August 6, 2012: To my surprise I received the greatest part of my mother and the original world from darkness of “nothing”


Summary of the script today

5th August: To my surprise I received the greatest part of my mother and the original world from darkness of “nothing”

  • I am receiving all life of my previous self Jesus as well as all life of our New World using reserve energy to bring energy I could not bring myself.
  • Dreaming of being monitored and eating the soup of the world with darkness as fuel making me throw up.
  • When working, my new self – the resurrected Jesus – brought out more tools of darkness including his old bed of straw, and when cycling it was followed by strong feelings of sexual torment and the feeling of the spirit of my mother, and to my surprise, suddenly I received the greatest part of the spirit of my mother and our original world, which was overtaken by darkness, and I was told that this is one of our greatest achievements of my entire journey. This part of our Old World is completely perfect because darkness of “nothing” did not know about the code of live, which it consequently could not destroy.
  • Fanny believed that I write too strongly and have too much ego asking me to be submissive instead (!), and I told her that it is not about my ego, but about her misunderstandings when not reading me carefully to fully understand the love message of God asking man to improve in order to survive, and that it is wrong to be both submissive and the opposite superior and also that I have had to speak very loud in order to cut through the armour of man not wanting to listen to anyone other than himself. This communication will determine if Fanny will understand, open up and allow me to use the key to liberate the greatest parts of God self from darkness of nothing, and it looks like she is opening the door for me.
  • And I received a new surprise late in the evening when I was told that a great part of the spirit of my father is also inside of this darkness now about to being released too, which Fanny is helping with depending on her understanding of the reason why I write as directly as I do.
  • The selection of Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes resistance of darkness swimming away from me because I “broke down” needing a break, our big house has a solid foundation – the scripts, a little chaos at the laundry (cleaning darkness), storms of darkness becoming light, frozen people inside ice (of the first world?), I am still absorbing darkness and the dust cleaner is busy.
  • Short stories of Obama “made in Heaven”, hidden messages to me by Selvet and Jimmy saying that they are on my side, in our New World you will receive the FREEDOM TO BE YOUR TRUE SELF, the selfish rich world not dealing with the TRUE problems of the world, a chair grown into a tree symbolises the greatest parts of life self, which we are saving from darkness of “nothing”, celebration of the resurrection of the greatest parts of the Trinity from darkness of nothing, the heart of my new self and UFO’s are still becoming clearer on the sky because of my development.

6th August: We are transferring the last energy from darkness consisting of “parts of people” to make everything perfect

  • I continued using strong darkness throughout the night knowing that this was the last energy of the spirit of my father inside of “nothing” on its way in, and I felt pressured to stay up without a short nap even though I felt that I could not, and I was told that “with me, there is nothing more remaining of darkness”, and in the morning, this energy – consisting of “fat/parts of people” – started being transferred to our New World.
  • Short stories of emails to Nønne and Jens from Selvet telling them the truth of excluding me because of their own faults, an update to sent LinkedIn invitations, Helena symbolising a visit to the worst darkness, which the monster from the movie Aliens also did, a comment from David made me tell Fanny that she was a “Saturday chicken” (i.e. a coward) having to look at the mirror instead of blaming me wrongly, it is raining MUCH again but still it is a lovely day today J, Helena spoke about man being dark inside but still man (living on energy of darkness), the comedian Mick spoke symbolically about an overweight man standing behind creation being helped by sacrifices of the Universe, the cruel Syrian regime symbolise the worst darkness I am going through and when the regime is coming to an end it is because I am coming to an end, the sprinter Usain Bolt symbolises that I had to work my fastest to escape darkness and I am looking forward to “a world where every child has the same opportunity to succeed/live out their dreams”.


5th August: To my surprise I received the greatest part of my mother and the original world from darkness of “nothing”

I am receiving all life of my previous self Jesus as well as all life of our New World

After publishing my script at approx. 22.30 yesterday evening, I was strongly encouraged to watch more Benny Hinn – to receive more energy, which I understood was critically needed – and I was told that that this is about how long/deep I can get into my life as Jesus when awakening, and I see my self only as a boy now, and I was again encouraged to start doing the final edits to my website, but no, it is not because I don’t want to, but because this is beyond my limit even though I may be able to do (some of) it, but I will not destroy myself the same way again after sleep.

I was shown a shower and the final parts of darkness of me running out in the outlet, which was also “a little game” – are we saving all darkness or is it running out?

And I was shown and told that we don’t want this heavy chair to fall out, because it is your own chair with most of your life coming here, and yes let us bring the energy of Benny Hinn to do this too, and I received strong darkness coming to me and was told by Jesus to the right of me is this the one I am going to enter (?) – me – and as light you say.

Later I was told that you have now come through the worst parts becoming your new self, because I have given birth to you inside of your new body my old friend as I tell him and now you and yes “Oh my God! What a fabulous room! Are all these your guitars?”– and yes we cannot see it yet but I can feel it Stig (as my new self tells me), and it is amazing, and yes I feel my new self inside of me as both darkness but also a calm inside of this darkness as nothing brings you, right , Stig (?), and let us all and we know become everything, which is what you asked for (“everything” becoming me) so here you have us all back and yes me together with everyone else, which we just wanted to get in place before you went to bed, so this is what you can do now, and it is now 23.30 and bedtime is approaching – and after this very STRONG darkness reduced in strength.

