August 2, 2012: I received the original key of the Son of God and the world from my sister as the daughter of darkness


Summary of the script today

1st August: I received the original key of the Son of God and the world from my sister as the daughter of darkness

  • Dreaming of using my old self as the poorest construction setting up the light of our New World and entering the deepest part of the original creator playing “amazing” by George Michael confirming that God will help everyone to show a clean heart.
  • The perfect connection to the Source is now in place, and a heart will be dropping in on Monday, and it is with this heart that the Lord will enter to close down the crisis that never came, and catapult energy to the world.
  • When I continued to ask for the game to continue to make everything perfect, it means that parts of lives of people will now be uncovered from the container of “termination” placed with my most inner self, the remaining original creator inside of darkness also meaning that we will not need to wait five years for the final stage of our New World to open, which it will do when people have shown a clean heart.
  • I was told that my sister is my opposite self as the daughter of darkness bearing the key of life of my old self, the Son of God (!), and later, when meeting my mother/John and Sanna/Hans and their sons for dinner, I knew that I would receive this key of my old life as the Son of God from darkness via my sister now having faith in who I am, and this is what I did. This key is also the key of the Old World, which now will be used as the key of my new self and our New World instead of a temporary key, until we would later save the original key. It is better to do what you can do “perfect” now than to wait until later also meaning that we don’t have to wait five years for the final stage of the New World to open up.
  • We have lost to darkness “millions of times” returning to “nothing” to develop life inside of here leading to new Big Bangs and New World’s, which also would have happened if I had not be stronger than darkness this time.
  • Google Earth pictures show boy hanging in one arm from Greenland with a big Angel making loops, lots of souls/heads put together to a branch (saving the last parts of life), life inside darkness of Typhoon Saola and Severe Tropical Storm Damrey is being liberated and a handsome fellow looks satisfied of what he sees. 
  • Short stories of monster-darkness still bringing abuse of children to the world, Jacob also brought me darkness, I became fat without eating too much and still I received the stamp of life, badminton players symbolising darkness were disqualified from the Olympics, telling Michael Hardinger and the world that it is about time for me/us to WAKE UP and I like the 10 Indian Commandments.

2nd August: Fanny brought me “the ultimate key” releasing my new self, the resurrected Jesus, as the last from darkness

  • We are absorbing and unpacking darkness, which was about to be packed in with the most inner of me (to be released with faith of man within the next five years), and darkness tried to keep this energy from me, but we are now working to release this too, and this is energy holding the world together, which will be plugged in when we will reach the end of it, and this is what will bring “original life” to the world.
  • I had a Facebook chat with Fanny asking me about the New World – to continue doing light work to lift up Earth or to keep it in piece (?) with the answer being the first – and she told me about “the key”, which she has received, and I told her that my thinking was that her key could fit in with my journey where I am collecting keys on my way converting darkness to light and when I asked her about what it is and she answered “the ultimate”, I was told that this is light/energy she is bringing me enabling me to enter the most dense energy of darkness to set my own inner self – the resurrected soul of Jesus – free. My new self was resurrected by the original creator from “nothing” to a life inside of darkness in 2011, and is first now being released from this darkness as the last man standing inside of there.
  • Short stories of faith of high school students, Fanny helps me to carry on and Helena feels knackered just like I.


1st August: I received the original key of the Son of God and the world from my sister as the daughter of darkness

Dreaming of entering the deepest part of the original creator confirming that God will help everyone to show a clean heart

I went to bed at 22.40 yesterday and slept until 08.00 this morning with these dreams, and yes let us see if we can read them.

  • I am at work writing on a VERY old typewriter – looking like from year 1900 – to bring out the light, and my manager Bjarne B. is curious and brings me a paper, which is a rough draft I have written before of what I am writing now, and I use this old typewriter even though I know that I have new computer I can use, and a man sits next to me writing on an even older typewriter.
    • It seems that Bjarne, my manager from Danske Bank, Freeport in 1986-87 (before Lars H.), has faith in me when seeing my updates on LinkedIn (?), and here he sees that I am using my old self and the poorest construction to finalise work on the connection of the Source.
  • I received the dream above after less than half an hour of sleep and I also received an incredible strong feeling that it required a new night without sleep for me to do this, but no, I could not, so I continued sleeping (also knowing at least now when this is written that what I do not cover is covered by the world).
    • I am at the gate of a street where I here music of George Michael being played further down the street and it sounds like a street party, and even though the gate to this street is closed, I get around the gate to the left of it, and when arriving, I hear that it is AMAZING by Georg Michael, which is played, and I see a computer being set up for partying, and that it includes picture editing software, which can edit all different kinds of pictures, and I have a very tight sitting cap on, which is finally taken off me, and I see children cleaning coffee spots from the kitchen.
    • This is the entrance to the deepest part of myself as the original creator, and the party is about celebration coming to save me, and what better way than to play the amazing song “amazing” by George Michael, and as you can see from Lykke, later last night after I went to bed, she decided to write about Michael Maze, who lost the quarter finals in table tennis, that still he is aMAZEing, and yes I am thinking of the 1/8 finals he did winning 4-0 over the Japanese ranked 3, and yes as I won 6-0 over darkness, and the picture editing software is to say that we are prepared to help EVERY SINGLE ONE to show a clean heart to open up for the New World inside of yourself.

The perfect connection to the Source is now in place, and we are absorbing ALL darkness now

I was told that a heart will be dropping in and it said Monday on it (five days from now), and it is with this heart that the Lord will enter to close down the crisis that never came, and it is with this that I will catapult energy to the world, which a voice inside of darkness told me.

I was told that y mother has sold programs for the last football game between my sister and me, and I was shown a cabinet being put on place and told that this used to stand in the corner before the fire.

