July 13, 2012: When I open the eyes of my new self, man will enter a room without darkness receiving 5 years to show a clean heart


Summary of the script today

12th July: When I open the eyes of my new self, man will enter a room without darkness receiving 5 years to show a clean heart

  • We are walking out the door of darkness without leaving the key behind (!), my vitality is gradually pulled out from darkness and into my new self. I will be replaced invisible so no one will see anything on you in the beginning and “yes, the whole world will” (!) and that is until we say “start”.
  • Remaining darkness had been divided into “nothing” and will be considered as light of our New World without being it, and from our New World we will continue absorbing it to save “every little thing”.
  • I received THANK YOU from Matthew in Heaven – his mother is channelling his story including both light and darkness the same way as my scripts, but his mother and others did not bring any reservations as I saw, which is what I did in order to make people believe in me telling the truth.
  • When I leave the shell of darkness to put on the coat of my New World, this is also what the entire world will do. You cannot wash your house with a combination of white and grey to enter the New World, it requires faith and to show a clean heart – to follow my basic rules, live a “normal life” etc., and if you (theoretically) cannot, life will continue, but without you, and the fear of dying will become part of the “motivational factor” helping people to show a clean heart.
  • When I will open up the eyes of my new self, it also means that man has entered a temporary room of our New World without darkness, where man will get five years to improve before we will enter the next and final room of our TRUE New World. I/we will only see fractions of our true New World in this temporary room, and I will only become a little of my true self in this room “but we do believe it will be enough for the world to understand” and to follow me to our end destination of our New World.
  • When we entered the road of darkness – by mistake – we knew that it would end with destruction at the end of time, but there was nothing we could do about it except from one day to dream about coming back via the same road, which is what we are doing now.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures shows that it is hard to be a “dark eater” (because of sufferings), threats of darkness wanting mother and son to become married, Jette sees me leaving darkness: “This will hurt, Stig, the veil went off “again” .. you must not give up”, my name was written on the sky again including a “happy-jumper” and she said “tried of eating dark? Do you want a fish then”, which is about my leaving darkness to open they eyes of the fish of my new self.
  • Dreaming of my mother having to do “an impossible jump” because of my sister’s wrong influence and the faith of Torben in Spain helping me to save all life/everything ever created.
  • Short stories of meeting the night watchman switching on the light, media, politicians and sponsors of the Old World was close to smashing up the world (!), the story of Arthur Boorman, a disabled veteran of the Gulf War, who was told by his doctors that he would never be able to walk on his own, ever again, but he decided to do it anyway the same way as my journey was also impossible to go through, it is cool to be “Daddy cool” but who is “crazy like a fool” (?), it was a Social Democrat who tried to “destruct” Helena to promote his own career, Helena likes “strong” men taking control over her, which is WRONG (!), as part of the beginning of our New World, wrong doings of the Old World are being “leaked” including corruption, mismanagement and internal conflicts of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope has now sued a German magazine showing the Pope’s personal “leaks”, which is simply the truth because it means that the Pope and his church was part of the Old World responsible for the end of the world because of their selfishness, secrecy and “gold and glitter” if I did not save it, the attacks of the young people some weeks ago would have made most other people give up, Helena shows that we are walking out from darkness wearing rubber boots and the Danish IC4 trains are now driving, which was “completely impossible” symbolising my journey, a young man was killed by tigers in Copenhagen Zoo symbolising the worst darkness wanting to kill me and the world and Helle Thorning Schmidt dressed up as Barbie Girl bringing me threats of my “old nightmare”!

13th July: Kasi-Jesper’s money box is drying out symbolising that darkness has been emptied from all energy/life

  • Dreaming of someone suffering an indisposition, which I hope does not include John, my mother or father, my mother has decided not to see me because my scripts are “too noisy” and Angela only thinks negatively of me without thinking that I might be telling the truth about who I am.
  • I was receiving less sufferings starting to feel alive – and scraping out more life from inside of darkness.
  • I was happy receiving an email from Meshack confirming that he will take on the responsibility to receive and share my money with the LTO team without becoming tempted by the Devil.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures showed a new family meeting, light doing the quickest run just like my favourite athlete of all time, Carl Lewis and the storms Daniel, Emilia and Fabio, and Jette encouraged me to call my mother, which I did not – she and the family will have to call me when they want to take me into their hearts – and this started a wave of darkness scraping out more life from darkness.
  • Short stories about Sally’s darkness costing the lives of siblings in Denmark, Dan and also Kasi-Jesper (the financial man standing behind the handball team AG Copenhagen) are sending me “Nazi-darkness” but not for long because now Jesper’s money box is empty, which is the symbol of the energy box of the Devil drying out – there is nothing more to get!


12th July: When I open the eyes of my new self, man will enter a room without darkness receiving 5 years to show a clean heart

My vitality is gradually pulled out from darkness and into my new self – I will be replaced invisible until I will say “start”!

After publishing the script yesterday, I kept on receiving information, which I took notes of the next couple of hours – stressing in itself not to receive calm and yes darkness keep on coming and there is life inside of this – and I was encouraged pretty strongly to write this down before going to bed, and yes because I had no more to give I HAD to sleep, and NO I could not write it down this evening, I had given everything I got in me and that is to my extreme, so it is now 10.30 this morning when I am starting to write down this information (after breakfast, bath and checking Facebook), and I was told that this is what means by gradual transition that I am not able to work as hard as required.

I was told that we are walking out the door (to darkness) without leaving the key (which you normally would) because we found a new way to do this using a weakness in darkness, but only because you did your finest and hardest work as I was told. I am removing the flame of life as I was told but without anyone dying.

I was told by remaining darkness inside of me “surely they are not welcome, are they not, Stig” (?) and I could only repeat that “all light is welcome”.

I was told that it is not only humans receiving new genes, but also all animals as part of our New World.

I felt how vitality gradually is pulled out from one place and let into another, from my old self in darkness to my new self in light, and again I wonder if this will take weeks or months to do when doing it the right way, and not suddenly.

From the New World I was given an enormously strong feeling of Bettina coming to me all over my upper body with the feeling of faith and “eternity”, and I was told that the same applies for my nephew Niklas – and also that he knows that what he does – related to “sweet/candy” – is because of darkness forcing him.

I was told “we look forward to seeing your reaction when you will see the New World”.

I was shown a room of light and told that David has now left it and it will be considered as light without being it (remaining darkness), and this is how we will get it in and continue working on it from the inside of the New World, and I understood that this is about bending old rules of darkness, and I was told “because you have divided me into nothing to do this” and I was shown a dark white break being sliced with a sword, and this is because of the words of my scripts also influencing David.

I was shown David, pain in my foot and a lorry turning around – the inside of it.

