June 22, 2012: Receiving declaration of faith of military forces of the world, which is opening the flower of our New World


Summary of the script today

21st June: Incredible tiredness and reactions to the psychiatrist declaration brought me the WORST sufferings ever

  • The strongest feeling of “incredible tiredness” together with reactions of family/friends to the declaration of the psychiatrist gave me the WORST sufferings ever with some people believing in me, and others having blind faith in a psychiatrist (guessing without knowing and without having faith!) giving me the stamp “crazy”, which is what makes me enter even deeper levels of darkness retrieving the next level of God including all souls of his old world previously being consumed by darkness – and we were “binding in” everything of our new house after including this the next layer of God.
  • Short stories of God celebrating the saving of another God/level, Helena symbolises “the worst darkness ever”, when this play is over, we will have a good life and risks of the survival of the Freetown of Christiania symbolising attacks of darkness threatening the survival of remaining life inside darkness.

22nd June: Receiving declaration of faith of military forces of the world, which is opening the flower of our New World

  • Dreaming of wrong sexual desire because of people going against me believing in the psychiatrist.
  • After more than two years, Jack suddenly decided to be active on Facebook again when he wrote that he has now been allowed by his place of work (!) to “deliver a quick message”, which is that he – and “his place of work” (!) – would like to “be part of the club”, which to me is our New World, and to me, this was the official declaration of faith of military forces of the world, but will you please write to me directly instead of sending me “coded messages”, which I might misunderstand? I now encourage the official world including politicians and media to publish my arrival after this declaration of faith of military forces, which is what will open “the flower of our New World”.
  • Jette’s pictures included messages that the Trinity is giving me shoes on to become my new self, the Trinity is showing that to read is to have faith, which is opening the window of our New World, the Trinity is vacuum cleaning the house, “the Trinity creates the light – maybe a paradise bird will come through to us”, the Trinity of our New World consist of the unity of all Trinities of previous worlds, my scripts on the sky are written in computer language, which can be decoded – do they include the words of my scripts in the sky?
  • Short stories of the psychiatrist declaration attracting the most visitors EVER to my Scribd site, satiric news claimed that God don’t want to reveal his belief of homosexual marriages, which made me tell them that I have given my blessings, A fish made in the sand of Rio showed itself lifting out of sand, i.e. out of sufferings of darkness, the Swedish movie series of “Stig Helmer” is about Stig never giving up to save everything absorbed by darkness, the large stone statues of Easter Island are communication signs for the Universe, I told Johannes – anchor of news on TV2 – that I don’t like their sensation journalism and attack on “victims”, but he “could not” listen to the truth and wanted me to listen to his WRONG perception of the truth (!), a “simply impossible” agreement between the RED and BLUE side of the Danish Parliament symbolises everything of darkness coming to me.


21st June: Incredible tiredness and reactions to the psychiatrist declaration brought me the WORST sufferings ever

Incredible tiredness and reactions to the psychiatrist declaration brought me the WORST sufferings ever

When I was preparing to publish my script at 03.20 I was shown a farm house and told that we now only need to bind everything in and this is also in relation to creating the new structure of our New World including the next layer of God.

I was told that publishing the specialist declaration of the psychiatrist on Scribd and Facebook will also make my sister read it – on contrary to my scripts – which is also “required to finish this off as good as possible”.

I was told that “you cannot do this to make seem for the future that darkness never happened”, and yes this is what we are doing when we truly are reversing everything as if this is a new beginning, which is exactly what it is, and I felt no congratulations from us yet, we just have to finish the last first.

At 05.00 when I had finished work, I received a new feeling of this the next part of the spirit of my mother dripping because of sufferings, and yes this is the next level – what may be the last – of her now entering, and hopefully the next – and last (?) – level of the spirit of my father will come later.

I was given the lyrics “unaccustomed as I am” from “my brave face” by Paul McCartney with not me is about “not adapted yet”, which you know is the conclusion with the psychiatrist “not understanding” me and apparently also China.

I was thinking that I do know that the most inner of the Source is still light because this I was “told from the beginning”, and I don’t remember how long it is since I was told that light is being sent out from the innermost, which is changed before it comes out and that is changed by darkness surrounding it, so this is also confirmation to me.

I was told about the official system and the psychiatrist that we had to go to the extreme edge where the system gave up on me – they “could not” see I was both normal and worked fine even though I showed them over and again (!) – and that is just like my mother as I was told, and then I felt how she had given up on me again now, and without this, I would not be able to go deep enough, which came to me here with an “inspired feeling” give to the inside of the backside of my left lower leg.

I received more pain to the backside of my left lower leg and also STRONG pain to the inside of my right hand, and I was told that this means the same as when it is given to my right foot.

I was “killing” time, which is the worst there is when being “more tired than you can imagine” and at 05.30 I was “desperately” tired not knowing how to continue, but still this is what I did.

