July 23, 2012: I broke through to the inner Source releasing the light of the original creator still trapped inside darkness


Summary of the script today

22nd July: I broke through to the inner Source releasing the light of the original creator still trapped inside darkness 

  • I believed that it was a game having to risk our life to turn around the last part of the Source, but when I stopped working and tried to sleep at 02.00, after half an hour I was woken up with dreams of being arrested by terrible strong, African Police, which will give me my sentence tomorrow (losing to the last darkness!), and my family was all sleeping because there will be no energy of the Source to feed them as their old selves herewith making the world suffocate, and this is because the Source is still turned the wrong way making it impossible to get energy of light out of it. It forced me to work all night updating my website pushing me to my absolutely most extreme, and even though I was shown darkness becoming light and building my self a road out of darkness, I was also shown 3D-people of the spiritual world as real as in the physical world trapped in the membrane of darkness seamlessly impossible to get out of and I was told that darkness will only become even worse, which is why it is important to get out quickly – but how? How in the world can I bring the physical world the last part out of darkness and turning the remaining part of the Source around to bring us energy? It seems hopeless right now.
  • I was told by a “mature voice” from inside of darkness that “it was a pleasure working together with you” – even though darkness did everything it could to make me destruct the world. I received new “out of this world pain” to my right angle, which was energy of the Universe together with LOVE of my family/friends etc., which opened up to the last part of the Source inside of darkness releasing a man of light from inside of there, which was “the last part” of the original creator still inside of darkness with the other part of him now inside of light. The original creator has been surrounded by darkness for “an eternity” bringing him an incredible desire to return to normal life simply enjoying being together with people.
  • I decided that I will continue my work until “everything” becomes perfect, which is for the part of the original creator still at darkness to open up to all of the Source working together with me as Stig and the other part of the original creator now inside of light. 
  • Short stories of Niklas girlfriend Isabella’s parents brutally attacked and Karen starting to think of me again as a “self-centered fool” bringing me “overwhelming darkness” .…, Helena has wrung everything out of her old shoes as a symbol that I gave everything I had as my old self – can I become my new self now (?),  the Union 3F stands for ”Devil Devil Devil” losing the fight against a restaurant, i.e. life, because of mere STUPIDITY (!), and I was happy when Erik the hypnotist decided to thank me not running away after having seen my website.

23rd July: Darkness is other potential life inside “nothing” wanting to live but using the wrong recipe soaking up all energy

  • I accepted “part terminations”, which is to remove “fat of darkness” from people, which started rumbling feelings of my left leg symbolising that this is now taking place, and this energy helps to clean up darkness of the Source with the aim for us to be able to read the content of the Source perfectly creating the cleanest and strongest energy for our New World.
  • When entering “the wrong tunnel”, the original creator entered other potential life inside of nothing as he was originally, which he did not know the existence of, and it wanted to break out of their shells to live, but it did it wrongly forcing creation of mother and Son on the original creator and by soaking up all energy of the world. This is what we are stopping now.
  • The caves of Mallorca was “the wrong tunnel of darkness”, which the original creator was tempted to visit unaware that “other potential life” would create darkness of our world.
  • The selection of Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show the Trinity watching man with love and care in the high, the window to the world – and to the Source – is open, the whole world of an eternity is on God’s archive, eyes without a face as the soul of people, we are using a “white tornado” to clean the Source, thank you to and from angels producing the clouds, my name on the sky again, BIG heads are reading my scripts – with my spiritual friends being happy, is one of the BIG heads a “monkey” (?) – and Jette self “can’t get it out of my head”, i.e. my “critical” writings on her.
  • Short stories of the return of the greatest man in the world, the Arabic world was also “the opposite world”, showing my New World Order to Richard Branson, Danish radio negatively influencing listeners about the face of Jesus in toast etc., do not play up sexually to people just because you like attention, I shared my Basic Working Rules with Tyra Banks, hackers entering the website of 3F symbolises my entering of the Source and Helena “died” when running up the Devil’s hill symbolising the defeat of darkness.


22nd July: I broke through to the inner Source releasing the light of the original creator still trapped inside darkness

Right now I cannot escape the membrane of darkness keeping the world on a catastrophic course

After finishing my script at 23.50 “yesterday” evening I was reminded of “the perfect cakes”, i.e. perfect creation, confirming again that this was a game, and told that now I will tell you why I did not get a chance to fight and defeat you, and yes because of him the gnome there (me), who never gave up, and again I received many smiles when this was said.

At 00.40 I was told that bringing forward my deepest feelings was needed to bring in “disloyal darkness”, and yes this is its nature, and I here also feel “the LTO team” being disloyal to me (?), and at least a couple of you sometime but not all the time?

After publishing the script, I decided to read through my notes on the updates to my website, and they look practicable, but I decided not to start reading all of my front page of my website again and start the work to amend/add, which may take several hours to do and yes the main reason being that I am tired and tired of working, believing that I have also next week to do this work, and believe that it was a game I went through yesterday evening, but I will try to stay awake until tomorrow morning using the darkness of Georgie, and yes also to watch some more Benny Hinn videos thinking that more energy from this Source is always good.

I was shown myself sitting in a small dark room looking out into light and happy people through the key hole, and I was given the key through the keyhole from light, and yes helping me to get out from here.

I watched some TV and I felt disappointed darkness coming in over me at 01.15, and I wondered if this was part of the game once again, but quickly tiredness overpowered me and at 02.00 I thought that since this is a game, and I was happy with the work I had done, I should be able to sleep, which I then did at 02.00, and even though I received a couple of warning visions, I thought that it was alright, but at 02.30, I was woken up – if I slept at all – with a dream where I am in Africa trying to keep Africans from shooting with a bazooka into our apartment by taking the bazooka, but I don’t know how it is operated, and instead I use some kind of gun with a fluid, which I believe will dissolve the African policemen now chasing me, but it does not, they are incredible strong and simply continue when they should not be able to do so, and they arrest me, and at the station I am told that I will get my sentence tomorrow, and yes the sentence saying that darkness was too strong, could not be defeated at the absolutely end, and I was also in a big room in the night where all of my family was sleeping in half cars etc. “are you sleeping, why don’t you go to bed”, and I understood this as crashed cars, which cannot continue with the end of energy, and yes the new Source has not made the sun starting to shine yet (!) so if we don’t turn around the last piece of the Source, we will not retrieve energy from it, and all people will probably die even though we have saved everyone – and I am still thinking about our New World, my new self, and our New Source, and as I understand it, this would mean the end of the Old World with no energy from it, but not the end of life because everyone would wake up as their new selves of the New World, but without energy for their (many) old selves to continue living, and yes this is how I see it now, and I was told directly that “we cannot survive without turning it on”, and this is when I decided “do what it takes to turn it on” and of course preferably without giving the secret of life to darkness.

I woke up to “in my life” by the Beatles and the lyrics “in my life, I’ve loved them all”, which was a song of goodbye, and even though the song is breathtaking to say the least, I was not very happy receiving it here.

