June 25, 2012: Lady Diana is another part of my mother and the light of our New World as part of my new self


Summary of the script today

25th June: Lady Diana is another part of my mother and the light of our New World as part of my new self

  • Dreaming of still working inside darkness of the Old World on my way to our New World, darkness is really not dangerous anymore, but it still wants to bring me my “old nightmare” and temptations in general.
  • Jette’s pictures show my scripts on the sky up close looking like small locks and a barcode, some darkness try to disguise itself as angels (!), the writing signs on the sky are not just flat signs, they are as architect drawn “houses” with space and depth and she saw Dodi and Diana on the sky, probably with Camilla behind and Lady Diana is another part of my mother and the light of the world :-).
  • It seems that we keep on going into new and smaller rooms of darkness, and when it seemed that this Source of darkness will also never stop, I decided that nothing it to be cut off (the connection to my left and right angle), but to use the “frame of Karen” already set up to our new Source also for our old Source, which will create an eternity of energy to our big New World divided into an eternity of New Worlds.
  • Short stories of Brian THINKING and I ask him to think about what will happen to consciousness etc. when the physical and spiritual parts of you become one, my thoughts spread to the world bringing down the old world, darkness of politicians are still making me a “dead man walking”, Jane works for the Health Committee at the Parliament giving money to the psychiatric system not knowing how CRAZY it is, Anders from Liberal Alliance was proud of his father in law working the same place always, which is NOTHING to be proud of (!), the political system of today is evil and will be replaced by a fair and unselfish working New World Government, my monitor kept a clear yellow colour nuance symbolising the spirit of my mother for 1-2 minutes to say that we are now close to the end, I thought of the colours yellow and silver of the old and new spirit of my mother, which made Henrik bring the song “silver train” (!), Dan invites me for Champagne and strawberries at Wimbledon (!), Jens Rohde wrote about WRONG communication and negativity of the Danish Foreign Minister, and I told Jens that politics is made by the Devil and that the will of God is to let people work together on ONE solution, the newspapers BT and Ekstra Bladet wrote about Jens Rohde’s attack on Villy Søvndal, but “could not” write about me, so I sent them both an email saying that they missed the REAL story (!), Brian A. also read the article in BT and said that “Danish politics will soon explode”, which is what we may do when entering the next room of darkness (!), the Danish government are drawn into a “death spiral” because this is what I am when saving life from darkness, the General Secretary of Red Cross in Denmark says that refugees of Dadaab receive food, water, health service and school, and I tell him that what NGO’s and the world do is UNACCEPTABLE including to cover up the truth of the camp to the world (!), Søren Pind was unlucky to break through his trampoline, but nothing happened because of the security net, which is ALSO protecting me if I should “lose it” now and finally, papers show that when Henrik Sass Larsen “could not” get a security clearance to become Minister last year it was because of the Intelligence Service doing POOR WORK and top permanent secretaries of the Danish state, who “could not” do what is simple logic to do when they “could not” understand that Henrik is NO threat the same way as I am not – this is to say that I am now “cleared” to open the eyes of my new self after having saved EVERYTHING.


25th June: Lady Diana is another part of my mother and the light of our New World as part of my new self 🙂

Dreaming of still working inside darkness of the Old World on my way to our New World

I slept from 22.20 to 06.30 and woke up “not rested” with a few dreams:

  • I am with Morten J. and someone else and we talk about Søren H., who has invited us for dinner in Sweden, but Morten cannot attend, he has an agreement with his wife, but the other can.
    • What was it again that Morten J. meant in dreams (?), and we know I cannot remember – “but I can” as I hear a glad voice saying – and it was something about Morten always going to stop working meaning the end of the world, was that it (?), and here we are working together, and when meeting Søren for dinner in Sweden, it will have to mean “to bring people to our New World of joy and happiness” and when Morten cannot attend, it is because he is symbolising the darkness of the Old World.
  • I am at my old apartment in Helsingør (Ndr. Strandvej 1986-88) where my dog enters and I believe that it may kill me so I am ready to defend myself with a knife, but deep inside I know that the dog is not dangerous, but it could have been another and very dangerous dog. It is in the middle of the night, and I have a blanket over me, and I meet Vivian sleeping in the apartment too also having a blanket over her.
    • The dog is still darkness but here it says that it is really not dangerous anymore because of lack of strength, and it is darkness trying to bring me Vivian as part of my “old nightmare”.
    • As part of the game when waking up in the night receiving this dream was the belief that I would not be
    • I was given the lyrics “Things can go wrong, things can go right” from “beautiful night” by Paul McCartney, and I will only accept “right” – just so you know.