My new self showed and asked me can I get all of my train with me (?) (including many wagons) and of course you can, and I was asked to stay awake tomorrow night to do this, and yes I will do my best, this is all I can promise.

I was given new heart marks and told that we are now about to be here again where we would like your permission to install your new heart, and we know on Monday the 6th August he says, this is his plan, so this is what we are going for, and yes unless you bring me new surprised to improve everything even more because I really never know. And I was shown a vision of a GIANT heart from my mother entering me.

Before going to bed my amplifier again shut off which is to say that we are doing this on our absolutely last energy, and I was shown my new self with a dark cross, which I have been carrying ever since I was killed and I was asked what do you want to do with it and yes to free you from it and to bring you/me and our New World the LOVE SYMBOL IN STEAD, and yes this is the work still remaining, which we will carry on tomorrow.

Just before going to bed at midnight I was told that we have used an ambulance tonight (one of three?), which I understand is “reserve energy”, which is because I did not start doing the edits to my website, which are not many, but I want to be fresh doing these and not dying.

Dreaming of being monitored and eating the soup of the world with darkness as fuel making me throw up

I slept until 08.30 using more energy we don’t have with a few dreams.

  • Helicopters monitor my apartment, and I have to be at my old work at 22.00 for a party.
    • I am still monitored by the world knowing that we are soon going to a party.
  • I remember different comedians playing the old sketch “there is a fly in my soup”, and Ulf Pilgaard received a GIANT portion of soup, and he told the waiter that it is mouldy, and that he can try himself, and “mouldy” so he cannot stand up is the feeling the waiter gets from eating an incredible amount of soup.
    • This soup is what I am eating, and it is called “everything” and I am eating it using energy of darkness symbolised by these comedians making me throw up.

To my surprise I received the greatest part of my mother and the original world from darkness of “nothing”

I woke up to more negative speech from darkness, so all of me are still not free, and I was told that I cannot move in my last things if you don’t bother Stig, and yes I am ready for a new day and night, so come on in with all of my love too – and I know that if I cannot, the world will do everything to bring energy, but it would hurt much, so I will try to do my best again.

I received an example of so deep scratching feelings to my head that it was truly impossible not to scratch it – it was burning scratches (!) – and I understood that this is how it would have become if I had not been “able” to help my LTO friends to survive, and had I experienced this, it would have made my head bleed potentially killing me and bringing the end of the world too, and yes “not easy” to come through.

I heard my new self talking about his new knowledge of how he was inside of darkness destructing the world, sending out sexual torments and also that he did not exist until 2011, but was terminated, and I heard that turning around the cupboard , i.e. the world, is my biggest achievement.

I felt in control of the working day today writing the stories coming to me at the same time as I continued receiving quite strong pain to my behind, so we are still moving content from darkness when I do this work – and I still have to say “this is WRONG” many times to darkness especially when not working, when it is even more active.

I received the song “through the barricades” by Spandau Ballet and the lyrics “and we made our love on wasteland, and through the barricades”, and we are coming through this barricade – from darkness to life – with energy I provide and what I cannot give, is given by the world no matter how painful it is, and yes please make sure that every little thing will survive without becoming terminated.

I was shown and told that this “kill, kill” and “you mother will not miss you if you die” and other tools of darkness kept on being converted to light and transferred to our New World, and yes this will have to be the train wagons we are putting through and I wonder for how long this will take, one more night and day or do we still speak of weeks or months even though it is impossible to do (?), and I don’t know, and I was shown a statue of the Inca’s here together with the vision of my aunt, Inge. 

And alright, I will bring an OLD dream – maybe 25 years old (?) – which you just reminded me of, and just to bring an example hereof in my scripts, and it is about crossing from West Berlin into East Berlin, where I am walking and seeing how everything is waste and grey, and I was told that this was a symbol of darkness, and yes please convert this darkness too.

I was told from darkness pointing at me “this is not fat is it, it is meat”, and yes “my friend”, this is where you are welcome, I am you, and you are me, and I keep feeling Obama when this is written and yes “made in Heaven” is what we are.

I was shown and told that we don’t need these sheets anymore and I see how dust are removed from them, and I am given the feeling that we are going to transfer the bed of my new self from darkness, and I see this bed as an old double-sized bed made of straw.

I was shown my self as a tiny man standing in front of ENORMOUS dark gates to the fortress of darkness effectively keeping me out, and I see how I look inside cables at the wall to the left of the entrance to find its weak spots, and yes it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to enter this enormous fortress, but it did not realise that its massive success had made it lazy and slow, and this is really what made me win, which is why I was born to be able to produce much work fast under impossible conditions.

After lunch I decided to read the front page of my website once again thinking that “this may be the absolutely last work to my website” – but also that if more should come, I will do this too – and also with the feeling that I don’t know how I continued doing all work of my website/scripts feeling as I do/did – I feel exhausted just thinking of what I went through – and I had written down 5-6 additions to do.

When I read through my website once again, it was with the feeling “perfect” or this is at least the best than I can do, and after all of the changes I have done to it lately, this was the feeling I had to return to, that everything is perfect, because this is what our New World has to become too making it easier to retrieve the last from darkness.

