June 20, 2012: The psychiatrist understood that I am normal but still he misunderstood “spiritual communication” as “schizophrenia”!


Summary of the script today

19th June: I went through the STRONGEST darkness ever saving what may be “the last darkness” and energy/life of all

  • I was not allowed to sleep because I received the STRONGEST darkness I have EVER received and herewith I was up all night doing some work, and I was told that this is now the “last darkness” I fight (!) and it was truly the WORST of all I have received being very close to bring me down until it started becoming weaker at 04.30 where I opened the door to a completely dark room full of wrong sexual activities of darkness and I was told “nobody enters here and say that everything is to become light”, but this is what I did. While watching Benny Hinn in Fiji and receiving energy, I was told that we have now entered the stock of energy of this the last darkness, which we now work on releasing instead of losing, which would have made a “not perfect New World”. I am now bringing the original the spirit of my father back from darkness to light from where he came before darkness took him over to kill me when I would come to liberate him! After having gone through all darkness converting it to light to save the world creating our New World, I now found that a small, inner spot is an island of light, which was not overtaken by darkness.
  • Jette brought pictures from Google Earth showing “the power struggle” between light and darkness as I felt as the worst darkness/sufferings ever with darkness being the potential “terminator”, and elsewhere are “beautiful arch angels”.
  • Short stories of Selvet bringing a picture of my vision of “many new chickens/worlds being merged as our New World and David has just been practically surviving,

20th June: The psychiatrist understood that I am normal but still he misunderstood “spiritual communication” as “schizophrenia”!

  • Dreaming of retrieving energy from darkness still with a risk to lose some of it if I “lose it”
  • if I did not carry out my work bringing every little thing with us, the light at the core of everything surrounded by darkness would disappear from us with a risk for darkness around the light later to enter our New World disguised as light with the aim to bring everything back to darkness of nothing.
  • Jette’s pictures show how darkness reads my scripts as my key to enter and transform it to light, darkness being “eaten” by me also because of the help in creation, which Jette brings, a snake of darkness is about to eat life before I will transform all of it to light, she asked me to “WATCH YOUR BACK MY FRIEND”, but I have not yet met a “snake” being stronger than I and an example showing how life from darkness is about to be saved and then is saved.
  • I received the “specialist declaration” from the psychiatrist Alex, and it concluded WRONGLY that I am not functioning well socially with people, he believed as everyone else in the beginning that I am negative because of my writings, where I am indeed positive speaking the truth about people (!), when I speak much doing my best to explain about my spiritual experiences, this is also made into a “sickness” (!), he tried to make it look like I don’t answer his questions with the truth being that he had lost his patience at the end of the meeting no longer listening to me (!), his declaration said about me that “the formal contact is fine”, “fine eye contact” and then he says that “his mindset is extensively without ability to feel” (!!!), which is the WRONG conclusion (“guess”) from the coldest and most reserved man without feelings as I have ever met herewith showing the opposite world with him being crazy and I normal! It continued about me that “he is whole, and there are no forms of new formation of words”, he shows no signs of “sadness, being tense, irritable” or angry”, in terms of mood he appears neutral”, so all in all he really wrote that “Stig is perfectly normal” (!), but still he decided NOT to believe in my spiritual experiences (he had no faith, you know), and he therefore concluded that these are “extensive and systemised delusions of megalomania” and “according to my view, there is no doubt of the diagnosis: Paranoid schizophrenia” (!) but despite of his “diagnosis” he will not recommend “treatment” with medicine because “I believe that treatment with psychoactive drugs will only change little on his symptoms and not at all the insight of sickness” which was because he knows that HEAVY medicine given to me in 2008 did not “improve” my condition, and he will also not commit me to hospital against my will because there is nothing “acute” in my situation and I also do not look “maniac” to him! Most of Alex’ description of me and my experiences was “very accurate” and it was mainly his conclusion, which was wrong, or in other words; he understood me (with his heart) but still he decided to misunderstand me (with his mind), and that is because if you want to misunderstand, this is how to do it – he “could not” believe in me, because “it goes without saying that Stig simply cannot be Jesus” (!), which made him lose focus that everyone sees me as perfectly normal until they see my website suddenly changing their view on me now believing that I am crazy, and Alex was no better than the rest when doing poor work not doing what it takes to understand, which still is to READ carefully without listening to your “compulsory thoughts”.
  • Short stories about Jane receiving the leading part in the next game of darkness fighting me, “normal” MP’s do not know about me (only governments), it is sure “lovely to be found” (also for the inner parts of my old self), Dalai Lama together with Aung San Suu Kyi making me happy, Christ decided to help mankind from the planet melting down because bureaucracy, fightings and love to money and people self made it “impossible” for mankind to do what was necessary themselves, which was proved again at the U.N. “sustainable development” meeting today, the MP, Lykke, did not like that I told her that she and “other leaders” could not do what is right in relation to the climate, Helena showed an example of WRONG sexual behaviour when being “motivated” for a one-night-stand, Søren E. replaced “purity and grace” with darkness, simple minded people of today prefer cheap burgers over “truth, justice and wisdom”, Sally don’t believe in me and her darkness is what killed a keeper of wolves in Sweden the other day, in our New World man will have the closest “friendship” with God and if you want to misunderstand (like Alex) it is easy to misunderstand.


19th June: I went through the STRONGEST darkness ever saving what may be “the last darkness” and energy/life of all

I went through the STRONGEST darkness ever saving what may be “the last darkness” and energy/life of all

As mentioned in my script of “yesterday”, I was not allowed to sleep because there was far too much darkness for me to absorb, and instead I continued working to update my script of yesterday finishing this at almost 01.00, and I was thinking that I might be able to last until 05.00 or 06.00 where I was sure that I would decide to sleep, because holding out a hold day would be “totally impossible” to do feeling as I did.

I was told that this is about making sure that the last darkness will enter the castle of light without losses, and this is for sure how it feels like with this ENORMOUS darkness pressuring on.

Hereafter I included a new paragraph to the right column of my website called “Google Earth shows our New World”, which took until 03.00 to do (some technical “challenges” made it take this long).

I was given names of people from my past to connect with on Facebook or LinkedIn as keys in order for me to carry out this final work, and they included my old colleagues Jens H. from DFM/Aon and Ole S.H. from Danske Bank, Frihavn, and the director of “Index”, Kigge Hviid, so we will see if they will accept to connect with me receiving my updates and herewith “opening up” to the keys they possess – and later today Kigge had accepted my invitation.

At 03.30 when darkness was still EXTREMELY STRONG – still stronger than ever – and I had some doubts in whether or not I could continue, I was told with a serious voice ”we can also tell you what you will miss” and that is in case I should consider stopping “the game”, and this I do not, but it sure would be nice for darkness not to be as strong as it is right now.

