July 5, 2012: Saving hidden darkness was like pulling out the sword Excalibur of King Arthur, which only the King can do


Summary of the script today

4th July: Saving hidden darkness was like pulling out the sword Excalibur of King Arthur, which only the King can do

  • Dreaming of Camilla looking straight at me, firmly screwing in light at our original Source and installing cables to divide it to the world and my old friend Jens M. stops playing against me.
  • Saving the hidden command central of darkness corresponds to pulling up the sword Excalibur of King Arthur, which only one man can do, which is the natural King of the world.
  • Jette’s first reaction to my writings on her yesterday was a NEGATIVE MISUNDERSTANDING (!) believing that I “take her energy”, and she did as “everyone else” showing me her negative feelings instead of objective/positive understanding, which I am sure will come to her later. She could easily have done her best to write an introduction to her group and accept English as our language, but she decided not to do this herewith making me bleed! I am bringing Jette a understanding of our Basic Working Rules, which is removing darkness from the Source to bring new life and energy for an eternity to come. But still she decided NOT to read my script of yesterday again today to see it with new glasses, but she had time and energy to work for her political party, i.e. for darkness!
  • I was HAPPY that Jette decided to keep on bringing new pictures, which included the spiral on the sky around South America, which is the Source of eternal energy/new life, more about the importance of doing your best work in order to maintain eternal life, a picture showing mixed darkness/light as I am also experiencing myself, seeking angel guards making sure that no one escapes the central laundry, there is still activity of transformation (from darkness to light) and it is time for Russia, China and the world to follow the POLICY OF TRUTH.
  • Both Meshack and John have received (much) less money from me than what they should have received, and it seems clear that David has both cheated his friends and lied to us all, and I asked him to come out and tell me the naked truth and to repent if he truly is guilty as it seems. We will remain the best friends if he comes clean with us, but I cannot give him my blessings if he lies and try to hide.
  • After searching for many years, scientists have now found “God’s particle” as the last stone bringing man understanding of how the Universe was created and here how mass was created, which was celebrated in Champagne, and I was told that this comes together with man’s discovery of God alive as a man, which will also make man celebrate in Champagne :-).
  • Morten Messerschmidt of the European Parliament told Helle Thorning Schmidt and the EU STRAIGHT OUT about their “shameful reputation” bringing “an economy in ruins”, and still Helle Thorning Schmidt believed they had done better than any other institution of the world (!), and he was right because the truth is that EU leaders spent all of their energy and money trying to save the Old World Order instead of telling the world about me and actively support our New World Order – even though the old economy was bringing the world down!
  • The leader of the Socialist People’s Party and Foreign Minister, Villy Søvndal, decided to write an open letter via Facebook telling people that “It is not easy to be someone” – everyone is against the government and his party – but still he will NEVER give up and leave government, which is an attitude coming from me, and I told him that what the party did the other day voting against their own belief on the tax agreement is WRONG and directly against God’s universal principle of GENUINE FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY.
  • Short stories of learning being the key to a happy life, Ahmed from Egypt not believing in me (?), a symbol showing that it is now about being “game over”, the end of the ACTA law is the end of darkness, a symbol showing the spirits of my mother and father creating the world and that my “come back” is welcome, Sally still does not know exactly who God is and her lack of faith created a VERY big storm over parts of USA, Dan did NOT at all like that I told him that he is a poor role model when favouring free hashish and I received a new visit from “the helicopter” to say that “everyone says hi”.

5th July: New energy of the Source has started being released creating an even brighter and stronger sun

  • When looking at the sun this morning, I thought “I have never seen the sun as bright and strong as it is now”, and Dan was inspired to ask people of their favourite SUN songs, which included lyrics from one song “Dear God, let your sun be allowed to shine” – this is about new energy of the Source starting to be released creating a stronger sun and no longer UV radiation “grilling “ us :-).
  • The immensely strong pain I have received are explosions of the Universe to bring energy receiving hidden darkness.
  • Jette decided to continue bringing pictures, but she WILL NOT comment in English even though she can (!), and this is how our comments show a combination of darkness/light (her and my comments in Danish/English), which is what she sees on the sky and what I experience in practise, and she brought pictures showing MONSTER darkness being fought by light, insects symbolising the worst sexual torments given to me, Jette did NOT want to follow my basic rules when not understanding the importance of them, so I told her the truth that they are RULES OF LIFE (!) and if man does not follow them, you will NOT be alive (!), Jette did not want to change/improve her poor habits and threatened to stop her work (!!!) and I had to tell her that it is a MUST to improve in order to show a clean heart, but this is a process when reading my writings and for now I will respect her decisions – and I asked her to understand that this is a teaching for mankind and to lift herself up from negative feelings, all sluices of the Source are open with more darkness being converted to light and more darkness is still coming our of our New World to bring enough to eat for light :-).
  • I continued going through severe pain also allowing the part of the spirit of my father hidden inside darkness to get out.
  • Short stories of people who “cannot” accept me as a LinkedIn connection, the Trinity gave me the message that “every little thing will be alright”, Dan was inspired asking people of their favourite SUN songs and he brought me even more negativity/darkness, our New World is NOT going to become “dull” as some believe, Flemming Østergaard is “close to me” and because of this, he was very close to dying, but he received CURE, I received a new connection to Mark in UK who “sees the light”, which was to help improving faith in me, and my family/friends etc. faced the question “is Stig sane or insane”, which is the same as answering the question “to be or not to be”!


4th July: Saving hidden darkness was like pulling out the sword Excalibur of King Arthur, which only the King can do

Dreaming of firmly screwing in light at our original Source and installing cables to divide it to the world

I slept from 22.30 until 08.20 this morning with a few short dreams.

  • I remember one dream, where my old cohabitant Camilla simply stood right in the picture looking at me as I also experienced with Morten Løkkegaard the other day, which is really a new experience given to me.
  • I was at a large conference where a man decided to screw in a screw at the ceiling – all the way in – which is keeping the light firm, and this man hands over his screwdriver as a sign that the job is done, and hereafter I only need to install cables.
    • This will have to be about changing the old Source to light and from here to divide this light via cables to our New World and an eternity of new worlds as part of this. And I do hope that this means that the implementing work to my angles have finished, because this was truly a pain “out of this world”.
    • I was also told late yesterday evening that “now we cannot wrap it any tighter” and I was shown a black rope and the feeling that this has been unwrapped in order for us to tight the new rope of light, and I was also told that we went all the way in to do this.

  • I am receiving a call from my old friend, Jens M., from Commercial School. He is with his handball team about to play a match in Helsingør Sport Hall, but the match will first start in one hour, and I tell him that I live very close to this hall, and I invited him and the team to come and visit me and a guest of mine for a cup of coffee, which they decide to do, and I meet them half way to show them the direction, and I decide to fly in front of them – however low and short it is – and I tell them that “this is how to relax”.
    • I was encouraged to find Jens on the Internet a few days ago, but his name is so common that I decided not even to try, but I will look later because of this dream, and I wonder if he has heard about me, which is the feeling I get, and yes is he still working for Danske Bank, where Henrik S. O. and René knowing about me (and obtaining faith in me?) also work, and yes “mouth to mouth”, you see, and here they don’t play against me, but come to visit me instead, and when I levitate, it is a sign of being in control of my work, but I only levitate with difficulties, which is to say that only when doing my best, I am able to bring you the stories in my scripts, which are coming to me, and you can see the last two days again that many stories symbolising MUCH darkness came to me, but this is how life is here.

