August 8, 2012: The leader of Danish People’s Party, Pia Kjærsgaard, resigned showing victory over “extreme darkness”


Summary of the script today

7th August: It will become the Council of eight, who will reveal our New World to the world

  • Our New World is perfect but there is still more energy of darkness to be cleansed.
  • Dreaming of working inside the worst darkness destructing life while I create new life.
  • I keep receiving stronger darkness as the absolute last, which is, helped by the world sacrificing to save terminated life including “life freaks”, and remaining darkness is preparing celebration. It will become the Council, who will reveal our New World to the world. The sicknesses of my father and John help to bring out “every little thing” from my deepest inner self.
  • Google Earth pictures including the story of “it is NOT forbidden to think, Facebook!”, more darkness continued being converted to light, “Bear River Valley” with “bear” is in darkness, storms of darkness chasing and absorbing more life as in a “horror-story”, which it will continue doing until becoming light itself, and Jette decided to my big surprise two days ago without warning that now she would go on holiday (!) not caring about the importance of her work to the final creation (?), and thank God, she decided to continue bringing at least “some pictures”.
  • Short stories of encouraging the comedian Mick to read and understand me and spread the word that Stig is Jesus, “it is not forbidden to think, Facebook”, Michael Hardinger is a self-satisfied man of darkness, which I put music/love to when creating, UFO’s are all above us but still the official world look after life on Mars, incredible (!!!), old people left alone by families make me sad, I am reaching my heart all the way in, Anne Mette thinks that sushi/fish is “nice”, chips converted from darkness to my new self, an eternity of “butterfly’s”/worlds due to my scripts, Brian’s old computer burned off because there is no more power symbolising the end of the Old World with the end of its power, I confirmed that all beings will be released from suffering, and Fuggi’s big brother Keld has a problem with his left side not following his right to bring me energy.

8th August: The leader of Danish People’s Party, Pia Kjærsgaard, resigned showing victory over “extreme darkness”

  • I stayed up this night too again receiving incredible strong darkness – the darkest ever – because of negative reactions from people to my Facebook comments and not least because of a new emotional and WRONG eruption of Jette, which made me suffer and kill me even more, but also the crossing of yet a new bridge to the next, deeper level of the original creator, and I received thank you from the New World receiving the most concentrated and clean elixir of life yet. I am continuing the game as long as we can.
  • Extreme darkness of media, politicians and Facebook readers brought me extreme darkness giving up to me – and even though this game feels very genuine risking to lose the first parts of creation, I am told that “this is your land” and that is already when having the key of Son of God and the world, but still it is better to have this as light than to bring it as darkness to our New World.
  • The leader of the extreme right wing party Danish People’s Party, Pia Kjærsgaard, announced her resignation as party leader, and I shared my message to her with the entire political life and media of Denmark telling that she was “trained” to play the worst darkness of all loving everything Danish and hating everything unfamiliar including Muslims, which potentially could have led to a third World War between the Western World with me leading it as Anti-Christ (!) and the Muslim World forcing me to push the Doomsday weapon, but when she is now resigning, it is a symbol saying that this is the end of the absolutely worst NAZI-darkness, which is, and it is also a message to my Muslim friends to tell you all that even though Muhammad was NOT my prophet, I still love all of you as my children.
  • The Muhammad drawing “The Bomb in the turban” symbolises the Doomsday weapon, which a war between Muslims and the Western World would have forced me to ignite if darkness had turned me into Anti-Christ.
  • Many people seeing my many Facebook posts thought that I was crazy when writing the simple and easy to understand truth about Pia, which is still about facing the opposite world not understanding that it was itself being crazy. This work helps to “slaughter the fat calf” to celebrate the end of the worst darkness.
  • I also sent my Pia-reply to Søren Pind telling him that I don’t believe he is as wise as what people believe he is, and when I asked him directly if he DARED to answer me and that I would include his answer in my script, he “lost it” and decided to report/ban me to Facebook (!), which was really “the worst darkness” coming to me here too, where I was collecting as much as possible to make sure to bring out all darkness, see?
  • Jette decided to continue bringing some pictures today, but even though she is 68 years old, she is still not old enough to reply to my email and truly don’t like to change, Jette (?), but let us now continue focusing on the positive/objective, and afterwards you will get 5 years to learn/improve, which truly includes to OPEN UP and to communicate properly – and did your “emotional eruption” bring periods of doubts about me to you, Jette, and yes “much darkness” is what you contained as the key for me to go through J, and her pictures of today include a factory with my script being read by souls with and without glasses of darkness (much darkness is converted to light), an volcano eruption on New Zealand symbolising the plenty of beauty of our New World including many mouths of humans and animals.
  • Short stories of my nephew Niklas being a “success” and staying on a five star hotel in New York (!), Jette once again losing her temper erupting emotionally and “killing” me (!), we are now looking forward for man to jump up as light in our New World as pop up like jacks-in-the-box, darkness will now cease to exist as if it has never existed, extreme darkness is ending because I determined the rules of the game, collapses of the world was stopped by light stopping darkness and Dennis brought the final answer to the question “to be or not to be”, which is “to be” and that is inside our New World.


7th August: It will become the Council of eight, who will reveal our New World to the world

Our New World is perfect but there is still more energy of darkness to be cleansed

Yesterday evening before going to bed I was told that everything is perfect in our New World but it is a completely different talk if we have transferred all energy of darkness, which I was told that we have not, and with this, there is only one thing to do, which is to continue working as long as I can, and I received a new out of this world pain to my right angle and was told that darkness does not care regardless of its size, it keeps on doing as it always has done, which is to destroy, and again I wonder how much it can destroy when its weapons has been removed – can it still absorb light as a “soaking lemon”, and again I was told that this will take out even more energy of me and the world to do, and I was given more nervousness if this will become the death of my mother or other family members (?), and since I don’t play the game of darkness, I can only say one thing, which is to continue playing on the side of God removing the last darkness (and if we cannot, let faith of man of the New World do the rest!), and no I am not afraid, my family/friends etc. are the best protected of all, and that is because I say so!

Dreaming of working inside the worst darkness destructing life while I create new life

I went to bed at 21.00 and I had this dream.

  • I am on my way with 2-3 others to a special restaurant in Norway, and our way we visit another restaurant, which is good, but have plates of poor quality and the kitchen looks boring, and we continue walking, I am with one of the owners of the restaurant and even he has difficulties finding it, he has only been there himself five times before, and the restaurant does not have a website yet because it does not pay taxes and does not want to be discovered, and on our way there we take a break and I make love to the most beautiful woman, and finally we arrive, and I am surprised to see Benny (Morten Grunwald) from Olsen Banden working in the kitchen thinking that he is too old working, but he produces fantastic food and he says that you need to be careful not to eat too much not to become too heavy as he does himself, and I notice that he is smoking, and the restaurant is called “Laksholm” (“salmon islet”).
    • Norway is the worst darkness which is because of its incredible wealth due to fleece of oil from Earth, and inside of this the worst darkness is the restaurant producing life, where I work as Benny, but all around us is still the worst darkness wanting us to pay taxes, which is to destruct life, and when I make love to a beautiful women of the dream, it may be my “old nightmare” carried out meaning that remaining darkness continues what it has always done, which is to soak out life of the world and it will have to be the Old World removing more and more of our energy but at the same time I am using this energy to convert if to life at our New World, and yes at the moment I am bringing out life, which was absorbed by darkness and brought to “the container of termination” and it seems that this process will continue until there is no more darkness meaning that all of it including its container will become light, this will have to be the answer to this and also to the continuous storms shown on Google Earth, and the name “Laksholm” is about a fish, i.e. me, which is what all new life becomes via the life in life principle and it may also be a reference to one of the judges from “crazy about dance”, Anne-Margrethe Laxholm.

It will become the Council of eight, who will reveal our New World to the world

I had a blurred view when waking up at 09.00, which I know from experience will last all day, and I was both “fresh” and still exhausted inside of me from the previous night, and I don’t believe I can stay up a new night completely without sleep, and I know I will be pressured to do this again, but I believe that a few hours of sleep will be necessary in the coming night, we will see.

I was told that we get more and more drunk because of the reactions of people to me, and I was given more blinking of my monitor to say that we are still working without energy, and I felt like it was the Earth telling me that it has run out of energy, and we know Stig, as long as we can keep it going as our old selves, this is what we will do, and when this is impossible, I ask you to let the new light and New World shine through, and we know the only right thing to do, and not to take any chances losing anything “important” in the process.

