August 4, 2012: Our New World is absorbing the final parts of my previous self as Jesus and darkness of the Old World


Summary of the script today

3rd August: If I had not retrieved the key of life of Jesus, a copy was made of me, until all of me will be saved

  • Dreaming of warm feelings of Karen helping to save life and make the light of the new Source clean, and the economist Keynes who was a threat to life self.
  • I am still receiving darkness and the Universe still sacrificing to move the Source back to its right position. My heart “including everything of your mother”, i.e. of the world, has arrived, and the energy to replace my heart is now strong, but no, not before I am done with work and we are (as near to) 100% free of darkness. If I was/am not able to retrieve everything of my genuine old self as Jesus from darkness, a copy has been made of me, until everything will be saved.
  • The selection of MANY pictures today from Jette’s Facebook group includes myself as my new self on the sky working as light, sufferings of the world and I are reducing, a beautiful woman with kids around her legs are listening to a kneeling “messenger” showing the way, we are still bringing out souls of darkness, much darkness on the sky with the question being how clean can I make the New World before opening it (?), NO LIFE WILL BE WASTED, running Indian shouting “waiiiiit for me”, is the window to bring out more life of darkness still open (?), many small heads makes big heads and I did as impossible work to receive the key of the life of Jesus and the Old World as a bird receiving a beard!
  • Short stories of Jesus and Mother Mary on the sky, which I used to help “waking up” people with, Jiro is the Devil’s advocate controlled directly by my inner self inside of darkness, Michael Hardinger is an atheist standing on top of the mountain because the Devil self spread lack of faith and one of Shu-bi-dua’s greatest hits, McArine, symbolises the death of darkness, I helped reminding the newspaper Politiken what Jesus really believes of the blockage of the Restaurant Vejlegården, Britt was stuck in an elevator on her way to a HEN party, and a Danish swimmer did not win GOLD which “cuts her heart” as a symbol that I may not bring all of my old self as light just yet.

4th August: Our New World is absorbing the final parts of my previous self as Jesus and darkness of the Old World

  • I had promised my self as little sleep as possible and as much work to produce as much energy as I could again, but this time I ran out of energy, I could no more, and had to sleep some hours and to relax some hours, which made my sufferings decrease because the world covers what I cannot bring, which is to continue bringing out darkness of my original self Jesus at the same time as I believe we are sacrificing parts of lives to be wakened up later with faith of man inside our New World. I am still in the process of being born as my new self, the original Jesus.
  • During the day when I started working again, I started receiving more positive information that our New World is now absorbing the remaining parts of my previous self as Jesus and darkness of the Old World using my new keys of light and of Jesus and the Old World deciding that all of me is to become light, which is then what it becomes.
  • The selection of Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes “dark heads” being eaten by light, every little thing of life from darkness is welcome, lots of souls are being saved and becoming “long headed” faces, our LORD shows sport from London, a toaster leading to the story that no one “could” help my LTO friends and I with donations to survive.
  • Short stories of the head of the FOA Union defending the old system where I told him to concentrate on me and our New World Order.


3rd August: If I had not retrieved the key of life of Jesus, a copy was made of me, until all of me will be saved

Dreaming of warm feelings of Karen helping to save life and make the light of the new Source clean

I went to bed at 21.20 yesterday evening and slept until 07.20 receiving a few dreams.

  • I have moved together with Karen at her apartment in Rungsted, and I feel parts of both Camilla and my mother inside of her, which makes me somewhat reluctant. She makes the most delicious food, and we stand outside her giant balcony looking out over the railway terrain and the sun is shining lovely.
    • A good dream about warm feelings of Karen to me helping to save life, i.e. the food, to help people reaching the other side when taking the train, and make the light of the new Source clean.
  • I only remember the words “Keynes, watch out for (the supermarket) of Irma”, and Keyneswas a British economist whose ideas have profoundly affected the theory and practice of modern macroeconomics, as well as the economic policies of governments”, and this is to say that his ideas were the ideas of darkness destroying life, which Irma is a symbol of, and this might also be about my old colleague from Fair and Facebook friend Margit, who today is a HR-manager with Irma, and yes you do love money so much, Margit, that you could not dream about sharing with me and my LTO friends???
    • I also remember simply seeing my old class teacher Vera in a dream, and I connected with Vera on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, so she is having strong feelings about me and my Facebook postings too (?), and I receive darkness here, so Vera helped me going even deeper into myself by bringing me even more sufferings.