  • I am visiting new apartments in Copenhagen with a view to the sea, and because cheat has made the letter self received an apartment, he opens up for others to enter, and I am looking at these apartments, first a 2-room apartment I am close to accept, but I would like another room, and when I visit a 3-room apartment I see how the view becomes poorer, and how one apartment after the other is being taken, the letter enters an apartment where I am inside smoking, and he prepares coffee and food but not for us as guests, and he recommends us to take the apartment now because he has understood that we will receive depreciation from the state, which he however will not write down. Instead I ask about a similar building in Helsingør, but he does not believe I can get an apartment there, and I am thinking that I have to move from Copenhagen, which is where I believe that my apartment in real life (in Helsingør) is located, and the next morning at 06.30 I am meeting the letter of the new apartments in Helsingør, and there are MANY people there, and I have arrived running now feeling in better form giving me a desire to continue running to lose weight, and I take one of the apartments believing that it is beautiful or will become beautiful even though there is no view over the sea and that it is one high building after the other where the gardens have not grown up.
    • The apartments in Copenhagen are temptations of darkness trying to bring me down really, and it must be darkness to trying to make me believe that my apartment in Helsingør – with a beautiful view over the sea – is belonging to darkness (located in Copenhagen), and yes just one of those dreams you know “killing time” more than anything else.

I decided to keep the old Source of my father, which together with our new Source will create an eternity of energy and life

This morning I was given the question what would have happened if I had become negative and accepted life to be terminated, if life then could and would terminate for good?

And the first feeling I received was that it is still part of me and “could not” terminate, but it would be part of darkness, which we had cut away from our New World, and if we could not release all life from darkness, we would try later and that is f we could, which I believe we could inventing a way to enter darkness later (separated from the New World in the Old World), but it would NOT be good to postpone something, which we can do now.

Later in the morning I was told that we have a bag full of photos on the way and yes from darkness because we were not finished, there was more life to save, and this is how we will continue working as long as there is more content inside of darkness, and so it is, and this portion was delivered to me because of my dialogue with Jens Rohde – see the small stories of today – who “could not” understand me or let us say “world not” because of brainwash of a WRONG culture.

I felt that I had too much work to do today and too little energy also to cycle, and yes just the number of postings on Facebook and “short stories” of today was “killing me”, and when I had done this work at 14.30 (excluding the chapter on Jette’c pictures), I decided to cycle to town instead to take out the last 46 DKK from my account from the bank – “embarrassing” to do in this community where the smallest sum of money you can take out from the cash dispensers are 100 DKK (!) and I might add that I have not been able to afford the cheapest wine for 7-10 days, which otherwise normally is on my budget, and to go to the library to convert the update of the document of “my sufferings” to PDF and to upload it as a new revision to Scribd – where I noticed that the psychiatrist declaration was “hidden” until I found the link of it from my scripts, which made it appear again, and yes Alex, your feelings to “hide” this from the public if possible is coming through to me quite clearly as you understand (?), and when I sat at the library afterwards reading the newspaper, I was told that I (not long ago) would have received a raised little finger for not exercising today and that is because this was needed to save life, and now I am told that it would be good to do, but we are covered in through the “security net”, and yes I decided that I could not do this today, but I was satisfied with the work I did feeling low as I do, and I will try to watch some Benny Hinn later this way getting some more energy, which you thirst after.

Jette had decided to send me a pretty long email with notes about the experiences of her previous days, which both made me happy to receive, but you may understand from my script today that I had MUCH to do and this email was designed to help bringing my extra pressure/stress, which I however decided not to enter, but I was on my edge, also because of this email, which I under normal circumstances would have appreciated much – as I did (!) – because it gave me a chance to get to learn her better, and yes because she had written a little bit like I do, and it also made me understand that other people get to know me very well when reading these scripts.

And I felt that we are now breaking in to yet a new and smaller room of darkness, and eeehhh there was one more apparently, and I was given the strongest sexual speech because of this, and also darkness wanting to explode, but this requires approval by me, so this you are not able to do and we know it is like a trench warfare, where you tell me that if I do not deliver enough work/energy, we cannot continue the game, and when you want to explode the rest, you cannot, and yes what will then happen (?), and the answer is “use the top rule of light, which is to do whatever it takes to come through” and that is perfectly, and yes we got it, this is how we are playing, so we will see for how long we can keep it going really.

