July 19, 2012: Saving the original creator including the secret of life self as the last from inside of darkness


Summary of the script today

18th July: Saving the original creator including the secret of life self as the last from inside of darkness

  • Dreaming of non-aggressive darkness (not being able to kill), Karen’s feelings to me return much life, which her darkness otherwise had consumed, I am on my way to the New World when meeting darkness, which could set me off the train, which it however does not.
  • I was VERY tired today with little sleep and much work making me on the edge of giving up again, but I kept on working, and after feeling the last couple of days that the pad of one of my right fingers was almost cut out, today I received a STRONG beating inside my left shoulder, and I was told that we have now succeeded saving the original egg yolk out of darkness into safety, which is about saving the original creator including the secret of life self, which the original creator used from inside of darkness to resurrect the soul of Jesus.
  • I was encouraged to write to Karen to awake her loving feelings to me to help save eternal creation of Karen’s and mine New World’s on top of our New World and what I later understood included the rescue of the original creator from darkness, and the process itself of doing this work helped much. I told Karen that the sun (of the Source) will now start to shine making us forget that it has been winter, my deep feelings for her, the sufferings she brought me when living a “loose” life when I knew she was my coming wife, the sufferings I brought her writing on her without her understanding in me, that I “soon” will open my eyes in 2012, which will make her open her eyes too – and the world – and with the light, we will be brought together as “the first couple” of the world. Later in the evening, Karen surprised me when sending me a short, but POSITIVE reply almost “inviting” me to invite her out, but I will wait until I will open the eyes of my new self.
  • The selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes Greenland being used as an organ to play on to produce the same beauty as piano concerts by Mozart, Jesus/Stig still having “the bitch” of darkness of the spirit of my mother as part of me, a word of approx. 6 letter is now “almost visible” on the sky, converting much dark sex into real love and passion, the heart of God is being transferred from one side to the other and Greenland is becoming clean land.
  • We entered the basements of the original creator where every individual is connected to darkness – everyone will be released from darkness/sicknesses/negativity when we say “start”.
  • Short stories of Mads love for the American political system symbolising the Devil’s “plan to kill everybody”, links of my script of yesterday to two of my Scribd documents yet again showed the official world reading me in secrecy, more reactions to me with scared people guessing that I am crackers without knowing, all circumcision will end with the Old World and will NOT become part of our New World, Henrik Dahl believes that I am crazy, a quote of love by Dalai Lama is one of the best I have ever heard and I liked Bill Clinton and Richard Branson congratulating Nelson Mandela on his 94th birthday.

19th July: I feared so much that darkness could switch off life that it brought my deepest feelings to turn around the Source!

  • This morning I was told about the risk of remaining darkness inside the original creator entering light and switching off “invention of life” itself, which should be “easy” to do, and that is if I should decide to keep on working inside of this darkness, and for a few hours I received the WORST cold-sweat thinking of the risk of terminating all life for an eternity as an option, which was followed by “out of this world” pain to my right angle when I decided to be STRONG saying that I don’t believe in you or alternatively to set up a security system to avoid this from happening, and when suffering my absolutely worst of all I continued working on my script of today, which at the same time turned around the Old Source self – and after this I was told that it was truly a game to pull out my deepest feelings to do this work, and yes NOT EASY doing this work, but this is what is required to make every little thing the absolutely most perfect as we can do and yes even more than when dreaming!
  • If I had not received true love of my mother and Karen this week, it would have created “temporary terminations” and our world bleeding, which however would have been recreated in our New World – but we were saved from going through these great sufferings because I could.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group from late yesterday evening show attacks from MUCH darkness with her quotes from different pictures “look at me, Mom”, “It’s O.K. now, Stig, Father helps me”,  ..but oh, no – the Father is sick.., “.. the son is strong and proud – he is going for the good end of his story..”, “..oh, it look like she is drawning – but the son have chosen to hold his head over the water.. (?)”, “something happens, bitch is crying (that’s a good start) wife to be is hanging on the son” “and another person – it might be aunt Inge – is breaking out of the mess..” and it ended fine today with a picture showing the true love of a mother holding her son.
  • Short stories of FREEEEEEEEEDOM from darkness coming to the world, a cycling man on Helsingør Station almost being run over by the train entering because of darkness resisting me until the end, in Tour de France, Chris Anker’s hand was torn up bleeding much symbolising my pain and sacrifices of the Universe,  “Christmas weather in July” in Denmark symbolises my/our sufferings, and Michael Hardinger returned as my Facebook friend almost from the dead as a miracle symbolising the survival of the original creator.


18th July: Saving the original creator including the secret of life self as the last from inside of darkness

Dreaming of Karen’s feelings to me returning much life, which her darkness otherwise had consumed

I went to bed after 23.00 and was woken up at 02.00 with pain in my left foot and told to continue working now without sleep to save the rest, and I remember lying on my back thinking that I better get up, but I never came this far, I was too tired and fell asleep again and at 05.00 I was woken up again and despite of being VERY TIRED, I decided to stand up now – and I am here told that if we don’t do it like this, the blue “tiles” of the New World will attach to me, which will end the game – and I had a couple of dreams.

  • I have moved together with Karen in her home in Rungsted. I miss the view over the sea when looking out of her complete open window to Rungstedvej, and even though it is not warm, to my surprise I find it alright. I am still nervous about how our sexual relation will turn out. I have slept on the sofa when Karen returns home I tell her that I have dreamt about driving with a train arriving to Helsingør with a shepherd dog I walk with even though it is not mine, and it plays with one other dog and also meet another shepherd, but it is not aggressive. Karen is in the kitchen, and I see how one of her small dogs vomit, and to my surprise it throws up an incredible amount of food including a whole chicken, and I am surprised that so much food could be inside this small dog, and Karen is surprised but starts cleaning up, and she tells the tog that “this is the chicken we were meant to have yesterday”.
    • I am bringing darkness with me to our New World in form of the dog, but it is no longer aggressive. The small dog is about her darkness seeing others than me, which has made darkness consume “much life”, which is now returning because I have decided not to lose what cannot stand and because Karen has been given feelings about me again as I understand.
  • I am in the train with Lars G. on our way to Bornholm, the train is full and I have two train clip cards with two and one clip remaining but I have decided not to use them because it is only rarely that conductors come to check tickets, but here the conductor arrives, and I think about hiding from him walking away in the other direction, but I decide to face him, and he asks me to stamp at the next station and also that Østerport Station brings us to Bornholm.
    • I am here with God on our way to our New World and the conductor is darkness wanting to throw me off the train, but he is “nice” to me here allowing me to stamp my card instead of giving me a fine.

Saving the original creator including the secret of life self as the last from inside of darkness

So despite of being tired I started working at 06.00 this morning and the first couple of hours I was as tired as when working at the library in Lyngby in 2010 (and before and after), which was truly as difficult/impossible to come through as anything, because the first couple of hours today was as back then where I was very close to giving up because of sheer tiredness, and at around 08.00 the worst tiredness had become less but still very much inside of me as a deep feeling, and it made me wonder if I can really go through a new day of work and exercise seems truly and utterly completely impossible to do today but we will see.

When almost giving up I was told that it is not surprising if you cannot handle it because you are now dealing with Karen’s feelings to you, which is ”after everyone’s” else, and yes I was truly almost giving up the first couple of hours being TIRED only writing with disgust, and you can read about Karen in the next chapter and the pressure put onto me once again with the risk of losing an eternity of New World’s because of “suffocation” if I don’t send her an email today, and do I have to tell you how potentially frustrating it is not feeling that you have energy to keep on working, and if you do not, it will mean the end of an eternity of New World’s (?), and yes I am truly TIRED of having to carry the world on my shoulder, the responsibility is HEAVY.

As part of this I was shown big tanks inside a ship – of darkness – and told “we only wait to come out if you allow us”, and no, I will NEVER do that despite of being on my limit to break down once again, and I do see a pattern that going to my ultimate limit is also what is bringing my ultimate energy, and I do hope that there is both a plan B here and that darkness is not strong enough if it should come to it to destroy these worlds.

I felt the green colour and was asked “can we get out of the water now” (?), and my answer was “no, you cannot, we have NOT finished work yet”, which is about the pressure on me/us to open up my/our eyes.

I still received short pains to my right angle a few times during the day and I was told that this pain is much lower now than before because I see my mother and because of her positivity and loving thoughts of me.

I felt how a leader of a people of other civilizations entered me – like a shadow/spirit entering from the front of me – and I understood from him when he told me the direct truth that his people have been afraid of destructions of the Universe and their home and wanted me to stop, and we know I understand but still I have no idea about the degree of your destructions and if I had I might not have done as I have, but I am sure that in the long run I have done the only right thing to go for 100% of every little thing thinking that physical life and matter can be resurrected – but for what it is worth, please share this message with your people, I don’t know about your degree of sufferings but if I imagine the worst possible – I am told “think about the destruction of Earth and then a little more – I can only say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICES/SUFFERINGS and I do look forward to seeing you all in our New World because I have decided that NONE of you were to be terminated, which in the long run for sure is what we will all be more than pleased about.

