June 12, 2012: In 5 years time “it’ll be love, love, love all through our bodies, and love, love, love all through our minds”


Summary of the script today

10th June: I am changing into a swan becoming the King with people starting to believe and about to show their love

  • The spirit of my father of “soon used to be darkness” reflected on his way into light that it was impossible to win over me and that darkness was not powerless – to terminate life – but it would require that I started losing.
  • Dreaming of not seeing my old friend Kirsten and darkness still wanting to kill
  • I had a visit by Poul-Erik bringing some of my belongings from the old apartment in Lyngby, and he told me an inspired story about fishing, watching swans and aeroplanes land, which were symbols of me becoming the King after having been the “ugly duckling” all of my life and after landing all souls of previous Universes, and I told him about people not communicating/listening, but instead speaking their misunderstandings about me behind my back, and first now people are starting to believe in me, which made him think of my favourite movie “house of angels”, which is exactly about people misunderstanding and gossiping before understanding and showing their love, which is what we are “now” coming to.
  • Jette brought pictures giving the information that we are saving “unknown life” of previous Universes, which was the closest to the eternal abyss of darkness, And Jette saw how the previous grey smoke of darkness is now becoming white – we are coming to an end.
  • Short stories of Helena being inspired spiritually from Sally from USA without knowing her, David in grieve because of the death of two ministers, Elijah decided to continue receiving my money after all without having the courtesy to apologise and let me know but still “de’ båår dehli” (“it’s just lovely”) here.

11th June: In 5 years time “it’ll be love, love, love all through our bodies, and love, love, love all through our minds” 🙂

  • Dreaming of continuing the game until it breaks and ambush of darkness again trying to bring the spirit of my mother – appearing as Helle Thorning Schmidt – and I together and darkness is here represented by Bettina’s Søren and my old Acta colleague Jakob.
  • For a couple of days, I have been prepared for a song by Noah and the whale coming to me today saying that “in 5 years time”, when all have showed a clean heart, “it’ll be love, love, love all through our bodies, and love, love, love all through our minds” 🙂
  • The eyes of my new self is arriving just behind the last darkness, and when I “take on these” I will wake up as my new self. I was told that nobody goes through this four-full-back chain (of icehockey), which we created to get you all inside to plant the anchor and that I am now on my way out.
  • I was coming back to the creation of darkness to undo it – with the last parts of darkness now crashing.
  • I could have been as enervated as Nazi KZ-camp prisoners at my arrival after going through similar pain to theirs
  • Short stories about POOR service from the newspaper Information, I am “not allowed” to see communication of Helena symbolising my mother not communicating with me and I thank Benny Hinn for the work he does bringing healing energies and faith of my presence to the world.

12th June: I received the WORST burning pain of destructions of the Universe to fit our spiritual and physical worlds

  • Dreaming of still working inside the Old World, “where there is love, I’ll be there” and still being monitored.
  • I received the WORST burning pain ever to my right angle symbolising destructions of the Universe, which was to fit our spiritual and physical worlds together, at the same time as it was darkness crashing.
  • Pictures from Google Earth yesterday showed how light passed entire Australia symbolising our New World and how it encircled the Antarctica of what used to be darkness.
  • Short stories of saving everything inside the Pyramid including MUCH laughing and celebration and the MP Lykke had a meeting with former FREEDOM ministers of Maldives, “spiritual darkness” showed that Lykke COULD communicate with me, if only she would, but “the world” has also given her a muzzle on, and Sally and Matthew helps me putting on other words to tell you how important and giving it is to listen and treat everyone as your equals.


10th June: I am changing into a swan becoming the King with people starting to believe and about to show their love

It was “impossible” for darkness to win over me; it was not powerless but could have terminated life up until now

When I sent my script of yesterday to my LTO friends, I also included this message

Dear all,

Please find my new script below – it should be clear that we are now close to the end, but as usual I cannot tell you just how close in terms of time.

The other day I wrote this question via Facebook to David, who normally answers me quickly, but did you not see my question, David (?), and it would make me happy to receive an answer on this from Elijah or David, because as you know communication and understanding makes me happy, and the opposite makes me unhappy.

All the best for all of you :-).

Before going to bed yesterday I received some more words from the spirit of my father of “soon used to be darkness” saying that it was impossible to win over the musketeers and also “we were not powerless, but the condition was that you would lose” and yes starting with a set, but as mentioned before, if I started losing just once, I was afraid that darkness would hit me so hard/painful that I would never be able to come back to fight as I was.

I was also told that my mother & Co. would not be able to close the sewer without me, which would have meant “deaths” and who knows terminations at this stage, but this is what we tell you, and the reason being that if I changed from positive to negative sending our this negativity to the world, it would be “bad”.

All day yesterday right until I noticed it, my computer was NOT slow at any stage, and when I THOUGHT about it when publishing my script, suddenly it became very slow again meaning that it takes a long time – often minutes – with NOTHING happening other than the hourglass showing on screen, and this is both when working on the Internet and also Microsoft Word, and spiritual darkness is what it is.