After 06.00 I moved from the computer, which I “could not” continue killing time on – also making me feel “desperate” because of incredible strong “impatience of tiredness” – and around the time at 07.30 it was truly impossible not to sleep, and I hit a new lower level of tiredness I have never been on, which is “the worst torture which is”, but instead of sleeping, I decided to go for a walk to see if this would give me “a little extra time”.

When I was sitting on a bench outside I felt new overwhelming darkness coming to me from the outside, and this darkness was so strong that when I was looking at a bird, it wanted to show me its large hand crushing the bird, and this darkness still wants to swear through my mouth, throw darkness at the New World pushing it to me as my “generator” and it wants to put down, crush and ridicule everything, and when being more tired than ever also having to absorb this darkness without giving in, this is when you get the worst sufferings in the world, and yes I knew that this was about reactions to my new script and also to the declaration of the psychiatrist, which I had uploaded here shortly before publishing the previous script.

I received one of my old favourite songs from the 1980’s – also from my favourite genre making it even more “favourite” – which was “wishing” by “A flock of seagulls” and the lyrics “If I had a photograph of you, Its something to remind me”, and when writing this down, I am given the reference to a couple of seagulls passing here the last couple of days, and normally there are not seagulls here, and yes I love all birds, but I have to say that some sing beautifully, which however does NOT include seagulls (I still remember the incredible annoying seagulls making NOISE when working in Glostrup for GE Insurance around 2000 to 2002, do you remember this too my old colleagues?), and this is how this song now also describes my sufferings and yes wishing that I had a photograph of you is about the wish to live a life without sufferings, but we know not yet, there is still more work to be done.

When I returned home, I decided to watch a new miracle crusade video by Benny Hinn and instantly I was shown and told about “grosse gewächs” vineyards (the finest German wine) coming closer, so you do have a good influence also on me and creation, Benny.

I was told that for the light at the middle of the Source all darkness around it “felt like a big pimple on the nose, but nothing more than this”.

At 10.00 I had crossed my outermost limit of tiredness, which I thought was TRULY impossible to do, and I was more tired – suffering – than ever before at the same time as I received the worst negative voice of darkness including the “worst sexual words”, and please understand that when you have gone through all I have and still expand my pain limits, this is the worst kind of BAD there is as in “unbearable times I don’t know how many ….” and I had decided that now “this is it, I cannot anymore”, but somehow I did not lay down to sleep but continued trying to stay awake, and I was also shown how “everything inside of there becomes more yellow and less dark”.

At 11.00 I could not continue even with my best and outermost will, so I laid down on my sofa thinking that maybe I can get 1, 2 or 3 hours to get me through this, but I was NOT allowed to sleep and here feeling worse than ever before (!!!), which came as a surprise to me, and I was given a vision of committing a robbery at a bank not wearing shoes (the next layer of God not in yet as I understood it) and something about a bag of money, which is already there at the bank, and the police are not following me, but investigating penalties.

I continued laying on the sofa for a while with my eyes closed, and I don’t believe I slept, I do believe I was awake, but I am not entirely sure, maybe I was given “a little sleep”, but I was so tired that I also felt physically poor with a “disgusting feeling” in my throat the rest of the day.

Not that many months ago I “could not” write on my script at the second day awake after a night without sleep, which I have become accustomed to doing the last couple of months even though I have felt poorly – because it is better to do what you can today instead of postponing to tomorrow – but today I was feeling worse than ever before, and even though I received a little encouragement to write, I decided that “this is completely out of the question”, I could not, which also included not being able to comment new pictures of Jette, but I decided to send her this short email telling her that I have “one of the hard days and will first comment tomorrow” – always better to communicate so people will know instead of wondering – and she said “I know – there is much dirt” (she saw it on Google Earth).

I was told “first a world war, then destruct everything, no one could enter here – only you” (about the plans of darkness, whihc was stopped when I entered) and I understood that I am now entering even deeper levels because of the declaration of the psychiatrist and the thoughts and feelings this bring my family/friends etc. via Facebook, where I published it early this morning and I might as well bring this too so you can see it (see below), and first I published the WRONG declaration of the psychiatrist, which you can read here, and I also brought the link here to my memo I prepared for the meeting with the psychiatrist, and with this, it was up to my family/friends etc. to decide “what do I believe in – is Stig telling the truth or will I decide to believe in a psychiatrist” (?), and I might add that this is “a psychiatrist NOT having any faith in spiritual experiences and God” (!) and yes this is what “the fight” is about (!), and just thinking of it, Alex decided to give his verdict guessing (not knowing!) that I must have poor relations with people, not hearing what I told him that I have FINE relations with all people (!) and he did not “like” to follow up asking people of this (poor work!), and yes he “did not have the time” to do this, and does this bring “poor conscience” to you, Alex, for NOT doing your best work (?), and yes you did exactly what Henrik Day Poulsen warns about, which is NOT to do poor work, but we know base your “verdict” on “many conversations”, and yes the better you know me via meetings and/or Facebook postings (and my website/scripts), the more faith you will gain in me, and yes I wonder how much faith Lisbeth from the Commune will have by now (?) and we know when I don’t have to defend myself anymore, I don’t have to speak as much as in the beginning with the ONLY purpose to MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND and instead we can have perfectly normal conversations, and we know Alex was WILL DEAF to the point, where he “could not” understand even the most basic parts of what I told him including that I “without feelings” (!!!) – WHERE DO YOU KNOW THIS FROM, ALEX (?), and just wondering I am, did you not see a completely normal man in ALL respects sitting in front of you (???) – and yes he also “could not” understand that the only reason why I spoke much was to help him understand and that this is NOT what I normally do as I told him, and yes then he decided to actively misunderstand me (not to believe in me) also on this, and we know I could keep on writing down my feelings and views on his POOR AND WRONG WORK, but now this has to be it, we have to KEEP MOVING to reach ONE BETTER DAY for all of us – and until then tomorrow’s just another day and that is until I will open MY HOUSE 🙂 – and yes MADNESS is what you see, my friends, but NOT in me, but in Alex – and Lisbeth before him, and Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune before her and all other people who “could not” understand me because they “could not” listen/read (!) – and MADNESS is also what it is below, but here it is favourite music of mine to show you my warm feelings to all people :-).