Saving hidden darkness was like pulling out the sword Excalibur of King Arthur, which only the King can do

I am feeling that I am becoming physically smaller – I am losing weight – and when weighing myself this morning, it said 117.5 kilos, so it is not much on the weight, but I am starting to lose weight, and yes my goal is to get below 90 kilos, so we will see how long this will take.

I used up until lunch to update my script of yesterday and to read and comment a few Facebook updates, and I received a new sneeze to tell me that the Universe is still sacrificing/suffering to bring energy.

After publishing my new script yesterday evening, it would almost not show on my computer, and I was told that my mother does not like my writings, and also that my mother was very close to give totally up on me again, but no, I understood that she has decided not to do this, and her new visit to my website is showing this.

Yesterday evening I was told that the work we have just done corresponds to pulling up the sword Excalibur of King Arthur, which could only be done by one man, and that was you as I was told, and yes I could only do it with difficulties and only because I had faith in myself, which is what creates a King.

And I was told that to save the old Source is a “miracle” and that it corresponds to changing its direction 180 degrees while it is driving ahead with full speed.

I was shown my monitor blinking red and told ”this isn’t a change-over process is it”, which you know is exactly what it is, and it is about changing the Source from darkness to light, and afterwards the monitor blinked yellow before it gave me a constant nuance for some seconds as a blend of red and yellow, which you know is what we are receiving now. And a little later I was shown a constant yellow and told that this is where we are headed.

And I was told “then we will not remove the heart after all”, and I felt everything returning to my heart, and I still received the worst negative words at the same time trying to overtake me, so we are not all done with darkness, but we are “close”, and I can tell because I have a strong feeling of “waiting” with me, which is a “neutral” feeling of the New World on the other side of this darkness.

I was told that Sanna has told Flemming (one of her and Hans’ friends) about me.

During the morning I received approx. 10 minutes of great fear coming to me about the same INCREDIBLE pain to my right foot also coming to my left foot, which is a completely impossible fear to go through, and my head started scratching again, and I was given the feeling of David apparently now seeing my email, which is making him feel poorly herewith creating MUCH darkness to me, which of course is making me suffer very directly and very much, but on the other hand, this is what is required to get the last things out from the top room of the Pyramid, so there you have this and this and this too, and yes I see confused people unloading packages from a ship, and yes because I speak of a Pyramid when they are at the ship, and yes I saw one of the bad guys from TinTin, which it seemed that David was – but STILL my best friend – and yes read the chapter on him later.

I was told that “you would have felt good and full of red energy killing people/life” and yes if I had let darkness overtake me, but NO, I don’t want that.

I still received some uncomfortable feelings of dark content to my right foot which is really what it is and yes with the feeling of risking an explosion if I do wrong, but no, I will NOT allow an explosion.

I worked until 17.00 and cycled thereafter for 1½ hour, where the time on my phone worked the first few kilometres, and then just before the end of each kilometre, it said “time paused” before it started again a few seconds afterwards, but after maybe 12-13 minutes, time completely stopped, and yes just saying that when there is almost nothing remaining of darkness, it is almost impossible to continue time.

It was nice summer weather today with no wind, so I ENJOYED cycling and that was much in the beautiful forest, and this time around I also succeeded to find Gurre lake, which I have not been able to find before (!) and yes it was “hidden” for me, thus a symbol of the command central of darkness, which was hidden for me, but now I have found both.

While cycling, I was also told about back then MANY world’s/Big Bangs ago that there was a new hole and we thought “what is that, entered and then we were caught”, and this was the road to the other side of darkness, which remaining light has since fought to save/retrieve, and I have been told many times “we did not know”.

I had dinner, and continued work at 20.40 not tired physically but VERY tired of writing, and I might have work to do until midnight and even longer, which I would like NOT to do and just to relax, but no discipline is driving me once again, and yes also a new night without sleep because of the darkness of David this time – see later – and I was told to carry on until the end of the week so this is Wednesday/Thursday and then a new night between Saturday/Sunday without sleep and alright, let us see if we can make it, and it will probably be with 2-3 hours of sleep on the sofa tomorrow morning, and we will see.

I was told by (previous) darkness that we did not bring a heart (to darkness), which is the reason why we craved for it, and yes to make us stay alive, which is the deep reason why, and we know “contradictory” when darkness wanted to kill itself, but this is what I am told, and yes there are probably more layers in this.

At 01.25 I was shown an old man who was laying down and now being helped up and told “here you are” and I was given the understanding that he is also awakening because of my work today, which was truly “not easy” to do.

I was also given a BIG and sudden pain to the left side of my brain and I was told “we can also do it here” and that was instead of bringing pain to the backside of my left lower leg and yes made by much darkness against me again today.

I was told that removing the Shah of Iran was a condition in order to come where we are today.

The last 2-3 hours were truly painful to come through, where I was working slower than normal, and I first ended the script of today at 02.40 being completely empty inside my head – this was the feeling – after having had GREAT difficulties writing at the same time as it was also “piece of cake”.

I decided that I might as well upload the script now, which would make it easier to do than “tomorrow”, so this I did at 03.25, and yes believing that I have now done the duty of the day.

I am bringing Jette understanding, which is removing darkness from the Source to bring new life for an eternity to come

When I started checking Facebook updates this morning, I saw that Jette late yesterday evening had decided to show her first negative reaction to me because she WRONGLY FELT (!) that I had taken “my energy by criticize”, and it is NOT easy to understand positively/objectively when you want to misunderstand negatively, is it Jette (?), and yes isn’t it wonderful, that she also has a fluent English, and could decide to write comments in her Facebook group in English to help me if only she wanted to (!), but she decided that this was “not necessary” not fully understanding my sufferings and “worries” not getting all of our comments through to the world, and while thinking of it when writing this, I now decide that I will myself start writing in English, which will also make my scripts of these chapters easier to come (!), and then it will be up to you, Jette, if you want to follow me and that is both when it comes to write in English, and to UNDERSTAND my positively/objectively, and it would be a nice feature of you to READ my script of yesterday carefully, and to come back and tell me when you understand and will do your best to improve, and do you think you will “be able” to do this?

And her wrong reaction made me decide to write this response, and yes it is in English, so you can just go ahead and read – and in the future not long from now, I am sure that nice people of mankind will help to translate all of my writings into “all languages” :-).

And when I started work on this chapter, again I received a STRONG pain to my right angle, which I also did yesterday when writing the chapter of Jette, and it looks like she is the keeper trying to prevent me to move in – that is new life hidden in darkness you know – and the more I open up Jette, the more I open up for new life (for an eternity to come) to move in with our New World and yes these are the words coming to me together with a taste of Champagne (coming our way too, and yes I would like the Rose of Mesnil, of course :-)).

