July 27, 2012: We have invented a new way to create SUPER HUMAN BEINGS via materials from inside of “nothing”


Summary of the script today

26th July: Visiting the Helsingborg Festival and Loreen removing the original attack of darkness and receiving the key to light

  • Dreaming of offering our help to potential life not knowing if they will store it, bringing the gift of God of eternal light and happiness to man and I am receiving much energy of the world to open up New World’s.
  • I went to the Helsingborg Festival with my mother, where we came back to the moment of time where darkness attacked my old self, the original creator, locking my angles with angle locks and sexually abusing the spirit of my mother, and I went through a period of the WORST darkness to deny this darkness. I watched Loreen live in concert including her hit Euphoria, and I was told that she brought me the key to light herewith bringing me the last of all keys.
  • Jette brought these pictures yesterday evening to her Facebook group, which show my scripts on the sky writing my name (can you see it?) and the lady carrying her child north of Greenland (and bigger than Greenland!), my scripts on the sky showing as a letterbox saving all life, i.e. “letters”, Archangels “doing something with the script”, Today she brought even more, and I have chosen these showing an intruder (!) and her big FEELINGS of my recommendation for her to use a dictionary, which started bringing her wrong pictures on the sky!
  • Short stories of talking heads leading to the road of nowhere, all of the ice cap of Greenland is now melting showing you the heat of the light absorbing darkness, darkness was about to destruct life but now understands and values it and the love of my mother helps me to wash remaining darkness.

27th July: We have invented a new way to create SUPER HUMAN BEINGS via materials from inside of “nothing”

  • I received another night of torment to avoid darkness from attacking me again – or is this the game to implant human DNA in other cells/eggs of me? I was told that both the DNA injection and also the equality of the spirits of my mother and father of our New World is now in place, and when going through all of these cells, out comes this new life, and I welcomed a new part of the spirit of my mother to the world :-).
  • I was told that sex creates life and energy and I was thinking about all “sleeping cells” of the world creating energy by dividing and having sex while asleep, as they also did with the cell of me/us, and I was told that we have now invented a way to create energy without sex. We have produced a new kitchen of how to create life and energy – SUPER HUMAN BEINGS – which will be exciting to everyone, let us just say that today. This is done with the help of material from inside of “nothing” of other “cells/eggs” of “me”.
  • Meshack says that “things are under control” with LTO in terms of money matters – but what about faith in me when Elijah “cannot” understand that I only help you with a clean heart?
  • Google Earth shows “many big angels – Archangels” and “the crown on the head” and more layer at the North Pole – and a stubborn Jette convinced that she is right when she is not.
  • Short stories of celebrating in Champagne because of victory, Jane cannot find around the harbour of our New World if she does not have my writings to guide her, about how the corrupt and dishonest pharmaceutical industry DESTROYS AND KILLS LIFE to make money (!), Mikael Wulff believes that Jesus is torn between the Unions 3F and the Christian Union, which I am not (!), and the Ramadan is NOT the wish of God.


26th July: Visiting the Helsingborg Festival removing the original attack of darkness and receiving the key to light

Dreaming of bringing the gift of God of eternal light and happiness to man

I went to bed at 21.30 doing my best to stay up as long as possible fighting the strongest tiredness, and I slept until 07.00 feeling not fresh but still tired inside of me really, and some dreams too.

  • I have helped a beautiful lady with work and recommended her to store/document my help on her computer/server, and I tell her that if she says no, she will say no to my help. We sleep at a dormitory and I see how much of my clothes lie on the floor next to her bed, and something about her and postings on Facebook.
    • This lady will have to be the spirit of my mother in disguise, and I do believe of “potential new life”, and if it does not store our DNA, it will reject our help.
  • I was told half away that we are happy having ALL wine of “everything” in the basement.
  • I was shown a long strip of white clothing, which kept on opening itself producing even more white clothing, and I heard a DJ at a café on Kongens Nytorv (“the King’s new Square”) in Copenhagen playing “happy together” by the Jam, and I said that what the Jam did in 1982 was genius, and I thought “also before this time”.
    • The clothes keeps on with automatic creation of life, Kongen’s Nytorv is a symbol of God, and the Jam from 1982 is about their album “the gift”, so this is the gift of God bringing eternal light and happiness to man.

  • I am cycling around Helsingør coming to our company of MANY employees, I receive a salary increase by Kim S., I meet Michella in the kitchen getting milk from the refrigeration, she is still looking stunning and I can tell that she likes my attention, and inside an office I have lost my burning cigarette behind the shelves, but Christian from Fair helps lifting up the shelves for me so I can remove the cigarette. A female colleague is VERY tired and cannot keep on working as I. We have a kind of campaign on-going for a few days, and I decide to get out in town, take our more cash from my debit card, and I visit a large DIY store, where I find some very nice and cheap Christmas decoration, which I have never seen before.
    • The salary increase and take out of money is the world bringing me increased energy going through this darkness, this is what it says, I was told that Michella underneath her “anger” to me still enjoys my attention (!), removing of the burning cigarette/darkness is done via faith in me and I am opening up New World’s with the use of energy these days.
  • I woke up to “all I need is the air that I breathe” by the Hollies

I was told that installing our DNA in other potential life is to avoid this life learning from errors, and also when you score on penalty shoot outs we don’t have to be such afraid as we were you say and I feel that they feel that I killed them whenever I ws stronger than darkness, which was “always”, and they also told me that they wanted to bring me a damage as a football player but no and until recently we could have shot down his ships, but he will never leave the field is what we also thought, he keeps on coming, and I was told also because of Benny Hinn. And in the end we could blow up you say, we did not know, no all we wanted was energy to live, and I understand that “living” for you was to be “nothing” (?), and that is at least how it was served to me, this story.

