July 25, 2012: I was spiritually released from my mother and married by the original creator inside darkness to Karen


Summary of the script today

24th July: I was spiritually released from my mother and married by the original creator inside darkness to Karen

  • Dreaming of bringing all my luggage, i.e. life of all time, through darkness, and much of this darkness was given to me by Elijah who “could not” understand and control his feelings.
  • My previous self Jesus was not terminated to nothing when he was killed 2,000 years ago, but he returned to the Source outside of the world, and was first resurrected as part of this world after our impossible jump to reconnect with the Source in 2010.
  • We continued releasing more life from potential life inside of darkness of the Source. We have created “an eternity of God’s just like us”, which the world will come to understand as “raving mad”
  • I entered all energy of darkness and changed the code of it from “negative” to “positive”. This is the energy, which will remove all darkness and sicknesses of the world. I was shown a last solid block of darkness and behind it only light. We are close now.
  • I was spiritually released from my mother and married by the original creator inside darkness to Karen because my proposal in real life to her in 2006 still stands, and we have found each other’s hearts in Hell. Karen received her crown, and our two names now stand on the door of our new house.
  • The original creator was originally tempted by darkness into the wrong tunnel of life when ignoring killing threats and when breaking his own basic rule to show forward the spirit of my mother indecently, which made darkness throw themselves over her forcing her sexually with the son, which we have fought ever since to get out of. The original creator brings his apology/repentance to all people for breaking his basic rule and for the sufferings this has brought on people ever since.
  • I was told to continue work until I am finished once again and to stay up to secure that darkness will not return and take over all energy, which was what I feared the most, but alright, I will do my best once again working under much nervousness of what darkness can do with this energy, if anything at all? I did “mentally impossible” work to update my website while being very tired.
  • Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show BIG heads eating darkness, the big heads are made up of millions of small heads, light grows bigger and bigger, Madagascar delivering darkness, the Creator underlining my name on the sky and my white horse symbolizing the whole Universe of light is now visible on the sky too.
  • Short stories of entering the Source of an eternity, darkness being furious when giving up/losing, receiving more souls, David has decided to accept my money as darkness had accepted to receive my light to survive, my sister revealed her secret places in the forest helping me to open for the Source bringing out the richness from here, darkness of Rikke, it was impossible to bring back my old self “Blue eyes” to the world, my father and John have not been saved yet and Helena feels “lucky” to be the Devil.

25th July: We are including the DNA of man inside an eternity of new God’s before switching on our New World

  • I continued staying up without sleep going through Hell once again receiving symbols that the Universe is bleeding too because of darkness, which only increases in strength and now is completely unbearable to go through.
  • I was told that the structure of man as my original creator thought about and invented from inside of nothing when creating our world, is NOT included inside potential life elsewhere, and I have received the strongest energy of the strongest darkness to analyse the content of this, and we are now making our New World perfect including the invention of man in the DNA of potential life/God’s everywhere, which will create an eternity of our selves all over. There is almost no energy remaining of the world, and we have to do this work now before switching on the New World.
  • We finished the setup of human DNA and structure to potential life, which will now continue being setup everywhere, and we also changed creation from “much stronger the spirit of my mother than the spirit of my father” to be equal mother/father with the use of strength of potential new life.
  • Short stories of China being responsible of destructions of the Universe, the Christian newspaper also doing POOR work on a picture of Virgin Mary in a tree, a very positive reply from Elena, and Helena showing that we are recovering after meeting Nazi darkness.


24th July: I was spiritually released from my mother and married by the original creator inside darkness to Karen

Dreaming of bringing all my luggage, i.e. life of all time, through MUCH darkness of which much is brought by Elijah

And yes, Stig, I slept until 09.00 today, started work at 10.00 and finally at 14.40 today after finishing, publishing and also sending my script of yesterday, I can start the script of today, which should be easier to do, and I only remember one short dream.

