June 24, 2012: My journey to remove darkness was planned by the original creator inside the innermost of creation


Summary of the script today

23rd June: I am alone without human love and friendships because of ignorance/non-belief of some and fear/belief of others

  • I was kept awake the whole night and day again – NOT easy but easier than the last time – and told that the train of the New World arrived so quickly that we are now saving parts of the Old World, which was destroyed because of this.
  • Life inside of darkness: “You are without knowing that you are”!
  • You have just gone through the worst, which no one ever has gone through before”.
  • I did my best asking the Jerusalem UFO group and my nephew to help me decode my scripts on the sky, but I received no answers today, and am likely only to receive SILENCE.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures brought stories of people supporting me when reading/understanding but in practise I am alone without human love and friendships because of ignorance/non-belief or fear/belief, darkness bringing murder, violence and rapes, and a column of light is built up and cemented.
  • Short stories encouraging the editor-in-chief of BT now to write about me, “the town is wakening” as our new selves, Søren Pind was “the father of darkness” inspiring the RED government to steal from the poor and give to the rich, Sally looks forward to Jesus returning not understanding me, I recommended Dan to do quality work and then he misunderstood me because of his negative feelings, the car of darkness is breaking down, Kenneth from the meditation group said that “I can read” but once again he and the group showed that “I can’t read” (my scripts), Henrik D. is very sad about “verbal garbage cans” bringing rubbish and accusations into conversations, Henrik has also brought much Nazi-darkness to me, and I tried to make him understand but received no answer, Lisbeth/Alex and others believe that I “love myself” because I speak much without understanding that this is normally NOT the case but only trying to make them understand (!), I am still driving in my old car not giving up, the Master Chef Thomas became very sad when he read a review of his book, which was “so petty-minded not to recognise facts” and young Emil who believed in and supported me has now apparently lost faith.

24th June: My entire journey to remove darkness was planned by the original creator inside of light at the innermost of creation

  • Dreaming of continuing my game against darkness not knowing for how long
  • I woke up to sadness (madness!) being all alone and “the sky outside is wet and grey, so begins another weary day” – feeling SAD both to be alone and the world acting as if nothing has happened when it keeps on following the Old World Order of politics and war of darkness.
  • Jette’s pictures of Google Earth included that “things happen tonight”, “hold out, my friend”, the build up of light of the Source of our New World, a security net is now under me and a reference to the wise men.
  • I was shown the door leading to the other side because I am about to finish my work and open up the eyes of my new self.
  • Angela Merkel was as a “politician” of the world part of the impenetrable dark wall of skulls around my inner self because her “politics” kill people of the world (!), and I had a strong fight with darkness trying to be a dictator over me, and I received stomach pain because of the psychiatrist Alex, who is “worried” about his professional career and reputation more than sacrificing me because of my writings of the truth about him on the Internet!
  • I am now meeting the last world, which is also the first. i.e. the original creator, and the first I met in 2011, who was used both to resurrect Jesus and to locate and recreate all other worlds and life inside the garbage can of darkness. Everything of my journey to remove darkness was planned by the original creator inside of light at the innermost of creation
  • Short stories of birthday greetings to my aunt, Dan experienced a guest not dancing (i.e. celebrating) because of Dan self but it was darkness from people like Dan, who brought “the cakes” of our New World.


23rd June: I am alone without human love and friendships because of ignorance/non-belief of some and fear/belief of others

We are saving parts of the Old World destroyed because of the quick arrival of the train of the New World

After publishing my script of yesterday at approx. 01.00 I continued publishing this on Facebook and I sent it to Kenya together with this email, and apparently Elijah did not feel a “strong urge” to send me an apology the same way as he felt a “strong urge” to attack me some weeks ago, and yes Elijah, do you understand my disappointment with your WRONG behaviour?

“Here is my new script, and when reading it, you will understand even clearer and stronger messages about my arrival both with military forces showing their faith in me and new, strong pictures on the sky.

Elijah, I understood from David that you decided to accept my money after all, which is love/help sent from a pure heart, which I also understand as an acceptance of me, which would have been nice of you to communicate, and you do remember how many times I have spoken and written about COMMUNICATION being the key of life as important as eating, but still you “could not” tell me (?), and I am just wondering you know.

I am looking forward to hearing when the team will meet again – and I am thinking about how tough it must be for you here at the end of the month. I will send you money again at the end of the month, and I do hope I will be able to send more this time.”

At 02.00 I decided that “this was it”, and I was feeling TIRED thinking that maybe I will last a few hours more before I might sleep a little – we will see – and instead of keeping on working on my website or “my sufferings”, I decided to take a break thinking that it is always good to get energy from Benny Hinn, also because I did not do any exercise yesterday, so this is what I did when watching a new video by him (difficult to find any I have not seen by now), and as a result I was given more strong pain to the inner of my right leg, and darkness was still pressuring its (almost) strongest on me giving me the feeling “the last of all before our New World). And it continued to make me feel extremely unpleasant and tried to make me feel nervous about what will come now, and I decided that I do NOT want to be nervous and that I have faith in the light guiding me.