If I had not retrieved the key of life of Jesus, a copy was made of me, until all of me will be saved

I worked from 08.00 until 15.25 to write and publish my script of yesterday, so I am starting late with the script of today, and I am also going to do exercise, comments to Jette’s pictures and we know an edit to the front page of my website if needed

Again today I had MANY notes and much work to do which was still “mentally impossible” to do, and despite of my sleep, I still felt physically exhausted when waking up, and it took a few hours to get over this hurdle too.

I was told that it is not only you who are happy we are too but are not allowed to tell yet, and also that we will have to go to the pockets if you cannot anymore, Stig, but we don’t have more money, i.e. energy, so I wonder what you would do to provide energy other than “pulling out” even more from my family/friends etc. – or to wake me up – and this came as a comment to my strong feelings to stop working, but I still told myself as I do MANY timed “I don’t care we have to continue” and also “we are not done yet”.

I was told that you can rise from the grave with very little of you, but it is impossible to rise with all of you, but this is what you decided to do.

From the morning, I could not hear radio via my browser, and when I finally found a work-around I was told “I can also close this down” and then my browser closed down, which is darkness working inside of me still resisting me, and radio is “spiritual communication”, so this was about spiritual deceptions given to me, which I would understand later in the day.

I was told that when my sister will see the headline of the new script of yesterday – seeing herself called “daughter of darkness” – she will bring much energy, which is why I will have to stay up the night absorbing this, and yes I am looking for reasons why to stay awake every single time, and it came here.

I received a series of maybe 4-5 strong out of this world pain to my right angle, and later I was told that this is to move the Source back to its right position, which I understand is coming in connection with the opening to my old inner self, Jesus, and I received strong sneezing this morning to say that I am given much energy of the Universe sacrificing to do this.

I was told that if you gave up, it would also have released an enormous amount of energy, which we would also work with.

From the morning I continued receiving so strong negative voices wanting to comment everything I hear also of news on radio/TV – as I also did yesterday – and just deciding to be negative on everything and everyone without knowing what it is about, and the power is strong coming with a “it is just like that” feeling, and it takes my best not to let this enter and overtake me, but to decide that no this is NOT how it is, which is not easy to do when working on your extreme edge.

I was shown my inner self as red about to get out, and was told “it is me sitting inside of here controlling all darkness” – and yes, the purpose was for us to follow your trace returning to the Source and to bring you/me out of there together with the removal of all darkness, and yes this was the key of life we “played with” in order to survive.

I was told that bringing me the key to move Jesus out of darkness also opened up Fanny receiving the energy of Christ in return.

I was told that your heart has arrived “including everything of your mother” too – and “we are incredible proud of you” because you kept on saying “this is not good enough”, which is about my work, and I was told that your new heart is now more than welcome, and yes when every little thing will be light and when there is no more darkness, and that is because “WE CAN”.

When working I was thinking that I don’t want to lose any part of my original self and only to become a copy of the man I used to be, and I was told “don’t worry Stig, we have taken care of this”, and yes I was also thinking that it was my old self as Jesus controlling the energy keeping up the world.

I was told that no one is going to bring me down to my eternal grave after all, and yes all “parts of lives”, which were going to be buried would include my original self meaning that I would wake up as my new self in our New World, but not as Jesus (!) but still as the hybrid of the spirits of my mother and father and yes first after five years faith of the world in “me” would bring me alive as my new self, and yes not easy for “me” to be reborn, do you see (?), and I still see my self in a new suit removing dust from “him” and “not yet” is the answer, but soon you know.

I was told that from inside of this darkness, I would do everything I could to destroy your plans of saving every little thing including me as your new self – amazing right (?), and yes this was the final plans of darkness.

I was told by the spirit of my mother that she brought EVERYTHING she could to bring energy to complete my journey, and energy is what we will receive from people when reading my Facebook postings on the picture of Selvet, see the short stories of today.

I received more coughing and understood that I am still taking this on from John, and I was told that bringing him energy to keep him alive also helped me coming through all of my journey because if John had died, he would not have brought me the key telling where my inner self as Jesus was hidden inside darkness, and yes only when doing my ultimate best, I would go all the way.

I was told that only by letting darkness of my most inner self believe that it was winning, it was possible to make it relax and for me to set in my final attack to release it.

