July 7, 2012: Discovering and saving old, forgotten worlds hidden under each fallen leaf from the forest for an eternity


Summary of the script today

6th July: Discovering and saving old, forgotten worlds hidden under each fallen leaf from the forest for an eternity

  • Dreaming of bringing hidden darkness to our world not rushing, the worst darkness via friends (Jette, David etc.) is opposing me and bringing me sexual torments, it does not take much for people to wrongly judge me “crazy” and the hidden darkness includes an incredible amount of energy.
  • David sent me his “explanation” to why he gave his LTO friends “much less” of my money than what they should have, and he said that is it because he on behalf of LTO “spent some small monies in other activities, building networks and looking for possible ways of fundraising” and he was sad that the team could not address him directly (I agree), but the main thing is that he has “lost/used” much money – maybe more than 20,000 shillings this month – which the team and I expected for him to share with the team (!) and I appointed Meshack as the team leader in my absence asking the team to meet, to talk through their co-operation, relations and communication as OPEN, DIRECT AND HONEST as they have never done before in order to UNDERSTAND each other, and to apologise/repent mistakes, forgive with an open heart and to remain the best friends, and of course to receive the honest answer to the question “Is David cheating both his dear LTO friends and me by stealing money not belonging to him?”.
  • I received more “hidden darkness” coming to me because of the opening of David, “new ways” of working, the power of the New World still pushing on and the new Source of light being switched on, which lightens up an eternity of old and forgotten worlds (which used to exist but also bent under for darkness!) hidden under each leaf fallen down from trees in the forest for an eternity. This is an “eternity” of Old Worlds being discovered with our new power, which are now being saved.
  • The selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group contains an encouragement for people to pray for me helping me to absorb darkness, “the theme of the day could be confrontations/dialogue” (David!), “great activity, many angel-workers working at the centrifuges in the laundry” and freedom coming to the world INCLUDING China.
  • Short stories of Peter Brixtofte sending me more darkness (!), Dan exclaiming “good Lord” not understanding who I am but believing that I am crazy, the official would “could not” interpret my scripts correct, Søren Pind speaks about how the media makes work of politicians impossible, China is opening the door for me now allowing visitors to my website, The Cure and I show the road to eternal youth, I sent a new outcry to the world to help Dadaab here and now blaming careless and superficial rich people and their governments, media and NGO’s, beer is an old symbol of darkness with Carlsberg being in pact with Satan (!), I became Facebook friends with my old music teacher symbolising “the most loving feelings” from an eternity of life being saved, Jeppe thought there was nothing, but then he saw the sun and one town after another symbolising the discovery of a new endless line of worlds after switching on the new Source of light, Benny Hinn and “millions of Indians” help me to avoid a heart attack, Lykke and the Danish Parliament receive symbols of the New World and I being “very close”, and finally I GOT YOU (!), which is to all Old World’s now being discovered about to being saved :-).

7th July: I wrote to Michella, Angela and Sidsel needing their negative feelings to enter the most concentrated darkness

  • I invited Michelle, Angela and Sidsel to return as my friends, and their negative feelings to me were needed to enter the most concentrated darkness of all, and I sent an email to my mother asking to see her and John again, and the love of my mother was needed to balance the darkness of the others.
  • Jette has decided to continue writing in Danish for her fellow-men instead of following my wish to write in English to address the world (!), and she could also not return with a positive understanding of her development needs, which made me VERY SAD (!), but I will accept them for now until she starts to realise. She showed that the “transformation ball is working” over Victoria Lake, while David is going through his transformation process “there are thousands of helpers who are munching grey souls”, and she saw “GREY GREY GREY – artificial respirations is established for the mother” and I do believe that the worst danger is over by now.
  • David first responded to my chapter on him yesterday that “I accept that there are some major issues with the money. I repent.” and less than one hour later he sent a “budget/status” saying hat he had shared 25,500 shillings with the team and used 12,000 shillings on “other costs”, (networking and fundraising for LTO), and “next time, I wont include these other costs in the budget and this is my sin”, which he is sorry for (!), and I do believe that his sin is that he spent this money on himself (and his family?), if not more, and now he is lying to me and the team claiming to pay for LTO costs, which do NOT exist. This is NOT how to receive absolution, you need to stand forward taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your mistakes by telling the truth 100% accurately WITHOUT being a coward!
  • Short stories of Dan having “no feelings” for God but “sausages” of life entered in his behind (!), Mark showing darkness to me, and the MP’s Lykke and Margrethe showing that they are dressed for success in orange (the colour of God) because it is cool.


6th July: Discovering and saving old, forgotten worlds hidden under each fallen leaf from the forest for an eternity

Dreaming of bringing hidden darkness to our world, which includes an incredible amount of energy

I slept from 23.30 to 08.30 this morning with a few dreams only, and yes it seems that I receive much less dreams when I receive much more work via Facebook and other sources, and so it is.

  • I am crossing the railway track just in front of the station, and am surprised to see that the train is coming when I am about to have my porridge oats, and I see that it is the 7.17 train, but instead of rushing to eat, I decide that I will just take the next train at 07.30 instead, and when I open the porridge oats package, I open it so much that the oats almost run over the edge, but I manage, and I put the oats on the 7.30 train and ask the conductor to be aware of the package, and then I leave the train, I am not going myself.
    • Crossing the railway track is here for “hidden darkness” to return to our world, and the porridge oats are “life” and here inspired from the last packager I bought at Føtex supermarket, which had a hole on the side, but I managed, nothing ran out, and instead of rushing to take the first train, I have decided that I will first eat (“eat darkness”), before I put it on train, which will have to be the train of people reading and following my scripts to reach their new life at our New World.
  • I have met very rich people, whom I am now together with at their offices in central Copenhagen, and I am amazed when I see that the owner of the business plays music on the most expensive speakers, which should provide the absolutely best sound, and I can tell that he believes that this is what they do, but I hear clearly that the sound is very thin and poor compared to what it could sound like. I am only wearing a bathrobe and nothing else, and I see how these people live and eat VERY expensive, and how they talk very much without working much, and after I have spent the night there, I discover that this is an investment company called “Maersk”, and the owner would like me to work for them because he likes me as a person, and I tell him no thank you because their work focusing on money is not compatible with the values inside of me. I send him a thank you letter, and see that he looks up my name on the internet and after only skimming one or two documents, he conclude that I am crazy.
    • This is again the WORST darkness I am meeting these days where “money” is the energy (and life) darkness stole from light, and the darkness is coming to me via my own family/friends etc. and when playing on the most expensive speakers, which sounds poorly, it means that my family/friends etc. – here Jette and David as the latest examples – have the energy to bring MUCH stronger darkness to me by resisting me even more, which they however do not (knowing that they are wrong!), and when I don’t wear clothes except from the bathrobe it is to say that their darkness is trying to force the “old nightmare” on me, which I am not sure that your entirely understand (?), and these rich people also show what most people suffer from, which is that they keep on talking but don’t do much work, and they often hire people they “like” over people having the right qualifications, which is VERY difficult for even the most “professional” people to discover (“subjective/wrong beliefs” among even “the most professional” head hunters), and finally it says that lazy people wanting to “check me out” on the Internet may open 1-2 of my websites or other sites on me (Scribd, Mediafire etc.) before they have concluded “Stig is crazy”, and yes it does not take much for people to judge wrongly!
    • And “Maersk” is to say that he is still with me, and that this darkness includes an incredible amount of energy, i.e. because he was incredible rich.