I did not receive much darkness this morning, it was as if it has lost its power, and I was given an example when the feeling of “impatience” came to me, which normally is given with much strength – stronger than I as an individual – but here I just felt this energy as if it was the outline of it after the emptying of its energy, and yes this is exactly how it felt like.

I received a number of sneezes this morning telling me that the world is still bringing me energy and we know to allow me to sleep too.

I was told that this is the story about “the lost Judgment” with no (permanent) loss of life and also “who would have thought that”?

I did not have much work to do today from the morning, which may symbolise that we are really “almost through” (?), and I decided to take a long bath as a consequence first starting to write the script after lunch, and in bath I was told “good luck” together with a “happy feeling” telling me “as your new self”.

I received a déjà vue about “life freaks”, which is life created by “crazy” military systems, and I know of Russia at least doing this as experiments, and I heard “what about me” (?) and I said that you are going to become clean too, and yes I will NOT accept any loss of life even though this life is not meant to be (able to be) alive (!), and also that this is the absolutely worst darkness of all we are now handling.

I was shown a long pipe, which has been connected to and pulled up the ship of darkness from the bottom of the sea working as its mast, and it is now just underneath the bottom of the sea ready to break through with the opening of our New World.

And I was shown the row houses of “Masten” (“the mast”) in Snekkersten with a tree surrounded by a small fire, and I was almost on my way in to the carport of the house, which is about my attitude this morning wishing that I was done with my work, but no, I will NOT enter my new house yet before PUTTING OUT FIRE to restore the tree of life completely, and we know Stig 100% because this is one of the 1-2 handful of songs by David Bowie receiving a pure 100 point mark from me and yes it is from the movie “CAT people”– and this is why I was given this vision, which I however first understand now when writing this, and yes I am going to be “very clever” one day soon when I will show myself in full – as mankind also will – and today I am really just a normal human being and nothing else except from a voice of God operating on my level not to be discovered by darkness.

And later I received some temptations of my “old nightmare” and when refusing these, I was told that this is how to put out this fire too.

I was shown a large chandelier symbolising the Source having an endless line of “one piece smaller” for each level chandeliers above it and on top of this, I was shown myself as this “simple minded and dumb man” in darkness doing his best to put up a balloon at the very top symbolising “celebration”, and yes “he” is doing his best setting up this eternity of sources because this is what I decided to do instead of destructing.

I was shown an uncovered tipi only consisting of its inside frame and inside of this was a peeled orange, and I was told that it will become the task of the Council to reveal our New World to the world, which I am also looking forward to, and yes I have no idea about what you will do except from the few things mentioned in the beginning of my website, and I don’t believe that I have received one single déjà vue about life in our New World and how it will be to become my previous self, Jesus, as my new self, so we will have to see.

I was shown a construction with a core as a circle in the middle having solid legs reaching several metres down from all over its sides, and that I am now on my way inside the last of all of these legs, which you know symbolise the structure of our world with dark energy as I have now almost consumed.

I was shown myself inside an incredible small room with newspapers on its sides being pushed strongly by one of the walls being pushed by the New World on the other side, and I keep pushing back, while I make sure that the Eifel Tower is put out through the other wall, which is on the other side of the New World, which is now as close as it can be to be 360 degrees covering everything, so my question to the Trinity is really when will I see you again (?) and is this the end (?), and I hope that we have less than three degrees to go (?) – and also that this is about integrating the Trinity – and yes isn’t this song also fantastic, and just FEEL the soul of it – but I do love LIVE performances, my friends :-).

I was also shown a small propeller-driven plane starting its propels, which is about my decision to keep on working/exercising, and I was shown the spirit of my mother next to me in the plane looking for small sand grains at the bottom of it for her to save, and this was really a reminder for me to include on the front page of my website, that it was my old self returning to the Source in 2010 as I have written, and it was my new self as Jesus bringing the entire world back to the Source as I have written, and yes also to remember to write that it was the spirit of my mother as the Holy Spirit of the world, who created the New World with the energy I brought, so this I will also do :-).

I was told yesterday and reminded today when I did not write it that I have met Jack here at the back entrance so to say where he was put to make sure that no darkness would leave out this way, which I understand was secured because of his faith in me, and with this, you are also now saved, Jack – nice to know, right?

I may not receive much darkness in the beginning of the day, but everything I think of still comes with a negative sign in front of it with active thoughts like “I don’t like this” and wishing bad for everyone, which you know is what I actively need to absorb and say THIS IS WRONG, and yes this is still how to change the given outcome of darkness to destroy, and to make it create instead, and I had to tell myself not to relax mentally just because I am close to the end and to continue being careful not to enter this negative speech/thoughts making them my own, and yes you might know how it is when you are ahead 10-0 in a football game and playing in extended time waiting for the referee to blow off the match (?), and yes I am still the referee, so we are still playing and that is as long as I have energy to play!

I was shown large rolls producing newspapers with full speed being stopped and turned the other way with what was inside the rolls being removed, which was to say that we are still bringing out life, which darkness absorbed as part of “nothing”.

I received a new of these pains you know to my right angle and I was told that this is coming because of resistance of the official world to identical pay regardless of the nature of work as included in my New World Order – and the other day about fixed prices based on production costs – and I was thinking that one day you will think how in the world could we believe that some deserved to receive better lives than others solely because of nature of work.

I was shown that I am coming to the end of the dark tunnel reaching solid rock, and I was thinking that underneath the ice cap of Greenland is solid rock/ground, and yes we brought the guitar all the way with darkness giving me many mark’s on the way, Mark :-), and by the way, do you know what your sir name Knofler rimes on in Danish (?), and yes “kartofler” (“potatoes”) of course, which is the reason for your success according to the comedians Linje 3, and yes I also liked that one.

I was told that John’s “sickness” and coughing helped to “cough out” the deepest of my inner self, and I do believe that my father’s cancer sickness was “designed” with the same purpose.

I was shown a small stream becoming thinner and thinner still with small bridges to cross, which is the stream I am still following all the way back to remove darkness.

I was shown Jerry from Tom & Jerry switching off milk production from the udder of a long line of cows, and he is now working on the last cow, and “milk” is about “wrong love making” and cow is the symbol of Buddha/God.

I was told that when we are completely out of energy, the New World will simply start, and yes good idea, my friends 🙂 – and also that this game cannot be differently because I have said thousands of times that we have to continue until the end of all darkness, and yes this is implanted in us so this is what we do.

At 16.00 I was told by darkness that I still sit on some bank notes, i.e. energy/life, which I had hoped you would “forget” about, but no, please also bring these to me at the New World and yes convert to light making even less of me as my old self, and we know Stig, I am eliminating my old self in order to become my new self, and I want to bring every little thing – and I was told that my message to the comedian Mick, see the short stories at the end of the day, is helping to dig deeper doing this work. 

I continued working on the script until 17.00, and I know that it would be good to do a proper cycle exercise, but I do not have much energy, so I will do a combined cycling and shopping tour again today – and later when returning home, I must say that I felt very little energy when I was cycling, so the part feeling from this morning of being “fresh” was really only on the surface because I had nothing to drive with, and I may have cycled approx. 15 kilometres with difficulties.

When cycling I kept on hearing “switch on all light” and first after some time, I was told that this was the message to the spirit of my father when meeting the first darkness, which made “him” depressed, which was a feeling given to me here clearly.

I was told that some time ago I accepted “parts of people” to being terminated, i.e. kept in the container of darkness, because I had no other choice, and here I was encouraged to call back this approval herewith saying that darkness is NOT allowed to terminate anymore, and yes we know Stig, somehow this is part of the game – maybe to make darkness believe that it was winning for us to enter unnoticed (?) – and all I can say is that I am everything and everything will become light.

I also felt the spirit of my mother coming to me kindly and I was on my guard thinking that this could be more darkness, but I was told that she is welcoming me after my tour 360 degrees around everything/nothing, and I thought that this might be right because I have no energy remaining, so we will see when I will become my new self, and if the game can continue, and if it can and if it makes creation even better, this is what we will do, but I cannot and will not stay awake this night, but may be awake until 02.00 or 03.00 and see for how long I can sleep, maybe 3-5 hours (?), and we will see.

I also received the feeling “Stig is not crazy”, and I understood that this is a spreading feeling among my family/friends etc.

I was told wouldn’t it be good if we have reserve energy left to remove last darkness as part of becoming your new self, and yes that would truly be good.

During the afternoon and evening darkness did not feel as its strongest ever, but still it was at its closest ever to get through my defence not accepting negative speech to be accepted as mine and really because my energy is low, and several times I was on my extreme limit but when I have said “never”, this is how it becomes.

