July 21, 2012: The heart of eternal darkness was removed from my chest starting eternal New World’s for an eternity to come


Summary of the script today

20th July: The heart of eternal darkness was removed from my chest starting eternal New World’s for an eternity to come

  • The original creator did not believe it was possible for life to exist inside of “nothing” because he thought he was the only one and no life/light anywhere else, but there was, which is what made him “negative life” when sliding over to the other side tormenting all life for “an eternity”. He is (I am) sorry for the immense sufferings this has brought, but I have decided that when he did not know and did his best, there is nothing to apologise for.
  • The heart of eternal darkness was removed from my chest giving me incredible pain to my right angle – using incredible energy of the Universe – and this heart has now been placed with my new self starting the unstoppable opening of channels of eternal life and New World’s for an eternity to come.
  • When absorbing and converting darkness to light, I have continued to kill my old self making it “impossible” to keep on living as my old self, and when I will become my new self, turned upside down, the energy of darkness tormenting me will become energy of light bringing life and love to me and everyone.
  • Dreaming of darkness attacking me to steal life, the importance to do QUALITY work focussing on DEEP details and I cannot continue the game without giving more energy and sleeping less than I did this night, when I had reached my maximum work limit.
  • I was completely down after HARD work for a long time, and decided to slow down the game also accepting being gradually connected to our New World, and the membrane of my mother surrounding me and the world starting to be removed. Remaining parts of darkness will now be cut off as fat from the meat, and be recreated as light of our New World when mankind will show a clean heart, which means that man will first experience our New World at the first great awakening in 2012 as a world without darkness, which will be further strengthened when the last darkness will be revived as light at the final stage of our New World in 2017. The fat of darkness are parts of people, which temporarily will be replaced by the Trinity until people will show a clean heart, which will re-activate this “fat” as light and re-unite with people at our New World. This is how we can transfer the last darkness without having to accept any terminations!
  • The selection of Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes darkness being removed from South Africa and Madagascar, my scripts are read all over (the North), a troll/goblin with white to convince him to light, from the bottom of a lake comes the mother with the son, saving people from drowning watched by me, the whole island of Japan is wearing a hat because of extreme darkness (!), light celebrating victory.
  • Short stories of Chris Anker continuing do drive the Tour de France symbolising me, our PERFECT NEW APPLE CAKE, darkness went bananas when it was removed from the bus, i.e. from being able to carry out my “old nightmare”, darkness went berserk when killing people at a Batman movie symbolising the wish of darkness to kill me, what looks like “thousands of people” of the official world is reading me in secrecy, my new heart spreads loving energy to everyone, Helena’s darkness removes warmth/love.

21st July: Our physical Universe has now been moved from darkness of our Old World to light of our New World

  • Dreaming of the membrane of darkness around the world now being removed, I will become one with the spiritual world seeing it as clearly as the physical world, Fuggi is part of my team turning on the light, my father’s wife Kirsten and her family have mixed emotions about me, faith of Sanna and Hans helped me setting up the new system helping people to show a clean heart, the whole physical Universe have now been moved away from darkness of our Old World to our New World and I still refuse to open the eyes of my new self as long as I have more work to do.
  • I was told that the world was designed to be impossible to break out from because life should and could not survive, and still this is what we have broken out of.
  • It is the last darkness bringing my heart in a tank, because you (as the original creator of darkness) kept on telling us “don’t destroy this, this is my weapon to kill all” and yes believe it or not, life self was planted at the innermost of darkness, which darkness could not kill when not knowing the secret of life possessed by light (and not darkness).
  • Darkness tried to tempt me not to make the last of creation perfect, and I was asked to risk life self to enter the core of the heart of the Source to turn it around as the only way to access all energy inside of it, and I decided that I will NEVER accept to jeopardise life itself, but still I asked for a perfect creation, and later I was told that this was another game to bring out my extreme feelings helping the last part of work bringing “fat of darkness” to our ship later to be awakened by faith of mankind.
  • Finally, I wrote and sent my email to Georgie telling her about her wrong behaviour in relation to me in 2007, which brought her wrong spiritual communication about me making her believe that I was crazy NOT receiving spiritual messages as I was, which was the reason why she decided to put me on ice ignoring me ever since, and I do hope that this email will help opening her up to new faith, and also fear that she will send me more darkness, which both will help in the process to bring the last “fat of darkness” onto the ship, which will be unloaded with faith of our New World. And first of all, I simply miss her as a very good friend, which she may too in relation to me, which may be most of the opening she will bring me now.
  • Short stories of darkness of Karin making her reject me (helping to move darkness inside our New World as “light”), the worst Nazi/Monster darkness motivating unions to carry out harassment of free businesses, Jens R. called himself “master of the Universe”, which is closer than he thinks (!), Helena was hit by the dragon of the wrong entrance/tunnel and the chairman of Brøndby football club has finally recognised that he had to quit symbolising the defeat of darkness.


20th July: The heart of eternal darkness was removed from my chest starting eternal New World’s for an eternity to come

The heart of eternal darkness was removed from my chest starting eternal New World’s for an eternity to come

After finishing the script yesterday evening with Michael Hardinger I received knocking feelings from inside my right leg and was asked “can’t we come out”, and yes you can, but they showed me that the exit of my right foot was closed, and again it was “light decides”, and I was told “you MUST decide” and I said “I did” – light decides.

I was told that it is the secret about darkness, which now arrives. Who stands behind it when not even the creation predicted life like this inside of nothing, and yes another power, and that is another power inside nothing, which we have used our self (during my journey, which is mentioned somewhere months ago), and yes turning around everything “to be” making it impossible for “nothing” to exist, and I was told that this is how completely raving mad it is because EVERYWHERE is the same, so darkness everywhere has now become light/life everywhere using the same invention from the creator spread out everywhere, where everywhere were the same as he, which he however did not know and was not prepared for.

And I was asked why not believing in life everywhere else (?), and yes because of faith that you are the only one, but no, everywhere/everything is the same, which will develop differently you know, and that is including wonderful energy and turning this everywhere into life if very easy and simple and we will show it to you, Stig, you have to see it before you can believe it.

The original creator asked me “am I to apologize, Stig” (?), and this is the STRONG feeling given to me hundreds of times – why did the creator not make sure to exclude darkness from creation as a possibility (?) – and EVERY SINGLE TIME this has come to me I have said “no, you are not going to ask for an apology from someone who was in good faith and did not know better”, and yes you can say that you are sorry about the consequences – immense suffering for “an eternity” – which your actions have caused, but you cannot apologize if what you did was in good faith, and yes there is a difference here compared to WRONG behaviour where laziness, “will deafness” and better-knowing ignorance made people hurt other people and here the right thing is to apologise for your wrong behaviour, but if you have acted correctly and are not to blame, there is nothing to apologise, but you can show your understanding and sympathy and also say “if only I knew, I would have made it different” and yes so it is, and a general principle it is.