I received the lyrics “what do you say when words are not enough” from the beautiful song “hold me now” by Johnny Logan, and it was connected with my mother, and yes I cannot tell you how SAD I am for not seeing her – and the family – once again, and I know that this is also what my mother is, but still you prefer not to communicate with me, because you “cannot” speak what is on your mind, which is simply the STRONG bond of love between mother and son, and yes SAD, right?

I continued receiving more inspired stories – MANY of them and more than ever before – when I returned home, and I decided to continue writing and yes in practise all of these stories during the afternoon and also a little of in the evening, and when I said ”now I cannot or will not continue writing this evening” – and I will NOT work this night, but try to sleep if possible (!) – I started receiving “the beginning of serious voices” coming to me, which are designed to tell me what the consequences will be if I should decide to stop now, but we know I have decided NOT to stop now, but to ask you to continue the game with what I bring, and yes to bring other energy on top of this to continue.

During these days, and all days, I keep correcting darkness by saying “wrong, wrong and wrong” sometimes hundreds of times, and other times even more.

On the weather forecast on TV2, the presenter said “and then everything will end with a bang on Friday”, which I sure hope that it will not, and we know Stig, the message is still I DON’T WANT ANY EXPLOSIONS, so had a couple of these signs today.

I watched two clips of Benny Hinn this evening – this and this – and these still makes a big impression on me.

I was given physical feelings to my private parts throughout the evening, and once it was followed by a feeling of a “non-living creature” bringing it to me, which was true darkness.

I received the colour of brown, which normally is the colour of the Council, which is truly a LONG time ago, I have felt and also spoken to you – not really since the Old World and they are now in the New World – and I was told about my mother that she has not yet received her shoes on, and “this is how long we can keep it going” (continuing my journey).

And when I kept on receiving darkness and was asked “do you want to cut this off” (?), I could only say “no, NEVER as long as there is more life”, and I received the feeling of wanting to create eternal life, and yes we have already done this, so we can use “the frame of Karen”, and not long after this, I received a the spirit of a VERY BIG King entering my apartment, and I confirmed to him “yes, you are all going to be saved”, so it looks like this Source, the Old Source, is as eternal as our New Source and yes the difference is that this is the original Source of my father, and our New Source is the new Source of the Son, and this is what we are going to integrate as one big New World divided into an eternity of worlds, and I was asked “so we are to extract all orange” with orange being the colour of my father, and yes this is basically the idea, and I was told that there has been reserved light to do this – from our New World – and yes this will become the greatest moment in history, which will happen when I will open up the eyes of my new self.

I was told “we thought that we would stay inside the volcano for an eternity”, but no you are not, and I understand that this will have to be the moment when we plug in the Source of our New World with the old Source of the Old World, which will make everything become light, and yes I just had to decide to do this, and nothing else, so this is what we do, and yes I feel smiles and relief among my spiritual friends because of this.

And I feared that I was going to (try to) being awake another night, but I was told “publishing this script today was the goal”, so this is what I did at 23.45, and we know it was approx. 1,000 times longer than what I thought this morning believing that there would be nothing much to do.

After publishing my script I was told that “this is what we are doing now on basis of this script” (merging the two Sources), encouraging me to stay awake after all, and I was shown that everything is now becoming light, I saw how the dark locomotive is becoming light, and how a large room underneath the ground is now empty and that we are leaving this on our way up to the light, and we will see for how long I can keep awake (it was a game!), because I don’t have much to give now, and I felt a constant mark/physical pressure to my left angle on the right side of it, so work was ongoing.

I heard “and we can now see what we did – “throw him in the corner””, which is what darkness did when taking over one life and world after the other as in trance.

Lady Diana is another part of my mother and the light of our New World as part of my new self 🙂

These are the pictures of Jette’s Facebook group today, and here she brings “signs from Antartica”, which looks like a cylindrical form, which could look like locks, and I wrote that it is a good idea to zoom in, and here thinking that these could be the locks of darkness, which we are unlocking through my/our sufferings and a growing understanding/faith.

