Jun 27, 2012: The New World is unifying as a whole and sufferings of darkness will be replaced by love of light


Summary of the script today

26th June: Saving remaining life inside the Source of my father using energy from a spare world created for this purpose

  • After deciding to save the old connection of my father, we have started pulling in the line of this including the BIG fish at the end.
  • Dreaming of amending a pension scheme from current payments to lump sumps, and we will be in no need of pension schemes of our New World with eternal life, but everyone is of course free to save up and go on leave for example every 6th or 7th year if they want to and to bring lump sums of their savings.
  • I was told that the game (almost) cannot continue any longer, darkness is dismantled around me (and the world), I am knockin’ on heavens door to let me in including ALL life from darkness of the Source of my father, which we are now bringing out, which requires an equal amount of energy as the negative energy it contains, which is what we are bringing through the reserve world we have made for this exact purpose.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures include the Trinity showing direction on the sky to Greenland, souls are rising up from darkness through large lakes, “traffic signs” on the sky show the direction for the old Source of my father to the new Source.
  • Short stories of the contrast between the glitter and gold of the church compared to starving children in despair, I am looking forward to looking into and be inside of our New World, Dan shows how darkness still wants to stop my “game” to bring our hidden souls of darkness, a release of acid over Copenhagen symbolises the opening to remaining darkness of the Source of my father, we are inside the forest bringing the entire forest with me and I was happy for Eligael to show what I understood as his faith in me.

27th June: The New World is unifying as a whole and sufferings of darkness will be replaced by love of light

  • Dreaming of people not speaking to me saving life and finishing work inside the Old World of darkness.
  • I am starting to receive a combination of a serious voice and darkness, which will last for “some time”.
  • We had to get out on the edge of the rock coast to save remaining life inside of darkness, which the high school student Lasse helped to do – see also later – which the football match between Portugal and Spain symbolised.
  • Jette’s pictures show Sai Baba – another part of my father – standing in the light of God, please try to objectively understand these pictures instead of negatively misunderstand, we are also releasing animal souls as part of bringing positive energy equalising negative energy of darkness, darkness is sticking tight to China, the world is unifying as a whole and the sufferings given to me and the world will be replaced by love of light. And one of the high school students, Lasse, now uses all of his strength speaking against my scripts on the sky having a built-in meaning and in this sense he is now darkness that I am fighting.
  • Later Lasse continued his STRONG fight against me, which was about his lack of acceptance in me telling the “universal truth” for everyone to believe in and his stubborn wish to maintain his own “opinion”, which is difficult when there is only one truth and one set of basic rules, which this essentially is about, to maintain life for an eternity to come, and when people will know, we will speak of and be happy about our joint knowledge and understanding. He brought me all of this resistance and darkness (!) for me to overcome in order to help these high school students understand that I am NOT crazy, and that I “might” be the one, which helps me to bring out remaining life of the last darkness.
  • Short stories of Margrethe Vestager being the evil “mole” inside the Danish Government making it bleed as my sister inside my family made me bleed, the attitude of people of me is changing from negative non-belief to positive belief, which is making me King, Ahmed from Egypt don’t believe it is possible to restore rights to the public, “foghorns” of darkness talking without knowing will be replaced by people knowing what they speak of, we have saved every little thing of our Old World, Jimmy and the meditation group contributed to creation via the dark energy, they sent me, “the whole world is coming together now, can you feel it” (?) and I sent an email to another psychiatrist telling her the truth or light and darkness, which she may or may not be able to understand.


26th June: Saving life remaining inside the Source of my father using energy from a spare world created for this purpose

We have started pulling in the line of this including the BIG fish at the end

After publishing the script of yesterday, I felt red inside of me and I heard darkness saying – wanting me to agree, but NO, I had actively to go against it – “don’t pull me in”, and I felt a fishing will with a line pulling me in, which is my new self now pulling everything of my old self in (instead of cutting the connection!):

And I was shown how I from underneath an ice hockey field am removing the skates of ice hockey players, and how they return to me in their red uniforms and become part of me, and yes this is the withdrawal of darkness of the world.

I worked until 00.45 being TIRED and it was a PAIN to keep on waiting for minutes on Word and the Internet, which had decided just to “spin” with NOTHING happening except from constant noise of the “machine gun of the computer”, which is how it sounds. And by here I decided that it is NOW time to stop working even though I could do a few amendments to my website but NO, this was my limit, and one thing is for sure, I cannot hold out the entire night and day even though I am blue eyes (!), maybe until 05.00 or 06.00 and then I am sure that I will sleep, I CANNOT do this once again.