I was told that “you will be replaced invisible so no one will see anything on you in the beginning” and “yes, the whole world will” (!) and that is until we say “start”.

I was told that we are walking the road where you are normally beheaded, but darkness has given up (on me), so we hope to get out without problems. And later I was told that no one gets out of there alive, but you got the whole world out and now yourself as the last, and I was told that it was my work writing these scripts, which kept darkness from beheading us.

I was told that there is only one universal word from the entire Universe, which is “thank you”, and I was given the feeling of receiving thank you from the entire Universe, and it is for not giving up, and the pain to my right foot was “beheading”, and I was told that this is nothing to what it would have been like if I had given up and started actively destructing, which would have meant termination instead of physical destruction (without termination) as the pain of my right foot was about, and I was told “nobody saw the Devil Stig coming anywhere”.

I was told “you cannot stop eternal vomit, when destruction once has started”, which is what would have happened if I had accepted destruction to start, “but we could prevent starting it” and also “this is what we feared the most”.

I was shown my mother and father sitting in a living room with fire in the fireplace and a crown on a blue pillow, and I was told that they are only waiting on me.

I received strong negativity all evening pressuring me to say “no” with the worst being that this voice comes from the deep inside of myself – “you are not welcome here” as it keeps telling (to light arriving) trying to force me to say the same, but no, this is NOT how to play the game.

And I was told that when I cannot keep on working as hard as required, this dissolves darkness (!) and I am becoming my new self – but the “new invention” will save everything remaining inside of there.

Before going to bed, I watched another Benny Hinn video, and I felt how this brought back darkness for me to handle and I was told “it is a little bit difficult when you believe you are going to die” as the voice of darkness returning to me said, and we know, you are NOT going to die.

I was told “this is the heart the, which we are slowly implementing” and I am thinking of the heart shared by Jette yesterday.

Receiving THANK YOU from Matthew in Heaven – his mother is channelling his story including both light and darkness

I received thank you from Matthew in Heaven, and I have mentioned Matthew a long time ago, and I read “messages from Matthew” channelled through his mother for a period of time around 2004/05, but I decided to stop when I saw that many of the messages given were not the truth, and I decided that it was “the Devil” speaking, which is why I decided to stop reading them, and I now understand that Matthew was subject to the same conditions as I, which was that darkness was much stronger than light making it “impossible” to write these scripts as the truth and really to receive faith from people, and yes I decided to leave because the scripts were presented as the truth without reservations (as I saw it), and it would have helped me to understand if his mother or others involved with translation of the messages (Kim D. from Selvet in Denmark, whom I also sent a Facebook invitation, which he did or could (?) not accept before I cancelled all pending friend requests, see the Facebook chapter below) had given the simple message that what she receives is 100% the truth, but both light and darkness and we know as I decided to do simply myself telling the truth, and this might have been important to help people believing in me.

Messages from the last Matthew channelled from the other side to his mother, Suzanne, included much darkness in the beginning but are now becoming cleaner with the removal of darkness

This is how Matthew’s mother got started channelling messages from her own, later Son. It must have meant a great emotional strain on her to do

And I can really only do the same as Matthew, which is to return my THANK YOU to both Matthew and his mother to do this work, and I am sorry that I lost faith in you, and now you know the reason why. Many stories were obviously not the truth, which was not because of Matthew or Suzanne but darkness forced upon Matthew! – And I am here told that Suzanne feels/felt the same as I did with David, because is David to be trusted or not (?), which was NOT EASY for Suzanne, and yes I wish that I had seen this clearly somewhere, but you decided to hide this information, which you see is important in order to make people believing in you!

Dreaming of my mother having to do “an impossible jump” because of my sister’s wrong influence

I went to bed at 23.00 and was allowed to sleep until 09.00 this morning – because this was my decision, and yes this is how it also works (!) – and I had a few dreams:

  • A very athletic man is sitting – almost lying – in the sofa, and he has given his shoes to an older lady sitting next to him, and the lady says that she will do a jump of 5 metres in these, and the man says that he could only do 3.53 metres himself. And the lady jumps over him because she is “crazy about him”, but both she and he knows that he will not accept her approach.
    • This is my mother and I, and shoes are “life”, so I am bringing life to my mother, and she will have to do an “impossible jump” herself (?), and impossible because of the influence of my sister, which is the hidden message here because bus line no. 353 drives from Helsingør to Hørsholm/Rungsted where my sister lives, and yes “bus” is also about “love making”, which is about the “old nightmare”, which my sister still brings me because of her wrong behaviour and now silence, and yes “she only wants to help”, but this is NOT how to do it, see Sanna?
  • I am in Spain in what first is a kiosk where I am buying a huge Spanish fashion magazine to the couple I am staying with in their cottage house, and a Spanish lady is “impressed” by this because it is Spanish, and this place is transformed into a delicious Spanish restaurant, where I have ordered and received foot, which I ask to take with me, and the servant leaves to pack it, but it takes forever, and I see how the restaurant is almost completely full, I am removing one of the benches closer to the exit, which is almost impossible to do because of the sheer number of people, and my mother is now there too becoming very impatient losing her composure while waiting on the servant, and I also notice that there is a wine cellar below the restaurant.
    • This is a dream given to me because of the Dane Torben T. living in Alicante, Spain, who became my Facebook friend through Jette, and his faith in me is helping for us to save life and “everything” from this restaurant/wine cellar of everything, which has ever been created.

I receive less darkness and stress and am “loosening up” – but still LTO makes me scratch my head!

I woke up to Bruce Springsteen’s “tougher than the rest”, which I somehow think of as a strong signature song of Bruce, and the lyrics “Well it’s Saturday night, you’re all dressed up in blue, I’ve been watching you a while, maybe you been watching me too”.

I continued receiving songs right after this, and first it was “birdland” by Weather Report followed by a song by Genesis, and Gnags (“blåbær”), but I decided that I would not write down everything – “we are gradually transforming” – and I was here shown a new act as I have not seen before, which is that I was locked out from Spotify automatically, and I was shown it happening right in front of (later I understood it was because of Facebook locking me off, see the chapter below on Facebook), and I was given the feeling of my mother and also a new small heart attack even more uncomfortable than normal, and I understood that leaving the last room of darkness is what will make life “unbearable” to my mother and I feat that the meaning of her having to do “an impossible jump” is to stay alive during this transition process, which is what is coming to me, and again I can only say that I will keep playing the game as I have always done, and it also includes to have my mother being the best protected of all (together with my self).

And the “weather report” is about a cloudburst here yesterday morning with 18 millimetres of rain in 20 minutes and the LOUDEST clap of thunder I have ever heard, which made me afraid when hearing it, which was repeated again this morning with the same loudest clap of thunder, and yes much darkness is coming to me, and not least because of my mother, who decided to abandon her son for good (?) because she could not take it anymore (?), and yes it truly seems that I had to go through this one alone, and that is except from Jette and others having faith in me.

