June 14, 2012: Denmark ask China to bring FREEDOM of speech/movement to its people and its government to step down!


Summary of the script today

13th June: Denmark ask China to bring FREEDOM of speech/movement to its people and its government to step down!

  • I was awakened during night receiving more “incredible pains” to my right angle symbolising destructions of the Universe, and I understood that I was a victim of darkness paving the last part of the road by much pain if tempted, and this I was by watching a lady on the Internet awakening my desire, which I should let go when a TV-show she appeared in went above the line.
  • I received healing from the energy of a Benny Hinn video, and was asked to stay up the entire day in order to continue the game, and save more life from darkness, which brought me back on my “tired edge” now with the worst test ever to avoid be overtaken by negative voices of darkness.
  • My selection of pictures from Google Earth show darkness coming to the world because I was led in temptation, a white man wears sunglasses having a dark dog sitting above his ear, which is about my view becoming dark because of this temptation, which is both bringing me into this inner darkness at the same time as bringing a danger for it to terminate if I – or the Universe – is not strong enough to take on this pain (which we should be), time goes quicker and quicker the closer we get to the beginning of time, I am facing “the final hour – for Herr Hitler and all of his generals” and I tell the what “the worst darkness is” explaining about (both ordinary people) and here the Communes and Psychiatric system “not being able” to listen/read and understand me believing that I am crazy with the truth being that they were the ones being crazy when they “could not” understand.
  • The “controlled game” now is to save the original parts of my old self, and I am preparing my meeting with the psychiatrist in two days giving me a “penalty kick” to go free, which will be the symbol liberating remaining life of darkness.
  • I have received so much darkness the last couple of days that Denmark “could not” win the football match against Portugal, who entered through Denmark on the right side symbolising from where darkness has entered me – and NOT to kill me, but controlled in order for me to transform in to light.
  • Short stories of the free town of Christiania in Copenhagen surviving against all odds because of my survival, Helena is now TRULY back again after newspapers have decided to leave her in peace symbolising the survival of my mother, an old potential (girl-) friend Jane is today MP and I connected with her on Facebook, Michael Hardinger is also back again again maybe this time symbolising the survival of my father and John (?), Andy Schleck will not attend Tour de France symbolising that darkness is (almost) out of the game, President Hu Jintao from China comes to Denmark tomorrow and beneath the official agenda of trade, Helle Thorning Schmidt will speak to him about FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND MOVEMENT of the Chinese people and ask the Chinese government to step down (!), Lance Armstrong is part of my mission to save the world and Michael Laudrup is becoming the football manager of Swansea city symbolising my change becoming my new self and FREEDOM of the spell of darkness to the world :-).

14th June: “Be yourself, make life better for others, create results, follow your dream, believe in yourself, and enjoy liberty

  • Dreaming of Jack finishing his education/journey bringing faith to others in me making us HAPPY PEOPLE, the train is FULL of people towards the other side and darkness still brings a risk of explosion to our New World.
  • I discovered during the day that the only right thing to do before my meeting with the psychiatrist tomorrow would be to compile my story and the information I would give him in a memo, and then suddenly I was busy having to do this work only having this afternoon and evening to do it, and before midnight it was done with 22 pages of text/pictures, and this was “impossible work” I had to do to help converting the last part of darkness to light.
  • Short stories asking the Danish Bible company to focus on the new scripts instead of the Bible, time is breaking down, “it’s just lovely” here when we “dance with pigs”, sending the Danish government the agenda to what truly to speak with the Chinese President and government about, Michael Hardinger still not believing in me sending me darkness, retrieving “mojo” from darkness and break the law of Jante and be yourself helping others and following your dream.


13th June: Denmark ask China to bring FREEDOM of speech/movement to its people and its government to step down!

I was a victim of darkness paving the last part of the road by much pain if tempted, which I was

After publishing my script yesterday I was told “right back to the bank” and I heard cracking sounds from the kitchen as if it was splitting, and I understood that this is what “the kitchen” was when darkness originally and to our surprise was overtaken us.

I was shown an empty package of what used to contain chocolate covered marshmallows, and was told that this is now going to be turned around, which is the last part of the original part of the spirit of my father, who will be turned around from minus to plus.

I was told that this darkness would have terminated us instead of taking us over if life had not been created to last forever.

I received strong pressure from darkness, which wanted to destruct, and I had to absorb this to be even stronger, and not to send it against my new self coming.

For some time I have been told that Jette and I are an odd “couple” – politically and personally – and only by pureness and means of communication we were able to get here without Jette giving up on the way.

I went to bed a little after 23.00, and slept very uneasy and uncomfortable with the feeling of a nightmare underneath the surface, and I was waken up at 01.20 receiving a new long pain to my right angle, which I cannot tell just how awful it is, and I heard “pushing forward darkness” and was told that “we are slimming down the world because he has not been expanded so much that he can contain it all” and also that this is about structural changes and I heard “we will not be gone forever”, which I understood was about life sacrificing with destructions of the Universe, and it made me feel BAD.

