, which I have been shown for days, and it is the Hindenburg, and I understood that it is because I have been on my limit to locate and bring him with me with the alternative that he would like to be blown up, or that is what darkness forced him to “like”.

So I felt this darkness entering me physically almost like a sweater I take on and I was told by the voice inside of this darkness “welcome home, Stig”, and it is really nice of you focusing on me instead of your own rescue, and I received the special cough when entering this darkness as I do when taking on sufferings of John because of his chemotherapy, and I understood that this was also a condition for John/I to go through to reach this darkness (together with everything else, not least my mother these days), and I was told that bringing the pictures of Earth in Jette’s group today to increase faith, see below, and playing golf bringing more energy also helped me coming this way, and also not least when watching Benny Hinn in Brazil this evening receiving much energy this way too, and I was told about “the origin” as mentioned before that this is the invention of “minus” itself (which is NOT included in the infinite deep levels inside of me), which is returning to plus and this means that no darkness can potentially touch us in our New World, and this is both the first and last visible darkness knowing about the “invention” now returning to become our original old self and the spirit of my mother told me that “I will not need to give birth to you once more for a later final clash” and I here receive a song by GENESIS to say that this is of importance to Genesis of our New World itself, and I was told that I would also not be able to reach this darkness unless Sanna had “helped me” directly by sending me more darkness, so I wonder what you have told our mother, Sanna (?), and why I don’t hear from any of you; is it “truly impossible” for you to give me an apology and maybe even to understand the need for you to apologise because you have already done “everything” you can to help me, or ….?

I was shown the Commune as soldiers of darkness in the forest, and saw how all of them entered a horizontal trunk, and I was told that this is about calling back all remaining darkness, and this was followed by new UNPLEASANT pain to my stomach and spinal column when drinking coffee, so Lisbeth is still playing her “war game” against me.

I was told by this part of the spirit of my father that “it is also I who you made the creator of our New World because of your decisions”, and yes I decided to create light and our New World instead of giving in to darkness inside of here wanting to destruct us, and this is how darkness was forced to create against its – and mankind’s – wish to destruct.

I wrote the beginning of this script in the afternoon feeling “rotten” and continued before midnight feeling even more rotten, but after working maybe 45 minutes, I could not end the work when reaching my extreme pain limit of writing also making me sit extremely restless on my chair simply because of extreme tiredness, and yes “not often” that I reach this level, and that is less than a handful of times during my entire journey.

I received EXTREME displeasure because of this tiredness also including sexual torments sent to me, and this is also from where the voice months ago said “or else forget us” – or something like that – coming as a “strong desire” for the Old World to become our “lost world”.

I could not continue working, and I had decided trying to stay awake for as long as I could going to my most extreme limit, and by 00.30 to 02.30 I fought an impossible fight on tiredness not understanding how it was possible to pass this – and it was a “cold” night, but I had all windows opened to keep me “fresh”, and I froze even though I had a sweater on, but it was not because of the temperature, but because of my tiredness.

During the night I saw how the private parts of the spirits of my mother and father was transferred, and let us say that these are “the tools of creation”, which created our New World against the wish of darkness, and now when it is done, this last part is now also transferred.

I kept awake until 06.30, where I could continue no longer being MORE TIRED THAN EVER BEFORE reaching a new, deeper level I have never been to before (!), and this is from where I am getting this last visible part of the spirit of my father.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jette has been quiet a couple of days, so I decided to find and upload a few pictures myself, and here my script are placed inside the strongest light, and I tell the story that it is especially my scripts, which carried me through “the worst Hell” towards light on the other side, and what does the geometric figure mean?

  • Later in the day, my scripts are again in clear light and here together with the triangle of the Trinity, which I used to explain how 1/3 to maybe 1/2 of all words in my scripts are spiritual words of the spirits of my mother and father – as God – given to me while writing, and I explain the story about how I am spiritually overshadowed around the clock and how I receive spiritual messages through feelings, visions and speech as it appears on the front page of my website, and also how this has been impossible for ignorant people including doctors to believe in, who decided that this had to be “hallucinations” of schizophrenia not knowing what they talk about and not open to read and listen what it really is.