I was told that when I am leaving darkness, it is not longer possible for the spirit of my mother to bring ovulation.

I have been told/shown about darkness a couple of times bringing down a picture of to hang it askew and I have been asked “are you leaving me” (?), with the only answer being “yes, it looks like it – but you are still part of our New World and everything will become light”.

I am thinking this morning about whom to send money to in LTO at the end of the month and how much money to send and yes David has said he does not want my money, even though he is still in the same need – this is truly a WRONG decision, which only stubborn people with “false pride” would do – and Elijah receives my money despite of having said that he will not (!), and Meshack has said that he cannot/will not receive my money when not being in Nairobi and able to react quickly to my emails/transfer, and yes this leaves John as I am now waiting to hear from, it he believes he can/will receive and share my money (?), and my dear friends, you are NOT making it easy neither for yourselves nor for me because of your behaviour (!), and it brings me more temptations to keep this money for myself next month (more than 2/3 of my available net income), but I have decided that I will share it with you no matter what, and if John “cannot” receive this money, maybe Meshack will after all and also do his best to share with the others, and if not the team, maybe with his father and others from his rural village (?), and yes we will see what LTO will “be able” to do and communicate to me during the month and that is if anything?

I still received much scratching to my head today, which is about the LTO team and families suffering, and yes even more than necessary because of the darkness of David “reducing” the amount of money from me to the team, and I was also told that I never started day-dreaming while working, which I know have been another constant threat to me, and yes directly transferred to me from my LTO friends often sitting in their chair and when having nothing to do, they often simply get into a “trance-state” with a blurred sight and yes “killing time”, which is the same as killing me (!), and yes so you know my dear LTO friends, and yes they are of course representing a part of the world doing as they, and this is how it effects me, almost dragging me down into darkness of nothing!

I was not tired today and during the afternoon I started receiving feelings as if darkness was not tormenting me and yes “loosening me up” from a feeling literally feeling darkness as if you were in a basement of coal, and feeling as down as someone standing with all of his weight on you, and yes also to be lifted from negative speech etc., which is still there, but this afternoon simply weaker than for most of the time, and I even had periods not feeling any marks at all to my left foot, and only some to my right, and you might imagine having a metal wire around your foot, which is what can create a strong burning pain when it is being pulled with all force imaginable, and yes put on top of this the feeling of a bleeding wound from the angle, which is now almost not there anymore, and yes it took much to get the last out of darkness.

I was thinking that when I am leaving the shell of darkness to put on the coat of my New World, this is what the entire world is doing because as long as I have stayed inside of darkness to absorb/save content of it, this is what the world has too, and yes covered by this the last coat of darkness, and when I will being seeing my new self, this is what the world will too, but apparently there is the addition that it will first be when I say “start”, so let us see what will happen.

I continued writing on the script until 17.30 today again with less stress than normal, I went outside for a walk noticing that I could take on my right shoe without problems, so the swelling must be less now and I was given a new sudden pain “out of this world” to my right foot at the same time as I was given the feeling of brown and “old wine” destructing (but not terminating) because of my mother as I was told and that is because she keeps on thinking of me bringing me darkness when she “cannot” contact me, I had dinner and continued working at 19.30 with updates to the script including the following information.

I was told that it was true that if destruction had started, it would continue destructing and that is until a New World would create an invention to make it stop, but as you know we never started destruction because I never gave in to darkness.

I was told “don’t you believe we have received a new bell on the cycle” and I was told “because of Niklas”.

I was told that “they can almost not kill me anymore – there is no more tape”, which is about darkness ending and a reference to the clairvoyant reading I received from the medium Mike Hunter in 2005, which you can read here, which ends with the words “But just try not to be too intense, let me just say this, there is also your grandmother here …. (no more tape)”.

When I open the eyes of my new self, man will enter a room without darkness receiving 5 years to show a clean heart

I was told that the solid furniture we are moving is the physical world as the last and yes for it to wake up outside darkness of the Old World and inside light of our New World, which we sure hope will be noticed by people, don’t you think it will (?) as I hear someone saying.

I was told by the spirits of my mother and father “we will now become parents” with pride and excitement in their voices.

I was told that without the cycle, which my mother and John gave me for my birthday, we would not have been able to come this far (because of the exercise it made me do bringing energy).

When I was out walking, I received a STRONG desire of darkness wanting to destruct all green – trees and bushes – on the way, and when returning home, I felt how the presence of darkness is coming further and further behind me, and I am here given a strong beating pain to my right heel, which is about the pain of my father (hope he will make it), and the darkness was strong and gave me the finger all of the time, and I now receive much stronger marks to my right foot again, which lasted parts of the evening.

I was shown the road out, which we are walking, with a bridge of red and blue tongs above us, and that is more and more blue.

I was shown a large gear wheel – the one making the world go around – together with an arm watch, and this was when we entered this road of darkness knowing that it would end with destruction at the end of time, but there was nothing we could do about it except from one day to dream about coming back via the same road, which is what we are doing now – and I feel “pinch our arms” as the feeling.

I was told that we knew it would create endless sufferings of people where no one wanted to die, and we received help from the Source through the creation of our New World, which is what is entering everything of the Old World with great power because this was our wish, i.e. my wish.

I was shown the Swedish King – symbolising pain and also his knowledge about me – and first everything being a diamond, where I saw a piece of it being used as jewellery for my mother when she was overtaken by darkness.

For a VERY long time – for years – I have received all of this strong, negative speech and sometime with a strength CONSTANTLY making it “impossible” to bear with everything inside of me wanting to stop this voice, which is what I was asked about again and again and again – did I ever write this (?) – but I knew by instinct that the right decision was to allow the negative voice to continue speaking, and yes had I decided to stop it, it would be the same as saying no to “everything”, which would stop the game and end the world at come stage or end creation at a later stage, so it was good that I both decided to accept this voice and to decide to say that “everything is welcome” and we know not the easiest I have done.

When I decided to watch a programme on TV, I received less sufferings and felt how the orange colour and New World came closer with the feeling of entering me, and yes I have decided to work “my best” but not my hardest anymore even though it is harder than normal work. I decided to work for only one hour this evening having a “to do list” with “nice to have” tasks and not “need to have”.

I was shown Anders Lund Madsen – the famous TV host and comedian of Denmark – as an ice cream covered with chocolate inside a ship and then I saw nuts being poured over the chocolate of the ice cream and I was told “this is help given to us to find back” as I was told, and yes coming from the Source self, and you know that ship is the world, ice cream is sufferings, chocolate is selfishness and nuts are creation.

I was shown a brown house returning to the egg, which is us as creation returning to pureness as part of our New World.