I did a few adjustments here and there, and from 04.00 I watched a new Benny Hinn video to give more energy, and very quickly when starting to watch this, I received more life coming to me from my right and entering me, so Benny is truly a KEY FIGURE also in this “game” of mine, and I have not forgotten about Braco or the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival as examples of others I could watch to receive energy, but I have decided to solely use Benny Hinn because I have seen the enormous effect it has, and because I believe that the sheer number of attendants to his events help to make the power strong.

I was shown a package lifting of one piece of nougat layer cake giving me the feeling that this is the last piece of darkness remaining for me to work on – is it really (?) – and the pain I receive is consequently the strongest of all, and I have to do “impossible work” to reach and convert this darkness as I am told.

I was also told that the darkness is so immensely strong – the concentration is even stronger than at its strongest point in the past, and yes with a GOOD margin (!) – because I have decided that I don’t want any explosion to happen and also that no family member is to die because of this, and I was told that this is why I showed you volcanoes exploding, and I remember especially one dream of a volcano exploding in Norway (of darkness) around 2005 (?), which I do believe I wrote down and is included in my book 1?

Finally at around 04.30, the strongest darkness started to decrease in strength, which was truly a relief – even though it was still strong – giving me a greater belief that I would also make it through this.

At 06.00 I was shown that I have arrived at a noble library, which is covered in darkness and with wrong sexual activity going on in there, which could potentially have become part of my “old nightmare”.

Somewhat later I was shown myself opening the door to a small and completely dark room, where only wrong sex goes on, and I had the light behind me and I was told that “nobody enters here and say that everything is to become light” (because of the strength of this place), but this is what I do :-).

I tried staying awake receiving fresh and a somewhat cooler air coming in via the balcony, but when I was sitting down in the sofa to watch morning TV to kill time, I became more and more tired – I was tired already when I stood up approx. 24 hours before – and especially between 07.30 to 08.00 I was going through another one of those “my worst tiredness ever” and as I believe it happened once or maybe twice, I was so tired that I decided that NOW I must sleep, there is no way back, but somehow an “invisible” power made me try to stay awake, which I thought was “completely impossible” to do, but I decided to go to my computer to be active, which is a better tool to staying awake.

And at 08.45 and the next half an hour I watched the first and afterwards the second part – see below – of Benny Hinn in Fiji, which MOVED me incredible, which it also did to Benny Hinn self when I saw him weeping as I do not remember seeing him do before, and it was because of an “original inhabitant” of Fiji, who obviously was NOT destroyed by modern life, who is completely cured for cancer, and when she speaks her native language, not knowing English, you don’t have to know what she says to see that this is how I see “original people” in front of me the same way as I saw with for example Elijah’s mother and Meshack’s father in their rural village in Kenya, which is 100% genuine, warm, honest and innocent with NO façade, but a natural strength/pride, and yes you can see in the eyes of this woman, her calm and her charisma that everything about her is GOOD with no negative/evil intentions at all, and when you watch it, I kindly ask you to also notice how Benny Hinn reacted and how much time he decided to spend with her because this was as much an “eye opener” to him as it was to me in the rural village in Kenya, and he asked the lady to mention his name in prayers, and yes he found GENUITY of people, which is very rare in this world of today.

While watching the video above I was reminded that I also a couple of times during the night have received a low voice telling me that they are sorry I have to go through the worst darkness of all, and it was really perceptible stronger than the worst until now, which I had not believed possible.

I was given a loud hiccup and told that the Universe was and is also sacrificing much yesterday and today because of the immense darkness we meet here.

I was told already yesterday I believe that ALL life including ALL darkness is part of me, and now that the pain I have felt to the backside of my lower legs is from where life would exit, and I was also told that it could/would include the death of Karen (because I had protected my family, but you know Karen is also protected ….).

And then I was told – still watching the video above – that “we have just discovered from where Hornum (my old and “possessed” manager from Danske Bank, Frihavn, 1987/88, persecuting me) received his power from” and “that is that here is all of the energy, which wanted to escape”, and a few minutes afterwards I received some pain to the backside of my left lower leg and was told that we are now inside of this working to release it, and I was reminded of just how close I was to lay down to sleep with the risk of losing this, and yes “going to my most extreme limit” is what was required.

I felt darkness and this new (and last?) level of the spirit of my father inside of it, and having receiving contact to him now, and I was told “not least because of your mother” and we know the darkness, which she sends me without wanting to send me darkness!

I felt how the spirit of my father started spitting out swear words and negative/sexual speech, and I was told that he knew what it meant when he was taken over, which was to kill Jesus when coming to save him, but he has not known since, and the wake-up now feels like coming back to the moment just before being taken over, which also means that we are now close to being able to stop time, and I was told “when you are ready” and I replied “when light decides to do it”, and I heard this part of the spirit of my mother asking “does it mean that we are now not engaged” (?), which was her task of darkness, to “unite” her and me in order to destruct the world, and yes this is what it means, LIBERTY is coming.

I was told that my work for the last week or so meant the difference between winning 6 to 0 and not 5 to 1, and had I not won this one – it is not quite over yet – we would have lost this energy/life (maybe being able to retrieve it later), which would always had felt like “resistance” and that something is missing to be perfect (to have “full power”).

I decided to go for a walk during the morning trying to help me stay awake, and I knew when meeting and speaking to an elderly lady that I was meant to meet her so she could tell me the story that her childhood home is the last free land in Helsingør, which is not owned by the Commune, and she told me very much to the point that the land of the family is like a small spot in the middle totally surrounded by land owned by the Commune, and the Commune has been wild to get their land, and what she told me here was completely new information to me, which is that inside of everything completely surrounded by the darkness, I have gone through converting it to light, is a small spot of the original Source untouched by darkness, which could not take us over inside of here, and yes I have earlier been told that the King of light had died (buried at the wall of the cave in the mountain when I met him some months ago) and that darkness had taken over, and this can very well be still matching together with the new information given here that when going through all darkness, there is “an island of light” in the middle of everything, so this is what the information planted to me said, and what I also believe in when thinking of my journey so far.

But I was also told previously that the Source decided to leave the world 2,000 years ago with the death of Jesus, and really because we were not living as I was told, and now we are living at light at the most inner part, and how does this match (?), and I don’t know, and it may have been the power of darkness around it making this happen, I don’t know, so this I will leave open until I will understand it (better).

I was told that when inserting the key, this is what made darkness open to me, and my “key” is the content of all of my scripts including the decisions I took as an ordinary man, which was “good enough” to go through “an eternity” of darkness as it seemed like.

