June 18, 2012: Google Earth showed “V” for Victory and clouds/mountain ranges (!) show my name as a sign to the world


Summary of the script today

17th June: Saving the next level of the Creator and creating a whole NEW HOUSE and STRUCTURE of our New World

  • Dreaming of inviting friends to my birthday (as my new self), my old colleague Jens H. possessed a key I did not get and I am saving life with difficulties and disgust.
  • My original mother and father were prepared to die forever in order for life to continue, but NO, NEVER I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT – and now the next layers of them have been saved from “impenetrable darkness”, which both includes a New World even larger than what we already have, which is now being merged together also creating a whole new structure.
  • I updated my memo to the psychiatrist Alex and he visited my website focusing on what he also believes is my “negative writings” on him and the system – and not focusing on me (!) – without being able to understand the truth and the message of love of my script, just like everyone else in the beginning (!), and then I sent the updated memo via email both to him and to Lisbeth at the Commune asking her to read it carefully in order to understand!
  • The selection of Jette’s pictures shows “beautiful, light souls uniting to the unity we are”, “prayers ask for Stig to get the better of darkness” and from the 15th – the day of my meeting with the psychiatrist – she saw more darkness entering “the heaven sledge” to be cleansed, “the main house has received new windows”, which is our New World growing with the next level of God we are now saving and she also saw my family on the sky and “everywhere where it is possible at all to “get it out of the clouds” in a fair way so I can read it, stands your letters S T I G”.
  • Darkness was “frightfully strong” stopping Denmark in football because China will not yet adapt to our New World Order – HU ARE YOU REALLY, HU?
  • Short stories of seeing and following the road of God right until the end, Prince may be the best guitarist/musician of the world (symbolising the greatest creation), my old colleague Anja is also inspired, a helicopter to “protect me” (?) has been circling my home OVER AND OVER AGAIN, how much does the cow Jane weigh (?) symbolising the arrival of Buddha, Helena decided to share many delicious steaks symbolising much live being saved now, Hardinger is now gone again again after Dan has sent me much darkness  and wolves killed a keeper in Sweden showing the worst darkness inside the land of joy.

18th June: Google Earth showed “V” for Victory and clouds and mountain ranges (!) show my name over again as a sign to the world

  • Dreaming of receiving STRONG and WRONG sexual torments from darkness, which is the next level of darkness we have started working on, which includes even more energy to be released, but now we only have the “spare parts”, which we need to sort out before the next, fine car of this will drive and darkness self wants to terminate this for good, but NO, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED!
  • I was receiving more “impossible darkness” and life coming through the broad motorway from darkness.
  • The selection of Jette’s pictures showed “V” for “victory” on the sky, “faces with and without bodies”, my name S T I G is written MANY times on the sky and now becoming even more visible for everyone to see, it is a JOY to see creation and the saving of life via Jette’s pictures, a tremendous foot print in Tibet, “the beautiful angel-pair on each side of INDIA”, ”here he walks, the wanderer STIG .. fresh and cheerful, smiling and happy”, ”STIG .. Our Lord must have known this for some time .. it is the mountain ranges in sea plus Australia – of all countries – which create your name”, “here in white S T I G” and finally my name was shown “with subtitles for the hard-of-hearing” as Jette said.
  • I received the STRONGEST and most unbearable negative speech keeping me on my EXTREME edge of losing it, and the Muslim leadership of the world also sends me darkness not daring to speak about me, and I was NOT allowed to sleep because of this extreme darkness – even when feeling “disgusted”.
  • Short stories about Lisbeth showing her ”careless behaviour” only thinking of herself ”not understanding” the need of ”others”, congratulations to Paul McCartney, Steen Kofoed said how sad he is with spiritual people only thinking on themselves and not keeping their words, and I referred people to read my website on behaviour and work, which they will probably not “care about” doing (!), Dan was caught with a feeling of respect and love “whenever God shines his light”, Helena shows that we are sending away evil spirits, Mads is equipping me with a bowler hat of darkness, I am swimming with the largest crocodile of darkness without it attacking me and the death of Rodney King is a symbol of darkness of people literally beating me up!


17th June: Saving the next level of the Creator and creating a whole NEW HOUSE and STRUCTURE of our New World

Dreaming of inviting friends to my birthday (as my new self)

I went to bed at maybe 23.30 and slept until 08.00, where I only remember fragments of short dreams.