  • I have travelled to Kenya bringing all of my luggage without problems through the airport, and I have transferred an amount to the team, and afterwards separately an amount to Elijah, and he asks me why he has received 110 shillings less than normal not realising that it costs double fees sending two amounts reducing his outcome, and he is happy that 10 dark pigs, which died, now do not make noise anymore – and all of the dream including beautiful black ladies almost without clothes feeling attracted to me.
    • Bringing all of my luggage through the customs of darkness in the airport without them stealing anything was almost impossible to do, and I was here thinking of this exact situation I stood in, in May 2009, when I arrived in Nairobi Airport wearing fine clothes and having MUCH luggage with me, which the corrupt employees of darkness was “crazy” to receive some of, or alternatively a bribe to let me go, and yes little did they know that I was working on the side of God, but when they were told – when telling them that I was going to work for an NGO- they let me in, and yes Stig, this is where you travel really started seriously through darkness, and what darkness was the worst, and yes the darkness of Elijah, and what was/is his problem, and yes only this that he is “very slow” to comprehend, and yes let me underline VERY SLOW because of darkness keeping him down, and this was the man I had to come through with his faith intact to let me live, and yes he was a guard set up by darkness to stop me, and of course it was “impossible” for him to understand my many hundreds long scripts at the time and to let me come through, but “with a piece of luck/light”, when I was inspired to let the team help him, he accepted to let me through, and yes my dear LTO friends, this is what I kindly ask you to help me with once again, because Elijah has decided to keep being angry with me not understanding who I am once again, Elijah, and yes because of your incredible negative thoughts, which you from time to time send me making it a LIVING HELL for me to live here, and yes I kindly ask the team to reunite, and for you to speak about me and CONFIRM YOUR FAITH IN ME towards each other, which will make MAGIC here, do you think you will be able to do this (?), and that is to help Elijah to UNDERSTAND me, which is that I am only good, and nothing else, and yes he did not understand that I only send money to help you because of care, and nothing else, and I do believe that it should not be difficult for you Meshack, David and also you John to let Elijah understand, and for Elijah to decide NOT being silent in relation to me once again (?), and yes difficult it is with a man, when he cannot understand but does not want to show this to the world because of “false pride”, do you see (?), and yes you should realise by all that I love you all and only do my best to help you because I can, and nothing else (?), and you do realise that I hope that you will read and understand me, but this has NOTHING to do with the money I send you (?), and yes incredible but true, I both received family here believing that disloyal friends of Kenya was cheating me to send money and from Elijah the misunderstanding that I was sending money to bribe him to read, and yes talk about misunderstandings of people “unable” to understand because they were unable to read details, and yes Elijah, are you “able” to read these lines (?), and if you have difficulties doing this, how easy is it for you to continue reading my hundreds and now thousands of pages still having to be patient waiting for normal life to arrive, and yes not very easy, almost impossible it is, and then it is good to have the team to come together to confirm your faith in me, which will help Elijah’s faith in me too, and yes do you see how he is a victim of his own negative thoughts, and that we only came through this because of faith of the team, and yes without Meshack, we would NOT be sitting here today, and this is how it is my friends – and yes, this was simply inspiration coming to me from my spiritual voice, and do you think that I could write all of this without “direct inspiration” from a spiritual voice guiding me, and yes I am asking you?
    • And the killing of pigs, i.e. life, and sexual torments in the form of beautiful ladies acting as the cover of the spirit of my mother is what Elijah has kept sending me, but you never really understood what your concerns, angriness and negativity truly meant in relation to me, did you, Elijah?
    • And you do understand better now why I have decided to send you ONE TRANSFER and not several (?), and yes because this would increase fees giving you less, and also because I do NOT like to do unnecessary work when you can divide my money, and of course the task is easy for you, which is simply not to become tempted by the Devil to keep money which is not yours.
    • Look at the end of the script today, Elijah, and see that it is possible to make your dreams come through if you have a will, do you?
  • I woke up to “you’re so vain” by Carly Simon and the lyrics “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about yo”, and “vain” is a word characterising Elijha, and do you believe I like this character, and NO, I do NOT, but you do understand that I love your good sides – love and warm heart – don’t you, Elijah?

We have created “an eternity of God’s just like us”, which the world will come to understand as “raving mad”

And yes “easier” to write the script of today (?), and we will see about that if this “tendency” continues, and yes life wanting to get out of here, so this is what it did with this long comment to a short dream.

I was told that my mother has been dreaming about getting out of the wrong hole, and that we have now started emptying bank boxes, which include incredible richness, i.e. energy, and I was told that this energy has continued being saved until the day when life would be sustainable, and all of it will be released, and yes “it will not become boring” I tell you.

I felt better today than yesterday, and the nice summer weather has now finally arrived, and yes it was planned to come with the break through to the Source, but of course it makes it hot working and not very nice not being able to get out and also get a little taste of holiday, but this is how it is here.

I was told how likely is it that Jesus returned to “nothing” after being alive, which I was told before and is included on the front page of my website, and I was told that it cannot be done to return to “nothing” after being woken up (!), and yes this information started coming to me yesterday and it kept on coming today meaning that when Jesus was killed, he managed to get through all darkness to enter the Source with the original creator where he has been since and I do understand that it was “out of this world”, which was overtaken by darkness only making it a question of time before the world would end, and yes until we managed to reconnect with the Source as we did in the summer of 2010, and yes this information will require a new small change to my website, and when this has be done, we can continue work inside of here cleaning out, which is how it is done, you know, and I was told that we – the original creator and my new inner self have been sitting in here patiently waiting for you to come back in touch with us so to say.

This made me think that I re-connected with the Source in 2010, and if I could not bring the world inside of this energy as we do now, I could not get the energy to the world, but I would still have the connection to the Source, and from our New World we would gradually evolve opening up to this energy source as I understand it, but instead of waiting, let us do it now and that is because we can.

I also thought about the much information – above my limit – which I have received the last couple of days, and that it was logic that with the opening of the Source, all of this energy would start streaming out, which made it impossible to keep up pace, and yes what I could not take, was covered by my right and left feet!

I was told that we had to send out darkness to the world in order to survive ourselves, and that the opening to the Source will gradually make Syria want to stop fighting.

I heard a voice of darkness that I am going sailing, a perfect sailing as I have never tried before you say, and if I am looking forward to this (?), and yes you bet, which was another of those “potential lives” being set free because of the work I continue doing today.

And I was told that this life is also “coming out” because of the faith of my old friend and colleague Paul in me and that is even though he also “cannot” support me actively, and yes are your small life in quietness/safety from the world more important than to support me (?), and no, I think not, but you cannot get around to do what is the only right thing to do, and yes “many feelings” of people out there to me and most of them are “hiding”, which is SADLY the truth.

I was told alright, I will wait to get out, and the original creator told me see Stig, I have taught them manners, and yes because of the opening of your sister to you “without your mother knowing” (?), and this came after the short story of my sister, see the end of the script today.

