June 6, 2012: The arrival of “the full row of Kings” through my “new smiling and powerful face, Buddha”


Summary of the script today

5th June: It was my new self and our New World entering the Source meeting my remaining old self inside

  • Dreaming of my father almost dying and trying to built a cottage house, which is almost impossible to do symbolising “one of the countless challenges we receive”.
  • I was TIRED again today being on my limit, and remaining darkness wanted to burn itself off, but did not get my approval.
  • It was my new self and our New World entering the Source these recent days meeting my remaining old self as the spirits of my mother and father inside, where the large parts of my old self will become light and also merged together with my/our new selves.
  • Jette was compassionate like NONE else knowing that darkness has “tamped on you and destroyed your solar plexus” .. almost injured your face”, and I wished that my own mother and family would have understood and showed me the same compassion, but no, I received not one word of compassion, only the opposite, from them when going through the worst sufferings in history.
  • Pictures of Google Earth from the 3rd June (!) showed our clear band around the world and “unusual strong darkness”, which we are fighting giving us pain when forcing darkness to act as light in order to bring in our New World to the Source.
  • Short stories of a 12 year old Canadian girl saying what World Leaders ”cannot” understand, which is that private banks are defrauding and rubbing us – we can do WITHOUT banks (!), now I can for the first time COMMUNICATE with Dan on Facebook, I was happy to re-establish my relation with Ib P., who is an old business relation.

6th June: The arrival of “the full row of Kings” through my “new smiling and powerful face, Buddha”

  • Dreaming of the Europe minister Nicolai Wammen opposing me and a poorly working Education Minister!
  • I was completely beaten black and blue after very HARD days leading up to the Venus passage during the night, but I felt much less darkness/sufferings today.
  • Jette commented on Google Earth pictures from the 4th and 5th June about “fireworks in Tivoli”, which is the ongoing fight between light and darkness, “the stairs for the larder is now stabilised”, which is about the tunnel of eternal creation/energy now being connected at the anchor of the Source, I went through “a violent fight”, which left me “almost dead beat” when fighting “several people”, and by yesterday, our New World was almost brought into the Source.
  • Google Earth shows the letters “S T I G” on Heaven, which you might be able to see?
  • New pictures of Google Earth first shows “wrong sex” as part of my fight with darkness yesterday afternoon, which almost made my new self “stewed codfish”, and in the evening this was replaced by “healing succeeded because this physical/spiritual being rises up again” bringing “the full row of Kings”, which is “end of story” and “a new smiling and powerful face is showing, as you have also written, Stig, which is BUDDHA”, and this morning, she saw that “it is calm”, which is also my feeling – however not fully yet, so “calmer” is better – and now my new self is becoming part of the Source.
  • Short stories of a funny story showing that darkness of the Source has been replaced by light and Flemming Østergaard speaks of people being the most importance of businesses and it is fine for him to speak about other companies as I believe it also is for people to talk about your company when they know what they talk about?


5th June: It was my new self and our New World entering the Source meeting my remaining old self inside

Dreaming of my father almost dying and trying to built a cottage house, which is almost impossible to do

I left my computer at approx. 04.00 this morning after finalising work to my script, and after watching TV until approx. 05.00 FIGHTING to stay awake, I decided that by now it was allowed to sleep, which I then did on the sofa as a sign to say “a few hours only”, but you know I put my trust to light adjusting the amount of sleep I get, and this is how I slept until 09.20 with this dream:

  • I am together with my mother, who would like to watch beautiful ladies without much clothes on in a fashion show, which I do not want to watch when watching it together with her. I receive an email saying that my father is close to dying, and the email brings me access to my father’s closed Facebook group, which contains 7-8 people and normally requires a password to enter, and I show it to my mother saying that this is one of several examples of how my spiritual friends work. I receive confirmation from a expert on how to build a cottage house exactly in its right direction to the water as my father has planned it and this is what we will send to be approve by authorities, and I am somewhat unsure of this thinking that we only have one try, but I decide to trust the expert. Later I am in the holiday cottage house of my mother making delicious food together with her, and to my surprise my father visits us to look at what needs to be done to the house, and it is clear that this house is not very solid and he concludes that all of the interior – very thin walls, space of centimetres between the windows leading to the outdoor etc. – needs to be replaced in order to be approved. Inge’s husband Ove enters and is happy to see my father, whom he has not seen for many years, and Ove is working as a workman, and I believe he is working at the bathroom.
    • The dream says that my father is dying, which he is in real life, but normally dying in dreams means “no contact” to me, and here it will have to be both, and I was told that the closed Facebook group contains the closest 7-8 people of my father’s life, and I am NOT part of these (!), and a cottage house is “my home” of light, and it seems that it is almost impossible to get this last cottage house built and approved, but I have decided not to give up, so this is the message, which is to get this house built too and to receive help from everyone supporting me, which the dream says that Inge’s husband Ove also does, which actually surprises me because my guess would be that Inge at least partly is with me, and Ove against me, but here it says that Ove is with me too :-).
    • Again this morning Michael Hardinger is NOT my Facebook friend symbolising a threat to my father’s and also John’s life.
    • I was told that “the monkey is not turned wrongly, but this is one of the countless challenges we receive”.