I was told that all reserve energy from all over the Universe will be collected to save this the first and original part of God/me if I should give up now not completing my work, which is because again this morning I was given the absolutely STRONGEST DESIRE NOT to start writing down several pages of notes given to me yesterday and it gave me severe throw up feelings to do this work, but instead of focusing on the many notes, which were “mentally impossible” to do – after having done MUCH work for a long time making me “tired” – I continue to tell myself to focus on the time it will take, which is “only a few hours”, and also that it will become better after a couple of hours, it ALWAYS does.

When working, I felt work being done to my right angle, and I understood that this is the original creator setting up the final connection to the Source, and at 10.55 I received a short out of this world pain to my right angle.

In periods my monitor kept on blinking both making work difficult to do during these periods and also saying that we don’t have energy to continue this work, and I have been thinking that if we were REALLY REALLY critically low, I would probably have received a direct warning by a serious voice, which is how I have learned that the game works, and when I have not, I believe this is to say that my spiritual friends have decided to take on sufferings to continue the same way as I, and that is simply to continue until the bitter but HAPPY END.

I received a message by the spirit of my mother that she is happy for me to go all the way saving every little thing, because if I did not, “it would mean that I would bleed too”, and this is not only my mother alive as a physical being but the world, and we don’t want that to happen, you know.

I was told that believe it or not but saving the last parts of darkness means that we will save ALL DARKNESS of the world meaning that there will be NO DARKNESS / PARTS OF LIVES to be woken up later, and also that we will switch on the final part of the New World not in five years but already when people will show a clean heart in continuation of the first great awakening in 2012, and yes this is what I am told now, which may be true, but before I will start changing my website, I do like to see what will happen during today and maybe tomorrow too, and if this message becomes stronger and stronger, I will also do this work to my website (it will not take much), and yes I am thinking that this is to show that we would not lose the final part of life/God, which would be woken up too with the faith of man coming to me, but if we can do this work now, we might as well do it, and yes would an opening of my new self before saving these parts too really have meant that my mother and the world would bleed (?), or was this “the wish of darkness” if it could (?), and yes no matter what, it looks like we are coming in the right way – and a follow up to this will come later.

At 12.45 I was given a feeling to my right foot and told that now the perfect connection to the Source is in place, and I was given the feeling that this is also because of the feelings of the LTO team after sending them money and because they know that I care for them, see the short stories of today.

Even though I slept alright, I still felt dizzy and “dark inside my head” when working.

I heard the original creator say so you say we can now create cakes exactly how we want to – is that the gift you bring me (?), and yes many new creations have been done on the way leading here with outer parts of the spirit of my father as God or the creator.

I received a new rumbling feeling to the backside of my right lower leg and I was told “there cannot be any more letter boxes inside of here” or can there (?), and it seems that we are digging out even more life with the feeling “coming this evening when meeting the family again”.

And yesterday I discovered that some of my documents at Scribd was only shown to me when being locked in, but NOT at my public profile at, and yesterday I wrote to Scribd asking them to unblock these documents, which their automatic spam system had caught by mistake (!), and they were kind doing this, and today when I looked in a greater detail, which I should already have done yesterday (!), I noticed that there were two more documents not shown on my public profile making me send a new email to Scribd asking them to unblock these, and suddenly I understood that when uncovering these documents, it is a symbol of uncovering life, which was transported in “the container” to the most inner part of the original creator, and yes if we can make everything “perfect” now, this is what we will do, and I am thinking that these are “parts of life”, which would be “inactivated darkness” but still energy meaning that there would be NO bleeding of the world as mentioned (by darkness) before, and yes now I understand this one – and I was told that we were only allowed to destroy parts of life if the Trinity held it up, which is why nothing in practise was destroyed/collapsed and we had to do this “perfect”, you remember (?) – and I have put on my to-do list to amend this information on my website, and yes much to do these days, and a script of July of 309 pages, and yes many pictures, but also much text, you know and that is more than one million signs in one month, and just thinking I am and also if this is the longest of all of my monthly works (?), which I believe it is.

I was told that now I can almost do no more to hurt you as darkness, because it is when meeting Sanna this evening that you will implement the last part of light leaving out darkness, and also that this will be the end to darkness keeping on attacking me with its “kill, kill” commands.

I received an incredible strong and very sudden vertical pain going through my body and heart and told that this is fear of my sister seeing me again this evening, and yes she is nervous because she knows who I am, and it made me think of this Facebook post from Helena yesterday saying “new girl in class tomorrow. Oh, my stomach tickles. I hope I can live up to expectations. Pressure with pressure on”, which I understood was about the nervousness of darkness via my sister to see me again.

I heard “where are you going” (?) and the answer “we are going out to get newspapers” (with the aim of darkness to terminate life) and this is because this is the only thing we can do because of the negative energy sent out by your sister, and yes we know this was the energy I had to stop and convert to light, and very soon there will be no dark energy remaining but only a New World of light, and darkness also wanted to go to a funeral as I heard, but no, you are not, you are becoming liberated as light.

I worked all day from before 09.00 to 15.45 to finalise and publish my script of yesterday, and I continued working on the script of today until 16.45 where I decided that I will have to save the rest until after coming home from my mother, because first I will take a new cycle exercise, and yes yes yes much work to do, but not too much, I can handle.

I continued to receive periods where my breathing almost stopped by itself, and let us say became MUCH slower, and we know not much energy doing the absolutely last part of the work.

My sister is my opposite self as the daughter of darkness bearing the key of life of my old self, the Son of God!