I was also told directly that “you will not die”, but what would happen to everyone else (?), is there enough darkness to destroy us once again (?), and yes I don’t know, but when discovering this, I did not want to take a chance, and yes I was given a STRONG shake all over my body because this is what darkness also through Karen and now Georgie – and Elijah and you can add them all – is doing to me, and it is their combined force I am still attacking to break through and just to get here is a miracle, and to break through and turn it around is truly completely impossible to do as you have discovered, but now you are willing to give it a new try, and yes please do what it takes to turn around the Source and to let the positive energy stream out of it and please use my old head rule as I gave you and know that you used yesterday evening, which is that no matter what I say, the main thing is for you to do what it takes to survive, and if this is what it takes to survive, please do it, and a few minutes afterwards I felt myself inside of this darkness telling them that no one is going to die, and please hand over the key of life to me as the rightful owner, and yes it is me who is everyone and everything, I am the master of the Universe, and a few minutes afterwards I was told with smiles that “you have not been recognised yet”, and I heard them say “are you the one with the Toyota refusing to die” (?) and yes they were starting to understand.

And I continued telling darkness “I am the one, I present my more than 5,000 pages proving who I am, and I ask you to step down following my wish to become light too”.

I received the song “turn it on again” by Genesis, which of course is about turning on the Source again.

At 03.30 I was told that this work of darkness is led by your sister still influencing your mother negatively against you, and this is what it took for you to get here, and this is the strength you have to show, to be stronger than all of them.

At 03.32 I was told that we now see the first shells of darkness falling off it, and it isn’t possible to change around darkness now after it has built itself up even stronger against you is it (?), but maybe with the help of my big sister inside of here recognizing my love, and yes all of them seeing that it is indeed “Big Stig” coming to bring us all our of here, and yes from me, and from me and me and me, and yes when you have convinced one, you have convinced all of us, and all you have to do is to do like this and this, but do NOT touch that button, it will make the heart beat slower and slower until it will stop beating, and yes we know EVERYTHING IS TO SURVIVE and yes Stig we bring in all the light here to convince everyone trapped inside of here, and yes you are bringing in the New World to this place, which is really all we wanted you to understand, and yes it took out much also of us, and yes if it is now done (?), and probably not because we also need to change the Source and yes let is see which direction it works, and if I can enter the tank of it and yes yes yes more to come later….

And by now, I was really not that scared anymore but simply thinking that “we have to make it”, and at 03.43 I was shown a man carefully looking at a wire, which he is going to plug, and yes where (?), and we know Stig “we simply are” but what are we then to do (?), and what does it take to turn around this part of the Source (?), and we will see, and yes when writing this, I was also working on the updates to my website, and it is has to be, it has to be, therefore.

At 03.55 I thought about the fact that we earlier this week removed the Doomsday Weapon of darkness, so it is non-aggressive, so we would not blow up, but lack of energy would eventually kill our old selves.

I did an addition (a new third paragraph) to the chapter “you will receive immense joy and happiness when the New World will open up in 2017 as your new inner self after the world has showed a clean heart”, which was one of the new chapters I did some days ago together with the chapter in front of it “the first “great awakening” will remove all darkness in 2012 and give man 5 years to show a clean heart before the final stage of our New World will open”, and instead of bringing these chapters here too, I have decided to please read them on the front page of my website.

At 04.10 I was asked have you started becoming a grown up man (?), and yes first now the phrase “grown-up” gives meaning, because without us, Stig, you would start all over again. I was told that the help was not only near but right next to us, but it required that I decided to open up, and yes simply NOT to touch the button to stop all life, and yes we know Stig, please make sure that this button can NEVER be switched off, and yes sealing it with a label saying that only if every single one of all life everywhere agrees to switch if off, it can be done, and I am really thinking to go even further, and simply to make it impossible ever for me and for anyone to switch it off, there will NEVER come a time when this is needed, so this is what I kindly ask you to do, and I heard an echo saying “it has been done”.

I was told that we would have started shooting people, and even at this point, it would be possible for you to open up for our New World coming in and yes “do these small changes” to your website as you do now designed to fit together with the small changes we will have to do inside of here, and yes it is not very difficult to change my website, which is then what it also is not at the core of the Source. And I was told that this was our security system, because I could do nothing else than to react and it only took half an hour of almost sleep really.

I read parts of the front page of my website, and it looked fine to me, but if time allows it, I would like to get back and read it again when I have more time and energy, and this is “if possible”, otherwise it is “signed off” as it is.

I was told that my the spirit of my mother was about to cry of unhappiness and now of happiness, and this is how closely “nothing” and “everything” are related.

At 04.55 I had decided to read my front page more carefully because I could see that I had to change some words here and there because of new knowledge, and it made light start building a bow over me as I understood is the building of the new Source.

I heard a dark part of the spirit of my mother saying that she would have used her dark bag and it would have said “bang” – or would it (?) – and I also heard “you will not use this now”, and so it was removed.

We are proud to say that your new heart has now arrived and is ready to be installed whenever you are, and I was feeling it next to where the heart is placed in my chest.

At 05.30 still reading and doing a few amendments of words here and there to the front page of my website, I was told that unbinding my boots were not that difficult. At 05.50 I had read and done a few minor edits of the front page of my website, and I was glad to do it because it corrected or at least improved information also making this part of turning the last part of the Source easier to do.

And I was waiting for new pain to come to my right angle thinking that this would be necessary to do – bringing sacrifices of the Universe – to turn around this part of the Source,

At around 06.00 when finishing the update of my front page I kept on receiving “Gert too” over and over again, and I was told that all of these Gert’s are now in our control not risking life anymore.

At 06.12 Sally was inspired to post this message saying that we also crossed – or are crossing – this bridge over troubled water.

At 06.15 I heard loud cracking noises on my balcony and I was told that by now the world would “only” receive proper spanking if I should “lose it”.

I was told that when you decided not to see Karen – I don’t believe she would see me with short notice after several years, but I of course don’t know – we decided to make you send the email to Georgie, and “to mix energies” to make everything go up at the end, and yes thank God that it was possible and really because you told us “it has to be perfect”, so this is what we did – and yes thank you my spiritual friends :-).

At 06.45 I was told that if we had started terminating life, it would have brought energy making it easier to do the rest of the work, but I have no intentions of doing this, and yes there are build up “securities” of this system.

I was told “and then we are at – or will be going to – the gold coast again”.

I also did some minor amendments/additions to my websites on New World Order and behaviour and work, and I read and did a few edits to the right column of my website by 07.30, and yes doing what otherwise was “impossible” to do, and now I am fighting with extreme tiredness, but hope that we also made it through this challenge, but I have not felt or seen any turn around of the Source (!), so now I will watch some Benny Hinn to receive some more energy helping this process.

Later I was shown a new cycle path being made for me because of the work I did this night and morning.

I was told that it is also here that the spirit of my mother is setting up her new ovaries.

Then you will come in through the main door after all” (coming out as the Source) and yes at one point we thought that we would never see you again, but you have decided NEVER to give up on us.

