August 10, 2012: I am out of energy and shown the stairs to our New World for me to open the eyes of my new self


Summary of the script today

9th August: I am out of energy and shown the stairs to our New World for me to open the eyes of my new self

  • Dreaming of dark spirits still haunting me when opening my new home where darkness used to live, Jimmy used much more energy to come to the truth via Niklas instead of me, the light of my mother will “shine on”, I am out of energy making it impossible to continue my journey, Karen is still attracted to other men than me because of darkness, a few more ramifications of darkness to unwrap and I am arranging my own gift table.
  • I felt the strongest darkness of all but also that it is out of energy – it wanted to eat me to receive energy (!) – meaning that I am out of energy as my old self! We are now only waiting for the gift of my new self to open, and I am seeing how a large coronation hall is ready to welcome me. “We cannot come it any closer now” and I was shown the stairs leading from darkness to our New World – and I received love and thank you for the work I have done as my old self. I know that I will wake up as my new self after sleeping, is this what will happen “now”, which is today or “in a few days” from now?
  • A follow up story to my story yesterday about Pia Kjærsgaard includes that Pia has a good heart to people she likes, the media did not like the health minister telling the truth about Pia, which was “not appropriate” to the occasion (!), and instead they attacked the minister (!!!), and a colleague of her told the truth about Pia attacking “foreigners” – “where is the honour in this” as he wrote – and it made me write that Pia possesses much good as everyone easily can see, but unfortunately only in relation to people she likes (!), and when it comes to people, which she does not like, she is a “mean bitch”, which is the simple truth, and this is VERY different to just being negative and misunderstand as I am sure that both Søren Pind, other politicians and media (and others) will understand when you READ what I wrote about Pia yesterday and when cutting off your negative feelings is discolouring your understanding. It is the same motive power inside of Pia & Co. as in Hitler and Co. not liking “unfamiliar foreigners”, which is only the objective truth, which I am sure everyone can understand without becoming negative?
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures show “bottom up” of darkness, a reminder to read my scripts and the ugly duckling of my old self turning into the swan of my new self.
  • Short stories of Lisa the Pastor who “could not” listen to my words that God is not angry, but disappointed with man, and her better-knowing attitude is also fuel of darkness used for creation of our New World, when mankind is extremely careless, it kills God and all life (!),“apple” symbolising the paradise of our New World is brought money, i.e. energy, from an endless Source, the “magical tree creature” of my inner self is happy, I asked the Health Minister and a MP, who were to debate about the psychiatry area, if they feel qualified to speak about something they don’t know about (?), when you do not make love, you do not produce energy and new life, we made a New World when the world was over and the elephant of God is moving away from sufferings.

10th August: I shared my new heart with my mother, who shared our heart with all life preparing our great awakening

  • Dreaming of darkness wanting to bring me my “old nightmare” and destructions, which it cannot, my writings are VERY visible to my surroundings and the creation of our New World receives 108 points on a scale of 100!
  • I was somewhat disappointing not wakening up as my new self, but the skin of the fish is now being put on me, and this is how I will open the eyes of my new self perfectly taking “some days” (?) to do. We are releasing the last parts of my previous self as the son and the spirit of my mother forced together by darkness in new tunnels of darkness from where we are saving my original self.
  • I first received a message by Jette making me happy, but shortly thereafter she brought all of her worst negative feelings on me because of what she misunderstood as “impudent remarks” of mine on her – “I don’t need this – I am good enough as I am” – not understanding that I told her the truth straight out to help her to improve, which she and man needs to do to receive eternal and happy life (!), and these negative and angry feelings made her lose here head taking the WRONG decision to throw me out of her Facebook group (!), which you know is showing Google Earth pictures about me clearing the world from darkness, so “rash” is certainly what this decision was. This is the difference between the firm and loving words of God asking Jette and the world to improve, and Jette’s angriness, which was based solely on her inability to understand and wrong, negative feelings making her take rash and wrong decisions. Angriness is NOT a feeling of God, but a feeling of darkness.
  • Google Earth pictures showing birds of our New World singing, I need more speed/energy going through the worst darkness, and my previous self inside a storm of darkness.
  • I went to a FREE opera at Esrum Monastery with my mother, and was told that I first shared my new heart with my mother, and afterwards our heart was shared with all life herewith doing the final preparations before the wake up of everyone to our New World. I was given the key of my mother to close down darkness entirely down, and my original previous self still contains energy of darkness wanting to retreat to “nothing”, which however is impossible for it to do.
  • I asked the Pastor Lisa in a greater detail to understand/preach that God is not angry but disappointed with mankind to help opening the eyes of me.
  • Short stories of telling the Liberal Party to tell and understand the objective truth without being nervous, sending my message to the MP Hans Andersen and the Health Minister to Lisbeth from the Commune, the bridge leading me from nothing to everything, a member of Danish People’s Party showing his “Nazi-hate” against Muslims, TV2 asked about headaches the day of my headache, our road out of darkness could led to destruction, Ole was “hit by the feelings of nausea and tiredness” just like I, the established power-elite brought were killing me and kicking my angles (!) when believing I was “half-mad”, politicians and media decided that I was not to be taken seriously when comparing Pia & Co. with Hitler & Co. because “this is how it is” (!), an inspired fashion show showing that I am leaving darkness as a ugly duckling, confirmation that Danish People’s Party are without honour when not liking “foreigners” and I could not make it on my own without support but still this is what I had to do.


9th August: I am out of energy and shown the stairs to our New World for me to open the eyes of my new self

Dreaming that I am out of energy making it impossible to continue my journey

I went to bed at 21.00 yesterday and slept with disturbances until 08.00 this morning – not feeling fresh when I woke up – and let us see if I can read these “strange lyrics” as I was almost saying receiving the song “strange magic” and the feeling of Dan, who is with me (?), and at least in his thought, he is.

  • I have moved into a three room apartment in Borupgård, Snekkersten, dark spirits open doors and keep the water running, which I have not switched on making me somewhat nervous, but not more than I decide to be stronger than they. The final part of the kitchen and the cooker is about to be installed by the caretaker, and I wonder how I will be able to pay for the rent.
    • I am moving in to this apartment in Snekkersten, which used to be the home of the Devil, which is now where light/I will settle (!), and still there is darkness working against me, but I have decided not to be afraid of it, and it seems that we have been working to further improve how to produce life in our New World with the last “new technology” arriving with the “pure elixir of life”.
  • I have sold my old but fine “band speakers” (“LaFolia” from High Fidelity, which I had until approx. 2000), and I am surprised that Jimmy from Selvet has bought another pair used at a much higher price than what he could have bought mine for, and this dream also contained a large boat in rough sea having caught a large fish.
    • Speakers is about “fine messages”, which I have brought, but the dream says that Jimmy has reached “the truth”, but not via me (!), and he had to bring much more energy instead of just deciding to understand me, and because of his opposition, he also brought me in rough waters, i.e. brought me sufferings, but this is what helped catching the biggest fish, i.e. my new self, of all, see?
  • Later in the day I was told that this is about Jimmy showing his loyalty to Niklas and not to me, and this was the difficult way around, Jimmy, but still the right because Niklas would reach the end through me.
    • I remember receiving a song during the night in a “break” including the words “shine on” and “Mary”, and there is only one song I know of including these words, so here is “let it be” by the Beatles – one of our favourite songs up here or “in here” is really better 🙂 – and the lyrics: “And when the night is cloudy, There is still a light that shines on me, Shine on until tomorrow, let it be. I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me, Speaking words of wisdom, let it be”, and this is what she did, come to me with the sound of music, and the feeling she is given to me now is “Dadaab”, and I wonder why the world still “cannot” do what is required to help them, and yes when knowing about me and my wish to help, my dear world (?), and I am now also given the feeling of darkness and “we don’t care”, but you should have fought this feeling and that is because you could if you would.

  • Something about not affording to pay the tickets when the train for Helsingør starts.
    • We are out of energy and “cannot” keep the game going, but still I am here, so let us see for how long, and yes I will also cycle this afternoon, and take a new dose of Benny Hinn to keep it going.
  • Something about Karen having accepted me, but having a new dog being attracted to another dog.
    • Yes, she is still attracted to her old “male ideal”, which is not me, because of the darkness, she still receives.
  • I remember receiving a Bob Marley song including the word “Babylon”, which must have been “Babylon system” and the lyrics “Babylon system is the vampire”.
  • I am outside Helsingør and think about which train station to use to go back, and I think there are only a couple of options, but when looking, there are many, and my mother will bring me to the station, and when I come to Espergærde Station, I see two cycles locked together, but when seeing it, I realise that this is not my cycle, which is in Helsingør, and I see my old friend Lisbeth getting on the train.
    • dream to say that there are still some ramifications of darkness filtering in here and there, which we are going to unwrap.
  • I am arranging a gift table and hang up two yellow congratulations cards from Jais above the table, and there is no carpet, and I am told that in winter time a carpet is good to soak up dust, but now it is summer and would only bring dust.
    • Tis is about my gift being “almost ready” to be given to me as my new self, and it is based on faith, and also from my old school friend and Facebook friend Jais as it seems.

I am out of energy and shown the stairs to our New World for me to open the eyes of my new self

I started the day with updating and bringing the final publish of my script of yesterday and also to use quite some time on Facebook as you can read from the script of today, and I started writing the script of today after lunch being truly tired of writing, and yes it was with my final energy that I finalised the script yesterday, where I was also encouraged to watch some more Benny Hinn, which I did, and this might be the energy I am “running” on now before I will cycle later this afternoon.