The movie “Groundhog Day” shows you the necessity to improve behaviour and work to sustain life

Again this morning, I started by having breakfast, taking a shower, checking Facebook for updates and then start the work of the day, and yes as I do every single day just like Bill Murray, and yes some day the “impossible” will happen, when I will continue living a life when A NEW DAY will come :-), and this though led to this post on Facebook just to underline the importance of man following my few basic rules as a condition of life itself.

I was told “your heart arrived by ambulance, which we now only have to install”, and yes YOU ARE WELCOME :-).

I was shown dark areas around my body (the Universe!) and I was told by what used to be the command central of darkness “we cannot access it”.

I was told “isn’t it funny that you have pushed it to here without your mother knowing about you”, which included the underlying feeling “impossible to do for one man”.

I was shown yellow blinks to my monitor and told that this is because I now have asked David to stand forward and I was also told that the new cloudburst coming to Denmark today is because of what I now have gone through the last week and yes “impossible sufferings” – (later it showed out that the cloudburst did not reach Denmark, but Germany, and the cloudburst before this really did not hit Helsingør as I saw it).

I was told “yes, it is possible to dream being awake”, and I understood that this is about the psychiatrist Alex “still thinking” new thoughts.

I was told “we have just seen how you close an airport with no intentions to wake it up again”, with “airport” being a world, and yes the story of the Roskilde Festival included at the short stories at the end of the script of today and my comment including the word “fat”, i.e. symbol of “nothing” of darkness, is to say that we are still retrieving worlds not even knowing that they have been alive, because they were made into “nothing” of this force, but now, we have the recipe to wake them up all again, and yes HAPPY BIRTHDAY is what I hear from a large number of people as I here see coming out from darkness of nothing, which is still “everything” and therefore very much alive, when they are just giving the “life giving medicine”, which is to change the code from “0” to “1” or from nothing to everything, and yes it is truly as simple as this.

After the information given to me in the script of yesterday that we were prepared to build light around the core of the Source overtaken by darkness, I thought that this is truly “an impossible thought to accept” that our life is build on top of life not being alive knowing that it is inside of there not being able to come out, and this could only mean to me, that we somehow would have do a new try later to bring out this life maybe even via a new Big Bang, which I do believe is what we have done/are doing now ”as controlled as we can”, hence the pain I have been given the last week.

And then I was given two more and now again stronger pains to my right angle – this is NOT pain as you know it, it is OUT OF THIS WORLD (!) – and inside of this pain was the feeling of yellow being released, and yes David is sending me MUCH darkness. And later it continued even stronger again, and EXTREMELY UNPLESANT, and I was told that it is now also because of Elijah and his “feelings”/darkness to me, and my dear LTO friends, why don’t you just do what I have told you over and over again, which is to keep my basic rules and to communicate OPENLY, HONESTLY AND DIRECTLY and of course ALWAYS to tell the truth, but impossible it was for you all except from Meshack (?) – and “almost John” – and yes just wondering I am.

While working, I felt the presence of “life” just behind me – just like having another person RIGHT behind you – and I heard “we are just sitting here fishing” together with the feeling “waiting on a friend”, and yes we are still sending more darkness and potential “old nightmare” after you, but not for long anymore.

During the afternoon I received strong gastric juice, and I felt Svend Auken in my right arm, and yes “under my skin”, and it is EXACTLY like this.

I was told that “this is a big building place and when you asked us to clean up, we did not expect to fall over this”, which was hidden darkness” including MUCH energy and life.

After dinner, I decided to continue working from 20.00 thinking that this day looks like every second day for some time now, and I will probably work to +/- midnight, and then to kill time for some hours becoming very tired, and yes take 2-3 hours of sleep on the sofa, because I cannot go deeper to the next level right now, and then to stay awake and also write a script tomorrow, and yes it does not get any better than this, because I cannot do any better without breaking down.

Late in the evening I was told ”it isn’t the key of everything, you are given here, is it” (?), and I was told that “it is formed as a Pyramid”, and that is all of our New World, which is what the key is for, and we know as part of being my new self, so all I can do is to say THANK YOU, my friends, and I am given the feeling of my new self and a part of this feeling is the feeling of Obama, which I understand these words are coming from, and yes “self thank you” as we say here and that is with a smile because in English it sounds “crazy but funny” :-).

Later I was shown a man digging into furniture of the new darkness, we are uncovering, and he was also desperate raking out furniture, and I told him to take it easy because we have “good time”, and he told me “it is down there somewhere”, and that is “the key of everything” as mentioned before (or probably the last of it), and yes, we are going to get it, and I am here again shown the actor Mads Mikkelsen and yes “he knows about you, don’t you believe me” (?), and I don’t know, all I know is that I am told sometimes about different people knowing about me, also Lykke Friis and Søren Pind again today, but I can honestly say that I don’t know, but part of the game it is.

And I keep receiving a constant flow of negative words, but the pressure of these are not very great today, but still very annoying and also difficult to come through having to repeat “it is WRONG” over and over again, and at the same time it is followed by a strong feeling of light.

I was told that it was impossible to go through this journey without my old friend Lars G. knowing about my writings, but I decided not to contact him and tell him directly because he was the only one, whom I knew would fight me right to the end without giving up (because of my writings on him, which would be “totally acceptable” (he fears visibility MORE than anyone, it is a “sickness”, he has!), and yes “so we will do without his darkness” and find something else, and yes this is how it became.

David claims that he did not steal my money from the team, but paid “financial/other costs” for LTO!

Today, David decided to send me his “reply to the accusations” below, and first he says that he is sad that his colleagues could not talk to him directly, and yes I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, DAVID, this is what people ALWAYS have to do in order for communication to work among people and yes, do you remember my basic rule to speak DIRECT, OPEN and HONEST, which you know also includes to address people directly instead of gossiping to others (!), and here I am given a couple of small heart attacks because of the DARKNESS/SUFFERINGS “my dear LTO friends” bring me because you CANNOT do the simple task, which is to follow this rule and to speak the truth as the basic criteria (!), and yes how difficult can it be (?), and yes even for you, my friends, it is obviously “completely impossible” to do and that is even though you know what is RIGHT to do, so do you see what kind of mess you have brought yourself into once again, and with you, you have dragged me down too, which you know requires “pretty much strength” to get out of, and yes let me summarise: I NEED TO BE STRONGER THAN ALL OF YOU COMBINED IN ORDER TO LIFT US ALL UP OF THE SOUP CALLED DARKNESS, so this is what I do and yes let me tell that this chapter includes more then 1/3 of spiritual speech, and maybe as much as ¾ and yes just to show that “sometimes” the voice comes in very strongly when there are “extra important” messages to give, and that was “as here”.