And after having had the feeling of a GIANT abscess connected to a point approx. 7 centimetres above my left angle (from the bone on the right side), it completely removed meaning the removal of the threat/risk of losing this last energy/life, and I also felt a similar GIANT abscess to my right angle maybe not removing fully, but decreasing at least to say that the fight from here is to save the Universe from (as much) physical damage as possible, and I felt darkness still trying somewhat to control my jaws and physical speech, but the feeling I receive is that it is over, or let us say “very close to being over”, and let us see if we still have days, weeks or months remaining after coming through this to do cleaning up, and who knows, maybe we will meet yet another “surprise” later in “the game”?

And I was told that we were using the shock of Axel the psychiatrist about me and my writings to open up for this darkness, so thank you for this, Axel 🙂 – and I still do NOT know what was the right answer of this game; if the last life was now safe as I do believe I was told some time ago, or if it could terminate, and yes my general experience of this game is to believe in the worst case scenario and then NEVER GO GIVE UP because this way I am sure that we will save every little thing, and yes NOT to become tempted to receive help, which might not be there, or at least have big consequences.

During the afternoon I decided to improve my Signs II website to include videos of Benny Hinn showing the miracles, which happens at his “miracle crusades”, and when doing this work, I still received some pain to my behind, so we have not removed all darkness, it is still here.

I was told “yes, you will believe it is a lie when I say – and here I was shown myself teaching a large number of chefs symbolising new parts of my own self – who will become God’s of all of the New Worlds already now waiting for your approval and arrival” and yes one per world is what we decided isn’t it, and yes better get started with this task then.

I was starting to become very tired during the afternoon, and I had been thinking to cycling to town and read the paper at the library, and I was just about to cancel it because of the risk of not being able to return home, but when the alternative was to sit in the sofa with the risk of falling asleep, I decided to cycle to town anyway, and I do still receive some darkness trying to make me throw away things, but no, this is not how we work here, we are going to get EVERYTHING out of here.

I received IN THE AIR TONIGHT by Phil Collins and the lyrics “Well I was there and I saw what you did, I saw it with my own two eyes, So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you’ve been, It’s all been a pack of lies”, which is about what my dear family/friends and others did to me, and yes I and they will feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, because I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord, and so it is, and I wonder when this moment will come, and Shania when is it (?), and yes I understand “from this moment on” but that does not make me any smarter, you see?

I was told that Karen has loved me higher – Stig as a person – than anyone else (but still she could not chose me when the Devil had destroyed her sexual life).

I felt how more energy entered me time without appreciable pressure and direct negative voices wanting to take me over, but this flow had what I would call “constant low negative content of negativity”, which was just there inside of it almost cheating me to act as it and I had to be careful not to be cheated by this and to keep reminding myself what is right and wrong.

I received a little pain to the outermost of my right big toe where this last darkness comes from, and my angles were still free of “abscesses”.

I told my spiritual friends that you have plenty of time doing your best work to clean up inside of here and set up the new structure of our New World, and that is not myself to become impatient, and yes when I decide to be patient going against the strong feelings and darkness given to me, this is what the spiritual world is too.

I was told by this part of the spirit of my father inside of darkness that his sword is still glowing red and impossible for me to hold, and I understood that he will show considerations not letting this darkness exit all at the same time.

Google Earth shows “the power struggle” between light and darkness with darkness being the potential “terminator”

Jette decided not to be very busy today only putting up few pictures at her Facebook group and here she wrote about “him, who lies and stares another into the eyes above – this is power struggle while the typhoon rage outside”, and I tell her the story of going through the worst darkness ever these days, which I have also written about in my scripts.

Here she says “look at it in its whole – terminator” and this is what darkness was when it wanted to terminate itself.

But elsewhere, south of Australia, there was this view – “so beautiful are the arch angels” as Jette said, and I might add “BIG” too.

Jette sent me a Facebook email saying that she “read here and there” and she asks me “have you had inconveniences – besides the usual – there are more big sea monsters with “canon holes” in the sides .. which you may be careful and look out for .. if we can, we should aim at a RAID – stop it – forever” and I told her that I am indeed going through the worst darkness ever, but now when it is opened, I can live with it, and it will NEVER gets through to me, this is how it is, and we know then it is better to do as Jette says, to do a RAID soaking out and transforming all darkness to light, which is what we are doing simply when writing these scripts, and yes there you have it 🙂 – but I was glad that Jette could see that darkness is TRULY strong and that it makes me suffer, and she is the ONLY one reacting to this, and not even my (suffering) LTO friends seem to understand what we are going through these days and the importance of my name on the sky for the world to see (?), and at least they do not react, which makes me sad – but I do know that they are “fighting to survive”, but still, my friends???

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Selvet was inspired to bring the vision I was given the other day seeing chickens hatching out from the eggs – merging one world after another being released with new layers of God including this last part of today as I am told – so this is what you see here.

  • I had this chat with David today.


20th June: The psychiatrist understood that I am normal but still he misunderstood “spiritual communication” as “schizophrenia”

Dreaming of retrieving energy from darkness still with a risk to lose some of it if I “lose it”

I was EXTREMELY tired yesterday afternoon and evening, and I did my best to stay awake as long as possible, and at 21.00 I had had it – just like my mother (again) had had it with me as I am here told, but oh no, she will be back as I am told – and I went to sleep, which I did until 07.30 this morning including a few dreams.

  • I am the owner of bonds, which are bring paid out, and I try to sell them via three banks to avoid the price risk, but all let me know that this it is impossible to sell these bonds, when they are being paid out, and a reader’s letter from one of the partners of the accountant firm Price Waterhouse says that I have to accept the price risk. I have stopped smoking, but I have just smoked one, which I know I can do if I like to and still I have stopped smoking, and my old colleague Janne (from Fair) sees that I put out the cigarette entering the lift, where she is inside. Colleagues from Danske Bank Pension are going out for dinner, and I decline because I cannot afford to attend, and I am listening to Christmas shows on the radio, which one of the colleagues cannot bear listening to and he puts down the volume of the radio.
    • We are soaking out energy of this the last darkness and while doing this work there is a risk to lose some of it and I am given slight feelings to both my left and right angles here, but it will require that I should “lose it”, which I have no ambitions doing. I have stopped smoking, which is about my sufferings being much less today – and we will see for how long – and Janne seems to be one sending me darkness as part of her journey being lifted up. Old colleagues from DanskeBank-Pension seeing my posts of new scripts on LinkedIn are using money, i.e. energy, which I cannot do, and I felt Søren I. being the one not liking my “Christmas radio”, which is my posts on LinkedIn, so you do not believe in me yet, Søren?

