June 29, 2012: “Super-Mario” scored for the Trinity when ALL LIFE of an eternity of previous worlds was resurrected


Summary of the script today

28th June: “Super-Mario” scored for the Trinity when ALL LIFE of an eternity after defeating darkness was resurrected

  • Darkness was again at its absolutely MONSTER height removing my sleep etc. to bring out life from darkness.
  • The Italian football player Balotelli scored the hardest and most beautiful goal of the Trinity when Italy won over Germany in the semi final of the European Championships as a symbol of the Trinity scoring when saving all life, which previously was terminated by darkness. This was “Super-Mario” repairing all pipes of previous worlds resurrecting everyone and everything after going through “the game” meeting and defeating all darkness :-).
  • Short stories of Helle Thorning Schmidt being a Prime Minister controlled as a doll by others also bringing me the worst MONSTER darkness, for how long can the government and I as my old self (as my cover) continue surviving, Dan tells via a dream about darkness of Danish comedians laughing of me and his own darkness, I was happy to receive news from David, we are going BACK TO THE FUTURE without time, Obamacare upheld was the symbol of carrying out my journey without darkness stopping me, I am not “off my rocker” because I have “patterns on my shirt” :-), Sally is the victim of conspiracy theories, which she fight without being “able” to understand the truth when not reading me and it was selfish, wrong attitude of “evil Margrethe” and the likes which dissolved the world (until we made it stop) and Jack’s Facebook profile has now been deleted again, so his “new employer” of the military was not fully ready to stand forward supporting me after all?

29th June: All now resurrected life for an eternity of past worlds was hidden inside all living life of this world

  • Dreaming of receiving sufferings of darkness even though darkness is now completely dismantled and my sister deteriorating the health of our mother when opposing me.
  • The spirit of my mother was close to bleeding when bringing all life up from the depths of the pyramid and crossing the line from darkness to light of our New World, which is what my sufferings and the work to increase faith the last days have been used to reduce.
  • All life from MANY worlds of a past eternity was hidden as darkness inside of mankind alive today, which was the darkness pointed at me making me able to save everything, and this is the life, which will be brought back to the memory of all people, when they will show a clean heart entering our New World.
  • Short stories including a cloudburst over Denmark symbolising my sufferings, after rain of suffering comes light of love from our Lord with the promise to “see Jesus in the morning light” to “save your soul tonight”, we will all be able to see clearly in our New World, the Socialist People’s Party was close to leave the government the other day symbolising the extreme limits they and I are going through, Dan is the DANce man celebrating and welcoming back all previous life of our previous world, the Freetown of Christiania will celebrate in two days when obtaining the final freedom from darkness, the Chinese are not only WIMPS but also COWARDS (!), Jette is setting up a new and this time right Facebook group of her pictures, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen believes she knows the truth about herself, which she however does not, Lykke strongly spoke for governments to boycott the European Championships in football, but she decided to attend herself (!), it is not God but the Devil sending lighting over the Roskilde Festival and the release of the Trinity with all life around us now being made up by “fish”.


28th June: “Super-Mario” scored for the Trinity when ALL LIFE of an eternity of previous worlds was resurrected

Darkness was again at its absolutely MONSTER height removing my sleep etc. to bring out life from darkness

After publishing the update of the script “yesterday” I was told that faith of these high school students were allowed to decrease in order for us to go deeper into darkness, and now it was time to strengthen the faith again, which this was about.

I continued to receive clear marks to my right angle throughout yesterday evening with the feeling of risking to “lose it”, and that is as you know losing parts of our physical Universe (to become parts of New World’s), and some days ago, I was given the understanding that much more than what I thought of our Universe has been destructed when sacrificing to bring us energy.

I was shown a very old-fashioned telephone and was told that “this communication channel now also works”, and I understood that this was about a less developed old World now also being saved.

At 02.15 when I had just started watching this video with Benny Hinn of a young lady being healed from Rheumatoid Arthritis as I was encouraged to do, I was told “and by the way, here is the original oyster, which we used to create life with”, and yes just like that, and I felt how very strong darkness decreased just because of the energy coming to me from watching this video.