I constantly received darkness, which I constantly had to say “WRONG” or “I have no attitude about this”, which is truly very annoying and tiresome to do.

I was shown my self lying in a wooden coffin now with a glass in the coffin over my head making it possible for light to shine in, and I was reminded that it is myself deciding when I am finished with my work and ready to become my new self, and we know Stig the question is really if the Source has now turned around, or if there is more work to do (?) – is the glass of the coffin showing that light now can shine in from the Source (?) – and I would like some days at least to finish possible edits to my website and my script of July hoping that we have enough energy to do this, and who knows, maybe a new not expected task will show up?

I was shown darkness on a wooden trailer in the country now being converted to new poultries pecking in the ground.

You should believe that he had eaten grape sugar or vitamins to come here, but he did not, and no EPO either.

At 08.00 I was “not here” because of extreme tiredness, but decided to go for a walk, and I thought about the New World coming closer and closer opening up new layers of darkness, saving life, which was hidden by the spirit of my mother inside of darkness until recently when this life was transferred to our New World when walking out of darkness, and yes something got to be right, and if this is right, we have brought out life and energy stored at “each pocket” we have cleaned, and now it is “only” remaining darkness surrounding the Source itself, and how strong can this be (?), and is this wishful thinking (?), because the other scenario is that all life saved of all worlds for an eternity inside of darkness still has a connection to its life energy being inside the Source, and I don’t know what is the right answer, but I do hope it is the first because how else should the New World become stronger and stronger being able to face the next even more concentrated layer of darkness?

I have heard loud cracking noises from the balcony for a while, and this morning I heard that it was small stones being thrown up at the window trying to open it and get free.

And then I was told a “worrying” message to me, which is that this is why it is important to get quickly in and out of there, and I saw my self in three dimensional figures trying to get free of an impossible grip of a membrane, and I was told that it only becomes stronger, and it made me wonder how in the world is it possible to get out of this grip of darkness, and it gave me much new nervousness, which darkness tried to use asking for acceptance to start terminating people to “help” bringing me energy, but no, even though I am low not knowing what to do, I will not do that.

Even though my tiredness was overwhelming me, I did not have the courage to take a long bath or a nap, but decided to upload my script so far at 11.10, and afterwards also my book of July so far to Scribd in order to tell darkness that I have decided to declare myself finished with work if becoming my new self is what will turn around the Source as the absolutely last thing herewith starting to receive energy of light and to open up my new eyes and the first great awakening of man, and yes it is indeed worth a try, because this may be the secret, so if this is right, the world will see me very soon, and if it is not, I will be back continuing to write.

And as a last guess, can this really be the absolutely worst game of them all to bring out all of my strongest feelings to release the last darkness very firmly attached to the Source (?), and yes I approved to receive the absolutely worst game, so can this be it (?), and no matter what, it sure feels real, and I do believe it is real – also because I was told from the beginning of this phase of the importance to “run fast” confirmed in the message above – meaning that I feel and am lost (?) not knowing what to do fearing that we may be forced to sacrifice life at one point if darkness truly continues getting stronger than this the strongest I can remember.

I was shown and told “you are yourself your grandmother (i.e. darkness) looking out the window over to the other side of the street” and “what would you do if you were here to get over” (?), and yes I would decide to make sure that darkness would become “non-aggressive” and if not possible to transfer all to light now, to make it become part of the ship waiting for faith of mankind to reactivate, and to make sure that the Source would turn around – and I am also thinking that we stopped the Source of darkness in the Easter 2011 if I remember correctly, so it should not produce more darkness, but maybe there is still more inside of there than I can manage (?), and yes who knows (?), and all we need is really to step out of darkness, which may happen when turning around and switching on the Source of light, me and the New World, or is there an answer I don’t see?

I was told that Jeanette, Kirsten’s daughter, as example is ”not far away from me” because of her love to me, which is the reason why we can carry out this task.

After publishing of the short script above I was told that it is about looking into both sides of you – both light and darkness – saying the same thing that now I will lift up everything as we have prepared for a long time, and yes Stig to turn on the bottom of our New World, and yes isn’t it funny if the button inside of darkness destroys life, and when turned around in light, it creates live, and yes the opposite meaning, and yes this was just what we wanted you to conclude, so therefore my friends under condition that the Source has been turned around and that it will NOT destroy life, but start our New World, this is the bottom I kindly ask you to push, and to please do it while I am sleeping, and yes we know, I don’t want anything to be destructed. And I wonder if publishing my script with the headline that it has, will bring the worst feelings also to the official world herewith helping to prepare this moment even better (?), which is what it may do.

I was told “we are proud that you made it all the way through without giving up”, but this will come later – and did I really go on right until the absolute end (?), and yes this might be it, my friends.

I was told that now we don’t need anyone to wash the dishes any more.

After the shock of the night, I started realizing that of course I am/was more than 99% clear and only needed the last few metres to bring in the last part of the ship and turn around the inner of the Source, and then I was given the song “Big time” by Peter Gabriel including the lyrics, which are well-chosen here:

Big Time, I’m on my way I’m making it, big time, oh yes, Big time, I’ve got to make it show yeah, big time, Big time, so much larger than life, Big time, I’m gonna watch it growing, big time, Ho ohh ohh, oh oh, ho ohh ohh, oh ohhh.

And the last line of the lyrics is for sure Santa, isn’t it? :-).

I was told that I suffered very much when being with my mother and John as I do when I am together with everyone (!) and have been for years – sometimes more than others, but always “much” – and I was told that the “funny” part is here that my mother and John and the family believe as a natural fact that John is the one suffering the most of us, and I ask him questions and do my best to support him to “lift him up”, and we know I do NOT receive one single question about how I am, because I am not suffering, am I (?), and that is right, you did not understand, I almost forgot.

I went to the library during the afternoon to convert my Word document of July of my scripts to PDF and to upload the book already now, because this may be my last day as my old self – or one of the last days at least, we will see, and I was told from darkness “no, I am NOT going up in German in the 8th grade”, and it was in relation to Obama also coming to Germany, and I was told that he understand the degree of sufferings I go through, and for this I thank you, and I can only say that I would have liked to follow you, but was not able to as with so many other things too.

I broke through to the inner Source releasing the light of the original creator still trapped inside darkness

Hereafter I took a break from working the rest of the day – I was “down under” really (two meanings) – but I received quite many notes, which follows here and this part of the script is written “tomorrow”.

I felt the last piece of darkness as a small area inside of me, and I was told that “this is the last greetings, it was a pleasure working together with you”, which came from inside of darkness, and let me say that this voice of darkness is “very mature” considering that it is coming from darkness, but since it is still marked by darkness, it is also “unstable”, but we were working together despite of darkness doing everything it could to kill me and destruct the world (!), and it was first “tomorrow” that I understood this better, see the script of tomorrow.