I was shown the end of one of the classic short cartoons – “that’s all folks” and the drawers of my shelves being full, but I was shown a dark brush in one of them, and NO, I DO NOT WANT ANY DARKNESS AT ALL IN OUR NEW WORLD, so this will have to become light too.

I was given the song “better the Devil you know” by Kylie Minogue, whom I respect much even though much of her music to me is not my favourite but “good” music, and yes I know the Devil pretty well by now, and MUCH of him these days.

At 04.30 I was shown myself as a clean hare jumping into a laundry basket, which was placed in front of the door of a house and the bell was pushed, and Jack came to open the door wearing a gas mask, and I felt a new risk of explosion because I am entering military forces of the world with my previous script (how will they react?), and yes this is what it said – and right after this I decided to stand up and look out of the window, and what did I see (?), and we know three hares playing and running around telling me that the hare in the basket was part of the Trinity :-).

When I was thinking about sleep I was given a deep red feeling of darkness through my throat and told “don’t sleep” but also a feeling of light clearly and this is NOT what I had hoped for, to stay awake for yet another day without sleeping at all and yes I don’t know if I can do it, but I can always give it a go, of course.

I was shown a train arriving so quickly that it destroyed what was on the right side, and I understood that this is what we are cleaning up at the moment, and again I was told that we could not do this at all without my mother’s feelings about me herewith making it a good decision that I laid upon her to follow up on me and not vice versa.

The last couple of days the LOUD (!) cracking sounds of my kitchen have stopped and moved to new LOUD cracking sound at my balcony – I hear the sound coming from plastic chairs and table – and when writing this now I am given a loud cracking sound of my water boiler, which I use for coffee and told that these sounds are the preparation for “warm feelings” coming, i.e. for me to open up the eyes of my new self – when doing my best job, which you know is what takes patience and gives the best results.

Around 06.00 I was again extremely tired not being able to keep my eyes open, and even though this is extremely tired, it was a little bit less than two days ago, and it took half an hour this time to get over the worst being able gradually to keep my eyes open again, however not without sufferings.

I was told that if I did not stay awake, we would not be able to make this part of creation “perfect” as I have asked for.

At 07.00 I was told that we are now unplugging you from the old holes attached to darkness, and I cannot remember the details, but haven’t I done this before, or is this when going back in time, I meet more anchors?

I was told that all of the questions and critical comments I have put forward in my scripts about the declaration of Alex the psychiatrist are given to him as “thoughts of doubt”, so what started for him as “not being in doubt” has developed into “feelings of doubts”, and what does a “professional shrink” to make sure that he has not made a mistake when he has just stamped a man for life (?), and yes we know NOTHING “because I don’t have the time” (!) and it would also make you look “foolish” asking for a follow up meeting, and yes this was my thought yesterday – I would like to ask you from where you have grabbed your “wild claims” about me without knowing me (?) – and so this became your thought too, and you are very welcome to contact me again, Alex, and you may contact me directly or via the Commune and that is if you DARE (?), which you probably do not because you are a WIMP, and when I write this about Alex, this is also the truth of China as I feel and “almost told”.

I was shown a red crown of a tree with life sitting everywhere on the inside of the tree and I was told “they are all here only with negative sign and without knowing that they are here”, so this is how “life” is inside of darkness; you are without knowing that you are.

After I had written most of the Facebook posts and emails following in the script of today, I felt pain to the inside of my right thumb, and I was told that the more you can do now, the less you will have to do later, which made sense to me, and when I decided to start writing the script at 10.50 – being exhausted and in pain but not racked with pain as yesterday – based upon MANY notes, I heard “we are not terminated at all” and I felt that these people now know that they will wake up as they were, and yes MUCH more in fact when you will meet all your other selves as ONE self. This is what this work means to them as I was told, and yes doing my best of course.

I was shown a big insect and right behind it, the biggest flower and was told that I am walking directly from the insect to this flower.

You have just gone through the worst, which no one ever has gone through before

At 13.30 when I was almost done with most of the script of today, I heard the live show on Brian Eno’s album on radio P6, and they spoke inspired to each other, but I decided only to bring this: “Egon Olsen has found the combination, which I open completely”, which is about opening the leg irons around my angles, and yes the key is to continue work not giving up and doing my best, which is what I did also today “under the circumstances”, and we know I will update the script later with more information, but this was basically it, and from here I might do a little relaxation, and we know I also updated my memo of “my sufferings” both on my website and also in Word-document, which I however needs to go to the library to covert to PDF, which I might decide to do later, but this is not very important, so it can wait until tomorrow, which is Sunday or at least on Monday, so we will see, and yes if I am satisfied with what I did (?), and yes “under the circumstances” I am, and this is what is good enough for me.

