June 16, 2012: China was the worst darkness now opening up to me after Denmark has given them my message


Summary of the script today

15th June: China – and a psychiatrist (!) – was the worst darkness now opening up to me after Denmark has given them my message

  • We are opening an entrance to darkness, which was closed by hermetic ice and a snake taking stranglehold.
  • I had the meeting with the psychiatrist Alex of the Psychiatric Centre North Zealand and after coming through great difficulties to write my memo, I had new difficulties to get it printed out and to find and arrive at the address in Hillerød on time, but I made it (!), and in the beginning of the meeting, I learned that Alex was the most cold and reserved man I have ever met NOT showing his feeling at all – a TRUE DEVIL (!) – not believing in spiritual experiences and God, and this was the man I had to try to convince that I speak the truth, and this is simply the story about gradually opening the door of hermetic closed darkness to liberate the next level of God, this is what Alex meant to me. I spoke most of the meeting about the content of my memo, only receiving few questions from this man, who at the end showed his sceptical attitude – better-knowing ignorance (!) – about the Judgment and my reappearance as he saw in my memo, and the question is now if he will read and understand my memo and website as promised and decide to let me go from this nightmare of a system, or will he sentence me to death by “recommending” that I am to receive “medicine”?
  • China was the worst darkness also believing that I am crazy, or did they (?), and now Denmark has given them my message. Two matches from the European Championships in football showed my immense sufferings these days meeting the worst darkness through “a terrible cloudburst”, and also that I made and outstanding goal on darkness finding the key to open for it!
  • The selection of Jette’s pictures today showed “a door that was previously closed is now opening”, a “round table conference”, a “smoking fish” symbolising STRONG darkness given to me, Google tries to cover up pictures, but when opening the door behind this hermetic darkness, there are “old Kings” inside, and a picture showed that I am WORN OUT.
  • MANY short and inspired stories of what we decide to think influence our well being, congratulations to Stig Elling and I, Michael Hardinger is also bringing me the worst MONSTER and NAZI darkness, “it will not become boring” when I will speak to the world as my new self, a spiders web in hours covering a tractor etc. symbolises darkness desire to kill everything using WRONG sex, I am these days liberating God and all life from the last NAZI darkness, our tree of wisdom has become VERY large, the Danish politicians is on the Island of Bornholm receiving the energy of me (!), a Muslim Facebook friend in Egypt was also inspired when brining pictures of Hitler and the Pope with gold and glitter as the worst darkness I have gone through, a picture of John Lennon saying that he is “liable to be put away as insane” for speaking the truth of the insane world just like I (!), I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU with all of my heart ♥♥♥, and Ole T. ate a raw heart of a cow symbolising darkness wanting to kill me and the world by giving me a heart attack.

16th June: New parts of God and the world are about to become merged with our New World

  • Dreaming of new parts of God and the world about to become merged with our New World and NASA sending me darkness when shutting down their secret operations.
  • I was catching up on work I had no energy to do – and the world will be surprised when it will truly understand my sufferings
  • Pictures of Google Earth showed that many are reading my scripts, a door (to the deepest darkness) is opening at Lake Victoria also showing darkness of my LTO friends in Kenya, “now there is turbo on again” of darkness that is, life which was at risk the other day is now being saved and my scripts and life are multiplied.
  • Short stories of Uffe Ellemann belonging to the old school of darkness, my principle to save the world “if someone throws stones against you, don’t throw them back. Use them instead to expand your house”, Dan received diving inspiration when he brought a picture making Hardinger say “the Lord is alive” and afterwards Dan saying that “God shines light on me”, so this is what I did :-), we are coming to the end of the rainbow with all of the Gold of all known energy to last forever and ever, and Michael brought a story of Greek corruption and a symbol of my friends abandoning me and that we could only open to the “last room” of darkness using explosives, but without the explosives blowing up!


15th June: China was the worst darkness now opening up to me after Denmark has given them my message

We are opening an entrance to darkness, which was closed by hermetic ice and a snake taking stranglehold on me

I went to bed at almost two after finishing work of “yesterday”, and I slept until 08.00 where I only remember that I was going to meet someone in the full train, who was not there making me leave again, and I woke up to Sanne Salomonsen’s “Taxa” and the lyrics “Tættere på, tættere på, tættere på” (“getting closer”), which is what we are in relation to my new self.

I was told that there was closed (to darkness) by hermetic ice, which is what we have broken through.

I was also told that one purpose was to avoid an explosion, which we did, and also that we have not yet reached the point where we started laying wrong (with darkness taking us over), we also have to have the reactions to this (my meeting with and memo for the psychiatrist).

I was told that “it was not easy bringing it all to India”, which is because I told Jette over Skype days ago that I would like to see pictures from Google Earth from India.

I was told that the snake had taken a stranglehold on me and that it is surprised that this hold is now gradually being released.

This morning I put salt and not sugar on my porridge oats, which made them uneatable, but SALT was to me “the world”.

For days I have been told that my sister loves the market halls of Copenhagen, which is not far away from her work and this is where you can get the best and most expensive luxury goods, and yes it must be nice for sure to “spoil” yourself, Sanna (?), and yes I am STILL wondering …..!

I met the Devil as the coldest psychiatrist, who will now decide to give me his DEATH SENTENCE or to FREE me

After looking at the map seeing that the Jobcentre of Hillerød was not placed in the centre of town, I decided to wait until the library opened at 10.00 in Helsingør thinking that I know the place here, I have printed out before here for free (!), and this is what I may be able to do again (despite of knowing that it normally costs money), and maybe I could print out in 5-10 minutes herewith reaching the train at 10.18 arriving at Hillerød at 10.48 giving me good time to find the psychiatric centre 2 kilometres from there before the meeting at 11.30, and if I could not reach the train at 10.18, I would catch it by 10.48 arriving at 11.18 and when also bringing my bicycle, there should be time to make it at 11.30.