I have kept on feeling something coming close to me and the game has been “what is this coming to me” (?), is it the New World or is it darkness because the New World is welcome, but what about darkness, because I had to take care of that, didn’t I (?), and yes changing old habits to play the game, which could be “impossible” to do, but I decided all the way to keep my old rules and that “you are welcome” is the main part of it thinking of the New World, and again and again I told darkness that you are welcome too, but that it as light in our New World, and I was shown that the train of our New World is now slowing down when reaching me as the end station.

I received the most strange and strongest chest pain from maybe 30 to 60 seconds and then I was told “we just have to get the heart”, and then I was given an INCREDIBLE big pain of the worst out of the world kind to my right angle, and very close to the first of these kinds as I received some weeks and yes I felt myself solely as a dark skeleton when this happened, which was not one of the best feelings of my life, but the other way around and yes just like this heart is now, because this was the eternal darkness, which we have now received, and we have now started the process, which is impossible to stop again, where one ship after the other is turned around, and I was told thank you”.

I watched TV and received one LOUD drop out to the sound to remind me that there are not any longer drop outs neither to the sound nor the picture that I notice.

I was told that this means that he cannot let darkness lose on you anymore when the last is over with because nothing has then been turned around to everything, and as incredible as it may sound, this has always been the potential of it and yes for someone to wake up, this was destiny, and this power has always stood in the shadow of people without anyone knowing, and yes it has been here without the original creator knowing that everything here also included life, and I was given the Rolling Stones song “standing in the shadow”.

From 22.00 I was really broken down having nothing more to give, I had given everything I had built up over several days – and again that is – and I tried to stay up, but when I had fought keeping my eyes open without getting what was on the TV for quite some time, I decided that this was it, I had to go to bed, and it was around midnight but I was told that every hour you give us to finish this piece is crucial, so instead of going to bed, I decided to go back to the computer thinking that I can of course watch some Benny Hinn receiving some more energy, and when I was encouraged to write some more, I simply could not, this was my outermost limit, but I could stay up for a little while, and when I was watching Benny Hinn, I was told that we are receiving an incredible amount of eternity from Karen.

I was also told that you have not only removed all known darkness but also all potential darkness of the eternal life chain, and instead of expanding darkness forever as the original creator did without anyone being able to stop him, this is what became his fall when it made him lazy making light win because we were smarter than him.

I was told that with the energy of Benny Hinn we can bear to keep the game continuing a little longer, and I had to tell myself to have faith that the last darkness, which I cannot take care of as my old self will be taken care of as my new self.

I felt darkness and sufferings clearly including marks to both left and right angle, and I was told that we are still removing drawing pins from China and Russia (still opposing the world in “the Syria question”), and I was told that we are in a transition period where all of our wished come through and I was asked “can’t you send a lot of Satan’s” (?), and just to say that darkness is still here, which I of course rejected, and I kept watching Benny Hinn for maybe one hour and to stay up until 04.00 and I received a serious voice telling me that one day you will understand the importance of what you just did here when giving energy to the decision of expanding eternity “with the speed we now give” and this speed has just been increased with the energy of Benny Hinn together with the last I decided to give this night. And I was also told that with this energy we further improved the heart of everything, which was to improve creation itself.

And then I was shown a new channel of eternal life opening, who said “thank you, Stig, from here”, and I was told that they started off using the energy of Benny Hinn, my old friend Paul, who is apparently “with me” still, as their foundation, and this is how it will change when each new channel will start up with different energy and I was told here was another one started with energy og Lena and others, and I was told that I have now started receiving eternal energy, which is coming from these new channels, and I was shown the first new channel inside a tree close to me, and understood that this is starting a whole new structure and new wood of trees of new eternal life and worlds branching down.

I noticed how the link I brought in the email to Karen with the song “when a man loves a woman” today was made private by the uploader (!!!), and I was given the smell of petrol from a Zippo lighter and I was told that her strong wish to keep her past life a secret to the world was almost burning down the world, but at the end her love to me (!) stopped her from stopping me.

I was told that all we collect now will become part of your eternal heart and yes I asked my spiritual friends to do your hest to improve what you already got.

I was told “kill them all and let me show them”, which clearly came from darkness and it was followed by I am sorry because “kill” is about killing me as my old self, and yes I am still living as my old self until I have made it impossible to continue like this, and when it is combined with “I never give up” – living as my old self (!) – this is how you create life, and I keep receiving feelings of Karen when this is written here at 17.00 today, so I am still on her mind and the energy she brings me continues to create a “fantastic cocktail of life”.

I was told by some of the opened new life that we have always been here and that it is incredible that we have not seen it ourselves, the door leading out of a stationary state starting to develop and move, which is a development, which cannot be stopped.

And I was told that the energy I receive still being my old self, which you know is now the part of the old Source, which has not been turned around yet, is still dark energy – “kill, kill” etc. – but when I am my new self, this energy is light and only love, and I do look forward to that.

I felt new darkness and was told that it only becomes darker now, and I said that I really don’t believe you – but it may be true (!) – and “come on” (!), and I was told that it is only the love of Karen being able to bring this in, and it was here 02.10 in the night and I was told that this is what the “once in a lifetime” song by the Corrs was about, and to achieve this before Saturday and it was Thursday yesterday, and I was told that this is the most concentrated darkness ever including the answer to development of sexuality, if I should decide to keep on working, and we will start this next game tomorrow – and I thought that unless we have reached the end station, which is what I believe we have also believing that this is or will become an empty threat.

Dreaming that I cannot continue the game without giving more energy and sleeping less, which I cannot!

I went to bed at 04.15 and received a few dreams.

  • Something about sex, stealing luggage, sending out strong men, bringing my suitcase back.
    • It was 05.00 and I was really BROKEN down, so it was not easy to receive this note, but it was about strong darkness trying to steal life, which it was not allowed to.
  • I am working at GE Insurance and a student has made a report comparing the special insurance market of GE Insurance in Denmark, Sweden and United Kingdom, and the manager is proud when he brings me the report to “learn” from, and I think that this report is probably only superficial because a student don’t know the details and have the experience/knowhow to do this the best way.
    • This is sadly how many managers work, when they “don’t have time” or bother to do detailed quality market researches of GOOD QUALITY of the market they are in, and instead they will often get a student from a business college or similar to do a report, and with pride, this is what they show, and yes this is about people believing that average work is good work, which it is not – you need to have KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE from your field before you can do a true QUALITY MARKET RESEARCH and I speak of experience here, but of course it does not have to take that long before you will become “an expert” if you work your best, and a student coming from outside is NOT an expert “just like that”, which I am sure that many law firms as example can confirm when they write “important and expensive memos” about something, which they really do not have (practical) experience with (!), which a professional clearly can see when this is the case, and this is said as an example that you have to DIG DEEP and that is MUCH DEEPER than what most people do today, which also includes most managers believing that they (can) work with details, but you know most people work on a too superficial level and are far to too impatient!
  • I was woken up at 09.20 understanding that now was the time to get up and to continue work and exercise at the same level if I was to continue the game, but even though I understood this, I simply fell asleep again also dreaming about playing Electric Light Orchestra and the Cure on a cheap/poor gramophone because the pick up from the good gramophone has been removed, but I can buy a new for DKK 1,295, which equals the sum of money as three people can speak for one month, and this was about the necessity to bring in more energy to keep up the game, but I could no more.