At around 02.30 I tried to sleep not knowing what would happen, and I was feeling beyond the point where I thought that I would be able to stay up the night, so I was hoping to fall asleep, but instead I was given nightmares as visions – I was living in Kenya as the only white man among black men and entered new darkness at my outbuilding and when I wanted to sleep, potential burglars were lighten up my room with a torch, which was so unpleasant that I decided to open my eyes and when I did this, I felt that it was one of those nights having to stay up, which I truly thought was impossible to do, and the rest three hours I sat in my sofa being at my most tired level awake but not really awake with my eyes not following me and when I tried to open them to watch TV, I could not keep them open without receiving eye pain and I could not see the picture of the TV, so every time I had to shut my eyes after one second, and I did not believe it would be possible to get over this the worst crisis, which was the absolutely worst I have experienced when I also was given darkness so strong that I thought it would take me over, but gradually at 05.30 to 06.00 I started becoming a little bit less critically tired, and at 06.00 I decided to stand up and be active at the computer to see if this would wake me, and what I truly thought was impossible started to happen when one minute took the next, but still I was so tired that I later decided to take a long bath, and instead of falling half asleep in the bath, it actually made me less tired, and in bath I could not even write notes on my telephone except from one, which was that I could not work today because of being at my uttermost tiredness, but now it is 11.00, and I have again broken a pain limit when starting to write this script, which I said was “impossible” to do when I was encouraged to do it half to one hour ago, and it is really because when I am here at my uttermost limit and working, we can get out the best hidden life of darkness.

At bath I was very sad because of Lasse so strongly showing the poor behaviour of “many” people telling me so strongly what he believes and do not believe in based on inadequate information, and I thought about how nice it would have been if he had shown the same commitment as children are born with, which is to ask open questions, and also to read, and trying to understand instead of telling me of his misunderstandings herewith also influencing others against me for those taking his and not my party, and yes this is the sickness of the world – especially the rich world – which the world cannot see itself.

I was shown the worst criminals of all being taken out of prison swearing at me, and I thought that this is life of darkness on its way out to become light, and for a period I received the voice “kill, kill everywhere”, which is about darkness wanting to kill one Old World after the other with my acceptance, and all it took was for me in a weak moment starting to accept this, but as you know, I will NOT accept any terminations at all, which to me is what life inside of darkness would risk becoming if I did not change it to light.

I was told – not knowing the strain I will go through over the coming days and weeks and when thinking that each day here is like going through the worst marathon – that it is best not to help you if you can manage yourself, and if I cannot I will be helped.

At 11.30 I had finished writing the script so far including some short stories, so the script may not be very long today.

After lunch I continued writing the month summary of June being ahead of time really, and I was surprised to find that I was not seriously tired, which I really don’t get when thinking of just how completely “dead” I was during the night.

I was told that “you got to be careful not burning your fingers in there”, which is about the fire of darkness, and I continued doing a few, minor updates to the front page of my website and also to the Signs II page, and I understood that everything is “right there” in front of me, when I am ready, which we are not and yes as long as I feel darkness, which I still do and that is around this love of the New World coming to me as I also feel.

I was told that the effect of my mother and I not seeing each other now for almost a couple of months is that we have been fighting about opening the lock to this the deepest darkness of all. And later it continued when I was told that my mother was the goal keeper of darkness, and I had to pass her – and this I did without any of us bleeding from out of our mouths as I am told.

For some time I have been told “and then he is not really unemployed”, which is about the dictators of the Commune doing as they liked to “destroy” my life and yes EVEN THOUGH I WAS NOT UNEMPLOYED and in no need to receive their help other than “survival help”, and this is about beginning reactions to this truth, and what will come with the understanding of the entire world is what the Commune “could not” see was wrong to do!

And I was told that my mother very soon has flowers to me and I was given a mark to the backside of my left lower leg and told “when this is over”.

After bringing my last post to Lasse yesterday, I expected to receive a new follow up from him today, which I did NOT look forward to because of the nature of his wrong and unreasonable attack, but I did not hear from him, and I do believe that he does not like to be included in my scripts, which is how all devils feel like.

