July 17, 2012: Feelings of “incredible beauty” of my mother and I removed the original sexual/Doomsday weapon of darkness


Summary of the script today

16th July: Feelings of “incredible beauty” of my mother and I at a classical concert removed the original sexual/Doomsday weapon of darkness

  • Dreaming of arriving as my new self in the taxi, but still the motor is not sounding right, politicians at the Parliament having access to the “secret system” opening up other systems without leaving electronic traces and I am still working inside of darkness setting up our New World.
  • I went to a local quartet playing Mozart’s piano concert no. 1 together with my mother, which both of us thought was “incredible beautiful”, which was used as our weapon to enter and bring down the original sexual weapon of darkness, which really was the Doomsday Weapon meant to destroy us when the world had gone crazy because of lust and wrong sexual behaviour. My spiritual friends were surprised that we managed surviving this, and we saved MUCH life out of the Old World because of this.
  • Great parts of the Universe including Earth would collapse” if I did not do the work I do including the understanding to continue doing this the rest of the week going to extreme again. I am tired of carrying the world on my shoulders – it is truly a BIG responsibility for a normal human being to carry.
  • All people are my skeleton, and I was shown people being attached to my LONG skeleton inside a whale. “I have your heart ready and I recommend you to say “no darkness” no matter what”, which is what I did much today with darkness constantly attacking me to destruct, but it is trapped without access to light of both our Old and New World, and the remaining darkness is used as fuel to transfer saved life from our Old World to our New World, and when ALL OF THIS is done, my new heart will start beating – I will open the eyes of my new self.
  • The deepest inside of the spirit of my father is the Source (surrounded by darkness), which returned in 2010 because of “the impossible jump” we did.
  • The selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes the famous Danish pastor, poet, philosopher, politician etc. N.F.S. Grundtvig turning up as a cloud, a whispering hope of my scripts making darkness disappear and my voice to be heard, there is still a snake in paradise, storms include much darkness absorbed/”eaten” by the light side of me, one storm saying goodbye to another (!) and my name with BIG LETTERS on half the globe.
  • Short stories of the leader of the Liberal Alliance calling the Red-Green Alliance for “a sick and dangerous party”, and I decided to send my reply that the main lines – no private ownership of production means, no policy/military and “normal income” – are parts of my New World Order, which people should be able to understand when cutting through all wrong culture and tradition, and I sent this to other politicians and media to help sharing this story to the world (!), which made one give me the feedback that I spoke “plan economic rubbish” and lack “considerable insight in national economy, micro economic, psychology, humanism”, which sadly is what he and the world of today lacks – all I ask you is to READ and UNDERSTAND my websites (!), the goal is to remove all “stupidity, fatness, laziness and not least compulsion”, which you simply do by following me, Anders also said that he does not like the Red-Green Alliance wanting to violate fundamental human rights, which made me say that I bring you FREEDOM but have to decide the New World Order when the world “could not” (!), MANY people opposed my postings but some started to understand helping me to open up even more for the exit out of darkness, A thread of brian spoke of a farting “puff, puff” train (on-going destructions to reach our New World) because of darkness brought to me (!), it is NOT forbidden to show a decent and responsible behaviour without drinking your brains out and undressing in public, the world was “this close” to terminate when the first started reading my “giant book” to save the world and crop circles tell about my return in 2012 if you decide to believe in it?

17th July: We have now transferred all life of the Old to the New World because of my “quick quality work”!

  • I continued staying awake all night watching Benny Hinn, which brought me much healing, and I was told that it is my new self as the Son, who is coming with the power of the New World saving all life and parts of the spirit of my father of the Old World.
  • We are now going into the deepest darkness once again to deeper locate and bring out even more life, we found and saved more Old World’s, and I was told that we have now transferred all life hidden by the spirit of my mother of our Old World to our New World, which I do hope is a message from light.
  • I arrived to “the extreme beginning” of this Universe – after being overtaken by darkness – where a sign said “exit is prohibited”, we will NOT see life returning beyond this point, which was when life was not sustainable to survive, but now when it is (being cleansed from darkness and “wrong creation” of mother/son, which is now changed into father/mother), we removed this sign bringing sing of joy to the spirits of my mother and father.
  • I wrote to the most well known psychiatrist in Denmark, Henrik Day Poulsen, telling him about how “the industry” of psychiatrist “could not” listen and understand that I am completely normal as everyone can see straight away (!), but was obsessed by compulsory thoughts, and I also wrote to hypnotist Erik L., whom I visited in 2006 to have him help me to “get the inside of me” to the outside, which gave him a strong experience watching the spiritual overshadowing of me, and the purpose was to let him know “what this was also about”, and both for Henrik and Erik to bring more faith/darkness to me.
  • Jette brought Google Earth pictures showing Jesus blessing me (my new self), but still much darkness, big heads mutating into several small.
  • I received an email from Fanny, a lady I did not know, asking to communicate because it feels lonely when people think you are crazy (!), and I did not have time nor energy also to do this, but I decided to offer her to write, call me or alternatively to speak to Jette living close to her, and she decided for the last, which was a symbol that we have NOT given up yet to find even more life inside of darkness before we will close down this very “dull” and “sad” place forever and ever, so we will continue the game for some more days.
  • I receive different messages from light and darkness about whether or not I have now transferred all life to our New World, but later at the hairdresser I received the best combination ever between quality and efficiency, which was confirmation to me that because of my speed and quality of working, darkness did not stand a chance to plan and start a counter attack on me, and we will end this phase of saving all old life perfectly ASAP.
  • A object of stone formations formed as a circle of 60 metres in diameter at the bottom of the Baltic sea are parts belonging to our ship (i.e. world) without which we cannot get the ship of our New World working.
  • Because I decided not to accept “what cannot stand, will fall”, I am now reaching even more life inside darkness hidden outside our Old World, which is now also on its way in.
  • Short stories of a natural catastrophe of Greenland because of Americans “heating up”, a killing avalanche the other day at Mont Blanc symbolised the opening to much darkness, a committed man rejected most of my New World Order based upon WRONG knowledge of the Old World Order, laziness and lack of openness to read/understand, which is what I ask the world to show (!), I was told by “completely convinced” people that even a child can see that my New World Order is wrong and the only “problem” was that this was the opposite world where people are BRAINWASHED not being able to see that a child under normal circumstances will see the opposite – that they are wrong and I am right, imagine that it is just like starting over where love will open to all that life has to offer in a world without fear, we are completing the creation of light inside the Old World, Helena played the act of having sympathy for the Devil, “happiness is the key to life”, my old music teacher showed me that “here comes the sun” of our New World and posts of Medina and Helena also told the message that one-night stands are/were included in the weapon of darkness to destruct the world.


16th July: Feelings of “incredible beauty” of my mother and I removed the original sexual/Doomsday weapon of darkness

Dreaming of arriving as my new self in the taxi, but still the motor is not sounding right

I went to bed at approx. 22.00, I could not keep my eyes open and decided that now it was time to sleep, which I did until 07.40 this morning still feeling somewhat tired this morning, and with a few dreams too.

  • I am driving with Lars G. in his new car, which is a Mercedes C200 as I used to have myself, it is a taxi, but the engine is a diesel engine not giving me the right sound. We come to the head office of the Conservative Party in Denmark, where I check the official tax system on my official income and also the income of Lars L. – Lars G’s friend – even though I know that it is wrong to do and fear to be discovered looking, but I see that he has a very good income far above average. I see that he has his own business instead of being part of the party, and his main customer is Lars P. from the Conservative Party, which I am not supposed to know, and it is therefore the party bringing him this “very good income”. I sit at a table where I believe it is Lars G. having a meeting with a gentleman speaking very directly about the lack of skills of one of the famous Conservative national politicians, a former minister, which she hears sitting together with the whole Conservative group of the Parliament at another table in the lunch room, and she lets him know about her presence. I walk outside to another room, where morning bread is served and I get a mix of bread with a slice of “tebirkes” (“loaf roll”), which I enjoy much.
    • The taxi is to say that I am on my way to open the eyes of my new self, but still the motor is not right, it has to be a petrol motor to sound right in my ears (and in our New World, we will get new energy), the tax system is a system of the Devil (!), which gives “people with the right credentials” right to “go behind the system” opening everything up and to do it without leaving any electronic traces, and yes just to say that the Conservative Party of the Danish Parliament as example do have access to this “secret network” of the top of the official world, and you are also reading me (?), but are afraid that you will become revealed because you do know that what you are doing is WRONG to do (?), and yes just wondering I am, and Lars L. is a LinkedIn connection of mine being influenced by my updates there on new scripts, and in this example he charges the party of a much higher bill compared to working directly for the party, which should be obvious for everyone to see (?) – just a contribution to the debate about “privatisation”, which also includes “acceptance of profits”, which is not of the good, but there is more to this, and yes what if you can get a new system with the best quality, efficiency and the best/cheapest prices without profits, and yes my ladies and gentleman, it should be VERY easy for you to understand my New World Order together with the effect of improvements of behaviour and work if only you want to (!) – and the man criticizing one of the “famous” politicians may be me and simply because many politicians speak of what they believe without knowing (!), and yes I like to turn this around for people to speak about what they know of, and this is why I dont like politics (!), and yes the morning bread is about life, which I am still absorbing from the darkness of these people, and this is what the dream says.
    • The other day I saw a model of the Mercedes C200 with the exact same colour etc. as I had in 2008, and when I looked at it, it confirmed to me that this is the most beautiful car I know of and that is at least by today “within reach” of a normal income, and there was only one problem to have such a car, which is that the world is suffering, and this is what I decided to give from me including “everything” else in order to get through my journey, and yes I gave away everything I had when leaving for Kenya in 2009 without knowing that the family would give me most of my belongings back when I returned home 4½ months later.