Somehow I was made to understand that I was a victim of darkness paving the last part of the road by much pain if tempted, and that the beautiful Italian Pasqualina SANNA was the bait given to me when I was looking at her on the Internet, which I thought was within the limits I had created, but her and her partner’s participation in a TV-show was “over the line” in sexual terms, which caused this pain and these destructions, and I decided to forget all about her NOT looking at her again, and with that name, I should’ve known better (!), but I was tempted.

I was encouraged to get up, to do this writing and also to read in some parts of the book of Alice A. Bailey, which I would like to read before meeting the psychiatrist in a few days, and I decided at least to start doing this not believing myself that this was really needed, so it will probably only be a part of the night I will be awake.

And I was given the great songs “desire” and “bad” by U2 and the lyrics “to let it go”, which is what I did to this “burning desire”, and that is because I have NO “sympathy for the Devil”.

Later, I truly felt BAD about having been tempted and the destructions, which this brought, and I could only say I AM SORRY FOR WHAT I CAUSED, it was not my meaning, but what my wrong temptation led to.

The Universe and I received healing from Benny Hinn – and I truly had to stay awake the entire day

And I decided to follow another encouragement, which was to watch another Benny Hinn video to bring energy to heal, and really because I have decided that I will not read the entire book of Alice Bailey now, because I will NOT go in detail with it, only mention it on the meeting and what it is about.

I was shown a picture of a church with a coffin but only one visitor – or really only “half” a visitor – which was darkness self with a sad spirit of my mother as darkness, and because of the destructions of the Universe, no life was terminated because of this, we are still going to get the last of this dark visitor with us.

A little later I received feelings to my left angle and I heard something like “I better return what I borrowed”, which I understood was original life returning after having been protected against darkness.

While watching Benny Hinn, I felt healing to my right angle, the Universe, and I heard “no, he has not departed yet, you can still make it”, which is about my decision NOT yet to become my new self because there is still more of my old self to be saved, and I don’t know how long this will take and for how long I can continue going, but despite of the strong feeling that “now we have arrived”, I continue to tell myself “6 months”, so we will see. And I heard “no, there is not going to be any flood” and felt that darkness is now being pushed back, and also how I received a stronger feeling of light and physically becoming relieved.

I was also told that you cannot imagine the size of the present because you have connected directly with Benny Hinn (my recent reply to one of his Facebook postings), and I was shown the Trinity as a small triangle “item”, which has been pressured in at all three sides like if it was emptied for air, and this triangle was part of the microphone stand and the microphone held by Benny Hinn self.

Again, I was told that doing this was “helping” to go deeper into darkness, and later I was asked “did you catch me” (?), which was darkness coming from the outermost to the right of darkness of me, and I felt how this darkness wanted to interrupt me breaking my patience to release this darkness, and I keep feeling that “something is going on in the background” (receiving content of darkness) and keep receiving a strong power of darkness trying to intervene with this, and I keep having to decide NOT to enter this power, which is difficult because it attracts me, and when I shortly went in there – I am not afraid of it even when meeting it directly – I was shown someone putting together a blanket, and this voice of darkness wanted to speed up the pace of doing this – which I now understand is why I received the words “go, go, go speed racer” from the song “speed racer” (about a pirate of darkness ….) by Devo yesterday morning telling me that it knew that I would come to here, which is another game we have, which I normally don’t write about, but it is about small words and signs given to me and then a few hours/days later, I meet them in real life understanding that we are on right track – and I had to go against this voice of darkness and instead let the person putting together the blanket know that you have all the time in the world to do your best job, and yes time of the world goes quicker and quicker when approaching the beginning of time, which is also the end of it.

I was told “you don’t want to know how it feels like terminating life”, which I understood as “unbearable pain” much greater than what to me is already unbearable pain when physical destructions of the Universe take place, and I said “no I don’t even want to write about this”, this is how strongly I react to it, but here it was anyway and only for your information.

I was asked “we don’t need Kalashnikov’s, do we” (?) and I saw how one of these was thrown away from more darkness entering. and I felt how the New World is now extremely close to my right side (on the other side of darkness, which I did not feel here, but trust me, darkness was strong this morning).

I was told that staying awake until 16.00 would finish 1/3 of the job, until 20.00 another 1/3 and until midnight the last 1/3, and it was approx. 04.30 when I was told this, when I was TIRED and believing that I could take no more nights with work or just staying awake – previous work during nights still “remain with me”.

Approx. one hour later I decided to test this task because I thought that I have placed our “frame to eternal creation/energy” at the deepest bottom of me, and I cannot see the reason to go deep once again, and when I lay down and TRULY had hoped to sleep, I was told by a kind and serious voice “it is true, Stig”, and this is what it took for me to at least try to stay up feeling so immensely tired as I only do when I am on my edge.

I was told when trying to stay awake – I was sitting in my bed trying to watch the movie “house of angels” on the computer monitor – that if I should decide to sleep, it would end the game also meaning that I would not get “every little thing” with me, and I would open the eyes of my new self, and I was wondering if I would first be given true “unbearable pain” in this case, and I was thinking that terminations will require my acceptance of my “old nightmare”, and yes so there are something not fitting here, and I was told that it was up to me if I would sleep, and if I did this, more destructions would be given to the Universe, which could be true to avoid terminations of life.