I have had what feels like hay fever today with sneezes and constant uncomfortable feelings of my nose, and yes this is what I used to have in July/August for many years – but it stopped maybe 6-8 years ago, and it was a symbol of the world sacrificing for many years to bring me energy.

And I was told that the world “could not” say “thank you” when I was alive as my old self.

After dinner, I did the final work to this script and published it at 21.40, and I did it with difficulties because of how I feel, but I decided that I will not start giving up now just because I have no energy remaining. 

Google Earth show darkness absorbing life as a “horror-story” and light absorbing darkness

I bring this picture as an example of now more than 30 people, I believe, who have left Jette’s Facebook group with the reason being the mere number of emails/notifications sent out as standard to all group members, and we know, Stig, Peter says that he received between 30-50 emails per day and wants to be excluded as a consequence, and to Facebook I can only say “it is NOT forbidden to think” (!), because first you did the ERROR for people to decide on the behalf of other people including them in groups without their consent – this is NOT how to work in our New World (!!!) – and you did it with the standard set up as all group members both to receive emails and Facebook notifications about all new posts, and this is the simple reason why many people have left this group and even more probably annoyed by the great number of emails, and yes how could you make such an error, and yes is the reason simply “volume sickness” forgetting about “simple logic” doing what is RIGHT to do (?), and yes I cannot tell you how sad it makes me to see such a large company doing so poor work (!!!), and it should be easy for you to do a system letting users decide themselves and also to ask them with their register if they want to receive notifications of new posts saying how many the group brings per day in average (?), and yes I have written how to remove notifications in the “about” description of the group, but members do not look there, and for me and probably most people it is perfectly fine just to see the number of new posts next to the name of the group, but you “could not” do this, and yes a little thing maybe, but to me important because Facebook did wrong as a “giant”.

This is about “gray-ones” as Jette calls them, which is darkness chasing life.

Two days ago Jette decided to my big surprise and without informing me otherwise that she would now go on vacation, and yes not a word, not a warning, but suddenly coming from out of nothing, she simply decided to “going for vacation” and yes how do you think this made me feel, Jette (?), and yes you did not like to tell me (?) and was it because you felt “out of energy” because of much work (?), and we know just wondering I am, and this gives me a chance to say that when you work as a team you really have to plan to make the team work because each member of the team is depending on the other.

I do NOT like surprises like this also not knowing what it would mean in terms of her Facebook group, so I wrote this Facebook email to her thanking her for her work and asking her if she is at home when being on vacation and if this means that there will or not will come new pictures/comments and if there is anything I can do while she is on vacation (?), and we know NOT A WORD, and this is from a lady helping me to do the final part of creation and to show the world what is ongoing, and yes you must truly have felt “out of energy”, Jette (?), or had you planned your vacation but not told me or anyone about it?

During the day of yesterday I saw Jette active on Facebook but did not receive an answer to my email also making me wonder and finally after her nice greetings to my previous script when asking her again, she told me that she will find “some picture” for ME (!), and yes Jette, I thank you very much, and hope that you will follow me when I say that I do this work for man and your work is important in this relation, so I do hope you will follow me to the end of creation bringing more pictures, which should not take that long, and we know it may be days or weeks, and certainly before the end of 2012.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was encouraged to post the following to the post of Mick Øgendahl from yesterday including the message that I have been a laughing stock within Danish comedians, and I now give him the chance to read and understand my website and spread the word that Stig is Jesus before I will open the eyes of my new self, which will make everybody see for themselves without the need to read (!), which is what you of course will do anyway as part of showing a clean heart, and yes I wonder if you will have “time” to read and understand Mick, or if you will (continue) laughing???

  • It makes me annoyed/sad to see that Facebook as the biggest of its kind has so many design errors as it has and often because you simply do not think, and how often have I tried to share a post and write my comment, which becomes too long making it impossible to send because when I try to scroll down the window, it is the window behind, which scrolls and not the pop up window (!), and yes which is why I only could bring my comment as a new comment after having shared Mick’s post, and yes Facebook IT IS NOT FORBIDDEN TO THINK (!!!), and yes you have done much good design work, but this is NOT perfect (!!!), and I wonder what you use all of your resources for, and maybe you would like to tell the world the FULL TRUTH one day?

  • Michael could afford to go on holiday to Hawaii (again) – you don’t think much about starving and dying poor people, Michael (?) – and at arrival, he said “a smell of pine apple and curry”, and this is really why I woke up this morning with the feeling that I would like to eat pine apple, and that is because it means to be “self-satisfied”, which is what I understand that you are, and furthermore you wrote pineapple in Danish as “anananas”, which is a little longer than normal, which is only “ananas” and here it is about several stories, and the first is that this is coming close to the old joke about Anna being the daughter of Naser – “ananas”, and Sonny brought a short version of the word meaning “behind”, or pain because of destruction, and Joe says that Michael did not know when to stop, because it hurts (“gøre nas” in Danish), which here is a game about whether or not I am to stop now, have I continued this game too far now destructing instead of creating (?), and no, I think not, the New World is protected from the Old World, which cannot hurt it, and this is also about my own faith and understanding, see, so therefore I decided to believe in the last comment, which is “you just have to put music to ana-na-nas”, which is to put love to darkness making it part of our New World.

  • I brought this video of UFO-lights, which is one video of thousands on YouTube showing clear evidence of UFO’s, which however is not brought by media or spoken about of the official world, and instead your silence and cover-up made most parts of mankind continue not believing in UFO’s and yes but still much interested in man trying to find life on Mars (!), and yes the story is truly that incredible with all of the sky above Earth full of these lights of UFO’s (!), and it is about poor communication and misunderstandings as the basis of saving us all, you see?

  • Jimmy was inspired when writing this story about two old ladies now completely alone at old-age home with many friends dead and their families not visiting them, and they are still the same people inside as they have always been, but now they have an old cover, and are SAD that there families with (great-) grand children don’t come to visit them, and yes another example of people who don’t care about people, which also makes me sad, but happy when I think that this is some of the last you will see of this, and also that people will never become old in our New World but continue to be STRONG forever and ever, and Jimmy was inspired when writing “this one hits my heart – all the way in”, and yes Jimmy “all the way in” to the beginning is what I succeeded doing when creating my new heart.

  • Anne Mette continues to live her “happy life” and high pay here enjoying sushi, which of course is “nice” to her with the word “nice” symbolising that her darkness also brought me sexual torments including threats of my “old nightmare”, but on the other hand, this energy is also what made “the fish” alive so to say, so therefore I will also bring “the fish” and his band with my old favourite song “Kayleigh”.

  • Isabella was eating “blue Provence chips, not because she is “hip”, but because they are … blue (of course), but of course, and we know a symbol of darkness (of chips) now being converted to blue as in my new self.

  • Marianne is a Facebook friend of mine working as a journalist on the newspaper Nordjyske, and here she says that she had “metal fatigue – and I can feel it because the words do not any longer float easily from mind/heart via the keys to the newspaper pages” so now she will go on holiday, and I receive a déjà vue here about me going on holiday when finishing my scripts and when the world will know about me, and can it really be (?), and yes until I will show myself on the world stage, and I decided to tell her that I know her feeling and use the same expression as her, and also that to me a BUTTERFLY means a world, which is the most beautiful which is, and according to the book – guess which – there are now many New World’s, and that is the beginning of an eternity of them, and what other song to play than BUTTERFLY by Danyel Gérard, and of course in French because my sister had this as a single when I was a boy, and we know as a sign of what was coming to us :-).

  • Brian started by using a terrible expression, which has become popular here and I believe it was introduced by Danish comedians (“keep quiet” in negative form etc.), and then he tells about how the power went off but returning instantly with a “BANG” from his computer, and the smell of burned electronics, and to me this was about the final end of the Old World when there is no more power left, for example as “now”.

  • Samuel was kind to spread a wish for all beings to be released from suffering, and as you can see, I said that this is what all being will with the opening of our New World, which brought more than 150 to my website and new faith of some (?), and darkness of others?

  • Fuggi’s big brother Keld writes here about how he was on hospital because the left side of his face does not follow the right side with his mouth hanging down in the left side and his left eye not blinking right, but it was not thrombosis, and to me it was “simply” to bring me energy, and yes a “special friend” is what he is, but don’t kill my family/friends is part of my old rules, remember?


