May 31, 2012: Receiving the last part of the Old World hidden by darkness, but now it cannot hide from light anymore


Summary of the script today

30th May: Receiving the last part of the Old World hidden by darkness, but now it cannot hide from light anymore

  • Dreaming of darkness wanting to escape but I know its road, many people with a “psychiatric diagnosis” do not believe in what the doctors tell them and I save even more life on our road towards the city of lights when I do my best work.
  • I was told late yesterday evening when watching a new Benny Hinn video “don’t hide darkness” and I felt it coming out, and this morning the last part of the spirit of my mother of the last visible part of old darkness, was now on her way in with a ship, and I was told that “this is what she was asked to hide by darkness, but now she cannot keep it hidden any longer” – “we have played with destruction until the end as an option”, but I will NOT have it!
  • I was invited to join a closed Facebook group about “thoughts and illumination” discussing all kind of “theories” of what is or will happen with the world, and I met a lady receiving words of God producing the most beautiful poems, and she can hardly wait for our New World without darkness, and Lucas, who invited me became very happy with “questions for Hillary Clinton”, which I shared with him and his Facebook friends, and so much that he decided to share a not published yet interview with David Icke with me, which at the same time was the key I received to open to the last two people inside of darkness, the original spirits of my mother and father of the first world.
  • I was happy receiving a new email from Meshack telling me more about his work and that he has indeed communicated with both the team (via email) and his family about his whereabouts and plans to return home at the end of next month, and he is VERY sad to be misunderstood – he was never lost (!) – and I ask the LTO team to consider what they did and to give Meshack an apology, if they will “be able” to understand that they misunderstood him?
  • Short stories of Bob Dylan receiving the “Medal of Freedom”, darkness of Helena returning to her, which was also “almost” destroying remaining original people inside of darkness, but because I did not break down, we also saved these original people, Johannes from news on TV2 was inspired when saying that “this will become big” – our New World – but will he DARE to put forward my questions to Hillary Clinton (?), Jette was inspired when talking about my scripts “coming up”, which is about my favourite music including love and beautiful people of our New World, Søren Espersen trying to make the world understand that he is not a racist at the same time as he is wishing all Somalis to return to Somalia, Moses Hansen’s wife fell and hit her eye so it closed, and I told Moses that the connection is that he “could not see” and understand me, which made one of his followers decide to call me for “crazy” and “howl of laughter”, another to become my friend and for Moses self to LEAVE me as a friend in total silence!!!

31st May: It took the greatest energy and sacrifices of the Universe to save hidden parts of God inside the last darkness

  • This “hidden” anchor of the spirits of my mother and father overtaken by darkness includes our true treasures of the old, original world including diamonds, a crown and all energy of the original Source. It was from inside of here that Jesus was recreated and through me to enter here from the outside to save them. This required ENORMOUS amounts of energy and the greatest sacrifices of the Universe to do, and we are now certain that we will be able to complete it.
  • Short stories about Helena, who was involved in a mudslinging fight carried out by the Social Democratic Party (!) and a selection of pictures of Jette showing dissolution of darkness, which is becoming me as everything, the winged horse Pegasus fighting on my side and “fantastic, marvellous pictures” also including an archangel, and Hillary Clinton was in Copenhagen but the journalist “could not” ask my questions, which Hillary knew about, so she just said “be part of the new future ready to be born”.


30th May: Receiving the last part of the Old World hidden by darkness, but now it cannot hide from light anymore

Dreaming of saving even more life hidden by darkness when I am doing my best work

After publishing my script of yesterday around midnight, I decided to watch this new miracle crusade by Benny Hinn – also because I had not given energy by cycling today – and is it only me who thought you pushed “too hard” to people not always sure if they would be caught by people before falling over (?), but nevertheless when I saw it I was told/felt “don’t hide darkness” and I felt it coming out.

I had STRONG darkness keeping me on my painful edge all evening, and when I went to bed I was fearing another night without sleep but more notes and work to do all night long, and even though I could have done it, if needed, I was really fearing it and just hoping that I could sleep, which I could for approx. 8 hours and also with a few dreams where I was awakened again a couple of times during the night.