And let me tell you that this is an extremely UNPLEASANT situation to be in thinking that David lies and “almost certain” about it and then witnessing that he will not admit to it, but I am not totally sure and think that “just maybe I am wrong”, which I do NOT like to be, and yes David gives me the explanation that he takes care of obligations of LTO, which I thought was Elijah’s responsibility (?), but has Elijah given you authority to take care of some of these tasks because you are the receiver of my money (?), and that is if there are ANY of these tasks to take care of (?), because I cannot remember activities from my stay with you in 2009 where you “spent some small monies in other activities, building networks and looking for possible ways of fundraising” and there may be a yearly fee for the government to have the LTO license in force, but isn’t this it (?) – and my monitor keeps a constant yellow/green colour when writing this because we pull out darkness from you, David (!) and here it returned to light – and if David lies to me as I believe he does, it is truly very UNPLEASANT that he did not dare do the ONLY right thing, to tell the truth, but instead decided to act as a coward sending me even more darkness, yes running away from responsibility the same way as China, EU and the world did (not doing the only right thing to announce me and work for our New World Order), and there is not much of a difference here, it is the same “feeling” coming to people, which they could not handle even though they knew what was right to do and that they chose to do WRONG, and yes how SAD does this make you (?), and yes as SAD as it gets!

And it is truly “grandiose” of you, David (this word has two meanings here, one is “ironic” and one is about “someone else“ for doing this work) to offer to “place any financial cost that LTO occur on myself”, so you are now willing to place “these costs” on yourself, which to my knowledge are “many thousands of shillings” because you gave Meshack 6,500 shillings this month instead of 1/4 (four team members) of 38,000, which is 9,500 shillings, and Meshack said that John “received far less than I”, and how much did you give, Elijah (?), and yes let us GUESS and say you gave Meshack 6,500 shillings and “far less” for John may be 3,500 as example and maybe you were “large” and gave Elijah 6,500 (?), and if this is the case, you received approx. 38,000 or maybe 39,000 shillings, which is what Meshack calculated, and if we withdraw 6,500, 3,500 and 6,500, there is approx. 23,500 shillings remaining, and let us try to follow your example, David, and say that you gave yourself 6,500, where did the remaining 17,000 shillings go (?), and was that “up in blue air” for example visiting grill bars in town having chicken and burgers, which you “love” (or helping your family with food/school fees) at the same time as you knew that your LTO friends and families were starving even more because of you (?), and yes David, I AM ONLY GUESSING (!) when I don’t know, and I don’t know because ONCE AGAIN (!) you decided NOT to answer my question and let me repeat that I asked you in my email the 4th July:

David, there is only one way out, and that is for you to specify how much you have received, how much the fee at your place was (if you have a specification), how much you gave yourself, Elijah and John, and how much you send to Meshack, which also includes how much the fees for M-PESA was.

And let me also here bring the email I sent for David and the LTO team yesterday evening:

My dear friends,

I am VERY sad for you to be in this situation and to be put in this situation by you because you “could not” control money matters, which I have told you all along to control, and shown total faith in that you would take care of, but “money” was truly the weapon of darkness apparently tempting you above your limits.

My script below includes the chapter: Is David cheating both his dear LTO friends and me by stealing money not belonging to him?

And below is the summary of this chapter, and I do hope I understand correctly without having heard your side of the story this month, David, but what I ask you to do now is to MAKE ME PROUD by doing the ONLY right thing, which is to step forward, take responsibility and to admit your mistakes – and this goes in general for all of you – and NOT to be tempted to hide and not communicate/repent, which is only what a Devil does, so please, David – do it now, I know the pain you also must go through, which will become easier when you COMMUNICATE and yes come out of the closet.

Both Meshack and John have received (much) less money from me than what they should have received, and it seems clear that David has both cheated his friends and lied to us all, and I asked him to come out and tell me the naked truth and to repent if he truly is guilty as it seems. We will remain the best friends if he comes clean with us, but I cannot give him my blessings if he lies and try to hide.

And as mentioned before, please meet all of you when you can, and listen to and understand each other with an open mind, repent mistakes, forgive and remain the best friends – and I should be happy hearing from you when you have done so, which I believed you would do already last month.

Take care and all of my best to your families :-).

So David, you COULD NOT answer my question and you could not step forward telling the truth – do you really want me, the team and the world to believe in you (?) – and yes, I do NOT like this at all (!) only “almost believing” that David lies – and are you willing to pay “financial costs” of maybe 16,000 shillings out of your portion of maybe 9,500 shillings next month (?) – or is “financial costs” less than this because there are also “other costs” as you write (???) – and yes I am only trying to follow your “logics”, and yes DISAPPOINTED is what I am with you, David, and also the others for “not being able” to talk about this directly and to solve it yourselves without me, and what do you do in such a situation (?), and first of all, I would have liked to be present, where I would have used all of my force looking you directly in your eyes and asking you to tell the truth and ONLY THE TRUTH and to tell it out as LOUD, DIRECT, OPEN AND HONEST as you can, and to take a round – or as many rounds as it takes – for all of you to do this, and yes TELL THE TRUTH DIRECTLY my friends and do NOT hide as you normally do (forget about the WRONG “gentleman” attitude not daring to speak out, John!!!) and LISTEN to each person TRYING to understand what he says without thinking about your own selfishness (!), and that is with the purpose to simply uncover the NAKED TRUTH (!) – which includes to bring the HONEST answer to the question “is David cheating both his dear LTO friends and me by stealing money not belonging to him?” – and for all of you to understand, to apologise/repent your mistakes/errors, to be able to forgive with an open heart and to REMAIN as good friends as you have always been, and yes this is the goal, but when I am not there, I can only appoint a team leader/facilitator on my behalf and that is the ONLY man of the team, who I trust completely and that is because he reads everything I do, he does the best work of you, he communicates DIRECTLY, HONESTLY AND OPENLY and that is of course Meshack, who by the way was the man the lowest in your organization when I met you in 2009 (!) – yes, as it is WRONGLY many places (“the slave”!), where I have used myself as example being misused by “clever” but truly lazy and (often) ignorant managers during my professional career – and if you will take on this responsibility, Meshack, I kindly ask you to invite the team for a meeting, to receive ideas for the agenda (about your co-operation, relations and communication in general including EVERYTHING, which you normally don’t dare to speak about!), to publish the agenda, to set off PLENTY OF TIME, maybe 2-4 hours for you to speak this through (!), to agree on a deadline (and inform me so I will know), and for you to write and bring me minutes of your meeting, which is NORMALLY not required, but here I would like to receive it in order to help teaching the world. Will you please do this, Meshack (?), and will Elijah, John and David please accept Meshack as the team leader and for you to meet to speak this through with the purpose mentioned above (?), which is really for all of you to receive a better life through HONEST communication and understanding, which this is symbolising.