I was told at 14.00 that we have been no where near to burn off anything, and I did believe that I saw a strong message of “burning” somewhere in the script (Facebook postings?), but when I now look through it, I cannot find it, so isn’t it there (?), and yes the same with “burning” inside of darkness, did it burn or did it not burn (?), and yes I do NOT like darkness to burn, because it brings risks to the survival of my close family as you saw with John in the Easter of 2012.

At 15.00 EXTREME TIREDNESS hit me like a hammer, but instead of sleeping, I decided to “kill time actively” (surfing the Internet).

I was told that the energy of Benny Hinn is what saved my father, and with this I though that this could be a message from darkness because would my family tell me if my father – or John – had died (?), and yes it makes me wonder and also makes me SAD.

I was shown the last “tiny-little bit” of chocolate inside a Gold horn and told that this chocolate of darkness is “almost impossible” to see, and I was told that we were ready to bring this little darkness to our New World – I was shown dark cargo from a ship at the Langelinie dock in Copenhagen being brought to the nearby fortification of Kastellet – because darkness is so little and light so much, and even though this darkness is really part of our New World (!), I said NEVER and that is that I will NOT accept a New World when I open up the eyes of my new self also containing darkness, “it says itself” as we are some people saying in Denmark with the BIGGEST smiles, and “Kastellet” is where the Danish Defence Intelligence Service is located, which is also to say that there is still darkness within the military, so it is not all of you, who have decided to “give up” yet?

And with this, I could only confirm once again – going against darkness really being very persuasive – that none of my rules will be amended and also that no one is to be killed (of family members to bring energy and that is through SPIRITUAL DARKNESS and nothing else!), and I saw on TV that the Danish government will now face a “tough autumn” after losing support of its normal supporting party, and I wondered if this is what I will also do if and when the game will continue despite of everything telling me that we are now home, but you know that this might be what darkness tells me incredible strong because of the strongest feeling of “time” at the innermost of darkness.

Around 19.30 I was truly feeling more dead than alive not being able to keep my eyes closed, but one of Jette’s new pictures spoke of 21.00, so I decided that I had to go though immense pain for another 1½ hours before I could go to bed.

I was told “you have just gone through the worst, which no one ever has gone through before”, and I thought that this is what I did the last week of so did, and yes “tough” is really what it was.

I received sometimes calm and other times “activity” to my left and right angle with activity coming as either pain or “marks”, which mostly is followed by the feeling of “fear to lose it” and that is what is inside of it, and yes a feeling, which is with me much and you will have to imagine that this feels like having a “bag” around the angle including “something”, which is life.

I was told “well, we are now about to be ready”, which is what we might be, but it might also be a game, so “six months” is what I keep telling myself because it is better to insist being patience and hopefully be positively surprised that it will take shorter instead of the opposite, which is the feeling given constantly and strongly to me by darkness.

For a couple of days I have been told that we are now changing two worlds into one, and I understood that apparently we have had a reserve world with us all of this time to bring us “spare parts” when needed as I understand it.

I asked the Jerusalem UFO group and my nephew to help me decode my scripts on the sky and received NO ANSWER

At 08.00, when I was still “killing time”, I was encouraged to post my question on the content of scripts on the sky to the Jerusalem UFO forum, and later I was told that this will speed up work making us return home earlier, which is life still remaining inside of darkness.

I was told that posting to the Jerusalem UFO was also to avoid more sudden pain to my right angle, which I am given feelings to the angle that it is almost about to break out.

So after some thoughts about how to ask this question – to show or hide myself and what to include – I decided of course to show myself visibly so all can read and understand who I am (!) and to give them enough information without too much to make them understand what this is about and a chance to go deeper for those who may become interested, and yes the real purpose of this, which I also could have written, I have no secrets, is to receive an even larger volume of people having faith (starting to have) or no faith, which is all helping here, so now we will see if anyone “dares” to bring their answer or if they are also (still) WIMPS in here.

And the other option I had was to ask my nephew Niklas – having a computer company developing business applications for Ipad’s/Iphone’s etc. – so this is what I did via this email telling him shortly how much I miss the family (!) and that he might be able to help me answer this question even though I have no expectations for him to do so, and yes I told him also that I have all of this course hoped that people would listen/understand instead of speaking/guessing/dictating/being afraid, and I told him that he is always welcome to contact me for a good talk and possible advise, and yes we will see if Niklas will still be “scared” of me, or if he is now understanding so much that I am still my old self – and now just “something more” – and to focus on me being his “old uncle”, and we will see, this is what I hope he will.