Later, at 15.40, I was shown my dark self pulling a blanket with a white piano towards me and he said “the thing about the bed is long gone” meaning that it has been transferred.

At 16.00 I was more than half through and decided that it would be good to do a long cycle tour to bring energy, so this is what I did when I cycled for approx. 24 kilometres, which however was not as long as I would have liked to do (30 kilometres was my goal), but I still felt physically down making it somewhat difficult to cycle and especially to stand up when cycling uphill, but I did my best under the conditions.

When cycling – and producing energy – I was first given strong sexual speech/torments including the feeling of the spirit of my mother and later that she (a new part of her) has now been transferred too after having been taken over by darkness the same way as I was as the Son and I understood this as the greater parts of her including the world because there were other parts of her still part of light being part of my old self, so this was really about saving the greatest part of the world taken over by darkness, and behind the curtain so to say, I felt tremendous happiness for doing this and also that this is one of our greatest achievements during my entire journey.

And I was told that this part of the spirit of my mother from inside of darkness was the reason why my physical mother was almost dying the other day when I received the key of life of Jesus, which also opened to this part of my mother inside darkness, but also that my mother was “only” kept on the edge of dying to bring out as much energy from her as possible to make this happen and not by killing her herewith keeping my old rules, see?

I was told by this part of the spirit of my mother that she is glad that I did not push the button to the bomb of Nixon – the Doomsday weapon – because she would have been the first to explode, and also that she can now also “see” the beauty of our New World, and yes imagine how it is when things are 100% perfect and at least of what we can do now, because I am sure that we will continue developing in the future.

I was told that everything of our Old World is perfect after being recovered from darkness, and yes it became “nothing” but “nothing” did not know the code of life, which it still contains so after switching on this life again, it is now perfect too.

The rest of the day and evening, I received much less darkness/sufferings as a consequence of bringing out the greater parts of the spirit of my mother and the world from darkness, and I wonder if the night will bring out even more (?), and I don’t know, but I will still try to stay up until 05.00 if I can, and to take a nap either on the sofa or in the bathtub, and we will see if I can do this, and what will happen.

At 21.00 I finally finished reading and editing the front page of my website, and yes I have done my best work on the front page including the 5-6 additions and several small edits today, which is MUCH better quality than my normal scripts – “ten times better” (!) – and I was happy with the final result of it.

At 22.20 right after having sent my reply to Fanny below, I was asked “is there also a part of the spirit of my father inside this darkness” (?), and yes I first thought that it was only Jesus, and afterwards the spirit of my mother, but of course there is also a great part of the spirit of my father inside of there, so this is what I am sure we will release during the night, and yes when I will finish my work tomorrow according to plan, and yes how do you do with work (?), and we know the edit of my website took much longer than expected, but the result also become so much more satisfying and it is really still quality of work making us come through, so please go ahead and continue doing that, and yes I did this too in my reply to Fanny below, which obviously also has to do with her key to not only release Jesus from darkness but the Trinity, and I wonder if she will be able to understand my reply or to react negatively (?), and yes a new fight of a lady meaning well but opposing me, which Jette also did, and no matter what Fanny may decide, we will get you out of here.

I was told that it is this part of the spirit of my father sending wrong feelings to people including wrong feelings of Fanny in relation to my website/scripts.

I ended the chapter on Fanny at 23.05, which was really not part of my plan today, but part of the road of God, and hereafter I had to comment Jette’s Google Earth pictures, bring it in my script, upload this and also to watch some more Benny Hinn, and yes it became a more busy day than expected, but I am still in control, and hoping that we will get the last parts of the spirit of my father out of “nothing”, and yes I thought that I had saved all parts of him, but this is about what was overtaken by darkness at the original attack of darkness at the first creation, and yes “many levels” to come all the way back to here, and when this part of the spirit of my father is saved, what else can remain, and yes I do not have the imagination to think any other than “the end” as you have told me?

I had received no pain out of this world to my right angle today, but after I sent my reply to Fanny, I received a short pain including marks of potentially more pain to come.

And I was asked if this darkness of the spirit of my father had begun to cut in my new heart, i.e. the New World, as the story of the swimmer Lotte Friis symbolised (?), and as I understand this, this is what it did but only “not permanent damages”.

I had the pretty strange experience of feeling almost no sufferings and much life really but still a small part inside of me kept on challenging me with darkness wanting me to accept that if I had known the impossible work I had to go through, I would never have done it, and he put the answer in my mouth and thoughts making it easy to accept, which I however decided that I would not, and also other examples, but really to say that this is a pretty strange feeling.

I was shown Karen and heard “who wants to be blood donor” (?), which this is about, and I understood tat this is in connection with saving the heart as it is, and yes not to let darkness do any destructions to it, and we know by providing energy of the world which we did not have in order to bring “perfect Christmas” together with your birth.

Finally, after a much longer working day than I had imagined, at 01.00 I could publish the script of today.

I felt Karen and darkness and was told that her darkness and resistance to me came all the way from the original creator inside darkness of nothing.

I received the feeling of the hole to my right foot strongly and I was told that this is the container of “terminated life”, which we are bringing with us, and yes the people inside the ice at Jette’s Google Earth picture, which are now showing up, and yes this is how a picture bringing you some nervousness really is the opposite, when we will free the parts of people frozen inside of here.