  • I speak to Jan G. about how cosy it could be to invite friends for layer cake at my birthday, and I invite him, other friends from Danske Bank and also from outside the bank in May at my home in Hørsholm.
    • Jan G. is following me via Facebook and I invite people for my birthday in darkness, which is where I will open up the eyes of my new self.
  • I have started working together with an old senior colleague and also Jens H. (all colleague from DFM/Aon), who has thrown something out meaning that we cannot redo what this “part of a machine” was doing. And I speak to both of them at the stock explaining to them whom I am.
    • It seems that Jens H. is having a key for me, and when I am not connected with him on Facebook or LinkedIn, I will not get this key from him via faith, and yes we will then have to do it differently, which is will power to come through.
  • Something about meeting Hans in Copenhagen, and he invites me for a drive home and something to eat, and somehow I don’t drive with him, and later we have avocado salad, which I don’t like and only eat with great trouble.
    • Here Hans is in Copenhagen of darkness offering me to get with him to receive food, i.e. to save life via his faith, but something is not quite right here, because I don’t like the food, but it may be to say that I am going through sufferings to save out the life we are saving now.

My original mother and father were prepared to terminate, but now the next layer of them have also been saved

I felt somewhat relieved this morning thinking that I only have short dreams to write and to edit my memo for the psychiatrist and send this to the Commune and the psychiatrist, and then “what will come during the day” and we know also to wash my clothes, exercise and maybe clean the apartment and also watch a new video with Benny Hinn and yes yes yes also to watch and comment the football match between Denmark and Germany, and how strong is the darkness right now (?), and yes have I done my best to decrease darkness so Denmark will be able to do a good result against Germany this evening or will darkness send us out (?), and we will see.

This morning I thought about the risk of losing my cash help again and if the Commune really want to do this if the psychiatrist recommends me to take “killer-medicine” (UNIQUE music!) and when I will decline, and if they do, I will have money to the 1st August and I wonder if others will start helping me and LTO by then (?), and yes medicine and money are also weapons of the devil trying to break me.

I keep hearing “kill me” but now in the background as a “voice-film” running, and darkness kept on talking about 5 to 1, and no my friends, it will be NO GOALS/SETS FOR YOU!

I heard a large cracking sound from my garbage can in the kitchen with the feeling of darkness inside of it and I was told “no, we are not going to end as garbage”.

After writing most of the script “coming to me” today, I decided that it would be good to cycle again even though I had NO motivation/energy at all, and we had received heavy showers throughout the afternoon, but I did it and as I know “I just have to get started” and then I normally do my best, thus also today, where I did another approx. 27.5 kilometres (it took a couple of minutes before the GPS “decided” to work), and when I gave the most of me, darkness kept on pressuring to physically speak out of mouth, but it did not, and my right angle felt like “losing it”, i.e. “exploding”, but I decided that I don’t care because I am in control, and I also received the feeling that I absorbed so much darkness that Denmark will do well against Germany this evening and qualify to the next round, which I truly hope they will do.

During the cycling I was also told that I will now be born as my new self with my present age also spiritually, which is really the best which I can achieve.

Darkness is both very strong and very weak, and I received the worst speech and visions, but the strength of it is not very strong.

I was shown a racer boat cutting over a larger ship where my mother and father stands on the end of it saying that they were ready to go down with the ship, which was to offer their life for the life to continue, but NO, NEVER I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT, and yes this is also how I speak to darkness when I tell it that I will not accept its “cruel wishes”.

I felt HAPPY – as happy you know you can get according to the circumstances – this evening because of the SUPPORT and FAITH of Jette, thank you and yes this is how much it means to me, and it makes me SAD when friends having faith in me “cannot” do the same because they are chickens (!), and I was also somewhat uplifted to see Alex searching for “Alice Bailey” on my website, see below, telling me that I got through this armour of steel, and also for updating my memo to him and now also Lisbeth from the Commune finding a statement from the employment minister saying that people should have a right to say no to dangerous medicine, and yes I wonder if not Alex and/or Lisbeth will “pull back” their guns (of Brixton), so we do not get into a CLASH but together can enjoy the music of this MAGNIFICENT band, and yes if my Top 100 was only first places, this is ALSO the best music in the world :-).

I was shown and told that we now start a new football game – I saw the ball being laid in the middle of the football ground – and told that Jane will be the centre of this game, and yes Jane, would you like to play on my side, or will you continue to “pretend as nothing” and also keep silent about me showing loyalty to the Devil not speaking publically about me, thus playing on the team of the Devil, and yes this is the team you are playing for, and who do you think is the strongest of us, you and me (?), and yes just wondering I am – come on and give me the best you got, you don’t stand a chance, and of course I say this with a smile and I receive light from my left side, and what will you give me, and yes MUCH MORE DARKNESS, my “dear Jane”.

I was told “Jerusalem’s ødelæggelse” (“the destruction of Jerusalem”), which here means “what a mess”, which my mother has always said – “it looks like the destruction of Jerusalem” if for example the kitchen was not cleaned up – and it was followed by “isn’t this just what Sharon wanted to avoid” (when visiting the Temple Mount) and that was to find “the key” to avoid the destruction of Earth following Judgment Day, which he knew was coming, but was he “helped”, and the answer is no my friend, and yes sadly, and the good old story that this is also what helped our survival, and you know “the opposite world”.