At around 17.00 I started receiving “turn in on again” by Genesis, and then at 17.30 I received a series of “out of this world” pain to my right angle lasting maybe 10 seconds, one after the other in rolling movements, and at the same time I was told “there it was”, and I understood that this was energy provided from sacrifices/sufferings of the Universe to turn around the last part (or one of the last parts?) of the Source, and I saw how it released a man of light to the right of me (!!!), and he asked me “where do you want me” (?), and since I don’t know as physical Stig, the only right answer was to say “light will decide”.

I was asked if I wanted to continue work if things are not perfect until they become perfect, and I could only accept, and I was told that it is because there is more darkness inside of this “wrong tunnel”.

I watched the ending of the last stage of Tour de France – Chris Anker cycled all the way “home” to Paris not giving up to “immense pain” (!) – and the world champion Cavendish “played tricks” with the whole field (as the Danish commentator said) winning the most superiour win over the LONGEST spurt, which was “impossible” to hold, but still he won in superior style, and to me this was about my work the last week to walk out of darkness and into the Source breaking through the end wall of the train station, and that is because this work was the hardest and toughest of all I have done and yes “even harder” than everything else (!), and yes this was the fourth time in a row that Cavendish won in Paris, which of course is also “impossible” to do. – And by the way, the other day Jørgen Leth was inspired to speak about a Swiss winning a Tour de France stage many years ago combing his hair at the same time, which was also a symbol of my victor in “great style”.

I was told that we are working to “organise darkness” and I received one more pain to my right foot and was told that this was because of “disappointments” of my mother. I received warmth and was shown a heart, which is about love to get me out of here, and I was given a feeling of Georgie too, so even though she has not (yet) answered my email, she also sent love to me, just like Karen still does as I am told, and my mother and believe it or not also your father through your aunt and we could continue …, and yes despite of darkness of people.

I was told that the light man coming out of darkness is also called “the grim reaper”, but he would very simply like to be called Stig now, and he told me that I don’t need approval now to get access, which is alright, but we need some adjustments, and I was shown physical movements of the Source to the right and the left.

He told me that it is also him having thousands of abuses of children on his conscience, which he will now loosen somewhat up for (because of my break through to him), and I thought that it will indeed feel good to have the Source turned around so much that the sufferings of darkness will decrease/stop, and I was told that he cannot promise me that, but that he will help “to scold naughty kids” and that is of darkness when they do wrong, and I received the feeling about this man of light still surrounded by darkness “can I trust him” (?), and is it just something he says and tomorrow he will say something else (?), and I received the exact same feeling as Elijah, so this will have to be from where Elijah received his “inconstant attitude” where you really never know where you have him depending on his mood and (mis-) understandings.

“He” – this man of light, i.e. the part of the original creator still inside darkness – told me that it is fantastic that you have come here to liberate me, I have never given up hope, but not known about what was happening, which is the worst, and he showed and told me that you have only entered a small part of the Source and “now I will help you opening to all of it”. I was also told that you are heartfelt welcome and we did not know how you would enter, but thought that you would try.

I received the feeling that it was required for me NOT to forbid access to “pain to my right foot” to come here, which was the STRONGEST feeling I received every single time I received these pains.

I was told that angels of light are packed down together with “fat of darkness” of man, and I received a “very reluctant feeling” of these angels, which I understand and feel with, but I have nothing better to offer you, and yes if this is what it takes to make everything perfect, you have my acceptance of doing it like this, and “see you later, my friends”, and I was given the taste of “something incredible delicious” (“perfect life”), which is what I/we will wake up too (?), which it is, and I feel darkness being received and “packed in” on my left side.

I heard a cracking sound in the kitchen, and was asked can I go back to the kitchen, which I accepted knowing that it was about “the recipe of life”, and he said that there is something, which I want to show you.

I received another small heart attack, which I still do now and again, and I received the feeling of my mother coming to me from outside, and yes when it entered me, it gave me this heart attack, so a negative feeling of darkness.

During the evening I received stomach pain including this “strong physical pressure” including pain to my spinal column making it “impossible” to be anywhere – with the feeling as always that “this is truly killing me” –  and it was again connected with drinking coffee and I was told because of Lisbeth from the Commune thinking of me (?), and yes what do you want to do with me (?), for how long can you keep me inactive in the lowest match group without giving me permanent disability pension or yes, maybe you should declare me for perfectly fit to work instead and put me back to match group 1, and yes do you see how “difficult” it can be for the Commune to decide what is right to do?

I was told that this is the man, who could have terminated all life by pushing the button, and I was told that it doesn’t bother us, because you have said that it cannot be switched off, and a little later I was asked “what do you say if I just get something out from inside of there, because you are not me” (but the Son!), and I decided to say “as long as you don’t kill us, you are welcome”, and the next I heard after giving him access was that this is because this is my own picture of you, here you are, and that is so you fully can become me and I you and that is to bring FULL FLEXIBILITY to our New World, which I forgot to include in the first creation, and I was told “this was it, and then never to enter this place again” and I added “at least to make it impossible to cease life”, and then “the game” continued when the dark side (still) of him showed me and said “I don’t know if I can turn it around”, and this was the button, which now was a device looking “rusty”, which had to be turned around to switch life off, and I was asked “do you want to try” (?), which is NOT a question making my (not very much) nervousness any less, but I could only say “no, thank you” – and yes the last week I have several times received the old trick question when I thought that everything was now “secure” if I wanted to test it by “losing it” just once, and as tempting as it was because of constant pressure to make me give in “losing it”, I decided to say “no thank you”, and yes which also really required my absolutely most, and when did I also experience this, was it in 2010 (?), and we know not a long way between being “nothing” and “everything”.

And I was told that entering the cradle of life as darkness was the only way we can do this, and “please excuse me”, and I felt the original creator divided in two both to the left of light and right (of original darkness) of me, and this is how he is working on both sides, and I was told from the left side of him that this is what we wanted the most to have, so this was it and I received a “thank you” too.

I was also told that Sanna is also inside of this darkness and “she is the one I brought to destruct the world” and of course without her knowledge, and darkness did not know that its plans had been revealed by light and placed me as “the worst opponent of darkness” right next to her not to be revealed!

And I felt him – the original creator – to my right entering me and he said that it is because it is only I who can start up the New World inside of you with the construction you have chosen (having me as the Son as original the creator as the original creator self), which is the process we are now going through, and later I received a strong feeling of remaining darkness wanting to leave me “forever” and I had to say that everything will become light, and that is without exception!

I was asked if I still want everything to become perfect, which I confirmed and I was told that it will take some time to do then ”because I am great in here”, which was about the magnitude of darkness inside the Source, and I accepted, and I was told that we have now determined the rules of the game, which was part of the agenda today and I was told “sleep well”.

I continued receiving questions/comments about the cradle of life including “are you sure that you don’t want to preserve access to the original place” (?), and I said “yes, I want to preserve access but only if you remove the risk of switching off life entirely”, and when writing this “tomorrow” I receive smiles – for going through yet another difficult day yesterday without giving up – and that is because when you are in the middle of a game with darkness, it is difficult to get and remember the big picture, which really is that from the light side, it will become impossible to cease life, and of course I want to preserve access to this place from the light of our New World and never again to let darkness enter us.