  • I am at the biggest stadium where concerts with pictures are sold. I am dressed up and enter a house, and something about seeing the opposite of what people believe, and escape, I believe, but I have seen the road.
    • I did not get the details of this dream right, but concerts may be about love coming, and something/someone wanting to escape from me, which it cannot, because I know the road to get it.
    • I woke up to two songs at the same time, “to love somebody” by Bee Gees and “you might need somebody” by Randy Crawford, and I was told that this is because of the darkness my mother sends me.
  • I am together with a man performing a house investigation ringing the bell to houses, and in forehand he has a report of each individual including a description of the diagnosis of their mental diseases, and his job is to make people agree that they have these diseases, which is not always easy to do. I see two young ladies being surveilled.
    • This may be because I have noticed how some people with so called “schizofrenia” wrongly believe in doctors that they suffer from a mental disease apparently without understanding they the voices tormenting them are given to them spiritually from darkness, and this dream is to say that MANY do not approve of the wrong “verdict” of the public authorities not knowing what they do!
  • I have worked hard at our business and prepared new Excel worksheets also including a sheet having a clock as icon on the desk, which was almost overtaken by others. I am now walking from Snekkersten with someone else all the way to Prøvestenen shopping centre – the last part I walk alone – and I am to take the bus from here, and notice just how many different bus lines, there are, and I don’t know where my bus holds and when it will go, but I see it straight away and enter it the second when it leaves, and I only have one more clip on my clip card, and from here I am suddenly sitting in the train to Paris, where I will have a meeting tomorrow to prepare the last work. I am the manager of the business and we have overtaken a Finish company, where I have decided that we will pay out wages to the employees, but I understand that the company is formally not ours yet, and we have decided to do work, which is not yet legally ours to do, which makes the Finns dissatisfied with us. There is a crowd of people In the train for Paris, and I think if I should have packed a suitcase before leaving, I only have the clothes I wear, and I think that it would be nice to have something to shift into tomorrow so I will not smell of sweat, and also that I would have liked to wear something nicer than jeans, but now I am here, and I will only stay for one day before retuning, so I decide to continue, and when we reach Amsterdam, I notice how international it looks like with Euros as the currency and with all kinds of nice and big cakes for sale, which we cannot get at home.
    • I managed to overtake “time” from darkness because I worked hard, I am still inside of darkness taking the bus of sexual torments – threat of my “old nightmare” – to go to Paris, which you know is “the city of lights”, or here yet another new symbol of our New World, and yes my favourite city (!), and I may have offended people in Finland when saying that the Finnish commentator to the Eurovision Song Contest the other day was “pure hell” to me, but he was – I did NOT like his appearance and comments (!) – and afterwards I was told “funny that the name of his band is Lordi”, and yes they won the contest in 2006 with the song “hard rock hallelujah” and to me this only means that life comes from out of darkness. I am doing this train journey without having anything to change with and in a hurry, which is about my difficulties continuing work inside of this darkness, but I bring more cakes, i.e. life, on our way towards the light, which is essentially what this dream is about.
    • And yes, secret messages are HIDDEN for me here at the end when I decide to do my best work to find them and dig them up, and here I had to search the Internet about what Paris is, because it is the city of …. (?), and of course “light”, and what is it about “the city of light” (?), and yes of course, it is the name of the live album from 1987 by Simple Minds, and this is really how we find what is hidden by darkness – because of resistance of “simple minds” to me – when searching for it and doing our best work, and only when doing this we can “promise you a miracle” to get every little thing with you.

Receiving the last part of the Old World hidden by darkness, but now it cannot hide from light anymore

This morning when I switched on my computer, I could tell instantly that it was attacked by MUCH darkness again, when the fan kept running and gave a constant loud sound from it and nothing happened, and I had to push the on/off button again to make it start, and I understood that this was darkness because of negativity coming from my mother trying to be stronger than I, but no, I have NO plans to be weaker than darkness and here I am told that this is also what characterises Meshack deciding to stay STRONG to follow me (!), and yes I was HAPPY to receive news from my LTO friend this morning as you can see later in the script.

I heard this morning “you have not been contaminated yet” and also that they have been reading books (darkness about to become light because of my work), and later I was told by this darkness about to become light “well, it ended 5 to 1 did it not” (?) – NO, it did not, darkness did NOT score any goal (!) – and I was told that this darkness “not knowing yet” is the reason why Jette yesterday saw a picture of Earth with a wedding (the plans of darkness to marry my mother and I to destruct the world!), and it was followed when I received 2-3 more small heart attacks, which have not become any more comfortable to receive over time, and this is more about awakening darkness than anything else, and I am here given a STRONG spiritual taste of herrings, which is really about everything becoming part of me as “everything” – including this last darkness.

Here is the picture she brought, where she saw a bride and groom over the Caspian See “of older date”.

I was shown the spirit of my mother on her way in with a ship, and I was told that “this is what she was asked to hide by darkness, but now she cannot keep it hidden any longer”, which is because you will not give up, and I now better understood that I only felt the spirit of my father – and not really the spirit of my mother – as the last visible part of darkness and behind him was “the hidden world” of this last, old darkness, which is not entering and yes also because of Benny Hinn, and I was told that this is from where the “kill me” voice of the last days came from and also that this is a result of the darkness of my mother, also that “we have played with destruction until the end as an option” and also that it was a condition to save this part that I would succeed to make my mother understand that doctors are NOT right in their diagnosis of me, and yes I did what I do believe is the hardest work I ever did on my entire journey when I finished the chapters of the 22nd May asking my mother and sister to apologise when trying to commit me to mental hospital in 2009, and when also doing the chapter about the TV programme “crazy or normal” to use this as “documentation” to my mother that “doctors” indeed very often are WRONG, and yes writing this the last chapter is what was the “most difficult” of all, which I only did at my absolutely outermost of my outermost, and this is what my mother saw 1½ hours after it was finished, I believe, and three more times later, and yes apparently she did understand “something”.