  • Again today the same ”family” as Jette sees are placed the exact same place above Lake Titicaca in Peru with the same identical clouds now being here since yesterday, which was Saturday, Thursday and also days before this, and yes waiting for me to open the eyes of my new self.

  • Ekstra Bladet got a story from Sunday Express where Robin Gibb’s son says that his father was almost cured for cancer, which did NOT kill him, but a few days before his death he became sick because of the “radiation treatment” the received, which gave him kidney and liver failure, and yes this is how darkness can spread quickly, and I am here thinking that I hope that the same will NOT happen to my mother’s John nor to my father.

  • Søren Pind has decided to hold a break completely off Facebook except from new blogs of his, which he will post, and that is because he will prioritise writing a book – so you don’t want to be included in my scripts anymore (?) – and “strange” how your decision matched together with Helena’s decision to keep the lowest possible profile at Facebook, Søren, and yes did you really meet to speak about me and became sweethearts (?), and just wondering I am, and instead I only found Peter who said that he would rather stay at home tomorrow at Whit Monday instead of going to Sweden to a meting, and he really prefers to “see the tomatoes grow in the greenhouse (I am pretty wild about tomatoes”, and what this symbolises Peter, is that you are looking forward to our NEW WORLD starting with the opening of my eyes as my new self receiving “my power” or “magic potion” followed by the world, which is really what “tomatoes” mean to me.

  • Line from the meditation group brought this picture saying that ”loneliness is the bridge between feeling alone in the world and being one with all that is”, and I decided to bring this, because this is EXACTLY my feeling these days, when “no one” wants to see me, and I here feel my sister, and is this also your true INNER feeling of me, Sanna (?), or is it “difficult” for you to do as you TRULY feel?


28th May: Removal of the last darkness will remove “indisposition” and all sicknesses, “it changes history of our future

Removal of the last darkness will remove “indisposition” and all sicknesses, “it changes history of our future”

At 05.00 this morning – still not sleeping – I took a shower as a tool trying to stay ”fresh” not falling asleep, and it was when I stood in this shower that I understood that I had reached a new, deeper level of tiredness, thus also darkness, than ever before, when I actually kept on not being able to keep my balance standing herewith falling down, and had I not used my hands to take the fall, this is what I would have done over and over when my body just “felt down” with sudden tugs.

At 05.30 I had decided ”now I CAN NO MORE” but was told that ”any moment you can bring is important”, and instead from going to sleep, I decided to read the newspaper, and yes I STILL receive Berlingske Tidende now on the 6th week even though it was only a four weeks subscription (!), and yes I should tell you about your error, but because I do NOT have a normal life, I have decided that as long as you will keep sending me your newspaper, I will accept receiving it for free, and yes I truly like reading it and that is “when I got the time” having had a stack of 7-14 newspapers waiting to be read because of lack of time/energy.

I have been told about a “zodiac sign” several times, and I was here told that today is about the birth of the spirits of my mother and father, and I heard “have you hidden it all the way down there” and “no one will also believe that you dig so deeply” (to bring our the “last visible part of darkness”), and this is what I did here, and after an extra hour in extreme hell, at 06.30 I simply could no longer, I had to sleep, so this is what I did, but on the sofa thinking that it should only be short, because I was asked to stay awake for three days, and this is the third day, which is not over yet.

I slept until 10.00 waking up still very tired – but later I felt more “fresh” again – and I dreamt that Thomas Helmig has now played and added guitar to my song, but I still don’t have the song myself and ask someone, who has access, to bring it to me, and the guitar is about creation, so there was still more “guitar” inside of there, and the song is about love, so this is to bring even more love to our New World.