And this is for possible bar code people to decode, and it is exciting to hear what they contain, and as I write, I do believe there are people out there of the official world knowing and also having red ears because of your attitude and silence in relation to me.

Here are a couple of bright heads, who may speak about some waving with borrowed feathers pretending to be what they are not, and yes I have told you that everything has to be perfect, and we will NOT end before achieving this goal.

The writing signs on the sky are not just flat signs, they are as architect drawn “houses” with space and depth, and they pulsate when you get up close as Jette writes, and I wonder who will help to decode what they say?

Here Jette sees Dodi and Diana on the sky, probably with Camilla behind, and I tell the story about Diana being a “very special servant” and even when the paparazzi’s killed her, it did not stop this WRONG behaviour of media and populations and it was a sign of the abyss coming.

Somewhere else I asked Jette about the pillar of light over South America without seeing that this is what she showed in the picture above, and it made her bring this update saying “THE PILLAR or just Diana”, and yes Lady Diana being the light of the world as another part of my mother 🙂 🙂 :-).

And here Jette simply says “THANK YOU, LADY DI for all your beautiful presents”, which was VERY NICE of you to do – and I am given part of the feeling of Diana here from our New World shining through to me, but this is NOTHING compared to how it is going to feel for you when we will shine through as your new self and you will shine through to the world as I am told, and that is because everything is part of me, and yes this is my destiny as the Son of God becoming everything there is, and this will include life within life within life for an eternity and yes all leading up to me at the top.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Late yesterday evening, Brian asked if you have ever thought about what you think of, how you think of what you think and what thoughts came out of this, and how do you think you will think in the future of how you think (?), and it was “too much” for some asking him to go to bed, but I decided to ask him to think about from where the thoughts come and how decides on basis of these thoughts, and then you have a lovely co-operation between two side, and then think about what it means that these two sides (the physical and spiritual) now become one, and what do you think that this will mean to consciousness, intelligence, feelings and life experience itself – and yes THINK my friends :-).

  • And I am here told that the reason why Brian was inspired to read about “thoughts” is because it is my thoughts, which have spread to the world bringing down the Old World, and yes on all kind of levels, from individuals to the top of the world.

  • Here Brian commented a link to an article asking “is Thorning “dead woman walking” (?) and he said “acting for the gallery” and later for people of the Parliament to work FOR the country instead of for their ego’s and the crazy game going on, and they also spoke about “dismantling this circus” and “monkeys” (!) with both circus and monkeys being symbols of the darkness of the Parliament and really politics in general, and yes just to say that this darkness is not making Helle Thorning Schmidt a “dead woman walking” but a certain man a “dead man walking” and yes know just like a zombie (bringing out letters, Letteman!)

  • Jane is working at the health committee of the Danish Parliament and here she asks the Health Minister to bring an extra 2 billion DKK to the psychiatry as promised before the election, and yes, Brian was also here asking her to forget about power struggles and to collect people without ego’s working for the country – good idea, Brian, and let us say the world and not only the country – and it made me tell her that they could start understanding what psychiatric sufferings really are, and to remove “the system of Hell” with lethal psychoactive drugs, which these days in Denmark have shown an overconsumption of at psychiatric centres using this as a “wonder mean” not understanding just how dangerous it is (!), and yes I tell her about sick psychiatrists suffering from compulsory thoughts and better-knowing ignorance, which is how all of this system is build up, and because “politicians don’t know any better”, they keep posting money into this SICK system making people SICK, and yes this is sadly the truth, and I wonder, Jane, if you decided to read my memos giving you insight information to this crazy system (?), and what you have THOUGHT about doing with it?

  • Anders from Liberal Alliance had in a previous post told about his father in law having 40 years jubilee as a truck driver – in the same company all years with only 4 sick days and he said both with much pride, and he encouraged people to write greetings for his father in law, which he by now had received 99 of, and I understood that it was my turn to make no. 100 for “when I say perfect, I mean perfect” (!), which this symbolises, and yes I told Anders to give my regards and say that it is NOT a goal to work for the same company always because it is when you meet new challenges and new people that you develop, and if you keep doing the same, you become set and with the risk for many also to become lazy, which is the simply truth and I wonder if you will also print this out for Knud and tell him whom I really am?