I was given a constant feeling of my father and even encouraged to find him on Facebook, where he however is not, which made me wonder if this is also what he is no longer in physical life (?), and at 17.00 I received for a period of time an enormous pressure to my right angle and shortly thereafter a new burning smell, which made me a little nervous also when thinking that tomorrow is when “everything will be finished off with a bang” – or something like that – as they said on the weather forecast earlier in the week, but I was given the understanding that the sufferings I went through the night when not sleeping and today is this “fire”, and I don’t believe that it will explode by now.

I was told that we are almost running out of film in the camera, meaning that we have almost saved everything, and I heard “I never thought I should see you being born” said by another one from a previous world on his way in.

I was shown a large number of warships at harbour, which is ALL LIFE from inside of darkness now arriving to the harbour of our New World, and only a tiny boat out on sea trying to get in, but it is almost impossible to find room in the harbour, and I was shown how all of these ships are to get in via a land of tongue and it was the passage to Germany when driving from the ferry in Puttgarden, I was shown, and Germany is the goal of all of these “kingdoms”.

The ferry route from Rødby in Denmark to Puttgarden in Germany with the tongue of land in Germany leading ALL LIFE as “warships of darkness” into the Kingdom of our New World

I continued receiving this strong feeling of the spirit of my father around me and it was the feeling that he is the backstop – the last man standing – of all, and I was told that he has come to say thank you, and I was shown the island of Bornholm beating as a heart, and shown that the knife is NOT to cut the heart, but the layer cake (of creation) as I saw the island transforming into and I was told that this is what “everything which was not there” is not transforming into – and yes “self thank you” as we say in Denmark, or “you are WELCOME” :-).

Later I was told “do you want me just to have a look of how the tie is tied” (?), and yes we are ALSO going to bring in the last man out on sea, and I heard “isn’t it all of our children” (?) and I was told “are you ready to count – 1, 2 MANY”, which is about an incredible number of lives being saved.

“Super-Mario” scored for the Trinity when ALL LIFE of an eternity of previous worlds was resurrected

Before the other semi final of the European Championships this evening between Germany and Italy, I was simply told “italy”, so this was the team, who was pointed out to win, and I SMILED when the Danish commentator by an “inspirational error” called the Italian goalkeeper Buffon for Dino Zoff, and yes how can you do this thirty years after Dino Zoff retired (?), and yes we know because Dino was my favourite goal keeper when I was a child, therefore (!), and yes he set the longest record in history keeping out goals in international games, and just thinking here of how I kept darkness from scoring against me at all.

And did you see how great Italy played, and in this match, Italy were symbols of light and Germany of darkness, and Balotelli scored two amazing goals – and having a sign of the Trinity on his back, he had 🙂 – as you can see from this clip with an ENTUSIASTIC Arabic commentator, and it is NO wonder that they call Balotelli for “Super-Mario”, because this is about the Trinity scoring, which here is a symbol of “repairing pipes”, which is what we are doing with the saving of an incredible number of lives of previous worlds today :-).

The commentator said with inspiration “all with a Fiat 500 an above celebrates in Rome”, and behind this, I felt “discrete cheers” of my VERY happy spiritual friends of what we are achieving, and I was told that all of this is driven by patience and willingness to take on sufferings, and with this, this is when SUPER-MARIO kicks the hardest kick and most beautiful goal, and yes the is my “goal” is to “save everyone”.

In the 61st minute I was told “do you have the stamp colour ready” and I was shown juice of blue grapes as this colour, and it was followed by the Italian goalkeeper Button doing a brilliant save, and yes he was a little nervous in the beginning, but he is also a goal keeper of world class as you saw.

Super-Mario is a world-known game character; a plumber most of the time not repairing pipes but saving the world and rescuing a princess fighting thousands of evil enemies during his journey – just like I did 🙂

The Danish goal keeper said about the Germans that “the whole gang gesticulates”, and “the whole gang” is what we are saving, and all of the darkness I have kept on saying MANY thousands of times, “come on, the whole gang, I am NOT afraid of you” and “you are welcome”, and yes this is ALL of the darkness, which I invited to come and beat me up, which it did, but it was NOT stronger than I, and with this, I gave all of the energy required to transform all life inside of this negative energy of nothing into life of our New World, and this is what is coming through now with EVERYONE RETURNING :-).

