June 9, 2012: “Here we see the wanderer STIG on his way with his entourage – they are close to the light”


Summary of the script today

7th June: “Here we see the wanderer STIG on his way with his entourage – they are close to the light”

  • I received signs that suddenly all of my new self will be opened up: “3-2-1 and then we will start, Dragholm”.
  • Dreaming that I cannot receive more energy to continue being my old self as the cover above my new self.
  • I still received much darkness today but it is removing its dark clothes – we are “cleaning up” bringing in more information/life from darkness instead of “cutting off”, which would cleave my foot and the world.
  • My selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group tell the stories of still much darkness, which I am cleaning up, “resurrected souls” of “original people”, a celebration to Jette for helping me and blessing of homosexuals, it looks like the deep parts of my old self, which I could not reach, is now dragged into a hole (but I will NOT accept loss of life!), “here we see the wanderer STIG on his way with his entourage – there is no doubt anymore – they are close to the light – the goal of their (our) walk”, which is about how close I am to open up the eyes of my new self to the world and also about “the Centrifugal Force is going faster and faster” before time will stop.
  • Short stories of Lucas also bringing darkness to me and documentation that Facebook also includes “good debate” with people speaking inspired of “poor work/investments” of the Danish public system.

8th June: The last part of the spirit of my father as the original creation is becoming part of me as our new creation

  • Dreaming of preferring to sleep being afraid (!) of going deeper into my old forest, Søren Pind as a special friend helping me to play against darkness – and I decided that this is as deep as it gets, and it is here anchor is placed to bring out energy of my deep new self and also old self (!), darkness was partying when I slept and my old friends Lena B. and Lisbeth still oppose me bringing me MUCH darkness, but they also still love me both.
  • I will NOT cut the lifeline to darkness, but continue to extract energy from the original tunnel of energy, and this decision now transforms the most inner of me to become part of the outer of me – for the last part of original creation to become part of our new creation.
  • I am working on the absolutely last darkness, which is making me suffer MUCH, and this is when working on the remaining parts of the creation of the spirit of my father becoming part of my new self seeking over in the tunnel of our new eternal creation/energy, and my new self is about to break out from the plaster covering me.
  • Short stories of Michael Hardinger bringing me much darkness/sufferings because of his better-knowing ignorance, giving Stig Elling – a well-known gay – my personal blessings of marriage in church, I am still going through hell to reach our land of joy and happiness and I became my new self when going through the worst sexual torments.

9th June: “Great happiness – an eddy of souls tearing into the light” and the light of God is now all over the world

  • Dreaming of Dahlberg seeing my skills differently, a new road opening where I will lift up and save even more life, darkness still wanting to bring my “old nightmare” and my mother and I cannot go through the same sufferings when my motor (also working at nights) stops.
  • I will meet the SHRINK the 15th June and tell them that it is all about EMBARASSMENT of their system of MADNESS! Will he decide to recommend me to take medicine, which will make the ignorant Commune ORDER me to do the same, me to decline and the commune to remove my cash help – or will they step down understanding that I only speak the truth about myself?
  • The selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group the last few days include “more problems” of darkness, the story of saying no to the “indecent princess” of darkness, a ”fantastic beautiful angel”, Pinocchio as the symbol of me can ONLY speak the truth with the elimination of darkness, “great happiness – an eddy of souls tearing into the light”, a dog changing from darkness to an eagle of light, the landing of souls of the entire Universe in Spain and France with the monster of darkness bleeding, the light of God is now all over our New World including all remaining parts of Old God.
  • I have been told that Denmark will win the European Championships in football – if I continue playing well – to symbolise our total victory saving every little thing, and this evening, Denmark did a “sensation” when winning 1 to 0 over Holland, and inspired messages said that it is now time for darkness to end, “do you believe in Stig now” (?) and that souls are being released from inside of darkness.
  • Short stories of Klaus from the meditation group stilling sending me darkness of “snot”, receiving a new Muslim Facebook friend :-), my Facebook counter of friends “cannot” count – more friends (i.e. life) is on its way in, I told the Danish and also world politicians that the way out of the crisis is not to work more or to save but to change the attitude to work MUCH better (!) and Fuggi also does outstanding results helping to bring me/all of us ENERGY :-).


7th June: “Here we see the wanderer STIG on his way with his entourage –they are close to the light

Receiving signs that suddenly all of my new self will be opened up: “3-2-1 and then we will start, Dragholm

Before going to bed yesterday I was told “please feel assure that I will help you some other time”, which was the offer from Ib P. from Skive when connecting with me on LinkedIn the other day, and yes I asked for his help, which was to read and understand me instead of running scared away from me, and what did you decide to do, Ib (?), and just wondering I am that you “could not” keep your promise.

Everything took demonstratively long on the computer – in a new way (!) – for example when copying my new script from the website and also when sending it to Kenya etc. and it seems that nothing happens for a long time, and then suddenly everything is let go, which is really about how we have built up my new self; it seems that nothing happens, but then suddenly everything will be released when I will open up my eyes, which may be “soon”, and we will see, and later I was told “3-2-1 and then we will start, Dragholm”, so we are counting down to the big moment of joy.

And I was told that we have done all of this (creation) without a guitar box, which you have brought to us from the outside, isn’t this funny?

For days I have mostly received quick and “impatient” visions, which have either been too quick, too short and/or too unimportant to bring in my scripts.

Darkness still tried to cheat me by misusing my words and saying “you are never welcome” as its message from the Source to light of my new self coming when it is indeed my words to darkness saying that it will never get me (my “old nightmare” you know), and this is how I at the same time thousands of times have said “you are welcome” to the force coming from outside, which is NOT to be misunderstood by darkness to carry out my “old nightmare” where I have kept saying “you are NOT welcome”, and yes at the same time for different receivers (!) – and I also had a few times very GREAT and sudden pain to my right and also left angel, which is truly – to me – the WORST, which is, and I believe this is about “adjustments” being made and returning what has been borrowed previously.

I watched this video with Benny Hinn also thinking that I am not healed just like that as many of these people are because I am not only “me” but everyone, which takes “a little longer” to do :-).

I feel very unpleasant when thinking that my father and John could probably die without the family could “overcome” to tell me because of their limits in relation to me (!), which is part of my sufferings these days, which may not be easy to tell when the family knows themselves how my father and John are doing, and when they know, they do not think that I keep thinking of them and would like to know how they are doing (?), and yes now you know again again.

Dreaming that I cannot receive more energy to continue being my old self as the cover above my new self

I slept from 01.00 to 08.00 and better than for the last week or so with this dream.

