July 1, 2012: We are replacing the connection of the Source from darkness to light and continuing to clean up


Summary of the script today

30th June: We are replacing the connection of the Source from darkness to light and continuing to clean up

  • Receiving the STRONGEST pressure yet to give up on the last life, but it is still all for one and one for all.
  • Dreaming of continuing work to save life working hard receiving only little energy on my way to our New World.
  • I received a combination of light and darkness today, but darkness was not strong, and I continued writing for example on the story that I have not been able myself to know what I speak of as I recommend all people to do and that is because I have not had the information required to know what I speak of when writing my scripts.
  • We are replacing the connection of the Source from darkness to light and continuing to clean up.
  • I felt “everyone” reporting to me that “we are about ready to implement your wishes” (my writings).
  • The Danish Socialist People’s Party – one of three parties in Government – decided to vote for the new tax agreement with the non-socialist parties, and even though this agreement clearly goes against their conviction, all of the party vote in favour of it, but NOT Özlem Cekic, who was the only MP having the courage to go against THREATS of the Party not to follow the party line, which meant that she was stripped from all her posts and suspended from work. All of the party did what was WRONG, and they decided to punish the only one who was RIGHT. This made me write several places on Facebook that this is WRONG, and in our New World you will see people working their best to agree, which they will in most/all cases, and if they cannot, people will take a simply vote according to their believe and NOT “political interests”, which is darkness leading people of today!
  • Short stories of Jette reacting easily with feelings, a convoy of aid workers were attacked near Dadaab because of the darkness the Danish Secretary General sent out when he “could not” speak the naked truth about Dadaab neither to me nor the world but tried to protect his own “interests” (!), Lykke speaks of “the worst darkness”, which is, i.e. the oil industry and receiving the first feedback that my scripts are “entertaining”!

1st July: Spain won the third consecutive championships in a row symbolising the victory of the Trinity over darkness

  • I had another new night without sleep to go deep inside myself this time to uncover and release a “lost part” of creation, which was “outside” our creation, and it will create the most wonderful “gift band around the forest” of our New World to make our wildest dreams come through.
  • I had to stay awake the whole day to watch the final between Spain and Italy in the European Championships in football, and later to continue not sleeping to write the chapter of it, which is about Spain (of light) playing as they pleased winning in sovereign style over Italy (now as darkness), which gave up to superior force during the game, which made Spain with the third consecutive championships in a row symbolising the victory of the Trinity.
  • And immense sufferings this evening made lost life return through my right angle with immense pain to become part of our New World.
  • Short stories of the writer of editorials of Politiken criticising Öslem Cekic not following the party line, and I tell him very directly that it is a shame to see that he “cannot” understand what is SIMPLE LOGIC to understand because he is brainwashed by wrong culture, and a symbol showed that he is an “evil man” of darkness, and the Danish tax minister wants to tax services of friends, which goes against a natural principle of life to help without money interfering.


30th June: We are replacing the connection of the Source from darkness to light and continuing to clean up

Receiving the STRONGEST pressure yet to give up on the last life, but it is still all for one and one for all

After publishing the script of yesterday I continued receiving messages, and in short it was about the need for me to go deeper to get the last out of the spirit of my mother, but it was impossible for me to do yesterday, and I was shown the spirit of my mother – this part of her – leaving in a car as if she said goodbye for always, and a serious voice of the spirit of my father started coming in over, and I received the STRONGEST pressure and temptation yet to accept this last life not to come with us, and I tell you that it was so extremely strong that I was almost about to accept it, but no, I decided to follow my old rules and principles, which is all for one, and one for all, and we will NOT continue with our plans before I get every little thing with me, and apparently there is still life inside of darkness, which we have not reached yet, and then we have 6 months to do this – who knows (?) – and yes please carry on the sufferings until we are all done, and yes instead of bringing the light and comfort to me, and this is how I am.

There was also a game, where I was told that everything was opposite meaning that when I thought I would bleed and feel the greatest pain – unbearable beyond description – if losing life, I was told that I would not and this was light making me believe this to help me avoid it and this was given here also to make it “easier” for me to accept the loss of this last life, but this truly does not matter, pain or not pain, the principle is NOT to lose any life. And once I was given the worst vision of my “old nightmare”, which I “just” had to say “no thank you” to.

I ended the day by watching some more Benny Hinn, and I was told “do you want to retrieve all life including me on my way to the toilet” and yes, you got it, and I did not get much information about the life we are missing other than it is “part of the Trinity itself”.

Dreaming of continuing work to save life working hard receiving only little energy on my way to our New World

I went to bed after 23.00 and stood up at 07.00 still somewhat tired and only this dream.

  • I am together with Lars G. who is applying for a job, and he calls a company in the morning. We drive small motorcycles in Copenhagen, but then I buy a camel carriage by a beautiful lady, and it discovers that I am “new” and smells at me, and like me. It only eats every 5th month and runs 56 kilometres per hour, and I know I have quite a long way to and from work, and I wonder if the camel will be able to run all the way, and the road goes through the forest, where I am told that I still need a valid train card to go through. I meet Lars again later, we enter a restaurant, and Lars asks me if it does not lift up my mood just sitting there, which it does, and at around 15.30 I encourage him to do a new call to the potential employer, but he cannot concentrate to do this before tomorrow morning, and I tell him that I don’t need him to copy music by U2 or Abba to me, but maybe if he has Dire Straits in the best quality.
    • Lars is still symbol of God, and we are apparently not working from the Old World anymore – or let me say negativity of the Old World included in the New World, which is really what it is – but seek new job, which I believe will have to be in our New World when everything is done. Motorcycles are bikes of darkness, which I change for a new ride, which is given by the spirit of my mother, and this one does not eat, only consumes very little energy, but still it runs very fast, which will have to be about my continuous work. The restaurant is from where we save life, and I almost don’t need music from others – i.e. warm feelings/love – in order to continue working and the point about dire straits is only if you got it, because I remember in the dream that I also had this music myself, so just saying that I am able to continue working being alone.
    • Here is Dire Straits with “Sultans of swing”, which is an old favourite song of God too, which I have received many times over the years – and yes “guitar” is the symbol of creation.