For a few days until yesterday I have felt like one of finger pads on my right hand was “almost” cut out, which was a very unpleasant feeling, and yes as if in “cut out”, and I was told that this would have happened if darkness had been strong/quick enough, and I would have been made believe that I had lost a vital part of myself but today I was told that this would have been able to recreate later – first to cut it out in small pieces, transfer it as “light” and to recreate it as my new self.

I was told that it is first now that we see the “foreign body” creating the first life, which really is “nothing”, and that we understand how life was made, and yes this is what I am told here and I wonder how we could resurrect Jesus form out of nothing without this knowledge, which I understood we received in 2011.

I received GIANT throbbing feelings to my left should today, and I do mean GIANT as if someone was hitting me inside of the arm and a tennis ball was moving back and forward and it was disturbing to say the least when it happened.

Later in the day, I cycled approx. 15 kilometres because this is “one in a lifetime” and only therefore (because of how I feel), and I was shown the fountain of the deepest inside of me full of water symbolising great suffering and I was told you have almost made it yourself through your own sufferings without sending the email to Karen yet, and later after sending the email to Karen, see next chapter, I first received repetitions of content of the email, which is also a normal reflection coming to me – and my scripts after publishing them – because of reflections of people reading, and I understood that this was Karen reading, and then I was told that it was the original pad – the egg yolk self – of creation, which was beating in my left shoulder, and that this was the origin itself we herewith secured.

Not long after I was shown and felt the last part of the spirit of my father in the angle of my right foot with almost everything of him outside, and he asked “eeehhh, what do you want me to do”, and the message was that he is now ready to leave darkness for good, and yes because the original pad has been removed and secured from darkness, and I told him that we will wait until I am done with the last part of my work and until light agrees too because who knows if a new task should occur without my knowledge?

And I was told that it was the origin of creation itself that we have secured from darkness and without this, we would never have known about how life was originally created, and I have had a strong déjà vue about this a long time ago that it would be a risk for us to lose this information and part of my original self – to lose the original creator (!), and yes Stig, it was the original creator inside of darkness who resurrected Jesus, and that is the answer to the question, and first now he is out of there, and afterwards I was told that now no life can be lost over our right shoulder, which I understood as “terminations”.

And I was told that it is first now that he – the part of the spirit of my father – knows about how we saved him, and he said “it is not a crazy book” :-). And later he told me that “you cannot imagine just how much I have also looked forward to this day”.

I still received negativity simply wanting me to be negative etc., but not very strongly, but CONSTANTLY, which is still VERY annoying to have running in your back head having to be careful not to be taken by darkness.

I received the very strong feeling of the New World almost waking me up and they said “100% pure” meaning that this is what it will become without the tinniest bit of darkness and yes this is what you will become, no darkness at all, everything will be light.

I felt my mother and I was asked “where have you been digging, Stig”, and yes as if there is yet another deeper level to search (?), and we know if there is, we will open it, so let us invite everything and everyone to attend and yes we know we will continue until December if we can and needed and more to get – but this was given as a note where I had not understood that we had saved the original creator, and I wonder if there is an even deeper level than the original creator (?), and we know there could be if this is a part of him too, so who knows?

I used MUCH time to write to Karen, and cycled as mentioned at the end of the afternoon, and at 20.00 after dinner I continued working even though I by now was so exhausted from recent work load that it was literally hanging me out of the throat, and I promised myself to finish the script of today, so I would get a fresh start and yes tomorrow, and I do believe that it is still good to stay awake, so this I will try to do once again – this is truly AWFUL when I come to the worst hours – and I don’t believe that I will write to Georgie either today, and yes it should really not be that difficult, but today I decided to write to Karen understanding that this was important, and it might also be important in relation to Georgie, maybe another hidden treasure she can help opening (?), and work conditions are NOT easy these days, but for now, I am pushing this task forward together with the edit of my website, and yes I will make it one of these days and that is the best I can tell you.

I was told that we thought that it was possible to make darkness become the creator of our New World against its will by being stronger than it, which it was.

During my road, I almost received no words from my spiritual friends about the seriousness of my sufferings, we just continued working objectively almost with no words on just how much I suffered.

I was shown what looked like both a roundabout and a cake form in Tivoli and all over it was deep blue grapes.

I was surprised when receiving much stronger darkness this evening when I was working including pain to and especially marks of pain to my right angle, which is almost as bad – is there more content inside of there, or is it “phantom pain” (?), but very noticeable is what it is. And I understood that the reason of this is because of Karen’s reactions to my email, so she did not became very happy indeed (?), and maybe she was even about to “lose it”, which is the strong feelings and pain she is sending me almost making me lose it and yes at 22.10 trying to finish the script of today with difficulties, and I wonder if she still believes I am crazy or is starting to believe in me.

I was told that “now it is about having the debit card on place”, because we have now started transferring all of the “bloody red energy of darkness”, which I understand is released with the release of the original creator and the deep feelings, which Karen sends me.

“We just received money here”, and I was told that this is also not an easy task to do – to release energy – and also that this is what will continue doing when meeting my mother on Friday, and yes I thought energy was stored as life, so when releasing life, aren’t you releasing energy (?) or are they separated (?), and we will see what happens from here.

We entered the basements of the original creator where every individual is connected to darkness

I received a deja vue knowing about my mother’s husband John and his sickness and saving him at the end, and yes I have received some more of his coughs lately, and the other day my mother said that his coughing at night stopped, therefore.

I was told that we did not get down into the deepest of the “wrong hole”, which would have created an explosion straight away.

I was shown and told that there are storage rooms underground including big piles of sombreros, which I understood is energy to be released, so we better be GOING UNDERGROUND, and we are here at the absolute top of the Jam with the song, which had the biggest impact on me when it was released as I am sure was also the case with Jack, right Jack?

I heard “France” and then “we don’t like to be trapped down in this basement too”, and as I understand it, these are hats for every single individual of the world to where negative energy is attached, and yes the idea is to release all people from negativity and sickness, right, as I am told here with a BIG smile, and also that if we open a bow to the rope here, it should open up everything because it is connected to ONE, and when the one is no longer there, and yes yes yes “there is nothing you can do” as I am told with a strong voice, and this is what sounds like the echo of previous darkness inside of here, and yes when the day will come, Stig, we will lift this and tell what will come next and so on, but “we have good time before we are finished” and this is how it is here.

I was told that when the original creator was caught by darkness, he pulled down the spirit of my mother with the entire world and from here he has ever since tormented all life against his wish and yes created “negative life” of all people with the purpose to destruct.

And I received the feedback that no one comes here but it is unusually well organised, and it is here where the negative destiny of all people are determined, and I was told that he had not discovered who you were or which one of you and “the other parts of you” was “the one”, and we can here see the soul journey you have been through from the negative side, which we have not been able to see from our side, and I understood that it has truly not been easy for the last light/positive side of me to plan this journey not knowing about what darkness would do, but giving it our best guess and yes you bet! So this is how light and darkness controlled each side of each person and how this battle was fought inside every individual.

I wrote to Karen about my love to her and our destiny, which was the tool required to save the original creator

I woke up with a familiar song including the word “nothing” played to me over again, and I was told that flowers are waiting on you, just do the final details including the save of New World’s showing, and I was told that because of Sanna, Karen is also selfish and at the same time both insensitive and sensitive, and I was told “who knows what she feels right now” (in relation to me).

I was told that you live in a patchwork quilt (my life is being united from this patchwork “everywhere”), and Karen was almost running away and I was encouraged to send her an email too to strengthen her feelings of me – “just write that you think of her and love her”, and eeehhhh right (!) and I felt darkness on the way to become Regnar Worm from the TV Christmas Calendar Canal Wild Card just because of this, and yes when I was encouraged to do this feeling as bad as I did this morning, I was NOT very motivated to write to say the least, and yes I still also have the email to Georgie and some check/possible edits to do on my website, and when feeling NO ENERGY, it is NOT the best way to start a day, but you know I have tried that before and now it is 08.40 and tiredness is still becoming less, and yes the weather is not too warm or too cold promising good for cycle exercise later (!) – I hope – and I know from the weather forecast that summer will return to Denmark on Sunday after what has been a VERY POOR summer, most of it, as EVERYONE here says, and yes it is connected with the sufferings given to me, but “here comes the sun” and “soon” that is and I “just” have to do my work, and when I do that the best I can, things normally work out as it will also do here, and yes the pressure of losing an eternity of New World’s is NOT nice, I promise you (!), and the first information I received included that Earth will cry if you don’t do this because otherwise it will lose a dear cousin, which you have build up with yes Karen because of your minds following the same path, but now she has run away with “him” once again (Kim as her old “lover-boy” and tormentor) and yes, writing her is to bring her back.