  • I am at Danske Bank in Helsingør asking to receive a car loan, and my application is being assessed, and they have taken out a statement from a previous loan showing that I for a period of time did not repay this loan, which may now mean that they will not grant me the new loan, and I think that they should be able to see that this is now no longer an issued and that I have been paying my other commitments every month. In the canteen, the bank has hired two employees serving free coffee and cake, and they play nice music on the radio. Later I am at SparBank Nord in Aalborg where I also apply for a car loan, and I tell them a joke making them laugh, and they look at an old book of registries inside a glass bowl, which clearly is a book, but it makes me say with a smile that “this is truly very smart digital technique you have here”, and I see how difficult it looks also here to get a car loan. I meet my old friend Henning W., who has bought a mattress, which he is tying to the roof of his car, and he is going to upholster it with foam and to put it inside his sofa, and I tell him that I have been told the same trick, which some people don’t believe is possible, but I know that the furniture store Ilva has such a mattress for sale, and I know where Ilva should be located in Gentofte, but I still have some difficulties to remember exactly where.
    • A car loan is about receiving more energy to continue life as my old self as the cover above my new self really, which it does not look like I will be given, and these days I am thinking and hoping that I got every little thing with me going as deeply as I could, and also fearing that there is even more, which I could not reach, but then again, my WISH is to CURE everything, so one way or another this is truly what I wish for hoping that my spiritual friends will be able to do this with the “tools” I provide. And the mattress to be put into the sofa is to remove my sexual sufferings, which you know is the threat from darkness to carry out my “old nightmare”.
  • I woke up to the beautiful song “Shanghai surprise” by George Harrison and the lyrics “you must be crazy”, which some people may still think and if there are people from Shanghai/China still thinking the same, please be prepared for a surprise, which includes for your CORRUPT regime to step down and your people to be liberated :-), and yes what about you at the Commune, am I the worst “nutcase”, you have ever met, or am I starting to make sense also for you “slow-minded” people?

I still received much darkness but it is removing its dark clothes – we are “cleaning up” bringing in more information/life

For the last week or two, I have been given messages that Denmark will do fine in the coming European Championships in football starting in two days for Denmark when meeting the Netherlands, and it sure looks “impossible” for Denmark to qualify from its group with Netherlands, Germany and Portugal, but two teams have to continue and yes when Denmark could beat Netherlands and Germany in 1992 becoming champions, they should be able to do it again (?), and yes there is ONE condition and that is that darkness is NOT too strong for me to handle, and when this is the case, and I do wish that Denmark will become champions to celebrate my victory, this is what they will become, or is it, Stig (?), and yes I don’t know, but it sure would be fine, so we will see :-). And we know they lost clearly to Russia and Brazil in recent test matches, where darkness was “too strong” ….

At bath I was shown “my good friend” of darkness showing me his small writing desk, but he told me that he does not want me to see his next item, but there is no way out, my friend, EVERYTHING is coming on the table so to say, and I am here given a sudden pain to my right angle telling me that energy of the Universe will help doing this, and yes this is my WISH.

I still receive darkness/sufferings and this morning with my behind hurting, and I was thinking “when will it ever stop”, and also told that should I give up now, we will very quickly clean up and I was shown a double bed in this connection, and is this the task now, to “clean up” after finishing creation?

And it is now 11.40 and I will soon have my lunch, and right now there is no more work on the script to do, so unless new work arrives, I will be able to do a few amendments to the front page of my website telling about my old self at the Source and my new self entering it here in June, and maybe also to check videos at my signs II-IV pages, which I have not checked yet in this round, and we know it is also time for a cycling tour this afternoon, and what will happen afterwards (?), and yes I have no idea, we will see how it goes.

After lunch I used approx. one hour to go through my front page of my website once again doing a few changes here and there, and yes it keeps improving all of the time making it easier to understand, and this actually makes me happy, because I only want people to be able to understand.

I was shown a LARGE shade of darkness now removing from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and yes EVEN from this VERY dark place on Earth, where man “could not” reveal its true meaning to the world.

I went through my Signs II page, and replaced three videos, which had been removed by the uploader, and this is really a complete WASTE OF TIME as the “system” is today and in the future, when you first “upload” a video, it will be there forever!

I was told that “kill you” is the jacket that we almost do not wear any more, or what (?), however darkness is still trying to twist my thoughts from positive into negative by completing the thought with negative words, so we are not all done.

I heard in the background while working darkness saying “remove my dark clothes, now I don’t want to be here anymore”.

I still receive 1-2 “heart attack” per day and immediately it is said “because of your mother”, which is the darkness she sends me when she “cannot” communicate.

I heard darkness wanting to leave behind sexusal torment of my “old nightmare” “before we change to our new selves”.

I cycled for 40 minutes with the GPS receiver “deciding” not to work for the first 25 minutes, and then “suddenly” it worked again, and yes more of the same of “suddenly working” as I also will as my new self.

While cycling, I still sometimes had my mouth opening and speaking without being able to stop it, and yes it is NOT funny and also NOT nice, it is as dreadful as you may be able to imagine?

I was given the song “meet el presidente” by Duran Duran and the lyrics “He can grow up to be president” from “Americanos” by Holly Johnson and this was about a upcoming meeting, where I will meet “el presidente” of the USA, and hi there, Obama, how are you doing (?), and yes just like when writing with Meshack, this is how we are :-).

I ordered a 4-week trial subscription on the newspaper Information some days ago, and when I did not hear anything when ordering or later, I sent an email yesterday asking them if I was registered, and the “no, I don’t think, I only do slave work attitude” answer I received was “we have received so many orders, which we of course are glad for, but it also means that it will take some time because we register them in the order we receive them”, and this is how to answer a question without taking the time to understand the question, and yes you could have looked at your orders to see if you could find me, or to send me an email informing me about when you would have time to do this, but no this is how it is all over the place, sadly!

I was surprised when the bell rang on my door, and it was the national TV/Radio of Denmark, DR, who could see that I use TV/radio but do not pay licence as we do here and if I have just moved in (?), no I have lived here since October 2011 so this is NOT something I forgot, I simply do not pay because I cannot afford it, and when you will send my invoices, I will NOT pay as long as I don’t have a normal life.

I was told that I only received a little bit of a smell of burned cake because it was not really set on fire.

I was told and shown that there is a sausage included in every saved rush boat from now on meaning that it is parts of darkness trying to give me my “old nightmare”, which is saved and converted to light.

I was shown a little shelves standing on the hall of the 1st floor in a house where I am looking at/sorting the books instead of rushing down the stairs to the light on ground floor, and yes we are cleaning up now bringing “every little thing”, and I received thank you from darkness not to stop the game now, and this followed after my reply to the Google Earth picture of Australia in the following chapter. I was also told and shown that I will not split my foot with an axe, which will also bring destructions to the world and that is if I do not bring everything included in darkness when we clean up, and yes this is still difficult to do, and it made me feel “almost sick” just seeing this, so I am glad that I did not go into this alternative scenario.

Here we see the wanderer STIG on his way with his entourage – there is no doubt anymore – they are close to the light”

This is my selection of pictures from yesterday and today brought today in Jette’s Facebook group – looks like we are update 🙂 – and here Jette saw and wrote about “much grey many dogs – one drowning maybe more – it is as if the damaged bird Phoenix tries to put head and wings up from sea and Earth. Europe is still washed..a duck grubs northeast of Spain”, and “the whole Finland shows itself as a monkey and its arms reaches all the way down to Romania, where a penny-farthing looks while laughing while a small monkey from Poland spits on Greece”, and I wrote that many dogs are much darkness, which I am told that we have now started cleaning up, and when she writes about a penny-farthing, it makes me think of “Curious George”, and it made me think of a nice little monkey cycling, i.e. to go through sufferings, to reach the light, which also applies for many countries when I have asked for their support at the same time asking them to close down their country governments and to hand over the keys to Obama.