And I received a pretty strong and sudden pain to my private parts coming to me from the right, which was because of the original creator being tempted by darkness when darkness originally overtook him.

Fanny misunderstood my communication, and she determines if I can use her key to liberate the greatest parts of God!

At 20.00 I received the email from Fanny below believing I have too big an ego (!) and that I should act submissively because my messages “choke” her (!), and Fanny means well, but is here placed as darkness showing her misunderstandings when not reading and understanding my website carefully, and to tell you the truth, with the work I still have to do, it was not on my “wishing list” to receive misunderstandings from Fanny to potentially “upset” me, remove my concentration from work and to use time to answer, but instead of answering it straight away, I decided to focus on my work, and to do it later in the evening, when I had done work higher prioritized work than this (my website), and yes I know there may be more of her key in relation to coming through, but this is how I have decided for it to be, so this is how I will do it, and shortly after receiving her email, I received a new diarrhoea symbolising destructions of the Universe.

And when writing my answer to her, which I sent at 22.20, I understood that she is both darkness and the key for me to open for this darkness with her understanding in me, and this is to the greatest part of the spirit of my father, who was overtaken by darkness at the original attack of darkness at the first world, and yes I told her that it is NOT right to be submissive or superior, and also that it is not mankind as the creation, who will tell how God as the creator is to communicate and act, when the truth is that mankind was “this close” to bring an end to the world because of wrong communication and behaviour, and yes this is the story of Moses and the golden calf all over again, only MUCH worse now – and I tell her that this is about her subjective understanding based upon her habits in life, which are NOT right and this includes being too sensitive to STRONG words believing they are negative when they are the positive and only written as strongly as this to “cut through” people who do not want to listen to or have others to help them to change, which is what I HAVE to do to save the live of man, which should be easy for everyone to understand, right?

This is about READING AND UNDERSTANDING THE OBJECTIVE TRUTH, which I hope she will also be able to do, and this is what I have already encouraged her to do several times as you will remember, Fanny (?), and I can see that you have visited my scripts of the 15th July and 2nd August, and the front page of my website once the 15th July and once the 2nd August, and I do wonder how much you have really read (?), have you read all of the front page of my website as I encouraged you directly to do (?), and for you to be motivated to continue reading, which you have NOT done, but you may believe that you understand me good enough by now to tell me how you would like me to communicate not to “choke” you (?), and it did not occur to you that this is about your WRONG understanding and not about me, so it is all inside of your head as it has been with everyone too, and yes you are on the final part of the road of God.

And Fanny’s reaction is deciding the use of her key to liberate the greatest part of God self, and do you believe enough in me in order to bring me this key, Fanny (?), and yes this is what this is about, and this is why I wrote her a short follow up email telling her that this is exactly what it is about, the rescue of essential parts of God self from the darkness of nothing, and later in the evening she decided to tell me “dear friend, we do not communicate with words, but telepathically”, and normally I would go for words being part of communication, but it seems as if Fanny has a spiritual channel where she feels me and send me telepathic communication, and besides from feeling Fanny once in a while as I do with “everyone”, I do not actively know about telepathic communication other than I know that my best work normally is what makes my wish come through, and my wish is to bring out the spirit of my father using the key of Fanny having faith and understanding in me, which I hope these emails brought her, and I like that she wrote “dear friend” to me, because this is also how I feel about her – and she ended by saying “I promise you that they are free, we don’t have to worry, they take care of it themselves”, which to me is about understanding and acceptance of Fanny to use the key, so this is what we do.

And I was told that it is with Fanny as with “everyone else” – almost – on my road, which is that they have difficulties to read and understand, which is almost bringing me down, which requires that I have to say the same things over and again in different forums, so this is what I did writing the same things in my email to her as she could have read and understood from my website, and this is really what makes this work extremely hard, to make “lazy” people understand.

Later, I saw this comment of Fanny to the picture, which Jette saw as Jesus with mother Mary, which is then what I wrote in my comment, and here Fanny says that “Stig believes it is him, I do not fully agree”, and this is again about communication, because is this because she does not see Jesus on the sky or because she does not believe in me being Jesus after all (as my new self, whom I will “soon” open the eyes of), and yes we know Stig, not easy to tell what is inside her heart, but I do believe it is fine to use her key, which is really the vital part of it.

Google Earth shows resistance of darkness, more cleaning and frozen people inside ice

The selection of Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group includes resistance of darkness swimming away from me because I “broke down” needing a break, our big house has a solid foundation – the scripts, a little chaos at the laundry (cleaning darkness),  storms of darkness becoming light, frozen life inside ice symbolising “fat of darkness” now about to be reactivated, I am still absorbing darkness and the dust cleaner is busy.

An addition to the picture above:

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Congratulations with the birthday, Obama, who is another man “made in Heaven”, and yes just like the Queen of the world.

  • I liked this post from Jens from Selvet, and I wonder if his “One Planet, One People, One Heart” is inspired by my “One God, One People” (?), and directly or indirectly (?), and yes who knows (?), and if directly, is this a “hidden message” from Jens to me (?), and NOT EASY when people do not communicate speaking the truth directly, honestly and openly – but you have still not removed your ban of my freedom of speech because I still cannot comment or like your posts, only share them, as you can see from below the picture.