I woke up to the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest song “stay” and the lyrics “I want you to stay – na na na”, which may be about saving the last life inside of darkness, and I TRULY like this song much because it combines Western and Eastern elements, and still it is very modern in style and has a very catchy refrain, and I don’t understand why it did not get more points that it did, and it is the same story as Norway last year also having a VERY FINE song – “haba haba” – which I also thought would be among the best, but it did not even make it to the final, and yes a “rare” experience to receive such fine songs, which Europe did not like, and almost as if there is a story here, and to me Norway is about the Norway boat sinking in 2005/06 as I was shown symbolic all of the time symbolising the end of the world, and in this respect Norway became a symbol of darkness and yes oil/richness is part of it, and when Norway did not do better, it may be about the defeat of darkness (?), but I LOVE the songs :-).

At one moment, I received a very weak try to offer me “sexual pleasure” together with “sigh, we are just cleaning up here”.

I felt light inside of me pointing to an area of previous darkness outside of me and I heard ”this is where I used to be”, and this is what used to be the last visible part of darkness Old God the spirit of my father, and still I feel that he is not entirely light, but also that there is still darkness with him – because of his “childish” appearance to me – which we will have to work on to transform, and I am both tasting traditional Danish pork roast and cod roe here, which is about “saving life” and producing new life of me as Stig/Jesus to the world, and yes the old self of the spirit of my father is becoming part of me as the Son being everything.

The spirit of my father invited me to come over to see a short tunnel which could look like an inner organ of a human, and first I received the feeling of remaining and now almost previous darkness and when I looked into the tunnel, I saw how short it is and that it leads to a very small “pocket” and the spirit of my father told me that there is nothing inside of there, but this is what we believe there is, and when we believe this, this is what there is, and yes, this is our eternal Source of energy and creation, which is without being (!), and let me say that this is what I look into inside of my father, and we are ONE at the Trinity at the same time as he is now me being “everything”.

During the last days I have once again been afraid of not being able to “make it”, which is to get the final part of the spirit of my father before he would be made “nothing” (“fat” of meat) as part of everything, and again I had to tell myself not to be afraid, and I would lose him, if I started saying/meaning “you are not welcome”, which is still the feeling he is giving me strongly and it would be far the most easy to say this because of extreme displeasure given to me, but no, NEVER!

During the day I had a nervous heart and was tired, and it was first in the evening when the “pressure” on me lifted that I felt just how much this “constant pressure” of darkness penetrating my body is keeping me down and making me feel disgusted.

I was told “you have no idea how much I care for you also having done this, it changes history of our future and what we can allow ourselves to do”, and I felt how black is becoming yellow.

I was asked “how do we continue from here to become ourselves” (?), and really because we are now in “no man’s land” as I am told where we have finished one task, and what’s up now, doc (?), and I don’t know, but there will probably come a new task over the coming days, so HAVE PATIENCE – also you, George 🙂 – so this is what we have, and we know I still receive darkness, and this is really the sign to continue and NOT to give up now.

And I was shown the spirit of my mother who will first lift the entire submarine (bring EVERYTHING from inside the last darkness), which I understood will also remove simple mindedness, indisposition and laziness from everyone, which is the meaning of the “invention” we are now removing from man.

I was shown and felt how I am at “the end of the aeroplane” and “had you not found us, you would have been made to believe that you had blown us up”.

Later I was shown a lorry unloading because “everything is to become blue” and I was asked “what now” (?) by another impatient voice, and yes I have NO MORE MESSAGES now, we will wait and see what happens.

I was told “we are now ready if you are also, Stig”, which was this “last visible part of darkness”, and I was also told that we have brought our luggage, but still I heard the voice as “childish”, which means “more darkness”, so PATIENCE, my LADIES & GENTLEMEN :-).

I felt this part of the spirit of my father inside of me together with the feeling of being “the previous emperor of the empire of Star Wars” and I was told “no one is to become shot, it will not even hurt” and this was a reference to a “threat” given 1-2 weeks ago (?), which I cannot really remember the content of, but was it a “explosion” (?) and at least it was about what would happen if I would “lose it”, but NO, I will NEVER give up!