I was told that the Source self is the spiral, which Jette has showed many times on Google Earth pictures, and yesterday she brought this picture from the day before saying that “maybe this is the central laundry .. under any circumstances a sluice formed spiral”, and it made me say that the spiral is the original Source, which was overtaken by darkness a LONG time ago, which is now returning home to light, which will bring this eternity of energy and life to our New World, and I asked her if she still sees Lady Di there, which she may decide to reply or not reply on?

And yes, Jette, I will continue translating as long as it takes (not much longer!), and here you say that “this one looks like the bricklayer, which was to point our roof in 1989 .. ballet shoes and gray in the brain – a big mess is what it became”, and I wrote my reply (before deciding to write in English, which will ease my sufferings/work, which comes together with the understanding of Jette in what I told her!) that we will have to hope that he has learned to do a good piece of work, which is symbolic for the world doing poor work, which is destroying the roof of the house, i.e. life itself, and it is in this LIGHT that Jette and everyone else have to understand that only by doing our best work – to follow my Basic Working Rules – we can secure an eternal and happy life, and I bring the episode of Fawlty Towers below about the workman O’Reilly notoriously known for POOR work, who manages to shut the door to the kitchen etc., which is a symbol of poor work of man shutting down the light of God, so please do your absolutely best!

I also shared my reply to Jette’s reply to my script to her Facebook group to teach everyone at this group, and to make Jette understand that I MEAN BUSINESS THIS TIME!

At 13.20 I received one new sudden pain of the immensely great strength you know, but let us say that it was not as strong as before and much shorter, and I saw light inside of it, which I connected with the process of Jette starting to understand me after writing the extra information in the threads above, and yes it takes more than once to make people understand, and that is today at least, and when writing this, my monitor is strongly blinking yellow, but it now goes back to a “dull, grey colour” to say that we are still continuing to bring in more darkness, and yes “until there is no more of it”, and that is STILL the same goal as ever, and then I was shown a constant GREEN colour, and yes no more writing on colours for now!

And darkness tried to make me say ”you don’t have the courage to do this again”, and if I decided to accept this and actively say this myself, if I returned darkness, I am afraid that this is what would make the pain truly unbearable, and so much that it truly would destruct, so this is really why I am not following (STRONG) darkness.

After bringing the pictures above during the morning, I did not see Jette active before in the evening when she decided to bring a link to her local department of the Red-Green Alliance including the reader’s letter below, which she had decided to write to the local paper blaming COLD politicians not focusing on children and people, but on bricks and paving stones, which “cold hearts” cannot understand, and the “cold hearts” is as you know what darkness brought me trying to “steal my heart”, and this is what you did too, Jette, which is why these words were given to you, and it made me SAD to see that she decided to spend time on this, which you know is “activities of darkness”, which all political work (deep inside) is, and that is instead of reading my script on her from yesterday carefully (she did NOT read this script at all today after she had become negative on me yesterday, and yes does it hurt too much to read the truth, Jette (?), and let me tell you that what you do is VERY WRONG!) and to send me a letter expressing her support in me, which you could not, but you had no problems to support darkness, Jette (?), and yes I am writing this because this is the truth, which you may start to believe in some day “when you FEEL like it” and until then you will suppress this side of you working against me?

It is time for Russia, China and the world to follow the POLICY OF TRUTH – and to tell EVERYTHING!!!

Here Jette brought one of several new pictures of today and – in Danish – I told her THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING WORK, and she wrote about “two crocodile-surfers” heading south with more grey spectators (of darkness) watching in wonder, and I told her and the group that I have decided to write in English because I am turning towards the world and not alone Denmark, and I told her that it is now up to her if she will continue writing in Danish – because this is “easier” for you, Jette (?) – or if she will FOLLOW ME and write in English, and yes it will look “silly” if you write in Danish and I in English, right Jette (?), and just saying that I am light in control over darkness, and that Jette was working both for light and darkness, and yes do you see now (?) and I am told “CLOSE”(!), and yes now I don’t have to translate my comments into English, because they are in English, so GO RIGHT AHEAD, and yes through the last wall of darkness, which was the most difficult and painful to break through as you understand.

Here Jette says that there are more seeking angel guards making sure that no one escapes the central laundry, and what did I reply (?), and yes PLEASE READ below :-).

Here Jette wrote about 3-4 giant shapes on the Northern hemisphere maybe walking with their dogs or “fighting for fun”, and yes I gave my reply in English now making life here easier, and yes making more light come through :-).

Here she wrote about a half blurred profile being whispered in the ear by light, and above the Victoria lake is still activity of transformation, which is not about washing black money white, but it could end like this, if the capital is divided in the good way, and yes this is about retrieving energy and to bring normal life to the world.

Here Jette says that the spokesman of Russia does not speak with a clean tongue – but light figures are created – and China still has a grey dog of darkness (!), thank you for also bringing these, Jette :-), and yes it is time for EVERYONE TO FOLLOW THE POLICY OF TRUTH WHEN SPEAKING and that is ALL OF IT with NO exceptions.

Is David cheating both his dear LTO friends and me by stealing money not belonging to him?

In my script of yesterday and also in my email when sending the script via email to my LTO friends, I included this question for David:

“And I am still wondering about the amount of money you receive because I sent DKK 2,800 gross, which is DKK 2,590 net here after fees for Western Union, and this is normally around KSH 36,000 to 38,000 depending on the rate, and I know that there is also a normally smaller fee when receiving the money, but if you have only received KSH 6,500, it means that the net amount given to David should be KSH 26,000 if all four of you receive the same portion, and let me say that I do NOT believe that David is cheating, but there is still something I do NOT understand here, so David, there is only one way out, and that is for you to specify how much you have received, how much the fee at your place was (if you have a specification), how much you gave yourself, Elijah and John, and how much you send to Meshack, which also includes how much the fees for M-PESA was (?), and yes, COMMUNICATION always help people to understand, so do you believe you will “be able” to do this?”

And this made Meshack write me this new email today, and I was happy to see that he is going to join his family at his rural home, but the main thing is what he writes that “this is the fourth time i am receving less money and i can only say that David has been unable to avoid being tempted whenever the money is send”, and John has received “far less” than Meshack (!!!), so THANK YOU for being honest and direct, Meshack because if this is really the truth, which it seems to be, this is IMPORTANT information to communicate, which should not be uncovered for four months, and I know you tried before, where it seemed that David got away with a lie, or am I too quick judging you David without having heard your side of the story?

Here is Meshack’s email – and THANK YOU for also following up on the Dadaab question, which is more than what the world in practise do, when they allow people to continue living a life in Hell, which they would not be able to “survive” themselves just for a shorter time!