From 01.30 until 03.40 I was sitting in the sofa being on my most extreme tired limit feeling physically poorer deep inside of me as I believe I have ever felt before, and it was truly impossible for me to stay awake, but I tried for these two hours, and I would have liked to continue, but at 03.40 I said “I CANNOT continue no matter what, I need sleep”, and this is how I was allowed to sleep until 07.30, where I decided to stand up now feeling better but not fresh, and I had this dream:

  • I am visiting a company having an “old-tired pension scheme” with current payments instead of lump sumps, and we read the policy and “tax codes”, and I am the one speaking with strength and deciding the strategy, and the insurance company claims that a paragraph of the policy states that it cannot be changed to a scheme with lump sums, which I however say that it can, and when I say “let us ask the company, and if they do not have any objections, we can do it”, people agree – and it ends with children running though a hallway with masks on their faces to find me at the end.
    • This is about what I did professionally working as a pension consultant from 1988 to 1997 where our goal was to help individuals and companies to amend their schemes from “tax code 1 to 3” as it was in Denmark – from current payments to lump sumps – and we did it because we believed that people could take care of their own money, and this is what I changed when putting together the original New World Order, which included pension schemes with current payments and NOT lump sums as you can see here – I did NOT want any risk in our New World of people not being responsible to handle the payment of a big lump sump (!) – but after discovering that we will get eternal life of our New World, there is of course NO need for pension schemes because you will keep being able to work, but what this motivates me to – and what is the intention – is to so say that I feel fine with people deciding to do voluntary savings and to take out these as lump sumps and to go for leave travelling and experiencing the world, for example putting aside 15% of your income and to travel for one year every 6th or 7th year (!) – or whatever you like – and yes to bring true FREEDOM to people and something for you to look forward to before you start a new life maybe with a new kind of work when returning home (?), and yes I am NOT worried about this because when people will work according to their full potential, it will bring a great increase in production of the world, and we do need savings in order to finance new business projects, and yes this is one way to do it, and all you have to do is to think logically and out of the boundaries of the Old World :-).

And alright, I will write it, and that is for weeks, my computer has suddenly shifted window from one open programme to another as it just did here (imagine an invisible power doing this right in front of your eyes and with “determination”, which is the strong feeling given to me while it happen), and yes darkness “leave my scripts in Microsoft Word” to do something else (!), but no, this is NOT how I work here and so I manually shift back to where I came from.

We are saving all life remaining inside the Source of my father using energy from a spare world created for this purpose

Increasing over the past weeks and days I have had the feeling that some scripts/chapters have been written so quickly because of lack of time and energy that I did NOT feel well not to use more time to look through each paragraph and to think “is this really what I believe in”, which I have consequently not done much, but “just written” without looking back, but still I do believe that my scripts include what I do believe – even though the quality could have been better, but this is how it is and yes I did my best under the circumstances still goes here.

I took a long bath this morning, where I felt more exhausted than tired still receiving negativity and especially sexual speech/torments, which I could do without and I just feel a great need to relax, to do nothing and to have a holiday really and that includes calm inside my head, which I have NOT had since the spring of 2006 (!), but still it is not to get.

I was told that my greetings to my aunt helped to bring faith of people in me.

During the afternoon I could decide to do some small tasks, but I really felt exhausted and decided to watch Benny Hinn instead, and when watching I was told that the display cabinet is not opened yet, but this is what the energy of Benny Hinn helps me to do, and I felt a much more serious presence inside of darkness to my right being right with me because I have given everything I had.

I was given the song “do or die” by Grace Jones, which also made a huge impact on when it came out and here the lyrics “I’ll never give up!, I’ve got to do or die”, which is also how things were laid up for me, Grace, and better to do than die – and yes she is “connected” to the Danish actor Sven Ole Thorsen, who is connected to Arnold Schwarzenegger, so there is truly a connection here, and I LOVE your “reggae” music, Grace and you do know that I am a SLAVE TO THE RHYTM (a UNIQUE song :-)) when working?

During the morning and the afternoon I was TRULY very tired to keep being both tired/exhausted and still receiving a “fog” of darkness coming in over me, which is also how it can be described, where everything inside of it is negative giving me throw-up feelings and this constant negative speech trying to take me over, I cannot tell you how disgusting it is.

After writing what I could to the script this morning – there was not as many inspired stories as yesterday – I really felt like relaxing because of feeling low, but I decided to go to the library to do a couple of big PDF documents and to replace these at Scribd and my library, because there were errors in the old, and I felt completely wasted at the library being too tired to cycle back, which I of course had to.

And then I was told that we are using energy from the spare world, which was created, in order to do this merger between the old and new Source.

I felt the spirit of my mother coming to me from right and yes you can be here forever was what she wanted to have confirmed and I felt that it came almost as a surprise to her.

Later I saw a large guitar coming from right – the tool of original creation – and I was told “we are now coming to the guitar, do you give a hand”.

I received what to me is also a FANTASTIC song, which is “all sparks” by Editors – a relatively new favourite band – and I was told that we now cannot hold back the explosion, but when I listen to the song, they sing “All sparks will burn out in the end”, so I guess that this is the true message, which is that all darkness will burn out becoming light as part of our New World.

I was shown big happiness of reunion of two people meeting and hugging in the airport, and I understood that this is remaining life from inside of darkness being released, and while this happened, I still received strong sexual speech and torments including physical feelings around my private parts, which are also as unpleasant as you can imagine, when you have to ignore it without becoming negative.

Around 18.30 when I decided that I would not work on “minor” amendments with new information to my website – but wait until tomorrow or maybe the end of June with the month end writing the month summary – I was given this serious voice again (not acting) telling me that we cannot continue the game when darkness is dismantling.

And around this hour, negativity of darkness given to me decreased now only making me tired/exhausted together with now less and bearable torture of darkness, and I felt how darkness is dismantled around me and I was told that this is preparation for me to open up the eyes of my new self.