And several times this evening – which was about what this anchor of darkness did to man – I received what may be the THEME SONG of Simple Minds to me, which is “theme from great cities”, and I cannot express just how much I LOVE this song, it is truly a very dear LOVE SONG to me, which you know is also the best Simple Minds have ever made, and they have made MANY great songs, and yes but not very many 100 point songs, which these are both examples of, and I wonder if this will give my sister feelings to call me (?), and maybe not if her fascination of me being the Son is overwhelming her too much or on the other hand does not “bite” on her, and yes you will understand what this is about :-).

I was told “you cannot walk in here without killing anyone”, which again is about the need for darkness to have overtaken me to come this far, but as you know it has not, and I was told that this required unbearable suffering of my family and my LTO friends to go through to help me come here and I was told “we went to the bitter end” (bringing sufferings to my family) and again, I remembered through a déjà vue that this is what my family was meant to experience in order for us to go through this, and you do know that your pain and sufferings are only a “game” as mine are too to save “every little thing”, don’t you?

I was told a few years ago that it was not easy to make the crash of the Concorde in 2000 look like an accident, and this evening I was given this information again – I don’t know more than this – and I was told that this was another symbol of the end of the world; the crash of the most famous aeroplane bringing world wide attention, and when I was told this, I felt another man of darkness behind me saying “so we are going with him instead”, and “him” is me, and yes to become light, and I was given the feeling that without this anchor of darkness becoming light, it would not be possible to bring healing to all people.

During parts of the evening, I was again given “endless tears”, and they came from my mother making me feel just how SAD she is now, and yes “impossible sufferings” because her husband is on the edge of dying, and now she has lost contact to me again, and yes what makes life worth living, mother (?) – also sometimes thinking about my “questionable life” of the past (?), which is how I remember Janet Parker expressing it (with a reference to my “sexual sufferings”) – and yes do you see (?), it is “only a game”, but of course very real and not easy to imagine that we are “soon” through this where everyone will become IMMENSELY HAPPY, but this is nevertheless the case, and I received VERY direct feelings of incredible happiness of LIFE just behind this act of darkness.

And the next task is what I may received when I was told “and at the end, we will hand over Karen”, which made reason to me because she was the one creating the road to our eternity of New World’s, and I was given strong feelings of Karen and I was told “isn’t it with her that we will close and lock everything up” (?), and told “yes”, and also that the goal is now to save her – and later I was told that now she has returned too, but we have not yet connected the last goods wagons of New World’s to me, which we do now, and I was told that this is why I need to stay up another night, but NO, and there was NO DOUBT, I could NO LONGER, I needed to sleep.

I was told that “now no one has more laundry hanging out to dry”, which is about my family and LTO now having gone through their sufferings, and I was shown what looked like a pyramid with a giant black cat engraved as a statue in the side of it and I was told “this is the entrance to our New World” and I heard music coming from inside of there.

Ending the day with these short stories:

Jette returned today to her Facebook group giving some comments to recent pictures, and yes let me tell you that I do NOT like to write so much about myself and “why this and that”, but I know that there will come a lot of attention on me – also feeling Obama here – and people will seek information, and this is the ONLY reason why I do this, otherwise I would have liked to use my time getting to know Jette better as a private being, but this is not what was on the agenda.

  • In connection to my picture of yesterday where I explain my spiritual communication, which many unknowing people believe is “schizofrenia”, Jette somehow decided inside of herself that it was important for her to tell me to “focus on forgiveness of all of these people, who have hurt me” because they don’t know what they do, and I tell her that being unable to forgive is NOT my problem, I simply write the truth directly, and that people should NOT make things up when reading me, which is NOT to read from my words, and also that the problem today is MANY people not being able to repent and excuse, and it really requires an excuse before you can accept and forgive, otherwise you an only bear no grudges, and so it is, and here once again, because it is also to be read earlier, maybe in book 2?

  • Jette here sees that the script is in piles and the encouragement to read it is confirmed that there is “enough for everyone – just get started”.