I cycled a shorter tour of 15 kilometres because I did not have much time, and it started off with darkness wanting my acceptance to kill my father, but no, how crazy do you really believe I am (?) – two meanings – and then I was told that my sister is the opposite of me, which is really my original self overtaken by darkness meaning that darkness sent her not as the Son of God, but the opposite as the daughter of darkness to finish off the rest of the world and life as we know it, and yes to contract everything into nothing (!), and I was told that she has now accepted me for whom I am meaning that her inner self will now hand over the key to me to become my old self as I was designed to become – and when writing this after meeting my sister and family this evening, I receive a small heart attack and some marks to my left angle meaning that this process has now started but not ended – and I received strong pressure from darkness now wanting me to accept killing my sister “because of what she has done”, but no, this is still not how we work here, so she will become another part of me.

I was told that when my old self as Jesus was killed, I could not hold on to the world and the stamp of life as Jesus meaning that I was overtaken by darkness becoming “nothing”, which was information given to me both strongly and reliable here, so this is what I will include on my website, and furthermore I was told that we did not know when the end times would come before we saw the birth of your sister. I was also told that darkness – becoming less and less during my journey – believed it was winning when pulling out my/our energy without knowing that it was dissolving itself being the fuel of our New World. And it brought me thoughts whether it would end with a new Big Band if darkness would have taken me over or the almost “unmentionable” here – because of my fear really – which is if it would have converted everything into nothing meaning that our world and lives would be completely terminated – and yes here I am told “starting all over again” having to develop life as we know it inside of the cell of nothing, and yes I write this now with “eager light” helping me because of faith of my brother-in-law as I am told here and because he also knows that I am completely normal, but it is “unmentionable” for my sister’s family to say who I really am.


I received the original key of the Son of God and the world from my sister as the daughter of darkness

It is now 22.40 after I have returned home from my mother seeing the family, and it is time to continue writing information from the evening, and yes afterwards also the chapter on Google Earth pictures, to upload the script of today, and maybe I will start doing new amendments to my website as a result of new information of today, or to wait until I will become fresh again, which will be the day after tomorrow because I understand that it will now be good to stay awake as long as possible once again, and yes I will try to stay awake to at least 05.00 and see if I can get a little sleep of maybe 1-3 hours, and to stay awake the whole day tomorrow, and hope that this will do the job really.

I was happy meeting my sister, brother-in-law, their two sons and Niklas’ girlfriend on their way in from the parking place outside – “exactly on the minute” at 18.30 🙂 – and when arriving, the first thing my mother told us was that she was very close to calling this family dinner off, the first since the Easter 2012 (!), with the reason being that yesterday she had defrosted the freezer when water floating out on the floor made her chair slip not only once but twice making her hit the chair with the back of her head each time giving her a bump in the neck as the size of a hen’s egg as she said (meaning “creation” you know), and also a giant blue mark on her arm, and we know darkness did its best to avoid me and my sister to meet obviously sensing that something “not very pleasant” for it was about to happen, but I was happy that my mother decided to keep the agreement, and yes not every day that she gets a chance to see both my sister and I in the same room, but here it happened again, and I was sad seeing my mother visibly in pain because of this also combined with the big task it is to have 8 in total for dinner, and no, she does NOT want to receive help and I asked her MANY times over the previous days to come and clean, set up the table or help her to shop – and afterwards to do the dishes – but the answer was no, except from collecting ice cream from the basement during the evening (they live on the first floor), which was too much (heaven) for her, and yes let us bring this fantastically beautiful song by Bee Gees, which is truly one of the favourites of my mother for more than 30 years, and no, mother, this is NOT the song of Bee Gees, which we heard on our holiday on Sicily in the summer of 1978, which she ALWAYS says when hearing it, and yes because it was first released in November 1978 therefore making it impossible to hear in the summer of 1978, and we know but it is very similar in style with “how deep is your love”, which is THE Bee Gees song we did hear and the one you ALWAYS think of from the holiday, and we know just to get rid of a small misunderstanding of course, and yes my sister has decided that she will NOT be the one telling our mother about who I really am, and yes “a small misunderstanding”, Sanna, that your brother was crazy and not the Son of God (?), and yes I was NOT the Son of God – you were, but as the opposite meaning that you were born as the daughter of darkness – so in order to become the Son of God, I had to be born as a hybrid human being consisting of the spirits of my mother and father in order to come to this very day where I would receive the key of my old life and yes to receive it voluntarily from darkness knowing about who I am, and yes the Son of God, which is another small misunderstanding of yours because as you see, this is what I first become now with this very key brought by you this evening, and yes Stig, it only took a few minutes before I was told that the key was transferred to me, so thank you, Sanna, for obtaining faith, and yes it was NOT easy to get, and I could have avoided much sufferings if you had decided to TRULY listen to and read me in order to understand who I am, but that would take “more than you wanted to give”, so there you have it.

And I was told that this key is not only the key of my old self, but the key of the world – the Old World – and with this follows loyalty of all life and energy, and I felt how darkness having loyalty to this key of darkness was now beginning to transfer to me also with the feeling of some hesitation, and later I was told that it will take some time before all darkness has changed behaviour now being loyal to light. I was also told that this is the original key of my old self, and the Old World, which is what we will use to open for my new self and New World, and in case I did not get this key now, we would have used a key produced by the New World, and received the original key later, and we know within the coming five years 

I spoke to Hans about his and my sister’s recent cruise to the Nordic countries, and I asked him a question – given to me by my spiritual voice – which was if the large cruiser laid to dock at all cities, and he told me that there was one city, where it did not where they had to use the “rescue boats” as he called them to enter, and later I was inspired to speak to Niklas and Tobias about where I have lived before, and when I mentioned my old apartment at Masnedøgade in Copenhagen where I lived in the beginning of the 1990’s, I also had to mention its “secret room”, which was from the living room through the wardrobe, which was open so when going through it, you entered a small room invisible from the outside, and when I told them this – Niklas LOVED this as a little child but he has almost forgotten about it – I was also told that this is what happened when darkness originally overtook us, which is that light was sent on a rescue mission and only survived when hiding from darkness in “secret rooms” or what I have called pockets of life.