I was told that Jack did his life task to make “his world” – the military . to believe in me.

On Aftershowet on DR1 TV this evening, they spoke about how to get a job, and Pernille was here inspired to speak about “knocking on the door” many times to a potential employer and to be “ahead in the shoes”, which you may say that I am (being “whole” as my new self), and the host and another guest continued talking about “breaking in the door”, and yes so apparent that you might understand that this is about the door I am knocking on and about to enter, and we might say that it is me standing out here knocking and yes knockin’ on heaven’s door, and when it opens, I am sure that both I and the world will see and feel it :-).

I was told about Turkey and Syria – after Syria shot down the Turkish fighter the other day and Turkey now “threatening” and yes “almost losing your temper” (?) and I was told that this is about strong darkness and how little it takes for countries to go at war because of “an error” and we know when people at the top cannot behave and communicate.

I was given more thoughts about whether or not “termination” is possible, and I decided to believe that if I could not bring every little thing out of darkness of the Old World, and decided to start the New World without saving everything from darkness, this would in practise mean termination of life of darkness, which we no longer would be able to enter, and yes unless we would make it possible later to enter negativity, and I cannot give any more precise information than this.

I received another favourite song, this time “do you want to” by Franz Ferdinand – do you still remember the HEAVY rain in Skanderborg 2008 (?), and yes symbolising my sufferings also then – and the lyrics “And now I know, now I know, now I know, I know that it’s you, You’re Lucky, lucky, you’re so lucky” and also “I’m gonna make somebody love me”, which will have to be about being “lucky” to save everything and to make somebody out there love me as my new self, which was “impossible” for most to do as my old self writing these scripts.

I was shown to the right side of me a very good restaurant as good as completely filled up with people, and I understood that this is “every little thing” from inside the Source of my father now becoming life again.

And I was shown that it corresponds to bring all dark souls to the castle waiting for the door to open to the light to enter, and I was told “because it has been paid for” and I remembered that to bring out all of this life and energy, it requires an equal amount of energy, which is what we are bringing through the reserve world being made for this purpose.

I was told that It is wrong to call you a pagan, but this is how you are looked upon by some, and we know it brings me to another favourite song by another favourite artist, which is PAGAN POETRY by Björk, so we will bring this one too, and yes because WE CAN :-).

Google Earth: “Traffic signs” on the sky show the direction for the old Source of my father to the new Source

The selection of Jette’s pictures from her Facebook group today include this one where the Trinity shows the direction to Greenland, and somehow it brought the song “Costa Kalundborg” by Shu-bi-dua to me – and no, Michael Hardinger has still not returned as a Facebook friend – which is about climate change as these guys sung about already in the 1980’s and I tell the story that mankind decided to be selfish prioritizing economy and money instead of saving the planet (!), which was leading directly to the abyss – and then this song is also about holiday, which I have not had since 1st may 2009 where I in practise have been working daily (excluding a few Sundays in Kenya, I believe).

Here Jette shows the large Ladoga lake, and she understands that this is about the rise of souls from the inner of Earth, which is the same as light coming through and yes to save everything inside of darkness.

Here she says “I came to far .. walk now the other road I show .. did you get it .. all of you walk now the other way I show”, and I said that it was nice to have traffic signs in heaven and she said that the other day it said “SEEK”, which she did and besides finding my “old nightmare”, she also found the story of Lady Di and the Duchess, and later I was told that this is about all of the remaining Source of my father being led to our new source of light.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Late yesterday evening shortly after publishing my script, Sally wrote this inspired message about cleaning out everything inside the inner closet (of God!), and Dave asked “is it a riddle” (?), and yes it sure was, I had to answer this riddle to have two Sources and not cut away the connection of my angles to the Source of my father, and I have had a few of these riddles on my way where I had to do it my own way, which by the way is my favourite (in the album version) by this favourite band of mine :-).

  • Ahmed decided to show the contrast between the rich church of gold and glitter and starving children in despair, and I decided to bring the text from my website encouraging the church to sell out to help people.

  • Selvet asked if you are ready to look through the veil to see reality as it as, and yes we are about to be ready to look into and to be inside of the New World.

  • Dan continued being inspired when saying that he still has 377 too many friends (above the limit of 5,000), which are profiles not existing or inactive, and he said “can’t you just leave” (?) together with people spamming him with “ridiculous game applications”, and no we cannot get rid of all hidden souls inside of darkness when I have decided to bring them out – this is the difference between termination being possible or impossible – and Michael and others told him “you can just decide to block everything connected to games”, and Dan asked “can you really – also my calendar and s… and layer cake” (?), and yes Dan as darkness wants to stop the continuing game to save all “hidden souls”, and he does not want neither sufferings or creation, and yes this is what it says and you are right, Dan, you are rally an “old, confused fool” :-).

  • This morning there was a release of acid over a part of Copenhagen, which closed a large area (people had to stay inside), and I was told that this is connected with the opening of “the last room”, which I understand is all of the old Source of my father.

  • Jane was in consultation with the Environment Minister today, which was not the interesting part here, but she said that an old proverb says “as you shout in the forest, you will receive answer”, which was not the case here, she said, when the answers just were “out in the forest” and to you it may mean “not good”, but to me, the forest is my home, so this was inspired saying that we are at home and yes bringing the entire forest with me.