So I arrived at the library, opened one of their computers and my memo, and what was now this when printing out (?), it asked me to enter a code from a value card, which I could buy two floors down at the reception, and eeehhhh this I did not expect (or experience before!), but there was no way out, I had to pack down and walk to the reception, and how much would it cost to print out a total of 23 pages (?), and yes 20 DKK for the card and 23 DKK for all pages making it 43 DKK, or about ¼ of the money I had for the rest of the month, but yes, I had to bring the memo in hardcopy, so this is what I decided to do, and finally I learned to use this system, and I got the printout in my hands, but of course it meant that I would not make the 10.18 but the 10.48 train.

On my way to Hillerød I was told that if we can break the curse not one once but many times, this is the way to do it (to enter new layers of what darkness took from us – and it did all at once as I have been told, where it take much longer to locate it to get it back), and I was also given the taste of a sausage together with the feeling that this is both good and bad, and good because after converting to light, there is life inside of here being released, and bad because this is also still trying to bring my “old nightmare”, which would destruct the life inside of it, so it is really still up to me, and yes I LOVE sausages, but only of light of course.

I had looked at the map to the psychiatric hospital in DETAIL to be sure that I would not get lost now that I only had short time to find it from the train, and yes it was the second road to the right from Tamsborgvej, so when I got there, I simply counted one and two, and yes going right here, and eeehhh where is the sign on this road saying “Dyrehavevej” as it should be (?), and yes it was NOT there, and when driving this road, the sign kept on NOT being there, but there was NO doubt in my mind, because this was the second road to the right, and now it was only a matter of finding no. 48, and yes there is no. 38, I believe, and yes the next number was no. 58 (!) – or something like that – and eeehhh where did you hide no. 48 (?), and suddenly I feared that I would not be able to make this meeting, because now I was lost without being able to find it (later I saw that this was the THIRD road to the right, but I had only seen two!), so I had to go to the main entrance of the hospital and to ask three people on my way before I actually found the right place and the psychiatrist Alex, and I was late by maybe 3-5 minutes, but I made it after all!

And because I was absolutely sure that I had driven the right way, I asked Alex where all the numbers between 38 and 58 (or something like this) had gone (?) – and now I know it was the next road I had followed, and not the right road – and I wonder if Alex just because of this though that “he must be crazy” (?), and yes here is the truth, Alex, of why I said this.

Alex started the meeting by asking me to speak a little about myself, and I decided to say that I would like to do this, but if it was alright with him, I would first like to ask him a few questions before speaking about me, and to my surprise he said very guarded/reserved that “if I feel it is natural, I will answer” (!), and I started by asking him about his understanding of “spiritual experiences” and if he believes if experiences like this are the truth or “hallucinations” made up by people, and he answered by saying that this is about people believing they receive contact to spirits, and when I asked him – several times (!) – if he believed in this being the truth or not, he did NOT give me an answer, and yes he was like the WORST politicians knowing the “art” NOT to answer herewith creating a distance between people, and when I asked him “do you believe in God” (?), he simply refused to answer (!), and yes because this was “not natural” to you, Alex (?), and to me this meant that he did NOT believe in neither spiritual experiences or God – and he would not even tell me (!) – and then I told him that this is the attitude I have met in general in this system, and that all of his background, experience from this “culture” and also his education is what determines if he will believe or not believe in me when I speak of my spiritual experiences, and if he instead had had experience from clairvoyants as millions of people have knowing the truth about these experiences, it would be much easier for him to understand me, and yes I told him this AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN to “push” this knowledge inside of his head, and I did it with ALL of my power and best and fluent communication skills as I was given here again, and I wonder if you have EVER received such a “pressure” from anyone before, Alex (?), or let me say with other words “convincing presentation” (?) – and yes the truth was that I was truly very tired this morning thinking before the meeting that maybe I could just answer his questions shortly and very shortly present my memo (I did NOT have the energy to do what I did), but this was not how I felt when I was “on”, where I decided to give him my “best performance” as part of the play we are doing, and yes to open up for Alex as the WORST darkness of all, which is his role in physical life in order for us to do the same on the other side, and yes let me add here that Alex listened mostly to my speech for approx. one hour WITHOUT reflecting not even a “yes” or “no” to confirm that he understood and he truly had a POKER FACE where it was impossible to see his feelings, and yes when thinking of it, he is the most COLD and RESERVED man I have ever met, a TRUE DEVIL INSIDE (!), and I could not help thinking that in order to truly help people having mental sufferings, it requires LOVE, OPENNESS and UNDERSTANDING from people, and here the consultant psychiatrist of the department – yes he was “very, very fine” this man – was the Devil self not healing but hurting people!

So after receiving this knowledge that I here met “the worst psychiatrist” of all I have met (!), whom I had to convince that I speak the truth, I started telling the content of – not all, but much – my memo in chronological order focusing on that I am COMPLETELY normal with normal relations with all people and normal work capacity, and telling him again and again and again that people are and have been kind to me when NOT knowing about my website and the same people – including doctors and caseworkers of Communes (!) – completely changing to the other side becoming “very negative/scared” and NOT because I have changed but simply because of their own WRONG conception of me, and I told him that this is what completely took over people instead of FOCUSING on the simple truth that I have good relations with all people and work fine, and when people do NOT know about my writings, no one can see that I should be “crazy”, and yes how difficult can this be to understand (?), and apparently difficult for most, and one of the few questions this “doctor” asked was why I then decided to publish my writings knowing about how people react, and yes he did not know about me (!), so I decided to tell him that I decided NOT to let others decide how I play the game, because a football team always play their best when they play their own game without focusing on the other team, so this is what I did, and yes this is what I did and I continue to PLAY THE GAME!