So I was sitting in bed trying to get up being extremely tired, but before I knew it, my eyes had closed and I slept sitting up for approx. one hour, which was not planned, and I dreams that I was lying in bed doing “private matters” when my sister and her sons arrived together with our old dogs, Cas and Don, who jumped up to me in the bed, and I saw how Sanna and the Sons had received new small whiteboards with letters hanging on the wall of what could be their kitchen, and they were working like scrabble games, and I saw how Sanna had received an invoice for my mother from her new “faith community”, but my mother thought it was from the old Church saying that she does not want to be part of it, and I tell Sanna that together with the invoice is a piece of paper, which my mother needs to write to renew her confession of faith, and this was about darkness of the family influencing my mother against me, and the dream says that they remove my mother’s faith in me, and I really thought that Sanna with Niklas/Tobias by now were having faith in me (?), but according to the dream, they have not.

When awakening I was truly so tired that I could not see myself staying awake the whole day, every minute seems like an eternity, but I decided to stand up and to “kill time” at the computer, which is really what I was doing, until I at the end of the morning went to bath, and decided to write this update.

I had so much darkness coming to me and was so tired that parts of this morning included the worst test yet for me not to start speaking negatively, and I was told that “he has not yet given one single counter order” (of darkness), and I have no plans to start, but it is truly not very easy to avoid.

I was thinking that with this much darkness, how can Denmark win over Portugal when playing at the European Championships this evening (?), and we will see, and should Denmark win, I am still in control over this darkness, otherwise I am not completely.

For some time I have thought about weighing myself again, which I normally like to do in the mornings before having breakfast, and this morning I remembered to weigh myself, but after having had breakfast, and the weight said 118.4 kilos, so I have lost only a little bit, which is approx. 1 kilo, so just saying that things do not work fast here, and yes I could decide to reduce my intake of potatoes, fat salads as part of the lunch, wine and cakes, but I have decided to live a “normal life”, and so it is.

I am going through so much darkness now that just to get to the meeting with the psychiatrist in two days, and to do my best is “more than difficult to do”, and I understand this meeting as my final showdown with the moment of time when darkness originally took over my inner self.

When I continued working on my script today including the many pictures, which Jette brought today – I only included a selection as usual – I was told the answer to the question if I or the world will suffer physically if I am not strong enough to take on pain to convert the last darkness to light, and the answer is according to my old rules, which is that I am NOT to become disabled to work meaning that it will be the world taking the pain from me if necessary. – And later I was given the thought that if the world will suffer, I will also feel it much at my right angle …..

My temptation brought out DEEP darkness and now I face “the final hour – for Herr Hitler and all of his generals

My selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes this from yesterday showing a big gathering of “grey heads” beneath the light and a DARK eye looks out, and this is about darkness coming because I was led in temptation by the beautiful “Sanna” from Italy.

And it continues in this picture from today where a white man wears sunglasses having a dark dog sitting above his ear and more grey and white faces, and I gave the explanation, which is ALSO to be read in my scripts (!) – double work (!) – about how this darkness attacks my right angle destructing the Universe because of my temptation the last couple of days, and also that this was planned in order to make me able to go deeper to come back to the beginning of time, where large parts of light was overtaken by darkness.

In this picture from yesterday, Jette writes that the script has become a box, where a couple of timid heads look up.

And this is the same picture turned around – “with a danger for the dark to fall out of the box” – to which I replied that if I am not strong enough to endure “the worst pain”, there is a risk that I will not convert the last content of darkness back to light, which will make “the dark to fall out of the box”, i.e. to terminate life.

Also from yesterday, Jette writes about North- South centrifuge with the Trinity below together with the gentleman, who is about to be swallowed up by light, and I reply that the centrifuge is about time going quicker and quicker (the closer we get to the beginning of time, when darkness took over light) – bringing much stress and impatience – and when the centrifuge is over, we are ready with our New World without time also bringing eternal life to everyone.

From another picture of yesterday, Jette writes about “the final hour – for Herr Hitler and all of his generals” and she says “it will be a tough round, Stig”, and I tell the story about darkness bringing my old self as Hitler, who was overtaken by darkness, and as a result I was born as the last chance to save the world, and you can read more about Hitler on the front page of my website.

Here she writes that “this (the final showdown) will happen over the Northern Pacific Ocean” and I decided to give a full explanation to what “the worst darkness is” explaining about (both ordinary people) and here the Communes and Psychiatric system “not being able” to listen/read and understand me believing that I am crazy with the risk of ordering me to take medicine (!) with the truth being that they are the ones being crazy with compulsory and WRONG thoughts about me and others when making people sick instead of healthy, and destroying their lives and KILLING them with psychoactive drugs.

Later Jette helped me to understand that I had written a word wrongly, which made me thank her and also tell her that I’m not perfect but just a normal man, and “normal conversation” – here about an “usual subject” – is what makes people understand, and today Torben, a friend of Jette, stood forward together with Jette sending me “hugs” and he himself is a normal man, who did not fit into the system of unemployed so he moved to Spain several years ago, where he is happy today, and I thanked him for his kindness and said that it is NOT nice when the system do not understand and act like dictators instead of helping people, and I wished him all the best in Spain, and yes with a little kindness, he decided to become my Facebook friend, which I of course accepted, and it is really not longer than this.