When starting to write the script of today I received more out of this world pain to my right angle, and earlier in the day I had also received this pain, and I was given the feeling of Dan Rachlin bringing me darkness, but he decided not to throw my out after bringing my message of Pia Kjærsgaard.

I was told “do you prepare lovely dinner tonight” (?) and I felt Karen and was told “yes but he is not to know yet”, and this was about me not to be told yet about what is already happening inside the real New World, which I understand is about Karen’s and my new creation. I was told that we now only wait for the gift to open itself.

I was given a strong, sudden temptation to do nothing (including NOT to work), which kept on for hours, and shortly thereafter my mother called (!), which is from where I received the feeling – having to tell my self “I don’t care, I will continue until I am done” – and I was happy that she is feeling better after having had headache for a week, and she was nice to invite me to an outdoor opera concert at Esrum Kloster (monastery) not that far away from here, and I was told that this is because I thought 1-2 weeks ago when seeing TV from there that I have never been there and would like to go, and this is how we made this happen 🙂 – and yes Händels Messias is also on the programme, and this is how we combine this with the man self coming.

I was told that there is a little rest remaining of what also would have become part of the 5-1 result, if darkness had won a set, and yes which would have excluded old creation from our New World.

I was encouraged to write that when I was dismissed by GE Insurance in 2002, I started working for GE Employers Re producing a thorough business plan to start a French Insurance Company in Denmark with me as the leader, and I only had three months of pay from GE Insurance, and was running out of money – as I also did in 2008 before starting to work for Dahlberg – and yes in both cases we were running out of energy to keep the world going, and in 2002 I had to do “impossible work” with this business plan also being on my extreme edge because of nervousness of not having more money, and that I would run out in a matter of days, and when GE Employers Re finally turned down the project, and I asked for payment for the work I had done, they tried to escape without paying me (!), and yes talk about WRONG BEHAVIOUR of better-knowing but ignorant people (of the top management of this large company!!!) and I had to be wiser on GE’s policy on values than the “very wise lawyer/compliance manager” of the management, and to find a needle in a hay stack in GE’s comprehensive and “well hidden” set of values/rules of conduct to show and tell him that they acted wrongly in relation to me, which made them give me DKK 25,000 for my work, and yes I was saved by the bell when Søren H. shortly thereafter contacted me offering me to start working for Accent and Fair Insurance, and yes this is to say that I was very close to also breaking completely down in 2002, and yes because of darkness fighting me to destroy the world, and just to say that this has been part of my life always as it also was in 1997/98 when I was dismissed by Aon – also wrongly (!) – and had to receive “free process” in order to be able to sew my old employer, and yes my “clever lawyer” was too lazy and greedy to help me, so I had to find an error in the law itself using MUCH energy (!), which was a new needle in the haystack, and even better hidden, to get over this, and this is how there is so much, which is a direct English translation of the words I receive here in Danish (“sådan er der så meget”).

I still hear darkness speaking in the background about my heart having arrived, and when I went into this talk, I heard “but first I will tear it apart, and eat it”, and eeeehhhh we know Stig, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED and that is because I tell you (!), and today this particular energy does not feel strong, but this is also after a night of sleep, so it might be stronger later if and when I am still fighting to stay alive as this voice tells me because you are not planning to leave me here, are you (?) as he says now waking up to a new reality, and yes my dear dark voice, you will follow me too and this is really about decreasing darkness as much as you can Stig, and to let faith of the world to the final part, and yes this is said with a serious voice, so this has to be right, right (?), but then again, this is how darkness also can work, so who knows (?), but this might be it, and yes is there an end to this small stream (?) or is this the same stream as we will continue to follow on the other side as “eternal light” (?), and we will see.

With every thought – when not working – I am still met with impatient darkness wanting to be negative about everything and I was told that this is the same darkness I meet through reactions of people to my Facebook postings of yesterday, and we know “crazy, he is” (!), and this is then the truth of many people!

For a period of time, I also received an impatient voice strengthened by many wanting me to approve the killing of my own mother “to help bringing energy” as darkness tries to tell me (!), and it also still wanted to carry out my “old nightmare”, but NO NO NO (!) has been my answer all along and it still is and will always be, and yes a misunderstanding of the great from my mother, family and the Commune that this “kill kill” voice wanted me to physically kill people – being nervous themselves if I could kill them (!) – but NO, this has NEVER been part of it, it has “only” been darkness wanting my approval to kill via “sicknesses” such as heart attacks and so on, and “difficult” to understand of course when you “cannot” read and be objective, but still decide on basis of your misunderstandings and yes what do you do to a potentially dangerous man (?), and eeehhhh he was not dangerous at all (?), and yes do you see how close you were to be locked up in a mental prison because you are “dangerous” (?) – and what did the national police think and write of me (?) – and yes my friends this is still the world of today!!!

And in between these experiences, I was again and again given taste/smell of delicious food, i.e. life, which we are still preparing and I hear “you better come quickly if you want to see Stig finalise the last details of creation”!

I thought of an old déjà vue, which has been with me for a long time, which is that I am exercising to keep the world going, and nothing is more true than right now, so I better cycle this afternoon to make the sun keep on shining, until we will truly switch on our new light.

I was just thinking of what John has told me before in nice words when speaking of the Commune and my cash help, which is that “you did not want to work”, which he kept on saying because of his compulsory thoughts/misunderstandings (!), which is really the same as saying “you have been sponging on the public box”, which of course is the worse there is in the mind of people, and yes “Stig is a sponger” (!), and yes “incredible” and “sad” is what I think/feel and that is that people can misunderstand this as they did – not understanding that I have done my best to get a job (!), fulfilling every little and crazy rule of the Commune, and when working for the Commune doing it better than everyone else, and yes while continuing to work on my scripts, which neither the Commune nor my family could “approve” of as “work” (!), and yes “a sponger”, my ladies and gentlemen, incredible right?

And what this basically was, was “simple minded” energy of “nothing” making it “impossible” for people to understand but ONLY because this is what they decided for when being lazy, because if they wanted to, it would have been EASY for them to understand, and yes this is truly what is the most “incredible”- two feelings with this word with my spiritual friends also using it about my work coming here – people could have decided to read, understand and support me, but no, laziness and their own better-knowing attitude made it “impossible” and that was even though I was “in principle” starving to death in 2010 and been more dead than alive for I don’t know how long, and yes “we could not understand” with the truth being we WOULD NOT understand …..

And later I was thinking that this is the feeling/”understanding” given to John because his daughter Bettina for many years “cheated” the system being a true sponger because she did not “feel like” working (!), which is not the same as I being positive to the Commune doing my best, and working full time, you know (?), and yes John, I might add that if you and others simply had read and understood my writings, I am sure that you would have sent donations to me sending me off the public welfare system, and yes because I have had a completely normal work all along, but “no one” could see because of your own negative feelings/view, do you see by now???

I was shown a large coronation hall in bordeaux colour with the door open now only waiting for the elephant to enter.

I started being told that there is no more energy to give now, and I felt how “a good feeling” came over me physically, but it was while I was working, so I could only think of this as “disturbance” because I am NOT becoming my new self while working, and we know I have always said that I prefer to wake up as my new self one morning just like in the movie “Groundhog day“, so this is what will happen, and maybe tomorrow (?) or another day soon.

I was told that your heart was turned around the wrong way, which we also fixed yesterday, and yes now there is only one thing remaining and that is you as the only thing inside of darkness to be “beamed up”.

Later I was told that “we cannot come it any closer now”, which also included feelings of “love” and yet again “thank you for what you have done” and the feeling was “we will be seeing each other on the other side” and we know so “now” is really “now”, or maybe in a few days (?), and we will see about that.

I was told with a disappointed voice of darkness that “your heart has arrived, we must admit to that” and it was with a mixed yellow/dark colour.

And I must say that I was struggling much at the end of the afternoon to finish the script – because of exhaustion, dizziness, throw-up feelings and difficulties for my fingers to write and my head to think, just like Marianne said the other day.

I continued working until 17.00 when I decided to do a little longer than normal shopping cycle tour, and no, no true cycle exercise today as I had hoped, which was because I could not, otherwise I had done it – and approx. 10 kilometres is all I could do and that was in normal speech and not exercise speed – and I was happy seeing that Netto had the soda Seven-Up on sale, and yes because I looked for it in Lyngby about 1-1½ years ago and found out that it was almost impossible to get, and we know because I have not tasted this soda for MANY years, and as wished, it is now back (!), and I do NOT normally buy soda because I cannot afford, but today used 15 DKK on 1½ litres.

I bought more things and more heavy things than anticipated, and when I put on my rucksack, it was so heavy that it twisted my body in such a way that first the inner of my left and then my right side hurt so much that I was almost going down in my knees – I am still physically much narrowed as mentioned approx. two years ago – and I was told that this is how members of the Danish People’s Party felt about my message to Pia, and I was given the thought “good for them”, which darkness as usual wanted me to be negative, and again I had to actively decide “good for them – in spiritual terms” when you are about to wake up as your new selves, see?