I was told that my sister and mother are not happy even though they have/had money to buy what they wanted, and that is because I was the centre of their unhappiness – because of their own misunderstandings and unnecessary concerns.

I was shown a tape roll being lifted off from a dark tape holder and now only the absolute end of the tape is connected to this tape holder symbolising darkness with the tape itself now being attached to my new self.

I was told that there is also a gate leading to me – my inner self – through Bethlehem (and not only Jerusalem), which nobody knows before writing this now.

Dreaming of not seeing my old friend Kirsten and darkness still wanting to kill

I went to bed at 01.00 and slept without being woken up during the night until 07.40, and I had short dreams about my old friend Kirsten having died, but her baby and her mother, Inge, is still alive, and I am sad and I know that her death is part of the plan to hit me, and this is about Kirsten deciding not to see me, and I also remember an aeroplane in my room singing a song about dying, and I have heard these songs before, and this is about the desires of darkness, but it still requires my approval, which you will NEVER get. I woke up with three loud hiccups to say that sacrifices of the world made it possible for me to sleep.

I woke up to Kim Wilde’s Cambodia – a song I also liked much in the 1980’s (still having some new wave elements) – and the lyrics “flying to Cambodia”, and it is about the break up of sweethearts, and let us hope this is seen from the view of darkness in relation to the spirit of my mother and I.

I had expected to go to the local library today to borrow the book on “mental diseases” by Alice Bailey, but when searching for it on the Internet, I can see that the library in Helsingør does not have it, and the closest library is in Hillerød, and we know it takes approx. half an hour by train to get there and I cannot afford the fare (!), but I will go there tomorrow anyway because I would really like to see this book, and we know it has 311 pages and I only have a few days before meeting the shrink and other work to do to with my scripts and the pictures of Google Earth including exercise, so it is truly about finding the right balance to get it right.

This morning I felt potentially just how strongly I feel about the Hillerød Hospital, which was my prison a few weeks in 2008, and that I am now forced against my will to go back there because I am in the need of receiving “survival help”, and yes what the Commune is doing is breaking all human rights, and Denmark should be sentenced for violating basic human rights bringing me through this nightmare/torture, which is really what it is, and not physical but mental torture, and they have absolutely NO right to do what they do, but I will probably get through this too.

So I worked hard yesterday evening to complete my work, so I could read Alice Bailey today, which I cannot do, so now I have time in surplus, and I could decide to meditate and listen to the web-service of the Golden Circle, but no, I will write the script of today, and do some cleaning up, and then we will see what the day will bring.

The other day, a lady by the name of Denise had found her way to Jette’s Facebook group recommending me to also write my page in other languages, and today Jette sent me an email encouraging me to record summaries of my websites in Danish for a friend of her to listen to, and all I can say is that I have asked the world to be kind to help me to help us all by translating my writings into all languages required and it is also fine by me for some to record and others to listen to my writings – and preferable also to be looking at the pictures while listening.

I am changing into a swan becoming the King with people starting to believe and about to show their love

I first received an email and later a call from Poul-Erik, my old landlord, who was kind to offer me to bring my forgotten things from the apartment in Lyngby, and right after I had spoken to him – friendly as always – and started playing my stereo, it gave one of those EXTREMELY loud noises in the right speaker, as loud as an aeroplane (because of his darkness!), and when writing this, my monitor is blinking somewhat to me again to say that my old self is having “problems”, but I am also told “before we will start new life”, and yes I do also some times receive bigger physical pain than ever before to my fingers, toes and right angle, which is NOT nice.

Poul-Erik arrived at approx. 14.00 and decided to stay for approx. one hour where we had coffee and a very nice talk sitting at the balcony both speaking about me and him – about life, nature and interests – and after this long “completely normal” talk, I felt inspired to tell him that “communication” among people is an important part of what I write, where people are so busy, so busy that they don’t have “time” or energy/motivation to TRULY listen to others and take the time to go deep into their stories, and Poul-Erik had just spoken about fishing at the nature area “Kongelunden” (“King grove”) outside Copenhagen and seeing SWANS at the same time as he could see aeroplanes about to land at the nearby Copenhagen Airport, and I told him as example that I could decide to go deeper into this story – as all people can if they are patient taking their time to LISTEN in calm – and as example asking him questions about when and why he started to fish, his best fishing stories/catches and what birds and nature mean to him, and I understood what this really was about, which is that the King is now becoming the swan after having changed from being the “ugly duckling” all of my life, and also that I am now landing all aeroplanes of souls of previous worlds safely (!), and this was the story, which was planted for him to bring me today, and my Facebook friend Eva was also “inspired” when she brought a picture from the forest of this area “Kongelunden” today, and sure it is beautiful to watch, isn’t it?