I received NO answer/feedback from anyone today, so SILENCE is probably what people have decided to bring me, and with this “much suffering” as darkness coming to me, and yes it is not easy to save life, this is how to do it.

I am alone without human love and friendships because of ignorance/non-belief of some and fear/belief of others

Late in the afternoon I truly had ”nothing” left to make me keep going, but I decided to comment some of Jette’s pictures of today from her Facebook group, and afterwards she brought even more, which I will have to comment tomorrow, and in this picture she says “many help Stig to make psychiatrists and other good people to read, learn and understand … you are NOT alone anymore” and the “funny” part is that I have been given Sebastian’s song “du er ikke alene” (“you are not alone”) from the movie of the same name for the last couple of weeks and this is both about what Jette writes – that other people support me through their reading, but NOT through direct communication/support – and also about “wrong feelings of love” sent out from darkness (the movie is about homosexuality) – and I reply that this is not how it feels because in practise I work at home without contact to family and friends, and then I write how it feels to be alone without human contact, love and friendship, and I also brought this message on my own Facebook timeline for my family/friends etc. to see, but this did NOT make any of them react, and we know SILENCE from people is what I receive because of ignorance/non-belief or fear/belief and yes that’s life, blue eyes.

Here she wrote that “it is terrifying thoughts behind .. about murder, violence and rapes .. here is a little girl on her way up .. what hasn’t she been through in her earthly life” and I thanked her for sharing the content of darkness, which also comes to me as part of my sufferings.

Here is “a pillar of light been build up – cemented – solid”, and I tell her that “it is good enough” as we say here and that people for a long time gossiped about “Stig has become mad” and now the rings in the water that “Stig is really Jesus” has started spreading more and more, but SILENCE is what I receive!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • It was the birthday of the editor-in-chief from BT, Olav, so I also sent him my greetings and told him that I do believe you also follow the motto “we are quiet as long as we don’t hear otherwise” instead of bringing my stories, but maybe you will start bringing the stories now with the declaration of faith of military forces in me?

  • The Church Minister took this photo of the lakes at the centre of Copenhagen at 03.15 this night when the sun was about to rise at this the longest day of the year, and he said with inspiration “byen vågner” (“the town awakes”), which to me could not be anything else than the BEAUTIFUL instrumental music of the same title by the “legendary” (!) Danish band Savage Rose from their famous musical “dødens triumph” (“the triumph of death”), but to me, this is more about NEW LIFE AWAKENING if you cash my drift, and yes still strong sexual torment given to me :-).

  • Jens sent his congratulations to Søren Pind – who is still completely quiet on Facebook (!!!) – because ten years ago he suggested to regulate the increase of transferrals (to poor people like me) and to ease the taxes of people earning the most (!!!), and yes when he said this, no one could imagine that this would be the policy of the Liberal Party itself, and now this is what a RED government has decided to carry out (!!!) and yes to steal from the poor and give to the rich, and this is how darkness works when it works the worst (!) and yes listening to the “father of darkness” they were.

  • Sally would truly like Jesus to come back (!) as you can tell from this update – not understanding who I am, Sally (?) – and Moses told her that “his coming” will be without informing anyone (!), and no this is not entirely true, I have really done EVERYTHING I can to inform you of my return, but mankind “could not” listen/read and understand!!!

  • Dan said that he had a “big day in Rachlin-land” doing radio, running, cutting the hedge, birthday and disco (as DJ), but first doing the Top 40 on the radio station the Voice because this is what the young people wants as he said, and this made me tell him that he should try doing (QUALITY) radio on P6 (instead of all of the same mainstream hits over and over and over again), which would really challenge him, and then I told him that I hope he will not fall asleep at the disco because in this case there will not be many people dancing, which you know was also to say that his selfish attitude would have cost the life of everyone with no dancing (celebration) as result, but no, Dan is not “very quick” – he smokes hashish, which he defends every time he gets a chance – and he remembers me as “negative” not understanding that I have only been objective/positive – and yes when you cannot read and want to misunderstand, this is how you do it, and this is how Dan said “not many dancing. Do you know something I don’t, Stig” (?) and yes I do, Dan, as I told you “if you fall asleep after a long, hard day, it will not be much music coming out of the speakers, but hopefully he will last all the way – as in Aalborg” (the other day) and yes a reference to my lack of sleep of course, and finally he got it, so “ha, ha, ha, now I get it … noooo, after 33 years of partying during nights, I will probably last another round” , and this is what you said, Dan, and when this happened, I was shown a VERY big and aggressive bull coming around the corner of Svingelport in Helsingør meeting me in front of the disco, which it wants to enter to play records as a DJ and I understood that this bull was darkness of Dan opposing me, and I invited it to come and looked at it right in its eyes telling it that it is to become a cow of light instead, which made it want to escape, but it could not because I am the one deciding about this, and yes Dan, “much darkness” because of your superficial attitude, lack of quality orientation and “ability” to understand.

