July 3, 2012: I was “the King of pain” when receiving the STRONGEST pain and life from the command central of darkness


Summary of the script today

2nd July: I was “the King of pain” when retrieving life from the command central of darkness at the end of “anus”

  • During night I was “the King of pain” receiving more of the STRONGEST physical pain EVER to my right angle when more content of hidden and “the most dangerous” darkness – the command central of darkness (!) – was returned to me and our New World without bringing permanent damages to creation also helped by the glory of God transmitted to me via Benny Hinn videos!
  • I was told that we have now reached the end of “anus” of darkness, and my right angle is being connected with the old Source to bring an eternal stream of light and energy instead of darkness.
  • Jette continued bringing more people into her new group and to post pictures from the other day showing God with sadness because of the media (and politicians) and the Devil self with horns, whom I was about to meet as “the command central of darkness” a few days later, she showed yet again as the only one that she knows about the degree of my sufferings making me happy, Jette is another part of Pope John Paul and part of the Council (!) and this as much as the Pope is, which is the same of Obama in relation to being as much “me” as I am. I have recommended Jette a couple of times to write an introduction to/explanation to the group, which she so far has not reacted on, and today someone asked for this directly and I wrote a longer email to Jette asking for this again, which I hope she will decide to “understand objectively” instead of “misunderstanding negatively”, which is really part of this exercise. I also wrote a thank you to members of Jette’s old group also telling them that it is NOT “poor work” of mine but people “not being able” to read and understand me, which is the reason why I have only few followers in the open (and many “not being able” to support my publically because of their own fear).
  • Short stories of the Denmark and “the free world” becoming totalitarian states surveilling and controlling people on basis of warped views of human nature (!), the WORST darkness of all entering me now brought death to the Roskilde Festival symbolising our New World – I hope none of my family has died because of this, the powerful Margrethe Vestager believes that our New World will become boring, which it will NOT, Madonna’s recent decline is about darkness making her suffer, more dancing from our spiritual friends being happy with creation, “Yeess … I did it!” – I went through all the stairs of my journey, in order to help people “first and foremost you have to find him where he is and start there” and “anyone, who cannot see this, he is himself in an imagination”, the never ending story of our New World, I invited the editor-in-chief of the local newspaper to become my Facebook friend, a monitor on Århus Central Station showed porn in the rush hour as a symbol of the WORST darkness I am facing and I wrote to Anders from Red Cross telling him about the assault the other day at Dadaab, which was released by darkness of Anders self to make him and the world understand my message to REALLY HELP DADAAB and people in need!

3rd July: I had a new day of “bleeding torture” to continue receiving remaining life from inside of the worst darkness

  • I had a new day of “bleeding torture” taking on sins of man almost not sleeping in order to continue receiving the best quality of remaining life inside of the worst darkness. When we are through creating our New World saving every little thing, we will release the energy of our new Source removing all darkness, negativity and sicknesses of the world.
  • The racing cyclist Michael Mørkov has now been in a breakaway for more than 400 kilometres the first three days in Tour de France doing impossible work, which no one has ever done before him, which is about the work I am doing to be stronger than the worst darkness of all, which you know is “impossible work, which no one has ever done before me”.
  • I received a reply from Jette to my email yesterday where I for the third time had encouraged Jette to write an introduction/explanation to her Facebook group, but instead of answering my question, which she did not do at all (!), she decided to bring a new “defence speech” herewith acting as darkness soaking up even more of my energy when she told me that she is determined, but does not plan her work, which is how she is (!), and this – together with poor communication not answering my questions and not doing her best work in this situation – are clear violations of my Basic Working Rules, and had she decided to follow my encouragement to read and understand all of my website, she could have learned herewith avoiding this situation. She told me that her “political work” is as important to her as helping me, which stole time from her to write the introduction, and this is because she “could not” put away her PASSION for the Red-Green Alliance when she in practise did not show full faith in my New World Order replacing the political system of the Devil today, and if she had read and understood this, she would have decided to work fully for me and not to prioritise work for the Devil too. I was VERY sad with Jette’s decisions not doing her best work and communication (in this respect) and I asked her to follow my Basic Working Rules including to plan her work, deliver her finest work and to communicate directly, honestly and openly. She decided to bring the introduction to her group including on my website, which I have decided to respect, which will have to be good enough even though it could have been better. I do hope that Jette will understand this objectively as a help to improve, NOT to react negatively and for us to focus on our friendship and continuous work. CAN YOU, JETTE (?) – I CAN!
  • I was happy to receive news from Meshack and also that he is still reading me word for word bringing him the strongest strength, but I wonder if he is still together with his family, which he does not tell me, and also why he again received a lower amount from David than what I believed.
  • Short stories of a picture showing me as a cigar smoking teacher in a school yard with a crown on his head (the suffering king/teacher writing my scripts as the Bible for the world), which leads to our New World of “flowering lemons and GOLDEN ORANGES” :-), “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius” with “Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding, No more falsehoods or derisions”, darkness of Danish comedians opposing me, my mother in pain visiting and reading my website and seeing all of my photos, will truebook.org believe that I am true presenting my new TRUE BOOK for them (?), I became Facebook friends with the mayor of Helsingør and I Selvet brought a picture of me looking into the New World.


2nd July: I was “the King of pain” when receiving the STRONGEST pain and life from the command central of darkness

I was “the King of pain” when receiving the STRONGEST pain and life from the command central of darkness

By 01.45 I had finished the late update of the script of yesterday, and I was completely and utterly destroyed, and I really had the greatest doubts of anytime (!) if I would be able to write this update (including the chapter on Spain winning), but I did it (!) – and now all I wanted was to go back in bed, but I knew that darkness was the STRONGEST, so I defied my screaming feeling to sleep, and stayed up actively receiving fear for the GREATEST pain I have ever experienced also to come to my left angle, and then suddenly at 02.15 I was again twice given the greatest BURNING pain inside of my right angle, and I wonder if this pain can be compared to having your foot cut off or “the greatest pain, which is” in another respect, and it is truly a pain “out of this world” and while receiving it I was also told “thank you” (because of the large amount of life/information here returning, and yes I thought we were finished, but not yet) and also “and then it came to your right angle instead” (and that is instead of the left) – and I am imagining matter being released from black holes of the Universe? And this pain is still so immensely strong that it is incredible close to make me give up here and now and also simply to make me cry in desperation also for not knowing if it will come back, and afterwards I still felt the after effects of this with a feeling to the left side of my right angle as an open hole.

I was given “this is where I came in” by Bee Gees, which I connect with “my arrival”, and the lyrics “I’ve seen the story
I’ve read it over once or twice” and I was told “I have seen the future, no game boy”, which was to give me some comfort while suffering the most from physical pain, and even though this was “out of this world”, it is still “nothing” to how darkness has tormented me mentally for years, and of course I would not be able to keep on taking physical pain than this, it would make me kill myself very quickly, but still when comparing the pain itself, what I received from darkness tormenting me, was worse than this.

I also received the old song “King of pain” by the Police, and yes they were also my favourite band around 1980/81 (!), and this was simply what was going on here, the King was in pain, and NO, I do NOT like to call myself a King, but this is what I am.

I was told that staying awake was to avoid my monitor going red, and to keep it bright, which you know is to avoid destructions.