If I did not save “every little thing” now, darkness could potentially still return and try to destroy us in the future

I was told that we will get new windows in the house today, which will have to be about setting up the new structure of our New World whatever this means, which I have not been told.

I was told that my mother is unwilling tied up to a motorcycle, which is that darkness is controlling her in relation to me.

At 11.05 I started receiving more pain/sufferings coming to me from the outside, and I was given the feeling of Alex, so have you started your work writing your “report” about me and “the truth” as you see it (?), and are you sure that you have “understood”, and yes we will see what his “judgment” will be – to kill or save me, and it is followed by new pain to my behind, and we know “the worst darkness, which is”.

During the afternoon I started receiving more physical feelings and pressure to the back side of my left lower leg, which is about the risk of energy of darkness escaping me and it was “nurtured” by Alex and now also Jane (see the short stories at the end of today), and essentially they are helping me to go deeper to bring this life and energy with us, and I do fear that this will mean that I am not either supposed to get sleep the coming night, and we know I will do my best, but if this makes me happy living like this, and no, it does not, I have almost had it, and let me say that I have had it a LONG time ago, but this is about breaking new barriers, so this is what we will do one more time, and I wonder for how long (?), and we will see.

From the morning I had thought that there would be almost nothing to do today so maybe I could relax and play some golf, but no, work kept on coming in as you can see from the script, and yes I am NOT unemployed, Alex (!), and just another comment of mine, which he did not pay much attention to!

I felt how strong darkness together with the feeling of Jane came to me, which came to me hours after my new email to her, see the short stories of today.

During the afternoon I decided to cycle to the swimming hall using my last clip of 10, which my mother gave me, and darkness was pretty strong, but not very strong, when trying to oppose me and make me decide on a negative agenda of destruction, but who would be “crazy” enough to decide to destruct (?), and yes this could have been my way out to receive relief from darkness tormenting me, but no was and is my answer and that is 100,00% pure and we know all the way through, this is how it HAS to be!

On my way there – as one of those secret messages for doing this – I was told that had I given up without going through this whole setup with Alex (before, under and after), we would have brought the remaining darkness with us as is, and tried to mend the rest later, but because I have continued my work, the message is still “please make EVERY LITTLE THING the absolutely most perfect you can”, and so it is.

I was also told that if I did not carry out this work bringing every little thing with us, the light at the core of everything surrounded by darkness would disappear from us together with darkness, and when this light would ask “where did they go”, it would bring a risk for darkness around the light to enter our New World disguised as light with the aim to bring everything back to darkness of nothing, i.e. to destruct us, and yes we know unless I would be able to convert this remaining darkness to light later.

In continuation of my mother’s belief that Facebook is only superficial messages among people, which she will not waste her time on, I was told that if she had followed me on Facebook, this would have made it “much easier” for her to understand and receive a conscious faith in me, and when she did not, she “only” has faith in me just underneath her conscious self telling her that I cannot be right, because she does not want me to be right.

As mentioned below in the script of today, I received the “specialist declaration” of the psychiatrist Alex today, which I worked on late in the evening until 03.00 in the night, and when I worked on this writing the chapter of this, I received even stronger darkness trying to make me give up as usual and to accept this darkness to become nothing, but no, there has NEVER been any weakness or even the slightest considerations about following the agenda of darkness, thus also not this night, but disgusting and uncomfortable it was, and it was also difficult work to do almost being on my edge including a pressure to finalise work today, because it has to be published in order to influence others tomorrow (when I again have to stay awake because of this strong darkness), which will help bring out what I hope will be the last content of it, but as usual we will have to see.

When dong this work, I received a serious voice coming from my right telling me “after this there is nothing much to do”, and later I heard the spirit of my father inside of darkness saying “can I get flowers this late – it is dark and after midnight”, it was 00.09 to be precise – and I heard him ask the spirit of my mother to bring me flowers, and yes you don’t bring me flowers, because there is not enough content inside darkness to bring flowers, but if there was, we would bring you the biggest bouquet simply for doing this work not caring about how much it is making you feel like throwing up, and yes because I will NEVER give up, and that is how it was and still is, and so it is my friends, and yes I might end this work at 02.00 or 03.00 this night, we will see, and hereafter it is once again about killing time, and we know by now what to look out for (tiredness), which however does not make it easier, but we have been there before, and we are going there once again to get out the last with a dough scraper.

And finally at 04.00, I had also uploaded the last two days of scripts, and yes difficult, but not the worst ….!

Hereafter I updated referring links in the script with the declaration of the psychiatrist on Scribd, which took some time because of a SLOW working computer, and finally a little before 05.00 I sent a new email to Lisbeth from the Commune and Alex informing them that his misunderstood declaration is now online including the link to it, and I gave them the summary of my comments to his declaration and the link to this script, and then I told Alex that he could not keep focus as I told him because of his wrong knowledge/culture (= “compulsory thoughts” – in his case) and that he quite easily should have listened/read, which also would have made it easy for him to understand (if he wanted to), but still I of course wished him all of the best in the future, which I am sure you will be able to understand (?), or maybe not, Alex, when you want to misunderstand negatively instead of understand positively and yes this is what this was also about.

Google Earth shows darkness reading my scripts and how life from darkness is saved

My selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes this where “miss offended” has received “stripes in the hair”, the small hat sits braved the top with two gentlemen speaking above her head and some sleeping behind and she says that it looks like she is reading under a dark lamp, and I tell the story of how I opened the door to the dark library yesterday using my scripts, which darkness reads, as my key to enter, which this is about.

Here she writes about a snake, as she showed in her previous picture not brought here, and that this is the end of it’s days and she says that she believes it is me being feed with a spoon with more strong, light guys on their way, and I tell her that this is exactly what is happening, with more darkness entering me as the washing machine, which is working when I and also she do our work, and I received the feeling that Jette is not “anyone”, who is helping me on the final part of creation self, and we will have to see who she is when this will be revealed, and Jette said that she was honoured. And I told her that just because she is part of this creation, it does not have “to rise to our heads” – do you say this in English too (?), i.e. to become arrogant – and I wrote this because this was the feeling coming to myself, which I had to fight, when I saw “S T I G” on the sky and in mountain ranges underneath sea, and for the first time I really “felt” what it will say to be “everything”, which is STILL not an easy feeling to have when you are just a mere human being.