  • Eligael, the key witness of the Jerusalem UFO, showed courage to stand forward giving me a respond to my question the other day, and even though he did not bring me the answer, I was happy for him to show a good will, and yes this came approx. 25 minutes after he has entered the front page of my website, and this together with my Facebook messages seem to make him a believer too, so thank you, Eligael :-).

  • I was told that Kim S’ wife Pernille S., who is a lawyer, also wanted to take legal actions against me because of my “negative” and WRONG writings on them, but the sheer number of pages made it “impossible” for you to “focus”, Pernille, and yes there you have it once again.


27th June: The New World is unifying as a whole and sufferings of darkness will be replaced by love of light

Dreaming of people not speaking to me saving life and finishing work inside the Old World of darkness.

I went to bed at 23.25 and slept until 07.15, where I still had great trouble to get our of my lazy bed because of tiredness, so I had to take an active decision to get out so I did not have to say it again, and here are a few dreams.

  • I am on holiday seeing Helle Aa. in a kitchen and she does not say hello, and afterwards she has become Mette in my mother’s apartment, who has been killed. My room is in darkness, I am setting the alarm on my mobile phone for tomorrow morning, and I am hitting out in darkness, and receive a shock when I hit a dark person attacking me.
    • I woke up with this slight shock/nightmare, and Helle and Mette are apparently some of the people who have decided not to see me, which you know can be because of ignorance/non-belief or fear/belief and this darkness is helping to save life from the kitchen, and I am still receiving attacks from darkness, and here it was even feeling physical when someone was attacking me.
    • This was actually a vision and not a dream with the difference being that I am awake when receiving visions and sleep when receiving dreams, but still they are the same, and here at 23.45 I “could not” sleep and received “the sign” to stay up the night, but there was nothing to do, I could and also would not anymore.

  • It is my last day at work before stopping, and I am looking to hire a Bachelor of Commerce, a marketing man, and I meet Simon working at a bad desk in a small room, and he tells me that I can buy cheap socks at a stand next to him, but when I feel them, they are too synthetic to me. I am handing over my work to a colleague, and I ask the manager to attend too, but he is on his way home, and I tell him that if job here gets exciting, he is welcome to call me because I might work again here in 5 or 10 years, and he is new as a manager himself and says that he will now try to get a good contacts with the Americans (of the company), and then it will be good, and I tell them that it is here as it is at all businesses, which is that products or processes could improve. Later I have made 5-6 overheads and printed them out on film, I am working for GE Insurance and the overheads contain my ideas of how to continue the business account with GE Capital Bank, but since there are no colleagues skilled to take over, I have decided to present these for Ann from GE Capital Bank (Sweden) and ask her to take over and when I walk via a long hallway on my way to her, I see Bo from dahlberg in one of the offices there, and when I come to Ann sitting in a large open office with colleagues, I find her talking and talking about everything and nothing making it difficult for me to get through to her, and when I finally do, I am surprised to see that I have not brought the (right) overheads, so I have to walk back via the long hallway, where Bo sees me and is happy saying “oh, you are in the company today”, and I am naked when passing him, and I also pass a line of offices behind a glass wall, where I see one of the top American TV journalists speaking “secret” on the telephone, and he hushes me up when passing him, and finally when I return to the table where I left the overheads, I have difficulties finding them, and yes when walking back this late Friday at almost 18.00 (after normal working hours), I see that Bo is on his way out wearing his coat, and when returning once more to GE Capital Bank, it is now the former marketing manager of the bank (when I was working for GE Insurance from 1998-2002) I am going to meet.
    • Yes, one of those long dreams not saying much, but let us see, this is my last day working inside darkness of the Old World, Simon is here because of his thoughts of me seeing my LinkedIn updates, he offers me socks because in real life I am running out of socks, they are synthetic because I have thought the thought that I prefer genuine material, I am naked when passing Bo because of his renewed darkness/misunderstandings after I invited “mr. Dahlberg”, who is Sven L., to connect on Facebook the other day, which he accepted and yes Sven and Bo speaks well together with Bo being “Sven’s invention”, and I bring the business information to Ann/Sweden, who cannot receive it yet because of darkness (speaking) (?), and the star reporter is because of my believe these days that “ordinary reporters” (and politicians) have no knowledge of me, which apparently only people above a “certain level” have.
    • I also received two songs, and even thought they were actively played to me again and again, they were songs I could not remember the artists and titles of.

I am starting to receive a combination of a serious voice and darkness, which will last for “some time”

I was told that we don’t even have any thoughts of sinking battleships, which was a game I played as a boy, and here meaning “sinking previous worlds”, and NO WE HAVE NOT because the strategy was to SAVE EVERY LITTLE THING, and yes this is what is STILL the strategy, and when I keep on working – and now together with Jette – this is simply what we do, saving EVERY LITTLE THING, and I feel both happiness and amazement just behind the “iron curtain” here, which is also to say that this is what Russia feels too.

I started working approx. at 08.30 and thought once again that the script of today cannot be long and that it would only be a short working day, but no, this was not part of the plan because I had enough to do until 15.30 before I had finished the script so far including most short stories.