We are replacing the connection of the Source from darkness to light and continuing to clean up

From the morning, I was shown a quick ”yellow and not red” blink to my monitor, which is about saving remaining life of darkness and not killing it.

I have often said in my scripts how important it is that you know what you speak of without guessing, and in this respect my scripts are also many times contradictory, where I don’t receive true or enough spiritual information to be able to tell the truth 100% as it is, and I have often had to use “my best estimation” to fill in the blanks of my story – for example the story of my front website about my journey in general – which I do NOT like, because I like everything to be 100% precise and of course truthful, but on the other hand, I have been “made” also to be flexible accepting this situation, and this is where Kim S. came in – just like the Bee Gees in fact and what I will soon do myself – when I worked for Kim from 1991 to 1997 where I had to do his SLAVE WORK (paper work) – feeling as Prince did as a SLAVE – instead of showing my best work (development and communicating) and that is because he was “so lazy, so lazy” when he just could give me all of his dull work, and often he had a meeting with a customer “today or tomorrow”, where I “just had” to prepare a total overview of existing insurance and pension cover of the customer WITHOUT having “bonus prognosis calculations” of what the expected outcome of pension schemes would become, and I often had to do “unsure calculations” myself based on inadequate information, which was “completely unacceptable” to do, but what I was forced to do, and this is EXACTLY how we carried out this journey not having the information required, which darkness had taken over, but you know as the journey progressed, I received more and more “secret messages” filling in the blanks, and yes you will understand when reading all of my scripts, how often I did not know what was the truth and deceptions, and how much of the information, which in fact is deception of darkness, and yes because of WRONG behaviour of “deceptive family/friends etc.”, and so it is.

On Danish DR1 TV news, the Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt was interviewed about “an important” EU-meeting (to save the banks/economy of the Old World!), and she was here asked about a promised referendum about Denmark’s reservations to parts of the European co-operation (the Euro as example), which she has decided to call of “preventing us to get on the train if we wanted to” and “is it fair to take this choice on behalf of the Danes”, and I received a “sign” saying that this is inspirational talk meaning “is it fair not to inform the Danes about me” (?), and she replied that we cannot have referendums as long as the picture of Europe is so confused, and new treaty amendments will become too confused and muddy (!) for the Danes, and her view is that “we need to have calm first”, which we have not had in the European Union for a LONG time (!), so there was NEVER a time, where you thought that “the time is now right” to inform the public about me, and yes this is sadly how it was, and as she said “this is like playing a football match, with the goal keepers moving all of the time”, and yes I played against the political system as my opponents, who “could not” communicate the news about my arrival to the public.

At 10.00 I went to the local cycle workshop (on Esrumvej) to get my cycle, and when the assistant told me that “we needed to replace the tube”, I believed that “I have been here before” with the previous workshop on Stengade some months ago also playing a trick on me, and we know I started by asking how much it would be, and he said – without blinking – 204 DKK (!) and also that it had been impossible to patch the hole because it was too close to the valve, and yes I would have liked to see the tube (!!!), and I told him “please understand this kindly; we had an explicit agreement to PATCH the hole and that the price would be 89 DKK, and if you are going to change an agreement, what you do is to CALL me and to make an agreement”, which should be SIMPLE LOGIC for battery hens (!), but instead of listening, he told me “you never know about this, so we had to do as we did” (!), and NO, YOU HAD NOT (!), and it made me think that when I delivered the cycle the other day, you asked me if I also wanted to change the tie (!), and NO THANK YOU, only the patch and as I told you I DON’T HAVE MUCH MONEY, and what you are doing, is to steal my money at high noon (!), and yes a completely ROTTEN culture is what this is about, and how many have tried making an agreement with a car workshop as example only to be VERY disappointed and cheated by most people in the repair business doing what they can to get as much for themselves without a care for their customers (!), and yes TRUE it is, and before entering the store, I was told that this was darkness once again trying to stop my journey with my bicycle being the symbol, but no, I decided to pay – because they had probably just thrown away the tube (!) – and then I was cycling once again, and I was told that energy via Benny Hinn is good, but it is far better that I generate energy myself for example when I cycle.

When I returned home, I met one of my neighbours, Jan, who lives together with the Austrian, Emmanuela – I hope I remember correct about her name – and he was patching his cycle, and I told him my story, and he told me that he would do it for 50 DKK (!), and I also asked him if he could clean my windows, which I don’t DARE doing myself (afraid of heights you know) and yes for 100 DKK, and it made me think about “services of family/friends etc.” and my conclusion was that if you can help, it is good to help without having money between you as friends, but I also thought that if it is reasonable to charge a payment, it is fine by me for family/friends etc. to charge for “bigger tasks” and in this respect, this can be compared to a part of “normal work” where you will receive a “normal pay” with your total payment being “normal” when compared with others, and the pay will probably be around what a “professional” will charge – of course depending on quality and efficiency :-).

So the bicycle was an “obstruction” of darkness trying to stop my continuous drive, and I was told that the “commotion” of Jette changing from the old Facebook “event” as it was where she brought pictures of Google Earth to the new Facebook groip and how to set this up, what to call it etc. was also a risk given by darkness to make her stop doing this work, but I thought that when I decide to keep going, there is a very good chance that this will also help her to overcome “difficulties” and to continue to “just do it”.