I was told that it is also me installing your heart and that is a “perfect heart”, and everything of our New World is/was produced from the dark side of a turned around world, which we had to force to create a perfect New World – a world is produced from its outside like when a chef creates his finest meal – and “not easy” to do is what I am sure you have understood by now.

I heard new cracking sounds to my balcony including the feeling when “looking into the inside of these cracks”, which is also feelings/visions given to me – and YES this is exactly how it is – and the feeling was “this is now darkness after having opened the window to it”, and yes Stig, the last week to break through the wall to the Source was truly the absolutely worst you can imagine, but we did it.

I was shown “the farmer” on DR1 TV (about the life on a farm), which is TV that I like much and I like the owner Frank very much too, and I was so tired that I fought to stay awake almost until normal sleeping time, and I felt very STRONGLY inside of me darkness wanting to be together with and speak to the farmer and yes as in REAL LIFE, and I understood that this is the underlying love still inside of darkness, and yes it may have destructed an “eternity of worlds” since inception when darkness took over, but still it is driven by love, which is the basic criteria of the world, and yes this is the incredible strong desire inside of darkness – because of the Source of the original creator inside of it surrounded by darkness – to return to a normal world with normal life simply being together with other people having a good time, and yes it is no longer than this.

As the final remark of the evening I was told that “with this, you/we/I can make any Picasso (or any other) picture as we want to” and I understood that this was in relation to the creation of perfect New World’s of great variation/beauty, and yes “it is good enough” as I am told here including the feeling that “Stig is really Son of God” because of talk behind my back of old friends/colleagues talking like this about me, and yes this information is coming to me from my right side!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Niklas girlfriend Isabella’s parents were brutally attacked by four home robbers the other day showing MUCH darkness as you can see here.
  • I was told that this message of Jeppe from yesterday where he says that he has been called a “self-centred fool” is “inspired” by Karen, whom I was told is losing faith in me again, which also makes darkness stronger, so what to do ….?

  • Helena thanked Samsø for her holiday saying “now I don’t think we can wring more our of you”, and “shoes” are symbols of life, so is this to say that darkness has now wringed everything out of my old self, and can I really become my new self now (?), and that is if the Source has been turned around (?) – has it?

  • Another symbol of having finalised my journey came around noon with the bringing down of this polar bear, which is an old symbol of darkness to me, so this is what I have done now ending my journey at the absolute top of my sufferings being the closest ever to break me down (?), which really is logical because darkness only became stronger and stronger the closer to the Source.

  • The Union 3F has been in SERIOUS headwind because of their blockage against the restaurant in Vejle after they cancelled the agreement with 3F, and have given their employees a better pay as I understand, and when you read the press about the local department of 3F, they do NOT shine because of knowledge of what they are doing, no they have simply continued driving in the auto- or is it free gear doing as you normally do without THINKING (?), and yes today with this message of Michael, suddenly it came to me that the “F F F “ as the name of the union stands for “Fanden Fanden Fanden” (“Devil Devil Devil”) as in “666” you know, and they have most of Denmark against them because of their STUPIDITY and WRONG BLOCKAGE and instead the restaurant has most of Denmark with them and better business than ever before (!), and just saying that this is another symbol of the fall of the 666/Devil because of mere stupidity, and below I called them for “Fandens Fumle Fingere”, which is “The Devil’s fumble fingers”, which I do believe is not to much to ask for, and yes “no money” is just a thought coming here, and yes receiving a free meal at a restaurant, which is just like the song of Peter Belli “ingen regning” (“no bill” – but you are of course welcome, Clinton).

  • Kenneth was at “Café trunk” – as in “elephant” you know – which was a “super cosy place” and “we were even allowed to play on their turned around piano”, which was to say that Kenneth was also “turned around” making it “imposible” for you to understand me, Kenneth (?), or were you truly smarter deeply inside of you than what I have given you credit for (?), and yes another man “knowing” but not “allowing” his awakened self to accept me as the one I am.

  • Today was one year ago since the killings of Utøya in Norway, and Bruce Springsteen was in Oslo also marking the day singing “we shall overcome” and yes this is exactly what are doing – to get to the other side – and have you understood by now that these young people did not live in vain, but helped us to do exactly this when the pain was too great for me to handle (?), and yes because of the WRONG DOINGS of Norway and the rich world not being “able” to truly help the refugees living a life in Hell at Dadaab in Kenya as I had given as the test to the world to solve, and when you “could not”, this is how darkness hit yourself, and then there was no limits to your grief, because who in the world can be so evil doing an act like this (?), and yes my friends, your own greed and lack of charity to people suffering the worst in the world, and my thought when seeing this was that it would have been nice to see the same Norwegians meeting to make and mourn over the 500,000 victims of Dadaab not only suffering the worst in the world but dying like flies, which makes the Utøya tragedy “nothing” in comparison, but “impossible” it was for you to find the same feelings of these people (?), and oh yes it is right, it is so far away, it is not your country men, and they are also so corrupt down there, so it is their own fault (!), and yes it is the same people as you see here mourning about their own “tragedy”, and can you see the work of the Devil also here (?) – but there is nothing wrong with the song, Bruce :-).

  • My computer continues to make me almost pull out hair of my head in despair because Firefox quickly gets overloaded making it incredible slow to work with, and I have used Google Chrome a few days, and it now does the same, and when NOTHING happens when my computer continues “thinking” for minutes at the time – it took 10 minutes just to close down programmes and switch it off this evening as it often does – it continues to make a lot of noise and now I decided to record it for you to hear, which you can here (and also the player below), where I also included this description.

  • “The sound of my computer – like a machine gun, pop corn machine or morse device – is making me CRAZY (!) because it simply goes on and on and on most of the day, sometimes a little, sometimes more and as here sometimes – for hours (!) – it simply continues helping to destroy my working environment when it is open all day long. I wish I could have had another computer, and people to help donating one, but no, none of you “thought about it” or even understood that this was part of the game to make it “impossible” for me to do my work (?), and yes only a little of course, and you can see the rest at my website https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com.”
  • I was glad when Erik the hypnotist was kind to write this preliminary reply to me thanking me for my email and that it was possible to read (!) – I did nothing to “scramble” it, it was spiritual darkness trying to prevent you from reading to help me break into the Source (!) – and he also said “have looked shortly on the page, and it looks exciting” (!), and he is continuing his holiday, and will probably first return after his holiday, but it was KIND of him to write this after having seen my front page with big letters telling him that I am Son of God, but obviously this did not scare him, because he saw already in 2006 that I had a special “existence” inside of me when it took over my physical body and speech (with my full knowledge as Stig), and yes it was the Son of God apparently not surprising him that much.

Kære Stig,

”Jeg var på ferie, da jeg læste din sidste mail og er skal af sted i morgen. Har kigget kort på siden og det ser spændende ud.