  • A couple of weeks ago, there were several inspired Facebook messages accusing Margrethe Vestager to be the evil of the Danish government, and these days it is the leader of the Red-Green Party, which is being made the evil, for example this from Kristian saying that “Johanne is over playing her cards” as if she is the Devil losing the game, we play, and yes there was another from Henrik I believe about Johanne, who said that she was Captain Haddock, which made someone swear like him, or was it Egon Olsen (?), and all of this to say that I could decide to react on these “inspired messages” announcing that now it is Margrethe Auken and these days Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen being “evil” with the truth being that this is what politics is in general (!), and had I decided to write this about Johanne, it could mean that Jette would have to start choosing between Johanne and me, and who would she chose (?), but you don’t have to worry, Jette, because we are going to replace this circus of selfish people – no matter “the colour” of them – with a New World Order and New World Government, which will do exactly what Brain is THINKING of; to work for the world without selfish and petty-minded interests.

  • This morning, my monitor decided fro approx. 1-2 minutes to show itself as constant yellow, which was time enough for me to take a photo of it, and afterwards it returned to its normal white condition, and yes the constant yellow is the colour of the spirit of my mother and the world, so we are “close” now, and yes think about having a monitor blinking to you with this clear colour nuance, which also included other colours now several weeks ago where I was still fighting to save the content of my old self. And I wonder if this means yellow as in the OLD part of the spirit of my mother , who has not been released yet?

  • Later in the day Henrik was inspired to write that Keith Richards of Rolling Stones played the bass (and not the guitar) on “Silver train”, which he just thought that we would like to know, and yes thank you for bringing this, Henrik, which is really saying that the colour of the spirit of my mother of our New World is SILVER, which is coming with the train, and yes this came after I thought of the experience with the yellow colour above, so this is how this was planted to you, and yes my thoughts spread to everyone, it is as easy as that (!), and Gunnar asked “is it him the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean” (?), and yes this is what Rolling Stones symbolise to me, darkness in form of the worst sexual torments!

  • Dan is truly “funny” here answering the question to the article “where is Mubarak’s money” with “I like to find them and to play “weekend with Mubarak”. Nobody has apparently discovered that he died a long time ago. Then we were to go to Wimbledon and Stringfellows and to football, me, the guys and dead Mubarak on skateboard with folded hands and sunglasses”, and yes this is how he laughs about a man, who is in coma after heart stops, which makes me think of another reason – you know about people receiving heart attacks because of darkness, and yes this includes people who are darkness themselves (!) – and it made me wonder that Dan could think as he did (including tennis and football as symbols of his darkness fighting me!), and I just asked him “or to deliver it to the people from whom he stole it from”, and apparently Dan is now positive to me, so he said “Okay Stig, I will pay” and yes, if this is the case – when I don’t have money myself – I accepted and said that “I am on strawberries and Champagne, then”, which is what I believe they have as tradition at Wimbledon, and yes this is what the winner gets, and you do remember the picture of this not that long ago?

  • Jens once again attacks the Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal for being amateurish for blaming other that he and his party entered the tax agreement with the non-socialist parties, for saying that Johanne from the Red-Green alliance is cheating about the sequence of things (which her careful notes do NOT suggest!), and finally for taunting those you have entered into an agreement with for sending “stout people” to the negotiations and for being cheap at sale, and yes also for cutting the branch he is sitting on himself, and we know “stout” is the rare word, which Jette uses, so also coming here with inspiration (referring to me, really), and it motivated me to tell Jens that this is politics in a nutshell – thinking that life comes out of darkness – with “poor communication and focus on the negative instead of the positive and to make everyone to work together for one solution, which is the right” and I asked him if he by now understand that politics is not the will of God, but of his cousin, which is “the dark guy”, which Jens is part of himself.