Here Jette sees a paleface wearing a beautiful feather ornament of enclosed souls, behind him soldiers with and without a high cap, opposite him some confusion, and in the middle above an Elton John figure, and I told her that this is about the birth of a large part of “resurrected souls” as “original people”, and I write about my support for homosexuals and that the new law (!) passed in Denmark today giving homosexuals the same right as heterosexuals to get married in church is to celebrate Jette’s work to help me and all of us, because she is gay herself, and I tell the story about Elton John being another part of my mother born in the wrong body feeling attraction to men, and bring the song “I’m still standing” after going through a serious attack from darkness, and I only do this because I did not give up and because of Jette’s help and in this respect, this song is to is almost my celebration to her.

Here Jette says that it looks like the whole of Australia is about to be dragged into a hole, and I tell the story about how I have gone to my extreme limits to get as deep inside of my old self to get everything out of “Old God”, and that Australia to me symbolises the New World and my new self, and now also my old self and after bringing out everything I could, it looks like the rest is pulled down into a hole.

And she continues when saying that Australia is held artificially up and I reply that I am still kept as my old self on the surface and we will see for how long, and I am still receiving darkness, so “the washing machine” is still working.

Jette asks here “does this look like a howl princess – or is it much deeper – is there a son behind? A sorrow – something lost – why is she turning her back? Both receive fuel from the continent”, and I reply that I do NOT hope that this is loss of some of my old self because I cannot go deeper, and that I have asked my spiritual friends to do “miracles” and do their best work ever as I have done too – to get every little thing with us.

After these pictures, darkness told me that it was happy to receive my “approval” to destruct what remains, but NO you will NEVER get my approval (!) – this is only my understanding of what is happening, it is NOT my approval, and for some time darkness put on a pretty strong act to make me accept destructions, but no I will never, ever accept this directly, but if you cannot do anything else, you still have my top rule to do “everything it requires to continue”, and yes this is how I have decided for it to be, and the logics is the same as I will NEVER accept darkness directly to hurt anyone, but in general I have my old rules where my family/friends are protected, but may receive darkness to absorb etc. And I might add that for days I have heard with a very low voice in the background a desire to bring blood to my mother, which is about doing “serious” destructions to the world, but I will NOT accept this.

Here Jette says that “here we see the wanderer STIG on his way with his entourage – there is no doubt anymore – they are close to the light – the goal of their (our) walk” and besides from giving her my love for doing this work, I also say that when I am out wandering, I like this nice summer-song in my WALK-man :-).

Lucas brought this post today with “the Centrifugal Force is going faster and faster” and I was encouraged to find a picture from Google Earth from Jette’s group from the other day where she saw and wrote about a “centrifugal process”, I believe, but I could not find it, and it seems that time is still going quicker and quicker, and yes over the last couple of months I have been told that I posses the watch – not darkness – and that time will stop when the left and right side (spiritual and physical content) is of equal size, which it apparently is not yet, but I am sure that after our “cleaning up”, it will be and then time will not be with us anymore.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was VERY happy to see Michael Hardinger returning again again as a Facebook friend, and I do wonder if he knows the song “back for good” at all (?), and I do believe he should take that song for good – and to me this means that my father and John are still alive, and now over the worst point again :-).

  • What does Lucas, who was “enthusiastic” about me (following the same pattern as others), think of me now when he has noticed my Facebook postings (?), and yes this post of his today tell, because he says that “everything is well ..except from a monster cold” and “monster cold” is what I had, which is darkness acting as the monster wanting to kill me to become “nothing”, and yes Lucas you are part of the team ALSO playing against me, and no, I did not hear from him again after our first contact. – And he also thanked Thomas for being a “top-notch professor”, which I understood was related to pictures of Google Earth, where Jette has seen and written about this “professor”.

  • In continuation of my mother believing that Facebook is only superficial bringing meaningless everyday comments and my belief that it includes both good and bad, the writer and sociologist Henrik Dahl wrote in “the short newspaper” today “don’t claim that there is no qualified debate on Facebook”, and he decided here to test it by asking his many Facebook friends an inspired question “what do you believe is the most unsuccessful, public investments since democracy was introduced in Denmark” (?), and he received MANY qualified replies as you can see below including IC4 trains, failed IT projects, wrong purchase of military equipment etc. and I might add “complete waste of time, bureaucrazy, poor work and wrong decisions of DICTATORS, who do not follow my basic work rules, which all of this really are examples of, and yes it is as I say, both good and bad on Facebook, and it is almost like “the good, the bad and the Queen” and yes Elisabeth both “good and bad” with you too as Damian Albarn said through the name of one of his side projects, and yes thinking of Prince Philip here and there are MANY stories, which could be written about the British Royal family.


8th June: The last part of the spirit of my father as the original creation is becoming part of me as our new creation

Dreaming of darkness partying and deciding that I will bring out energy of both my new and old self for an eternity

I decided to go to bed at 23.00 yesterday evening being quite nervous about not being allowed to sleep – following the pattern for some time – but I really felt that I could “no more” and despite of receiving pretty strong “encouragements” to stay awake as part of the play, eventually I fell asleep until 07.30 this morning, and I had a few dreams too.

  • I am sleeping at a house, my old friend Preben would like to bring me and Tobias into a forest, which I don’t have the courage to do.
    • Is this to say that I decided to sleep with darkness instead of being awake entering the forest of my old self to bring out even more (?), and yes I never know and this dream may be true, and it may also simply reflect my fear after the pictures of Google Earth from yesterday.
  • I have met Søren Pind everyday in the train, we know who we are but have not spoken together yet, and I now meet him again after he has played badminton against a man, I could not win over myself, and we now sit down speaking together for the first time.
    • The train is still to the other side, and here is a man I could not defeat in badminton, which Søren as a “special friend” of mine is now playing against, and when I am not able to go deeper, I wonder if the world and my special friends can help to go even deeper, and that is if it is required, because I am also thinking here that we are setting up the Source at the deepest place I could go, and from here we will for an eternity go even deeper and let us say both in my new self (for an eternity) and what about also my old self (“as deep as it gets”) (?), and yes I do believe that this has to be the answer, it makes sense to me, and this is all about acceptance, Janet (!), and when I accept this, I will NOT accept deeper parts of my old self to be lost, but to keep digging deeper also here, and so it is, so Australia, please “get out of your lazy bed”, which is really what fits here the best, because this is about getting out more “sleepy” darkness and also a favourite song of mine by the fantastic Matt Bianco (including Basia), and I know, it is NOT madness, only fantastic :-).