I was told that they would try – speaking as darkness – to let you know that “it does not get any cleaner than this” and I am here shown darkness scrubbing the floor, but no, “you can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time” and this is really to say that you cannot fool me, and that it is about time to GET UP, STAND UP as my new self and yes “including every little thing”.

I felt here darkness of the spirit of my mother inside an UFO and I am told that when I first had opened the eyes of my new self, it would be too late to transform this darkness to light, because then I am only light without being able to enter darkness, and this is what would require a “new creation” of me later in order to come back and do what was undone, but no, this is NOT how we work here, when I say CLEAN, I do mean CLEAN before I will open up my eyes.

I felt better this morning than yesterday, and decided that after finishing my work today, I will go cycling/swimming later today, which I am actually looking much forward too, and now I am sad that I almost have no more clips for the swimming hall, but “something new” will probably turn up someday to replace it.

I was surprised of how much work, which came for me, but I did cycle to the swimming hall and did a new round of swimming still making me feel good afterwards because of the effects of exercise, and darkness tried to make me belief that I would contain negative as my new self if I should not be able to transform all darkness to light and this is at least what it would try to make me decide, but NO, our New World is only about light without darkness, and this is part of our creation, which is “secure”, so it would NOT work (!), and when I came home, I both felt almost no darkness/sufferings at the same time as I some times were given the feeling of the strongest and most aggressive darkness of all, which is from here – behind the canons of the ship as I was told – that the hidden world is located and yes “come out” all of you, we have found you, and I was shown a heart with an opening into darkness of mountains, which I understood is also this darkness now being transferred, and yes I wonder how long this will take, and we will see.

I was also told to stay awake this night, which was the message I had hoped NOT to hear, and the last many times I have been told this, it has been right, and I really thought that I had gone I had gone deep enough the other day to get everything out, but apparently another new round is needed, and I wonder how long it can take to get that “remaining” part out of there, and “the last” is what it has been for a long time, but we know I have decided to be PATIENT waiting until December if required!

These days I am given MANY “references” to Karen being together with MANY men, and you may understand that the lack of a girlfriend in general and Karen’s attitude of the Devil leading her in bed with many other men in particular also makes me VERY sad.

A little before midnight today I had finished my work, and was satisfied with what I had done, and I felt how a dark horse was coming to me from the right, which may be more of this ”hidden world” on its way in, and I am here given ”marks” to my left foot and told that this darkness wanted the most to be able to terminate what used to be our spiritual world, but NO, I will not allow you.

And from here, I have to “kill time” once again, and I already feel tired, and I am NOT looking forward going through more of this torture, and I expect to take a nap tomorrow morning before continuing the day, and we will see how it will turn out.

Meshack is fine and he has indeed communicated with the team and his family about his plans

I was VERY happy that Meshack decided to send me a new email and to be OPEN to me about his plans, work and whereabouts, and I am HAPPY to hear that you are doing FINE job helping people in an even bigger need than you, my friend, and also to hear your plans that you will return home “this month end”, which may be the end of June and not May (?), which your brother, father and also wife knows as I understand, and also David in emails (!), and I do NOT want to go deeper into this “case” between how said and did what, all I ask the entire team and all your families is to keep COMMUNICATING clearly and to UNDERSTAND what is said equally as clearly without misunderstanding each other, because it is exactly what Meshack says that misunderstandings is what makes people “sick”, so will you please all, my dear LTO friends, reunite and follow my basic rules, to keep together as friends, and keep reading my scripts until “the world will change” to keep up your faith, and then there will come “a new tomorrow”, when “a new friend in London” will return to you, which is symbolic speech to tell you that when I will open the eyes of my new self, your life will change for the better.

Thank you also for your assurance that we will always remain friends, Meshack, and that money has NO INFLUENCE on this, and I do hope you received the transferral from David with M-PESA earlier this month (?), and I have received confirmation from David that he will send you a new transferral when I send you money for June, and my starting point is that I believe in people, so I believed in you, Meshack – I could not understand that suddenly you should have started speaking “lies”, this is NOT how you are – and I believe in David when he tells me that he will transfer money to you again, Meshack, and I am wondering if Elijah will receive my money here the first, Elijah (?), and yes I have still not heard from you after your misunderstood attacks on me, and do you feel that you have something to APOLOGISE for (?), and if you do, I am open to receive it and forgive you, and until you do, I cannot forgive you but only tell you that I bear no grudges on you the same was as Meshack feels about David and the team, and you might consider if you have treated Meshack correct, and if you find out that you have not, I am sure that Meshack also will forgive you when giving him an apology?

I found Majbritt’s Facebook profile, where she sits together with a black boy, who might be from Kenya, and I do not need to receive her confirmation in order to believe in you, Meshack, and I do hope the LTO team will feel the same?

Here is his email.