It was my new self and our New World entering the Source meeting my remaining old self inside

I was told that “all of it because of a “falsterbo”, otherwise we would not survive”, which is about life inside the Source, which would not make it without Jette – and “falsterbo” is both about a person living at the island of Falster as Jette does, and also a Swedish town/beach meaning sufferings.

I still receive pain to the inside of my feet and hands meaning sacrifices to the Universe, and I am by now REALLY tired of continuing to do this work day in day out feeling as I do, but I really have no alternative (to ”rest”), I have to keep going on – and I still receive constant tries of darkness to make me think, decide and act negatively, which is ALWAYS a pain to receive.

I was told that if I should “give up” now – it is a CONSTANT pain/overstrain to keep on NOT losing it – I would be given a serious voice of the spirit of my father saying “you don’t want to leave me here, do you” (?), and the answer is NO, I do not, and I have been told that should I start such a game, I would also be asked unpleasant questions about whom I wanted to kill etc. to bring energy I would not do myself, and I truly do NOT want this, so I really do not have any alternative than to going on doing my best, see?

As mentioned Michael Hardinger is now again not my Facebook friend, so he probably does not see my posts, or does he (?), is it only me not seeing him (?), thus not entering Jette’s Facebook group to help him improve his understanding, thus helping to open the entrance even more of the New World to the Source, and yes this is the game of darkness, and we know because of “opposition of my own father”, which is what is coming to me here – and I am given the feeling of Kenya here too, so this is what my dear LTO-friends are also “helping” to do and that is darkness opposing me and simply because of their poor communication and misunderstandings.

I wrote (most of) the script until 13.30 today, which was truly “pretty tough” to do feeling tired as I did, but I thought “better do it now than later” and this is how I am at least updated, and we will see if Jette also will pass darkness, and I was given the understanding that when I do not give up, she will also be helped to pass darkness trying to stop her, which is to NEVER GIVE UP and that is NO MATTER WHAT!

I was told that there is agreement among the whole congregation (of Indians as I was shown) that we are not to be put on fire, but this is not what he (of darkness) wants, so this is apparently the challenge we face, that darkness wants to put itself on fire, but no, I don’t want that, so let us see if darkness can do what I don’t want it to do as Stig, if I can hold this back as I held the “bomb of Nixon” back.

And I was told that this is the same as wanting to escape from me – “how do I get a plane from out of here” as I heard – but no, I don’t want darkness to escape, so this is what we do our best to avoid by continuing to work and also to sleep as little as possible. Furthermore I don’t know where darkness wants to hide, because I have decided NOT to give up or to change my rules, as it tested me for once again – wanting my accept for people to be killed etc. – and I know that with the force of the New World approaching we should be able to locate, transform and bring every little thing with us as long as I don’t give up.

I watched some of the Diamond Jubilee Concert celebrating the 60th anniversary of Queen Elisabeth, and when I watched Paul McCartney – especially with “let it be” followed by “live and let die” – I felt deep feelings as I always do with strong and beautiful songs, but for the first time in a long time it was not followed by an overwhelming pressure of tears to flow too, which is telling me that my mother and family is not crying as much over me as before, and I really enjoyed for example Paul McCartney, but I also wondered why it is always “the greatest hits” that most artists play in concerts, and why you don’t sometimes do greatest hits tours, and other times for example tours of your albums from the end of the 1980’s and beginning of the 1990’s here in relation to Paul, where he ALSO did FANTASTIC music in my point of view, and I am here thinking who would LOVE to see John, Paul, George and Ringo back on stage to be followed by Elvis and Mozart just to take a few examples (?), and yes there are NO limits, only imagination of our New World.