8th August: The leader of Danish People’s Party, Pia Kjærsgaard, resigned showing victory over “extreme darkness”

Negative reactions from Facebook and Jette were killers (!), but also brought the most concentrated elixir of life

After publishing the script of yesterday, I had used everything I had not being able to continue working, so I decided to watch some TV, and at midnight I was completely finished but when I moved to the computer before falling asleep and watching Benny Hinn and now feeling more cold than hay fever and still with a blurred view and water running out of my eyes, I decided to try to postpone my plan going to sleep at 02.00-03.00 to 05.00 but no longer, and only if I can, and now here at 02.40 I might as well start writing the script of today, so I don’t have to do this part tomorrow, so here we go.

I was told that if I had not lifted the approval of terminations, I would have been terminated myself when entering our New World (!), and then it was changed into that I would be given the question whether Bettina or I should be terminated, and I was also told by people of other civilizations that they would not allow this to happen, and yes in periods, I am bombarded constantly with information with much of it being darkness, so I did not take this seriously, which is also a reflection of many visiting my website after my post on Samuel’s post yesterday, however a few decided to skim/read several of my websites, and one decided to subscribe to me, so every little thing counts here.

I was told by the remaining part of the spirit of my father inside darkness – I wonder for how long we can keep on being in darkness with even more to convert to light – and he showed me and said that he will be the one opening the door to the other side of our New World.

During late yesterday evening I felt incredible red darkness coming to me again, and I thought of my comments to Mick and Samuel yesterday, and I received approx. half an hour of very strong and uncomfortable heart pain almost making me give up, this is how unpleasant it was, and I was told that it was because of Jette and her reaction to my script of yesterday, and some hours afterwards, I saw that Jette had “lost it” again becoming negative towards me (see the short stories at the end of the script), but again she could not plan nor control her eruptive negative feelings, which is what was killing me, and you do know that I am only human, Jette (?), and that it is negativity of people, which is killing me very directly, so your poor planning and communication is a very lethal cocktail for me, but as luck is, I have decided to be stronger than the worst darkness, which also includes you (!) – also meaning that you are a very special friend/servant of me 🙂 – and I was given this MASSIVE hit “human” by the Killers together with the lyrics “my sign is vital” and “Are we human? Or are we dancer?” and yes we are both, and we will “soon” be dancing of joy 🙂 – and I would sure be happy for Jette to be able to control herself without attacking and “killing” me, Jette!

I thought that when I did the script of yesterday – with great difficulties in the end – we might as well continue the game taking one more day, and yes I can, and hope that the world can too when I cannot keep awake any longer.

I was shown the absolutely worst darkness of the spirit of my father – as dense as it gets – and he brought me the darkest lollipop imaginable because of the darkness I had absorbed, and this was yet again a symbol of abuse of children, which is coming from the deepest darkness of all, and we know Stig, I have come in doubt once again what will happen with the remaining life of the spirit of my father inside of this absolutely worst darkness of all if I cannot bring it out before I will open the eyes of my new self, will it really be brought as “nothing” to our New World to be restored there, and with or without its original life code, and can it be that the invention to restore darkness as my new self is a story of darkness self (?), and yes I hope not, but I do NOT know, so we better continue doing our best work here, because I do know that it works as my old self, and I have decided NOT to become my new self as long as there is more darkness to convert, and yes it would almost be “too easy”, and “easy” is the ball game of darkness, but yes, I never really know, but this is STILL the game plan, keeping my old rules for darkness not to take me over, and should I fail in this game, I can only pray that you truly have a plan B ready as I have asked you for, which may/may not include to wake up darkness as my new self – and I also wonder how this can be the worst darkness when we have emptied it for energy (?), or are there more pockets of dark energy further in (?), and can we really go further in now because we have reached solid rock (?), and yes many questions, but only one strategy and that is no matter what: We will continue the game until the absolute end!

I was shown Uncle Scrooge with his high hat on rowing a small boat transporting all of his money tank via a rope, and he is going all the way without the rope being cut, and this is about me inside darkness doing this work, and yes is it the original creator or my new inner self doing it (?), and we know a good question, so let us say that it is both.

I was told and shown that silver energy of our New World has to enter an infinite small hole in my right angle, and also that it is “impossible” to turn the final part of me around, and yes it may or may not be, but I don’t want to fear anything, so I did not take this seriously too.

And I was shown my dark self running towards a number of ring binders of our physical world, which will bring him energy to cross to our New World and I was told “so you think” (?), and yes if I cannot bring energy myself, and again I am given a HUGE sneeze here, and who knows (?), I do not, but it does NOT influence me on what is right to do, which is to continue right until the very end.

I also received strong temptations not to bring the last of this darkness of life with us because it is life “not worth living” – “life freaks” – but no, this is NOT how we work here.

I saw the two last rounds of the 3 metres diving from the Olympics, and when the British diver Chris Mears was about to do a dive, I was given the strongest darkness wanting me to wish him to fail, which is one of those strong comments I have to reject/absorb, and the next I saw was a “perfect” dive receiving 100.7 points (quite rare to receive more than 100 points), and the next diver was “unlucky” receiving “rubber legs” when jumping from the board, which completely destroyed his jump, and this was the difference between doing my best and doing “nothing” because of lack of energy, do you see (?), and I feel “almost”, and I receive a taste of “nice food” because of life being saved also today.

I was given a feeling of a big hole to my left thigh and told that this is what France would have given me, and that is if I did not stop it absorbing the darkness as France (and Sarkozy) sent.

I was given another old dream – maybe 20 years old (?) – about crossing a beautiful bridge in a deserted area, and I remember the good feelings from this dream, and I understood that this is what I have done also yesterday and this night, which is to cross the next bridge of this small stream I am sailing on.

I continued to receive many stories with some of them only half or very unbelievable so I decided to leave out some of them, and the incredible strong game of darkness is to confuse me not to know what is true and wrong herewith making it impossible to enter and cross the bridge, but I am really using my “Stig recipe”, which is what I “feel/believe” is right to do, and then I just do it without thinking much of what I am told, and just to write down not all, but a selection of stories, and the criteria is what I find is important to write, which has been like this all the way – and let me add that this was more difficult than what it may sound like, and again because of strong feelings of insecurity given to me.

I was told that it will be quiet on the central station when they will hear which train I will arrive with, which is “the super train”.

I was told about “the super sport wagon” of creation is WAY BACK in time and “nothing compared to this” super train and what it will do to creation, and “yes, I am still making my best effort” as I hear a man saying to me in darkness – with his typical “dumb attitude” of darkness – and it was added that this is because of what I decide as Stig as a human being, and yes when I am stronger than even stronger darkness, this is still my will, which is decisive, so we will take this next level too, and as continue as long as it goes really, and yes this was another bridge over the small stream.

And I felt the next level of the spirit of my father breaking lose to enter the New World, and these stories comes as mentioned with “do I believe in them or not” feeling, and I don’t know, all I know is that darkness is so incredible strong that several of these stories have to be wrong, and I just write them down.

I was told now by a light figure inside darkness (!), so this means that we will not start crying as a baby yet (?), and yes we are continuing the game not opening up the eyes of my new self yet, if we can.

I was told that what before had to be opened with the edge of a paper can now be opened with a diamond (!), and yes you did not hear wrongly, and this is to open up to the yellow, which now comes completely without pain because of this invention – do you believe in me now, Stig (?), and yes you don’t care, you just write this story knowing that these are the words given to you and all of this is about energy, and this is happening when I am watching Benny Hinn again again at 00.45.

I was told that the cleanest energy is now streaming into creation, and yes I feel this energy myself as the worst darkness – and I see my sister as a girl, and by the way, my mother entered the front page of my website yesterday for the first time in a long time, and maybe she noticed the headline of my script of the 2nd August about receiving the key of Son of God from my sister as “the daughter of darkness”, and yes just wondering if my mother is also sending me new even deeper darkness because of this (?) – but on the other side at the New World, this darkness is the most concentrated elixir of life, “incredible”! And I received a thank you going the rare opposite direction from the New World to me via my left foot.

I was told that if it was not for John we could have continued looking in the wrong hole never coming to this place.

I was given an old comment, which I do not believe that I have brought before, have I (?), and it was that you are not spiritual, you “are”, and everyone else receives spiritual information from you.

Extreme darkness of media, politicians and Facebook readers brought me extreme darkness giving up to me

At 04.00 to 05.00 I continued receiving “you do know what this means to me”, which was the expected pressure coming on me to stay awake a new night without sleep to go even deeper once again, and when I continued telling myself that I need sleep, I was given the worst darkness as result wanting me to swear, but I will NOT go into this negative speech, and it does not mean that I give up on this darkness hoping that if plan A does not work fully that you can cover with energy of the world as I don’t bring, and yes I simply cannot go through a new night without sleep from an ever poorer foundation, it would “kill” me, so I will give it until 05.00 or until I simply cannot keep my eyes open anymore, and will allow myself sleep on the sofa.

