July 9, 2012: I have played the game against darkness to the end to end all darkness/sicknesses of the world!


Summary of the script today

8th July: Bruce Springsteen – and I – pulled another WORK VICTORY home spreading HAPPINESS among people

  • Dreaming of doing my absolutely best quality of work (under the circumstances), what is the Commune now up to (?) and I am finishing work to makes all saved Old World’s fit into our New World.
  • Darkness forced mother and son, which have created life, which will now get their genes corrected
  • David decided to be a DEVIL trying to run away by not admitting to his lies and also now to reject my money (!), and I ask him to SPEAK OUT THE TRUTH including to repent as I asked Jette to understand/accept her improvement needs and then TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT because both of these things are included in showing a clean heart, so please get started, you have five years from 2012 to do it! David is main responsible for sending me darkness to open up for the liberation of the last worlds inside of this, but do you get this, David?
  • I received a nice looking French lady living in Ivory Coast as a new Facebook friend the other day, and today she decided to have a long Facebook chat with me with the reason being that she loves me and dreams of me – she would like to find an honest man like me (!) – and I decided to offer my friendship and to turn her request of love down because this the love she feels is “the love for her creator” and because I have reserved my heart for a “special lady”. This was yet another test of darkness.
  • Today’s pictured of Jette’s group led me to bring an inspired and FANTASTIC song by Björk about me being the hunter “eating darkness”, I won again over “hot chocolate” of the worst selfishness/darkness, Jette received her graduation because we are running out of darkness and what does the previous Church Minister Birthe Rønn Hornbech, apparently “will deaf” have to do with it all (?), the level of activity is higher than ever with channels to the inner of Earth being open, and life of a previous world fearing not to be saved, but I have decided that I will NEVER give up and NOT give up on any life at all!
  • Short stories of Theosophical Fellowship – and others – helping to heal me and our New World with their healing work, “start with the truth” because this is the ONLY right thing to do, STOP oppressing women in our New World (!), an underrated Dane did the impossible to win Wimbledon in tennis, which was symbolising my victory and “an adventure in line with the miraculous victory of the European Championships in football in 1992”, an example of what power and poor/better-knowing work of the media can do, Bruce Springsteen and I pulled another WORK VICTORY home spreading HAPPINESS among ALL PEOPLE, another Facebook finally had enough of me (!),“love is the absence of judgment” (when ALL IS FULL OF LOVE), we ALWAYS need to act when we witness injustice/wrong doings, who was behind the gold of the greatest tennis player of all time winning Wimbledon today (?), I told a political commentator that media people and politicians are the worst darkness, which is and Helena brought me the message that the world has decided NOT to tell the world that it is now safe to be out in the sun with our “new UV-filter” being installed.

9th July: I have played the game against darkness to the end to end all darkness/sicknesses of the world

  • Darkness still makes me suffer from inside and out disabling me if I did not decide to be stronger, and it is now almost impossible to continue “the game”.
  • I was shown that we are preparing to remove the sand desert of darkness including all sicknesses/negativity from mankind.
  • Pictures of Google Earth show a fellow with a heavy burden and strong arms climbing up (could be me once again crawling up – a song given to me MANY times :-)), she shows how she sees faces in clouds, we are hunters coming to take content away from darkness, Jesus together with a dog and the Archangel.
  • The last written chapter of today: With more extreme pain, we are saving the last life and making the door to darkness completely dissolve/become light. Darkness almost took over all life/creation and it was “totally impossible” for only very little light to retrieve everything back, which took “an eternity of worlds” to do.
  • Ariane is EAGER to come and visit/stay with me with her agenda being to find her true love of life, and she said today that she may come shortly (!), we will see, and she is welcome to visit me, but not stay permanently, and I will NOT become romantically involved with her, because my heart belongs to Karen, and I will NOT let Ariane down.
  • Later, I had a new chat with Ariane first receiving a symbol of all energy from “forever and ever” since inception returning to us, and hereafter she completely broke the trust she had build up with me asking me to send her € 250 to renew her passport (!), and then I understood the name of the game. This was the Devil trying to tempt me, and I shut this game down completely first by having rejected her temptation of “love” and now by stopping to play the game with her, and this is to get out the absolutely last part of darkness and close the entrance forever the same way as we got in, through a temptation we could not decline back then, but now that we can, this is what will stop all darkness of the world including all sicknesses and negativity.
  • Meshack sent me a new email saying that by now “I still trust David and i have no hard feeling against him and since your concerns are too much, trust me i would try to address this issue with David through communication” and later “i think it is the high time now we become responsible and communicate among us without involving you in small matters”, and to me, this was the same as saying “let things be the way they were, I do NOT dare to go up against David”, which is WRONG. You need to change, to communicate well, understand your mistakes/errors, to repent and to forgive, and when you cannot – as no one can (!) – there is only one way out, and that is for me to remove the shield of darkness from the world, which will WAKE YOU ALL up to a new understanding, and from here it will be easy to show a clean heart to open up for your new life at our New World.
  • The Danish government decided to let down their supportive party and “friends”, the Red-Green Alliance, when they entered into political agreements with the non-socialist parties herewith breaking an agreement, which made the Red-Green Alliance tell the truth STRAIGHT OUT for people to understand costing the government voters, which was more than the darkness of the government could bear because today the cup floated over, and “the saviour” Henrik Sass directed a strong attack on their friends really saying that he did not like to be told the truth (!) and also how “extreme” their politics are (no private ownership of production means, no policy/military and “normal income” for all) with the only problem being that this is included in my New World Order, which is “simply impossible” for the government and the world to understand today because of BRAINWASH of the Old World not understanding what really is SIMPLE LOGIC for everyone to understand. This is about the better-knowing but ignorant and selfish government acting as what most people wrongly do today – as darkness self opposing me.
  • Short stories of “sceptical/silent Henrik” dreaming of our New World and going up against me even though I shot my finest shots, Serena Williams is also a queen, Brian’s angle has hurt him for a long time, which is because of darkness included in his as well as my angle, “there is an awakening going on”, man does not know what’s happening of our coming WAKE UP to a new life and New World, and Henrik sends out much darkness turning the Obama part of me backwards!.


8th July: Bruce Springsteen – and I – pulled another WORK VICTORY home spreading HAPPINESS among people

Dreaming of finishing work to make all saved Old World’s fit into our New World

I went to bed at 22.40 and slept until 08.00 this morning, and I do believe I woke up once during the night with a clear dream for the first time thinking “I will remember this in the morning” feeling too tired to write it down, but no, I do not remember it, but here is another.

  • I have parked my Porsche at the parking place of the Commune, and something about delivering a punched card and a place being removed, a lady not seeing me, I reprove her to take it in, something about “but not talk about this the next time” and she believes I am crazy even though I am outgoing.
    • The Porsche is here because it is the car that I know of, which – to me – includes the best feeling of quality, and herewith it is a symbol of what I managed to do with my scripts despite of difficulties, and this is about my fight against darkness of Helsingør Commune and Lisbeth believing I am crazy even though she sees a normal and outgoing man in front of her, and “punch card” is an old an outdated technology, which may be about their “old and outdated” conception of me, and probably the Commune is thinking about “what on Earth are we to do with Stig” (?), and yes difficult it is for these better-knowing and DUMB dictators!
  • I am working for DanskeBank-Pension again, and I work my best to finish a long memo/book only having little time to do it, and I am doing the work for Lars G. and even though he is not entirely finished, I show him the memo as it looks now, and to my surprise he starts criticising the content and shows me that some pictures don’t fit into the frames, and it makes me sad to hear, so I decide that I will not show him again before it is all finished.
    • This is about the status of rescuing the eternity of old worlds connected to leaves, and even though Lars is criticising, it shows me that we have now done most of the work, and it is now only a matter of editing the memo to make it perfect, and to get all pictures of Old World’s to fit into our New World, and I am given a sneeze here to say that this is still done with sacrifices of the Universe.

Darkness forced mother and son creating life, which will now get its genes corrected

I was given the song “Dum-dum-diddle” by Abba and told that this is about you and I working together, and when I see this video, I think “this is ALSO the best music in the world” and I get very warm feelings and almost tears, and yes I know they are coming from my mother’s feelings in relation to me, and yes “he isn’t dumb”, which this is also about and yes how many of you told you self this?

And my monitor keeps – for periods – to show a constant yellow or yellow/green nuance this morning.