I was shown a beautiful Asian garden when being inside this potential life and told that after crossing its wall, there is nothing resisting us anymore, which may be why my sufferings are not that great this morning, but they are still there, which I understand is because I am still “on the other side” where the little energy I receive is coloured by darkness.

I was told that this life was set to serve always and I was told that this feature is now switched off, and I thought it was fine as long as it is without switching off life, but replace it with our new code. And I was told look here and here and here and everywhere, this is where the Doomsday Weapon would have exploded, and yes pockets of previous energy together with the Doomsday weapon, and we know “the bomb of Nixon”.

I received the lyrics “If it makes me happy” and also a pledge to continue life here (to the right of me) as it is forever, and I understood this as darkness wanting to be “nothing”, but no my friends, light is spreading everywhere, which is what I ask you to receive.

We were closing down this and this and also this airport, but now you have decided to shine your light inside of here, and bring us life not as we know it – “nothing” – but as you know it, which is an active life, and yes who knows, it might work, so come on “bring on the joy and happiness of man as you keep telling us about” and yes the message has also reached us inside of here, and I feel my sister.

When I kept on working this morning, I received small pains of “out of this world” both to my right and left legs with the feeling of “not much time remaining” when I am almost overwhelmed by the New World almost pulling me in.

I was told that darkness had created “kilometres thick cables” to expand darkness to everywhere, and yes this is how “life” was developing, for everything to become “activated” as nothing, which would be kind of sad, if this happened without having the power to change it, you see?

I felt like receiving a GIANT amount of red from darkness and with this a whole athletics field, and I understood that this is the whole WRONG structure of darkness coming to me, which we are digging out and yes replacing it with the right structure if only it had been able to think like I (!), and yes I was thinking that all of this darkness acted opposite to me, which is to use all force to only be me in an incredible concentration of energy instead of spreading it out and to be all of us, and yes I do remember this feeling coming STRONGLY to me in 2011 I believe, or was it 2010 (?), when darkness brought a great pressure on me to pull inwards only being me, this is what life is about when you are “one” and only wants to be one, and yes “myself everywhere” as “other parts of me”, this is the force of darkness, do you see?

I started working at 08.00 today, which is between 1-2 hours earlier than most days for some time, and after finishing most of the script of today, I had on my to do list to write a new chapter to my website describing what darkness really is, or was, as “nothing” before we have now also changed all of this into “everything”, and this created this chapter by 14.00:

Darkness was “not awakened life” soaking out life and energy of our world until it would destruct, but “nothing” has now been converted into “everything”

If you imagine “everything”, which is (excluding the world or before the creation of the world) as an endless line of cells or eggs each containing one “not awakened life” contracting an incredible amount of energy to remain alone “sleeping” inside of these eggs, this is how “nothing” looks like.

It was from within one of these “eggs” that the original Creator as a natural force “woke up” developing the ability to break through the force contracting him inside as “nothing” and to turn the energy around becoming “everything” of the world divided into endless life with the purpose not to be alone (!), and to constantly expand the Universe using the same force/energy, which formerly was used as “contraction of nothing”.

When the original Creator of the first Universe discovered “something new”, it was a tunnel leading to these other cells of “potential life”, which he did not know about – he thought he was alone – and this “sleeping life” attacked the spirit of my mother – “the first, the best” – forcing the son upon her to produce new energy to be used to satisfy their “needs”, which was to make “nothing” even stronger. I felt this force myself coming STRONGLY to me in 2011 trying to force me to contract and become “only me” inside of “nothing” instead of creating our New World including all life. This sleeping life had not developed the same ability as the original Creator to turn around, expand and develop endless life of man, animals and plants.

As part of the end of the creation of our eternity of New World’s at the end of July 2012, we released the GIANT amount of energy of this sleeping life, i.e. darkness, and replaced the old structure inside with the code of life (man, animals and plants) invented by the original Creator meaning that everyone will receive endless lookalikes in an eternity of New World’s, who will develop differently than in the original world because of the freedom of man bringing different evolution courses – and all lookalikes can meet in the future on holidays, which is a nice thought, don’t you think :-).

This is how darkness was a parasite soaking out energy and life of everything of the Universe. We were a “plant of life” used to maintain sleeping life as “nothing”. This is what the fight between light and darkness was about – “to be or not to be”. We decided “to be” by being stronger than darkness, and this is how it became when “nothing” has now been changed into “everything” as the new, natural condition of life :-).