During the meeting I asked to receive his email address so I could send my memo to him enabling him to click the links, and yes to my big surprise, he refused (!), so this man was so “well guarded/reserved/protected” that it was IMPOSSIBLE for him to open up, and yes this is truly CRAZY behaviour (!), and I am wondering if you are afraid of the “patients” you try to help and their potential reactions to you (?), and yes this is how he decided to show himself as a “non-living robot” impossible to pull anything out from, and at the same time what he really told me without saying the words is that “no, I don’t want to click the links in your memo”, so “not easy” to enter the other side of love of this man.

After speaking constantly for maybe 30 to 45 minutes, he started asking a few questions, one of them being if I see my family and friends, and I told him the truth again (as I had done previously in the meeting) that I always have GOOD RELATIONS with people but because of misunderstandings of my family in relation to my scripts, in periods we don’t see each other, which is very painful for all of us, and that most of my friends abandoned me when I published my writings in 2010, and I told him about my good relations with people at Brede Park and Falck as examples and only when they learned about my writings, they also changed from “very positive” to “very negative”, and I showed him positive reactions of people on Facebook to me – from the memo – and will you be able to understand, Alex, that I speak the truth and that it was “everyone else” acting wrongly in relation to me (?), and yes it requires that you THINK and REFLECT to what I told you – and I told you that “you can see yourself that I am an outgoing person, and today it is me speaking about myself, but normally I ask questions to people, and speak more about them than about me” (!) – and will you be able to UNDERSTAND this simple truth or do poor work and “compulsory thoughts” make you decide that “Stig is anti-social” herewith “confirming” a part of the “criteria” to be schizophrenic?

I also learned that this man had read my journal, which he had in front of him – did it include my comments to the journal from March 2009 (?), just wondering – but he had NOT read my website, which he told me that he now would and maybe you will open it and “read” it for 1-2 minutes before closing it down again, Alex (?), and that is if you will open it at all because you are “so busy, so busy” (?), and he is also NOT on Facebook, and has not read my Facebook page, so again this man was BRAINWASHED heavily (!) by the system before meeting me, and I told him that I wished that he had read nothing about me in forehand to colour his mind, and meeting me somewhere else than here, and then he would also see me as a completely normal person, and yes this is how CRAZY all of these people of the system are!

And I was thinking that he had only “little time” to read my journal (of misunderstandings) before the meeting, how long did you use, maybe 30 to 60 minutes (?), and how long do you have to do your writing of a report about me afterwards, and is that “a couple of hours” maybe (?), and with this as foundation, you have to make a decision about “is Stig crazy and will he improve if he receives medicine” (?), and yes this is the decision he is going to take as a CRAZY and “poor working” man when NOT taking the time to TRULY understand me, so to him, I am about “work” giving him income for “a few hours” of work, and to me as I told him – as my memo also says – if he “recommends” me to take medicine, this is what the Commune will order me to do (I receive pain to my behind right now when writing this), which I will decline because medicine is the ABSOLUTELY WORST I HAVE EVER RECEIVED, which I said so strongly at the meeting that even you understood me, Alex (?), and this will make the Commune remove my cash help making me starve and not be able to pay my rent, and yes, Alex this is the decision laid upon you, will you decide to do what you “normally do” because of your “professional honour” because there is no doubt that a man saying that he is Jesus and the Judgment is over OF COURSE has to be crazy (?), and then you do not have to read to “know” (?), and it will also mean that you don’t find it necessary to read my 22 pages long memo (?), as you can see here – or maybe, now when you will have it, you will start reading it and when doing it will “keep you reading” until the end?

So I told him calmly and patiently about my story and said that this was to make him understand, and I spoke much – but within the timeline of one hour as he had given – and that was NOT because I had to do this because of myself, but because I wanted to do my best to make him understand; this was the reason and nothing else (!), and I offered him to tell me if it was too much, and if this was the case, I could also give him a shorter version the same way as my entire website include two versions, both short summaries and the full and long texts, but he did not, and I wonder if you will “be able” to understand this, Alex, or if you had become “infected” with what “doctors” before you have written in my journal WITHOUT telling me (!!!), which is that I have “a pressure to speak”, and yes if you truly want to “MAKE” me sick, this is how to do it.

I told him about Alice Bailey and how she had written 12.000 pages receiving information from her spiritual guide, the Tibetan, as I have also received spiritual guidance writing my more than 5.000 pages, and I had brought her book telling him again strongly that THIS IS THE BOOK TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR PROFESSION (!) contrary to your text books, and I gave it to him to look at, which he did, and he saw the table of contents, and I told him that I would like to offer him by a good heart to borrow the book if he would only return it to Hillerød Library before the 11th July, which would take him 5-10 minutes to do on his way home after work (!), and he was turning the pages of it a while and I told him “you can see many of the words you know from your work, maybe there will be some you will recognize and other information, which you will learn from”, and for about 1 minute, he was positively considering to borrow the book, but after having “studied” it for this minute – you know “turning the pages of it” (!) – he decided to say no thank you because he did not have the time to read and it would also make it “difficult” for him to return it to the library as he said (!), and yes this is how strongly the voice of the Devil self is and simply based on a man being “too busy” and “too sceptical”, so he turned down this offer, it was “not interesting” to him, and this clearly showed his sceptical mind making it “impossible” for him to open up and to learn, but maybe just a little, Alex …. :-).

During the meeting I told him about how I received spiritual communication first in 2004 and then in 2006, and HOW it comes to me and how it feels like, and I told him that this comes to me – as it does to others, also with people suffering because of spiritual darkness, which therefore is NOT a “sickness” inside their heads (!) – and then I asked him if it is not correct that the traditional system believes that when a person hears “voices”, it has to be hallucinations because no one else hear the voices (?), and yes he confirmed this (!), and it truly makes me wonder how he can witness spiritual darkness coming to people without understanding that this is the TRUE nature of it and to make many people believe they are “sick in their heads”, when this is NOT the case (!); it comes to them from outside because of darkness of their surroundings and from mankind in general – and I wonder how much I was able to influence you today Alex to make you “unsure” about me and the nature of my experiences?