I was told that it is negative feelings of my mother towards John – when she is alone when he sits in his office behind closed door watching TV etc. – which brought John his cancer, and yes on contrary to what she wanted the same way as it was her lack of faith in me and wrong behaviour almost killing me.

I was told that you have not untied me completely yet (Jesus inside darkness), which your new script (of yesterday) will help doing.

I was told that I would have received a bleeding heart if I did not bring my old self as Jesus out of darkness and he would have made sure that your mother – the New World – would continue to bleed because the truth is that darkness is NOT consistent with our New World of light, so in essence this is how darkness tried to survive as part of our New World, but no, it has to be perfect so this is how it becomes, and yes we know “a difficult opponent” is what darkness is, and I am thinking that this would become “non-aggressive darkness” because its weapons were removed, and the way to make everything light including to save me later if not now, but instead of letting faith of man in me do the final work, we might as well do it now, and I am thinking that this darkness could have made it “somewhat difficult” for man to believe in me and show a clean heart (?) and yes what would have happened then (?), and not an easy game it is to make 100% light, but this is and was the task all along so this is what we are doing.

I received the song “King of the Universe” by Electric Light Orchestra and the lyrics “It’s all making me ready”, “I know A, I see my life come shine”, which is really nice to hear, and we know Stig MAKE EVERY LITTLE THING PERFECT and we knoooow, to do our absolutely best to save everything using the tools you give us.

And this song by my favourite band came around the same time as Sanne Salomonsen said “now the count down can seriously begin” and she was thinking of the new episodes of “the top of the pop” TV programme, which will soon be broadcast, and yes the headline says “I was very nervous every evening”, which was about your performance in the TV-show, and also about whether or not man would survive the Judgment (?), and yes just wondering if this is the knowledge given to you when you received your stroke was it in 2006?

I continued hearing “you are HEARTfelt welcome”, which was to my new heart – with darkness trying to make me say no, you are not, because eeeehhhh everything has to be 100% perfect first, Stig (?), as he/I say with some of my new self being out of darkness right in front of me and some inside darkness, and yes we are getting close now – and I was told that everything including all ambulances (“lifelines”) are now all close to me ready to install my heart, and we know Stig first when there is NO MORE DARKNESS and I receive clear signs that this is the case, and I will not install a not perfect heart and that is if I can avoid it, and YES, I CAN and I feel Obama every time when saying this :-).

I was shown a cave of remaining darkness/Old World coming through the absolutely smallest hole/tunnel imaginable to reach me on the other side, and I am thinking of how an octopus can squeeze itself through impossible openings, and yes this is what it took to transfer the structure of the Old World to our side at the New World, and yes “impossible” to do, and it was here inside the structure hidden behind everything that my old self as Jesus was stored, and we had to transfer him/me using “no energy” remaining, and yes this is what we did because you decided to do “perfect” and yes we are NOT allowed to stop this game before we have given everything we have in us, and only when it is truly impossible to keep up the old cover of me, we can push the button starting the New World, and yes so it is, and therefore we will take a new night using the same recipe as last time, which is for me to stay awake until 05.00 and we will see a little bit of sleep on the sofa or in the bathtub, this is how it is, and if you cannot make if through this, you are allowed to push the button, and so it is.

At the end of the afternoon I did a combined cycling and shopping tour, where I may have cycled about 15-20 kilometres, and I was feeling “guilty” not starting earlier and cycling longer to produce more energy, but this is what I did and I did a little shopping at “Aldi” where they have “alt i” (“everything in”) as I use to say with a smile.

And then I was told one of those secret messages, which was that we have made a copy of you, so there are now two Jesus’es, and yes we will get EVERYTHING over of my old GENUINE self either now or later, but NOW is still the goal.

I watched some TV including “Natholdet” on TV2 with Michael Maze as guest, and I was SMILING much when Anders, the host, said something like “be aware, Michael Maze is in town this evening …”, and “be aware …” is taken from the famous crop circle giving mankind the message of “be aware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises ….” of course and I received the voice of the people of other civilizations making this saying “it is that aMAZEing man isn’t it” (?), and also that they are “inside”, which is what my old self as Jesus is – we now only lack the rest of his luggage – and I was given heart pain with a desire to change my heart now and I was told “you are part of this too”, and yes you are welcome to do it, but first when I declare that everything is perfect, and you will do the same or as perfect as we are able to do.