In her previous picture (not shown here) before the following, she writes about ”whites being eaten by this dumb snake”, and below she writes that “they pray for their lives, it plays with the tongue – please finish eating, Stig, so you can be strong enough to beat it”, and it seems that darkness gradually has eaten up life, which it continues doing until I will clean all of it of course, so where are you, my dear little snake, come back home to father and become who you really are after cleaning, and yes this is ALSO connected to the darkness, my mother sends me when deciding not to see or communicate with me, and I replied that I have received new stronger feelings of darkness and Alex the psychiatrist as mentioned previously in the script.

In this one, Jette writes “WATCH YOUR BACK MY FRIEND” and I tell her the story about not meeting a “snake” yet being stronger than I, and I have met millions of them on my road (of sufferings) when using my new self, our New World, as the vacuum cleaner soaking up all darkness.

Here Jette says “this is when it received one with the ladle”, and I replied that the symbol “to cook” is to save life from darkness, which is happening right here.

And here in the next picture, she writes “then they were saved”, and this is what we like all of us, and I feel life inside of darkness on its way in here giving me these exact words, and yes a little bit of a déjà vue is coming here about “this is how to save life” which is also a reference to how I am partnering with Jette, where I have received another small déjà vue that she is a lady considered by “some” not to be “entirely normal”, and yes because of all of her Facebook postings, views and “commitment” in “everything”, and with this as basis, Jette (also people believing I am crazy), we are making more and more people believe in us, isn’t this “funny” :-).

Here “the trinity is on a flying tour”, and you may notice the small triangle in blue and the large “almost invisible” triangle visible as outlines.

The psychiatrist understood that I am normal but still he misunderstood “spiritual communication” as “schizophrenia”!

When reading this chapter in detail, I recommend that you also read my memo of the 15th June and my minutes of our meeting the 15th June explaining the truth of my story and the content of our meeting.

In continuation of my dark feeling of Alex this morning, when I returned from the swimming hall at 18.15, I opened my mailbox and saw that a letter from the Psychiatric Centre had arrived, and I understood that this contained his “report” and verdict on me, and this is what darkness coming to me meant; that by now I had received his “report”, so I was now excited to see what he would say – would he believe in what I told him are “spiritual experiences” and decide to free me or would his old and wrong experience/text books and culture sentence me to death by recommending “killer medicine”?

First of all I was surprised to see that his “specialist declaration” was “extensive” when filling 7½ pages, and let us take the conclusion first:

He believes that my spiritual experience are hallucinations – this is what his “wrong school” tells him – and this attitude is like all people hearing about me in the beginning, which is that “anyone call tell that of course you are not Jesus”, so on this basis, he decided that I am as mad as you can get (!), but also that I have been filled with so much medicine in 2008 that he does not believe that medicine will “help” me, i.e. make any change to me in his mind, and he also believes that it is not possible to use force to hospitalise me (!) – he understood my message that my condition is NOT “acute” and he does not believe that I am “manic” (!) – and with this conclusion, he decided that I am MAD with megalomania and without being able to feel (!) – but you cannot see it on me, because I appear to be perfectly normal (!!!) – so I am out of reach of the entire system, there is “sadly” nothing they can do to cure me, and yes this is truly the his conclusion.

Here is the declaration, which I only received in hardcopy and not electronically as I prefer meaning that this document includes pictures of the declaration in hardcopy.

Here are some conclusions in a greater detail from the report:

  • Alex quotes me for saying that before my “brain damage” in 2004 (his belief of me when I started receiving spiritual experiences!!!), I was completely normal and well functioning, and he writes that “he tells more indirectly that his relations to family sometimes can be strained and difficult because of different opinions on his condition, i.e. whether or not he is insane. Similar he explains that many of his former friends have rejected”.
    • So on this basis – my statements, the old journal on me and your guessings – you decided that today I am not functioning well socially with people herewith losing focus on what I told you over and over again, which is that EVERYONE CAN SEE THAT I AM PERFECTLY NORMAL (!) when they don’t know about my website, but of course you know about my website, so you do know better (without knowing at all), don’t you?
  • He writes a paragraph of more than one page called “previously psychic” about my explanation over and over again about having spiritual experiences, which are NOT hallucinations, which doctors believe it is, and he is very accurate in his description from 2004 about how I received my first experiences until I told my sister, and was hospitalised by the system in 2008 and discharged again without returning to the system, and he is really only WRONG when he says “during the hospitalisation he had different, after his meaning shorter conversations with doctors and psychiatrists, who all chose not to believe in the spirituality in what he told, but saw him as psychotic”, and it seems that he fell for the trick I gave him, which was to talk much in order to do my best to make him understand, and is this a “sickness” (?), and according to doctors not having patience – as most people do not (!) – it apparently is, and once again you see the opposite world, where I am advocating for people having patience and going into details in order to understand!
  • In the chapter “actual” he says that I asked him about his faith in spiritual experiences and “what I believe in” and he says that “the last-mentioned I refrained from entering into a discussion about because the conversation was about SD and his health”, and Alex I was only seeking a yes or no from you on these two questions, do you believe that spiritual experiences are real (?) and do you believe in God (?), but you “could not” answer these simple questions (?), but you do bring my quote that it is easier for people of faith (and also people having had spiritual experiences) to believe in me.
  • In this chapter he also writes “SD almost speaks uninterrupted during the conversation, but says several times that one can stop him, if one feels that he speaks too much” – so this is indeed a “sickness” I have, Alex (?), and yes please read my minutes of our meeting the 15th June here about this offering you the short version as alternative and keeping inside the time frame.
  • In this, he also says “he declares that he is willing to answer questions, which you may like to be exposed, however when asking concrete questions, instead he refers several times to his script on the net and what is delivered” (my memo for him), and may I correct you here, Alex (?), because I answered ALL of your questions and in the beginning I was patient when you listened, and at the end of the meeting, when YOU had lost your patience with me no longer listening, I answered your SCEPTICAL questions quickly and referred you to read my website because it is NOT easy to give a quick reply to a sceptical person, and yes you clearly understood this answer, so why do you write this, which is directly WRONG (?), and is it to invent an explanation to support your WRONG verdict of me (?), and yes it makes me wonder, and are you among “the best” there is (?`), and yes it TRULY makes me wonder ….!
  • He writes that “he mentions several times in the conversation that he hopes much that one will show to be a person having a feeling of the spiritual”, which I did NOT say – I said that I hoped that he would read and understand (!), and he also writes “he does not want any form of medical treatment, he knows that it will only hurt him and probably kill him” (!!!), and yes if you truly want to misunderstand, this is also how to do it, because I did NOT say this, but as my memo says, I know that the medicine destroys and kills and that’s it!
  • He writes that he is “much speaking and not entirely free to be a bit leading in the conversation, but as a whole, the formal contact is fine” and also that “the emotional contact takes place entirely on his conditions, but here is fine eye contact”. “His mindset is extensively without ability to feel. He is whole, and there are no forms of new formation of words”, and yes this is truly what he writes (!), a COLD psychiatrist not showing any feelings or openness at all in our conversation has decided that I am “without ability to feel” (“uindfølelig” in Danish), and I do believe that I understand and feel better than most people, and that I am right when saying that also here it was the opposite world, and yes the crazy part decided that the normal part was crazy without understanding that we played “opposite parts”.
    • I told Alex that I write the truth about my experiences, which people only skimming my writings wrongly understand as being negative without understanding the greatest message of love in history, and when Alex read my minutes of our meeting, he could only conclude that I was indeed negative (you did not like that I wrote that you are a true Devil?), and because of this I have no social capacity, which is why I have lost contact to my family and friends not understanding that they were misunderstanding the same way as you (?), and one misconception leads to the other, and all in all, he could only conclude that “Stig is schizophrenic” not understanding what I had carefully told and written to him, and we know he lost focus on the truth, and decided to follow his compulsory and wrong thoughts instead!
  • He writes that “in terms of mood he appears neutral, however one sense that maybe, if going against his conceptions, that he could become some tense, which he also however only briefly shows signs of, but most of the time he shows no signs of “sadness, being tense, irritable” (“dysfori” in Danish) or angry in the conversation”.
    • As I told him in the conversation, I gave him my best explanation CALMLY, and the rest is really his imagination (!), because I did not lose my patience other than I was disappointed when he at the end decided to be sceptical and stop listening (when talking about the Judgment), which made me refer him to my website because he would not listen no matter what I told him, and yes if you have a BLUE sweater on and people keep telling you that it is not blue, but red, how would you react (?), and you may become sad and disappointed, which can be heard in your voice, and yes this is how it was back in 2008 when I met this non-believing system the first time, and I do not believe this happened today other than what I just wrote.
  • He is marked by extensive and systemised delusions of megalomania, and he describes hallucinations on almost all senses”.
    • I told you that you could not believe in me because of your WRONG cultures, i.e. work, education and experience, and this clearly shows it.
  • Conclusion: “SD is now a 46 years old unmarried man, who according to available information has been healthy and socially well functioning until 2004, where he for the first time experienced what he himself calls visions, which will have to be interpreted as hallucinations on his sight. Later came hallucinations on other senses among these on the hearing” and “he now has a quite extensive system of delusions, and one clearly receives the understanding that he perceives himself as a reappeared Messiah, a part of the holy Trinity, who has to save the whole world from its present accidents, and this is why he cannot keep a low profile with his thoughts and imaginations, but has to communicate them” and on this basis he writes: “According to my view, there is no doubt of the diagnosis: Paranoid schizophrenia” and he writes “the foundation of this are the constant, bizarre delusions accompanied by hallucinations on sight and especially hearing. There is small interruptions of passion and language
    • So here you see what WRONG culture and text books of an entire industry of “doctors” can do, they do NOT believe in spiritual experiences (!), and when they cannot listen/read and understand, they make up their own WRONG conclusions, so “the truth” according to them becomes that I receive “bizarre delusions” even though I do my absolutely best trying to make them understand, but when people want to misunderstand, this is how they do it and then they don’t even have to read!
  • So now that I am officially confirmed crazy by this crazy but “very important and intelligent man”, will he recommend the Commune to give me medicine and maybe even to commit me to mental hospital against my will (?), and yes what does he write about it (?), and yes let us see, here it comes: “As it appears from the content of the declaration, SD is completely without feeling of sickness and insight in sickness. I believe that treatment with psychoactive drugs will only change little on his symptoms and not at all the insight of sickness, why a possible effect of medicine will be brief because with the greatest probability he will well stop treatment very quickly. He does not appear racked with pain, but is rather more overexcited in his condition (but completely without manioform look), consequently there is in my belief at the present stage not foundation to use coercive measures according to law of imprisonment and other compulsion in psychiatry. Sadly, I do believe that one has to realize that no treatment opportunities exist. We talk about a continuous condition, which has a thorough influence on his ability to function in relation to the surrounding community and as part of this especially commercial. My immediate belief is that his commercial ability is reduced to the insignificant in any business”.
    • And yes, this is TRULY what he writes, and truly what he believes is the truth (!), and I might add that I don’t feel sickness because I am not sick, I receive spiritual experiences (!), I am glad that you say that I don’t appear racked with pain, but this is what I have every single second because of the WRONG behaviour of man including you, which you by now will understand is TORMENTING me (?), and yes this man will NOT give me medicine, because I am so crazy and received so much medicine in 2008, which did not “help” me, so it will also not “help” me now, and yes he will also not lock me up again, and we know he has realized that my conditions is not “acute” and I don’t look manic, and yes this man could easily have given me both of these “death sentences” to me, but when he did not, we are still “playing the game” and yes I feel and see Indians about to dance getting the remaining parts out of darkness – and it means that the Commune now will not stop my cash help, and they may now start a new case, which is to transfer me to permanent disability pension, because now the whole system of “experts” have spoken, which is that I am anti-social (I have a “negative attitude”!) and as a consequence I cannot work in any business (!), and eeehhh Alex, did you totally forget about your focus, which is that I have GOOD relations with all people as I told and wrote you over and over again (?), and also that I work better than others (?) and also that I do NOT normally speak about my website/writings making everyone see me as a completely normal person (?) – and I might add “more than average” my friend – but you “forgot” because your mind was occupied with what you thought was my “compulsory thoughts” not understanding that I was playing this game with you having “compulsory thoughts” (!), and yes yes yes, he “could not” understand my minutes of the meeting including the Queen song and that is because he is not “accustomed” and yes has not yet adapted to me, but he is getting there, just like China also is, and we know, this is what isolation and wrong culture means!
    • So his conclusion was given in forehand, but only if I played my best cards, and yes to let him understand the full story as he did, but of course “impossible” to believe in when you don’t want to read and understand. And this is how he did exactly as I told him that others before him did, and yes he was NO better than the rest, but what about your thoughts, Alex, did they start “deceiving” you?

Before going through his ”declaration” in detail and writing the bullet points above, I wrote down some paragraphs including my immediate reactions after I had read the declaration the first ime, which I will keep for you here:

This is how to do it, to convince a non-believer unconsciously, but his faith was not great enough to change what he has learned over the years and especially he was TOO LAZY and had too much better-knowing ignorance in order to understand, but to his credit, his description was very accurate (except from where I have mentioned that he was directly wrong/misleading), and it was really mainly his conclusion, which was wrong, or in other words; he understood (with his heart) but misunderstood (with his mind).