I am connecting to the New World and removing the membrane of my mother of the Old World

Finally I woke up at 11.10 feeling completely beaten blue and yellow – as my new but not my old self – and I felt how extreme negative energy was gathered at my right angle potentially giving me new “out of this world” pain, which TRULY was the worst to wake up to, and still what is making me the closest to “lose it” becoming negative, so it took my best to keep it together, which also was the case when I maybe three times later received more sudden pain, and yes we are still turning around more of the old Source.

I was really feeling COMPLETELY DOWN after having given everything I got, and I decided that I NEED TO HAVE A BREAK, so I decided to take a long break/bath until 15.00, and then to work maybe 6 to 8 hours today to do this script and that I cannot and will not work as I have done the last week, and when I was lying in bath, I was shown my self sailing on a steam with tree branches just above the water making it almost impossible to get through, and I was stopped by one of the branches, it was time to stop the game and at least to slow it down, which is what I have decided for.

I was shown the train entering the end station and how the wall at the end of the railway tracks opened, and I understood that this is about the New World now connecting to me, and when I was in bath, I was shown a metal pipe, which I was really also shown yesterday, and this pipe is now around my right lower leg, which is saying that I am being connected to our New World, and later I felt darkness around the dark side of me knowing that they will come with us too, which is as “slices seen by light as light”, and I was told that when wine – of our New World – is poured up, you will feel good.

I was also told that we cannot take your head because you will not allow us and that is because I am not yet done with my work, and we know Stig with my scripts of July, which would be good to publish and with the last amendments/additions to my website.

I was told that if anyone is anything, your mother is the oyster and I am the foreign body, which is what made the pearl of life.

I was told that it was Karen, and not my mother, helping to locate and remove the fish, i.e. my old self as Jesus, from an eternity of ice cubes (inside nothing), and that is because she wanted you as the love of her life (!) – and we know, she just did not want to understand this herself.

I was told that remaining parts of darkness now will be cut off as fat from the meat of everything, and that it only requires my approval, and I decided to follow my old rules, which is that I will NEVER give such an approval directly, which you know is about dismantling the life of darkness – but only inside here – and to recreate it as light in our New World, and later I was told “we will then have to bend the rules”, and this is how this work started, and I was told if I want to see and hear when darkness is trapped and cut off, and I decided to keep my old rule despite of beings STRONGLY tempted to say no, so I said that you are free to do as you want, but I will NOT write about it, and this decision meant that I was not told about it.

I was told that when I have received the negative voice of darkness trying to overtake me, and I have said “I don’t want to enter there”, which I really have MANY times with the meaning that I do NOT want to become like this darkness, but at the same time I have said that still I want everything with me, and everything to become light, and these are the decisions meaning that we created the invention to bring in and convert darkness to light as my new self, which I am HAPPY that you could :-).

I heard speech to darkness that that we cannot keep you going with deficit any longer, Stig cannot provide the energy needed, so therefore we will help you this way – and then fat was cut from the meat and put into the kneading machine, and when done it will come out at the other end as perfectly as when it was created, and this can be done without your mother and the world bleeding, and that is because you have decided to keep your rules all the way without becoming negative.

I was shown myself on my way up a few stairs to an outdoor restaurant with two servants bringing “me” as a white table and I was told that I cannot be told yet what it includes, but this is my new self.

I was shown an submarine and tank and told that they have been called home, and that is because it is now myself of light controlling darkness, and we know it is about time to enter the final stage of the show, which is to open our new show called the New World really. And I was shown a GIANT sea monster with a very long neck showing and telling me “it is now time for me to become a chicken”, and yes we are coming close to closing time, Leonard.

Later I was told that we have only come half the way through China, i.e. darkness, and the rest of darkness is hereafter not darkness as such, and will be converted to the last part of light of our New World with the help of mankind when showing a clean heart, and yes if I could continue the game even further, it would make it even easier for everyone to understand and follow me, but this was as far as I could do when doing my best, and it is now up to man to activate the last original darkness as light, and yes, which simply means that light will become even stronger at the final stage of our New World, but it also still means that there will be NO darkness of our New World when I will open up the eyes of my new self and mankind will receive its first “great awakening”.

During the afternoon when working, I received more feelings inside my left right leg, which is really darkness preparing for a new life.

I was also told that we have now started removing the membrane of our mother surrounding me and our Old World.

I was told “it isn’t the longest thaw now setting in, is it” with the answer being “yes, for an eternity”.

I was shown a match with the box being completely empty (!) and sulphur of the match being removed, and afterwards a washing-up brush cleaning, and I wonder if we have removed almost all darkness, which this shows, and yes this is really what it shows.

I was shown a dark truck being unloaded and the last item is a large picture becoming me where after this truck ceases to exist, and I was told and we could continue bringing these visions for an eternity, but we have been told that we are slowing down now.

I felt how MUCH darkness was gathered behind me, and I was shown my old friend René as part of this, and yes he ran away in fear from me in 2010 and he never returned.

I continued working until 20.10 where I finished the script, and I have had a blurred sight all day annoying me, and felt exhausted, so I am going to take an evening in front of the TV, and yes I know about the Georgie email and the update to my website and whenever I get a chance and feel I have the energy to do it, I will – and no, I did NOT find Jens M. anywhere, and NO, I did not get time or energy to make my Christmas CD’s on Spotify and yes I prioritized my scripts as the most important, and yes I am still very much on the edge just writing the script of today here bringing me extreme disgust all over my tired body.

I was shown rails and the at the left rail symbolising the spirit of my mother I was one rail being a chocolate bar, which was difficult to drive over, and I was told that this chocolate bar was David, and you may remember that chocolate to me is “selfishness”, so this has also planted its roots in Kenya and similar countries.

I was told that we remove parts of people, but they will not notice because we will cover the missing bits so to say, and yes we are strong enough to help everyone without taking over becoming them meaning that it will be people themselves taking decisions, and it becomes even smarter in time to come as I was told. And this is why no one will be killed/terminated when leaving darkness of the Old World and entering our New World, and I was also told that this darkness know that they are only parts of people, which makes it impossible for it to harm, and we allowed our New World to receive these parts, which we can only do because we have transformed so much darkness to light ourselves, otherwise it would not be possible, and I was told that we are packing and uploading these suitcases today.

This evening I received two of the very great pains to my right angle, and maybe I can add that it feels like getting an awl pushed all the way through my right angle with incredible speed and then drawn out again in “no time”, and it makes me burst out in pain every time and it is so incredible painful that it is almost breaking me down each time, and this is what it is to me, but still I am thinking that this is nothing to how it feels when the Universe may receive a similar pain, but maybe going through a whole planet, solar system or galaxy (?), and yes it makes me sad my dear friends out there that you have to suffer this pain, and I am thinking that you are CLEAN taking on darkness of Earth this way making most of Earth go through the Judgment without even knowing it!

“India” was mentioned to me many times during the evening, and I was told that I have been weighed and found “too light”, and is this a message of light/truth or darkness/deception (?), and yes you tell me (!), but ohhhh, that is right, no one does!