I received the STRONGEST feeling again that as my new self being “everything”, I am the only one being this also meaning that no one else is welcome to be like me, and I don’t know what is the truth, if Obama and potentially many other are “other parts of me” also in this respect, and this was a game, which darkness again used to its fullest where I had to cross these STRONG feelings, and I did as I normally do which is to say that light will decide and if 100 are others parts of me, I feel free to share, and I feel free for all people to feel like God, because this is what we are – we are one.

I was told that it was necessary to accept parts of people to be terminated for a period of time, and also that there is a connection to the Facebook message from Jack weeks ago and the following resistance of military forces, when he was “forced” away from Facebook despite of saying that he was back, which I understood as resistance to me, and yes you were terminating life, but it became parts of life, which I have afterwards resurrected again, and I thought you would like to know what your STUPID actions was about to do.

I was told the reason why the Danish “gold-four” in rowing the other day “only” received a bronze, and not the gold, and yes “strong darkness”, and the picture of the tight trousers of one of the rowers told you that this was about sexual torments of darkness working against me – and yes it was difficult to reach the final part of the gold at the absolute end.

I still feel that this is the strongest darkness of all even though it has almost no energy and still it can keep me on my edge with negative speech and I also received a period of some hours giving me the feelings of cutting off meat of my fingers, and yes because it is desperate to receive energy, and this “next to nothing” energy is the energy I and the world are now running on, but no you are NOT allowed to eat me because I am you, see?

After dinner, I am now back at 21.00 to write the last part of the script today including the rest of this chapter, and to write the chapter on Google Earth picture and short stories to pictures already found, and to upload this in approx. 2 hours, and we know I am truly tired, but deciding that the script has to be published this evening, and I wont back down now, Tom – and Jeff!

I was told “please, can I be allowed to kill”, and no, my dear darkness, you can and may not, you will NEVER get such an acceptance from me!

The game is now if I am allowed to sleep or not during the coming night, and I was told that this is again one of those nights meaning for me to stay up, but I am both with less energy now and have an appointment with my mother at 17.00 tomorrow, so I will need at least some sleep, and maybe a full and normal sleep (?), and we know I will be guided by my spiritual friends as normal when I will lay myself to sleep, and we will see what will happen then, and this has really often been my recipe, and then to do my best following my spiritual friends.

I received some talk first about what would have happened also recently if I had stopped working, which would have been “termination”, and also first that the most important of all was to turn around the Source as done a few works ago, and then I was told that this was a game too including the information that I was yet again carrying the world on my back risking all life to be terminated again, and that this was necessary to do to bring out everything of me with the purpose to receive the key of life of my previous self, Jesus, and the Old World from my sister, which also was the reason why my mother was “almost killed”, and this was better to do now than later still having darkness working against us and mankind (!) and who knows, is this the truth (?), and it might be as a final story telling the truth before I open the eyes of my new self – and when the talk has been about “playing the game”, darkness has wanted me to say “I will never forgive you for making me go through this game –NEVER do that to me again”, and yes this has happened many times, and no, this was also WRONG to say, darkness!

And then I was shown stairs at the end of darkness leading up, and I was told with a serious voice of darkness “I have only received one task (from the New World), which is to lead you on when the right time comes, and this is now”, and I felt the spirit of my mother speaking these words and as if she was speaking through darkness from the New World. Later I was told that this energy is saved inside Jette, who is the one leading me to these stairs.

So if this is it, this is what I will do, Huey (!) and yes news for me it was to be shown these stairs leading to the New World, and I wonder if I will walk in my sleep or how you will get me up there when sleeping (?), and we will see …. :-).

I was told that I am only told to bring you in this way (through the stairs) if you don’t break down, which was said when I was on my edge with darkness STRESSING me incredible this evening trying its best to make me become negative when bombarding me trying to find weak spots and also to finally (!) let my “old nightmare” come through and I kept on telling myself to guard against these constant attacks “no, I don’t want to become negative”, and yes it was with much power, and I feel here again Danish People’s Party, so you are truly sending me darkness, my friends.

When preparing the publish of the script I truly received extreme, and I understood that this is to unwrap the last darkness, and I was told that we call our defeat, and I was told that if I should not make this, I would be soaked up with brown as the last from darkness, but no, I don’t want to bring any “brown” to our New World, and here “brown” means “termination/nothing”, and not the Council which also has brown as their colour.

Finally at 23.10 I uploaded the script of today also being on my extreme edge to finalise this script, which I ONLY did using will power.

After publishing the script of “yesterday” I received a new and very short out of this world pain to my right angle, which I understood as sorting out the last darkness, and I was truly tired by now deciding that I may stay awake until 01.00 or 02.00 and see if I can get some sleep.

I felt how the spirit of my mother of our New World is breaking through from the inside of my inner self, and I felt the neck of myself as a fish, and still it was with incredible strength of darkness coming to me, which I decided to reject as usual.

And I was told that this is the rope of my own new self, which I am now untying, and I was shown a clairvoyant using my power in platform demonstration and also a motor saw cutting over my chair, which is because of how clairvoyants in the UK, Denmark (and Holland) treated me.

I was told “no one can make you give up” and “you are truthfully my anointed” and I felt my inner self speaking, who has now been released to become your new self with your approval, and yes Stig with the very end of darkness, this is what we are doing, and so LET IT BE :-).

I was shown a pink Champagne glass being broken and I was told that it says here that this cannot be done without the preaching/blessing of a Pastor, which is what we hope Lisa will do.

…”and it includes the removal of your angle locks freeing you from your destiny of having to destroy the world”, which we gave you as birth gift, and I felt how my new self was with me and how “gray ones” were removed from my left leg because I was the grey ones, i.e. darkness.

At 00.15 the incredible strong darkness and stress slowed down, and later I was told that we don’t look like a closed-down factory plant yet, do we (?), because we don’t feel we have received a fair warning, and yes “what do you say” (?), and you have nothing to say because we are nothing and yes Stig you have carried yourself out of nothing, and now only have to push the button to start yourself and the New World and eeehhhh you will do that on the other side, and yes light/we will take care of that, and that is according to the man’s wish to wake up as his new self, so this is what we have now prepared for you, and you can now go to sleep, can’t he (?), and we will see.

Pia Kjærsgaard & Co. have the same motive power as Hitler & Co. not liking “unfamiliar foreigners”

I was surprised to see that there was a need to follow up on the story of Pia Kjærsgaard from yesterday, and we know to fight remaining of this the strongest darkness, so here we go.

I saw this story of Trads about Pia, which I liked because it showed the GOOD SIDE of Pia, of her sincerity and faith in her beliefs as David writes and I might add a good heart towards people she likes, but when I saw it, I was given a big sudden mark to my left foot and told that her reaction to my reply of yesterday was decisive to bring out more energy/life from this darkness.

Yesterday, the Health Minister Astrid Krag decided to write on Facebook that the picture of Pia Kjærsgaard yesterday – with Lars Løkke and almost everyone else being “very positive” of Pia, her remarkable talent and success – was too rosy, which she is absolutely right in (!), and she said that Pia poisoned the debate on foreigners in Denmark for ten years and more, and it made BT use the big letters in their headline saying “read a minister from the Socialist People’s Party make a mess on Pia on Facebook”, and yes talk about BT and their “ability” to understand the truth?

And it continued today after BT’s readers had decided to “slaughter” Astrid – just as slaughtering the fat calf really, but here still with the opposite sign – and it made BT write in the headline “Shame on you, Astrid”, where BT should look themselves into the mirror and say the same words for POOR WORK (!), and the reason being “it is not appropriate for a minister to hit out at a departing party chairman”, and yes a minister is not “allowed” to speak the truth, because this is “not suitable”, and instead BT attacks the minister, and we know BT, there is truly something rotten in Denmark, and that includes in your house (!), and you may start by writing an article with the headline “this is why we decided NOT to listen to and follow Stig – and also NOT to write about him”, and I am sure that the world would LOVE to know – and I am given much JOY behind me when writing this and that is “general joy” because of what we have achieved now finishing all of it.

And it made me think that when BT and its readers cannot understand this simple truth of Astrid just like Søren Pind “could not” understand my email to him, does this mean that the media and politicians of Denmark also “could not” understand my reply to Pia maybe believing that I am both hard and negative/rude (?), and come on my dear friends, it is all inside your heads when you “block” and “cannot” read and understand the simple truth of what I wrote, and I can only ask you to read my message word by word once again and to cut off your negative feelings when reading, and did anyone bother to understand that I wrote the objective truth yesterday (?) and that there is nothing wrong with saying that Pia is a “mean bitch”, because this is how she is when she disgusts people (on contrary to people, which she loves equally as much – just like the strength of good and bad inside my mother!) and yes just like when my father’s wife Kirsten is also a “mean bitch” when disgusting me because of her misunderstandings, but both Pia and Kirsten are the most loveable people when it comes to people they like – and yes, this is the simply truth, which is easy to understand, right (?), so you may understand that I am NOT the problem, it is about your “inability” to understand positively/objectively, and yes incredible right?