I watched a new Benny Hinn video thinking that it would do good, and I continued “killing time” afterwards and I was told that “this is how we have felt it; an existence blocking us and working against us”, and I kept awake until 04.00 with the greatest difficulties and I was told that this is what saved pain coming to my left angle.

Finally I went to bed and I was excited to see if I was allowed to sleep with this STRONG darkness, but I was until 10.30 where I woke up still being tired, and I had dreams I could not remember, but I do remember that Morten Løkkegaard was one of more politicians being part of it, and he stood CLEARLY in the picture, so I am wondering, Morten, if you have started wondering about whom I just might be (?), and yes following my answer to Jens Rohde the other day.

I woke up to “Gloria” by Van Morrison, which of course is one of the greatest hits of Van the Man, and maybe the greatest, and I was told that this is about the glory of God transmitted to people through Benny Hinn and via him also to me via his videos (!), which is truly helping the process these days to receive this incredible strong darkness.

I was told something about being on tour and that BBC will also come and that is to help on red wine spots, and I understood that with growing faith of the world, when the media will report about me, it will help “old creation”, which has dried up, to become wine again.

I was shown Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode as he looked in the middle of the 1980’s and he said “there is nothing wrong with me” and it was followed by “after he has been sprayed with the most dangerous matter, which could kill family” , and yes I still don’t know about how my father, John and also my mother are doing, and sometimes I pass my mother’s and John’s home when cycling and I notice when their window is open, and it makes me wonder what is going on inside of there hoping that John is still alive (and yes Michael Hardinger has still not returned as a Facebook friend!), and I wish that all of this “trouble” between us would be history.

I was asked by the new part of the spirit of my mother arriving “can we build a hanging bridge” (?), and with “hanging” she meant to “hang people” and that is because of old habits of darkness, which she has not been all freed from yet, and she is still crossing this bridge over to me.

And I was shown and told that we only wanted to cut out the heart, to make it “free”, and this came to me as a combination of darkness and light, and really originally to kill, but now to make free.

I received no pain to my left angle and was told that what I did was good enough to avoid this, which I understand would have created irreparable damages to creation.

I was asked if the spirit of my mother has her watch on (?) and told “no, it just has to break through”, which is about time stopping, and I heard this part of the spirit of my mother saying that “now I don’t bleed as much from my heart anymore”, and I received three quick blinks to my monitor here as a sign of “you did it”.

At bath I was shown in front of me what used to be a HUGE amount of soldiers belonging to this army of me, and yes, as the command central as I used to be as darkness, but now this part of me is also gradually becoming light.

I still received marks of darkness to my right angle and leading up the right side of my body, because this is where I used to haunt and I was told that this was why the military retreated from their new “open door” policy to me, this was the WORST darkness of all, and in fact the command central, which is what the military forces are to me.

In one of the Benny Hinn videos I watched last evening/night, Benny asked the audience to lift their hands and to feel the pricking sensation of healing, and here I was given pricking sensations to both my feet and told that Benny Hinn is now experiencing stronger healing power than ever when doing his “miracle crusades”, and I was told that this is because of the growing integration between him and I and yes when I am watching his videos, which is bringing me closer to him, and I received a yellow blink on my monitor to say that it is indeed the power of the Holy Spirit healing people.

For some time I have been told that even though destructions of the Universe are severe, it could have been much worse if I had not done my best work and continued work (which also would have made my pain even more unbearable), and yes we could have gone through also this the worst darkness if I had given up weeks ago, but it would not have been good.

During the afternoon when I was working to finalise the script of today I heard “it cannot become more beautiful than this”, which was about our New World telling the new part of the spirit of my mother that this is how we do things around here because this is what I have accepted us to do, and yes these words did not come out as I had expected, but this is fine by me, my spiritual friends – and yes like MANY other words in the scripts of these days showing how much they “controlled” me to get me through this “dangerous” task too.

I was given physical marks to my private parts and I said “this is wrong – you are NOT allowed to do this”, and I heard the voice of our New World explaining to the new part of the spirit of my mother that this was how we avoided the “sexual destiny” of darkness forced upon us, and yes showing in practise that as light I am stronger than darkness, and yes because I am making the rules upon which torments of darkness are/were based.

I also received the strong taste of throwing up and I heard the voice explaining to the new part of the spirit of my mother that you don’t get over this just like that (feelings of negativity/death), you have to take on these sufferings but still to decide to go on as if nothing was stopping you.

I was still EXHAUSTED to say the least because of the last days of work – and nervousness because of continuous marks to my feet not knowing what will happen (potential new pain) – making it difficult to write the script of today, but I decided to outlast this feeling, and when I had finished work so far (including most of the rest of the script) at 17.10, I decided to cycle to town and to Aldi supermarket a few kilometres out of town to buy a few things, which was mainly to do a little exercise without doing too much today, which I could not do because of how low I felt.

When writing the chapter of Jette today, I was shown a HUGE warship being put on even keel, which is because of my work, and also because of her help, which I APPRECIATE VERY MUCH.

I received far less scratching feelings today, but still “some” (but maybe 10 to 20% of yesterday telling me that darkness is still here, but the strength should now be lower) and that is mainly to the bottom of my head, and I wonder if this is “just” darkness annoying me, or if my LTO friends and families are going through SEVERE difficulties being on the edge of surviving (?), and maybe they will tell me when I am asking (?), and that is even though you can never be sure to receive an answer when you ask – even though David normally is kind to answer me, and I wonder where you are, Meshack, and if you are with or without your family???

I heard wondering from the new part of the spirit of my mother “no good day and no good byes” (?), which was about loss of no life at all, and yes before we reached our New World, there was a risk to lose a large part of the Old World if I did not decide to bring negativity with me, which was really not the logical, but necessary, thing to do, and I was shown a well known American actor here, so just to say that this was also a “play” we had to go through, and yes to serve the act so I would be able to understand it, and thank God that I did!

I was told “ikke så trist, Tristan er her også” (”not so sad, Tristan is also here”), and I did not know who Tristan is but according to Wikipedia he “is one of the main characters of the Tristan and Iseult story, a Cornish hero and one of the Knights of the Round Table featuring in the Matter of Britain. He is the son of Blancheflor and Rivalen (in later versions Isabelle and Meliodas), and the nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, sent to fetch Iseult back from Ireland to wed the king. However, he and Iseult accidentally consume a love potion while en route and fall helplessly in love”, and there is probably a deeper meaning to this, which I don’t understand today.

For some time during the afternoon, I receive a lesser pain to my right angle, but still very perceptible, and then I received the STRONGEST fear for maybe half to one hour of the WORST pain to return, which is really the worst which is, because just the fear of this pain and constant marks to my angle is UNBEARABLE to go through and I had to fight my best not to become negative and also not to decide to close for all access through my right angle, and yes it was much more terrible than I am able to write here, but after some time it stopped, and I was told that it was important to decide not to close down this access point and I heard from the new part of the spirit of my mother that “I am still welcome” (?) and yes you are indeed, ALWAYS (!), and this is really the general idea, and I was given some new marks to my right angle feeling like drilling, and I was told that this is the “eternal, endless connection” we are establishing and yes the old Source changing from darkness to light, and it has to hurt before it becomes good, and this is part of it, and again I was told that this would not be possible to do without faith in me from my mother, Jette and Bettina, who were mentioned as examples, and also that we are breaking “unbreakable codes” – I was shown “united life” being broken in two – on basis of this faith.