I was told by a voice of darkness that I have ironed all my clothes and so nicely every day make my bed (as I do), and yes this is what darkness tells me, and it has been so tired of doing this but it has been “forced” by a force greater than it, and yes this force is the man writing these lines, which we realise now, and yes we are tired of being tired so we are all looking forward to become our true selves, and yes as big as that man, the original creator and yes how many God’s have we created (?), and we know Stig “an eternity of them just like us”, this is what the world will come to understand is completely utterly raving mad, but we did it (!), and all of this is made because I did not one single time give in to “immense pressure” from darkness forcing love making between mother and son upon me believing that this is what would bring them alive, but it was NOT, and yes impossible to resist, but this is what I had to do sooner rather than later, so this is what we did now.

I was told do I hear birds singing out there, and yes Stig we are now so close to the New World that we feel it inside of here in what soon will be “previous darkness, which has never existed” and yes we have our secrets inside of here, but wait a minute, and no we do not, we have released them, and yes just like my sister, see the end of the script.

I was told that it will not take long now, and this is what I hope, but I do believe it is good that I decided to mentally prepare myself for working and to take on sufferings until December this year if needed, and just maybe this is indeed what is needed, we will see.

At 15.00 I started receiving the incredible disgust to continue working as I also received yesterday, but I decided to continue working on this chapter also thinking that it should not take that much, and then a few short stories, and then to exercise on my cycle today, and then this evening I can comment and include Jette’s new Google Earth picture in my script making me come update on my scripts, and now with new amendments to my website, which is on my to-do list hoping to find time and energy tomorrow or at least within the next days.

I continued receiving marks to my right angle now with the feelings of “incredible pain” coming making me nervous, but also “we are not allowed”, so it seems that it will take much to get out extreme energy from inside of the Source, which is “about to come”, and I don’t hope that I will receive this great pain, which is what energy resources of my left angle should cover. And I was shown what is the Source of “the darkest oil of darkness” to my right, which is more of this potential life having soaked up energy sending out the worst darkness, which is and yes you are welcome to be cleansed too, “my friend”.

I worked until 16.30, and after a short break, I decided to do my cycle exercise at 17.00, and yes not easy to exercise with much work and potential stress, and I did not feel much like doing it, but I decided to drive a little slower and also a little longer than usual and despite of receiving so much pain to my behind after 45-50 minutes that it felt “impossible” to continue, I cycled for approx. 1½ hour and approx. 35 kilometres.

I entered all energy of darkness and changed the code of it from “negative” to “positive”

After coming home and after dinner, I am now at 21.00 sweating much because of heat and new nervousness given to me continuing to write the script, hereafter to comment Jette’s pictures, upload the script and more updates to my website, which may take 4-5 hours to do (?) before I will stay awake one more night for darkness not to come back to overtake all of its energy, which I received while cycling, and here is what I was told during this tour.

I was told that it is the greatest gold treasure you have found and also that everyone – all “lemons” of darkness – have contributed to meaning that all energy of darkness was kept at one place right in front of you and all you have to do is to enter and then to change from minus to plus, which is the same principle here, which is not difficult, and it only took a few minutes before I was told that it was now done, and I saw the liberation of all dark beings and they were told “you all know where to go” – and I was told that this is what will remove all darkness and sicknesses from man, which we will first open later when we are ready, and I was given the understanding that this darkness was strong enough to destroy the world, which made me feel uncomfortable but glad that we have changed the code of it.

I was spiritually released from my mother and married by the original creator inside darkness to Karen

A few days ago I was told that mother and son were sexually connected in here, and now I was told that it is first now that mother and son are disconnected, and I was shown the crown being removed from my mother and brought to Karen – and I thought about my mother and father finding each other again, which the original creator did not tell me other than “we will take care of our own”.

I was told that my proposal for Karen in 2006 is still in force, and this might be included somewhere in my book no. 1 (?) – it was done with my spiritual voice speaking physically out of my mouth but with my full understanding and free will standing behind it – and I was told that Karen still wants to accept, so this is how we became married spiritually today, and I was told “out with Denis” (her husband in physical life), and a little later I felt purple entering my heart, which is the colour of Karen, and I felt strongly that we are going to be united as a married couple “forever and ever” and I thought about us being creators of New World’s on top of the existing New World, and I thought that this makes sense, and then I was asked to swear eternal faith to Karen, and I had two thoughts in me with one being that I do not have much experience with ladies, and maybe it is my destiny never to receive such experience, which however was “pretty hard” to accept when receiving it as suddenly as here, and the other was that I am sure that Karen and I will be happy in our New World and if this is what is required of me I will declare my eternal faith to her, thinking that she will probably do this later herself.

And it also made me think about the marriage ritual about swearing eternal faith, and that this maybe should be part of my basic rules for everyone and I was thinking in relation to everyone becoming creators in their own right and if this is required of Karen and I, it could easily be the same for everyone else because they will get the responsibility of their children as whole New World’s (!) and if this requires faith forever and ever, let it be, and I thought about only having children as married couples, but there was a ring to all of this, which I did not like, and that was “lack of freedom”, because I don’t want to be too strict if unnecessary, and if I need to follow up on this, I am sure that light will help me do this, but when writing this now, I am given the clear understanding of “darkness loosening its grip” because I have already received confirmation a long time ago that my basic rules makes like sustainable, and also that I am a simple human being as everyone else living according to the same rules, which means that Karen and I will be together and have each other in our hearts as long as we decide to be partners, and yes we will simply follow my basic rules.

And after this I was shown the original creator in darkness signing a piece of paper with a dark paper pen, and he said “yes, the marriage proof is now signed”, and it was with the feeling that Karen and I found each other in Hell, our hearts wanting the same, and I heard the original creator saying “this is good enough for me”. Later I saw darkness with the tongue straight in his mouth setting up two names – Karen’s and mine – on the door of our new house, and he said that I have made an effort.