  • Jane did not “like” to send a reply to my last email, and today she said that she was on her way for a wedding but was holding on the motorway with a flat tire, and I was told that this is the car of darkness not being able to continue driving …. :-).

  • Kenneth from the meditation group said that “I can read”, which was NOT true according to my experience, so I encouraged him to “go ahead” and instead of giving a link to the front page of my website, I gave the link to my Signs I page, which I thought that he and many others of the group would find exciting to read, but it did not motivate more than one to open this site (when this is written three hours after bringing the link), so I guess the right term to use for you and the meditation group is that “I can’t read”?

  • For some time Henrik has been inspired writing about people – especially women – interrupting a good conversation on Facebook of “verbal garbage cans” with rubbish and accusations and he gives an example where Betina H. “who know exactly nothing about my psychological constitution, calls me for “self fat” (“glad about himself”), and yes now I understand what this is about because it is what Lisbeth and Axel as example of many others believe I am when I can only speak about myself (!), and we know they “cannot” understand that I only try to make myself understood, which is why I speak and write much and that’s it – no need of attention and everything which people have guess, I would rather NOT do this – and yes how difficult is this to understand (?), and NOT difficult when you only read and understand with an OPEN and NOT CLOSED mind!

  • A little bit later Henrik follows up saying that twenty posts below the conversation of before, it is “burned totally down”, and he asks why there is always people poisoning the reasonable conversation bringing rubbish and accusations (?), and it made Helene inspired when writing that “do you know who always poisoned the reasonable conversation? Hitler!”, which she thought was “funny”, and we know this was about the darkness of disbelief Henrik is sending me when he cannot and will not understand who I am (from my Facebook posts), and since he asked a question, I gave him the simple answer that it is darkness making people lazy and better-knowing without knowing and still convinced they are right, and that everyone else but themselves are behaving wrongly, and I told him about our coming New World of joy of only “plusses” without “minuses” and asked him if he would read and understand or not read and misunderstand (?), and NO, I did not receive an answer, and why was that, Henrik, was this because you decided not to believe in me even though I made sense to you?

  • But it brought me one new Facebook friend, Erling, who had received this drawing from his daughter telling about the old car continuing to drive while we keep on updating our new car, and yes I am continuing to drive – as an act – as my old self retrieving more and more of darkness, and Rikke and someone else also brought inspired messages of keeping their old cars for another two years, and yes symbolising that I am still driving as my old self not giving up.

  • The Master Chef Thomas was VERY sad when he received “yet another slanderous, subjective review of my book”, which is “so petty-minded not to recognise facts” that it made him “fly off the handle” and in the post below continuing here, he tells how this make him feel, and we know there is not much difference to what wrong and unreasonable behaviour – guessing what suits him and his agenda instead of knowing – do to him compared to what they same do to me, and yes now you know this.

  • Emil who was kind to “understand” me and also want to be my disciple, if I remember correctly, seems to have changed opinion about me because a couple of weeks ago he decided to exit as a “member” of Jette’s Facebook group – too many new messages in your in-box (?) – and the other day I was told that his friends have influenced him, and in the post below, which shows work of the Trinity absorbing darkness, first Morten said “well, well”, which was “supercilious arrogance” or how was your feeling when writing it (?), and it made Emil say “illuminati”, which according to Wikipedia means “the name refers to a purported conspiratorial organization which is alleged to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order”, so this is how you see me now, as “conspiration”, which is not positive???


24th June: My journey to remove darkness was planned by the original creator inside of light at the innermost of creation

Dreaming of continuing my game against darkness not knowing for how long

I went to bed a little after 21.00 yesterday – after watching Spain on its way to defeat France, which made me “happy” – and I slept until 08.40 (!) receiving a few short dreams, which I don’t believe I can read, but let us see what they say.

  • These are the notes from a dream, I have to go on (!) – we know, two meaning – and I cannot remember the dream and the notes does not help me, so there you are, and yes one day I will come through EVERYTHING as we are now, but I still feel some “gray” of darkness and yes because of “no broadcast” of TV and media yet as I am told (!)
    • Petersen souvenir ski sralqilwire, Spoleret bedre, Dommer ikke lukke ind”.
  • Something about playing a cup match at the national stadium of Copenhagen, having one day, which then becomes 32 days left, and Paul is waiting and waiting until his friend comes to play. And I received new, strong sexual dreams.
    • Also not much to go on in this dream, but it is about continuing my play against darkness not knowing for how long this will and can go on.