I sold my Mercedes C200 in 2009 as part of giving up “everything” of material belongings as long as the world is suffering, and when everyone will have a “normal life”, it is fine to have a car such as this, if this is what you want to prioritize

  • I am working at an office at the Prøvesten shopping centre on a business plan for a new business to offer unemployment insurance in Sweden, which I will finish at the end of the month, and I will create this business together with Søren H., and he asks me about how I am doing, and the plan is progressing as I would like to. I take a break, because I would like to fly outside for people to see, which I do but I quickly reach the ground again, and I see how others sell unemployment insurance from a stand, which does not look “serious and right” to me because they focus more on their own income than anything else, but I take a brochure thinking that this might inspire me with good ideas.
    • This is to say that I am still working inside of darkness creating our New World, which I expect to finalise at the month end – as it looks now, but who knows (?) – and “flying” is to work, which I have difficulties doing at the moment, but still I do believe that I do “well enough”, and yes I do like people to be inspired from each other when working instead of businesses to protect their “intellectual property”, which is the Devil protecting the world from truly progressing!
    • So I am working inside of darkness, and for all I know of, there is NO access from darkness to the life hidden with the spirit of my mother in our Old World, which has not yet been transferred to our final, New World.

Feelings of “incredible beauty” of my mother and I at a classical concert removed the original sexual/Doomsday weapon of darkness

I was told that we cannot create future sexuality of man with darkness (including wrong sexual “perception”) around us, so it must mean that when new life hidden with my mother is transferred to our true New World, there is NO darkness at this place at all.

I was also told that If you really want to, you can still kill life, and that is because “your word is our order”, but no matter what, this will NOT happen.

We started believing in this being possible in Lyngby if you were able to hold out the whole way”.

I was given first one sneeze “and then this one”, which was another sneeze, which were “giant”, which is about the magnitude of destructions of the Universe to provide energy to walk out of the burning entrance to darkness, and I was told that the sneezes should be “much louder than I can do”.

I received the song “telegraph road” by Dire Straits about “the world outside” and the lyrics “Telegraph road got so deep and so wide, Like a rolling river. . .”.

I was told “isn’t it funny that we do this without your mother’s ovulation” (?) and also “has he received the keys – no only to the head door”, which I understood as the keys of our New World, and also “you have no idea how good it makes me”, and “it did not end 5 to 1, which we can talk about the whole day”.

I was told that all people are my skeleton, and I was shown people being attached to my LONG skeleton inside a whale.

I still received negativity of darkness for example saying over and over again “what cannot stand, will fall”, which I had actively to go against instead of accepting and to reply “everyone will survive”, and I was also told “here is a whole new watch it has not been replaced before”, but no thank you, I don’t want darkness.

The last days I have also received many half visions and half speech, which I have not included because I will not guess the meaning or end of this information, but it does not mean no thank you to life, because the message is still to save “every little thing”, and as example I was shown/felt people waving to me from a flying aeroplane as if this is people now transferred to me as my new self, but I was not sure and I also received the voice of darkness at the same time.

When starting to work, I received the coat of darkness over me really as “high frequent sufferings” brought to me under my skin bringing me discomfort and nervousness, which is about the Universe suffering and it includes the deep feeling to bring me down. And together with tiredness, some negativity I had to look out for as I do most of the time, and MUCH impatience with NO motivation to work, but still I decided to continue doing my best work because I have NOT come this far to stop working now.

At 11.30 my mother came as agreed, and we went to the free event of Sthens Church to watch Mozart’s piano concert no. 1 played by a quartet of one piano and three strings, and besides from admiring the beautiful church, which looks as quality work to me on contrary to Borupgård/Vapnagård as examples, and also the church room, stone decorations, chairs and lamps, we were completely taken by the beauty of this music, and yes to me it was also about the sound quality because as I told my mother, even though I have a fine stereo equipment, there is nothing like hearing music live, and here it was truly breathtaking beautiful and to me a sing of “I’ve got no strings” in our New World where we just “are”, and I was told during the 25 minutes that it lasted that being together with my mother both experiencing and thinking about how incredible beautiful this music is, is what helped us to overcome a main obstacle, which I was told afterwards was “a sex tube” (of WRONG sexual behaviour) as part of our creation “which we first see now” and “incredible that we survived this”, and this is what killed all previous worlds before ours and I was told, “which we would like to dismantle” and when I agreed, I was told “herewith done”, so this is what this concert also was about. (Later I was told that when turning the world upside down, this weapon became much weaker, which darkness did not know about).

During the concert I also received STRONG darkness still wanting me to destroy and still wanting to overtake me, and also that we need energy to continue the process, which includes more cycle exercise this afternoon and no sleep every other night until Sunday, and yes not a nice message to receive when you would really like to have holiday as so many others, but if this is what it takes, this is what I will do my best to give – together with energy/sacrifices of the Universe, I just received a new sneeze here – and I am thinking that we will have to be through the worst parts now, so maybe I can do the same as the last period, which is to get a nap on the sofa tomorrow morning (?), and yes we will see about this.

After the concert, my mother wanted to do some shopping at the nearby Aldi Supermarket, “where you need to be quick” to shop (because of the short band at the cash desk), and I keep receiving signs about having to do this work I do “as fast as possible”, which I am here told is about avoiding the “card house” from falling apart, and we know Stig, I will NOT rush doing poor work, but try to find the best balance between quality and efficiency, which will mean to work more quickly than I like to do, but this is really how it has been all along, and yes this is what we mainly need energy for, to avoid the last parts of the Old World falling down over us, and we know I don’t want that, I want every little thing out of here and that is safely, and so it is.

Since I have less than 200 DKK left for the month – but meat in the freezer – I was happy when my mother offered to help me with groceries, and also to enable me to get a haircut, but I did not want to “misuse” this help, so I decided to be as humble as possible, but I was HAPPY for her to do this, and I was told that my mother was inspired to do this is because I decided to continue helping my LTO friends, and to me this also symbolised to save even more life out of here, and I was told that we moved “a ton of life”, which was one of the big blocks, and darkness wanted me to answer what will be included in the skeleton of our new whale if I am not able to save everyone, and I do NOT want to enter this because failure is no option of mine, and yes “the light will decide” and we know I will NOT answer any questions about “who is going to die now”, which I understand will come to me strongly if I am not strong enough to work, provide energy and keep darkness from me, and so it is, my answer is “that light will decide the details” and yes this is NO MATTER WHAT, and just so you know of course.

I was also told that “great parts of the Universe including Earth would collapse” if I did not do the work I do including the understanding to continue doing this the rest of the week, and yes not very nice to carry the world upon your shoulders to say the least, and I was also told that “this is what D-day and everything else we have fought for is about”, and that is to receive FREEDOM and escape Hell, which has had us trapped for so long, and this is what we are doing right now.

I was told that we are now only wearing incredible thin tights, which is about how thin the layer of darkness around us now is.

I was also told that now we can almost not stop becoming our New World even if you do your best to oppose us because we are now stronger than you as an individual with the large transfer of people now inside my skeleton of “the whale” of my new self.

During the afternoon when I felt tired, potentially stressed of having MUCH work to do including to exercise etc. and I received the voice just being there with me telling me stories over the theme “I want to destruct everything” and I was told “we can also do this if you want to” (destruction), and yes “as easy as that”, but no, I have decided not to break down neither because of tiredness, much work, stress or anything else, so I will keep being strong not giving up, so the only message I have and keep on saying is that EVERY LITTLE THING is to be brought out of here forever and ever.

When working well during the afternoon after having had more hours being ”nervous” of not being able to make it – not nice to know that parts of the world simply would stop existing if you could not control darkness and continue working – I was told that it is true, we have removed his doomsday weapon, so nothing can be destructed now, and we know there are probably many other negative consequences if I don’t do my best, and instead of focusing on negativity, I will simply continue and also finalise my work both of today and the rest of the week, and yes my friends, I am tired of carrying the world on my shoulders knowing about the risks if I fail, and yes who should have thought that I once again would go through the same as in 2010 with the risk of termination and the only difference from then and now is that this is “only” about saving the Old World, because the New World is waiting on us no matter what, and in 2010, it would be “starting all over” once again with a big bang and no New World.

At 16.20 I was told “he decides to open the can of fish himself”, and we know who else should do it?

I was told by the spirit of my father that he cannot help me much if I should need help to keep the negative voice or net of darkness from me and that is because “I am also moving out of here” and I saw him to my right side, which is from where he is moving out, and yes from Hell and just like in Anthony’s song you know :-).

I was shown or rather felt my new heart on a pillow in the arms of “someone” and I was told “I have your heart ready and I recommend you to say “no darkness” no matter what”, which is to keep that our New World will only be 100% light, and yes YOU BET :-).

I was told that It is also us having all gold, which is a little bit difficult to explain, but I understood that this gold is inside darkness with the spirit of my father and this gold will be moved to our New World as part of the present on-going process, and yes we are removing/converting all red darkness to receive the energy (and life of course), which this is about.