  • I saw this through Lasse Rimmer about a monitor inside a bus saying “Barakvejen”, which to me is about “the road of Barack Obama”, and the headline is “busses tear over for red”, and a bus is “to make love” to me, and here it is combined with Barack Obama, which is to say that he too – as many others – received sexual torments as part of his road.

  • George Michael “never thought that my saviour would come”, but I did, Michael – amazing, right :-). And yes, George makes the best pop music of the world, that’s it!

  • It seems that my mother has now decided NOT to continue reading my scripts, maybe “they hurt too much”, which was the “old problem” also “back then” in 2010/11 when she also “could not” read, you know and it is now approx. 5 days since I last saw her visiting my website, and NO, I do NOT see visits of my sister, but Inge is still reading every single of my scripts.
  • I was told that the explosion of Nairobi today – see here – injuring more than 30 people was because of darkness of my LTO friends who decided to oppose me, and I do hope that all four of you are alright?

  • Before I started receiving spiritual speech – and torture of the Devil – speaking to me around the clock, in the spring of 2006, I kept on seeing the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen in STRONG visions thousands of times, and today I know it was because of the “act of darkness” truly starting, and today Mads Mikkelsen was chosen as “the best actor in the world” at the Cannes film festival, and I understood that this was to say that I – symbolised by Mads – played the best act myself making it all the way through not giving up to darkness. And you do know that this is why Danish film is among the best in the world – because of “the act” or “play” between light and darkness the world and I have gone through.


29th May: USA used Greenland to surveil the world, and the Bermuda Triangle symbolised the end of the world

Dreaming of my attitude to continue my school of sufferings as long as I can

Finally at approx. 22.00 last night I went to bed and slept all the way until 08.30 this morning and I had a couple of short dreams:

  • Elijah and his wife is staying in my house, and he gives negative comments and go out to have dinner with his wife, which makes me believe that he will not return, but I am told that he will. Something about my monitor being broken, but I can still turn on the light.
    • Elijah’s (wrong) negativity on me is saving more life, i.e. the dinner.
  • I have started school two months ago at the outskirts of Copenhagen, and have become good friends with people there, but I am now told that because my father lives in Rødovre Commune, I have to attend school for four months there instead, and I arrive at Rødovre and walk the streets and without even knowing it, I find and enter the school, which is modern and looking very fine, and I understand that it is the inspector of the school who had decided this on my behalf before I will be able to go to school in Helsingør, and the school will furthermore receive subsidies from the state to finance me, and I walk with someone else to what looks like a café at the school where the inspector and teachers receive cake, and I try to find a seat next to the inspector, because I would like to speak to him, but this is not well-seen and furthermore I cannot find a seat.
    • A dream full of darkness of my continuous journey/school (the four months is still about my attitude to force myself to sufferings as long as possible and not the opposite), which also shows reality where CRAZY rules limits the freedom of people, and the last part of the dream trying to meet and speak to the inspector, which is NOT well seen is inspired from the beautiful movie OUT OF AFRICA with the not least very BEAUTIFUL actors Meryl Streep and Robert Redford – some of the absolutely finest I know of – which I saw on TV yesterday and yes it is a reference to one of the final scenes, where Meryl Streep as Karen Blixen was forced to leave her farm in Africa, Nairobi (looking very different than the real farm!), and did all she could to secure her land for the original people there and NOT the white intruders, and she had to humiliate herself to get “a man of power” to approve this, and yes I also had very deep feelings watching this movie and the “impossible love” between the main characters, which made me sad.