I woke up to sadness (madness!) being all alone and “the sky outside is wet and grey, so begins another weary day

When I woke up after many hours of sleep, I was still feeling so tired that it was almost impossible to get out of my lazy bed, but still I went out before I counted to three (!) and that was only to receive the coat of darkness including MUCH negativity – try to be inside a small container, which you cannot escape and this container includes the darkness/negativity of the world, which is all around you and what you actively feel, and there you have it – and besides from negativity it also included the strongest feeling of “wanting to do nothing”, and I was told that this is also feelings of my mother coming to me, and I thought that family/friends etc. have now “read” the conclusion of the official system via the psychiatrist in relation to me, which is that they have given up on me (!), and yes to some this might be “strange” that the system “cannot” do anything about my “brain damage” (!) and others might have understood just how wrong they are, but to me this is about my family/friends etc. also haven “given up” on me, and yes either because of ignorance/non-belief or fear/belief, and the conclusion is really that I am here inside the innermost of darkness with darkness having given up on me, it does not want to fight me (!), and when you cannot fight me, join me as part of our New World, and yes this is how this is done.

I decided to overcome these strong, negative and lazy feelings by doing what I always do, which is to have breakfast, go to bath and start the work of today, which included to do the last details of the script of yesterday and then to come here – and we know many symbols of coming home there are – and I was also sad because no one from the Jerusalem UFO (as yet) could answer my request, and I saw that yet another “friend” has left me on Facebook, and we know having to go through my old list on Excel and compare it with the list of Facebook manually, and after doing this, I could see that this time around it was my new “friend” from the other day, Kigge Hviid (!), and yes I noticed someone KIGGE (“look”) at my link at Kigge’s name in my script the other day, and yes Kigge, if this was you, it was “too much” for you together with my Facebook posting (?), and yes I don’t want to be friends with a “nutcase”, which is also what you thought without knowing (?), and yes there you see once again.

I was also sad because I see how the Old World here in Denmark is “much committed” to speak about the agreement between the red government and blue opposition and what it means or do not mean according to people “speculating” and yes we know this is what “disgust of the political system” means to me, and here are a couple of these examples, which I stoop up to giving me this feeling.

And I was sad to see how Syria and Turkey are now “close” to start a war after Syria shot down a Turkish fighter, or at least it will NOT improve but only worsen “relations”, and yes I am thinking what in the world goes on in the minds of these CRAZY people of the Syrian government bring BRUTAL towards their own population as example of many CRAZY governments of the world misusing military power to stay in control.

So with all of this, I had yet a new grey day alone, and yes I have also saved MUCH on money having had close to nothing left the last week, and I will get food to last until I receive my next cash help, but I cannot afford to buy anything “good” or almost anything at all, but this is still NOT my sufferings and has never been.

But just behind all of this greyness, I was given the feeling of happiness of yellow waiting to break out, and yes another GREY DAY but of happiness, which is what MADNESS makes me, and yes I know when the bell rings, it is time to get out of the lazy bed :-).

And to use the lyrics of Madness, because this is exactly how I felt this morning:

I dream of people fighting me, Without any reason I can see. In the morning I awake, My arms my legs my body aches, The sky outside is wet and grey, So begins another weary day. So begins another weary day”.

Things are almost perfect now, but still “it is not good enough

I was asked this morning by a not-serious voice sounding like pretty-minded, ignorant people (!) “when do we start then” (?), and yes as if we are finished with all work now, and for me there is still 6 more months (!) and for all I know, we are still cleaning up inside of darkness.

I still received feelings to the backside of my left lower leg telling me that there is still more darkness and life inside.

I was also thinking “will I get a new night without sleep” (?), which I cannot do now, I am far too “weary”, and I also don’t think this will be the case because it feels as if the worst darkness has gone over, but then again, I had strong dreams of darkness, the sexual part of it, so we will see, and yes how do I feel (?) – thank you for asking this open question in a short email, Jette, yesterday, and we know no family/friends etc. have been able to ask me this question in relation to my sufferings, and yes just wondering I am but of course they have done just about “everything” to help (with practical issues) without understanding the sufferings you brought me when NOT helping with UNDERSTANDING and support (!) – and also that Jette brings me this understanding, support and comfort, which not even LTO “can” bring.

I received the words “kill me, kill me”, and then I saw the people speaking like this being released from darkness.

I felt darkness, which wanted to bring me more sexual sufferings and I was told and shown that we are now arranging the bow of the final gift.

I heard myself saying “it is not good enough” over and over again and I said “it has to be perfect” and it was together with darkness given to me and the understanding that what we have already done is (almost) perfect, but as long as there is still more darkness, it is not good enough, and we will continue work!

I finished writing the script at 15.20, and I could have decided to cycle, but I felt physically exhausted, and decided to relax from here.

Later I did an update and decided to publish the script at 21.10, which was much tougher than I thought when looking at less work today, but it was because of the after-effects of the previous week soaking out my energy making me exhausted.