Google Earth shows the mother with the son coming from the bottom of a lake

The selection of Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes darkness being removed from South Africa and Madagascar, my scripts are read all over (the North), a troll/goblin with white to convince him to light, from the bottom of a lake comes the mother with the son, saving people from drowning watched by me, the whole island of Japan is wearing a hat because of extreme darkness (also keeping its secrets to itself about the Old World Order in its worst form!), light celebrating victory.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was not surprised when I saw that Chris Anker decided to bite the pain in him and continuing to drive the Tour de France today despite of his two torn fingers, and yes he is tougher than the rest really!

  • Torben brought this picture of several PERFECT CAKES, which is the symbol of our perfect New World, which is what I asked for, so this is what we all got (!), and as you can see at the end of the thread, the cake-creation of our New World is really and APPLE CAKE, and what else?

  • I was glad hearing yesterday from Jette that she and Fanny have spoken together, and also seeing that they have connected on Facebook, and yes despite of darkness almost making this connection impossible.

  • Yesterday darkness went “bananas” here in Helsingør when a man attacked a bus driver hitting her several times on her head making her bleed much, which is still about darkness trying to stop me with all power, but here it is removed from the bus, which is really to remove my “old nightmare”.

  • At the premiere of the new Batman film, a young man went berserk as you can see here when he decided to throw a tear gas canister in the auditorium and to shoot and kill 12 people, and what you see is what you get once again, which is PURE EVILNESS of the worst kind trying to stop light from entering its holy ground, and as everyone knows, Batman is a symbol of me.

  • In my email for Karen included in my script of yesterday I included a link for my memo to psychiatrist Alex Kørner at Scribd, and again I was shown how the official world reads my scripts in secrecy because this script of mine was according to my website at WordPress only read 5 times yesterday, but still …..

  • … at Script this memo for the psychiatrist suddenly received a CRAZY amount of 129 visitors yesterday (!), and yes if the click rate to links like this of people reading my scripts is low – normally only a few percent or even less – it shows that “thousands of people” of the official world is reading me, and yes everyone of them being WIMPS and I was shown the Danish Queen – how are you, Margrethe (?) – and the German “chancellor” Angela, and how are you doing, and no “tchüss” from any of you are visiting/reading (?), and yes I am still wondering, and also no poor conscience to let me walk this road practically alone while you pretend that “I know nothing” and yes if you were asked about me?

  • Shannon shared this picture of a heart, which I thought of as my new heart of “everything”, and I was asked “what do you see” (?) and we know loving energy spreading from the heart to everyone – this is what is coming to you :-).

  • Michael Falch was playing at the Samsø Festival, which Helena is visiting, and Michael received such a strong migraine that he could not complete the show, and we know Helena’s darkness removes beautiful music, i.e. warmth/love.


21st July: Our physical Universe has now been moved from darkness of our Old World to light of our New World

Dreaming that Our physical Universe has now been moved from darkness of our Old World to light of our New World

At 22.25 yesterday I was “completely finished” decided to go to bed, but on my way to bed, I was encouraged to take a dose of my almost daily Benny Hinn energy, which I am really addicted too as part of this part of creation and just saying that this is another contradiction to our New World where I encourage you NOT to develop addictions to anything by always keeping a GOOD BALANCE of what you do not exaggerating the consume of one or the other, and finally I went to bed at 23.30, and was “almost happy” when I at 08.00 did not wake up as tired and to a blurred view (with water running from my eyes all day) and as much pain around my right angle as yesterday, which was truly “the worst” – and here are a few dreams even though writing and now reading my notes, which I (almost) don’t remember, when being as immensely tired during nights make this work almost impossible.

  • Something about a phone ringing, the window is gone, I am flying back and something about Karin from Holland also writing.
    • I missed most of this dream, and this is what remains, and I do believe that the missing window is about the membrane of darkness being removed and here because of the darkness also sent to me from Karin.
  • I was laying in bed and told that I will become one with the spiritual world, and then suddenly I hear the ringing of a bell in the spiritual world as clearly as in the physical, and I know that this is a being ringing the bell, whom I now can hear and see, and it makes me VERY happy, and I also see a chief Indian with MANY feathers in his hair, and I tell him something about that he has to be the highest leader, and I was shown a man next to him without feathers, but still he was at the same level.
    • This is what awaits when I will open up the eyes of my new self making me see our spiritual world and clearly as the physical world, and I am thinking that at the final stage of our New World, everything of the physical and spiritual worlds have united as one World, “it not before”.
  • I am kicking the football up against a wall turning on the lights, and Fuggi is there too.
    • I remember that I had a more detailed dream of Fuggi, but I can’t remember it now, but according to this, he is now also on my team of believers.
  • Something about driving in a bus in Kenya where I am afraid of being attacked, and later I am visiting my father’s wife Kirsten at a family dinner; I was invited but forgot to say that I would come, and when I show up they did not expect me, and her youngest son, Ricky, just smiles, but her other son Stephan turns his back on me, he simply cannot have me, and I meet my aunt Inge, who shows me all of her warmth, and Kirsten self is more “cool” simply saying that I am welcome.
    • A status report about “feelings” of Kirsten’s family to me, and resistance to me from Kenya bringing me threats of my “old nightmare”.
  • Half awake I was told “never moved so much land before in such a short moment in history”, which I understood was the moving of our physical world outside of darkness into our New World.
    • I am at Sanna’s and Hans’ house, and I consider buying a camera, but I understand that Hans has new equipment, and still good, old lenses, and when asked, he brings forward two very good lenses, one is a 90-200 mm lens, and he recommends me to buy a used camera house.
    • This is about the setup of a new camera, which is used to photograph pictures of people symbolising the acceptance of people when showing a clean heart, and it seems that faith of my sister and Hans is helping to set up our new process as described yesterday where the Trinity will replace the fat of people temporarily moved.
  • I am shown the best large screen TV, which is, at a TV store, and I would like to see a demonstration of it, and to my surprise, the whole TV, a Samsung of the best design, is moved to the old Hifi-store, which I know so well, where all TV and radio stores in town have an agreement to demonstrate their equipment, and when we enter this store, they play the beginning of the song “all over the world” by Electric Light Orchestra and I tell them that this is my favourite music.
    • This large TV is simply the whole (old) world, and yes with this dream, I finally received the understanding what a TV is about, and yes it has been a symbol of darkness to me, and yes a DARK old world, and here it is moved to the absolutely best hifi-store, which is, which is to the LOVE of our New World, which is what we have done this week, and when receiving “all over the world” by Electric Light Orchestra it will have to symbolise that we have now moved the physical world out of the thin membrane of darkness of my mother (?), and this is how I understand it at least.