I will also appoint Meshack as the one to be trusted to take over the task from David to receive and divide my money equally with the team members (including David) and that is if you are back in Nairobi for good, Meshack, and if you will take on this task (?) – until I will bring “normal life” for you :-).

Please focus to REMAIN FRIENDS and to accept that “everyone can do a mistake”, and as a matter of good sake, let me say that you, my dear friends, again took out my energy (darkness stealing energy, see?) to write this, which I don’t have because you “could not” figure this out yourselves, and does this make you proud (?), and just thinking I am.

So here is an example of a very close friend who COULD NOT do the only right thing and also brought me the worst sufferings, and yes just like Jette “could not” do the right thing either, and my screen is now “all green” but when I take a hard copy of it, it does not show, hmmmm (!), and here it was again, and yes it was now more like a mix of yellow and green, and yes “try again” as I am told, which I did and yes it is yellow/green as long as you keep this colour at my monitor constantly and when you release it, it is white or simply light, and yes just to say that we are EVERYWHERE, and yes here it returned to its normal light nuance, and it was just as I said, the picture is now light again, where it should have been green/yellow, and yes the light is the Trinity, just so you know of course, which seems to be a new favourite motto of ours.

Discovering and saving old, forgotten worlds hidden under each fallen leaf from the forest for an eternity

I was told that “this is a big building place and when you asked us to clean up, we did not expect to fall over this”, which was hidden darkness” including MUCH energy and life.

Later in the afternoon when I had written much of the script of today, but not the chapter on Jette’s pictures and a few short stories coming later, I decided to go out doing a little shopping – and I stress “a little” because this is how life is here – and I did not feel like exercising on my cycle today, but I decided for a compromise to cycle to the Prøvesten centre out of town and that is via town because then I at least received some exercise, to bring energy, maybe cycling 8-10 kilometres in total, and first I did not understand why I could not get on my right shoe, and then I realised that it is because it is still swollen up, but when using a shoe horn, it worked, and yes I have some difficulties getting the “remaining darkness” on place, and how much can there be inside of this “small room” now at the top of the Pyramid (?), and yes “not much” was also my thought, and I was told “well, there isn’t anything in there, is there” (?), and I could only repeat “look everywhere” (!), and then I was shown a very strong red/black presence of darkness together with a chain saw and the feeling of my mother and I understood that this was new “hidden darkness” coming to me, and I decided to do as I have been taught, which is to NEVER accept darkness wanting me to stop the game and here to cut over this connection, and yes I was aware that this can/could mean new and who knows maybe even stronger pain than what I went through the last week, and I did not know if we have enough energy to do this, but I thought that I have one top rule, which is for light to make us come through no matter what – if needed – so I could only continue saying “you are welcome” herewith deciding to take on more pain and I decided to tell myself “keep on for 6 more months if necessary”, and I had to repeat it some times before it was “firmly” in place.

I hereafter entered the Føtex supermarket, and I met the nice Swede assistant, Glen, as I believe his name is, and I received a wine taste, and it was a fine wine from Tuscany, a so called “super-Tuscan” because of the addition of international grapes, and this motivated him to show my other fine Italian wines, which he recommended – obviously he had forgotten that I am “poor” – and he especially spoke warmly of a wine from the Umbria region made by a grape I did not know, and he told me that it was “as the darkest oil”, and you do know that he meant the wine being the most concentrated which is, but also that “oil” is darkness, but still you are welcome despite of the pain it may bring me, and later I was told that “we tried new things we had never tried before” – and I was given the most famous quote of the TV-host etc. Suzanna Bjerrehuus (!) – and then we found this new life inside hidden darkness. Even later I was told with a serious voice “thank you for taking this decision – we will find out no matter what” (i.e. not lose this life no matter what happens from now), and also about just how concentrated this life is, and I was given “taste” as the example of a sense being strengthened much of our new life because of this (besides from the MEMORY, which this will bring us all).

Often I feel that I am just picking up stories laid out for me to find when writing this script, and “just like picking up 5 DKK coins” as I am told here when I am also seeing a man looking like George Michael (“freedom”) with his hands in his pockets just kicking a little here and there to the ground and yes there cannot be a world hidden under this leaf fallen down from a tree, can there (?), and yes there can, and if you imagine a New World, which has once existed, under each leaf of the entire forest, and if you imagine this happening every single year for an eternity, you have approx. the size of what we have just discovered, which we almost did not see, and I receive three red blinks to my monitor here saying “but the danger is not over yet”, and this is about me having to take on sufferings, which I will, and I will also add that EVERYTHING is part of the New World, so it should be possible to find EVERY LITTLE THING also in the future when we will only be light and yes enabling us to look into what once was (inside darkness) and to get out what we may not find today and preferably of course without damages to the New World (this is when I will have opened the eyes of my new self), and yes this is the task I am giving you, and we understand each other my spiritual friends and I because this is still written as a co-operation, and yes DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST (!), and I will do my best too bringing energy and so it is.

And I was told that this is what the opening of darkness of David means, so dear David & LTO, please see yourselves as servants of God and that what you do is helping me and all of us after all, do you see (?) and NO, NOT YET and also with the feeling of Elijah here. Later I was also told that this is also because of the New World moving faster than ever before, which is still the force bringing us back in time (making the room smaller and smaller between it and my old self), and yes the smaller it gets, the bigger the content, and yes “compressed” is what you can call it.

Finally, I was encouraged directly to play “Bat out of Hell” by Meat Loaf and yes “Bat” to me is about Batman, who is and has always been about light and not darkness, and this is about getting MUCH LIGHT OUR OF HELL, and as you know, this is the man in my man making the greatest rock anthems in the world, and we know Queen is up there too, but Meat is the man on top of this favourite list of mine :-).

And alright I will tell it, I was shown how the open window of Microsoft Word changed to another open window and returning to where it came from – happening as “magic” in front of my eyes – and this was a symbol showing that we went into darkness and are now returning from there with EVERYTHING :-).

I also decided yesterday to “like” “Sun gazing” on Facebook, seeing that UFO-politics was connected there, and yes there is a reason behind everything, and they bring the most fantastic photos, and today this one showing you SMILING FACES inside of a single blade of glass, isn’t it incredible (?), and yes it made me think of all of the smiling faces inside worlds under fallen leaves of the forest now being saved :-).

My destiny is not only to be “the one” out of many billions, talk about small odds, but to be born in “the one world” of an eternity of worlds preceding ours (which all lost to darkness), and I was told that development happened inside of darkness (!), which is to receive more and more knowledge to get out of there again, and I was told “I see that now”. And I am thinking that this will have to be the impact of the original “natural being” of the Source repairing the mistake of sliding over to the other side.

Google Earth contains an encouragement for people to pray for me helping me to absorb darkness – and more

And finally at 21.50 this evening, I am starting to look at Jette’s pictures of today thinking – but not knowing – that there are not the same amount of stories “hidden” today as there was yesterday (it seems that things fit together here), and we will have to see, so here we go, let us look at her Facebook group and see what we find.