At the end of the afternoon I decided to take a break even though I was not finished with the script and that was to cycle while I still decided that I would, and NOT because I wanted to because of how I felt but also because the weather was cold for the season and windy with the risk of showers, and I thought it will be a short and “slow” ride but when I first got started I exercised for around one hour doing my best and driving approx. 23 kilometres, and yes I am standing up uphill and feel in better shape and I really like to cycle when I am at it, and that is a good thing you know.

And it did not take long until I was shown and told that “large red suitcases” were transferred to our New World as light/life – and after the drive, I was told by the “others” that they will wait until the next time.

I was also told that the deepest inside of the spirit of my father is the Source (surrounded by darkness), which returned in 2010 because of “the impossible jump”, and before this everything was dark, and also that we promised to guard it with out lives, and that it could terminate too as I was told (!), but I decided that I don’t believe in this, this has to be darkness trying to scare me, and that is because the Source simply “is” and will always be.

I was told that my drive today was also “planned” for me without knowing where I would go, and I passed Kongevejen (the King’s Road) outside Helsingør with this old mile stone from King Christian 7 (1749-1808) showing the distance from Copenhagen, and yes which was to say that I am truly following the road of the King, i.e. God.

I am still following the road of the King, i.e. God 🙂

I drove through the small walking/cycling path going from Tinevej in Espergærde up to Rolighedsvej, and at the part to the left of a hill with grass, I remember how I walked there somewhere between 1976 and 1978, when we lived at the nearby Karenvej, and I had Shu-bi-dua’s songs “hånden uden hår” and “branden på Muddergården” in my minds, which is really about “fright”, ghosts, a man who could not sleep (!), the part of “the knight without a head stood on his head in the chest of drawers” as I remember clearly and back then I smiled because of the amazing creativity of these lyrics, and now when returning here these many years later, I was told “there will be no fire”, which I hope for sure is the case – as long as I am strong enough at least – and at the same time during this cycling tour, I also received STRONG darkness wanting to destroy life one way or another trying to “fool me” with “clever sentences”, but one thing is for sure and that is that I know what is right and wrong and good and bad behaviour and with this, I reject darkness automatically hundreds of times per day simply because this is so deep inside of me.

And the game was realty if there will or will not come a fire or a collapse of the Universe if I should “lose it” now – is the “sexual/doomsday weapon” truly eliminated by now (?) – and I really don’t care, because I have NO intentions to “lose it”, which is still the best and easiest way to play this game, and that is NOT to be soaked into speculations about what is true and not true, and yes then simply deciding that I will write it down and continue my journey regardless of what you tell me, and this basic point if really one of the most important of all and yes deciding that extreme load of darkness of other people and all of their “wrong arguments/beliefs” will not cut me down, and yes this is what is included to play my own game instead of looking at the opponent.

I was told that we did not think that darkness would realise that we had turned the world upside down to use negative energy and sufferings as our weapon/power to travel through the worst hell of darkness, which we have now received confirmation of.

Around dinner time, I received EXTREME pressure from the negative voice of darkness trying to change my rules, to confuse me about the closure of my right angle, which I decided is simply a secure wall between light and darkness making sure that darkness cannot enter light but when it had become light it is simply part of our New World and yes it is floating around being darkness, which the last part of me is changing to light, and this last darkness is the energy helping to transfer the life/light saved in our Old World to become part of our New World, and yes it is really not that difficult to understand when you first understand is, because darkness and light has been separated also in the remaining Old World, darkness cannot enter light no matter what – in our Old or New World – it has been proved through my sleep last night, and yes yes yes I thought that this extreme pressure on me from darkness is because of my postings today to politicians, media and also the public about our New World Order making many people think negatively/wrongly about me, see the short stories below, and I concluded that darkness will NEVER get to me, and with this pressure we are converting much darkness to light, and yes it couldn’t be better really, and I also continued receiving marks and potential pain to my right angle, which is still not nice and yes you should try to have the voice of darkness using all of his tricks to fool me before you will understand exactly how it is and how strong the CONSTANT pressure is, which can make even the strongest man break down and cry in despair (!), but of course I will NEVER wish that for anyone, and yes this sentence is an example of how it tries to fool me ALL OF THE TIME for periods today and that is again and again and again, where I had to correct darkness or simply say “light will control it”.

I was told that the canary bird of the other day was a symbol of whether or not I would DARE to do what I did challenging the “established system” as I did today telling politicians and media about our New World, see the short stories.

I was even shown a gift being transferred from my left (of light) to my right (of darkness) and heard a voice saying “here, this is a gift for you”, which darkness wanted me to understand that this is how it is, that it succeeded to transfer light/life without my approval, and when I would accept this, this would make the transferral happen, but no, this is NOT how we work here!

I also had on my to-do list a note about following up an a story, which I remember as a child about people coming into the big black pot (under living fire), which was a vision I was given at Hornbæk Beach the other day, and I thought it was Halfdan Rasmussen writing the story, with pictures drawn by what is his name (?), he died maybe 1-2 years ago and had his “office” at the entrance to the King’s garden in Copenhagen (?), and yes can you find it (?), because I cannot.

I was told that darkness cannot open for the light now ”no matter what” and also ”how is this possible” (?), and I don’t have a better answer than the power of the New World being stronger than darkness.

I continued working most of the evening, and decided to publish the script of today at 00.50 to “make it give effect” too, and I am tired and exhausted, but also feel in good shape, so we will see for how long I may continue working, and there is also Benny Hinn on the programme, and yes then to “kill time”, which is really the most difficult part of it, and we know a new script of tomorrow, so see you there in a matter of minutes :-).

Google Earth shows N.F.S. Grundtvig, and my name with BIG LETTERS on half the globe

The selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes the famous Danish pastor, poet, philosopher, politician etc. N.F.S. Grundtvig turning up as a cloud, a whispering hope of my scripts making darkness disappear and my voice to be heard, there is still a snake in paradise, storms include much darkness absorbed/”eaten” by the light side of me, one storm saying goodbye to another (!) and my name with BIG LETTERS on half the globe.

And yes this was the last chapter of the script of today completed by 23.15, and yes I still have to read the front page of my website again and do possible edits if any, and to write my email to Georgie, which I decided to postpone because of new stories coming in from the right (!), which is NOT how to work in the future, and we know I am catching up on pending work, but I am still not there, but am sure that I will before the end of the week.

I continued receiving strong offers of “sexual pleasure” of darkness in disguise, and now so close to me as ever before taking it for granted to do it, but NO is the answer, and it wanted my approval to drive away the hearse, and yes you can ask me many questions and try all of your lies, but the answer is that ALL DARKNESS WILL BE TRANSFORMED TO LIGHT, and that goes with all of it, because you don’t have anywhere to do, and not even to “nothing”, because nothing is just about everything, the same as you very soon.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • There has been MUCH speech about the Red-Green Alliance the last days here where “everyone”, who “knows” agree that they are “a sick and dangerous party” as Anders from the Liberal Alliance here says, and trust me, this has called upon the deepest feelings of disgust of this society and when thinking of it, it is really about the main points I spoke of the 9th July, which is no private ownership of production means, no policy/military and “normal income” for everyone, and yes in this thread, a man was so disgusted by this that he decided to bring an obscene sexual picture to show his strong feelings, and what you see here is simply the absolutely worst darkness showing “perverse sex” and the strongest defence for the WRONG Old World Order, which is, and that is simply because I am leaving darkness, which it does not like at all!

  • And one thing leads to the next here because when writing about Anders’ post, I was given the encouragement to send my reply, and yes as thought also done when I “a little quickly” – I don’t have time to do my best work and to think/edit (!), but this will have to be good enough, you know – so I wrote that the disgust and throw-up feeling as most feel about the wish of a revolution of the Red-Green Alliance symbolises your own darkness and resistance to understand that the main lines of this is a REVOLUTION, which will be carried out as part of my New World Order coming to everyone as part of our New World, and I told that “you wish by all power to maintain the Old World Order, which was responsible for the extreme inequality/sufferings of the world, which was making the world go under from this reason alone – haven’t you discovered yet” (?) and then I said that the wise-guys of the Danish Parliament and the world with this should be able to understand when reading my New World Order in combination with my site on behaviour and work (to improve conduct and work moral increasing quality and efficiency) and that is if I have not overestimated you? CAN YOU???

  • The newspaper Jyllands-Posten brought this article based upon Anders Samuelsen’s statement as a reply to the statement of the Red-Green Alliance that the Danish society is heading towards a revolution, and I decided to bring the answer I had sent to Anders also here to spread my story.

  • And it made Marc “teach” me some of the Old World Order when he told me that a working hour is not worth the same regardless of who produces it – “if you believe anything else you can register with the fan club of the Soviet Union where they at the end with varying degrees of success practised this act. The plan economic rubbish, you belch out, witnesses sadly only that you lack considerable insight in national economy, micro economic, psychology, humanism and furthermore lack a basic moral character”, and yes this is indeed what he wrote (!!!), and I can only say that this is the OLD and WRONG SCHOOL of the world, which you see from people being exactly what he “judges” me to be, and I kindly ask you simply to READ and UNDERSTAND my pages on our New World Order in combination with behaviour and work, and you will understand that “the aim is for people to have a set of rules inspiring all to do their absolutely best work – to live up to their FULL potential – which will create happier people both on and off work, an increased production and improved living standard for all”, and when everyone does their absolutely best NOT with money but satisfaction/happiness to work/create as their motivational factor and when people do their best, this is what you got, and no it is NO longer than this – READ and UNDERSTAND, please (!) and forget about your old school books!