I kept on receiving more information about whether a defeat to darkness would have led to a big bang or complete termination of life converting “everything” into “nothing”, and I received clear information that we would (bleed to death and) all be soaked up by darkness herewith becoming nothing, and to my surprise I was told that it was inside of “nothing” that the whole process would start over – as it has done “millions of times” – where life of the original creator would develop from the beginning again until it would “break out” from the immense energy of nothing creating a new Big Bang as the result, and yes I understood this clearly because it matches with what I have felt and been told a long time ago that I – as the original creator – have had periods of life and periods where I have slept, and yes this is the answer, and I was in no doubt about it.

I was also told that each time we have developed new skills inside of “nothing” learning about the nature of darkness making us better every time until the day would finally come where we would get everything right becoming stronger than darkness to convert all of “nothing” into “everything” and yes once and for all, and I was told that one of the skills I have received as God as a human being is to react better impulsively to reactions of family/friends etc. going against me to avoid these attacks becoming catastrophic, which include attacks from my sister to remove my writings, Elijah not to approve my writings and many others, and yes this is how this was an “act” because we would get it sooner or later, and better to do it now instead of going through a new period of time of billions of years to develop inside the cell of nothing and afterwards to wait until the end of times of a New World.

Much of the speak between my family this evening was direct spiritual speech, and much of it contained underneath the surface sexual references, which only I could understand when some of the same words, which I connect with a sexual meaning, were mentioned again and again, and yes most of all it made me suffer much knowing that my family was controlled spiritually without my family knowing about it.

When collecting the ice cream in the basement, I met Bettina and said hello – as the others also did when hearing her – and I was told that this was to bring faith in me after having received the key of my original self from my sister.

I was also playing a game on Niklas’ mobile phone, which he showed me, which was about guessing songs, which the application played and to do it as quickly as possible, and I was told that the work I have to do now also have to be done as quickly as possible, and maybe darkness will wake up and attack me (?), and we know I decided that I will NOT work “too fast” but to ensure that I will get this right, and we know I have been told until Monday, so I will have today/tomorrow (Wednesday/Thursday) and new periods Friday/Saturday and finally Sunday/Monday if necessary, and yes I do believe that I will finish my work before then not to risk losing my regained key again.

I received a new smaller out of this world pain to my right angle, and I was told that Karen has been “influenced” by my old original self inside darkness, which made her sexual life into a nightmare, and I was happy to hear from Tobias that he could see that I have lost weight.

And let me say that I was very happy for the family to meet again, and for everyone doing their best to have a good evening together ALSO including my sister, whom I love as much as I know that she loves me (!), and yes but I am very sad to see my mother and John suffering, and also to think about the sufferings of both Sanna, Hans and their sons and girlfriends knowing about who I am and the nervousness, which it brings them, which there is really no reason for, and we know don’t worry, be happy, and yes I will bring this classic song here too even though it is not a favourite of mine but I can both hear and tell that this is truly an OUSTANDING and UNIQUE performance – and I also think of you Elijah for your love to this song and the message of it :-).

Google Earth shows life inside the worst darkness being liberated

Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show boy hanging in one arm from Greenland with a big Angel making loops, lots of souls/heads put together to a branch (saving the last parts of life), life inside darkness of Typhoon Saola and Severe Tropical Storm Damrey is being liberated and a handsome fellow looks satisfied of what he sees.

Meshack received my money transferral and divided it equally for the team, who are “just surviving”

Once again I was happy to receive communication and precise information from Meshack – thank you 🙂 – and also for him to decide to be DETERMINED, which is an attitude I like much and in general of course the best when based on understandings, and here he said that he had received 33,350 shillings and after fees of 200 shillings, he divided the amount in four for David, John, Elijah and himself with 8,287 shilling for each, and yes this is simply how to do it, Meshack, and I can tell you that my receipt says that my 2,800 DKK, which was reduced to DKK 2,590, when Western Union and the agent here took DKK 210 in fees, was converted to 33,638 shillings meaning that the agent at your place have received almost 300 shillings in fees, and yes if I calculate what DKK 2,590 is in Kenyan Shillings using the official middle course of the 31st July, which was 0.072, it would have become 35,972 shilling meaning that Western Union has stolen more than 2,000 shillings from you when adding to the exchange course in their favour, but the main thing is that you received the money, and sent it to the others without becoming tempted, thank you.

Here is his email.

   Hi there, hope you are doing are doing okay.Am okay and doing very well and my determaniation to congour this life has seen me through many challenges.

I received the cash yesterday but i had to wait untill today so that i may travel to the nearest bank for the transfer. I did that today and got 33,350 shillings and after deducting 200 shillings for M-pesa remained with 33150 which i devided among the four of us and each was to receive 8,287 shillings. I did send to John his share and David together their share and John promised to write to you because he was indeed very happy.

Thank you very much for your support and help which you have been offering to us despite going the same challenges we are going through.

May the Almighty bless you very much.