Hope this mail finds you well. Am okay and doing well. My family is at rulal home with the children and i am in the orphanage and i plan to be going home to join them before weekend. According to your question of why you continue to scratch your head, i can say is partialy due to David not following what is simple to do. The cash you send the net should have been 39000 shillings and the transaction for M-pesa is less than 100 shillings which left many questions to me because this is the fourth time i am receving less money and i can only say that David has been unable to avoid being tempted whenever the money is send and as i had told you when i came i spoke to John and he told me he received far less than i did but i didnt want to tell you because when we keep talking the same issue which the person who is entrusted with cant do, then it turns petty and it is only he who can explain this. The weather here is very cold. Am glad you are still following on the issues affecting Dadaab but my thinking is that the International community with its huge resources has failed the refugees and the question is how long they will continue to suffer. There are some rumours that the international community would not be happy to see the conflict in Somali solved because this will mean the Ngos will loose funding which they have been receiving from donors and which they use to fatten their pockets so we might continue to see the living hell on earth for a quite some time.

I will be informing me you of my goings as and when i can.

    Kind regards,

And I can only say that when I later went out cycling – as mentioned earlier in the script – the first 10-15 minutes were almost impossible to come through because of immensely strong darkness coming to me wanting to speak physically out of my mouth again, and I was given the STRONG feeling of David and understood that he has seen my email with my question asking him to specify how much he received from me and how he divided the money, and David let me say that I would VERY much like to hear your side of the story because can there really be another logical explanation other than you were tempted above your ability and when you first started using money, which was not yours, you could not stop and then you had to lie both to the team and me trying to cover up (?) and yes almost as what the official world has done for decades making it locked up in a net of lies, and so much that it at the end is “impossible” to get out of, and then there is only one thing to do, and that is to wait for the day when you will be revealed to the world, and yes this is how my normally loyal friend and servant of God feels and this is how THE TOP OF THE WORLD FEELS and still they continue to play a POOR GAME OF CARDS knowing that they will be revealed because GOD KNOWS (!) , and yes why did NONE of you had the guts to come out (?), and yes one man did, and that was Jack, and yes Jack, it must have taken MUCH COURAGE to do so, which I thank you for,

So while I am waiting on David to answer, if you will answer me, David (?), and yes I am thinking if you will now show me silence or have the courage to tell the truth exactly as it is (?) – and I am thinking about Jette here also continuing life as it is without coming back to me saying that “I now understand, I am sorry for my negative and misunderstood reaction” – and normally David is kind to answer straight away, and I am given what feels like “the last pain inside of two of my fingers” and that is at the very end of them and I also felt almost only light inside of this pain, so David, it seems that you were the hidden darkness, a man I trusted, but are you truly to be trusted?

And if it really is so that you have told me lies, David, I wonder if you have told me other lies too (?), and that goes for all of you, my dear friends (?), and yes as you know it is time for repentance, so who will start (?), and I am also thinking that this is what it means to open the door of darkness releasing all life behind it, and yes darkness was very well guarded by some of the people closest to me and here you have seen Jette and what appears to be David too, but still, I might misunderstand this and I have to listen to the other side of the story, so David, will you please come out and tell me the truth as it is and that is ALL OF IT (?), and I wonder if there are things you did not tell me when I was in Kenya, and I don’t know for sure, but do you know more about who gossiped about me to the police and was responsible for sending me home from Kenya and WHY this was done (?), and yes TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW and tell me the truth directly, honestly and openly WITHOUT hiding, because when you do the first, I will show your understanding and give you my blessing, which I CANNOT do if you decide to continue hiding for me and for the truth.

I was told that the answer of who was disloyal to me in Kenya, was almost bringing the end of the world, and was part of the reason why we experienced so many power shortages not because of the power plant but because we were almost ending the world and I am here told because we had crossed the limit of darkness, which we could take, but we thought “we will give it one last chance”, which we are glad that we did today, but “close” is not a word describing exactly how close we were to the end of the world here in 2009.

I was told just how much darkness this has brought to me – including direct sufferings – and yes including negative thoughts of the team, and I am also thinking that we are coming close to the end of the entire game with the clearing up of this, so David, if you will please?

And finally I am thinking that IF David cheated me and the team, that he must have been suffering much too, because it is NOT nice to be the offender with a bad conscience knowing that he might be caught at any moment, so let me assure you David that you will still remain my dear friend if this is really so, and I ask the team to take the same position as me, but you may understand that I will send money to the team through John or Meshack until you have showed that you are to be trusted again, and yes IF you truly did what it very clearly shows that you did, but then again, I have not heard your side of the story for this month, so will you please tell me the naked truth and ONLY the truth, please.

Scientists have found “God’s particle” creating mass of the Universe symbolising man’s discovery of God – ALIVE AND KICKING

Today was also the day when it was revealed at CERN in Geneva that scientists have found “God’s particle”, which gives objects mass, and “it does not get any bigger than this” is what the newspaper Politiken writes in the article below, and I was told that this discovery symbolises man finding God and I was shown God climbing out on a ladder from the inside of Earth and told that this particle is not unimportant and I was given the feeling that this is what is used to create the Universe.

And in the Facebook update, Politiken also write that “we are completely euphoric” and the Champagne was ready at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, and yes they are celebrating the discovery of God’s particle as the world will celebrate the arrival of God, but “God’s particle” is truly not a word accepted by many people here, where people expressed their disapproval and negativity for example when Tina said “stop this God-something” and Ulla said that some find Jesus – but not you, Ulla (?), and these scientists find God’s particle and she wondered if they are religious, and yes I do believe that many of them are when they see and understand the logical structure of the Universe, which only could be created by an intelligent force.

It continued here with Lynne (no, not Jeff here) asking “if an atom was at the size of our solar system, is this particle at the size of an orange” (?), and yes isn’t it funny that of all things, she decided to refer to an orange, which you know is the symbol of God (?), and Nikolaj was kind to tell the truth that “TV-commentators are not the sharpest knives in the drawer” and he asked for a moment to find a video explaining what this particle is about, and yes when there is a will, there is also an answer, so thank you, Nikolaj, for showing this (not to be lazy), and then my old “sceptical/negative friend” Tomas (from Brian Mørk’s old threads) were also here, and what did he say (?), and yes “was this God’s show-off project” and “STOP calling it God’s particle, wrong in SO many ways!”, and I wonder from where you know this, Tomas, and that is right, a SHOW-OFF is what you are yourself when being “wise” and also negative on things you have NO knowledge about (!), and were you happy seeing me again (?), and NO, you were not (?), and yes I wonder why,

And the tread continued with more know-all and negative replies of people because OF COURSE they know that this particle has NOTHING to do with God, and yes because they have decided that there is NO God, and yes how crazy does that sound (?), and I decided to tell them that it is interesting to see so much “better-knowing ignorance” and negativity – and also nonsense as I am told here – at one place because of a name, which simply expresses what it is; the Universe created as a mass by God, and I told them that this discovery is a symbol of man’s discovery of God alive (as a man) and encouraged them to read my website, and yes I was prepared to receive even more negativity, so “come on” (!), but only very few bothered to open my website!

EU leaders tried to save the Old World Order instead of telling the world about me and actively support our New World Order

Denmark has been the chairman of the European Union for 6 months before they handed over the dépêche (“mode”, i.e. fashion in Danish to say that Helle Thorning Schmidt “loves” clothes and to spend money on clothes, and also to show the relation to David Bowie, i.e. the song “fashion”, thus me) to Cyprus, and Helle Thorning Schmidt held a speech at the EU as Jens quotes in the following, and yes Helle do you REALLY believe that you did better than any other in the past 6 months?