At the end of the game, Germany was allowed to reduce the score to 1 to 2, which became the final result, and it was after Italy had PLENTY of chances to score to both 3 and 4 to 0, where I was told “we can score as we please”, and when the matched was whistled off, the Italian was very happy, but the goal keeper was “as if he was in another world beating like a great dancing figure” as the commentator said, and yes DANCING OF HAPPINESS, but he was also mad that the match had become unnecessary excited at the end with the late reducing goal of Germany, because Italy could have ended the match for good if scoring on more chances.

Balotelli – “Super Mario” – showed his sign of the Trinity to the world; this was the goal of the Trinity scoring when resurrecting/saving all life previously terminated by darkness

And I might add that I was VERY tired, and ONLY stayed up watching this match because this is what I was encouraged to do earlier in the day, and yes ”almost impossible” it was, but needed/good it was to finalise this work :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday, Jette decided to bring this about the Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt saying that the catastrophic polls of her party are “unsatisfactory and serious”, and Jette said “can this BARBIE now also speak! Up until now it has been the most quiet Prime Minister in Denmark – ever ..”, and when writing this, I get the feeling that Helle Thorning Schmidt has decided to let herself being moved around by people of her party and government trying to “compromise” on everything, which has made Margrethe Vestager the most powerful person in Denmark and the red government to lead non-socialist politics in many respects, which is what is “killing” the government, and when Jette says that she is a Barbie doll, it is to say that this behaviour of the Danish government including Helle Thorning Schmidt is what is also bringing me darkness potentially leading to my “old nightmare”, but that is only if I should “lose it” of course, and when I don’t, we bring out life from deep darkness instead, and yes another example of darkness leading to life.

  • This story was strengthened today when Lucas was inspired to bring this Barbie doll.

  • The short newspaper said that Helle Thorning Schmidt “is probably finished” and also that she and the Foreign Minister are “attacked by their own fantasy MONSTER”, and yes do you see that the life of this government is critically in danger when being attacked by the worst MONSTER of darkness (the same creating Nazism and Breivik) and for how long can it keep surviving (?), and yes as a symbol of me continuing to live MY LIFE as my old self to save even more life, and yes I go to extremes, I know.

  • Dan said that he has weird dreams, and tonight he dreams that he was to take a photo of Frank Hvam, who was about to paint his white bed linen black with tar, but the camera did not work, and he considered where to go to get it fixed, and yes “taking a photograph” is to accept people to enter our New World, so maybe Dan is also “another part of me”, and when Frank, a well-known comedian, paints his linen black, it is to say that the comedians of Denmark have laughed about me not understanding that the joke was on them, and yes darkness killing Robin Gibb as another part, and also that Dan is living a life in darkness, and yes Dan, I could have written this to you, but when you don’t want to read me, you will not be able to understand me.

  • I was happy for David to follow up with both this chat and the following email, which he had sent just before chatting. Thank you, David :-).

Dear brother Stig,

I am fine today. Nairobi is really cold and there have been intermittent showers since Sunday-making it even colder. My family is fine, with the exception of my high school brother who is suffering from Yellow Fever. I organized some treatment for him and I waiting to see how he responds.

I am sorry for not been able to comment on the scripts. I take note of some milestones, such as the Google Earth Images, it was just amazing! I follow the contents, when not under much constraints. I wish I could be able to make informed reviews of some of the key messages.

We met early this week- John, Elijah and I. Meshack was not able to come but we are informed of his progress. I still has network challenges in his location. The sooner we can all meet, I will let you know.

Thank you and have a good day.


  • Someone had decided to bring this picture saying that this is how it looked in the “back to the future” movie when travelling in time and the story was that yesterday, the 27th June 2012, was the date mentioned on the panel, but later it was said that it was not true, it was really in 2015, but nevertheless I decided to share the story about how we have gone BACK TO THE FUTURE when going back to the time when darkness took over light “because it could”, which was when time started and that is in order to stop time, which was the invention of darkness used to get to the point where darkness was strong enough to bring the end of the world, but now – as you know – we are about to stop time and to bring a new, endless and happy life for all, and yes this is what the story was about, and NOT about the date 2012 or 2015, which did not matter, but I am sure that people understood, right Nicolai (?), and yes just a matter of focusing on the right thing not becoming “confused”.