  • Lykke was also “on the road again” being inspired by ALL OF THE MUCH TALK here about the Red-Green Alliance and a REVOLUTION, so therefore it was of course natural to share one of Tracy Chapman’s beautiful songs “talkin’ bout a revolution”, and it made me share my answer to Anders also with her telling her that I give her “the pleasure” to share my message with others to learn the “little bit slow” at the Danish Parliament and the great abroad to understand and yes CAN YOU (?), and you may understand by now that Obama and I come from the same “party” called “God”?

  • I also shared my answer to Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, the leader of the Red-Green Alliance, and Pernille Skipper from the same party, and when I clicked the “share” button to Pernille, I received this warning from Facebook, which obviously has an underlying programme controlling the “behaviour” of people, and yes it is “not allowed” to send the same message including the same words to “too many people” because if you do, you are a “spammer”, and you don’t want those on Facebook (?), and I wonder if you have published your “internal rules” (of Hell) anywhere IN OPEN (?), so people can read and understand (?), and also if you will decide to throw me out from Facebook because of my “sin”?

  • I received these comments to my post on Johanne’s wall, and Jan was “kind” to say “good luck with that undertaking, I am sure that the Christmas Man (Santa) and the Easter bunny will become the first to share your “vision”, and yes you couldn’t be more right, Jan, when I will open the eyes as the Christmas Man, this is what the world will understand is coming (!), and with this comment, you can see just how brainwashed people are, where “everyone” automatically sees me as crazy, until the day when people start realizing that this is what they were, and the first have started, and you will join this boat too, Jan – and yes get you out of darkness even though you don’t want to!

  • I shared my story with Politiken, and Berlingske brought the news about Søren Pind having written this feature article/blog post about “stupidity”, “fatness spreads to the top of the society”, “we do less and less” and COMPULSION as the Red-Green Alliance wants as their part of the revolution, which I do not for responsible people (!), but since the world was NOT responsible, I have had to decide to “help” you by implementing my New World Order and New World Government without asking you, you do understand that don’t you (?), and when you are responsible again, you will retrieve GENUINE FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY, which was really my message when I also brought my reply to Anders here adding that the goal is to remove all of this “stupidity, fatness, laziness and not least compulsion”, which you simply do by following me, see?

  • Anders followed up with this post after having received criticism because of the words he used above – “sick and dangerous” – and he says that he stands 100% by these words and he continued “how do you otherwise describe people who wants to violate fundamental human rights, steal people’s property” and more, and yes let me tell you again that I bring you GENUINE FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBLITY of our New World, which I am sure you will understand if you simply read and understand my website and scripts (?), and yes because there were none “dumb politicians” out there believing that I would steal away your freedom, was there (?), and yes you do understand that I am forced to “help you out of darkness” bringing you my new FAIR system, which you “could not” create yourself, don’t you (?), and yes just wondering I am.

  • And Jens Rohde was “on the road again, again”, and so was I – much darkness here (!) – and he shared the information that communists and Nazis do not separate but share the same ideological national socialistic answer to the world order, and I decided to bring my message that I do NOT like totalitarian ideologies without fundamental FREEDOM, which is choking life self (!), and I told you about taking the best of the Old World systems and then you will get my New World Order because what is life without FREEDOM and also without RESPONSIBILITY and yes we know it is as simple as this, and when do you get the 5-øre, Jens (?), and start understanding instead of doing what “everyone else” does, which is to reject me as a “fool”, but eeehhhheeeemmmm, is he making sense afterall, this Stig character, and yes he sure is, because the coin fell for some of you, and yes then I cannot ask for anything more, because this is water on my mill so to say helping to open up the exit out of darkness.

  • Jette truly does NOT like when I say things, which “disturb” her, and when I said in my script of yesterday that the Red-Green Alliance is also sending me darkness – as ALL politicians do (!) – and that “there are many elements of their political programme that I do not sympathize with”, she reacted by commenting the script telling me that there are very few things, which she does not agree with the Red-Green Alliance about and “the red are the sweet ones” and “the blue have to go” (!), and yes this is what she wrote, and I thought if she had not read and understood the other stories of the script, and yes for example the risk of losing (most) life of creation when walking out of darkness (?) and also why she did not react to my support the 9th July, where I declared myself in agreement with significant parts of the programme of the Red-Green Alliance, which you can read about again here today, Jette, and yes she is truly a “determined” lady wanting to be right even when she is not, but you do still realize that I love you and appreciate your work, and maybe one day will come when you will decide to show me greater understanding and loyalty than the Red-Green Alliance (?), and yes I am just wondering of course.

  • This morning when I wanted to send my previous script via email to my LTO friends, suddenly my auto-signature had “lost” my picture, which I had to replace, and yes it never does that (!), so to me this was about spiritual darkness giving another sign of darkness wanting to destruct me/us.

  • Brian said “fut, fut” as in a train, but in English speaking countries, trains obviously say “puff, puff” and yes I also do not understand how a dog can say “vov, vov” here and in English “bow, wow” and yes how can a bark ever become “bow, wow” (?), and yes this is about politicians and the official world talking about and laying out my New World Order “differently”, and yes let me recommend you to READ and UNDERSTAND it objectively instead of guessing with you WRONG voice, which you know I do NOT like (!), and yes this wrong voice is what makes me fart as Aggi says, i.e. destruct the world, and you may know that I don’t like the world and life to be destroyed, so come on, do you think you will help me to help us all in the five years to come “soon”?

  • My nephew Tobias brought Emil’s post with this video link, and Emil, Tobias and “thousands of people” believe this is “hysterically funny” – a VERY drunk young man with his trousers down falling over bicycles – and to me this is simply about “bad taste” of irresponsible people drinking their brains out, which was also destroying life (!), and the last couple of weeks I have seen how my “high school” Facebook friends have brought pictures and stories, where they also have bin drinking their brains out, and undressing in public (mainly on “student wagons” when celebrating their exams), and every time, I have seen this, it has made me disgusted. It is NOT forbidden to show a decent and responsible behaviour, my friends!

  • I saw this picture as a symbol of the Old World, which was “this close” to terminate, but when it read a giant book – a few did – it saved the world!

  • A new Facebook friend of mine – through Torben – shared the video below about crop circles among other messages telling the world of my return in 2012, so just maybe there is really something about it, or what do you think?


17th July: We have now transferred all life of the Old to the New World because of my “quick quality work”!

The extreme beginning of our Universe includes the sign “exit is prohibited” (to light), which has now been removed

So here we are two minutes after finishing the script of yesterday, were I was told at 00.30 “will he only give layer cake and NEVER accept darkness” (?), and yes it looks like it, and “then I better step out of here”, and I see and feel light of the spirit of my father almost stepping out of darkness also because of “faith of your mother”, and yes to make the impossible possible.

I was told “they have not rung for you yet in Yangon, but almost”.

I was told that “if you should lose a finger, this is what it corresponds to”, which was if I should lose the rest of darkness including the light around it, this is the part of life I would lose compared to the size of my total body, and yes “almost nothing”, but who knows (?), it may be more than this, so let us continue to say that I will lose NOTHING!

I was told that we did not know if you would be able to continue your journey without giving up because we had no idea of what to expect of weapons inside darkness against us, but when you did not give up, we succeeded to get all keys to open up for this impenetrable darkness one step at a time, and some keys were harder to get than others, but we got all of them :-).

I received a blink from darkness of the spirit of my father, but it came as a vision of my mother with “undertones” of my “old nightmare” because it came from darkness, therefore, but the true message was “I also look forward to getting out of here” and he added that he is also the one “playing the character” of Niclas from the meditation group, and yes I wonder when you want to give me an apology and also to become my (Facebook) friend again, Niclas – and what Jimmy may be telling you of me, who still is my Facebook friend, and yes that is if anything because you do have enough in yourself not needing me to guide you?

When I published my script of yesterday, I thought “and all of these stories of the Red-Green Alliance and “revolution” is because of Henrik Sass”, and yes an incredible amount of darkness is what he succeeded to wake up because of his attack on the Red-Green Alliance, so until now you “succeeded” doing your worst work for the Devil (?), which you know is also to wake me up behind this darkness.

At 01.30 I decided to watch Benny Hinn again, and I received much darkness in the beginning trying to “force” itself back to torment light, which I of course refused and after a few minutes I received a relief to marks of darkness given to my left angle. And I also started not being able to keep my eyes open again, which I know far too well, so once again I will try to get over this extreme tiredness, which may take some hours to do, if I can of course, and yes I wonder why it is only my name on the sky, and why Obama as example is not mentioned (?), which will have to be about how our “roles” are divided.

I was asked “we are not getting everything out of there are we” (?), and yes we have now started searching inside the “deepest holiness” of darkness, and we don’t know what to find, but will of course keep you informed, and yes just like my Kenyan friends having immense problems to “remember” communicating (some more than others), which is coming directly from this place as I was told/felt – and again it was Benny Hinn driving it, and I MUCH liked the following video with the 11 year old boy in South Africa being anointed by God, and yes MUCH (!), and I wonder why the media do not write about the incredible amount of complete and miraculous healings done via his miracle crusades and to bring forward documentation of doctors of “before and after”, and yes I have NEVER seen this in mainstream media, have you?