And I know someone who does NOT believe that Helle and the leaders of EU did very good, which was Morten Messerschmidt, member of the European Parliament for the Danish People’s party, and he had the courage yesterday to tell Helle and the EU STRAIGHT out and VERY directly as I could have done about their catastrophic economic policy (!) making you embarrassed, Helle (?), and Barroso, the President of the European Commission, laugh (also of embarrassment and disbelief?), and here are some of the things he said in his speech, which I am sure will become well known around the world.

The Euro is Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Sea. And now Europe’s populations drift around in the cold water hoping that you, who sank their ship, will find them in the darkness, which you will probably not because I grope in blindness.

20 top meetings should have saved the Euro. But the only thing you have saved is shameful reputation and an economy in ruins. Let me say it, so you can understand: SHAME ON YOU!

And yes, these were HARD words, which people are not used to hear, so what do you do when you are told the truth as directly and “tough” as this – feeling Putin here too, and these were you feelings of me too, “my friend” (?) – and yes you decide to ridicule it and not take it seriously, because a man “stepping out” of “normal cultural behaviour” has to be “crazy” or what (?), and yes the only “problem” is that what the man says is the truth and for how long can you decide to ignore the truth (?), and yes as you did here with Morten symbolising what the world did with me, and instead of doing what you should have done – the leaders of the EU (!) – which was to publish my arrival and to start work on our New World Order instead of using an enormous amount of money, energy and time on “nothing”, and yes I don’t know the details, but it may be that you saved the Old World Order for a period of time giving it “artificial respiration”, but what did you do about my arrival and our New World Order, and yes this is what screams to heaven, and this is what I agree with Morten is SHAMEFUL!

And Morten used the symbol of Titanic, which is one of the strongest symbols given to man about the coming “end of the world”, which is what your “disastrous route of economy” also was, but still you “could not” tell the world about me, and please tell me again, why was this?

And here is what I replied in one of his threads including his speech, and it was mainly to thank him for telling the truth as he saw it, and that he was even more right than what he can dream of because instead of telling the world about me and to work actively for our New World Order, the leaders of EU decided to NOT talk about me but to use all of their energy on the Old World Order, which of course was WRONG to do (but still right when it was the opposite world, and I am shown Angela Merkel here, and yes you might have some confessions to make to the world?).

Morten also told Helle that ”what I thought should have been a love story ended as a soup opera”, and yes this was INSPIRED speech because the “love story” here is about my “old nightmare” – remember that Helle Thorning Schmidt is another part of my mother (?) – which is what EU and politicians send me (!), but instead of accepting this love story, which would have been to accept the world going under because of the sins of man, it became a “soap opera” and here a “soap opera” means “an act, which was planned to clean the world”, and yes Morten, this is the act, which you were also part of, and when writing this chapter, I thought “wait half a minute, I have seen this phrase of “soap opera somewhere else today”, and yes then I looked for it, and found it – of course – via Jette’s reply to my posting below to her Facebook group showing other “mysterious clouds” saying that “there is probably something about it, don’t you think”, and Jette did not fully understand so she asked me “who do you write for with don’t you think – all or just me .. I will also comment – soap opera – so far”, and I am not sure that I understand what Jette means about “soap opera” here (?), but to me it was the same, that Jette is going through a cleaning process, which I understand the leaders of the EU are too when knowing that “you are everyone” as I replied here also meaning that “Stig is everyone”, which they know by now – and yes this is given to me but I do NOT know if I receive this from light or darkness, but nothing new in this, see?

When writing this chapter, I felt “nothing” of darkness passing through inside my head together with pain inside one of my feet, and I understood that this is what these leaders of the European Union are sending me too.

And when finalising this chapter, I was shown an airplane of light coming to me from the left, circling around – just like the helicopter was – and I was told “where do the Governments get their information from” (?) and yes “from military sources” and who are REALLY controlling the world, Governments or military forces (?), and yes EVERYONE knows that it is military forces (!) as I am told and also with the feeling that the world knows about the military and their approaches towards me, and “not easy” it is for you to do the only right thing to support me publically, my friends?

The Foreign Minister, Villy Søvndal, has decided NOT to give up and I tell him that what he did was WRONG!

The leader of the Socialist People’s Party and Foreign Minister, Villy Søvndal, decided to write this open letter to party colleagues and people following him on Facebook – including me (!) – and the story is shortly that the party has decided to sell its soul to be part of the government deciding to vote against its belief because of “misunderstood loyalty” to a government partner – this is WRONG culture and NOT how the world of FREEDOM works (!) – and because of this, the party is about to destruct itself and Villy is threatened as the leader of the party (did you understand the belief of the authorities that I was a “potential threat like Breivik”, Villy (?), and what did you decide to do about it to support me?) and furthermore, the media is speculating that Villy and the party may leave the government and on this background he decided to bring these messages in his open letter (only a few selected by me):

  • It is not easy to be someone”, which is about how you feel as government trying to “survive” – “to be someone” (my FAVOURITE song by the Jam :-)) – as a symbol of me trying to survive and to be someone, which is a wonderful thing.
  • This government tries to change the course of the supertanker Denmark” and then he criticised the previous government and said “and therefore you do not run away – we do not do that either in Socialist People’s Party”, “We do not throw away the responsibility now – we stay. And we fight
    • I am glad to see this, Villy, and I was told that because I will NEVER give up, you have the same attitude, and yes it is coming directly from me, isn’t it “funny” (?), and yes are you sinking deeply because of this?
  • I am basically the same Villy Søvndal as I have always been. We are just participating in another game, at another level, and in another reality now”.
    • How “funny” is this – my spiritual friends are in a good mood behind the game so to say – that you speak of yourself being part of a game, when this is exactly what you are, and I am here given a pain I am used to to my right foot, and it is still very uncomfortable but now much less than it was 1-2 days ago, and the game you are attending, Villy, is called “the game of darkness”, which you are sending to me, and this is what I am absorbing to save every little thing and build our New World, and yes this is the TRUE game you attended!
    • And also that you are “basically the same Villy Søvndal as I have always been”, because this is “basically” also what I am, the same Stig as I have ever been with the only difference that I am now something more, which is also my original self, which I was not before, see?

Here is the beginning of Villy’s letter.

And here is my reply telling Villy that what he and the party/individuals did voting against their belief is a “crime against humanity”, which is breaking from God’s universal principle of GENUINE FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY, and I brought the reply, which I sent to Pernille – the group chairman of the party – the other day, and yes because you never know if she decided to share it with the party, which I guess that she did not?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I have subscribed to Tyra Banks for a long time, but unfortunately she does normally not bring as clever/interesting posts as I do believe she has intelligence to do, but here was a short one saying what I do believe in too.

  • Ahmed from Egypt decided not to believe in me, Ahmed (?), since you brought this picture of my (i.e. Neo’s) “main opponent” in the movies of Matrix, which is “the agent”.