  Kind regards,

Shortly before Meshack had transferred the money to the team via the Kenyan electronic system M-PESA, I received the message from David that he had not yet heard anything, which is not easy when you have no money and nothing to eat “just surviving”, and yes I am wondering just how many millions face this reality every single day not bearing to go through another new day while people “loaded” with money here live a life in luxury not caring or even thinking about this suffering people in the millions (!), and when I wrote “I am afraid” it was with my spiritual voice telling me that nervousness of darkness is also brought to me because of David’s wrong actions, but despite of these David, I also thank you for the job you did when receiving and sharing my transferrals with the team – and when I wrote my last comment in this chat, I received a taste of herring, which is a symbol of my new self, and the good feelings of the team receiving this help and understanding that I share money with you solely because I want to help you is also helping me going through this last part of extreme darkness.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • A couple of pictures from a wine store in Copenhagen being inspired to speak about “a proper monster of a rum” with monster still meaning “the worst darkness” I am going through and also “now there is new adult-candy in the store” with “candy” saying that darkness still brings abuse of children to the world.

  • I sent these birthday greetings to my old colleague from Acta, Jacob, telling him that the darkness, which Bono shows here – including the symbol of “lemon” – was part of all people, which we are now soon over, and also saying that Jacob was part of this leading darkness to me.

  • The MP Benedikte lives somewhere close to me in Helsingør, and here she brought a picture of a beach close to us, and somehow this made Marlene think “looks like the prohibition against smokers and fat people have started”, and it made Birgitte stand up saying that it is not all big people who eats too much – just like me (!) – and she encouraged Marlene to know what she speaks about before STAMPING people, and yes inspiration comes in many places, and that is also here and really just to say that despite of accepting to become fat by darkness making it even more difficult for my mother to believe that “everything is alright” with me and that I am in control, i.e. not crazy (!), I received the STAMP of all life and every little thing – and yes this was MY WAY, blue eyes :-).

  • Eight badminton players from China, South Korea and Indonesia were accused of playing to lose in order to face easier opponents in the next round, and they were disqualified from the Olympic Games as the result, and yes this is indeed VERY POOR behaviour of darkness, and another symbol of darkness losing. 

  • Michael is now with me as a Facebook friend most of the time and here he laughed about an article saying that the Social Democrats want to visit smokers at home to make them stop smoking (!), and he said “first Jehova’s Witnesses and now this”, and it made people joke about Jehova’s Witnesses, but Benny said “it has got to be a duck” with “duck” here normally meaning “a story of the media not being correct”, but in my language it means “creation” (!), and Michael was inspired to brew further on this saying that they come with the magazine “eat up” .. not, and yes Michael everyone will “eat up” meaning that every single one will survive and become part of our New World, and this is what will make “a funny duck” as you also wrote about, and I decided to say that it is indeed about time to WAKE UP (using the words of Jehova’s Witnesses) to our New World without religious groups but One God, One People and one philosophy and also no smoking, drugs, gambling and medicine, and yes I wonder if Michael Hardinger is about to understand my message after all?

  • I liked these 10 Indian Commandments, which are not identical to my commandments, but still very good advice for all.


2nd August: Fanny brought me “the ultimate key” releasing my new self, the resurrected Jesus, as the last from darkness

We are unpacking/releasing darkness, which would have been packed in with the most inner of me

At 00.20 I heard “you have to move your furniture over to me”, and I was told “yes, yes” with resistance from darkness, and I was shown it pushing a large dark furniture.

At 01.30 I was shown darkness and told that they were about to being packed in (with the most inner of me of darkness), and now they don’t like to be packed out again and I hear “yuk, to become light”, and I receive a feeling of my physical father here not at all liking his Son to be interested in “alternative things”, which he does not want to have anything to do with, and yes “yuk”, is his feeling, this is how it is, and I am shown the inner at the deepest part of a schooner, which was on its final journey, or so they thought, which they were happy with, and now we are bringing up life from there too, and yes the most inner part of me, this is how deep we were able to go without me breaking down.

I was shown a whole drawer of files being pulled out from a cabinet, and behind this drawer, inside the cabinet itself, is life, which is what we are coming to now.

I was tired when working to finish my script of yesterday, but I thought that it was good to do to get out the story of my sister bringing me the key of my old self to have the world reading and understanding this to consolidate this, and by 02.00 I had published the script, first without stories of Google Earth pictures, which I afterwards commented and brought in my script when updating this at 03.00, and this is what became my last work of the day decided that I will wait until tomorrow to do amendments to my website.

When preparing to publish my script, I was shown machine guns of darkness being dismantled by smoking people putting them down. And right after publishing the script I was told by darkness that we have not found a goldmine and I was shown red, and “gold” is energy, which it seems that this darkness is trying to keep from me, and we will see for how long it can keep me away, until it will open up. Later I was told that we thought we could keep this money, i.e. energy, for ourselves, and I was told that the problem is that no one here can remember these people, and yes what does he want to do about this (?), and yes have you seen that GIANT locomotive (coming from the left) and do you think he can scare us off by saying that he is the Son of God bringing all life and energy and now he wants to include us too, and yes we are the strongest aren’t we (?), and yes we have always believed in this, but no, we must admit that you are WORTHY, Stig, and no you don’t want us to pray to you as Muslims do going down on all four, and we know, we can only give up because there is ONLY LIGHT OF OUR NEW WORLD, which you really already are part of, and yes yes yes we want to make it good and perfect and not now, but later, and yes it is also us TALKING TALKING AND TALKING without being able to listen to others than ourselves – I feel Fuggi here – and yes Stig, this is how it is.

I was told that there is simply not enough money to buy a new football, meaning that we are out of energy and I was shown a dark net being removed from Earth, and was told that faith of Tobias is also helping on this.

At 02.40 I had also commented Jette’s Google Earth pictures and updated the published script of yesterday with this, and I was now again tired on my outmost level feeling that I truly don’t have more to bring after all I have gone through draining me for energy, but this is what I will have to show once again, which I have just done as I am told, and I promised myself to stay awake until 05.00, and yes it will be difficult, and now it is time to play the game “killing time”.