A little later I was given more sexual torments/offerings, and I was told “so far it is more of the same”, and yes we see the father TORMENTED inside of there and yes by the invention of himself keeping him a prisoner as it was never invented for, and yes incredible, right, to have a Son coming to get you out, and this is how also this part of him feels as everyone before him, as they will let you and the world know “soon”.

And I was shown myself at the bathroom of “the fine hotel” I used to smoke at in Nairobi in 2009 symbolising the bathroom of darkness (i.e. creation), and I was told that it was only the Son being able to get in here because darkness is impenetrable for everyone else, and yes with the Son, the strength of “everyone else” saved on the way, and this is how you eat darkness self, by saving everyone that darkness had destroyed – becoming stronger every day to get deeper and deeper in where it would hurt too much without the strength coming from the day before.

And I was told that my mother continues to be sceptical – on the surface – of me because she receives this the last darkness making it “impossible” to understand me even though she understands with her heart.

I was told that the reason for staying awake is because we will go inside the deepest darkness once more, and yes we know it requires that I am TIRED and we have been there before, but a new and now deeper round will probably bring out even more life.

I continued seeing more Benny Hinn videos, and here is a young lady who was dying from AIDS, who was completely healed, and when I saw her neighbour arriving on stage DANCING OF EXTREME HAPPINESS, my thought was “this is how happy the world will become” with the first great awakening 🙂 – and look at the natural happiness and smiles of these outgoing black South Africans, which made me think “this is how life is going to become for all of us” – you “cannot” see this in Denmark/the rich world.

I felt my sister and was told that this last darkness is also directed by her, which she does not know about.

I was told that you have no ideas how close we were to blow down the card house until as recent as the other day, and yes we now see one chain reaction leading to the next, because if you had let Jack as example not become part of you, it would have started this chain reaction, which would ultimately kill yourself and that is until we would have reached this place and turned it off, as we did here, and yes just changing the code from negativity to positivity and yes “to be”, isn’t if funny?

And ain’t it funny, Jenny, that when we have saved one piece of darkness, it leads us directly to the next and yes this is how it has been for “an eternity”, but at one time it has to end and this is the end coming now because there is and I was here given a piece of paper saying that Jack has not been released from duty, but it was close because he acted on his own without the top of the military system with him, but who knows if this is true or false information (?), and yes better-knowing ignorance and laziness to read me goes all the way to the top, and therefore, we know.

I also received a new short sudden pain to my right angle because of my mother thinking negatively of me, and yes because I took notes on my phone at the Aldi Supermarket today, which she saw, and she knows that these are notes for my scripts, which she truly does NOT like, which made her ask me the other day again as she has done before “you told me that you had finished writing”, which I did maybe 6 months ago (was it up to Christmas last year, I cannot remember), and again I told her “I was in good faith not knowing that more would come, and all I know is that I will end my writings one day”, which will be in 2012, which I however did not tell her.

And I was told that the reason for you and your mother still to taste blood is going all the way back here to “the extreme beginning” of this Universe – after being overtaken by darkness – because here it says “exit is prohibited”, we will NOT see life returning beyond this point, which of course was when life was not sustainable to survive, but now when it is (being cleansed from darkness and “wrong creation” of mother/son, which is now changed into father/mother), we can now remove this sign, and yes just continue and also sing of joy, and this is because you decided to “take up the battle” also with Mads as the following posts show, where Mads brings a quote of Elena Markova from her comment to this blog post saying that hearing the Red-Green Alliance speak about nationalization, revolution etc. is terrifying and a scorn against people having grown up in the former East Countries as she has, where the dream model of the Red-Green Alliance has brought incredible pain, sufferings and injustice for several generations and she continues saying that “only economical gamblers and welfare junkies without history can wish for another community system than what has made Denmark one of the most competitive nations in the world, the Danish society one of the most equal in the world and the Danish people the most happy in the world”, and yes this is build on the old misunderstanding that the system of Denmark is the best in the world (!), and the people the happiest (!), but I do believe that after reading my books, you have a pretty good understanding by now that this is NOT the case (?), and we know when I in my reply to Anders etc. and also to Mads below speak of “All businesses will be publically owned” etc. in our New World Order, people automatically thinks “he means the old system of the Soviet”, and start thinking as this lady that I mean a totalitarian system, and yes because of POOR HABITS not READING AND UNDERSTANDING WHAT I TELL YOU (!) which is to include FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY to this system, and also “normal life” for that matter, and my dear, dear, world PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND instead of hearing “ghosts” and making things up, which are NOT stated in my writings.

Not long after posting this, I received this physically shaking feeling, which only the worst darkness sends me, so Mads, you are part of this and your reaction is simply what brings me this.

I was told that my mother is not deaf anymore in relation to me, which happened because of my previous visit here (at the deepest darkness).

At 03.15 I decided that this was the end of my working day – not yet doing the email to Georgie and a new read of the front page of my website, but we know I am in control of this too, and let me say that I am satisfied with my work also of yesterday/today, and I am given the feeling of Anders Samuelsen here.

I was told that we are now digging even deeper in the pyramid for new life, and also that ”all other life has now been transferred”, and yes I do hope that this is the truth, and when I saw Benny Hinn earlier in the night, I was told about other Old World’s, which we have located and saved, and yes EVERY LITTLE THING means to do our best work, and at 04.20 I am still tired, but right now not critically tired, and I feel much energy inside of me, which is what I have created myself, and I know that suddenly I will meet the wall, and we will see when it will come, or rather when the next comes.

At 04.40 I was told “to kill or full freedom” (?) and what do I chose (?) and yes full freedom because of what you just did here, which was to invite two well known clairvoyants in Denmark, Shannon Bethel (whom I know a little from the Arthur Findlay courses in London in 2005/06) and Erliing Christensen as new Facebook friends (who later both accepted me), and we know also because I sent this article about Shannon to Henrik Day Poulsen telling him that here is an example of a complete normal person receiving “voices”, which he may be able to understand?

Writing to a psychiatrist and hypnotist about my story to receive their help in form of more faith/darkness

Despite of having stopped working, I was inspired to write a “quick email” to Henrik Day Poulsen, the most well known psychiatrist in Denmark because of his appearance in media, about my case and yes I thought that he would like to know how he and the whole “industry” of psychiatrist are WRONG, so at 04.05 I sent him the email below with bringing myself as example, and telling him you know about compulsory thoughts, better-knowing ignorance and poor work of “the industry” wrongly judging me as crazy even though everyone can see that I am completely normal (!!!), and I also gave him authority to use my case in public.

When I did this work, I received many and very strong and deep marks inside the backside of my left right leg, which I understood as darkness organizing to get out of here, and yes I am going directly towards more darkness here, and I was told and shown that the wish of darkness was to break my right leg here and now, but it cannot because of my strength, and I was also given the vision of Nazi gas chambers, which are also coming directly from here, which made me think about who Henrik Day Poulsen may have been in his previous life.

Kære Henrik,

I forlængelse af dit tidligere forsvar for “psykiateres faglighed/grundighed” efter DR’s udsendelser “gal eller normal” fik jeg lyst til at sende dig denne email for at fortælle dig om det modsatte, som er, at hele jeres system fungerer på basis for forkerte lærebøger/viden (!) samt manglende tro på “spirituelle oplevelser”, som forklarer mange “patienters” lidelser/oplevelser.

Det er lykkedes mig som helt normal med gode relationer til alle mennesker og fuld arbejdsevne – og for begges dele “udover det sædvanlige” – at blive erklæret for skizofren af et bedrevidende, men uvidende system, som IKKE har viden om eller erfaring med spirituelle oplevelser, som er dét, jeg modtager, og et system, som ofte ikke tror på Gud, men alene på dem selv og deres forkerte viden om, at “stemmer m.v., som andre ikke kan høre er hallucinationer”, men sådan er det altså ikke. Oplevelserne er VIRKELIGE spirituelle oplevelser, som kommer udefra på samme måde som drømme gør (!) – du tror da ikke ved dine fulde fem, at du selv producerer drømme, mens du sover (?), og hvem holder styr på tale og gang i søvne (?), og ja, hvis du evner at forstå, at der må være “en anden kraft”, som står bag – en spirituel verden – og hvis du kan overføre disse oplevelser til et menneske i vågen tilstand, så er dette det tætteste jeg kan forklare dig om mine og mange andres oplevelser. Og så er det i virkeligheden blot historien om “mørke” og “lys”, som genereres af ens omgivelser/verden (!), som enten “producerer” mennesker til psykiatrisk hospital eller som anerkendte clairvoyante rådgivere/healere, som VIRKELIG modtager spirituel information og energi!

Hvis også du har lyst til at lære om de fejltagelser, som du og et helt system gør (og UTROLIGE LIDELSER, som I påfører mennesker uden at vide det!), er du hermed min gæst, og du er velkommen til at dele min sag med din stand og offentligheden og gerne med navns nævnelse. Alt ligger åbent om mig på nettet til fri afbenyttelse for alle, som også inkluderer viden om, at du nu har modtaget denne email.

Af min Scribd profil fremgår blandt andet følgende dokumenter:

Memo for psychiatrist Alex Kørner, Psychiatric Centre North Zealand, June 2012
I wrote this memo for a meeting Helsingør Commune forced me to take with a psychiatrist; is Stig schizophrenic and need medicine? My purpose was to let the CRAZY system understand that I am “completely normal” and that it was the system NOT listening but suffering from “compulsory thoughts” when it “could not” understand me.