I spoke with my mother on the phone and she has had a BAD time since we met two days ago with blue marks several places and a headache from hitting her head to the chair, and yes it was about retrieving the structure of the world from my previous self Jesus inside darkness, which was not easy when darkness resisted, and it must have been felt all over the Universe as I understand this symbol, but John is becoming stronger and I hope my mother will feel better too soon, so we can see each other again, and yes she asked for a break seeing me this weekend because of her pain.

After dinner during the evening I kept on working to comment Jette’s pictures and write the chapter below, and my view was now blurred again ….

Darkness continued all evening trying to make me believe that when I will receive my new heart, I MUST decide on difficult decisions to destroy the rest, and yes it came with pretty strong force making it pretty difficult to resist, but no, I have made my decision which is to make the world 100% clean now, and if I cannot, I may become a little bit “light red” as my new self having to take on this non-aggressive darkness until faith of man has cleaned it, and yes I cannot see any better solution, so this is still what we do, and that is if I don’t reach 100% now – and NO, I will not bring back my website with the message that if will take five years for you to see the final stage of our New World and that is because I have faith that man will receive faith in me rather quickly with SO STRONG SIGNS of my arrival coming that it will make most people understand and believe in me “suddenly”.

20 minutes past midnight I had done all work and published the script of today, and from here is now “only” to do a final edit of the work I did to the front page of my website of yesterday followed by more Benny Hinn to bring more energy and then to kill time until 05.00 and then we will take it from there looking forward to a new day tomorrow of extreme tiredness, but one thing is for sure and that is when I receive darkness/sufferings as I still do, we are still washing and cleaning darkness, so the tunnel cannot be closed (as the short stories say), and this is the most secure evidence of all to me.

Google Earth pictures show my new self working as light on the sky still saving more life

The selection of MANY pictures today from Jette’s Facebook group includes myself as my new self on the sky working as light, sufferings of the world and I are reducing, a beautiful woman with kids around her legs are listening to a kneeling “messenger” showing the way, we are still bringing out souls of darkness, much darkness on the sky with the question being how clean can I make the New World before opening it (?), NO LIFE WILL BE WASTED, running Indian shouting “waiiiiit for me”, is the window to bring out more life of darkness still open (?), many small heads makes big heads and I did as impossible work to receive the key of the life of Jesus and the Old World as a bird receiving a beard!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jens from Selvet brought the picture below asking people what they believed it was, and most people believed it was an Angel, and Jette was kind to draw the outlines of what it was saying that it was Mother Mary and Jesus on the sky – or Stig with Mother Lona (!) – and yes the picture was taken two days ago when I received the key of life from my sister, and I do believe this is the first time Jette and I see Jesus on the sky 🙂 – and I wrote this post on my Facebook timeline and also to Jimmy and my old meditation group encouraging Jimmy as an administrator of Selvet to help them understand that I am the man of the picture soon to open the eyes of my new self and to make them lift the ban removing my freedom of speech to their sites and to tell them that I am ready to receive their apologies for their better-knowing ignorance, uncontrollable negative feelings and laziness to read and understand my website. I have been thinking of encouraging Selvet to do this for a while, and I was told that this was brought to me as the right occasion to say this, and yes not the first time I have seen my wishes come through.

  • I was happy when Klaus from the meditation group showed his “loving regards” to my post, which to me confirmed his faith in me, and who else than Jiro – the Devil’s advocate – decided to go up against me bringing the picture of Jesus on the behind of a dog here and here as an insult telling me that I am seeing things which are not there, and yes he is “completely will deaf” not wanting to believe in what anyone can see, and I am told “controlled by myself inside of darkness” and yes as the Devil self, you see. And here is the picture of pictures of Jesus in food etc.

  • Michael brought a link to an article saying that only Christians can reach the top at the Christian Union, which made him ask for the telephone number for the Union of atheists because he wanted to reach the top himself (!), so when you don’t believe, it is “almost impossible” for you to believe in me, Michael (?), and I thought about Michael wanting to reach the top, and the Cure is really to remove his lack of faith, so this is why I decided to bring my answer using lyrics from “standing on an Alp top” telling him that lack of faith of great parts of mankind is what made the world not only cold, but bleed, and FAITH is the Cure spreading warmth and love to a whole New World also coming to a CINEMA near you – and I thanked him for a WONDERFUL song, which I have enjoyed much also when hearing it at their unplugged recording from the 1990’s, and he liked my post also saying that he enjoyed doing the unplugged recording. And I cannot remember if I had written this before, but I have been told that people speaking of me NOT believing in me, had made other people start believing in me, and yes misunderstandings also going this way.