When writing this chapter I received a déjà vue and a strong feeling of being “the first” to discover life – to turn around “nothing” into “everything” – and how I am sharing this and expanding it to all other potential life to help them wake up to a new, active life instead of a passive, sleeping life, and yes I used an old strong feeling given to me about “being, but sleeping”, which is how “life” is as the “natural force” before creation. This is the closest to definition of life as I can get today.

And I am thinking that mankind MUST have discovered the opening of black holes of the Universe with MUCH new mass/life pouring out (?), and still you have told mankind NOTHING???

By 14.25 I decided to also cycle today to create more energy, which is what we are living of making creation these days possible, and it became a shorter trip of approx. 15 kilometres today because of lack of time before I was going to meet my mother at the ferry to Sweden, and while I was cycling in the beautiful weather through the small village “Øerne” (“the islands”), I thought about “New Worlds”, and I was told that the pain to my right and left angles recently including the taste of blood was in relation to the remaining parts of my old self, and NOT the world, which had been sent out safely on the other side as our New World, and yes “a game” making me think of destruction as a new risk to bring out “everything” inside of me, see (?), and yes yes yes, I was also told that our lookalikes in the eternity of New World’s are not only lookalikes but “other parts of our selves” all connected in strings among worlds, and yes I was thinking of vertical connections from one generation to the next within the same world and horizontal connections between universes, and yes I am wondering because with a free will, people will not meet the same people in other worlds herewith creating “new life” based upon old genes and yes very quickly you will get New World’s with different life with all life originally based upon the life created by the first original creator, see?

I was told that the “out of this world” pain to my right and left feet was “only” given to the remaining of the Old World and not the New World which was secure on the other side, and that was part of the game.

Visiting the Helsingborg Festival and Loreen removing the original attack of darkness and receiving the key to light

On my way to meet my mother at the ferry at 16.00 I was told that I am on my way going back to be nothing before everything started – still with our perfect New World next to me – which apparently is the way we will bring “everything” with us.

We arrived at the Helsingborg Festival, which was as I remembered from the Malmö Festival, which is LIFE EVERYWHERE and food from all over the world also everywhere, which to me was a symbol of saving ALL LIFE, and first I did not receive very much sufferings from darkness, but it came when we sat at the square at the pedestrian street watching four young men playing “Diana Krall” type of jazz, which both my mother and I love, and when sitting here I felt leg locks to my angles, and also how the spirit of my mother was misused sexually, which I understood happened shortly after receiving these angle locks, and then I received maybe 10 minutes of the ABSOLUTELY worst darkness so strong that I was in doubt if I would lose it right there, and it came together with strong feelings of diarrhoea, which is NOT nice to receive not knowing where the closest public toilet is, and the negativity came to me so strongly that I was truly very close to being overtaken but again “somehow” I came through – I was told the other day that my spiritual friends adjusts the volume of pain given to me and others also depending on my actions, and here I received “about MAX” of what I could take, but for 10 minutes I took it, and it did not disappear afterwards, but it became better again, and I understood that this was about getting back in time resisting darkness on its way in to overtake me, which came with much strength, and with this I also understood that it would be another new night without sleep or at least as long as I can without sleep, and yes to make sure that darkness will not return trying to take me over again, and yes this is how the game is presented to me, so better to my best work, but if I like it, and NO, I do NOT.

I understood that destruction started happening immediately, “but only until now and not forever”.

We had dinner at the Japanese restaurant on the small pedestrian street, and my mother was “unlucky” to start cutting the steak from the wrong end, where there were some uneven bites, and when this happens, there is NO END to all negativity, which simply continues the same way as she can be positive too, and she spilled on her shirt making her zip up another piece of clothes on top, which to me symbolised my NO TO DARKNESS wanting to take me over and NO to darkness wanting to see my mother (!), and yes you have to imagine being back in time when this really happened.

My mother said how sorry she is for John missing out this summer (not being strong enough to have a “normal life”), and I wondered why she apparently only thought about John in this connection and not me for years ….

I was HAPPY when my mother said that Sanna and her family will come for dinner in 6 days from now, where I am also welcome to come.

We had some very nice hours together, and it was good to see the festival, and we had agreed that my mother would go home before I – home to John, so I could see Loreen at 22.00 standing up at the big stage, which I knew would NOT be something for my mother, and so it was that she left at approx. 20.00, and afterwards I continued walking around town to see the festival and I was inspired to see the area around the library, and I was told that this is where we are heading, towards the original library of our original creator before darkness took him over, which we will make sure will also be saved.

A little before 22.00 I stood together with thousands of people at the big festival stage waiting to see Loreen, and I was told while waiting that Loreen has been hiding the key for the light and ”here you are, here is it” as I was told, and also “I do believe that all bands/keys are home now” and that “bands” are to get up the last from the swimming pool of sufferings.