I was told that you cannot wash your house with a combination of white and grey to enter the New World, and that it requires faith and to show a clean heart – to follow my basic rules, live a “normal life” etc. – and I was told that on our way into the New World, we will enter a temporary room where man will get these five years to improve before we will enter the next and final room of our TRUE New World, and I was told that I/we will only see fractions of our true New World in this temporary room, and I will only become a little of my true self in this room “but we do believe it will be enough for the world to understand” and I cannot write the true expression given to me in English but it was including “don’t you think so” and with a feeling of “more than enough” together with smiles.

And I was told that this is what the hole in my right foot is about, if the world will decide to survive or not, which it will get five year to decide and to do, and I was given a strong feeling of being afraid of dying because of people resisting me and their feeling of fear of dying, which I do believe will also be a drive for people to show a clean heart.

When this was said, I received a strong diarrhoea symbolising the end of the world and it came together with the feeling of Jeannett, and I was told that she and Karina were “planted” on my way out of darkness bringing me this darkness, and I was told that if the world “cannot” show a clean heart, we will start all over creating “perfect” new life of our New World.

And I was given so much darkness here with the feeling/fear of dying and also fear that man – or parts of man – will decide not to show a clean heart that it was also about to bring me down, but I kept on remembering what I have written on the front page of my website that everyone will receive direct help to show a clean heart and that we have guaranteed all to enter, and I will not change this text, but if something should happen, which I cannot foresee today where man will not show a clean heart, it means that life will continue, but it will be without you!

I was also given strong feelings from darkness wanting me not to care about old life, because we will now get new life no matter what happens, and I will survive myself, but no, this is NOT how the piano works, EVERYONE is going to follow me, and we have not come this far to stop this plan, and yes I do believe that the worst part is over, and that it should be manageable for everyone to take the last step into the great wide open :-).

This was really “the last regards of darkness” trying to stop me from taking all of the solid furniture with me out of darkness into this new “temporary room” and for me to decide to kill some on the way, but no – the answer is NO!

And it was repeated to me that “you will get on a temporary suit, not the final, but this just might be enough for the world to see” and again meaning “it should be more than enough” and it was given with smiles.

I was told that the pain to my right foot is not over with yet because of my mother, but “soon”, and I was told that there will also be no more sneezing hereafter, which you know is “no more sufferings/sacrifices of the Universe”.

I was shown that we fell down into a hole in a volcano, where hardened lava made it impossible to get out again, but still this is what we did to save everyone.

This is what it was all about, to bring out all life without losing anyone, and I was given the clear and serious voice of the spirit of my father inside of darkness (!) telling me that if necessary I would also receive help from him not to lose anyone here at the end – and I understood again “because we don’t want to die” will become a main “motivational factor” of people to show a clean heart.

Before going to bed I watched a new Benny Hinn video – it is still incredible to watch all of these people becoming healed and to see how they shake all over when the power of the Holy Spirit works inside of them, it still touches me to see – and I was shown a giant queen mother as a larva laying MANY new cars, i.e. people, and I was told “just because of this” and yes watching Benny Hinn and receiving the energy still inside of this.

And finally, I was told that we survived a place, which was not designed for survival!

I did not watch the Tour de France stage today, but I understood that a new Dane was inspired to “perform over his ability” when they drove one of the hardest mountain stages of the tour this year, and it was Chris Anker Sørensen, who was in outbreak a long time and was only caught by the favourites at the very end, and here he says that “I was dying many times, but managed to pull strength enough to remain there all the road”, and yes I could not have said it better myself, I was also dying all the road and could have decided to “die”, or to “give up” because continuing to ride uphill, which in my case was to work when having no energy, is not very easy to do, but it is with me as it is with these racing cyclists, you will only win if you never give up, if you decide to go into the pain, to suffer, and to remain there until you cross the finish line.

And Bjarne Riis – the manager of Chris and the Saxo Bank team – said here that “Chris(t) did the impossible today, and kept on fighting, he was the rubber band today”

Facebook was almost “deactivating” me because of darkness/fear of friends, who cannot accept my friend requests!

Poor politics from Facebook, Meshack etc. who raise themselves above all reasonable behaviour.

This morning I was surprised to see the following message from a group member of Lucas’ Facebook group saying that Lucas’s Facebook account was disabled today without warning of explanation from Facebook (!!!), and it made me think that this policy of Facebook, as I saw myself with Microsoft trying to shut me down from the(ir) Universe in 2010, is VERY wrong – how can you simply decide to shut people down without telling them why or give a warning (?), and it goes beyond me, and yes just like adding people to Facebook groups, which is WRONG behaviour and all the way to the top of Facebook!

And it made me wonder really, because I have NOT noticed a decrease in the number of my Facebook friends recent days, and when I look at my list of friends, Lucas is still there now without his picture, and when clicking his name, Facebook says that his account has been deactivated (!), and I thought if this is a symbol of life inside of darkness apparently being “deactivated” because I as the life flame is leaving the place, and you know until we will re-activate it from the other side (?), and yes this is what it looks like.

And when I checked the status of Michael Hardinger, who has still not returned as my friend, he now has the same status as Lucas (!), but I do believe that he is NOT included in the number of my friends when being “deactivated”, and yes this is a development, because he was not “deactivated” until now, and I cannot remember the content of the previous message, but you can find it looking back a few months in my scripts – and yes, this also makes me worry about whether or not my father and John are still alive?

And when I was writing on the script of today, and switched to the Internet to see if there were new postings on Facebook, I was VERY surprised to receive this message from Facebook saying I that have “sent friend requests to people you don’t know”, which is not allowed on Facebook (!), and yes this came after seeing the destiny of Lucas this morning, which made me think that I do NOT hope that Facebook would do similar to me because Facebook is my main communication mean to the world (!), and then this (!!!), and yes I could only click the box below saying that I understand the “friend request rules”!

And this brought me to this page where I was asked if I want to cancel pending friend requests (?), which “will help keep your account in good standing” (!!!), and yes I thought that the other day I sent friend requests to Michella, Sidsel and Henriette followed by Dorthe A., whom I all know well, and yes followed a few days ago to Susan (my old colleague from Fair), yesterday by a new invitation to Lena B. (from TelePerformance) and yes also John’s brother Tommy’s two daughters Karina and Jeannett – where I was told “this will make their family speak much about me”, and you do know that Tommy is married to Inge, who HAS accepted me on Facebook some weeks ago, and yes her daughter is my old friend, Kirsten you know – so it seems as if Facebook has a “security system” to block out people like me “misusing” the system, because I obviously have to be a “bad guy” inviting people not knowing me (!), and yes the truth is that if these people did not misunderstand me and did not have pain in their behinds about me – which is what they transfer to me, and yes also now and MUCH of the time (!) – they would all be happy to accept me as friends, but no, when they misunderstand me and “cannot”, they are making darkness trying to block me out (!), and yes what an IRONY (!), and yes I know I have sent a few requests to publically well known people like Mette Fugl and Jan Monrad, who decided not to accept me, but many of these people have accepted me and started to learn about me and to receive faith in me, and yes I wrote about CRAZY Facebook yesterday, and this is what it was leading to (!), and what did I decide to do when answering the question below, and yes it was the first option to “cancel all my pending friend requests” because if people do not want to be my friends, this is how it is (!), and because I need to have my Facebook profile up and running, therefore, and if SAD is the right word, and yes YOU BET!