The “controlled game” now is to save the original parts of my old self, and I have prepared a “penalty kick” to “score”

I was told that there is no matter in this (life we are saving now), this is why your mother’s finger was healed, but there is something else, which is much more important and that is my original self, my first being, the seed of me.

After explaining in the chapter above that the official system of Denmark – the Communes and the psychiatric system – is the worst darkness of all I was asked “what do you believe our chances are for not coming home normally” (?) and given the answer that they are now almost not existing (!), and that is because I suddenly realised that the work I am doing here is to prepare my meeting on Friday with the psychiatrist, where I will give him “a little package” telling about myself including the explanation of the Communes and psychiatric system being the crazy ones (!), my CV, my Scribd document “How to treat psychiatric sufferings” and a few pages from Alice Bailey’s book, and the question is if this material will be enough for him to decide “I better be safe declaring him normal instead of crazy” because who wants to declare the Son of God for crazy (?), and yes I am just wondering?

And it is really “just” about doing my work to follow the road of God also coming through this challenge too even though it looks “impossible”.

I was encouraged to write an email to Selvet encouraging them to write about Jette’s Facebook group, pictures of the visible change of Earth and our comments, but then I was told “they already know, and have decided NOT to write anything” and yes “wrong fear” of me, my friends (?), and we know totally unnecessary and you are of course also sending me darkness when doing what is WRONG instead of helping and supporting me.

I received the words “an alpha he” several times, and I understood that this was about Camilla’s brother Christian recently speaking to his lawyer friend in the Alfa Romeo about the “chance” to remove my writings (on them) from the Internet, and this is apparently a threat now, and not a passed one as I was given the understanding of.

I was told “you will NEVER get a penalty kick like this again”, which is about my chance to score the final goal both against the official Danish system and remaining darkness, and later I received two cracking sounds from the kitchen and was shown a car blinking and driving to the left, so we are not cleaving darkness from us anymore, we only needed to come closer to it, so this was a “controlled game”, which has succeeded so far.

Until approx. 19.00 I received EXTREME discomfort because of negativity of darkness pressuring me the usual ways, but strongly, and it included pain to the inside of my hands, which is really in the skeleton, which you know is about the structure of the Universe.

My water boiler still continues to boil without switching off, and when it did it again, I switched it off myself, and I was given maybe 4-5 small heart attacks in continuation of this, and I was told that the boiler is about my mother suffering, and because she has decided to be weak instead of STRONG – how many times did I tell you to be strong, mother (?) – she is feeling very bad, which is what is making me feel very bad too.

All day I have received marks to my right and left angles, mostly to the right, which is telling me about “potential destructions” if I do not play the game right, which you know is not to do my work or to do WRONG actions, and yes “not very nice” having this threat over my head.

I have received so much darkness the last couple of days that Denmark “could not” win the football match against Portugal

This evening, Denmark played against Portugal, and Portugal was truly very strong, and after 38 minutes, we were behind by 0 to 2 making the commentator say “we are injured, but we are alive”, which was to say that “I am injured, but I am alive” after receiving attacks of darkness, and I was given information about Poul-Erik’s actions speaking of me after his visit the other day, and shortly thereafter Denmark scored to 1 to 2, which you know was because of the help he is now giving me.

In the second half, Denmark scored again making it 2 all, and yes who else than Bendtner scoring against Portugal – do you believe in “faith”, Bendtner & Co. (?) – and in the few minutes following this, I was given a well known instrumental song, which I could not remember what was, and then suddenly from out of nowhere, Portugal scored for the third time to the final result 3 to 2 to Portugal, and we know right after the goal, the stadium played the melody, I had just heard which was to say that the release of darkness the last couple of days has been too strong to make Denmark win today, but when I have finalised my meeting with the psychiatrist, I do hope darkness will have decreased making it possible for Denmark to take points from Germany in the next and last round of the qualifying group making Denmark continue to the quarter finals.

A few symbols were mentioned when the commentators said “the right side of the Portuguese and our left side is a poor match”, which was to say that I have let darkness enter me from my right side, which was the reason of our defeat, but I have decided NOT to accept any “kills”, which darkness still asks me for and also NOT to enter speech and actions of darkness, which should stop it here, and transform it to light, see (?), which will also save us from “big vomits”, and I was given the smell of this, which would really be nice to avoid, and I was told that this was the reason why I had a dock worker as customer at Danske Bank, Freeport, in the end of the 1980’s, who drank “elephant beers” and became sick throwing up directly in front of me, and this “prediction” of loss of life is what we would truly like to avoid, and that is because WE CAN and feeling Obama here “almost invisible” too, and that is at least to me.

And did you notice that Ronaldo received at least a couple of great chances to score, which he normally scores on, but this evening, his boots were not put on the right way (?), and at least he “could not” hit the goal, and yes this is how he – here symbolising darkness potentially killing me – was made not to score, and by the way, my TV is “almost alright”, and only “a little bit sick” because of spiritual darkness.