  • And would Jens react to such an “insult” as many people would think (?) – not understanding that it is simply the truth (!) – and yes Jens is the worst himself (!), so therefore I ignited his fire, and he told me that there is not only one solution being the right one, and we know “politics is not rational because what is rational to you is not necessarily rational to others” and then it is about getting all these rationals down and to compromise, and then this is just how it is, no doubt about it, and this is how the game is played by people with a WRONG culture not being able to see that this is what it is, and he continues by saying that “of course politics is not the will of God, and I thank for that” (!!!) and later he says that he don’t want to sit with the monkey himself when negotiating, but this is exactly what you do, Jens, and you “cannot” see what I say, but when I thanked him for his commitment and his faith, unfortunately the wrong faith based on a wrong culture/tradition, which he brainwashed people like him to believe in this “truth”, he said that if I came to the European Parliament, I would see how it is possible to overcome even great differences and to negotiate with common respect without all of the “political entertainment”, which is happening at the Danish Parliament, and I thanked him again, this time for his kindness “then we will take the one about understanding later”, and we know, what he really said is that when people don’t have to fight in front of cameras of the media to attract voters, it is possible to sit down and to agree even though you have different starting points, and yes Jens, do you see what politics is all about when people cannot communicate and are negative instead of the opposite, and yes you told me that you do understand, but with your mind you do not understand, and this is how it is with EVERYONE because you can see how many “likes” Jens received and how many I received, and yes it is still uphill here as you may understand – and following this, I was shown Jens on the boat of canal tours of Copenhagen entering Nyhavn (“New Harbour”) and told that this is also what this “dialogue” helps doing, and yes “opening a small hole” of faith in Jens, which is bringing people to the safe harbour of our New World.

  • These outpourings of Jens were apparently “so explosive” that BT decided to bring them in the article “Rohde: Søvndal is a childish fool”, and when I read it, I could only conclude once again that I served my story in front of the nose of the media, who once again decided not to bring it – because some of you don’t know who I am, but think that I am a “fool”, and over a certain limit, some of you do know who I am, is this also how it is within the media (?), which is what makes sense to me, but not making it any more right, but VERY wrong (!) – so what do you do when the media will not write about me (?), and yes to turn it around so I will write the story about the media who would/could not write about me, so I sent this email to the journalist of the story and of course to my “dear Facebook friend”, Olav, the editor-in-chief, and yes I wonder if you want to bring a statement I can bring here too, or if you will decide to be SILENT and not speak as you “hate” meeting yourselves?

  • And we know MANY stories today (this is the second round including new stories in between the others), and yes Ekstra Bladet also do NOT DARE when they others are silent (!), and that is because they also brought Jens Rohde’s attack on Villy Søvndal called “Rohde about Søvndal: Childish fool”, so this is what I wrote to Ekstra Bladet (and I also sent the editor-in-chief a Facebook invitation to become friends, which I hope he will accept after this?):

  • And here this farce – the game you know – continues when a Conservative candidate for Parliament says that he agrees with Jens Rohde, and say that also inside the lines of Villy Søvndal’s party, the Socialist People’s Party, he is considered to be unreliable – NOT GOOD, or what, Villy (?) – and Brian was here again again (!) saying that “Danish politics will soon explode, and it happens when the European Union will collapse” and also that this is okay, because it is about time to get cleaned up (!) in the rows of healthy and unhealthy actions and attitudes, and Franz agreed, and what this really says is that we are now close to “exploding”, which is about entering the next room of darkness, and NO you are NOT allowed to explode anything, so we will see if we can do the same trick once again, and yes YOU BET!

  • I was told that this post of Jens also showed the darkness of him “fighting” as a politician to be right – even though he is not as he also said in another post (!) – and that is that he visited a supermarket selling one package of crispbread for 11,95 DKK and two packages of only 35,00 DKK (!), and this is NOT how to sell out, i.e. to save everyone, and yes darkness is still trying to stop me, and you are part of that wall, Jens – and yes THE WALL, you know, but now it is Roger over and out for today :-).

  • This headline from this article in “the short newspaper” says that “Thorning and Søvndal are being pulled into a death spiral”, and it is about the government entering into the tax agreement with the non-socialist parties while their voters are “more red”, and what this really is about is the spiral you have also seen on Jette’s Google Earth pictures, which is the worst darkness, which is from where we are bringing out life, and yes this is what this tax agreement is to me, the opposite Robin Hood stealing from the poor and giving to the rich, and yes it is NOT forbidden to THINK (!), my ladies and gentlemen.