For a few days, I have received the word “anus” and today I understood that this is where I have arrived now, at the end of darkness self, at “anus”, and this is what we are releasing now also because of darkness knowing about who I am and how we were able to enter and dissolve darkness. And I am trying to bring together the puzzle here believing that what we have done now is to go through all darkness, which had been released to the world including Easter 2011 where we shut the Source of darkness (from receiving more dark energy) – if I remember correctly – and that we are now setting up and also opening for this stream of energy again, but now not as darkness but as light.

I was thinking today that I do hope this is the last darkness – hidden as it was – which we are receiving, and that after it opened to me with much power, that the strength of darkness is now less, and this is what I am hoping for fearing somewhat to receive new sufferings of the same degree, but if necessary “give me the best you got”!

I did not believe that the script was very difficult to write today, but still it took quite a number of hours to do, which also included half of the evening and the night until 01.50 before I decided to stay awake killing time going through new torture as long as I can, and yes at the end, it became long, and the mere length of the script shows still much darkness, which I also feel around me and on my body, and if I like this (?), and no, this is still the worst sufferings imaginable.

I was told “heart ambulance” (saving life and creation) and “it was me who decided not to include everything”, and I understood that this was a reference to the day when I was on my way home from Hotel Marienlyst one night 2-3 of months ago, which now seems “an eternity ago”, and when darkness simply decided to completely vanish, which it however could not do, because I decided that it was to live, but it hid from me, and this is what I have now found and am recovering.

I was told something about “this is what we decided to do when you decided to grow up as an adult”, and I was told that “adult” means to be perfect, which is what our New World will become “now” rather than waiting for a long time.

I was told by the surviving darkness that “I will not lie for you anymore, I am a pencil”, and I knew that this was about Eddie Skoller’s song of the pencil where he after 42 verses asks the educational question “can a pencil write” (?) and with some amazement, the answer given is “yes, this is what a pencil can” (!), and this was really just to say with some amazement that I am still writing, and yes INSPIRED he is, the good Eddie.

Jette is another part of Pope John Paul the same way as Barack Obama is another part of me!

Jette has brought a few pictures from the 28th June the last days to her new Facebook group, but she is 3-4 days behind, which makes me wonder, and yes wonder if this is darkness setting her behind, and as mentioned before maybe also making her consider whether or not to continue her work, and yes Jette, I am only writing what I am told spiritually not knowing if it is light or darkness speaking to me, but what I have noticed is your strong will when saying that you will continue even until 2015 if necessary (as she did in the group), so I am indeed looking forward to pictures also from the last days, which must include strong messages because of the incredible strength of energies, which have been released.

I have encouraged Jette a couple of times to invite the young people (most of them) from her old Facebook group (there were 24 remaining) to the new group, which she has decided not to do (yet), and instead she has invited 234 other people to become members of the group, which they have, and I don’t know if these members have accepted an invitation or if they have just been enrolled without their active acceptance, and yes it gives me the chance to say that in general I do like people to invite and NOT to actively enrol you in activities, which you have not accepted.

And when I write this, I am given SEVERE pain to my left foot, which I understand is a risk of permanent damages to creation, because if Jette should decide not to continue her work, we cannot get out of here as I am told, and that will be because of lack of growing faith of people in me, but I do hope that she will both continue and get up to date, and that the growing number of people being member of the new group will help my work over the coming period of time for however long it is going to take, and yes even if we speak of months – and a few minutes later I was told that this pain is “good” the same way as pain was to my right angle because this is about life entering and not leaving our New World.

In a picture from the 29th June she speaks about “a sad, long haired Mammoth listening with it’s right ear – a journalist with a green microphone stands there communicating with it” and I sad that this is God being sad of darkness (to the right of me) and that media – together with politicians – represent the worst darkness, which is, and Jette also brought a new explanation (to me at least) that all clouds consist of souls with “many, many units” with grey clouds including blurred souls not yet believing in God with the all white without ulterior motives being “cleaned souls”, and what we are aiming for are A CLEAN HEART, and I encouraged her to include this explanation in the description of the group in the “about” banner of the page, which I hope she will decide to write because it is as you know a GOOD IDEA to give an introduction to what the page is about.

Here we are also at the 29th where she saw the Devil self as a head with horns and the picture self is “pretty sexy”, which is what Stig talks about, and I tell the story about here being on my way to meet the worst darkness of all – the command central of it – coming to me yesterday.

Jette said to my comment to the picture above, that she could not like it because “you have suffered – like that you made it”, which TRULY is the side of Jette I like the most, and yes you know for her TO UNDERSTAND AND SHOW HOW UNDERSTANDING OF MY SUFFERINGS AS NO ONE ELSE has “been able to” (!), and I told her with all of this pain, our New World is going to become as beautiful as it can when doing our absolutely finest work.

Here she brings a picture, which was “not supposed to be shown”, but her “sweet helpers had another view”, which was about a beautiful, tall person in the middle dictating to a hard-working monk, and she said “this is probably such a monk I have been once” and she saw the monk as both of faith and without faith, “but we are many being like this”, and I was shown the Pope John Paul as a monk in his brown dress sitting in a stone-cellar, and I was told that Jette is part of the Council of 8, and as I write in my follow-up comment below the picture, I understood that she is “another part of the Pope” and also that she is a man living as a woman bringing her sufferings of life, and yes Jette, I know that it is “not important” for you to know who you are, but here it was given to me and from me to you, and it was also with relief from the Council as I felt (coming to me via the New World!) because they have been suffering much not being able to tell who are whom.

Later I was told that this information is also giving Jette sufferings – not easy to know who you are and to be “someone important”, which is the same feeling as I have had for years just wanting to be an ordinary man having to live with the knowledge about who I am, and that I had to continue working to become this man, God self, otherwise the world would stop to exist (!) – and this sufferings is helping to absorb some of the much darkness entering now.

Here Jette writes about a picture of the 30th June about “a true cloud of thunder” with an angel between the cloud and Washington reducing the numbers of lightning sacrificing to help (“dumb”) Americans, which an angel of course do, and I told the story about Obama’s health care reform going all the way through darkness as I did, and that he is another part of me “just as much as me” as Jette is another part of Pope John Paul and just as much as he, and yes this is how it is.

Jette brought a few picture up until and including today, so she managed to come up to date, but they did not include the “strength” as I had thought, and I wonder if Jette decided not to bring these or did not see them (?), but here we have come to today where she concludes that here is more work for me with darkness coming as “small, laughing seediness”, and yes “you are welcome” and that is to become light as everything else.

At the end of the day, I noticed how the number of people connected to the group reduced to 214, which I believe is because of people discovering that they became member of the group without acceptance, and also that they started receiving notifications of Jette’s and my postings, and here is an example of one of these people thinking “what in the world is this about” (?), and she simply wrote “I don’t understand”, and Jette decided to tell her “then you will have to look at pictures only”, and Gitte said “but I would like to receive an explanation about how to find these satellite photos and who interprets them”, and Jette was kind to start answer these concrete questions, but this was to show you Jette how important it is to bring an explanation to what is included on this site, so people will be able to understand as I have now encouraged you to do a couple of times.