Feeling sad being alone and I continue to suffer when receiving the absolutely last darkness

From the morning, I felt very sad again for being alone receiving more of my mother’s feelings, and I was told that it is only because my mother is almost drowning that I continue receiving darkness enabling me to finalise the last parts of my journey before we will “lukke og slukke” as I keep hearing in Danish, which will have to be “closing and locking up” in English (?) or really “vice versa” you know, and I here receive a reference to a picture I brought two days ago in Jette’s Facebook group, where I showed my scripts on the Northern hemisphere, which – since the other day – also sometimes shows my scripts, and I understood that this is because the world has now turned around, and I also received the feeling of Jette still being “turned around” compared to me when saying “it is funny that Stig’s pictures are taken in North and many of mine in South – yin yang – it can almost be sung”, and yin and yang is about light and darkness, and I wonder if Jette agrees in everything I write (?) or is also sending me darkness (?), and yes Jette, this is what I am “feeling”, and not easy for you to accept that there is another solution to the world than the “red-green alliance” (a socialist political party) of Denmark (?), which you love almost “more than anything else”, and also not easy for you to believe that I favour the politics of Peter Brixtofte (?), and what you have NOT understood is that I do NOT favour the politics of Peter Brixtofte, but he was VISIONARY doing better things for people than many others, and it is neither your belief of politics or Peter Brixtofte’s which is becoming the foundation of our New World, it is the New World Order, and I wonder if you TRULY has read and understood this (?), and yes just wondering I am, but you may understand that I love you for what you do to help us all?

I also received more negative speech keeping me on my edge of breaking down, and yes I am truly still tired both physically and mostly to receive all of this darkness, and I still wonder for HOW LONG will this SAGA continue?

I was shown that I am at the end of darkness of the spirit of my father, and I was told that this is the end of this, and the OTHER eternal tunnel of creation is what I have created together with Karen, which does not include the invention of darkness having overtaken us to force us back to become “nothing”, but only eternal light and life, and I know this is different to what I wrote yesterday, and this vision now was very clear saying that it is the end of the spirit of my father we have come to after reversing everything to “plus”, and our “eternity” to come is “nothing”, which is not “coded” to fight us, and I am also here thinking about the old saying that we are meeting ourselves as new life everywhere, and isn’t this the spirit of my father together with everyone else we are meeting, which happens to be discovered by Karen and I (?), and yes I am not quite sure of this, but I do believe we are getting to the right answer, which will also remove the sudden pain to my right angle as I am told at the same time as I am receiving exactly this “the most disgusting of all pain”, which it still is.

I felt HAPPINESS of life just behind the act of darkness and told that “all of the people who had arrived to see your funeral is no longer here, not one single”, so we have brought everyone out of darkness, so I guess that we have nothing much left to do, but we will see.

I was told that Jack also feared termination at one stage – and yes, I have still NOT heard from you, Jack, and it seems that your Facebook profile is still completely without activity.

I was also told that Jack has not told his mother about the truth of me so she is still thinking that I am a “fraud” and that I as a consequence also have received much “unpleasant” from her.

I was told “you have also not been voted out in the Riksdagen”, which is from the Parliament of Sweden, and it seems that many Parliaments have held secret voting’s for or against me?

I was also told that Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has not had the “time” to read and understand my sufferings, and then I was given a strong and very unpleasant, negative voice, which I actively had to fight/absorb (as I still do I don’t know how many times daily) and told “there you have it” (she is transferring darkness to me too), and I was also told that she is suffering herself, and yes “not easy” to be the head of Germany these years, Angela, both “saving the economy” of Europe, and knowing about my arrival, my writings (also on you) and your coming “unemployment” because of our New World Order and yes there you have it in a “nutshell”.

I continued receiving the voice saying “kill me” over and over, but it is different than before, now more like in the transition to become light with the added feeling “but we never succeeded”.

I heard reversed and original life of darkness telling me “think that we could be so stupid to fall for it”, which was about “extreme behaviour”, i.e. happiness of our first, original world “tilting” over herewith becoming darkness “because it could” and yes because we had not decided that this should be impossible to do, as we have now.

I felt growing light of the last part of the spirit of my mother saying “now I can see what we were planning to do (terminate all life), but I could not see it when I was darkness”.