  • And the same applies with Jimmy, who “could not” answer my direct encouragement for him to make Selvet understand me and remove the ban of my freedom of speech, but instead he decided to bring me this “hidden message” 12 days after the previous comment to this thread, and yes it is “not often” that people will decide to go back in time and comment on an old post like this, but of course you knew that I would be notified of your comment, Jimmy, because of my previous comment, so this was your answer to say that you know about me and support me to “unite all people in the world”, and yes we will do it with the love and warmth shown by Bob Marley – because “we are the children of the Rastaman” J. And I decided to “like” Jimmy’s post even though I like people to communicate directly, honestly and openly, which also includes you Jimmy together with Jens and others from Selvet, but at least you gave me a hidden message telling me that you are also on my side.

  • Jette decided to share the video below with me yesterday about highly sensitive boys and men and their difficulties facing WRONG culture wanting men to be “tough” not showing feelings and not doing “non-male” activities, and I wrote a comment saying that this WRONG culture of people wanting to change you into what you are not is also a part of our sufferings today, and the most important is to follow your inner instincts and do what you feel like as long as you are responsible, and this is the FREEDOM you will also get in our New World – the FREEDOM TO BE YOUR TRUE SELF without culture and people trying to form you into something, which you are not – which my mother and later employers did!

  • My Facebook friend Ahmed brought the picture below, which inspired me to write about my thinking of selfish rich people once again, and I might ask: Do you get it by now (?), and I am feeling Michael Hardinger here, and yes when people “could not” read my scripts, I do hope that my Facebook postings will do the work. 

  • Michael Hardinger left me shortly again on Facebook (!), and if I am not wrong Carol Anne from Manchester has returned as a Facebook friend now after she also had enough of me a few months ago.
  • As mentioned at the beginning of the script of today, this work is to secure “your own chair with most of your life”, and this was symbolised by this picture of Samuel showing a chair grown as part of a tree, and yes this is the tree of life self as we are saving, and that is the biggest part of it, which was overtaken by darkness converting it to “nothing”.

  • Lykke wondered how many British gold (symbol of “energy”) medals it will take to resurrect Winston Churchill, and I understood this as a symbol of how much energy do I require before I will open the eyes of my new self – all of it (!) – and I replied that a bottle of Champagne will probably bring him out because he loved Champagne more than anything, and to me this is about “celebration” because of our resurrection from the darkness of nothing.

  • I saw this video of Best of UFO’s July, which inspired me to write the following.

  • Jane shared this heart supporting the restaurant Vejlegården (against the Union 3F as the Devil), and to me, this is about my finished heart, which I do hope and believe is still “perfect” despite of attacks from darkness (?), and yes I wonder how much damage darkness can do to the heart if any (?), and I hope and also work for the best.

  • I am thinking of more symbols from the Olympics that the Dane Jonas Høgh did not win gold in the dinghy Finn class at the Olympics, but was beaten at the very end, which to me was the after effects of my small “break down” two nights ago, and also that the Dane Lasse Norman Hansen won gold today at Cycle “Omnium” after he first fell receiving strong “burning marks” to his body, which is what I understand the world received when I “broke down” at a critical time and that was in order to cover for me as promised, but at the end, he received the gold, which I understand as the last part of the spirit of my mother including the greatest part of the world saved from inside darkness today.


6th August: We are transferring the last energy from darkness consisting of “parts of people” to make everything perfect

We are transferring the last energy from darkness consisting of “parts of people” to make everything perfect

Finally, at 01.40 I had finished work of “yesterday” but not yet looked at the horizontal lines of the right column of my website, which looks wrong (some of them), but I know that they should be perfect – is it spiritual darkness again (?) – and no I will not look at these now because I am TIRED and TIRED of working and really satisfied with what I did “yesterday”, so now I have 3½ hours of more and more torture of tiredness to outlast, and maybe a long bath to follow this time, and to make it through tomorrow the best way possible with tiredness again being the worst killer, and yes I do NOT like this at all, but this is what I do to make creation as good as possible and sacrifices of the world as little as possible even though the world must be sacrificing much thinking about just how strongly the darkness really is, as I have been shown before, if I was not helped by the world.

At 02.25 I felt a presence of darkness standing behind me somewhat reluctant, and it obviously takes more to bring in the final part of the original creator, and I was given the symbol in my email to Jens from Selvet, which I have just written – see the short stories of today – which is to dig even deeper inside of me, and yes I cannot do better than I do, and this is how it is, and this was also to say “to improve your heart”, and yes we know Stig, you will NEVER accept loss of any life, and just to say this as a matter of good sake, both now and forever and ever.

I have been thinking that it seems that it is first now that I am walking back in time around the attack of darkness liberating everything which was overtaken, so am I doing this twice – both in Helsingborg and now, eeehhhh?

And I was told “with me, there is nothing more remaining of darkness” and also that this fits with the end of my work.

At 03.00 I was watching Benny Hinn fighting to stay awake with my eyes again closing automatically, and I was shown the most beautiful girl inside of this darkness “ready for me”, but it was as darkness, so I am really digging deeper here having to be on my edge to meet this darkness.

And I felt rumbling feelings to the backside of my left right leg and I see how yellow inside of hardened darkness – just like lava – is becoming visible again with the cracking of unbreakable darkness.