  • Lykke was in Thy, Denmark, and when you had eaten everything of the pig, what was more natural than to say ”game over” as it will be when I have brought out the remaining furniture, or ”pig” from the Pyramid as another symbol, you know.

  • The controversial ACTA law finally passed away today when the EU sent it to the garbage can, and yes goodbye darkness!

  • David had a lovely, un-pretentious American dinner, and to me LOBSTER is a symbol of making love, and Kirsten said that she was “yellow and green of envy” (envy is NOT a good thing!), which you know are the colours of the spirit of my mother and the Trinity, and just saying that this was a symbol of the spirits of my mother and father creating the world, and I wrote what I thought “chips for lobster” (?), which is not my favourite cup of tea so to say (also here saying that this is not what I am/was in India too!), and Cathrine said in the second picture below that this is “true hangover food” with “hangover” symbolising darkness of David, and she also said “is it still Andy’s bare haunting” (?) and you do know that “bar” is the symbol of God herewith saying that it is difficult for you, David, thinking of me and who I am (?), and Lene was inspired to bring David the blessing of God, and yes many people are inspired as you can tell, and then Jes, the “TV-darling” of Denmark, arrived and he was inspired too when saying that “it is a pure and welcome come back to eating chips to hot food – let the tendency spread”, and here he was really speaking of my “come back”, which was nice of you, Jes, but you did not know?

  • Sally still has difficulties knowing exactly who God is (!), and she has experienced one VERY great storm (a natural disaster), which she has brought several messages of lately, and yes I wonder if this has anything to do with her lack of faith in me, and yes I was told this twice before writing it, and normally once is enough and so it is.

  • Dan has VERY often shown that he supports free hashish, which he also did here, and it has often made me wish to give him a reply, and even though I had not much to bring today because of MUCH work and much tiredness to work, I decided to give him a reply, which I knew that he would react with negativity to even though it is the truth, and I told him that a day without drugs, hashish and tobacco will soon come, which I ask him to BELIEVE in, and I told him the truth that he (as a famous person here) is a POOR ROLE MODEL for (young) people still looking up to him even though he is becoming a “old boy”, which was said with warmth/kindness and also because he is part of “the good old man” – and it makes me sad to see that very many young people of today smoke hash, for example when meeting at the Roskilde Festival, which young people do these days and yes what do they do according to the media, yes smoke hash and go to the Freetown of Christiania to buy it herewith support HELLS ANGELS, and no, NOT my cup of tea (!), and it seems that “clever” people of India also have difficulties to understand when you cannot listen/read carefully?

  • And this is the continuing story with Danny using an argument that alcohol is “much more dangerous” than hashish, and I don’t want to enter a discussion about this because I do believe that alcohol in modest quantities is good for people (!) – you may have heard that one glass of red wine per day keeps the doctor away (?) – and Jesper even believed that I am religious and yes “funny, funny”, Danny, and yes “Sweet” is still here because of darkness (misuse of children also among my family/friends etc.), and yes, going against Dan – even when you are nice and polite – and on this subject really brings him up in the red field where he cannot control his negative feelings (!), so he asked me “to stop your nonsense otherwise you will be blocked” (!!!) – and he was given the word “nonsense” as I just used when writing the chapter on God’s particle to say that he is also one of those special “God particle’s” you know, and he said that he has no desire to be a role model (!), and he was also not happy to be remembered that he is an “old boy”, so he decide to be the “strong, primitive guy” saying “I warn you, tighten up or get lost if this is what you have to contribute”, and yes there is no doubt in your mind that you are right and I am speaking “nonsense”, and you will become wiser, and that is MUCH wiser, my “old friend”.
    • Not long after this I was given more sexual torments and I was shown a long train bringing out a horse carriage from the Wild West from the deepest inside of the mountain, and yes this is what Dan’s angriness in relation to me means, to make me dig deep. And it continued when I was shown a black pipe of liquorice being brought out, and I was thinking of the character Pingo from the Rasmus Klump comic strips smoking a pipe (meaning “much darkness”), and even later I was given a pretty strong pain/feeling/restructuring inside of my the backside of my left lower leg and also heart flicker, and yes, Dan is really the man bringing much darkness to me.

  • Today, the helicopter returned, and this time around it did not come back 30-40 times because when I heard it the first time I entered the balcony, and I was it fly at the coast line pass me, and I though that it will probably return, which it did not many seconds afterwards, and the it started a little show, where it went down below the tree limit before it lifted again, which is were I photographed it and yes waving at it and here with a reference to “everyone says hi” and Jack also likes David Bowie as I was asked to say, which a spiritual friend right behind me says, and really so close that he is becoming part of me, and this is what I understand is the message this time to say that “we stand right behind you, and I saw/heard it only three times today, and also that you probably saw that I received your message, so thank you for being here when you “cannot” communicate with me directly, and yes “a mean world it is” and it is really time for ch-ch-ch-ch-CHANGES :-).


5th July: New energy of the Source has started being released creating an even brighter and stronger sun

New energy of the Source has started being released creating an even brighter and stronger sun

After publishing the script of “yesterday” at 03.25, it was about to dawn here, and later in the morning I looked out on the sun and I thought “I have never seen the sun as bright and strong as it is now”, so this is probable how it is, and are there “scientists” out there having noticed this without telling (?), and yes just wondering I am, and to me that is about new energy of the Source starting to be released (please also see Dan’s inspired Facebook post about SUN songs at the end of the script today).

Later in the day I was told that the UV filter has now been turned the right way, and I understood that the sun is no longer “grilling” us with ultraviolet radiation as it used to, and I wonder when the world will  inform mankind and also if you will keep warning against “sun factor” in weather forecast in TV and  newspapers even though there is no longer nothing to warn about (?), and yes in order “not to be revealed” that is, so we will see for how long the official world will continue to make up lies.

I continued going through severe pain also allowing the part of the spirit of my father hidden inside darkness to get out

I was given a feeling inside the backside of my left lower leg and told “yahoo, I want out too”, and I wonder what spiritual existence is inside of here, which apparently is waiting for us to empty the right (physical) department first, and it may be part of the spirit of my father, and we will see, and he asked “may I transcend too” (?) giving me a new feeling to my left leg, and even though this is followed by fear that I will receive the same inhuman pain as to my right foot the other day, I could only say “yes, everyone will survive and become part of our New World”. And later, this voice told me that “I am just going into darkness to get something” and I understood that David is bringing the key for this as part of his process opening up, and I was told “this was one”, and it seems that more are to follow.

I stayed awake until approx. 06.30, the last hour with great difficulties, and again I took a nap on the sofa removing the worst tiredness to enable me to continue the rest of today, and I woke up at 09.00 having had clear dreams, which I could not remember!

During the morning I received “high frequent darkness” pressuring on me from the outside, which is still very uncomfortable and I was given the feeling of David, so I don’t know if you realize, David, that you are sending me these direct sufferings because of your behaviour (?), and this was on top of MUCH tiredness, which truly was “not nice” to say the least, and I had to repeat to myself “keep on and on and on and on” for a long period of time deciding to overcome this, and yes “you are welcome” is also still said many times and NOT the opposite as darkness wants to.