And yes I wonder how many people decide to believe in me and how many have blind faith in the doctor not knowing what he speaks of (?) and yes this is indeed what is bringing me sufferings today, and saving much new life because I need both more faith and more lack of faith to go deeper in darkness.

I was told that the weapon of darkness was to remove my tongue either by removing my scripts from the Internet, which I don’t know how many people HATED (!), and yes like in “TALK TALK” you know, or to lock me behind bars of a mental hospital, which would both result in the end of the world, but no one was strong enough doing this, and as you have seen, it required that I absorbed the STRONGEST attack of “everyone” against me and only when people and now the system gave up on me, I would come to the other side, and yes I would probably have received “poor odds” from a betting company to come through this, don’t you think?

And we know Stig, DON’T TELL ME YOU’RE THE DEVILS FRIEND, otherwise this may become “the game above my head” and yes just telling you that I am moving other favourite music from my “second” to my “first” playlist on Spotify and yes the same as being promoted from second to PREMIER division or to tell you how it is, to save even more life, and yes not easy to do with a BLIND VISION, but still this is what we do :-).

Finally during the afternoon, the worst darkness decreased, and now I was “only” more tired than ever having to last the rest of the day, and yes I don’t wish that anyone will experience this, but take the feeling of a Zombie, do you think you can “try” understand how this feelings like, and yes like darkness all over your inside, which could become “dust” just like that because it removes all of your strength and this is how I also feel, as if my skeleton was crushing and that is not only of me, but the structure of the Universe you know.

I was shown the connection to life inside of darkness as a BROADBAND and this broadband being the GOLDEN HORNS self, which is about ENERGY and life being released from there, and yes the golden horns are Danish national treasures.

The Golden Horns of Denmark are symbols of “energy of life”

I was told tat we are now reversing the inside of ourselves to silver (the colour of my mother of our New World) – and I was actually shown this as a vision of the head of the late Swedish actor Inga Gill (being distorted on my TV screen and in a vision turning into silver) when she was a guest on the Swedish “Guest at Hagge” show, and yes because this to me is “as Swedish as it gets”, which symbolically means “the biggest joy and happiness” imaginable.

In the evening “very quietly” and “teasing me” I received a short visit by this the next level of the spirit of my father and he told me “I have put my sword with you – if you want it” (?) and “yes thank you”, but the feeling, you know …. – was this truth or false (?), and just thinking that this is what my family/friends etc. are now thinking, and yes is it “difficult” for you to believe in me after seeing my name on the sky via Google Earth as I showed you on Facebook postings the other day and after seeing my scripts and memo for the psychiatrist (?) because “of course” a psychiatrist must be right, or what (?) – people “know” that doctors are to be trusted as I have shown you before via the young people attacking me in Jette’s group – and yes how stupid can you get (?), and this is the question, which Alex will also “wake up” to himself and that is in relation to his own behaviour, and yes “why did I decide NOT to listen to Stig and all of the evidence he presented for me” (example: if I am “crazy”, this is what you believe Alice Bailey is too and everyone else channelizing spiritual information?) and yes because you had COMPULSORY THOUGHTS leading you and we know BETTER-KNOWING IGNORANCE is what I told you it is called, remember?

I was told that the greatest danger now is to remove the connection to darkness, which will bring my mother’s life in risk and also that this will not take many hours to do and then we will get up to the surface of the water, and yes this is what I was told and I wondered if this is how it is going to be because I thought that this would be a connection we would continue having but changing it from minus to plus, but “everything goes” as long as it is light determining the agenda, and yes with this addition, I feel fine about this too.