First there is this one as example of a few pictures, which she brought yesterday evening, where she had gotten into the habit to write English, so it seems that all it was to you was a “habit”, Jette (?), and maybe she did also not feel the need of addressing the world as much as I.

A new day, and then Jette was back in “old habits” and sadly also writing Danish again, and here she says that by creating this beautiful pentagon over the North Pole, Our Lord reminds us that it is suitable to pray for me because there is still much darkness, and as you can see, I brought this link to the apparitions of my mother in Medjugorje, where she also encourages for prayer in general, and “much more”.

Here Jette says that “the theme of the day could be confrontations/dialogue” and she sees a gentleman with a sharp nose and corners of the mouth hanging down and quite a lot of light with a gauzy gleam of grey over them, and yes I do wish she would write in English, and I decided to tell about the story of David, and also to ask this group of approx. 200 members including all people coming “without setting a print” – this is what you believe (!) – to help sending me/us donations to receive a normal life, and eeehhh HELLO ARE THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO WOULD LIKE TO HELP ME/US to receive a better material life (?), and just wondering I am.

Here Jette speaks of “great activity, many angel-workers working at the centrifuges in the laundry, there is still much grey to be washed”, which is really what we are doing.

Here I shared a photo from a tornado over the Statue of Liberty in New York with the group, and the statue made me think of George Michael and “Freedom”, and when watching the video, I understood that this was one of these stories planted for me just to pick up, which is about freedom coming to the world including China, and here one of the more than 200 members to the group “invited” by Jette, says that he does not want any more emails, which he receives every time Jette and I bring new posts/comments, and first I told him that if he decided to read and understand, he would decide to stay, but when I saw him saying the same elsewhere to Jette, and when I also saw another “member” asking to get out, I decided as the co-administrator to delete them from the group, but they are of course free to return, and I was told that many of these “members” have also sent out darkness to me because of annoyance due to a large number of emails, they receive, and yes I now see that it is possible for people to remain in the group and not to receive emails, and I might recommend people doing this the next time. Approx. 40 have decided to leave the group after Jette “invited” them, and yes “difficult” to accept for them and of course to understand me/us.

And at 23.30 I had done this work too, and now I really only need to look the whole script through, and then to publish it – and do an update tomorrow – because then it is done.

Ending the day with these short stories – quite a number of them again today, so better got started:

  • I received an email from Peter Brixtofte, the previous mayor of Farum, you know, who suddenly “lost it” never coming back to me as promised, but here he was, but it looks like it was a virus sending this on his behalf to a few number of people including “the learning prison” (!), which you know is about my teaching of darkness to improve while being a prisoner of darkness, and the email simply included a link, and when clicking this link, it brought me to the website below about “weight drop”, which is what I have started (!), and this seems to be part of Fox News (?) – which is DARKNESS (!) – but somehow I can see that the server of this site is located in Ukraine (see the flag in the address line), so what is this truly about (?), and yes maybe more underneath the surface to get up.

  • Dan brought this story about every fifth Dane wanting Sharia-law (!) and said “Good Lord!”, and isn’t it amazing that this is the man, me, who tried/is trying to make him understand who I am, but he “could not” and why is that (?), and yes because as Camilla says “there has to be limits for the madness” because this is what I am, right Dan, and yes MAD and that is because you “could not” understand because of your laziness and better-knowing ignorance.

  • Michael shared this link supposedly leading to a blog post of Søren Pind about how media is destroying the political life, but when clicking it, it simply says ”interpretation error”, and it makes me think that even the official world “could not” understand my website and scripts when you “could not” read carefully?

  • Here is the link to the blog post of Søren, and yes he has not lost his voice in general, only on Facebook (!), and he tells the story about the media “attacking” politicians, which makes work impossible, and “there is something about it” and this is why I ask you to follow my Basic Working Rules and behave well, and it should not be that difficult for you to do, or what?

  • It seems that there is a positive development in China and that is if we suppose that the message given to me months ago that China had blocked access to my website was right, because today I received the first visitor from China since “back then”, so thank you China, if you are opening the door for me, and you can see below that I have had a total of 8 (!) visitors to my website from China, which is since December 9, 2011 and now for the first time again in months. And I was here feeling my sister and saw China and told that because she is opening up to me, so is China, and I received a short strong pain to my right angle here, and yes destructions also because of you, China.

  • The Cure was playing on Roskilde Festival yesterday, and according to this review in Politiken, it should have been nothing less than fantastic, and as they say in the headline “The Cure showed the road for eternal youth”, which you know is the road leading via me and our New World, which is JUST LIKE HEAVEN :-).

  • I discovered that Benjamin Creme is on Facebook, however not active, but I do hope that this message of mine will still reach him, and hopefully he and Share International will understand this time who I am?

  • Mikael Wulff brought the “funny” comparison of a refugee camp with the Roskilde Festival saying that both places lack drinking water, have African drum rhythms, have venereal diseases, a smell of urine and stools but only Roskilde Festival has rain water and mud (apparently they have not been to Dadaab), and I decided to write a reply, which I would have liked to be in English for you to get the full meaning of it, and I am here given pain to my left foot/angle with the message that if I don’t do my work carefully, it would bring “permanent damages” to our New World, but here you can read and copy the full text in Danish, and it is about the LIVING HELL in Dadaab, which careless and superficial people here cannot even dream about just how awful it is and the world not truly helping because their governments are supported by people placing their FAT behinds on the sofa eating chips and drinking Cola while laughing of a substandard American (violent) movie or playing/wathing porn on the computer almost without ending, but you cannot use just 5 minutes or better “a few hours” to read and understand our newsletter on Dadaab (!) – work is a little bit difficult now because of people of other civilizations making constant pulsating lines to my monitor, and that includes the feeling of MANY SMILES – and DEMAND that the world do something SERIOUS about it NOW as the only mean to wake up politicians, media and NGO’s responsible for the immense sufferings of and killing of millions of people while you continue becoming even more FAT of your chips or smoke a joint at the Roskilde Festival (supporting Hells Angels when buying it – at least here) because it is so “fat” (“good”). Don’t you think it is about time for you/the world to wake up?

  • Mikael Wulff saw it, and decided to say that he “got it”, and yes he is one of those funny comedians of Denmark, so Michael, you may like to share your view about me when speaking to your “funny colleagues”, who like(d) to laugh of me?

  • And he was even more inspired when bringing this news about Carlsberg – the beer “giant” – being in pact with Satan, who adds the “devilish good taste making it impossible to only drink one”, and yes you do remember that beer is also one of my old symbols of darkness.