I was shown myself playing the Brio Labyrinth game forwards and backwards without the ball falling into a hole, and I was told that this is what we have done to dig out every little thing of creation, and this is why I was skilled playing this game as a boy, which I remember that Morten from Karenvej also was when we played this game together trying to beat each other by completing it 8 or 10 times forwards and backwards without the ball falling into a hole, “or something like that” – do I remember wrongly, Morten?

I was told ”you do not come from the present moment do you”, which I understood as reactions from these Old World’s, and yes, I do!

I was told that ”you and i became lovers in first universe, which we have been since”, which I understood was a message about darkness forcing the mother and son, and I was told that the problem is that this has created many children, and I was given the question what to do about this, and I could only decide one thing, which is that “none are going to be killed as a principle”, which was not as easy to do as it may look because what would be the negative consequences to creation of this (?), which I could not foresee, but I would NOT change my principle, and afterwards I was told that we will now correct the genes of these people to make us ”strong”, and this is what we will use remaining time for.

I was thinking this morning that I had to go through fightings against Jette and David last week, who were this worst darkness of all and to add these now four ladies to sum it up, and to continue doing “much work” without breaking down, and this morning the feeling to the backside of my left lower leg continued, which you know is about getting the new structure on place.

And with (hopefully) no more fightings with David and Jette and no more emails like the ones to Michella, Angela, Sidsel and Henriette, maybe it will be possible to get a more normal day not working as hard as I have done the last week – “whew!”, which is also the feeling of my mother as I am told here – and maybe also sleep this night without having to stay up, and yes this is what I believe in, and I feel Mads Mikkelsen here (and later Stine Stengade, who also keeps coming to me), which is to say “who knows” as part of the game at the same time as I also receive “an oppressed smile”, which is because of David, and yes the oppression he brought me, so maybe you will start to open up to the FULL story, David (?), which may also include MORE INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW OF MY SUSPENSION FROM KENYA, and yes what did you speak to the University Professor about in 2009 (?), and what did he inspire you to do (?), and yes just wondering I am if you as “my best friend” acted towards me as another Judas (?), and I don’t know and I did NOT want to write this, but the power to bring this story is stronger than me, so here it was anyway, and yes, David REMEMBER TO TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH, and when you do, you will get it off your chest and feel relieved!

And I thought that you may like to see the emails I sent to the “four ladies”, so here they are, and yes I only had little time and energy to write short emails, and LinkedIn does not allow much space making the email to Angela even shorter.

And I am here receiving smell of stools about to become hard and not smell anymore, and I am encouraged to tell that I don’t receive any more pain to my right (or left) angle/foot, which has been replaced by feelings to my the backside of my left lower leg, so it seemed that we entered this “final room” costing much pain, and then it was “only” to bring out the furniture and to do yet another new design of the house.

During lunch I felt darkness inside of me pressuring on bringing me all kind of stories, which I have no Chinaman’s (!) chance to write, and most was also below the criteria to reach my scripts, and yes it is about sufferings and also darkness on its way to return to light, and even though I don’t write down all stories, my decision and message to my spiritual friends have continuously been to “save everything”, and I know for a fact when I have been very close to “losing it”, that it I lost it, I would receive so much darkness and negative information at once, that I would not be able to save it and to write down the information, and yes this is really the coherence.

After the dialogue with David below, I was told “there will now be no houses on compulsory sale because of David and your mother”, and yes this was our alternative scenario to see if we could get houses (worlds) out before they would burn down, and yes just so you know of course.

I worked until with much work 17.00 and then I decided to cycle approx. 20 kilometres (still with a swollen foot, and difficult to say precisely when spiritual darkness stops and start the time all the time of my mobile phone), so this was also a hard day, and yes I felt how “negative feelings” of Henriette helped bringing me home the last/next secret world, and yes tears for fears is coming here, and is it difficult not becoming sad because I have lost my mind, Henriette (?), and eeeehhh you are sure that it was not you who was “crazy” when you could not read and understand, because you should know that I am not crazy when both remembering and “readings” me, for example my email to you?

I was shown a plane flying above me, which is ”your plane” waiting to enter you and yes ”when you like”, and that is not yet, we are NOT done as I keep saying.

I was told that now “only minor damages” will occur (to the world) if my mother should decide not to see me, and that for her it is more like “do I dare to contact him” (because she has not apologised for participating in my CRAZY family’s wish to hospitalise me in 2009) and then “we do not need to go to any funeral” as I was told and that is for funerals of remaining parts of the spirit of my mother and father, which we would not be able to save, and this includes him and her and him and her etc. as I am told here.

I received the strong feeling of a dark character, who would not let me go, but was sticking to me, and this feeling is coming to me because of Henriette, who is also helping to bring this on place, and this feeling is because she is thinking of me like this – impossible to get rid of (!) – and yes amazing what misunderstandings make people think and react.

I keep hearing “kill kill” as if it comes from several worlds and also “I don’t have any more bags”, which is about parts of the spirit of my mother being liberated from darkness.

When I was out cycling, I was told that the Old World’s we are saving are not only saved spiritually but also materially (I am thinking that these worlds come out of black holes, but what about the big bang theory that it is material of old worlds being basis of this world, and that all old worlds are inside of us?) , and it made me wonder if we will seen an eternity of worlds with an eternity of different parts of ourselves, with one living per world (?), and I was told that this is the case, but it also made me wonder because I have been told previously – as it also appears on the front page of my website – that all old parts of us will be united as parts of our new selves of this world, but on the other hand, I understand that it is the same life, which has lived over and over again in one world after the other, and we will receive an eternity of New Worlds, so it might be the same lives – or maybe new creators will find new roads, where we have not been before creating new life never existed before and maybe we are ourselves new lives, and there also exist all extinct lives (?), and yes I don’t know more about this for now, and it seems that I receive information from both light and darkness, so I will stick to what is written on my website for now.

For some time – and also now – I have been told whey Jette decided to start reading my book no. 1 instead of my main websites as I had recommended her to do (to understand the main messages), and did it have to do with one of my postings in your Facebook group that my book no. 1 includes information about how I did wrong sexually (?), and yes you do have a strong will, Jette, but do not always listen, understand and prioritise correctly?

I received some more heartburn, and was told that the Commune is also starting to move in relation to me, and I was shown Lisbeth as red (of darkness) opening and entering the backside of my right lower leg.

During the day/evening I received déjà vues about my sufferings stopping – I have seen/felt this before (!) – and receiving expanded knowledge about the beginning and development of life, and also that the Source itself is a toolbox given “for you to decide how life and development will look like”, and all of these déjà vues coming to me are connected to a memory of receiving them as a boy when we lived at Karenvej in Espergærde from 1976-78.

After cycling and dinner, I was almost falling asleep because of immense tiredness on the sofa, but I knew that I had more evening work to do, so instead of taking the easy choice I decided at 20.30 to return to work thinking that I may have 1-2 hours more to do – but I continued working until midnight, and published the script of today at 00.55 and deciding to stay up for a few hours more and then to see how much sleep I will get, and yes to let the light decide, so maybe 3, 5 or 7 hours, and who knows?

David decided to be a DEVIL trying to run away not admitting to his lies and also now to reject my money!!!

Late yesterday evening after sending my script of yesterday to Kenya, I was told “what do you believe happens now”, and I was shown David to the right of me opening a door at the same time as I received strong pricks/marks inside the backside of my left right leg together with the feeling of darkness, because it is inside of here that this darkness is hidden.

I was told that we are still fighting on the highest level ever, and I was shown myself using a winch to get up and over the wall of a castle at the top of it and when entering, I saw a Devil – the character Severus Snape from the Harry Potter movies – running away from me into the castle, where we will get him too :-).

David decided to sent me the email below, and I do still have the uncertainty inside of me that I may have misunderstood the VERY CLEAR SIGNS that he is lying, and if this is the case, I can only apologise, which I however do not believe I am, and on condition that I am right, which is given to me STRONGLY here, it seems that David has now put him self so far out of reach that he does not even want my help to “return to life” by telling the truth (nor my money!), which this is about, and when you are a Devil not wanting to live, what do you do (?), and yes you try to RUN AWAY from me – as in the vision of the character Severus Snape above – but no, I will NOT allow darkness to become “nothing”, I want EVERY LITTLE THING to survive/resurrect, and this includes you, David, to some day speak the FULL TRUTH as it does to Jette to understand/accept objectively/positively about her improvement needs and TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT (!), and yes my dear LTO team, Jette and the world, this is the task I am giving you, and you have FIVE YEARS from 2012 to do it, and that is TO COME CLEAN by showing a clean heart, which includes to speak the FULL TRUTH when repenting and also to improve your behaviour and work, so will you please get started (?), and “what do I get in return” (?) as the darkness may ask (as I am told and shown), and yes a new life of PURE AND ETERNAL HAPPINESS without any darkness, so there should be nothing for you to be sceptical about, JUST DO IT :-).