I was told that it was expected for me to cycle for a minimum of one hour otherwise the lives of my father/John would be in danger.

I was shown a last solid block of darkness and behind it only light, and later that the last part to the light is now only connected via a loose bow until I will declare myself ready to become my new self, and yes this is the game we will play once again, and to finish my last work again as I do now when writing these lines is part of it, and then we will see if I will receive a new surprise, and yes “how tired do you think you will become” as I am told, and yes after the cycle tour and extreme heat, I am sure that I will become EXTREMELY tired once again, and yes the game is to outlast it so long and so good as possible to keep darkness away and further reduce it.

I was also surprised when I received greetings from Mother Earth telling me that it is first now that she has been released, and yes planets are living beings too, and you do remember the life in life principle?

The original creator was tempted into darkness breaking his own basic rules for which he apologizes

I was told by the original creator that the wrong road when first entering it felt good, which made the original creator invite my mother and I too, but then he heard “we are going to kill you”, on the way in, and a force wanting him to show the spirit of my mother indecently as I understand it, which he was tempted to do to see what this was about, and this made darkness, i.e. potential life as the original creator self, throw itself over the spirit of my mother together with the son using them sexually in their attempts to gain life not knowing what they did, and the original creator told me that he decided to ignore these killing threats and broke his own rule when showing the spirit of my mother forward as he did, and here I was told that he apologizes for breaking this rule and “how can you ignore killing threats like that” (?) and he told me that it was his own temptation and curiosity seeing new sides of himself, which he wanted to explore, and also that he should NOT have done this, but had retreated and decided to THINK instead, but once he was in, there was no way back, and then it was a little too late, and this is what took “an eternity” of big bangs and New World’s ever since to get out of, and yes this is what he also apologizes for, which is for all of the sufferings this has meant to all life ever since, and yes now this is done too, and yes as Stig I now understand a bigger picture of this story, and understand why the original creator decided to bring forward his apology/repentance, which I hope people will understand and also forgive.

I was given two loud cracking noises to my balcony and told that this was this darkness then (after opening the window and getting it over to light), and yes what will come “now” (?), the end maybe (?), or will we have to set up more of Karen and I united as I felt earlier?

And yes let me say that I constantly continue receiving this very uneasy feeling of nervousness inside of me of potential negative consequences if giving up, which is pure darkness coming in, which is TRULY the worst, and I receive a feeling of Jens Rohde here being part of this darkness, and yes I received the feeling of my old friend Rene´ earlier when I entered the energy source of darkness converting it to light, and I understood him as one of the guards too.

Starting a new game of work and staying up to secure that darkness will not return and take over all energy

Before resuming work this evening I was shown that darkness still wanted to steal away all of my keys of the Universe, and I was told that if darkness takes over this energy resource again, it will destruct the world (!), and yes you should be part of the game, and you will understand my nervousness, but I do understand that darkness has no more weapon and cannot do much (?), so I have decided that this has to be a game, but you never really know, and yes right until the end, and that is if we are now getting there, and yes “the end” you know.

And earlier in the day I was fearing much having to go through yet a new night with work and no sleep, and then I was told that this is what I had to do to keep darkness from not returning and “do your best” was the message, and alright, this is what I will do, and when I later – just before resuming work – was given a new out of this world pain to my right foot followed by pain of the same magnitude to my right heel, it truly made me feel nervous, but I also though that this will have to be about further turning around the Source.

I was told that if I am not strong enough to do this work and to stay up, it will become a fight between darkness and light over the energy of the Source, which will create INCREDIBLE pain to my right foot, which made me nervous because how much work CAN I do and that is again (?), but I do hope that there is a back up plan if I should lose it, but the feeling is that there is not, so once again what is real and what is a game (?), and better to be sure and simply do the work to make sure that darkness will never return.

I was told that the clock does not go wrongly by one second, because there is no clock where we are heading too when we will just finish up the last cleaning inside of here, and yes then we will make all of this light too.

I was told by darkness shortly before publishing this script that we now acknowledge that light is stronger than us, and we politely ask to become part of the New World, and I was told that this is also why I wrote about Elijah in my script this morning as I did – and I can only hope that the team will help him to understand that I only mean good, and I also wonder if this is designed for Elijah to send me even more darkness, and yes no matter what happens, I will come through this bringing more sufferings if necessary and that is because it is NOT nice to depend on a man, whom you never really know where you have.

I even received more pain to my behind, so this is the last solid block of darkness I am “eating” to use the language of Jette, which I like, but she could decide to use a Danish-English dictionary, which I still do myself, and yes I don’t know how many times I look up words in it, but maybe 5, 10 or 20 times per day.

At 23.15 I was shown yellow of my mother being poured over the hole of darkness, which is now a matter of making it strong enough to never again be able to show.

By 23.25 I had finished and uploaded the script of today, and even though work is difficult to do, I fear absolutely the most to having to go through new extreme tiredness staying up without falling asleep.

I continued working feeling strong darkness just to the right of me.

When starting to amend my website once again it truly felt IMPOSSIBLE to do at this late hour being tired and we know “mentally completely impossible for most people” is the right answer.

But I started the work knowing that I “just” have to get into the rhythm, and I was told “come and look, this is the end of us” (as darkness), and also that the last man standing inside of darkness is my own new self just waiting eagerly to come out with the ending of this work.

I was told that our New World if not perfect would have been created over darkness with the Source at the most inner, and the Source would have continued to send out signals, and we would have to do a new plan to save the last parts.