  • One step led to the other today when I was inspired to listen to old Danish music, and eventually I found a song by the old Danish band “Sirius” on Spotify, which made me smile, because my old music teacher, Mogens, from my school from 1972-76, Roholmskolen in Albertslund, was part of this band and and searched for their song below on the Internet, and was happy to find Mogens again, and also to find him on Facebook, and yes also to become friends with him, and I told him that I was one of his very happy/satisfied students because he gave “music and school a content, which I did not experience before or after” – because of his passion, obvious knowledge and human/teaching qualities, and he was kind to thank me for the nice words, which made “an old musician” happy, and yes this is ALSO the meaning of life. And when I changed school to Mørdrupskolen in Espergærde in 1976, I received a new music teacher also by the name Holm – and was his first name also Mogens (?), I cannot remember – and as modern and right the teaching in Albertslund was to me, as old fashioned and wrong/dull was the teaching in Espergærde, and yes this is how I experienced it. By the way, I was told that connecting with Holm from Albertslund so many years after, whom I have always had the best memories about, simply expresses “the most loving feelings” of my spiritual friends for deciding to continue my journey “no matter what”, and yes so it is here, and here and also here and I could go on for an eternity, and yes I am physically smiling when writing this because of the warmth “all of my friends” are sending me, and I return the same love and yes together with ONE RED ROSE as I am shown and yes “which is enough to show your love” and I see the rose coming out of darkness, and just to say that all of us have risen from the same original source, which is inside the one inside of me :-).

  • Jette wanted to “check in” at Mols in Denmark, but as he said “here is obviously nothing”, and afterwards he said “but here is SUN!!”, and then he saw that here is both “Rønde, Uggebølle …” and other places, and this was just to say that we could not find any more life inside of “nothing” until we started our new Source shining a light on it, and there you also have it, and here I see a gift being delivered, which these “there you have it” are about.

  • Lucas brought this, which is about how to avoid heart attacks, and I was told that this is what Benny Hinn and “millions of Indians” as I watched yesterday help me doing, and we know I have NO intention to die because of darkness coming our way, because our New World is becoming stronger and stronger, which is “strong” enough to take on stronger and stronger darkness, and yes the concentration may be “millions of times” of what I experience last year at the same time as I am asked here, and yes I don’t know any better, but this is at least the general idea, but I don’t feel it more difficult now, and yes in general that is, I am just backed up by much stronger power now.

  • Lykke was inspired again again when saying that she attended a Europe Committee meeting at the Danish Parliament, where “John Mogensen’s song “Så længe jeg lever” (“as long as I live”) was connected to the discussion of a possible bank union, and why the question “what do you want to see in the cinema” is hugely relevant”, and I have included this song before as an important song of symbolic meaning and here it leading to the cinema of our New World, an old symbol, Lykke, and yes she also said “hope not that they yellow ribbon is illegal “product placement” for the Roskilde Festival”, and no it is not, it is only showing how close I and the New World also are to the Danish Parliament, but still “I know nothing” as Stig, because I am from Barcelona!

  • Today was about ”I got you”, so here is this one of the strongest songs in history by Sonny & Cher, and yes this is what it takes to get out these hidden worlds, and this is the power we have accumulated by now :-).


7th July: I wrote to Michella, Angela and Sidsel needing their negative feelings to enter the most concentrated darkness

I wrote to Michella, Angela and Sidsel needing their negative feelings to enter the most concentrated darkness

I published the script of yesterday at 00.30 and now I had a few tasks to do first inviting “old friends” to resume Facebook friendships (Angela and Sidsel) and for another to accept me, which she could not back in 2009 (Michella), and I decided to do this, even though I did not feel like it, STRONGLY (!), but because I was told that they have now new thoughts of me, and yes they may have and they may have not, so either they will confirm me as a friend herewith always confirming faith in me, or they will reject me sending me even more darkness in this case helping us to dig deeper, and we will have to see which story is the right one, and yes, I did it, but had to invite Angela via LinkedIn, because I cannot find her on Facebook, so now we shall see how they will react, if they will react.

I was told that doing this “is also so we can save what is inside of here” and I was given some sudden pain/marks to my left angle and foot.

Afterwards I watched maybe half an hour of new miracle crusades of Benny Hinn, this time in Brazil.

I was shown a piece of paper and told that this is how thin the separation is between my old and new self, and the Source has even started to shine without me opening up the eyes of my new self yet.

I was told that you cannot write “the end” on the paper without coming there first, and I understood that in order to save remaining life/worlds inside of darkness, we had to switch on the light of the Source enabling us to see, and this is another task, which cannot be done when I am still acting as my old self not having opened the eyes of my new self, but this is what we had to do, so this is what we did.

I was told to “contact your mother before Saturday, and to see her before the end of next week, is what we ask you to do”, and it means to contact her today, and I was told how close my mother and the world was to really bleed, which has not happened yet, and also that if it was about to happen, I would be told.

Later I was told that we have to get all of the new inside your mother, and to avoid her bleeding if you do not, and also that there is “no heart underneath the ambulance”, no it is first when it is inside of there that we are “something” and “there” is inside of my mother and that is “because you are only a shell”, so I wrote an email to my mother once again asking for us to see each other again hoping that she will respond and that she will respond with positive vibration.

I received one of Bob Marley’s fantastic songs – he has almost not made anything else (!) – and it was “Punky reggae party” and the lyrics “Its a punky reggae party, And it’s tonight, Its a punky reggae party, And it’s alright” and not least “New wave, new craze, New wave, new wave, new phrase” and the whole audience singing along over and over again.

My monitor keeps switching between “light” to “green/yellow”, which is keeps constant for between 30 seconds to a few minutes.

At 04.30 I was TIRED and decided to take the rest on the sofa, which I was allowed to do until 08.30 where I had a dream where I saw one globe/world after another receiving the stripe of light as we have seen Earth do from Google Earth pictures and it was connected to the postings I bring on Facebook.

I was given the song “What do you wanna make those eyes at me for” by Shakin’ Stevens, which is about the eye contact I had with Michella, Sidsel and Angele (much, medium and little), which I am sure that Michella will remember as “something special”, and I thought that this song is to say that these three ladies are somewhat “shaky” because of my emails – and I received very strong sexual speech/visions.

Later in the morning I was given the feeling of Julia from Falck and a fire blanket, and told that she will help preventing fire if your mother don’t want to see you, and that is because you have asked us to have alternative plans ready for everything we do, so this is what we are preparing too, and yes I was told that it is because of the progress of writing the script also of today – and the fire would also be on condition that I would accept my “old nightmare”, which you know that I do not!

During the morning I understood that writing to Michella, Sidsel and Angela really was to bring the strongest “temptations”/darkness to me – via their feelings – at once because I need to enter this extreme concentration of darkness, thus also sexual torments and my “old nightmare”, which comes to me strongly this morning, but still I have decided that I don’t care about this and that NOTHING is going to make me change how I play the game, which means “business as usual” here in all matters.

It was incredible uncomfortable just thinking what these three “ladies” were thinking of my nice email, and to receive feelings/visions of them as I did and also the feeling “I was cheated, I should never have sent the invitations” (because they will probably not accept me) where I had to tell myself that this is not the right feeling, because invitations themselves are opening for their feelings of the worst darkness allowing me to get more from the hidden worlds inside of here out, and I felt Sidsel followed by a VERY strong feeling of suddenly having “no belief in my self” because of her lack of faith in me.