David even decided to send me the same message as above as an “official LTO email” (now including “dear Stig”) to make it look even more “credible”, incredible (!), which is the first LTO email I have ever received (!), and maybe it would have been a good idea for you to use some of my money to get your website re-opened online (?), which I would have used a little money to do if I was you and had expenditure for “fundraising”, which this could be part of, but no, you could not?

During the day I received two series of maybe 20-25 heart attacks each with the feeling that this is because of “strong feelings” of LTO, and I am thinking that if David is guilty as it strongly looks like, “how could you, David” (?), “how could you be so cold” and play an act so strongly, which made me think of unscrupulous Nigerians/Africans cheating money from people, and that is of course on condition that you are lying, which I am sure that LTO will try to solve, right (?), or will you try to run away and be silent (?), and we will see, and I wonder what Elijah has to say about David apparently having had expenses for and worked on his own hand on behalf of LTO, which is “completely new information” to me, and I am also thinking that I have told you all along that my money is for food for you and nothing else!

I received more dark feelings from inside my the backside of my right lower leg and I was also given fear of this to become the same terrible pain as I had some days ago, and I was told that it is David who is the main responsible for bringing me “the thick oil” to me, so you are doing me and all of us a big favour, David, but the sad part is that you obviously will not admit to it, and yes if your story is true, how come you are “repenting”, and yes I don’t get it at all.

And I received constant and negative talk from darkness during the evening, and “stories”, which it tried to make me believe (!), and one being more sad/difficult than the other, but instead of starting to speculate on these – it seems that my mother sends me some of this too (!) – I decided to cut through this darkness saying “speak all you like, I don’t care, I know the road and you are NOT going to distress me”, and yes this is how we are coming through this.

A nice looking French lady dreams of me and offers me her love, but it was “the love for her creator”, she feels

Some days ago, I received a new friend, whom I did not know, but it was a nice looking lady by the name of Ariane, and I saw that she had Torben T. as her friend who is also mine, so I thought that she saw me via one of my replies to him, and today this lady decided to begin a chat conversation with me on Facebook, and when I started to write this chapter, I received a red light blinking to my monitor, and I was told that it was darkness bringing her to me, but you know what, if I succeeded to bring some faith to this lady, it is also helping the process I am going through now.

To start with, I did not know if she truly was the one on the picture, a French lady living in Ivory Coast, or a poor African woman trying to cheat me from money, but during the conversation, I decided to believe that she is actually the one she says she is, and that is despite of the language problems, where I truly had difficulties understanding the content of some of her sentences.

And I understood that was about darkness sending a beautiful lady to me, who has been thinking of me and also dreaming of me believing she is in love with me, and yes it took pretty much to reject her as a potential girlfriend telling her that I am waiting for a “special lady” and that is because I cannot tell you just how much I miss to have a girlfriend, which is extra strong here during summer when seeing beautiful ladies on the streets here, but I had no doubts that doing what I did was right to do, and yes I have the freedom myself to choose my own partner, and for now I have decided to wait on Karen, because this is right for me.

This is part of our chat today, and from the last picture, you can read just how strong her “love” is for me not truly understanding that this is “love for her creator”, which she feels, and the love I have told you about before, which certain ladies feel to me.

I was the hunter eating darkness and again winning over “hot chocolate” of the worst selfishness/darkness

Today’s selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group included this one where Jette says that “right below Iceland, these two gentlemen walked for a stroll.the white stroke with a brush could indicate that they were chosen for information” and it made me bring my favourite song by Björk, which is “hunter”, which I also listened to earlier this morning, when the P6 radio programme had decided to bring the album “homogenic” by Björk as one of “the best albums of the world”, where the commentator quoted this inspired line from the song “thought that i could organise freedom how Scandinavian of me”, with the “funny” part being that Iceland is not really a part of Scandinavia when it since 1918 has no longer been a part of Denmark, but freedom is what I organised, Björk, which is coming to the world after “bringing back the goods” :-).

Here is a new picture, where Jette started to write in Danish, but then remembered to write in English, which made this work easier, thank you, and yes a single by Hot Chocolate from the 1970’s told my sister that I would win again :-).

And here is one more, and yes when I do not need to translate, I almost do not need to bring her pictures in my scripts – but can refer you to her Facebook group – and I do believe that this is a sign saying that we are running out of darkness, and when there is no more darkness, I do not believe that I am writing these scripts or Jette bringing more pictures of Earth because hereafter there will only be light, and yes this is what the GRADUATION is about, as she tells about in the other picture below 🙂 – and I am here given some pain inside of my fingers and told that this requires that my mother will decide to see me to implement all new parts in her, and yes I can only hope for the best, and if she does not contact me, I kindly ask my spiritual friends to do this anyway and that is if you can.

This is about the previous Church Minister of Denmark, Birthe Rønn Hornbech, who ALSO became famous when she simply decided to shut off her ears and mouth when the media addressed her in a case, she did not want to speak of and “could not”, and yes she used her free will NOT to listen/understand, which is IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR in our future world!

This is the continuation to one of the pictures of yesterday.

And at the end of the evening, I decided to comment and also bring this picture, and it seems that Jette has decided to write a mix of Danish and English, which you know is what I used to do, but I am sure that it is easier for her to do in her short comments than it is for me with all of the writing work I had and still have.

And this one also made it.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday I received feelings about Theosophical Fellowship and their healing of the world, and late in the evening, I saw Inger from Theosophical Fellowship bringing this photo of a duck symbolising creation and a cat symbolising light, and she wrote “let’s go for a walk”, which to me very clearly was about CURE, which is what she and the Theosophical Fellowship also brings me and the world because of their “healing the world” work – and let us include “everyone else doing the same important work” – and Cure it was as a combination of two songs “let’s go to bed” and “the walk” and I will also include LOVECATS coming to me because of the cat of the picture, and these three songs, which came as consecutive non-album singles in 1982-83 (right after I really got to know the band in 1982 in London) are the most happy songs of this normally so “dark” band (I don’t know the lyrics, but the sound is “happy”), which were hugely influential on me back then, and yes to me this is about Inger addressing the Trinity through this simple picture with her comment, and we know LIGHT IS HAPPINESS.

  • I saw this picture on Facebook, which to me is to address David and the world to “start with the truth”, which is so much easier to tell because who can remember which lies you have told which people with the risk that you will be caught in a net of your own lies, which is what is happening to David these days.

  • Torben brought this about John Lennon and this song, which is about the WRONG subjugation/oppression of women today, which has to stop in our New World where everybody – despite of gender, age, race etc. – will stand equal in front of each other, and I received a reference to Laurel & Hardy in my chapter on David the day before yesterday when talking about the “kind of mess you have brought yourself into once again” (also dragging me down), and this is then a reference to just how LOW men of Kenya and many places of the world are treating women because of WRONG culture, and my dear friends David, Elijah, John and Meshack, you may look at yourself and ask yourself the question if you believe you are more worth than your wives or women in general, and you do know that if you answer “yes” that you have to change?
    • “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.” -John Lennon.

  • When Caroline Wozniacki could not, a completely underrated Dane, Frederik Løchte Nielsen, did the impossible, which was to win the Wimbledon title in tennis, and here in double together with his partner Jonathan Marray, and I was given the song by M.C. Hammer “U cant touch this” (if it was your song???), and told “a miracle some will say“ (?), which is about “oh my lord thank you for blessing me”, which is what Løchte received, and yes this is about the “Ivanesevic effect” I brought him, as I am “partly” told here and yes nobody thought that this could be done, and nobody thought that it would be possible to save the last “eternity of Old World’s” but we did it (!), and I was also happy to see that Serena Williams did the impossible which was to overcome her “mystery illness” putting her on her “death bed” in 2011 (!), and yes connected with me/us she is, and now to win the ladies title for the fifth time (!), and yes quite amazing it is :-). Here the headline says “Caroline shout with joy: Crazy, Frederik!”, which some may say that this is/I am!