  • And Michael was ALSO inspired when bringing this post about the tattoo of Edinburgh of this evening, which will make his band play a live version of their song “McArine” with bagpipes hanging at the bottom, and this is yet another of their greatest hits, which were true national scourges here, and this is also a symbolic song about the Devil as a Scot brewing his own Whisky and as they sing “it will probably take a long time before old McArine is dead”, and yes it took as long as this to get rid of darkness, which is the reason why you brought this post, Michael :-).

  • Politiken also brought the link to their article on the Christian Union and they asked ”God knows what Jesus would think of Restaurant Vejlegården”, and I asked them if they haven’t already found out (?), and repeated that FREEDOM, RESPONSIBILITY AND GOOD BEHAVIOUR is the way forward, which I cannot see in this “labour market conflict/blockade” right now.

  • My old good friend Britt is not active on Facebook, but here she was tagged at an elevator in Copenhagen where she was stuck with friends on their way to a HEN party (!), and it gave me the thought that it is impossible to get any more darkness through the smallest hole/tunnel imaginable to my side (?), but still I am continuing work and sufferings believing that this will open the hole to bring even more through.

  • And the poor symbols continued later in the evening when one of the biggest gold hopes of Denmark at the Olympics, Lotte Friis, in the 800 metres free swimming final suddenly swam much slower than she normally does not even giving her a medal, and the headline says “Despaired Friis: It cuts my heart” and also “I feel really, really poor. I would rather just disappear”, and this symbol says that parts of my new heart will not make it through and will disappear, and yes I can only do my absolutely best work, which I do believe I still am, and if this is good enough to get all of my old self as Jesus with me now, this is what we will do, and if it is totally impossible to do, we will bring whatever remains of him as “non-aggressive darkness” packed in by light keeping darkness down, and yes this part of the plan is good enough, and no, I am not nervous, we have to get through 100% and that is one way or another, and we know please remember the head rule to make sure that we will survive as the head rule and it goes both ways also to make sure that all life inside of darkness will survive, and I foresee that we will be able to produce so much light of our New World that this potential non-aggressive darkness will NOT bother anyone nor destruct anything, which still requires my approval.


3rd August: Our New World is absorbing the final parts of my previous self as Jesus and darkness of the Old World

The world is sacrificing to bring energy, and I am still in the process of being reborn as my original self, Jesus

When publishing my script of “yesterday” I was thinking that it make me kind of nervous to receive a new heart, and does this mean that I will ”fall out” as my old self and to be awakened as my new self shortly thereafter being dead for a short time in between (?), and yes this may mean nothing to others, but to me just the thought of this also makes me suffer.

I was told by darkness that it will surely be lovely to become nothing and that is the “fat”, which I may not be able to save now, but later, we will see.

I was told that there are no parking rules inside darkness and that the feeling of “stepping into a soft brown mass” is what I would feel during the process of becoming my new self, and yes this is what I am told, and I can only say that “light will decide”, and also that I do remember that darkness was very well organised, so some of this information from darkness may be true, and other information lies meant to scare me.

And I receive rumbling feelings to the backside of my left lower leg, which I understood as life being terminated, which is saved inside the container stored together with the remaining of my old self, but of course only if I cannot get it out now.

I was told that part of the weapon removed from this darkness is the ability to act sexually wrongly and to bring this to people of our New World.

By 01.45 I had read through the parts of the front page of my website as I had decided to give a new reading, which resulted in few but good amendments, and I have decided that if I will find time, I may have a new look at this site in two days from now (after sleeping), and if I do not, it is signed off as it is, so we will have to see, and I felt “a full airport” on its way in, and I receive contradictive messages if everything of my previous self and the old structure of the Old World will be able to enter now or not.

During night I received INCREDIBLE strong darkness trying to overtake me and decided for me to destruct, and the feeling given to me is that only when coming through this, I will avoid stepping into the “the soft brown mass”.