And one thing led to the other when Astrid’s MP and party colleague Fathi wrote about how incredible it is to read experience politicians and media drawing this too rosy picture of “mother Pia” (!) – you have hidden well inside of her, “mother” (!) – and he asks “where is the hour to demonise everything, which has not been Danish since Harald Bluetooth? Where is the honour to have made Romas, Bulgarians, Greek, Turkes, Swedes etc. enemy of Denmark and our values”, and Fathi, I don’t believe it is so much the Swedes to be honest with you because they look much like Danes (!), but everyone else being “too unfamiliar” with Pia when it comes to religion and culture, which she cannot accept as “good values”, and it made me thank you for cutting through the misunderstood perception of what “fits” to say when a party chairman leaves her post, and I write that Pia possesses much good as everyone easily can see, but unfortunately only in relation to people she likes (!), and when it comes to people, which she does not like, she is a “mean bitch”, and I am sure that many “foreigners” like Fathi and others in Denmark and the Middle East will understand what I write here (?), because these people are also lovely people, which I love as much as everyone else, and I write that there is NOTHING wrong with telling the truth directly instead of being negative and misunderstand people, which is custom to most in a superficial debate and yes there is a difference (!) – see some of the STUPID, RUDE and MISUNDERSTOOD comments given to me yesterday as examples – which I am sure that Søren Pind, other politicians and the media will understand and that is without being negative of course (?), and yes how many of you did not “like” my reply of yesterday because if was “not fitting” to “the occasion” (?), and yes guess who were right and wrong here?

Notice how Dorthe above says that she likes someone telling the truth (!) also saying that “Pia’s eyes are like forest lakes … full of sludge and duck food”, and you are very right about this, Dorthe, because a forest is creation in my symbolic language, water (from the lake) is darkness/sufferings, which is full of “sludge” (potential destruction) and duck food as in energy for our new creation, so it was good “seen” of you, but not what you thought of perhaps?

And it made me bring my comment to Fathi also on Astrid’s Facebook wall.

I also brought my comment to Fathi on my own Facebook timeline, where I added that “Jeg skrev følgende kommentar til Fathi, og i virkeligheden politikere og medier, som også læser mig :-), og jeg kan tilføje, at det gør mig ondt at se, hvor mange mennesker, som Pia & Co. har udviklet til rene og skære racister, som har nok i dem selv og alt for travlt med at bringe andre ned, som de “ikke kan lide”!” which was to say that it made me sad to see how many people Pia & Co. developed into pure racists having enough in themselves and being far too busy to bring others down, who they “do not like”.

And Mikael Wulff was really “completely normal” when bringing this fabricated article of the coming chairman of Danish People’s Party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, apparently saying that “Denmark will leave the Olympic Games” (!) with the logics being that “Danish athletes are not to compete with “foreign elements” in the future” and “the Olympics is a giant multi cultural lie”, and instead there will come a “Danish Olympics” (!), and yes it is OF COURSE logics for everyone that Denmark will not leave the Olympics, and it should be equally as logical to be happy of people coming with different cultures than your own, shouldn’t it?

And it made me say that it is really as simple as this, we are all human beings, equal to each other and “variation” is a gift of God – think about if we were all the same (race, clothes, food, music, culture etc.), which of course would be unbearable, right (?), and this is the same motive power inside of Pia & Co. as in Hitler and Co., which is only the objective truth, which I am sure everyone can understand without becoming negative?

And when I shared my comment to my own Facebook timeline for my own friends to see, I added that many Danes (and Westerners) cannot bear to live next to a “foreigner”, and it makes me think of how Elijah’s brother Misheck invited me to stay with him and his wife only a short time after meeting him in the street of Nairobi, Kenya, in 2009 and yes how many white people in the rich world would invite a black man, who they met on the street, to come and stay with them (?), and is it 1 out of 1,000 or something like that (?), and here you have it in a hen’s egg as I am told, but I do believe it normally is a nut shell you say, but two words meaning the same, i.e. creation.

Google Earth shows the ugly duckling of my old self turning into the swan of my new self.

In my previous script – and here I receive another small heart attack still because of the darkness and negative feelings, which Jette sends me, and yes Jette, how difficult for you is it to use the mirror to understand the Source of your trouble instead of wrongly blaming me (?), and yes “incredible” it is that she even think negatively about me and decide to attack me, but this is “the ability she is born with” as I am told – and we know coming back to what I was about to say, which was that I had encouraged Jette to communicate instead of being negative and just “shut up” when things do not “fit” her, so this is what she decided to do when bringing this comment as a follow up to my previous script, and I has happy that she decided to follow my encouragement to be positive and continue work, and Jette, this is about “understanding” and planning/communicating, and let me add that I am surprised to see that you now again bring up the subject that you help me for “nothing”, and “nothing” is what you bring me because “nothing” is what is given to you, and that is “large doses of darkness”, which you send me, and “nothing” is your thought that you are “willing” to do this work without receiving money, and yes I really don’t know if I should smile or become sad because of this, but mostly “amazed” that you even think about mentioning it as a subject, and is that because “money” is dear to you (?), and we know we have used time and energy on this too, which was “useless” to do if Jette had used “simple logic”, and this is also to say that Jette does not always like my “music”, which is “too noisy” for her, and that goes with my taste in music, and also when I speak the truth straight out to people, and the truth is “too hard” for you to hear and also sometimes to accept, Jette (?), and yes when you think negatively about me also in this respect, you are also sending me darkness, and you do know that in my case it means direct sufferings also including small and not very comfortable heart attacks and everything else of what the Devil brings me including my “old nightmare”, and yes, Jette, I am only telling you the truth, which should be “easy” for you to accept, oder was?

And here you can see that Jette believes I was too hard on Pia, and again I told the truth straight out, and there is NEVER anything wrong to speak out the truth – the problem is when you “cannot” speak the truth and decide to be “nice” praising people even when they have done wrong and because this feels “better”.

Jette’s Google Earth pictures show “bottom up” of darkness, a reminder to read my scripts and the ugly duckling of my old self turning into the swan of my new self.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My old colleague Lisa invited people to come to her service as Pastor in Lyngby on Sunday, and she said the words I have received a couple of days without writing them, which is “slinger i valsen” (“a hitch somewere”), and this is about yet another Shu-bi-dua song by the same name “slinger i valsen”, and it is about drinking symbolising darkness and the lyrics go “if there is a hitch somewhere, it is cock-a-doodle-doo, and then it is the finger in the throat, and you are born again”, which is to say that I am born again as my new self through the energy of darkness, and yes Lisa also said that the service on Sunday is about God not being disappointed, but angry, and it made me tell her that God is NOT angry on mankind, but disappointed for man not doing what right, when it could, and Lisa spoke about happiness as the opposite of angriness, and I told her that the simple explanation is that everything “positive” is God and the opposite, everything “negative” is darkness meaning that God cannot be angry (which it me is a negative feeling), and this is as simple as it is despite of what the Bible says, and I also gave her regards from a “reliable source”, which is the Source self without whom there would be no life, “but you know all about this, don’t you”, and I was thinking that I have not seen Lisa as a constant/reliable reader of my scripts, but I thought that she could use my input in her service on Sunday.

  • And I said here that God is not angry in negative terms, but uses STRONG words asking mankind to improve as a condition to sustain life, which is the process she sees now (through me), and yes here it comes, she then decided to tell me “Thank you for words and thoughts, Stig. Everything depends on faith”, so here she said “that is fine, but I believe I will listen to myself” and yes, this is truly what she told me, and I cannot tell you how sad also this made me because I did believe that she had faith in me (?), but obviously she has more faith in the Bible, and is caught in the net of darkness of the Church instead of using her time and energy to read and preach my words, and we know just to tell you again how “difficult” it is for the church to follow me when it has its nose buried in old and partly wrong scripts, but I do hope this will make her THINK what she will say on Sunday, and it made Malene say that “angriness is a natural ground feeling and wonderful driving force just like happiness”, and yes this is truly what she said, and it made Anja, another Pastor, say “yes, it is awesome when people are angry, right”, and I could not believe what I read, is this truly what they said and meant that angriness is “good” (?), and it made Anja speak about a driving force not being a goal as fuel is only interesting because it brings us somewhere when we put in on the car, and yes these deaf “ladies” spoke about angriness as something “wonderful” (!), and their misunderstandings and “inability” to read and understand me is indeed the fuel, which made it possible for me to create our New World, and just like Shu-bi-dua’s song, and yes I had to throw up because of sufferings to do this work, and Lisa was among the people bringing me these sufferings when she could not listen and understand me, but was soaked in by the traditional church, which was “so lovely” and much more interesting than my scripts, Lisa? – But I was also told that “this will make Lisa think” …

  • And you can see here how deaf Lisa was when saying that it is never “nice” when God is angry and “shouldn’t we fear God’s angriness” (?), and she and Anja agreed that they have more questions than answers, and we know, you were speaking to God self, but would not believe in me (?), and Lisa ends by pointing out “the fire, which is in anger (fuel?)”, and yes Lisa, you are bringing the fire of darkness, and finally she says that “I don’t feel like psychologising on our Lord, I have right fear of God to do that”, and yes also laziness and a better-knowing ignorance, Lisa (?), and I might add that there is NOTHING to fear about God, and that is absolutely nothing, I am NOT angry, and have never been, but disappointed with you.

  • David drove on the motorway using the restaurant at Kildebjerg, which directly translated means “Source mountain”, and he spoke of how incredible poor the food is at places like this (and yes I knooooow!!!), and it made Jens say that Danes are careless about food, and “think that this is what lorry drives eat”, and to me this was about poor quality of food meaning poor quality of life because of carelessness of man, and when man is careless, it weakens God at the Source/mountain, and when mankind is extremely careless, it kills God and all life!

  • Henrik shared David’s photo and text (from above), and said that “Kildebjerg is a mythological place” and later that “Kildebjerg will never close”, and we know, our Source is endless :-).