The power of these three ladies against me was so strong that spiritual darkness made it impossible one moment to play music via Spotify, and yes “lack of warm feelings”, you see (?), and right behind these, their very warm and original feelings to me should be intact.

I was shown myself in an incredible dark saloon in the Wild West and just outside the light is very strong, and I was also shown myself hacking in a big block of ice at the same time as flags of celebration were all around me in darkness, and I was told “you are both minus and plus here in the light”, and this is how it is just before we finish.

I took a long bath, and it was INCREDIBLE difficult to continue working hereafter because of the combination of extreme tiredness both physically and to continue working, and darkness tried to “force” the ending of this game if I don’t do my work – it does not need much of a slight opening before trying to misuse it – and I was also almost given a warning at 14.00 for not having sent an email to my mother as yet, and I had to cut through and say that I will not rush but take the time needed and it will become “during the day”, which then became at 14.37, where I wrote to both mother and John telling them that I do NOT bear any grudges over their misunderstanding in 2009 where they family wrongly wanted to hospitalise me, and if they will please once again focus on the positive bringing us together, as we had agreed on (!), and not the opposite, and we will see what they will say. I also wrote that it has been a hell coming through not knowing how they are, and here I was told that already in 1996, when I lived in Malmö Sweden with Camilla, it was almost impossible for us to continue playing the game without receiving more energy, which John almost brought us when he was almost dying from a stroke back then, and I am here given a loud noise to my balcony with the feeling of John, and I do hope that he is still alive.

One hour later I was shown how a part of my the backside of my left lower leg was almost being brought to my right side behind me and I was told that we were almost about to terminate parts of the spiritual world, and it came together with feelings given to me of my mother about to understand that “I bear no grudges” of what the family did, and yes we will see if her love to her son is strong enough to “dare” seeing me again.

And then “from out of nowhere”, Helena came back with her first post for weeks, which was visible to me (!), and yes she said “whew!”, which may have been my mother’s reaction that I did not decide NOT to see them again, and yes the arrival of new communication from Helena shows that my mother is ready to start communicating with me again, see (and I receive smiles here, because this was a “close call” to go through).

Even later I was told tat Sidsel is very quick showing her anger, and we needed the love of your mother to balance this, which is why it started becoming critical, which you of course did not know.

And I kept receiving almost constant marks to both my left and right angles during the day, which still are very uncomfortable feelings to receive.

Later I was shown Paris and shown/told that “you are pulling the entire city up the stairs to light” and I was shown that we have walked half of the stairs, and to me this was half of the stairs from the top chamber of the Pyramid up to the light, and Paris was symbol of “everything” included in this chamber including all of these worlds connected to each fallen leaf, and yes they will become “the city of light” too or “the city of love”, which I also believe some associate Paris with (?), and I do at least.

I was shown and told that we have discovered a new road out of here for all of us at the same time if required – if I should not be able to continue work – and I was told “but it will not become comfortable”.

I was shown and told that we have discovered a new road out of here for all of us at the same time if required – if I should not be able to continue work – and I was told “but it will not become comfortable”.

I was told that the smell of the largest flower in the world a couple of weeks ago was to tell about “incredible darkness impossible to get through”, but this is nothing compared to now.

I was told that as it was the case of the psychiatrist Alex, more faith is coming to me from Michella, Angela and Sidsel also helping this process.

And I was told you do remember that I told you to work “until the end of the week” and this is what we had hoped for not in our best for wildest dreams for you to do exactly this to bring the last of everything too.

Later in the evening, where I was still down by much exhaustion – it was TOUGH today – I was told that there was a risk that all of these Old World’s would became part of our New World as nothing/darkness if I could not hold back the force of the New World, and I was shown a GIANT aeroplane engine of the New World arriving at the airport at the same time as passengers (of these Old World’s) with some resistance were entering their aeroplanes “yes, yes we will go now”, and I was told that we were no where near to destroy these Old World’s.

I felt New World’s around me “everywhere” and was told “we are not allowed to wake him up”, and I continue receiving some marks to the backside of my left lower leg together with the feeling of “restructuring” because of all of the life we receive from the “eternity of Old World’s” arriving.

I received for a fraction of a second how the pain to my right lower leg would be if I did not have the Universe to sacrifice/suffer to remove most of my pain, and let me say that the pain I received this week was “out of this world” greater than I thought was possible, but this pain felt like “100 times” this pain, and I was happy that it was over even before I really noticed it, and I was told that this is pain (also) coming from these three ladies of today.

I was told “you cannot play football at the same time as building up the New World” and I was shown an immensely hard kicked ball scoring, and was told “well, we found out”, and I received much praise, because this is what I showed as physical Stig is possible.

I was told ”it will become the most fantastic ever, we have just looked into the eyes of (formidable darkness) of (this part of) your mother, who did not know that it was possible to enter here as light” and that is because of the incredible condensation, which is the deepest part of what Sidsel and Michella as other parts of my mother (and maybe Angela too, whom I have not been told about) have inside of them, so this is what their negativity to me is bringing forward.

I was shown my previous self from one of these hidden worlds appearing and was shown and told how they tried to build huge metal constructions of some kind to fight darkness, which was impossible, and “he” said “and you turned the world upside down, which is completely crazy”.

Yesterday and today I have been given periods, where I have felt a hole of darkness to the outer part of my right foot feeling as I do believe the hole after a crucifixion would feel like, and I am thinking that this will have to be because of the much energy we need to send to hidden darkness to release it, and I have also been given marks to the backside of my RIGHT lower leg, which I understood as if I should give up, light has decided to give even bigger sacrifices of the Universe to do whatever it takes to get every little thing out of darkness.

I have also been told that people believing that I was lying – or suffering from delusions – should know from my whole expression that I simple told the truth, but still they shook their heads in disbelief, and yes were made shaky at the same time.

At the end of the evening, I had heard nothing from the three ladies, and yes I cannot wait to hear what they will tell the world about this episode, and what they thought – and that goes with all of them.

I was also encouraged to write a similar email to my old girlfriend, Henriette, who also abandoned me from Facebook when misunderstanding me, and yes it is now 21.20, and let me say just how repulsive this makes me feel and almost as in the summer of 2010 where I contacted family/friends etc. asking to see them again after they had abandoned, me and yes this was the toughest moment of history only coming through with the smallest almost not existing margin (!), so this is “piece of cake” in comparison but still uncomfortable, and alright, I will see if I can find her and send her an email. Later: Yes I found her, and sent her a nice email, which should “open” her, which this is also about, but she will probably decide to ignore me as the others too, and to send Karen a new invitation (?), and NO, I WILL NOT, I have done that before only to be ignored (!), so she will get a new email or card for Christmas and so it is.

And yes, today was “nothing” really, but based upon how I felt, – also with marks to my angles/feet – this was one of the most difficult days.