Afterwards, I decided to take the train to Bilka to shop at the BIG supermarket Bilka, which we don’t have in Helsingør, and it was really as Shu-bi-dua sings below “Jeg ta’r til Hillerød og køber morgenbrød” (“I go to Hillerød to buy breakfast”) and the reason was as Shu-bi-dua also sings “det’ sgu billigt til den pris og når kaffen er klar …” (“it is really cheap to that price, and when the coffee is ready …”), and yes when the coffee is ready, darkness has ceased to exist and I will have opened the eyes of my new self.

And this is yet again an inspired song by Shu-bi-dua also when singing about a porn competition, where no one has a chance because the judge has received cataract, and this is one of the “secrets” I have not written about anywhere, and not a secret because I have wanted to hide it, but simply because it is now first that it comes up to the surface, and the story is simply that I for years was told about a “porn competition”, which would happen, but now I understand that it would only happen if I lost to darkness, which I decided not to do, and yes when you are finished with the WRONG newspapers of today, you might use them to wrap around your herring as Shu-bi-dua also sings :-).

When walking around the Bilka supermarket/department store, I thought that this is the “shopping-Eldorado”, where rich Danes (and Westerners around the world) lose their mind going crazy in shopping-ecstasies only thinking “I also want this and this and this” and that is instead of sharing your money with starving people of the world, and I thought that “I can only go for the cheapest they have” not being near their “expensive” food etc., which is “normal life” for most Danes despite of “the crisis”, and yes the Danes and the rich world were taking the luxury tour down to the abyss primarily caring about “I want more”.

On my way in the train – still driving without a ticket hoping that the inspector will not come, which he did not also today – I was given this information.

I was told that Alex the psychiatrist is thinking about my words to “focus on the point”, which was that I have FINE relations with all people and work better than others, and I thought that it may come as a surprise to Jan, Emmanuela, Knud, Preben and the others living in my high building that the system has declared my officially crazy!

I was given the vision of Paul at the same time as I was given a big sneeze, which is about lack of support of Paul in me leading to more destructions of darkness, and yes Paul, are you afraid of me, or are you simply living by the motto of darkness “the one who lives quietly, lives good” and yes “I don’t want to get involved”.

For some time, and also today, I was given the smell of yeast and bread-character of Champagne.

I was told “we are not driving out of Kvæsthusgade (i.e. “injured house street”), then” and no, you are right because Stig does not give up as I was told.

I was told about “Elijah’s feelings” receiving my money “not being able” to communicate with me, and how this is more darkness coming to me from the man of all, who should support me the most – besides from my mother!

I was given the name “Sid Vicious” – an original member of Sex Pistols, which is NOT on my favourite lists, but I do appreciate their importance to music history – and with this, I confirmed that the game against viciousness continues, and what better song to bring than this by Lou Reed from his AMAZING album “transformer”, and this makes me think of the name of Jette’s new group, and after sleeping on it, she decided to call it “Jorden som forvandlingskugle” (“Earth as transformation ball”), and yes, I feel FINE about it, this is what she thought of and decided for.

I was told about Kigge Hviid as example of MANY people speaking of me as being crazy – when seeing my posts on Facebook – and also that this is bringing some faith by people thinking “what if he truly is Son of God”, but first and foremost, most people totally ignore me, because I have to be crazy, but eeehhhh, does it make sense what I write (?), and yes, there you have it again again.

And I was given the thought that negativity of the Old World is part of our New World, which we are continuing to absorb, and just to say that after I have become my new self – with my old self as the cover (!) – it has NOT been possible to terminate any life, and yes I get wiser day by day, and I am thinking that when no darkness remains at all, we will have a New World where darkness will NO LONGER be a possible stage.

I was told about the BP oil spill of the Mexican Gulf that Earth cannot exist without oil, and it is also in this respect, you are to see the consequences this disaster could lead to.

After receiving this information, the rest of this journey until I came back at 14.00, was with very little sufferings/negativity and DISTURBANCE at all, and I thought that this was maybe only 5 to 10% of the sufferings I had yesterday when shopping in town.

I was told that we have started changing the original Source from darkness to light (implementing the frame of Karen), and also that we don’t like careless work, which is why I have decided to continue take on sufferings for us to finalise this calmly and carefully, and yes instead of “here and now”, if I should decide to lose/finish it by now.

And I was told that we are cleaning up inside of here, and I was shown a vision of many gymnastic tools in a sport hall about to be set in place.

I was told several times about how impossible it was also to get through the latest part of the road, and here I am today shopping in Hillerød, which people will not believe is possible, and yes when the full truth will be revealed to people about what I went through.

When I came home, I decided to write my answer to Jens Rohde below, and to share this at other places on Facebook, and it did not take long before I started receiving more darkness including one small heart attack and some more “uncomfortable marks” to my right angle, and yes just the marks are unbearable, and I was told that we wish it would not be needed, but the best way to continue bringing out darkness, it to go to my extreme, which I guess will mean another night without sleep, and I do NOT know for how long I can continue, but I can give it a try of course, and NO, I am NOT able to continue until the final of the European Championships tomorrow evening, and yes I am SURE of it!

I had late lunch and decided to continue writing on the script of today until 18.00, where I decided to put away much work and potential stress (I feel it up to my throat) to go out cycling, and yes do I have to tell you how tired I am to continue writing (?), but on the other hand, what should I do if I had nothing to do during the day?

I decided to cycle for 18 kilometres, which was “a good little tour” today, and I do look forward to getting “normal form/energy” to ride 100 kilometres, which I understand this corresponds to when comparing with a man not being as down as I am physically. I was surprised that darkness did not come forward as much as usual when exercising, but it is there, but in the background.