I also sent an email to Pedro in Portugal to congratulate him with the win, and also saying that I wish he would truly read my website or to become my Facebook friend – he is not yet on Facebook as far as I know – in order to receive faith in me, and we will see what he will decide to do this time around.

During the evening I was shown my self hanging down holding the hand of another and removing a dark ring from a food mixer in the kitchen, this is how difficult this work is, and later I was told that when I decided recently to NEVER cut the lifeline to (about to become previous) darkness, this was part of it, but there was also a new, unknown connection, which we had to save too, which is what we are doing here, and at 22.20, I was told “congratulations, it is now no longer possible for the dark parts to terminate”. Later I was told that this “unknown connection” was “something which was there without being there”, and also that this is the most important we have, our original selves, which have cost us the most energy/sacrifices to liberate.

I had a period being extremely tired this evening, but I decided to stay up until midnight as I was told this morning, and I also had one or two hours with the uncomfortable heart pain.

I watched Germany defeat Holland by 2 to 1, and at the end of the match, one of the Danish commentators said “the Germans secure itself by not sending many ahead” and the other replying “no, they just want time to go on” (“der skal bare gå tid med det”), and this was a reference to the old hit “så gik der tid med det” (“then time went on”) by the old Danish superband Tøsedrengene (“the WIMPS”), and this was again a reference to Angela Merkel playing safe telling nothing about me to the world and simply wait for time to go on, and yes I wish things would be different, that the world did not act wrongly, but on the other hand, this is what makes it possible to make everything perfect of our New World, and then we just have to go through the sufferings leading us there.

I decided to finish all of my work today, so I can start on a fresh tomorrow knowing that I also have to prepare my meeting with the psychiatrist the day after tomorrow, and it is like cooking really to make these things go up, and I do believe I have time enough to finish my preparation tomorrow, and yes I have another minutes to do on Friday of a meeting with the system, which I had hoped I had finished, and yes I am NOT looking forward to that.

I was told that it was good to contact my old school friend Chrisitan G. some weeks ago – who “could not” send me a reply because of his “wrong fear” – because he is important and the reason being that he really sent us much darkness too.

Before going to bed, I watched yet another video the miracle crusades of Benny Hinn and this time from Paris, and I felt how it also healed my right angle again, and I heard a voice awakening from previous darkness first asking me ”where is there a beer” (?) – previous darkness wanting more darkness – and this voice told me that it feels like waking up with hangovers, which was also the feeling I got.

When I went to bed I was given the VERY unpleasant smell of and told “of all places, here it smells the most of vomit and diarrhoea”, and that is because the power of darkness is the strongest here, but “vi skal videre” (“we have to keep going”) as my old friend Lars G. always used to say, and not because I like it but because I will NOT give up handing over the agenda to darkness destroying (whatever is left to destroy), and I was given a song with the lyrics “you are the only one in this world”, which was to say that I am the only one being able to take on these sufferings of mine and still to “keep going”.

Ending the day with these short stories – including the story of China:

  • The free town of Christiania needed to sell stocks of a two-digit amount in millions DKK to pay the state for its freedom, i.e. symbolic here to SURVIVE, otherwise it would close the 1st July, and what seemed impossible to do has now been done when they have received a loan of 55 million DKK securing that they can pay the rest, and remain the FREE TOWN symbolising our New World (without a state (!), and of course also without crime and drugs, which I do NOT like being part of this free town today).

  • Helena is truly back again, it only came to the extreme limit to remove her from Facebook – symbolising how close to dying my mother was (!) – and as she says here, “and let is THEN be summer”, and Rikke asks her if she is glad, which she is, and relieved and free after the newspapers – symbolising death/termination (!) – have now left her alone, and she truly has much humour when giving Lars Løkke the haircut of a lady as her profile picture, and yes she changed from a RED to a BLUE in political terms because of what she went through – and finally Helena first removed me as a friend, and now she has removed for subscribers to comment her posts, which also is symbolising my mother, who can speak to others about me, but not with me and also no longer read my scripts, which is truly amazing right (?), and the saddest part is that I know she is very sad because of this, which is exactly the same feeling I have, and yes over and over again and again – when will they ever learn?

  • I was encouraged to look at my friend Kirsten’s Facebook friends to find her old friend Jane, whom I tried to become sweethearts with in the beginning of the 1990’s (before I met Camilla), and I was surprised to find that after a career as dentist, she has now become a Member of Parliament of the Liberal Party (!!!), and I decided to write the message below inviting her to become Facebook friends, and I wonder if she will accept this knowing about whom I am from the Parliament (!), and I received the words how does it feel, Jane, to be told that Stig is the King, who could have been your boyfriend in the beginning of the 1990’s if it was not because I was so shy towards beautiful ladies (and only them, who were the only ladies I had a look for!) that it was self-effacingly. And I wonder if hearing from me is your “old nightmare” coming through, because who wants to be mixed with me? Later I was told that this is to “help” bring me even more darkness (!), and even later she accepted my invitation without writing me an answer, which you “could not” or did not have time to do, Jane?