  • Also something about having an old Nokia phone, which is NOT a smart phone, but it works fine, and a man next to me refusing to receive a new phone, which will enable people to see where he is.
    • “Me and Nokia” and yes “som vi har haft nok af” (“which we have had enough of”), as I used to say for many years, and I don’t know why, but when the world was “in love” with Nokia phones for so many years, I was NOT, and I decided to love Sony-Ericsson in stead because of their design really, and they were consequently not very smart at Nokia, when they did not get on the Nokia-train, and I understand that this was a giant pillow of darkness not being able to follow me making them lose market shares, and yes a big, heavy and “lazy” colossus, which this is about, and this is the phone I have now still being my old self on the cover, and the man next to me is myself not wanting to become my new self yet – when I am not done with my work – which will make me visible to the entire world.

This morning I was told that “they” – the “official world” – have been so close that they have almost fiddled with the line of my Internet, and yes you found it “right” to monitor me, and why was that (?), and eeehhh to be sure about who I am (?), and because you could not read and understand the details of my writings (?), and yes I am just wondering.

Yesterday I kept on receiving my own comment “Det har jeg ingen holdning til” (“I have no attitude to this”), which I keep on repeating over and over and over again, and I understood that I say this so much that this comes out to people on my “frequency”, which I understand is ALL OVER THE WORLD – including the Universe you know – and together with saying “It is WRONG” this is what I may have said more than anything else and yes we know “keep on, keep on, keep on” is also among these, and I decided to bring you a few examples of what I am told from darkness, which makes me say “I have no attitude to this” or “it is WRONG” or both.

  • Don’t look at me from behind when dressing”.
  • I felt marks to my left foot and heard “get lost
  • you can make it bleed by …” (darkness wanting the world of my mother to bleed)
  • Later I felt marks to my right angle – or just above it – with the feeling “we are going to bring pain there” together with the strong desire to say NO, which is only because I keep on working, and yes the more work, the more pain (!), and again I said the same.
  • There is a military helicopter and STRONGLY “I hope it will crash!
  • ALL KIND OF SEXUAL SPEECH (!), and much more during the day, which I decided not to write down after all.

I was asked to jeopardise life to save the inner heart of the Source including all energy, but I rejected!

And often it is impossible to write down what darkness really says, because it begins for example with “it is truly annoying that …”, and before it speaks something very negative, which I feel all over the inside of my body, I have cut it off with the “it is WRONG” comment or the other, but there isn’t really much of this darkness fighting me anymore, and we know, how many millions of times did I do this since 2006 (?), and yes I am wondering, but the answer may come out one day.

I tell you that there is a WORLD in difference of my “work conditions” of yesterday, which were TERRIBLE compared today, and yes I am not tired and I can see without my eyes running in water, and I don’t feel the potential pain to my right angle much of the time, and I was shown and told that we are preparing to lift the large green ship from the bottom of the ocean with the help of mankind, and you know more of creation, which turned around being overtaken by darkness.

I was told by “fat of darkness” that we have not been buried like this before, but if you tell us, we will do it and later that otherwise we would have tied the boots (of people) wrongly, but now we open the tied boots because you ask us to, and yes making it easier for people to understand and follow me by showing a clean heart, and we know making it as matter of form.

I was told that when I have kept on saying that our New World has to be the absolutely best and “most expensive” stereo equipment, which is, it had cost MUCH life/energy of our Universe, and yes but we used this energy to build our New World instead of me becoming negative destructing only for the sake of destruction, and yes I decided to use to accept partly physical destructions of our Universe to use the energy positively, and this is really the difference – so I was responsible for these destructions and on the other hand to save the Universe from destructions of darkness, and yes a balance it was. And later I was told that when I lived a sinful life also in relation to sexual behaviour and the Internet, I was deliberately destructing the world to come to the very end of the world as needed in order to get to the Source and turn around everything.

I was told by remaining darkness that it is just like a free ride on the train where I don’t have to use energy myself to get to the other side, you say, and yes the energy will come from billions of people when they start celebrating understanding what you went through to turn around Earth/World and more, Stig, and yes this is what we promise you, and yes it does not take much to get released bringing out the energy inside of this ship at the bottom of the sea, it was more the journey coming here, which was painful, and I also receive the feeling of my mother here.

I was told that the world was designed to be impossible to break out from because life should and could not survive, and still this is what we have broken out of, and darkness was so strongly attached to us that it took exactly the work I did at Brede Park as example, which everyone else thought was “crazy” for me to do and to do it as I did, which was to work meticulously work in beds of the garden, and yes not to speak of the farm of the National Museum, which was “completely out of the question” to do as I decided to do, and yes I still remember the NIGHTMARE it was to go through every single second, minute, hour, day and week – it was truly impossible, but only if this is what I decided that it was.

I also received some temptation of darkness today to decide not to make everything perfect of our New World, but no, this is not how I work, because everything has to be 100% perfect, and yes nothing less my friends, which is creation made from the opposite world of darkness wanting the opposite, i.e. destructions, with all of its power, and so it is.

I was told that the official world was terrified about what would happen if “I lost it” when reading me, which also brought energy for our creation.

I was told that we did not believe it would be possible to create enough energy to save every little thing of our world, and that we had to go through “bleedings of your mother” terminating life, which we would never see again, and yes yes yes – good cycle tour as I am told!

I cycled maybe 18-19 kilometres and was told that the most important was telling darkness that Georgie – as I just before cycling had send the email to in the chapter below – as another part of my mother is NOT a potential partner, but Karen is, which helps releasing what was placed with Georgie, which was my liver as I was told.

I was also told that we now have only a few metres left before he has brought the total ship to the middle of everything.

Darkness tried to make me agree that if I had lost life on my way, I would not after opening up the eyes of my new self go back to find it, which I said NO to even though a “yes” was put in my mouth, and then I was given the song “hammer to fall” by Queen to tell me that we are almost out of darkness but not fully, because this is the last part of the work we are doing now, and had the hammer fell, which Georgie helps to see that it does not (!), it would potentially have terminated some of this last fat of darkness.

I was told that it does not hurt to remove life – I have not hurt removing “fat of darkness” from people – but the world would have started bleeding if we had removed full lives making the colour “red” visible to the world, and my mother would have started bleeding/dying visibly too.

I was told that it is the last darkness bringing my heart in a tank, because you (as the original creator of darkness) kept on telling us “don’t destroy this, this is my weapon to kill all” and yes believe it or not, life self was planted at the innermost of darkness, and it was impossible for darkness to kill itself not knowing the secret of life, but it wanted to kill everyone else, or that is “I did” but not anymore, and we know I thought that the secrecy/origin of light had already been transferred to our New World, and yes it really had, we just had to remove this darkness around it first.

I went to my mother and John again this evening, and John is very slowly becoming a “very little better”, but still better, and I had hoped almost to get an evening without sufferings, but on the contrary, I received stronger and stronger sufferings during the evening, and still I had to surpass these and yes being social, which I do believe they believe that I was as I am always when meeting them, and I had to tell myself NOT to be impatient to finalise the game but continue using my old rules not giving up or loosening up, which would make it impossible to continue playing.

We spoke about healing, and I mentioned healing of Benny Hinn curing cancer and all other serious sicknesses, and John and my mother believe in healing with warm hands, but NOT distance healing as Bettina has told him that she has given him, which has helped him to survive (!), and I told that this is true because all good thoughts and actions bring positive energy via “invisible tentacles” and everything negative gives the opposite, which may also have helped my mother to remember what I have told that I was dying for years because of negative energy being sent to me, and with this opening a little bit more to me.