And this was followed with an INCREDIBLE sensitive feeling given to the inner side of my palate, which gave me tickling feelings together with “incredible sensitiveness”, and I was also asked “can we try killing you too” (?), and yes you are welcome, but there is nothing you can do because I am the best protected of all, and apparently we were again here on the outermost of what was needed to do this task, and I was told that we will not need to cut open the arms of darkness, which is what our sufferings are strong enough to do.

Later I was told “then it just have to grow together – the new we have build in”, which you know is the next part of God, and I was shown a new BLUE WHALE back in the sea wagging its tail, and yes a whale is a “world”, so now I better understand what “new layers of God” is, it is one world after the other being saved from darkness and included as part of our New World, and it includes all of the souls of this world, which you know are other and older versions of ourselves, which will become parts of our new selves, and I am wondering about meeting the original creator already in 2011 when I lived in Lyngby, because I am thinking that we are going back in creation meeting one older version of God/the world after the other, and the original creator should be at the end of all of this, but this is what I was told in 2011, so you better look out for him first as part of your plan back then, my dear spiritual friends (?), and yes this is the only logics to this, and so it is.

I watched the first half of the quarter final between Portugal and Czech Republic – this is all I could do before going to bed – and now I was hoping that Portugal would win, and the Danish commentator said with inspiration “it is an excellent Portuguese adaption”, which is about the process, which people/China go through from resisting to understanding me, and they also said “it has not been an Eldorado of open goal chances in the first half”, and no I/we have not received much “gold”, i.e. energy, of our New World, but it will come. And about Ronaldo being close to score and now on my team – in my mind because he is a BRILLIANT football player – they said “a mad action, Ronaldo” and “an insane good pass”, and yes Ronaldo was now a symbol of me being “insane” which is what many simple minded people out there unfortunately still think of me. And they also said about Ronaldo “if two teams have eliminated each other’s strength, it is good to have him”, and yes if plus and minus “eliminate” each other without any side being able to win, I am doing the rest of the work as an individual, and yes just like Messi keep on scoring even though Barcelona did not win the Spanish nor the Champions League this season, and so it is.

Before going to bed I was shown a GIANT central train station, and we do not talk about just a large station, no we talk about a GIANT station and I saw that my sister has arrived at one train and I was told “the sheer number of trains ….”, and yes more and more people read and obtain faith in me, which this is about.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Lykke was inspired once again writing from Rio that “Wednesday is apparently a “party-day” in Rio. Outside my window plenty of dancing is going on in the neighbour bar”, and you do remember that “dancing” is my symbol of joy and celebration and “bar” is a symbol of God, so this is what we are doing; celebrating the save of this the next world today.

  • Helena had a “too sexual” post, which she has now removed, which is symbolising “the worst darkness ever”, and here she writes “Now: Children theatre. Later: Tivoli revue with him the funny”, which is just to say that after this play of ours, we will have a “good time/life”.

  • The last weeks Danish politicians have threatened to change their support to the already made agreement that the Freetown of Christiania in Copenhagen will take over all buildings and the area from the state the 1st July – symbolising the saviour of the entire world – and that is because of crime on Christiania (made mainly by outsiders!), and now Christiania threatens not to take over the area because of lack of faith of politicians (!), and yes all of this is darkness working trying to stop this process as it tries to stop the process saving the last life inside of darkness.


22nd June: Receiving declaration of faith of military forces of the world, which is opening the flower of our New World

Dreaming of wrong sexual desire because of people going against me believing in the psychiatrist!

Finally at 21.20 I went to bed last night, and I was woken up a couple of times during the night thinking that I now would not be allowed to sleep any longer, but I kept on sleeping until 09.30 (!) and woke up with two hiccups one for sacrifices of the world to bring me sleep and the other from continuing work, and this will have to be how we get through my sleep, i.e. the world is sacrificing.

  • Poor notes of this dream but something about Lars G’s offices, which are probably burned. We will meet in town. I have had mortgage deeds put in as security for loans, but they are now being released. Being sweethearts with Vivian.
    • Lars G. is a symbol of God, and is this about a new layer of God being burned down (?), and that is if there are more layers (?), and we have retrieved “houses”, i.e. a new level of God, which was tired up with “money”, i.e. energy of darkness/nothing. And sweethearts with Vivian is what darkness wants to do, which may say that when sleeping, it brings destructions to the Universe.
  • I have become the new daily manager of a company, and I can tell that improvements can be made to direct mails and telemarketing campaigns. And a new car, which may work or may be sold.
    • Direct mails and telemarketing is about promoting my writings (?), and a new car is about a new next level of me inside of darkness?
  • I also received the strongest dream of WRONG sexual desires, which is really to say that family/friends etc. are reacting STRONGLY to the declaration of the psychiatrist, which truly makes me wonder, but this is how it is with some people being lazy and simple minded believing in authorities in stead of me.

Still receiving MUCH work and much darkness – am I going to become “dry” now?

When I woke up, I feared that this will become the beginning of two new days without sleep in between because of the strong darkness included in dreams and the many hours of sleep, and yes this is how it normally looks like when I have to go through another of these nightmares, so we will see.