My Facebook friend Lucas has been “deactivated” on Facebook, which Michael Hardinger now also seems to be (!) symbolising the apparent deactivation of remaining life inside of darkness when I am leaving it together with my life flame (until I will re-activate it as my new self), and after I have sent Facebook friend requests to a number of people lately, who normally would accept me without problems, but “cannot” because of their misunderstandings and fear of me, I was almost also deactivated receiving a warning from Facebook that I have sent invitations to people I don’t know (!), which has made me in a bad stand, which is irony of destiny with darkness trying to hit me this way – removing my most important communication tool to the world – on my way out of darkness, but I decided that I will not invited people who don’t want to be friends with me, as they normally would (!), to become my friends herewith cancelling all pending friend requests to bring back a “good standing” on Facebook.

And yes my first thought was really to click “don’t cancel any pending friend requests”, but COMMUNICATION is the most important for now, and I don’t want to fight Facebook the same way as I don’t want to fight YouTube as I showed you some months ago, and NOT because I am wrong, which they are, but because I would not win this fight today, but it does NOT mean that I have given up, because both Facebook and YouTube will change their “policies” of Hell when they will understand and have faith in me (!), and yes it makes me wonder if I truly was protected by WordPress and Facebook after all if and when “insulted family/friends etc.” may have contacted them to close me down (?), and yes only the future of our New World will show.

And yes, this is about coming out of darkness without darkness “beheading” me, and I am told that this is also what will decide to destiny of my mother, and yes I have NO intentions to change how I play the game despite of temptations, and let me say that the pain I receive to my behind now is VERY strong, and I am again given the thoughts about “Ariane”, and yes would “she” decide to report me to Facebook because of my writings on “her” Facebook wall (!) helping to give me a “bad standing” (?), and yes this is how darkness works, when it works its worst, and I can only say that my writings are still on her wall today, so I don’t know if “she” did not see them or decided to do nothing maybe also having other false Facebook profiles, which she decided to use instead now that I have revealed her, and yes who knows, but no, when I look, I can see that she has received a new friend with the number of friends increasing from 63 to 64 from yesterday to today!

Later: This is about going to the extreme limit of darkness without breaking it (receiving darkness from people having “feelings” about me!), which you know is “to get out of here” – and I thought about Susan, Lena, Karina, Jeannett as new examples of people who “could not” accept my friendship invitation because of people talking about me as a crazy man, which is almost the same as a leper, and yes it makes people do the most crazy things and to run away from you, and we know PURE DARKNESS is what you see, and what I understand that I still see here on my way out of darkness, and I imagine that I am now walking through the “thinnest shell” of darkness not knowing what I will see on the other side, and how long it will take, but I don’t believe it will take very long, so maybe one of these days, I will see the New World for the first time, which will also make the world see it and yes like REALLY SEE IT, so no one will be in doubt, and not even you, Helena.

And even later, I was told that it was my mother and John telling Inge and Tommy that I had become crazy, which Inge and Tommy passed on to Tommy’s daughters Karina and Jeannett, and Inge has now become my Facebook friend and is starting to understand that I am not really crazy (?) – also after we met in the summer of 2011, Inge, where you saw a “normal man”, right (?) – but still Tommy’s daughter’s believe in the first information they received, which was “very easy” to give as gossip is among simple-minded people: “Have you heard that Stig has gone mad”, and yes you don’t even have to know, just believing negatively is enough and yes to have Kirsten confirming it and then you are of course mad, and yes Kirsten, were you also fooled by the psychiatrist declaration on me, not reading and understanding my memo to the psychiatrist and all of my other writings (?), and now it is “impossible” to tell Tommy’s daughters that eeeehhhh, Stig just might be Jesus, and yes “impossible”!

Jette sees me leaving darkness to open up the eyes of the fish of my new self

Here is the selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group.

Jette encouraged me to bring my comments to this one, and I decided to say that many scientists see the beauty and intelligence of the building stones of the world making them strong believers, and many religious people only believe in themselves and the Bible (or another religious script) and so much that people of the church in Denmark and Kenya could not recognise me when I presented myself for them, and yes I also brought the story of the Pope, for him and the church to see already today, and I was told later that Vatican had seen it and is sending me darkness, and you do not like to know that your church will close down (?), and still you do not like to tell the world about me and I wonder why that is?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dennis is “around Denmark” on holiday bringing new and interesting stories everyday on Facebook, which I like to see, and today he and his wife was in Ribe meeting this night watchman, and I bring it here, because he is the one switching on the light, which is what old dreams are about and yes also the night watchman of Gjensidige Insurance of Norway, which I worked for shortly in 2007 after it had taken over Fair Insurance.

  • The “newsman” and political commentator Peter brought the story of the movie “good night and good luck” about the media’s relations to politicians and sponsors, which is “not easy” (!), and “coincidently” he also experienced today that “a gardener smashed two panes in my greenhouse. Close to the tomatoes. The world almost does not stand anymore”, and yes this is truly what he wrote, and you know the tomatoes are about my new self, and when he is close to smashing my new self, this is what “media, politicians and sponsors” of the Old World were, and if you want to know more, please read my page on Media & Politicians.

  • Fuggi brought the link below about a man whom “everyone” had given up on, but nothing is impossible when you decide to NEVER GIVE UP, which this is an inspired example of, and yes just like me never giving up, even though my journey was impossible to do. This is the introduction to the video from YouTube:

“Arthur’s story is highlighted from the beginning, in the upcoming documentary, INSPIRED: The Movie. http://www.inspiredthemovie.com.

Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for 15 years, and was told by his doctors that he would never be able to walk on his own, ever again.

He stumbled upon an article about Diamond Dallas Page doing Yoga and decided to give it a try — he couldn’t do traditional, higher impact exercise, so he tried DDP YOGA and sent an email to Dallas telling him his story.

Dallas was so moved by his story, he began emailing and speaking on the phone with Arthur throughout his journey – he encouraged Arthur to keep going and to believe that anything was possible. Even though doctors told him walking would never happen, Arthur was persistent. He fell many times, but kept going.