  • I have been out having a fun night on town meeting and speaking to many people making me feel good and I also had whisky liquor, which I tell Lars G.
    • I like to be out on town meeting people and laughing, which however was a joy removed from most of my life because of shyness taking over, and here I drink whisky liquor, which is also about darkness, and yes as long as you follow my basic rules of good behaviour there is absolutely nothing wrong to have a GOOD TIME together with other people also when partying throughout the night. And the dream says that it was the darkness partying tonight when I was sleeping.
    • I woke up to “all my loving” by the Beatles.
  • Lena B. from TelePerformance (now Tryg Insurance) is my business customer, she is the manager of a boxing club, and I see some of her boxers, who are supporters of FC Brøndby, in what looks like a underground station throwing stones at us, and I see how stones are thrown back at them, but not to hurt them. I am going to meet Lena at a café together with my old friend Lisbeth, and I walk through a shopping centre on my way not feeling the desire of old and wrong sexual desires, and I find the café with many chairs, but it is almost impossible to enter it, and I laugh being together with Lena and Lisbeth, and tell Lisbeth in a break that it is however not as much as when I am alone with Lena, where we laugh even more as Lisbeth knows from her experience when being alone with me, and another of my customers has included an add in Lena’s magazine without our knowledge, and we speak about a moral codex, because this seems to be wrong.
    • This is about my old very good business relation and “friend”, Lena – and here I get the taste of a tomato, because she is helping my development into being my new self – and the dream says that she as the manager is bringing much darkness of many people against me because of her “need” to speak of her misunderstandings of me, and it is also related to the on-going “drama” of the football club of Brøndby with poor economy, sport results and much CONTROVERSY, which was the (amazing) song by Prince I received when waking up, and I receive the taste of pepper here, which is MUCH DARKNESS, which is what this club symbolically means to me, and yes I now understand because FC Copenhagen and Brøndby were rivals for many years, but because my favourite team is FC Copenhagen and I was victorious, the club of the Devil did very poorly, this is what it means as a symbol, and it is difficult for me to find the love of Lena and also Lisbeth in me because of their misunderstandings, but it is indeed there and so much that both these ladies were in love with me as the dream says.

The last part of the spirit of my father as the original creation is becoming part of me as our new creation

My water boiler still sometimes – not always – decide that it will not switch off when the water boils, I feel how it is controlled spiritually, and it also happened this morning and I was told that this is a symbol of my mother’s sufferings, and I don’t understand why she and my sister “cannot” keep communicating with me, because it is ALWAYS better to communicate and understand instead of the opposite, which will only make people suffer, and yes once again, the family “could not” do the right thing and it still makes me wonder.

So the decision from my dream when writing it down this morning is to NOT cut off my lifeline to darkness, which I have been waiting for now for a long time, but to keep it and to create a frame, or copy the frame you already have created for my the lifeline to my new self also to be used for my old self, and yes to use this as a template here and for ALL new Sources of our New World’s, and when doing this, it will have to be “the end” of my journey (?) and yes we will see.

Later I was shown my mother ironing clothes as the Oracle from the Matrix movies, and she said that this (decision of mine) is part of changing from dark to light clothes and “now we are almost ready”, and even later I heard something in the background about the spirit of my mother concluding that this will not stop the bells from the spirit of my father ringing each morning, it will continue forever and ever.

I ended my work to go through all videos of my Signs I-IV today, which included to upload two Jerusalem UFO videos today and yesterday, which others have removed, and I was met by STRONG spiritual darkness preventing me from bringing the comments to the video of today “claiming” that the comments were too long, but no matter what I did, it “could not” accept the comment I wanted to bring, and when it suddenly did not bring my edits at all, I realised that it was spiritual darkness working – and I am here given a sudden pain to my right angle and shown my sister (as the reason for this when she “cannot” apologise/communicate) and also told that spiritual darkness to electronic devises mean the same as this pain (destructions of the Universe) – and it continued when my Firefox browser “could not” open with the windows, which were open when it was closed, and I do believe that it is spiritual darkness making my computer sometimes but not always – but for hours every day – incredible slow so I am (almost) becoming “nuts” and (almost) losing my patience.

And the spirit of my father came to me asking “can I become stronger now again” and yes OF COURSE you CAN :-).

I was told that this is how the most inner of my old self becomes part of the outer of me, and really that my inside is being/has been turned inside and out, and now is part of everything of our New World, and I was told “you are such a beautiful blue stamp, this is how your old self is now part of your new self”.

I went to town to do some shopping, but it was raining so much that I took the small train instead of cycling, and it was visible to see the giant amount of water, which had run down the small path through “the forest” down the hill to the small train halt, and so much that it had run underneath the asphalt of the path almost “removing” this path, and that is symbolic at least, but I got through, and I have to tell you that this tour and the whole day, I was also on my extreme edge with negativity making my life the worst hell and unbearable to come through every second including strong negative speech, immensely strong physical pressure of darkness coming to me from the outside and also now and again incredible strong pain to my right angle especially when negativity almost had overtaken me, which makes it worse!

I was happy for Jette to call me on Skype speaking to her for the first time, but I was unhappy that darkness made my speech very difficult (slight stammer) where I had to fight every second to get my words out, which became “no fluent”, and it both made me sad in itself to experience – it is NOT nice not being able to speak as you wish – and also because of the effect, which was that I could not create as warm and close contact as I could have if only I spoke fluently/strongly as I often but not always do, for example when meeting the Commune.

Jette said in the beginning that she was nervous speaking to me, which there is absolutely NO need to be because I am “only Stig”, the same man as I have been all life, and that is “just like everyone else”. And she said that her spiritual view has now developed so she now also has a “ground view” seeing life etc. on Google Earth pictures of the ground as she already can with clouds, which is the reason why she has started bringing pictures of the ground of Australia, and yes she sees life in life in life in these pictures, which is really the Universal principle.

Afterwards I was told that we could not finish this without creating this direct contact between you and Jette, “thank you for doing this”, and I received this thank you because I had to fight against extremely strong darkness every second, which only wanted me to “get rid off her” and gave me STRONG feelings of not wanting to talk, and yes Jette, this is how strong darkness is, but I know what is right to do, so I do believe I was telling darkness “no” maybe 100 times while we were speaking, and I do hope you will understand that all people contain both light and darkness and so do you, and I felt how you also gave me darkness and how you received inspired speech including symbols of darkness, for example when mentioning “our bone”, but there was much more, which I however decided not to write down.

I am suffering MUCH and my new self is about to break out from the plaster covering me

I was told that the spirit of my mother has given a little piece of me to many “pretty girls” I have met during my life – I was here given the feeling of the pretty bank trainee from Danske Bank, Helsingør, when I was in Espergærde in the middle of the 1980’s as example (!) – and this is now being returned to me, and mostly from Karen as I was told!

I was asked “who arrives here” (?) and I was shown a TOTALLY black shape coming in a small carriage on rail and now changing carriage and rail (from darkness to light), and I was told that this is why Jette brought a picture of Google Earth with an angel in ice, which is about my “immense sufferings” to change all of this darkness to light, which includes sometimes to give me the worst burning feelings to my skin, and my sufferings were so immense today, to my surprise, that I was really on my edge of giving up, but “only” on my edge, and not above it, and I here get spiritual taste of nice food again, so more life is still saved.