I noticed how the newspaper Berlingske “decided” to stop me as a subscriber not delivering papers today and yesterday and yes they had “problems” to start my subscription and they had more “problems” to stop it again so the four weeks of trial ended to run from the 18th April until the 27th May, which is “a little more than 4 weeks”, my friends at Pilestræde in Copenhagen (!), and maybe you “cannot” calculate or your systems do not work (?) or else you have been a victim of spiritual darkness as I have too for you to consider what happened as a symbol of your own darkness when you did not DARE to write about me!

Despite of my sleep of the night, I felt too tired to cycle today and instead I went to town to do a little shopping for the last 67 DKK I had on my pocket, and I was here told by the remaining part of the spirit of my father – I do believe he has the spirit of my mother with him too – that “we are now at the edge of the volcano crater” and I felt that all of the crater has now been cleansed and they are on their way up from “eternal darkness” as they tried to create.

I was told about Lyngby-Taarbæk and Helsingør communes talking about me, and I was shown a piece of chocolate candy really, which is both about “selfishness” and “misuse of children”, which the darkness they bring are also bringing.

I received a terrible pain to my right angle for a fraction of a second, which was maybe 10 times stronger than what I would be able to bear, and I was reminded that constant sacrifices of the Universe brings energy to help me survive this to save us all, and I do fear that much damage and sufferings has happened to the Universe as we know it.

I was told that darkness of my mother as example is sent to Falck, which is making them reconsider what to do about my report on their terrible work here – on how to remove it (!) – and I was told that because I am even stronger than this darkness, it makes Falck to “give up” herewith not doing anything, and this is how “everything, was connected”. I only went through all darkness with my writings on the Internet intact because I was even stronger than the total sum of darkness sent to me, otherwise it would have started to destruct pieces of me here and there, which would be both on the Internet, the Universe (even more) and myself physically.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena is still here, and now with again with a profile picture of a “good looking man”, and she says that she Holy Spirit spoken to some of her subscribers, who have been called up by newspapers, and she thanks them for how they have reacted apparently supporting her. And she says that she has been “very close” to leave Facebook – is that what she says (?) – and she is sad if she has stepped people on their feet, and she does not like rumours, negativity, gossip and lack of confidence, and again I don’t know exactly what this is about, I cannot see it from the newspapers (did I miss it?) and Rikke below says that “I am still shaken … it is really gross”, and I wonder what it is, which is so “gross”?

  • Dalai Lama was kind to use one of the words I have used some times when talking about how people have been “brainwashed” by wrong culture, which made me say that he is “right on” when using my words :-).

  • Brian tried to use irony showing happiness when he is truly unhappy because he has broken his foot forcing him to wear a splint for 6 weeks, and here comes the INSPIRED words of this “long” posting, which was that he went from “hmm” to “hmmmmmm” when he understood that it required 6 and not 3 weeks, and yes Brian, you have NOT understood yet that I could really use your help and support and WHEN do you think you will answer my old request (?), and do I hear “never” (?) but you just don’t have “the nerve” to tell me (?), and yes are you afraid to “coming out” to let the world know, Brian (?), and what does your “fear “bring me (?), and yes we know MORE DARKNESS and you might understand that “hmmmm” is a reference to my old friend Vivian as another part of my mother and when used by darkness – not by light – it reminds me of my “old nightmare”.

  • Tanwir is still devastated because of the loss of his beloved father now one year ago here telling his feelings of not seeing him suddenly walking into the living room as he used to do, and I told him that he clearly shows how painful it is to lose when you are able to love with all of your heart, which many cannot the same way as Tanwir, and I am here thinking that we will avoid this sadness in our New World with eternal life and also that I NEVER received the same feeling as you, Tanwir, having a father to love, and yes father because you “could not” be a father as a father is supposed to be.

  • A selection of today’s pictures from Jette’s Facebook group, where Jette in the first here sees Clark Kent and “Superman takes a turn”, and I have often been thinking about Superman without writing it in my scripts, and yes I loved the Superman movies too and here I reply that “Clark is a man in disguise, who does not show outwardly whom he really is” and not many who can see whom I am too on my inside.