  • These were the reactions to my post on “back to the future”, and Christian is one of the high school student still having faith in me and I might say having regained his faith in me and of course only brought here as example of the after effects of my long “dialogue” with Lasse yesterday.

  • Today was the day where the Supreme Court of USA could bring a “defeat” for Obama – even though he had nothing to do with it, it is all in the mind of people (!) – when voting on whether or not the health care act of USA was against the Constitution, and they decided that “the mandate can stay”, which afterwards was considered as a major win of Obama (!), and yes what it really was, was the story of whether or not darkness of USA would throw down this act as the symbol showing the spread of light and whether or not darkness would “throw down” the light, i.e. if darkness would make me “lose it” during my tour, but since I am still here, there was no other way that the court could decide – I am back for good, and yes you can TAKE THAT story too about how I managed to stay on these roads of God, which led me through many A-ha moments :-).

  • Politken said “Yes He Can!” and I might add yes we can :-).

  • Brian was inspired when bringing a link to a writer, who he believes is “off one’s rocker” (“knald i låget”) when saying that it is important that toothpaste includes fluoride – “has he not learned anything” (?) as he asks – and Nova was also inspired when saying that she personally would like to use some of the sticks, which Africans used to use and we know this is about going back to “original people”, and what this story was really about was the link to one of the big hits by Shu-bi-dua “Knald i låget” – many inspired songs of this my favourite childhood band – and I might add that it was not me being crazy because I have “pattern on the shirt” and then you know and that also goes to you, Michael Hardinger (who has still not yet returned as a Facebook friend) :-).

  • It seems that Sally is the victim of conspiracy theories or at least try to go against them, and yes Sally it sure is not easy to understand the truth and to help other people understanding, and is that because you “could not” read me in order to understand me?

  • ”Evil Margrethe” was on her way to a TV programme at the Danish national TV, DR, when she saw one of the beloved characters from the VERY popular children’s programme “bear and chicken”, and it was beheaded, which made her wonder where the rest of the chicken was (?), and yes Margrethe, this is just a symbol saying that your selfishness is what dissolved creation (until we stopped it), which “farting” is also a symbol of – I do not like people farting when being in the company of others, which I am sure that Camilla’s father remember me telling him years ago (?) – and in this inspired TV show, you can see how the bear and chicken went through a long journey farting on the way (destructions of the Universe) in order to get to the layer cake of our New World :-).

  • I noticed that a new friend had left me on Facebook, and when checking I was surprised to see that Jack according to what I can see has not only left me as a friend, but once again completely left Facebook cancelling his profile (!), and yes “according to what I can see” and that is because he is simply not there anymore, and not even as a “half friend” as Michael Hardinger still is, when Michael’s name without picture is visible as a friend of mine (but not included in the count of friends), and yes Jack, I wonder if your new employer after all decided that it was NOT alright for you to post messages as you did to me and the world about the military being on its way, but probably still not fully yet, to stand forward and express your faith in me (?), which are the words here given to me, and yes there is still some darkness or “poor habits” of people wanting to stay LOW without the attention of the world, and LOW is what you are making me because of this.


29th June: All now resurrected life for an eternity of past worlds was hidden inside all living life of this world

Dreaming of receiving sufferings of darkness even though darkness is now completely dismantled

I went to bed at approx. 23.00 yesterday, and I put the alarm on for 08.10 this morning just to be sure that I would get up not sleeping my day away, because I wanted to make something out of the day, and oh Lord, it sure was a blessed night, and it also included this dream.