Even though I was truly exhausted, I decided to cycle to the SPAR supermarket in Snekkersten and really only because I could even though I was not worth much as we say in Danish, and that is “almost nothing” really, but I thought that creating more energy would probably be good. On this tour I was given deep feelings of my left eyebrow being on fire, which is about darkness wanting to burn off itself, which you know is me, and I decided to say that I don’t believe in you, we will get to you/me with the power of the New World which is almost the same as “the New Power generation”, and with this power “money don’t matter 2 night” with money symbolising “energy”.

On DR1 news here, the reporter from the celebration of Queen Elisabeth in London said “…. a sense that it has been planned for the people maybe with the exception of the weather because it has by God – and here she was made to clear her throat – as I was almost saying because it has been pouring down, and then I think that what may remain of republicans in Great Britain has taken the escape LONG WAY OUT IN THE COUNTRY on a prolonged weekend, because when you are in London these days, it is difficult not to get a little gooseflesh, when they roll out the very big device”, and what this was about was of course Michael Hardinger because first she clearly cleared her throat when saying God – as if she received a toad, you know – and when she said LONG WAY OUT IN THE COUNTRY it was a reference to the Shu-bi-dua song “langt ude”, which I have brought several times, where they sing “is it too much too ask for, too far out in the country” (?) with “too far out in the country meaning that “this is not to be believed”, so in other words Michael Hardinger did not believe in me being God, this is what she said (!), but now when Michael “are in London these days”, which is when he “visits me” – and yes Jette’s Facebook group (!) – it give him “gooseflesh” and just saying that we are getting a shub-man over on our side, and I see him hauled in on the boat and “this is not the worst you could ask for” really.

During the evening I was given thoughts about the relation between the Trinity, the Source and my new self – to sort out this question which I could not the other day when being under much pressure – and when using logics from my scripts, the answer simply came to me as this:

Everything around me is the New World and it is now only the inner core of me, which is still darkness on its way to become light too. I re-entered the Source through “the jump” in the summer of 2010 being my old self, which means that in the Source as darkness, I am still my old self, which is the spirits of my mother and father, and when I entered the Source only days ago with the world following me, it means that my new self as the resurrected Jesus first entered the Source meeting my old self, and when I felt the spirit of my mother with the world outside of me before it entered too, it was the spirit of my mother of our New World, which you know is the new part of her, which we created in 2011, who has merged together with parts of the old as we have entered our way through darkness to bring every little thing to the Source, and now is can only be a very small part of my old self, who remains and they will also become part of our new selves, which you know is the merger of our new creation together with every little thing of our Old World, and yes this is an example to say that when you read and understand my scripts logically, there is only one answer, and so it was also here.

I was shown Nazi soldiers on a mountain road preparing to block the road, but they leave the road completely open for me to get down from the mountain.

I was told that it was not only the moon almost breaking down in 2009 as I desribed in detail when watching it, but also the Sun, and I was told that the world watched in horror for the end of the world coming, but you know it is ALWAYS THE SUN as in that it will ALWAYS be here, and all you have to do is to believe in it, which is really the key word, and yes I do believe that faith of the official world in me is also helping our survival and new creation.

I was given quite less pressure of darkness this evening coming as a true relief, because our new tunnel of eternal creation/energy is now on place linked to the original Source – as one of Jette’s pictures also confirmed, but I will first bring this in the script of tomorrow, because I could not work this evening, I was completely SMASHED (!) – and I was shown that the last roofed but open building, a hay barn, with some darkness inside of it and light and John Deer tractors all around it is now being removed, and the John Deer tractors is a reference to a TV programme I watched on Danish TV the other day about a son living and working as a farmer in Australia, who LOVED his John Deer tractors very much, and yes I loved to see his straightforward way to be and also how much he loved when his mother after a long time finally “approved” him when coming the long way from Denmark to Australia to visit him for the first time, and yes do you have any idea of what it will mean to me when my mother and family will come to me and say “we believe in you, we are sorry that we “could not” understand and the sufferings we brought you”, and yes they “could not” really speak about what TRULY mattered to me, and “could not” understand the degree of my sufferings, which they did not comment with a word. I have also been told that when my mother is not on Facebook – she believes this is a waste of time with people only speaking superficially in here, which is both right and wrong really – and when this is the case, it made it “extremely difficult” to believe in me, because who is able to read and understand my very long and difficult to read scripts (?), but everyone is able to understand short notes on Facebook (?), and yes this is an attitude, which we are going to change with our New World learning people how easy it is to read and understand my scripts!