The symbol of the “King’s grove” where Poul-Erik was fishing, watching swans and aeroplanes land as symbols of me becoming the King after landing all souls of previous Universes

And I continued telling Poul-Erik that when people do not go deep enough, but only listen with half a ear, and decide to think about and speak about themselves instead, it brings misunderstandings – divorces, friendships breaking up and quarrels with colleagues as examples – and this is what I have been victim of, people misunderstanding me because of their own preconceived opinions and “we don’t even have to read to know”, and instead they have been gossiping about me behind my back, and it is first now – more than two years after I published my first scripts – that people are starting to believe in me, which is because what I write makes sense, and because I keep bombarding people on Facebook with new messages.

And Poul-Erik was surely kind to listen – but maybe you were one of the people gossiping about me, Poul-Erik, as I am told here and yes this is the reason why my right speaker of darkness was making the incredible noise after your phone call – and he also mentioned the movie ENGLEGÅRD (“ÄNGLAGÅRD” – “House of angels”, also here) as an example of when people “cannot” understand when they don’t listen and instead run with gossip entirely made up from OUT OF THE BLUE – making me “standin’ in the rain” of sufferings (!) – and I understood his inspiration when he was watching this trilogy of movies recently, and I told him that the original film is my favourite film of all, and he is right, it is about a small and closed village in Sweden receiving a visit from two “very modern” young people from the big town of Stockholm, and they look different, so they have to be “dangerous” (!), and people TALK TALK and TALK behind their backs without knowing what they talk about, and yes I told Poul-Erik that this is exactly what happened with me when people (also in the Insurance business and also at Nordea Pension, where he works an yes with some of my formers colleagues!) ran with gossip behind my back without knowing what they spoke of, but as this movie progresses, the misunderstandings are eventually removed, and out comes the most wonderful care and love between all of these people, and this is why it is my favourite movie with one character being even more “original” in the most positive meaning than the next, and yes I do believe that the two brothers are my favourites of favourites with one being open and goodhearted and the other not being able to express his feelings and what he really would like to say, and yes WATCH IT (!), it soon comes to a theatre near you, and maybe you will go back to your colleagues, Poul-Erik, and tell them that I am not crazy, but a completely normal man like everyone else (?), and yes today was the moment were we spoke the closest and longest together making you understand me, Poul Erik (?) – and as mentioned you are welcome to come back with your family as I said, which you just may felt like doing (?) – and yes “from this moment” is the song by Shania Twain coming to me here again (also recently when I wrote “moment” in another context), and we know “endless love” is truly also GREAT, Shania :-).

NB: Poul-Erik sold his apartment DKK 60,000 below the asking price, but he still managed to get out of it with a “profit”, and we know but it was a shame for you to “lose” money on me, Poul-Erik, and it has never crossed your mind for you to give a donation to me and my LTO friends to support us when carrying out our work (?), and just wondering I am. – And I noticed how he “read” 3-4 pages of my website before his visit and then again later 3-4 pages again.

Saving “unknown life” or previous Universes – and the grey smoke of darkness is now becoming white

Jette was encouraged to take her camera taking this picture of her monitor and she says that it is the text, which is relevant, and when I looked up “meeting an unfamiliar Dumbo” I understood that this is about unknown life at the deep ocean, and to me this is saying that we are now saving souls of previous Universes, which are unknown to us today, and “Dumbo” is of course the elephant with the Big ears – so it can better LISTEN – and “elephant” is the symbol of God, so there you have it.

Here she says “notice the big cyst on the dying monster”, and I said that I still receive darkness potentially very strong and still some fear of what would happen if I should “lose it”, but no, I have no intention to give up, and this is why we are now saving the outermost life of previous worlds being the closest to the eternal abyss of darkness.

Later, Jette saw first grey smoke over Algeria, then white, and I replied that the white smoke at the end is to make even the Pope happy, and for you to read my script of the 24th December 2011 to read more about the SILENT Pope and I. And “white smoke” is to say that we have finished (almost) after finding the only one.

She also brought this picture saying that “there is much fairytale over this picture – King, Queen, kneeling lady” and “diffuse people sitting in the ocean – dog and large cat – the Trinity cutting through light both above and below the picture – a lolling sharp-nosed cartoon figure and a mega corpulent gentleman right west to the continent”.

I could have been as enervated as Nazi KZ-camp prisoners at my arrival after going through similar pain to theirs

After receiving the confirmation from Jette that it is “unfamiliar Dumbos” we are saving right now – which also was what came to me earlier in the day – it gave me CALM because then we have at least saved “almost every little thing” by now including every little thing of this – and most Universes – and now it is “only” the final life closest to the abyss we are saving, and this calmness actually reduced my fear, which is always with me even though I do my best to keep it down, and with this attitude, darkness became easier to live with, but not easy (!), because it could not “hurt” me as much with this attitude.