I was told that my old friend Fuggi is still silent, but would like to excuse his old stupidity not being able to listen and understand, but eehhhh he is one of those “silent friends”, who do not DARE standing forward, and I was told that my mother has a GIANT excuse on her way to me. I was also told about Mette’s son Christoffer – whom I feel from time to time – that he is “proud of his leader”, and I understand that he is receiving spiritual experiences, and this is despite of the attitude of his mother (John’s daughter) in me.

I did not make cleaning or Benny Hinn – there was enough to do.

Saving the next level of the Creator, which creates a whole NEW HOUSE and STRUCTURE of our New World

I was shown the next level of the spirit of my mother coming out of darkness and entering with me, she was slush wet and dripping because of her sufferings, and yes completely soaked up by darkness she was, and a couple of hours later, the spirit of the next level of my father was entering as a King coming from the hall and to the left side of me laying his sword there with me, and yes this is quite emotional experiences to witness, but this is how it is.

I received the word “Neuhaus” (“new house”), which to me is the finest chocolate of the world and I was told “we have decided to create a whole new house” (a new structure of the world), and I was told that this is why Jette has been given visions of new windows in the house, and a few minutes later – when I still did not know the full meaning of this – I was asked if this is alright to do if we do not destroy the old while work is ongoing, and yes it was fine by me, and I was told that when there will be not one single tree leaning, this is what will create “full speed” on the chimney, which is the production of light of the Source of our New World. I was also told that each new layer of darkness, which we uncover, includes a “New World” (almost as in the movie “Inception”), and I was shown one chicken after the other coming out of their eggs and told that this is about merging one world with the next for everything to become our combined New World, and I was shown a giant mountain wall where a new “tiny part” is now attaching (from darkness), and when unfolded, this new part is much bigger than the New World until now, so yes there is still much life to be saved, and we will see for how long, this “magic” can continue and maybe until December?

Darkness was “frightfully strong” stopping Denmark in football because China will not yet adapt to our New World Order

I watched the football match between Denmark and Germany and now was the time where Denmark had to deliver – to make the next round or to leave the tournament – and yes they were going to qualify and win the entire tournament as I was told (!), and after 18 minutes the “frightfully” strong German team scored for 1 to 0, and I was given MUCH darkness right after the goal and food coming from out of the darkness, and I understood that this was “frightfully strong” darkness making Germany score, but still I was told “believe in it”, so this is what I did, and a few minutes afterwards I was first given heart pain of some seconds and then felt the psychiatrist Alex, and then Denmark scored to 1 to 1 (!), which was to say that Alex is both giving me darkness and “some faith”, which is what “helped” Denmark to score, and yes with this result I this minute, Denmark was qualified for the next round, and later Germany scored the final goal to 2 to 1, and the commentator said “if you only consider Germany as a “team adapting”, this is not the whole truth” and later also “then adaption will not come, which requires all of them, and they were not for this”, and I understood this as a reference to China, which according to this has decided that it is not yet “ready” to adapt to my New World Order and our New World Government (?), and yes HU ARE YOU REALLY, HU Jintao (?), and just wondering because it should not be difficult for you to lay down your “weapons” opposing me (?), and is it “the old school” of China, who “cannot” adapt and yes STIFF people (?), and I was given the understanding that because of this “frightfully strong” darkness of China, it was NOT possible for Denmark to qualify, and yes I was fooled by darkness previously telling me that Denmark would win, and what do I know (?), I only write what I am told not knowing if it is light or darkness speaking.

I was told about my aunt Inge that she is an Angel, and “what an Angel she is” as I was told.

The psychiatrist Alex visited my website only “skimming” it and focusing on my “attacks” on him and the system!!!

I started doing a few amendments/edits to my memo of the other day to the psychiatrist, and when I did this, I was shown and told that we are only fighting a little bit about how to put on Stig’s tie (not about putting it on or not, and now this tie symbolises for me to do my last work saving everything before I will open up the eyes of my new self), and I felt the spirit of my mother and darkness trying to annoy her, but this is also all.

And when I was doing this work, the psychiatrist Alex obviously also had to “get something done” today, which is Sunday, so at the end of the morning, I saw him searching for himself on my website as you can see below and finding my new script including my chapter on him, and yes this is how he was “inspired” to find more information about “me”, which really was mainly about yourself, Alex, and yes “how did I do in the mind of and eeehhh a normal or crazy man”, is that what you thought (?), and yes isn’t it exciting how you will judge me and on which foundation you will judge med (is your short visit what you will call “reading” my website?), and yes to use a total of “a few hours” to determine whether you, i.e. the official system, will judge me to death or let me live, and what will you decide to do, my friend (?) – and yes, maybe you will “learn” and “remember” my words from our meeting when reading my minutes helping you to take the right decision, or does it make you “furious and negative” because of your own “inability” to understand the truth?