Despite of darkness reducing, I later received more heart pain, strong pain to my inner toes/fingers and a strong burning feeling of my right side, which together with much tiredness, pressure of darkness and also sudden pains to my right angle still makes life as disgusting as you can imagine, and darkness still tried to persuade me to stop the New World coming from the outside, and NO, there is nothing to do, it is ALWAYS welcome, because it is our Sun, and yes I was told that as my new self I will be the Source of the world, and I am wondering if our old Source when cleaned is not able to produce more light (?), and we will see, this is at least what I was told, and yes coming through our new “tunnel”, you know.

I was told that “we were not to go deeper, so this is here where we placed our anchor”, and we know Stig, I gave it EVERYTHING I got, and I was shown blue flowers being made, and my new self being brought out via a coffin and I was told that this is also because of Queen Elisabeth, so thank you very much, Elisabeth :-).

I had “planned” to stay up until 04.30 to see the beginning of the passage of Venus over the Sun, but at 00.35 I simply could no more, I was completely empty and had no more to give, so I laid on the sofa but decided to set the alarm to 04.30, so I could see it, and that is if I heard it, which I however did not, so I first woke up at 07.10, and the rest follows in my script of tomorrow.

Jette was compassionate knowing that darkness has “tamped on you and destroyed your solar plexus”

Jette was very kind to show my understanding and compassion as no one else has done before her (!) when she said “believe you have had a hard time .. judging on what I could se on those clouds” and also “they have stamped on you and destroyed your solar plexus .. almost injured your face – however given your life giving water at the end”, which made me tell her that NONE understands me like her and that this really has been impossible days, and I thanked her for her work, and I thought about my own family not offering me understanding and compassion NOT even once (for real) and about all of the times I as example have visited my mother after going through “impossible days of torture”, which she did not comment even when “reading” my scripts (which she still does not at the moment), but it was “not easy” to fully understand the degree of my sufferings, mother (?) even though I wrote that these are the sufferings of the man suffering the most in the world, but you know, don’t always take things as face value, Phil, and we know while we have it, let us take one of the Lord’s favourite songs, which is “in the air tonight”, and that is because “I can feel it coming …” :-).

Google Earth 3rd June: Fighting “unusual strong darkness” to bring in our New World to the Source

We have now arrived to the 3rd June trying to get up to date with the pictures, which is really part of the road to bring first me and now the New World to the Source – and it is NOT easy when darkness is working against you, which both goes with “IT-problems” yesterday evening preventing Jette from posting and continuing work, and this morning when she brushed her teeth and a filling fell out making her call the dentist (!), and yes this is how it is, and I do LIKE very much to be up to date, which is what I hope Jette and I will also become soon with these pictures, and yes let us see what a selection of also MANY pictures today says.

Here is both a broad band of light but Jette says – about another part of it, I suppose – that “if this is darkness or just dark, it looks to be an unusual strong person..several larger “light” heads observe him awaiting”, and yes darkness is truly still VERY strong.

And here the broadband reaches Australia, which you know is my symbol of normal life of our New World.

And when the broadband reaches Antarctica, it brings pain to Australia, which is really pain to our New World when hitting darkness.

Still the 3rd June where a sea snake lifts off the cap of a workman with several characteristic figures of light watching, and a sea snake is darkness, which if lifting off the cap, which is darkness, of a workman, who is about to “build new”, which is really about darkness being made to act a light because this is what I decide as Stig despite of darkness doing everything it can tormenting me to make me act as darkness.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The video below was brought to my attention through Selvet, who decided to use one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, which I have used myself before, which is the emperor’s new clothes, where only the child can see that the emperor don’t even wear clothes with everyone else being snotty and accepting authority so they cannot see the deception, and here is a 12 year old BRIGHT Canadian girl dressing off international banks and politicians to the skin about her economical views.
    • In the video below she says that “we are being defrauded and rubbed by the banking system” lending “fake money out of thin air” and she continues “our government has been borrowing money from private banks and put us into debts and they are not doing anything about this, so they are just standing by and watching private banks make us pay compounded interest” and “my solution is that we stop borrowing from private banks and we start borrowing from the bank of Canada with little to no interests”, and when you imagine that “the bank of Canada” is the people of the world in a world without banks, there you have the answer from a 12 year old girl, who can see the same logics of a world without banks rubbing us (!) as I, included in my New World Order, and still world leaders “cannot” understand what is purely simple logic (?), and that is because they are snotty and accept authority because “of course it is impossible to change our economical system of today, isn’t it” (?), and NO IT IS NOT (!), you are only BRAINWASHED and need to learn from this 12 year old girl by LISTENING to her, and from me too of course, and I feel Obama here, so he also has something to say about this. And I truly love the following song (and album from where it is taken) by Sinead O’Connor.