I received an old feeling this afternoon when listening to Michael Jackson and that was “can’t it get any better than this” (?) knowing that this is how perfect music gets (!), and over the years I have often thought “can’t this bread (or other items) be of even better quality” even when it was of the best quality, and yes just feeling and here saying that this is what EVERYTHING will become when there is no longer “minuses” of darkness included in everything you do, think, experience and eat!

I was told in the background by what could be a serious voice – and also the opposite – that “in 1-2 weeks we are completely out, do you believe in this”?

I was also told that from now I will receive a combination of a serious voice and darkness for some time.

I decided to publish the script at 18.20 today knowing that there will come a few updates later, and these few updates included the separate chapter about Lasse, the high school student, who had decided to use all of his strength to fight me, which is NOT what I had hoped for after having done MUCH other work and constantly pressured to my limit, but still I had to keep working to read and understand him despite of my wish to relax after this much pressure of work – and still darkness in general – and then to write several messages in order to try making him understand, which was both partly possible and partly impossible, but everything was done not to annoy me, but for me to enter even more darkness – without breaking down or becoming negative as usual – to help saving even more life out of darkness here “at the end” of our journey. And I might add that I did NOT do my absolutely best to read and understand him – because of TIREDNESS and stress of work – but I also here did my best under the circumstances, and afterwards I can now see where I could have improved, but this work of mine will have to be good enough to make people believe.

We had to get out on the edge of the rock coast to save remaining life inside of darkness

Furthermore these are notes from the evening:

I felt massive happiness behind the iron curtain to save much life, and I was shown this life being lifted up from the bottom of the pyramid in dark coffins now arriving in the very fine decorated room before taking the last few steps up the stairs to the light of our New World.

During the dialogue with Lasse, I was given strong darkness wanting to amend my words “everything is to survive” into “nothing is to survive”, and yes it was with his strength and coming again and again to me, but there was nothing to do, because I have decided NEVER to change my mind on this.

After the dialogue with Lasse, I was also shown a shark being pulled out of sea – more darkness coming up to surface – and I was shown a old lady in grey entering a football stadium having two guards with her, and she takes off her grey coat to reveal a deep red long dress (of darkness), and I was shown a pirate also entering, and they wanted me to accept them acting, and we know my answer was “please go ahead acting as much as you want as long as everything becomes light”, which made them say “boo” because this is still not what darkness wants.

I received one of my old favourite songs by the Cure “in between days”, which I also did yesterday, which came together with OMD’s “native daughters on the golden west”, which I combine with “original life”, and I remember a couple of songs from OMD in the middle of the 1980’s, which almost sounded even more like the Cure than the Cure, so this is the Cure we are going through to secure original life of all life EVER.

I felt huge clusters of life entering me, and I was shown a GIANT train right in front of me filling my entire vision and all of me, and I understood that this is also previous life entering this way, and I was asked “will this be like the old days” (of previous worlds) (?), and my answer was “yes, and even better”, because “there is more to it” now when we will all live a modern life on basis of all of our experiences and yes “best practice” you know.

I was also shown a GIANT basket not with popcorn but with nuts, which is also about resurrected life, and I was shown a cycle to the left of me following my every move registering and absorbing everything, which is first now being released.

I watched the second half of the semi final between Portugal and Spain, and my heart was beating for Spain (!), and the Danish commentators kept saying that “one mistake may cost the final”, and even though it was exciting, to me Spain was clearly playing the best and had the biggest chances, which should have given them the win, and I saw how Iniesta – a FANTASTIC player – played backwards on purpose with the ball giving me the same feeling as Bjarne Riis in 1996 looking out his competitors on Hautacam falling down the field on purpose before setting in his final attack, which is the most sovereign act I remember in sport history (!), and I was told that we are in control, but I never know here if this is the voice of light or darkness, and what this was about was a trench warfare between light and darkness, and at the end of the original match, the commentators said with inspiration something about this match being destined to go into extra time (!), and when they in the extra time said that “Spain is now showing its teeth again”, I could not help smiling, because this is what I wrote to Jette some days ago after she visited the dentist, and yes another sign that we were still on the right road so to say, but I was given some nervousness on top of the nervousness of “losing it”, which I keep receiving strongly and keep telling myself that I am NOT to care about because I am strong enough to also go through this as everything else, and this nervousness came when I was given the smell of a match igniting as if a fire was starting, but I have NOT accepted you you to do this, so will you please stop this, and with these notes, and at this point still having to write the chapter on Lasse, I started fearing that I would get a new night without sleep, which I was NOT ready to give, and here I am updating this chapter after having written the chapter on Lasse and it is now 01.25, and I do hope that I will be able to sleep after this.

At the end, the football match ended 0 to 0, and they had to find the winner through penalties, and while finding the shooters, the Danish commentators said that “we are playing pocket psychiatrists”, which was about these high school students discussing whether or not I am crazy, and yes as written in the chapter of Lasse, this is also what our long conversation was about, to show these young people becoming sceptical because of the wrong psychiatrist declaration that I am completely normal.