By 00.35 I had done the first amendments to my website amending and splitting the chapter “Our world – including “an eternity of worlds” before ours – was created by darkness as the result of mother and son (NOT father and mother) making survival impossible!” into the two new chapters “Darkness took over the original world trying to create new life via mother and son (not father and mother) making survival impossible, which God apologizes for” and “We changed the original creation itself in September 2011 making my new self as the resurrected Jesus as original the Creator as the Creator self”

I was told about the newspaper Ekstra Bladet thinking that “it is not suitable to write as he does” – how many of you thought this?

By 00.55 I had amended the paragraph of July 2012 on my front page now including the save of all energy resources of all time and that I now only need my new heart to be installed before we can switch on my new self and our New World.

I received some pain inside my right thumb and at 01.10 when I was about to give up doing this work – “mentally impossible“ to do – I was shown the worst snow storm (i.e. sufferings) of a U.S.  (i.e. darkness) neighbourhood of nice houses and told that this is what will happen if you cannot do this work but only for one day before you will return home.

Later, I was told that when looking at Jesus working, because this is the man you are now, I can only say that I have slurped the last chocolate cream in me as my father, the original creator said.

At 01.35 I had also amended the old paragraph “When man killed Jesus, the Trinity at the Source was terminated ceasing the production of new light to the world!” into the new called “When man killed my old self , Jesus, he returned to the Source, which was removed OUTSIDE our world ceasing the production of new light to the world!”, and I was told “this is the absolutely best way to get you out too”, and that is for the world to read and understand these changes, and with this understanding/faith, I do believe, my son, that we will also get you unhurt out.

I felt Karen and was shown a chocolate ice cream and told that it is now impossible for any more darkness to enter this hole of nothing.

At 02.10 I was about to read my website once more to amend other text occurrences of “resurrection of Jesus from nothing” to “from the Source” etc., and I decided that when I have done this work, it will become more accurate to start with, and if needed, I will sign it off now, but I would also like to receive a new chance to read it once again being fresh to be sure that it is as it should be – I am too tired to go deeper now – and then I can only ask the light to decide.

I was shown and told that China for a long time has had a wish to cut the black sewing thread to darkness – including everything/life of our past – but not anymore when they are starting to wake up over there too.

When I had done most of the work, I received new cracking sounds from the balcony telling me that they have understood that I have now corrected these “mistakes” on my website, but if possible would like to read and edit once more to make perfect and I was told that nobody will be smashed now, we can almost guarantee you.

At 02.50 I had done this work and updated this chapter of my script, and yes “satisfied” with what I have done is what I am, and yes I had to surpass nervousness about what I was doing, if this was really the right thing to do, but I was told powerfully that my old self was not converted to “nothing”, but was part of the Source outside the world and at the middle of “nothing”, so this is what I decided to do.

And when updating this chapter, I was told “we are now ready to close”.

Google Earth shows my white horse symbolizing the whole Universe of light

Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show BIG heads eating darkness, the big heads are made up of millions of small heads, light grows bigger and bigger, Madagascar delivering darkness, the Creator underlining my name on the sky and my white horse symbolizing the whole Universe of light is now visible on the sky too.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I saw this as the tunnel of the Source, which we are opening now once again, and yes with blue being the son and yellow the mother, and as you can see, it does not move, but still it moves and yes brings an eternity forwards, which is really the general idea symbolised by this picture.

  • It seems that Helena “lost it” when she said “OK, I throw the towel into the ring. 1-0 to you. Because I was nice. And now take your “… behind” and get out of here”, and yes I removed her negative words – just like I did with Karen as I feel here – and replaced them with positive/objective words, and we know this was another symbol of darkness losing, which it truly does not like, and yes this is the kind of negativity I have received from family/friends etc., and yes because of their misunderstandings, incredible right?

  • This picture was to me about receiving more “eyes without a face” from Jette’s Google Earth picture of yesterday, and Shannon is helping us to bring forward these souls (the meaning of “eyes”), and is it because Shannon as a new Facebook friend is beginning to have faith in me, and yes, I don’t know, but I wonder if it is?

  • Isabella said that her skilled niece sang in the chorus for Paul Simon (!), and it made me think of Elijah’s wish in 2009 to sing in the chorus for Paul Simon, and yes, Elijah, this story if planted here to tell you that nothing is impossible if you have a will, do you?

  • I have been thinking for days that David was softening up, and he does have to survive, so even though he turned down receiving my money, below he decided to accept receiving my money understanding that I care for him as for the whole team – will you please make Elijah understand (?) – and I was told that this is symbolising that darkness knows that it has to survive, thus having to accept me as light entering it. I was also told that this is how to come through the worst darkness with the LTO team intact.

  • My sister is NOT very active contributing to Facebook, but today she uploaded many pictures from her and Hans’ recent cruise around the Nordic and Baltic countries, and this picture from their derelict farm in Sweden also made it through and here you see Isabelle looking at a lot of chanterelles, and one of her Facebook friends asked for a tasting sample, and Sanna was inspired to say that she is very welcome both tasting and also finding them because “we have dome really good secret places”, and yes these secret places have now been uncovered, and from out of here comes this wealth of richness from the forest, and yes this is a symbol of my sister opening up to me helping me to enter the Source as the chanterelles of the forest here symbolises, otherwise it would have been impossible as I am told here.

  • A pole by TV2 shows that 76% of the Danish population is in favour of the restaurant against the 3F Union, and yes none of them are “perfect”, but this is only a symbol of freedom coming to the world with the end of darkness symbolised by 3F.