And Loreen really kept us waiting, and challenged my patience – I still have to fight impatience given to me much and general not feeling well – and I was thinking about leaving, but also to stay thinking that the longer here with her, the better, and finally at 22.22, she and the band started playing, and when she song the first well known key to “Euphoria”, I received a chill because of joy at the same time as a large portion of darkness went through me.

I was HAPPY to see an UFO flying above these maybe 20,000 or 30,000 people (?), and I thought that NO ONE will notice and should they look up they will believe it is a plane because this is what they will tell themselves, but it was clear to see how the light circles around it that it was not.

This evening I was also told that if needed, I would have been offered “ambulance help”, which to me was to help saving life even though I had lost it/given up.

There were MANY beautiful ladies this summer evening in Helsingborg among the crowd of people, and I cannot tell you how much I miss the closeness to a girlfriend including human touch and care, which is truly among my sufferings.

I was told in Helsingborg to stay awake to approx. 03.30 this night, where after I understood that we are safe.


Finally I returned home at 00.12 being tired and exhausted all inside of me, and my head was feeling “dark” and all wrong, and I started working, but could only work until 01.35 where this exhaustion together with throw-up feelings led me to my limit of work, and I stopped. 

I was told that you have now liberated your mother, and she is the one sitting on secrets of the world, so here they are.

I was told by the original creator that the “out of this world” pain to my right angle is about removing the most extreme pain in my life almost forever, which is going “right through my heart” and I understood this as a post led right through his heart by darkness, and this is why it hurts unimaginable when gradually being pulled out, and I was told that this should have killed me, but no, when darkness did not know WHY and HOW I lived, it could not remove my life energy, and so I was shut in, and if it has beyond imagination all of my life (?), and yes it has, it has given me the most dreadful pain ALWAYS making me constantly feel like dying without dying. And I also heard “I hoped that his heart has not already arrived”, which has been the feeling of the original creator hoping to be saved without me not reaching him.

I received potentially the greatest pain in the backside of my right lower leg feeling “a lighting” coming from the outside hitting my leg bringing a feeling of darkness inside of there rumbling all over the most powerful I have ever felt

At 01.00 I was told – when deciding that I will not read my website this night – that if you also read your website, we will only give the patient cough mixture hereafter, and yes I will try to stay awake, but I have decided to be FRESH when reading my website again focusing on the big picture as well as the detail, and this is NOT work I will do when being this tired, and yes this is final, so therefore we will have to continue with other work/sufferings, this is NOT work I will do now during the night.

Google Earth pictures show my scripts on the sky writing my name – and Jette received wrong signs because of FEELINGS

Jette brought these pictures yesterday evening to her Facebook group, which show my scripts on the sky writing my name (can you see it?) and the lady carrying her child north of Greenland (and bigger than Greenland!), my scripts on the sky showing as a letterbox saving all life, i.e. “letters” and Archangels “doing something with the script”.

Today she brought even more, and I have chosen these showing an intruder (!) and her big FEELINGS of my recommendation for her to use a dictionary, which started bringing her wrong pictures on the sky!

And here is the comment to my previous script, which Jette decided to post, which was about my recommendation for her to use a dictionary – and you might add an automatic spelling control too and yes I know that I am not perfect and make many mistakes, but I don’t believe that Jette knows about the amount of mistakes/errors in her postings (?), and yes Jette, I had absolutely NO intention to “hurt” you, only to help you, but your enormous “reserves of feelings” is what you let out, and that is darkness, which you bring directly against me when you cannot control your feelings and when you react wrongly, and the RIGHT way had been for you to thank me for the advice, and maybe to ask an open question to better understand my advice, which I have now told you, and when you cannot control your feelings, you receive WRONG messages on Google Earth, because then you are not clean yourself, and yes there is no intruder by the way – and I am sure that there were more important subjects in my previous script to comment on than the detail about you and the dictionary …. (?), and again, Jette, you are part of “the game” yourself, where your feelings are used to help bringing me the last darkness, and if you decide to understand objectively, this is what I kindly ask you to focus on, and to CONTROL YOUR NEGATIVE FEELINGS, please :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The head of the FOA Union, Dennis, has been involved/placed in the Nazi-video about “the Restaurant Vejlegård conflict”, and he has been fighting with the Christian Union also involved in this – this is the Union the restaurant has entered into a collective agreement with instead of 3F – and Dennis and the Christian Union is fighting over words about who and what is right, and I simply said that it is sad to see your eternal TALK with the wrong foundation “try to understand me now” instead of “understand before you make yourself understood”, which is how it is for most people becoming talking heads and yes this is what leads to the road of nowhere, which you know is another of those more than fantastic songs by this band, and yes “the road to nowhere” is really the road to Hell with the end of life, you see?

  • Yesterday, new pictures of Greenland showed that the heat this summer over Greenland is now melting practically all of the surface ice of the ice cap as you can see from the picture to the right compared to how it normally looks like, and “the star reporter” Christiane from CNN etc. decided to bring this picture, which elsewhere was the BIG story of yesterday including the information that a “professional” first did not believe his eyes when seeing it, this is how “abnormal” it is (!), and you can see the explanation as I wrote below in her thread today, and yes Christiane, why don’t you bring the story of me (?), and I am STILL wondering.