For a few hours, my Facebook had “difficulties to work” being “very slow” to update and I was told that this is the reaction of family/friends etc., who don’t like my writings and “freedom of speech” – and yes, I never received an answer from my nephew, Niklas, on my email, and I wonder why, and what you decided to speak to your friends about me, Niklas (?), and yes about your “favourite uncle” (he only has one :-)).

I was given the feeling of grey energy of darkness OUTSIDE the backside of my left lower leg, and eeehhh, OUTSIDE (?), and I did not know why, but could only say that everything IS our New World and this darkness will become light too, and just thinking of David Bowie and his outside song/album from the 1990’s and yes talk about a man still being creative instead of set when becoming “older”, and yes you can add George too, which was my thought after your new single, George :-).

I was told that Jack left me – and Facebook entirely as far as I can see, and we will see for how long this time – in order to create more darkness, and it seems that the military forces of the world still are not fully prepared to follow me?

I was told that if we did not absorb remaining darkness now, It would take millions of years to absorb it.

At some stage, I felt “everyone” reporting to me that “we are about ready to implement your wishes” (my writings), and I felt the Council as a unity.

During the evening – and most of the day in fact – I received a combination of light and darkness with darkness deep inside of me also giving me a new diarrhoea (after sending my reply to Jens Rohde several places on Facebook including Johannes from TV2) and asking me for allowance to do evil as long as we can – now knowing that it will become light – but NO (!), and a stronger feeling of light really that I’M ALIVE, George (!), with less TORMENTING of the “fog of negativity” much weaker today, which really normally is DISABLING me with its constant negative speech and feeling inside of it.

For some time I have been encouraged to connect with Henrik Ramlau – the financial director from Danske Bank and previous CEO of Danica Pension, which is from where I know him – but because he is not on LinkedIn and is not active on Facebook, I decided not to follow this request, and today I was told that instead Henrik Dahl (the spirit of him) and not Henrik Ramlau is bringing the financial ghost of darkness to me.

For a period of several scripts, I have thought that “this is yet another masterpiece I am delivering” and yes NOT to brag, but just to tell you that this is the feeling when you are satisfied with your work (under the circumstances) and that is because every script has been VERY DIFFICULT to write, and yes I feel like “new births” all of the time, and yes I am both writing myself here and receiving active guidance of what is happening spiritually exactly because of this work.

Later in the evening, I used maybe 1½ hours to finish the rest of the work today, and I don’t feel darkness very strongly, so I am wondering if I truly need to stay awake, but this is what I will try to do, and let us see how things look like at 05.00 and to take it from there really.

At 23.15 when I started feeling tired with the view to TORTURE coming trying to stay awake, I was told by darkness waking up that “I have bought a book called the black book, and it says “game over” if you do not continue”, so we will see for how long this can continue.

At 00.30 I was told “believe it or not but it is still the bathroom we are working on” (to clean it to make it perfect).

The Socialist People’s Party were ALL wrong but still they punished the only member, who was RIGHT!!!

The Danish Socialist People’s Party – one of three parties in Government – decided to vote for the new tax agreement with the non-socialist parties, and even though this agreement clearly goes against their conviction, all of the party vote in favour of it, but NOT Özlem Cekic, who was the only MP, who had the courage to go against THREATS of the Party not to follow the party line, and yes PURE DICTATORSHIP is what you see in Denmark (!), and we know what would happen, if she voted according to her belief, which everyone knows is also the belief of the party (?), and yes she would be suspended and stripped from all of her posts and really with the message “you cannot continue to be a member of the party when you cannot follow the party line”, and yes this is how “important” it is to be in government, which is to follow “the party line” instead of voting according to your belief.

Jens decided to write that he does not agree with Özlem, but he respects that she is faithful to her inner belief, which commentators, newspapers and other wise guys now will write much about to say how immature this is, and that she is disloyal etc., and I decided to write what I said above, which essentially is about the whole party doing what is WRONG, and she is the only one being RIGHT, and still she is punished by people doing WRONG (!), and yes this is DARKNESS as I told Jens, and the opposite world, which should be apparent for even battery hens (?), and I said that you will NEVER see this in our New World where people will do their absolutely best work trying to find and agree on the best solution, which should be in most/all cases, but if you cannot agree, you will vote according to your belief, and NEVER because of “political interests”, and yes I also spoke about who I am, and our New World of immense happiness and the principle of TRUE FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY, which Jens should be able to understand even though his party in practise cannot, and that is if I have not overestimated him (?), and yes the last part is another old saying from Lars G., which I understood also fits in here 🙂 – and I wonder if Jens by now has had enough of me, or if his thought will keep wander about me?

I decided to share my reply to Jens with Henrik D. and the newspapers Berlingske and Politiken and the last through the write of editorials, Kristian Madsen, who has already said clearly how wrongly he believes Özlem’s decision is, and when writing this I was told “yes, you have stolen my strawberry cake, so please return the key to me” (energy/life returning from darkness), and I was told that this is because of writing my reply directly to Kristian as another part of darkness, and yes he is not “clever” enough to think SIMPLE LOGIC, but as the entire system, he is infected by “wrong culture”, and it made me wonder how people simply ignored my reply, both the people starting the thread and people replying to it only thinking about their own ideas and what Kristian wrote, and yes you did not see or want to reply to my reply (?), and yes it TRULY makes me wonder, and here you see Kristian replying to something “unimportant” ignoring me, and yes he believes that it is a MUST to always vote according to the party, and no, this is NOT how it is in our New World, but in the Old World of dictator-states!