  • I was happy to see that Michael Hardinger has now again again returned as my Facebook friend – for good this time, Michael herewith symbolising the survival of my father and John too (?) – and here he says that if he was going to the Roskilde Festival, he would be patient with Björk not coming if only “the Boss” gives it “total-gas” followed by many exclamation marks, and “gas” to me is darkness, which is saying that I am (still) receiving the absolutely worst darkness.

  • BT wrote that Andy Schleck will not attend the Tour de France this year because of an injury, and you may remember that he has been the symbol of darkness when riding against Contador the last couple of years, and with Schleck out of the game, it is a symbol of darkness (almost) being out of the game too.

  • And yes, I managed to write my script today and also comment Jette’s pictures without sleeping – other than the approx. one hour this morning – and I was tired without being very tired most of the day.
  • This evening I really got my self a “Shanghai Surprise” when a young lady/teenager from Shanghai, now living in Germany, invited me to become Facebook friends, which I of course accepted, and this comes the day before the day when the President of China (and his large entourage) vist Denmark, and HU is that (?) and yes that is right, Hu Jintao – he does not make a “fuss” about himself, if you catch my drift/such a small one (?) – and the “surprise” is that this visit officially is about trade between Denmark and China (!) but this Shanghai surprise of an inspired Facebook invitation tells me that underneath this, Helle Thorning Schmidt will ask the President to OPEN UP and that is for the Internet for Chinese when it for example comes to FREE access to Facebook, my website and EVERYWERE else, and I am here told also about free movement of Chinese going abroad and foreigners visiting China, and of course to respect basic human rights, which should NOT be difficult, Hu (?), and yes the problem is to govern a country, which does not want to be governed (!), because it is not easy “just like that” to change the system and wrong culture, and the starting point is to COMMUNICATE openly, directly and clearly to “your people”, and do you think you will be “able” to do this as a self-effacingly President (?), and of course not, you need somebody like Bill Clinton or Obama to address the Chinese, and yes this is what it going to happen, Hu, it is time for you to STEP DOWN (!), and I do hope this was to bring rehabilitation to Bill Clinton for what I hope is what darkness made me write about him a few weeks ago that he should be part of the secret government of USA, which I found difficult to believe, and yes he is one of the finest speakers I have ever seen, and Obama is also up there :-).
  • Olav claims that the postman always rings twice, now also in Texas, where it seems that Lance Armstrong is charged with doping, and the most interesting fact here is the inspired word “postman”, which is to say that Lance via his mission on Earth is helping me to save the world, i.e. to “receive mail” as the postman – and did you ever see a finer and more brilliant cyclist/sportsman (?), and not many who would return after a serious cancer to become the best cyclist by far in the world when he was active, and afterwards – in his age of 40 with only little experience to challenge the absolutely best triathlons of the world?

  • The British football club SWANSEA City is about to enter into an agreement with “Denmark legend Michael Laudrup” as manager, and I was told “SWAN” and “SEA” both giving references for me changing from the ugly duckling to the swan, and also to the ballet SWAN LAKE about breaking the spell of darkness to bring FREEDOM and this is really to the world, and yes Michael & Co., this is what this “inspired story” is about, and another great Dane, Jan Mølby, used to manage this club in the 1990’s, and this is how it is :-).


14th June: “Be yourself, make life better for others, create results, follow your dream, believe in yourself, and enjoy liberty

Dreaming of Jack finishing his education/journey bringing faith to others in me making us HAPPY PEOPLE

I received quite strong speech and visions to continue stay up when I went to bed at midnight – to keep darkness away – but I had to sleep in order to work today, so this is what I did until 8.00 also with a few dreams.

  • I am sitting on Esplanaden in Copenhagen writing a script about my old friend Jack, who walks by on his way to Østerport Station, and he says that he is about to finish his education, which makes him happy, and he knows that I include links to my scripts including music, and I ask him which music he believes I will write in this paragraph of him including the words “happy people”, and he understands that I will bring Yazoo’s song “happy people”. I have now written this paragraph, which students of Jack’s school can click on when they pass Esplanaden following Jack to Østerport Station, and it includes a link to a hologram of Jack and one to a hologram of me.
    • I have often been told that I am myself finishing my education, which is to finish my school or “journey to the other side” (from darkness to light) as it is , which Jack is too, and this song is to express my warm feelings to my old friend for deciding to SUPPORT and HELP me out bringing faith to other people in me, which this is about, making us HAPPY PEOPLE, and the dream says that Jack has people in his school lecturing about me, which is making them leave darkness of Copenhagen and take the train from Østerport Station towards the freedom of light, which comes with FAITH in me and of course when people will show a clean heart.

  • So “HAPPY PEOPLE, COME ON” and join Dr. Alban singing this wonderful song, and yes you too, Christian E., but are you still at “Submarine” partying instead of reading and following me (?), and yes just wondering I am.