  • Dan said a LONG time ago that he would open up for subscribers also to be able to comment his posts, and I don’t know if he “forgot” or if it has been spiritual darkness preventing me to comment him all this time, but I was HAPPY to see that today it was possible, so when he brought one of my top favourite artists, Bryan Ferry with Roxy Music, and “Avalon”, I “had” to try this new feature saying that Bryan is the most elegant of all, both in clothes, charisma and music and yes that he truly is “more than this”, and how will Dan react to me sending him a “completely normal message” and yes after ALL THIS TIME since I sent him a couple of Facebook emails?

  • I was happy yesterday to receive a LinkedIn invitation from Ib P. – an old business relation from Sparbank in North West Jutland – and I wrote back telling him how happy I was to hear from him and that I have always thought of him as much more than a business contact and that is potentially as a rare, TRUE friend, and he was kind to confirm this and to offer me his help whenever needed, and I have “warned” him about my writings, so I hope that he will just continue to treat me as Stig, who is the man I was, still am and will always be (!), and let me here say that when he worked for Sparbank, he created “big business” because he thought BIG and was not mediocre, but at the same time he lacked proper business moral for example not always caring about the law and when mixing private and business “interests” (for example blackmailing me once when I worked for GE Insurance to sponsor “his” handball team in Skive misusing our business relation), but first and foremost, he is a man I truly appreciate, and his attitude is somewhat similar to what you see from Peter Brixtofte! And I understand that Ib is brought to me to bring even more darkness – and maybe a little understanding too – to my work, and shortly after sending a new email to him, I saw a visitor to my website from Skive, where Ib comes from, and only to my front page, which was enough to “frighten” you, Ib?


6th June: The arrival of “the full row of Kings” through my “new smiling and powerful face, Buddha

Dreaming of the Europe minister Nicolai Wammen opposing me and a poorly working Education Minister!

As mentioned I slept on the sofa from 00.35 to 07.10 but I was feeling UTTERLY DESTROYED because of the last three days, where I really gave everything I had, followed by the period before this etc., and I had a short dream about the Europe Minister Nicolai Wammen playing noisy music together with a lost of musicians in the middle of working hours, and a young female education minister not knowing about the work she does, and Nicolai is a Social Democrat, former mayor of Århus and also a Facebook friend with Helena, and I wonder if you caused all the trouble and bøvl, Nicolai (?), which is what the music indicates, and is this also related to me with you opposing me (?), and just wondering I am.

I received two songs at the same time “long hot summer” by Style Council and “mad about you” by Sting and the lyrics “it don’t matter what I do” from the first song and “mad about you” from the second, and I was told that this was in relation to Karen, who would become MAD ABOUT YOU no matter what you did, and that is because she could do nothing else because of the play she was directed to do.

I was beaten black and blue but darkness/sufferings was much less today

I was truly completely beaten black and blue or whatever as you say in English but in Danish it is YELLOW and BLUE, which you may understand that I like much better – still as symbols only you know – and I decided to take a LONG bath and I first started writing the last part of the script of yesterday at 13.00 finishing this at 14.30 and yes to do the script of today too finishing most of this at 16.15 (after going through MANY pictures of Jette, where I only brought a selection in the next chapter), and I really was not sure that I would be able to do anything but recover today, but it is better to do this today than tomorrow, and with this I will now follow up on the Google Earth pictures, which Jette brought yesterday also trying to get up to date, so it truly looks like that this is what we will do.

I was shown darkness of myself shooting with a riffle, but laying down the riffle, because I don’t want to, and instead it wants to eat a big chocolate layer cake, so just to say that this darkness is still dark.

Darkness continued to ask me to remain darkness, and later I was shown and felt how darkness inside of me suddenly became “terrified” of being overtaken by light, which is now everywhere around us, and it literally jumped back to me asking to remain darkness, but no, we are ALL going to become light.