Hi there,hope you are okay. am very okay and doing well. Stig what do you feel when the commune does not understand you? obvious you feel like throwing up. This issue of Meshack getting lost is an issue which was just brown up and it should rest there. Two days ago i hosted a danish volunteer by the name Majbritt Pommer to another program we run and which i also am a key player as i head it. It is an orphanage for children and that is the point of first call for all volunteers before they embark on a stranious journey to Northern Kenya and in the same place i met my elder brother two weeks ago though he met me on my way to northern Kenya but we had some discusion and agreed when back i will call him and have done that since then and before that i ahd talked with my father abou my whereabouts and he was okay. If David had given the correct information as i had done several times he might not have misundrestood me and kept saying am lost yet i communicate with him so the issue of being concerned when he cant understand such simple matter makes me feel amazed. If you wish to recieve the mail for that volunteer i can send it to you to confirm what we are doing though she will be leaving Kenya tommorow but you can always ask her about our work.

I will be going home this month end as i had promised my dad three weeks ago and i do not have any bad feeling of my LTO freinds or any other person for that matter.

An assurance to you that with or without money i shall keep contact and friendship because the bond we have created between us cannot b measured in monetory value and rest assuered that i will keep you informed of my well being every time and sorry my faily is okay that is my wife and children and this month end i will be going to take my daughter to school.

God bless you and sorry the mail might have many errors because am writting in a hurry to go to the field.

kInd regards

I was happy that Meshack and Jette amidst my loneliness I felt uplifted by their way of being, and I am thinking that I wish that EVERYONE would be the same instead of all of this constant negativity, temper and better-knowing ignorance I meet everywhere.

The Facebook group “thoughts and illumination” led to the key opening to the original spirits of my mother and father

I was invited to this closed Facebook group called “thoughts and illumination” discussing all kind of “theories” of what is or will happen with the world, and it was Lucas below inviting me after he had seen my post to Johannes – see this later under short stories at the end of today – (apparently not truly reading and understanding who I am), and he also became my Facebook friend, and when he later posted this, I understood that his Facebook group is DARKNESS including “all kinds of speculations/theories” because the polar bear has always been a strong symbol of darkness to me, and I wonder how he will react when he will start seeing my Facebook postings.

Even though there is darkness in this group, I also met light in the form of Sally as you can see below, which made me happy to see, and I sent her a Facebook invitation, which she accepted, so now it will also be exciting to see how she will react to my postings.

Here is another beautiful and inspired text by Sally – and I received inspiration to start listening to this INSPIRED artist 1-2 hours before joining this group, and this was the song I was meant to bring.

And one more.

Lucas sent me an email encouraging me to reply to his post on his Facebook wall, which I did as follows.

Here you can see his request and also how happy he became with my reply inviting me to attend their meetings about “these kind of things” and he also brought a secret link to a 1½ hour long interview he did recently with David Icke, who is “an English writer and public speaker, best known for his views on what he calls “who and what is really controlling the world”.

This happened during the night to “tomorrow”, where I was also shown and told “kill me with it, alright we now take the dark plate out of the oven”.

I was shown a dining table inside a ship and was told that this is now only the original parts of the spirits of my mother and father inside of here when they were originally overtaken by darkness at the first Universe, and I am given MUCH darkness this night.

After becoming “good friends” with Sally and Lucas within a short time and when Lucas decided to share his “secret link” with me, I was told “you have no idea what you have just done, you have broken the code to get in here”.

Afterwards I heard “why don’t you wear a duvet (?), because I belong to him now”, this is how it is when entering the key into the lock and it opens, and this is the original lock of darkness, which we are opening now – otherwise we would dig ourselves down and come up with a new plan to overtake the world (to darkness/destruction, which I was told was NOT funny to do).

Around 03.00 when I was truly becoming tired I was recommended to publish the script already now, and what was I to do (?), to watch the 1½ hours long video with David Icke, which could be a video to share with the world (?), to watch a Benny Hinn video to receive energy as I had thought about (?), to upload my new script (?) or maybe even to relax (?), and yes I decided to do the last writing and upload of the script of today also to let Hillary Clinton and her staff know about some of the questions I would like to ask you, and maybe you would like to answer them?

And I was told “we took a bath down by the lake, and then we were suddenly gone from what we have created ourselves, overtaken by darkness”.

Finally at 03.50 I published the script, and from here it is about staying awake, and yes we know first …. and then :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Hardinger brought this information about Obama presenting Bob Dylan with the Medal of Freedom, which I “just had” to react to, and I decided to say that “then it does not become much greater”, and that is because “things have changed” and yes because of a “simple twist of fate”, which is yet another of “the best written songs in the world”, and yes he is a pretty good singer, don’t you think (sing), Obama?

  • Helena “could not help” answering Rikke, who miss her much inside Facebook asking her to create a page or blog, but Helena says no thanks and also that “I now know who the sinner is, and I know for how long this trouble has been on its way”, and then she used the WORST language, when she asks this “sinner” – whomever it is, and I wonder if it could be the one she and her selfish friends threw out (?), and just wondering I am – not to pee inside the tent the next time, but outside, and just to be sure that he will get the message she also says “filthy dog” (!) and yes the tent symbolises the Council with “original people”, and all of the darkness YOU let out, Helena, is what returned to you and what was almost breaking me and remaining “original people” down because of the threats of my “old nightmare”, which you sent me, but then again “only almost” and because it did not, this is what very much helped to save it, so do you see how we were balancing on the extreme edge of termination/survival all of the time (?), and yes so it is and because of this it is almost time to wake up and live :-).