  • Here she sees a “hedgehog-angel” with own “lunch pack”, a mega-angel catches hurrying up souls, which want to be taken underneath its wings, and I say that “lunch-pack” is life being saved from the last of darkness these days.

  • Jette says that there is really a queue to the library, and the library is “everything which has ever been/happened”, which is kept in store of this library, which is OPEN to everyone because this is what I have decided in a previous script.

  • Jette said that “if this is an ostrich, it is really big .. the bigger ostrich – the bigger head to hide” and I said that this is what the whole official world does (“hide”), which is why I call them “wimps” with a smile.

  • Here Jette says “this looks like a fight between a dragon and an angel – a light and a dark woman turning the back in the left side – another holding a handkerchief under the nose” and besides from putting my trust to the light, the handkerchief is also to make sure that no “snot” is lost, and yes “life overtaken by darkness”, and we know there cannot be much of this remaining.

  • Cathinca from the meditation group showed what I have experienced is a common belief of spiritual people which is that “I love myself, and I will NOT accept you to interfere in my life” (!), which MANY of the group “like” and to me is the same as “loving selfishness” and “will deafness” when good hearted people try to make them understand that they are victims of “darkness disguised as light” as I did, and all of the darkness they sent to me as the result, is what helped me to enter it herewith saving “the pig”, i.e. life from inside of darkness, which is what this video, which Kenneth brings, symbolises.

  • I helped Jette to find the music streaming programme of Spotify giving her in principle all the music of the world as a symbol of “all God’s love” because of the gift, she is helping me to unfold, and I “could not” post a comment to the thread because of what I believe is spiritual darkness, so I had to bring a picture of this on her Facebook wall also asking her not to give up when she experiences some darkness removing her text from postings to her group.

Jette was inspired to do a new round bringing more pictures to her group also giving me more work, so I bring a few extra pictures here and when I write these comments, I think that I have already written most of these many times before in my scripts – not helping my motivation much, but this is how my work has been all along my journey – and my comments is therefore not about giving new information but to help “lazy” people – also all “invisible” people visiting Jette’s group – to read and understand pictures and short text, which they can do better than to start reading my website carefully.

  • Here my scripts are above Greenland, and I said that I received a message the other day that it was not a coincidence that Greenland became part of Denmark, and I was told nothing more before writing this message, when I was told that this is now about bringing the truth over Greenland, which is so remote that NO ONE knows or want to know what USA really is doing at their Thule base in Greenland, and I wrote the words of my spiritual voice asking USA to pack down up there and also saying that it will never again become so COLD as when you were making the world because of your “surveillance”.

  • Here Jette helps me to bring an old story, which I did not bring the 1st time when I was told this “months ago”, and not either the other day when another inspired text of Jette was close to make me write it, but here it is given directly to me when Jette wrote that “now it gets up of the Bermuda Triangle with old planes and ships … out with the dung .. nails and nuts”, and this is about historic losses of the Bermuda Triangle of ships and planes also symbolising the end of the world, and now all of life inside of darkness is being recovered/reversed.

  • Jette wrote in a post I cannot find (!) to my memory “come on and fly”, and I knew that it was a reference to “come fly with me” by Frank Sinatra, which is about BLUE eyes with blue symbolising me and a new message to her to say that she is only protected by light on her computer if she decides to do as I did more than 3 years ago, which is to delete virus protection programmes – she had a severe attack today by viruses caught by her anti virus programme as she wrote to me in an email – and since I have been protected against “sicknesses” on my computer the same way as I do not become sick when I have decided NOT to eat pills, and this is about what 100% PURE FAITH will bring you, and in her email to me she said that “I am on my way .. think a lot like that”, so now you know the condition to receive protection by light on your computer, Jette, and I wonder if you will be STRONG enough to do as I recommend you, and not even David in Kenya was strong enough to follow me on this in 2009, and you are still not, David?

  • My thoughts continue to go to the victims of the BRUTAL regime of Syria, which truly makes me SAD to see and hear about, and I was told that this symbolises sacrifices/destructions of the Universe to help us get out of the grip of darkness.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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