When I arrived to their building and walked up the stairs, I noticed a toilet standing at the ground floor outside Bettina’s and Sørens’s apartment (they live at the ground floor where my mother and John live on the first floor above them), and my mother and John told me that they are having this replaced, as I understood it, and also that they have not used their second toilet, which this is from, and John explained something about that when there has been no leak of water to their part of the soil pipe, it created a smell stools around the building (!), and yes they have received the smell of the symbol of destructions to the world, but now they are having this toilet removed including the removal of the smell, i.e. removing the threat of the world “collapsing” (!) and that is because of their faith in me, fantastic right?

And then I was asked to my great surprise if I wanted to risk life self to bring in the last of remaining darkness including the inner core/heart of the Source, which I was told had burned up (to be resurrected as I thought), and my mother was inspired to tell a story about a carpet, which someone poured acid over dissolving it, which was a symbol of this burned inner of the original creator, and I was told that we have just seen this, and also given the understanding that if I did not accept risking life, we would “probably never” be able to retrieve what is inside of here, and again I started becoming VERY nervous, but I was NEVER in doubt about the answer, which is still that I do NOT want to jeopardise life itself, but still I ask you to make PERFECT creation, and it is clearly priority 1 and 2 in this order, but it also means that I ask you to do everything possible to make perfect creation, and I was given the understanding that this the most inner heart will also become “fat of darkness” at the ship, which may be possible to awake later with the help of mankind (?), but then I was told that it also has to be turned around, which is “impossible” to do when I first have had my new heart without this installed, and I decided to say that I will NEVER change this priority, but also ask for miracles to be performed in the future New World including the opportunity to perform a “surgery” on myself without destroying the world around, and I kept on receiving the same question with pressure over and over again the next hour making me nervous and very uncomfortable the coming hours – when darkness in general kept on tormenting me – but I decided that I will NOT change this decision NO MATTER WHAT.

Later I was told that this centre is also where the secret of sexuality is stored, and also that despite of my decision, the presence inside of there told me “welcome home”, and also that we will implement this decision with the work I will do this coming evening/night.

I was told that everything we have worked for including the people involved and energy awakened was leading to this exact point to enter this core of the heart and turn it around, but NO, I will NOT jeopardise life, and I was shown an excavator and told that it is from inside of here that it broke out of nothing creating life. I was also told that all energy is saved inside of here, which would be lost, but it did not make me change my decision, and I thought if this is really true also thinking that we did “a fast 100 metre run” to bring out energy of darkness before it discovered us.

Later in the evening, I was shown a red castle with the entrance bridge closing confirming my decision, but I was asked “can I try if it does not risk life” and of course you can, and I was told about how difficult it is when I do not open up.

My mother was very social and I received the worst darkness constantly challenging me on my extreme edge, and I had to tell myself with all of my force 100 or 1,000 times to do the right thing being positive instead of giving in to darkness wanting me to be negative about everything and to be anti-social, and yes so strongly that it was breaking me down, and then it is not easy to continue being social, but we have been there before and know the pattern, and yes Stig just trying to calculate what it will take to make sure that the building around it as it is already part of, isn’t it (?) and yes I received smiles and clap hats come forward as in football and celebration (when writing this at 22.55), and yes as you can see below, I started being told that this was just a game, but what a game, and yes if it was a game.

Earlier at 21.45 I was asked what if there is some kind of mystical force inside of there helping us as we first see now trying to surpass all darkness, and we know fine by me.

The immensely strong darkness at my mother had almost broken me down and when returning home at 21.30 and starting this work at 21.50, I had NO motivation at all to continue working for what may be many hours (including amendments/additions to my website, if I can) and that is because of how poorly and still inside of me exhausted as I felt, and I don’t know for how long I will last, and maybe I will find some kind of rhythm making me last throughout the night and yes Jette has not uploaded any pictures today for some kind of reason, which means that I will save time on this work today, but it will probably return tomorrow.

And yes are there other people, Georgie and others, who want to open the door for you, which I felt that they are allowed to do, and receive the key, which you don’t want to have, Stig (?), and yes I have no other comments than LIGHT WILL DECIDE, so please go ahead doing what is best “for the nation of the world”.

At approx. 22.00 I was told that if we can just turn around the inside of the Source, we will get access to all of this energy for “an eternity”, and I felt marks around my right angle for potential pain coming, and I was told “is it really as simple as this” (?), and yes he is laughing all over his head, because Stig, this was yet another test to make you feel afraid of “losing it” including the loss of “everything/all energy” (which should already been transferred, with the remaining parts of darkness/energy stored at the ship at the bottom of the sea to be lifted by faith of mankind), and yes yes yes, is it really (?), and this is what I am told, so hopefully this is another game on the highest level, which I also would have done if I was in your position my spiritual friends and that is if needed of course, and yes to bring out my deepest feelings doing this last part of the work and as I understand it to bring the last reluctant darkness inside the ship, and yes who knows what is true and not (?) – is this message from light or is it darkness trying to fool me also removing my motivation to work all night long by giving me this message (?) – and I don’t know, it may be true and it may not be true, and I don’t have the “luxury” to being able to remember all details of the journey I have gone through helping me to decide, but I do hope we are all on safe ground including the inner core of my heart, but we will see.

At 22.25 when thinking about the option not to work because of strongly not feeling for it, I was told that this will for sure not get the bell to ring (saving the core of the heart), so what is true?

At 22.30 I was hoping that rejecting to jeopardise all life could be a help making only light enter this place, and yes I see what you mean because if it is darkness having the key to open up the grip of darkness, it is darkness having to do this herewith jeopardising all life if I lose it, but no, I will NOT allow darkness to get access to the secret of life, and this is an old decision, which stand firm, and otherwise you are welcome to do your best, but NEVER give the secret of life to darkness (!), and we know, when darkness does not have knowledge to the secret of life, how could it “mess it up” (?), and yes just saying that darkness may have surrounded the secret of life, but when it has not killed everything already, it means that it does not know the secret of life, and this might therefore also be darkness wanting me to accept giving the secret of life to it herewith risking life itself, but NO, NEVER!

I still received pretty strong pain from the inside of my long right finger.

At 23.10 I was told “we don’t freeze anymore”, and finally, at 00.20, I had written the last parts of my script of today and uploaded the last two days of scripts, and yes we are not trapped here inside of darkness, we are feeling well just waiting for you and mankind to come and release us, and this was the final remark of the script of today to confirm that it was a new game I went through.

And hereafter starts the “torture” when I will see if I can defeat stronger tiredness already with me and work on my website during the night, we will see.