I was given the feeling of darkness and another snake inside the back side of my left my lower leg, which is more darkness coming to me to be converted to light, and yes you are welcome, and at the same time my monitor were doing a couple of rounds of blinking to me, and yes we are doing new rounds of the match between Clay and Foreman, this is how this feels like, to be constantly beaten up by Foreman, and he is hitting hard, you know.

I started working at 11.10 and continued until 15.30 until I had written the script of yesterday, and here I could have decided to exercise – a new cycling tour – but I was still feeling poorly and also had the script of today to write, so I decided to prioritize this today.

During the day I received some heart pain and small heart attacks telling me that darkness is truly strong.

I felt the king inside of me reaching for my knife at my right side saying “no one is going to be killed now” and I felt that the pain I am going through today is “after-pains” after having done the main part of the (last?) task, and “pain” is what I still received through pretty strong and negative darkness still making life a hell, only less today.

During the day I was now given STRONG and sudden pain to the inner of my left thigh, which I did not know was about, but if you are doing new structural changes, it is fine by me, and yes as long as it is the light working – and we know potentially so strong that it could make me negative and stop my work, so it took quite much to absorb this and just to continue working as if nothing happened.

Jette called me again this evening and we had a new nice talk, and this time it was better when I did not receive as much darkness as the last time we spoke making it almost impossible for me to put words together, but still it was not normal, and it is NOT because I am “afraid” or “nervous” but simply another way that darkness is given to me for me to absorb, and besides from talking in general, she gave me the interesting information that my scripts on the sky actually contains “computer-language”, which can be decoded, and she recommended me to ask if someone can decode these, and first I was thinking of my nephew Niklas (?) and here I am thinking of the Facebook group of the Jerusalem UFO (?) and I will follow up on this, and she also told me that she has asked to become Facebook friends with my aunt (!), and yes this is of course perfectly fine with me, Jette, and just maybe you can help my aunt to receive an even stronger faith in me. Finally she also told me that she was surprised over the MUCH sexual activity, which she sees on the sky, and I recommended her to write about this, not explicitly, but in general that it is there for people to understand that this is WRONG sexual drive of darkness also constantly given to me, and that is to help people understand, you know.

Darkness again tried to use ”too much work” to stress me and make me outburst negativity, but NEVER (!), and it gave me a feeling to the backside of my left lower leg and I felt and was asked “can I just get down to get some more” and this was darkness wanting to escape, and the answer is simply “every little thing of you is going to become light, so you may bring exactly this; every little thing”.

I was shown a towel drying a face, and I heard “are we now going to get dry, completely dry” (?) and I did not hear an answer, but I do hope that this is what we are coming to, and yes “dry” it “without sufferings”.

I was told by people of other civilizations that “we are all parked and ready to land on Earth”, which will happen when I open the eyes of my new self.

I received the STRONG feeling and vision of the New World wanting to dive down to my right and left angles to release me from darkness and that this is the key which one of Jette’s pictures showed.

I was given coughing from darkness, which I still am sometimes telling me about John receiving “treatment” and maybe even my father.

I kept on working most of the evening on my script of today, and fist at 00.55 I published the last two days of scripts, and hereafter I can “look forward to” yet another night of hell fighting tiredness to bring even more out of darkness, and yes we will continue until every little thing is with us, which this is still about, and I have a little work I can to do to my website and “my sufferings”, which I might do, and we will see for how long I am able to last this time, and I don’t think it will be for very long, but we will see.

What is light and what is darkness (?) – is the game of my journey stopping now or will it continue?

I heard the 2nd half of the match between Germany and Greece while continuing to work and when Greece equalised to 1 to 1, the Danish commentator said “we see from the Greeks that they just keep on and on and on”, which you know was a reference to me and my decision to “just keep on and on and on”, and when Germany scored to 2 to 1, they spoke of first “patience” and then “an explosion” as if Greece was my team, and Germany was not, but Germany also scored to 3 to 1 and the commentator said about the goal scorer, Klose, that he has been much unselfish, symbolising me, and when they also scored to 4 to 1, they spoke about the BORN pass and “it is the cat’s paw from …”, which was about my birth with “cat” being light, so what is light and what is darkness in the game of this match (?) and in other words “which philosophy to follow” (?) and yes before the match, Lykke brought this post as a warm-up for the match, and it is the sketch of Monty Python where two teams of philosophers of Germany and Greece playing against each other, and no one knew what to do until Greece received a bright idea and decided to score and win the game, but this evening in real life, it went the opposite way with Germany winning, so what is light and what is darkness (?) and are we about to finish my entire journey, or is there another level, which has burned down (?), and who knows (?), we will see what happens, and yes still the same old story that as long as I receive darkness, I will continue the game, and I receive pretty strong darkness still trying to overtake me when this is written ….

After the match, Henrik said ”Klose – but no cigar” meaning that Klose and Germany are light, and who knows because I do not.