Later I was encouraged to write that Alex decided to focus on both himself and the system (instead of me), because he also wanted to see my “negative attacks” on the system, which you also believe is what I do to you when simply writing the truth about you (?), and yes Alex, you are doing exactly the same as I told you and have written than “everyone” else also did, and in this respect you are no better than everyone else focusing on and thinking of yourself instead of doing what I have also recommended you to do, which is simply to read carefully and understand, and yes because then you would NOT be in doubt, but “impossible” it also was for you (?), and yes how long did you spend reading my front page, and I can tell you; 4½ minutes via 2 visits as you can see from your visits below, and yes 4½ minutes to judge me (?), and to become even more negative on me when seeing my “negative attacks” on you (?), and yes Alex are you beginning to understand what “lack of control of negative feelings” and “better-knowing ignorance” means (?), and just wondering I am.

After the update of my memo, I decided to send it both to Lisbeth from the Commune and the general email address to the psychiatric hospital in Hillerød asking them to forward it to Alex (!), and yes so he has the links to click, but then again it would require an interest from him to READ and UNDERSTAND me, and he has shown that he does not have “the time” nor interest to do this via his visit above (!), and yes to you Lisbeth, I simply recommend you to read the memo carefully in order to understand (!!!), and yes I look forward to meeting you again for another good conversation where I no longer need to explain myself, because when reading this memo, you should know who I am, and yes “just behind the surface” is good enough for me as it also was in relation to my mother, family and friends, and yes “there you see”, when we have received enough openings to get out “the last” and so it is STILL here.

Later Alex could not control his curiosity – new thoughts, remember Alex (?) – and he decided to search for Alice Bailey on my website, where you will not find much, but maybe you will visit Hillerød Library to borrow the book or even better to buy it?

Google Earth: “The main house has received new windows” and “everywhere stands your letters S T I G” (in clouds on the sky)

A new selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes this from yesterday where Jette sees “beautiful, light souls uniting to the unity we are”, and I was told that “kings and presidents” visit her page, and yes the “official world”, the wimps you know :-).

Here she asks people to “notice the little grey chap, which this faceless person sits a little on while prayers ask for Stig to get the better of darkness”, and yes I do my best deciding never to give up – and again I write that I am tired of writing about myself, which I ONLY do because this has – and will get even more – interest of many people.

We are here back to the 15th shortly after my meeting with the psychiatrist and Jette writes that “from all sides I am reminded to refer to Stig” and here grey zones of darkness enter the light via turbulence and it pulls more with it into the heaven sledge, and a lot of scared heads in the light channel, and she sees this sledge as a sandal, which is a little frayed at the edge (because of the grey darkness) before the white comes screaming afterwards as in another roller coaster, and yes I am receiving more darkness because of the psychiatrist – and probably China too – as part of their “process of understanding”, and the roller coaster is the road to the other side of light, and while we are driving, we might as well enjoy some good music, so here is Ronan :-).

Still shortly after the meeting with the psychiatrist where a diffuse person holds his right hand to one ear and the other opening the other ear to listen and several are watching with Cleopatra staying neutral, the script is safe, the main house has received new windows towards South, and yes this is the merger of the next level of the Creator saved inside of darkness with our New World.

Also from the 15th, Jette here says “I do believe this is the family Dragholm .. a sweet girl with a darker head as hat, an older gentleman next to and a sad looking woman having the body of a gentleman”, and I reply that it is nice meeting my family, my sister, father and mother, this way when they “cannot” once again see me in real life because of their own faults and limits to understand the truth, and Jette says that “you are at least acknowledged on the sky – everywhere where it is possible at all to “get it out of the clouds” in a fair way so I can read it, stands your letters S T I G”.

Here Jette says “power”, which made me say that this is like the batteries Duracell known for its commercials saying that they keep on and on and on, and this is what the darkness I keep meeting apparently continues to do – I have told myself hundreds of times “6 more months” thinking of continuing to December 2012 if necessary (!) – and I tell the story that it is not only about releasing life from darkness, but also about ENERGY, which will become part of the SOURCE of energy of our New World, which is nothing less than outstanding.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena said that there is “bad spin” and “good spin” and she was thinking of politics, and I was thinking of spiders’ web, but here she meant good when showing a sign of a new motorway, which will open BEFORE time, and when I saw this, I understood that this and also Dan’s pictures of yesterday simply shows “the road of God” as I have spoken much of, and I understood that this is what I am still driving, and also that the road is open for me to go all the way home without the psychiatrist/Commune – nor China – stopping me with “lack of knowledge/faith”.

  • I heard P6’s programme on Prince’s “Sign o’ the times” album here – fantastic programme TEACHING ME NEW THINGS, which I love 🙂 – and they spoke about Prince playing guitar fantastically in this piece of music together with Jeff Lynne and other greats, and when I saw it, I thought, as I wrote, is Prince the best guitarist/musician of the world today (?), and yes this is the feeling I get when I see him display himself (which does not mean that he is my favourite of all, but one of them in my top 100), and this is what I am told here in relation to my own “performance” at the meeting with the psychiatrist, and yes this and guitar means “creation”, which we are still doing.