At the penalty shoot-out the two teams followed each other, and did you see what happened at the third kick of the Portuguese when a WRONG player was about to kick before another player took over (?), and yes this was about the nervousness of darkness in these high school students that I am really the-one-and-only, and the commentators started speaking of how nervous and tense the Portuguese were, and it made them hit the post, and finally Spain could secure the victory if scoring on the fifth kick, and yes they did, and they “decided” to hit the post and from here to let the ball in, and as the Danish speaker said “they had to get out on the edge of the rock coast to save itself”, and yes we had to go to extreme to do this, but we are smiling because the man leading us is sitting here in relative calm just writing this because it is good to do today instead of having this to start doing in the morning, and yes so it is.

I was also shown a cross in a big cheese manufacturing machine and told that ”you have no idea of just how many worlds precede this one” with the cross meaning that they all went down, and are now returning to life as integrated parts of our New World.

Google Earth: The New World is unifying as a whole and sufferings of darkness will be replaced by love of light

From Jette’s pictures I bring this selection including this picture from yesterday where Jette did NOT bring any comments (!), which she also did not to a couple of other pictures, and when she does not, it makes it impossible to understand, so patience is truly a virtue, and I wrote that this is truly a light of God over Scandinavia, and today Jette wrote – “on your request” – that Sai Baba stand above Norway in the light of God, and that “it is really not a triangle but a pendant lamp, which goes all the way around a figure of Sai Baba – THAT’S IT!”, and she thanks me for encouraging her to REALLY look, otherwise she would not have discovered “the roomy light of God”, and it made me write the story of Sai Baba being another part of my father, and how he was also a perpetrator like Michael Jackson and Catholic Pastors – as I was too, but not with children – and that it is for mankind to understand and accept how I and my servants took on the sufferings and sins of man, as I accepted the sufferings and sins of man.

Lasse decided yesterday to comment a picture from the day before about writing signs of my scripts, and he had decided with himself that “I do believe that you unfortunately waste your time trying to decode simple pixel/photo errors” and Jette encouraged him to try Google Earth himself to raise and lower pictures of my scripts, which will probably make it possible for him to see many things, and I decided to tell him that this is about having an OPEN mind and trying to understand objectively and also “out of the box” compared to traditional belief instead of misunderstanding negatively, and also that Jette and I simply do our best to read these pictures (also) using spiritual information, and we do mistakes on our way but we do our best – and Lasse is another of these young high school students, who may start to lose faith the same way as Emil apparently did (?), and yes darkness is here, there and everywhere.

Here Jette spoke of ”the many animal souls have used me as their speaking tube” and also “there exist white and grey hunters – good or bad – those, who only shoot what they need to survive, where animals put themselves available as food and there are grey hunters butchering animals to enrich themselves” and all of these bullfighting and cockfighting may be given up now, and she says that “THERE WILL BE GIVEN NO DISCOUNT”, which made me say that “discount” is about money, which is about energy, and that it takes an equal amount of positive energy to release life inside of darkness being tied up to negative energy, which is what we are doing these days.

Here Jette speaks of a gecko – a small lizard – having a phenomenal ability to stick on everything, and to me a lizard is darkness, and Jette says “CHINA diversity – sticks together – has to be a password”, and it sure is, because this is darkness sticking together with China as well as the psychiatrist I visited because of their poor work not going in detail with my scripts (and for the psychiatrist with me to understand that my scripts are as positive as I am and NOT negative, which is really what made him take the WRONG verdict of me), and yes when you as a leader live in isolation and “cannot” read my scripts in detail and only receive a summary of it from people reading (and understanding me!), it is “impossible” to believe in the one I am because the proof of me is included in hundreds of dreams and spiritual experiences/connections, which is easy to understand when reading carefully, but impossible when you do not, and for these people – most people in the beginning – it is much easier to decide to follow your own “negative misunderstandings”, which you know is the same as better-knowing ignorance, which is really the sickness of the world, and yes “who are you” Hu Jintao (?) and truly NOT a big leader being so self-effacing and inwards as he is not having the STRONG communication skills and power to make people understand and follow him.

Here Jette wrote about a jumping fish, a veil-tail, which is a person (?) and later a large Muppet-doll – a long limbed diva shakes a mask out of her bag and she is surrounded by many souls, and this made me say that the fish is my new self, and a veil-tail is “almost a gold-fish”, which is “all energy”, which is “everything”, and Muppet Show is some of the best TV ever made (!), and the biggest diva of all is Miss Piggy, and it gave me a feeling of Whitney Houston as another diva and part of my mother, who will “always love you”, and this is how my mother – used to be known as Virgin Mary but in the future as Lona as my mother is called – was hidden in this story, and the mask of her bag is the act of darkness as sins of man has forced her to play, and “piggy” is about life we are still saving until the day when I will truly become the goldfish of everything bringing freedom to everyone with a world without darkness meaning an eternal and happy life for all completely without sufferings.

Here Jette said “the unified hole Kim Larsen, chaps of God’s grace” and besides from saying that “the world is coming together now” – can you feel it (?) – this is also about the dissolution of darkness, which is making the “winter” almost over (the sufferings of darkness to me and the world) and to replace it with “hyacinths” (love of light) as Kim sings below in what may be the song I have received actively the most times.