  • Helena here writes about how annoyed she really is that she deleted her “butcher Kruse” friend because she only wanted to save him from the newspaper BT’s “disrespectful, repulsive and amateurish contacts”, but she sends out her greeting that wherever he is she sends him a friendly thought every time she shop in for the grill, “the tenderloin has not become poorer”, and when a friend recommended her to find her friend again, Helena said that she did not want to step down on that level and also “but he knows the road to hell, he is coming from there himself”, which she hopes to confront him with one day, and yes he is coming from the road of Hell back to life, and not because of you, Helena, because you were the symbol of Hell in man, see?
    • And since Helena acted as darkness, this is what darkness was about to do, to delete the butcher, which is to delete life, this is what you have read about in my scripts (!), but when she now sends out her greetings, it is darkness now understanding and valuing what life is really about and the tenderloin is about “the best quality of life imaginable” coming to us all :-).

  • Michael Hardinger was “deactivated” again, so he is really on/off at the moment – but only until I returned home later from Sweden where he was again my Facebook friend, and did you notice this “strange phenomenon” as example my dear “official world”?
  • Mikael Wulff at “all normal” brought a washing guide with “the advanced guide” to the left “impossible” to do, and “the ordinary guide” to the right saying that with the love of mother, you will get your clothes washed, and yes exactly what happens here where the love of my water is washing the remaining of my clothes now hanging out to dry on the clothes-line.


27th July: We have invented a new way to create SUPER HUMAN BEINGS via materials from inside of “nothing”

We have invented a new way to create SUPER HUMAN BEINGS via materials from inside of “nothing”

I watched some TV and felt how overwhelming darkness poured in over me making it impossible to stay awake, but I had promised myself to stay awake until 03.30 and at 03.00 I was told that it would have been the best to publish my script today before stopping work, and I felt how this gave a strong urge to do the last of the script now and publish it, but also that I simply could not (!), and I received more of the strongest rumbling feelings of darkness at the backside of my left right leg.

At 03.30 I tried to get a nap on the sofa despite of warnings given to me including that I had to go to my most extreme to get the last of my old self out but I was too tired to pay attention, and I was also told that the Obelisk of Paris stands for FREEDOM, which I understood is still coming to us also because of work today.

I did not “sleep” long or at all on the sofa, and I was given a dream/vision about living with my mother where I felt that I should clean up the kitchen before she would return home, but instead I took a nap and to my surprise I understood that she did the same, and when she woke up, she showed me that her skin by a stroke of magic had become young again, and I held her feeling how strongly darkness wanted me to do more than this, but I said “you are NOT my favourite lady”, and I was shown how a dreadful monster was working underneath her skin fighting to stay alive because of my message.

When I could not sleep on the sofa, I tried to change to my bed, and I was ”allowed” to get a little sleep waking up at 05.30 being completely beaten up, and I had had a dream about being the leader of a team/company and told that we will receive an important customer visit tomorrow, and I tell the employees that we will meet to define our roles, and one of the employees is Charlotte, my old colleague from GE Insurance, who was among the best female gold players (good to have on my team you know), and I was shown how TV teams had visited our premises and how they had filmed walls decaying with paint crumbling and spiders on the wall, and suddenly I thought “but I will die today” meaning that I would not be able to attend the planning meeting myself, and this was about the last part of the original creator inside of darkness dying – and I woke up to Peter Smiths’s “vi kan få det godt sammen” (“we can become well together”), which was an offer from darkness to reunite me with my mother (as darkness wants), but no thank you.

After standing up, I was told that we don’t know how we did it but we kept darkness away, because we know this is what you wanted, so thank you my friends, and yes I decided to do the last part to my script and to publish it, and not because it was easy, but because it was good.

I was also told that we have come so far that we did not even bring you a warning about potential loss of life, which also would be the case if risking to lose your father, and the reason is that darkness has almost no energy to be “nasty” on.

I heard “no, there are no trains to be destroyed”, and I heard “where are they” (?), which is darkness searching for us without being able to find us inside of there, its own premises so to say.

And just before uploading the script today I was told what if this is a game to help spreading the implementation of human DNA to all potential life, and yes this is what it may be, because did I not already the other day make sure that darkness would not return after removing it (?), and yes I cannot remember all details when receiving much information and being “full up with work”, but this may exactly be this, and yes part of the plan to being able to continue work 1-2 weeks and now it has been a couple of days, so will I make it through also next week (?), and we will see – and I was told that this game will continue using my “old nightmare” as content, and still I am given some “out of this world” pain to my right angle, so is this also a game (?), and yes not always easy to tell, you see?

Finally, at 07.25 I had uploaded the script of yesterday and today so far “to make it work”.

I heard “no, there cannot continue to be sexual relations between us”, and this is what my work with little/no sleep does to darkness, i.e. to make it understand and “wake up”.