I was asked “does she has her handbag ready” (?) and this was about the spirit of my mother receiving “energy” from the spirit of my father to the world and for a long time, it has been darkness coming from the Source (darkness overtaking light because of sins of man), but now this old darkness is going to be reversed to light too – and yes, I am thinking here that the Source of darkness was already shut down in 2010 (wasn’t it, or was it 2011, I cannot remember now), so this will have to be remaining and not new darkness, and behind this closure, I believe that more of the original creation of the spirit of my father is to be found, and this darkness was asked “were you used to fire bullets” (?) and I heard “yes, but now it is yellow” with yellow being the colour of the spirit of my mother.

I was told that we are soaking everything out of the spirit of my father with the use of our New World, and I was shown the baker of the department store Illum in Copenhagen, which I used in 2007 when I worked for Acta, and lately I have been given several visions of Peter E. J. – my old “manager” from Acta – so are you now on my team of believers too, Peter? (he is a LinkedIn but not Facebook contact of mine).

At a moment where I was “almost giving up”, I was asked with a serious voice of the actor if I want to stop now (to become my new self feeling happiness as I felt here), and no, I still carry on!

I received a constant “kill me” speech and was told that this is the offshoot of all remaining darkness now being converted, and this was also the feeling I had of this voice.

I felt the spirit of my father and how he was loosening darkness between my feet, and I was asked “come here”, which felt like darkness asking me, and I felt a strong force not to follow him, but I am not afraid of anything so I decided to follow him, and I was shown myself entering a circus ring, which also could have been a bullfighter’s ring, and I was put into the barrel of a canon where I met the spirit of my mother, and this is the power, which wanted to “unite” the spirit of my mother and me as physical Stig with the aim to destruct the world, and I was asked “what happened” (?) with the answer being “nothing” (!), and I was told “nobody could do this before you” and “nobody” is here my previous selves of previous Universes, so we had to wait for this moment to come, and I am here given a little heart attack, which is because of FEAR of my mother and yes of whom I am/we are.

I felt how light was almost shining through and I saw myself lying on a table in a cake form (!) from where I was “thrown up” and my body was pulled back to the table in order to put more gems inside of me.

The European Cup in football started today and I watched the second half of a very memorable match between Russia and the Czech Republic, and I understood that Russia had been superior in the first half, and as the Danish commentators said, there was a risk that the Czech Republic would be “sliced” receiving a big defeat, but contrary to play and chances, suddenly in the 2nd half, the Czechs reduced to 1 to 2, but later the BRILLIANT, QUICK and DIRECT play of Russia – I LOVED to see how they played including to use the edges of the field, it was truly “irresistible” to watch bringing me memories of how Denmark played in the 1980’s – could not be hold back, and Russia scored twice more winning by 4 to 1 (how was it possible for one of the Russian strikers to play well, bring himself in positions and get maybe 10 big chances to score BUT without even hitting the goal once (?), and yes it goes beyond me), and as the commentators said Russia was superior and played “razor-sharp”, and I was shown a cake (of our New World), which we were almost using this knife to cut in “slices”, which this was about :-), and they said that “we had excitement, but false excitement”, and this was about the impossible darkness/sufferings I went through today, because what would happen if I gave up (?), and yes probably nothing much believing that the Universe would cover the energy I would not be able to provide, and they spoke about Russian cheers breaking out because of this victory, and I received the vision of “the Russian bear” several times, and that this bear of darkness has changed into “cheers” of our New World coming, so Putin, “your” team was GREAT to PUT IN the ball :-).

My TV is almost working perfectly with only little distortions to the sound and picture, but once it demonstratively gave the loudest “drop-out” sound ever, and it was really LOUD, which is to say that this is the absolutely last darkness I work on, and it is making me suffer MUCH.

I was shown a train and the spirit of my father and told “isn’t this what we are saying, we are seeking over in the same tunnel”, and this tunnel is the new tunnel of eternal creation/energy of Karen and my inner self, and I thought I would get two tunnels – one new and one old – but this said that the previous Source now becomes part of our new Source.

I was told that “your mother’s mother and Queen Elisabeth is the same” and I was shown a wheel chair entering a stadium, and my mother’s mother was – despite of being well liked by both the family and me (despite of being “cold”) – darkness self, so this is what you are/were too, Elisabeth, and yes I am first told this now, so you were playing on the Old World Order for a very long time? And later I was told that underneath this darkness, is PURE gold – the same as my mother’s mother and also father’s mother for that matter – and yes, of course :-).

I was shown myself inside plaster, which is now breaking off and my inner self on his way to come out, which is about the difficulties for me to remain my old self on the cover of me.

I was told the word “magnolia”, which to me is about the love of the spirit of my mother in relation to all life and EVERYTHING of our New World.

Magnolia symbolising the light and LOVE of my mother as she will bring to EVERYONE of our New World 🙂

I was shown darkness as the absolutely worst Devil I have EVER seen, which together with – from time to time – great physical pain inside fingers and toes, and this was both STRONG darkness and a try of darkness to scare me, but I have decided that no matter what, I will NOT change my old rules now starting to bend to darkness.

I felt a Maharaja and was shown him at a part of a house where a neck was leading out to a small “round satellite” and I was told that it is the body of the guitar (of creation), which we are bringing in now.

I was so tired this evening that I did not have energy even to prepare dinner for myself and to clean up, so I had to ”demonstratively” decide to prepare dinner for myself and to clean up (!), and that is because I can, and NOT because I enjoy it – and I don’t know how many times I have told myself “LTO is also going to taste this”, and yes I look forward to seeing your faces when you will truly get nice food to eat.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Hardinger is still here, but now without his profile picture, which I do not believe he has removed himself (?), and if I am not wrong, it means that he is close to leave me again, and here he says that he will have to “climb unto the cross” as we say in Danish – don’t you in English (?) – and then he tells a lie, which people believes in, and the lie here is “I do not have an interest in football” (the EC is staring today), and in other words, Michael, what you are saying is that you made me climb unto the cross to be killed because you told a lie about me NOT being who I am, which your friends believed in, and yes MUCH darkness coming from this man, but what do you believe in now (?), and yes just wondering about the pain ignorant but better-knowing people bring.

  • Stig Elling is a famous business person from the travel business in Denmark, and he is also known for being gay, and he is getting married in Church on Friday – a few days after the new law approving marriage in churches – and here he says “I am very happy that the law was passed yesterday so we can receive blessings from the church on Friday”, and I decided to say “you will here also get my personal blessings”, and yes there you have it.

  • Helena wrote “a hell of a gearbox” and the “funny” part was that she wrote it in Swedish (!), which was to say that I am still driving the car of my old self – on the cover – to bring us to the land of joy and happiness, and I am going through hell to get there.