  • My “dear” Facebook friend, Johannes from the news of TV2 – or what, Johannes (?) – is really getting to the centre of the “big, big world”, is this how it feels to you, Johannes (?), and not only is he going to interview Hillary Clinton in Copenhagen tomorrow, but now he has also been given “an impossible quest” from me, which is to seek the information, which is out there about me, when I asked him to ask Hillary what she thinks about our New World Order, our new World Government and about he “manager” being a part of the return of Jesus (?), and yes “it cannot be that difficult to do”, can it, Johannes (?), and eeeehhhh do you still have a BAN about anything related to me, which is “impossible” to break, and yes why is that (?), who asked you to keep quiet about me (?), was it the power of the secret government or was it the official world through the United Nations (?), and yes I am still wondering, because I do NOT know (!), so will you be the first to break the silence, or can I continue to “enjoy” it as the King even longer – seeing the video of Depeche Mode for my eyes here – without you doing anything to stop me?

  • Johannes wrote in his post about Hillary Clinton that ”this will become big – and you can be apart of it”, which was inspired speech given to him because of another of Jette’s pictures yesterday where she said “this is b-i-g”, so today I decided to share Johannes thread with her and the group to tell them that this is how inspired speech, which my scripts are full of, works.

  • Jette started yesterday bringing several pictures of ropes/strings in her group and here she says that “if all these strings equal Stig’s scripts, they are indeed “coming up”” and “coming up” was also a reference to my favourite music, here represented by the album “coming up” by Suede, which I had shared with Jette this morning sending her the link to my profile on Spotify, and from this album comes “beautiful ones”, which to me is about beautiful people of our New World liberated from sufferings (including addiction).

  • Here she says ”and now there is big screen” to which I said that it is also almost time for the European Championships in football, where I would be VERY surprised if Denmark will qualify from the “dynamite group” they are in together with Germany, Holland and Portugal, but then again they are “Danish dynamite” as they are called, and yes “boom, boom” and then we are no more as we could also say, and coming back to the picture, you can see my scripts in light, a New World behind the “coat”, and what does the symbol with the script mean?

  • Jette says that ”when the work is over, there will be party” and I continue by saying “and then there will be EUPHORIA” when the world will discover that it has not only survived the Judgment but will now receive God’s gift of an eternal and HAPPY life.

  • Søren Espersen from the right winged Danish People’s Party decided to comment his blog post here that much of the discussion about this was about “hate” – yes, people LOVE to TALK TALK about their negative feelings making “people crying” and I LOVE this band 🙂 – and to avoid more of this, he says that “I am so lovely liberated for the psychological strain it is to carry around hate and feelings full of hate” and with this he concludes that “I am therefore happy to conclude that I hate no people. Neither living or dead”, and yes Søren, was this yours and your party’s “try” to make the world understand that you are certainly not racists (?), and that is even though you in this particular blog as ONE of MANY examples says that you wonder that we have Somalis in this country at all, pay for their living and why they just don’t go home (to war and living in despair, is this what you would like to “order” these people to do?), and all of this “hostility” of yours is because this group of people has decided to keep to themselves according to your information (?), and why do you not show the opposite LOVING side of you, which is to be together with these people, get to know them – for example via dinner invitations from Muslim people (on Christiansborg as example!), which you however “could never dream about accepting” (?), and to OPEN your arms and be NICE instead of hostile, and for example as nice to these people as you are to people from Israel (?), and yes, Søren you may not “hate” people, but you are sure not nice to those, you do not like as Somalis wishing to send them back to a country/life in despair, so let us just say that the party’s over, which goes both for you and your party (!) because “all you do to me is talk talk” and here you try to let me understand that you are not a racist?

  • After I had written the text above, I was encouraged to send it as a reply for Søren – and maybe some of your colleagues too (?) – to see, which I then did this evening as you can see below, and this is NOT to annoy you, Søren, but to let your negative feelings send me even more darkness helping me to dig deep once again saving even more of our original life at the deepest darkness, and you do understand that this is the reason, why I sent this reply, and that it has NOTHING to do with your personal feelings, which however is what you cannot control in relation to me, is that it, Søren, and you are “certainly not a racist”, OR WHAT?

  • Moses published this picture of his wife losing her balance and hitting directly into the asphalt with this as the result, and late yesterday evening he asked “IS IT MY FAULT” (?) and he talks about some believing that he has the fault because he at a recent Whit event warned about looking after the wealth they had receiving at the event, because when you have been on the mountain with Jesus, often something will happen afterwards, which will change your course, and he refers to the old book Job 3:25 about “what I feared has become a reality, my worst fear has become true”, and he says himself that FEAR IS AN ENEMY, which is why God says again and again: “Do not fear – only believe”!