I also wrote my answer in a private message directly to Özlem and in this reply to the chairman of the Socialist People’s Party, Pernille Bagge, who was the one appointed to bring forward to Özlem and before her a colleague, who was forced against her will, which made her cry in front of the entire Danish media (!), and I encouraged Pernille and the entire party to “switch on” the part of the brain including “simple logic” and then to read and understand my reply, which I hope she will share with her group as the truth it is, and I encouraged her to calm down their own voices of darkness, but this may be too much to ask for?

And yes, ”my good friend”, Johannes from the news on TV2 was “on the field” again again (!) when asking people what they would ask Pernille above as his guest in the news at 19.00, and yes I thought that I might as well send my reply to Jens also to Johannes, and also to write that he does not have the habit to follow my recommendations even though I only recommend him to do what is right, and yes is that because you are a WIMP, Johannes (?), and yes WHO HAS THE “COURAGE” TO SPEAK TO YOU LIKE THIS (?), because you are of course also one of the “fine men” now being included in the BAD COMPANY of politicians and media people at the “top of the society”, and now I come trying to bring you down by telling you and eeehhhh is this the truth (?), and yes Johannes, it doesn’t have to be like that and that is as you do/work today, because this “secret society” of your mixing media and politicians is what was “this close” to ERASURE us all!

When returning home from cycling, I watched Johannes interview of Pernille, and smiled when he asked her “why do you PUNISH Ölem” (?) and “is Öslem the only one who kept her election promise” (?), which was as close as Johannes DARED to go being inspired by my reply above (!) and he knew that the party decided to act WRONGLY and Pernille knew it, but none of them “could” speak about it directly (!), and Pernille had to reply with nonsense (!) including that “we don’t give Öslem a free ticket”, and no you are the ticket inspector of darkness of the train wanting to check my ticket and to throw me off the train, when I don’t have any (!), and yes PURE darkness is what you, your party, the Parliament (and all Parliaments of the world) including the media are, and I am here given more pain to my behind, and yes because this is the strongest darkness, which is, the combination of irresponsible and TALKING media and politicians.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday, I gave Jette my recommendation on how to establish her new Facebook group including to write in English, and a Facebook group works different to a Facebook event, which was really the reason why I gave her these recommendations, and Jette decided to tell me that “I have done this all of this time” on “this and that” and “what more can I do” (?), and also that she will write in Danish instead of English – it is of course her decision – and this is just to show you that Jette is an example of people reacting easily with feelings as I have seen in other examples too, and the important part is to stay objective and to understand the background of what is said, which here was NOT to criticise what she has done so far, but a HELP for her to set up the new group giving her recommendations to consider.

  • Yesterday a convoy of aid workers was attacked by 8-9 armed men near the Dadaab camp killing one Kenyan chauffeur and kidnapping four aid workers, see here and here. The Secretary General and the country manager of Kenya of the Norwegian Refugee Council were part of the convoy, and they got away unharmed, and I was told that this attack happened to make the Danish Secretary General of Red Cross, Anders Ladekarl, whom I “communicated” with about Dadaab the other day, to understand that his – and all NGO’s – efforts to make the world help Dadaab is inadequate, because it requires that you speak the truth openly, directly and honestly to the world instead of deciding to work in a “political world”, where everything else becomes more “important” than the main thing, which is to SAVE the lives of these people, and to improve their living in Hell conditions, and that is instead of trying to make your own back clear by saying that “we provide water, food etc.”, which is ALSO what Anders does, not truly understanding just how dreadful the conditions are, Anders (?), and you might understand now through this example just how terrible it is for people at the camp to live in practical lawless conditions with violent attacks/assaults, killings, rapes etc. in practise with the approval of the international community accepting this as a condition of life here without knowing just how extremely painful as it is constantly. What are you going to do about it, Anders & Co.?

  • Lykke said that when she yesterday held an improvised speech to the oil industry, she needed the theme of the TV series ”Dallas”, which people found for her at Spotify, and she said that Dallas receives a renaissance with the recent re-launch of the series, which the oil industry also does, “because there are still huge quantities of oil in the Northern Sea”, and I told her that “now it does NOT get any DARKER” (with “Dallas” being one of the strongest, old symbols of darkness given to me) and I asked her if someone has told her about mankind having access to FREE ENERGY, which economical/political “interests” have suppressed (?), and yes I wonder what you are thinking of me too, Lykke, and you have not found it “worthwhile” to reply to any of my replies to you, and is that because you do not believe or do not dare (?) or a little bit of both including a little bit of faith too?

  • I invited my old colleague from GE Insurance, Christina F.-H. and the journalist Mette Fugl to become Facebook friends now some time ago, but none of you decided to accept me, and why is that?
  • Jette gave me a comment to me script of the 27th June saying “good entertainment”, and this is really an old comment I have received spiritually, which is that if people just could overcome the “mental blockage” to read my scripts carefully word by word, they would find them and yes “entertaining”, but “impossible” it was to most.

  • Jette also started bringing pictures to her new group “Earth as transformation ball” including this one from the 28th June saying that there is much activity and darkness for me to handle, and I said that darkness was strong both the 28th and 29th, but weaker today – and she brought another picture saying that we have to stop pumping garbage to the sea – and elsewhere where it does not belong – and she will probably update with more pictures the coming days, and I am just thinking that I will have to keep translating her and my comments to Danish, and how much it would have helped me to write in English, but then again, this also brings me some darkness!


1st July: Spain won the third consecutive championships in a row sym-bolising the victory of the Trinity over darkness”

Releasing a “lost part” of creation from “outside”, which will create a wonderful “gift band around the forest

After finishing the script of “yesterday”, I decided to watch TV during the night knowing that I would get LOW once again, and for a couple of hours I was truly “more than tired” being sure that I would not be able to go through this without sleeping, and somehow it became a little bit easier during the night, but the clock was really going very slowly.