I was given the feeling of Joshua Ledet from American Idol, Karen and “nothing”, and it did not come strongly to me, but I do believe that the lyrics of “nothing” comes from Joshua’s version of “When a man loves a woman” when he sings “can’t keep his mind on NOTHING else”, but I am not completely sure, and this feels like a hidden treasure, can we open it (?), and yes it requires Karen’s positive feelings for you to do, otherwise these worlds will receive the flood when you pull out of darkness, and we don’t want that of course, and I was told that right now it feels like one new house after the other being torn down because of her “love”/seeing Kim and not you – so this is to avoid these worlds from suffocation.

And this song was followed by the song “hjertet ser” (“the heart sees”) by Karen Busck & Erann DD including the lyrics “Mon han bli’r min nu” (“I wonder if he will be mine now”), which may be what she is thinking about me?

And I was told that this is what Jette decision to offer her help to Fanny is about, to help us bring these New World’s of Karen and I on right keel too, and this is the darkness, which made Jette in an email to me yesterday tell me “be prepared my friend..”, and this morning I decided to believe that darkness cannot kill anything and that there hopefully is a Plan B, if I should fail, and yes I don’t want to be afraid.

And I was told about Karen that in reality she does not fear you as much as she fears Kim.

I was told that everything inside of my right foot looks fine and also that nobody can see how it is possible to make “eternal creation” but this is what we do and this is what we are also pulling with us from my right side, which this is about, and I am shown my monitor gradually showing a stronger and stronger yellow/green nuance, and I understand that you simply turn the handle and imagine that there is no stop to it, which will keep making this colour, and our future life, more and more concentrated, and yes this is the principles of these New World’s, but only if I do my best also today – instead of relaxing, which is the STRONGEST feeling I am given, and yes my dear LTO friends, when you DO NOTHING than being lazy, these are the feelings you bring me, which are pretty difficult to break, but you do understand this, don’t you?

My subscription to Spotify has run out, and when listening to the radio via my computer this morning, it continued to play and not play in intervals of a few seconds or less, and I was told that this is because of “lack of love” of Karen to me – so she is having mixed emotions of me – and my computer started to deliberately (!) and visibly (!) work VERY slowly – I am shown in visions/feelings how my spiritual friends “work” on it or let me say slow it down and then suddenly it opens for me to see that it is let go and this happens over and over again – and it was so slowly that it was IMPOSSIBLE to get work done, so I had to close down and start programmes again, which helped but only for a short time, and the symbol was of course that without these loving feelings of Karen to me, it is impossible to get the last part with us, which is Karen’s and my eternal creation of New World’s on top of the existing New World, and I was told that this is what “suffocation” is about, we cannot continue live without Karen’s love.

I received approx. five short heart attacks and told that this this is simply because of your mother, who does not want you to come home, which is to become my true self.

When I was working on my email to Karen doing my best, I was told that this is how to open up to secrets of life, which is only included inside of you, and I wonder if we can only do this today, or also in the future, but nevertheless we might as well do today what we CAN do today – and now when editing this, I understand that “secrets of life” is the original creator, and it is with the know-how of the secret of life that we will generate eternal creation, so my work sending this email to Karen today was really to save the original creator and yes together with endless creation.

I decided to take EXTRA good time doing this work, and this became 2 or 3 times as long as this, because the specific word document I worked on including the email for Karen decided to be the slowest of all documents I have EVER worked on, which required the patience of an angle, which I did not have – truly challenging me to my limit – but I decided to wait and to postpone all other plans saying that it will take the time it takes.

And I was told that we were hoping when you were a child that you would do exactly this, which is to take your time doing your best work despite of darkness making it impossible to do, and yes without rushing but simply doing your best, and I received a deja vue knowing that the Universe is sacrificing and in great pain when this is done, which has been with me for a long time – and it was first later that the leader of people of other civilizations as mentioned in the chapter above entered me.

I was told that Karen was “running away” with Kim, her old loverboy, again (which may be true or false!), and that it was required for me to send her a nice email to wake up her positive feelings to me to save the eternal creation of New World’s as the creation of Karen and I on top of our New World, otherwise these would become “nothing”.

When doing this work I also still received some pain to my behind, which was some more darkness to be squeezed out, and also pain to the inner of my right long finger “bringing out more from the Old World”.

I was told “don’t you believe we can take off the dark coat and remove the sunglasses with this email” (?), and I was told “yes because he did his best”, even though I could have done even better and you do know that “the best” is graduated in different levels, right?

Before receiving the conformation of having saved the original creator, I was asked “we are not going to become Hell are we” (?), and I was told that this is how I would do it as Plan B, to slice “non-aggressive darkness”, which light will see as light and as my new self to convert it to light, and I understood that this is what the song with Preben Uglebjerg was about (“gain on the swings what we lose on the roundabouts”), so we were pretty much in control one way or another, but when we can do it this way using darkness as fuel, this is what we did, and yes it required the worst feelings given to me to bring the most fuel for you/us on the other or soon same side.

I was told that just the process of writing this email opens up much for the inner self of you which we need to bring this and that out, and yes to make it as clean as possible before we connect the big line to “eternal creation”, and yes it was obviously not connected when I was told that it was some time ago, and yes you never really know.

When I was finalising the email after the third edit, darkness came very clearly forward to me at my right side saying something like “don’t you want to leave with me”, and I could only say “no, everything will become light” and yes we have to show/ask you, because this is what he wanted even as deep inside as here, and yes he was not crazy after all is the feeling we hope Karen will get from the email helping to open up for this work.

It took me until 15.45 to write this email (after having used some time in the morning on the script) – maybe 2-3 times longer than necessary because of the EXTREME SLOW computer – and yes I was happy with what I wrote, and simply because this is the truth, and with this, I hope for the best in relation to “the opening of Karen”.

When sending my email to Karen at 17.30 I was told that there is now a lock on this side too (the right), no one can get out this way, which was to leave life for good through the backdoor of darkness.

Below is the email I sent, and maybe you will translate this too, and yes in short words it is about the sun will now start to shine making us forget that it has been winter, my deep feelings for Karen, the sufferings she brought to me living a “loose” life when I knew she was my coming wife, the sufferings I brought her writing on her without she understanding me, that I will open my eyes in 2012 “soon”, which will make her open her eyes too – and the world – and with the light, we will be brought together as “the first couple” of the world, and yes “more than this” really including some pictures from Jette’s Facebook group and my memo for the psychiatrist to tell Karen that I am NOT crazy.

This is the design of the email I sent, and you can read the email in full as I sent it here.

And here is the text of the email:

Kære Karen,

Jeg blev i morges inspireret til at skrive denne mail til dig, som udelukkende har som formål at sprede glæde og positive tanker, for det er nu engang dét, som jeg står for, og dét, som jeg ønsker at bringe dig, og også håber, at modtage fra dig.

Det har indtil nu været en lang sommer med tunge skyer og megen regn, men ”here comes the sun” siger de i vejrudsigten om den kommende tid, og så må det jo være rigtigt, og det er mit håb, at denne sol vil skinne på dig og varme dit liv, som jeg ønsker, at den må gøre på alle.

Tanken og følelsen om dig kom her til morgen og dette sammen med smuk musik, se senere, og når jeg i dag ser på min udsigt ud over store, flotte, grønne træer og Øresunds vand over til den svenske kyst, så er det ligeså smukt, som det er hver morgen, når jeg slår øjnene op, men det er som om, at der mangler noget, og ja, det er alle de mørke skyer, som stadig hænger der, som får det til at se mørkt og kedeligt ud, og jeg tænker mig derfor frem til den dag, hvor solen VIRKELIG kommer, og skinner og varmer alt op – også vores indvendige jeg – som vil give vandet den smukkeste dyb blå farve, og en naturlig lyst til at gå ud i det dejlige vejr og glemme, at det har været vinter, og blot at være; som er at være glad og lykkelig, og dette sammen med den person, som man holder mest af i livet – værs’go .

Og her kommer jeg igen tilbage til vores første møde i 2003, hvor jeg straks mærkede en fysisk fornemmelse i mig, da mine knæ blev bløde og det fysisk sitrede i min mave, og jeg tænkte, ”hvad er dog dette for noget” (?), en følelse, jeg aldrig før eller siden har oplevet, og ja, Karen, det var følelsen om dig og mig, som for første gang stod tæt overfor hinanden i dette fysiske liv, som blev givet mig, og dette med en ”uendelig stærk” kraft, som jeg nu her, mens dette skrives, bliver givet aktivt igen, for du og jeg er det, man kan kalde for ”det første par” på samme måde som Barack og Michelle Obama er (!), men i modsætning til parret Obama har vi ikke været i stand til at forløse vores ”indre dæmoner”, som er det eneste, som holder os tilbage.