So I decided to write the following email to Jette, and while writing it, I received more of these SEVERE pains to my left foot, which is VERY STRONG, however not as frightfully strong as to my right foot yesterday, and I also received more of these scratching marks all over my body, and this was to say that this is important to do, Jette, to help people receiving faith in the pictures, you and me, and this is really the purpose of our work – and with this, to help me finalise creation as perfect as possible, and if you do not do your absolutely best work always, it will reduce faith of people in us, and I was thinking that this is another example where I had to use energy on work, which should not be needed in the first place, so now I hope Jette will do her best work and also NOT to misunderstand the email as “negative criticism” but to understand that it is positive/objective as a help to both of us, and everyone else of course.

Finally I decided to write this comment to Jette’s old group here to thank people, who decided to “keep hanging” in this group – and yes people killing me with their darkness/lack of faith – and to give more answers to one of Lasse’s previous questions, which was to say that the low number of followers to me on Facebook is NOT because of my “poor work” as he claimed but because of people “not being able” to read and understand me and because people, who eventually came to understand and believe, did not want to communicate with and support me because it could make others believe that they are crazy supporting an apparent mad man like me (!), and I told about the official world also knowing about me but deciding to keep quiet because it will not admit to their knowledge about UFO’s, me, the judgment and also their crimes against humanity, and yes finally I also said that “people believe in what they want to believe in”, which was an answer to Lasse believing that the advanced patterns of Google Earth simply are pixel errors (!), even though Jette decodes them and they match with my writings, and I said that this is the same as the Russian military in 2009 informing people that the UFO spiral light over Norway (see the video below) was an exploded missile, where EVERYBODY can see with their own eyes – as they also can with Google Earth (!) – that this is a lie, because it cannot be anything else than what you see and that is an advanced UFO light (!), and yes I did this in a new try to get some more faith out of these young people, who apparently decided to lose faith in me because of their own “inadequacy” and sceptical, but WRONG voice of darkness misleading them.

Afterwards a dark voice coming to me from my right asked me “is this only to make me enter more quickly” (?), and yes this is when I try to do my best work, which here is to improve previous work, when I could not do better than what I did.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dan brought this link about Danes using “Stasi-methods” gossiping about their family, friends and neighbours to social authorities and also the police, businesses etc., which everyone does ANONYMOUSLY, which has become the accepted way of doing things here (!) – I have told you before just how WRONGLY this is, and still this is officially accepted behaviour (!!!) – and Dan says that it is sad that we have received a community looking like regimes we have done everything not to be like (East Germany as example), and then he says the truth “it is truly pathetic that it is needed at all to report all the parasites because our politicians and authorities cannot come up with a system securing us against fiddle and cheat”, and Daniel also told the truth that “now the system is more important than man in Denmark just like in Sharia, Communism, Nazi-Germany etc.”, and I wonder how “responsible politicians” allowed it to get it this far, and yes lately in Denmark, as Dan writes, the young tax minister has carried out a new law allowing tax authorities to enter private property to CONTROL people, and yes this is a community controlling and surveilling people, and you “could not” see that this was the Devil working inside of you (the young tax minister could also not understand life as it should be, and would you agree, Thor, that your view of human nature was warped?), because is this truly what you want (?), and no, everyone can agree that it is not (?), so why did you do it (?), and eeehhhh because we did not know better or simply because you were LAZY (?), and in the third picture below, Kelvin hit the nail when he gave an example that it is perfectly alright when I do what is considered wrong, but when I see others doing the same, I like to complain about this – or even to report people (!), and I said that this is the wisest I have heard yet from Dan, and also the “the democrazy” and “free state” of Denmark has established this community of surveillance, where outcast people (unemployed, physically/mentally ill people etc.) Are being controlled by dictators swinging the whip over them and decide on basis of the lowest deno(ter-)minator without being able to listen and understand the situation and need of the individual, and then I attached the system of the New World Order, which the world/politicians “could not” establish even when the economy and climate of the world was burning in front of our eyes.

  • The Roskilde music festival has started with the story of a 20 years old Swedish man dying and several being hospitalised because of “bad drugs”, and Berlingske below brought the quote “take care out there”, which was inspired but it should have been “let’s be careful out there”, so you did not get it right (!), and this is also a reference to the TV-series “Hill Street Blues”, which is about an American police station symbolising darkness, and yes this is another symbol of the WORST darkness of all entering our New World, which is what you have read the past day or so, and I hope that none of my family has died because of this, but you do not tell me or think of telling me how you are doing not understanding how much I care for you (?), and yes just wondering I am.

  • For some time I have seen people being inspired when writing about “this will become boring or not boring”, which is in relation to what I was told some time ago that our New World will not become boring, but powerful Margrethe – the Economy Minister of the Danish Government swinging the axe (!) – was out flying this morning, which made her say “maybe one should hold holiday above the clouds where the sun is always shining?” but she decided that it “looks boring” (preferring varied weather and company), and these were inspired words saying that you do not LIKE the idea/concept of our New World itself, Margrethe, and yes it will become boring when you will lose your power (?), and I can really only say that “The only thing that you can see, Is the view above the clouds. I’m waiting here, But it’s alright, Still it’s alright with me, You better believe me now” and that is in me and also our New World NOT becoming boring, but VERY exciting for everyone, which ALSO includes you.

  • It seems that Margrethe was on her way to Oslo, Norway, because she attended the “Minister Council of economy and finance policy” (a Nordic “thing”), and she said that things are going better and people are returning to Iceland (after their financial crisis/breakdown), and to me, I just told her that it will NOT become boring, and you know our new future, and you do remember who I am, Margrethe and yes that is right the brother-in-law of Hans, the chairman of your party in Hørsholm :-).

  • Flemming brought another inspired message about the final between Spain and Italy saying that he thought that his favourite team Italy would win, but “Spain played breathtaking football, if this is boring football, I would like to see a good match”, and you are right, Flemming, many people have criticised Spain/Barcelona for playing boring football, when it is in fact the best play there is and when they play “Champagne-football” like this, I believe everyone can see what I talk about (?), and yes this is also about how the world eventually will understand my writings, which I have been a little worried about the last days, and yes not so much about the content of the writings, but about the ability of mankind to understand that they reflect both light and MUCH darkness coming to me.

  • Dan said that today is “M-day” with M as in Madonna, who will give a concert in Copenhagen this evening, and Paul said “you have to take off your hat for her to fire it off in her age”, which was to say that Madonna is part of the movement to “take off the hat”, which you know is to remove darkness of the world, and Dan said that “she is cool, but unfortunately on her way down the list”, and I understood that this is why she has received poor reviews and lack of support after her latest album – darkness working against her to make her suffer too (!) – and Dan even said that “her kingdom is shaking”.

  • I saw this picture about climbing up the stairs ending with the inspired text “Yeess … I did it!”, which is what I could have said when going all the way up the stairs of my journey without breaking down.

  • I also saw this text from the Danish philosopher, Søren Kirkegaard which I liked very much, which is about required conditions to be able to help people, and it says that “first and foremost you have to find him where he is and start there”, which you know is to UNDERSTAND people, and I was given the Communes as example only wanting to help me, but you CANNOT help people if you CANNOT understand them (!) as I told them so many times, but they also did not understand this part (!), and as Kirkegaard writes “anyone, who cannot see this, he is himself in an imagination” (i.e. CRAZY!) or “in vain or pride” wanting to be admired, which is WRONG because everything starts by UNDERSTANDING each other, and then to let KNOWLEDGE help out.