I had promised myself to stay awake until 05.00, but at 04.00 I simply could not take anymore, I had reached my ultimate limit with all hard work and nights without sleep taxing on me, so I decided to take a nap on the sofa, but after a short time I was woken shaking and freezing all over my body even though it was not cold (!), and I thought that I would not be allowed to sleep, but I could no more, so I had to sleep so this is what I did – but not very well – on the sofa until 08.30, and I received “warning” dreams, which however disappeared from my memory as soon as I tried to remember them, but it was to say that my mother, i.e. the world, is on hospital having no more energy to bring, and still we are continuing and is this only possible to do because we are removing the fat of people (?), which may be it, but still we are retrieving the last parts of my old self Jesus (?), and yes I am only trying to understand.

When I woke up it was with a poor conscience for not being able to continue staying awake and for having slept too much, but I told myself that there was nothing I could do, I had reached my ultimate limit, and I received the song by the Jam “you’ve got to be tough”, but I could not (!) because I was still so destroyed that I decided to ”kill time” doing nothing, and first I continued receiving darkness on my extreme limit making me very close to get in despair because of how I was feeling and then I could not get all of this negativity and desires of destruction given to me constantly out of my head – for example including the feeling of insects given to me together with the feeling of Jiro and darkness together with constant provocations – but after maybe 1-2 hours doing nothing, the pain decreased (because I did nothing).

I continued receiving 2-3 out of this world pain to my right angle this morning, which to me is still about the world sacrificing in order to optimise the access to and location of the Source.

I continued my break until approx. 12.00 before I went to bath and gradually starting working today including to write these lines at 13.15, and with this my sufferings started returning, and then I understood that the world is covering what I cannot bring myself, so the world is sacrificing MUCH when I do nothing, but this is how we will get through this the last blockage of darkness and that is because I have decided to get all of my original self out of darkness, and yes saving EVERY LITTLE THING is still the goal, and thinking that we later will rebuild what is destroyed physically of the Universe.

I was shown a bedroom and told “this is where you almost came in” together with the feeling that I did not go all the way in, but I am now not that sure because it seems that my spiritual friends and the world is doing its absolutely best to make us come through also this one so we will have to see.

I was told the contrary of before, which is that we are now strong enough so we will NOT to go through a period into the soft brown mass without the spinal column of the world.

Darkness gave me visions etc. as if my “old nightmare” was carried out with the spirit of my mother acting as the Devil in disguise, and I kept saying NO, this is NOT accepted (!), and I don’t know if darkness was so strong that it had to do this without my consent herewith also terminating parts of lives, which might be the case, and that is unless it cannot do this without my consent, but on the other hand, this is what I have accepted, which is for parts of lives to be “terminated”, saved and woken up later with faith of man in our New World, which might be what is happening here, and yes I am NOT changing my website again introducing the five years period before the final stage of the New World opened herewith being a victim of this game, the website is as it is now, and it will take more than this to bring it back to what it was a few days ago – and I am thinking that maybe we will indeed get all of the last “cave” of Jesus/darkness with us when doing our best.

And then I was told that going through this period with the worst darkness obviously still coming – instead of “the soft brown mass” without a spinal column of the world – is the way to liberate all of my old self as Jesus inside of darkness, and this is what I am told so this is what I write, and yes darkness tries much to confuse me and also to change my rules to terminate not only parts of people but people fully, and NO, this is not how we play the game.

I was told that my mother collected and brought so many eggs that there is also one left for you my dear son, and yes this is part of the process of wakening up as my new self, Stig, for you to give birth via a new egg, your old soul and to do it while you are alive, and yes not many of those tasks we get, and if we do believe it can be done (?), and yes you bet!

I was shown a submarine at dock unloading newspapers, which is a vision given to me because this is what I believe is still happening and that is after all, that the hole/tunnel of remaining darkness has not closed because I still receive much darkness/sufferings (!), so we are saving much life from termination and also accepting parts of lives to be temporarily terminated (?), and yes this is the best answer I got now.

I was given new marks to my heart of the kind that “my new heart is waiting for you” and I was told “we have not forgotten about you”, so it will come when everything is as perfect as it can be and we will continue working as long as we can and yes “until it is impossible for us to continue”, which it obviously is not quite yet, so the game goes on!

Our New World is absorbing the final parts of my previous self as Jesus and darkness of the Old World

I was told “is the new bathroom ready” (?) and received the answer “yes, but he will not be told before this evening”.