At 03.10 I was asked from darkness “cant I have just a little loan” with my answer still being no, everything is to become light, and I am shown the Metro supermarket in Glostrup, Denmark, which is still the biggest supermarket I have ever visited symbolising that we are bringing out everything.

I was shown a giant eye and told that they swallow eyes inside of darkness, not hearts, and I understood that this is why Jette sees eyes on Google Earth, for these are the eyes, i.e. souls, returning to the world, and I am still told about Nefer, if she was wrong or right in me, which is really potentially extremely annoying, which can make it easy for anyone to lose temper and ask – or shout in despair – the voice to stop, but no, you are welcome to speak, and “then we would have killed it all” as I was suddenly told, but they could not because they did not understand the concept of Karen and all life – and Stig, if I tell you that you are the New World and Karen is the mother of the New World , which the Old World is part of, will you please correct it on your website, so I can come out and to do it now, please, and this was a serious voice breaking through asking me politely, and I was also told this earlier today where I could not get it to match with what I have been told and written before, but here it comes again, and it is as if this is what is lacking before we can walk freely again, so just thinking that it was my old self as the hybrid of the spirits of my mother and father who returned to the Source to resurrect my previous self, and instead of changing the WRONG creation forced upon us as “mother and Son” to “father and mother”, it was changed to “Karen & Stig”, and yes this is what created our New World and now I better understand because I kept on thinking intimately about Karen rejecting my “old nightmare”, so yes I can do that, and it is now 03.25, and I am already way above my working edge, but I will see what I can do to amend this information, and thank you for telling me.

But after looking at my website a few minutes, I came to the first obstacle, which is that I am the Son of God and the result of creation and everything of our New World as I have been told so many times that this cannot be wrong, and already hours ago I had dismissed the proposal, and I receive smiles in the background here – which also could be a game – and we know the parts breaking of the world are what Karen and I used as the beginning of our New World’s on top of the original New World, and no because of this I cannot believe in this and oversee to change the full structure now, it is as it is, and I do hope and believe that this was merely a strong game by darkness, and if I am wrong, you are welcome to come back, but I don’t believe that I am.

I decided to sit out on the balcony just looking at the stars, and there was only the strong light of my mother on the sky together with one other star/UFO, and then one light after the other was switched on for me again, and one made a show for me switching on and off many lights around it, and I was given a VERY strong light suddenly and only blinking once “from out of nothing” symbolising the energy we bring out of “nothing” now, and we really had some fun time together, this is how it is with the spiritual communication I received from these people of other civilizations making me laugh much, which I really needed realising just how down I feel like because of sufferings, but despite of this, I still had to be on guard absorbing maybe 100-200 attacks in the 15 minutes while sitting there or even more, and yes this is still how it is all of the time, “more or less”.

At 04.20 I was given a sudden pain to my right testicle and told that this is how it feels like when your testicles are cut off you, which I understand is how the spirit of my father felt like when darkness originally overtook him, which this story is about.

At 05.50 I was told “it isn’t a dream sofa we are picking from him, is it” – I have saved energy for some time in my scripts not always italicizing direct speech – with sofa meaning “making love”, which is what the original creator thought could be his original dream scenario when first entering the wrong tunnel, which however was sexual deceit/temptation of darkness, which is what has been given to the world ever since instead of how sexual relations used to be, which is between two people being faithful to each other.

I had fought to stay awake until 05.00 where I was absolutely sure that I would go to bath, relax and close my eyes, but darkness was so strongly that I thought that it would really be for the best if I could avoid doing this – to save the world from extra sufferings – but I truly felt that it was impossible but somehow I was kept up – also feeling the pressure to stay up given to me – and after 2-3 hours I knew that I would stay up, but now the time until 12.00 seemed like an eternity, and how in the world should I be able to go through the afternoon until 18.00, and yes it was feeling completely impossible to do (also bringing me more nervousness of potential negative consequences, which is still bringing much energy out of me, and I cannot tell you how disgusted I am of having this stressing feeling), but of course I could try to do my best, and at 06.00 I was told that we are now starting to retrieve this energy of the original creator, but only because you do not sleep.

At 08.30 I was shown myself as the original creator inside a large, red room of darkness full of pirates and I was told that I never thought you would come here, and at the shower I was shown darkness feeling superior to me and when I said that all of it will become light it gave me its feeling “us, who are so great, and you who are so small”, which however was followed by a vision of being in a shut in area in Tivoli meaning that all of this darkness is already in a closed area of our New World and I have the key of life so when I say that it will become light this is what it will become because it has to be loyal to me, and it seems that I “simply” have to go deep enough – and to receive help from the world suffering – to bring out all of this giant resource too, and I was told that what is inside here is what you can feed pigs with, isn’t this just what we are saying (?) and that is mere energy, which consists of parts of all people as mentioned the last weeks, but not full lives of people.

At 10.00 I decided to start writing the script of today with the attitude being “just do it” even though you feel disgusted way above your normal work limit.

I finished writing at lunch and I was told about the original creator without testicles as mentioned before making it impossible for him to be father of our New World, and I decided that it was impossible to break the structure I have created with me being the Son of God, thus the result of our New World and not the creator, and this is really to say that I have build up a strength of the New World, which is impossible for this darkness to destroy even when doing its best – there are no holes for it to enter because it is made as 100% perfect, see – and soon, my boy, soon.