At 04.40 I was shown long now completely see through pipes of plastic with the last pipe being cleaned from its absolutely last darkness, which is where we are now, the absolutely last darkness.

At 05.30 I was told “one more hour and we have finished the worst of this”, and since my eyes were not automatically closing, I decided to stay up and yes longer at least.

I was told that it is because you held the gravy from the gravy boa without losing a drop, so we are still doing “perfect creation”.

At 06.30 I was told that instead of throwing away life on the outermost edge of all, you saved it “just as you had promised me”, and I feel like “way back then …”.

At 06.45 I decided to go to a long bath instead of taking a nap thinking that this is what gives the less sleep hoping that this would be fine to do, but I received different warning signs straight away including a vision of the Beagle Boys cutting itself away from me, so is this what darkness is still capable to do (?), and I thought that it was loyal to me, but maybe first when I enter and convert it to light (?), and yes not good to know what is true and what is not in this game, but still I tried to sleep, and I may have slept a little where I was given a vision/dream about green explosions of people, and also a giant physical jump all over my body, which I have received several times without writing it, but this is darkness trying to break free from me, and yes where will it break away to when I am everything which is (?), and yes just wondering I am – and is it possible to continue having a small piece of “nothing” as part of everything, which in this case will become “fat” of our New World until woken up (?), and we know it may be, but still the strong feeling is that it is best to do every little thing now because everybody knows that this is magic, you see (?), and that is better than to wait, and we know Stig I also have notes of a dream of Japanese keep me as prisoner threatening with torture, and they see that I change the time on my telephone into a secret time, and they now bring a hammer officially to test my knee reactions, but I know that they really want to destroy my knee, but instead of being afraid, I told them to go straight ahead, and yes this was the dream making me stand up from bath at 07.50 being annoyed not to get a couple of hours rest/sleep, but this is how it is, and I did not want to take a chance of destructions, which I was told would include my “old nightmare” and yes which darkness might be able to do if sleeping and that is without my approval.

Not long after standing up I was shown a new treasure chest and I heard “is that for me” (?) and also that you might as well get it now because we know that you don’t want to give up now, which was about my decision to stay awake the whole day, and yes you managed to “convince” me because it was needed, so thank you my spiritual friends for helping me to do what is right.

Darkness also tried to confuse me by saying that my new heart is ready and then that it could not be delivered, and yes I really don’t care if my new heart is installed or not by now because I know that it will so here was also no room for darkness and yes that is in my heart, you see.

At 08.15 I was told that you are son of Guthrie, and I knew that Guthrie was a famous American singer many years ago, and when looking him up at YouTube not knowing about him, what do you do (?), and of course to sort search results by number of visits, and the most visited of his songs are “this land is your land”, and this is not my music taste, because I like to bring music, which I love in my scripts, but this is a hidden message to say that “this is your land” already as the Son of God (I have the key to all of it, but better not to bring darkness to our New World if we can avoid it?), and we are still doing all of this as a game, remember (?), and yes I know or do I really because the game is really feeling genuine, but let us bring here one of my absolutely favourite bands Simple Minds from one of their STRONGEST albums, the immensely beautiful THIS IS YOUR LAND.

Yesterday, the leader of the extreme right wing Danish People’s Party, Pia Kjærsgaard, announced her resignation as leader, and today she also brought a personal Facebook message, see the chapter below, and I knew that this called for my reply, and also to send it to the whole guard of Danish media and politicians once again to spread the message of me again, and to wake up even more of the worst darkness, which is (!), and before 09.00 I had sent my reply to Pia Kjærsgaard and Politiken as you can see in the chapter below, and I felt negativity coming to me and was told “because it hurts so lovely” because of darkness given to me, and I was also given some more pain to my right angle, so this is also helping to do the final creation.

And I continued sending my reply to other newspapers and politicians and was told that these replies will do the final job, and here I kept “almost sneezing”, but I could not, so this will also become the end of sacrifices of the world. Later I was told that this is how to fight this darkness by not being afraid of it.

At 10.35 when finishing bringing my reply “everywhere” I was told by this incredible strong darkness “are you crazy, man, I will walk with him no matter what”, and yes “crazy” is not the word of how many people seeing my replies reacting with shakings of their heads (?), and yes “if only you knew”, but it made darkness loyal to me because I told them so!

And I was told that we have not finished hanging up Christmas decoration in all stores, and if you give us a new round, we have discovered some new Christmas balls, we would like to hang up making everything even more beautiful, and yes you are welcome, and yes Stig, this gives as you know even more of my inner self to improve creation, so this is what we are doing all of the time working behind the curtain while you are working too.

At 11.50 I received a new and this time stronger pain to my right angle and told “because this is what we have now saved”, which had to be released through all these people reacting with darkness, and yes the worst of its kind.

I received the smell of incense pins and the feeling of Buddhists and told that they are also part of this, and first I received the feeling of darkness – you are “not understanding” me (?) – which was followed by the feeling of light, so the “best people” also includes the worst darkness, which is making them both deaf and blind, see, and no you do not understand!

And I might add that writing the script today was really not easy at all to do – on the contrary (!) – but I told myself that it would be good to do removing much darkness, and that is to save us from doing a new round, but still there may come a new round followed by one more and one more and maybe all the way to December if I can keep up, or are we really finishing now?

At 14.30 when working efficiently almost finishing my chapter on Pia, I was given very strong pain to the backside of my left lower leg, which I understood as liberation of life from inside the container of darkness.

And at this time during the afternoon, my cold, which I first believed was hay fever was now gone, which is really to say that going through this final (?) part cost great sacrifices of the world to support me with energy.

When finishing most of my script of today at 15.30 I was told that you really do not wear the watch turned upside down, do you (?), and I was given half a smile from my inner self, Jesus, who was the man being asked and the feeling that “this is only a game”, but it feels very genuine, and we know I accepted to go through a game, so this is what we do, ad part of this game was to ask me to do my work quickly also to publish my script of today already today, and yes “impossible” to do, and we know I was tired but not critically because I was really too busy to become tired, and at 16.50 I had published most of it including the chapter on Jette and some updates afterwards.

I received a déjà vue from my new life at our New World (!!!), the first I believe, about my mother being proud of me because I gave everything I had to do the best creation.

I was told by darkness pricking me on my right shoulder “a green car has arrived, what do you want to do with it”, and we know let it come through when there is no more darkness, and green is of the Trinity to bring me to my new life.

The out of this world pain to the backside of my left lower leg – maybe half of when the pain to my right angle was at its worst – continued giving me a few more pains.

I was told that the world had more energy to give me if needed, and also that if I did not do this work today, I would have been made believing that we had lost the last and most important of creation to bring me strong feelings helping us to work “under cover” until the day when the sun would shine anyway, and yes this is what I am told.

I continued working non-stop until 18.20 also including the chapter on Jette, and I was still given a nervous heart because of the immense darkness, which her emotional and wrong eruption brought on me, but this is how darkness works, and I sure hope that Jette will be able to feel pride about what she has done, which is to help producing an even more beautiful/perfect New World and to focus on this instead of looking at her the tip of her own nose, which is really what most people do also you Ivan L. searching for your sir name the other day to see what in the world I had written about you instead of simply read and understand what I write, and yes to get the big picture, and the big picture, Jette, is still what you lack, but you decided to confirm your faith to me instead of leaving me, so thank you and this comes together with the full chorus of our New World together with a feeling “you may look forward to the most incredible design ever” :-).

I was told “here you are”, which was my gift, but I was told that it only contained “air-paté” as we say here – do you also say that elsewhere (?) – and I understand that the Old World is empty but there is still more energy of darkness inside, “if you an”, and yes right now at 18.30, it is fine, please bring it one J. And I was told that you cannot afford, i.e. do not have enough energy, to enter there, and the game is still if I believe that I am simply going through a game here at the end, which I have approved myself, or could this be a wicked game by darkness trying to make me “relax” and stop working thinking that everything will be fine anyway (?), and I have only one answer to this, and that is to continue taking the “safe road”, which is to continue and to never give up, so I will act as if the game is reality with a risk of losing energy if I don’t make it through, but this is probably wrong, see?