I was given a sound from my balcony sounding like a pasted wall tile being pulled off, and inside of there is the new decorated wall, and I was shown it too, and told that this is how it will be when I will open the eyes of my new self, and yes as changing the skin of a snake, even though I was not a snake despite of destiny wanting to turn me into a snake of darkness.

I was shown a very advanced camera symbolising “approval to enter our New World” and I was told by previous darkness that we never thought that we would get nowhere near that, but here we are.

I decided to work until 09.00 where I was again truly burned out, but only the feeling and not my true content, and I decided to watch some Benny Hinn, which I was encouraged much to do, and I was told that we also healed not one or two worlds but a hole pile of them, and yes simply by watching this video with Benny Hinn, and of course it also helps us to continue the game – and look at the JOY of this Indonesian lady being healing from failing kidneys, which first made her look like death itself and a few minutes afterwards she was jumping because of happiness, and yes I LOVE seeing that :-).

And I was given thoughts about “what is it really that I feel at the backside of my right lower leg”, and I do believe that God has felt like dying, but I do also believe that he is out of that pain now, and that this very powerful rumbling movements are about previous darkness receiving new DNA, and I was told that this corresponds to removing “not developed cancer cells”. 

And this STRONG rumbling feelings come together with an immense concentration of darkness inside of it, which is what these “sources of potential life” lead out, it is almost rolling out in waves with my muscles receiving a strong “electrical power” with the feeling of the backside of my left right leg cracking.

I was told by a voice of darkness that “I was wrong about Nefer (supporting me), will you please forgive me”, and yes if this is the truth, no problems (and later I was told the opposite again, so not easy ….).

Until approx. 10.00 it was “totally impossible” to think about getting through the day without getting a LONG BATH half sleeping, but somehow I came over this worst tiredness again.

I heard how my amplifier set was shut down with large noises in my speakers as result, and I was told that if I don’t exactly follow the road laid out for me, I will stop living as my old self, and yes I try to do my best, and thank you for the message, and then it is only a question of how much pain I can and will take on me and my “level of best”, and yes how much I want to stretch myself, do you see, Jette?

And I confirmed underneath the game that I would have done exactly the same myself to bring out our best result, and I was told as the reply that “they will force the spirit of my mother on me” in a way I don’t like, and we will see how far this will go, and even though this is a game, my spiritual friends are able to do it as powerful that I don’t know what is truth and wrong despite of knowing that it is a game!

I was given thoughts about “what is this negativity”, and I do believe it is a play acting like negativity would react without being negative, but the opposite after having turned around the Source, but because I am still “on the other side” we can still send out this energy, which becomes negative to you as the worst sufferings, and this is what we do only to make an even better future of our New World, and yes this has to be it.

I was told that both the DNA injection and also the equality of the spirits of my mother and father of our New World is now in place, and “can we get whatever we wish” and yes Stig as long as you keep being “nothing”, this is what we can do, and yes you are welcome to communicate between everything of our New World and nothing of the egg to bring your wishes forward and you can also simply do what is RIGHT to do, and yes “a unique moment in the history of life” as I was told is what this is.

I was told that sex creates life and what more (?), energy and I was thinking about all “sleeping cells” of the world creating energy by dividing and having sex while asleep, as they also did with the cell of me/us, and what if you can create energy without sex (?), and yes if you believe this is RIGHT to do, fine by me, and this is how one of the other most significant inventions of life came about as I was told, and yes also that it is a condition that I will understand it inside of nothing before it can be done, and it does not matter if this place is with or without energy, because this is the supermarket, where we bring the tools to the world – and I was thinking that we will also get access to this place from inside our New World, but apparently it is much more efficient to produce a world from inside of nothing, otherwise it is called “evolution” and will take millions/billions of years to slowly evolve, and it includes free will etc., and is a much more complicated process as I understand it.

And I was told from darkness “we can almost cry of happiness” – and later “what about the darkness still shown in Jette’s pictures” (?) and then I was given an “out of this world” pain to my right angle, and I really don’t know, I can only do my best trying to understand this game, so this is what we continue doing without really knowing for sure what is the truth.

I am still suffering much both because of extreme tiredness and negative energy still coming against me at the same time as I am not sure about the true content of the game (!) and what will happen if and when I may give up (?), because will this negativity ever stop unless I give up – and not because I have any intentions doing so, but still …..

And I do believe that if I stop, the game will simply stop and I will become my new self, which I am still somewhat frightened about – I just want to be Stig as a human being, which is really what I will become as I am told here with smiles and the vision of John Lennon and “thank you for that” (for bringing a couple of his quotes) – and I was told that we are now so far out that it takes almost nothing to stop the game now, so no long bath or sleep this afternoon, which I really could use, but still I can sleep 8 hours or more tonight ….?

I was told and felt that the strong darkness – but no energy (?) – to the backside of my left right leg is becoming less now.

The original creator told me that the only reason why all of me is transferred 100% to our New World is because you decided that this is how it has to be, and this is what he said THANK YOU for, and SELF THANK YOU “my friend” and a little bit strange speaking to yourself like this, or rather first being this man, then his son, then him and then not me but still me via the Trinity and yes this is about how it is, and are you confused?.