  • And Flemming also sent his congratulations hoping that someone can “conjure”, so he can play at the coming Olympic Games in London, and yes “conjuring” is what you just saw.

  • Here is the headline of Jyllands-Posten saying that this is “an adventure in line with the miraculous victory of the European Championships in football in 1992”, so there you see 🙂 – and yes they said on DR1 TV news yesterday evening that this is because Løcthe worked “calmly”, which you know is what I continue doing, and they used the folk tale of “Cinderella” as metaphor for his victory, and yes this tale is about “a myth-element of unjust oppression/triumphant reward”, and when you put together the message of Torben today, and this one, you will get the message that I was “unjust oppressed” (by darkness resisting me) but still receive “triumphant reward” when winning the final after not having given up, and yes an example of a story put out there for me for me to pick up.

  • I liked this statement by Dennis Kristensen, the head of the FOA Union, about what power and poor/better-knowing work of the media can do (and I was happy that Dennis decided to accept my Facebook invitation) – and I am thinking what politicians and media seeing my posts here, there and everywhere on Facebook think of me and is that “he is crazy, but he I not dumb” and eeeehhh “is he really the one” (?), and yes “something like this”, and is this helping to influence you and the gossip about me “who is Stig”, which also comes to “Charlotte sometimes” (this is truly a GOLD period of the Cure :-)) and yes my old colleague Charlotte from Fair of course, who also “could not have me” (!) and left me in “shock” on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Yesterday evening and this morning, the news of a TRIUMPHANT Bruce Springsteen playing on the Roskilde Festival yesterday evening reached Facebook and the media, who were all swimming over in excitement because of Bruce’s pure HAPPINESS reaching all generations as no one else has ever been able to do on Roskilde (!), and yes even the young and ignorant people normally having prejudices about “old music” (!), but he came, and he conquered, and I am here given a new feeling to my the backside of my left lower leg, which this is also about (!), and as Lykke writes here, this is now bringing back “GLORY DAYS”, and Kristian believes that “Bruce as Prime Minister. Crisis solved. Period!”, and when using Bruce as the picture of God, you are more right than you can imagine, Kristian!

  • Here is one of the enthusiastic reviews of the concert, and it made me wonder if Christoffer’s (from Falck) and my joy of Bruce Springsteen last year “helped” bringing THE BOSS back to Denmark to play at this festival as the symbol of my New World (?), and yes we are still waitin’ on a sunny day here, which is quite amazing because THE SUN HAS STOOD UP already and yes the new one, you know, and in This review this review giving Bruce the maximum 6 stars, Erik says that “the concert was a display in pure happiness”, and I was told by the spirit of my father that “these are my marks for you, it doesn’t get any better” and that both Bruce and I pull a “WORK VICTORY” home as you may understand (playing/working better and longer than anyone else, therefore!) and Erik brought an inspired story about Jesus as you can read in the beginning of the review with the conclusion that he “cut through all nonsense”, which this is also about :-).

  • And Erik continued being enthusiastic and inspired when writing that Bruce was “reborn as rock star with big r”, and “rebirth” is really the theme of this, and yes the man formerly known as (not Prince this time, who was inspired!) but Jesus,

  • And Erik heard people around him speaking with passion about “how ridiculous it is that this 62-year old man, who seems to believe that music almost has a healing power”, and yes music to me is “LOVE” and “HAPINESS” too and this has indeed healing power, and he also heard someone saying that “Bruce is a kind of modern Jesus”, and yes they saw it and this is what is happening you know, my rebirth and “now” return, and I am tasting “very fine wine” here and yes more concentrated than ever before, and the feeling comes to me from my right side, which is because I decided to NEVER close the door to an eternity of energy/life, and yes on our way there, we (almost) “fell over” this “eternity of Old World’s” bringing us this concentrated taste, and with this, we are almost there, you know.

  • My old colleague from Fair and Facebook friend Jeppe H. finally had enough of me leaving me as a Facebook friend, and this post of mine yesterday was probably “what made the egg tilt over for him” deciding to abandon me and yes without a sound as everyone else, amazing right?

  • My old school friend, Søren D-N, who also abandoned me on Facebook, has graduated as a stand-up comedian and here you can see an inspired speech of him about sex and death.
  • This is about the fish of me eating darkness as Jette has shown you.

  • This is a good definition of love in our New World when ALL IF FULL OF LOVE, and let me say that I was CRAZY about the song “what is love” from the 1990’s, and I was feeling Karen in relation to this song and yes, “baby, don’t hurt me no more” but please show who you really are also in relation to me.

  • I liked this quote much.

  • And I was happy that my old favourite tennis player, Roger Federer, became the greatest of all time winning Wimbledon for the 7th time, congratulations, and yes “guess who” is behind the GOLD 🙂 – and as Henrik says to Andy Murray, his opponent in the final “you are a man..you tried to go up against a God ..it is okay”, and yes the man behind the Gold.

  • There is something about magic/conjure/spellbound in the air these days, and yes I feel it in the air, Lord (!), and this is to bring this message, that I will NEVER get old, and the same goes for all of you, and yes this is the magic when all darkness disappears.

  • It seems that it is popular to have pictures of fish eating darkness, so here is one more from the political commentator, Peter, and I told him that this is about the fish – “a new reappearance” – eating darkness and that people like him (from the media) and politicians are the worst darkness there is, but you can still be nice people especially when you open your ears and understand others than yourselves. – And I do like when people organise/plan their work/life :-).

  • After sending the email to my mother, the channel to Helena has been opened again, and here she decided to “tempt” her male friends and yes also a sign of darkness still wanting to bring me my “old nightmare” – thank you David, Jette and my four “lady friends” etc. – and the interesting part here is that she says “God knows what Fight of Cancer believes when I lie in the garden on the third hour only dressed in sun tan without factor”, which is to say that the world decided NOT to tell the world that it is now safe to be out in the sun with our “new UV-filter” being installed.


9th July: I have played the game against darkness to the end to end all darkness/sicknesses of the world!

We are preparing to remove the sand desert of darkness including all sicknesses/negativity from mankind

At 03.00 I was “more than tired”, which I already was at 20.00, and I decided to go to bed, and I woke up six hours later at 09.00 remembering that I had an uncomfortable dream, but not the content, and this feeling together with other fog of negativity hidden me, and more of the strong and sudden pain coming to my right foot/angle as uncomfortable as always (and later I was told that this is because of my mother) and truly putting me on my extreme edge to say “that’s it, this is the end of the game”, but still, when I also feel “dark content” around my foot as I still do, and know that there is life inside of this, I cannot make me stop, so therefore we are continuing the game and that is until the end, and when I am even considering to stop the game, I receive a good voice saying “we are proud of you” and ready to welcome me, but no, not yet.

I was also given the song “faster, faster” by Caroline Henderson when waking up, which is to say that this is what time still is, going faster potentially making it even more impossible and dreadful to be around here, but so far, we continue the game, and yes right until December if necessary and if I can.

Yesterday evening I was also told that “creation of life in a hole is not possible”, and I don’t know more than this other than the hole is “the wrong hole/entrance” and that is to darkness, and I am thinking that if we succeeded to create life inside of here, life includes the code of darkness, which is what we are removing from the genes of people now, and yes so it is.

I also received strong darkness with CONSTANT speech/efforts to take me over of negativity, and I can simply feel the strength of darkness around me, and as example, I hear a LOUD cracking voice at the balcony, and I was feeling strong, red darkness inside of this, at the same time as the light is standing ready to take over but no not yet.

Yesterday I was also told that “Jack is one of the highest placed (of the secret military system) in Denmark, and is hidden as a “normal employee””, and I don’t know if this is light or darkness speaking but it is 100% the truth in the respect that these were the words given to me.

I was given a similar pain to my right knee as I have received to my right foot/angle, and was told that this is the biggest pain which will come if your mother will not see you, and I am sad that she has not written to or called me, and I receive some speculations as whether she was meant to send me more darkness too, and also if John is alive or not, and I received some pain to my right heel, which I have received on/off for MANY months without writing it, and every time I think about how my father is.

Yesterday and even more clear today I have felt and now shown the spirit of my father as a shadow/spirit inside of me filling my entire body and that is inside of darkness hammering on the walls of darkness and I was told “it is not nice to be locked up inside of your own prison of darkness not knowing how to get out”, and I received the feeling that this is the absolutely last part of life inside of darkness, which we will get out no matter what, and that is one way or another.