Jeg har siden 2006 vidst formålet med min åbning til ”den anden side”, og det har bragt uendelige lidelser ikke at blive forstået af skeptiske og viljedøve familie-medlemmer og venner – før nu, se billederne fra Google Earth nedenfor (!) – og ikke at være sammen med den kvinde, som jeg har vidst er min udkårne i livet, ligesom at jeg er hendes, og dette selvom, at jeg er bevidst om det fysiske, som holdt os adskilt for år tilbage.

Når jeg her i 2012 åbner øjnene af mit nye indre selv, Karen, så vil det også åbne dine, og så vil du forstå de sande lidelser, som jeg har gennemgået for at nå frem til dette punkt, og også, at du og jeg er født med et fællesskab og en samhørighed som ingen andre, og dette vil få os begge til at forstå mørkets intervention for at holde os adskilt – via ”seksuelle uoverensstemmelser” – og når mørket er fjernet fra vores indre, som er dét, der i 2012 kommer til alle med den endelige åbning af mit indre jeg, så vil vi se hinanden i det lys, som vi er skabt, som vil åbne vores hjerter fuldt ud i forhold til hinanden.

Dette er, hvad jeg har følt, Karen, siden 2003, som også er, hvad du har følt, men som du i modsætning til jeg valgte at undertrykke på grund af en forkert tro på, at det er sex, som fører til kærlighed og ikke omvendt, som er dét, der er sandheden, for det er menneskelig kærlighed og omsorg, som også naturligt fører til en god seksuel relation, og som altså er dét, som vi begge indeholder som ”fødselsgave” i forhold til hinanden, men for at realisere dette i vores ”gamle liv” ville det forudsætte, at vi skar igennem ”forkerte følelser” om sex, og om hvordan vores ”drømme-partner” fysisk skulle se ud, som jeg var villig til at gøre i forhold til dig – for du er fysisk ikke min drømme-kvinde, som jeg fysisk ikke er din drømme-mand – men som du ikke var villig til i forhold til mig på grund af utålmodighed og også stærke følelser af ”ulyst” til mig, som jeg altså også havde i forhold til dig, men ikke desto mindre på grund af den indre følelse…!

Hvis du forsøger at glemme alt omkring mine skriverier og spirituelle oplevelser – hvor jeg altså har modtaget både spirituelt mørke/bedrag og lys/sandhed (som en refleksion af mørke og lys blandt mine omgivelser på grund af deres handlinger i forhold til mig!) uden altid at vide, hvad der var hvad – og blot husker tilbage på den mand, som du oprindeligt mødte og talte med, som lyttede til dig (om hvordan du havde det i forhold til Kim og din mor m.v.), som du grinede med, drak god vin sammen med og gik i det Kongelige Teater med, så er dette nøjagtig den samme mand, som stadig står tilbage og blot spørger, hvornår det går det op for dig, Karen, at jeg ikke er gal, men blot forsøger at fortælle en vigtig historie til verden, og sandheden omkring mig selv – og altså også om dig, min familie m.fl. – som jeg hverken kan gøre til eller fra. Det er min skæbne på samme måde, som det er jeres!

Jeg er født med opgaven at hjælpe alle mennesker og udvikle mig til ”noget meget større” i løbet af mit liv, og udviklingen sker via lidelser, som man gennemgår, og jo højere, man er placeret i hierarkiet, desto større lidelser er man nødsaget til at gennemgå for at komme i kontakt med sit dybe, indre selv, og det får mig til at sige, at jeg ved, at jeg har forårsaget dig lidelser på grund af mine skriverier, men det er udelukkende baseret på din egen tro om, at jeg var gal og måske ude på at skade dig (?), som jeg ikke er og aldrig har været, og hvis du nu forestiller dig ”hvad nu, hvis Stig blot fortæller sandheden”, så vil du måske forsøge at forstå sandheden, som er, at lidelserne via mine skriverier har medvirket til at udvikle dit indre selv (!), og at dit ”letlevende” liv har medført så dyb sorg i min sjæl – velvidende hvem du og jeg er – at det har åbnet op for det dybeste af selve livets hemmelighed i mit indre selv (!), og det er dette, som jeg nu står ”meget tæt” overfor at åbne, Karen, som også betyder fjernelsen af alt verdens mørke, sygdomme og negative tanker m.v., når det inderste lys af livet selv starter med at skinne – dette er solen, jeg talte om i indledningen – og inde i dette lys står du og jeg som resultat af skabelsen af vores Ny Verden, som vil fjerne alle verdens lidelser og bringe alle et evigt liv med uendelig lykke (!), som du kan læse mere om på min hjemmeside.

Da jeg vågnede i morges med følelsen af dig var det til Percy Sledge’s smukke sang ”when a man loves a woman”, og jeg er blevet givet tusindvis af sange spirituelt, som aktivt spilles for mit indre øre, men denne sang er speciel, for den indeholder budskabet om du og jeg i vores ”gamle liv”, som vi nu er tæt på at forlade for at blive vores nye selv, som er ”When a man loves a woman, Down deep in his soul, She can bring him such misery, If she plays him for a fool, He’s the last one to know, Lovin’ eyes can’t ever see”, og dette er sandheden, som du ikke kunne forstå, når du ikke havde tid eller lyst til at læse og forstå mig. Så bragte din misforståelse om mit mentale velbefindende, din forkerte omtale af mig til andre og dit eget udsvævende liv mig sangens omtalte ”such misery” – som ikke blot var ”sjæle-sorg” men meget direkte lidelser overført af mørke på grund af dine (og andres) manglende tro på og forkerte handlinger i forhold til mig, som bedst kan sammenlignes med ”den værste tortur et menneske nogensinde har gennemgået”, hvor jeg var har været mere død end levende siden 2006, som du kan læse om i ”my sufferings” – og sandheden er, at den følelse, jeg har om dig – lyset inde i mig – også er inde i dig, for det er det selvsamme ”smukkeste lys”, som brænder i dig, Karen, og det er dette lys, som gør, at jeg når ind til dit hjerte, som ingen andre, som jeg skrev jeg til dig for år siden, for det var den følelse, jeg fik, og også, at jeg IKKE ønskede at spille det ”macho-skuespil”, som du ønskede for overhovedet at overveje mig som partner. Jeg vidste, at der måtte være en anden vej, og den vej hedder ”sande følelser” og ”ægte, menneskelig kærlighed”, og det er med den stemme, at jeg taler til dig. Du valgte en forkert vej, da du fravalgte mig, Karen, men det var alligevel den rigtige for uden de lidelser, som du og jeg har gennemgået som resultat af dette valg, ville vi ikke være blevet udviklet til vores nye, sande jeg, som er ”lige under overfladen” og nu blot venter på at komme ud – og du kan glæde dig meget, for det gør ikke ondt, men KUN godt. Du vil komme til at føle en uendelig lykke stråle igennem din krop med totalt fravær af alle negative tanker og spekulationer – og ja også en verden uden afhængighed af både øl og cigaretter m.v. (jeg stoppede selv med at ryge fuldstændigt i 2009), men med ”meget andet godt” i stedet, som du kan læse om på min hjemmeside (udvidet dimension/bevidsthed m.v.).

Du kan her høre den nævnte, udødelige sang ”when a man loves a woman” i udgaven med den ikke mindre end ENESTÅENDE sanger, Joshua Ledet, fra dette års udgave af American Idol – som både min mor og jeg er fuldstændig vilde med  – og hvis du tillader dig at åbne op, Karen, så vil denne sang ramme dine følelser på samme måde, som du ramte mine, da jeg tillod at åbne op for dig i 2003/04.

When a man loves a woman, Down deep in his soul, She can bring him such misery, If she plays him for a fool, He’s the last one to know, Lovin’ eyes can’t ever see” –

Vi er stadig hinandens ”guardian angel’s”, husker du (?), og når man har givet hinanden sådan et løfte, så står man ved det, og det er derfor, at jeg aldrig har efterladt dig, men ventet tålmodigt på, at du skulle vende ”hjem”, og Karen, dit hjem er hos mig. Jeg er din fremtid, og du er min, og sammen er vi intet mindre end verdens fremtid, som nok virker overvældende på dig nu, men det er intet mindre end dét, som du vil vågne op til, og som jeg nu har forberedt dig på.

Jeg plejer at skrive ”take care” til dig i afslutningen af mine breve/beskeder, men når man siger det på dansk – ”pas godt på dig selv” – så kommer det endnu tættere på dét, som jeg virkelig mener med udtrykket, som er, at jeg håber det bedste for dig i den bredeste forstand, og dette er en følelse, som kommer direkte fra mit hjerte. Tror du, at du kan åbne op for dette, Karen, for dit eget hjerte og se sandheden om dit eget bedrag – et liv i jagt på ”forkert kærlighed” – i øjnene?

Jeg håber også, at det går godt med Caroline (?) – jeg tænker stadig på hende som en lille pige for 8-9 år siden, lidt forsagt, men altid venlig og imødekommende, og jeg håber, at hun nu er vokset op til en smuk, svane (?) – og også med dine forældre? Jeg beder dig give mine varmeste hilsener til alle.