  • Henrik showed “recreation using socks” (!), and also about a German man who through careful reading of Donald Duch made the most precise map ever of Duckburg so no one has to ponder over how far it is from Paradise Apple road 111 to the money tank, and this was simply to say that “apple” symbolising the paradise of our New World is brought money, i.e. energy, from an endless Source, and the creator of this map said that “have you been locked up” was the question he received most often, and yes just like what people thought of me.

  • I liked this “magical tree creature” making me think of my inner self being happy :-).

  • Our local, liberal MP Hans, encouraged people to listen to national radio when he would debate with the Health Minister Astrid Krag about the psychiatry area, and it made me ask him if he and Astrid feels sure that you are qualified to speak about a subject, which you truly don’t know about (?), i.e. the background of psychiatric sufferings and how to help people, which has NOTHING to do with the terrible psychiatric hell-system, which you politicians WRONGLY have approved, and I referred to my links below and said that I would send this text to Astrid too, so both of them know that you know (about me), which will give you plenty to talk about as two good talking heads, which is what politicians are, and then you do not necessarily have to “know”, and I am sure that you can see that this is completely wrong, can’t you (?), and we know Stig, NO ANSWER was again the answer here, Jeff – just like in America :-).

  • And this was to “the pleasant information” of the Health Minister, but maybe you did not find this as pleasant as when I supported you and Fathi in your views on Pia Kjærsgaard?

  • Søren Espersen from Danish People’s Party was “revealed” through this symbolic message where he said that he does not eat shrimp cheese, and “shrimp” means “to make love”, and I might add here that my sister has also never liked shrimps, and add that making love is to make energy, and when you do not – as more and more do not because of the Internet etc. (!) – you are not producing energy and new life.

  • I liked this one also meaning that we made a new butterfly, i.e. New World, when the world was over.

  • Michael asked who had stolen a picture on Facebook of the elephant at the water’s edge (?), and to me this is about removing the elephant, i.e. God, from the water, i.e. suffering, and that is when I will open the eyes of my new self.

  • This is also about creation through sufferings with guitar meaning creation and water suffering, and Jens, thank you for being helpful to bring me sufferings/energy through your WRONG attitude and actions, and I might add that you have NOT yet removed your ban of my freedom of speech, and is it “easier” to pretend that you know nothing?

  • And I might add that it was first today that Usain Bolt won the 200 metres at the Olympics, and yes I thought he would run the other day, and had prepared for him to win, and this is what he did but first today, congratulations with an outstanding performance :-).


10th August: I shared my new heart with my mother, who shared our heart with all life preparing our great awakening

Dreaming of the creation of our New World receives 108 points on a scale of 100!

After publishing of the script yesterday, I felt much darkness, and at 02.25 I was shown how large assorted liquorice was thrown from one boat to another in harbour making me think that this is darkness transferred to our New World (?), which I did not understand, but I decided to go to bed to see if I would be allowed to sleep, and let me say that exhausted is not the word describing how I fell.

I was allowed to sleep, sort of, because I could not stay up, but I woke up freezing even though it was not cold having to take on an extra duvet, and I was woken up with dreams, and finally at 08.00 I stood up still exhausted and now also with a headache not making the day today easier – I am running on extreme remaining of energy, and yes because I will not give up.

  • I am at a South American hospital where I cannot sleep, I am released during the night where a woman wants to make love to me, which I decline, and I cannot pack my luggage until the morning with the coming of light, and I am going to a place where no one has ever been before.
    • Pure darkness while sleeping, but it cannot make love to/destruct me because of the quality of work/creation as I have set up as I was told, and the morning is when starting work as I do now, which will remove even more luggage/energy from darkness to light.
  • I am preparing a customer meeting together with Morten J. and Steen from GE Insurance, I am going to take over management from Morten, and quickly I assemble two identical commercial books together with very bright and colourful standards in my office, and I am working at the computer when Morten enters because our customers have arrived, but when he enters I notice how all of my clothes have been conjured off me “just like that” and also how the bed clothes of my bed has been removed, but Morten does not believe that this is magic, and he says that I must come now because the customers have arrived, and I see one of them looking into the closet.
    • Still working inside darkness where I publish “commercial books”, i.e. my writings, which are VERY visible (my Facebook postings on Pia), and because I sleep darkness tries to prepare my “old nightmare” and also to look into the closet of God, but it does not seem that anything has happened.
    • Later I understood that this dream and dreams in general about two identical subjects are about my original previous self Jesus and the copy of me if I should not be able to save my original self now.
  • A counsellor gives me an Italian wine, which I don’t know of in forehand, and to my surprise, it had received 108 points on a 100 point scale.
    • This is about the “gravy”, which is to add to creation making it even more beautiful than in our wildest dreams, and yes Stig you will soon see what we have prepared for you and everyone else.

I am waking up as my new self “the perfect way” receiving the skin of the fish as my body

I woke up to “back for good” by Take that and the lyrics “I guess now it’s time for me to WAKE up” (not “give up” as in the song) and “But in the corner of my mind I celebrated glory, But that was not to be”, and that is at least not this morning as I was believing.

From the morning I checked Facebook and pretty many posts to be included in this script of today, and after this I decided to take a long bath because my headache was truly also killing me – as my old self and this is why I received it – and at bath, I received incredible strong visions of sexual torment, which is darkness still wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, and I could only continue saying over and again “I will NOT approve what you do”.

I was shown myself sailing around centimetres from the solid rock and told that we are going through this darkness one final time to “squeeze” out even more, which is truly a cool activity to do for “cats”, i.e. people of light of our New World.

I was shown the rock band Kiss UNMASKED and live on stage in darkness and one after the other band member crawling out from darkness and into our New World, and it was with the feeling that this is now done with tremendous speed – and “unmasked” is the only album I know by Kiss, and it truly includes very good songs for example this one, and yes it also has to do with being unmasked as my new self.

From the morning I was somewhat disappointed about not waking up as my new self, and darkness gave me pretty strong feelings of lack of faith in myself to become my new self, which of course is about lack of faith in me of people out there, but I decided to ignore this feeling, and also the feeling about how will people react when I again don’t wake up as predicted, and yes how many times to I have to say that not the wolf, but the fish is coming before it actually comes – I have decided not to care, it is “only” a game – and I received the “simple-minded voice” of darkness telling me I was wrong will you accept my apology, and of course sure I will, and I was surprised that darkness “could” apologise 🙂 and the voice continued by saying that it is because I I have not calculated the time correctly.

I was shown the tale of a fish and received more pain to my right angle, and was told that this is how you wake up, and yes gradually becoming my new self as the fish with my new skin being implemented, and when everything is done, I will open the eyes of my perfect new self.

I thought about what was told me yesterday I believe, which is to remove the connections from my angles to free me, and as I remember it, these connections will stay for an eternity – or it may be new connections (?) – and that is to provide our new energy of light, and we know “light decides”.

I was shown a man inside an elevator on its way down, and was told that this is how it (my wake up) is done perfectly, and this will take the time it will (days or longer?) instead of being done here and now, which would be the case if I could not continue working and creating energy, and if I gave in to darkness, which would make me go through almost no brown substance by now, but instead of this substance of darkness, I have chosen to continue receiving “elixir of life” as long as it goes and that is regardless of what may exist of back up systems.

I was shown myself at the back end of the train with the door open and I am on my way out of this back exit and I was told by the spirit of my mother that there are no limits to her pride of me doing this, and I was told “Isn’t my fall – with a big and heavy sound – what everyone of the world expects to happen” (?) and apparently it is, but it is only logic that I will NOT give in to darkness, so if I can way, I will, and I can- I don’t walk away to darkness!!!

I was told yesterday that Batman symbolises me, and that Kermit of Muppet Show do the same (!), and I was shown earthenware jar being made on a turning lathe, and it included “new technique” making advanced edges of it, and I am here given pain to the inner of my left lower arm, and I feel people of other civilizations telling me that they are bringing this technique, and also that they are hurting, and yes I received two hiccups and also sneezing again this morning which is about more sacrifices to the Universe, and I can do nothing else than saying thank you for helping out to create our perfect New World and that I look forward to understanding more of what you have gone through, and for HEALING to be brought to you too.

I continued receiving the worst sexual visions and I was told that the spirit of my mother and my previous self had reached the ramifications of darkness forced together as “one” by darkness, which is what we are still working the last part on to release, and later I felt the spirit of my mother integrated all over the darkness of me – of my entire body – and also that darkness has now set her free after she had been tied up without a chance of escape, and I was told that my mother will bring me the key this evening to close down all of this meaning the end of all darkness for an eternity.

I was shown a library at a ship with the wall and the books overturning because of pressure from the other side of the wall, and I was told that the strength of the New World is so powerful that it is impossible not to overturn the library of information inside this “the smallest room”, and all I can do as Stig, is to ask you to be patient NOT accepting to be impatient and work too fast even though I do have to do this sometimes and to do my best to empty the room completely before it does not exist anymore.

I was thinking that cycling and more Benny Hinn yesterday helped me to NOT wake up yet.

I started writing just before 12.00 today having the strongest feeling that I cannot write and also cannot go to Opera this evening being completely and utterly destroyed, but no, this is NOT going to stop me, I just have to get started.

I heard “500 miles” by the Proclaimers on the radio and I thought about the beginning of the lyrics “When I wake up yeah I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next to you” with “you” being the world to me, and yes I like this song too and its happy sound :-).