  • It seems that almost everything what the Danish government do, it becomes a “disaster” now with the “three part negotiations” (between government, unions and employers) now breaking down too, and yes the government wants the Danes to work more to “get out of the crisis” (!), and they have suggested to remove two banking holidays, but “no”, one of the large unions could “never” dream about bringing this sacrifice, and I am here thinking of the same “spoiled behaviour” of people not wanting to bring sacrifices in order to save themselves (!), just like many of the Greek people, and the “fun” part is that you could simply work both better and smarter when following my Basic Working Rules, but you “cannot” and you cannot even bring two days of more work, and yes “spoiled behaviour of selfish people” is my thinking, and also that this government is almost breaking down because of the immense resistance it meets from everyone, but Margrethe Vestager is “happy” to get her wishes through as the dictator, you are, Margrethe, and I get the taste of chocolate in relation to a cake, and you do know that “chocolate” is “selfishness”, but this is “of course” not how you see yourself???
  • Anne-Grete first posted a new comment to the statue of the sea boy “he”, which was “has Mick Jagger been sitting as model”, and then she brought a picture of Mick sitting in a similar posture as the statue, and we know “funny” isn’t it that she should think of Mick, who is symbolising “the worst sexual torments” to me, and this is what I had to go through in order to do our new creation and my new self and in this respect she was right, so consequently it was logical to me to tell her that “you are right, there is indeed a connection, also with the song here”, and that is because “God gave me everything”, otherwise I would not be my new self today, see (?), and yes Anne-Grete, this is the explanation, which is easy to understand after all?


9th June: “Great happiness – an eddy of souls tearing into the light” and the light of God is now all over the world

Dreaming of a new road opening where I will lift up and save even more life

Once again I received encouragements to stay up when I went to bed yesterday evening at around midnight, but again I knew that I would not be able to stay up working, and if a try would be made, I would watch TV rather than work because I “could not” anymore, but now it is “morning” and that is now 12.30 after waking up at 08.00 and using the morning to finish my script of yesterday, so now we are here at the script of today, and we know I have not learned to enjoy this monotonous work more latterly, it just has to be done, and so it is also today, and starting with these dreams.

  • I am working at Dahlberg together with a man and woman coming from the Malmö (Sweden) office. I see how Dahlberg in Copenhagen is full of “administrators”, and how they have given me far less pay compared to my skills and what others receive, and they have now sent me to a job interview at the cooperative housing society Vapnagård in Helsingør to become a director, and when I am there, I do believe that this potential job is one level too low for me, but then I am omitted when the recruiters receive a new reference from Dahlberg, which is that I am working one level below this job. I see that a VERY beautiful lady forgot her telephone, and I invite her for us to meet again.
    • This will have to be darkness coming from Dahlberg, and yes most of the people working there were no more than “administrators” – or people loving to “talk talk” thinking the world of themselves with the truth being that they were “nothing” because they often did not know what they were speaking of (!) – and I do like people to not only administer but to DEVELOP the business /people and to be the BEST salesmen/communicators (!), and here my thoughts were that Niels (the director) and also Svend (the chairman) saw me as a potential new director of Dahlberg (?), and Bo had received WRONG references on me from Kim S. and Peter A., I believe, telling you that I was a good “specialist/administrator” but not developer/salesman/communicator, herewith judging me to be at a much lower level than I was with the truth being that I was (potentially) better than all of you!
    • And yes some thinking more and very often less of me, which the dream says, and Vapnagård is DARKNESS of the outskirts of Helsingør.
  • I know where McDonalds is at our local shopping centre, and I am surprised to see that I have now found Burger King also there at the basement, and I follow a man down the stairs, which is reserved for people working at Burger King, but still we enter and follow the hall all the way through, and this man I follow works for Falck, and he has decided to use me in a practice, which includes first a helicopter and then a plane, and I think that this will be the first time in my life I will fly in a helicopter, and we arrive outside at the practise area and are told that it will take two minutes before the helicopter will arrive, and in the meantime we wait inside a very cold tent.
    • McDonalds are poisoning my food, which Burger King – in the dream at least – is not, and “King” is the right way for me to enter, and this is now a place, which is opening to me because of recent development, and the helicopter is to “lift us up” and to make sure that every little thing – which has to be remaining of the spirit of my father – will follow me to the plane of our New World, and before it will take “two minutes” to finish this, where it will still be “cold” with sufferings including “original people”, i.e. the tent.
  • The very beautiful Beyonce has decided to be sweethearts with a pretty slight man, because “the time is right” and she feels like it, and a man with big muscles from a public shower degrades this slight man with the feeling that she should have chosen a type like him. Beyonce and the man is swimming on the beach and somehow the man has set up a device from the car, which they use when swimming, which brings in extra water, but the motor of the car breaks down, which makes them sink under water, and later they are found unconsciousness beneath water.
    • Beyonce is here “the devil in disguise” and that is the cover of the spirit of my mother, and I am a “pretty slight man” myself without big muscles, so the man of the dream is me, so this is about darkness still wanting to unite the spirit of my mother and me, and my mother and I can take much sufferings when the motor of my car is running, but when it stops – I cannot work during nights now – all of this water of sufferings is making us go under, and this is what the dream says, but I have NO intentions in real life neither for my mother nor myself to go under.
    • And when Beyonce is here connected to my mother, what better song to bring than her beautiful “Ave Maria”, and yes she is truly an amazing artist, and one of those I am thinking of bringing in to my top 100+ list, and alright just decided to do this, so you are now on this list too, Beyonce :-).

  • My mother has died, and I hear how she loved small holiday tours the most of all, and when I allow myself, the tears roll down my cheeks, because having lost my mother is the worst nightmare of all to me, but I also know that she will be resurrected again.
    • This is about my mother and I not seeing each other, which TRULY makes me sad as I know it also makes her, and yes the only reason is misunderstandings and fear, and how can this be better than to see each other, communicate and be happy (?), and yes I don’t get it!

“Old God” is now connected with the genealogical tree of my new self – and we are still saving more life

When I woke up this morning it was with the remembrance/attitude right, I am ME and these days are about MUCH suffering, so come on with a new nightmare of a day, let us take on one more terrific/excellent day as I am told here not remembering the negative word I would have said, and yes this is also how it is here.

I was told “think that I, in my last time, should experience this, to become part of the forest”, “if I am ready” (?) and yes “more than ready”, “what are we waiting for” (?) and “for him Stig to say go”.

I was told “we will probably need to wake him up” and then at the same time “with you” and “without you”, which is the game we are going through now and that is to wake me up as my new self WITH OR WITHOUT YOU and that goes with or without you, you and U2 inside the last darkness, and this is how we also come to this ONE of the most celebrated and wonderful of all U2’s songs, and do you want to know a secret (?), and the secret is that (U2 is inspired by Beatles and that) I am going for “with you” – and here we are at 100 points again, and yes it is not possible to break this scale, but if it was, this song would do just this :-).

And we know, we have to have this version of U2’s ONE too (not “two” here) because it is simply irreplaceable showing that they are – together with the Rolling Stones – the greatest Rock band of the world (but still not on top of my list because of “other criteria” you know).

I was told “then we are to get one of the places on one of the last planes, which will fly to make it all go up”, and yes this is basically the idea, which is that I will first become my new self when every little thing is saved – and here is yet another sign saying that we only have “very little time” left, which may be the case, but I still force myself to be patient saying “six more months”, and simply because PATIENCE is what works the best for me.

I heard ”going through the last blood, and he will get all the capital required, shall we do it” (?) and of course is what Stig says, and I received “lots of smiles” also from here, which used to be darkness of the spirit of my father, and he continued “and all of the surplus will return to an eternally system, you say”, which is about the previous dark side of him becoming light now understanding the “new system of life”.