I started receiving more pain and negativity and after I had been encouraged to stop the game, I felt yet another dark King on his way to enter me together with the strong feeling of death, and I told myself that I was happy not to stop the game.

I was told that this corresponds to an after discharge of red water, which is to receive more sufferings by darkness, and I was told that Mother Theresa is inside this darkness too.

This darkness continued wanting me to say no for itself to enter me, but “no, you are welcome” is what I had to say MANY times breaking the strength of it wanting the opposite.

I was told that this darkness also includes more SS20’s, which are missiles of Russia, and apparently there is also resistance to me of the Russian armed forces – or lack of knowledge – and I felt my sister Sanna too.

I was told “because you don’t know what we have wrapped the trees up in”, and I was shown gift bands and received the feeling “a special invention” of great beauty, and I was told that we use extra darkness, which is not there to prepare this surprise, which is also not there yet before this finish of this night and week.

I was told that we found a box (of darkness), which we had not seen before, and because it had not exploded, it becomes the most wonderful gift for mankind and that is because I have told my spiritual friends to “do the most perfect work you have ever done”.

I was shown giant obstacles standing on a bridge, which are removed opening the road for me, and I was told that this is because I am continuing going through this impossible road instead of stopping the game.

I was shown myself walking outside from a dairy into a very dark road outside with people riding on dark motorcycles coming over to me, and I was told that we did not know if you could enter there.

I was told by this darkness that there is no one who is going to kill you, and no one going to kill us here and you should almost get a (dark) rose, which was the happiest message this darkness could give me.

I was shown a princess being held prisoner and tormented by laughing darkness inside a aerial ropeway, which was the spirit of my mother of this part of darkness.

I was told “isn’t this then the last of everything, isn’t this just what we are saying” (?), and it might be, but for how long have I believed this (?), and it requires patience more than anything to continue.

I was told that this darkness is part of us, who created the Central Station, and also that this last part has not entered entirely yet.

I was shown and told that you are unwinding cable from a wheel, which is not there, but it works fine, and that we can only do this because it is not burned.

I was given the feeling of Jack being OUSIDE the backside of my left right leg, and later I felt darkness as a force wanting to make everything smaller, and finally, I started feeling how darkness entered me through my skin.

I was asked “is there a hidden treasure inside of there” (?) and given the answer that it looks like it, and I was shown and told that you take one egg from the basket, lose it and now find and recover it after no one knew where it was.

And by now I understood that this was also a game, because would this darkness being “outside” terminate if I gave up now, and yes can it be “outside” of everything, or is outside part of everything?

I received one of Meat Loaf’s GREAT songs including the lyrics “And when you really, really need it the most, that’s when rock and roll dreams come through”, and here it was the dreams coming through to save this lost part of us, and I was shown a flying dark rock in space, and told “you saved us from Armageddon” – and I am given a big sneeze again to say that we could not do this without the Universe sacrificing to bring energy.

I started receiving much worse scratching to the bottom of my head, which surprised me because it means “my LTO friends are suffering”, and I have sent more money this month compared to the month before, and I wonder if this means that David has not yet delivered/transferred money to Meshack as the only explanation I can find, but when I asked him via an email, I received the answer that he had indeed transferred money to Meshack, who has not returned home yet, which I don’t understand because I thought you had done this by now – and eeehhhh, are you still accepting my money without communicating, Elijah, and I wonder if you think much about what is good and poor behaviour.

I took a long bath, and later I went to the library to upload my convert my book of June to PDF and to upload it here.

I returned home at lunch, and I am not very critically tired, only “critically” and on top of this comes darkness still wants me to do negative and yes still a nightmare to come through but not at its worst level.

I was told “he will also become successful with this”, and I received “marks” to my right angle again, and also a feeling from the inner of the backside of my left lower leg that it is full.

I have been given the word “school caretaker” some times, and yes he is the one making the school work in practise making it possible to continue the game.

I was told that we will finish this task at 14.00 and had I slept, it would have been at 17.00, and at 12.00 I was told that we are now opening the door from outside, and I was shown a separating wall being torn down uniting two large rooms.

This afternoon I received very strong and sudden pain several times to my private parts and some heart pain too while I was going through a new “worst tired crisis” not knowing how to come through this without sleeping, and TORTURE is really what it is, and I was surprised that this darkness was as strong as it was, and also that it tried to scare me with pain – besides from negative/sexual speech – to make me stop, but no, I will NEVER do that and that is even though I was truly on my edge here.

I watched Tour de France, and the Danish commentators spoke about the Dane Michael Mørkov in a breakaway, and they said that “hard work and to keep on and on and on” where others do not, in the end gives results, and I understood – and was told directly – that Michael was a symbol of me, and yes Michael managed to get the mountain jersey, which is a great honour, and Rolf Sørensen said that this is not just something you do, this is what you decide to do.

The commentators also spoke of a rider being completely alone even abandoned and criticised by his team, and they said that everyone needs acknowledgement, and I understood that this was also about me going through my journey in practise without it (except from LTO and lately from Jette), and Dennis smiled when he gave his acknowledgement “I like you” to his fellow commentators Rolf and the renowned Jørgen.

I was shown how darkness above me sent red darkness to my TV dissolving the face of one rider, and I was told that this is also impossible to do when moving from total darkness to total light. And I was told and felt that this task is supported by my mother’s mother.

At the end of the race, Michael Mørkov and a group of 5-6 others knew that they would be caught by the main field, but still he gave everything he had – he decided not to give up as the commentators said also symbolising me, and this is about me delivering the energy required to save this part of darkness, and I was told something about this will continue until I cannot anymore, and yes I do believe that some day, there will be no more darkness coming in – when everything is light – and until then I can only say “come on and get it, you are welcome”.