Receiving declaration of faith of military forces of the world, which is opening the flower of our New World

During the day I was surprised to see that Jack apparently had decided to become active again on Facebook, when I saw in the right column of my screen that he had become friends with two people.

But what I was not prepared for was that he had also decided to bring the “coded message” below, which is how I saw it, because how can you otherwise “decipher” his message here translated into English:

Back on Facebook after a long time of absence. Has at my new place of work been told that this is a good forum and sometimes the easiest way, if you just have to deliver a quick message. And there, I of course would like to be part of the club :-). And then there is also the opportunity to check up on what old acquaintances and friends are doing. And this is always exciting. Have a really good midsummer eve”.

So what is this about (?), and yes instantly after reading the message, I was given the feeling of the helicopter flying over me again and again and again the other day, where I in my script writing on this asked to receive “direct communication” instead if this was from military forces, and to me Jack’s “innocent” was confirmation of faith of military forces in me, because Jack says that he has now been allowed by his place of work (!) to “deliver a quick message”, which is that he – and “his place of work” (!) – would like to “be part of the club”, which to me is our New World, and with this understanding I gave my reply with my voice inspiring me to write “it is “caught”, Jack – lovely to hear from you, and give my regards to your new place of work and your family. See you in “the club”” and “caught” was with the meaning “I understand that you do understand me and that military forces have faith in me as the Son of God” and “to be part of the club” is about accepting our New World, and yes this is how I read it, and we know as an official declaration of faith from what I first thought was the Danish military forces, but then I was given a feeling making me think that this might be of military forces of the entire world that Jack is communicating on behalf of?

Later, I received a small déjà vue giving me the feeling that “I have felt this before and now I experience it”.

And I was told that military forces have been “fuel” until now, i.e. darkness, and first when you “come out of the closet” showing your faith in me, the flower will start to bloom, and this was “arranged” to happen at the same time as the blooming of the “largest flower in the world”, see below.

So I give you my thank you, but kindly ask you to NOT write to me in code, will you please write directly, honestly and openly the next time because this is as you know part of my Basic Working Rules, and when you do not, there is a risk that I will misunderstand you – but so far, so good, this was the military world saying “we are with you”, so maybe the official world of politicians and media will do the same so the story of me can spread to the world, and yes this is what I kindly ask you to do, and what about you, Hollande, are you MAN for this job (?) and just wondering I am, and if you “cannot”, WHO CAN (?), and yes I am not asking Obama as part of the game, but if a journalist would like to ask him the question about me and himself too, he will tell you the truth, and yes this is what I told you a VERY long time ago, but no one DARED to pop the question for him, but maybe now someone DARES – and that is unless you are still WIMPS out there (?), which you may not be now when the military forces have approved me???

And to mark this with some of our favourite music, Jack, there is ONLY ONE SONG fitting here, and that is TRUE FAITH by NEW ORDER, and yes you were a long time an even greater fan of this magnificent band, and your love for this band was what helped me to I do believe as much a fan as you are :-).

Google Earth: My scripts on the sky are written in computer language, which can be decoded

After I have written the other part of the script of today, I started at 20.22 this evening to comment some of Jette’s many pictures of today and yesterday and we know “mentally impossible” work (of the entire day) is becoming “normal” to me, and here is a picture from the 20th June where Jette says that the Trinity is integrating STIG and “the surfer shoes are on”, which is to say that I am becoming my new self because I am the surfer and “shoes” mean “to be”.

In this picture from yesterday, Jette says that the Trinity is pointing at reading matter and window, which is a little dull, however there is much light, and I tell the story about “to read is to believe, and faith is what opens the window of our New World” and the declaration of faith from armed forces of today.

Here Jette says “now it runs for our Lord – the Trinity – with the vacuum cleaner – it takes the gray and spread the light” and yes it is always nice to have a “clean house” as I replied, and here it is in the house of God where we will keep cleaning until everything is clean.

I was happy that Jette decided to bring this picture underneath the clouds from Nordkapp in Norway confirming to me that my scripts on the sky are actual clouds and not “spiritual influence on the programme Google Earth”, which I have been in doubt about, and I replied that yesterday morning I was shown some stripes of clouds myself here in Helsingør to tell me that these scripts are actual clouds.

Here she writes “the Trinity creates the light – maybe a paradise bird will come through to us”, and I brought the picture of one of these beautiful PARADISE birds to symbolise the freedom and beauty of our New World.

Here she writes about a “baby laughing” – “don’t throw him all the way up to Poland”, “hope the small one is laughing, the usual clear laughter”, “it is a small Swede, I believe the land of joy and happiness” and I reply “many smiles as you say because we are coming closer to this Paradise of joy and happiness” where the baby is me/the New World as the result of creation.

Here Jette says “try to solve this riddle: There is more light than darkness, there are several clear – recognizable – heads – there are at least 4 united triangles – tentacles or spirals, which embrace heads – read: souls and convincing light heads, which try to convince darkness”, and I tell the story about 4 united triangles being different versions of the Trinity from different, previous worlds, which are united to ONE in our New World the same way as all individuals will be united with all of their versions of previous worlds.