  • I was HAPPY when my old close colleague Anja from Aon (1995-97) decided to become Facebook friends with me the other day, and here she says that she was out running 10 kilometres “so I can feel that I’m alive”, and yes we know; “inspired”, she was.

  • Yesterday and even more today a helicopter has been circling around the high building I live in OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, and yes maybe 30 to 40 times today (?), and it comes very visible from the beach road a couple of hundred metres in front of me and flies directly against me and above my building in an altitude of maybe 200-400 metres, and yes did you notice that I waved at you a couple of times (?), and I wonder if this “clear demonstration” is for you to tell me that you are with me (?), and if this is the case, I would prefer an email with CLEAR and DIRECT communication, because potentially your visit makes me “somewhat nervous” because is there a threat against me, which you are protecting me against (?), or is this Jack of the Danish Marine showing your support in me (?) and yes just wondering I am – or did I misunderstand all of this (?), and yes what do I know, and “nothing”, because I am from Barcelona (!), remember :-), and yes just like Messi(ah).

  • Jane is on “the Bornholm Festival” and here she asks “guess what the cow weighs”, and yes “how stupid can you get” :-), because this invited people like Kim and I to guess on her weight as the cow (she is standing where the arrow points), and yes cow still means my “original self” as Buddha.

  • Later she truly had a BIG COW weighing a little more than her, and yes BUDDHA IS COMING, moo :-).

  • And Helena said that she had a whole sirloin steak and she offered people to come and get “big, delicious steaks”, and yes MUCH MORE life is being saved right now :-).

  • Michael Hardinger again again “left me” as a Facebook friend (or spiritual darkness did), so we are playing the game once again, and I understood “much darkness” from Dan after my replies to him on his pictures yesterday, so he got DRUNK in Aalborg as this says, and yes “almost killed him”, which is the darkness he sends too.

  • I received the name of the Swedish animal park ”Kolmården”, which I have visited a few times over the years and that is with joy, and later I heard the story about wolves of the park attacking and killing a female keeper, which is not normal behaviour as I understand it, but this is of course to show that darkness is “immensely strong” right now, and is bringing me much sufferings.


18th June: Google Earth showed “V” for Victory and clouds and mountain ranges (!) show my name as a sign to the world

Dreaming of receiving MUCH darkness from the next layer of darkness, we have started working on

I went to bed at approx. 23.45 and had not the best neither the worst night and stood up at 06.40, and my eyes are red and I have a blurred sight today, so one of those days, and a few dreams.

  • Something about meeting Helena in Snekkersten with her friends opening for me, everything is BLUE, and she is “chasing” me.
    • This is about Helena being the cover of the spirit of my mother chasing me VERY STRONGLY because of STRONG darkness wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”. And I was told “after this, the train will certainly stop” and yes we know Stig “unless there will come a new level to open” of course.
    • And Helena decided to post this saying “is enormously cheap”, which may be “I am” (?), and Søren was “fooled” asking “what are you to cost” (?), and yes inspired by darkness and the dream, you see?

  • I am partying on different “smart” café’s in Copenhagen, where people are making love directly in the bar. Someone asks me if I am chief psychologist, and I answer that I am not, but my sister is. I am in town wearing my finest suit of the finest fabric and a white shirt, which someone says is frayed at the edge, and I am about to get a taxi home.
    • Again this is about the next level of darkness we are meeting giving me the strongest desire to carry out “wrong sexual behaviour”, which is you know the “trademark” of darkness to destroy, and my shirt is not entirely clean at the edges because we first have to wash off the darkness, and this is also a reference to one of the pictures Jette brought yesterday, and at some point I will take my taxi home opening up the eyes of my new self, but oh no, not yet!
  • I am following a closed, blue VW pick up in Helsingør. It has a payment overview, and I am following it in my car, which should have a pretty quick acceleration, but it does not seem as fast to me, and I am stopped at a red light, and the pick up drives from me. I arrive at a large private ground including old spare parts everywhere, and I see the owner arriving in an OLD Mercedes 180 (my estimate is from the beginning of the 1960’s), and the chassis of the car is truly old, but I am impressed when looking at the dashboard, which look VERY FINE to me, and I am even more surprised when I see that one of the spare parts lying on the ground is an even better and VERY MODERN dashboard, which can be built into the car, and I also see an old computer game on the ground.
    • This is the next darkness we are trying to locate, and it includes a payment overview, which is about “money”, thus even more energy, and at the moment I cannot reach it, it requires that we continue working to get on an even higher level and yes we know “more faith” and so on, and it seems that I have arrived at the ground including the spare parts we need to get this old car becoming “the best which is”, which you know is when we will get the next level of the Creator out of darkness.
  • I am at Café Victor in Copenhagen, my old girlfriend Camilla is there too with another man being interested in her, which is fine by me because she is not my girlfriend anymore, and I find it strange that this and other cafés have decided to introduce a fee on coffee. There is a potentially very good restaurant close by, which I visit together with others, and the man is a true talent preparing food, which includes plaices as here, but he is arguing with his wife making him lose focus, and the warm fish are not served before they have gone cold, but still they taste fine, and someone talks about rats in the kitchen, which is going to close down the restaurant, and I hope not because I feel that I am going to work here, and if they close down, I will become unemployed (needing a UB40-form!)
    • Coffee is “warm feelings” and it now costs a fee to get coffee, which means that it requires energy to receive warm feelings, and yes this is how I feel it is when I use much energy trying to make people understand me and bring me warm instead of cold feelings. The restaurant is more life inside the next level of darkness, which darkness self in form as a rat is trying to close down – terminate – but no, you are NOT allowed!