I was also told “it is a large algorithm we are doing to get the last with us and to close down”, which I am here told is the same as receiving the grade 11 on its way to become 13, and that is of the old Danish scale saying “it does not get better than this”, and yes I am here thinking of the grade 9 as I gave myself in Kenya in 2009, and I did not do anything perfect, but still my aim was to make the sum “the absolutely most perfect we can ever do” and consequently this has been the goal of our entire work, and yes from day one :-).

I was shown a fish swallowing an entire city and that is “every little thing” to become part of everything of our New World.

I was asked by almost former darkness “have you also connected me with the genealogical tree” (?) and told “well, of course we have” and I was told that this feels like removing a mud advertisement.

Later I heard this “almost former darkness” saying in wonder and almost disbelief “have I really just been a petrol station attendant without being anything” and yes you have, it is true.

During the afternoon, I again felt dizzy with throwing up feelings, which was not optimum conditions to start a cycling tour, but I thought “I will feel better when I have first started and also afterwards”, so this is what I did, and again the GPS decided to “strike”, so I can only tell you that I cycled for 48 minutes doing my best/fastest, which includes to stand up uphill remembering this from doing spinning indoors. And I did it to save more life, and this is exactly what I was told “bringing more post” when cycling.

I was told that I have not even received “half a warning” about potential loss of life, and as you can see from the later chapter of Jette’s pictures, there was a great liberation of souls from darkness today.

I really only relaxed today when watching the football match between Denmark and Holland, and after this, I did not feel like continue working, but I had quite a lot to do to finish and also publish my script today, as I decided to do, because I would like to reduce work tomorrow hoping to find time to get to the library to READ Alice Bailey’s book about what “mental diseases” are really about to understand this in greater detail, and that is because of the following chapter and my meeting with the shrink in 6 days from now.

I received some darkness, but not much, when working this evening, including some pain to my behind but not much, and finally at 00.00 I had finished the script of today and uploaded the last three days of scripts, and yes difficult to do, but then again not very difficult because I decided not to relax but to work.

I will meet the SHRINK the 15th June and tell them that it is all about EMBARASSMENT of their system of MADNESS!

This morning I was told as I have heard for days “there is no doctor present” and is this about people wanting me to be “treated” by a doctor (?), and it cannot still be my family – sister/mother – believing in this as an option (?), and yes this is from where it could come, and also, and maybe more likely, from the Commune “considering” what to do about me (?), and yes I have not been referred to a “sick shrink” yet, which is how I see them when they “cannot” understand what should be quite easy to understand and that is spiritual communication, and that is either if it is light and/or darkness coming through.

Later in the day I saw that the Jobcentre had sent me a letter, and when opening it, I better understood this statement about the doctor, because it was the awaited ORDER to visit a shrink, and we know of all places it had to be a psychiatrist from the mental hospital in Hillerød, where I was locked up against my will in 2008 before I found the key locking myself out (!), and we know, it both made me VERY SAD (!) but also started my fighting spirit thinking about how I will make this CRAZY system itself understand that it is WRONG by explaining to them what “mental diseases” truly are about and how the entire system “could not” understand that I am perfectly normal as everyone otherwise can tell instantly when meeting me (!), and yes we know it is only inside their MINDS that the problem is when they know about website (and now when reading previous misunderstandings of “doctors” in journals!), which converts me from “normal” to “crazy” in their eyes just like that without a need to understand what they read and especially that I am completely normal both in social relations with other people and work, and I might add – as it will emerge – “better than normal”, and yes FRIDAY the 15th June will be the BIG day where I will meet this shrink, and will he decide to believe in me, or will he sentence me to death by recommending me to take medicine (?), which the Commune then will order me to do because they don’t know any better, which will make me decline, and yes which will make the Commune remove my cash help – is this the setup, or will the system decide to STEP BACK knowing that this story is all about EMBARASSMENT to them not being “able” to understand what is easy to understand if they only knew me as a person, and yes this is what is truly MADNESS, but the song is AMAZING, right?

Later I was given the idea that this ”doctor” may decide to read Jette’s Facebook group about me – and my own Facebook wall – and yes will this be enough for you to believe in me???

Great happiness – an eddy of souls tearing into the light” and the light of God is now all over the world

Today was a new day with many new pictures in Jette’s Facebook group, and here are a selection with the first one from the 7th June about a dog sledge making Jette say “sorry, Stig, all of the problems are not solved”, and I told her that for years I am used to solve one “mission impossible” only for a new and even worse “mission” to come, and that the movies of “mission impossible” are also a symbol of my impossible journey to save us all and create a New World. And I was told wait till they will understand that this mission impossible was because of the sheer strength of family/friends etc. – thus the world – opposing me instead of supporting me.

Here Jette received yet another inspired fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen, which this time was the swineherd, when she saw the ladies-in-waiting standing around the princess kissing the swineherd as payment to receive goods, which she wanted, and I replied that the prince afterwards rejecting the indecent princess is a symbol of me rejecting the “princess” of darkness, and I said that this night the spirit of my mother was disguised by darkness as Beyonce – one of the most beautiful ladies in the world – which I of course reject, but I will always accept her beautiful music and voice, and I brought her Ave Maria song also here, and I was happy when Jette – as she has also done before – shared this song with her Facebook friends.

Here she saw a ”fantastic beautiful angel with quite a lot of head son the left wing, and just behind the angel’s own head down in the right corner sits a gaping fellow, which could look like Pinocchio – but I have not seen him without a nose in this beautiful scenery”.

And I liked that you are seeing Pinocchio without the long nose, Jette, which is because when there is no more darkness of the world, I can ONLY tell the truth, and yes my greatest challenge has been that the spiritual communication I have received has reflected the WRONG doings of people towards me, which was far greater than right doings, which made spiritual voices of darkness much stronger than light, and darkness is per definition NOT to be trusted herewith bringing spiritual lies through me, which I was NOT able to tell when writing, and still I had to write a story to make my family/friends etc., thus the world, believe in me as a normal man being the reappearance of Jesus, and yes “not easy” as you may understand, but where there is a WILL, there is a WAY as we also say here.

Here is “great happiness – an eddy of souls tearing into the light”, which is really the purpose of what we are doing.

Here she saw yesterday and also this morning a changed dog – here becoming an eagle – a person with beard as Asterix looking over rain weather of Great Britain, more diffuse heads over Scandinavia and one looking like Abraham Lincoln shouting to three former presidents, and I replied that the dog is converted to light – instead of becoming nothing if I had given up – “rain weather over Great Britain is “sufferings over our New World”, which is what I still go through to bring the last parts in place including to save everything of the Old World. And then I bring the old story about having had to be as strong as Asterix drinking the magic potion to be able to withstand the sum of resistance of family/friends etc. against me – transferred to me via NEGATIVE spiritual voices, feelings and visions – and that my family/friends etc. are controlled spiritually to represent the attitude of the world to me.