Here Jette says that Camilla the Duchess is given a polite reprimand, and that we are still divided into a physical and spiritual self, and “some family members have not yet finished voting whether or not they ought to believe in Stig” and she brought a reference to Lasse “agreeing that we disagree” – whether or not these pictures are “picture errors” or messages of God – and I replied that a part of our New World is that our physical and spiritual selves become one lifting up consciousness and intelligence AND happiness (!), and Lasse – from the group of high school students not agreeing if you believe in me or not (?) – here symbolises this darkness not wanting to enter light.

Later: The high school student Lasse has obviously decided to continue his “crusade” against me when speaking about Google Earth making these “digital signs” of my scripts, which he says are not writing signs, and with his great energy trying to establish this as a fact, he is really bringing doubts to others in me instead of doing his best to understand me by reading my scripts and helping others to understand, and this is what I tell him at the end of this thread and in this sense he is darkness self that I am fighting – and again I tell him that Jette and I make mistakes, and I don’t know for sure if these scripts include stories or are “digital pixels”, but I am sure that they are scripts on the sky and that we will eventually know all of us.

I saw this after I returned home from the cycle workshop bringing my “new” punctured cycle to be patched – I did not believe these strong tired would puncture – and when I sat in front of the monitor, it gave me an even more yellow colour compared to the other day (yellow is also a part of our New World) and then it started blinking somewhat, which was darkness coming and yes from Lasse having some difficulties to understand, and cannot understand that his “belief” is darkness, and yes Lasse, this is what it is if you don’t do your best to understand and if you try to misunderstand negatively.

High school students have difficulties to accept that I speak the “universal truth” bringing me much darkness

Later, Lasse had obviously decided to give me “a fight for my life” and that is all remaining life inside of darkness, which we are getting the key to here, and yes just because of this conversation and the meaning it had both to Lasse and the other high school students in relation to me, and obviously it was not easy for many of you to understand me after a psychiatrist has declared that I am crazy (?), and then it took “completely normal talk about an unusual subject” to regain a stronger faith from some of you as “help” to bring out life, and I am not going to translate all of this, but it is basically about Lasse deciding that he does not believe in “100 different messages from distorted sky formations” and for me to speak the universal truth, because he – as most other people – want to maintain his right of what he believes in (!), and yes this is not about what you and you and you believe in, which may differ, because there is ONLY one universal truth about basic rules to keep life for an eternity to come, and when you have not read and understood my scripts, this is what is “difficult” for stubborn people to believe in.

And the dialogue continues here, where I tell Lasse that he does not understand the substance of spiritual communication and my scripts, which makes him speak about his “opinion” without knowing the content, which is wrong, and then he asked if people are to follow me blindly, and I told him that the essence is NOT to follow me blindly, but to read me carefully to understand, and when you do this, it is really very easy to understand, and then we don’t have to discuss “opinions”, which is the most barren, which is, but to speak of and be happy about our joint knowledge and understanding.

And it continued here where Lasse showed how little he has read of me and saying that he will certainly not read all of my 5.000 pages, which is “mentally impossible” for him to do, and this is ALSO why he and everyone is going to do this to teach people and because this is EASY to do compared to the work writing it, and then he declared what came the closest to faith, which was when he said that my scripts “may come from revelations/spiritual communication” (herewith creating a bigger hole into the last darkness!) but he wanted me to confirm that it is my personal attitude meaning that it can never be quite “objective” (!), as he wrote, and I told him that I do make mistakes, but when all comes to all, my scripts are the universal truth, which there is only one of, which makes it impossible – in our New World – to disagree (!), and instead today this is about his will to fight me and to be right only because of his “opinion” without knowing – just like how politicians and the world of today in general work and that is as Jens Rohde said “to win even though you may not be right”, which is truly the SAD part of it (when people do not know what is right to do, but still they fight for what they believe is right, but really is wrong!).

And it ended when I asked him to put aside his resistance and to wait until he reads so he will know what he speaks about, but he still wanted to fight but now not about the substance of my script, but about the improbability of me being the-one-and-only receiver of a universal holy message, and he wants to experience these revelations before he can believe in them, because my 5.000 pages is not proof that what I write is the truth, and yes this is a young man telling me about my writings without having read the writings, and you should be “too good” to do this, Lasse, because if you had read my scripts, you would understand that I simply tell you the truth about whom I am, and this is why I end by saying that you are stubborn and show a “better-knowing ignorance” but on a higher level than what I often see, and you do remind me of my old friend, Fuggi, who was also obsessed with what he BELIEVED was the truth without knowing it, and let me tell you that most people believing in me – including the official world – has decided to be silent about their faith in me because of fear (!), and just so you know, “my friend”, which is what I would like to call you because even though you are stubborn and wrong, you are still friendly, which I would like to thank you for :-).

During this “conversation” I received some physical shiver of my body – the shiver of darkness as so often before – and I saw and felt that this is the last darkness we are getting out here, and yes Lasse has to be a special friend too, and I was told something about these high school students not coming to me entirely by chance but to help me through the last way, and this is part of it. And even though Lasse is a high school student without much life experience, he is still a truly strong communicator of his own beliefs giving me some of the greatest resistance I have met from people. Later I also felt how my new self with the sword was about to enter my head, and this is also because of the help of Lasse, which this really was about (!), and yes much more is to come.