And here is the picture, which Jette told me about over the telephone, and it is about my scripts on the sky being written in “computer-language”, which can be decoded the same way as for example this crop circle, and maybe someone seeing this will decode these pictures to see what they contain (?) and just maybe they contain my words on the sky for everyone to read, which should make it “pretty easy” for everyone to obtain faith in me?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday, I had a total of 277 visitors to my documents at Scribd and of these, 228 were visitors to the psychiatrist declaration (!!!) as you can see below, and yes this declaration (of darkness!) has in ONE DAY received even more visitors than my memo telling the truth about my “spiritual experiences” for the psychiatrist and even more visitors than I have ever had before on Scribd (!!!), and yes many people apparently have a “blind faith” to a psychiatrist not believing in my “spiritual experiences” but thinking that I am “hallucinating” as a “mad man” (?), and yes it makes me wonder that some people can be in doubt, but this is how it is, this is what makes the strongest feelings in family/friends etc. and the ones not believing in me are sending me the worst darkness I have ever received, which they of course don’t know, otherwise they would do their best to understand me, thus supporting me, and I wonder “how can some of you still be in doubt about me” after Google Earth pictures the other day showed you my name of the sky and my memo telling you the truth, and yes “bad craziness” is what this is about, both the psychiatrist and people believing in him.

  • “The Rokoko Post” is another example of satiric/fake news, which I find entertaining/funny as long as people know that this is what it is, and in this article they write that the Church Minister has set up a committee to revise the Bible, because it should say that God recognises homosexual marriage, and in the article, God will not reveal what he believes or homosexuals but “I will get in control of everything before it is too late” as he should have sais, and it made people think this is “one of the most funny articles for a long time”, and Svend Erik brought a link to the video below about Moses dropping five of the original 15 commandments only leaving 10 (!), and yes I decided to tell them that God indeed has acknowledge homosexual marriage and “when God will get in control of everything, darkness will no longer attract people sexually to the same gender, which is now close to happening” and yes “seek the truth about me, read and you don’t need funny articles like this”, and I wonder just how many people this “attracted” to me with the thought “he must be crazy”, and no, I am not, you are when not reading and understanding me but following your wrong compulsory thoughts (!), and one of these days they will discover that I was the truth and they ”could not” tell because of themselves. And yes, there is more than 10 commandments, I have now given you another 20 Basic Working Rules to follow, 10 on my website, and another 10 for you to find out there (one of the stolen scripts from May 2009!).

  • The U.N. meeting in Rio, with the poor result, also included this inspired sculpture of a fish made by plastic bottle, and it shows the fish lifting itself out of the sand, which you know is a symbol of my new self, our New World, lifting itself our of the sufferings caused by darkness, see – and yes I am thinking of THE JOURNEY TO RIO and yes “give me free” :-).

  • These days, a very rare event is happening when the Titan arum – the plant with the world’s largest inflorescence – of the Botanic Garden of Copenhagen is flowering, which it will do for a few days only, and then it will take “years” to flower again – “The plant flowers only infrequently in the wild and even more rarely when cultivated” as Wikipedia says – and to me this is about the flowering of the largest flower in the world, which is about the flower of our New World now being fully developed, which is the understanding coming to me together with the feeling of the spirit of my mother, which this is symbolising and that is together with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and what is the greatest love song in the world (?) was my thought, and yes I could only think of “all you need is love” by the Beatles, so this will have to do here symbolising the GREATEST LOVE OF GOD TO MAN :-). The flower is also known under the names “corpse flower” (because of its strong smell of rottenness) and “penis flower”, which is to say that this is what we have gone through, the rottenness of darkness forcing wrong sexual desire upon us in order to liberate all previous life/worlds and build our New World.

  • I much liked the following post from Politiken including this video sequence showing you how the flower flowers, and Birgitte was inspired when speaking of Dennis the Menace, who was looked after by the meddlesome neighbour and the boy – known to destroy everything because of his “unlucky behaviour” – destroys the neighbours rare flower, which only flowers for a moment, and nobody gets to see this then, and yes just showing you that it is NOT easy to recreate everything absorbed by darkness “forever and ever” and to build the flower of our New World, which this is symbolising.

  • Torben brought this review of the new Danish artist Astrid Nora calling herself ”Where did Nora go”, and he said that “after each song it is like there is a world of silence” and he asks “is this where Nora went” (?) and then he writes “Astrid Nora lyder, som om hun ikke helmer, før hun finder hende” (“Astrid Nora sounds like she wont stop until she finds her”) and the words “helmer ikke” (“wont stop”) are only very rarely used in Danish today, and to me this was about the Swedish movie series of “Stig Helmer”, see also below, simply meaning that “Stig wont stop until he has found everything inside the world of silence” (i.e of darkness).