  • I liked this picture which to me is about the cleaning of the Source.

  • Rikke was on the beach having chips and an pineapple soda, and yes clear symbols of darkness, and yes Rikke were where you to help me and my LTO friends as example, and were you more busy thinking of yourself, nice holidays, partying and concerts?

  • One of the best Jazz musicians of the world, the Danish Chris Minh Doky, asked people to guess his guest on Saturday on the P8 Jazz radio, and he might believe that I am crazy when saying that if he can get Frank Sinatra to come, it is not bad, and yes this was simply to say that to get back ”Blue eyes” from the Source no longer part of the world is “impossible” to do, but we did it, and yes as I also wrote, thank you for your passion, music and work, Chris, and below he is playing one of my absolutely favourite jazz pieces, and maybe my favourite of all, which (of course) is “how can I help you say goodbye” with the amazing Al Jarreau singing the vocals, and yes I used this exact song for years when listening to the qualities of stereo equipment, and yes first now when writing this I have discovered the original song by Patty Loveless on YouTube and listened to it the first time, and even though she does it well, it does NOT have the “feeling” as the version of Chris and Al, which to me simply is OUTSTANDING :-).


  • I was sad to see that Michael Hardinger once again has been “deactivated” from Facebook and that is at least in relation to me, so my father and John have not been saved yet as this symbolises, and we will see for how long he will be away until he will magically show up once again.
  • Helena is now in a better mood again being in the cottage house grilling in fantastic weather and complete calm in her soul, “lovely”, and soon the Olympics and here it comes “how lucky can you be allowed to be” (?), and yes as I wrote a LONG time ago, this is what rich people say feeling “lucky” that they are not born in a poor country, and ladies and gentlemen, let me present the Devil to you in the human shape of Helena, and how many of you look like her, and yes more than 99% of people of the rich countries, and we know “more or less”, do you see (?), and the answer to this is also “only when you allow me” and that is as my new self opening the eyes.

  • A few days ago, I was encouraged to seek up Stella and Steven Upton – mediums working as teachers at Arthur Findlay College, Stansted London (I had Stella as a teacher, and was impressed by how Steven healed people) – and I did this today when I found their website and via this I sent them this message.

“Dear Stella and Steven,

We met at Stansted in 2005/06 at Danish/Dutch week, and also once in Denmark in Hillerød, where you tried to heal me from heavy smoking, which you may remember, Steven, because you found absolutely nothing wrong with me, which I have since been spiritually told is because I was cleansed because of “the one” I am :-).

I have been spiritually encouraged to send you this message, which is a message of a new Golden Age of a New World of eternal light now coming very soon, which you can read about via my website https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com, which I hope you will do, and also that you will understand that I only write the truth.

I wish you all of my best in your lives and continuous endeavours helping others.

Kind regards,
Stig Dragholm
Helsingør, Denmark


25th July: We are including the DNA of man inside an eternity of new God’s before switching on our New World

We are including the DNA of man inside an eternity of new God’s before switching on our New World

After finishing work to my website, I now had to start doing other things to activate me and to keep awake, and at 03.45 I received a pretty strong rumbling feeling to the backside of my lower right leg, which I understood as darkness trying to retrieve control over its previous energy resource, and yes the question is if I am strong enough with my new work done to resist this (?), and we will see, and yes I did my best under the circumstances and this is normally good enough.

Until 04.10 I used some time searching for old colleagues from Acta in Norway, which were really also standing on my to-do list as “I may do this, if I get time” and yes I was encouraged doing this a few days ago, so I decided to do it now that I had time.

I was told that there is no one who can steal even one coin from you when you work like that, and we will see if I got this right (the new information on my website).

I was shown and told that they are now trying to peel off what looks like dark plates on the surface of you, which they know is pure gold, but I will NOT allow them.

At 04.35 I received taste of blood in my mouth together with the feeling of the operation on my mother’s teeth, and this work I have done now was to avoid “even more harm to the world/my mother” than absolutely necessary, which you did fine as I am told – and yes, the game is that I received the taste of blood, so did I really (?), we will see.

I was also encouraged the other day to write to Finn and Elena, whom I met on my way home in the plane from Austria in April 2009, after I had visited the Lutheran World Federation, and yes if I am tired now, it is almost nothing to how tired I was on this trip, and I was told that Elena “is special” being another part of Mother Theresa, so this night, I decided to write them both a short email referring them to my website, which may give them a feeling or two about me.

At 04.55 I received feeling of darkness in the right side of me and I was told that “we have not moved entirely home yet”, and also “I can accept that you continue improving your website” and I received hiccups from a drunk man in Kenya, which is a symbol of darkness, and we will see how Elijah and the team will react to my request, so faith of Elijah would help here.

And it was followed by the greatest pain yet to my left foot, which was almost “out of this world”, but it was probably also just a game, because I received it exactly when I was thinking that I better now delete my Microsoft Live profile, which I have had no use for since Microsoft stopped their blogging services in 2010, so this is then what I did, and yes Microsoft I was NOT impressed with your “services” and also attitude to me in 2010 when almost deleting me and the world!

And yes, Stig, I do believe that I have followed up on EVERYTHING standing on my to-do list also including “potential work”, and it is now 05.20, and I am tired but so far not of the worst kind, but we are getting there, and yes I will NOT go to the library later to update my book of July, which I was also thinking of, this will come later and preferably the 1st August unless something else happens before that.