  • I have guests in my old apartment in Hørsholm – René and someone else – and I am surprised when René says that he will be going to Sweden to buy four new suits, and the reason is that he is spending much money on himself not thinking about me having no money. I am cycling to the Pøvesten shopping centre to collect Sanna, Hans and the two sons there, and I see them at their car, and Sanna shows me that she is going to bring a new test to our mother, which is to test her heath. And there was also a small device, which was making a loud sound, which I had totally dismantled to find out where the sound came from, and even thought it was not separated in all individual parts, it still made much noise even though it was not supposed to.
    • Both Hørsholm and the Prøvesten centre is about darkness, and René is both silent towards me (which he has been since the beginning of 2010 when I posted my first scripts!) and spending money on himself herewith working against me as the worst darkness too, and Sanna and the family are also still inside darkness, and the test equipment for our mother is not to bring her better health, but making her deteriorate, and yes Sanna, this is what your resistance to me also meant; you were almost killing our mother (and me too).
    • The device still making noise is both about darkness continuing to bring me sufferings even though it should not be able to do so when being totally dismantled, and I was dreaming this when I woke up at 08.25 hearing a loud noise, which was my alarm, which had made this noise for 15 minutes without me hearing it, and yes I was still tired, but decided to follow Matt & Co. out of my lazy bed.

All now resurrected life for an eternity of past worlds was hidden inside all living life of this world

I was given the beautiful song “29 palms” by Robert Plant, and was told that this is about my “old nightmare” (with lyrics like “I’m burning in love” etc.)..

I felt the spirit of my mother, who was close to bleeding, but now is arriving, and later I felt her smiling when saying “well, you are not turning the whole world around are you” (?) and I heard the answer “yes someone who was strong enough came” (to release us all).

And I understood that the sufferings I have gone through lately symbolised by the cloudburst over Denmark today was to keep her from bleeding.

She also brought me the feeling of darkness and being unfaithful, and I felt Karen, and she said that this is NOT how mankind was created.

I was told that what we have done corresponds to enter the shipyard to change everything including the yard itself, “where you cannot get access” as I was told, but ehhh this is what you did anyway to reverse everything.

At lunch, I opened a tin with tuna, but my hand was made to slip making my long, right finger hit the sharp edge of the part of the tin I had already opened making it bleed a little, and I was told that this is how close the spirit of my mother came to bleed when bringing out all life from the depths of the pyramid, and I was told that this is what the dialogue with Lasse was about, to bring more faith, thus less blood of the spirit of my mother when bringing out all life (up the last stairs of the pyramid to the light of our New World), and yes when crossing the line between darkness and light, and suddenly I understood that the clear YELLOW colour of my monitor the last days was about all of the Old World about to come out and join me in the New World, and as I understand it, we have build up this energy day after day, month after month and year after year in our “spare world”, which is now being released bringing everything and everyone back to “normal life” as it was intended.

I was told that “no one is to get in here and we had barricaded us, but when you came with all power/strength of the New World, not even we could hold you back” and I received many smiles behind this.

And I was told that all of this life from MANY worlds of a past eternity, is darkness, which everyone in physical life had inside of them (!), and yes they contained all negative energy of previous worlds including all life, which is what they directed at me when opposing me, and this is now what we are resurrecting to life, and with this, all of these hidden lives will come back to the memory of all people, because you do remember that we have been born over and over again in one world after the other.

I was given the understanding that this resurrection of all previous life is part of the absolute last work I will do before I will open up the eyes of my new self, but I still keep telling myself that I will keep working like this for 5-6 months, and yes just to be sure.

I heard a loud cracking noise as a stamp and I was asked “we are not checking in with the taxi before all ships are in, right” (?) and yes that is right, if there are more small ships at sea, they will have to be brought in first before I will arrive as my new self with the taxi.

I also received a red blink by my monitor and told by the spirit of my mother thank you for deciding NEVER to allow me being evil”.

And my computer still continues MANY times every day to suddenly stop working and then it is just “thinking” for 1-2 minutes at a time where nothing happens (as if it has no energy to continue work, and yes this is the exact feeling of my computer as I feel almost all of the time!), and when this occurred again, which is NOT nice to wait on when you have much work to do and would like to finish without becoming negative (!), I was given the thought of Karen and I felt “darkness” and I was told that it could not be otherwise because of darkness fighting me, and yes using Karen as its weapon to bring me down, and she sure was close to doing exactly this in 2004 when she stole all of my energy, which I literally felt back then, and yes just to say that this energy and much more is now returning – and I was also told that because of darkness, the only way that the Communes could react against me was to do as they did, and you can really include all darkness I met on my way through family, friends etc.