Pas godt på dig/jer selv .

Mange kærlige hilsener fra

PS: Jeg bringer nedenfor fire billeder fra denne Facebook-gruppe, som, Jette, som ved, hvem jeg er, har oprettet, og som viser billeder fra ”Google Earth” med Gud/Treenigheden som en tydelig trekant på himlen, mine manuskripter som punktformede skyer på himlen (!) og mit navn med så store bogstaver, at det fylder mere end halvdelen af jordkloden!!! Der er hundredvis af disse billeder, som er givet til menneskeheden som (eksempler på mange forskellige) tegn på min meget snarlige ankomst, Karen, som gør, at det ikke bør være svært for nogen at forstå, hvem jer er, NÅR JEG ”SNART” (i 2012!) VIL ÅBNE ØJNENE AF MIT NYE SELV og måske du også vil begynde at ”se” dette allerede nu?

PPS: Baggrundsbilledet i denne mail er en solopgang fra en svensk sø, som for mig er det smukkeste, der findes, og som jeg forbinder med ”lykke og glæde”, derfor


Min hjemmeside: https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com

Mit notat fra Juni 2012, som forklarer en psykiater, at mine oplevelser er ”spirituelle oplevelser” og IKKE ”hallucinationer”/skizofreni, som ”læger” ellers tror på grund af deres egen forkerte, traditionelle viden og manglende tro/viden om spiritualitet. http://www.scribd.com/doc/97171477/Memo-for-psychiatrist-Alex-K%C3%B8rner-Psychiatric-Centre-North-Zealand-June-2012

(And I also included four of Jette’s Google Earth pictures).

At 23.35 – after having received a constant stream of words – suddenly for 10 minutes there was a complete dark silence where nothing was said, and then I received a reply from Karen, and as usual, I am VERY nervous about her temper and replies to my emails, so before I looked at it I decided to continue doing the last parts of my script of today, and by 23.45 I was done, and now it was the moment of truth once again, and yes would Karen this time try to understand me, or show me her famous temper or simply rejection once again while shaking her head of me in disbelief, and yes let us see what she says, and no, she did not, and I am receiving physical shaking all over my body now together with the feeling of light, and yes is she sending me both light and darkness, or is it simply an opening coming from Karen when writing these few lines

Hej Stig….

Næsten uoverkommeligt at læse når du skriver en hel roman!

Men nåede at spotte at du er holdt op med at ryge. Det er jeg seriøst glad for for dig, det er næsten vigtigere end alt andet. Jeg er også helt ude af det sidste årstid.

Kh Karen

”Hi Stig,

Almost impossible to read when you write a full novel.

But I did spot that you have stopped smoking, which I am seriously glad about for you, which is almost more important than anything else. I am also completely out of it the last year or so.

Dear regards

And yes “dear regards” (!) and no temper, no negativity, but an opening, and yes it seems that we did the impossible, which was to unite all three of us, my mother, Karen and I and yes to get the original creator out of here so I now can start cleaning up this place and yes please be my guest, and this may be what Karen expects as the next, for me to invite her out, but no, I will not follow up on this now, this will have to be it until I will open up the eyes of my new self or anything else, which may come – and yes, she was not negative, she was positive, did you see that ….?

And I kept shaking and I was told “you did not get up the sword (of King Arthur) yourself, this would have been impossible, but when sharing all of your potential love and energy, together we were stronger than the strongest force ever”, which we at one stage thought that we will never bring out alive, but we did, and we thank you, and yes his Majesty is not born yet, and yes yes yes, Karen knows and nicth weider …..

Before ending work at 00.05 this evening – TIRED (!) – I was also given a déjà vue that this exact email to Karen and that I will share it with the world.

And when I read my own email to Karen again – I like to read what I do again, and yes there were some minor errors I did not like – I received shaking feelings in the parts where I speak about myself and who we are, which will have to be what is bringing her incredible feelings coming back to me this way.

Google Earth pictures showing that much sex is converted into real love and passion

The selection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes Greenland being used as an organ to play on to produce the same beauty as piano concerts by Mozart, Jesus/Stig still having “the bitch” of darkness of the spirit of my mother as part of me, a word of approx. 6 letter is now “almost visible” on the sky, converting much dark sex into real love and passion, the heart of God is being transferred from one side to the other and Greenland is becoming clean land.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Mads brought this “easier politically incorrect advice”, which to me simply said that a man “loving” the old political system, structure and “power game” as Mads loves the American system, is the same as “to kill everybody”, so yes it was “easily politically incorrect” and that is to create such a system as the Old World did, and you “could not” change it???

  • In my script of yesterday I included two links to the declation of the psychiatrist Alex Kørner and my memo to him, and this once again showed the official world reading me in secret from their “secret system”, and yes how was it again (?), and yes let us take it once again for new readers. From this statistical information from my WordPress site, you can see that my script of yesterday “officially” received 6 visits only.

  • But when you look at the statistical information from Scribd, whereto the links lead, and from the green line you can see a sudden increase in the number of reads here to my first link from 0 the 16th July (after having had between 0 to 5 visits per day since 24th June with most days being 0 to 1!) to 43 the 17th July, and isn’t it amazing to see an increase with approx. 40 from one day to the next even though there “officially” have only been 6 visits to my script of yesterday, which is what led people to Scribd (?), and yes my ladies and gentlemen, this is how it works, when the “official world” keeps clicking my links believing that you are “protected” from electronic revelation, but here you see that they are still with me, and yes “my WIMPS/friends” out there not daring to stand forward, you know who you are (!), and soon the world will too, but this wasn’t enough for you to break the silence?

  • And when pointing on the other link, which the green line now shows below, the number of readers increased from 4 the 16th July (also with 0 to 5 per day visiting since 24th June!) to the 17th July (!), and yes there were still officially only 6 visits to my script of the 17th July, where these “secret” persons clicked my links (!), and yes amazing, right!

  • And let me also here bring a discrepancy to the number of visitors to the psychiatrist declaration, which has showed since the first day I uploaded it and this is the ONLY document I have seen including this discrepancy, because from the counter in the pictures above including the 17th July, the number of visitors to this document is 398, but when I look at the “my documents” page giving me an overview of all my documents, this counter – which is on-line including visits until approx. 07.00 this morning – the number of visitors to this document is only 238, and the other link, my memo, is actually visited a little bit more than the psychiatrist declaration, and yes thought you like to know also feeling Jack here :-).

  • There were more comments to me on Johanne’s wall with “wise-Jan” telling me that there are also people claiming that the world is flat, but still he claims that it is round (!), and yes you do see how “completely impossible” it is for people to understand me because of preconceived opinions and stubborn/lazy/will deaf attitude (?), and Mads was no better when he was “shocked” as so many others to find that “the man believes he is Jesus! Believe he has solved the problems he points in a ecstasy of LSD, this is completely crackers”, and yes I saw Mads visiting my site, and it took him approx. a handful of minutes skimming a few of my sites, and the he made up this story, which you know is “completely crackers”, but if he can see it (?), and no, he cannot because he does not want to and this is the problem with him as with almost everyone else, and in short I asked people to forget my name and focus on the content and they received some of my usual arguments about their wrongdoings not reading and understanding.

  • This link is to a journalist having received circumcision and he says in short “it is pure torture” and “an interference of the Jewish man’s sexual life”, and let me also short tell you that I do NOT like circumcision, which has NOTHING to do with God but everything to do with the Devil, so this will NOT become a part of our New World, and I do wish that people of the Old World having received such an “interference”, will recover fully as part of our New World.

  • Jyllands-Posten asked directly about the opinion of people to circumcision, and yes when asked, I will of course answer – as Obama would have done too if you had asked him about him and I (!) – and so I wrote that circumcision is NOT the wish of God, but the Devil.

  • Henrik wrote ”shut up about those cows” (!) with cows symbolising my original self as Buddha/God, and Jens spoke of cows in the country as “black-multicoloured satan’s” wathing you while being behind a slow riding monster-tractor (!), and yes Jeppe said that “now it is mad (wrong) again”, which simply was to say that Henrik is not one of my fans, but believing that I am crazy.

  • This is one of the best quotes I have ever heard ♥♥♥.

  • I liked this posting by Bill Clinton and also his visit today to Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday, and if there is one man more than any man I have wished to survive to see the day of the great awakening, it is Nelson Mandela, so I am glad to see that he is still going strong.

  • I was also happy to see this one from Richard Branson, and I gave him more or less the same reply as I also gave Bill Clinton (not included here).

  • I was happy for Jette to bring me Johnny Cash’s version of ”Personal Jesus” and I was told that “Cash” here is in the meaning of “energy”, which is released together with the release of the original creator from darkness, and I shared the original version of the song by Depeche Mode looking forward to the world singing together “reach out and touch faith”.

  • The clairvoyant Erlinng Chriistensen, who became my Facebook friend the other day, has already decided to leave me again not understanding from where he receives spiritual communication.