At my balcony I was shown lights of stars jumping on the sky from one star (or light of UFO’s!) to the next and I was told that we can now see the eternity of the Universe – from one star to the next all in line in a system – and it made me happy seeing.

While remembering it, yesterday I was told something like don’t you want to play the game testing creation by saying “destroy” and yes “just for fun” (?) and even though this came with a STRONG feeling to me and would be “easy” to do “just like that”, I decided NOT to follow this request – and this has happened sometimes now and again, but every time I have said no, and these “funny/small things” could truly have been “easy to do”, but no.

This afternoon, I felt how I am going even deeper inside of myself feeling that I am dying even stronger than ever before and how I am about to fall down physically from my chair into death/darkness inside of me, and extremely unpleasant is what it is, and we know deeper than ever before and I thought that I could not reach this point, and yes some of the most unpleasant I have ever tried, and yes “exhausted” is not the word in order to come this deep.

I was told that we are going to separate the two sides of your old self, which is the spirits of my mother and father – and I feel let them slip aside to open up for the gold inside of me.

At 04.50 I was told that the dices are now thrown, the transferral from Sanna to you is now unstoppable because of the work you have done this night.

I felt people of other civilizations and was told that I am everything/everyone and you are also our father here and here and here, and yes I often have the feeling that I forget about people of the Universe, which is not consciously, so happy to hear that you are still with me.

At 05.00 I decided to do as planned, which was to take a long bath again allowing myself to (half-) sleep some of the time even though this made me somewhat nervous that darkness would hit my mother again as it did when she fell down the chair, but on the other hand I would not be able come through the new day without this little sleep – and certainly not work at all (!) – and I had a short dream something about “thanking you for staying” with the feeling that remaining darkness could have left me here, which really brought me some nervousness again of what could/can happen.

I also received strong sexual speech/torments, which truly still is NOT “nice” (!), and I was told that it is no shame to lose to him because he is stronger than me, and that is darkness losing to me.

I was told that we have thought much about how to handle this last part of darkness and how to change something, which is used by one function “to hold everything together” (of the world) to somewhere else and to await the start-up of this, and I was asked if it is alright to create a copy of this, and I said that it is fine if this is the best solution, and if it is not, please do even better!

When continuing also to do this final work, I will avoid from “stepping into a soft brown mass” including the feeling of “everything collapses” when I will not keep it up, and I can tell because this is an old déjà vue given to me for months, and NO, I have decided that I do NOT want to experience this feeling in real life and to avoid “much sufferings”.

At 08.30 I decided to overcome what was still extreme tiredness and feelings of disgust to work by starting to write the first draft of amendments to my website, which is both easy to do and the most difficult of all work because of immense tiredness way above my limit of work, but I decided that I will try to do the first part of this work today to get the right information on my website to help consolidating the decision of darkness to bring me the key of my old life, which is easier to do when this, the right information, appears on my website.

I was told that this voucher is turned upside down – it is going to be reversed – and also that it is the absolutely last part, which is determining it all of this part of the original creator as I understood it, and that is because it is at the end that remaining life and energy will be plugged in, and I was told that this is what will bring original life as it was originally designed.

I thought this morning that my sister may have been nervous about meeting me again also because she decided not to give me an apology as I asked for long ago.

After some time working on “pretty much text”, which was difficult to concentrate into new chapters on my website – because of tiredness – I was about to do the first amendments about my sister being the daughter of darkness and the transfer of the key of my old life, and I was told that this will make it impossible for darkness to come creeping as “dark insects” tormenting me, and when I was close to push the “update” button with this new information I was told “we cannot fill him with glucose hereafter”, and when I finally pushed the button, I received an error message from the new Opera browser I am using (it is not bringing down my system with “heavy energy”), and when returning to the editor of my website, it had “jammed” the site, so instead I tried to do the amendments via Firefox instead, but this was also “invaded by darkness” not wanting me to do this work (taking “forever” to do!), and instead of misusing my time with this, I knew that I had to go to the library anyway to convert my final book of July into PDF and to upload this to Scribd, so I decided that I would do the amendments from there thinking that darkness has not infected their computers, and I was told that he simply does not care (but continuing work until it is done) where many others would have jumped into the harbour, but not him because this is how we raised him.

Spiritual darkness in my computer made it impossible to write about my sister as the daughter of darkness on my website – I had to go to the library to do this

So I decided to cycle to the library where I quickly converted and uploaded my new book of July, and I received two new out of this world pains to my right foot, and when still working on my website, I was told that we have not once opened to the ambulance containing us all where we would bring you good and serious advice but you found it yourself when deciding never to give up and to continue doing your best work, and at 13.00 after having used much will power to overcome tiredness and darkness inside of me – making me “blind” when working and removing my concentration – I updated the first draft of new information (we will open the FULL New World already when people will show a clean heart and not wait 5 years) and the new chapters “My sister was the “daughter of darkness” born as my old self as Jesus overtaken by darkness (!) – I retrieved the key of life and the world from her in August 2012” and “The final battle between light and darkness was between my sister and I fighting to obtain our mother’s faith in whether I was crazy or normal, which determined the destiny of the world”, and when I can concentrate again – after sleep – I will read all of it once again and give it a edit if required. And when working there, it was a joy working on a good computer, and yes do you have any idea of how it is working on my old and sometimes VERY slow computer and also in what is a very uncomfortable work position with a “too high” table (?), and yes I could have decided to use a few hundred DKK on a new, used writing table when moving into my new apartment in Helsingør but I saved on this to make sure that I could help my LTO friends.