Angela Merkel is part of the group of world politicians killing people and forming the wall of skulls around my inner self

I was shown the German flag and Angela Merkel and shown a tiny room behind walls of skulls, which was “impossible” to get through, but still I got through, and I was told that Angela is one of those creating the skulls of this wall because of her “politics” costing human lives, and yes “am I really God as a normal human being”, which is difficult to believe in (?), and how long did it take for you to “convert” from non-belief to belief?

I have received a STRONG play whether or not to remove the connections of darkness to my left and right angles – are they to be removed or not removed because maybe these are the connections to be used for the Source to bring me and the world eternal energy instead of darkness (?) – and this darkness tried to be so strong pushing this game with incredible strength over my head and yes it could have been “a thousand times worse” if I had played my cards differently during the game making me face impossible decisions, which would have made the entire new creation impossible, and what do you do in a situation where darkness is trying to be a dictator with MUCH strength to make you scared at the same time giving me a strong diarrhoea (?), and yes you simply take it easy and say “I don’t play with those cards” because if the light says that we will remove this connection, this is what we do, and if the light says that we will keep this and to replace the inflow of darkness with light, this is what we do, and yes it is no longer than that, because I don’t know the right answer, but my spiritual friends of light does, so there you have it, and I was shown a big poultry and told “this is how to avoid blood spilling in the kitchen”.

And I received a well-known song, which I cannot find because I don’t have the precise lyrics, but it was something like “tell me why” and “I can never let you go”, and I wonder if this is how darkness “feels”, and I might ask you, Alex, if you as the most reserved man I have ever met “feel” that you understand my feelings (?), and yes we are just wondering here, which you might do yourself, Alex, and yes because this is what I am thinking, so do you see by now, and no not yet, because we are not finished yet, but “soon” …. :-).

And yes, this is given to me inspired when writing this chapter “tomorrow” morning, because here during the evening, I received a strong stomach pain of the kind when the system think about me and “”do not like me”, so this is what you still do, Alex, you “do not like me”, and is that because I decided to write the truth about you on the Internet for everyone to read (?), and yes “not good for your career, because what if people start believing” (?) and yes believing in what (?), in the truth (?) and then it is better for you to “sacrifice” me as a chronically mentally sick man because of your “professional career and reputation”?

Finally, at 22.20 I was “done” – also physically, and “more than this”, Bryan – and I went to bed this time being sure that I would be allowed to sleep, because I could not take a new night without sleep.

My entire journey to remove darkness was planned by the original creator inside of light at the innermost of creation

I was told that we are as close as being inside the closet without being it as you can be, and later I was shown the door, “which I have to bring to you”, and this is the door leading to the other side after finishing my work and yes “I have to show it to you, if you have finished working”, and no, my friends, I have only finished work today, and will continue tomorrow, which I will continue doing as long as I feel darkness.

Later when I briefly entered the voice of darkness instead of absorbing it (there is a difference), which I can do without problems just deciding not to let it overtake me, all I heard was “do you now you want your gift” (?), which is my new self just behind this apparent almost not existing darkness anymore.

I was told that it is the task of the last darkness to use the key to cross to the other side, and this last darkness is you/me, and we know when there is and will be no more darkness left, it is fine with me.

I was shown a bundle of keys with one after the other being taken out, and I understood that these were keys of my sister, of darkness, and I was told that I have removed all of the keys in this bundle called “time”.

I felt red darkness and was told we are the last world you have entered and also that we did not believe our eyes when we saw you again, and this is the last, who was also the first you met (the original creator, whom I met in 2011) and now here again, and I was told that there is still enough darkness to make the last jump over to the other side, and also that you have picked up energy from here too without knowing it.

And the original creator told me that it is me who decide how much pain is given to your right foot because of your actions, which is about how much of the physical world will enter our New World, and I still have the understanding that what breaks off will become part of New Worlds surround the original world.

While all of this happened I still received much darkness with strength trying to make me accept speaking negatively and also pain to my behind.

I was told that without me – the original creator – we would not be able to find and recreate everyone else, and when I have received the clear feeling of my father to my right side (feeling and vision of my father as he is in physical life), it is also “me”, i.e. the original creator.

And I was told that the surprise of seeing me when entering the original creator was as great as my surprise this morning hearing Harry Nilsson with “Everybody’s talkin’” on Danish P6 radio, because this song simply “does not fit” the range of programmes of this radio channel, but when crossing the range, this is how to enter.

I was shown a chicken in a garbage can with light completely surrounding it and I was told “we are light surrounding darkness, which darkness however does not know”, which also means that nothing can terminate, but it requires someone to enter here to bring all life out, which is “impossible” to do, but we did it. And if we had not been able to do this, we would have created a New World with a new God including parts of the Old God but at the same time, we would also still have an Old World with Old God still in the centre of it surrounded by darkness, and we would then have gone to “Plan B” to release this last part of God with all life inside.