  • And today I decided to write him an answer not truly knowing the reason why his wife had her face into the ground making it impossible for her to “see”, but when I read the answer, I was told the explanation, which simply is that you CANNOT “see” and understand me, Moses, and what is the reason (?), and yes because of FEAR (!), do you see (?), and “anyone can come and say he is Jesus”, and what is the standard reply from people of “great faith”, and yes the old book warns about “false prophets”, which automatically makes everyone a false prophet, when he returns and simply asks people to READ and UNDERSTAND instead of rejecting me, so this is what I asked Moses to do and also telling him that what I read on his Facebook page that he is preaching, which is that we are living in the “end times”, is now no longer true, because we are living in the beginning of our “new times”, and yes “anyone can tell that this is of course not true” – just look at the world around you (!) – and yes IMPOSSIBLE it is to make people having an “overwhelming faith” in the old book to believe in something new, and we know I have tried this before both in Kenya and Denmark with the same result, and I really tried to tell them about our New World, New World Order, normal life etc., but this will probably lead nowhere Moses & Co., but it is as I say a test on your belief because there are NO SHORTCUTS to faith, which is that you have to read and understand me, otherwise you will have no faith, so what will you decide to do now, Moses – to meet me with silence or to send me a “nice and superficial rejection” (?), and we will see about that.

  • It seems that the followers of Moses truly LOVE Moses and LOVE the Bible, and then there is NO room for anything new, neither the reappearance of the Christ, so this is what Chris – not Christ (!) – decided to tell me stating with asking “you are nuts, aren’t you” (?) including “your website suggests it”, and then I am told that I am by far not the first self-elected prophet, which the Bible warns against (!), and then he considers whether I suffer from schizofrenia, megalomania or is a victim of the Devil (!), but one thing is sure and that is that the Bible warns against someone like me, which is “man raising himself to divine status”, and this is how it goes with BLIND and LAZY people, who have enough in themselves, SEE Moses & Co.? And I told him that “one time has to be the first” and encouraged him simply to READ and UNDERSTAND instead of knowing-all without knowing anything, and apparently I am “provoking” him, so he decided to burst out with what was on his mind, which is that “you are probably also paranoid” and then he entertained me how much he laughed at my website especially when watching “Top Gear” about the Stig referring to me, and so much that he was “howling with laughter”, and to this I could only tell him that the first of Moses’ friends has now become friends with me, thank you Jan Åge, and that it is funny that he uses the old book to warn against me and also makes himself guilty of blasphemy, and this is from a believe, who does not believe!

  • I ended the message above by saying that “looking forward to hearing from you too, Moses”, and what do you believe this man “preaching the words of God” decided to do (?), and yes you are right, he could not take me, so he decided to delete our friendship just like that and yes not a word, he kept me in silence, and yes I was not accepted at all when it came to the point, my friend, and yes if you disappointed me and made me sad for not being able neither to SEE or to LISTEN.
  • Later I decided to follow up on his Facebook wall, which he has not hidden from me and the public, and what he “could not” tell me directly – he just deleted me in silence (!) – he could tell his congregation, and first of all he had deleted all of my posts and only kept the first posts of Chris, and then he writes “I do receive messages with different opinions. But when it as in Stig’s case is a self-appointment as Messiah, I do not want to expose those reading my Facebook nor myself for such crazy speech. We can use our time for something better – and may God have mercy with Stig and bring him out of this Satanic delusion”, and isn’t this funny that a man and his congregation worshipping God “could not” understand me when I showed myself VISIBLY to them, and instead I was also here condemned and rejected, and yes you know by people believing I was possessed by Satan, which they in fact were themselves, the roles were opposite, my dear Moses, and you “could not” see it because you did not have to read and understand in order to “know” that I was crazy, and yes SAD is what this man and his congregation made me, but it brought MUCH “lovely darkness” to us to help locking out the last two “originals”, you know.

  • And later Moses had “problems” to send his normal live show to his congregation because the business providing him the Internet line has gone bankrupt, and “by coincidence” they threaten to close the Internet line today – seems that you receive much “bad luck”, Moses (?) – and furthermore he says “the only one we can count on is God. It is also for the best, but we humans have a problem in this direction. Because we love “use to”. We feel most secure by the safe. We feel the best with what we have known and done for a long time”, so in other words you were inspired to explain yourself that you decided to fear instead of believe, and why was that (?), and yes as you say here because “we feel the best with what we have known and done for a long time”, and you know what you do and the old book, and nothing is going to make you change your belief, and that a “crazy man” will show one day “claiming” that he is the Messiah asking you to put the old book away, and yes “impossible” for people of “overwhelming faith” in the old book to be open to me and my new book, and here you saw it again.

  • The TV programme “Aftenshowet” on DR1 asked “what came first: Our Lord or Big Bang” (?) – “and what is God truly: Chemistry in our brains or a big creative power, which cannot be explained by science alone” (?), and I decided to help them saying that God was a spiritual existence before physical and the deeper explanation about the creation also of our New World appears from my website, but it did not catch much attention from people, only silence, and “apparently not important”.