From 05.30 to 07.30 I again had to go through the worst tiredness, which here is truly the worst tiredness, and afterwards I started gradually to become if not more fresh, so more awake, but you know with the wrong physical feeling inside of me, and I was NOT glad when I head the caretaker speak on the phone from the parking place below saying that he had found an older man bleeding in the basement, and I don’t know more of this story, if it was serious or not, but to me it was confirming the blood I received to my mouth saying that the world is going true the worst sufferings now to release the last inside of darkness, and I also feared that this would hurt my mother physically, but I hope for the best – and we have agreed to go to the Helsingborg Festival tomorrow, so I hope she will make it.

I received the beautiful song “tears in your life” by Electric Light Orchestra, there is NO better, but the song is about pain in my life, you know.

I was shown pipes of fat of darkness inside a ship looking like a submarine, and it was a Nazi running it, who told me that if it was not for the British fighters we would still be here, and when I told him that you are all to become light, he said “not yet herewith referring to the period of 5 years coming after the first great awakening.

I received the feeling of a scratch engraved around my right angle bringing me more nervousness, and I continued receiving much darkness in the form of negative voices etc. and I was TIRED and also TIRED of receiving this constantly – more and less – and here it was more being as exhausting as you cannot dream about, and I thought for how long will this continue, will it never end, and again I had to pull myself together, and yes it is difficult not to being able to relax when your body screams to relax, and I was asked as an example don’t you want to play some small deadly games with us (?), to which the answer is still no, and I had to decide continuing my same rules against darkness, and that is despite of how I felt.

I heard “we will also get out”, and I felt life trapped inside of darkness, which I continue to open for, and later I was told that it is not a nice way to wake up to life being told that you were darkness tormenting life for an eternity, and I was told that this darkness learned the wrong way believing that killing was the natural way of life, so this is what they continued doing stronger and stronger.

I was told that we have not missed one single nut from inside of here, and also that this darkness is so extremely heavy that it is impossible to get out without sufferings. I was also shown that we have not said goodbye to one single suitcase.

I have been thinking since yesterday evening that I am going through this pain to help reducing sufferings of the world, and at 09.10 I felt how darkness reduced and I received relief because of the next part of darkness being released, and he said “is it really that easy to create life”, and yes if only he/I knew, and yes “another part of myself” as I understand is everywhere, and he also said that now he will help me to release the next part, which follows the same principle as before, which is that the next part is always even more dense, and at 10.00 I received a new scratch outline around my right angle and told that we are now starting to take the next pat in.

Despite of my tiredness, I decided to clean up the apartment, because it needed it and I was not sure if I will get time tomorrow, and when I work being this exhausted – also when writing this at 13.00 – it truly brings out more of darkness, how much can there be (?), and yes I do believe we are outside darkness of the Old World and that this darkness is “other life” gone wrong really, and at 10.20 I was told that the next part was also in now.

At 11.20 I was told that ovulation is on its way, but instead of my mother, I understood that it was Karen, and at the same time I was given even more out of this world pain to my right angle making me thinking that we are still turning the Source around.

At 13.20 I was told that we will also recreate what was lost of the spirit of my father inside of here, and I agreed that of course we are, which is what requires energy from when I am on my extreme edge as I am now.

I was shown and told that this work pulling in darkness reminds of rolling up a roll of tape.

I received a deja vue knowing that the last part is the worst, and that it will bring great sufferings to the world, and I received more ordinary pain to my foot, and again I received more “potential extreme pain” to my right angle, and how big is this last solid block of darkness really (?), and we know bigger than expected.

This afternoon I decided to walk to the local Højstrup beach here just north of Helsingør, and when I closed my eyes trying to relax and maybe “half sleep”, it was impossible because of incredible darkness coming to me physically annoying me including uncomfortable visions. I was completely down not looking forward to walk the approx. 100 steps uphill, and yes I felt how my right leg was bleeding – the world – and the extreme darkness still coming in over me is also with the threat of my mother, and again I wondered for how long this can/will continue, and I was given a déjà vue, that I know from “underneath” me from a long time ago that darkness would be the strongest at the end, where I would have to accept destructions of the Universe to come through this, and I was really wondering what will/would happen if I should no longer be able to do these marathon double days without sleep and that is if darkness would be so strong that it could make me give up on my rules fighting it, and also if it would force my mother on me bringing permanent destructions to the world, or if I would still be strong enough keeping darkness from me and for it to absorb energy from the world which I potentially cannot give.

I was shown bees inside of the metal container, and told that it is as well organised as a behoved, and I was told just think about being a Nazi without being it and that is because I can bear being inside extreme darkness to my right side.

I was told Kirsten, Anni (my father’s present wife, and previous cohabiter) or anyone really, which is that potential life inside of nothing would have thrown themselves over anyone, the first the best, because they were not designed to know the difference, and that is because “the foreign body” inside of the shell of the original creator was completely developed, which is not the case with other potential life, and I was told that the original creator created you, Inge and everyone else because he did not want to be alone, and also that if we experiment, we can bring this structure to them so they can wake up themselves without soaking out our energy, and this is what we work on now. We have come to the layer of Jack and are about to insert the whole structure of man, which they have not been thinking about themselves, and this is the advantage of being the first. And this is also “the error”, which made them react as they did, and yes they were sour because they are alone. With this, they will also be woken up to my basic rules as foundation of their lives/worlds too.

It was now 16.00 and I was INCREDIBLE tired because of the heat and lack of sleep, and I was told that the incredible force of nothing/darkness, which I feel soaking out everything of me now is the power which made me give up 2,000 years ago letting go on the world, and the difference is that we now have our New World bringing us power.