Where can I find my brave face (?), as I hear the remaining voice inside of darkness saying, and yes I have received this song only “half” many times today, and once it almost made it in, then it was excluded because the text did not fit, but it truly wants to get in, and yes for all remaining life to received both a body and a face, yes “my brave face”, which is also from my favourite album by Paul McCartney, the outstanding “flowers in the dirt” from 1989, so here it is.

And I wonder if part of the reason why he decided NOT to recommend medicine was that it would “kill me” as I told him and also wrote (when my cash help would be removed), and yes do you see how cunning the plan of darkness was to “kill me” (?), and yes this is how it worked against me, and I could only meet it at its deepest level and win by being stronger than it.

So this is how the system made me THE MOST MAD MAN imaginable (!) – but you cannot see it on me (!) – and this will eventually be replaced by a new understanding of the system including Lisbeth from the Commune in me, when they will receive faith in me and understand that I only told them the truth, and yes you did EVERYTHING you could NOT to understand me, and part of this process was to make you gradually understand me, you see (?) and yes yes yes they are not so “cross” with me anymore, which could be “the cross” killing me (!), but instead of killing me, I could bear it taking your problems away, and I hear here a large cracking sound of the kitchen, and yes darkness is almost empty as I am told but if it was full I would see flowers coming out of there as I feel, and see that it is only remaining darkness coming out from the sides of this exit, which is FULLY open, and yes this is how it is here – and it was followed by an even louder sound together with the vision of a drum with its skin being soaked out the right way :-).

So he lost his focus that I have good relations with people and work fine, which he could see with his own eyes, and instead his compulsory thoughts decided that I could not work at all – eeehhhh, how did you reach this “verdict”, Alex (?), and yes just wondering I am – and do you also believe that I am “anti-social” despite of what you saw, and yes I am really double-wondering.

And yes, Alex your misunderstanding truly made me VERY sad, and I told you that this is the effect of misunderstandings, and yes you do believe that I am the one misunderstanding and with you understanding and eehhhh do you remember what ”better-knowing ignorance” and ”wrong culture” is about (?), and yes JUST WONDERING I AM!

So this wrong “declaration” screaming to heaven is what you had ”time” to do (?), is this what the psychiatrist Henrik Day Poulsen on TV called “professional work” of psychiatrists (?), and please let me give you my verdict, as you already know: This was also POOR work by a man not taking the necessary time to UNDERSTAND and when you cannot understand, you cannot make the right conclusions, which is what this declaration of his SMELLS of from a far distance and smells as in “potential fire”, and yes now you know my “drift” (!) and one and one is two, but two and two are not four, but only three in my Universe, and yes I did not say anything “psychotic” in this sense, but this is what I am in the mindset of these people not believing in spiritual experiences, in God, thus not in me, and yes, Alex this is the SIMPLE EXPLANATION as I told you, but you “could not” listen and also not read and understand and that is because your COMPULOSORY THOUGHTS were far too strong, do you see?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was happy to receive a reply from Jane saying that it is nice to be hearing from me and “lovely to be found on Facebook”, and this was inspired words about the inner part of myself who “loves to be found” and saved 🙂 – and she writes about how she had some nice days on Bornholm and now is home in Faaborg, and how she loves to take the train (!), which is both to Copenhagen, but here also in the meaning of “to the other side”, which is really what the fight with me as I mentioned the other day is about – will she decide to believe or not believe in me (?) – and with this help, I now understand that it is NOT all MP’s of the Danish Parliament – or the European for that matter – who knows about me, but only the top of Governments, and this is how she will go through this test having colleagues of the Liberal Party of Denmark – the former Prime Minister and ministers of the Government of Denmark until 2011 – knowing about me but not speaking to “ordinary MP’s about me”, and yes will it be “possible” for you, Jane, to understand me (?), and if not, you will “help” sending me more darkness, and yes which you know is the name of the game here, and you can see from “three inspired words” in the last line of her answer that she was also thinking of me as a potential lover when we saw each other a little in the beginning of the 1990’s. And in my reply I introduce her to my website and our New World Order meaning the end of all political systems as we know today. And shortly after sending my reply to Jane, I received a visitor from the island of Funen, where she lives, to my website, but only to the front page of my website, and when seeing this, Jane, you became “shocked” as almost everyone else, and decided not to read and understand because “everyone instantly knows when seeing it that I am crazy”???

  • Steen was inspired the same way as Jane when he said that he was ready for a new day and “what will find me will always be able to shout “found””, and yes it sure is lovely to be found, you know :-).

  • I was happy seeing Dalai Lama together with Aung San Suu Kyi as I was also happy seeing her in Oslo, Norway, the other day with 21 years delay delivering her speech of thanks for the Nobel Peace Prize of 1991.

  • Torben brought a picture from 2006 where climbers of Greenpeace put a large banner over the statue of Christ in Rio, Brazil, with the message “The future of the planet is in your hands” – because of the “United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development” in Rio, Brazil, these days, and also at this “top meeting”, and it seems that the world still “cannot” agree on what should be easy to agree on in relation to “sustainable development” and a “green economy” – what about “prioritizing survival higher than money” (?) – and I replied that when mankind “could not” do this itself because of bureaucracy, fightings and “love” of money and themselves, it is good that help comes from above, which all will receive knowledge of “shortly”, and yes not even a meltdown of the globe could make “irresponsible leaders” take themselves together (!), and Torben agreed saying that nothing evil can exist in what he calls the 4th density from 2013, and we know when there will be NO MORE DARKNESS!

  • Torben was also nice to share his music and message of giving love and peace, and it made me tell him that I have now read some of his website and “listened” to it (his nice music) here, and I told the story that I love GOOD local culture and customs instead of everything everywhere becoming “mainstream” with the same food, music, shops etc. and I used the old story about the family visiting Alicante in 1999, where Torben lives, where it was a MUCH bigger experience visiting a genuine Spanish restaurant having Paella with rabbit instead of the mainstream touristic restaurants at the coast, which you will find everywhere.

  • The Christian newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad wrote that the U.N. meeting of Rio became yet a top-meeting with a poor result, and they asked “why don’t we take climate problems more seriously if they really are as destructive for our future as most scientists believe”, and I gave the same reply as I wrote to Torben, which is bureaucracy, fightings (people not being “able” to communicate) and love to money and people self, and yes I received also no feedback from anyone on this posting of mine, and yes many still believe I am crazy and the crazy part is that the official world decided to keep silent about me, and yes all the way through, they did NOT publish my arrival to the world, amazing, right?