Specialist declaration of psychiatrist Alex Kørner on Stig Dragholm, June 2012
This is the psychiatrist declaration on me saying that I appear perfectly normal but the psychiatrist misunderstands my spiritual communication as delusions, i.e. “paranoid schizophrenia”, because compulsory thoughts made it “impossible” for him to listen/read and understand. The system has now given up “treating” me!

Jeg glæder mig til, at standen begynder at gøre dét, som du påstår, at den gør – at arbejde professionelt, som også inkluderer at LYTTE og FORSTÅ, at give sig tid og ikke konkludere på forkert/mangelfuldt grundlag (meget!) og ikke “dømme” fremmede alene baseret på en tidligere FORKERT journal uden at kende deres liv og hverdag (!) og på grundlag af sine egne indre dæmoner om, hvordan man har lært, at verden ser ud, som den faktisk ikke gør.

Jeg lover dig, at du vil lære MEGET undervejs, hvis du gør dig umage med at læse. Du vil aldrig møde et mere interessant “tilfælde” end jeg – dette er dokumentation for, at det er psykiatrien, som er “gal på den”, da man på grund af egne tvangstanker (!),  “bedrevidende uvidenhed” og dårligt udført arbejde gjorde mig til gal uden at ryste på hånden, og dette er det sande og RYSTENDE billede af mine oplevelser, og man ønsker IKKE at forstå, at dette er sandheden. Tror du, at du kan?

Mange tak for opmærksomheden – du er velkommen med eventuelle spørgsmål, og såmænd også gerne et møde, hvis du vil lære mig at kende :-).

And I continued really “killing time”, so I decided also to follow up on another potential task, which was to write to hypnotist Erik L., whom I visited in 2006 to receive his help to get deep inside of myself to get access or improve access to my inner self – my spiritual friends – and this was really for him to see what this is all about because I am sure that he will be interested when thinking back of the very direct contact I received which he saw clearly, and yes part of the road is what he has also now become. This is what I wrote to him:

Kære Erik,

Jeg besøgte dig for nogle år siden, vistnok i 2006, hvor jeg ønskede din hjælp til at opnå kontakt til “mit indre, spirituelle jeg”, som jeg tror, at du vil huske, da du oplevede kontakten via “hypnosen” på en meget direkte og nok anden måde, end du har oplevet både før og siden?

Denne kontakt til “mit andet jeg” har siden medført en spirituel overskygning 24 timer i døgnet med udvidede følelser, visioner og også spirituel tale, og jeg tænkte, at du måske var interesseret i at høre “hvad det egentlig gik ud på” (?), og det har jeg skrevet om på min hjemmeside https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/ med tilhørende ca. 5.000 undersider – assisteret/motiveret af min “spirituelle guide”. Det handler kort fortalt om “et bedre liv, arbejde og samfund for alle” eller med andre ord en Ny Verden af uendelig lykke som Gud’s gave til menneskeheden, som vi nu står nært overfor som den realitet, menneskeheden vil modtage opvågning til.

Du vil nok blive overrasket over hjemmesidens indhold, men jeg håber, at du vil bevare både din ro og fatning, og du er velkommen med eventuelle spørgsmål, og også gerne at følge mig eller blive venner på Facebook.

Jeg håber, at det går dig godt.

I receive different messages from light and darkness about whether or not I have now transferred all life to our New World

And yes, Stig, these last emails were done ”just like that” where work to my website and the email to Georgie requires a little more thinking activity, which I will take at the first possible/right moment for me, which is NOT now here at 05.15, because now I do believe that I can be satisfied with the work I have done.

At 05.30 I decided to sit in the sofa for a while after having been a slave in front of the computer for may hours, and this is when the wall of tiredness hit me making it impossible to keep my eyes open, and I do believe that I had a combination of relax/sleep on the sofa from 06.00 to 09.30, and when I woke up, I was “destroyed” but started gradually to awake more the following hours, which is a pattern I have seen many times by now.

I was asked “wasn’t the ticket to come here expensive”, i.e. costing much energy, and yes a world of it!

Darkness continued to attack me and wanted my approval to do things behind my back as if it included transferrals from light, but no (!), and I was so tired without strength to keep on fighting darkness, but since it kept on playing its game with me, I had to be stronger than it to reject it, and it is situations like this when you are on your “extreme edge” making me go as deep as possible.

I heard darkness saying “have you been at the workshop with it, and now this is my brand new car” (?), and also “we don’t have to kill anyone to get out of her – TOP” (!) and this darkness asked “what about you and you and you and you, all of my conspirators” (?), and yes they are not here anymore, already transferred (?), and now yourself too “soon” because I am the one sitting there, i.e. you and that is as “the good old Stig”.

I was told that we are removing drawing pins, which however are not that big here.

And I was told that you will be surprised to see how much he (the spirit of my father) cried when he realised what he entered his own worst self as his enemy without a chance to get out, only with complete termination of life, which we have fought against ever since.

I was also told that we can tell you the truth, which is that we did not think it would get this difficult to get everything out of darkness, which I was told after being told about throw-up feelings, which is what I and my surroundings receive as symptoms of our sufferings.

I again received a GIANT sneeze because of sacrifices of the Universe bringing me energy.

I was told that you are far away of having anyone killed, which we would have warned you about, and all you have received is a small warning that darkness is trying to enter again, which you then keep away by starting to work, which I did around noon today, where I had come over my worst tiredness and felt ready to continue working despite of how unpleasant it is, but I did not feel much tired and also not in much pain writing this script, I just had to do it, and I keep getting marks to my right angle but also right now that these are feelings of phantom pain which is given to physical parts, which are no longer there, so it does truly look like darkness is (becoming) empty of content.

I was told that if the world had ended, the end would include this message to everyone “you have now received collective/multiple sexual pleasure, and you have all been x’ed” (because of WRONG sexual behaviour including infidelity etc.), and yes the sexual weapon of darkness, which would escalate as it did until the end of the world, which is where we were one millimetre from in the summer of 2010 before we could start building our New World and save the old one, and the saying “you’ve been x’ed” is a reference to the TV-show “the Jamie Kennedy experiment”, which made fun of people being x’ed, which was simply a warning to the world about our coming termination, and yes nothing else really (!), but we made sure that both the money (i.e. energy) and the pizzas (i.e. life) came through, see this video, and yes they were truly funny some of these acts but now you know that there was more than simple entertainment behind.

I keep getting visions of actors – Dustin Hoffman and now Paprika Steen – which is about the act of darkness, I don’t know about, and yes have we transferred all old life or have we not (?), and I have decided simply to continue as long as I feel darkness as I still do, so I don’t know, and yes this is still how it is here and it was followed with new feelings given to the backside of my left lower leg, which indicates more life not being transferred yet, and yes who knows (?), and a little later I was told that this is because of loving feelings of my mother to me, which opens up for more of this life to be transferred with darkness as the fuel also becoming light.

At 13.20 when still working on my script of today, I received “understanding” of darkness of no more sexual torments to be given as it would like to, which is about what we meet even deeper inside of here.

I was told that you are the only one who could decide to terminate people to continue our journey, and I said “never” (I wouldn’t do that, Meat!) and referred to my authority given to the light to take these decisions because it knows better, and yes I do hope we will NOT get to this – shouldn’t it be over or “soon over” (?) – and if we did/do, I would/will NOT decide this, but according to this information I had to because otherwise we may had to terminate everything (?) as I am asked, and yes I don’t know, but I sure do know that I look forward to the day when darkness is completely dealt and over with.

I received the name of the artist Niels Skousen, and understood that it was about his sir name meaning “forest” as in the creation of God, and I received a burp disguised as a cow mooing (!), and just saying that I am becoming my original self as this is about.

During the afternoon I was told that we look forward for you to write to Georgie, which may make it possible to end all of this already on Friday, and I decided that I will first finalise the script so far today, which I did at 15.05, and to go to town to see if I could get a haircut, which my mother will appreciate much before I will probably meet her again on Thursday or Friday to go to the Zoo in Copenhagen as we have talked about, and yes should I not have energy to do my work and also get this haircut, it will make my mother wonder, and make it more difficult to finish this last bit of creation.

I was told that my doctor (i.e. Karen) is also not dead for me, she still has feelings for you, Stig, which we have made sure of, which has also kept the world going!

I was told that he (the spirit of my father of darkness) was prepared to pour out rotten eggs over you, but we have made sure that he will/cannot do this, haven’t we Stig (?), and yes this is still about light and darkness fighting as you can see later in the first picture of Jette today with light telling me some things and darkness other things, and the question is who is right (?), and if I am to believe that we have dismantled the weapons of darkness, he is just giving me empty threats by now while finishing the last parts of saving every little thing, but of course I do not know for sure.

I was told that no bigger pills against you are produced than those in Russia, and that is STILL (!), which you know is about manipulation with life, which is destroying life itself!

And then I was told that before leaving, the spirit of my mother delivered a large amount of eggs as I was shown in a brown basket and we know to help saving remaining old life/worlds inside of darkness, and this gave answer to this question.

I did not have energy to offer a lady my help, but I did it anyway symbolising our continuous look for more life inside darkness

Sunday I received this email from Fanny, whom I do not know, and she said that she would like to communicate with me because she believes we have things in common with her nearest also not believing that she is normal, which makes her lonely and yes tell me about it (!), so this is what I offered her in my reply either to write or call me, but I also noticed that she lives not far way from Jette, so I said that I have a good friend near her, which she could also benefit from, and from these open options she decided that she would like to get in contact with Jette, which I promised her to do.