  • Lykke wrote about difficulties for some to accept the decisions of the last EU top meeting, and here the important part to me was her inspired words of “never ending story”, which is a song by Limahl I have often been given to tell about the “never ending story” of our eternal New World, so here it is too :-).

  • I was encouraged to invite the editor-in-chief from my local paper, Helsingør Dagblad, which I did via this Facebook email telling him that I would be happy if he would accept my invitation, which will make him gradually understand via my Facebook postings that I only speak the truth, and yes I will tell the world about your decision, so will you decide to ignore me too, Klaus (?) or will you surprise me by being open with an eagerness to learn (?), and eeehhh that is right, you are among the “important people” at the top of Helsingør, and yes what do you speak about when your enjoy yourselves, and yes about “Stig, the crazy person, who we succeeded stopping” and there is really only one thing wrong with this, and that is that all of you were wrong, and you might decide to write the news article yourself, Klaus, about how you turned me down “not being able” to understand and yes do I see the words “lazy”, “better-knowing ignorance” and “wrong behaviour” in the article (?), and yes I receive new scratchings of thrips now on my cheek even though there are not any thrips! – And I might add here that the last couple of days I have received the words “no news value”, which is what I understand that BT and Ekstra Bladet and also other newspapers believe of me (?), and yes “poor work” is what this shows of all of you!

  • Just a little bit inspiration given to Benny Hinn and his ministries:

  • Ekstra Bladet wrote that a monitor on Århus Central Station showed porn in the rush hour (!), and to me Århus is a symbol of our New World, and porn is the WORST sexual behaviour destructing life itself, and this is coming directly from the “command central” of darkness, which I am dealing with at the moment, and this is really why.

  • Torben shared this photo of a cat made by an orange, which is really symbolic for people of light made by God :-).

  • Today I was actively made to wonder about Helena, who apparently has not said a word on Facebook since June 22, and the wonder was about “can this be a sign of my mother deciding not to communicate with me” (?), because now Helena should have cancelled her own “quarantine” and normally she posts several new messages every day, so is this spiritual darkness removing her new messages from me (?), and I was here told “you will become disappointed when you will discover why you were set in quarantine” and that is by my mother and the family, and again I felt a bond to my sister, who “could not” do what is right to do, Sanna, and why is that really, “poor habits”?
  • On my to-do list I also had the task to tell Anders from Red Cross about the assault the other day over the convoy of aid workers next to Dadaab and to let him know that it is because of himself and his lack of responsibility TRULY doing what is needed to help – together with politicians and media – and his communication with me the other day, and yes I told him again that he and NGO’s are WIMPS when living in a political world not daring to tell the naked truth DIRECTLY, OPENLY and HONESTLY to the world, and also that I speak with the voice of God, which he may understand by reading my website, and that I do not approve of NGO’s having “normal careers” on the back of people in need/desperation, and I wonder if Anders will meet me with more darkness, or if he by now will try to read and understand me to understand the depth and reach of my message.


3rd July: I had a new day of “bleeding torture” to continue receiving remaining life from inside of the worst darkness

I had a new day of “bleeding torture” to continue receiving remaining life from inside of the worst darkness

At 03.00 I was asked “can I also get Andy Warhol” (?) with the feeling of Andy being “another part of God” and I was given the lyrics “meeting Andy Warhol” by David Bowie, and when writing this, suddenly once again – to my great surprise and fear (!) – I was given maybe 50 to 75% of the extreme pain to my right angle – on the left side – and once again I cannot tell you just how incredible strong and disgusting this is truly bringing me to my extreme edge, and far beyond it, and I do not hope that it will return, but still I have decided for the access to continue being open, and yes I understand that this is about the work I did yesterday and now going to my limit once again, which is opening for more of this darkness to return to me.

I was also told that ”if this heart is not welcome ….” (inside this darkness) and something about that it would not make it as a consequence, and this is about thoughts I had if I can continue holding the access open for it with this kind of pain returning, which normally would make me shut the door instantly.

After this I was given the question if I believe it is possible to terminate this last remaining life inside of darkness, and I don’t know, but my logics tell me that everything is now part of the New World and that darkness “lives” on basis of rules of light, so no matter what happens, we are to make sure that this life will survive, and yes just as a matter of safety of course.

During the night I watched more Benny Hinn videos, and I was given a vision of cheap and expensive beef, and that the cheap might be of poorer quality, and I understood that this gave the answer that if we were to stop the game now, it would mean that we do not retrieve the best quality of this the last remaining life from darkness (?), and instead of developing this over many years, my idea is really to do EVERYTHING PERFECT now, so this is still the task, please continue your best work my ladies and gentlemen.

I continued killing more time during the night trying to stay awake, and I heard “kill you, kill you – we will send you regards from Kirsten, but not yet”, and this is about the darkness, which the VERY better-knowing and VERY ignorant wife of my father is sending me, and yes it will become one of the BIG apologies coming from there when she will understand.

I was told “hjem og fix” (“home and fix”), which is a DIY centre, “and then the energy will be released” (first complete all work), which is about the total amount of energy of our new Source(s) of the world, and I do believe this will remove all sicknesses, negativity and wrong feelings/temptations, so this is the big train of the entire world I am bringing home from darkness.

I was told that it is like record shops which disappeared, which have now reappeared, and also that it is first now that this part of the spirit of my mother is starting to realize how beautiful she once was.

At 03.30 to 05.00 I sat on the sofa trying to watch TV and again I went through the worst torture being at my edge of tiredness, and at 05.00, I received the Van Morrison song “Gloria” again (about the glory of me), and I could have decided to pass this limit to reach my “ultimate limit” once again, but it would require so much bleeding – this is how I feel (have you seen the bleeding statues of Jesus and Virgin Mary?) – that I decided that I would try to get maybe 2-3 hours of sleep on the sofa to remove the absolutely worst, and this is what happened, when I slept until 07.30.

I continued to kill time all morning, where I also received STRONG sexual speech and encouragements, which I had to turn down, and I am still stronger than darkness when it comes to being intimate ONLY thinking of Karen and NOT the immensely strong visions and speech I am given, and yes because I believe I am stronger, this is what I am.

I was shown what looked like a play house of wood in a sandpit and inside of it, it is dark and there are still canoes of original, South American Indians as I was shown – and more – which wait to be brought out in the light.

I started writing the script of today after lunch, and even though I was not critically tired, I struggled the worst trying to find energy and will power to finish the script, and I might decide to postpone the chapter of Jette until tomorrow morning, and I might also finish and publish everything before the end of today, and yes ”who knows” (?), and when I do my best, it means that I “get through” also on the other side, and that is “through darkness” you know as I am told.

I was shown the scene of Indian Jones in an airplane leaking gasoline, which is burning and almost reaching the aeroplane, which would make it explode, but in the last moment it lifts (did I remember this scene correctly?), and I was told that this is what we have gone through with this the last part almost burning, but no, we are NOT allowed for it to burn, that is why.

I was given “this is where I came in” by Bee Gees again again and the lyrics “I’ve seen the story” was changed into “I’ve seen the future” and I was told by previous darkness “we are never going to be shipyard” (again), which you know was about darkness building ships of darkness to sink all life, and I was shown the spirits of my mother and father coming from this darkness giving high fives, and also an old symbol of DR1 news telling me that they do know about me.