I was told that when entering the Source through the big jump in 2010, it was darkness requiring me to ask the riddle, otherwise everyone would have been welcome to the Source of light.

I was told by darkness do you want to lick this stamp on an envelope (?) and yes Stig we do not like much to admit to it but after seeing your mother this evening, see later, and the result of the day, our verdict is clear, no one is going to walk ashore our New World through water feeling alone without you, which is how it would be to save this darkness as your new self from our New World, but now every little thing will follow you.

I was once again told that only be working better than all other I was able to make (some) people believe that I am indeed the coming Son of God, and had I not – had I relaxed doing poor work as so many others, I would not have achieved this and we would not live today.

I received the taste of blood because I am giving everything with no energy to save my own inner self, and this is what it requires. Later I was told that the blood is also about my father hanging on with a thin line to life because he is bringing me energy to continue doing this work.

After being to opera, see later, and returning home at 20.45, I continued working until 01.15, when I finally also published this script, which I truly thought was impossible to do, but I also did this one, and yes both impossible and easy to do it was.

I was told do you think that when you have shared your heart with your mother and the world that this includes your original self (?), see later, and yes logically it does, and before and after publishing the script I received strong force and sufferings of darkness once again including much tiredness, and I do believe that I can sleep now at 01.25 but I will first check my Facebook since this afternoon and also to see some Benny Hinn and then I will sleep for some hours before meeting my mother at 10.00 tomorrow, and yes I cannot to better than I do now under the circumstances, and I have truly been going to my extreme again these last two days and yes to my lower limit as it is now, and I here received what to me was a “strong” heart attack, which I really also received one of at the Opera concert, and yes not easy to share a heat with the world when the world does not want this heart!

For days darkness has helped me by saying “this is negative  I don’t want that” hundreds of times when I have received darkness – yes darkness helping me to absorb darkness because I have trained it many thousands of times to absorb darkness (!) – and so often that it comes automatically “this is negative” when receiving new attacks of darkness, and today it tried to change these words “imperceptibly” into “everything is to be negative”, but no this is NOT how we work, and darkness cannot make me decide on things I don’t mean through the slip of the tongue, and it cannot even make me make a slip of the tongue.

I received darkness from the spirit of my father, who is inside of these tunnels too as I was told as “the pump system” (of the heart) self, and I was told that he would prefer to have a full rocket tank full of fuel (of darkness), but he has not and with the key of your mother, he has accepted to come out of there too, and close this place forever and ever.

I was told that it was good that we did not need to bring a new ambulance, because there was no more energy to bring.

Angriness including rash and WRONG consequences/threats is NOT a feeling of God, but of darkness

Today people can decide either to make people happy or sad either via what they say or how they understand people – and I am here given a small heart attack because of the energy of darkness, which Jette brought me MUCH of today – and first Jette made me smile when she said about my script of yesterday “don’t worry be happy”, and it instantly made me think of the happy song by Yazoo below, which I brought and I sent her smiles saying that we are the HAPPY, HAPPY people.

But almost straight after sending her all of my smiles, I received a VERY angry message from Jette via a posting to her Facebook group after she had read my new script, and maybe “more of it” including my thoughts about her yesterday, the subject of money and her inability to understand the direct truth, and not she had truly had it with me, and I felt the same extreme negativity of her as I have felt with Elijah in relation to me (!), and this made her lose her head the same way as Elijah, and when you cannot think straight because of angriness and negative feelings you truly do the worst, which is to break with people whom you otherwise love, or threaten to do something like that of other “negative actions” as punishment, and yes this is also what Jette did here, but first she let out the steam of her angriness making my train go the last was for the original previous self inside of me to make it the whole way through up the stairs, and she told me that “it is an incredible amount of impudent remarks you can fire off in short time” and also for me to learn from her “non-materialistic and human kind attitude by helping you when no one else bothered” and “get up those stairs, so we can get on”, and yes this is truly what she wrote, and I simply cannot understand when people cannot understand objectively but are so overpowered with negative and uncontrollable emotions that they do what they may feel that they cannot undo, which was for Jette to throw me out of her Facebook group as result, and yes let us take that once more, JETTE THREW ME OUT OF HER FACEBOOK GROUP because of “rash anger”, which she could not control, and yes the Creator of our New World being the subject self of her work (!), and I almost did not believe my eyes when I received the error message below saying that I could not post my comment to her in her group, and my comment is below in gray, where I tell her that you are not to kill the messenger telling the truth only because of your inability of understanding/self-knowledge, but also that this action is exactly what is required to wake up. Furthermore I tell her that she here shows an example of ANGRINESS as a negative attitude including both rash and wrong consequences/threats, which you will NOT see in our New World. There is a difference between being firm/loving and to be angry, which is what Jette here shows to the world, and again her WRONG understanding makes her decide to do what is WRONG, which is to bring me all of her worst negative feelings blaming me without understanding that the only one to blame is herself for being closed in her mindset, and yes this is exactly the same as what Elijah did, when he lost his temper with me also threatening me, and since he should have understood about his misunderstanding, but it is “very difficult” for some people to come back and apologise, so this is what Elijah has still not done being silent a couple of months, and I wonder if Jette is as stubborn as Elijah, which she may be, but the funny part is that both Elijah and Jette knows with their heart that I am the one, but they are both simple minded making it impossible for them to accept their improvement needs when I tell them, and yes “incredible” is the only right word to use and that is in terms of how impossible it is for people to understand what is essentially easy to understand, but when you are NOT used to people speaking the truth to you, you will understand strong, but loving words as negative, which they are not, and yes “impossible” for some people, but both Jette and Elijah knows that I simply speak the truth, but from here and to accept it when told directly is another case.

From this picture of Jette’s Facebook group, you can see to the upper right that I can now “join group” meaning that I have been thrown out, and it also means that I cannot comment any postings (!), and I thought that Jette will come around, so I sent a request to join the group, but at the end of today, she had still not come around, and yes how can people “lose it” so drastically as here, and yes
she is a mystery to me, and everyone else reacting as here – because you could simply decide to control yourself – and here I am given a Roy Orbison song, because this is what my mother loves much, and I understood later that this energy of Jette was brought to my mother to build on our final part of creation, to bring my new heart to my mother and the world too :-).

So when I could not post my answer to her post above in her Facebook group, I decided to send her this Facebook email including the picture above with my answer, and yes we were still Facebook friends, which she of course would not change, and I wrote to her that I had hoped that she would be able to control her negative temper and understand the truth instead of throwing me out of her group and I asked her “do you have the ability to understand the meaning of what you have just now done???” and told her that you REALLY need to do something about that temper (!), and yes the next thing I noticed was that the number of my Facebook friends had decreased by one, and yes I had crossed Jette’s limits MANY times, and this was simply “rude behaviour” impossible for her to accept, so now she had also dismissed me as a Facebook friend (!!!), and yes Jette what the world is full of, is what you show to the full extent here, and how many times have you afterwards thought about my words that I am the messenger telling you the truth, and yes about your uncontrollable temper, inability to understand and poor communication/planning skills, and yes Jette was as “impossible” to come through as Elijah and my family, but underneath all of this, Jette knows who I am and that I love her, and this is what makes the difference. She “cannot” take me when using her mind, but she loves me with her heart and really know that I am right, and this is what we are using together with her extreme energy to bring me the last way out of darkness.

And the complete waste of time continued – after Jette had excluded me as a friend – because of Jette’s misunderstood hurt feelings the same way as Elijah again, and she told me about her positive sides disappearing when I tell her off, which I often do and that “I don’t need this” (!), as she says because she believes that she is fine as she is (!), and we know, Jette are you both DEAF and STUPID (?) not having taken in what I have told you as improvement needs (?), and because of your resistance to the truth “my mood has been much deteriorated after your constant reprimands”, and then she asks me to smile to the world, and the world will smile at you, and for me to accept the “small missteps of mankind” and “everything which you seen will come back to you” and she also wanted to look at myself in the mirror, and Jette, the difference is as I have told you that you are WILL DEAF to the truth and live in an illusion where it is “not right” to speak the truth to people, but you may both understand and remember one day that I do this to help you and mankind to improve in order to reach a HAPPY and ETERNAL life and had I not, you would all have been terminated by now, is this what you would rather prefer (?), and yes your memory is not very good, Jette, since I have to also tell you the same as I have told you before, and we know in this respect there is also no difference between Jette and Elijah – “stupid” is the simple predicate when you “cannot” understand the same issue over again. I told her that I cannot comment her Google Earth pictures in the group, which she will continue bringing as she also said, and I asked her to let her sense of responsibility and consciousness decide what she will do, and “responsibility” is what this is about, and again I tried to make her understand that these are God’s kind, but determined words, and I will NOT let darkness of man changing the light in me, but to remove all darkness also in her, which she will understand when wakening up in our New World without darkness, but no, it is impossible to make Jette understand – she is stupid as a door, and because of this, this is the door she helps me to open even more and to get out of, seeing my original self hurrying to come with me, with darkness self behind us closing down becoming nothing – so she told me “then stop always believing that you will get the best out of people by tearing them to pieces – please tell HIMSELF from me”, and yes, Jette, “himself” is me, you are speaking to the man self (!), which you have not fully understood (?), and “incredible” that you “cannot” understand that the best friend is NOT a yesman lying to you to please you, and that I am your best friend helping you to improve to get a new and eternal life, and yes “tearing them to pieces” is truly what darkness made her believe, and how in the world could she even think this of me (?), and yes simple minded and primitive/weak people are slaves of their thoughts instead of being in control of them taken responsibility on your to do what is RIGHT and not WRONG (!), and this is how darkness works as you know.