I was told that as quid pro quo to get out of here, it was required for the original creator to empty everything of the garbage can, which he of course did with love and I was given the song “World (price of love)” by New Order to express his feelings that this is the price of love to pay, to bring everything and everyone alive again.

I was given a déjà vue about seeing God on the entire sky, which is probably what we can look forward to seeing when I will open the eyes of my new self.

I was watching TV while writing down these notes, and it required extreme patience doing this, which was to overcome more work coming without being able to relax, which was all I wanted to do, at the same time as I had to actively fight darkness bringing me this impatience together with a potential negative outburst, but we know been there constantly for years – more or less – so I got through this one too, and when watching TV, it gave the LOUDEST cracking sound – digital drop out of sound – as it has ever done before, and I understood this as “great pain” and I was told that this is how it will feel to me when the last part of my old self to transfer from darkness to light, and I do hope this is scare tactics of darkness and nothing else, and I was given the understanding that this is what happens when I will give in to the last negativity, which will create this transfer, but no, there is one thing not fitting here, because I will NEVER give in to darkness, and so it is.

I was told that when I will open up the eyes of my new self, it will also send your mother in the place of honour.

And then I was told that everything was planned by me in the middle, yes the original creator in the middle of everything as light, this was how to get out (transforming all darkness around me at the Source to light), and I was told that it is also me inside of you, and just thinking that this has to be the original creator, who planned and became me at birth, left me when I started sinning as man and when I returned via the jump in the summer 2010, this will have to be the big surprise mentioned before, and we know this is the best understanding I have of events today, and I am thinking that Jesus was terminated 2.000 years ago becoming part of the natural energy before the creation of life and that the original creator inside the middle of everything brought the recipe to resurrect Jesus, and we know who should have access to Jesus self, and just wondering I am and we know I will get the detailed understanding in place later.

And I might add here what I do believe that I have NEVER written before, which is about a potential criticism of the original creator to create a world where it was possible to move over to the other side of darkness, and I don’t know just how many times darkness self has tried to make me become negative about this, but I have told myself over again that “this is too crazy to do”, so I did not do it.

Google Earth: The build up of light of the Source of our New World

In one of the pictures I brought yesterday, Jette mentioned “a pillar of light” being build up and here she continues saying that the pillar increases in height with more helpers arriving because my scripts create happiness and persistence, and the angels encourage for laughter and celebration, and I wondered if this is the pillar of light of the Source of our New World as I here received an inspired message of together with smiles.

Here she says that “things happen tonight” including the withdrawal of a manipulating gentleman and three women being put in front with one of them opening the eyes, and yes “progress, Stig, progress”.

Here Jette encourages me to “hold out, my friend”, and yes it is NICE to receive support from people knowing that I suffer (!), and Jette simply LOVES the Danish Red-Green Alliance, and when she said that there are many with me – must be of the official world – just like the leader of this party, it made me smile and also tell her that our New World will be nothing like this or any other party, but we could call it for the “God-party” doing the only right thing.

Here, south of South America, happens much in the “pillar-case” as she said, and I wrote what I wrote before, which is that I am thinking that this the light of the Source of our New World being build up.

Here she says that a security net has been set up under me, and I replied that it is nice to know that if I should “lose it” that nothing will happen, and I tell about my constant fear since 2006 to “lose it”, i.e. to give in to the much stronger darkness and that is because of the destruction, which it would bring.

Here she says that “something says Balthazar to me” and when searching for “Balthazar” I found out that this is another name of the wise men visiting the Son of God after birth, so we are coming close by now :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I sent my aunt, Inge, this birthday greeting wishing her and Ove a good day to this beautiful music hoping that they will take this wonderful song as a symbol of my warm feelings for them and the entire family with solely one wish: For everyone to feel good and that understanding and happiness may take over from unnecessary misunderstanding and sadness, and we know, the psychiatrist believes I am “cold hearted” narcissist without feelings, and Alex, this had nothing to do with your “guessings” and poor work not using the time necessary to understand my TRUE self?
    • I was happy to receive a reply from my aunt thanking for “your warm birthday greetings and for the beautiful music with our favourite singers” – and it was also from Ove :-).

  • In continuation of what I told Dan yesterday, that people would not dance because of him (!), he said that a guest (from the disco) when he played “never too much” by Luther Vandross said “no one is dancing to that”, and yes Dan, just an inspired symbol because of your darkness when you “could not” understand me.

  • And even though we are not dancing because of Dan, it is still his wrong behaviour of darkness, which was brought to us as fuel to create/recreate all worlds part of our New World, which his cakes below symbolise, and as Lea said “delicious …and then on a grey and wet Sunday in June”, and a grey day with sufferings is indeed what it was.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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