I was told that my father goes through extreme pain because of the mere thought of me, and I was told by darkness that he often has been “this close” to sending my mother a coronary but in the last moment, this darkness was absorbed by my sufferings instead, and this is how I continue saving my mother and really my family/friends etc., which they of course don’t know about yet, and no people today understand the true content of my sufferings, which you first will when reading my scripts after I am done with my work, and this is where the truth will be revealed to you, which you “could not” see when I was my old self, and really needed your support, and yes “now” when this is read and yes my reader right “now” when you read this, I don’t need any support anymore, and a “funny” thought, right?

And an example was given to me when a person inside strong darkness right next to me spiritually brought physical very uncomfortable feelings to my private parts, and when I continued saying “no”, at the end this dark energy was sent to me like a lighting to my left arm instead, which I felt as a pain going right trough it, and yes this is about being strong absorbing darkness, and this is how I saved you, mother.

I was given Dorte A. from Danske Bank as example – I have before been given old classmates from EFG/Commercial school as examples – of people I did not connect with, which included keys for me in this life to get through darkness, and when I did not connect with them later (often because I could not remember their full names and had no “blue book” from school or telephone lists), there was only way to get through and that was via sufferings.

This evening I was thinking about just who know about me from the official world reading my scripts in secrecy and these lines too (?), and have a poor conscience for not standing forward to support me while other people out there on Facebook and other places react to me as “he is raving mad”, but this does not make you change my mind, my dear ladies and gentlemen at the top of the Old World????

I was asked “aren’t you going to watch handball” (?), and it was Denmark playing against Sweden in the quarter finals for men at the Olympics, and yes when I switched on the TV, I saw how Denmark was behind by 11 to 12, and shortly thereafter they were behind by 11 to 14, and I was told “I just wanted to show you darkness”, which of course was because of the strong darkness sent to me today by politicians, media and other people out there, and Mikkel was in this game “taking on responsibility as we all expect of him”, which was inspired speech about me, and when the commentator said “kom tilbage nu” he meant for the Danes to return quickly to defend, but it was truly to bring the greatest hit ever of Danish pop music, “kom tilbage nu” (“come back now”), which is about me, you know, and played by DANSEKorkestret (“the Dance Orchestra”), and “dancing” is a symbol of celebration, and this is how this match showed me that we are nearly finished even though Denmark lost because of strong darkness, and yes even though they normally would win 19 out of 20 as Lars said on DR TV, and this is how things from the outside can influence and I am here given the feeling of people of other civilizations too, who are also working positively with Earth and mankind J – and by the way, my TV has started bringing much digital distortions to the sound and picture again, maybe 10 times per minute, and it still symbolises “no energy”, so I better keep on exercising as long as I am my old self and that is on the cover, because I do know that this is a game, isn’t it?

I was tired and kept receiving CONSTANT darkness with negative speech, which was really “too much”, but I cannot switch off the button of this, which was difficult to accept in the beginning, but you can live with much really.

I was given a déjà vue at the end of the evening, which was that at the end of my journey, it would be about “for how long can I keep it going”, and yes this is the question now, and not “to be or not to be”.

The leader of Danish People’s Party, Pia Kjærsgaard, resigned showing victory over “extreme darkness”

As mentioned above, Pia Kjærsgaard decided to announce her resignation as the leader of the extreme right wing party Danish People’s Party – mostly known for its love of everything Danish and hatred to all “unfamiliar”, which most often are Muslims, who are NOT welcome here according to them (!) – and in her Facebook post this morning, she said that now the news is out and she is relieved and says that she will not run for chairman of the party again, but still run for the next election.

And I knew from inside of me that this CALLED for a reply from me as a new WAKE UP call – now at a much higher level, my friends – so I decided to sent her this reply saying that she and her party (her “invention”) has really spoken to the inner beast of people, which only a “good actor” can do, who is trained to play this part – and I felt the spirit of my mother acting as darkness (!) – and the purpose was to turn the population against me, which however did not succeed when I never gave in to darkness, and I told her that she acted so brilliantly that she sent me so much darkness that it helped bringing me energy for creation, and that is because I decided to use “destructive energy” for creation instead of destruction, and I told her that our future will become totally different without her (as chairman of this party) with a dignified treatment of all people (including what soon used to be Muslims!), and to look at the world solving poverty and problems much worse than those of Denmark, but when she and her party only had a “heart” for everything local, it was simply darkness wanting to contract making her play as she did, and yes it was pure darkness working through Pia and her party, and in another play, they could have become MUCH worse than what they were kept down at, and I told her that she will soon wake up to a new reality and world perception when our New World will open, and I told her that as a new VALUE-spokesman of her party, she has MUCH to learn and I encouraged her to read my website on behaviour and work and to spread the message and content of this site to everyone, and that is if you can speak, CAN YOU?

And I was told that the reason why she is now resigning simply is to show the world the end of the absolutely worst darkness, which exists, and that is hatred to other human beings simply because they are “unfamiliar” with their culture, and yes this is the exact same ingredient as the Nazi’s when they slaughtered Jews with the purpose to exterminate them from life forever and ever, and yes this is what these people were designed to be able to do when slaughtering Muslims in a third world war when they would be opened to massive darkness – if I had not stopped darkness – wanting to exterminate Muslims as they would see as the threats to the survival of the world, and yes the resistance of a HUGE opponent in numbers would have brought the world down and forced me to push the button to the Doomsday Weapon, see (?)

Here is the front website of Politiken of today to give you an impression of how influential she has been in Denmark making many Danes hostile to Muslims and everything “unfamiliar”, and it is followed by an article on her in English – and I might add that when Pia has been turned around, she will become a very valuable “special friend” of mine together with other members of her party working on my side to help all people to show a clean heart to open up for the full version of our New World.

After this, I was encouraged to start the old tour of updating the Danish politicians and media about my new (wake up) message – I feel Villy Søvndal here, so you already know, “my friend” (?) – and the first I sent my reply to Pia to was to Politiken, and I added that they will probably not bring my response in their cover anyway, and I asked them if this makes them hurt to see my comments here, there and everywhere without wanting or being able to wrote about me (?), and here was yet a new comment for the drawer, which you will take up after I have opened the eyes of my new self.

I decided to look back on previous Facebook messages and consider who were to receive my reply, and the next in line was the comedian Omar, who is also a Muslim, and first I wanted to bring my comment to this thread of his, but when I pushed the button “reply”, my comment became gray and was NOT accepted – and here I am given one of the worst small heart attacks I have had for a long time, which is about darkness of Muslims to me, because you don’t like Jesus to tell you that Muhammad was the Devil self as I write on the front page of my website (?), and yes this has brought me/us immensely strong darkness helping to bring energy for creation (!) – and when I could not bring my comment here, I thought that this is either Facebook closing me from commenting because of “spam” (!) as it has threatened me some times before, or spiritual darkness.

So I decided to open Omar’s Facebook wall and found another of his messages showing a huge crowd of Muslims in ecstasy because of happiness, and he decided to say that this was because of the news of Pia’s resignation reaching the Middle East, and when I tried to post my comment to this post instead, it succeeded, so it was to help me post my comment the right place, which is to tell all Muslims that I love you as dearly as all other human beings, and the behaviour of Pia and her party as example of several Western politicians is NOT the behaviour of God, because you do understand objectively that Muhammad was not my prophet and that I still love you all as my children too?

And the next in line was the Christian Newspaper and isn’t it funny to see that this newspaper of all has decided to remove my freedom of speech by making it impossible for me to comment and like their Facebook posts (?), and yes I have just checked, it is not only the post below but all of their posts I cannot comment on, and yes you had had it with me after my previous comments trying to teach you (?), and you didn’t even want to do “proper work” to discover that I told you the truth (?), and yes more darkness it was and sad is what it makes me, but “jubilant” is the strong feeling given to me inside of me now, and that is for me to do this work today designed for me to go through if I had not given up before.

I sent my Politiken-reply also to BT, Ekstra Bladet and TV2.

And besides from sending my Politiken-reply, I decided to tell the flagship (of darkness!) of news in Denmark, the national Danish Television (or this is what they believe they are), that I would have liked to receive their warmth and loving feelings, but instead they also kept silent not brining the news about me because they were afraid to do in their pants, and that is because this is what all other media also did and furthermore it was a “great challenge” for you to read me carefully to understand, which you do not have patience to do when you work with too high tempo and too little attention to details, and this is what makes you both “wimps” and “amateurs” because of lack of courage and poor work, and yes “flagship of darkness”, which we are bringing on right keel also with this message my friends.