I was given the name of my old friend, Jack, over and over and over again and told that he is not the only one with me, which they (the military forces) soon are all of them.

And I thought that there is much darkness these days, so I have to be receiving also spiritual deceptions, but I don’t know as usual what is truth and deceptions.

Again at 18.30 I received a sudden STRONG pain to my right angle being maybe 50% of max., but still TRULY unbearable and I told myself “keep on for 6 more months – do NOT close the door to darkness”, and then I was told ”now there is no more, I bring all of my luggage” – and yes it might be true, and “soon” at least.

I was told that the recent information about red wine spots were only given to me if we could not transform them into flowing wine again, which is what you/we have decided to do, and yes to make it perfect already now and not wait until later, and yes this truly made me happy and relieved to hear, and this was the secret message after doing yet another impossible two days of scripts, which really took out the last of me, and finally at 20.50 this evening I had published the last two days of scripts.

And I did what I did to create the best for me and my friends (“det bedste til mig og mine venner”) and this includes you, Jette, and this is given directly to you from the voice of God inside of me and that is also because of your love of Kim Larsen, and you do know that this is quality music too, even though it may be “noisy” to you, and it really for you to go behind the “noise” – also of my chapter below – to find the TRUE beauty :-).

Later in the evening I was shown myself in now a very small room including remaining life of darkness and now only a very short air channel of metal leading up to the light, which is saying that there is now not a long way to go and we will see just how long, and I was asked “do we produce food ourselves” (?) and received the answer “no, it comes from the Source and if this was cut off, we had to do with what we have”, and yes I did NOT cut the connection to the Source as darkness wanted me to, and I do believe that we still have the other source of the New World (providing energy for an eternity of New Worlds on top of an eternity of worlds of our original world – this is how it is!) made by my new self, the original Jesus as the Son of God now being as much God as my father, the original God, and you do remember in 2011 when I lived in Lyngby how we were together when doing a new creation making this?

I have been reminded that a few years ago, maybe in book 2 and maybe even in book 1, where I was learning about “the game”, that I wrote that my very DIRECT way to address people was only possible with the use of darkness, and let me here correct this mistake, because this is NOT what it is, it is “the anger of God” telling people very directly that you have to improve, and had it been darkness, it would only have been negative without the wish to improve, which is what all of my writings include, when you just read and understand.

I was told that darkness had disappeared without being disappeared, but disappeared from my conscious self (i.e. of my inner self).

I was shown Jack as a diamond originating from a large diamond drill (of the Source), and it made me wonder if he is also “another part of me” – this is what the vision said (!) – and I was told that it is my responsibility to decide “where to seek now”, and I was shown the large diamond drill of the Source, which you know is seeking deeper and deeper into my eternal self finding more energy and life, and yes this is how it is.

At the end of the evening, the angles of my legs felt better and for a period of time I received much less negativity of darkness, but I still felt darkness around me, and let me say that darkness is also part of all of my breathing system, where I am almost constantly given a strong feeling of darkness all the way down.

But before going to bed, I started receiving more sexual torments including heart pain, and I understood that this was now Jette reading and reacting to my script below on her, and yes Jette sending me more “lovely darkness” to help us soak up the last life inside of here, and yes do you see that this is what you were also helping me with?

Michael Mørkov did “impossible work” in Tour de France, which no one has ever done before – symbolising my work absorbing the WORST darkness, which no one has ever done before

I decided to overcome my disgust of work because of how I felt, and used the afternoon to write a difficult chapter on Jette below – mainly because of how I felt having to TAKE MYSELF TOGETHER to do it – and at the same time, I switched on the TV to listen to the Danish commentators speaking about Michael Mørkov, which I understood from Facebook was in a breakaway for the third day in a row, and yes, this man is a new comer to Tour de France deciding to take matters into his own hands!

He was defending his mountain jersey and when driving uphill the first time today to compete with the others in the outbreak to receive mountain points, the commentators said with excitement “HE TAKES IT, HE DOES” and “they could attack if they wanted to”, but no “he is simply allowed doing it because of his authority”, which is about the authority I show in my writings in my scripts and also on Facebook, which people have noticed by now (!), and the other riders symbolising darkness had simply given up deciding not to compete with Michael, so he was in “full control” as the commentators said and that is even though they thought that the others would compete with him, but you know darkness has given up on me, there is NO resistance!

And he continued doing the same over some of the next risings, where the commentators among others said “the machine Mørkov keeps on grinding”, which is what I did when writing the difficult chapter on Jette this afternoon, and also “there are no words in the dictionary describing what class he has shown three days in a row”, where I felt the great enthusiasm just underneath his voice and the game we are still playing because of darkness forcing us.

So Michael defended his jersey, and has now been in a breakaway for more than 400 kilometres the first three days in Tour de France, which no one has ever done before, and yes he is doing impossible work which no one has ever done before him, which is about the work I am doing, which you know is “impossible work, which no one has ever done before me”, and they said about Mørkov that “this is carried out to perfection”, which is then also what my spiritual friends tell me that my work (so far) is.

And after the stage today, the studio said that he has been named ”the swan from the track”, which you know is also about me transforming from the duckling into the swan, and they also said that he is the “breakaway-king”.

Later in the evening, I saw a direct interview with Michael and he said “I am not the type, who suddenly explodes and leave the field”, and yes I could not have said it better myself, because this was myself – the inner part of me – speaking through Michael, and yes WE WERE NOT ALLOWED TO EXPLODE THE LAST PART OF DARKNESS, so this was really it, and when he was asked if he has overestimated his strength, he said that he still has much strength to drive with, which is both about me being strong enough to carry on my work, and the “overestimated part” was a reference to my Facebook-reply to Jens Rohde the other day where I asked him something like “I hope that I have not overestimated you”, and yes even Jens, with the STRONG voice only listening to himself, should be able to understand me.

Teaching Jette to plan work, always to do your best work and to communicate openly, honestly and directly

Jette decided to send me her reply to my email of yesterday, and yes it was a WASTE of time for me to use energy I did not have to write her this email, and it is a WASTE of time for Jette to reply to this as she did and for me to read and understand it and to write this chapter, which is what you have seen over and over and over again in my scripts when people do wrong instead of just understanding what is right to do, to communicate your plans and JUST DO IT, and yes, Jette, I have decided to write this chapter not because of you and NOT to bring you down, but to give another teaching to the world the importance of following my Basic Working Rules, which you have not fully read and understood yet (?), and because of this, you have decided to oppose me on rules, which are essential for life to survive for an eternity of our New World (!), and yes this is what we are talking about including the rules “Plan your work carefully”, “Deliver your finest quality of work” and “Communicate directly, honestly and positively/objectively”, which are vital to follow (!), but instead of doing this – and in this example in relation to work on and communicate plans to write a description to your Facebook group, which should be basic for anyone to do (?) – you decided that it was better for you to give me a new “defend speech” telling me about your busy schedule visiting doctors, “too much work to do for only one photographer” (reading/interpreting pictures of Google Earth) with daily disturbances not making work easier for you and when you started this work, you did it with determination but without planning as you say, which is probably what you will continue doing because “that’s my way”, as you also say, but Jette will you please read and understand my Basic Working Rules to see that what you did here is WRONG, and this wrong work behaviour is what I ask both you and the entire world to change – this is part of doing your absolutely best and to avoid misunderstandings, which can easily lead to breaks between people (!), and when you do not plan nor answer my questions or communicate your intentions but react with feelings unnecessary defending yourself – you do NOT make our co-operation very easy, Jette, and I do hope that you will be able to understand this (read the Basic Working Rules!), and also that it had been good if you had decided to follow my advise to you earlier to read the main pages of my website, which would have helped you both to understand and to improve, and please let me add that following my Basic Working Rules is NOT a question of “do I like to do this or not”, it is a question of UNDERSTANDING and FOLLOWING the only right thing to do and to do it because it is part of showing a clean heart in order to continue life as part of our New World.