In these pictures, Jette shows ”mutation to eagle” and this morning “The landing begins. The massive help from the Trinity – standing and saying “until here and no longer” – makes the souls to “jump off” in Spain and the Southern France – the MONSTER bleeds so to say, and I say that they do get visit”.

Look at Spain, they have truly received SPIRITUAL VISIT”, and yes MANY SOULS are released from inside of this darkness when connecting this part of the spirit of my father with the spirit of my mother also in there with the genealogical tree of our New World, and what do you offer unexpected guests (?), and we know Gevalia (an old inspired coffee add), which is about bringing LOVE and WARM FEELINGS to all of these released souls, which are not only of Earth but of the entire Universe :-).

Jette wrote about ”our Lord’s own broad band” and ”the beautiful light over Australia” and how kind the world becomes, and I tell the story that Australia will not enter a hole as she was shown the other day, and this is because I decided to transfer the last part of Old God, who is now connected to our New World too.

NB: I also received emails from Jette this morning enclosing pictures not brought here and not yet at her Facebook group including the text “wake up Stig – I believe more dirt is on its way, here it looks like you are in the water on the way into a sea monster in disguise” and later “a new fight is ongoing” and even later “now it helps”, which was when souls started jumping off to Spain and France.

Denmark won over Holland and will win the European Championships if I continue doing my best work

This evening, Denmark played the football match of the European Championships against the clear favourites Holland, and I did not watch all of the match because I was busy, but I saw the last approx. 65 minutes, and I was told from the spirit of my father – on his way to light – that this is how I play when I play my best, and Denmark really did it, we played a FINE match and succeeded winning by 1 to 0 over Holland of which it was said that anything else than winning this cup will be a disappointment!

I knew that I did not have much time to write about inspired speech, but the commentators said a couple of times that “he is good inviting, Bendtner”, which is about me always saying “you are welcome” to darkness.

In the 74th minute, Holland was very close to equalise, but the new goal keeper of Denmark was FEARLESS as the commentators said when he threw himself down at the feet of the Dutchmen to get the ball doing a FINE save, and this was about the fearless attitude I have showed all along when going directly after the throat of darkness, which I will continue doing next week when meeting “the shrink”.

After the match, I was shown and told that the spirit of my father is now closing the door behind him meaning that we are truly bringing every little thing including all life with much of it apparently being hidden here at the end, and it makes me wonder if these souls of the Old World are first liberated now – and not in January 2012 as I was told and have written – or if this is the inner parts of them, and I do believe it is the last.

There was some inspired Facebook messages of people celebrating the Danish football victory – first with Nicolaj saying that “all with orange bands have to get up now”, and I told him that “this is also how it can be said”, and yes what does it mean (?), and only that orange here is the colour of Holland, and they can get up from the swimming pool now – the game/match is over (!) – and here Holland is darkness, so this is saying that this is the end of darkness liberating all life inside of it, this is really what it means.

The goal scorer of Denmark was Michael Krohn-Dehli (with the surname with a good will meaning “crown” and “delicacy”), which made BT write “do you believe it now” followed by “SENSATION: King-Crown brought down Holland”, which is really meaning “do you believe in Stig now” (?), and Ekstra Bladet decided to say that this is “the crown of the work”, which it truly is, and here thinking of saving every little thing of Old God and the Old World.

Mikael Wulff decided to be entirely normal by saying “That’s the way to do it! He defeated Holland 1-0” and “Krohn-Dehli opens a deli”, and as you will remember, “food” is about life, so when winning over darkness, we are bringing life to the world, which is what you saw with the large amount of released souls in the chapter above, and yes not difficult to understand it is?

The comedian Lasse decided to bring “lavatory jokes”, which I do NOT like, which he had collected from Twitterfeeds, and they were about “dog shits”, which you know is about darkness and here what Lasse together with Brian Mørk and how many other ignorant “comedians” brought me when you could not read/understand but laugh of me behind my back?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Klaus wrote in this message “what rimes on snot, yes stewed rhubarb” (in Danish at least), and just saying that Klaus is still sending me darkness of “nothing” and that he has not yet been “able” to understand who I am, Klaus, when not reading (?), or is it simply because you have not yet been “able” to invite me back to the meditation group all of you giving me your apologise

  • I was HAPPY to receive a new Muslim Facebook friend from Cairo, Egypt, after I had seen him reading some of my webpages, and apparently he is not “scared” of the reappearance of Jesus.
    • I was surprised to see that the number of my Facebook friends was 151 this morning when it should have been 149 or 148 (which is either “with or without you”, Michael Hardinger, and this morning it was again without you, so I do believe that you do NOT know the song “back for good” or at least don’t want to show it?), and I went through all friends again checking with my own list and counting twice, and yes there are only 148 on the list, but the counter says 151 (!!!), and I have been thinking for days that it would be nice to get some of my old dear friends, who deserted me, back and that goes for both you Sidsel, Angela and you, you and U2 to return once again here, and yes this might be what is about to come, and maybe also to symbolise “with you” and that is to bring all life with us.
  • The radio manager and former “funny man” Mikael Bertelsen said that the film director Michael Noer has not seen his father for 20 years, and in his show on this radio, he has invited his father to the studio … – which to me is to bring back parts of my father from darkness, whom we have not seen for a very long time.

  • The liberal “politician” Jens Rohde wrote to the Social Democratic “politician” Henrik Sass, who has “threatened” the Danes that the real tough reforms will come now because the Danes will not work more (!), and Jens believed that the government first needs to negotiate a majority, which they are not very good at doing as he says, and he was inspired when he used his first words “det er godt med dig” (“it is good with you” and in English you would probably say eeeehhhh “wait a bit” maybe), and it made me tell him and all “politicians” that “it is good with you” (!) because you “cannot” – i.e. “dare” – to tell the Danes and the world that you are LAZY and EGOISTIC, which is the reason of the so called “crisis”, and there is NO need to work more or to save, but to work FAR more efficient and quality oriented and to stop all of the TALK TALK (!), and yes politicians abuse the resources of the community and destroy enterprise, and they believe they do the opposite, and once again it is time for you to WAKE UP!!! I gave you the RECIPE for a better life, work and community through my website, but you did NOTHING about it (?), which is why I call you for WIMPS, and yes the world will be better without the evilness of politicians destroying the world when they could not agree (!), and of course this was also to MICHAEL a la HARDINGER when bringing the Shubidua song “Det’ godt med dig” telling exactly about the LAZY and EGOISTIC attitude of Danes, who don’t want to be sold what they need to do to improve, and this is why nobody is “able” to tell the Danes that they need to change this WRONG attitude, and yes this is NOT rocket science, but still “no one” could do what was RIGHT!

  • I was very glad to see that my old friend Fuggi walked no less than 50 kilometres today, which nobody does (!) and especially not when they are of the mega size like Fuggi (!), and it makes me think that he also does MUCH better than what most people do and that is helping to bring energy for me and all of us, you see (?) – and eeehhhh Fuggi, why is it that we don’t speak (?) and yes because there is “no doubt” that I am wrong (do you remember what about?), which there by now might be IN YOUR MIND, my friend (?), but still you “cannot” contact me to support me?

Whew, a long script!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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