He was also skimming my memo, when I spoke and when he did not reflect at all, it made me in doubt if he was listening to me, but he was – but was he understanding me (?) – and at the end of the meeting he decided to ask me a few SCEPTICAL questions because he had now seen what I had written about the Judgment and my reappearance, and he asked “so the Judgment is now over” (?), and he clearly emitted the belief “I don’t believe in you, this sounds far TOO CRAZY in my mind”, and I told him that it is, and that this has been the final fight between light and darkness, and I tried to explain to him how life originally was created, but by now he had LOST IT (!), and that was his patience, so here he decided NOT to listen, and I was wondering, Alex, if this “shock” (for you) alone made it “impossible” for you to focus on what I had asked you to focus on, which is that I have completely normal relations with people, work fine and also that I normally do not speak about this (???), and I also told you “it is difficult for me to answer you quickly when you are sceptical, so please read my website”, and I saw from his reaction to this that he TRULY understood the logics to this answer, and yes it made SENSE to you, Alex, but still I was “of course CRAZY” when speaking of the Judgment, and why is that (?), and is it because you do not believe in God and spiritual experiences and have no experience with this in your life (?) and I told you why it would be difficult/impossible for you to believe in me, and do you better understand by now when reading this?

And when I asked him “have you heard anything special about the year 2012” (?) and told him about the end of time according to the Mayan calendar (and now the beginning of time!) and the MUCH information he can find on the Internet about this, he told me “no”, so this was TRULY about a DIFFICULT man not believing in anything else than what WRONG culture has told him, which is “his (wrong) truth”, and I wonder if you have started thinking “what if Stig is telling the truth” and yes about “spiritual experiences” etc. and yes if you are truly wrong yourself (?), and do you see Alex, that it will become your own thoughts “trapping” you (?) so at the end of the meeting, he had lost his patience with me not wanting to listen anymore, and I wonder, Alex, if you would have liked to do this differently LISTENING, UNDERSTANDING AND LEARNING WITH AN OPEN MIND (???) because it is not everyday you receive a visit by me, and here we have a saying about what we do with the kind of WRONG behaviour you showed me and that “det er en OMMER!” (“this is a REDO!”) , which is also an inspired Danish commercial.

I also told Alex during the meeting about the importance of people UNDERSTANDING each other, which is what makes people happy, and when people “cannot” understand, they SUFFER with divorces etc., and I wonder if he will be “clever enough” to understand that if and when he “cannot” understand me, he is making me suffer instead of helping me, and this is what goes out to the entire system, and EVERYONE before you, Alex, and it is as I have said MANY times before: YOU CANNOT HELP PEOPLE IF YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND, and you only risk to HURT PEOPLE as you have done to me all along, I do NOT need your “help”/torture (!), and it is still as easy as that!!!

So I met a man, who has an attitude being “completely inflexible”, but I was told that he will now receive new thoughts – will you decide to follow these or to fall back to your old and WRONG attitude deciding NOT to believe in me because of your own BETTER-KNOWING IGNORANCE (?) – and the question is if you can get an unfailing man start to believe in me after a meeting of one hour (?), and yes this is how you are opening the door to “hermetic closed darkness” to start releasing the next layer of God overtaken by darkness, and yes this is the TRUE coherence of my work and need to go through this TORTURE, because this is what also you, Alex, led me through, but still I like you as the man you are, and maybe we can agree that we disagree (?) as I told you that Lisbeth from Helsingør Commune and I do, and yes I have had several meetings with Lisbeth influencing her more and more making us come closer, and “soon” she should be able to understand me and say “I believe in you” (!), and yes this comes to me here spiritually because while writing this I am listening to one of the best albums in history, which is “Sprit of Eden” by TALK TALK and this is also to say that this is what “the system” is about me, talking much (!), and yes “Stig is not entirely normal, but was is really wrong with him” (?), and yes I have told you, NOTHING (!), and the only problem I have is you not being able to understand the truth as I explain you doing EVERYTHING you can to tell me that I am wrong because of your own faults and mistakes!!!

And let me also say that writing this minutes of our meeting is among the worst of my sufferings because of how poorly I feel in general, and because of how badly this entire system and Alex makes me feel, and yes “It hangs me out of the throat” as we say here, and this is also work done with the risk of losing it, which you know is “giving up”, but I have decided NOT to do this also knowing that I still have been given MUCH work to do and the time is now 13.50 at the 16th June, and yes I will continue writing as long as I can, and I have given myself the deadline tomorrow to catch up becoming up to date again, and yes so it is, and I have also decided that I will be calm totally removing my feelings of STRESS, which is what darkness tries to bring me, and NO, I know STRESS is wrong, and you can control this, if you are stronger than darkness, see?

China was the worst darkness now opening up to me after Denmark has given them my message

Some time after the meeting, I felt how new darkness was now entering me, which is what the meeting itself opened up to, and yes we are using every crack of darkness in order to enter, and when I saw a man searching for his lost car keys in the train, I understood that there is still more work to do – new layers of darkness to enter (this is what the lost car keys meant and it was given to me as a sign!) and I would like to end my sufferings, but I have decided NEVER (!), and that is as long as there is more darkness, I will keep taking it in, and then I do NOT care if it takes weeks, months or even years to finalise this, because this is ONCE IN A LIFETIME to do, and yes they have MANY good radio shows of “the best albums in the world” and more at Danish P6 radio (I LOVE to be able to find it afterwards and yes for FREE :-)), and we know I LOVE QUALITY and not only the music but ALSO commentators knowing what they speak about as they do here, and that is on contrary to you, Alex!