I felt how the darkness makes me suffer from inside and out, and how this feeling including “high frequency sufferings” (of the Universe) is really making me incapable to work and to be active, but of course only if I decide to give in to this feeling, and yes it has been like this all of the time since the spring of 2006 and “more or less” that is.

I was told that for every day and with every message on Facebook, I am influencing people and for every little move in faith in me, it makes us come closer to the goal and deeper into darkness and to bring more and more signs to the world about my reappearance through clouds and other signs and miracles.

I was also told that the longer it has taken to get back to remove darkness, the more difficult it has become – on one hand – because of the sheer amount of worlds overtaken by darkness, which we needed to locate and convert to light.

I was tired today, but not as tired as I have been used to be every second day, and I had plenty of time to write the script and to “kill time”, while strong darkness continued wanting to overtake and hurt me.

I was shown myself as a sheik in a large sand desert, which is the strongest symbol of sufferings, and I understand that these are sufferings of the world I am about to pull away, and yes “soon” when there will be no more darkness (sicknesses and negativity), and yes this is what it was about, and often I first know when writing it, which also sometimes makes it difficult to decide which stories to bring or not to bring.

I was told that “this year was supposed to be “the year of a nightmare” for your mother”, which I do believe it has even though it could have been “much worse”.

I was told about entering the wrong hole that “we thought it was only a new bathroom, funny ha ha, but there was no way back and this is the spell of evil first broken now after how many years and yes ”an eternity” of Hell”.

I was told “we almost say congratulations to you” and “we can almost not stand it anymore”, which may be about the difficulties to continue playing the game.

I was encouraged to send an email to Hotel Comfort in Nairobi, which I visited often while staying in Nairobi for 4½ months in 2009, and I have often been told about the faith of people I created at the hotel and also streets of Nairobi, and this might increase this faith also helping us in the phase we will enter now.

I was also encouraged to send an email to the Bar Kengeles in Nairobi, where I also worked daily for a long time, but I could not find their email address.

I was told “is it the opening to Tivoli from last year, which you are still building on top of expanding it more and more to make room for everything” (?), and yes it is, and back then the light was “almost invisible” and now it is becoming everything including a HUGE physical surface.

I used some time updating my timeline on Facebook with places I have lived and worked, and I do believe it is a good idea to show this, and potentially to connect with all people been the same places (!), and I heard/felt how everything inside of me as in a hollow room said “kill, kill” and it is now more than anything like an echo saying this, which means that we are running out of content inside of darkness.

Giving MORE PAIN to save the last life and make the door to darkness completely dissolve/become light

This chapter is written as the last chapter of today after having fought with first finalising the second chapter on Ariane of today, the chapter on Meshack, and the chapter on Henrik Sass attacking the Red-Green Alliance, which by far took the longest to do, and first at 04.00, I had published the script of today, where after I used 40 minutes to spread my comments on Henrik Sass to politicians and media of Denmark, which you can see in my script of tomorrow.

While I did this work during the evening and night, I took notes for this chapter NOT making work easier and yes this is part of my extreme limit also to include this when being pushed to my extreme limit just writing.

At 21.00 I was still tired and now with pretty much work both with the new chapter on “the thief” Ariane – just like David asking me to trust that she is not a thief (!) – and on Meshack, and also the Danish Government, which may take 2-3 hours to do (I did not realise that it would take much longer) putting me on my edge feeling as I do, but yes “I think we got it there, don’t you”, and that is to get rid of the “seven year scratch” of madness/darkness, which is what the world gave me, but you know, he who laughs last, laughs best, and this is what the whole world will come to enjoy as result, and yes watch this, this is the heavy, heavy monster sound being released by JOY AND HAPPINESS :-).

At 22.20 while I kept on working biting the pain in me, I felt “calmly” how flowers are being prepared for me, and that is from inside of darkness preparing to open the door and get out, and yes we will see when this will happen, because I am here shown that it is not as easy as that to open the door (?), but we will see.

I was told “this is one of these days”, which is about the need to say up, which I had NOT planned for feeling as I do (!) and I felt how negativity wanted me to resist and become negative because of this message, but I did not even want to get into it and instead I said that “we will work it out” and yes I will continue working until I am done, and to my surprise I was really given much more work today than what it seemed like earlier in the day, and when I am tired or very tired, I will decide to get some sleep, which may be for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours, who knows, and yes who knows what is happening with my mother and the family, have they really decided to cut me off for good because of their own fear and WRONG behaviour (?), and yes just wondering I am.

I was shown and told that “we are now almost not in your right angle anymore, but standing behind you” and yes the wall/door is exactly that, a wall/door, which we will pack together as if it has never existed, and I see it being folded together as a lump of paper about to be thrown away or let us say being dissolved and yes made into light too, and the paper is because of my writings being the weapon to make it disappear.

I was told that one of the pains given to me was family/friends etc. not believing that my sufferings indeed was the worst of a man in history because you could not see it on me and also not when I continued working, so “he has to be alright, right” (?), but no, I told you the truth, which MANY of you “could not” understand and yes besides from not reading, you could not imagine my pain, and yes when this is written, I am given a strong pain to my right angle again together with strong FEAR and a very warm, sweating feeling because of a potential negativity coming to me not to bother doing this work – tiredness and much work you know – and yes this is darkness and fear coming to me from the Ivory Coast, and yes to share my story on “them” with the world potentially revealing them, and yes who wants that (?), and then it is better for you to come and kill me (?), and did I hear anyone think that thought (?), and yes amazing right (?), and it is because of this darkness that I will have to keep awake again, and yes I am told to do my absolutely best once more, but I don’t have much to give, so we will see.

During the evening I was also given a constant pressure to a point above my left angle – on the right side – which I understood as some kind of threat from darkness if I should not be able to do this work, which again brought me to one of my extreme limits having to be much more patient than people normally are not to give up a long time ago.

And I wonder if my sister decided to believe in the psychiatrist declaration on me telling my mother that “Stig is crazy, but there is nothing the system and we can do about it, he will never become cured” – “speculations” coming to me, but my sister do know about me (?) – and with this information, did the family decide to abandon me once again (?), and yes who knows?

While writing the chapter on Henrik Sass at 00.45 I was both on my edge and still within my “extreme comfort zone” and yes deciding to keep on until I finish even though it both hurts and doesn’t hurt, and I was given a strong taste of fish also saying that this is what this last darkness keeps on doing for us, to concentrate our taste and that is all of our senses of our New World.

And I was told that if I was not able to take on the darkness I have taken on without giving up, it would have been impossible to stop it from doing as is included in its purpose, which is to kill everyone, and yes as deeply as it is in mine to save everyone as the opposite man on the plus side here tells me.

And my head continued to scratch during the night, and now more again because Meshack gave up, see later, so I am now facing the darkness of David alone.

I was told that this is the last of the inflammation in your mothers finger, so it is first now that we are squeezing everything out.

I was told by the spirit of my mother “you don’t know how many buttons of my white shirt, which the Devil managed to steal before we got away” (?), and I only feel “most of them” making it “completely impossible” ever to retrieve what was lost, because how could we be “almost nothing” against “almost everything” (?), and yes Stig TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE is what this was also for us, and yes of course you are allowed to say this, and that it could only be done using experience built up over an eternity of worlds improving by each New World making us gradually come closer and closer, and this time was the last time, and yes I receive a vague déjà vue also knowing about this one.

I was told about the truth of “termination” of life in the respect NEVER to be able to retrieve, which is that you would decide:  Are we to continue with our new life saying goodbye to previous life or are we to become another lost world waiting for the next time (?) but it would require that I started losing it, which we did not want to do because we are all for one, and one for all.

At 02.45 I was told that if I should not come through work this night – by now on my almost extreme edge – it will be difficult for me to keep my balance as the chief of Asterix being lifted on the shield at the small village, and in this case, we will probably not come through without pain.

I was also shown how the last dark children was led out through the open road with the risk being that I would decide to close it, or could not continue keeping it open being stronger than this extreme darkness, which this night required me to also do this chapter on top of all other work this evening and night.

At 03.45 I was told that “it was not your heart lying on the road, which we were about to drive down, was it”, and also “yes, it was but I was not allowed to die”, and yes it was because of you, Stig, that we made eternal creation and saved an eternity of Old Worlds and yes because of a few extra months of “impossible sufferings”, but we did it!

At 04.25 I was told that by now I cannot create a better bathroom, but the door is still not closed entirely, and yes to darkness, and we know Stig, it will soon be only light coming out.