The “transformation ball is working” over Victoria Lake, while David is going through his transformation process

In this post from yesterday, I ask Jette if she may decide to write in English, but no “I prefer to use Danish in order to reach my fellow-men” as she says (!) and then it does not matter that God would like to address the world speaking English (?), and yes talk about a stubborn lady, which you may be able to see someday, Jette, but apparently not now, because you only want to reach your fellow-men, so this is your Danish project and not your help to God to address the world and to help reduce my work when I write my scripts (?), and yes I will respect this for now, but I am truly wondering, and also wondering that you did not have more to say about your development needs other than being annoyed with me, and yes, Jette, one day I do look forward to receiving a “thank you, and I am sorry that I did not read carefully to understand and did you accept your positive messages to help me improve” and something like this it will be, but for the moment, you have decided to continue being both light and darkness at the same time, which you give me, see?

Jette says that the “transformation ball is working” at the Victoria Lake, which I understood is connected to the transformation process of David.

Here she says that “there are thousands of helpers who are munching grey souls”.

First Jette started the day by writing in Danish as she is used to and prefer, and after I had giving my comments in English, “magic” happened when Jette brought new pictures now writing in English (!), because she adapts to what I do, and let us hope that this will continue also when bringing new pictures tomorrow.

Back in Danish, Jette told about “GREY GREY GREY – artificial respirations is established for the mother” and she encouraged for more prayers for me, and as you can see, I do believe the worst danger is over by now, , which made Jette say “whew!”, and yes isn’t it funny that Jette said the same as Helena above (?), and I might add that Jette said it first, and Helena said it later in the evening.

You need to stand forward taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your mistakes and tell the truth 100% accurately NOT being a coward

At 00.46 I sent the LTO team my chapter of the script yesterday “David claims that he did not steal my money from the team, but paid “financial/other costs” for LTO!”, and I included this message:

This chapter is included in my script of tomorrow, which I send to you already now for you to start thinking of what you will do, and let me recommend all of you to do the only right thing, which ALWAYS is to tell the truth DIRECTLY. I look forward to hearing from you all again, and please remember that you are “playing this act” to show the world. CAN YOU???

And apparently this is also keeping David awake – I understand his feelings/difficulties (!) – so at 05.47 this morning (CET), he sent me this short email, and normally David ALWAYS starts a message with “Dear Stig”, but this one was only “Stig” (!) and the one from yesterday was “Greetings”, so suddenly David has decided to become more formal and less friendly with me, and is that because you “do not like” my writings on you making you change your view on me (?), so I am no longer as close a friend anymore, but still a friend (?), and is this because of me or because of you, “my friend”?


Thank you Stig for the information. I accept that there are some major issues with the money. I repent. How can I make up?

Good day.


So here David accepts that “there are some major issues with the money” and that he repent, and he asks “how can I make up”, and yes, David, I have already told you so, which simply is to COMMUNICATE the truth and ONLY the truth and to do it directly, honestly and openly, and for you to apologise/repent to the people in question (the team and I) and for all of you to LISTEN to and UNDERSTAND each other, hereunder also to show your heart forgiving people and accept them to remain your best friends, but I don’t want to receive, let us say, only a part acknowledgment of your personal faults/mistakes because you “cannot” get out of the closet and speak the truth 100% as it is, and this email of yours is NOT good enough David, and it makes me wonder why you just cannot lay all of your cards on the table and put away your “false pride” and simply say something like “this is how I am/was, this is what I did, this is how I spent the money and I am sorry for making this mistake letting all of you down, I know what it means to you”.

But no, at this time, David had only acknowledged “some major issues”, and what were they (?), and yes David received new thoughts and decided to send me this new email at 06.28 now trying to explain how he divided the money apparently also including the “major issues”, which is what he calls for “other costs” related to LTO!!!

So this is how he now claims that he used the money, and after now for approx. 2 years having received my money to share with the team without having any of “other costs” to my best knowledge, suddenly these “other costs” have started coming without my knowledge and also without the knowledge of the team (!), and that is at least John and Meshack because I have not heard from Elijah, and if this is indeed a lie as it looks like, I wonder how in the world you can make yourself do this, David, to lie directly to the faces of your old friends/colleagues and to me (?), and “networking” as example, what is this about (?), is it for you to meet with other people because of “social reasons” keeping up appearances because you may be able to work together some day (?), and you have used money on “fundraising” activities without receiving any funds (?), and yes I wonder whom you have met, where and what the outcome of the meetings were, and that is if you indeed have had any meetings of this kind, which would surprise me, so if this is indeed a lie, will you decide to extend the lie by making answers up on these questions too, David (?), and that is to “keep up appearances”, which is what is coming to me that this is what it is all about, because you “cannot” lose face, because this is not what you are “used to”, because Kenyans are “proud” people, whom you do not “push” up into a corner to take a standpoint and certainly not to admit to your mistakes, but yes, this is how it is.

David, you are the example of how we will open the minds, mouths and ears of people of the world having the same trouble as you, and let me once again ask you to tell the truth and ONLY THE TRUTH and that is 100% without keeping anything back, and yes to speak out loud directly, honestly and openly, how many times do I have to tell you (!), you already know, so you just have to do it, “my friend” (!) and yes I am truly wondering, and there is ONLY one thing to do and that is to come out CLEAN and to give the team and I FULL acknowledgement of your mistakes and a FULL report of what you did WRONG so we will know/understand, and yes this is what I ask the team to follow up on, and to do it with Meshack as the team leader following my basic rules speaking the truth DIRECTLY, HONESTLY AND OPENLY as he normally does :-).

Please let me know IF YOU CAN do this and also to give me a deadline.

And eeehhhh, David, are you telling us that you next month will take on approx. 12,000 shillings in “other costs” yourself related to LTO (?), and no my friend, this is NOT how the piano works. Don’t lie to your colleagues and don’t lie to me – this is the WORST you can do, this is ONLY what a true Devil does, and this is the inner beast of you, which you have showed to the world.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Bruce Springsteen is playing on the Roskilde Festival today and Dan said “if I want to go to Bruce Springsteen concert for three hours in doubtful weather? Noooo, I would really rather have drawn a sausage wagon out of my behind”, and Mads wanted to hear how the sausage wagon entered there, which Dan did not know, but “maybe Bruce will sing a song about it” (?), and later he said that he has never understood the hype about Bruce Springsteen because “he does not touch a muscle or feeling in my body”, and if I say that Bruce is a symbol of God here, you may understand the meaning, and that the sausage entered “the wrong hole of darkness”, which you know is what we have been fighting for “an eternity” to change, and first now we succeed, and that is also because of the help you brought us, Dan, by being darkness self opposing me, so I could pull the sausages of life out from your behind! – He is truly an inspired man, and we know, Michael Hardinger is still not around, but I do hope that my mother’s husband, John, and my father are.

  • Mark posted this “lovely motorcycle of darkness”, and yes, Mark did not bring me light, but more darkness when you “could not” understand me, Mark?

  • Lykke was dressed for success when wearing these orange boots for her visit to a football stadium and later the Orange Scene of the Roskilde Festival, and yes we are almost ready, which is about the orange colour of God.

  • And Orange is indeed cool, Margrethe, and it will become much more than what you can imagine.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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