So I introduced Fanny for Jette in a email via Facebook and Jette was kind to offer to speak to her also making me HAPPY, but it did not take long before she told me that she could not write a Facebook email to Fanny and she also sent me the reason, which is that “some of your messages have been reported as spam. To avoid blockage of your access, you have to make sure that your postings keep Facebook community standards”, and because of this, Jette has been blocked from what looks like sending emails to people she is not friends with for another 21 days (!), and yes but what she wrote in her non-send email is interesting because it says “received message from my friend Stig – “just come on – you are welcome” and the last part “just come on – you are welcome” is identical to what I have told darkness so many times with “come on and give me the best you got – you are welcome because you will turn into light” to put on some more words, and yes this is about Jette working on my behalf receiving darkness, and yes to bring love, and not to leave anyone behind even though you don’t have time or energy to help her, which I did not, I offered to help Fanny symbolising to continue looking, finding and saving even more life inside of darkness, and yes before we will close up this place as if it has never existed, and this is simply what this symbolises, and I do hope that Fanny will follow up sending Jette an email as I encouraged her to do, and I asked Jette to confirm when contact is made, so I know that she will be in good hands, and yes this is the best I can do for now, and with this, we will continue the game for a little longer.

The email from Jette above showed me that there is indeed such a thing as “Facebook community standards”, which I decided to have a quick look at, and yes I bring you an extract here, and kindly ask you to consider if my conduct falls under the violations “Bullying and Harassment” and “Phishing and spam”, or if you believe silence of people not accepting me or even reporting me was the true harassment (?), and yes Facebook and others may like to revise your standards (?), and in our New World you can use my basic rules as foundation, which will secure good behaviour and work of people.

We have now transferred all life of the Old to the New World because of my “quick quality work”!

Work continued to enter with new inspired messages, so it was first 17.00 when I decided to cycle to town to buy some wine again – having a little new money on the pocket – and to visit the hairdresser thinking that it may be too late to receive a haircut today with closing time at 17.30 here, but when I arrived, it was the husband of the wife, who is normally cutting my hair, who was alone in the store, and yes there was plenty of time to get this haircut, and we know it was fine to use the machine cutting the sides of the hair, and before I knew of it, he had removed the hair from all sides – just like darkness did not get time to set up a defence and attack system as we had planned knowing about how it would probably do this – and he did my eyebrows and the top and back of my hair and it did not take more than maybe 10 minutes before he was finished, and I told him “if I told you the next time to do even better than today, would you be able to do this” (?), and “no, this was top” (!), as he answered, which it truly was and I could only tell him that I have NEVER received the same relation between quality and efficiency anywhere before (!), and I knew that this was about my own work the last couple of days to transfer all life before the darkness even woke up to react (!), and yes that takes some time you know when people are on holiday, in Kenya or retired, and yes I won this phase over darkness too, and simply because no one can work with the same relation between quality and efficiency as I (!), and yes there might be, but I have not met them yet, and of course this is said objectively.

I also asked him if he and his wife is planning to keep their business in Helsingør when they are living in Helsingborg in Sweden – 20 minutes by ferry – and he said that he would not leave his old business before he possibly had started a new business up and it went fine, and I was told “here was plan B”, which was to disarm darkness so it could not kill life hidden by the spirit of my mother even if it wanted to, and yes I was also told that we would probably be able to also work on this task next week, but when we can finish it perfectly, there is no reason to postpone it, and yes we will see when this will happen.

And I received a couple of times today weakly the song “peace” by Depeche Mode, which is what will come to me when I will open the eyes of my new self and the world will wake up too, and think “why did we decide to fight each other, instead of showing love and respect” (?) – and yes a VERY SPECIAL song is what this is to me :-), and by the way, I am happy to see Martin Gore and Vince Clark working together again, which to me means almost the same as seeing Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow from Take That doing the same not that long ago.

After returning home and having dinner, I received INCREDIBLE RELIEF having moved the weight on the world from my shoulder, and it also meant much less darkness coming to me – you cannot fully understand what it means to be broken down by STRONG darkness and I first fully understand it myself when I start receiving relief as now – but still I continued receiving some darkness, and I did not want to be reckless and to call off the game, because I have decided to continue as long as we can, looking for every single to be saved.

And I was shown the New World as a nut coloured in gold being “this close” to me.

I have received this tickling feeling to my stomach many times, and also this evening where it included the feeling of a new baby of light inside my stomach, and I was told that when I have received these tickling feelings over the last couple of years, it was coming from the spirit of my father inside of darkness wanting to get out, and the only way was to give birth to himself via me as the Anti-Christ.

I continued doing the last piece of work today at 20.00 after dinner, and just to write the last lose ends to the script here and there, to consolidate it and also to publish it today was truly not the easiest to do, it took out much of me, and I had hoped to send Georgie an email this evening, but it will have to be tomorrow, unless new work of darkness will bury me.

And finally at 21.20, I had uploaded also the script of today, and yes if I was satisfied with the work I have done, and yes YOU BET!

Stone formations at the bottom of the Baltic sea are required to get out New World working

I was told about the discovery and search for a possible UFO at the bottom of the Baltic sea between Sweden and Finland, see here, that these were parts belonging to the ship with ship being the world, and also that without those we cannot get the ship up and going, and I understood this as the ship of our New World.

“One year ago a complete round, unidentified object was found at the bottom of the Baltic sea” and together with “a 300 metre long gliding trace” it has made people guess on a crashed UFO

The object is 60 metres in diameter – the leader guesses that it can be “a new Stonehenge”. It is stone formations lying over the circle, which in itself is formed as a circle and look like fire places

And I might add that it was Jette and her wife Kirsten, who send me the link to this story, as I have heard about before, who brought out this information, so this is truly my feedback to you, which you asked for.

Google Earth pictures show Jesus (my new self) blessing me as Stig

Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group:

Yesterday evening Jette sent me the first of the pictures below saying “Would like to be the first congratulating you” without any explanation what it was about, so I asked her, and later she sent me the message “I just sent you two e-mails – the first to congrat with Jesus Graduate YOU – the next with the BITCH – darkness – making fun of YOU.. take care be aware and prepared”, and I did NOT receive these emails, which I then told her, and this morning she sent the same picture again without an explanation and telling me that it had to be darkness playing with us (since her emails did not get to me), but finally at noon today, she brought this picture explaining what it was all about.

In the first picture, she said “seems like Jesus is Blessing (Stig?)” and this is changed in the second showing “horror and surprise” where Jesus turns into a “well known bitch” (of darkness), and later bad faces was all, which were left, and yes this is from yesterday evening not sounding very assuring, but as I wrote in my comment, light and darkness is now separated, and the question is really how much strength does darkness keep possessing, and aren’t his weapons now dismantled?

I was told that Karen is also part of this picture.

I am now reaching even more life inside darkness hidden outside our Old World, which is now also on its way in

When I wanted to publish the script of today via my Firefox browser as I normally do, and added pictures and videos, suddenly it decided to “freeze” making it impossible to continue working, which Firefox has started doing a few times now and again when working on publishing my scripts, but NEVER as much as now, and so much that it became impossible to do this work, because when “resetting” and coming back starting work again it had “forgotten” what I did before and had to start over and yes then a new crash, and when this had happened 3-4 times, and I was truly tired, I decided that it is probably only Firefox attacked from darkness – people not liking what I write, for example my mother – and when I used Google Chrome instead, it went fine as expected.

And I was told that it was impossible to publish using Firefox because the spirit of my mother has put (missing) furniture right (life) in the far corner of the room (Old World) where it is almost impossible to reach and yes we shall continue including sufferings is still the message.

Right after publishing the script I was given pain inside of my right long finger, and I was told that publishing the script of today was “the ultimate pain” or at least designed to be this because of much work/tiredness, and with this we are at the end of the room looking to see if there are any more worlds to be discovered, and yes I hear a vague yes and yes and I don’t know if this is because I want to hear it but this is what was said to me, “do you come with an egg and flowers to me, but I/we thought you had forgotten about me a long time ago” as I am told from one of these hidden worlds, and no, we will NEVER forget about you or at least we will keep searching until the ultimate end, and yes Stig we will search over and over again as long as you can keep darkness up without closing down this place.

I received a couple of déjà vues, first about myself doing mistakes/writing errors/misunderstandings in my scripts even though I do my best (under the circumstances), meaning that natural mistakes etc. also will be “allowed” in our New World as long as you keep on doing your “best” work including to think and being patient.

The other déjà vue was about people following me through meditations where they have received such a deep stage that they are on my “wave-length”, and I am not sure, but I do believe this is Buddhist monks (?), and if this is the case, I send you my best regards, and that goes to everyone who can hear me on this channel all over the Universe.

I was told that my resistance of “what cannot stand, will fall” combined with my sister’s selfish feelings/actions is now opening to what I first saw as a brown content inside of darkness, and a little later I saw MUCH new darkness entering (!), and I said “you are welcome” and that is to become light following me to our New World and NOT to mix with light, which you are NOT allowed/able to.

I was given a sudden big pain again, and this time to my right heel making me think about how my father is.