  • I am in the FULL train entering the station, where my old friend Henning W. will stand on, and I am happy to see that he enters the door where I stand, and some young people are pushing us to get by, and I see a man selling fish from a fish farm and understand that there is fish all over the train, and he says that liquids were running out in the fish farm, which was not good because it brings the risk of an explosion, which I understand is still present.
    • This is the train to the other side, and yes I wonder if my old friend Henning W. (from the 1980’s/90’s) – whom I still miss as a friend (!) – knows about me in real life, and I cannot find him on either LinkedIn or Facebook, so either he is not there, or spiritual darkness keeps me away from him as it also did with Fuggi some years ago, who knows (?), and here it says that Henning is also on his difficult journey to the other side, and the train itself is made of fish, i.e. my new self, and the liquids running out in the fish farm is the darkness entering me a few days ago, which at least had the potential to explode, and the dream says that it still has, but yesterday I was told that we have secured the last life of darkness, which means “no explosion” (?), and no matter what, I have decided not to give in to darkness and to NOT allow neither my “old nightmare” or any explosion to occur, which is then what I hope will happen, and it makes me somewhat concerned what would happen to my father, mother and John if it should explode.

I suddenly became busy having to write a long memo for the psychiatrist – and for bringing out the last part of my old self

When I woke up, it was again with the feeling “oh yes, that is right, I am that man, and now my sufferings will start once again” and this is exactly what happened when a strong coat of darkness was put over me including strong negative speech, and I cannot tell you just how awful and incredible incriminating this feels like, and I do look forward to FREEDOM of the seas of our New World is coming.

This morning I received a sudden urge to move more bands from my playlist on Spotify “other favourite songs/artists” to “Stig’s top 100+”, which was saying “more life is being saved”, and I am happy that this cannot be undone, so every day gone well, is truly making us happy coming one step closer to the final goal, which still is to save EVERY LITTLE THING.

I received the feeling of daydreaming and just sitting with a blurred view to relax, and I was told “not one single time (daydreaming), I am proud of you”, and yes I was often given this feeling in the past, which I almost always ignored at work (however not in shorter periods when working for the dictator, Søren H., removing ALL of my motivation!), but it was with me much in private always giving me the choice to relax because “this is what I felt best like doing” or to pull myself together, which always made my life a Hell and not very active in private, and yes pulling myself together using all of my energy to keep on working – ignoring the desire to relax – until I had done my best job is what I decided to do, and yes because I could, not because it was “funny” or “exciting”.

After lunch I “just” had to compile the information I wanted to bring the psychiatrist tomorrow, and when I started doing this, I also started seeing – as so often before – that there was ONLY one way to truly do it, and that was to connect it all in a memo including my story, which I have told the system MANY times without the system believing in me – but maybe this will help – and then I knew what the time had beaten so to say – almost 12.00 again again because we have been there before (!) – and that this would take out much more of me than “a few hours” as I had thought, and it also gave me potentially the worst nightmare of a work to do with such short notice, I had to do it today, and I felt how it hung out my throat as we say in Danish, but there was no other way to do this, and during the rest of the day I felt how I was balancing on the edge of success and failure receiving MUCH discomfort, throw up feelings and stress potentially very close to breaking me down once again.

During the afternoon when working on the memo and when clicking the open Facebook tab in my browser, it made it detach from the browser and open in a new browser (!), and I was told ”it is because you are mutating now”.

I received a few feelings of pain to my right and also left angle, and the negative voice was with me, but less when working, and at 16.45 I received a new sudden and EXTREME burning feeling to my right angle and told “this is because of Karen”, and again it effected me VERY much – or could and should really have done so – potentially making me return negativity and lose my motivation to work, and just to have the fear of this pain returning was terrible, but it did not return the rest of the day.

Later when I was writing well on the memo and work was progressing, I was told “I have now seen victory coming”, and I was also told that “You don’t have a Chinaman’s chance to both write your scripts and the memo for the psychiatrist”, which was the game I needed to go through finding the right balance, and yes I CAN because I have decided that I will not stop working before I have finished, and this could potentially be work I had to do all night long, but no, I have decided that I will finish it this evening also sleeping before this meeting tomorrow.

I received the taste of bacon and was told that I was now “røget over” (“transferred over”, and also “smoked over” meaning the same in Danish), and this is to say that this “impossible work” is what is transferring “the last part” of my old self to our New World, which is also why we are adjusting the world with the pain to my right angle.

I was told in other words, there will never again be any lift of duvets, which is to expose your sexual life to others, and yes this is what this darkness made you do, and this is what we are now removing.

At 23.45 I had finished my memo, which ended up with a total of 22 pages of text/pictures, which I was “satisfied” with even though this was only “quick work”, and I received the smell of “cow stools” and this time from a stable with the smell beginning to become the smell of fine Burgundy wine.

During the evening I was given stronger and stronger stomach and spinal column pain, which I know is because of resistance and bad feelings of the system and here this psychiatrist against me, so this is what I am facing tomorrow, a man of the traditional system, who wants to crucify me even though he “only wants to help”!

I was also given several small heart attacks, and was NOT feeling well enough to do the work I did, and after this I knew that I had to do more work updating my script of today with notes I had taken while working on my memo, and yes to publish it, and then to go to bed, and yes there should be time enough tomorrow morning to either go to Helsingør or Hillerød library to print our this memo (I hope I can do it for free because I truly don’t have much money left for the rest of the month – below 200 DKK – and I did not afford a haircut), or just maybe I can go to the jobcentre in Hillerød to use their free printer as I expect they will have, and yes they open at 10.00 and I have the meeting at 11.30, so this ought to work out.