  • I was also motivated to try to wake up Anders, the General Secretary of the Red Cross of Denmark – far too many stories today “killing me” to write (!) – because he said here “GOOD news. Since 1990 infant mortality is halved in Africa”, and I asked him “what is the infant mortality of Dadaab and what do you and the world do about it” (?) and then I listed some of the cruel life conditions of the place because the world is selfish turning their back and eyes to Dadaab and say that they could have decided to bring the updated truth of the camp to the world, which appears in our newsletter, the secret U.N. statistical report, proper media coverage etc., but this may be too much to ask for (?), and it made Anders do what most people do, which is to justify their work instead of telling the unpainted truth, and he said that Red Cross has the responsibility of one of the 4 Dadaab camps, and refugees here have access to food, water, health service and school, and I tell him that the world and NGO’s wrongly have decided to accept a life situation for people, which is UNACCEPTABLE and that is because of WRONG culture making them asleep (!), and I tell him about his access to travel- and representation accounts (just like what LWF had in Geneva when I visited them in 2009!) when he as example as an “important Dane” visits Dadaab to get an impression of the place, and yes, what does he hear, and we know the same “truth” of people wanting to justify their work (!), and with this superficial knowledge, he tells the world what he wrote – the refugees have access to food, water, health service and school, and I ask him to compare mine/ours newsletter made for free with his “story”, and to tell the world the truth about Dadaab instead of covering it up!!!
    • And shortly hereafter, I received a strong feeling to the backside of my left lower leg and that is because I am here communicating with the worst darkness itself, just like LWF in Geneva, when I visited them in 2009.

  • Torben brought a quote of the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, which is really very precisely how the world is, also in relation to me and my scripts.

  • Søren is NOT back on Facebook as he says below, but he needed advice because what do you do if your trampoline breaks, who are you going to call to get it removed (?), and yes since he cannot call GHOST BUSTERS to remove the darkness of himself and the entire political system, I did it for him (!), and he received several advises, but the interesting part here is that he said that “one part bent together. Had security net etc., so it was very peaceable”, so what this is saying is that if I should “lose it” going through the next wall, we have set up a security net as Jette also showed in one of her pictures recently, so you are TRULY “inspired”, Søren, do you see (???), and I was given a strong feeling to the backside of my left lower leg because of the IMMENSE DARKNESS coming to me from the political world, and yes Bob let us do something about it :-).

  • Some days ago I was encouraged to invite Heidi N. to become a Facebook friend, and I have heard nothing from her, and eeehhh I might add that I was out on a date with her some years ago recommended by no other than Karen, who is her friend (!), and yes I wonder what Karen has told Heidi about me, which makes it “impossible” for Heidi to accept me as a friend, and yes, did you believe that I was “crazy” when we met in Tivoli approx. 6-7 years ago, Heidi?
    • Finally, the biggest news of the media today – when it “could not” write about me – was that the Danish Ombudsman had raised “serious criticism” of the Prime Minister’s office and the Ministry of Justice to order professional secrecy in the case of Henrik Sass Larsen’s lack of security clearance, which prevented him from becoming a minister of the new government last year, which you remember was a symbol of the darkness of the world in relation to me making it impossible for me to become my (whole) new self. Now the papers of the Intelligence Service show that there was truly nothing serious to come after (!!!), but it was made “serious” by permanent secretaries of the Prime Minister’s office and the Ministry of Justice, who decided that this included “sensitive personal information”, which could not be published under any circumstances (!!!), and they simply forgot to use “simple logic” to do what was right, which here was to be OPEN and NOT to remove the freedom of speech of Henrik Sass Larsen and yes do you see the resemblance to my case (?) – they saw GHOSTS, which were not there (!!!) – and in this case, the Intelligence Service also guessed without knowing that Henrik Sass Larsen had hired a rocker as a bodyguard, which he had not – made up from blue air (!) – and when the media last year could not be told what this was about, they started speculating/guessing that there had to be much more to come after (as the system and people also did with me!), but there was NOT (!), and as the respected political commentator and previous top politician Hans Engell says below and in this article, Henrik Sass Larsen has now been cleared by the public, who could see what the “experts” could not see, which is that Henrik Sass Larsen is NO security threat, and this is also how it will go in my case because the public (knowing me from Facebook etc.) knows about me not being “a threat” (!), which the “experts” of the official system did not, and yes the same kind of petty officials out of touch with real life and being so scared, so scared – by darkness – that they could not take the right decisions, and this is also to say that the documents of the “official Denmark/world” about me will also soon be released, and yes whom am I, and is that the Son of God or a terrorist (?), and yes not very easy for you to UNDERSTAND when you don’t do your work carefully and cannot read and understand? And yes, Henrik Sass is now able to become a Minister, which is to say that I am now ready to become my new self, and that is 100% perfect saving every little thing of all that has ever existed and could have been created; this is how it fits together – – yes, you treated Henrik Sass “scandalously” and this is also what the system – and my family/friends etc. – did to me.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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