19th July: I feared so much that darkness could switch off life that it brought my deepest feelings to turn around the Source!

Dreaming of finding “the only thing of value” at the library (the original creator)

After finishing my script of yesterday – not publishing it because of tiredness – I tried to stay up but at 02.00 I was completely down and tried to get “a few hours” on the sofa, and this meant that I slept, however not very good, until 08.00, where I woke up with the message that “we are proud of you” – and I had a few dreams.

  • I am at the library searching, and when I find a book not looking like anything, a radio behind me says “this is the only thing of value here”, and I received that there are deeper levels of this.
    • This is the discovery of the original creator and origin of life at the library, and the deeper levels will have to go through all of the basement/rooms inside of here with the purpose to release every single individual from darkness, which I understood yesterday was “easy” because of the good organisation.
  • I am at Danske Bank, Freeport, after closing hours. I have searched deep inside my own work place, and dug out a briefcase for paper and a glossy magazine from 1994, and after doing this myself, I encourage my colleague Henning W. to dig at his workplace, and he also finds the briefcase I have left there for him to find and the magazine, which makes him happy. I am in London where people have not kept their agreement, and something about the owner of an apartment allowing the tenant to show the apartment for others. I meet Henning W. on the street, and we have not seen each other for three years, and when he understands that people we have had meetings with have not put forward “secret information” as agreed, he calls them instantly and agree with them to come for a meeting at the store where he works temporality.
    • We are inside the Old World of energy – transferred to our New World – after it has closed (!), and the briefcase for paper seems to be the “hidden treasure”, and the magazine may be “distraction”. London is our New World, and the people not having kept their agreement are media, who “could not” reveal more secrets of the Old World despite of what they “promised” to do, and I understand that this has also been a factor of my journey making darkness even more difficult to go through.

I feared so much that darkness could switch off life that it brought my deepest feelings to turn around the Source!

I received only a well known part of a song by Siouxsie & the Banshees – “uhhh, uuhh” and nothing else – and I understood that this is another more “hidden treasure” to be found.

From the morning I heard the original creator saying “my office still stands as when I first moved in, it has not burned down”, and yes it is like the small village of Gauls in Asterix, who were able to resist the giant Roman empire because they had the “magic potion” with the Gauls symbolising light and the Romans the overwhelming darkness of our world, which had to be conquered, and yes it was totally impossible no matter what for darkness to “eliminate” this village, which is what I will decide to believe in despite of the information also given to me, see later in this chapter.

I heard how the original creator was told about our theory of influencing my family/friends etc., who proportionally represents the attitude of the world, to understand whom I am, and with the faith we could achieve, to spread this out to the entire world retrieving darkness before it understood what happened, which succeeded. I also heard speech about he (me) put his life at stake.

And I was told that the risk of working inside of this darkness of the original creator is that the invention of creation as we now understand can easily been switched off by darkness if it is allowed, and I was given the question really if I would continue doing this work understanding the risk of everything as easy as that becoming terminated forever and ever, which should be the case until I will see my mother again when our creation will finally be secured for our future, and I cannot tell you just how strongly this effected me once again receiving extreme nervousness and “cold sweat” – as I remember from the picture of the prisoner in an electrical chair in the U.S. just seconds before he would get executed – which is as AWFUL as it gets, and yes now I was again receiving the fear of not only “terminating” this world with a new Big Bang as the consequence starting all over again, but here about “to be or not to be” for an eternity to come, and this is much weight to put on a man’s shoulders!

And it started thoughts about “is this a game or a true threat”, and I don’t know (!), because it feels completely real bringing me the worst nervousness, and on the other hand I decided to do our perfect creation at the ultimate level meaning “the greatest act” of all time, and it is NOT nice not knowing what is the truth or not – and I keep receiving GOOD FEELINGS of Karen when writing this, which I understand helps this process, which is “only” about “eternal creation” and not “to be or not to be” (?) – but I relatively quickly decided that I will NOT risk life self under no circumstances, and I decided to believe that this has to be an act, and if it is not to make sure that there are safety arrangements in place even if I should lose it to darkness now, and yes to save everything light, and instead of either/or, I decided that it MUST be possible BOTH to secure life AND to continue working inside of here, and yes to make sure that darkness under no circumstances will get access to the “code of life” and yes I am thinking of our New World just “being” without a code, so how can this be changed now (?), and who knows, and maybe it is as simple as that that the “foreign body” can be switched on and off when you know how to do it (?), and if this is the case, I will NOT work inside of here before it has been 100% secured that darkness will NEVER get access to this, and yes when this is done, let us get everything out of here, and yes not either/or both both/and and yes as I remember the old motto of Lars G., which will have to be used also here.

In this process I was also thinking of “you have been x’ed” – eliminated (!) – the tigers of the Zoo killing a man, the three children being killed at the farm symbolising danger of the Trinity becoming terminated for good (?) and the missing picture of me in my email signature replaced by a “minus-line” and yes but I told myself that I do NOT believe in this risk, and alternatively to set up a security system removing this danger for good, and I was thinking about the message of yesterday that the original egg yolk has been secured, and yes it was beating in my left arm, and is that “hidden by the spirit of my mother from darkness” and yes for good or with the risk of darkness to return and eliminate us all for good (?), and yolk has not been received by our New World out of reach of darkness, if it is out of reach (?), and yes many “speculations”, but I decided to have faith and not to let fear make me stop this work, and yes simply because I have an email to write to Georgie and a few updates to my website, and how difficult can this be (?), really?

When I tried to find the song by Siouxsie & the Banshees, I listened to Spotify – only a few remaining free songs, before it will stop working until I get a new subscription – and I was shown a large X first filling most of the screen (!), and then at the bottom as you can see here, and yes is this still a risk, for life to be completely erased if I am not strong enough (?), and I thought about one of Jette’s Google Earth pictures saying that I am indeed strong.

Were we still to this day in danger of the last darkness “switching off” creation terminating all life for good – to be “X’ed (!) – if I “lost it”, and darkness received access to the secret of life through the original creator?

I understood that this is about me not being scared to continue working, and after this, I was told something like “70 degress” and “turn around ship” and the answer from people of darkness working on my command “ay, ay, Captain”, and I wonder what would happen if they were stronger than me, and yes just hoping that the security system I have asked for will work, and just in case, but you know that I have decided NOT to be weak, so let us hope that I will come through this one too, and yes here it is about the most extreme mental resources and that is EVER!

And I was shown and told that this is the same as checking the bottom of the car (my new self), tightening the screws, which are already tight, to top tune the car while being inside of here and also to bring in the last laundry from the washing line.

I was told “she was out of sync” (a FAVOURITE album as you might understand?), and also that we can see it from inside here and we know we keep dismantling the programme of darkness from all people making them “normal”, which also will make us normal, and “us” is “us” who are doing this work, which will have to be the last part of my old self, and yes remaining parts of the original creator – so how are you doing, and yes I am just the shell now of “the grand old man” as I understand it and yes because I was “the chosen one”, and had it not been me, it could have been “another part of me”, which is what I understand, and maybe also the explanation to why it is my name and not Obama’s on the sky.

I was told was there another fat lump there, which we just have removed (?), and yes we had not even seen it, and I was told that this is driven because of the love of Karen.

I was so tired and needed to relax that I decided most morning to take a long bath, but I never got around to it, and the end of it became that I decided that it is probably better to get started with the work even though it looks like a manageable day to come through, which I did at 11.15 and later I was glad that I was not to lie at the bath becoming even more nervous, and when we talk about the nervousness this morning, there are no greater feelings in the world that this, and yes “just what we needed” to make it perfect here, and yes this is what I asked for, so thank you my friend for doing exactly this – and I wonder if I am also controlled by my new self, which I may be, because I am my new self underneath the surface and yes a little bit of everything/everyone is what is caring me through this, and yes not easy to understand, but when you received a nice, positive and loving email like mine and yes not with too much information, even Karen seems to understand and at least some of it.

I did not understand that I had not heard from my mother because earlier in the week we talked about going to the Zoo today or tomorrow, and yes I called her, and she told me that she rang the other day and could not understand that I did not call back (!), and yes I checked my phone yesterday to see if I had lost one of her calls, which I had not, and right now I have just checked again, and yes she called me the other day half an hour before she collected me to go to the Mozart concert, and no she has NOT called since, and that is at least not registered on the phone, and we know STRONG spiritual darkness trying to keep my mother and I from each other (!), but no, it did not work, and when speaking with my mother again today, she told me that she has thought that it would probably be too long to stay away from John – because of how weak he is – to go to Copenhagen, and instead she recommended us to go to the Helsingborg Festival starting the 26th July and yes what other than to see the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest Loreen live and yes but of course (!), which is yet again because of EUPHORIA walking out of darkness with NO CASUALTIES because this is how I decided for it to be, and yes much better to do, that to visit the tigers in Zoo symbolising loses of life, do you see? – And I thought about the Malmö Festival each year in August, which I remember so clearly from when I lived there and from my visit with Karen and Caroline there some years ago, and apparently all large Swedish cities have such a festival (?), and at least Helsingborg also has, and yes I like that very much.