Later, I was shown a man with a dark sport bag entering the sport store, because now he does not want to continue and to return the bag, he has had enough, and yes it was about Lasse haven given everything he had, and now he wanted to go out with his high school friends to celebrate the ending of their exam and study and that is instead of continuing to use his powder against me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Peter wrote about the Social Democratic Party receiving a “mega down trip” – just like Falck received as I am here told, and yes not knowing that they were darkness self (!) – and they are now down at 15.9%, which is a historic “catastrophe” of this party normally receiving 30 percent or even more of the voters, and this is because of the tax agreement with the non-socialist parties and suddenly when reading this, I understood the real message that it is NOT Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen from the Red-Green Alliance, but Margrethe Vestager from the Social Liberal Party, who is “evilness” here, because it is her leading the government from left to right (from light to darkness!), which is making both Helle Thorning Schmidt with the Social Democratic Party and Villy Søvndahl from the Socialist People’s Party bleed and yes historically (!), and in this sense Margrethe is “the mole” of the government the same way as my sister is in my family, and yes “the dark sheep” of the flock, and congratulations, Margrethe, you played your cards well to become extremely successful yourself being named as the most powerful person in Denmark (!) – even above the Prime Minister – and that is to carry out your own evil plans of the Old World Order really, and there you have it, pure evilness stealing from the poor and giving to the rich “and so much more”.

  • Dan was sad because of the cold and wet Danish summer weather and he said that “it may be that the Danish song is a young, blond girl, but the Danish summer is a middle age, schizophrenic (!), mood swinging, sour, bloke”, and what he said here was not only his feeling of the weather, but also of how he used to see me, and yes as crazy, sour and with will mood swings (?), but there is a CURE for that, which is called to listen/read and understand (!), which is what Dan decided to do changing his view and become positive at me, and this is what people are doing in general – seeing that I am positive and only speak the truth (!) – and with this it is almost time to celebrate, which is what Lotte Reimar below really says when saying “King” as a reference to me, which is what faith of people in me is making me, and yes she is the daughter of Johnny Reimar, the “Party King” of Denmark, and with this we are almost ready to start singing together with Johnny – and you are also welcome, Dan :-).

  • Ahmed decided to reply to my comment to him yesterday, which led to these comments.

  • Later I saw that he had started to read the front page of my website in a greater detail, and I wonder how he, as a Muslim, will react to the information about Muhammad being the Devil self, and after writing this, this is how he reacted.

  • I liked this picture shared by Ahmed, which to me is showing “foghorns” of people talking without knowing, and this is WRONG attitude, which you have to get rid off as part of your train journey to the other side where you will know what you speak of!

  • And yes, Ahmed truly makes a difference, and here he is sharing another picture showing how a cycle is made entirely of an orange, and the cycle is symbol of my journey of sufferings inside of darkness to save every little thing, and the orange symbolises Old God, and when the cycle is now full, it is telling me that we got everything with us.

  • Jimmy was again inspired when bringing this picture and to accompany it with the words “can you feel it” as I am here said that he will “accompany” me, but he is still SILENT apparently lost his VOICE, and I told him about how “inspired” he and the meditation group are when bringing “energy” (of darkness!) to help our new creation, and with the words of Michael Jackson – as he was inspired to refer to – “the whole world is coming together now” and when watching the fantastic and inspired video below, you can see how we are all connected in the light of our New World, which now “only” has to be revealed to everyone :-). This symbol is also coming to support the same message of Jette today.
    • After sending this reply, I received even more pain to my behind, and I was told that this is because of Jimmy’s reactions, and yes this is the kind of energy you and the meditation group have sent me, Jimmy, the energy of darkness because of your selfishness and WRONG behaviour, but you do know that, right?
    • Later Jimmy wrote: “One for all.. All for One.. Oneness ♥”, which was also your “general feedback” to me, Jimmy (?), when not addressing me directly, and this is also the motto of The Three Musketeers, and my motto too meaning to save every little thing really.

  • I did not receive any feedback at all from BT and Ekstra Bladet on my emails, and Poul, the editor-in-chief of Ekstra Bladet, did not dare to accept me as a Facebook friend, and that is at least not yet, Poul (?), and how do you think you will look to the world (?), and just wondering I am.
  • I have started receiving my new newspaper Information, so the system had registered me after all, and from the paper of yesterday, I saw that the psychiatrist Birgit had written this article about “evilness”, which she says that “we will not get to understand as long as we keep tight to the imagination that good and evil are two sharply divided sizes”, and yes this inspired me to write to her leading her to the truth about light and darkness via my website, and telling her that the psychiatry itself is the worst darkness, which is, and I ask her to pass on this truth to her colleagues when she will understand and that is IF she will understand because she is also hit by this darkness, and I also invites her to become my Facebook friend to gradually learn through my updates, if she dares (?), and yes we will see.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to Jun 27, 2012: The New World is unifying as a whole and sufferings of darkness will be replaced by love of light

  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    God .. underholdning 😉

    • Tak, Jette – dette er egentlig den reaktion, som jeg har vidst, ville blive folks reaktion, men det var i praksis for langt de fleste umuligt at komme frem til dette stade, fordi det var “mentalt umuligt” for stort set alle at gå i gang med at læse eller blot at læse resumeerne, men ikke for dig 🙂

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