  • Already yesterday Jette shared a link to this video by a band called “Helmer” singing about “the island of Lolland, where the beets grow” which also made med think of Stig Helmer and the two inspired messages together makes me understand that it is indeed about Stig Helmer and the symbol that I would NEVER give up until we have saved every little thing from inside of darkness, and I brought the clip about Stig Helmer on holiday to Gran Canaria, which I have received some strong feelings about the last couple of days.

  • The other day I was told that the large Stone Statues of the Easter Island was made by people of other civilizations to be used as “communication signs” for the Universe, and today BT shared a story about “mystery solved”, where they said that 18 men with three strong ropes could move these five ton heavy statues, but no my friends, it was not man creating these statues, so now you know :-).

  • Johannes from TV2 said that a Facebook posting can bring much with it, when one of his previous posts were “snapped” by the gossip, where he both eats (with a bib) and works at the same time, and it made me tell him that it is good not to spill, and then I wrote what I thought the other day, where he kept on asking Lars Løkke in Rio the same question over and over again about his tour to Rio via USA, which was blown out of proportions if you ask me (concentrate on the CONTENT of the story, and not all of the spin and “sensations”, which may or may not be important), and I told him that it would “suit” him and TV2 if they do not attack “victims” when interviewing them and if they did a proper piece of work instead of their superficial sensation journalism, which I do NOT like, but still I of course wish everyone at TV2 a good day, to point out that I am NOT negative when writing directly as what most people believe (!), and it made Johannes tell me that he does not like interrupting people, but he does this when guests deliberately do not answer, so he encouraged me to listen the next time (!), and yes this is what he wrote (!!!), and it made me tell him that this is about getting the right angle on the story (go for the ball and not the man – they always go after the man on TV2, even more than DR1!) and to be serious/objective and go in depth, and I told him that it is all of their culture which is wrong, and apparently they cannot or will not see this themselves (that they are working poorly with sensation journalism) as most cannot and then we can keep discussing without people understanding the truth, which I then encourage people to read at my site of media and politicians, and Tina was one of these simple minded people thinking that I am negative without understanding that I am objective (!), so she encouraged me to write a complaint to TV2 (!), and not to bother Johannes just doing his job, which he is very good at as she says, and no I am sorry, Johannes, you are NOT very good at your job as you might think yourself too, because you are doing everything, which is wrong, which you know is to work superficially going after the man and not the ball and yes because ratings, money and your own career, and so it is – but still you understood that my “criticism” is both kind and well formulated, and so it is. During this “dialogue” I was given the word “Sandefjord”, which is a fjord/municipality of Norway, at the same time as this was also about Sandemose, the author of the Jante Law, and I received the words “don’t think you are anything special”, which this “law of the Devil” is about, and this was the feeling given to me from Johannes, and yes just saying that TV2 is also following “the law of the Devil”, which Norway is also a symbol of, and yes I am not to tell you Johannes about the media, because you are the “professional” and I know nothing? Later I thought that Johannes’ reply to me suggests seems that “normal journalists” of media do not have access to information about me via “the secret network” and that it is only above a certain level that people – of media, politics, military (and the business world too?) – receive “authority”, and yes only the absolute “top of the world” know about me, and these were the people who “could not” tell the world about me and “the terrible secret” of the Judgment and my (possible) return (if I could avoid the world from going under) as they have carried on their shoulders, and we know because they “could not” reveal the wrong-doings of the old world to the world.

  • Brian brought a link to ”Luk vinduet op” (”open the window”) by Tøsedrengene (”the WIMPS”), and to me this is about opening the New World and that is when the WIMPS of the world will open the window as the WIMPS of the military did today.

  • For weeks the ”red” Government of Denmark have negotiated with the ”blue” opposition about a new tax reform, and it has included all of the usual POOR COMMUNICATION and ”spin” with Lars Løkke playing the “strong man” telling the government and telling the media that he was leaving for the Rio meeting in Brazil, when he first visited his daughter in the USA; and yes the negotiations “could not” continue without him (!), and yes yes yes to cut a long story short, these negotiations to bring RED and BLUE together (symbols of bringing everything of darkness, red, to me as blue) were “simply impossible” to do, but then today Berlingske wrote that a “sensational blue agreement is on its way, and yes just another small symbol. On the other hand, this can also eventually bring the government down because its supporting party, the Red-Green alliance, was not part of this agreement, and they have now “pulled the security plug” of the government, and this could also be a symbol, so we will see how it goes – and yes this agreement means less money for people already having the least and more for people having the most, and if this is FAIR (?), no it is not, it is WRONG!

  • I have really decided not to mention the feelings I receive about people, but for weeks I have been told about my old colleague from Aon, Nefer (now Willis) again and again and again, and she is not my Facebook friend but a connection on LinkedIn, and I wonder if my postings of new scripts via LinkedIn helped your faith in me, Nefer, and that this is why I keep receiving your name, and “England” is also mentioned to me often here, and yes “thinking of winning the European Championships” (?) and to me this might also be about what is the British Parliament up to???


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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