I felt infinite happiness of “us 3” just on the other side and I was told that this is what I will meet when we will do a little prick with a needle to the last darkness, which will turn everything into yellow, which is still the colour of the spirit of my mother and our New World, and I was given a small mark to my heart and was told that your new heart has been installed without your knowledge, and yes fine by me if you have done your absolutely best work only including light without darkness.

I continued being tired and in periods also received a constant mark around my left angle, which was unpleasant.

I decided to look at the horizontal lines of the right column of my website, and I noticed that they had different length as input, which previously was needed in order to give them the same length as the output because spiritual darkness messed up, and now I decided to change all inputs to the same length making most of the lines of the right length except from one, which is now too long, but I am sure that it will correct itself with the end of darkness.

I was told from inside darkness that we will not be missed (darkness self)), but it was us providing the power to keep up the world, yes darkness brought life energy and not light!

At 14.15 I was told that this transferral is now soon finished and a voice of darkness told me “I am no angry young man anymore” and I received little out of this world pain to my right angle, and during the afternoon I had to fight extreme tiredness again, which is STILL not very easy or comfortable to do, remember Lars Løkke?

I was told that I have manoeuvred through an extremely thin and jagged belt of water, and also that I have screwed myself all the way down to the beginning of life, which nobody can do using strength of only one human being, but I decided that I would NEVER give up.

I was shown three pianos of the Trinity being put together as one, which we will use to play on at once, and I was given a loud drop out noise to my TV and shown the Tasmanian Devil inside and told thank you this is some of the absolutely last from inside darkness.

I was shown a peeled apple with green at the centre and told that this is how we have designed it – with green being the Council at the middle.

I was shown the darkest and thickest coffee being poured as the last remaining from a coffee pot, and told that it was not much, what we have poured up the last couple of weeks, but it was the most important of everything, and even though I know I have done well, I still have the feeling inside of me that I could have done better, and yes I will never become satisfied with my work to keep me going on and on.

And I was shown an old short man with a stick inside the closed area at Tivoli – in front of the roller coaster – in his way through a thin and invisible membrane to enter the Garden of Eden together with everything else we have transferred.

Once again the question is, will I wake up now – in the coming night (?) – or will I be met with new “surprising work” tomorrow morning (?), and yes we will see – and how do I feel (?), warm all over, tired and not nice with marks still around now my right angel still giving me the feeling of the risk of “losing it” or an explosion, and yes darkness is NOT a nice place to live.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was encouraged to send emails to Jens and Nønne from Selvet enclosing my Facebook message to Jimmy the other day (of the picture of Jesus on the sky) “just in case” they have not received it, and I told them that it was their own worst feelings, which they let out on me wrongly when I simply wrote the truth also about them, where they should have understood, looked into the mirror and improved, but they could not, and instead they excluded me and removed my freedom of speech, funny right (?), and I told Jens that I would like him to dig deeper when bringing picture of crop circles on Facebook postings as he does and to tell what they mean instead of people just looking at them saying “they are truly beautiful” without understanding what they are about, and yes as Jens and Nønne does not understand what my website is about when they “could not” dig deep enough to read carefully, and this was also a sign for me to dig deeply into myself not sleeping this night, and I encouraged Jens to start now, and to bring the truth about me to all employees and readers of Selvet, and yes because he has a responsibility to make people understand the truth, and not his own self-deceptions! – And the reactions to these emails are of course also meant to help bring me even more “monster darkness” to handle.

  • This is an update on sent LinkedIn invitations, where I was encouraged to contact Mads, who was a client of mine at GE Insurance when he was the CEO of Fiat Finance in Denmark, and I saw him “reading” my profile and this was obviously enough for him to conclude that I was crazy and NOT to accept my invitation, and I am thinking about how many of his previous colleagues/network, who have thought that same thought about Mads because of deviant behaviour (?), and Peter J. is from UNHCR, whom I met in Geneva in 2009, but no he has not accepted me (yet) the same way as Stein from Acta has not, Bill (previous CEO of GE Insurance, Europe), and Zheng, who works for a newspaper in Shanghai, who was shown to me as a person recommended to contact, so this is what I did, but no, she “could not”, and yes don’t they have a FREE press in China yet (?), and no, you say, but it is coming, and yes we know all of us, but we “cannot speak”, because everything is really so hush, hush, and we know the official world is way too shy in relation to me (I LOVED that song when I was in London in 1982 with Vivian and our class from Commercial school), and we know they have decided to wait until someone will wake me up before you Kajagoogoo, isn’t this how it is (?), and yes I still remember hearing this amazing pop song by Wham on my way to the Roskilde Festival together with Fuggi in 1984 I believe, and yes a sign with Roskilde Festival symbolising our New World.

  • Helena has had less inspired messages for days, which I have decided not to bring, and here is one of them, which is still inspired because here she is visiting the police wondering about their open interrogation landscapes, and police to me is “the worst darkness” of all, which is what I am inside right now.

  • And to underline this the absolutely worst darkness is one of the Alien monsters from the movies of the same names, and yes this is as mentioned before truly the worst darkness which is, this is what overtook the greatest part of life and creation when it attacked the spirit of my father with the mother and Son at the first world, and this is what has tortured and killed us ever since, but now it is the end of it, and it will change into LOVE CATS as everyone else after receiving its CURE :-).