I received new rumbling feelings to the backside of my right lower leg, which is about the energy/life to be released at the very end, and I was told it is really true, he is coming to save us and I told you that there was a chance that he could, and I was shown that we are setting up white slate inside of there and later that we are not removing any pictures after all.

I was told that we are still running on old time of darkness, which really does not exist anymore (when all of this is part of the New World!), and that is that we only exist because we say that this is how it is, and this is what is incredible.

I was told that the heart of my new self and New World will include the good qualities of everyone believing in me and I was told “Angola” as an example of people (of the official world) reading and believing in me, and yes your good qualities will become part of me and all of us too :-).

I was shown a big bag from where “things” are being pulled up and I was told that it includes infinity and we cannot say what we will get, and this is what is included of “new inventions” to our New World coming from this “last part of darkness”.

After returning home in the afternoon, I was again as tired that I received the same feeling of falling down and into death really, which is not very “nice” you know, and I was told that we have now saved the rest life inside of darkness “no matter what”, and I was shown that we are removing a newspaper around myself (which is what terminated my old self), and I was told that we have now removed the pole inside of there called “everything doesn’t matter and has to be torn down”. I was also shown a dark ox coming to me from right, and that there is no gold fish in the aquarium in there where a house was smashed to smithereens, which I understand that we will now recreate and when writing this I am told that this is more like a “rhythm guitar” deciding the rhythm of the world and when it is not there, there is no natural rhythm of the world, which you have seen developing since the killing of Jesus and the removal of his guitar from the world.

I was told that my two visits to Malaga in 2006/07 (working for Fair Insurance and later Acta to start up a call centre working for us) secured the back entrance of darkness (which I understood that Mallorca and here all of Spain was), which we now see the effect of when the last darkness cannot escape meaning that all life and energy becomes me, and I was shown and told that this is branches of darkness spreading, which we are now collecting.

I was told that it is the combined efforts of you and your sister, which makes an orange soda turn up at an empty place on a full stand of spectators, and I received the song “democracy” by Leonard Cohen to honour my sister and “in the UK” was added (not USA as Leonard sings), and I understood that this was for me to bring a live recording of this song by Leonard Cohen from Britain, so here he is LIVE IN LONDON, which is where we also are these days at the Olympic Games my friends :-).

And when watching this beautiful song by this incredible man/entertainer, I receive deep feelings inside of me, and also some tears pressing on, but not nearly as much as before, and I here understand the tears being my mother’s because my sister and I have been separated, and I here see a pole between my sister and I and yes but we were not separated at the end (also separating darkness with the key of the life of Jesus from me!) because love is all around us (I remember how I could sing all words of this lovely song, which I always connected with Camilla even though we did not have “true love” but more life “affection” to me) keeping us together to make sure that no life inside of darkness would ran far away.

And I was told that my sister did not take many leads on the way because Stig was constantly wearing the red jersey of the leader, and you know that “red” is suffering, and yes when not giving up, this is what saved most sufferings from my family/friends etc. compared to what they would have received.

I continued fighting darkness and was held on my extreme edge with “prejudiced speech of darkness” having an extremely firm and negative opinion on everything without knowing, which was NOT easy to resist without taking it in as mine when being this tired.

I was shown and told that there is a windsurfer – symbolising my new self – inside of this darkness, and I felt how I pulled in cables of darkness, and I was told that if I did not do this work – working quickly with my script and updates to my website shortly after meeting my sister and family yesterday – I would have been made to believe that I had lost to this darkness, which would have created much energy making us continue work underneath the surface.

I was shown an airport arriving, which is recreation of part of the Kingdom of my old self, the soul of Jesus, and after darkness had been active and strong during the day, I felt how it during the evening felt more like solid and passive darkness entering me without much negative speech, and I was shown how the windsurfer as the only man there was soaking big dogs to him, and I was told by the spirit of my father that he pulls in what cannot be done without the help of others.

Fanny brought me “the ultimate key” releasing my new self, the resurrected Jesus, as the last man from darkness

This evening I received a question from Fanny asking me “what do you know about the new Earth” (?) obviously coming after she has spoken to Jette about her Facebook group of the new Earth, and I was thinking why she does not read my website, which is therefore what I encouraged her to do instead of repeating the same here, and to my surprise she asked me about the address of it, which I of course could have brought her but I thought that she already knew through my Facebook postings (she accepted to become Facebook friends with me recently), but because of her answer I gave it to her saying “good pleasure – patience is rewarding and keep your nerves calm” because I was thinking about her reaction to whom I am when reading (if she did not already know), and this was obviously her “weak spot” (!), because her reaction was “stop it your nerd, my nerves are fine” (!), but she meant “nerd” positively (?) also including “hugs” (!), and I saw that she visited my website and not long after – not having the patience to read, Fanny (?) and I receive both pain to my right angle here and the taste of smoked mackerel symbolising my new self – she told me that she has been sitting on the school bench with Jesus in India (I wonder if this can be true you know …) and other “incredible stories” so “now we will land” as she told me (for me to keep my feet to the ground? – don’t you believe that I do this or do you think that this may be what you THINK yourself?), because we are people on Earth, and then she told me that she is here for the last time (meaning physical alive) and much is happening now with light breaking through, and her question is if we can lift Earth or if it is to be in piece to come over all the evilness we have brought it, and also if this is about lifting up souls to return to the new Earth as she has seen (yes!), and I replied with a new encouragement to read my website, if she has patience (!) and right now when writing this I received “scratching feelings like a hair inside of my right eye” (!), which is really what this darkness of my right side is doing to creation, which I would continue feeling as my new self if I did not turn it around now and here with the help of Fanny, and I told her that we are all entering this New World of light and also that all light-work is (still) appreciated (much) in this final work – and thank you to EVERYONE helping out there and yes including people of other civilizations :-).