When it comes to Jyllands-Posten, I also sent my Politiken-reply supplemented by the news that the bomb in the turban of the Muhammad-drawings was the Doomsday weapon, which darkness of Muslims would have forced me to ignite and yes I am here told with me as the Anti-Christ leading my “disciples” of Danish People’s Party as darkness self, and we know when meeting more darkness of Muslims fighting in the name of Allah/Muhammad, I would be locked up and could do no other than to enter the code of this weapon just as easily as an American President can do with nuclear weapons, which is what Nixon then decided to do to end the war of Vietnam without defeat of the Americans – and I feel Kissinger here, who stood behind (?) – but the bomb did not explode symbolising our belief that the Doomsday Weapon would not explode too, and yes because of the security we had built inside of you when you could only react in certain ways when meeting darkness from your mother via Sanna and so on, and yes because of this, you never turned around being overtaken by darkness, and this is really the reason why this Doomsday Scenario did not play, but Jyllands-Posten may be too scared after terror threats of Muslims for years since bringing the Muhammad drawings so you “cannot” bring this news to the world and print the drawing once again, which also makes you earn the predicate WIMPS (!), and all you should have done was to show the same courage as I did when NOT taking “politics” of a cruel and wicked world into consideration when writing my scripts, and yes I did not care about Muslims or Russians/Chinese/Americans coming to kill me, but you did, so your lack of courage made you wimps or “Saturday-chickens” as we also say here.

The Muhammad drawing “The Bomb in the turban” symbolises the Doomsday weapon, which a war between Muslims and the Western World would have forced me to ignite if darkness had turned me into Anti-Christ

In my message above to Jyllands-Posten, I start by saying “hello and good morning”, which is the world famous in Denmark (and soon the world) commercial of the Danish comedians Finn & Jacob where Jacob has started an English language course flowing the voice on the tape, which keeps on asking “Hellooo, I would like one Squaaash” leading to “hello and good morning, I would like one Squash”, and Squash is an orange soda of Tuborg, where “orange” is my old symbol of God, so this was a prediction from the 1990’s of the coming victory of light bringing “plenty of God” including a whole new life of love & joy to the world.

I also sent my Politiken reply to Berlingske via the journalist Niels Krause-Kjær in response to an article he had written in the newspaper, and it made Jens below tell me that “your moralizing seems to make a fuss” and that is because “you set up a lot of banalities, which only few will disagree in, where after you accuse the one you blame to work against these banalities”, and then he repeated what I had written – “dignified treatment of other people”, “solve poverty”, “challenges of the world” and here it comes “the Devil and what not” (?), and he said that it is as usual “zero substance in the criticism of Danish People’s Party” but much moral position and self-righteous rubbish”, and yes this is really what he wrote (!), and Benny Hinn will you please come and cure this man, because he is crazy (!) – and yes “the opposite world” is what I met in plenty of people thinking that I was crazy not realising that this is what they are (!) – and Jens, you may remember this when you wake up to a New World, and maybe you will decide to understand me by now instead of showing your better-knowing ignorance (?), and when reading his comment, I was given the feeling of darkness retreating in disappointment, because everyone knows that I am right, I only write what is simple logic, but still many of you believe I am crazy, and yes seen that many times before, incredible right?

I also received this comment in the thread: Søren wrote: “@Stig Dragholm – Til en lang kommentar, er det nogen gange nemmest at svare med en kort; Du er en hat af format, og dit indlæg bunder i dårlige fordomme, og en naivitet der ingen grænser kender.“, which is about another crazy man believing that ”your post touch the bottom of poor prejudices and naivety, which knows no boundaries”, and yes this is truly what he wrote (?), and I wonder if this is so serious – here feeling Søren Espersen from Danish People’s Party and what he thinks of my email about Pia and the party, and yes it is as serious as this, Søren, and potentially much worse – and incredible so aggressive people can be when they don’t understand that I am not aggressive, I am simply speaking STRONGLY, BUT POSITIVELY to you asking you to improve, which is not how these “gentlemen” speak as you can tell.

I sent my reply also to threads about Pia from Michael Hardinger, the Church Minister Manu Sareen, Naser Khader, the MP Anders Samuelsen, MP Lars Løkke, MP Fahti El-Abed and Dan Rachlin, who did not throw me out or even answered me, which is what none of these people “could”, and then I was encouraged to send my reply to Søren Pind in a Facebook email, and yes I decided to write the truth to him very directly in the beginning of my email asking him what he is so busy with (his book?) since he is not on his beloved Facebook medium, where everyone can hear just how “smart” he is, and that is except from me (!), and I said that I have decided to share the truth on Pia with him as “one of the chosen ones”, and that I am sure that he will help spreading this to politicians and media, but that is also all, because my stories are not “suited” for publishing because they are too “explosive” (?), and then I told him that their quietness (of the Danish Parliament) is what was exactly about to ignite the Doomsday weapon, but only if I could not handle the resistance and wrong behaviour also coming from politicians and media, and I sent him my answer to Jyllands-Posten with “explosive” news, and asked him if he DARED to answer me, and if he does, he will be included in my next script –this one – which he will do anyway.

And later I noticed that Søren’s profile picture had suddenly disappeared next to my email to him, and I noticed a new line at the end saying that I can no longer message Søren Pind (!), and yes the good old Søren had had enough of me (!), and you could not take my language and insults, Søren (?), without truly reading and “feeling” that I only spoke the truth directly (?), and yes SAD is what he made me, and it makes me wonder if he does have access to my writings via “the secret network” (?), but none the less, what he did was WRONG!

And yes, he could have decided to COMMUNICATE with me, but no, not Søren – no one is to tell you how much you love the sound of the crowd and your own voice, Søren (?) – and a WIMP is truly what you are running away from your responsibility, and yes doing it in the most disgusting way, which was to report/ban me to Facebook making your profile completely invisible to me, and yes, Søren, I do look forward to receiving your apology and to hear what you were really thinking (?), and we know PURE DARKNESS of this “wise” man too not understanding what should be easy to understand?

Mikael Wulff was also on the track – many on the team opposing me – bring this fabricated story of Pia saying that “Now I shall relax a little and hate all strangers together with the family” and later “I will of course still hate Muslims and everything non-Danish”, and yes Michael you hit it right on the nail!

And it also made me bring my Pia reply to his post, and Michael was kind to answer me again ”Bob is not convince that Pia will read here”, and I know, “Bob”, but you see I have already sent my reply “everywhere” else making it impossible for this darkness to escape, because wherever it looks, it sees me guarding it, isn’t it funny, this is how it works, and you are one of these channels, which darkness could have used to escape from, but when you are under my influence, this is what darkness is too, and then there is only one thing for it to do, which is to bring its raincoat and umbrella as I am really shown and to join all other darkness, which we have collected and yes to make everything 100% pure even before the world will know about me, strange but true, and we know also two meanings, and I answered “Bob” that this is to influence him and other comedians.

Helena’s reaction was Pia’s resignation was to encourage to “slaughter the fat calf” and yes you know the old story of the Son returning home making the father celebrate by slaughtering the fat calf (?), and yes this is how it is here – we will “soon” celebrate our victory over the worst darkness.

A short follow up:

Pedro wrote as a comment to the Michael Hardinger post where I brought my comment: “Nu kan hun fortsætte med at spille evig forurettet i kulissen – vor herre til hest:0)” (“now she can continue playing injured in the scenary – our Lord at horse”), and yes just to confirm that Pia was playing an act because it was only darkness making her evil, which is NOT how she really is, which you will see when I have taken my place on my white horse of everything of our New World.

I checked for comments from others in relation to me, and I either met silence from people just shaking their heads not saying anything, which is really what I can see from these comments from BT where the “wise-guy” Nicolai says that I am “just an idiot without intellect” (!), which made 7 people like his post (and none mine …!), and Susanne concluded that there are two fools, one being the MP Frank Aaen and the other one me because it is “always good with clear own goals”, and yes Nicolai and Susanne including all people thinking like you, you just scored own goals yourselves when you “could not” understand because of your better-knowing ignorance decided that I was crazy – but I see now a comment from Bertel further down who said that “Pia blev sat af af Stig Dragsholm! LOL!” (“Pia was dismissed by Stig – lot of love”, and yes you were the only wise man here, but of course then again, you were not because you were joking without knowing that you spoke the truth!

And I could not find my comment in neither TV2’s nor Lars Løkke’s threads so I am wondering if you found it “unfit” and decided to delete it?