Receiving more “impossible darkness” and life coming through the broad motorway from darkness

During the morning I received a GIANT bouquet of red roses coming out from darkness of nothing, which was because of the effect of my memo sent yesterday and being read this morning.

I also received a vision of Bo from Dahlberg in London together with Rikke as his “practical pig” doing his paper work, so he is doing nothing himself (!), and I was told how he still gossips about me, and this is an example of what is giving me a new kind of pain I have received now for maybe a couple of weeks, which is a sudden pain and what feels like contractions of muscles of the backside of my lower legs, and this is also what is “helping” us to locate and retrieve life from darkness.

I was shown what would/will happen if I was about to give up or decide to stop the game now, which is that I saw what looked like ”a small portion of darkness” and I was told ”are we not to do anything about this” – to make it into a pyramid – and YES WE ARE, and I will NEVER say no as long as there is darkness remaining.

I was told that the spirits of my mother and father inside of darkness were not conscious about sending out energy as negativity with the purpose to destroy the world, and we are now locating all of the energy at the Source of darkness, which we stopped in the Easter of 2011 as I remember.

I was told that Alex the psychiatrist has considered trying to remove my “negative” writings on him, but eeehhh Alex, did I not only write the truth 100% as it happened, and yes I added what this meant to me, which I am sure you will “not be able” to get anyone to understand and yes in order to remove it, so you gave up (?), and this is also how it still is here with people not being able to “understand” and to look deeply into themselves.

I was told “this molotov cocktaiil will also not be needed” as part of the cleaning up of darkness – and darkness has much today and really for a long time tried to make me direct negativity against Jette for all kind of reasons (now she is doing this and that, which darkness actively wants me to find annoying, but NO, I WILL NOT LET YOU!), and we talk about hundreds of times again and again as part of its game.

I was asked “what would an evil tongue say” (?), which is what Jette and I are fighting with our work, and later I was told that this is about Lisbeth of the Commune thinking of removing my cash help, and yes there you have it, and do you DARE doing this, Lisbeth (?), and yes I wonder if you got the “nerve” doing this, so we will see what will happen, and first of all if Alex has the nerve to recommend me to take medicine, and yes he might be exactly so “dumb”, but we will see if he was able to understand and take “the right decision”.

After a long bath this morning, I worked with a longer script than expected until approx. 17.00 this afternoon, and I was NOT feeling let me say “very well” while working.

I was shown a horse carriage and a camping wagon as examples coming through via a WIDE motorway from darkness and I was also shown a snail and told that “this does not go slowly as a snail” and we know MUCH INFORMATION/LIFE is coming in :-).

I was told by recent parts of the spirits of my mother and father that “it is impossible for you to read the book yourself”, which is about opening all of darkness, and this might be, but this is what we are doing.

I published the last two days of scripts at 18.50, which was still not easy to do.

I received the STRONGEST and most unbearable negative speech keeping me on my EXTREME edge of losing it

I was surprised when I found out during the evening that I received what I believe is the STRONGEST and MOST NEGATIVE of all speech I have received ever (!) – the sum of ALL wrong behaviour, attitude and also fear (!) of people in me – and I was truly kept on my extreme limit of breaking down, and as example I was feeling the next level of the spirit of my mother on my balcony sending the strength of Nazi darkness to me as coughing, but still I decide to her to be saved (instead of following the “demand” of the dark voice of the opposite, and you have to imagine this voice being “many times” my physical strength so strong that it is if it is beating me up physically with the strength of all people acting wrongly against me.

I was told that if I should give up thus deciding to close the entrance from darkness to light, there is also yellow inside of this darkness, and that it would get in “very quickly”, but despite of this the STRONGEST darkness I have ever received in strength (!), I have no intention to give up.

I received EXTREME feelings that I am now doing the last work with darkness and that it will “stop now”, and this might be the case, but I try to be even stronger however difficult it is telling myself “keep on for 6 months”. I also received a constant marking to my left angle, which to me included a “potential risk” for life to be terminated if I was to give up, and I was also given a serious voice saying that if I was not strong enough, this voice would help, but when thinking of how darkness normal operates, I do believe this was the voice of darkness so I have decided that I will NEVER give in, and simply because this is the safest way forward that I know.