And I was told that by this darkness that we are also part of what was outside, impossible to get, which we can only reach because of the combination of your mother not believing on the surface – she has to oppose me to bring the greatest energy from plus in me and minus in her – but loving you, and darkness of Sanna. And I thought that these parts outside may give new incredible pain to my right foot opening for it to enter, which I do not look forward to if this is the case.

I was told that my new Facebook friend Shannon is also helping to bring forward this darkness “because who she is” and not easy for you to believe my Facebook postings about whom I am?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This is one of the very few stories on my to-do list, which I did not bring as part of “much work” during recent days, but decided to bring today, which is about extreme melt down of inland ice of Greenland, see here, because of unusual summer temperatures of up to 25 degrees Celsius, and so much that it is a natural catastrophe with big floods of melted water destroying everything on its way, and to me this was about “the heating” of Americans in Thule, Greenland, with their “ice freezing down the world” melting, and yes I don’t know for sure, but this is what I understand this symbol is right, and yes I am probably right in some and wrong in others (also) of my short stories, but I do my best to be right, which you do understand, don’t you?

  • This is another “planted story”, which I first fully understand and therefore decide to include today, which was about an avalanche at the “cursed mountain” (!) next to Mont Blanc killing nine climbers, which was also heavily mentioned here with a couple of Danes being VERY close to dying too, and yes the “curse” was the release of much darkness, and yes “thought you would like to know” is coming to me again, and yes from a part of the spirit of my father inside darkness, who also now and first now succeeded to transfer to the light of our New World, and I am still seeing and almost feeling the “worst sticking darkness” from where this part came from not at all liking to release its “victim”, but this is how it is and yes Stig I want no victims, casualties or is it survivors and yes darkness trying to confuse me because of tiredness, stress etc. (this is written “yesterday” at 22.00 to “fill out” the script of today), but it is both the worst and not the worst being in control of my work, so let me correct it and say that I want ONLY survivors, and yes EVERY LITTLE THING is to survive, and difficult to get the remaining THICK oil of darkness to understand this, and yes this is what is making it “impossible” for politicians, media etc. to understand me (my messages of yesterday), but those of you starting to understand, is helping to release life/energy from inside of here, and so it is, and yes I am thinking that light is inside of this darkness, which darkness cannot reach, and when it is transferred to our New World, it becomes part of my skeleton, and yes yes yes, so it is.

  • I received a new comment to my post on Johanne’s Facebook wall, and it was from Kenneth, who was both inspired and committed when commenting on my New World Order, where he concluded that income has to depend on value created by hour (!) – talk about focus on money (!), prices can only be determined by supply and demand – no, you are NOT open, Kenneth (!), “without profit nothing will be created, so this is pure imagination” (i.e. “no profits”), which you know is a man brainwashed by the old school not able to “listen/read and understand” (!), and businesses can only be owned by their owners as he say – he cannot “imagine” anything else (!), “Land is a limited resource and cannot be free”, and yes he was truly closed in his mindset, this man, he says “all intellectual property law should be cancelled” and here was a point, where we agree (!), but he did not want to cancel neither banks nor “investments/speculation” because “there is nothing wrong about this” as he said, and yes Kenneth, I wonder if you truly was THINKING, or if you simply connected the auto pilot of the Old World, which was set on “imminent danger of crashing the entire world”, which he commented in the beginning of his email (my statement that “the world was about to go under solely because of this reason”, i.e. because of the Old World Order bringing extreme inequality/sufferings) and yes he simply said “this is really the worst rubbish!”, and yes this is truly what he said and of course based upon his misunderstandings and better-knowing ignorance when he was too lazy to read and understand and yes as a large part of the official world also “could not” and yes you know “our responsible leaders” of the Old World, and yes that’s the ones, you have heard about that one (?), and yes, you can ZOOM in on this, which is about people loving to TALK TALK and to do as little manual work themselves (!), and finally he said that in the extent that a state has to exist, it had to be small and local (!), and yes Kenneth, you do have a lot of “meanings” the same way as all politicians and most people have, and then you use your time to argue and fight trying to win sympathy for your “meanings” instead of doing what is basically the only right thing to do and yes that is if you want life to be sustainable, and I am sure that you would like to live, or have I overestimated you on this (?), and yes this is what it all comes down to – the first time it will be about “take it of leave it” and that is the choice between my New World Order and eternal death, and what will you decide to choose (?), and yes when you have understood and gotten used to this new system, you will wish that the world had done this a LONG time ago, but you know, when you “could not”, I have to help you showing you the road, and when you are on my road, the road of God, showing responsible behaviour and work, this is when I will give back your FREEDOM, which life also cannot sustain without, do you see by now, or do I have to repeat the same message over and over and over again for you to understand?
    • In my reply I thanked Kenneth for the energy, i.e. darkness, which he led to me, and encouraged him to forget about the old text books and read and understand my website, which is both true and simple logic for everyone to understand if only you bother and show openness instead of “I know better”, which only few people of today sadly can, so this is still my encouragement to the world: Read and understand objectively with an open mind, and do your best to imagine that this is just like starting over where the idea is NOT to look at what we already have, but to start from a clean sheet of paper thinking about “what is the best to do when starting over” (?), which is exactly what I did – as the world could have done too.

  • I continued receiving a few comments to the thread above with sceptical people, which simply “could not” get into their minds that I could be right, because everything that they have learned is that I am wrong, and yes this is BRAINWASH, which makes CLOSED people, and Kenneth told me that there is nothing wrong with old text books, “water still rungs down, and profit/loss serves and still better than anything else we have come up with”, and yes of course MONEY (!) is the only motivational factor of the community, right (?) – or have you forgotten about the simple joy of working without thinking of money (?), and I told them to forget about everything existing and think about what to do if we started all over, which you know we are, and everyone would in this situation quickly agree that we should have a ground rule NOT to pollute to save the planet where we live – simple logic, right (?) – and it is the same simple logic to have a world order also making life sustainable, which the old did not, and then it is about everyone getting your fingers out of your ears and START LISTENING/READING what I tell you is a CONDITION OF LIFE instead of telling me what you believe (!), and Jan was so sure on himself that he told me that even a child can see what Kenneth told me (!), and yes this is how strong the brainwash is, and I asked him to look into the mirror, which he (and mankind) does not like to, and to look at the reversed picture he sees which is about the opposite world, where he is convinced that he is right and I am crazy (!), without being able to see that it is otherwise, that a child can see that he is wrong and I am right because I only tell you simple logic, which you however cannot see, and yes I am sure that these young people will remember this thread – and yes, then the amazing happened, which was that Lasse, my old “formidable opponent” decided to like my original post here, so it looks like he is coming back to the stable and yes as promised/expected to help me getting out of darkness as “the grand old man” still inside of there says, and yes he would like to get out but has settled for my patience knowing that he will not get out before I decide to call off the game, which will last for as long as possible, and yes all the way to December if we can and if necessary of course, and yes it looks as if Lasse has been influenced by my Facebook posts the last weeks, but he has not told me that he is converting to starting believing in me again?

  • The reason why I received John Lennon songs in my bullet point above was because I had seen this post of Torben earlier, and I received the wish of the spirit of my mother to bring this telling about the importance of love without fear, and it all starts with loving yourself and showing the world who you truly are without having fear.

  • Selvet brought this recipe on how to create light and life inside the orange of the Old World, which is what we are now completing really.

  • In continuation about whether or not all life has been saved, Helena was inspired as the Devil she is to write that “they are putting in the pot for a cosy weekend”, and the pot is “the big black pot”, but right after receiving and reading this, I was given the feeling that the pot is empty, so this is about darkness only being able to get out this way by making Helena show her SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL, and yes the title of this song is not very likeable but the music is fantastic, and Rolling Stones are as you know symbolising sexual torments of me, and who other than Helena to bring these forward to me (?), and yes it looks like it will be nice music on this stage during the weekend.

  • Selvet was also inspired to bring one of John Lennon’s wise quote of life, which everyone can agree is “simple logic” to follow, but still, if you don’t want to understand, you cannot understand, see (?), and yes I feel a certain relationship to John here.

  • My old music teacher from Albertslund is a passionate music lover and artist, and here he is playing the guitar on George Harrison’s “Here comes the sun”, which is what is really coming to me and all of us when we have transferred all energy to our new sun :-).

  • Medina is going to the Samsø (music) Festival tomorrow, and Samsø is the island where Helena is on holiday these days, and it made Medina say “peel self scrimps, which you can buy in the fish store at the harbour, are THE BOMB”, and “scrimps” mean “making love”, and THE BOMB is about the sexual/Doomsday weapon, which was about to destroy us.

  • And Helena is truly THE BOMB on Samsø because she could not help writing here that she attended a party meeting “2 long haired (quite dishy) guys”, who “attacked me”, and furthermore they were “skim bums from France“, and “I have had single hours with one of them” because “need to d a little bit of pops”, so what this is saying is that the sexual weapon of WRONG sexual behaviour to the world planted by darkness also includes “one-night stands”, which has NOTHING to do with love, but only lust, and pure lust without love is also what was killing the world (together with all “wrong sexual behaviour” you can think of). And I heard darkness saying “say hello to Ken” when writing this, which is about darkness still wanting to kill and now what I have discovered as life inside new darkness arriving.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to July 17, 2012: Feelings of “incredible beauty” of my mother and I removed the original sexual/Doomsday weapon of darkness

  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    INDIGO…..My poem:
    De røde er de søde,
    derfor er det de blå, der må gå,
    det bedste ville være INDIGO – for de er de kære..

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