Normally I write the text of my scripts without much difficulties, and it goes pretty quickly – and that is TOO QUICK than what is good but how I have decided to work during this journey to “make it through” – but the text of the script so far today was written with much concentration difficulties herewith taking maybe 3 times as long as it should have, and yes I am thinking of Bo from Dahlberg as example who used several weeks to produce a strategy proposal to the board, which I could have done – and did (!) – in let us say less than 10% of the time he used, and yes QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY are important factors.

I heard a new sound to my balcony – it sounds as if most of these come from my chairs out there – and I was told that it is not fun now, but we promise you that it will be.

I heard “do you keep guard at the gate” (?) as if it was from my own inner self inside darkness telling my mother, and yes this is the darkness we are going through.

I was shown a cycle-racing track from a six days cycle race and the inner track being part of a cup of coffee, which something much bigger is now drinking, and I was told that “this is something like that”, which I understood is the New World consuming the remaining darkness.

I was shown what used to be the “container of terminations” now with its sides open and no content other than a couple of legs from dinner tables (?), and what this is saying is that we are swallowing darkness making it become part of our selves and yes Stig the giant of our New World is swallowing the remaining of darkness including your old self, and with this it is looking like that it is dissolving darkness and terminations self, and this is at least what I hope for.

I was told that “the soft brown mass”, which I will NOT enter, would have been about destructions of life, and even though I have been kept on my edge also the last 24 hours not knowing how much our world was sacrificing in order to bring energy to save the last life inside of darkness and whether or not I should decide to stop this process, I decided to stick to my decision that every little thing is to be saved, and yes believing that this is the ONLY right thing to do, so this is what we do, and yes no brown soup without a spinal column to me, which I have had a déjà vue of knowing how it feels like from when I received it as a boy and I do NOT like it, so therefore my friends.

I went to town and was told that we could not swallow this darkness without the key to light and my previous self as Jesus and the Old World, and it made sense to me, but still I also thought that maybe this is a game of darkness lying to me because I could not keep the pace up today, and when I entered the Føtex supermarket, I heard a young Swedish man telling his friends “I am the most POPULAR”, and I knew that this was much inspired because to a music freak like me, “popular” is of course the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest song from 2011 and with this on mind, I automatically thought of Loreen and her 2012 song, and it was her bringing me the key to the light, and there you are, this is how I received confirmation on the story that we are indeed bringing all previous darkness inside as light.

And I was given a pretty strong pain to my behind and the understanding/feeling and only “half speech” that we have turned around all of the Old World also now including the last part of it, which I understand was not the easiest thing to do because this last part includes the “spinal column” of the Old World, but this is what I am said is now done too.

I was thinking that the symbols of yesterday that we could not bring out more from darkness was to let me be “concerned” to bring out the most of me.

Later this afternoon and evening, I was still feeling as “dead meat” really and continuing to receive a game with new symbols from the Olympics showing me that we are not doing well when Denmark lost big with 11 goals to Croatia in handball – they completely went down, and yes just like I did today (!) – but I decided to believe that I possess the keys and that we are truly eating remaining darkness as pictures from Google Earth shows, see below. And I heard the commentator say that “this will become a wake-up call for the Danish players” and when he said this, I was told that the Danish team is playing from inside of darkness, and this is where I still am.

But Denmark won its first gold medal of the Olympics today in double skulls of rowing, and I heard the DR1 commentator burst out in singing “GOOOOOLD – always believe in your soul”, and it sounded so funny that I SMILED J, so this is what I will do, and yes my new soul you know with access to all “gold”, i.e. of an eternity and this is taken from the song “gold” by Spandau Ballet with the lyrics “Gold, Always believe in your soul, You’ve got the power to know, You’re indestructible, Always believe in, because you are Gold”, so this will have to be the power of our New World and my new self.

I was told that now my new heart cannot be installed before the rest of me is inside – now when it is indeed me – and I get a feeling to my right and really all around in front of me coming to my head and I am shown the head of the statue of liberty, because this is the what I symbolise to the world: I WILL BRING YOU FREEDOM SETTING YOU FREE FROM DARKNESS.