I was told about “my old Muslim friend” from the Mosque in Nairobi, Kenya – what was his name again (?) – and that it was “funny” that he tried to “convert me”, and also that I have entered the deepest centre of the Muslim world, and they do NOT dare to tell their “brothers” about me and the truth of their religion being made up by the Devil in the form of Muhammad, and because they are also wimps, they also bring me darkness as the Black Man – and I understood that this Muslim man from Nairobi also knows the truth about me.

I watched Spain playing against Croatia in football, where Spain – despite of its fantastic qualities – risked NOT to qualify to the next round if Croatia found “a hole” in their defence and scored a goal, which they were close to doing a few times, and I understood this as darkness trying to find a hole on me to score a goal here “at the end”, but eventually Spain was the strongest team scoring, winning and qualifying, and as the commentator said “it was like an exciting movie where the whole plot is revealed at the end and the killer found”, and yes to find the last darkness, which is also the first and herewith “the killer”.

I watched a little Benny Hinn too before going to bed at around 23.00, and I was feeling BAD, but was not allowed to sleep – darkness is simply far too strong – and I was given a dream/vision where I entered the library with the front room, which should include digital items, was empty, but the back room including physical items was open, and I entered it to work on my laptop, and noticed how Eva (my old friend from Stansted 2005/06) also entered working there as a librarian, and before I knew of it, my mother was taking me over and I crumpled down in EXTREME pain in order to give birth to myself, and with this nightmare of a pain, I “woke” up (without having slept!) and was told “we really cannot bear for you too sleep”, which was truly not nice to hear, because I felt “the worst” you know, and just getting out of my lazy bed, Matt & Co., was among the most difficult of all times, and I was thinking “I cannot work at all”, but then again, I had approx. one more hour of work I have now added to my script of today and yesterday finishing the update of this at 00.55, and I have a little extra work I can do to my website and Spotify, which I will try doing, and then we will see for how long I can stay awake, and yes when working feeling this bad, I am not given the most EXTREME and unbearable negativity, and when not working, this is what I receive, which is truly “impossible” to stand, but this is obviously how it is right now.

Google Earth showed “V” for Victory and clouds and mountain ranges (!) show my name over again as a sign to the world

Jette decided to give “everything she got” with even more pictures than normal in her Facebook group – and we talk about MANY pictures (!) – and this is of course good, but not only draining her from energy but also me when going through, commenting and bringing pictures here, and yes this work itself is part of my work to keep darkness down in strength and to absorb/overtake it, so thank you for being “inspired” and doing this, Jette, however difficult it is today because I was truly made feeling “not very well today” with my red eyes and “poor physical feeling”, but here is the selection I decided to bring today, so let us see what they say.

My name is becoming more visible on the sky, and here from this morning, Jette saw a “V” for “victory”, and she says that yesterday evening my name stood in white, and a “guide” – a beautiful angel – had to bend the neck not to destroy the V before Jette saw it, and he shows the direction to seeking souls, and I thanked both Jette and the angel.

Here she says that ”EVERYTHING on this picture is created by faces with and without a body”, and I was thinking “we better then given all of them bodies”, and for days I have been given the BEAUTIFUL song by Billy Idol “eyes without a face” symbolising this, and yes Billy is one of those moving up to my top 100+ list because he really belongs there (!) also symbolising the rescue of more life.

All the way to the left a smiling person, who is spelling his way through these (green) showers and get it to S T I G ..the white underneath also creates the word STIG”, and I replied that it is now becoming more visible so people even without Jette’s spiritual view with some good will can see my name written on the sky, and yes I wonder if mankind will “be able” to understand this; that a man by the name of STIG is coming and I wonder who he might be?

Here she says that there is still some grey smoke coming out – an a spiritual guide for a group, which used to be grey (of darkness) but now is white (of light after being saved) – and I tell her that it is a TRUE joy to follow this via her pictures because I do not get this information from elsewhere and it shows the result of creation and saving of life.

A tremendous foot print has been set in Tibet, and I wonder if this is to thank the people there of great spiritual activity helping us all (?) – we will see if more is to come on this later.

In continuation of “moving to India” as mentioned the other day here is a picture where you can “see the beautiful angel-pair on each side of INDIA”, and it is worse in Afghanistan with “a grey pig”, i.e. “work to Stig”.

Here he walks, the wanderer STIG .. fresh and cheerful, smiling and happy” and “I do believe he might want to dance”, and I tell her that dancing is a symbol giving for months about celebration of creation, but I don’t really have anyone to dance with, so maybe one will come my way (Karen?).