Arthur was getting stronger rapidly, and he was losing weight at an incredible rate! Because of DDP’s specialized workout, he gained tremendous balance and flexibility — which gave him hope that maybe someday, he’d be able to walk again.

His story is proof, that we cannot place limits on what we are capable of doing, because we often do not know our own potential. Niether Arthur, nor Dallas knew what he would go on to accomplish, but this video speaks for itself. In less than a year, Arthur completely transformed his life. If only he had known what he was capable of, 15 years earlier.

Do not waste any time thinking you are stuck – you can take control over your life, and change it faster than you might think.

Hopefully this story can inspire you to follow your dreams – whatever they may be.

Anything is Possible!”

  • Dan brought this SUNNY greetings to Liz from Boney M., and Berith below was inspired to say” cool”, which came via my message to one of Jette’s pictures the other day saying that “it is cool to be cool”, and as I told Berith it is cool to be DADDY COOL and yes “the man upstairs” you know switching on our new SUN, and I do wonder who is “crazy like a fool” because I am not :-).

  • Jane encouraged Helena to update her “dead boring” profile after “your stunt”, and Helena said that “it goes much better when I don’t think anything and do not interfere” and Jane apparently “provoked” Susanne so much by calling it a “stunt”, so she almost lost it (!) herewith giving me and my readers more information about what really went on, and yes “Helena did nothing wrong. On the contrary she tried very hard to take control herself. I have never seen anything as dirty as some cone trying to pull Helena down on such a low level to promote his own career”, and yes all I know so far is that apparently a Social Democrat has (mis-)used Helena in relation to the media, which decided to chase her, but I still don’t know about what, and Susanne excused her “violent eruption” (and yes just like darkness!) but she was both frustrated and sad, and she also told Helena “just erase all of this, I just HAD to get it off because I was provoked” , and yes Helena decided that she did not want to comment and encouraged people to comment but only today and then she would delete the thread this evening, but apparently she received new thoughts because a couple of hours after this, this thread was deleted, but here is some of the truth, and yes “I am finished, completely finished with everything and everyone who were involved”.

  • Helena here say ”someone has just told me ”you are only to feel, then I will do the meaning”. I completely went down in my knees. It is the most liberating I have ever heard and then it came from a man with a pretty high IQ”, and yes this is about Helena truly liking to have a STRONG man, but it is WRONG to have people deciding over you, and even though also you Helena later said that it sounded “cool”, “there is a call for you at the closed groupe, Jette has established” and yes as if she said “the closed mental department”, because this is also what “craziness” is about, when people cannot feel and think what is right to do because this is WRONG!

  • A “leak” has revealed “allegations of corruption, mismanagement and internal conflicts” of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church – read more here – which is about revelations of the Old World being leaked because of the New World opening (!), and it made the German satiric magazine “Titanic” bring these pictures of “the leaking Pope” as you can see below/here, which made the Church and the Pope self “offended” because it could make him look bad in the eyes of people, and yes the Pope and the Church decided to sue the magazine (!), and yes because of these “innocent” pictures (?), and yes you got it, and my dear Benedict, this story is PLANTED BY GOD SELF (!) to show the world that your church and you were destructing the world self because of your WRONG behaviour of secrecy and selfishness prioritising your own “gold and glitter” instead of truly following in my footsteps to be the poorest man yourself doing his best to help the poor people (!), and yes this is what this symbol means, and you do remember when I have written MANY times about diarrhoea given to me as symbols of the destruction of the world, and yes your church also brought it to me, and “Titanic” was the biggest ship of them all, which could not sink, but still it sunk and yes as I have told you about before as a sign to the world about the coming end of the world, and eeeehhhemmm if I would not be able to save it of course, so let me say this to Benedict and your church: Your time is coming to an end, it will NOT be your church preaching my words to man, it will become Living Testimony Organization as the ONLY organization of God, and you are of course welcome to join and that is if you can sell everything you got to follow me?

  • One of the group of young people (high school students and now “ex-students”), Nikolaj, has started work at an old-age home, which was as he had feared, he dried several behinds of old people, and was offered payment to give sexual services (!), and yes this is about “leaks” of these people, which is “darkness” together with sexual torments symbolising my “old nightmare”, which is what these young people brought me when they suddenly lost “faith” in me, which was “helped” by Lasse, the young, strong and “never give up” young man attacking Jette and me over again, which was close to bring me down (!), but I also got over this obstacle of darkness, and just before coming to this story, I was given the feeling of one of these young people, Christian, still having faith in me, which is really how I see the other part of this story of Nikolaj, where he brings a touching story about an old married couple, who could hardly walk or talk, but still the old man did everything to help his “disable” wife (pushing out the chair for her, cutting out her food etc.), which gives strength to hold on to life when others a long time ago would have given up, and yes this is really a “touching” story, and as you may understand, it symbolises me not giving up to darkness of these young people losing faith and attacking me, which would have made others give up, and it seems that I have recovered the faith of at least some of these young people and yes because of my posts via Facebook! – And Nikolaj also says that “moments like this and the hour long lunch breaks makes it a pure joy to be a public employees” and yes I see your first point (about the old couple), and the last point only confirms that you are tempted to be as lazy as everyone else, for example as Lasse doing “nothing” to TRULY understand me.

  • Helena said that it is difficult to pack for her holiday this year because “outside the sun is shining and it is splash raining”, and “Aunt Jette” said that it was easy “bare legs and rubber boots” and yes it is as my mother said the other day that I could not walk out of this darkness without rubber boots, see (?), and we are going through both darkness and light here.

  • The final story of the Danish IC4 train, which was followed by bad luck for years making it impossible for the Italian factory to deliver and to make them work, and yes they are now driving and we know the symbol showing that it was impossible for me to finish my train drive to the other side, but where there is a will, there is a road.
  • The night to yesterday, a 20 year old man decided to climb into the closed Copenhagen Zoo, see here, and further on into the tigers, who followed their instincts, saw him as pray and killed him with bites to the neck, and I did not know if this was a symbol before today when I was told “what do you believe yourself when walking out the worst darkness” (?), which is what darkness wants to do, to bite us in the throat and yes to bring damages to the world, but no, let us do our best work and we should be able to get through. Later I was told that “tigers” mean “mankind”!

  • You may remember the song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua – the biggest Danish hit ever – and yes about a simple minded and superficial world obsessed by sex, and here is the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt dressed up as a Barbie Girl, and no Helle, I don’t want a ride with you like that, and this is just to say that you are bringing me sufferings too and threats of my “old nightmare”.