I worked from the morning and was surprised that I had to use maybe three hours before I finished what I thought would be only small additions to the script of yesterday before I could start this script of today, and I continued receiving pain to my behind together with other negativity too, so I am still receiving sufferings.

During the afternoon I received an example where I suddenly lost inspiration to what to write in one of the short stories, and yes I simply become “slow” both in my mind and in my hands, which is darkness of nothing coming in over me, and I was told that this is because of my mother not understanding what is going on with me.

I kept on changing the wording of the headline of the script of yesterday, which gave me a now old déjà vue, which I have received many times before, which is about seeing myself changing the headlines of my scripts because of the importance of people to understand these headlines, which is what most people only read through my Facebook postings, and what faith in me of many is based upon (!), and yes it will first be later when they have faith in me that they will read my scripts in detail, which they should have done from the start, but you know my headlines – based from details – were good enough to bring us all home.

During the day and especially in the afternoon, my hands were hurting because of all of my writing work, and yes also not easy to write this script because of this, continuous tiredness and generally not feeling good, but this is how life of darkness is, you know.

I continued working until 16.45 to finish the script so far, and hereafter I went to town to transfer money to LTO, which was DKK 2,800, and David was kind to send his thank you again.

I received the taste of water from a public swimming hall, and was told that we are now getting up of the pool, and I thought back to 2005/06, which is when all of these eight of the Council showed me that we were jumping into this pool of sufferings.

I was told that now we only have to get everything in place and to clean up and so on, and also that everything right now is frozen powder, and it will first be at the end that we will blow up everything big.

When I was in town, I continued receiving the worst darkness of impatience, constant negative speech and stress of much information, impatience and also feeling warm inside out, and so much that I was on my limit once again.

In the TV news of DR1 at approx. 18.49, the journalist in the airport reporting about 90,000 RICH Danes leaving abroad on holiday – instead of helping poor people – and he said that they were “popped like almonds”, which made the host at the studio say that it was the first time she heard this expression, and I was thinking about new life arriving at the airport, with almonds being nuts symbolising creation, which is really the story in a nutshell you know.

Darkness tried for a couple of hours to give me so much pressure and stories trying to create the game that if I did not write everything down, it would mean the end of what remains inside of darkness – which I was told was “gold itself”, but gold is energy, which I do believe we have released the most of (?) – and the story is really that I decide what is important to include, and if I believe something is important, which I don’t have the energy to include, this would bring the greatest pressure from darkness to convince me to destruct, but yes darkness continued wanting me to say “you are not allowed to enter”, and when I keep saying the opposite, this is how it becomes.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Mark from the United Kingdom wrote this about the cloudburst before it was moving on to reach Denmark today.

  • And here is the news of the cloudburst in Denmark bringing more than 11,000 lightning’s and 50 millimetres of rain, and you do remember that cloudburst are symbols of my sufferings?

  • The Christian daily paper said that today with the cloudburst, we could use a “marripytja”, which is also volapük in Danish, but when reading the article here, I understood that on Bornholm, this word means “ladybird” and as the article said “fly up to our Lord asking for better weather”, which is what is coming with our New World, which this was symbolising.

  • Brian believed that it is brilliant weather again and then on a fantastic Friday, which truly is BEAUTIFUL, and Maria said that she could do without all of the bangs (of the thunder), but this is with the “promise to see Jesus in the morning light” to “save your soul tonight” and yes it made Brian, who was very happy, to tell her with inspiration “nonsense, it is like hitting a drum” (!), and “drum” is about “original people”, which is what you will become when your soul is saved :-).

  • And it is going to become what Jimmy Cliff sings in this HAPPY song, I love so much: “I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way, Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind, It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin’ day”.

  • Ekstra Bladet wrote about how close Villy Søvndal was to break out of the government the other day, when his party was forced to vote against their belief when accepting the new tax agreement, but the party stayed making the government survive, and yes just showing you the extreme limits, which both the government and I go to in order to stay alive fighting the last darkness.