At 04.30 I received a new strong feeling to my right foot/angle now maybe as much as 50% of the first pain approx. one week ago, and I was told “this is also because of your mother”, and yes “not easy” mother to do what is right?

And finally by 05.15 I had also published this chapter, and even though I now have a small addition to the front page of my website, I will decide to stop work now, this was EXTREME, and we will see for how long I will and can stay awake, and I don’t believe for long, but we will see – and I kept on receiving marks to both my right and left angle, together with a moderate fear given to me as part of my pain in my right angle for new pain to return, which I hope not.

Ariana is planning to come for a visit/stay and to find her true love in life, but I turned her down NOT to disappoint her

As you can see from these extracts of my chat with Ariane today, she is very eager to come and visit/stay with me, and to work in Denmark, and it is not very easy understanding her plans when it is not very easy to understand her English, and even though I am told that she represents darkness and direct sexual temptations, I have decided that I will do what is right to do in a normal life and that is to invite your friends to stay, and even though she is truly a nice looking lady, and I miss the company and nearness of a lady almost more than anything, I have decided to turn down a love romance, and yes because I know that Karen is meant for me when I will open up the eyes of my new self, which will be “soon”, and then it will not be good to be involved with another lady, and on the other hand I have told myself that I have the exact same freedom as everyone else to live a normal life, but I don’t want to become romantically involved with Ariane, who clearly wants more than me, and yes because I know that it will not be her and me, and yes here it was, so she is welcome to stay here, and even though I only have one (large) bed and a small apartment, I will NOT get involved with her romantically – if she really should come, which I am not sure about – and yes it takes will power to do this right thing, which is what I believe I did here.

And I was thinking that this is exactly the same as I experienced in Kenya in 2009 when meeting very nice and nice looking females, who easily could have become my “lover friends”, but I do NOT believe in such a thing (!), and back then it took the most will power NOT to become tempted (because I had and still have “the strongest hormones” in the world), and yes exactly the same today.

Later I was told that this is how we found the wrong hole, when we were tempted to try something new, and yes not knowing that it was a force of darkness dragging us, and this is the force dragging me here too, but no, I have decided that I will not become romantically involved with this woman.

Pictures of Google Earth show a fellow with a heavy burden and strong arms climbing up, who could be me 🙂

These are pictures from Jette’s Facebook group today.

Here Jette shows the same picture twice and in the picture above, she has zoomed in a little and drawn for you to see the faces, she sees.

Ariane played a game to cheat me, but I rejected her temptations to end all darkness/sicknesses of the world!

Later in the day, Ariane returned to me apparently after a good sleep, and now she was interested to know what I had for lunch and dinner, and yes I told her, and brought this link of Danish open sandwiches for her to see, and I could not help smiling, because I could tell that this was inspired for “all the energy of the world from forever and ever and yes since inception, my boy” as someone says in darkness being thrilled of getting out of here but not knowing it yet (!) symbolised by Ariane, not knowing that she will be released by the bond of darkness making her cheat me, because this is what she tried to do as you can see from the next picture.

And yes, she “understands me very well” and there was no limits to how much she loved me, and in my case it was natural to explain her love for me as love for the creator, which is “a factor”, which people will only feel – or feel full, what do I know (?) – when I will open the eyes of my new self, and people will be released from darkness, and yes Stig, this is what will create this factor, you know, and yes the SUN IS SHINING here :-).

But after deciding to put my doubts about her away and to trust her, suddenly she woke up my very clear suspicion again when she asked me the question below to help her with her passport by sending her € 250, and yes you can see for yourself how it went from here. I do NOT like people cheating me, and when they do, they are really no friends of mine, and yes in the case with David it is really both/and, because I love David’s good sides – which I also do with the good sides of this “lady” if she is a lady (?) – but I do NOT like his bad sides at all, and yes I will have nothing to do with them, and yes to remove them completely, see (?), and if I had sent you € 250, the next would have been also to help you with the ticket here and also the hotel (?), and yes bloodthirsty Satan’s are what they are!

So this is how it continued, when she asked me to trust her even after her game had been revealed, and yes just like David, and when I asked her to stop, she literally stopped and I did not hear from her again.

After this, my feeling was that I should’ve known better but I like to believe in people, and yes this is truly a ROTTEN world as I had told her to start with, and “she” was exactly this as she had convinced me that she was not, one of those betrayers looking “attractive” on the surface but she was the Devil of temptation self, and yes I turned her down, and when you turn down the Devil, you say – not really knowing that this is what it was (so strongly at least), it means “the same way out as in”, which is that I do NOT want you, and this is how we will close down this now almost empty place called darkness.

So this was a part of the game I had to go through, to be tempted and to get over this temptation of darkness, and yes for all of us to finally leave this place getting out the same way as we got in, smart isn’t it (?), and I was told that this is also related to the vision of me as the Sheik removing all sand/sufferings of the world, and really also the (last parts of the) spirit of my father hammering on the walls from inside darkness without being able to get out, and I was told that we could have blown us out of here as the final result, but this is how you get out playing the game until the end, which is to go all the way back to the start where darkness cheated us in the first place.

And I thought that this is the worst darkness in the same leagues as what David is doing to me, and I keep receiving small heart attacks here – and it continued for periods later, and I was told that this was also because I had told “Ariane” with strength to apologise to me and the world, and yes “what if he really is the Son of God” (?), and yes can you imagine the “horror” and “cold sweat” this brings darkness (?), and yes this is what is transferred to me.

And I do wonder who is on the picture, who the nice lady is, who’s identity apparently has been overtaken by someone else, and yes I do NOT like this kind of behaviour in the future, and I cannot express just how much I dislike this ROTTEN world with people cheating people like this with cold blood, this is NOT how life is meant to be!

Later I used the function of Google to find “similar pictures” and discovered that Ariane really is a porn actor by the name of Alison Angel, and yes, this is how you are included in this script too, Alison, and yes an “angel” And I uploaded this message from my “dear friends” from Ivory Coast to know that I mean business when I tell them that I will show them to the world, which will bring me even more darkness!

And how do you think it feels like believing that you have received a new dear friend only to find out that she – or he (?) – is a cold blooded Devil only trying to squeeze you from money, and yes SAD is not the word, and I kept on receiving small heart attacks, and now also because of Meshack, who has decided to give up without getting to the bottom of the truth, and yes it seems as if there is only one person left, and that is me, and I will NEVER give up, and since others cannot do what is right today, I will continue writings it in my scripts for the world to learn from, and yes for the world to get our of the grip of this darkness, which you know is what this is about.

Meshack was weak showing that man cannot do right, which you can when I remove darkness and WAKE UP THE WORLD

And while I was “fighting with Ariane”, I received a new email from Meshack, and this time he surprised me because after he first tells me that he is still engaged with this NGO working outside of Nairobi and that he cannot be the team leader to hold an OPEN and DIRECT meeting between team members, he now says “I still trust David and i have no hard feeling against him and since your concerns are too much, trust me i would try to address this issue with David through communication” and later “i think it is the high time now we become responsible and communicate among us without involving you in small matters”, and what is now this all about, Meshack (?), you were the one bringing me the understanding that David is cheating you and the team from my money and now you say you trust in David and you will communicate yourself “in small matters”, which in practise, based on experience, is NOT to communicate and to let things continue as they have been, which is with poor communication, fear to speak the truth – did you suddenly get COLD FEET, Meshack (?), which is WRONG (!), and yes because David decided to be strong darkness making you decide to be weak, and there is ONLY one way for the darkness to understand who decides and that is to be even stronger than darkness self, so David, this is to tell you that you may have succeeded to silent Meshack for the time being, but you have me to stand responsible to, and for how long do you think your secret can remain a secret (?), and yes my friend, isn’t the problem that you really do NOT have faith in me and believe you can hide as you have decided to (?), and yes let me give you this equation: If you are right that I am not the one, you may succeed to hide from the world as the Devil you are, and if I am indeed the one, you will be revealed to the world for having played the toughest and most mean/rotten game of any against me because of the highly placed man you are, so what do you think, do you believe that you will be able to escape or be revealed with your RED EARS to the world (?), and yes my friend, if you had read me word for word you would have had faith, and understood that the right answer is the last, but you “could not” read carefully and why was that, David`

So here is Meshack’s email, and let me say that I care for all of you, but I do NOT like when you do what is WRONG and that is NOT to keep my basic rules including the 10 commandments, David (!), and WEAKNESS is also something I do NOT like, Meshack, and yes you do know that I tell the truth directly, openly and honestly, don’t you (?), and that this does NOT mean that I am negative – it is all about understanding, you see.