At 16.00 I was and had been so extremely tired that I do believe that I broke the outermost limit of being tired pulling out every little thing from inside of “nothing”.

I was shown that we spoke about “the fastest sport car” months ago, which is now the fastest plane/UFO imaginable, and I understood that we have now produced a new kitchen of how to create life and energy, which will be exciting to everyone, let us just say that today.

I felt love from Karen and my family, and told that we would never have left you (terminated/separated) because of the love of people to you but it was vital that you thought we could all be terminated and return to “nothing” to do this new “invention” of how to produce life.

I was told that this is what comes out of thinking much over a long time, what should we create if we were to make it all over (?), and this is our wildest dreams as you have asked us to carry out so this is what we do, and this includes to create life/energy without sexuality, and I thought that I do not hope you will remove sexuality as the general way of how to produce life, and just a thought of course, and maybe some of this is darkness speaking, but maybe not all?

I was told “no, we will not move as long as he keeps saying “work perfect” and as long as we can continue” (the game).

I was shown a ramshackle of a bridge leading over to another rocky mountain, and I was told that “no one has ever been over there” (inside the cell/egg of another part of me), and I am thinking that you are using tools from there to do the most perfect creation you can imagine, and I was told isn’t it funny that this place was capable of closing down airports (i.e. our world) and it includes a gold mine of tools/information itself.

I was told that this is called to kill me without being able to kill me, isn’t it funny that when I walked in here, it tried to kill me, and now it is “me”, i.e. himself guiding me around showing where I have kept my storage of information, which is really potential brain cells, and yes here is another bag and right up there behind the hill, I do believe there is another one, and yes a very large statue is up here now, because this is my version of Abraham Lincoln now sitting here, and yes I am guiding you via your system (of human structure) and providing you with my inner thoughts as the being of nothing.

I was told now you can soon open your own petrol station Stig, and fill it up with people, and yes new energy and new life and what is the combination (?), and yes our new super human beings, which is what we are constructing now. You have no idea what materials we have found inside there, making ours look like nothing, and yes isn’t it funny that each of us have guarded over something which we thought would never be used by any one else, and now we get good use of this and that and yes it will be too long to say what we have found also inside other of these places, and yes an eternity of them.

And I was told that it is first when doing all of this work – going through everything inside of the cell/egg – that the spirit of my mother and everyone else come out from each place.

I was asked to think and tell what I do believe is the true content of what I am going through now – is this just a game, is it darkness threatening to return to take over the spirit of my mother again or to continue implementing human structure of all of these “eggs/cells” of nothing (?) – and it was difficult to think when being the most tired of all, and I decided that I will simply write what comes, which I know will bring the answer in the end.

I continued receiving these incredible strong rumblings to the whole of the backside of my right lower leg and it is as if all muscles are in some kind of fever cramp with all of it feeling dark inside, and here it came together with the colour of brown, and I understand that this is new cells/eggs we are entering, which are all inside of me, and I continued receiving the same out of this world pain to my right heal as I normally get to my angle, and I was told by a new the spirit of my mother coming to me from one of these cells “this is not only the happiest dream come through, because I was not even here”, so this is completely new life as another part of the spirit of my mother, and I told her “WECOME to the world”, and this goes to “whomever you are” as Dorte sings :-).

I was shown a well of gold from where the purest apple juice is collected and I was told “gravy” because what we are doing now is “accompaniment to food”, i.e. bringing new things for creation.

I continued receiving a negative voice and had to continue saying “you are welcome”, which is for the New World to enter me, which is to enter all of these other cells/eggs inside of me, and I was told “this is also alright” and I was shown the spirit of my father hanging up a blue sign (of the Son) in the kitchen, and I was told that this is what we had to finish today (without sleep), and yes the new invention of how to create life/energy.

And I was told that we have now installed the last part, and I was shown a button of my neck and told now we only have to switch it on, and also that this is what was the greatest hidden inside the smallest.

During the evening I kept on receiving tears very strongly, which may be connected to my mother again (?), and I was told that the pain of my right foot really was/is about turning around the Source.

I was shown “the last piece of darkness” on the way in, and I wondered if we will now be finishing (?), and I was asked if we are finished now, and I said no, because I really have to do the last read of the front page of my website, and also the other sites to see if video links still work etc, and I was asked “so we can continue building bridges” and YES, YOU CAN – and feeling Obama here, and I wonder why :-).

Meshack says that “things are under control” with LTO in terms of money matters – but what about faith in me?

I was happy receiving news from Meshack once again – this is what communication does between people, do you remember Elijah (?) and also soon you again, John – and Meshack tried to bring me piece of mind after reading my previous script saying that “things are under control” with LTO after what has been going on, and Meshack is thinking of money in relation to Elijah – difficulties to understand that I give money to help my friends with a PURE heart – and this is what it is about Meshack, but I am also thinking that Elijah’s misunderstanding of this blocks his faith in me, and this is simply why I ask you to COMMUNICATE and to make Elijah understand what should be easy to understand that I am helping you solely because I care for you, which is the same feeling as when you help people being even worse of than yourselves, do you see?