Later I was shown myself as a lizard with my tongue jumping out, and that is because I am myself the worst darkness remaining, and I continued to received the voice of “kill, kill, kill”, but I don’t even react to it any longer – this is just reflections by now because nothing can take me over.

Croatia won 3 to 1 over Ireland and when scoring to 3 to 1 the Danish commentator said “now they can walk on water”, which was about me because “it’s just lovely” here, and I enjoyed watching Italy against Spain ending 1 to 1, and yes Spain plays like F.C. Barcelona, which I do believe is the same way the Danish national team plays, but still it looks different.

I was shown a French hot dog with the sausage been set in and out and told “Denis” and the voice of darkness tried to make me say “everything is to become negative” instead of positive, which is what I am still saying much, and just to say that I am still fighting the darkness of Denis, who is still Karen’s husband (?), and yes what do I know (?), and he is NOT a Facebook friend with Karen any longer, so I guess that he is not?

I was shown the pair of scales and told that this has not been in use at all, and this was the symbol about people making it or not making it through the Judgment.

I was told that at my arrival coming this far I could have been as enervated as Nazi KZ concentration camp prisoners going through the same pain as they.

Later in the evening this last, and potentially very strong darkness, still gave me much sufferings with STRONG pain to my fingers and really the most incredible pressure coming from darkness from the outside where I feel like how I believe a submarine has to “feel” like when diving deep with water pressuring – and I continue received the same pain as always, which you know is negativity trying to make me negative, to lose my temper and to direct my anger directly to the darkness self bringing it, which would be the same as killing the inside of it – and yes don’t slap the one slapping you, which this is really about – and for days I have also received more physical feelings to my private parts made spiritually, which is some of the worst of all.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena is still here – on contrary to Michael Hardinger these days – and here she says “total rainbow weekend”, “God help me if my male acquaintance has not checked in with rainbow ice cream from the petrol station” – “just waits to be beamed up ….Crazy”, and yes she is still as inspired as ever, and a couple of hours before I saw this message, I felt a strong spiritual taste of and urge to eat ice cream, which was related with this post, and I was told that this is Sally’s (from Lucas Facebook group) belief shining through (she always gives out “rainbow hugs” as she call them), and it is coming from her to Helena to me, this is how it works, and you do remember that there is GOLD at the end of the rainbow? And now Helena only waits to be “beamed up” to become her true self, and yes “crazy” is what you believed of me, Helena, when you “could not” read and understand because of your selfish and lazy but still better-knowing attitude?

  • David decided to share with me his grieve over a plane crash claiming the lives of two top government officials – “everything has a reason, David” and you do remember that the inner parts of you are of great IMPORTANCE, and when you do what is NOT right to do (poor communication and Elijah going against me again again), this is what happens (!) – and when it comes to Elijah, I was glad to receive your information that Elijah decided to take my money after all after he had declined to take it because of his misunderstanding, and don’t you believe, Elijah, that it would have been “fair” of you to INFORM me that now my money is good enough for you again instead of being silent (?), so you could take my money, but you could not APOLOGISE your misunderstandings and WRONG attacks on me, and yes it took NOTHING for you to get MUHC strength to instantly attack me when you could not control your negative feelings – just like many others – and also as many others, it is almost impossible for you to apologise, and is this because of SHAME (?), and yes this is truly “such a shame”, so here you have TALK TALK again, and you might understand why this is one of my top favourite bands.

  • Henrik was a little disappointed that the Danish newspapers after the goal of Krohn-Deli did not say “de’ båår Dehli” (“true Jutlandic” dialect of “it’s just lovely”) and of course adopted from the famous TV Christmas Calendar “The Julekalender”, and I can only say “bob bob bob” to why they apparently did not do this, and yes this is just something we say here twisting our hand at the same time – and at least in the Julekalender it is.


11th June: In 5 years time “it’ll be love, love, love all through our bodies, and love, love, love all through our minds” 🙂

Dreaming of continuing the game until it breaks and darkness again trying to bring the spirit of my mother and I together

I went to bed at 23.00 thinking that I would wake up between 07.00 and 07.30, but I was kept “sleeping” – and that is LIGHT because I am not “fresh” neither today (as I am not most days) – until 09.00, which is darkness making it more difficult for me to make it to the library of Hillerød today, and my thoughts were yesterday to start writing the script of today, and to leave around 09.30 to 10.00, but now I am a couple of hours late, so I will have to leave at around 12.00 instead giving me less time in Hillerød, and that is if I cannot borrow the book with me. I had these dreams:

  • Something about playing cards with others until the game breaks off, and I am one in five who are allowed to sleep.
    • I am continuing the game until it will “break”, and at the moment I can still both play and sleep.
  • I am sweethearts with Helle Thorning Schmidt in the beginning as a secret, but now I see that she has decided to show a visible Facebook sign about me in front of her apartment, so both the media and her partners in government will know. We have been set out from my house with a very fine view over the sea, and instead my furniture in moved to a large apartment in Copenhagen with shutters on the windows, and we are overtaking this apartment from Bettina’s Søren. Later I am with Helle at a new “free” place, which is an internet café environment, where she is performing a sexual act on me in secret. This is a non-violent environment, but my old friend/colleague Jakob cannot keep this, so he is stabbing and killing people, and he leaves the knife with a lady lying in bed, who will do EVERYTHING to kill us, and I have to remove it from here. I also saw a group of goof friends – all feeling like “other parts of me” – being killed, and now only few remains.
    • This is again about darkness being strong when I sleep, and as you know Helle Thorning Schmidt is also another part of my mother, and here we are moved to a DARK apartment located at the darkness of Copenhagen, and this darkness is brought to me by Bettina’s Søren, who “could not” read, understand and support me (!), and Jakob with the BIG mouth – also in relation to me, Jakob – is “helping” to bring me this much darkness to unite the spirit of my mother and I, and it does not matter much, Jakob, if you speak the truth or only “gossip” (?), and there you have it.
    • And let me say that I FEEL FOR YOU, Helle, because of how tough it is trying to run Denmark with people from all corners making it “impossible” to you, and I wonder what goes on behind the curtain, and what you as example are really going to talk about with the Chinese President Hu Jintao when he visits Denmark from the 14th to 16th June, and yes not very often that China decides to visit the small state of Denmark (?), and eeehhh there has to be a first time for everything, see?
    • I woke up to U2’s “even better than the real thing”, which is about the faith of Helle in me, but still you are SILENT too, Helle?

The eyes of my new self is arriving just behind the last darkness, and when I “take on these” I will wake up as my new self

I was given “watching the world” by Mr. Mister, which is both what we are doing, and also another band close to my top 100 list, and yes let us also move them over – a symbol of life of the Old World still being moved over to our New World – and yes the album “Go on…” is among my favourite albums, it is nothing less fantastic :-).

I was also given “ambush in the night” by Bob Marley, which is what darkness is still bringing me, and I can only say that what we lose in the night, is what we will save and recreate if necessary during days.

I finished the rest of the script of yesterday and the script of today so far at 11.30 and after lunch, I left at 12.00 towards Hillerød, and to my surprise I could borrow this book directly even though it is in another Commune having their own system – I do like ONE SYSTEM (!) – and it meant that I was home again only a couple of hours later, and yes, it is NOT nice driving in the train without a ticket risking to be “caught” by the train conductor, who only comes once in a while to check tickets in these particular trains.

The view over the beautiful Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød from the city square, which I passed

So today is Monday, and it is already on Friday I will return to Hillerød to meet the “psychiatrist” and it is truly NOT easy to read and understand this book of more than 300 pages in only a few days also having other work to do, and when feeling tired with throw up feelings as I do, but this is the condition when fighting this the worst darkness represented by the DISGUSTING Danish system of Communes and psychiatric system TORTURING me, but still you “only want to help”, oder was?

I used the afternoon to read/skim this book and it became apparent to me that it goes into a detail, which I am not able to understand and also pass on to the shrink on Friday, so “a good play” is the only comment I have about the story of this book, and my decision is that I will NOT mention in on Friday, but here I mentioned it again, and I am sure that there are many truths to be discovered in this book by people who read CAREFULLY in order to understand it.

I was told “yes, we were about to be cut over with a golden tong”, but no, I decided NOT to do this.

I was told that nobody goes through this four-full-back chain (of icehockey), which we created to get you all inside and yes to plant the anchor and who do you meet on the way out (?), and yes your mother once again, who does not want to listen to you, but to your sister, and yes guess who is right when speaking about me, my sister or I (?), and yes it should be easy to do what is right to communicate with me, but apparently not.

While I was reading/skimming the book, I was told “isn’t this helping to get us out of prison” (?) with the answer being yes, and I felt red of the spirit of my father all close to me at my right ear making me think that there is not much darkness remaining, and it was confirmed when I later received a constant feeling of the presence of the spirit of John Paul II, which comes to me from light, and I have now received several times a desire of darkness wanting me to put my fingers into what I first believed was the eyes of darkness until I understood that these are the eyes of my new self coming to me behind this last darkness, and these are the eyes I will use when truly seeing the New World for the first time being awakened as my new self.

I was shown a ship on sea sending a triangle of golf balls to me ashore, and the balls become sheep, which was the shipment of more life saved from darkness.

I had periods this afternoon almost without a negative voice coming hundreds of times trying to overtake me, and you might understand how stressful/ incriminating it is to have one trying to take over your mind is, and how peaceful it is when I can “almost” be myself without these interfering voices/thoughts. And because darkness was only little, it also removed my potential “fear” and negative feelings about visiting the “psychiatrist” on Friday, and yes the extreme feelings I have had of this is simply negative feelings transferred to me from others.

During the evening, I was told “no, the space is not opened to him yet” and “it is first when you switch on the light, that we can see it ourselves”.