Hi there, it is my hope and trust that you are doing well. I am okay and doing well and i thank God for that far He has taken me. I went home as i had promised you and met my family and they told me to say hi to you. Concerning your scripts, i have read them carefully and understood your concerns but Stig i would have loved to do the tasks you had bestowed on me and i thank you for your trust on me but on carefull consideration, i would turn down the offer with good reasons. One i am yet to be back in Nairobi because i am still engaged with this organization so it would be impossible for me to arrange this meetings as you want. Second, since David is always most of the time in internet and he is able to know immediatly when you send mail to him informing him of the transfer, i think he is better placed to continue receiving the money because i would hate to stay for even an hour without knowing if you had send money while my dear friends are suffering yet you send the money to ease thes sufferings. I still trust David and i have no hard feeling against him and since your concerns are too much, trust me i would try to address this issue with David through communication and tommorow i would give you a feed back on the same. Rest assured that we will do our best to make you happy again.

Once again thank you for your trust but we shall all remain members of a trusted family and i think it is the high time now we become responsible and communicate among us without involving you in small matters yet you trained us on this task which i remember it very well. Sorry for the suffering we might have caused you but  i pray that darkness will start going away.

   God bless you so much.

    Kind regards,

So now the question is, who wants be the receiver of my money to divide 100% between the team, and yes it cannot be David because of my lack of faith in you, David, and it cannot be Elijah as long as he does not communicate – and apologise for his wrong behaviour when he attacked me with his misunderstandings a couple of months ago – and it cannot be Meshack, so the only man left is you, John, so the question is if you believe you can handle this responsibility and not to become cursed by money tempting you above your limit (?), which you have seen Elijah and David being herewith separating instead of uniting the team and also herewith going against my wish for you to remain friends and a team (!), so if you want to accept, John, I will send you money the last day each month, and then it is up to you to share with Elijah and David (if he wants to receive my money after all) and to send via M-PESA to Meshack, so what do you say?

And finally, my dear LTO friends, I still have the warmest feelings and greatest care for you, and you do know my basic rules, and despite of being among Africans with the best values, you were still not able to release yourself from the curse of money making you decide wrongly, and this together with your lies, misunderstandings, attacks and weakness truly makes me as SAD as a man can be. I did this to help you all, and this is what you brought you, CAN YOU SEE it or do you need a magnifying glass to be able to see your own wrong doings and mistakes (?), and yes “impossible” it is for you to show the right behaviour and work, and therefore the only way out, is to totally remove darkness making it impossible for you, and when this will happen, you will much better be able to communicate, repent and forgive, because then you will have me and not the Devil, who has terrorised the world, to help you – do you see, and yes soon, Stig, much sooner than what you think.

The Danish government attacked their friends calling them “extreme” herewith also attacking my New World Order!

For some time, the Danish Government headed by the Social Democratic Party forgot who their friends and enemies of the political game were when they did two large reforms – the tax reform followed by a reform on disability pensions etc. – with the non-socialist parties instead of their “parliamentary foundation”, the Red-Green Alliance, and the truth was that the government in the last moment ran away from a tax agreement they practically had entered with the Red-Green Alliance because they could get a “better agreement” with the non-socialist parties, because Lars Løkke from the Liberal Party “woke up” after the population had told him that they wanted him to return to negotiations with the Government, and yes just to so say that it was darkness of the Danish population symbolising the whole mankind, which directed Lars Løkke and the Government in an attack against me, which is what the true story was about; darkness (symbolically) trying to hit me by removing my money, i.e. energy, when the tax agreement decided to reduce cash help to finance tax cuts for people being much better off, and to make it difficult/impossible for me to receive “disability pension” with a higher amount (because the government wanted to save on “social welfare” and mainly therefore!), and this obviously made the Red-Green Alliance both sad and angry, because the Government had an agreement to co-operate with them, which they now broke because of selfishness, and the Red-Green Alliance decided to speak the truth to the public, which the Government tried to ignore/ridicule at the same time as they were losing MANY voters NOT to follow their politics (for the majority of the government!), and gradually their anger was built up until a climax where they could not take anymore, and this anger is what Henrik Sass Larsen, the so called “saviour” of the Social Democratic Party, decided to release today with support of the government, and yes he and the government decided to go into a frontal attack on their friends of the Red-Green Alliance simply because they told the truth straight out about their wrong doings, and yes it seems that darkness played the game well making me believe to start with that it was right for the Government to enter into agreements with the non-socialist parties, but I pretty quickly discovered that this was wrong, and this is what this story of today is about, and yes you may notice the pattern about darkness not understanding that it is wrong and instead they bring out their strongest attack on their friends (!), and yes as what lately Jette did, since David and now “Ariane”, and let us have a look at some of the things, which were said today.

In this article in Politiken, Henrik Sass, who is NOT my cup of tea when behaving/misunderstanding like this (!), says in the headline about the Red-Green Alliance “Rather lose power than to be controlled by an extreme party”, so this is what it is about, the government saying officially that its friends are “extreme” and yes, why is that Henrik & Co. (?), and according to the article it is because “the Red-Green Alliance is an extreme, left-oriented party, which want a classless, communist society” and “they don’t want to sign when it starts hurting, which is the problem because you cannot get the Danish society to stay together with fantasy-billions”, and yes this is what this article shortly says only bringing some of Sass’ statements, but let us start by saying, do I see a New World as classless or divided into classes (?), and yes you are right, it is logic for even small children to understand, Henrik & Co., that the right way to treat people is to have a classless society, and I wonder what you mean with “fantasy-billions” (?), which comes below.

Henrik Sass: “The Red-Green Alliance is an extreme, left-oriented party, which want a classless, communist society” –just like my New World Order 🙂 – and he does not like their “savage rhetoric”, which is what makes people understand!

This article in Ekstra Bladet brings some more information with the headline “Sass: Well, they ARE indeed extreme”, and he gives some examples of the politics of the Red-Green Alliance, which want to increase unemployment benefits to DKK 30,000 per month (from approx. DKK 17,000 today, where “losers like me” only receive DKK 10,000 in cash help before tax) and study benefits to DKK 15,000 (from approx. DKK 4,000-6,000 per month), which he here in an interview live on DR1 TV news this evening in disbelief says is “it is pretty, pretty wild, this”, and of course this is “completely impossible” for Henrik & Co. to get into their minds, which is only FINE POLITICS by me – and yes I hear “I agree and me too” and there are more in line – and that is because I like all people to have a NORMAL LIFE including the same income per month to provide for a good life in material terms for everyone, but “impossible” is what all politicians and economics say that this is, and the Red-Green Alliance want to finance these extra costs through “private ownership of means of production to be lifted” and “police and military to be closed down”, and here in the interview on DR1 TV news, Henrik Sass again in total disbelief says that “you got to say that this is pretty extreme” and later also “it does not last anywhere”, and isn’t it funny that these are bearing elements of my New World Order, Henrik & Co., which is “completely impossible” for you to even think about as an opportunity (?), and that is even though this is SIMPLE LOGIC for battery hens to understand, but of course “impossible” it is in an Old World, which does not want to change its construction of lies, disbelief and wrong doings!

Henrik Sass: The Red-Green Alliance are extreme wanting “private ownership of means of production to be lifted”, “police and military to be closed down” and people to get a “normal income”, which all are parts of my New World Order!

So, let us take it again, “extreme” is what the Danish government says about the politics of the Red-Green Alliance and is that what you have decided that our New World Order also is (?), and yes “just like that” without considering it in a greater detail (?), and yes I wonder what the world will say when all of the truth will get out, and when writing this, I start to receive a “relieved feeling” to my right foot/lower leg of the last content of darkness being released, and yes I do NOT want to push the button at any stage to create this explosion you keep talking about, and yes this is how darkness is and very soon was, to put on EXTREME pressure on me to terminate us all (or what remains of life inside of darkness) and yes “once again”, but no, not this time, this was one too many for darkness to handle and with THIS ONE, Paul :-), we managed to get through the “never ending story” of darkness to continue our new life of our New World forever and ever, and yes just like a new day finally starting in the movie “Groundhog Day”.