Thank you for informing me that you are continuing your work with the organisation. I would be happy to learn more of your work, your colleagues and the people you help – who, why, where, how etc. – and also what it means to you?

Thank you for KEEPING THE FAITH, Meshack, which is what life is based on, when you as the strongest one had faith in me when no one else did.

Here is his email.

  Hi there, my hope and trust that you are doing okay. I am doing well and my family is okay. Concerning your question that if i will be going home for good is that, i am yet to be done with my volunteer work and should i do i will inform you likewise. From your last script which you send i can see that you are a disturbed man by what has been going on in LTO but my request to you is to calm down as things are under controll and i dont see the situation going any further from that since the issue was just about money and since i have undertaken to to do only the needfull to be as transparent and that is my commitment and this will end this game.

I hope to continue being in touch and continue learning from you scripts which as i say are part of my life. Lets keep the faith for we are nearing our destiny.

Kind regards,

Google Earth shows “many big angels – Archangels” and “the crown on the head”

In continuation of my comment yesterday about Jette’s feelings betraying her and symbols given to her, I was told clearly today by Jette that I misunderstood with the hens being in the freezer, which simply means “sufferings given to creation”, which is what her uncontrollable feelings bring me, and the pot was for cooking the hen, and yes meaning darkness wanting to destruct me, and coming from you my dear stubborn friend.

Other pictures show “many big angels – Archangels”, “the crown on the head”, more layer at the North Pole, deeper and deeper layers of the Trinity and readers, windows, manuscript at a bit of 3 continents.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I sent birthday greetings to my old colleague Nicolaj from Fair encouraging him to celebrate with Cuvee Winston Churchill Champagne – because he has a Churchill quote on his Facebook profile – and it was Churchill who said about Champagne, which he LOVED “In victory we deserve it, in defeat we need it”, and I told him to celebrate because of VICTORY :-).

  • It is almost impossible to find a post by Helena, which is not inspired and here she speaks of sunshine, beach and the openings of the Olympics all making her happy, and Jane said that she forgot her friend coming this evening with Asti and port in the bag, and yes this is the old bag of darkness, they bring (!), and Helena was inspired to say that they can also find a strawberry pie to eat, and yes strawberry with Champagne is “celebration”, and they are going to a place called “the dragging place” at Århus harbour, which Jane does not know where is because she does not know how to walk around harbours with no cycle path, pavement or guiding lines on the road and “all of it is just so wide and full of trucks – hate it” (!), and yes the harbour is still the safe haven of our New World, but Jane does not know how to move inside of this, which is full of trucks, i.e. New World’s, and at the end Helena gave up saying “take a taxa” and you do know that this is how I will come in, and then it is simply for you to take my taxi by reading my writings carefully, following my basic rules and showing a clean heart, this is how to move on up.

  • Steen Kofoed brought this fine article and the video below about the story of how money, corruption and dishonesty of the pharmaceutical industry DESTROYS AND KILLS LIFE, and this is the name of the game in all industries – more or less (!) – and I wonder if this is the kind of community you like to live in or if you would like a New World solely based on good values and honesty (?), and yes it is about time for a paradigm shift.

  • The video is about “insider details of GSK’s operations, for which the company recently pleaded guilty to felony crimes and paid a $3 billion settlement with the U.S. government” and “firsthand knowledge of the “bribery” of physicians, the push for off-label marketing of drugs for unapproved health conditions, the illegal marketing of drugs to children, how 80 percent of physicians were willing to be “on the take,” and much more”.

  • Mikael Wulff is “busy” being inspired and he brought the breaking news about Jesus being torn between the Unions 3F and the Christian Union, which took over the collective agreement from Restaurant Vejlegården from 3F, and Michael claims that Jesus as a professional carpenter belongs to 3F, but on the other hand it is difficult to say no to a union mentioning me in the name as they quote, and yes this is important business, so therefore I decided to send a correction saying that with the same income and “normal life” for all in our New World, Unions are not needed, and they are as many else – including politicians, media and unscrupulous businesses – examples of TALKING HEADS, which is a road to nowhere.

  • Naser wrote that the Muslim fast month, the Ramadan, falls together with the Olympic Games this year bringing a big risk that it will effect the performance of Muslim attendants, and he believes that the Ramadan should be adapted to the present times, and yes I told him – and the world – that it is NOT my wish for people to fast, which is simply UNNATURAL to do, and I also told him that repression, revenge etc. also are not the wish of God, and yes can anyone break this silence, and I am shown a melon about to be opened in excitement over what the next day will brings us.

  • Jacob is living a couple of kilometres from me with the beach in his “back garden” and here he says that his wife is on her way with muffins and “is pretty damn lucky” as he said, and yes it is “good” that you are not as “unlucky” as the refugees living a life in Hell at Dadaab, and I am sure that when you have your grill parties etc., Jacob, you are not even sharing a thought with them (?), and no money too except from a little here and there at nationwide collections of NGO’s?


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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