Det bliver først muligt at kigge videre, når jeg har afsluttet min ferie. Der er jo mange ting på din side, så det er nok ikke lige klaret på fem minutter.

Fortsat god sommer til dig.

Venlig hilsen
Erik L.”


23rd July: Darkness is other potential life inside “nothing” wanting to live but using the wrong recipe soaking up all energy

Darkness is other potential life inside “nothing” wanting to live but using the wrong recipe soaking up all energy

I went to bed at 21.30 yesterday evening and woke up at around 08.00 still being tired and a new day with some blurred sight and water in my eyes, however not much but still annoying me, and after starting work at approx. 10.00 today – after a long bath – and ending work to my script of yesterday at 15.45, it is now time to also write the script of today.

First, I did not have any dreams I can remember other than Michael P. N. was in appearing in one of these “forgotten” dreams, which I understand as another man not wanting to stand forward telling about his faith in me, Michael, is this what it is about (?), and yes he also receives my LinkedIn updates and is now working at Willis together with several of my colleagues from the past, so you do speak about me being “the one” (?), and yes I am just wondering because I don’t know, you know!

I felt how I entered more darkness in front of me – like a dark fog simply – and inside of it was a giant sofa, which is a symbol of “making love” or “creation of life”, and I was told that you are the guest of honour in my living room where I have never had guests before.

I was told that on our way into the Source we were not only drying out of energy, we had dried out (!), and that it was the Source self helping us to enter. I was also told that when my mother and I the other day spoke of my father’s wife, Kirsten, this also brought darkness/sufferings to her helping this process, and first it was about Sanna being disinherited, and I told my mother that I have written to my father about just how wrongly it was and also that when he has received “wrong influence” from his wife constantly over the years – in relation to me and Sanna as examples – at the end, what was lies become the truth (!), and it made my mother start speaking negatively about Kirsten, and yes the difference is that I spoke powerful, but objectively about Kirsten here, and my mother spoke negatively about her because she surely don’t like Kirsten, and when we speak of “distance healing”, this is how it works and that is with opposite sign, because my mother, when you speak negatively about people not fully understanding the truth, you bring people sufferings, and yes the difference may seem “almost as not existing”, but in a world of negative and positive, this is the difference about understanding and misunderstanding, and I am wondering if this is what made Kirsten receive incredible heart pain over the years making her suffer much, and yes I do believe that it is.

I was told that if I don’t continue/finish my work – more scripts (!) – it will make my left leg hurt. For a couple of days, I have also been shown my mother’s late ex-husband Ole (from 1972-78) and heard that he will die, and I have said “no, I want everyone to live”.

I was shown myself walking through a crocodile (of darkness) as the entrance to the Kronborg Castle, and again I said that “it has got to become perfect” and that is “even if I should lose it”, and I was shown myself playing table tennis against darkness once again and also a liquorice pipe with red sprinkles (also darkness), and it gave me the feelings that the game will now become even worse, which I surely do not hope thinking that the original creator will help me inside of darkness, but you still don’t know, and yes, that is right, and I accepted as part of my head rule that terminations can take place if this is necessary to make everything perfect but only if these terminations will be woken up later inside our New World, and a little later I was inspired to add “only if it is part of people” and not their full selves, and that is because I understood the relation to what I have already been told, which is that part of people – “fat of darkness” – will be cut off, and placed as “nothing” packed in by angels – until they will show a clean heart, and yes you can do this as part of my head rule, and I will NOT have to accept you doing this every single time, and later I understood that only by giving my approval, this would be possible to do, and I started receiving marks – rumbling feelings – inside of the backside of my left lower leg and also my left foot, and I understood that first now, we have started this work, and you know this is what will be woken up in our New World in 2017, or maybe even before (?), and yes we will see.

I was shown how the pickup of the gramophone is now being cleansed to make it better to read the content of the Source, and I received a new pain making me say “ouch” and I was told that we have been searching in wrong holes, but now we found the right one.

I was shown how the original creator inside the axis of Earth lifting up in himself/Earth trying to shoot everything down, and I was told that this is what separated parts of light from the Source and destroyed other parts, and I thought about the tool to recreate everything, so I do ask you to recreate everything of this Source just as it was.

I was told about light removing darkness, which is to use termination of life to remove darkness of the Source and here if I should “lose it” including to stop working, and again I added, but I ask you to remember light and recreate everything, and I do believe that this is the same as what is already on-going with the removal of fat of darkness.

At 16.30 today when writing this, I am TRULY VERY TIRED of writing, and that is to the extreme, but I still have more work to do also on my to-do list, so let us see if I can continue.

I was told that to make light return to the world corresponds to a small light at the centre of Pentagon spreading to all of its buildings and Pentagon was here named “the worst darkness of the world”, so don’t you believe you ought to come out of the shadows from inside of there so you don’t continue your old Saga’s (?), because you have been discovered my friends!

I was told that darkness hunger for energy, and I was shown concentrated drops of the sun – as you make juice of concentrate, which I saw on TV, which to me is nothing less than INSANE to do (!) – being soaked by darkness, and I was told that this wrong tunnel of darkness is on Mallorca as I visited and drove thin in 2007, and yes giving me the best chances to later go through all darkness to find “the right tunnel”, which when searching on different caves of Mallorca today, I do believe is the CUEVAS DEL DRACH that I visited – but I get the understanding that “they are all connected” – and it also made me think about all of the saved souls Jette showed us via Google Earth coming out at Spain and partly France, which is where Mallorca is located, you know.

The caves of Mallorca was “the wrong tunnel of darkness”, which the original creator was tempted to visit unaware that “other potential life” would create darkness of our world 

I was told that we have lemons everywhere – which I saw as giant lemons – soaking out life energy of the world and I understood that these lemons are other parts of “nothing” wanting to live the same way as the original creator, but when it did not know the recipe of life, when it got the chance, it started soaking out energy of him and that is when the Source was looking outside his well known territory in one of these “new tunnels” (on Mallorca!), which became visible to him (“what is this” ?) as I understand it today – “you are on your right way” as I am told here – and I was told that I saw myself that the Source of life at the most inner did NOT want to push the button to switch off life, so the secret is that the original creator was trapped inside immense darkness soaking life energy out of him, and it was him surrounded by darkness wanting to restore life as it was meant to be, and since he is the Source of everything, his will was so strong that it brought exploded light sources elsewhere again as I understand it to create the plan to save us all, and I was told that light and darkness is really the same with the only difference being how we express us and I was told “this is why you should not be afraid to turn off the motorcycle”, and again I thought about “the button of life”, and I did not know if this was the original creator or darkness around him speaking and I decided to say that we will not switch off life, but transform all darkness to life, and this button can only be activated with the meaning “switch on light” forever and ever.

I continued working until approx. 17.30 where I decided to cycle to the Prøvesten shopping centre to get at least some exercise today, and it was also because I had more than enough of working, I was coming to my limit of what I could do – here feeling “dark” all over my inside, tired and not in form – and after returning home and after dinner at 21.00, when I tried to start doing the rest of this chapter and also to write the short stories, I simply could not, I had had it today – but maybe I can write some comments to Jette’s new Google Earth pictures, and catch up tomorrow, and yes there will be NO night without sleep, and that is because I cannot, as simple as that!