13th July: Kasi-Jesper’s money box is drying out symbolising that darkness has been emptied from all energy/life

Dreaming that my mother has decided not to see me because my scripts are “too noisy”

I was again allowed to sleep all night from approx. 23.00 to 08.40, which is longer in hours but still probably not giving me normal sleep yet, but I don’t feel tired today and I do believe that we have ended the sufferings of having to stay up during nights, it seems that I am indeed gradually getting out of darkness receiving less sufferings during both days and nights – and a few dreams too, first a bad one making me feel bad when waking up:

  • Something about being drunk, suffering an indisposition and in a train at the Marienlyst stop (next to my mother and John), and later I was driving with my cycle to a petrol station to “fill it up” where I was attacked by someone hidden in the darkness.
    • I don’t hope that John – or my father of mother – have suffered a new indisposition.
  • I am at a U2 concert in Denmark together with my mother, where I am surprised to see that there are not many spectators, not in the beginning at least, and it looks boring. I stand at the edge (!) of the stage where one of the band members hand me a bag of “sausage horns”, but the man to the left of me takes the bag even though it was meant for me, and this man is “kind” offering me one of the sausage horns, which I reject, and later I see that there is now a HUGE crowd of people, and so many that a group of people standing uphill towards a tree fall down, but it does not look “bad”. Afterwards I take the bus to return to my car.
    • U2 is nice music, but it is “too noisy” for my mother herewith giving me the explanation to why we don’t see each other, because my scripts are “too noisy” for her, and yes she does not like me to write this and certainly not to be included in them, and yes SAD isn’t it (?) – but I am given a happy voice inside of me for coming here – and the sausage horns are “darkness wanting to bring me my “old nightmare”, but instead it brings creation”, and I wonder if this is both because of the attitude of my mother, and also darkness of this band, who are known for doing “good”, but everyone also includes darkness.
    • And later I was given some words that this is also why my sister does not contact me, and yes my dearest little mother and sister “could not” take my “noisy scripts” in the end deciding to completely break with me, and not because they don’t like to be together with me, which they do, but because “they could not take my scripts on them”, and yes talk about darkness, which they sent to me, and do you have any idea just how much sadness this brings not only me but also them (?), and yes but it did not make them READ and UNDERSTAND my entire website to start with (?), and we know Stig, it is not needed, they know who I am and at least in their hearts.
    • And yes, people decided to leave/abandon me – also feeling Karen here – because they could not stand me with the truth being that they could not stand themselves, but “impossible” it was to look into the mirror and to understand what people saw, because they DID NOT WANT to understand!
    • And the great number of people arriving is about all of the life we have saved during my journey NOT LEAST because of the immense amount of darkness, which my mother has sent me as the dream says, and that we are doing the last part of restructuring our New World to make sure that no one will fall.
  • Something about Angela inviting Peter A. to go with her and her brother to some kind of music, and I think that she does not even think about asking me even though she should know that I am an even greater music lover than Peter A.
    • It seems that my good, old friend Angela can only think dark thoughts about me, which is what Peter A. is about, and yes she cannot even think that I am telling the truth, and yes SAD is also what it is.

I was given my favourite song by the Rolling Stones “Wild horses” and the lyrics “I watched you suffer a dull aching pain”, and yes this is because of the 50th anniversary of this the greatest Rock and Roll band in the world, and yes 50 YEARS, my friends (!), which is much and “impossible” to do in the Old World, but “nothing” in our New World, and yes I bring you my CONGRATULATIONS too for this amazing anniversary.

I received much less sufferings in the beginning of the day, however it is still with me under the surface, and will probably break out later in the day, but I strongly received the feeling “I have gone on holiday and do nothing now”, and yes this is about my family/friends etc. going on holiday and “reducing their pulse/tempo”, which I can read about on Facebook, and yes it is coming to me strongly to tempt me to do the same, and yes it is VERY difficult to work not receiving inspiration but simply “nothing” together with the feeling “now I don’t want to do anything again”, and we know feeling my LTO friends again here.

I used some hours to do the last of my script of yesterday, and first started writing the script of today after lunch today, and it does really seem that I will not receive many stories today, and I do believe that I will not be surprised with much work coming, which will give me the chance to work on tasks from my to do list – or Action Plan of course if I had more work to plan and yes my to do list, is really the “comprised Action Plan”.

I also weighed myself again and it said 116.2 kilos, so I am continuing to lose weight, so the next goal is 115 and then 110 and we will take it from there until I will get below 90 again.

I was shown that we have completely broken down the house (of the world), gone under water (suffered much) and changed the whole foundation of the world making it the creation of the spirits of my mother and father and not mother and son, and as you know to make it sustainable to bring an eternal and happy life for everyone.

I was shown the landing bridge from a ferry over leading to our New World where a small part of the bridge was made of wood of “not the best quality”, which is the temporary room of our New World of these 5 years, and yes our New World will first become much stronger with the faith of people in me and with people showing a clean heart improving their behaviour and work, and I was shown in a vision what looked like “completely clean/light” inside of this room now.

At 15.30, when there was no more work to do here and now – I have decided to do a few additions to my website this evening – I decided to do a cycle exercise, and I was given a mark above my right angle on the inner side, which is really where the “entrance” to me is located, and the feeling “it will become worse and may directly PAIN if you exercise” herewith also tempting me to do nothing, but no, I will NOT let this pressure me as it has never done, so away we go.

I received stronger darkness again because Jette had encouraged me to call my mother shortly before I went out, and this was strengthened much by my spiritual voice and I was told that it was needed to heal the wound on my right angle, but I decided that it was my mother doing wrong, and I have already sent her an email without receiving her answer, so it will have to be her contacting me, so I decided to say I WILL NOT CALL MY MOTHER – SHE WILL CALL ME (!) and it was not easy because of the pressure given to me including an incredible amount of negativity, which darkness wanted me to return to my mother because of her wrongdoings – but NO (!) and this is how it had to be, and when I took a break when cycling in Hornbæk enjoying the view over the (beach and the) sea from the right side of the harbour, I received strong darkness, which still wanted to overtake me making me speak negative, and when it thought that it had almost got me, I was shown an ugly looking witch on the beach stirring her big dark pot over living fire and she wanted me to to add spices and to “eat” life (forever and ever!) but, no this is not how we work here, but this was the first and probably the last time I was receiving this option and yes just to say that my mother misses me terrible, but it is my sister keeping her from me (because of my writings and who know also the psychiatrist report, which Sanna has looked herself blind on?)

I cycled for approx. 30 kilometres – spiritual darkness still interferes with my mobile phone, but less today – and I was happy being able to do this, and I was told that the more extreme darkness, which my mother sends me (not because she wants too, but this is the effect of her “thinking”) and the more energy I provide, is the best cocktail to save life, which is.

When I took a bath afterwards and combed my hair, I received STRONG scratchings to my head, and Elijah’s family was mentioned to me, and yes David, eeehhh, you were doing “fundraising activities etc.” while Elijah’s family was suffering (?), and yes just wonder I am.