I was shown a boat in Nyhavn Copenhagen on its way out but all people on the boat jumps up with incredible joy and flowers in their arms to me on the bridge, and that is because I have decided that no one is going to follow the boat to the abyss on the other side of the bridge.

For a couple of days I have been told that Jack by now has told his mother about me, and yes isn’t this “udemærket” (“very good”), Evy?

I was told “you have paid rent” (i.e. brought energy) and then I heard darkness saying “but it does not correspond” (the right and left side) at the same time as I was given a feeling by light just underneath the surface, that it does.

As a matter of good sake, the bottom of my head is still scratching to symbolise the pain and lack of money of my LTO friends in Kenya, however it is not as painful as a few months ago.

I watched Ukraine win by 2 to 1 over Sweden, and when scoring the second goal, the Danish commentator said “it surpasses every dream”, and for a short fraction of a second I was given a SERIOUS feeling of presence of my spiritual friends, which was really to say what is waiting for us.

I was told that resistance from the world to me – which is what my family/friends etc. show me when spiritually controlled – is not only about faith but also about the rich world allowing poverty of the world, and yes we can include other wrongdoings of economics and climate also almost bringing the world down, and we know poor/wrong behaviour too.

I was told that my old girlfriend and cohabitant Camilla’s brother Christian has spoken to “his best friend” – the lawyer in the Alfa Romeo as I remember him – about the chance to remove my writings on them – selfishness of narrow-minded people not understanding the big picture (!) – and I was told that the sheer volume of my scripts and potential work for them to read is what also prevented this threat!

I was told that Prince knows that I am not giving up, and I don’t believe I have written this before, but I have OFTEN been told about this person or group of people – latterly the handball team AG Copenhagen – knowing about me, and this I have probably said, but not from where do they know about me (?), and that is truly the question also “bothering” me, because I cannot see a big influx of visitors to my website confirming this, and the only options are yes visits to my website and otherwise “gossip between people” and yes secret visits through the “secret surveillance network” of the world and spiritual communication, and that is it!

Coming back to the creation of darkness to undo it – with the last parts of darkness now crashing

For the second time in days, I have seen a big black SPIRITUAL bird flying outside my windows, and it is exactly as visible as if it was a true bird, but it is not, because it was crashing directly into the building and I did not even have to look if it was a true bird because I knew and yes from where (?) and that is back to maybe 2005-06 I believe when I was living in Hørsholm and where I on a daily basis was shown the same black birds flying outside the window, and back then they did not crash, but this is what the very few remaining now does to say that darkness cannot keep up – and I had to be careful not to gloat over this, which was feelings given to me by darkness self.

I saw the beautiful Italian woman Pasqualina SANNA on the Internet, and later I was given sexual speech and this was mentioned in relation to my sister, Sanna, and I understood that we are now coming back to the point where darkness itself was created when we by accident “tilted” over from the light side because of extreme happiness and because it was possible, and this is what we are now asking to “come undone”.

A couple of days I have been shown that I receive the blade of a sword with the feeling that I receive the sword itself – from darkness (?) – and is this about pain coming?

In 5 years time “it’ll be love, love, love all through our bodies, and love, love, love all through our minds🙂

For a couple of days I have been given the word of the musical instrument “ukulele”, and I connected it with George Harrison, who was fond of this, but today when listening to DR P6 radio, I understood that it was not about George Harrison, but about the inspired group “Noah and the whale” – just look at the name, which to me symbolises “bringing all life with us to the New World” – and their song “5 years time” including a UKULELE, and it is simply to say that in 5 years time, when all people have showed a clean heart, there will be LOVE all over as they sing:

And it’ll be love, love, love- all through our bodies, And love, love, love- all through our minds, And it’ll be love, love, love- all over her face, And love, love, love- all over mine”.

And after listening a while to this band, I must say that it is BRILLIANT music, and yes it enters my top 100+ list immediately, and not very often this happens :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I sent the newspaper a new email telling them that I did not ask them if they had received many orders, as they told me the last time without answering my question, but IF they had received my order, so therefore I asked the question again “can you see if I have become registered and if not, I kindly ask you to take this email as my order instead” and apparently it is “completely impossible” for this newspaper to answer my question (?), so in the new reply I was told that “we cannot go through all orders, but your order will be entered when we reach it”, and we know is it truly IMPOSSIBLE for you to READ and UNDERSTAND my question (?), and I do believe I have been exposed to more spiritual darkness for this order not to go through, which is really whey I asked you, and with these kind of answers, it seems that it is impossible for me to be “allowed” to receive a trial subscription on this newspaper (?), and yes DARKNESS of the media not “willing” to tell the world about me is what this is about.
  • Yesterday I noticed that Helena first posted a message, and later I saw from the right column of Facebook that she had posted a comment answering others commenting on her post, but I could NOT see these comments on the post itself, and today this “piece of art” repeated itself, where I first saw a post from her, and later I saw from the right column as you can see from the first picture below that she posted a comment answering others commenting on her post, and in her comment she says “well, sell, ladies, I believe I have …”, and when you put the computer mouse over the comment in the right column, it normally shows the original post AND the comments to the left of it, but as you can see, in my case at the moment it only shows the original post WITHOUT the comments (!), and when entering Helena’s profile, it is only her post without the comments, which are shown here (about Helena losing her headset), and “ehh” as Helena writes almost as me (!), what does all of this mean (?), and isn’t it obvious (?), it is about my mother, who “cannot” communicate with me, and we know “completely unnecessary” as usual.