I was told that there is now hardly any energy remaining to switch on darkness, and this is the only way we can enter it and change its DNA, and this is how we will get completely new worlds containing ourselves everywhere (!), otherwise they would try to be nothing as the life they like and has attracted everything to. They had the potential to become me (the original creator) and us all, but they had not figured it out, and this is work we first do now here in the last hour, which will make them develop quicker, and I was told that this was the energy (of “nothing”) which we had to take in as darkness, even though it is good energy (from the other side) to analyse it and improve the world to become “perfect”, which this is all about because this is what I have asked for. And I was told that if I cannot continue doing this work for 1-2 weeks, who knows (?), as I was told, we will not receive other chances to do this, and what do you do when you understand what this is about (?), and yes you decide to keep taking on more sufferings as long as possible, because the longer, the better, and yes this will become a VERY BIG IMPROVEMENT of an eternity of worlds around us as I understand.

Finally I was encouraged to write down these notes also today even though everything told me NOT to do this because of how I felt, and when I did understanding that this would help this work, I was told that ”this door is now opening too” and that is a very heavy door to a safe inside this “nothing” where we have never been before and that is the inner of one of my ”cousins” and yes to see how they look like at the inside and how we can implement the next stage, so thank you for doing this too.

And if I am not mistaken, this darkness coming to me is the strongest of all, but it has no energy, so I do believe it is possible to be inside of this darkness continuing our “DNA-work” without being destructed.

I was told that if I am not able to continue working, we will use what we have already developed with new God’s, and I heard in the kitchen and was shown a large piece of burn from a piece of meat being removed, which I understood as old, slow, poor development of life of these “potential lives/God’s”, and a new structure to be implemented.

I was told that if I had accepted the least negative speech/feelings through my journey, it would have brought me “sexual pleasure” of darkness, which is about “destruction” making this “operation” impossible, and I was told by potential life “can I have the cake tin”, which is about “many lives” and I was told “oh, this is how you do it”, and then you connect strings from parents to children and back again, and I was told “the first is finished”, which is the first New World inside of here receiving its new DNA of human structure, and I am thinking if this is only to recreate what exploded inside of here, or if this is also applying for all other God’s everywhere as part of our eternal creation (?), and I really don’t know, so we will see, but I am sure that when everything is perfect, that this is what it will be.

I heard “do you want to follow the train the trainer concept”, which I understood that this new life will meaning that it now will teach the next in line what it just have been taught itself and yes including the implementation of this DNA everywhere, and I received pain to my right foot during this, and understood that with this, it will become easier to implement with the next also meaning less sufferings to me and the world, and I was told that we will be sooner back to square one than expected.

Later I was asked if we can get other wishes to come through too, which I accepted, and I was shown a heart in front of me, which however was askew much stronger on the left side of the spirit of my mother than on the right side of the spirit of my father, and I was told that I – the spirit of my father – now have the strength doing this as never before, and it is because of the connection to all other potential life, and that he leans and improves all of the time.

At the end of the evening I continued receiving sexual approaches by darkness, but I was shown the spirit of my mother above me only as light meaning practically no more darkness remaining, but I also saw the spirit of my mother as red and I received pain to my right angle meaning that the world is bleeding doing this last creation, but you know in the long run, this is invaluable.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael was back already today and here he spoke about “China is a dangerous country, economically and socially” and Mikael said that “if you have China fright, you should try staying there and do business..then this fart has been given, and you can continue …”, and to fart is to destroy, and if you have a “dangerous country” not entirely on my side, my friends (?), this is what is making our world “fart” when I continue my journey through darkness of the Source.

  • It looks like a small epidemic because the other day it was the P4 radio speaking of pictures of Jesus in toast etc., which was ridiculed, and here the “respectable” Christian Newspaper brought pictures of Virgin Mary appearing in an American road tree, which made the better-knowing but ignorant reader dismiss it as nonsense, and I decided to bring all my four Signs pages including other pictures of Jesus in food and I told the paper to do PROPER work for example a work through article based on my pages, and I told them about their responsible bringing the truth to their readers, and I encouraged both the paper and readers to read my pages, and when they do, they will know that this is about the return of Christ and the Judgment, which is now over with, but I received only one visit and one comment of a man not knowing what was the most funny, the link or my comments (!) and yes it is “impossible” to SHOUT up will deaf people also here.

  • I was happy when a hand full of managers of Acta including Ole, the external CEO/trainer, accepted me on LinkedIn today, and also Uffe Ellemann, whom I also found in there (!), and also when Elena (from the plane from Austria) decided to accept my invitation to LinkedIn and also wrote me this message including “how big an impression you made on both of us”, so as you see, this is the true picture of how many people sees me, but not when they know about my writings and even less when I write about their wrong behaviour.

  • Helena said that she was ended in the “privet fascist stronghold – discussing clothes-dryers” and yes this is about drying our clothes on the clothes-line after meeting Nazi darkness.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to July 25, 2012: I was spiritually released from my mother and married by the original creator inside darkness to Karen

  1. jette says:

    “so this is the last solid block of darkness I am “eating” to use the language of Jette, which I like, but she could decide to use a Danish-English dictionary, which I still do myself, and yes I don’t know how many times I look up words in it, but maybe 5, 10 or 20 times per day…. ” Hi, Stig, my friend – 5, 10 or 20 per day are about the same amount I have to use the little GADS STRIBEDE.. I like my languagel, too and I therefore do not want to make the language just like yours. If it is to difficult to understand, people just have to use a Danish-English dictionary, themself. As long as I have no feed back, I see, no reason to use more time on the words than on the pictures.

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