Finally, it was a Czech rider winning this stage, and when he crossed the line, the commentator said “Sagath crashes through the front door”, which of course was inspired about this darkness coming from the outside going through the wall to become part of our New World.

Around dinner time my monitor started blinking both red and yellow to say that there is MUCH darkness coming together with life from this darkness.

I was told that if you decide to continue, it will bring a bigger risk for your mother and father dying, and I knew what was the right answer, which was to BRING IT ON, and later I heard “I am heartfelt welcome”, which was darkness speaking and yes you are (!), and later I felt happiness of my spiritual friends because of this decision, and the spirit of my father told me that it is I doing the curl on the tale, but only if I said yes to this.

While working on the publish of the last two days of scripts at 20.00, I received a strong pain to my left foot/angle, and the feeling was that this is done by remaining darkness, and dare I believe that it is closing up with the worst darkness of all here arriving as the last task before I will feel this energy as light?

I truly feel very bad not knowing about how my mother, John and father are doing – and if they live (!) – and very bad too for knowing that my mother and sister have decided not to see me and yes is the reason because of their “poor conscience” trying to get me hospitalised in 2009 as I discovered (?) and not understanding that I accept them with OPEN ARMS, and yes VERY BAD is what this makes me feel, my friends, and I wonder how they once again even can dream about abandoning me, I don’t get it.

I watched a new video with Benny Hinn and felt how the energy of this led darkness from my left food be absorbed by my body.

And I felt so incredible tired and hurt so much from darkness that I just felt this pressure coming on me of negativity – and really a constant uncomfortable pressure of high frequency given me the feelings of destructions of the Universe – and I had to tell myself “6 more months” even though every day is a “wonder” to go through at the moment.

I have received many “too short” or “too unimportant” visions to bring in the script today, and I have decided to follow how I have written most of the script instead of writing these stories, which was not important enough, but still the message was to save everything.

I was shown chicken salad and now much less the feeling of death, and I was told that there is not much death anymore (of last darkness).

Spain won the third consecutive championships in a row symbolising the victory of the Trinity over darkness

This chapter is written with the worst throw-up feelings and is among the chapters of all being the most difficult to write, because I was woken up with a nightmare at 23.35 (about 2 vagabonds men entering our office starting to ask questions of the employees, where I heard myself telling them “out”, and when waking up, I understood that this is more life on its way in, which needs be to go to a deeper level in order to enter) almost without sleeping (and without having slept last night), and I thought that this would be impossible to do, but I was encouraged to write it because of incredible darkness, and I will NOT be able to stay awake another night, so we will see what will happen after writing this and publishing it, if I am allowed to sleep.

I have had to stay awake the hole day, which you know was truly a torture, in order to watch the final of the European Championships in football between Spain and Italy, and I was not nervous about the result because I understood that the Trinity would bring the symbol to the world that Spain as a symbol of light would win three big championships in a row, the European Championships in 2008, the World Cup in 2010 and now the European Championships again.

And this is also how it happened when Spain was sovereign playing the most fantastic football winning 4 to 0.

Before the match started, one of the studio commentators on DR1 said that he believed that Italy would run out of gasoline as a symbol of darkness, which Italy now was in this match, not being able to continue fighting me.

I was given the song “get up, stand up” by Bob Marley and told “is it time to get up now” (?) and received the answer “yes”, and yes to “get up” as in opening the eyes of my new self, and we will see how long this will take to do.

After 14 minutes, David SILVA made the first goal, which was simply magnificent, and I thought of “Silva” as “Silver”, which you know is the colour of our New World, and Frank Arnesen on TV2 said “it is truly genius”, which was also a reference to this clip, Frank, from 1985 when you also played on the Danish national team.

I was told when watching that “it is not the least lose, but completely tight”, which was from this uncovered part of the spirit of my father with the silver door now behind him after he has entered.

I was told that if Italy scores, it is because Grossbrittanien is against you, but they did not, so I guess Great Britain is with me.

I was told that “this is how we enter without an eye injury”, which is about the potential damages to this last life, if I was not able to continue staying awake and taking on sufferings.

I was told by this darkness that “we would like to deliver the ball to you and say that our world is yours”, which came together with the feeling that this is what is happening, their world becomes part of our New World, and I was shown the spirit of my mother pushing in gymnastic tools.

I was given one loud sound of digital dropout to my TV with the feeling of grey inside, which however was not much, and I was told that we hardly have any more grey.

All day we have had an enormous amount of Thrips, which have been everywhere on me making my skin and head scratch, and even when they have not been on me, I have been given scratching constantly as if they were – including to the bottom of my head – and I understood that this is because of strong darkness giving me this uncomfortable situation on top of everything else keeping me on my edge again this evening.

After the following goal to 2-0, the TV2 commentators said that “they don’t believe the pass can come through”, which was about the pass being played right trough two Italian defenders with “almost no space available”, but it went through, and 2-0 it became, and I was told that this is how we got the last of darkness through via “some faith” of people, which lately have included the high school students and politicians/media via Facebook, and the commentators also sent “kiss to Heaven” because of this goal.

I was given the name Busta Rhymes, which I believed I have heard before, and when looking up the name, I can see that it is an American rapper, and yes, he might be inspired but I don’t know much about this kind of music and it does not appeal to me, even though I can see in the best of it that it is quality-music, but I don’t believe your language always is nice?