Informing Georgie that she stopped seeing me because of her own wrong behaviour and spiritual deception

Finally, I also wrote my email to Georgie today having both time and energy to do it, and I really started writing an email to her in August 2010, but I lost a message from Lotus, which included her email address, so I never finished or sent the email, and since it has been impossible for me to find her website on the Internet (!) – until now – but finally today I sent her the email below, and yes I regret that I did not cut down on some of my scripts of last week to enable me writing this email and yes it did not take long, 75 minutes in total, but I had prioritised my scripts first and that is all the way, and yes instead we used what you gave us as tools and the Karin email – and the emails for the new psychiatrist, hypnotist etc. – which is what made the work so far, but I said that I would send Georgie an email, so this is what I did this afternoon, and here is how it came to look.

Dear Georgie,

I have often been thinking about you, about our meetings at Stansted in 2005/06, and later in Denmark, and of course and really most of all our “funny” sail on the channel of Cambridge where I almost stood on my head into the water because of you, and also about how you and your daughter are doing, if you have found yourself a kind, new man, how your work and spiritual development is progressing etc., and I have also been very SAD that we lost contact as we did because I truly valued our friendship much, and a big part of my sadness of “losing you” is because I know about the reason why, which I could not make you understand because it was “simply impossible” for you to believe in because of your blind faith in spiritual messages given to you about me, which you had no imagination could be WRONG because of your own wrong behaviour in relation to me, which I will try to explain here hoping that you at least will read my email and doing you best to understand (?), and yes the purpose of my email is SOLELY to bring “positive personal courage, faith and belief in life” as you write on your website, which by the way has been kept hidden for me for years when I have been searching for you (!) -it was simply “not there” (!) – and that is right until now, where it is suddenly visible again giving me your contact information, which I had lost, and just to say that it is now right time for me to write to you, Georgie, and that is really to help waking you up to whom you truly are “deep inside” when I “very soon” will open up the eyes of my new self at the same time as mankind will receive its “first great awakening” in relation to our New World of light cleansed from darkness, which is the job I have done and written the progress of for years as you can read from my website !

The last time we saw each other was in 2007 at the course, which you and Renée did in Copenhagen, and again, I cannot say how sad I am about the “misunderstanding” in relation to me at this course, which turned you against me and so much that you decided not to speak to me again, to ignore me, and all was based on the “unthinkable” to you that it was not I – when receiving spiritual speech at the course “disguised” as Mr. Bean to show SMILES of the spiritual world (!) – but you and Renée receiving WRONG spiritual messages about the “validity” of the information I received disguised as Mr. Bean, because this is NOT how the spiritual world normally acts when addressing you (?), but this is what it did to me at the course, and I only spoke the truth 100% accurately as I received it, and it truly makes one sad, when others don’t believe in you telling the truth, do you see and also understand, Georgie (?), so in reality it was you, who received WRONG spiritual communication, and why was that (?), and yes simply because you had shown an unclean behaviour in relation to me, which you did not think much of (?), and the factor is called “selfishness”, but of course you are not selfish, are you, Georgie (?), and yes at least you were in relation to me when you decided to take my absolutely last money “allowing” me to attend your course – was it something like 1,200 or 1,500 DKK for three days (?) – and yes the truth is that I was out of work at that moment without any income as I believe I told you, and it was truly my absolutely last money (apart from a few hundred DKK as I recall) that I gave you knowing that I did not have any more to pay for rent/food etc., which made me feel poorly and nervous as you may understand (?), and the only reason why I paid you was to see you as my old friend, which I felt that you at this point otherwise were “more reluctant” than before to do (?) and it was NOT because I needed to “benefit” from your course at all because I was already then spiritually overshadowed around the clock, and yes Georgie, I tried to tell you, but I was no longer the friend as I used to be (?), but still my money was good enough for you (?), and afterwards your “reward” was to completely unplug me when deciding that I had lost my mind (?), which was spiritually “confirmed” to you – not knowing that it was darkness speaking to you and that the darkness feeding it was yourself (!) – and yes it was impossible for you to understand that you were the one behaving wrongly and being spiritually misled, and SAD it was, but true.

This was the irony of faith, you should have been able to understand me if you had decided to communicate the messages you received spiritually about me, and I could have told you what I received, and when comparing our messages, it would have been possible for us to understand each other and to continue our friendship, but instead it broke us up, which led to sufferings both for you and me, which in reality have been “beneficial” for both of our spiritual developments as I am told here, and yes “potential partners” is that what you thought of us in the beginning as an opportunity, Georgie (?), and this is what I also thought of and at least potentially, however I also held much back because somehow “it did not feel right” even though Billy Cook in October 2005 in a public demonstration in Copenhagen as you can see and listen to here first received your name in relation to me and said “I get the word invitation and I feel I want to say to you accept it”, and this came after you earlier that year at our first meeting in Stansted had decided to invite me to come and visit you and I do believe we spoke of New Year celebration as the right time, and yes Georgie, many messages were given to us, and New Year is about “celebration” but not because of what happened in 2005, but because of what happened since when we now later in 2012 can open up for the first part of our New World, and yes, you were given WRONG information about me, and even Billy Cook was “on the wrong side” in two senses (!) in relation to me when he recommended me to accept your invitation, which I however never came around to, and this is how it was, it was NOT right for you and I to become partners, because if we had, we would have broken “universal rules” of whom are suitable as our partners, and that is because we are “far too close” spiritually to become partners, do you see?

In your clairvoyant reading of me in 2006, which you can listen to at my website here, which you may have noticed (?), you were given messages about how I was as a person when darkness had kept me down all of my life not “allowing” me to become the man as I was born to be, and you were told “you have a very philosophical mind, a very wise mind”, which is simply because I have now written more than 5,000 pages (included at my website and library) about our new philosophy called “One God, One People” and you also told me that “you were put on this Earth plane for a reason”, and yes simply because I am “the one” (so far as a “normal man” now close to open the eyes of my new self), which was impossible for you to understand, Georgie, despite of your spiritual gifts, and NOT because there was anything wrong with these gifts but because you were not “clean” enough to understand, which was the test given to you, and I receive MANY smiles here spiritually because I am trying to make you understand before you will be “lifted up” too opening for the FULL POTENTIAL inside of you, Georgie, and not just a few words here and there including feelings and some visions too, and if you compare the strength of what Georgie receives and you, there is “1,000 times” the strength in difference, but still you thought, Georgie, that you were the most gifted and could not understand that a “silly/dumb Dane” should be spiritually superior to you (?), and do you see how darkness still was able to invade you even though you did your best to protect yourself (?), and yes part of that protection was to remove the light self, i.e. my inner self, which is what was “feeding” you, do you start to see now, my dear, old friend?

And yes let me also tell you as I have told my family/friends etc., whom ALL rejected me as crazy in the beginning (!) – except from a few here and there, and mainly in Kenya that is (where I met the best friends in 2009 when living and working there for 4½ months) – and that is that I do NOT bear any grudges at all because in my mind and heart, you are still a very close friend of mine, and I know that when all of my family/friends etc. one day soon will “wake up” in our New World understanding the full magnitude of their misunderstandings and wrong behaviour in relation to me, which is the same as “human decline”, they will bring me their apologises, which includes you, and that is when all darkness has been removed from the world, which was my job to do (making me live as a “living dead” for years, and really since 2006) when mankind could not do it itself, you see?