I was told after the meeting that the same way as this system believing that I am crazy, or am I (?), China believes that I am crazy or am I (?), and yes this is how this fits together, so China is still “not sure” about me being the worst darkness there is, and I was also told that this is also why some of the biggest UFO sights yet have been shown in China, for example this one, and yes to make you believe over there, and we know they are “not very quick”?

I did a little shopping afterwards at Kvickly supermarket in Helsingør, and I smiled when I saw that they had ciabatta bread on sale, which I bought, and that is because I was told “ciabatta” a few days ago, so this is still the road of God I am following, and when I returned home at approx. 14.30, I was feeling completely and utterly destroyed also feeling physically poorly and my heart pain returning (because of more darkness), and I used some time to read Facebook updates seeing MANY inspired messages – to write about, and the more work, the more darkness – and besides from this, I could only do a little of the script of today (and NOT the chapter of the psychiatrist), and at around 17.00 I decided that I could not continue working, this was my limit, and I decided to continue working tomorrow (when this is written) and to catch up on all work ASAP, and I know that I can only take a short break for the rest of the day, otherwise I will not be able to catch up, and this is really why Kim S. when working for him as my dictator from 1991 to 1995 at DFM that he told me after doing my absolutely best and hardest work – I don’t know if you ever understood just how hard you made me work, Kim (?) – that I should not fall down in a valley starting to relax but to keep working at the same high level, and yes Kim told me about what I needed to do not only back then, but especially when writing these scripts, otherwise I would get behind and stop working making darkness take over, and this I don’t want to happen.

I was told that it is not difficult to get connected to the “secret network of the world” opening up for everything online, and I was given Pia Christmas Møller as example and told that you only need to have a password and to sign an agreement to keep silent about this.

I was told that a sylph also cannot find him (new levels of God), which is why we used Alex to open up for the next level, and I have not heard about sylphs before, but I understand that they are “invisible beings of the air” (“minor spirits, elementals, or faeries”) and “Sylphs could create giant artistic clouds in the skies with their airy wings”, so this is probably what they do being visible to us on Google Earth – and thank you my friends :-).

I was told that the sliding door is not fully open (takes the reactions to my work first, and I will also send my memo together with this script to Lisbeth at the Commune, and if necessary to others too), and yes there is even more gold and gems inside of there, and I was also told that it is the same round we walk over and over again, and “seeing” more and more with greater faith in me of people opening up, and yes this includes “the worst darkness, which is”.

I watched some of the 2nd half between Ukraine and France playing today, and first I did not understand why they were late by approx. one hour, but when the commentators mentioned the wave moving around the spectators of the crowd, I was given the feeling “New Wave” (of music, i.e. love), and they said that this came after a terrible cloudburst and now they are dry again, and yes I understood that this was a symbol of my sufferings today meeting the absolutely worst darkness of man destroying and killing people thinking that they are helping (!) – not to talk about China (!) – and the commentators said when Ukraine came behind that this cloudburst took out much energy, but they are still living (!), and this is exactly what happened to us today!

I was shown a corkscrew being prepared to open the new wine of this level of darkness I met today, and I received a great expectation about JOY of this wine, and I am still told every time when entering a new level of darkness that the previous level is helping us to open this.

I saw the normal Danish goal keeper, Thomas Sørensen, live on TV2 from the studio in Copenhagen, and yes I have been writing about him a long time ago I believe about injuries, and here another injury blocked him from coming to the European Championships, and he was presenting a painting he had done to go on auction and he spoke about his passion for music, which he had painted on a bottle of wine in this painting, and I thought “which music is on the bottle” (?), and this was enough to “wake up” the journalist to say Jim Morrison, and Thomas to say “light my fire”, and yes a goal keeper of darkness is what he means to me symbolically, and when he is out of the game, it is to say that I was and still am scoring against darkness.

I was given the feeling that when we enter new darkness when I meet darkness in physical life, we are entering something which is not here, and you know that this is NOTHING, which per definition is “difficult” to see, but with more faith, this is what is opening to us, and it is from inside of this darkness/nothing that we are retrieving life and energy, thus also saying that “nothing is energy”.

During the evening I was given strong feelings that if I should make the slightest mistake now – to enter negativity of darkness (still sending me negative speech trying to take me over) – just once, it will stop the game, which is how close we now are to my new self, and I was also told that it requires energy of me to continue the game, which is to continue writing and also exercising (and watching Benny Hinn), and I was given this as STRONG pressure that this is what I must do otherwise it will stop now, and I asked that what I don’t bring myself, is to be brought by the Universe (I had no more to bring today).

I felt how new darkness coming to me this evening gave me constant sexual tests, and when I said no thanks to “sexual offers”, it wanted me to say no to darkness self (strongly and constantly putting me on constant test), and I had to keep on saying “you are welcome – but I do NOT want your sex”!

I watched England playing against Sweden, and when Welbeck scored the winning goal to 3 to 2 for England, I was totally amazed, and then I smiled because I was given the understanding that this outstanding goal was given to England because of the outstanding goal I scored on darkness today, so here you have it:

I saw on TV how ”the official Denmark” met at a large dinner at the Danish Parliament with ”the official China”, and at some stage I felt red (of darkness) and I was told “I found the key” (to open for this darkness) and that my message (of my script the other day) has now been given to China, and first I believed that this could have been the Danish Queen bringing it, but later I was told that it was Helle Thorning Schmidt, so thank you for doing this, Helle 🙂 – and I was watching the end of the match between England and Sweden, and the commentator was inspired when saying that “England has showed in glimpses that they are able to play the game to adapt”, and this was to use my words of yesterday that China needs “to receive help from outside because otherwise they don’t have a Chinaman’s chance to adapt”, so this is what they received here, and yes China has shown in glimpses that they are willing to adapt, and isn’t this funny (?), and yes better late than never, China (!), and we know they are not very quick over there, but thank you for starting to understand.