The Statue of Liberty symbolises what I bring the world: FREEDOM FROM DARKNESS 🙂

After dinner I was still feeling like “dead meat” but because I had decided to keep working and to do the script today, I kept receiving an ENORMOUS and constant pressure to work the whole evening and yes “non-stop” without breaks and sleep is what has come to me for a long time, and I was told about how important it is to work fast, and I had to be firm but kind saying that I understand and will take my decision, which is to finalise and upload the script today thinking that I was told the plan including a double day tomorrow and the day after to finish my work, and yes I have a few changes to do to my website, and some edit details, which however may take hours to do, but I will NOT start doing this today.

I also received “thank you” from parts of my inner self still arriving to the New World, and I was told that the best explanation we have about the connection between Jesus being resurrected inside of me in 2011 and the receipt of “his” key of life the other day from my sister is that this key was saved at the deepest part inside of me, and yes “impossible” for me to get in order to protect darkness from light.

And I was shown the last part of my inner self standing in a room on a ship not bigger than I with light shining in through openings under the door, and I was encouraged to sum up that I would only be able to save my old previous self by doing an inhuman performance without errors, and yes “difficult” to get here is not the word, and yes I had everything of the Old World inside of me as the hybrid being of the spirits of my mother and father also including my previous self Jesus, but the key of “his” life was belonging to my sister, so that’s life really.

And I was encouraged to sum up that we have now brought all worlds of all time back to the beginning of life – before we were overtaken by darkness – and it is from here that we will start a whole new beginning of life.

For days my TV has shown “communication errors” and channels and functions have sometimes not worked, which is still to day that as my old cover it is not easy to make the Old World continue going round (inside the New World!) but this is what we do.

And I was told how proud the spirit of my mother is of me because I am now reborn, and really only have to bring the rest of me out, and yes the rest of me is the man writing these lines feeling like hell still.

Later I was told that this is to help us from having to do difficult choices of “what can we spare”, and I understood of the world – also taking my old rules into consideration to protect my family/friends etc. the most, and yes “if we can”?

Google Earth pictures shows “dark heads” being eaten by light and lots of souls being saved

The selection of Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes “dark heads” being eaten by light, every little thing of life from darkness is welcome, lots of souls are being saved and becoming “long headed” faces, our LORD shows sport from London, a toaster leading to the story that no one “could” help my LTO friends and I with donations to survive.

Updated statistics to my website and Scribd profile

It is a long time since I brought you statistics of my website, and that is of “official visitors” which you know excludes the “official world” of WIMPS out there visiting my website without leaving traces, and here you can see the total number of visitors divided by month from inception in November 2010 to date.

This is a table showing the total number of visitors from inception to date divided by websites, and if only looking at the last 30 days, the highest number of visitors is to “the Vitruvian man” (596) almost three times as much as number two, which is my from page “welcome to our New World” (224).

This table shows the search engine terms, which have brought people to my website.

These are top search engine terms used on Google, which have brought my website as part of the results – including “impressions”, number of clicks and click rate.

These are the countries visiting my site the most, which is from December 9, 2011 until today.

This is the total number of visitors to my Scribd documents from inception in May 2011 to date divided by documents.

This is the list of people, who have decided to show themselves as “followers”, and I am happy to see that Dennis, Ole, Mads (all well known in the Danish publicity) and Ahmed have joined recently, and I do believe that my nephew Niklas is new too, and to me this was a sign of (some) faith making me happy, and I am here thinking of how many who really visits my Scribd site regularly, which is hidden to me?

Furthermore my YouTube channel has received a total of 32,094 visitors.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The head of the FOA Union, Dennis, wrote about “the Danish model” including the freedom of agreeing on pay etc. between unions and employer organisations, and he also brought a reference to the fish dealer in Asterix, and I decided to tell him – inspired from seeing him as a follower on Scribd – that he should stick to the story of the fish symbolising me and the village of Asterix symbolising the fight of light against overwhelming darkness, and I told him that we are now winning and when he will wake up, he will forget all about Unions, blockages and “the Danish model” and understand the New World Order including the same pay for all regardless of work.

  • I was glad when Klaus from the meditation group and Tina, a subscriber to me, supported me (“thank you for letting the TRUTH come out”) and I could see that Tina is working for the Christian Union, whom I worked together with as insurance provider when I worked from GE Insurance and later Fair Insurance, and I asked her to bring my greetings to Kurt and Anders from their insurance department and tell them that I am really their top employer, and that is if they will decide to understand and not misunderstand.

And the scripts are getting shorter and yes sufferings decreasing after having received the keys :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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