  • I have subscribed to Benny Hinn on Facebook and I got a good opportunity to send him a reply today, and I wonder if he saw it?


12th June: I received the WORST burning pain of destructions of the Universe to fit our spiritual and physical worlds

Dreaming of still working inside the Old World, “where there is love, I’ll be there” and still being monitored.

I slept from around 23.10 to 08.30 with a few dreams:

  • I show people from where I work a picture of Danske-Bank-Pension at Bremerholm in Copenhagen, and tell them that this is where I worked and first I show the building to the right, but correct it to the building to the left, and I tell them that I was actually glad to work there. And then I find myself working there again after a break, and I see how I have influenced Bjarne in the way he advises customers, and a pension consultant from an area of branches is on visit, and I say hello to him asking him if we have met before, and he says that we spoke on the telephone, and he is covering the “Gothenborg” and “Rørholm” areas, which I don’t know where is. I am still working as a bank assistant these many years after first working there, and my managers still do not care. Jan H. gives cake to his “consultant colleagues” but not to me, who is known to give cake to everyone.
    • So we are still working inside the Old World and I am receiving energy from others (?), and even though I was the youngest there and apparently not valued and cared much for by my two managers on the other side of the hall not knowing what was going on, I had an influence on my “clever colleagues” and that was also with the pension consultants placed all over the country. And Jan H. is now a LinkedIn contact, who does not want to share his pretty big cake in terms of money, Jan (?), with me.
    • I woke up to “I’ll be there” by Jackson 5 and the lyrics “Where there is love, I’ll be there”.

  • I am about to move with John and my family. I notice when looking out on the trees that it is autumn and the leaves are red and about to fall off. I am a little unsure about whether I will start by moving my things out, or if we will all go and get John’s things first.
    • John and my family is bringing me red, i.e. darkness. It seems that we are either movin’ out, Billy, or the family movin’ in, and I believe this has to do with getting the left and right part of me and the New World to fit.
  • I was also a knick-knack on the desk of a room, which the person of the room is told actually includes the ear of the person below the room making him listen in, which the person first does not believe in, but when touching the “item” inside the knick-knack, this person realises that it is indeed an ear, and it was following with something like “it is without importance to the politics of our government” and I felt Obama and this is also in relation to me still being monitored against my will?

I received the WORST burning pain of destructions of the Universe to fit our spiritual and physical worlds

When I stood up I received a series of the WORST pain to my right angle, and yes it means “destructions to the world” and I have NEVER had so long pain before, it took maybe 30 seconds, and it is truly the WORST pain of all I know of, and when it comes, it is always very close to make me turn negative myself because of just how strong it is and potentially to make me give up just deciding to do nothing, but no, this has NOT happened once, and later after bath, when I stood in my small kitchen (connected with the living room in my one-room apartment), suddenly I was given an even deeper and stronger pain together with the feeling of red in my right angle again, and it was so strong that I throw me down on my bed right next to me, and later I was made to spill boiling coffee on me, and yes this was exactly the same feeling, the feeling of burning, and I understood that new parts of our Universe has broken off, and this will also become parts of our New Worlds, and I also understood the connection with the black birds of darkness crashing and to make our right and left sides match to be able to stop time of our New World, and I was told that I was given pain to my right angle, to the physical Universe, to avoid bringing destructions to the left side of me, our spiritual selves (being part of us in our New World).

While I received this pain, I was also given the feeling of my mother dying, which first made me afraid of my mother truly dying, but then I understood that this is about the world being my mother as the holy spirit, which is “dying” when destructing, but as mentioned continuing life as part of our New Worlds created on top of our New World and not by my father and mother, but by Karen and I.

I was told by a “levitating voice” in the room something about children will not survive and also “you will hear from my lawyer later today”, which was darkness speaking and again I felt smiles of the light just behind this.

In the beginning of the morning with this on-going, I was also given darkness, which with strength wanted to bring me WRONG “sexual services”, which I of course and as usual rejected, but just to tell you that darkness was strong here, and because it is crashing, but I will accept NO loss of life just because of this!

At 11.15 I received even more great pain to my right foot, and I will NEVER get used to this terrible pain, and later I was told, when working but influence by this that if you gave up, I would put myself into the grave now, which I felt as darkness speaking telling me that “everything will be alright” and that I will wake up as my new self “in the grave”.