And this ended when I was told “oh, what is it there behind China” with the feeling that “nothing is”, which is to say that China is the last darkness, which is what the psychiatrist also has to be then – or will there come new levels of darkness (?), and yes this is the game I am given now, so we better wait to see what happens.

Google Earth: Opening a door to darkness to liberate “old Kings” – and Google is censoring pictures!

Jette shared a post from the “spiritually gifted” Diana Cooper saying that we are now opening a door with the help of angels, and yes a new connection to another “special friend” of mine here saying what I am/we are doing because of the meeting with the psychiatrist today, and Jette said open the door fully, and I said that it was certainly a good idea :-).

Here she said that she wanted to share this “round table conference” reminding her of Piet Hein’s “super elipse” giving her a thought to his beautiful “grooks” – amazing they are (!) – and I decided to say that “he was not crazy, him Piet” and to update the group on my meeting with the psychiatrist saying that Alex was “completely possessed” (destroyed by the system and wrong text books), and when he does not believe in spiritual experience or God, it is difficult to make him believe in me, but when I start opening the door to him as the worst darkness, I am starting to open the hermetic closed door to darkness hiding the next level of God/life, so this is what we are doing, this is “the recipe”, and yes let us bring this AMAZING football song of the 1980’s here – the best, which is (!) – and hope that I have now handled enough darkness for the time being so Denmark will be able to do well against Germany in a few days.

Here she sees a white dog and the head of a big bird, a lot of heads, a doll and a smoking fish …, which made me tell her that a white dog has to be “after wash” and that the smoking fish is because I am bombarded with darkness with little sleep, much work and as you know a power stronger than me trying to overtake me.

Here Jette says “people at Google should wash their hands before they put on pictures”, and I asked her if Google has painted a layer of darkness to cover up information (?), which is how I understood this, and is this really what you are trying to do, Google (?), also working against me, and yes underneath this “layer” she saw “power and generals” and old kings a la Henry V, and is “power and generals” simply to say that we are opening the door to the darkness of Google trying to block me out (?) in order to get to “old Kings” of God inside, and yes my dear Google friends, please DO NOT lock me out and REMOVE ALL CENSORING, please, if this is what you do!

Here she says that if this is you, Stig, who has gone in private, you do look worn out, and yes this is what I am as I told her.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Steen wrote about the strength of our immune defence saying that it is a picture of the condition of our life energy meaning that what we think about other people and of life in general influences our inner energy balance to be either strong or weak, and I could have decided this morning to include this in my memo to the psychiatrist, but this was “too much”, so it made it here and I may include this in an update to the memo.

  • The VERY inspired Michael Hardinger said “congratulations, mr. travel man”, which was for Stig Elling being among the first homosexuals of Denmark, with my blessing (!), becoming married in church, and it was also congratulations to me as the wanderer for fine work I did today.

  • But you do not have much belief in me, Michael, which your post here reveals when saying about a musician “he is monster great”, and yes MONSTER is about the worst nazi-darkness of all, which I met the worst of today, which is what you have kept sending me.

  • And he continued being inspired when bringing this Monty Python sketch showing Hitler – my old self reflecting the worst darkness of all (!) – as if he was saying “my dog has no nose”, and this is how it goes when “nothing” has started eating you transforming everything to nothing, which we do not like, you know. And I was told that this posting is “to honour Axel”, and yes the worst darkness of all.

  • And Michael continued being inspired when bringing this longer sketch of Monty Python first with a man speaking much, and is this what you believed I was Axel (?) – maybe a ”sickness” too (?) – and here it is once again about Hitler and Nazi’s symbolising Alex and China (!) as the worst monster darkness of all, and Alex doesn’t even know about it himself, “poor thing” as I am told here by a voice which Monty Python could have used and it is from here Monty Python is coming, which you know is directly from God self.

  • Henrik said that “well, the lectures don’t hold themselves”, and it made Søren speak about the same event he spoke on, and also “it will not become boring”, which is when I will speak to the world as my new self, and here using the exact same words I have been using myself.

  • My old sceptical clairvoyant and friend from Stansted, Renée, liked a video about a spider, and then I understood what this was about also because of a story from the other day about a tractor and other machines at “Stadil machine pool”, which was totally covered by spider’s web in only a few hours as you can see from the video below, and this is because of darkness sent by Renée self and also Christian Stadil (the Buddhist living as a rich millionaire!) as examples of the darkness I receive, and yes spiders to me are about the absolutely worst of all darkness wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, and yes this is what I go through these days, and the spider’s web was covering a tractor because I spoke about the TV show of a Danish farmer in Australia loving tractors, and yes he and the tractor symbolises our New World, which is what darkness wants to prevent, do you see (?), and no, no, no not yet, don’t take from the cookie box before it is opened, and yes this is what we are still waiting for :-).

  • The newspaper Jyllands-Posten brought they front page of their newspaper when Denmark was liberated from Germany at World War II, and yes this is about what we are doing, liberating God and the world from the worst darkness symbolised by the Nazi’s, and I wrote that FREEDOM is truly a good thing and that I look forward to governments of the world truly to priority FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY for example by dismantling their own MONSTER-CABINETS, and this is also to say that “cabinets” of darkness is what includes the last parts of God, and so it is.

  • Jimmy wrote about his happiness of life and all of the love he contains and receives and that he will hug a tree, which made me say that this is by now the size of our new/resurrected tree of wisdom, and I do hope you are doing well all of you, and yes it must be a true joy to enjoy your life, Jimmy, receiving all of this nice love of energy without a care in the world (?), and yes darkness comes in many disguises.

  • Pia from Danish People’s Party is on the Island of Bornholm at a “political festival”, which started a few years ago now becoming a tradition (for as long as it lasts of course), and I smiled when I saw this nice picture, so I sent her my smiles (I have nothing against her at all, but I do NOT like much of her attitude!) and told her to “take a piece of herrings while you are over there”, and you do know that this is symbolic for “please take me in”.