I was shown a giant statue at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, and I enter it, which changes it to a large lorry which I back up to connect with the pedestrian street of Strøget, which was a vision to show that the lorry of the New World is connected with the tunnel to our eternal creation/energy.

At the end of the afternoon, I decided to try the short 9 holes golf par 3 course again at my neighbour and except from one hole, where I landed in the bunker, which I had to use a couple of strokes to remember how to get out from using 6 on the hole in total, I was satisfied with the 8 holes I managed to do in 31 strokes in total (I started at hole 2 and finished at hole 9, and when I wanted to also play hole 1, it was occupied) including to get out of the sand “perfectly” at the next hole, which is to get “perfectly” out of darkness/sufferings also thinking of my mother here and her faith in me, and yes there is a CURE hidden inside of everyone :-).

During the evening, I watched TV and FOR A COUPLE OF MINUTES I totally forgot about darkness only focusing on what was said and I did NOT get disturbed by darkness tormenting me, and yes I cannot remember when this truly has happened the last time, and I got a few minutes here and there of the same telling me that we should be on our right way for all darkness to become light, and I also felt “better” when playing golf, but I still felt the coat of darkness around me making me feel “poorly” inside of it.

And I received a series of GIANT hiccups and the message was that this is what we were saved from bringing, which is GREAT sufferings of the Universe if I was not able to go through this without being overtaken by darkness.

Later I saw that Jette had brought a new line of pictures, which I decided to comment and to bring in the last chapter of Google Earth pictures today, and while I was doing this, I decided that I might as well upload this script now, and when I did this work, I still received pretty strong darkness, so I wonder what now may be the next task, because my new self and the New World is now inside of the Source and we have connected the Source to our new tunnel to eternal creation/energy, and what is the task now, is it more about our “higher consciousness” following the Venus passage over the Sun or simply more darkness to transform into light (?), and yes we will see over the coming days.

Finally at 23.50 this evening, I had uploaded the two last days of scripts.

The tunnel of eternal energy is now connected at the anchor of the Source after a “violent fight

Today is the 6th June and I will start bringing pictures of the 4th, which Jette brought yesterday the 5th, and in this the first one she says that “there are wildly many activities ongoing. Almost like the fireworks in Tivoli. Small seeking souls and big persuaded souls in between each other”, and “fireworks in Tivoli” is “explosions” and really the ongoing fight between darkness and light, and she also says that the souls unite in lumps of gigglers, play, fool around and dance, which you know is EXCITEMENT and HAPPINESS because of rescuing.

Here she says that “the stairs for the larder is now stabilised”, which is about the setup of our tunnel to eternal creation/energy, which has now been established at the Source, and she can also see the beginning of the 60th anniversary of Queen Elisabeth, and a figure of Grundtvig to remind us of democracy – the Danish Constitution Day is the 5th June (!) – and finally she sees a bomb blowing under Antarctica, which is darkness trying to destroy itself, but no, this is not how we are working here.

Jette brought a series of five pictures in her Facebook group with “a violent fight starting”, and this is picture no. 3 where she sees “several against one” and “almost dead beat” in picture 4 not brought here, which is the power of “several people” against me making my sufferings great also these days.

In this picture no. 5 she writes “and then life giving water arrives”, which is for me after my fight against darkness, and she includes a script saying something about “more than 15 hours of bombardment – constantly no wonder that Stig Dragholm believes it is hard” and she asks people to pray for and support me, and she really tells about the importance of my scripts and encourage people to read, thank you, Jette :-).

Somehow Jette could extract the message from these clouds “STIG .. wake up ..hey.. there is work to be done”, which gave me the chance to repeat that lack of sleep being more dead than alive – like a Zombie – at the same time working harder than anyone has been part of my sufferings, and when adding the negative voice of the Devil screaming in my ear to overtake me etc., this is when you get the worst sufferings in the world, which you really need to read “my sufferings” and even better all of my scripts to understand.

Here from the 5th June, the broadband now covers half of Australia – we are bringing the New World into the Source, this is the symbol, do you see (?) – and this is how clear Earth becomes when your heart becomes pure.

Google Earth shows the letters “S T I G” on Heaven, which you might be able to see?