I was shown an elephant walking inside the forest, and was told that we are now building bridges over small streams inside of here allowing the elephant, i.e. God, to continue walking .

During the afternoon I continued receiving “marks” to my right foot and angle, and also pretty strong fear of the strong pain returning, and yes the fear is as disgusting as the pain – “out of this world” – and I understood that darkness is pressuring hard on me also this afternoon making this.

At 16.50 I received a new strong pain to my left angle, but this time it was not about Jette, whom I had been working with during most of the afternoon, but about David and his feelings in relation to me, and yes David, there is ONLY one thing to do and that is to come clean with me, everything else is obviously WRONG, but still not easy to do what is right (?), and yes I wonder why most people “cannot” as I have seen all throughout my scripts.

I was told that my mother has not forgotten about her phone number and yes about her origin, and yes her memory behind darkness is intact, isn’t this wonderful, and yes I am all about love and not darkness, which is what I see now as I am told at the same time seeing her come from darkness to light with flowers.

I was told that this part of the spirit of my mother did not know that it was possible to keep the door fully open making it possible for her in calm to move everything back, and I was told – to my surprise – that our goal was not even to kill you but to be free of this darkness ourselves!

I was also told that “your mother is not bleeding, this is only how it feels like”, and yes she is suffering much too, but nothing compared to what could have been the alternative.

I had to be firm telling darkness that “I don’t care, we are going to get everything with us” and I was told that the last of everything is this the last part of the spirit of my mother, and yes this must be the last part from hidden darkness, there cannot be any more surprises after this, can there (?), and yes let me tell you that I receive the MOST extreme impatience to work quickly and take on work, work, work, and I have to take it easy and slow down, and say that here it is me deciding and we have plenty of time to do this carefully, and that is even though I am quite tired both physically and from working, but this is how it is.

For weeks I have been shown the tennis player Goran Ivanišević and his characteristic and STRONG serve, which he was famous for, and I understand this as a symbol of the STRONG balls I have served against darkness for it to open up.

The immensely strong pain I have received are explosions of the Universe to bring energy receiving hidden darkness

On Aftenshowet TV this evening on DR1, the singer Karen Mukupa was interviewed about adopting a child from Zambia, and she was inspired when she here said that “I have so much love, which I want to explode out on this child”, and I was shown myself in a vision sitting in a sofa group in the King’s Garden in Copenhagen (where the TV show was located) and I saw a dark elephant arriving and because I have decided that we will NOT say no to anyone, we will receive this through sufferings of the Universe, which is what Karen was speaking of.

During the evening, suddenly I noticed when looking at my right foot that it had swollen up to approx. 1½ times the size of my left foot, and I understood that this is about GREAT SACRIFICES to the Universe to bring in this hidden darkness, and when I have received the greatest pains, which exist, to my right foot, it is about BIG DESTRUCTIONS of the Universe to bring energy to receive the content hidden inside of this darkness, and I was told that we were ready to have the inner structure of the Source as darkness and to build light around it hoping that darkness would not emerge, and I was shown a marzipan layer cake being wrapped around a dark oval structure, but now we are converting EVERY LITTLE THING to light also including the structure of the Source self – because I have kept on saying EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT and because I have decided for darkness not even once to come through my will power with negativity – and I was told that we did not know if we could handle this (had enough energy), but we did it because “you did not know any better”, and this has increased sufferings of the Universe much including my personal sufferings, and I do hope that none of my family members have died.

Jette is darkness not wanting to change and I light teaching her to change, which brings me darkness to absorb

Jette decided to continue work today bringing MANY pictures to her Facebook group, but she made me sad when she decided to continue commenting in Danish, and yes she does not want to give in to me neither on language nor on accepting her improvement needs of planning work and communication, and yes “not even I” am allowed to help her MAKE THAT CHANGE (!), but you will become wiser and less stubborn/sensitive/negative, Jette (!), and alright let me bring my selection of pictures from her Facebook group looking “funny” when she writes in Danish, which you know is darkness, and I write in English, which is light, and this is how you can see co-operation between light and darkness, which is what she sees in these pictures and also how I feel it myself, when light and darkness are combined and yes co-operating to make every little thing light, and yes, do you understand what you do, Jette (?), and that is if you CAN read my chapters on you carefully these days?

So I am still translating what Jette writes, because eeehhh she can but WILL NOT write in English (!), and here she asks us to notice the beautiful grey angel with a death’s-head and the angel confronting the MONSTER darkness, which is being fought by light, which is in attack above the neck and parts of darkness escapes disguised as light, and the death’s-head is inspired by the death’s-head of Lasse Rimmer as I brought in my script two days ago as a symbol of Danish comedians knowing about me, but laughing of me because they “cannot read and understand”, but prefer to degrade me through their WRONG behaviour.

Here Jette wrote a about a beetle-like figure and also a grasshopper-like, and yes I was just about to write what I replied, but no, I don’t need to, because you can read my reply below :-).

Here Jette sees “a true display of fireworks of wondering figures .. what happens .. it is like they are passing each other up .. are you light or dark .. are you for or against .. but it is not as consequent as this – most are lukewarm and have not decided .. it will probably take more clear pictures before they will believe in Stig”, and as you can see from my answer this is about the combination of light and darkness symbolised by Jette writing in Danish and me in English!

Here Jette was shown the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard on the sky, who is a man Jette appreciates much because he has written a learning sentence of her life, which is “first and foremost you have to find him where he is and start there”, and yes this fits all people of today with the problem being that it also fits selfish, irresponsible and lazy people as I have shown you several times when speaking of so called “enlightened people” and yes it is IMPOSSIBLE to make these people understand that this learning sentence is WRONG when you are NOT responsible, which I have written several times in my scripts for you to understand, and now here again to Jette when I am changing her conviction, which is really the same as telling people “don’t tell me what to do, mind your own business, I will decide myself”, and this is NOT what Søren Kierkegaard meant, but this is how it has become today by misunderstanding people, and you can read about my belief, which are RULES OF LIFE (!), as my reply to Jette, and yes, Jette do you believe that you will UNDERSTANDING me positively/objectively and that is to LISTEN to what I tell you, and forget about your own WRONG voice for a moment (?), and yes NOT EASY to cut through what is inside her mind, but one has to do it, and that was my destiny, you know.

When I ended writing my reply to the post above, I received much darkness through my respiration system, which is darkness brought to me by Jette, who has “great difficulties” to understand and accept what are RULES OF LIFE, and yes because she has decided to follow what “she feels like” without TRULY understanding the importance of what I write to her, and yes Jette, you need to show a much better and MORE open attitude than what you did to me, and yes “wrong habits” of a lifetime is what I am up against here, and even to me, it is not easy to make her understand, but I do hope that you are understanding more and more, Jette (?), and yes Jette is designed to be as difficult as the world to read and understand this, and this is why I need to do my best work also today even though I am physically NOT feeling very good doing this work, but then again it is ONLY a matter of deciding to do what is right, and yes “it is all in the mind”, and that is also with Jette.