  • Helena also noticed that the Danish top politicians are on Bornholm when saying that they “have received their own Sunny Beach” (which is where young people go on holiday showing their beast within only focusing on sex, drinking and poor behaviour!), and Søren brought the words here when he said that Helena could be there walking around with sun crème and plaster to be useful at the “paradise of nerds”, and yes the plaster is because of damagers to the Universe and the paradise is because this is what Bornholm is symbolising, i.e. our New World, and yes these politicians are in Allinge on Bornhold, which is also where I was on holiday with my family (mother/John and Sanna/Hans) in the end of the 1980’s, and yes they receive much of my energy from over there, these politicians, and isn’t this funny? And I was here given a strong smell of fish and sea.

  • My new Muslim friend from Egypt was also inspired today when bringing this picture of Hitler, and I wonder what the text says?

  • And Ahmed continues to show what I have written about before, which is that I do NOT like the church to focus on its own GOLD AND GLITTER while praying from the starving children – this is also what is the WORST darkness (!) – and yes this picture gives a strong and good view on this, and why I prioritize people over gold, which I am sure you can see yourselves at Vatican and elsewhere?

  • Ufo Politics brought this picture and statement of John Lennon precisely expressing what I am saying about the world really and at the moment the CRAZY official system of Denmark including its psychiatrists.

  • Sally brought this picture making me smile much 🙂 – and to me this is about Whitney Houston’s much known and loved song where she sings “the best in the world” and we know this is the symbol showing the love of my mother to man.

  • Ole, who decided to leave me on Facebook, showed that he was on restaurant eating the heart of a cow, and Ole, you are here also the symbol of darkness giving me heart pain because it wanted to convert everything into nothing, and the tool was “I don’t understand” and also that I really don’t care (as long as I can keep focusing on myself and what I like), do you see yourself in the mirror?

And we know, a pretty long script showing MUCH darkness today, and finishing this at 17.35 “tomorrow”.


16th June: New parts of God and the world are about to become merged with our New World

Dreaming of new parts of God and the world about to become merged with our New World

I slept from approx. 23.30 to 09.00 this morning including a few dreams.

  • I am working with Kim S. and he has decided to buy new duvets for me, and show me a nice duvet, and I suggest another, but he insists for me to take this, which I then accept also thinking that this is of good quality. A pension scheme is not finalised yet, but it will be, and I see Kim creating a stew including béarnaise sauce. And something about toning down, which makes it look like a NASA launch blowing up. Sanna and Hans tells me that I could work following public rules of “practise”, which could bring me more money, and I saw a beautiful avenue with naked trees in Stockholm. Kim’s insurance brokerage is to be merged with another company, which will make it possible for us to TRULY become great salesmen, and together with a friend, we also have the option to work for another company instead. Jacob (from Acta) was also in the dream furious and SHOUTING at me.
    • Kim is the symbol of God, who will bring me new duvets, which is to remove sexual sufferings/torments from me, we are still not ready with our work, and what was it again that béarnaise meant (?), I cannot remember, but it was positive about coming or something like that, and I vaguely remembered the dream about NASA sending me much darkness because of their resistance and anger (?) to shut their secret operations down. And the merger with another company will have to be to save everything what is inside of this next level of darkness. I wonder if Jacob is angry with me for telling the truth in my new memo about Helsingør Commune, where he lives and is politically active?
  • I was given the song “to be with you” with Mr. Big and the lyrics “I’m the one who wants to be with you”, which will have to be my new self and everything.

  • I was also given “a view to a kill” by Duran Duran and the lyrics “the whole world opening wide” and “dance into the fire”, which was really about the world helping to bring energy for us to go through this “fire” of hell.

I was catching up on work I had no energy to do – and the world will be surprised when it will truly understand my sufferings

Even though I had much work, I decided to be calm starting to write most of the script of yesterday at 11.00, which was truly “impossible” to do because of extreme impatience and lack of “desire” to write – it felt “disgusting” to continue work – but I decided to believe in my experience that I had to force myself to keep sitting down, and slowly I would get into the rhythm and yes it feels “completely impossible” at the beginning and it does not make it easier when my hands/arms were not feeling good because of writing knowing that I had many pages to write also today, and after finalising my script of yesterday at 17.35, I started writing the script of today.

These days when I published my new memo about the system believing I am crazy and previously when writing about people believing I am crazy, I have had NO desire at all sharing this with others because the easiest would be to “hide” this from others trying to protect myself from others starting to believe in this too when writing about it, but I know when bringing my memo, this is about going directly after the throat of darkness and also for me to speak about what people think of TO INFLUENCE THEM POSITIVELY instead of ignoring it, and yes these are really old lessons from my life, so this can NOT be differently – and yes from sales situations, don’t be afraid of speaking of objections of people even when they don’t speak about but only think of themselves!

I was told that people today believe I am “crazy” and “possessed” when writing as much as I do – for example the psychiatrist’s view on the length of my letter of the 2nd December 2008 – and how surprised they will become when they will understand that I had “no energy” to do this work, and only did it because it was necessary to do, and yes when the world gradually will understand how “impossible” it truly was to go through this journey of mine, and we know part of the exercise to understand it is.

While doing the last part of the script today at 20.35 this evening, I was shown and told that this equals for my mother to put the washed and dry white clothes in order.

I started receiving stomach pain as when the system “don’t like me” and I was told that Alex has not yet received “stomach pain” and this is because he has not yet seen my scripts on him, and yes this pain I am given is because of people of the system who do NOT like my writings on them, so this will come to Alex too when I will send this script to him via email (via the system!) – and I had to wait several minutes on the computer here as example where NOTHING happened, and Microsoft Word just kept on saving and saving this work, and yes at the end of a very long day and a very long chapter including this test “not to explode”, and yes my patience was put to the extreme limit here.