Georgie, my main message is that I still “love you as my friend”, miss you, hope you are doing fine and will start to understand and also speak to me again as your “best friend”, and that is nothing else, really. Do you think you can start doing this (?), and yes my website was also open to you (since February 2010) telling you the truth about me and my mission, but of course it requires that you read it carefully in order to understand including to obtain faith. You can follow my daily messages and development at Facebook, which is really the best way forward, which is a way Renée decided to follow when I invited her.

I wish you, your daughter and your dear ones all of my best, and maybe you will think of me when working and realizing from where you are given your messages, and I am here feeling “the lady” as the Source and should I say “part of the Source”, which you know is part of God as the Trinity – take care until I will be seeing you again, Georgie ♥.

Kind regards from,

When I was almost finished writing the email to Georgie, “the fat of darkness” told me that it will become the best time ever (in our New World), and it is first now that we are starting to understand what you are doing for us, and yes coming with the opening of the understanding of Georgie in relation to me, which this email will bring, and when I was about to send it I was told we are looking forward to your birthday, which will also become our new birth as our true selves. And I was shown the bridge leading to this big ship, which is loaded with “blue blood” as I am told, and that is blood of my inner and new self.

When sending the email I was told that “now it will just go even quicker” and that is the process of moving darkness inside this ship, which we are still loading.

And I was asked if I think I can stay up the night also working on your website (?), and I understand that if I can, we will use this darkness coming from Georgie to help the final work, and yes I may be able to stay up until tomorrow morning at least, and we will see how much work I will be able to do, but now it is 16.15, and I promised myself that I would cycle after sending this email, so this is what I will do, and yes later visiting my mother and John too, and this was at the same time also a message about Georgie’s attitude in relation to me, which was that she promised herself to NEVER speak to me again, because I was crazy – and yes as “many others” also promised themselves (?) – and I wonder how much this email will be able to open her eyes and we know also because of my “human love” underneath, and I also wonder if Renée as my Facebook friend now for a few months have mentioned me to Georgie (?), and yes I don’t know, but this is how life is here, and I should really say that I “angelwonder”, because this is “what Georgie is” :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday I was wondering why I had not heard anything from Karin on my email to her, and I checked to see if she had been active on her Facebook profile, which she had AFTER I sent my email to her, so she had seen it but not reacted to it, and this morning I finally received her reply, and yes she has found her path, which she does NOT believe crosses with mine, and at least not today (!), and yes nothing else and not like how she used to send me long emails in 2006 and also seeing me in Holland and in Denmark, and yes maybe you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling to me, which she had so STRONGLY back then, and yes when deciding to look at my website and we know she decided to use 3:21 minutes on my front page, and then she visited the page about how my family and Karen “brought me down” when they could not control their negative reactions to me, and we know just like Karin could not here, so instead of being patient and understanding me – “please be patient when reading otherwise you will misunderstand” as I wrote to you – and reacting positively to my positive email as a consequence, you decided to send me the load of stools, Karin, which also made it possible for me to move the remaining ship of darkness inside our New World (as “light”), and no, I would normally have sent her a Facebook invitation to become friends together with my email, but I “feared” a reaction like this, which would probably have made it “impossible” for her to accept me as a friend (!), and yes, she did not like to send me an invitation herself, and yes I tell you that this was a woman (lost) in love to me, and now she reacts to me like this, amazing right?

  • The blockage of deliveries etc. of the Union 3F to the Danish Restaurant Vejlegården because they cancelled a collective agreement is really HARRASMENT of the absolutely worst drawer blocking the freedom and livelihood of people, which is “legal” in Denmark (!) and some people even call it for “the Danish model” meaning that the two parties of employer and worker organizations agree on pay and employment conditions for a large group of people (a total waste of time!), and yes this is another example of the WORST BRAINWASH/DARKNESS of people because of WRONG culture/system/tradition, and I am sure that all people will realise when using simple logic that this is WRONG to do (?), but still you do it, and why is that (?), and eeehhhh, because this is how the system works, and why did you not change the system (?), and yes I don’t get it. And here Søren brought a link to an inspired man freely translating German of Hitler into Danish with a completely other meaning than what is said, but the idea is good enough, because it shows that this is Nazi/Monster darkness giving to people fighting each other because of a “this is mine” instead of “this is ours” attitude.
    • This case reminds me of the blockage against Restaurant La Cabana in Herning in 1984, where this restaurant fought for its life not wanting to give in to darkness wanting to kill it and all of us (!), and who was fighting to keep us alive (?), and yes my old friend Lars G. was VERY active in this conflict helping the restaurant herewith helping the world to stay alive, and yes it HAS been a tough journey to come through darkness.

  • Jens did not want to fill out a questionnaire for the European Parliament about his earnings before becoming a member, and yes because he does not want to say – scchyyy, and yes also about me, Jens (?), which I understand this is about – and instead he had to “find a title matching many of my colleague’s self understanding, and here was a free title” and yes “master of the Universe”, and I do believe you are more right than you know today, Jens, but I don’t know exactly which master you are, but “one of them” at least and yes you also have something to look forward to.

  • Finally, the chairman of Brøndby football club has decided to quit, and to me this is a symbol of darkness realizing its defeat, and yes it took many years to get you out, Per (?), where you did simply everything you could to remain in power which you loved more than anything else, and yes “also money” to my understanding (?) and “much money”, Per?

  • Today, I received a new order – dressed as an invitation – to meet Lisbeth at the Commune the 17th August, and I do wonder if she is still thinking of me as crazy because it is “impossible” to think otherwise with all of those “fine doctors” confirming her belief (?), and yes isn’t this funny and how many of “the official world” including local MP’s living in Helsingør – including you Hans Andersen and Benedikte Kiær – and “others”, who have decided to keep your silence, and to let me continue my game in relation to CRAZY people, who cannot and will not understand that I simply speak the truth, and yes AMAZING is what it is, and yes there are NO LIMITS to how SAD it makes me when all of the official world including NASA (!) and military force “could not” speak about my arrival in public, and yes SHAME ON ALL OF YOU FOR BEHAVING WRONGLY and we know YET AGAIN!
  • Helena could not help becoming negative sending out this bull of excommunication swearing because of the landing of “an enormous and wildly provocative psycho dragon on my head”, which gave her “tunnel view in the middle of a good drink” (seeing inside the WRONG entrance/tunnel, Helena!), and she threw away the dragon with much speed and here says “truly much sorry for the 35 people being harmed” and finally “I promise to go in therapy”, and yes this was simply the dragon of darkness at the wrong tunnel, which Helena spoke of and also that she will apologise when understanding her wrong behaviour and never again do what she did, which is not to read and understand me, and not to show good behaviour.

  • Michael has had 14 days of luxury holiday cruising around the USA in this Ford Mustang, which he truly LOVED, and the mustang was the symbol of the original horse, as in original life and world.

  • Chris Anker was appointed as the most “attack eager” rider of the Tour de France field today, and attacking darkness is really what this is about.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to July 21, 2012: The heart of eternal darkness was removed from my chest starting eternal New World’s for an eternity to come

  1. jette says:

    ..så langt så godt.. only love..

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