  • I don’t know what happened but somehow I sent a Christmas card to my old colleague, Sonia, from Fair Insurance without sending her a card – I did NOT send her this card and I do not even have the application doing it (!) – and I thought that it is probably also not her birthday, and no it is not, it is first tomorrow (!), and yes there seems to be a connection here, and “if only eyes could speak”, do you remember, Sonia (?) – and yes, she was one of “more ladies” at Fair, who would if only I could, but I could not.


31st May: It took the greatest energy and sacrifices of the Universe to save hidden parts of God inside the last darkness

It took the greatest energy and sacrifices of the Universe to save hidden parts of God inside the last darkness

After publishing of my script earlier in the night, I was shown the spirit of my mother inside a cottage house and I told her “no we are going to get all clothes with us, nothing is going to get burned”.

At 04.10 I was shown my monitor blinking and losing light and I was told “this is how close we were to close ourselves down”, which you know was weeks ago when my monitor for a long time kept blinking.

I was shown a small dark bag of cloth and inside of it lots of diamonds and a crown, which is the treasure inside of here, and I was told that “this is where all money has been hidden”, and money is “energy”, so this is what will release ALL energy of the Source, and not just what is surrounding it.

I was also told that “it is us who would have made a mistake of our New World, but oh no you would now have it”.

I was shown salmon and told “well, this is indeed possible, to create Jesus from inside of here and then you arrive from the outside to save us”.

At 05.20 I received two GIANT sneezes and was told that “it was only with the greatest sacrifices of the Universe and concern that we carried out the job of this night”, and also “because it is not possible to pay rent in here, because “we are”” and yes how do you get in here where we are to change us into something else, and yes that is our secret, but it requires MUCH energy, and even later that this is connected with me as Stig taking the decisions on behalf of us, and yes if you could make it, fine, and if you could not, we would continue trying to destruct the world.

I sat in my sofa to watch TV and to kill time trying to continue staying awake, and yes it is still as painful as ever, and I am hoping that we are truly soon out of this, and I received the cough of John when receiving “treatments” and at 07.00 I had come to one of my high limits and decided to lay down on the sofa, and “slept” until 09.30 where I woke up with a cramp in my right foot, and I was still tired and now the pain would be to stay awake for the rest of today, and also to go to town to transfer money to Kenya and do a little shopping, and yes “money’s too tight to mention” this month – because of the quarterly electricity bill – and I would REALLY like to cancel the transferral of 500 DKK to John to send this money to LTO instead, but I will not, because it may mean that it will become more difficult to “one day” to see my mother and John again.

I decided to cross my tiredness and to first cycle to town and transfer a gross amount of DKK 1,750 to Kenya after I had sent this email to the team this morning:

Dear all,

I will send money for you this afternoon, and I am sad to say that it will only be approx. 50 to 60% of the “normal” amount because I have higher bills to pay this month.

I received a very nice and OPEN email from Meshack yesterday as you will see in my next script. He is NOT lost (!), and as agreed with David, I kindly ask you to transfer Meshack’s share via M-PESA, and for Meshack to confirm that you have received both the share from last month and also this month.

And I kindly ask Elijah to inform me, if you will continue receiving my money, my old friend – please focus on our frienship and “warm feelings” – and if you “cannot” communicate, I kindly ask David to inform me if Elijah in this respect is still part of the team deciding to receive my money to HELP you as the ONLY condition.

Take care – and all my best to you and your families. I know that money’s too tight to mention, and that it makes your lives hell, but you do remember my old words: NEVER GIVE UP and for each day gone well, we are one day closer to the goal, and the sufferings you go through simply means that you help me create a New World, which would NOT have been possible without you, and the alternative would have been termination of the Universe with all life – and then it is better to suffer some years in order to bring ETERNAL and HAPPY LIFE without limitations to the world, don’t you think?

From here I cycled the maybe 3-4 kilometres to the SPAR supermarket in Snekkersten having some good offers, and back to town and to read the newspaper at the library, and by now I was so tired that I was not sure how to get back, but I made it – but the rest of the afternoon was again at the same “the worst tiredness/pain” I have ever gone thought, and I tell you that it is pure torture staying awake during this crisis for 2-3 hours without knowing how to stay awake, and I was even encouraged also to stay awake in the coming night, which I do not believe I will be able to do.

While I remember it, I was told the other day that if I should start to give in to darkness not having enough strength to fight it, I would receive help from the light, which however would require even more destructions/sacrifices of the Universe.

I decided that I do NOT want to watch the video, which Lucas sent me yesterday, which may include much “exciting information” and (some of) it may even be true, but I have gone through my journey NOT being influenced by “stories/rumours” on the Internet, and if this includes this or even spiritual darkness, I will NOT let it get to me.

I was told that we are now sure to be able to transfer the anchor of darkness to light – including the hidden parts of darkness – and that is even though this place includes a HUGE amount of energy absorbed from the Old World, and the reason is that we now have an infinite stock of energy from our New World, which is “much more” than darkness of the Old World, and this is also why this darkness could only grow via me to become a “boy” as I was told some time ago and that is until our new energy would have fought it, and furthermore I was told that we are now certain of this because of the work we have done up until now having secured all four corners from darkness, and had we not, we would not have reversed this darkness to light before opening our New World.