When I first saw the messages above, I heard birds singing through to me from our New World, which is about what this energy will bring us, and do you believe I became ANGRY or SAD/DISAPPOINTED with Jette (?), and yes you are right, I became SAD/DISAPPOINTED, and do you now see that God is and has never been angry because angriness is a negative feeling, which overtakes you and makes you take unpremeditated and WRONG decisions (?) – ANGRINESS IS PART OF THE DEVIL, WHICH WILL LEAVE THE WORLD WITH THE COMING OF OUR NEW WORLD.

And I was told that the right choice for me was – as always – to be DIRECT, HONEST AND OPEN and not to be afraid speaking out loud to Jette because of her threats to stop her work, which is what simple-minded people do, and here you have the origin of angriness, it comes from darkness, and NOT from God.

Later I was told that “it is good enough, it is still him working with his inner self via Jette”, and yes Jette is already part of you as everything else, and here you tell darkness once again that you are in charge and that all darkness will end, and so it will also because of this, and yes there is NOTHING else for it to do than to accept.

I was told that her feeling is “I have not deserved this after all I have done for him”, and yes inability to see clearly and to separate things including a STRONG desire NOT to look into herself to improve, and yes pure darkness leading her, which I saw and addressed, and what is the typical way that true darkness reacts (?), and yes it wants to escape from me, but it cannot and instead there is only one way forward, and that is to be absorbed by me as light, which is the road, Stig, not the easiest to follow, and who would have had the courage to go up against such a temper like Jette being dependent on her work (?), and yes not many of people today who are WIMPS, just as Jette herself is, do you see, and yes yes yes SOON and I feel Jette inside this darkness now brought to me to open up for everything, so this is how my dear temperamental friend is helping to give me birth as my new self and that is when doing it “perfectly”.

And do I have to tell you that I was naturally sad for hours following this “controversy”, and the “funny” part here is that Jette – and Danish liberal politicians, see later – can see their own mistakes when I address them, but they don’t want me to enter them, this is where I am “rude”, crazy right?

Google Earth pictures show birds of our New World singing, and my previous self inside a storm of darkness

So Jette decided to bring new pictures to her group now without me as a member making it impossible for me to comment at the group – what are you thinking, Jette, and yes deciding is really the question, and yes “primitive” just like Niklas as the meditation group.

Se showed this picture of “small birds in big birds” of the New World country New Zealand, which are the birds of our New World singing through.

Here she wrote about a big foot needing more speed, which I understood as my self needing more energy.

And here is more of the worst darkness, which we are going through now. 

Finally, a storm of darkness including original life of an Indian and a troll from Bornholm, which is really saying that this is my previous original self inside of darkness fighting to get out.

I shared my new heart with my mother, who shared our heart with all life preparing our great awakening

At 16.30 my mother came as agreed to collect me for the free opera concert of the Royal Danish Opera at Esrum Monastery, and when we arrived I was told that Jette’s extreme negative feelings are the opposite on the other side bringing energy, and that her feelings were handed over to my mother to work on now, and already shortly after arrival I was told that most of the work was done, which included to share my heart with my mother, and a little later I was told that our heart was now shared with all people, and yes this is a process where everyone will receive a new heart as basis of our New World of joy and happiness.

Both my mother and I were a little cold in the beginning, which I understood is the same feeling given to me by darkness some times recently, but it soon became better.

We enjoyed the Opera program much with Puccini, Rossini, Wagner, Verdi, Mozart, Händel and Carmen and five opera singers with one pianist – and 4,500 spectators out in the free bringing food and drinks, and I loved this concept much, it was FREE and I though about our New World with free culture where this will be life you will meet all over instead of only a few paying maybe 50-200 USD for a seat at the Opera House, and yes I love Opera Houses and also to sit out in the free, and variation is good you know, and I understood that the very beautiful music here was to bring deep feelings to me and my mother to help sharing my new heart with first my mother and then everyone else, and the climax was really in the “wundercshön” – as I am told here because of my friend Kirsten’s German mother Inge is “with me” – Puccini aria “O mio babbino caro”, where a cow on the neighbour field moo’ed making me think that cows, i.e. “Budhha/God”, also like what they saw and heard 🙂 – so here is this incredible beautiful music in a version by Sissel, which EASILY gives me gooseflesh when hearing it, and yes it was a GREAT experience watching this concert, and I thanked my mother many times for inviting me, and also to bring food and drinks and I brought the table for her to place everything on, and we know, which is how our New World will be, I am the structure of everything providing energy and my mother created the content of our New World.

The compère was truly a very good and funny speaker, and he presented one of his colleague singers by saying that he was not following the dress code because he had become too fat during the summer, which made people laugh because he spoke out the truth directly with a smile, making it impossible for him to fit his smoking, and I knew that this was a symbol of me also becoming too fat.

I was told that peace will come to the world with the great awakening and not many minutes afterwards the compère decided to break from the program singing a song from the opera “Maskarade” about peace :-).

And he was also inspired when he mentioned “a gorilla tie”, which to me was that I have now received the tie from the gorilla of darkness with tie to me meaning the same as key, and we know “confidence” is what it was, but now the true meaning to me is “key”, and yes it was just like Shu-bi-dua singing in “Det er dejligt vejr” (“it is lovely weather”) “må jeg få lov til at præsentere mit gorillaslips, du skal bare knips” (“can I be allowed to present my gorilla tie, all you have to do is snap”, so this is what I did when I was shown darkness standing at the opening at the back of his Volvo station car holding a key, and also having a pair of ski inside the car, and I “snapped” telling him that I will take the key, the skis, the car and all of him and make everything light.

The compère spoke very vividly about the stories of different operas and often it was about the female character dying, which ALL great operas are about, and he said it over again, making me think of MELANKOLI by Shu-bi-dua, which is “the famous opera by Stroganoff” as they sing – and yes, this is how Shu-bi-dua is, completely crazy but funny lyrics, and this song is also from their gold period but really talking about the end of the world, so glad we came over this.

Later I was told that the copy from the New World and the original of me from the Old World have now been merged into one, which however may be a game, because later I was told that we have come a far way this evening, where I also received the key of my mother to close down all darkness, but we are not done yet, and this includes the dark man at the car, which is my original self, and I received darkness wanting me to kill “him” – by “losing it”, which would make me enter him as “brown energy” bringing me my “old nightmare” helping me with energy for the last part of my road, but would it also destroy his code of life forever and ever and I am told here “yes, I am afraid that it would”, and it might, I don’t really know, but I will not risk it (!) – and yes pretty much darkness throughout the evening and potential nervousness again for not making it thinking of potential negative consequences, and I tried to concentrate of playing my game as I have done always focusing on not to lose it – which I potentially can do, ask Camilla about our fightings from 1994-2001 when she managed to bring me up in the read area, which was good back then for us to reach the end of the world, but would be catastrophic since 2006 – but it was not always easy when darkness continued to come, but let us say that I was not on my extreme edge, but “difficult” it was as it is most of the time. 

I felt Jette, Lisa and politicians during the evening knowing that their extreme feelings to me were the driving force helping us to get out of darkness, and suddenly I felt physically on me how “the physical connection” of darkness forcing the spirit of my mother and me was released, and I thought that this is also the second time this has happened, and I do believe I understand the reason why now because when my mother and I went to the Mozart concert together a couple of weeks ago, where the same happened (or maybe a little before or afterwards, I cannot remember), this happened to the world of darkness as we know it, and now this is done once again inside the new tunnels of darkness where mother and son was also connected, and it is from these tunnels that we are liberating my previous original self and that is to do once again what we already did, and yes I was also told that the energy from these tunnels is what is making “more than 100% creation” or 108% as mentioned in the dreams this morning.

I was also shown that the very narrow stream I am following, which I am connected to through my angles, will change into a full ocean of light of everything of our New World, and had darkness succeeded to get me out of my “angle locks” it would have excluded my original self or maybe “the last part of my original self” as the Son, so it was probably good that I decided to let light handle it, and to not give in to darkness.

In the break I walked around the monastery and at one point I stood in front of all people looking at them and I was told have I really reproduced from nothing into all of these people, who symbolised man of the Universe and I was told “multiply numbers of this” meaning other worlds too, and when I tried to look for a hole to go through this crowd of people, it was impossible because they sat too close, and I had to go back to the path, and I smiled knowing that this was a symbol of darkness being unable to carry out its threat to remove the “angle locks” to me and disappear back to nothing, which is still the strong driving force of it.

After a beautiful concert, we decided to leave 10-15 minutes before time – even though I find this WRONG to do – but I was really tired, and it would have been “impossible” to get the car out from very little space when everyone was leaving at the same time, and this was to save maybe ½-1 hour time to get home and finish the script of today, which was looking “impossible” to do not having written the chapter on Jette yet, this chapter and a little bit here and there, so this is what we did, and it meant that we did not see the three songs from Bizet’s Carmen, which was also a symbol because the song “Carmen” has often been given to me as a symbol of my “old nightmare”, and yes I don’t want that to be carried out, and that goes right until the very end.