Henrik Sass from the Danish Government here asks it’s friends, the Red-Green Alliance, “to speak nicely” (!) after it simply had spoken out the truth of the deception of the Government!

And the “funny” part to me is also that when I hear the voice of Henrik Sass, I head the voice of Kim S. speaking directly through Henrik Sass, or vice-versa, and yes it is like hearing the same man speaking (!), and I am here given the vision/feeling of Helle Thorning Schmidt and yes Helle, I wonder what you are saying about this chapter (?), and is that to KEEP QUIET and just continuing your play of the Old World because as long as it goes, this is the name of the game, and when there will come a New World with my arrival, it is fine by you to change course (?), but you could not “dream” about doing it without my arrival (she is ALSO an “administrator”, not a “developer”!) and you could not dream about helping me by announcing my coming to the world, and yes not even when you faced the greatest difficulties trying to save the economy of Europe and the world (?), and yes HOW FAR OUT IS STIG ACCORDING TO NORMAL PERCEPTION OF THINGS (?) and yes FAR OUT (!) and what are the chances that we will succeed to get the world understand Stig, which I was not able to do myself (?), and yes “not very big”, but this is where you were wrong because together with the media IF YOU REALLY WANTED TO, you could have, but of course this would have been “impossible” for you to do because it would require that both you and the media REALLY started working and yes who likes to read ALL OF THE VERY MANY PAGES of Stig and to understand what he and they are all about (?), and yes “impossible” it was, and when you are lazy and “cannot”, it is better to wait, and do you see my dear reader that it goes right up to “the top of the world” and that is all of the wrongdoings of the world, and it takes someone like me to come and change it all.

In the article of Politiken above, Henrik Sass also says that the Red-Green Alliance shows a “savage rhetoric” undermining the chances of the government to stay in power, so the government believes that the Red-Green Alliance are “savage” for telling the truth about the wrong doings and deceptions of the government, and yes this is exactly the same behaviour you have seen over and over again in my scripts when I tell the truth about people – family/friends etc. – who believed I was negative or “savage” not understanding that I was only writing DIRECTLY about their mistakes for PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND – just as the Red-Green Alliance do here – and yes this is what it is about where it lately was Jette who could and would not understand her mistakes followed by David and obviously also “Ariane”, and here you see the same primitive and wrong behaviour of selfish people at “the highest level”, and yes Henrik & Co., you are no better than the rest making me very SAD to see, and you are truly both “lusede amatører, feje hundehoveder, fæhoveder, elendige klamhuggere, narrehatte, skvadderhoveder, slapsvanse og ELENDIGE SOCIALDEMOKRATER!!!” (something like lousy amateurs, mean dog heads, blockheads, miserable bunglers, fool’s hats, twits, slackers and MISERABLE SOCIAL DEMOKRATS!!!) as Egon Olsen from the Olsen Gang symbolising me always used to say to his poor working, careless and lazy friends, and yes these words and these movies were divinely inspired leading to this exact moment of time, where you stand forward Henrik so I can tell you these words because of all of your wrongdoings and poor work making it impossible for you to look into the mirror to see who was truly to blame, and yes you can find a list of Egon’s “not the worst swearing words” here, and you can see him here in one of his many scenes asking his friends, i.e. the world, to PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER AND IMPROVE.

And it is indeed as Pernille Skipper from the Red-Green Alliance says in the TV-interview here that “some times we say things directly as they are, we believe it is right to criticize the government to make a deeply anti-social tax agreement with the non-socialist parties. We would have liked to go on summer holiday giving each other a hug after a successful tax agreement between the government and the Red-Green Alliance, but unfortunately the government ran away just before the goal line ”, and yes this was the REAL LOVE of mine, which the government turned down, because of its own selfishness when running away from their agreements, and yes just for the world to see of course.

And finally, how did the Danish population react to Henrik Sass (?), and yes MANY completely agreed with him and not surprisingly also Dan (!), who said “Good style, Sass! A lot of people could learn from this!” and “not least the lazy, Danish voters, who has not read and understood the extreme, overall agenda of the Red-Green Alliance”, and yes to most people here a “classless society” without private ownership of production means are completely unthinkable (!), and yes they fear communism because everyone knows that it is money driving people (!), but no, my friends, it is money driving the Devil, and it is CREATION/CREATIVITY and MOTIVATION/HAPPINESS, NOT MONEY, which naturally is driving people, and this is the society we will return to with my New World Order, and is this difficult to understand (?), and yes in a world of WRONG culture, it is “completely impossible”, but if you give it a try, maybe you will gradually learn (?), and that goes to all of your know-all characters out there only being part of the stream not knowing what you talk about.

And the “clever” business man, Flemming, was also out with the Grim Reaper when saying that he has just heard Henrik Sass show character calling a spade for a spade and he asks “can he be the saviour of the Social Democrats” (?), and yes it is “impossible” to see that he is wrong and the “extreme” Red-Green Alliance is right?

And here are a few posts of people on Henrik Sass’ Facebook wall – I wish you would open up to subscribers including me on Facebook, Henrik (!) – and one is more positive than the other for him to speak out (!), and yes the only problem is that he speaks about the opposite world made by the Devil, which is what most people simply loves, and yes MISERABLE SOCIAL DEMOCRATS (!), and you may include the non-socialist parties too, and yes before you decide to believe that I am a member of the Red-Green Alliance, let me tell you that these points of today are points, which I agree in without going into other areas of their political programme.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Henrik wrote about a dream where the editors of the Weekend newspaper worked outside in nice rows below apple trees, and cables were hanging down from the trees to their computers, and I decided to tell him the meaning of the dream – “from a man, who has written down thousands of dreams” – and I told him that the apple tree is a New World from where all life/creation/energy comes from, which is distributed via cables to all computers (here people) as part-creations, and I told him that if you do not have experience reading dreams and has a “healthy, but sceptical heart”, this might be difficult to believe in, but it is the truth, and I referred to my website about the New World, and I saw a few of his network visiting my site, and one skimming many pages, and also one new subscriber, and yes what about Henrik, surely he gave you a comment (?), and NO, SILENCE is also “the code” of him, and notice how the picture below to my website has changed to what it normally shows now showing the beauty of our New World and yes “just one of those small things”, you know.

  • Later Henrik said, truly impressed by Federer, that what Andy Murray tried yesterday was to go up against a player, who decides to do like this – and I wonder if you are Andy Murray yourself in this metaphor Henrik, and you can guess who I am, then.

  • Anders brought this one to say that Serena Williams is also “someone special”, and yes a TRUE queen she is, and I wonder if my mother is good at tennis too (?), and yes just wondering I am.

  • Even though Brian was told 2-3 weeks ago by doctors that his angle (!) would be fine by now, but now 6 weeks after he concludes NO, so he has to continue resting, which can be very stressful as he says (!), and yes my angle, and his angle, and there is certainly a connection here, I see, and yes this made me write the reply to him below about our connection and that the content of his/mine angle is “darkness”, which we are saving, and yes Brian, it might be difficult even for you to understand, so maybe you will read or ask (?), or maybe simply to be silent? But instead of reading or asking me, Brian simply wrote “I fully know what you mean, the body remembers, saves and tells” and “not it is a break, which will make the healing take the time as things take now”, so “related” is the best I can say that it is.

  • Helena spoke to God (!), when she said “God, it is a lot of bother to recreate everything I erased a few weeks ago ..” and Frank said “you don’t have to recreate me. I am right here”, and yes I just know that this is “inspired” but also think that I do NOT believe there was a fire destroying anything, which needs to be recreated (?), and I did not accept anything to be terminated (?), but still if there is a need, we have the recreation tool, and yes NEVER forget about that :-). And as she also says “It will N E V E R happen again”, and that is to erase anything, and alright this means to recreate life being “terminated” by darkness but still inside of darkness, so it is not first half terminated and then completely terminated, and yes that is if this is even possible at all, which it simply may not be (!) and yes who knows?

  • Mark showed by these postings what is happening these days when the awakening is going on.

  • Torben shared this photo, and since Benthe spoke of me, I decided to share my story that mankind doesn’t know what’s happening in relation to our WAKE UP to a new life and New World and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know – because man “could not” read, understand and inform the world about me.

  • Henrik is apparently also a truly inspired man, and here he is saying that Batman spelled backwards makes “Namtab” and according to urbandirectoryNamtab & Nibor are gay”, and you do know that Batman is GOOD (?), and to me this is about darkness of Henrik/man brought to Obama, see?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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