  • Lykke is one of the Danish MP’s attending the U.N. meeting in Rio, and she was also “disappointed” with the result as she wrote in another post, and here she says that she is now on her way to Copacabana Palace, where she will represent the Danish company VELUX, which specialises in windows and skylights, in an event called “window of opportunity”, and I understood that this is about the windows of our new house as Jette has shown in pictures from Google Earth and as mentioned this morning, the new windows of our New World are being installed today, so this is what you are also showing, Lykke, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to be there too but he has sent his apologies, so “I’ll be back” as she wrote, which Arnold is famous for saying in the movie “Terminator” (!) and all of this inspiration coming to her made me tell her that she is far more “inspired” that she could ever DREAM about (!) – and she is probably going to DREAM ON without understanding that she is dreaming of me 🙂 – and I told her the same as above, which is that bureaucracy, fightings and love to money and people self of “other irresponsible leaders” made it impossible for them to do what is right, and because of this it is good to receive help from “above”, which is exactly what the expression “I’ll be back” is about, and yes Arnold also said “I’m back”, and I do wonder, Lykke, if you are also one of the MP’s not knowing about me (?), and my guess is that you do, but who knows?
    • Later when I was in the kitchen, I received the feeling of Lykke “under my skin” and hereafter a strong instinct to pour out what I thought of as cold coffee from my coffee pot before I realised, hang on, this is WARM coffee symbolising “warm feelings”, so this was symbolising the COLD feelings, Lykke sent me because of my reply, and yes maybe she really does not know about me, otherwise she would have felt differently.

  • Later Lykke said that “the conference centre in Rio is dominated by disillusion. Rio plus 20 appear as an advanced form of high political “match fixing”, where middlemen (i.e. civil servants) has reached an agreement that the match between the ministers has the end 0 to 0. Well, this does not help the world much”, and yes isn’t it amazing that the largest U.N. meeting ever with more than 50,000 people attending was “almost over before it began” as the media said here (!) – because politicians do not want to repeat the Copenhagen summit where fighting, selfish and ignorant politicians (!) could not agree when TALKING and some negotiating at the meeting itself – and yes then it is “better” to let the “knowing” civil servants agree in forehand, and they agreed that they could not agree on what is needed (!), and this is how the football match ended 0 to 0 with no winner you say (?), and let me say that the world lost the match to darkness, but because of this we all won because I did not break down, and yes because the physical world was “the opposite world”, see (?) – and here is the article she refers to.

  • Helena was inspired when showing how the DEVIL also works in terms of WRONG SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR and the newspaper Ekstra Bladet wrote that “Wham will be reunited for a one-night stand” (for one day only) and she said “I want to be part of that one-night-stand”, which apparently to many people is a “completely normal behaviour” – to have a sexual relation with another person whom you will never see again – and let me tell you that it is NOT (!), because a sexual relation is the FRUIT of being in love, and this is given to people in order to reproduce themselves, which is always done WITH LOVE, and not with “lust of cold people without feelings”, and another inspired example was given in the morning TV of TV2 yesterday when one of the hosts, Ida Wohlert, said something like “oh, it was only a one-night-stand then”, which is obviously a “completely normal behaviour” for you too, Ida (?), and let me repeat that it is NOT (!), and in our New World you will only have sexual relations when you are TRULY in love with another person and know this person and your true feelings of love “well”.

  • Søren believed this was “innocent” to do – he is also part of “original people” (!) – when he brought a link to Peter’s new comedy stripe as the replacement of “the super unicorn”, and yes then we see a man in the stripe selling hats, and one buying 70 of them, and symbolically this says that Søren replaced the unicorn of “purity and grace” symbolising me with “hats” symbolising darkness.

  • Brian brought this picture with simple minded people walking to the right following the darkness towards cheap burgers leaving out “truth, justice and wisdom” and he said that “as things are, there is really something about this for many .. really many”, and I decided to bring what may be the biggest hit of one of my top favourite bands and the name of the band is about “many people” of today and the name of the song is to tell the world “don’t you forget about me” so people will walk to the left instead meeting me :-).

  • Sally brought this picture about “good” and “evil” wolves, and I told her that we will leave out the evil in our New World, and I brought one of my top favourite songs by Duran Duran saying that I am HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF waiting for the New World (without sufferings), and after my comment one of her friends, Ryan, brought these three comments:
    • Sounds like a clan of robots to me. I hope your using the thirteen steps!
    • uh, i just said so, in the first comment. There isnt just yin and yang, there are inner and outer perspectives of where this ideal came from
    • or people who ignore or dont give a shit about or dont know them
  • And this made Sally to DELETE the entire post (!), and yes do you see the connection with the evil wolf in Sweden killing a keeper the other day (?) and yes this happened because of darkness of Sally who “cannot” believe that I am me and that I have come to her, and yes amazing, right (?) – I am the one she is waiting on (!) – and I am here given a new “rumbling” feeling to the back side of my left lower leg, and yes this is the importance of Sally, and when she “cannot” believe in me because of the old string of better-knowing ignorance, laziness etc., this is what happens, she brings me deep darkness for me to enter and liberate.

  • Jens from Selvet is seeking my friendship as the picture below shows with the elephant symbolising me – and what a “strange behaviour” that he has shut me out from Selvet then – and this is the kind of “friendship” between man and God I see in front of me in our New World.

  • The top musician of Denmark, Anne Linnet – one of the most influential ever here – wrote that it is now only five days until a new box set of one of her former bands will be released, “and for those of you, who have reserved, only TWO!”, and this made me reply that this was surely not many reservations (!) and yes if you do want to misunderstand, it is easy for many to misunderstand, and the last in line is Alex the psychiatrist – and what about Jane and him and her and … (?) – and I told her that I would have liked to hear the music she had in her heart and mind instead of being too commercial, and if she wants to see where the inspiration to her music (and also Sanne Salomonsen mentioned as example) comes from, I recommend her to read my website, and yes I was thinking that she and Sanne may speak together as friends and Sanne has had some “experiences” making her ask WHERE IS GOD/JESUS/STIG (?), and we know, “jeg er jo lige her” (“well, I am right here”).

  • What you see in Egypt these days with the military almost taking over power again, is NOT a pretty sight and another symbol of “the worst darkness”, which is.
  • Ole S.H. from Danske Bank, Freeport (colleague from 1987) and Jens H. (colleague from DFM/Aon until 1997) both accepted my invitations, but I noticed how Ole already today had left me from Facebook, and yes it did not take you long and we know first to be happy and then sad as so many others – for example you, Jane (?) – when believing that I had become mad, and MAD is what you are too, Ole, and SAD is what you also made me, and of course helped me to dig even deeper once again, and yes returning to this last place of darkness, and this is the first time ever I have this feeling of returning to where I have been before.

By the large number of short stories you can tell that darkness is again strong today.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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