And this is the continuation of picture no. 3 of today, which suddenly made it possible for Jette to write in English, and yes perfectly fluent she is, but very strong minded when deciding to oppose me, and yes I don’t have to tell you what it says, here it is for you (two meanings, which is also about my mother moving more things in with me and almost coming herself as I am told and shown).

When ending wrting the reply above, I received a few small heart attacks because of Jette’s darkness, but I felt light inside of this, so hoping that she is “growing up” too when understanding in stead of misunderstanding me, and yes as I have done all throughout my journey when meeting darkness opposing and threatening me – and yes, this is what Jette decided to do, to THREATEN me (!!!) – I had to decide that I will NOT give in to darkness, but to be stronger than this the strongest darkness, and yes you are truly both sceptical and incredible strong when opposing me, Jette, and I wonder why not even you do what I encourage you to do, which is simply to READ and UNDERSTAND and become happy together with me when understanding me instead of unhappy when negatively misunderstanding me, and yes do you start seeing just how deeply this resistance of darkness sits?

Hereafter I continued commenting more of her MANY pictures of today including this one where she sees a handsome guy looking like one of the three musketeers with feathers of angle wings in his hat, and she sees his clothes as parts of light, and yes this is about ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL as my goal to save every little thing.

Here Jette writes that “all sluices are open – a tall grey complains – on stands on the balcony and reminds me of Sebastian .. all centrifuges are running”, and here is the beautiful song by Sebastian wonderfully song by Søren Huss.

Finally, Jette writes about “big wash, centrifuging – Australia is still drained in both corners – Tasmania also delivers darkness – so light can have enough to eat”, and yes, this was it at 16.40, not an easy day for neither Jette nor me, but someone had to do it, and yes Jette, this included you (and I wonder what she will think when she will TRULY understand how I have worked and suffered for a LONG time).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This is an overview of people I have invited to connect with via LinkedIn, and it seems that my old colleagues Bjarne (from Fair), Erja (from GE Insurance) and the director and the director and the Danish Work Market Agency, Marie, “cannot” accept me, and maybe you will tell me why (?), and if it had something to do with me or yourselves?
    • And I might add that I yesterday was encouraged to bring this update and was reminded of Bjarne, who had not accepted me, and a few hours after writing this, who accepted me (?), and yes Bjarne did, and it seems as if light is starting to shine through removing darkness.

  • Dan asked for people’s favourite sun song, and people had many good suggestions of songs, I also like, and I thought about which song I connected mostly with sun and summer, and decided that reggae music to me gives me the feeling of the Caribbean Islands, a beach and a beach bar, and then it does not get “any more summer” to me, and when you want the genuine thing, there is ONLY Bob Marley to choose, and which song sounds the most happy to me (?), and yes “Three little birds”, so this is how I chose this song, and I felt inspired to bring the main lyrics to me from this wonderful song, which are ‎”Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing gonna be all right”, and it was first afterwards I understood how inspired this also was – without my direct knowledge this time – because “three little birds” are the Trinity to me, and they told me “this is my message for you” and yes that EVERY LITTLE THING (!) will be alright, so one way or another – even though I should “lose it” (it is NOT easy continuing to doing this work my ladies and gentlemen including darkness coming from “strong men” like Dan!) – we will make sure that every little thing will be saved, and after I had brought the video, I received even more darkness coming from Dan, who has now decided to be negative at me again, because I am a “troublemaker” in your “simple minded eyes”, Dan (?), and when writing this, I was given a new still decreasing pain to my right foot, and yes the pains given to me this week CANNOT be compared to the pain I had in my right foot for example often in 2010, this is pain “out of this world”.
    • And notice Britta when bringing her old favourite song (“Uh det er så kedeligt” by Gitte Hænning) including the lyrics “Dear God, let your sun be allowed to shine”, and this is what I experienced this morning when seeing the sun shine even strong than ever, and yes this is why Dan was inspired to ask for your favourite SUN song :-).

  • Jeppe wrote what I have also noticed but first understood the meaning of here, which is that “all papers write again and again articles about “dull Roskilde” (the music festival), and this is about the Old World still resisting me and our New World not understanding that “it is NOT going to get dull/boring”, and yes you want me to say “I just wanted you to know”, which I will NOT say because I connect this with simple minded people (an old ending, which everyone said on radio, and yes in the radio programme “tværs” and here it comes “du har sat dig på tværs i mit Univers” (“You have crossed my Universe”), which is one of Anne Linnet’s many hit songs, and is this indeed what I did, Anne (?), and yes many ways lead to Rome, right Benedict (?), and Anne’s song is called “Venus”, so I wonder if this is about setting up the final part of expanded consciousness of our New World, which we started doing when Venus passed the Sun a few weeks ago, and yes what happened then, because now the SUN IS SHINING brighter than ever?

  • Earlier in the day I was reminded of Flemming Østergaard and how he did not like one of my replies to him and also not for helping him on a spelling error, and the next I see is this update where he says that he was hospitalised acute with “too many bacteria in the stomach” and he was told that it was good that he did otherwise it could have been “serious”, and yes just saying that Flemming is also CLOSE TO ME, and yes with the risk of dying because of this immensely strong darkness, but I was glad that you received a CURE, and we know here with one of their best :-).

  • Later, at 20.00 after dinner, I received much pressure to continue work event though I was down, and I started by reading Facebook updates, and when Mark wrote “I see the light”, this could ONLY mean one thing to me, and that was the song “see the lights” by Simple Minds, which you know has been VERY SPECIAL to me since hearing it the first time, and every time I hear it, I tell myself “this is the best song by Simple Minds” (which I do with a handful of their songs), so I decided to share it with him and to tell him how close he is to the light, which was also a message to myself of being the same, and yes I did not know if he liked Simple Minds, but Mark is from the Northern part of Great Britain, so just maybe, and yes if he likes them, he LOVES them just like I as you can see below, and here was “our connection” established and as I was told to help bringing more faith in me, which we continued doing when following up on his post of Yoda below.

  • And let me say that the F-word was “this close” to let me NOT follow up, but I decided to do it anyhow and also to bring it here, and as you can see, it led Mark to my website, which helps to bring more faith and make the entrance for the last part of the spirit of my mother’s belongings on the “outside” easier for all of us, and yes did he now ask for my Facebook friendship or was it really my spiritual friends connecting us (?), and yes something suggests it, and how can he have missed my postings to the Jerusalem UFO group, which we are both members of, and not lease my daily postings on Facebook, and yes “Simple Minds” seems to be appropriate also in relation to Mark, but I do hope that my website will not scare you away. Later I was given an active and pretty strong fear for maybe 10 minutes that I would receive the same pain to my left foot as to my right, but NO, I WILL NOT ALLOW you to destroy anything permanently, which this means to me, and I was told that this was because of Mark’s reactions to my Jerusalem UFO website, which was “difficult” to believe in, Mark?

  • I saw this picture of Morpheus from the Matrix movies, and my voice helped me write this and yes a little of my spiritual voice and a little of my physical voice, which is you know the combination of all of my scripts, and yes we work together at every single line, which is written, but sometimes my voice is with me more and better than at other times and yes depending on the times really, and Jette made me SMILE :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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