I finished the last part of the script of yesterday and most of the script today at lunch, and instead of having too little time having to read and understand Alice Bailey’s book, I now have plenty of time when deciding not to read it in detail, so we will see what will come during the afternoon, and cycling will at least be part of it, and I do hope NO more pain to my right angle.

I am still thinking of the unpleasant meeting I am forced to have with the psychiatrist in three days because I am officially unemployed without being unemployed – “funny”, right (?) – and also that if this system will show its complete failure and lack of understanding in people, thus “recommending” me to take medicine, fine by me, then I will go the whole way showing the world that people of the Old World could not understand each other – and I am here given the vision of the actor Mads Mikkelsen and yes the character of Hannibal Lecter is the most EVIL of all, which this is about (!) – and this will then be the end of this story, and then they may remove my cash help thinking that something new will show when I will open the eyes of my new self, so I am NOT afraid of you – come on, give me the best you got (!) – but I am SAD that you make me suffer so much because of your own ignorance and better-knowing attitude.

I still receive pain to my behind, occasionally diarrhoea and sneezes too, and also “heart attacks” as unpleasant as always.

We are coming CLOSE to the end of darkness and time

This afternoon I did not feel like cycling but again I thought that it will feel better once starting, but it never really felt good, I only received another pain to my behind when sitting on  the saddle for 27.5 kilometres today, and yes it should NOT hurt by now, but it did because of darkness (!), and the first approx. 2 kilometres, the GPS decided that it did not want to work, and instead I kept on hearing the application saying “time has paused” immediately followed by “time has resumed”, which was to say that we have now fought our way back “almost” to the beginning of time when darkness took us over, and as you know, with the end of darkness, it will be the end of time.

For days I have also been told much about the psychiatrist I will visit on Friday having read some of my website and Facebook timeline and “understanding” me, and I don’t know as usual what are messages of light and darkness – this might be true or wrong – but I am telling myself that we are now so close to the end of darkness and the end of lies that it would be logic that this psychiatrist, as the whole system (!), should be in doubt about what is true and wrong, and as I was told “I am going to me Christ on Friday” is also a (potential) feeling of this man, and yes not easy for you too?

Light passing the entire Australia symbolising our New World and encircling Antarctica of what used to be darkness

Jette was busy yesterday, so I took some pictures, which I sent to her, which she uploaded yesterday evening, and I bring some of these today after going through them.

At this picture from 09.15 yesterday you can see how the opening of the light begins north of Spain and west of France and goes via my scripts north of Greenland, and as Jette writes, I wrote to her that the light is now reaching all the way over and pass Australia and now around all Antarctica – the light now encircles darkness.

Here is the light all the way over and pass Australia, the symbol of our New World.

Here you see that light now encircles what used to be darkness over Antarctica.

Here she says that my scripts are fiddled with, which don’t sound good, but who knows (?), and a soldier is guarding showing his back, and there is a beautiful angel above, which is not an angle, but a cat woman with a sceptre or cross in her left hand according to her next picture not brought here, and cat to me is about light of people, so this is also positive to me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was happy to receive a PYRAMID email from my old friend Lotus, which said “send this email to at least seven people and see what will happen on the monitor – you will truly laugh” and later “I don’t want to tell you what it is, but I laughed so much that I was almost falling down the chair”, so this is what Lotus did when also sending me this email, which included a picture of a glass of champagne with a strawberry, and yes when you connect saving everything inside the Pyramid of our Old World, much smiles/laughing there is nothing to say that we like to get together over a glass of Champagne to celebrate.
    • And I have not seen or heard from Lotus since her visit in 2010, she has not replied when I have contacted her, so I wrote to her that I would be happy to see her again, and also – guided by my voice – asking her if it wasn’t funny that the spiritual voice making so much fun when speaking through me (when we met on a weekly basis for meditation in 2005/06) was God self (?), and yes she is a Facebook friend, and even though she apparently is not active on Facebook, I have been told as a matter of fact in recent days that she has seen my activity and who I am.

  • The MP, Lykke, had a meeting with the former foreign and environment ministers of Maldives, and they told about how they were exposed to violence when they were couped from power, and I simply said “THANK YOU, Lykke”.

  • Later I received the information that Lykke had commented her photo addressing Anders when saying, yes I borrowed the office of the minister of freedom”, and the “funny” part here is that neither Anders’ not Lykke’s comment were included when I after this opened her thread, which only included comments of Peter and I, and this is another way of saying that Lykke could “comment” me if she would, but she “cannot” because she has also received a muzzle on by “the world”, and yes Lykke, this is what makes me SAD – you know who I am, but you “could not” DREAM (!) about communicating with and supporting me directly?

  • As you can see below, I was HAPPY to read the posts of Sally and Matthew in Lucas’ Facebook group about LISTENING and treating everyone as your equals :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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