When working I kept on receiving EXTREME nervousness and cold sweat under my skin for a while – as I remember the picture of a man having the worst cold sweat seconds before being executed in USA many years ago – and this is truly the absolutely worst feeling that I know of, and yes even worse than the “out of this world pain” to my right angle because this is the feeling about “to be or not to be”, which I do hope is a game on the absolutely highest level as I had asked for, and yes the actors are so clever that I don’t know if this is the truth, but the worst is what it is.

And when working, I suddenly also received 3-4 “out of this world” to my right angle – here receiving the feeling of the leader of people of other civilizations coming to me, and yes was he telling me that he would like this not to happen when he visited me recently (?), and yes I am SORRY my FRIENDS out there, but it had to be done and I TRULY FEEL FOR YOU and yes my deep light inside and not darkness still trying to confuse me with the opposite feelings – and I was told that this is about the last work turning around the Old Source, who was opposite to us, and yes the combination of having cold sweat/nervousness together with these pains really takes the prize of all making it more than impossible to work, but I do understand that it will not take very long doing this work, which I also understand is designed to fit together with ending my work this week, which you know includes an email to Georgie, and a few updates to my website here and there.

During the morning I was told that it was a condition to SEE Karen to come through this, but I thought that I cannot do this with short notice also thinking that she may have other plans, so I simply decided to say “NO”, I am NOT going to ask Karen to see me now, and I also do not have time to see her when working, so it will have to wait until we will open up to our new selves.

After lunch, I was reminded of my old top rule, which is that “no matter what happens, make sure that life will survive”, and I do hope this was a reminder that there is indeed a security system in place, and yes I have asked for this as another of my few rules all the way through darkness so one time only “losing it” would not bring catastrophic consequences, but still I have decided not to lose it as the best system of all, but it sure is NOT always easy as you may understand.

And I started receiving “half smiles” – because I am not done yet – about all life, which have been transferred to our New World and that all of this life is stronger than me as an individual meaning that if I should lose it and start becoming negative, and take wrong decisions, this life will decide to “live”, which is to overrule such a decision, and yes if I should allow darkness access to light for example where our origin is with the risk of this to be switched off, it will simply be rejected, and yes receiving a little help here, and coming back to what might be the purpose, which is to bring me the WORST feelings/sufferings giving us the most energy to clean inside of this place, and yes “nearly done” is what we are.

So the absolutely worst morning turned into something good, and yes the spiritual world has so much power that it sometimes truly is “impossible” and I am only glad that I decided to be strong all the way not allowing darkness to really get started because if I had, it would have knocked me and the world completely down and that is even without thinking/concentrating.

I was shown the yolk of an egg going through the inside of a dark funnel and out of the small hole landing on an open sandwich in a restaurant and I was shown and told “no bill”, and yes no loss of life to bring the origin of life out of darkness.

I was asked about what it means that Michael Hardinger is still not my Facebook friend, and has he really been “X’ed” or not and that is from Facebook (?), and I was given the feeling “has my father died or not” (?), and I can only say that I don’t know, but I have NOT allowed his life to be taken, so I do hope that he still lives, and also that Michael Hardinger “magically” will return as my Facebook friend even though Facebook claims that his profile were “terminated”!

And my computer is working “worse” than ever before still taking MANY breaks of 1-2 minutes of wait where NOTHING apparently happens, and then it is suddenly “unlocked” and I feel/see how it is released starting to work again, and yes thinking that this is how we are working here at the end inside darkness.

I received the thought from the original creator that we really have to thank “the part of the spirit of my father”, which may also include the spirit of my mother (?), who made and carried out this entire plan bringing me back to life and reality again, and yes I look forward to “seeing” and “understanding” all parts of me and yes you know where in the rag rut of my new self we are to look.

I was shown how the bridge leading to me as the original creator has now been extended because of the work I have done today, and yes bringing even more of me back home.

I was shown a new load of “passive darkness” being moved on a barrow and I was told that it can do nothing else than following the yolk, which it is connected to, and I was shown that the original yolk is now in the New World after coming through the small hole at the end of the funnel, and I received a little pain to my right angle, which is the energy required of the Universe to help this process.

And still I heard how this darkness was “aiming for the heart” in its efforts to kill me, which is also what is bringing me pain to my right angle, which is what energy of the Universe is helping to keep down, and yes to save me from dying inside of here.

“Somehow” without really noticing what happened, I was lead to the INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL “after the gold rush” by Neil Young, and we know, it is meaning “after the end of my journey chasing all life/energy since inception of life”, so this is what we (soon) will change to, and yes a much more calm life and that is at least in relation to my feelings and I see and feel my father telling me right in front of my view, and we know it is still raining much and thundering and that is both literally when this is written and my feeling, but it could have been worse, you know :-).

I was told that the whole moon landing of the USA in 1969 was a diversion concealing the coming “New World Order” of the Old World, which would include to take over control of all mankind and yes if necessary to fight a war in space with the entire Universe, and they MUST have been crazy thinking like that (!), and I was told that this is one of the stories, which the parties involved know will be revealed to the world, and I understand that the reason why I write this is because of Torben is Spain looking forward to what I said in one of his threats, which is for “much more serious stories to be revealed to the world”.

I was told that we are NOT going out on the “blood motorway of my mother”, which we would have done if I was not strong enough and if I did not receive love of Karen to help me through.

And yes, Stig, the love of your mother and Karen combined to you at this critical moment was the ONLY way for you to get outside without casualties, and I understand casualties as “life being reset as if it had never existed”, which was a situation we did not want to happen – so thank you mother and Karen for showing me these feelings, and yes thank you Stig for being able to receive our love.

And I thought that Karen is receiving an understanding of me as her “better-knowing surroundings” influencing her negatively about me do not understand, and yes the same way as my mother did.

I was told “but the most amazing was that despite of this, we would be able to recreate this loss of life in our New World” and yes we have just received confirmation of this by the original creator self, and we know Stig “tough game” and “tough Devil” is truly what it is/was, and yes I keep thinking back to the dream from 2005/06 (?) where I chased the Devil after landing a plane, who was an extremely “tough” opponent, and “tough” is not the word, which you may have to multiply with “I don’t know how many thousands”.

I was told that it was only the true love of Karen to me, which was strong enough to remove “the love of darkness of my mother in me”, and this is what it took – nothing less or more – to avoid this to break out including “temporary terminations” before life would be recreated in our New World. And I was told that it was also only possible because I decided to exercise/bring energy, which was “enough” to push out the yolk from darkness to our New World.

I was surprised late in the afternoon when I received the WORST marks of darkness almost making new strong pain to my right angle break out and also pointed the finger you know directly and all the way close up to my face, which was much darkness coming to me used to bring in more clothes from the washing line.

I kept on working with the script the whole afternoon until I uploaded the script of yesterday and today at 17.45 knowing that there will come some additions later – and we know Stig, some long scripts here in July.

I was told that inserting a new yellow axis of Earth was also not easy to do, but this is now completely in place too.

When I was working to publish the script of today, I was shown and told that the work from now is more to remove signs showing “this way” (to darkness).

Right after publishing the script, I wanted to listen to a CD – yes, still does that because of the sound quality (!) – and what to listen to (?), and yes looking at my CD-shelves FULL OF CD’s (i.e. love), and yes not that, and not that , but Sanne Salomonsen is fine, and yes a long time ago I heard her English speaking blues album, but no not “where blues begins” but the other album, and yes don’t I have that (?), and yes I did and why was I inspired this way to find this album (?), and simply because it is called “language of the heart” and the heart is my new self and New World waiting to plug me in, and what is it full of (?), and yes FULL OF LOVE and that includes the love of Karen to a man with a kind of love she has NEVER had before, and that love is called “language of the heart” because as the only one in her life, I managed to get through to her heart, and yes just like I felt all those years ago was the right thing to do, and that is why.

I was told that we (inside darkness) keep on being told that we have not lived before, how can we live now then (?), which is about ”nothing” living, and yes it was so “far out” that not even the creator thought in his wildest imagination that it would be possible to implement “nothing” as part of life and let this life live for ever and ever trying to destroy life itself without being able to do so, and again I was told that the original creator did not know what caught him until it was too late, and he could not get out.

I was told that It was my (i.e. the original creator’s) own invention saving me when creating my Son as a new God (the new creation in 2011 carried out by God and the Son together – included in a script from 2011 “somewhere”) equally as much God as I, so (parts of) the father had to create the Son as a new God to come and get everything of the father overtaken by darkness, and this is how we now have the New World of the original God, and a second New World as the New World of the Son God, which are eternal worlds for an eternity of our combined New World, do you see?