Here Jette says ”STIG .. Our Lord must have known this for some time .. it is the mountain ranges in sea plus Australia – of all countries – which create your name” and I tell her that I cannot see it but have full faith in her and her vision, and then she explains that “S is created by Australia and the Jakarta peninsula – T stands in the middle of the picture and is the full height – I begins at Sri Lanka – which is upside down as everything else and G goes from Mauritius to the Seychelles” and when she had done her best work :-), even I could see it and I thanked her for explaining, and yes this is a good example of deciding to do your best work as I have also done all the way through really, and yes Paul, I wonder how God “put it there”, do you know (?), and yes I told you, Paul has made MANY great songs and Jane could also have used this yesterday when she “put it there if it weighs a ton” :-).

And “here in white S T I G .. unfortunately I was a little late missing the line over T”, and as I reply “when you know that this says S T I G, I do believe that most can see it (- the line over T)”.

And finally she say “with subtitles for the hard-of-hearing” – can you see it (?) – and I reply “WHAT DO YOU SAY??? – Eehhh, I can just read and understand?”, and yes this was my reaction to all of the WILL DEAF people who “could not” listen and also not read, which however is becoming better, which my name of the sky witness, because without faith in me, this would not be possible to bring, so there you have it, we are reaching the end, and I still wonder if this will take weeks or months to do, but “something like this” it is :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Lisbeth is sure “sweet but dumb” and yes Lisbeth this is the truth, because you are “such a good friend” so when you “have just saved a fine”, what is your first thought (?), and yes “now there may be for a pair of shoes” and yes Ha ha ha, this is TRULY funny, and you have not considered helping your old friend, Stig, and my friends in Kenya, and I here receive pain to the inside of my right thumb, and told that it is selfish and thoughtless behaviour like this, which is also “destructing” me!

  • Paul McCartney is 70 today, congratulations (!), and here is one of my favourites with him, and yes do you know just how many GREAT songs this man has made (?) – I am listening to them right now – and yes “outstanding contribution of life bringing LOVE TO MAN”, which this is about :-), and yes “with a little luck” I will be seeing you soon, and yes the one playing right now here.

  • Steen wrote that he always become sad when so called ”spiritual people” only think of themselves and fail their words and really don’t care about what they say they are, and most of these people can “easy” see what he means and agree with him, but it is much more difficult to see that this also applies for people themselves as it does – this is “almost” impossible do see (!) – and Jannie tells him WRONGLY “don’t be their punisher, it has to be their own teaching, which will come to them on their road”, which is how Jimmy and MANY others from this environment WRONGLY think, and I tell him that this applies to ALL people “more or less” and I refer people to read my website on behaviour and work and tell them that everyone will follow this road of the light, which only requires people to read and understand, and I am sure that Steen will receive many answers to his “interesting post”, but will anyone care about my post or only think about themselves what “they feel like” writing, and yes then they also did not “understand” this post of mine, and yes the same “careless behaviour” as Lisbeth shows above, and there is NO difference!

  • Here is more of ”the same drawer” from the MANY replies coming in, and yes NONE reacted on my reply, and I had only a few people visiting my site – but “every little opening” is good when saving “every little thing” – and as Fie says inspired below “isn’t it fantastic that we can keep coming deeper into the layers – you can really have something on dumb people”, and yes this is basically what I am doing still telling “dumb people” about the truth of me, which is making us go even deeper.

  • As mentioned, Dan was in Aalborg the other day, where he lost as the darkness he is (becoming drunk), but now he is here – symbolically – as he writes coming “out on the other side”, which is what I am these days (?), and he says that “everytime I am out playing (as a DJ), I am met with so much respect and love. It means the world to me!”, and then again he is inspired when bringing one of my other true favourite artists, Van Morrison, and yes of all songs he chose “Whenever God shines his light”, which is what we also did on your way home the other day, Dan, remember (?), and yes I do wonder myself if he is just inspired without knowing or if this is deliberately messages from him knowing about me (?), and yes who knows (?) because I do NOT!

  • Helena brought this “witch-cycle”, which is about the witch flying to Bloksberg on Midsummer Eve’s night – to get relieved of evil spirits, which you know is what we are doing at the moment.

  • Mads said that he has receiced an IPad, which equals equipping a gold fish with a bowler hat, and this is symbolic for your feed of darkness (the hat) to me as the fish. Mette Fugl is a very well known Danish journalist working in Europe, whom I was recommended to become Facebook-friends with, so I wonder if you will accept my invitation, Mette (?), and also why it is not possible to send you a message as a non-friend.

  • Selvet showed this picture of a man from this video swimming with a huge crocodile not attacking him, which is what I do to the worst darkness of all – and when this is written after midnight not being allowed to sleep feeling ROTTEN and receiving the STRONGEST attacks, let me tell you that life is not very funny right now.

  • I was told that the death of Rodney King was also because of my journey here symbolising the connection with “police brutality”, which is symbol of the darkness “beating me up” with the strength of all people acting wrongly against me.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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