Despite of almost being stuck in the sofa while having dinner – I like families to have dinner together at a dinner table speaking together and not at a sofa table watching TV (!) – I decided to get up and continue a little while without dreaming that I would be able to finalise and publish the last two days of scripts, but this is what I decided to do and only because I could, not because I had energy to do it, and by 21.55 I had published the script.

Google Earth showed the door opening, much darkness, life at risk being saved and my scripts multiplying

My selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes this picture from the 14th showing that many are reading my scripts, and this has to be the official world still reading in secrecy and still preparing my arrival as I replied.

Here she sees a door west of the Victoria lake with quite a number of people watching, and yes let us open this door, which is what we are doing these days, and I receive a few light heart attacks when writing this, and yes these alone could have made me decide to stop working, because they are truly “nasty”, and yes darkness being led to me by my own family/friends etc., and here we are in Africa, because of the darkness my LTO friends send me, and you do know what is right and wrong to do, don’t you, my friends (?), but when you decide that you “cannot” listen and understand and often also not communicate, you are sending darkness to me including these heart attacks, do you see?

About this picture of yesterday, Jette says “now there is turbo on again – there are quite many in this centrifuge”, and this was about my meeting with the worst darkness of the psychiatrist yesterday and Denmark’s meeting with the worst darkness of China to help them understand that I am not crazy, and to help them also prepare for our New World Order.

Here Jette says that my script is read and a white troll jumps out of it, and I say that we are bringing out life from the box, which we risked losing the other day, and I tell about the story of sylphs.

After seeing two groups debating below Australia in another picture (not brought here), my scripts were multiplied, which will have to be about expanding life and energy :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Lykke is on Bornholm together with “all other politicians” almost – also including Jane and Jacob and a few others I know – and here together with “the grand old man” of the liberal party, Uffe Ellemann, and yes Lykkes writes “the beer dog on Bornholm – in bad company” and yes the company of the Devil, which is “almost impossible” for you to see, Uffe and yes schhhyyy, I don’t like this to come out, but NO, this is NOT how I work, as you understand I like the truth and nothing but the truth to be told, and yes this is why you are a “dog” drinking “beer” symbolising darkness, but still I love you as much as everyone else :-).

  • Jeppe said that “if someone throws stones against you, don’t throw them back. Use them instead to expand your house”, and yes this is exactly what I did when receiving the stones of darkness being thrown at me and that is to save our old and build our New World using the energy of darkness instead of throwing them back, which would destroy us all, which I am sure you will be able to understand (?), and yes quite easily, right?

  • Dan received a stroke (!) of inspiration when he was on his way over the bridge of the Great Belt uniting the main parts of Denmark, and that is when taking this picture of the sun break out after a cloudburst, and yes it was like yesterday when a cloudburst in Ukraine was followed by a beautiful goal, and here a cloudburst over Denmark followed by the beautiful Sun, and it made Michael Hardinger say with a smile “our Lord is alive! beautiful”, and Dan replied “you too, Dinger! Where the hell have you been”, and yes it is a long time since you heard from Michael, Dan (?), and Michael simply said the truth, which is “I was a short trip in Hell, just to get items for lyrics”, and this is truly were you have been bringing all of this darkness of yours to me, Michael (!), and this was after I had confirmed Michael that “the Lord is alive” (!), and we know he was get a DEEPER feeling about this “not long” from now :-).

  • And Dan continued his ”divine” drive and here said “whenever God shines his light on me” making Frank ask him if he received a revelation, and I decided to share the song, he was given with inspiration (!), which of course is LOVE SHINES A LIGHT by Katrina and the Waves, and yes “Let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts” as they sing.

Love shine a light in every corner of my heart, Let the love light carry, let the love light carry, Light up the magic in every little part, Let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts.

Love shine a light in every corner of my dream, Let the love light carry, let the love light carry, Like the mighty river flowing from the stream, Let our love shine a light in every corner of our dreams.

And we’re all gonna shine a light together, All shine a light to light the way, Brothers and sisters in every little part. Let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts.

Love shine a light in every corner of the world, Let the love light carry, let the love light carry, Light up the magic for every boy and girl, Let our love shine a light in every corner of the world.

And we´re all gonna shine a light together, All shine a light to light the way, Brothers and sisters in every little part, Let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts.

  • Dan was even more inspired when also bringing this rainbow, and it made Carsten think of the song “somewhere over the rainbow”, which I of course then will bring here with Eva Cassidy making this song even more beautiful than anyone else, and I ALWAYS think of my mother’s and John’s friends Käte with her late husband, Erling, who had this as his favourite song, and yes I added this song to my YouTube favourites knowing that Käte will see this on Facebook, which will bring this, and that is to show her that I love this song too, and maybe she knows that I know of the story of Erling (?), and yes, this song is also to say that at the end of the rainbow, which is “right ahead” of us, is where the Gold is hidden, and yes ALL known energy of the world to last forever and ever, and so it is.

  • Michael was inspired again again when he brought a link to the symbol of Greek corruption – a minister WASTING money when the population goes through difficult times – and Michael said “The Olsen Gang runs Acropolis”, which was a “word game” over the movie “the Olsen Gang runs amok”, which is where Egon with the plan is abandoned by his old friends, and ends up in a freezer, where he can only get out when “Dynamite Harry” blows up a hole, and yes this is what we were doing to get out the “last part” of God at the “last room” of my inner self and the task was to do it without anything blowing up, and yes this is what you have witnesses over the last .

NB: I did NOT believe it would be possible doing this script today, but I did it!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  2. Tak og det samme til dig, Jette – fra en ven til en anden :-).

  3. Jette Uhlott says:

    nice work.. :;) hug and sleep well – your friend Jette Uhlott

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