For days I have been given the feeling of different places in Lyngby, and told that this is darkness, and now I have started receiving feelings of people at Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune talking about me, and here with Helsingør Commune, and I was told that this has also brought darkness to me, and it also makes me wonder what Helsingør Commune will decide to do now believing that I cannot work (!), cannot receive “treatment” and also “cannot” receive permanent disability pension because of a tightening of the law approved yesterday.

After 47 minutes, the Spanish player dribbled inside the penalty area of the Italians and the commentators said “no, this cannot be true, they do as they please”, which was also about me doing as I please unhindered by darkness.

In the 51st minute, the Spanish goal keeper did a fine save with a “super reflex”, which was also about my reflexes saving darkness from scoring for example writing the email I wrote to Bo and Niels from Dahlberg in 2010 to avoid their negativity to cut me down via a lawyer, and yes many other examples too, where I really fought for our survival.

Spain was sovereign when winning over Italy, which had given up symbolising victory of the Trinity over darkness, which had given up – the win of the third championships in a row 🙂.

I also received a strong pain to the inside of my right thumb, and with the physical pressure coming to me, my extreme tiredness and darkness stilly trying actively to make me speak negatively, which I had to go against, it was truly making me almost lose it.

And darkness wanted to throw out the gymnastic tools and I said that nothing is being thrown out, and shortly thereafter I was told that the spirit of my mother with all of this is following after the spirit of my father, and that it will enter me through the right angle.

Italy received three injuries with people having to leave the field, and when they also had another player leaving because of tactical reasons before the last injury, and when you can only replaced three players, it meant that Italy had to continue and ending the game with only 10 players, which made it impossible for them to give a true fight from hereafter, and I thought about my family/friends etc. and system given up on me as the Italians also gave up here, and I feared that this could mean sicknesses and death, and I do hope that none of my family have died recently without my knowledge.

When Torres for Spain was set in, I knew that he had to score because he was a symbol of darkness making it impossible for him to score for a long time in his career for Chelsea and the national team after he had scored MANY goals in Spain and in Liverpool, and yes he played with shirt no. 9, which is my lucky number, so he scored for 3-0.

I have been wondering about what happens to all of the energy, which darkness has soaked up, which we use a similar amount of energy to release, and the answer came here where I was told “isn’t it incredible that when I as the last one turn around the power, all negative energy is changed to positive energy” and I thought that this will be here where all sicknesses and negative thoughts/feelings given to people will stop.

Before the end of the match, Spain scored yet another goal to the final result 4-0 making a record high score of finals for Spain and the commentators say “total humiliation of poor Italians” .

And Frank Arnesen concluded that “I am happy that football won, because it is fantastic”, and this is about the football philosophy of the Spanish national team, which follows Barcelona, and NO, this is NOT boring football because when they play their best, they play VERY entertaining football and of course the best positions game in the world – and it was also inspired to say that it was light winning, which this match showed with the end of darkness after it gave up.

They also spoke about the risk of Spain not being “hungry” to win this time around after having won much both with the national team and clubs, but they were indeed still “hungry” to win even more, which was also about me being so hungry that I would never allow any life not to follow us to our New World.

So this was to me about VIVA ESPANA as the light defeating darkness, and the most positive song I could think of to bring here was “Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis, but if you imagine him singing “Viva Espana”, I hope you will understand my feelings about this victory :-).

Afterwards I was told that we created a machine, which terminated life, and we did not know that we were killing ourselves, and also that terminated life could be reversed, but we are happy that it can.

I then received the words “heartfelt welcome” together with the same INCREDIBLE STRONG AND SUDDEN PAIN coming to my right angle a couple of times as I received a few weeks ago when parts of the Universe were breaking up, and followed by a couple of lower pains, and I understood that this is now about life returning to our New World, and afterwards I was told and shown that we now only have small white/red doll houses remaining.

This pain is the WORST imaginable pain of all I know of, and it is like the worst burning pain, and it made me afraid for minutes to follow that it would continue and also if it would spread to my left angle, and I had to do my absolutely best not to speak/talk negatively, and yes this is the WORST pain of all.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Kristian wrote as expected a WRONG editorial in Politiken today saying that Özlem fails her voters and party colleagues when she puts herself over the party (!), and it made me tell him that it is sad that he cannot see the simple truth that she is right and the party wrong, and now he and others come on top of this, and I wrote in my usual confident language when trying to make myself heard by DEAF people.

  • Kristian “could not” write a reply, but a couple of others had noticed the weight of my language with Sissel agreeing with me, and David saying that “the gift of grace seems not to be granted to you”, and it sure is, David, I’m not perfect, but I do believe I am right here seeing what most people cannot even though it is SIMPLE LOGIC to see, and yes I can write with BIG LETTERS as you say trying to make myself heard – and this was the attitude required for me to cut through darkness, otherwise I would not have made it through.

  • Later he wrote that he had attended “the Sunday lunch”, which is a live talk show on national radio, and he brought below a link to the show on the Internet, but as you can see below, when clicking on this link, it gives the error message “An error has occurred – invalid evil man info” (!), so this is what you are, Kristian, a “evil man”, what more proof do you need?

  • Yesterday I wrote about the perfectly natural principle of friends helping friends on different kind of services, and today Brian wrote about the 27 year old tax minister (!), Thor Möger Pedersen, wanting to tax services of friends (!), and yes Thor, you are doing what is exactly opposite to how I see natural life, so you may decide to reconsider?

  • Lisa said “too many men with too much hairstyle”, which is also about my now very long hair, and I would like to avoid going to the hair dresser also this month, and not because I don’t want a haircut, which I do much, but because I don’t have much money – also because being cheated by the cycle workshop, because this is what he did, wasn’t it?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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    delt.. 😉 ..så får de da noget på engelsk(t) – der kommer desværre mere mørke til dig – igen under dække af lys – Take care! Stay strong! ❤

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