And I was happy that my mother also had a fine evening, and also that she invited me to go to a flea market tomorrow morning, and yes I accepted of course, but this puts me under pressure because I want to finish this script first and I don’t know how much sleep I will get, and yes I was home at 20.45 and it is now 21.35 finishing this chapter.

When finishing this chapter, I am again given pretty strong pain to my behind saying that the chorus of Jette, Lisa, politicians etc. are still bringing me much darkness, and yes not the last oil, but the last fuel of darkness – and I was given a couple of new sudden out of this world pain to my right angle, which is still the worst you can imagine, but still at a lower level compared to the first I received, which was truly among the absolutely worst of my entire journey.

I asked the Pastor Lisa to preach that God is not angry but disappointed with mankind to help opening the eyes of me

After my comments to Lisa yesterday, I was encouraged to bring her a new message this time playing my cards on her hand to help her the best way possible to understand that God is NOT angry but disappointed because of man’s wrong behaviour, communication and (work) moral when man could have decided to be better to help the world, and I told her about my 6,000 pages of scripts on my spiritual communication from the Source itself about the origin of life, survival of the end of the world and a New World etc., which she has been able to see via my hundreds of postings via Facebook, and this is the voice telling her the truth and not the Bible saying that God is angry, and faith is connected with the ability to listen/read and understand the truth instead of listening to your own better-knowing but ignorant voice as Lisa did, and that is because it is NOT in the old scripts of the Bible that truth about me is to be read, it is in my 6,000 pages replacing all scripts to bring One God, One People and One Philosophy, and I wonder how she reacted when seeing this (?), and maybe with surprise, Lisa (?), because you had really not calculated on me being Jesus after all when you chose the road of the Devil, which was your “nice” life and “nice” colleagues of the churches in Lyngby, and when they did not believe in me, they also convinced you against me (?), and yes this is to bring you back to me in order to help me on Sunday to get that last step forward to cry like a baby (the name of the band is about the attitude of the Pastors of Lyngby towards me when they “could not” read me to know about me!) and open the eyes of my new self, and do you believe you can do that (?), and all I ask you to do is to tell the truth, that God is NOT angry, but disappointed with mankind, and that is because angriness is a NEGATIVE feeling, which has NOTHING to do with God, but with darkness, which is now “practically” no longer existing.

After publishing the script of today I brought this additional comment to Lisa to tell her that she can read my additional comments to her thread in this script and the truth for her to help opening the eyes of my new self requiring a Pastor preaching my words, so now I can only hope that she will do her best being inspired from my stories that angriness is NOT a feeling of God – – and I received strong pain inside of my left toes, which I understood as more parts of me being saved.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My old friend Jane was at the summer group meeting of the Liberal Party at the Danish Parliament, and I was encouraged to write her and the entire group a message, which I did through my answer below saying that it is important that they both tell and are able to understand the objective truth and here about Pia & Co. running on the same motive power as Hitler & Co. did as example, and that is in stead of being “nervous” about me blocking me on Facebook (Søren Pind) and deleting my reply in his thread on Pia (Lars Løkke – I hope I did not oversee it?), which is what helped killing me even more, and you do understand that I am positive and objective and not negative, don’t you??? – And I shared this message on my own Facebook timeline for other politicians, media and others of my Facebook friends to see, and when writing this I receive a little bit more pain to my right foot meaning more energy/life “squeezed” out. I received a déjà vue about how I from the outside tell politicians of the Parliament about how to improve their behaviour, and Lars Løkke today presented a new idea of darkness about forcing people like me on cash help to move after the job meaning that if I cannot get a job in the Copenhagen/North Zealand area, the Commune may – with a new law reform – order me to move hundreds of kilometres away from my life, family and friends, to get a job if someone there will hire me, and yes Lars, this is utterly and completely darkness and madness overpowering you, because as a true liberal, you do know that you have developed into the dictator of darkness yourself, don’t you (?), and if you cannot understand me now, I can only encourage you to read me my New World Order and website/scripts to understand what TRUE FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY means, and yes SAD is what I am about you, Søren, your party and all of the Parliament because of your WRONG behaviour, which should be apparent, right (?), but you still do know that I love you all and only ask you to improve, don’t you (?), isn’t that easy to understand (?), or maybe now when you are lazy and better-knowing not having to read me to know what is right and wrong (?), and yes you are DREAMING, my friend!

  • I was encouraged to send my message to MP Hans Andersen and Health Minister Astrid Krag to Lisbeth from the Commune before a new meeting with her, which she has ordered me to come to the 17th August, and again I told her that I am NOT negative but doing my best to make lazy and better-knowing people including herself and the psychiatrist to understand that I only speak the truth, and I invited her to become my Facebook friend – as Hans Andersen and also the Mayor, her top employer (!) – to follow my daily experiences and to get to know me even better to help her change completely from a non-believer to a believer.

  • Danish national radio was kind to show and say “here it is – the bridge over nothing” and yes showing me the road home to everything, so thank you my friends :-).

  • Ole Hyltoft is a member of Danish People’s Party being a member of the board of the national Danish radio and TV, and here he reacts to the radio/TV marking of the Muslim festival “Eid” by saying “it is terrifying and wake up memories of some Dane’s naïve view on Hitlerjugend in the 1930’s” (about “healthy athletics, good food and fresh music as the young German’s could resign to”), and it may be possible that he tries to distance himself from the Nazi’s – I wonder why (?) – but he still “hates” Muslims, and don’t believe that the radio/TV should mark their festival, and yes what do you give me my ladies and gentlemen, and yes not a new hat of darkness as these ladies and gentlemen (under their cover), but no, “your new self” because of this work, my ladies and gentlemen! And these are the kind of attacks of extreme right wing parties of Europe – inspired from Pia Kjærsgaard (!) – creating extreme feelings of Muslims potentially leading to World War III if the play had been different.

  • TV2 asked “have you also suffered from headache this summer” (because of the summer weather), and no, my friends, not before today when I have headache the same time as you decided to ask this question :-).

  • Brian showed my way out of prison of darkness bringing the world with me: “If you have had a hard day, remember that it may become worse”, and yes you do know that the symbol of diarrhoea meant destruction didn’t you?

  • Ole was “hit by the feelings of nausea and tiredness” when reading an article, and Stig told him that nausea is a sign of having reached the saturation point, which you know is also about me ….

  • Henrik liked a link by Lennart who said that if you as a ordinary citizen objectively tries to question how our tax means are used, you may prepare yourself to be exposed as half-mad but the established power-elite, and yes Lennart, I know how it feels, it is truly not only a “kiil-feeling”, it is truly a “kill-feeling” coming from these people, who don’t like to listen, understand and change, and yes killing me they were.

  • It made Henrik say that if you challenge habits of thought or challenge those in power (or both), you are far out and sick in the head only wanting to promote yourself, and he continues “if you pull a yellow sweater over the head, don’t cry over those in green sweaters kicking you over your angles” and he encourages him to “just fight even harder”, and it seems that “those in power” thought I was crazy (?), which made them – assisted by the Trinity leading the game in green (!) – to kick my angels, and yes isn’t it funny how people are inspired, and still lazy people not reading me, believe that I am crazy?

  • In the same thread Inger said “I always get off when someone compares this or that with Nazism, Stalinism, Pol Pot and Ku Klux Klan. Nothing goes on in the Danish publicity justifying this kind of comparisons. Ergo when seeing it, you will immediately know that this person is out of step with reality”, which is really giving me the explanation to how many/most of the Parliament and media reacted to my comparison of Pia & Co. with Hitler & Co., which is “impossible”, and yes my friends, when you are “will deaf” you will decide to believe that reality is a deception, when it is real!

  • Berlingske was at a fashion show in Copenhagen yesterday with the headline “Hell is poor ideas of others”, and the journalist hated the inspired show not knowing if she bled from ears or eyes, and Jo said “ugly ugly”, and this is about me changing from the ugly duckling inside darkness to the swan of our New World, and I was told did he also find this one (?), and I heard the sound of coins, which is about receiving even more original energy and life elixir for doing this work.

  • Fathi wrote yesterday about Pia Kjærsgaard and her party attacking “foreigners” asking “where is the honour in this” (?), and today Søren shared a blog post of his called “Danish police officers without honour …?”, and this was the “planted” connection to the article of Fathi to confirm that these people of Danish People’s Party are born “without honour” when it comes to “foreigners”, who they don’t like, and it was further confirmed when Brigitte below also with inspiration said “1 case out of 1,000 and of course this is the one case receiving all the attention”, and yes they spoke about the blog post of Søren, but this was to say that Søren, you are not the one our of 1,000 white people inviting a black man home to stay with your family shortly after meeting him on the street (?) as I wrote about the other day, and yes just wondering, “my friend”, I am.

  • I sent this birthday greeting to my old friend Paul telling him that I am happy for him having a nice family with his children now becoming bigger, and when I wrote this, I felt his sufferings of being “trapped” inside a family almost like a prison for you, Paul (?) – and how many (men) feel the same (?), darkness you see – and I brought him the BEAUTIFUL 100 point song “sometimes you can’t make it on your own” and told him that this is how I feel myself, but still this is what I am with a few exceptions, and yes it would have been “nice” to receive support from on old friend like Paul helping me through, but no this was not how it was to be, and instead Paul was “too busy” being on luxury holiday with his family in France this summer, and yes you are still “cruising for bruising” my old friend, but this is what it took for me to do perfect creation, and I am here given a pretty strong pain to my left side.




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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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