I wrote my comments to Jette’s pictures until 22.00, which was “easy” to do also not to let her start thinking “why does Stig not comment today as promised” (?), and yes I may have 2-4 hours of work before I can publish the script tomorrow, and from there, “a new lovely script is waiting”, and “do you think you can handle it” (?), and yes I can (!) when I go my own way, in my own tempo, because I receive FAR TOO MUCH information to do everything, and the gap will be covered by my left and maybe also right foot, and yes I cannot tell it more precisely than this.

So here we are now “tomorrow”, where I feel better and can see without water in my eyes, and it is now 11.05 after having used one hour to write/update the chapters on Google Earth pictures and short stories, and yes taking maybe one hour to finish this chapter, and then to start the new script of “tomorrow”, where I so far have not received as much information as today and yesterday, which is to help me catch up really.

I continued receiving cracking sounds at my balcony, but now it is simply with the feeling of darkness as a beetle inside of it, because we have opened the window, and now it is “just” a matter of getting darkness out of there transforming it into light.

The voice of darkness told me “you cannot put up a picture of him, can you” and I felt darkness saying it with disgust, because “he is playing for the other team” and “are we now going to get nice helping people and …” and the sentence was continued in one uninterrupted line now from light to my left with much positive feelings “…. only do good as we have looked forward to all of our lives”, and YES/YES is what I was told at the same time from left/light and right/darkness, and this is how close we are to a complete merger of everything ever made now including the last part, the invention of life self!

I felt how the next layer of darkness entered me and starting to work.

I was told by the original creator that I forgot one of my basic rules, and became sexually tempted and yes “becoming so happy” for our Son, and when first done once not realising what I did – “it just came to me with an incredible strength which I had not prepared for”, and yes it was life coming to me from the outside as I now understand, which also wanted to wake up, and this is what fed me because it did not know how to wake up, and yes this is how the force of “nothing” wanting to live, made me become darkness self, and as I understand this, the original creator entered the wrong tunnel, and in this tunnel “this invisible force” was forced upon the spirit of my mother to make love to her own Son, and it only became stronger all of the time right until this day.

I started receiving relief relieve to my right foot/angle, but I did receive some pain inside of my right thumb.

Dan Rachlin wrote that he would host the radio together with his young daughter, and I wished them the best of luck and said that I would also listen in, but when I tried to open the Internet Radio of his station, Radio Nova, it did not work (!), and I understood that this was a sign because of his lack of faith in me, and yes I could have done more in relation to Dan, but decided that I did not want to lose him as a Facebook friend – and that is for example also to bring my recent comments on the Red-Green Alliance in one of his threads to about this subject, but I decided that I would not use my few resources here, and here I am told that instead, this is a part of the Source, which we will open from within, and yes simply to say that you decided to break into the Source where your mother, sister, Karen and Georgie were on guard, and at the end, the pressure had to open to their most inner feelings accepting you as the one, and without this, you would never have entered, and yes Stig “completely impossible” is what it took to get all the way in, and yes yes yes, if I could not, I do believe that terminations of life would have brought me energy to help doing this work, or would “the hammer” fall down cutting the Source from us as the defence system of darkness, and here I am told “yes, I am afraid it would”, which would have meant that we had to manage with “little light” in the beginning and hope that evolution over a long time would create a strong light, and some day for us to be able to send our a rescue mission to find the rest of the original Source.

I understood that my right and left angles – loss of physical matter/life and “partly terminations” – are now tools of energy helping me as Stig in the middle to finalise creation until everything is perfect with the full opening of the Source making us able to read the content of it “perfectly”, and yes I have decided to continue working “my best”, but preferably not as hard as last week, which is impossible to continue doing and preferably also to be able to sleep being closer to a “normal life”, and yes at least to reduce my sufferings but I do still accept sufferings given to me, and yes this is more to our ground rules of this game really, and we will see if this is how it will become or if I still will receive “surprises” having to stay up etc.

And I am told that this process of terminating parts of people could first start when I had given my approval, which I have now, and I now receive marks and that is rumbling feelings inside the backside of my left lower leg showing this to me.

I was told that when everything has been turned around, we are home and if it was a lucky weekend we just went through (?), no, it was the work of the weekend, which decided that we did not have to separate from the old Source building up a new – and to see if we could get back later to retrieve it – and yes we would not have broken into it if I did not work as hard as I did instead of sleeping as darkness wanted me to (!), and yes I wonder who decided to wake me up giving me another chance (?), and yes this is how it is here.

I heard “it is a whole new device, can I try it” (?), and I don’t know what it is about, but the feeling was “invention of the Source made inside of darkness”, and I don’t want to interfere with details I know nothing of, so you will decide together with light my friends and yes this is communication from light trying out these new inventions via me to darkness, if I don’t misunderstand, and yes amazing, but true!

And I was told about closing down “a sexual device” between mother and son, while the Source inside of darkness said “yes, just do that” while he was concentrating on my work continuing to write, and I was also told “kill him, kill him” – no it doesn’t work anymore, and he knows it :-).

I was told by the original creator that I was proud seeing you at EFG school with Vivian, and following you all the way hoping that you make it – I felt Vivian, Karen and more – and we know darkness around the original creator did not know about me, but the original creator at the middle did, and I still think that the original creator inside the Source left the world as I write on the front page of my website, and that we managed to connect with the Source in the summer of 2010 doing “the impossible jump”, and since then we have built a New World and saved the old, which we are now bringing all the way back to the middle of everything with the original Source bringing energy, and I am still thinking that as my new self, the resurrected Jesus, I do believe I have another Source of energy, and that every single New World will get the same, which I however do not receive information about, but this is how I see it really.

And again, I am telling myself “continue this work until December if necessary”, and the original creator told me that I have now seen your raving mad plan, which I could not see directly because of darkness, but I understand that it is the feelings of the original creator, which made life around him decide to create and carry out a plan, so everyone and everything is coming from here, and in this sense the plan came from the original creator, and again I reflected that it was not living life, which soaked energy in order to live, but they got it wrong.

I was shown the inside the metal box as I saw months ago as empty, and it now contains “invisible bars”, which I understand is “fat of darkness” of man, which is now being stored inside the place we call for “not existing”, but as you understand, everything “simply is”, which also includes these parts “taken out of service” temporarily.

And yes, you are also welcome to return to previous parts of my journey if there are parts of “crashed planes”, which we did not bring with us, which is what I understand that the original creator will do.

I was shown a ship structure of “special wood” – looking like an ancient Egyptian boat – and a giant file room where an empty file was taken out from one of the many drawers, and it was together with the feeling “who is who” (?) and I understand that we have now almost brought back the structure of the world as it was, and that is after we had split up the world as part of the plan to confuse darkness making it impossible for it to decide who I was, because if it knew, it would simply have killed me and all of my successors, but it did not discover.