  • David decided to comment on my post of yesterday, which I was happy that he did, and it also gave me a chance to show Fanny that when she said “Saturday chicken” to me as an “inspired word” (!), this was a word describing her own attitude being afraid of speaking the objective truth to people who are wrong, and yes as I do here, and do you believe I speak out strongly and directly to “annoy” people or to help all mankind to receive a better life, Fanny (?), and yes please look in the mirror and please re-evaluate your attitude about me, because it is you who have to change, and you do understand that I speak strongly with love and not negativity, which you also misunderstood as most others in the beginning? I was also told that Fanny’s misunderstanding and opposition to me was also part of the key, which is about transferring darkness to me to enter – and yes via her – at the same time as she was to have faith, so she both sent me “-“ and “+”.

  • It has rained MUCH this summer symbolising my sufferings, thus also today, but Brian smiled and said that it was a “radiant day” referring to extreme rain/cloud burst in Jutland, Denmark, and also using irony, and I decided to share one of the happiest songs I know of which is “what a lovely day it is today” by Stig Møller, which is what the day today also will help to make it “soon”, and he was also part of this inspired song belonging to Danish rock history, which has been given to me several times.

  • A couple of inspired “fill stories” really by Helena, first of the comedian Mick Øgendahl coming to do a show in her town, Århus, and she says that the fat man behind him was not planned – he came when Mick was speaking of cake, i.e. “creation”, see more below – and in her second message she said that you believe meeting a monster and then you meet a man, Frank and Hans thought it was opposite (the opposite world you know), but Helena decided that she can be stiff of fear and prejudices, and then she sees the human “dark inside, but still a human”, and this is exactly how it is when life has been full of dark energy inside us all, but still we were humans when darkness did not completely destroy us.

  • And here is the Facebook post by the comedian Mick and his video where he speaks about the slogan ”Århus – Danish for progress”, and whether “Danish” means “Danish (pastries) for progress, and when he spoke of this symbolising creation, an overweight man was walking in the background, which is really about me as an overweight man standing behind our new creation, and he continued by saying that there are no stupid people in Århus anymore, however the MP Joachim B. Olsen is from Århus as he says, and also that this brings us back to overweight people with a little bit too good ideas, for example like me and the design of our new life, and he says that right around the corner is the art museum ARoS, and he forgets to pronounce the “o” (!), and he speak about a four metre tall boy in the cellar– just like Ogier the Dane on Kronborg in Helsingør symbolises me – and he says that he sits in a “wood sh.. position” (slang for forester, so this is what he had to be before becoming the forester, which is also about me …), and he says that the figure is very handsome and you can almost smell the smell from the behind of this boy, and yes this is about an overweight man with good ideas, who has made it through with the help of the boy moving bowls of the Universe, which is to bring sacrifices of the Universe to bring me energy coming though the final Judgment creating our New World, and yes Mick, this is what you were speaking of symbolically here without knowing it.

  • Naser spoke about the Prime Minister and other ministers of Syria defecting to Jordan, and I told him that the cruel actions of Syria towards its fellow human beings are a symbol of the worst darkness I have gone through, and when the Syrian government now is close to step down, it is symbolising that I am near to my goal becoming my new self bringing our New World to mankind, but no neither Naser nor others “felt like” giving me a reply, and yes “silence” is the name of the game also making me sad.

  • Henrik spoke of “idiotic small rules in the thousands” using an example of the sprinter Usain Bolt who was not allowed to bring his skipping rope to the stadium, and first congratulations to Usain for winning two golds at the 100 and 200 metre runs both in London and four years ago in Beijing and hereafter just to say that all of the bureaucracy, which man has established with CRAZY rules for everything was also darkness making life itself impossible (!), and here Usain‘s run symbolises that I had to work my fastest the last weeks to escape darkness.

  • I liked this post by Bill Clinton much, and thought about the relation to what I wrote yesterday about the wrong conduct of rich people in relation to the poor world “to share the wealth of the world equally and make sure that all poverty/starvation is eliminated for good and replaced by hope and realities of all to receive a “normal life””.

  • Denmark had great difficulties winning over Korea in handball today, but it went better when I switched on the TV in the second half making them win by two  goals, and normally it should have been ”easy” to win, and afterwards the coach Ulrik Wilbek said that he was scared that the Danes did not PHYSICALLY run down the Koreans as other teams have done, and yes Ulrik, I don’t have much energy left as my old self, see?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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4 Responses to August 6, 2012: To my surprise I received the greatest part of my mother and the original world from darkness of “nothing”

  1. No, I was surprised that I did not feel it being even closer to it than you, and furthermore I was awake during the night working, so to my best knowledge, there was no shaking here.

  2. Jette Uhlott says:

    ❤ – and the energy hug as well 🙂

    • Thank you, Jette – it is even better today, which I hope will also show on Google Earth pictures, if this is part of your plan. Have a good day :-).

      • jette says:

        have a lot of things on my to do list – I shall ,however, find time for some pictures – for YOU! Did you feel the earthquake – (?) I did 2 x 15-10 sec. 06-08-2012 around 3 a.m. -did not consult the clock!

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