I was given an example of a pain I have received before but not written about before, and it is more WHY I receive the pain because after receiving one of those sudden and extremely uncomfortable pain to my right angle, I was told that it was because I had given in (a little) to some negative speech just before it, and this could VERY easily cause a negative reaction because it is WRONG and especially because the negative reaction is the STRONG feeling given to me, and yes if I had given in to this negativity, the unbearable pain would simply continue and yes including destructions of the Universe. This is when darkness is at its worst, but it has “hundreds of ways” really.

And I felt how my right foot/angle was given marks and potential GIANT pain as a risk of giant destructions to the Universe if I should not go through this, and these days I am given the strongest pain inside of my feet and hands, at the bones self, which is another symbol of destructions of the world.

Later I felt an ease in the constant darkness given to me and I was shown the spirit of my father from this darkness clipping dancing men in paper, which reaches all around the world, and I am shown Jette here too, which is to express the importance of her work in being able also to release and bring the anchor of the spirits of my mother and father with us.

I was thinking that I cannot go through one more night as the previous, and I was told “if you knew what would come out of us, you would continue until Judgment Day”, and yes this is what I was told being confused about why Judgment Day was mentioned.

I was told that “all witnesses of truth have woken up in order to do this”, which I understood as “believing in me”.

I was told that it was our inner self, our existence self, which was overtaken by darkness (back to the first original world), and I felt how this anchor of the spirit of my mother painted darkness around me and I have felt my skeleton self as darkness the last days, which is just how strong this hidden darkness/anchor is – and it was the outer parts of us, which came to our rescue.

I was thinking if darkness will continue to come and if I really am able to dig deep enough to get everything of the anchor out, and I was told that if I am not, the remaining parts will be destructed, and NO WAY (!) is the only reaction I could give to this.

I was told that “heart means the start of everything” (of life/creation self), and this is why I have been given all of these heart attacks trying to kill me.

Later I was told “there will now never again come more “kill me”” and that this required the worst sufferings of not only I but also my mother, and I was told that “we are now about to leave nothing and to close and lock up” and also that “it is through the heart we will arrive”.

I am writing these lines at 21.55 this evening feeling utterly destroyed and trying to see if I can finish the short script of today including going through the MANY pictures, Jette has brought again today, to comment some of them and to bring a few here, and I don’t know if I can, Obama, so we will see for how long this will work.

I received the song “teardrops” by Womack & Womack, which I like very much – they play/sing at a VERY high level, completely unstrained so it is a JOY to witness – and I was given a vision about Karen, so this song is about her, and the next time, Karen, you will be true without “teardrops in your eyes”.

Finally at 23.50 I had also finalised and published the script of today, which I was NOT sure about at all that I would be able to do, but I thought that if I can, I will.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told that “the sneak” Helena spoke about the other day, and gave her WORST language, is me (!), and yes this is what I was told, and if it is true, it means that the boulevard press of Denmark is chasing her because of my writings on what is already public information (?), and again if it is the truth, she is truly sending much darkness to me, and I do wonder if this really can be it, and I do hope that this is NOT the case, so we will see about that.
    • But shortly thereafter Helena brought a new post – so she “could not” leave Facebook after all – saying that the next time she will vote on the Liberal Party, and what happened (?) because she is normally a left wing or Social Democrat, and yes only this “I of course thank you for the honour to be a piece in your sick game, but I have turned over my piece and my life continues” and this comes after swearing over the Social Democrats, so it seems that a Social Democrat following her Facebook postings decided to use them maybe in a attack against Søren Pind (?), and yes what do I know?

  • A few examples of MANY pictures of Jette’s Facebook group again today, with this one saying “a big dog is dead”, which is about dissolution of darkness.

  • Here she says “a big toad with a fish tail”, which is about darkness turning into me as the fish.

  • While reading my script, Pegasus – the winged horse – has arrived and a sea monster, and I explain the fight of this last hidden darkness of the original spirits of my father and mother, who were overtaken by darkness at the first Universe “because it was possible”.

  • Fantastic – marvellous pictures – pure, clear lines .. horror, adventure .. spaceman.. birds .. incredible being like in the “the beauty and the beast”, and in another picture she writes “it does not get any more beautiful than this – an archangel”, which even I can see on this picture, and yes the angel is indeed beautiful.

  • Hillary Clinton was in Copenhagen today creating BIG attention from politicians and the media, and I saw a short clip of Johannes from TV2 interviewing her at the Royal Library in front of students, and yes you said that you had received the questions from Facebook, but you did not “like” my question, Johannes (?), and not even to comment them (!), and I wonder why (?), and according to Lucas below she said “Be part of the new future ready to be born” – I have not seen this myself – and I wonder if this was the best you could do Hillary and Johannes knowing that you were “surveilled” by me?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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