I was asked don’t you believe it is more right that we will continue to be darkness for five years and gradually will be transferred to our New World with more and more faith in me as Stig, and yes this is what is logical to me, and if this is the case, maybe angels will not be needed to pack down this darkness, but on the other hand, when I will wake up as my new self, there is no darkness so the answer is, no I don’t believe in this construction, and yes this is simply to say that as Stig I would have had no chance to create our New World if I decided to decide on subjects I don’t know about, so I will not get into details, but keep the first version I was told and let light decide.

I was told that there is a force inside of here wishing to close the entrance to me again, which is what I will have to fight, and later I was told that we are using energy of the world to help keeping the entrance open and to clean up inside of there.

I thought about the words of the Council being distorted through other potential life inside of nothing, and also what I have been told a long time ago that it is only love coming from the core, which is distorted by darkness, and yes darkness is in other words potential life as the original creator wanting to break out fro their shells to live, but they do it using the wrong recipe soaking up all other energy and forcing creation of mother and son upon the original creator, which continues to destruct and start new worlds, which will have to be the closest I get to a definition of what darkness is.

I was shown and told about dark planes now being saved and also that it was only a small area of the Source, which was destroyed compared to an eternity of life “everywhere”.

I first received the thought of Georgie, and directly afterwards I received a small heart attack, so it is not very easy for you to control “wrong emotions” about me, Georgie (?), and have you heard from her (?), and no, not yet, and have you decided to continue playing “hide and seek”, Georgie (?), and yes almost the same as the other doctor Karen as I am told here – and who knows if this is light or darkness speaking (?), and just wondering I am.

I still receive a STRONG feeling of risking to “lose it” because of immense pressure coming towards me at the same time as I was COMPLETELY broken down today, but no, I will NEVER give up, and this is simply what we “use” to get by, and I was told thank for also not giving up today and the risk of having to be overpower with “perversions of darkness” if I did.

(And finishing this chapter by 12.05 “tomorrow”.)

Google Earth show the Trinity watching man with love and care in the high

The selection of Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show the Trinity watching man with love and care in the high, the window to the world – and to the Source – is open, the whole world of an eternity is on God’s archive, eyes without a face as the soul of people, we are using a “white tornado” to clean the Source, thank you to and from angels producing the clouds, my name on the sky again, BIG heads are reading my scripts – with my spiritual friends being happy, is one of the BIG heads a “monkey” (?) – and Jette self “can’t get it out of my head”, i.e. my “critical” writings on her.

Jette “can’t get it out of my head”, i.e. my “critical” comments on her and need to improve

And it seems that Jette “can’t get it out of my head”, which is my “critical” or even “negative” writings on her, Jette (?), and please remember that I did this with my best heart to help Jette and with this to help the world, but it is not “easy” to receive help when you do believe that you already did “my best” (?), and this is to tell mankind NOT to be self-satisfied believing that you cannot improve because everyone can STRETCH and use your human potential MUCH better than you do today – please understand this, this is important, you need to lift yourself up to a higher level (!) – so please be OPEN to LEARN, STRETCH and IMPROVE instead of defending yourselves!

And Jette, this is another example of how your “difficult to control feelings” remove my energy to cover the energy you “feel” you lose because you have difficulties to accept, and this is darkness working through you, my dear friend, which I do hope you will understand objectively together with the other text of my script of today telling you about how darkness works – it soaks life energy out of me and cannot get enough – and this is how ALL PEOPLE of today work/feel, and you do know “more or less”.

Otherwise, my comments are as I wrote in the thread below (and please understand that I bring you my favourite music here, Jette, to show you my love for you once again, which you have not forgotten about, have you?).

Later I was thinking that if you are not used to receive feedback on how to improve, this is how difficult it is in the beginning, and then again, at least as your old self, because as your new self, there will be no darkness to resist as strongly as Jette does, and yes Jette, the feeling is “almost impossible” to handle, but the idea is really to be stronger than your negative feelings, and decide to be positive, just like me :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Søren Pind is no longer active on Facebook – I do wonder what kind of book you are writing on, Søren, taking your time from Facebook (?) – and here it is like he is returning home to the world after many years away, and as Tina says “welcome to the world” and Susanna says “the greatest man in the world”, and Flemming says “peace in our time”, which is coming with the return of this man and Simon says “yes, we can”, and you do know that what Simon says, is the truth because he is the leader of the world (?), and yes this is how it is, and by the way this is about the liberation of the original creator from inside the Source.

  • Kirsten, who is Jette’s wife, brought this picture of a Danish text turned around and to be read from behind – “if you can read this, you are pretty tough, “like”” – and it made me say that this is pretty much like Arabic, which also was “the opposite world” in more than one sense, because they thought they were right wanting to spread their religion to the world, where they in fact were wrong, and “simply impossible” to realise, my friends?

  • Richard asked of ideas of education, and I brought mine from our New World Order thinking that just maybe you would decide to read, Richard, and just maybe you already know about me from your friends at the top of the world, but also followed by the message “don’t tell the public”?

  • Danish P4 radio brought an item about faces of Jesus found in toast etc., and instead of doing their work properly – for example reading and understanding my website on both these and many other signs about my return – they brought an interview with a “better knowing ignorant”, who just said “this is natural present in food, and people see faces because they want to see faces”, and yes please look at my website once again (!), and TRY to understand, and it made me write this on their Facebook wall telling them to do their work properly instead of letting thousands of people get a WRONG understanding of this, and yes because of POOR WORK and better-knowing ignorance as you have read about all throughout my book.

  • Tyra brought a message that I liked seeing, which inspired me to bring her a summary of my Basic Working Rules, and also the message that it is NOT good to believe too much about yourself, for example “good looks”, and we know it is about getting the right balance, not too little nor too much, but right in the middle keeping everything balanced.

  • In many postings, Helena has played up to her male Facebook friends speaking about how little clothes she has on and she simply “loves” to tease them, and obviously she cannot get enough of attention, but this is a WRONG behaviour too, which I am sure that we will not see in our New World, and here she is “flashing summer legs eating liquorice ice cream”, which the last three words about darkness and the sufferings, she sends me.

  • TV2 news brought Johannes update about the restaurant owner in Vejle receiving death threats (!) – and also now the greatest “hacker network” entering and bringing down the website of 3F, which is really just a symbol of me entering the Source bringing the darkness inside of there down (!), and I decided to tell Johannes and everyone else what this is about, which is the victory of light over darkness, and for everyone to behave correctly instead of blocking and threatening people etc., which everyone knows is WRONG to do, and still you do it (?), WRONG!

  • I liked this one by Jimmy :-).

  • Helena said ”think that this should happen to me .. To rund until you throw up” and “… wanted to take the Devil hill one extra time as spurt, which is where I died …”, and yes Helena, just a symbol of the death of darkness symbolised through you being/playing the Devil alive.

Whew (!), published this “tomorrow” at 13.45, it was NOT the easiest I have done, but I did it!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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