And finally at 01.35 I had published my script of the last two days, which was almost with the feeling “I did it”, but even though this was very difficult, it was not the absolutely worst work I have ever done.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Morten – from the TV-programme “believe again” and the Danish Bible company – decided to write an email to his Facebook-friends including me, encouraging people to vote on “the new deal”, which is a “brave” translation of the Bible, to win “the price of initiative” this year, and he uses all of his time and energy on the OLD script, so what was more natural than to ask him and his kindred spirits instead to focus on and help to spread the new script replacing all old religious scripts based on the motto “One God, One People and One Philosophy”, and to overcome your own, wrong sceptical attitude and read and understand the message of the return of Jesus and our New World bringing endless happiness without sufferings as God’s gift for all people when you have showed a clean heart, and yes Morten, this should not be difficult to do (?), it only requires a change of old habits and to get started with something new. – And this was followed by a new pain of darkness to my behind, because Morten sent his email to 70 “people of faith” supporting him, but how many of these will decide to support me when reading my reply (?), and how many will decide to be sceptical thinking that “Stig must be crazy”?

  • Michael commented on a link about the view of the leader of the Danish People’s Party, Pia Kjærsgaard, (about a referendum), where Kenneth had said “even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day” to comment Soren, who was very surprised that he actually agreed with Pia, and this was also to say that TIME IS NOW BREAKING DOWN (!), and Michael said “even a blind hen finds corn”, which is about our work finding the remaining parts of my old self in darkness without being able to see.

  • Here Michael brought a “funny picture” showing that the Foreign Minister of Denmark really IS Oluf Sand from “The Julekalender” (“The Christmas Calendar”) and yes it was HIM you know the other day in my script saying “it’s just lovely”, and this is what it still is with this inspired story, and Anja thought that “he is blowing up pigs”, and with this, we might as well take a DANCE WITH PIGS (!) together with Shubidua, and yes with pigs meaning life, we are saving, which is what makes us dance in celebration :-).

  • Morten from TV2 showed the picture of the President of China, Hu Jintao, landing in Denmark, and this was “breaking news”, which made him say that it would have been bigger news if he had not landed (because everyone knew that he was coming), and here I was strongly encouraged to bring out a message not only to this thread but also the Danish government following me, and that was about what also to discuss with the Chinese about (I had not published my script of yesterday by this time), so I said that this was about a New World Order including the freedom of speech and movement, which they have some problems with in China (read my script of yesterday), and also to receive help from outside because otherwise they don’t have a Chinaman’s chance to adapt, which also includes the termination of the Chinese government, so I do hope YOU GOT IT, Helle & Co. :-). And I understood that if I could both send out this message and to complete my memo for tomorrow and take the meeting with the psychiatrist tomorrow, and also publish my script, this would be our chance to reverse China symbolising the reverse of the last darkness, so China is not yet entirely on our side, it seems, and if I cannot, because this is TOO MUCH work to do, I may lose my chance of saving the last inside of darkness, and yes this is how it also is to be Stig.

  • Helena is now so much back, that she has decided to bring her normal profile picture, and here she says that she wants to live in the country with a sign at the grocery store saying “we deliver groceries”, which MUST be fantastic, and yes groceries is here meaning “saving life”, which is truly STILL fantastic.

  • Michael was again on the road – also mine (!) – when he commented an article about the Chinese going to drink Danish cherry wine with “Apple go home. We got cherries”, and apparently Michael is still sending me much darkness, because “apple go home” means that he does not believe in me and our New World, and Hans said “with a twist of a wet dog”, which is about “sufferings inside of darkness”, and Henrik said that “we rumble ahead and soon we will be brought on right economical keel again”, which you know is when we will bring this boat on right keel again and bring normal energy back to life.

  • Mark had just found his “mojo”, which you know is what brings the movie character Austin Powers his sex appeal, and here it is to say that this “free love” to everyone is what we are retrieving from darkness, because this is NOT how life is meant to be, if it is meant to be at all!

  • Dan said that rule no. 1 is: “You are allowed to say: I am good at this and this”! And he used the F-word I don’t like to say that he does NOT like the law of Jante, and this inspired Annika to say be yourself, fight prejudices, make life better for others, create results, break limits, follow your dream, do it on purpose, believe in yourself, make some mistakes and enjoy liberty, and yes I agreed (!), and I am thinking that in our perfect New World, you do not have to say that I am good at this and this, because people will know, which is a system I like much better, and “yes we can”, inspiration is here, there and everywhere also feeling Benny Hinn here too.

  • I was happy received a reply from Pedro in Portugal – he likes football much – and among other things he said that “Despite this horrible crisis that will never end it (in Portugal when we think that this is the bottom, things can still get worse!!) in my side the things are not going bad”, and I had encouraged him to join Facebook, but he will not “expose my private life in Internet”, which I was sad to hear also knowing that it makes it impossible for him to understand me when he does not read my website!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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