And part of the disturbances for Jette removing her focus on work to help me/us all, are to bring out flyers for the Red-Green Alliance, which Jette is a PASSIONATE member and volunteer worker of, which is “a work I consider as important as this” as she says (!), and also to cut her grass, and did I hear also to read my website and scripts Jette (?), and yes the challenge for you is to find the RIGHT balance as I told you, and your greatest challenge of all was to distribute your time and energy between your beloved political party and me, and you decided that your political work is as important as the work for me/all of us, and let me tell you that this was a WRONG decision, because when you are helping me, you are helping the final part of creation itself – the better you do, the better chance you give me to do “perfect creation”, and the less time and energy you have and the poorer work you potentially may do, the poorer chances you give me to do this perfect creation and also the more direct sufferings you bring me (but let me tell you that in general, with few exceptions only, I have been pleased with both your quantity and quality of work :-)) – and what can be of the same importance to you as this work (?), and yes to help a political party, where you should realise and have faith in (?) that my New World Order will replace the political system of not only Denmark but the entire world, and when this is the case, how can you prioritize political work as highly as working for me and the creation of our New World (?), and I have written also for you to see (for example my message to Jens Rohde the other day about Öslem) that the political system of today is NOT the work of God but of the Devil (with people fighting, misunderstanding and not agreeing!), so in other words, Jette, you decided to prioritise the Devil as highly as God when working for me, and this is why you were showed the monk both with and without faith yesterday, and yes because you had NOT read my website carefully to fully obtain and show me your faith. The Red-Green Alliance was your “beloved baby”, which you “could not” give up on to focus on helping me, and the truth is that this was your corn; this was darkness keeping your in “old and wrong habits”, and when you “could not” do your best work to write an introduction to the Facebook group, you put us in risk of losing more new members to the group than necessary including their potential faith and herewith making creation, which also is built on faith in me, more difficult.

The following text is text I wrote immediately after receiving her email, which I have decided to keep for you to understand how I felt when receiving her email.

It takes as long to write something, which is not important in relation to the work in question, and here to justify yourself, instead of doing what is truly important, the work itself – you could have done the work of the description using the time you instead decided to use on this email, Jette (!) – and Jette does not answer my request directly, which is WRONG – this is NOT direct communication – but if I am to guess her intention, when she writes that “it is not my intention to do anything else than what I just wrote”, which will have to be to “work with determination without planning” (this is what she just had written), it means that she has no intention to follow my request to write the description to the group, and yes, what can you do about it (?), and first I can say that it truly makes me sad – can’t you see the need to write an introduction to the group to make people understand (?) – and secondly it is her group, and I will respect her decisions even though they may be wrong (but she will NOT show this attitude in our New World!), and finally I can offer her to write the introduction myself (including her possible comments), and finally, I declare that this will NOT mean that I will pull the plug of our co-operation, this is the work to important for, and I do hope that Jette will understand me objectively to decide doing the same, to continue our co-operation and to IMPROVE our co-operation now that she begins to understand me and the Basic Working Rules, but I think that to me, it was important to write our comments in English to reach the world and not only Denmark (also saving me for much time having to translate text I have already written in Danish in her group to English in my scripts having almost no energy to do this at the end of almost every day, and if Jette thought that she “could” instead of “no I cannot”, she would have helped me MUCH, because this work translating has truly been a PAIN of mine to do also thinking that I cannot do my absolutely best translating all text with the risk being that I cannot obtain the same degree of faith from people reading me and only being able to understand the English and not the Danish parts, which potentially could risk the result of the final creation, so it is indeed about FULLY UNDERSTANDING, Jette) and it was also important to write and include this introduction to her Facebook group, but when I could not get through, I can only regret it, but still continue being friends with Jette and to write my comments to new pictures, because these comments here and in our emails are purely objective related to work with the purpose to HELP and NOT the opposite, this has NOTHING to do with our friendship and NOTHING to do with my general satisfaction to the “determined work”, Jette does, and yes I am VERY satisfied with most of what she does, and when she does her absolutely best, this is how I react – but you know, Jette, when you decide to be lazy not doing your best, you make me sad because this is also how I am.

This is also about making Jette objectively understand instead of misunderstanding and act on basis of negative feelings potentially risking her to stop doing this work, and yes it requires much more energy trying to make her understand when she decides to “oppose” me instead of following me and doing what is right, and in this respect Jette is – besides from the BIG light as she is – also darkness and herewith “helping” me with creation leading this darkness to me, and it is as you saw on Google Earth yesterday, Jette, “a hard-working monk” of both faith and without faith, and I do wish you would show faith in all respects to me, but if you did, you would not help me as much when bringing darkness to me, so you see, this is about getting the balance right and first and foremost to understand each other, which is not easy when I really don’t have the energy to be careful putting my words on a weight of gold (!) and when Jette has a tendency to act with feelings and a desire to defend herself sometimes even more important than to truly understand the objective messages.

And this is about taking the right decisions where work to help me is about helping creation itself, which will stand forever, and work to a political party is a waste of time when our New World Order will take over from the structures of the Old World, and yes I am HAPPY that Jette is doing this work helping me/us, but I would TRULY have been even happier if she as example had decided to bring more pictures and comments from the last days, where I believed that Google Earth would have shown more pictures of the immensely strong energy of darkness I was facing, but now it is too late, and that is of course until the day when the world will publish its recordings of what happened.

So the ONLY thing you did NOT do in your email, Jette, was to answer my question (!!!), and let me tell you that it is important for you as it is to all to be STRUCTURED in what you do, which you know by now includes to PLAN your work, to keep agreements, to read, understand and communicate, and this is simply to make life better and easier for everyone and to eliminate the risk of misunderstandings. I asked you three times to do this description, and you NEVER answered my question, but decided to do what was the easiest for you to do instead of following my request doing your best work – you decided to bring the introduction to the group, which I have included on my website instead of doing even better being inspired from the ideas I shared with you (!) – and yes Jette, I like much of the work you do and I like your attitude when you say in your reply that “what there is most of in this world is scamped work, laziness and negligence” and you also say “but this does not apply for me”, and yes Jette, I normally agree with you, but here you decided to do exactly this, which is scamped work being lazy to copy me instead of doing your finest work to help people obtain faith in me/us even better, and yes this is about helping to make the last part of creation self perfect, and do you believe that your quickest or your finest work is preferable (?), and yes this is what I am asking you, but instead of using more energy on this now, I have decided to respect your decision – it is your Facebook group – of bringing the text I wrote to my website, and if this text is good enough to my site, it will also do to yours even though I had liked to see an even better explanation included in the group itself, and I have decided that if you want to show me and the world that you can improve the text, this will be your decision, and if you feel that you can or will not, I have settled as it is.