Google Earth pictures showing an eruption of our New World in order to bring incredible beauty 🙂

Jette decided to continue bringing some pictures today, but even though she is 68 years old, she is still not old enough to reply to my email and truly don’t like to change, Jette (?), but let us now continue focusing on the positive/objective, and afterwards you will get 5 years to learn/improve, which truly includes to OPEN UP and to communicate properly – and did your “emotional eruption” bring periods of doubts about me to you, Jette, and yes “much darkness” is what you contained as the key for me to go through J, and her pictures of today include a factory with my script being read by souls with and without glasses of darkness (much darkness is converted to light), an volcano eruption on New Zealand symbolising the plenty of beauty of our New World including many mouths of humans and animals.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Niklas and Isabella is now five days in New York before they will continue to Texas to visit the family where Niklas stayed as a student in 2004, and yes Niklas has had “luck” on his side creating an IT-company with several people on the pay list, and he is only 25 but making good money, having a good looking girl friend and a big car, so you are TRULY a great success, Niklas – also in the eyes of the family – and I am “truly” happy for you to be able to stay at a five star luxury hotel in New York with a view to the Statue of Liberty while I continue doing my best for my LTO friends and myself to stay alive on a very small budget, and yes did I hear the Devil speaking to you Niklas that “I am really clever”, and yes is this what you keep telling yourself, but inside of you, you do know who is the most clever of the family (?), but you have just not yet come around to saying it, and when you cannot say it, you cannot support us financially, and when this is the name of the game, you might as well live a luxury life yourself to “enjoy life”, is this how it is Niklas, or are you simply as selfish as the entire family and almost all of the rich world are too, and yes just wondering I am, and I am sure that my LTO friends will do the same when reading this, and that is if they can afford paying the costs at the local cybercafé, because they often have to choose between reading me or getting a little food, and I wonder if you care about this at all (?), and yes I am truly just wondering. And is this “your dream come through”, Niklas (?), and I here receive “the worst sexual speech” just saying that your darkness/selfishness is bringing me this, and yes I think about for how long you could help people staying alive in Kenya/Africa instead of going on this holiday, and how much more gratifying it TRULY (!) would have been to you.

  • And here is the reason why I received a strong heart pain later yesterday evening, the emotional eruption of Jette, and yes, Jette, I do hope you will look inside of yourself instead of blaming me/your surroundings for what you really need to improve yourself as you can read in my reply below, and when you read my reply, will you decide to bring me even more eruptions of darkness, or do you think you will be able to control your negative emotions as you promised me to do (?), and yes I am TRULY wondering here.

  • Henrik brought a link to one of his articles about “the new Social Democrats” and it made Thomas ask “Social Democrats or the Liberal Party Venstre”, which “makes no difference …. Jesus Christ man”, and he said that he now looks forward to all party lions to jump out as pop up like jacks-in-the-box (which is what darkness of man will do with the great awakening!) and to shout the same as football supporters VENSTRE – OLÉ OLÉ OLÉ, and yes “Venstre” also means “left” in Danish, and left is the road of God, which is what all of the world will now follow after I have brought you home to God, and I told Thomas that he was an inspired man, which he will understand one day soon.

  • Henrik also wrote that when the Berlin Wall was torn down, it also removed a head SOURCE of slack metaphors, and now Pia Kjærsgaard resigns, which will likewise make a head SOURCE of slack analysis of our age dry in, and yes he is really saying that with the end of extreme darkness, the Source of darkness is drying in, and that ceasing to exist as if it has never existed.

  • Apparently my post the other day bringing the HAPPY “sikken dejlig dag” by Stig Møller has made Brian happy about this song because here he brings it in a happy version apparently with a baby singing it, and just to say that it surely is a happy day also today. 


  • In this message, which Helena quickly deleted again to make sure that it did not get out (!), she wrote “God how stupid I have been. I had completely forgotten the rules of the game. “Pling” is what it just said. Now with a view. Again”, and I wonder what this was really about (?), but I understood the part of “the rules of the game”, which is to say that darkness has to follow the rules of my game, because I am the Creator (!), and it made Jette tell her to “close down, all down”, and we know another symbol of closing down the worst darkness of all, and she continued by saying “don’t let anyone persuade you into anything” and she spoke of “crazy people” and “you are honestly lull into a tremendous mess”, which “you cannot control”, and I do wonder what this is about (?), is this the same as what a Social Democrat used against her making the newspapers BT and Ekstra Bladet “interested” in her (?), and yes I still don’t know what the real story is about, but here it was to say that extreme darkness is ending because I determined the rules of the game.

  • Brian decided to bring links to the big sink hole in Guatamala in 2010, which could have continued ultimately to finish off the world if I had not stopped darkness, and I replied that this was “collapses” due to sins of mankind making life unsustainable, which was stopped by light.

  • And we know Stig, you have brought me MANY stories today to make my work “impossible” to do, which it is really not, I just have to concentrate and work efficiently and yes I do work almost as efficiently today as if I had been fresh, and here Dennis receives the pleasure to give the final answer to the question “to be or not to be”, and it came when he received a new IPad – from APPLE computer with APPLE symbolising our New World – and this time he said that it was without keyboard errors now making it possible to write the letter “e” and “r”, and this made him write “ER”, which is “is” or “to be”, and yes this is how he said that the answer to the question of Hamlet is “to be” and that is inside our New World without darkness, which is easy to see, Dennis (?), but not easy for you to answer me (?), so you are also playing on the galley called “silence” trying to pull me down for an eternity under water, see?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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3 Responses to August 8, 2012: The leader of Danish People’s Party, Pia Kjærsgaard, resigned showing victory over “extreme darkness”

  1. jette says:

    Don’t worry – be happy. ❤ Nice to know this is a two way communication. – Sorry if I overlooked a letter – please sent to my e-mail. I have told you, that I will find time for you. I have noticed you do not want 20 picts per day then you shall only have 7. This is in fact MY life – and I deside the planning of it – just as I desided to help you for "nothing". It seems that you are not aware of my honesty. And you might have one more heart attack and deside to give me one more "skideballe" – and yet I will smile and say. Don't worry be happy – just as I was told. Work shall continue. Take care.

  2. Jette, the only one making someone sad here is you making me sad for not being able to plan and to communicate properly. I encouraged you from the beginning to find the right balance in your life when doing this work, I have not asked you to work on and upload sometimes 20 pictures per day, it is you who have decided how to work, and it is your own difficulties to control your time and energy, which you once again lay over upon me believing that I steal your energy with the truth being that this is exactly what you are doing to me when you lose your temper and cannot control your negative feelings, which you should know by now is very directly soaking out my energy – I was given SEVERE heart pain half an hour this evening and told that it was because of your WRONG attitude (!) – and in this respect you bring me both light from your FINE work and darkness from your wrong attitude (I am NOT your “problem” – please look into the mirror!), and at the same time, the darkness you bring is also part of the key to make me go even deeper to bring out even more life of the original creator from darkness to further improve the creation of our New World, which I do hope you will be able to understand, so you are really doing what is WRONG, but still what is right (!) in order for me to go even deeper and that is as long as I and the world can take on even deeper sufferings.

    I can only keep encouraging you to find the right balance in your life between work and private matters and please bear in mind that you are working for YOURSELF and your future life, Jette, and for all fellow human beings of the Universe (!), and I kindly ask you NOT to bring me fear again that you will stop working with no warning at all, this is NOT the way to work and NOT the way to communicate, which I am sure you will realise. I still love you and appreciate your work much, but I would like to avoid these emotional eruptions from your side blaming me when all you have to do is to improve the way you prioritize/plan and communicate, which is part of your improvement plan to show a clean heart as you will remember.

    Please be STRONG, Jette, and take this with good spirits, and decide for a plan – how long will you be able to work for ALL OF US per day, communicate this and stick to it making everyone happy, and inform people if there will come deviations to the plan. It is really as easy as that – to use simple logic. So please put on your smile, continue your work and find a good balance to make us all happy :-).

  3. Jette Uhlott says:

    I am – only – a human being – and I help YOU and my fellow men, as much as I can – only, my to do list, also contents home things as grass – reparations – driving Kirsten to Roskilde for Eye care injections – all this I have told you before and my job here is not “only” a couple af picts it is lots and lots of picts it is focusing – enlargening – it is choosing – it is putting away – and be able to find again and it is uploading – and now to please YOU – drawing – in between. AND it is reading your scripts. I told you as soon as I have read the script, sunday-evening, that for YOU I would find time, and I requested people to write to me – and I would answer – BUT BUT BUT in my so called holiday I am NOT sitting here all the time, as I have been for the last 3½ month I think you need my objection to your “laundrying” in order to know – who I am. I have told you that I am with you to the end – but YOU must not take my energy by making me sad again. This is not feelings. This is facts. ❤ 🙂
    PS – I informed around my holiday on Face Book because I desided to slow down and have things done before the dirt grows up around me.

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