And it is not all darkness, which has left me, but if you imagine that everything inside of you is darkness, that you are trapped behind the outline of your skeleton being darkness and it keeps you down, drains your energy and everything I have told you over again, and then it starts lifting making it possible for you really to raise yourself up, this is how it feels, and to start breathing/living, this is how it is, but not fully yet, but part of the way.

I continued working on the last pictures of Jette and few updates to the script after dinner, and published the last two days of scripts at 21.30.

Here follows a few updates:

I was happy when Pernille from the Red-Green Alliance was kind to send me her thanks for my email and support, and yes I did not receive your thanks, Henrik Sass (?), or any other thank you from politicians and media, and just wondering I am.

I was told that “perfect” means that our New World will feel completely still without the snow effect you see on these what are they called (?) – and yes we still have much of these challenges trying to find the right words, which I cannot remember and normally don’t tell you about – but you know the small glasses with water inside and motives of for example a village and when you shake it, it will give a snow effect, and yes our New World will feel completely stable with “no snow effects”.

I was shown a lasso around me and told that there are no bonds binding us, but we still need some structure, which is what we have discovered.

I was told that it is now a matter of getting the Old World match the New World – and yes everything inside of darkness to be the same everything inside our New World.

I was told that gratitude continues flowing towards us (from souls of our New World as I understand it), and yes I am told “because of the work you do there” and we know I take the decisions (and would like to pass it on to the spiritual world) and apparently this makes it possible for you to do your work, but you are really the ones doing the work, and yes I am only bringing the energy and we know to be the “skriver-Karl” (“scriber Joe” maybe?) as Per P. from Acta always used to say that he was.

I had more work than expected this evening, and decided to include all updates to my script of today, and to postpone the addition to my website to tomorrow, where I will do my best to find time doing this work, which should not be that difficult (!), we will see, and I received one new STRONG pain “out of this world” to my right angle, and was told that it is because I don’t see my mother, and it was together with the feeling “did I do right not calling my mother”, and no matter what, this is what I decided to do because it was right to do.

Meshack will receive and share my money with the LTO team without becoming tempted by the Devil

I was happy receiving this email from Meshack confirming that he is willing to receive my money and to divide it with the team members – please also offer David to receive his share (!) – and the promise Meshack makes here “not accept to be tempted by the devil” and to be transparent is the way to do it, and this is what you, David and really the team can learn much from. There is NO need at all to keep things a secret, only if you have something to hide, and are you sure David that you don’t want to come out of the closet and tell me the FULL truth?

Thank you so much, Meshack, and I really only have one thing to add, which is that I asked John as the first if he would take on this work, and it is fine by me that you do it, if it is also fine by John, whom I kindly ask you to contact to ask, and if I don’t hear anything else from neither of you, I will send money to you the last bank day of each month, which normally is during the afternoon, so the next transfer will be July 31, and I will send you an email with payment instructions in the afternoon on July 31, so now you know with a little more than two days of notice :-).

Here is his email:

Hi there, hope you are doing well, I am doing well and thank God for having taken me that far. The reason for writing to you within few days is that when reading your scripts you were concerned that I am defending David but Stig I will accept to receive the cash for the team but a humble request to you to be informing me at least two days before sending it so that I can do as expected which is sending it to other members.

 My promise to you is that I will not accept to be tempted by the devil to get even a cent from the cash and everything will be done in a transparent manner for the benefit of all of us. It is a simple task which can be done without being supervised and I hope this will make both of us realize how a simple task has taken a dimension of a big problem which should not be the case.

  Kind regards,

Google Earth pictures showing light doing the quickest run just like my favourite athlete of all time, Carl Lewis

These are the selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group today.

And Jette is a lady as most people, who LOVES to receive praise and “cannot stand” to be told about her “improvement needs”, so once again Jette you were on the barricades towards me telling you the truth about your improvement needs to help you, and yes it should not be difficult for you to understand that I am helping you and the world, should it (?), and your darkness is what also helped me “through the barricades” on my way out of darkness, and right here, you helped us getting “another metre out” as I am told because distances are very small here, almost impossible to measure, because this is included in the minds of people …, and we know “too complicated” to tell now.

Jette also asked me this question about this storm in Moscow, Russia.

And finally, Jette was kind to bring me the BEAUTIFUL SONG “hjem”, which is about ending a long road to come home and to become whom we really are, which is the process we are going through right now.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Sally has been going through a “cleansing process” lately bringing many postings about the great storm, which she and many Americans experienced, and about her spiritual experiences cleaning out in friends not understanding her, and here is a favourite expression of hers, which is “going to the haystack”, and sadly, because of the darkness she sends me because of my Facebook postings apparently still not understanding who I am, an accident occurred yesterday here in Denmark, when three siblings at a farm in Jutland had haystacks (!) falling over them, which by today has cost two of these girls their lives as you can read about here, and yes this is showing you the darkness of Sally, and I do wish that you would be able to understand me, Sally, instead of confronting people about whether or not they understand you!

  • Dan was “funny” when he said “consider new name, how does Kasi Dan sound”, and this was really to help me write the story about “Kasi-Jesper” below, which I would otherwise not have written (!), and Borka asked when someone witty would change the K with an N making it Nazi (?), and yes darkness comes in many forms, and Dan is one of them, and I don’t know about “Kasi-Jesper”, but my best guess is that he is not among “God’s best boys” and yes not yet, and I am excited to see “the castle/empire”, which his business was build over.

  • Kasi-Jesper is or was the extreme rich business man standing behind AG Copenhagen’s handball team, and after players have not received their bonuses, which normally is a sign that there are no more money in the box, he informed the public today that after 7 years as chairman, he retires, and his ownership of the club is for sale, and he explains his decision with negative mention of one media, which has now come to a point where it effects his family, and yes not money problems (!) but “negative mention” of one media against him, and what I was told when writing this, is that this is a symbol of a man who became incredible rich build on “nothing”, and now he has lost his money, there is nothing left and yes a sign that darkness has lost all of its money, i.e. energy, saying that there is nothing left and I am shown two empty pockets and told “see, there is nothing left”, but of course it “sounds” better not to tell the truth, Jesper (?), and yes just wondering how many lies you have told to everyone, and if lies is a way of life, which is “almost impossible” to get out of when you have first started (?), and we know just like getting darkness out, but we did it!

  • Here is the reaction from the “one media”, which is the newspaper Ekstra Bladet, which have had articles “against” Jesper explaining about the economical difficulties of his “empire”, which Jesper did not “like” to read but you “loved” when the media gave you “positive” mention, Jesper (?) and yes just wondering I am.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to July 13, 2012: When I open the eyes of my new self, man will enter a room without darkness receiving 5 years to show a clean heart

  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    “.. og jeg er præcis, hvor jeg skal vær* … “

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