And this is how the introduction ended up looking like and that is for today at least.

Finally, this is the email via Facebook, which I sent to Jette as my reply to her email and introduction to my script, and I am now so tired as I often am when finishing a script having to translate our comments to pictures from Danish to English, which is “killing me”, and no, I am NOT going to translate this email into English and yes because I am too exhausted/tired doing this, and you may understand that I am going to my extreme edge in every single script I am doing – it may look easy, but it includes the worst sufferings of any man in history, which I am sure you also understand, right Jette?

I was also told that this is why Jette has received WRONG information about the colour GREEN in several of her pictures/comments, which I did not comment but it made me wonder for a long time because she connected green with darkness, but I do know that green is the colour of the Trinity (!), and let me also tell you that it was NOT easy to address Jette as directly as this knowing about her sensitivity and potential risk for her to stop her work, but Jette, when you start to understand, I am sure that this “shock” of yours will make you even stronger (?), and yes you were the one blocking the access of “the hidden world inside of the command central of darkness” to return to me, and this is why I was given the most incredible pain to my right angle when I decided that we have to come through NO MATTER WHAT, see?

Meshack is still reading me word by word, which is what creates the STRONGEST faith – as I encouraged everyone to do

I was happy to receive news from Meshack, and this is a man READING my scripts word by word, which I do not believe the LTO team do (?) – you are only “skimming”, aren’t you (?) – and when you read word by word, this creates the STRONGEST faith, and yes this is what Meshack is showing again and again and again – on contrary to you, Elijah, who was too lazy to read  word by word even though I told you that it was required to have (full) faith  in me (!) – and here Meshack said that he used four hours to come up to date with my scripts, THANK YOU, Meshack J – and you were kind to say that you will meet John and your father as the old man, which I was also happy hearing, but you do not tell me about your wife and children as I have asked you, and I wonder if you have left your wife or are you still together (?), and I also wonder if you are now back in Nairobi for good, or will you continue your work for the NGO (?), and finally I do hope that the whole LTO team will meet and speaking directly, honestly and openly and for people to UNDERSTAND, which includes to admit to your mistakes/misunderstandings, to repent and for people to forgive, and for all of you to learn and yes based upon my basic rules.

And I am still wondering about the amount of money you receive because I sent DKK 2,800 gross, which is DKK 2,590 net here after fees for Western Union, and this is normally around KSH 36,000 to 38,000 depending on the rate, and I know that there is also a normally smaller fee when receiving the money, but if you have only received KSH 6,500, it means that the net amount given to David should be KSH 26,000 if all four of you receive the same portion, and let me say that I do NOT believe that David is cheating, but there is still something I do NOT understand here, so David, there is only one way out, and that is for you to specify how much you have received, how much the fee at your place was (if you have a specification), how much you gave yourself, Elijah and John, and how much you send to Meshack, which also includes how much the fees for M-PESA was (?), and yes, COMMUNICATION always help people to understand, so do you believe you will “be able” to do this?

Thank you for your understanding and the GREAT support you bring me, Meshack, and I do look forward to meeting you, the team and all of your families when we have finalised the end of our journey and will be able to meet.

Here is Meshack’s email:

 Hi there, i hope you are doing well and the same is with me. I came yesterday and have spent almost four hours going through your scripts to get the latest developments on what has been happening from your side. When i came i managed to talk with Mbugua and he told me he is doing well and was happy to hear that and i might meet him tommorow but first i will have to go home and meet the old man and see how he is fairing. I got my share of 6500 shillings from David. Thanks for your continued support which you normally do despit your suffering. It takes heart for some one suffering also to help other guys from a distant country who are also suffering. My friend Stig we shall walk this journey together come what may and this is my assurance to you and no doubts about my commitment.

 Kind regards

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Henrik is occupied with people doing poor work not reading and understanding him but claiming that they know what he speaks of, which they do not (!) – he has had some threads about this, which I recommend you to read – and here he writes about “long, but wildly dishonest argumentations” and he wonders why people want to waste their time on trash, which really is the same as my view, Henrik.

  • Naser thanked for birthday greetings, and he was especially happy for this from the grandchild of his first class teacher, and here he is in the school yard wearing a crown and smoking a cigar, and yes “inspiration” truly comes in many ways (!), because this is a symbol of me being at school as the king/teacher writing my scripts for the children of the world to follow as their Bible, and the cigar is a symbol of the darkness, which the world is sending me when resisting me to do my work.

  • And to the question in German “Kennst du das Land, wo die Zitronen blühn?” (“do you know the country where lemons flower?”), I discovered when looking it up on the Internet that besides from lemons flowering, there are also GOLDEN ORANGES shining of this country, which according to a famous song in a novel by Goethe is Italy, which to me always has been a country of true joy and happiness, and yes to me, the light of the golden oranges are about our New World, which is where you reach when playing the act as “the suffering teacher”.

  • Torben is writing a new “flower-power-song” about the coming good times as you can see, and this made Per share one of the most well-known classics of “flower-power”, which is “Aquarius” from the Hair musical, which includes lyrics like “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, The age of Aquarius, Aquarius!, Aquarius!, Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding, No more falsehoods or derisions, Golding living dreams of visions, Mystic crystal revelation, And the mind`s true liberation, Aquarius! Aquarius!” – and yes truly a very good and inspired song to bring here “about the good times we are facing”, which will be when “happy days are here again”, which will make us all look very “chic”, you know :-).

  • Lasse said that he takes a holiday for three weeks fro Facebook, and Mikkel thought that Lasse needs more self control to do this (?), and here he brought a link showing the flag of a pirate, which you know is what Lasse and Danish comedians are when laughing at instead of understanding me, and I might ask you to find your self control to listen/read and understand the objective truth instead of your misunderstood negativity, and yes I wonder what happened to Brian, the “funny” man after he threw me out, and that was all the way out from Facebook, and yes this also brought darkness a strong desire NOT to be around me anymore, and yes to hide from me “outside”, you see?

  • I received a visit from Helsingør to my website today, first 21 minutes to the front page, which is a LONG time compared to what almost all people do (only skim a few seconds/minutes), then 14 minutes to my page on my family/friends etc. abandoning me leaving me to die and finally this person decided to look through practically all photos of my website, and who would do such a thing (?), and yes is it my mother trying to understand me (?), and I am here given the absolutely STRONGEST feelings of all and tears running down my cheeks because of the immense pain of my mother in relation to me, and yes “we cannot speak and see each other” and what have I done, which is “so terrible” (?), and yes ask my sister about this, because she was designed to bring me PAIN right until the last second, and yes I hope you are doing fine all of you, and how many times do I have to tell you that misunderstandings and poor communication leads to sufferings of people???
  • I wrote this to truebook.org about the new TRUE BOOK, but they will probably believe that I am NOT true?

  • The other day, my old colleague Jacob wrote that the mayor of Helsingør, Johannes, has now started a Facebook profile, so what was more natural than to ask him kindly to become Facebook friends, and I was happy when he accepted today.

  • Selvet brought a picture today of me looking into the future of our New World, and yes this is really what it was because the elephant is me and the Apple Computer is our New World, so there you see :-).



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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