After dinner I was told that we had to close darkness so it would not run away when you entered it, and also that the dark hole of my right foot was created to empty life of the world into, i.e. “termination”, but this life would be recreated as my new self inside the New World through the invention we did to retrieve life from darkness from the New World.

I received MUCH pressure from the New World wanting me to accept starting, but I refused saying that as long as there is still darkness, I will continue the game, and I was told who would believe that we would take in all darkness.

I was also told that it takes more energy and work than I can deliver now to continue work, and I said that in this case it can only be the Universe helping with more energy through sacrifices, and I was told that we cannot pump out any more red darkness and we need to stop, and I said that you will NEVER get my approval to stop as long as I feel darkness, and that is NEVER (!), and the only way you can stop is simply if the card house cannot take anymore, and I wonder if this is “complaints” coming in and am thinking that we should be able also to include next week (?), and yes so I will carry on, and you will follow me right until it is impossible to continue, and first in this case, you can use the top rule and stop the game, and yes this is how it is here.

At 20.00 after dinner – this is AFTER EIGHT you know, and yes I like them too and that is chocolate without a symbolic meaning, the same way as I accepted to prepared French fries with sausages for dinner, which is truly STRONG symbols of darkness and my “old nightmare”, and yes if this is what you want to carry out on me, I can only say that I will NOT allow you, and then we will have a trench warfare, unless you will be stronger than I, and what happens then (?), and yes we will have to see if this will be my last script, or I if I can make one more day as the cover of my old self.

And theoretically I could continue working here after 20.00 besides from 45 minutes of updates to my script and yes the email to Georgie you know and my website, but NO, I am far beyond the worst work limit, and decide that I cannot take it anymore, I need a few hours of rest, and that is even though I was given “this is the right time – once in a lifetime” by the Corrs, and NO, I will NOT continue working this evening after 20.45 as it is now.

Meshack showed and told me THE TRUTH that he will receive and distribute my money

Again I was happy for Meshack to COMMUNICATE with me and yes he has had an OPEN dialogue with John to decide who was to receive and distribute my money, and as you can see they agreed that Meshack will take care of it, and here I am not the slightest nervous about Meshack speaking the truth or not as I was with David, and yes there is the whole “foundation” in difference, where Meshack simply cannot speak lies, and that is to my experience and knowledge because this man is honesty itself, and this is how I like people to be because honesty truly makes the world a so much better place to live.

I was also happy simply to read that he and John are doing OK, and I wonder if Elijah will “be able” to tell me how he is and yes how all of your families are doing, are they suffering/starving etc. (?), and thank you for updating me Meshack on your life and whereabouts, and are you going home only for a visit or this time “for good”?

Also thank you very much Meshack for reading my scripts in detail, which is what I encouraged all the team to do – and tried to make you understand how important it is/was for keeping your faith – but still you were the only one who “could” do this, which the others of the team “could not”, and Elijah, David and John may decide to tell the world one day soon what was more important for you than to read and support me, which you should have known was a matter of survival or termination, but maybe you did not fully understand?

Here is his email:

  Hi there, my hope and trust that yu are doing okay as i am here. Today i had the opportunity to talk with John who is also doing well and we agreed that there is no problem with me receiving the cash and transfering it to the rest of members. As stated earlier in my mail, i will make sure every body receives his share and no single cent will be deducted which i think will end this chapter of mistrust among us.

Thank you for your continued scripts update since they have become part and parcel of me and i always make sure i go into all details you write. My family and the children are okay and i might be going home on moday but i will keep you updated on my movements.

God be with you.

I was also happy for David to contact me again and to keep him as a friend despite of everything – the same as “Arien”, who is still my Facebook friend and who still has accepted my writings on her wall (!) – and at one point during our chat here, I was thinking that it is not easy for David to show his deep inside to the world, and yes it does look better to look good on the surface, David, instead of showing your deep inside (?), and this is the feeling I received when chatting here and that is on contrary to Meshack, who is completely free of this feeling, and on the other hand, I do like very much the sincerity, which David allows to come through, and this is also about David opening up “partly” to me – with his heart and deep feelings inside of him – which also helped us during creation.

Meshack showed and told me THE TRUTH that he will receive and distribute my money – he is HONESTY self, and I was happy having a chat with David to keep him as a friend, and I also value the sincerity he allows to put through, but he shows more of a “façade”, which he tries to hide underneath.

I was happy to keep David as a friend, but notice his façade, which he tries to hide underneath

And I wondered why David “suddenly” was in a rush to finish our chat (?), and yes only wondering of course?

Google Earth shows attacks of STRONG darkness, which ended fine today with the true love of the mother to her son

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group from late yesterday evening show attacks from MUCH darkness with her quotes from different pictures “look at me, Mom”, “It’s O.K. now, Stig, Father helps me”,  ..but oh, no – the Father is sick.., “.. the son is strong and proud – he is going for the good end of his story..”, “..oh, it look like she is drawning – but the son have chosen to hold his head over the water.. (?)”, “something happens, bitch is crying (that’s a good start) wife to be is hanging on the son” “and another person – it might be aunt Inge – is breaking out of the mess..” and it ended fine today with a picture showing the true love of a mother holding her son.

There was an addition to the picture above:

The pictures above was from around midnight yesterday, when this one is from approx. 15.00 today.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My new Facebook friend Shannon was inspired to speak of FREEDOM and yes as the original creator could have spoken out the word himself when freeing the entire world from darkness.

  • My local newspaper reported about an employee of DSB, the Danish Railways – having pushed a man cycling on the platform so he and the cycle fell down on the tracks just in front of a train entering, and yes almost bringing BLOOD ON THE TRACKS (!), but nothing happened so now everything is TANGLED UP IN BLUE – a TRUE favourite Dylan song of mine 🙂 – and this was of course staged, and the DSB employee was the train conductor not allowing me to continue my suffering journey, i.e. cycling, here at the end, and the arriving train at the end station is the New World, do you see? – And notice Bent below simply laughing of the story asking if anything happened to the cycle not understand the seriousness of it, truly making me feel SAD (!)- the same way as most of my family/friends etc. did not understand the seriousness of my journey and that is right until the end.

  • I still don’t have time to watch Tour de France, which I would have loved to because it is some of the best TV there is, but work has first priority and therefore it is NO Tour de France on TV for me, and Chris Anker has continued driving fantastically also yesterday when he was second in the mountains, and he did fine today as well despite of having had his little- and ring finger torn up bleeding much, which makes it doubtful if he will continue cycling tomorrow until the end of the race on Sunday, but he made it through today against all odds- just like me – so we will see if he can continue like this, and yes he is bleeding because of the pain to my right angle symbolising the sacrifices/sufferings of the Universe.

  • It has been RAINING much these days over Denmark, and Fathi brought this link to Danish TV writing about “Christmas weather in July” (mid summer) with extreme hails and just saying that this is because of my/our sufferings.

  • At 21.00 this evening I was HAPPY to se that Michael Hardinger had returned from the dead almost, because I showed you that his Facebook profile apparently did not exist anymore – gone, kaput, finish, out of here – but no, it was only a “joke” or part of the game, because my good old friend, Michael, returned from nothing, which my father also did, and that is the original creator and I am thinking that this also has to mean that my physical father did not die, but was probably kept on the outermost edge as John was too, and yes Michael writes below that “Erich Honeceker did not die! He become the union-boss of 3-F. Wellkommen, breeder. KissKissKiss with pout, and yes this is about a SIMPLE-MINDED Danish union, 3-F, which I also saw on the news blocking a restaurant in Vejle because it has cancelled its collective agreement and now they use mafia-methods stopping ALL SUPPLIES for the restaurant (do I have to tell you just how BAD and WRONG I think this is? – going against LIFE self!) and that is at least through normal channels, but what they don’t know about is that this restaurant is having “other channels”, which makes it possible for it to continue “living”, which this is about and yes even though we closed for darkness, we have made a new system making it possible to transfer darkness even as you sit there, my friend, as I am told, and yes it is based on love – I felt it coming from Fuggi here too and yes you know “human love” – and that is right, we are already converting/transferring darkness through the new invention of our New World making this possible, so there is the answer, and yes let us continue the game, and that is because WE CAN :-).

  • It is now 21.20 when Michael brought this new post – STOP IT MICHAEL (!!!), and this is said with MANY smiles inside of me and that is because I have stopped working this evening and yes this is harassment, but of the good kind (!) from my spiritual friends, and that is simply because they said through Michael: “Our Lord at horse” and it was not meant positively because the 3F conflict has spread to Århus, but to me it was saying that I am here receiving my white horse as the symbol of everything of our New World, and yes I did it without being Laid back, my ladies and gentlemen :-).


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to July 19, 2012: Saving the original creator including the secret of life self as the last from inside of darkness

  1. jette says:

    I was told “don’t you believe we can take off the dark coat and remove the sunglasses with this email” (?), and I was told “yes because he did his best”, – and so it is.. ❤

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