  • Jette also LOVES the Freetown of Christiania, and shared this photo about celebrating “this historic moment” when the Freetown in two days from now will hand over the cheque buying the town from the Danish state bringing its final LIBERTY and SURVIVAL, and yes the Old World of darkness – everything surrounding it (!) – did not terminate it, and you saw how many times this was about to happen the last 40 years (?), and yes just like real life, where we in fact often were hanging in an even thinner life line than Christiania.

  • Dan was happy when saying that “here was supposed to stand the first 20 seconds of Inner Circle’s “Sweat”, but you will have to hum these yourself”, but Jennie was nice to bring what lazy Dan “could not”, and it made Tenna say “which is what we then will do, dancing man …”, and yes Dan is the DANce man celebrating his joy with this HAPPY song and why is that (?), and yes this is what Morten “decided” to say via the video “welcome back” where arriving passengers are being welcomed back with songs of love and joy, and yes this is life of an eternity of previous world now returning, which is bringing this incredible joy among our spiritual friends, which is what I wrote in my Facebook update below.

  • Nigel was inspired to bring the “funny” video below, where the question “When we refer someone to be yellow, we consider them to be what” first is answered by “Chinese” (!), and then “cowardly”, so this is really what the Chinese are, COWARDS (!), and yes not only WIMPS, but also COWARDS!

  • Jette was inspired to create a new Facebook group after my posting of “back to the future” and she asked me what to call it, and I gave her the suggestion “Google Earth shows our New World”, and to include all new pictures in this group, where we will speak English, instead of the old “event” where we spoke Danish, and yes to make it easier for the world and not only Denmark to follow. And she also said that she read up loud for her wife from my first book today, and yes this is the first person I know giving me the feedback that she is reading my first book, so Jette has started her journey reading all of my writings.

  • Johanne, the leader of the Red-Green Alliance said about this front page of BT “the truth of Johanne” that now she does not learn how to meditate, a therapist or to visit a monastery in India to find out who she is, because she can read the truth about herself in BT, and I decided to tell her that this is NOT the full truth of her and that she is part of a “game” of “light and darkness”, where she works as light, and if she wants to start leaning, she should read my website, which is what will open her inner self telling her who she really is.

  • For a LONG time, Lykke was the STRONGEST opponent for the Danish Government to attend the European Championships in football, but when she was invited by the Polish Government, and when she could get a “nice time”, there was now suddenly nothing wrong with her attending (!), and yes, Lykke I don’t really get it – why didn’t all of you follow my advice to ATTEND and to speak the truth straight out (about Ukraine violating human rights) instead of only enjoying yourself as you did here (?) – and here she is together with “mr. freedom” as we might call Lech Walesa, who was the start leading to the end of the old Red Block of Russia and Eastern Europe, which made me tell her that this is truly “ren lykke”, i.e. “PURE HAPPINESS”, which is about our clean New World you know :-).

  • Mikael Wulff asked “has God become a little too old for festival” and then he brings the link to “God sends lightning in anger over the programme of the Roskilde Festival”, and it made Mads say that “God wants Slayer” and Lærke say “God listens to Deep Purple “Child in time”, and I simply wrote that “God LOVES the Roskilde Festival”, which you know is another old symbol of our New World, and also the programme but that it is the Devil hating music and this festival bringing all of this rain including my sufferings (and also wrong sexual behaviour of people at the festival!), and then I brought an example of the music, which God loves the most, which is a PURE 100 point song, Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie, which OUR LORDS has stood behind himself, and yes probably not many believing me when seeing this.

  • I decided to do as Mads did, which was to ”like” this picture, which you know is about the release of the Trinity with all life around us now being made up by “fish”, which you know is really me and also me and me – and I will probably get many new friends because of this as it promises :-).

  • I was happy seeing that George Michael is back doing new music after he apparently was also close to dying (as part of our “game”), but he was saved, and yes this video shows that he is thankful and knowing that there was a “diving” reason and also meaning with his life creating the best pop music, which is.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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