And finally here from the 4th June again, where Jette says “finally S T I G received a clap on the shoulder” and I wondered if she could read the letters S T I G on the sky, and yes she says “it says S T I G”, and I wonder if you can see it the same way as Jette?

The arrival of “the full row of Kings” through my “new smiling and powerful face, Buddha”

Later Jette continued uploading more pictures from yesterday the 5th June and also from the beginning of today, so we are soon up to date, and here at 13:05 she wrote that the picture shows “wrong sex” as I write about with a very shocked and frightened angel connected to our New World (and I cannot see this myself, but I would NEVER bring a picture of explicit sex, so I do hope this is NOT what people normally can see), and I use this opportunity to explain about my “old nightmare” again again, and also that wrong sex is about infidelity, group sex and also one-night stands, and also that homosexuals are led by darkness, and are as blessed by God as anyone else and that everyone will receive TRUE feelings of light in our New World NOT attracting you to “wrong sex”.

Here at yesterday evening at 22.25 she says “Stig, this was really very close to stewed codfish”, and I told her that this is indeed what the inner darkness at the Source wanted to bring the fish of me, which is my new self – the resurrected Jesus – when entering the Source, which almost brought me down as I wrote the other day, but as Jeff says “Don’t bring me down”, and this is how it will become :-). In another picture not brought here, Jette also wrote “the healing succeeded because this physical/spiritual being rises up again, read:..the attempted destruction was so powerful that both the physical and spiritual body have been attempted destructed”, and this was true because darkness wanted to burn itself and my inner self off as late as yesterday.

And after this healing, Jette believes that it is “the full row of Kings” coming out maybe with the black Madonna and several others standing behind, and all of these are united in the one person in the coffin about to be opened to the world, which you know is my new self.

Jette says “end of story – healing succeeded fine and a new smiling and powerful face is showing, as you have also written, Stig, which is BUDDHA” and really Maitreya Buddha, who is my new self uniting all kings of all times and religious persuasions bringing One God with One People to the world.

This morning, Jette again saw Buddha in another picture not brought here, and here she says that “it is calm, are they catching fish ..they stand in water with a net over their shoulders and between the hands”, and in my reply I say that catching fish is to pull my new self as part of the Source with the dissolution of darkness.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The not entirely normal Mikael Wulff claiming to be “entirely normal” – remember the “opposite world” (?) – was funny again again when saying that a “fake Rommedahl arrested in the EC-camp” and “the real Rommedahl liberated from broom cupboard and is reported in good condition”, and to me this is about the “intruder of darkness”, which has now been removed and replaced by the original Rommedahl, and here meaning (remaining) God inside of the Source.

  • Flemming, the former CEO and chairman of the board of the football club and “big business” FC Copenhagen, write today that he has received more than 1,000 calls after his previous post about the lack of skills of the new CEO of FC Copenhagen, Anders Hørsholt, and he does not criticize to be negative but to help his own company because of love, which makes him try to WAKE UP the stockholders! And he says that to his surprise, he agreed with Fernando Olsen in an article on FC Copenhagen, and normally he believes that Fernando speaks superficial about the condition of football clubs, or in other words show the “ignorant but still better-knowing attitude” (!), and yes you do not have this yourself, do you Flemming (?), and just wondering I am, but of course you are right, which is that when you know what you talk about, it is fine to suggest to others what they can do, and if I remember correctly from your previous Facebook post several weeks ago, isn’t this exactly what you “hate” yourself that others do in relation to you (?), and when I wrote something like what you write here, you did not agree with me thinking that I was “too much”, and yes Flemming, it is about knowing what you speak about, see?

  • And here is his previous Facebook post of the 1st June, where he criticises the new CEO, and I like VERY MUCH when says that “you may have the best products in the world, but this is NOT the most important, people are the most important, people are the background for all success”, and this is obviously where Flemming has a GREAT skill because he created an “exciting and living working place” growing from 7 to several thousands, and now the feeling is miserable where people have fear to lose their job if they have other views (!) and many important key employees have stopped, and this is only Flemming’s side of the story, I am sure that the new CEO has his side of the story too, and Flemming says that the newspaper BT has asked him to stop talking about FC Copenhagen and that he shows lack of respect when doing so, and again Flemming says that he does this because of love to his old company, and yes Flemming there might be a chance that when YOU will understand me, that we agree, which is that it is fine to talk about other businesses, when you know what you talk about, instead of showing an attitude of better-knowing ignorance when people speak about what they do NOT really know about.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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