As my last comment above, I told her that everyone will received eternal physical life also telling her that she will remain here for “some time to come”, and below she answered that she is not that certain (!) because she also have her (spiritual) connections telling her that “it is said that I have the key” and that “it does not mean that I am not here, but not as I am here now” – yes, this is about CH-CH-CHANGES, Fanny 🙂 – but she does not want to be clever toward me and she feels that I don’t want to listen to her (!), and yes “incredible” is my feelings in two senses here, which is both because of the attitude, which Fanny came with here being better-knowing not believing in our coming eternal and PHYSICAL life and being lazy without the patience I asked her to show to read and understand my website, and with this as “ammunition” she decided to tell me that she feels that I don’t want to listen to her (!) and “incredible” is also what I was told that with this as basis, I turned her feeling around simply by doing what she felt that I was not capable of doing, which was to listen to her (I had to fight incredible strong feelings given to me from darkness also not to undervalue the potential importance of this and a STRONG desire to remain sitting in my sofa being TIRED instead of going to the computer and answering new comments from her when I heard them arriving), so I asked her what this key is about and when writing this, I am getting out this incredible annoying scratching feeling to my right eye, and I see how the man inside of there cannot bear being inside of there making him crawl out of my eye, this is what I see, and yes my right side is darkness, and that is because of all the light saved for this very moment is forcing him out (!), and yes this is the remaining part of my old self, the soul of Jesus, inside of there coming out, and that is with the help of the key of Fanny coming to me with “a pocket full of light” to help doing this work, and I was told that “oil of Mr. Ewing” is nothing compared to the density of darkness inside of there, and this is the key you possessed, to bring out the remaining part of Jesus overtaken and terminated by darkness of “nothing” 2,000 years ago, do you see, and yes I see my new inner self arriving, and now very quickly putting on his finest suit, and yes you are now ready too, and we just have to get Stig do the last details of his work as we will also do here and then we are ready to “take the world in storm” and that is really without storms of darkness, which we will also stop. This is the key you brought me Fanny, which I cannot thank you enough for, and I don’t know if you realised the importance of what you have just done :-).

When we were writing I was also shown how many lorries (symbolising old worlds) became visible and how one was opened with genuine carpets being unloaded, and I saw how strong darkness inside a forest was part of a stand of spectators and I was told yet again “incredible to come here”, and I was also told that this opened the bridge to come over and get me, which was the remaining parts of my old self and yes this is what I was told yesterday evening until 21.00 when we finished this chat, and this is what I received this morning at 11.00 when writing this chapter – and the scratching to my right eyes continues, so there is more to get out from inside of there (?), and I am here told that this is also what brought me my blurred view many times – and in the final parts of our chat, Fanny told me about how she was initiated with the Buddhists in 1993 where she received the a name meaning “Diamond Dakini” – the diamond above the female Buddaha – which the Lama Ole was told to give her and she has held courses herself being a healer and pain therapist, and there is only one key, the ultimate as she says, and this was how you used it Fanny opening up to and liberating my inner self from the prison of darkness, and I thanked her for sharing this information and wished her all the best to help others and also to develop herself, and I told her that “diamond” to me is about “infinite compressed energy” and with her key of light she made it possible for me to go through the most dense energy of darkness, which is, which I could not without her, and I told her that the purpose of my journey is to turnaround this energy from darkness to light as part of our New World, and I also told her that God is with her and the more sufferings of your life, the greater the servant to God you will become in your new life, and she was now kind saying that I am nice and she sent me good energy to sleep well, and also said that when she trained 80 people at the airport – yes this is about receiving a new airport and to make the plane land, i.e. this world inside of darkness – her colleagues did not understand why she gave all of her knowledge from her and she said that if one of her students become more skilled than her, it will make her happy, and yes this is the RIGHT attitude, and I do NOT understand if people keep knowledge to themselves in order to be something, and yes the best example I have on this is Michael P.N. from DanskeBank-Pension who told me directly that knowledge was power, which is why he did not reveal what he knew, and yes it was more than that, Michael, it was the Devil working inside of you as with many others!

Finally I am thinking about the true essence of this because my old self as Jesus was resurrected from the darkness of noting in 2011, and now I understand that “I” was resurrected to life inside of darkness (!), and first with this key, Fanny has helped me to get out of this prison and yes to make every little thing to return to light, which includes my own “new self” as the absolutely last on the journey. Fanny helped to set me FREE, and let me bring this fantastic song by Sting to celebrate this, and yes this is my FAVOURITE SONG BY STING, and amazing is not a word covering my feelings of this song, and for my inner self to be set free, and yes “if you love someone, set them FREE” :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I liked this picture of the ship Queen Mary in comparison with Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, and I thought “this is the size of the New World” and you know as a symbol/picture – and Toke below says that he checked champions in his refrigerator, which he decided to throw out, but Emil said that he would risk it, which to me was the same as saying that Toke does not believe in me (?), but I got Emil back as a believer?

  • Jane found this letter box on her way asking who will move in there, a letter pigeon (?); and to me Jane, this was inspired for you to bring to show “savings of lives” :-).

  • Fanny liked this link, which is about picking up yourself, which she helped me doing today and with this, I still carry on – and you do remember that the orange is a symbol of God :-).

  • Helena was more than 14 hours on job making her completely knackered – yes, I know the feeling, you know (?), and she says that she has come to throw her love after a dog, which I also know about in terms of “man” in general and not specific as with you, and I wonder what happened to your boyfriend since you act like a “bitch” once again?

  • Michael Hardinger is still leaving me on Facebook and returning to me not many hours thereafter and when leaving, he is still part of the counter, which he was not before.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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